These are some of the latest sightings reported. Again, we appreciate the contributions from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and from Houston UFO Research (HBCC UFO).

6-Jan-2007, Surrey, BC: (4:00 am)
The blinking object is in the sky, high above, north east from my apartment location but not far away, so I guess its vertical position is 13th Street between Surrey Central and Guildford Mall. It looks like a star, but I felt immediately it is not a star as there are no other stars around and this is a windy, rainy night. It moves around slightly, blinking and changing colors. My lights have been going on and off for a few times tonight, however that happened before I discovered this object when I opened the window to get some fresh air. I will double check whether it is still there tomorrow night.

19-Jan-2007, Coquitlam, BC: (7:30 pm) NUFORC
My 13 year old son noticed the UFO first as we were playing in the backyard. He saw yellow lights flashing in a circle-shaped object. He pointed to the sky. Then I looked up and saw a round circle-shaped object flying. The sky was very cloudy. The object seemed to be approximately 200 to 300 metres above us and was moving from east to west. The size of the object was that of a medium car tire. It was moving from side to side. The sound coming from it was similar to the sound coming out of a punctured tire. Afterwards, the object disappeared in the clouds.

21-Jan-2007, Maple Ridge, BC: (12:00 am) NUFORC
It was a very clear night and I had just finished a walk with my dog. We had just gotten to my driveway when I noticed some very bright flashes, like from a camera flash, but with bright yellow, red, blue and some greenish-orange colours. I was stunned, trying to think why a plane would be flying so low - too low. The object was circular and it seemed to change shape to a square over and over again, but very slowly, with no sound. It was heading east slowly at about approximately 600 feet. I watched this for about 3 minutes; its flashes were very bright and so fast. Then it changed direction instantly - now it was heading southwest and it began to rise up. A couple of times it just stopped completely then moved to the southwest again while rising still higher. It cruised higher, to about 1000 feet, and seemed to get even brighter. By this time, I’d say I had been watching it for about 10-12 minutes, and then it passed over my block. Now it was heading away from me at just over 1000 feet high. It was still very bright, heading more west than east toward the Port Mann Bridge, New Westminster to the Surrey area. The last bit of it I could see had brighter blue flashes along with lesser colors. It was just small lights when I lost track of it. It was very cool; it amazed me and freaked me out a bit.

I went in the house after this event, which was about 15-20 minutes in length. No more than 6-8 minutes later, I heard the buzz of a low fast helicopter. It was a Magnum P. I. type (Bumblebee). I went out on the deck and this chopper with a small white light and a very bright green light buzzed over my area (Lougheed Highway and 207th, Maple Ridge, B.C. It quickly buzzed the area, making a quick circle, and then just full-throttled it southwest in the path of the lights. It was really quick and it seemed like it was definitely looking for something. Like I said, the object came from the east, the Maple Ridge area, and turned southwest then more westerly. If anyone knows what it was, I would love to find out. It seems like someone knew about it before I even saw it.

26-Jan-2007, Surrey, BC: (6:08 pm)
I have a video of this sighting. The lights were very erratic in the sky, moving quickly vertically and then to the side. They stopped in mid-air. It is a clear night and at first I thought it was a star but the movement prompted me to record it on my cell phone

27-Jan-2007, Vancouver, BC: (1:50 – 1:55 am)
I live in Kitsilano and was looking into the southwest skies from my ground floor apartment in my living room. At first I saw what looked like an exceptionally bright star or planet. When I went and used my binoculars for a closer look, I became very confused as to what its true nature was.

I saw a very bright bluish light that appeared to be 'dancing' in one spot. It was very beautiful. However, about every 10 seconds or so, red lights would flash and then the whole thing would disappear and then reappear after a few seconds.

