The Collison Collection of UFO-Related Newspaper Clippings

UFO*BC would like to thank Ken and Gwen Collison for sending us their collection of UFO newspaper clippings. For almost 4 decades Gwen cut out UFO-related newspaper articles and filed them away. She was even diligent enough to cut out the name and date of the newspaper and attach it to each clipping! It took us some time to scan them in and convert them to text - we hope you enjoy them!

To read Ken Collison's letter to UFO*BC Director Martin Jasek, please click HERE.


11-May-1962 "Unidentified Objects Seen In X-15 Films" The Calgary Herald


"Teacher 5 Friends Sight UFO"

The Calgary Herald

26-May-1962 "Saucer Men Shock Woman" The Calgary Herald
29-May-1962 "Giant Fireball" The Calgary Herald
31-May-1962 Meteor Or Plane? The Lacombe Globe
9-Jun-1962 "NICAP" The Herald
23-Nov-1962 "3 Mystery Craft Tracked In Space" The Calgary Herald
13-Dec-1962 "Mysterious Something Scares School Children" The Calgary Herald
22-Feb-1963 "Crashed Jet Hit Giant Gravity Force" The Calgary Herald
28-Apr-1964 "Flying Egg Seen In U.S." The Calgary Herald
1-May-1964 "Unidentified Object Spotted In Montana" The Calgary Herald
13-May-1964 "UFO Sighted In Idaho" The Calgary Herald
10-Jul-1964 "Flying Objects" The Herald
21-Aug-1964 "Flash Believed To Be Meteorite" The Herald
24-Aug-1964 "Light Flash Information Requested" The Calgary Herald
17-Apr-1965 "Crater Hunt Is Launched" The Edmonton Journal
30-Mar-1965 "Few Report Seeing Meteorite" The Edmonton Journal
5-Apr-1965 "Fireball Believed 100-Pound Meteor" The Edmonton Journal
23-Jul-1965 "UFOs Reported In Windsor" The Edmonton Journal


"Noiseless Flying Saucer Seen"

The Lacombe Globe

29-Sep-1965 "Could Be Superman" The Edmonton Journal
29-Sep-1965 "Flying Saucer Sightings Recorded Back in 1882" The Edmonton Journal


"Bright Star"

The Lacombe Globe


"Flying Saucers Myth or Fact"

The Daily Colonist

21-Mar-1966 "Michigan Residents In A Spin" The Edmonton Journal
21-Mar-1966 "Mystery Objects Probed In U.S." Victoria Daily News
23-Mar-1966 "Formula, Violin Tune Fail To Lure Saucers" The Edmonton Journal


"UFOs Claimed in Photographs"