The shape was not consistent. Initially, it was a circular shape, but then would separate and almost scatter into a 'wave' of luminescent light. At times, it oddly resembled a horseshoe.
The other peculiar point I'd like to mention, is how whole thing would move from right to left. I leaned my binoculars up against the window to counterbalance any movement on my part, but I found I had to reposition the binoculars to keep the object in view many times. My cat even left the bedroom to come over to stand by me.

After about 5 minutes, I went on the internet and found your website. When I went back at 2:10 a.m., there was no sign of it at all. I've even continued to check for it every ten minutes since, but I don't see it there. Could it have been merely a satellite? Some sort of star? Planet? Whatever it was, it was very beautiful and I hope I am fortunate enough to witness it again. If anyone can help me figure this out or offer an explanation, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much for being here and reading this.

UFOBC Replies:
Thank you for your report. Let's see if we can explain this one. If you look again at the same time tonight and see the light in the same spot then it is probably a star. How high above the horizon was the light, with zero being on the horizon and 90 degrees being straight up? There is currently a bright star in the south west at that time of the night called Alpha Canis Major. At 1:55 a.m., it was about 11° above the horizon. At 2:05 a.m., it was at 9° above the horizon. At 2:10 a.m., it was at 8.5° above the horizon. Perhaps at 2:10 a.m., it was low enough to be obscured by something like a branch, tree, building or a fog bank?

A star or planet will also appear to move slowly when viewed through steady binoculars due simply to the rotation of the earth. Under certain atmospheric conditions, flashing colours are common when viewing stars or planets. The other possible, but less likely candidate, is the planet Saturn which is in the south (not south west) but about 55° above the horizon. Perhaps set your alarm or stay up and have a look again at 1:50 a.m. tonight. I think it should be another beautiful, clear night and please let us know if the same light is there.

28-Jan-2007, Langley, BC: (10:00 pm) NUFORC
I saw a bright light which looked like one of the stars until I saw it wiggling and getting brighter and it shot up into space.

30-Jan-2007, Greenville, BC: (6:00 pm) NUFORC
The flying object was bright like the sun; it would stay in the same place then move up and down. A few of us saw the same aircraft, or whatever it was. We all knew it wasn't a star, it was too close, and it wasn't an airplane as it was too still for too long. This one came from the northeast area and then proceeded to the northwest. It seemed like it was still for minutes then it would move up and then back down. It was a circular-shaped object and a very bright light.

This isn't the first time people around here have seen weird lights like that in the sky. Last summer we saw aircraft in the sky, looking like they were moving in a counterclockwise direction. There were several different colours of light on it. At that time, it appeared there were 2 smaller aircraft around it, with the same colour lights.

30-Jan-2007, Burnaby, BC: (8:00 pm)
Located at Duthie St. and Halifax Ave. I spotted it in a south east direction from here, at about a 20° degree angle from ground level. It is still is present in sky, flashing red, green and blue lights.

UFOBC Replies:
Thank you for the accurate description. What you are looking at is the star Sirius. The light show is due to turbulence of the atmosphere which acts as a prism especially when the star is close to the horizon. Gavin A. J. McLeod A.Sc.T.

3-Mar-2007, Vernon, BC: (04:50 am) HBCC UFO

On the line of mountains south of Vernon (over Kalamalka Lake, at the edge of the upper plateau), I saw a large blondish/amber-coloured oval-shaped object sitting slightly obscured behind the mountain top. It was at least as long as my thumb is wide, at arm’s length. That mountaintop is at least 15 km away. This object was huge. It appeared blurry, almost hard to look at, hard to focus on. It was quite easily the brightest thing in the sky at the time. I radioed the front desk clerk that something was in the southern sky, and he gave a very uninterested response. I watched the object for 10 minutes before I had to do a hall check. It never moved position once. On my way past the front desk clerk I told him again that there was an object up on the hill. He didn't even look up from his computer game. After the hall check (5min) I went back outside and the object was gone.

16-March-2007, Vernon, BC: (06:20 pm) NUFORC
I was driving South on Highway 97 at @ 6:20pm PST, just past Spallumcheen, when I saw bright white lights fly up from between a small valley outside of Vernon B.C. (Coldstream) I didn't see the craft land, but it was so close down to the Earth, maybe it did. I watched as the bright lights on the craft flashed around. The lights on the craft were all white and it rose up out of the valley, at about a 15 degree angle, almost straight up, at too fast a rate for it to be anything that man's made. Then it hovered way up in the sky for about 10 seconds and then zigged for 2 seconds & zagged for another 2, and then took off straight up and out.

March 2007, Victoria, BC: (10 pm) HBCC UFO
(Witness quotes from Victoria Times Colonist April 5, 2007)
It was around 10 p.m. one night in mid-March that the Victoria woman, standing in the driveway of her acreage, saw a UFO.

“I heard a very powerful blowing noise, almost a white noise as it grew louder just to my left and just over the tree line. What came first was a very large, but dull, flashing red beacon in the centre of what began to appear as a massive triangular shape. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.

As it approached very low, just over the trees and my house, it had a very strange white light on each side of the triangle; they seemed to be extremely bright but did not illuminate the ground at all. As it crossed overhead I thought I should be able to get a good look at it as it was a clear, starry night, but it brought a darkness with it. Darker than the night. Blacker than black, making it unable to distinguish any actual lines.

From the position of the lights and the shape of the blackness I am sure it was a triangle, quite flat in depth," the woman's statement read. "It moved in a very strange manner, almost hovering, this incredibly massive -- about 200 feet across and almost that long -- powerful craft moving at maybe 10 mph just over my head. It made the strangest noise, not like any kind of engine or jet. It was all very mesmerizing, and thinking back I really was very oddly stunned. I wanted to run to the house for my son but I couldn't take my eyes off it. I watched as it went over my house maybe 200 feet. ... It took up a bit of speed and altitude as it flew away. The lights very clearly started to move horizontally, left and right very quickly. It veered off towards the ocean and was gone.”

26-Mar-2007, Aldergrove, BC: (between 7:50 and 8:00 pm)
I decided to take my dog, Bingo, out to the end of the driveway beside the mail box (which faces northeast). I checked the mail and then looked up to enjoy the sunset for a minute (it had been raining for a month straight, so a clear sky was a welcome sight). While I was looking north/ northwest, over the mountains, I noticed what I first thought was a plane, but when I focused in on it, I thought it was quite obvious it wasn't; it looked like an extremely large upright boomerang flying left to right (south to north) in the sky. I couldn't tell its exact size since it was in clear, open sky, but in comparison to the mountains below it, it was about the same height. It kept flying north while I was watching it and it seemed to be almost transparent. At one point it was extremely hard to keep it in sight, not because of it size (it was plenty big enough to see, that was for sure) but because it was blending into the sky so well. At one point, it almost seemed like it was water vapor since it began to look very blurry, like mist. It was at this point that Bingo decided to be a pain and start pulling on the leash. I thought he was standing with his butt facing me and I went to kick him in the butt with the side of my foot, without looking, to get him to stop. Instead, he was, in fact, facing me and I accidentally kicked him in the face (whoops), and since his eye was already infected, I spent the rest of the time watching the "object" for a few seconds and checking his eye to make sure I didn't accidentally make it worse (luckily I didn't). After this, I bent down to check Bingo’s eye and then I looked up to see the object again. It was still flying north, though now it had gone from being a giant boomerang shape, to being a small flat disk shape and it had gone from being almost transparent to being a very dark black colour and it had slowed its speed considerably. It stopped and then started to slowly fly west/ southwest.