The Edmonton Journal
28-Mar-1966 "New Areas Report Sightings of UFOs" The Edmonton Journal
29-Mar-1966 "Flying Object Tracked On Radar" The Edmonton Journal
1-Apr-1966 "Meteorologist Discounts Sightings" The Edmonton Journal
4-Apr-1966 "No One Believed Man" The Edmonton Journal
4-Apr-1966 "Saucer Burns Youth" The Edmonton Journal
28-Apr-1966 "Flying Object Flees Governor's Aircraft" The Edmonton Journal
10-Aug-1966 "Boy, 13, Safe After Burns By Spaceship" The Edmonton Journal
11-Oct-1966 "Sighting Of UFO Ruins Deputy's Life" The Edmonton Journal
28-Oct-1966 "A Flying Something Touches Down" LIFE
21-Nov-1966 "What People See"
First of a Series by Clifford D. Simak
The Edmonton Journal
26-Nov-1966 "Mystery Object Sighted By RCMP" The Edmonton Journal
28-Nov-1966 "No Hostile Little Green Men"
Second of a Series By Clifford D. Simak
The Edmonton Journal
5-Dec-1966 "Spacemen Won't Get Lost" The Edmonton Journal
5-Dec-1966 "Veil Of Secrecy"
Third of a Series By Clifford D. Simak
The Edmonton Journal
12-Dec-1966 "Disagreement With Conclusions"
Fourth of a Series By Clifford D. Simak
The Edmonton Journal
19-Dec-1966 "Saucer Men And Brains"
Fifth of a Series By Clifford D. Simak
The Edmonton Journal
27-Dec-1966 "Life In Outer Space"
Sixth of a Series By Clifford D. Simak
The Edmonton Journal
27-Dec-1966 "Saucers Photo Said Genuine" The Edmonton Journal
27-Dec-1966 "Dramatic Incidents Linked With UFOs" The Edmonton Journal
27-Dec-1966 "Law Experts Divided Over Aliens' Status" The Edmonton Journal
11-Jan-1967 "Flying Saucer Convinces Skeptical Airline Crew" The Edmonton Journal
17-Jan-1967 "UFO Pictures Look Factual" The Edmonton Journal
6-Feb-1967 "Identified/Unidentified" The Edmonton Journal
7-Feb-1967 "Scientists Look For Meteorite" The Edmonton Journal
7-Feb-1967 "Unidentified Object" The Edmonton Journal
15-Feb-1967 "Boom: Flying Object Sightings Up" The Edmonton Journal
7-Apr-1967 "Airport, Resident Spots" The Edmonton Journal
8-Apr-1967 "Can U Figure Them Out?" The Edmonton Journal
8-May-1967 "A UFO In Detail" The Edmonton Journal
10-May-1967 "Shy UFO Shows Up Again" The Edmonton Journal
17-May-1967 "Two More Sightings" The Edmonton Journal
24-May-1967 "Foul Smell Persists" The Edmonton Journal
5-Jun-1967 "Pay Serious Attention" The Edmonton Journal
27-Jun-1967 "UFOs Fill Skies" The Edmonton Journal
23-Aug-1967 "Lacombe Teen-Ager Sees" The Lacombe Globe
5-Sep-1967 "Spots Mystery" The Edmonton Journal
17-Oct-1967 "UFO Pursued Us, Tran Crew Says" The Edmonton Journal
3-Nov-1967 "UFO Clue Seeker Missing" The Edmonton Journal
8-Nov-1967 "Publisher Says He Saw UFO" The Edmonton Journal
9-Nov-1967 "What Is It? / MP Seeks Report On UFOs" The Edmonton Journal
24-Nov-1967 "UFO Sighting To Be Probed" The Edmonton Journal
6-Dec-1967 "UFOs Are Back" THE NEWS, Dawson Creek
21-Dec-1968 "Meteor Bites Earth" The Province
18-Jan-1969 "UFO man may have lost his bearings" The Province
8-Feb-1969 "Air Object Revisits" The Province
19-Feb-1969 "Punch is added to UFO sightings" Peace River Block News
27-Mar-1969 "UFO" Dawson Creek Booster
30-Jul-1969 "Many witness UFO" THE NEWS, Dawson Creek
23-Feb-1972 "Strange Craft Sighted" THE NEWS, Dawson Creek
5-Apr-1972 "UFO sighting at Portage Mountain" THE NEWS, Dawson Creek
26-Jul-1972 "53 Caribou Found Dead In Circle" The Sun, Vancouver
12-Apr-1975 "Something's Up There, By George!" The Province
24-Jan-1976 "Photo of Mysterious UFO" The Province
26-Jan-1976 "UFO Sightings in Dispute" The Province
27-Jan-1976 "Police Watch UFOs" The Province
20-Mar-1976 "UFO/Unidentified Flying Object" The Province
11-Mar-1977 "Hydro Lines Fuelling Saucers" The Daily Colonist
13-Mar-1977 Saucer Over Saanich The Daily Colonist
16-Mar-1977 UFO "invasion" continues The Daily Colonist
6-Apr-1977 Enthusiasts See Light The Victorian
24-Oct-1978 It's Coming For Me Right Now The Daily Colonist
25-Oct-1978 Aliens Got Him - Dad The Daily Colonist
28-Oct-1978 Mystery UFO Case Details Soon The Daily Colonist
14-Nov-1979 UFOs Dog Jetliner The Colonist
16-Nov-1979 Night UFOs Force Jet to Dive The Colonist
31-Aug-1981 "UFO Crater? No Giggles" Times-Colonist
16-Sep-1981 Lights in Sky Prompt Calls Times-Colonist
16-Jan-1984 "Fireball Zipped Through Soviet Jet" Times-Colonist
18-Mar-1985 "Is Vanished Son Adrift In Space?" Times-Colonist
7-Jan-1987 Kingston Sighting Times-Colonist
13-Jan-1987 Pilot again spots UFO over Alaska Times-Colonist
16-Apr-1987 Heads up, non-believers! UFOria's back Times-Colonist
19-May-1987 'Bed Trailer' Glowed Eerily Times-Colonist
12-Apr-1990 Mystery Lights Part of First UFO Survey Times-Colonist
22-Aug-1993 Circles Appear Again in Fields Times-Colonist
24-Jul-1994 It Was Like Any Other Day... Times Colonist
23-Mar-1996 Something's out there Times Colonist




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