I would have simply brushed this off as a plane since its speed was about that of an average two to four-seater commuter plane (which is mostly what flies over my house) only at the distance I thought it was at, private planes wouldn't be going across the sky that fast. In fact, a plane would have been crossing the sky at only one quarter the speed of the object (putting its speed at around 800 km/h). I couldn't tell its distance perfectly, though I think it was somewhere between me, near the freeway and Highway 256, and the west/northwest mountains, which is a distance of about 60-75 kms, though I could be wrong since it never actually went in front of anything that would tell me exactly where it was. In addition to its anomalous speed, planes don't blend into the sky as though transparent, like this craft did, nor do they change shape, or have a boomerang shape to begin with, nor are they as big as this one was when it was in its boomerang shape. The "fading" effect could be a result of it being so far away that it simply became impossible to see due to atmospheric distortion, though when it turned into a small black disc it was easily visible and solid, not having any transparency at all, meaning it would have to travel several hundred kilometers towards me extremely quickly when it changed (it changed while I was looking at Bingo’s eye, which only took me 3-5 seconds, meaning it would have travelled at thousands of km/h), and then moved away again as it faded away.

It should also be noted that this isn't the first time I've seen a UFO; I reported a sighting here (UFOBC) as well on June 29, 2006. In fact, this sighting was in that exact spot in the sky that I saw the first one, though this one was nothing like the first.

3-Apr-2007, Rossland BC: (9 pm – 10 pm) HBCC UFO
Like the person from Canmore who posted April 1, I, too, saw a "ridiculously huge star". I glanced out the window after dark, and in the western sky was a very, very large, bright round white star-like looking object that seemed to glow. It seemed much, much too big to be a star. However, I have noticed what I have assumed to be a star in the same spot for a few weeks now, directly west over Mt. Roberts in the early evening after the sun goes down. I had noticed recently how it was a lot brighter than other stars in the sky, but it was never so bright and huge as when I saw it on this evening; the other stars were practically invisible next to this. I couldn't believe my eyes that it was so big so I grabbed my binoculars to check it out, then the camcorder and taped for a few minutes on the front porch around 9:30 p.m. I looked out the window again a couple more times and it was still very bright. By 10:00 p.m. it was gone.

I could describe it as looking like a star that had suddenly moved in a lot closer to the earth, and I would compare its size to be about what a spotlight would look like in the near distance. Anybody else seen this?

6-April-2007, Kelowna, BC: (06:22 am) NUFORC
bright light above Kelowna, not moving or changing brightness. It was just bright as heck and big, like a small star. It was in the eastern sky and still is as I type this wow not moving at all.

9-April-2007, North Vancouver, BC: (01:30 pm) NUFORC
Disc that spun slowly and wobbled a bit as it glided north/east and seemed to descend gradually. Had 4 - 5 darker circles underneath that rotated with the disc. They were black while the main body was a dark grey colour. Made no audible noise. I recorded about 2 - 3 minutes on my camcorder.

Mid-April, 2007 Vernon, BC: (01:00 am) HBCC UFO

To the SSW of Vernon, I spotted what appeared to be a 'throbbing' amber-coloured oval moving from the east to the west. The sky was mostly clear, save for a very thin broken overcast in the south of the valley. The object was moving at a steady speed, faster than any satellite in the sky, and 'throbbing'. It appeared to get bigger and smaller as it moved along. That is the only way I can describe it. This object was 20 times larger than the largest satellite I have seen traversing the sky, with a definite oval shape and a definite 'throbbing' size/shape change. Very weird! The object approached the edge of some of the overcast. Just before it entered the overcast, a much smaller 'dot' of light spiraled down and west faster than the object itself was moving. The 'dot' was the same blond/amber colour as the main object and disappeared behind the edge of the cloud cover. The object was still clearly visible through the cloud cover and emerged into another clear patch of sky. Another 'dot' of light streaked down and west, in the exact same trajectory as the first, and winked out of sight in the same clear patch. The object then went behind another high overcast cloud, was visible for a couple of seconds, and then disappeared behind some willow trees in the WSW parking lot. I estimate that the object covered 70 to 90 degrees of the sky in 15 to 20 seconds.

25-April-2007, Williams Lake, BC: (10:12 pm) NUFORC

Stationary "Star" flashed brightly, dimmed, started moving then faded from sight. I looked almost straight up but north easterly. I saw what I thought was a bright stationary star or planet. It then grew very bright then dimmed to a rusty colour then started moving to the east. It seemed to be far away like a satellite and moving slowly in a similar manner. (I've seen some fairly quick satellites). It faded out of sight after about 15 seconds. This did not cover a great deal of the horizon, maybe about a hand's width from my perspective.

25-27-May-2007, Surrey, BC: (3:00 pm) HBCC UFO

Looking North from about 100th Ave at 1500 hours. Saw what was described as a very bright star in the daytime, it appeared to have a Halo. Hovered in place for 3 hours for 3 consecutive nights, would move to the right then back to center over and over. Then each night at 12:45 am and the final night at 01:15 am it took off heading north in a sudden flash leaving behind a small trail.

Object was just below the cloud cover that was present at night (during the day it was clear). At about 45 degree angle off the horizon and was small, no larger than a few ridges of a quarter held out at arm’s length.

June 2007, Rock Creek, BC:

It was quite a warm day, and me and my mother were getting ready to pick up my sister from baseball. As usual, I walked out the door and was just about to open the truck door, when something caught my eye. Above the mountain, there was this black, moving object. It didn't seem to move back and forth, instead, it was like it was tipping while spinning. It stood silently in the same spot, spinning and tipping in mid air. You could see the sunlight reflecting off of the object, and it was black-ish and shiney.I could not figure out the size of the object, but it was fairly huge, to be seen from above a very high mountain. My mother came out, and we both were froze, standing in our driveway together. Finally, we took our eyes off of it, and went to go get my sister. It only took us about five minutes to get back. The object was gone. It made no sense.

2-July-2007, Victoria, BC:

This happened the morning of July 2 at roughly 6am-8am in 2007, possibly 2006.

Two friends and I were sitting on Dallas Road huddled up and star gazing, where the steps meet the ocean.  We had been baby-sitting very late for a wedding so were enjoying the fact that no one was up and about yet.

We were sitting in silence and for awhile now I had been seeing stars in the shape of a diamond, then slowly rotating into a square,  over and over.  After maybe half an hour of seeing this and not saying anything, it almost seemed as if the “stars” were coming closer.  I should also note that the stars/lights, I think I’ll call them lights now, were mostly white but shifted between red and blue flickering as well.  I'm not totally sure if it was me who broke the silence but someone finally said something and the other two were like ‘yea I've been watching that for awhile now too…’  I know this might sound weird, but the closer they got the weather seemed to get a bit darker and the wind had picked up.

At this point we were as close as we could all possibly get to each other, and obviously a little freaked out.  This had not been the first time that either of us three had seen ‘something’ moving in the sky in our lives.

All of a sudden, there was a large craft pretty much directly above the road above our heads.  It was really big, I'm not sure I could give an accurate measurement. It had large, multiple, horizontal lights that would light up and move end to end, kind of red and blue in the center.  There was a very loud whirring sound,  and like I said it had gotten very dark and windy.  I'm honestly not sure how long it stayed above us but it must have at least been a full minute. To be COMPLETELY honest, time seemed to stand still. I don’t think any of us had even looked at each other during this whole experience, our eyes were glued to what was happening and our arms glued to each other. Just as it had appeared it disappeared up into the sky. It. Was. Fucked.

I have only told a couple very close friends this, and I actually even FORGOT? About this for a couple if not a few years.  Is that my brain protecting me….? I duno but the fact that I have honestly somehow FORGOTTEN this monumental happening.. has added to the creeps.  I'm not really friends with the other two any more but I have on more than a few occasions gone to one of the friends from that night to really ask if ‘this actually happened’.

Thanks for reading, Ive been wanting to get this out of my mind and on here for a very long time.

9-July-2007, Victoria, BC: (11:30 am) HBCC UFO

As I looked up at a float plane flying over my house I thought I saw to my right a gray seagull riding a thermal (wings stationary). I thought of a gull because its wings had a break in them as a birds wings do. I realized that it could not be a gull as it held a very high elevation and it moved very fast from North to South or right to left. Just before it absolutely disappeared before my eyes, it seemed to stop or at least turn and travel either towards me or away from me so that it appeared that it was not moving. I watched the sky for a few minutes after to see if it would show up again. If it had not disappeared then I would have rationalized that I saw a military jet. There was no sound or contrail though. Did anyone else see this thing?

10-July-2007, Kootenay Lake, BC: (8:20 pm) HBCC UFO

A family of 5 was close to the Gray Creek area on Kootenay Lake, British Columbia when the 12 year old son yelled for his family to look west and low in the sky. The father described what they all witnessed; a long white cylindrical object which is estimated to be approximately 150 to 200 feet in length was falling from the sky at a 45 degree angle at a fast rate of speed. As the object descended and just before they lost sight of it, it "appeared" to slow its speed and start to level out. Both ends of the object seemed to be rounded and more of a shiny metallic color as they reflected the sunlight. The father said that they were close enough to be able to hear sound if there were to be any, but none was noticed. There were no aircraft-like features, such as fins, wings, etc. No types of windows were seen or landing gear of any kind. Also observed was a trail of whitish mist following from behind the object which dissipated very quickly. As mentioned above in the report, the family lost sight of it quickly due to the trees and terrain, but thought it did look out of place or unusual.

HBCC UFO side note: There have been a few cylindrical type objects being seen over the last while, from Kelowna down into the Kootenay's and on the lower mainland (Vancouver, B.C. area).

10/11-July-2007, Kootenay Lake (Gray Creek), BC: (around midnight) HBCC UFO

HBCC UFO Research received a telephone call from a gentleman who resides in North Surrey, British Columbia after he read the news article, "UFOs Over BC" which was posted on the Rense website. The news article was put out by the North Thompson Valley Voice News. My phone number was added to the article with my permission of course. The witness, after reading the article found somewhere he was able to file his sighting report to he said.

The eyewitness reported seeing the same object over a two night period, and after that he went out to look again to see if he was able to observe the object(s) on the following nights and they were nowhere to be found. The fellow said it was hot as heck over the two nights when he saw the objects.

The witness was outside at around midnight watering his lawn, leaning up against his truck when the man happened to look up in the sky to see three objects in a lengthy triangle shape across the night sky. What he saw was a bright light, with activity all around the bright light. What he saw was a red, green and a bright white light circulating around the bright light he originally had first observed. He said to himself, "What the heck is this?" as there are three of these things.

The man's wife has a good friend, who is a night owl. So the fellow called the lady up on the phone to see if she was able to observe what he was watching. The lady ended up not being home, but rather in White Rock, BC at the time the man made the call. The fellow asked if she would go outside and look in the area where the UFO action was taking place, so she did and to the fellow’s surprise the lady in White Rock was able to see exactly the same objects the witness was reporting. (I should add that the man's wife and three sons were also witnessing this unusual event and were a little frightened as to what they all were watching).

The object that was in the middle was moving as the eyewitness was tilting his back to keep his eye on this event, then the object moved back to where it was originally. All three of the lights were there in the triangular pattern for two nights, with the other UFO activity going around the bright lights. After the two nights of viewing this event, they were no longer visible in the following days.

11-July-2007, Kelowna, BC: (10:00 pm) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian, my name is (name removed by HBCC UFO) and I live in Kelowna BC. On July 11, 2007 at around 10:00 PM. my friend and I were out in Black Mountain area sky watching, then my cell phone rang; it was my mom and dad in Rutland near Nickel Road. They directed me to some strange lights in the sky, just below Mars in the eastern sky. The object was blinking bright lights red blue white orange or yellow. It didn't move at all. My friend and I watched it for over an hour along with my parents in Rutland. It was not a plane, satellite or helicopter. We actually saw a plane and a satellite during our time watching it, and the object was not anything like them. Then, we looked towards the Kelowna airport and saw another UFO exactly the same, bright blinking colorful lights but no movement. If you would like to talk call me at (both phone numbers removed) Sincerely.

11-July-2007, Kelowna, BC: (10:45 pm) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian. I was sitting on my deck in the Glenmore area of Kelowna last night, July 11, 2007 at approximately 10:45 pm., looking at the lake. I noticed an object in the sky over the lake towards Winfield, northwest from us, flashing red lights. I assumed it was a plane, but when I looked back a minute or so later I realized that it hadn't moved. I got my binoculars and saw there were actually several colours of lights, red, yellow, green, circling around a round object in an up and down pattern. I called my husband and we watched the object for about an hour - it never moved during the entire time, and was still there when we went back into the house. If you would like to contact me my phone number is (phone number removed by HBCC UFO), and my name is (name removed also).

12-July-2007, Richmond, BC: (1:10 am) HBCC UFO

It was a beautiful night when I was on my balcony watching a Barred Owl, bats and there was one common Nighthawk flying around when suddenly something scared a couple of Redwinged Blackbirds from the cedar trees. So I pointed my 10x50 Pentax PCF binoculars toward the birds and noticed immediately 3 big, really slow flying cylinder objects in delta formation (looked to me like a airplanes without wings) flying slowly east. There was no engines noise at all! It is hard to exactly estimate how big the cylinders were, but I think the cylinders in the sky were about 1/2 size of Boeing 747 and no more then 1000 meters high, and I think that I did observe it about 3 minutes before they disappeared to east.

12-July-2007, Rossland, BC: (10:30 – 11:15 pm) HBCC UFO

Once I thought I saw a UFO, but it only turned out to be a very bright Venus. For a few months now I have been skywatching with my binoculars, having taken an interest in many of the UFO reports posted on this site [HBCC UFO]. I hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary, just the usual planes, satellites and the occasional shooting star, until last night! Let me explain.

I have been noticing in recent months in the early evening a stationary star-like object to the south that is below and slightly to the right of what I presume to be Mars. I have been intrigued by the object’s flashing colours of red, yellow and green, but because it has always appeared stationary I eventually assumed it was just a colourful star. However, tonight when I stepped outside to enjoy the cool evening air, at about 10:30 pm, when I looked to the south, an object of that description barely cleared the horizon; its position in the sky was much lower down than usual, in a more southeastward position. As I was looking at it, it suddenly moved across the sky making a smooth straight trajectory in a southwest direction until it stopped in the position below Mars right where I had seen it stationary on previous nights.

Suddenly another light appeared on the horizon at about the same spot where the first object originated moments before. I then grabbed my binoculars. It was a circular orb-like shape, like a very large glowing yellow star; it appeared to flicker and get brighter then dimmer; in comparison, the other "regular" stars in the sky were small, crisp, twinkly, with Mars being higher up and to the right. Anyway at this point I was thinking, I should get my handycam, but I didn't want to miss anything with the binoculars so I continued to watch the sky. Meanwhile the yellow one was disappearing and reappearing a few times, each time in positions a little further to the left from where it first appeared. I couldn't take my eyes off my binoculars when a while later a third object appeared to the right of the bright yellow one. The third object looked similar to the first coloured one, and then this third coloured object began to move in straight lines in a kind of triangular formation, sometimes disappearing then flashing anew in different spots. I couldn't describe it better than the report from Port Colbourne, Ontario where the witness articulated that what they saw, "...took small hops at times like a skipping stone effect. This would occur with such speed that it seemed it would be in one spot and suddenly in another at the same instant.”

Then, I was very astonished to see this object, with a sort of pulsating, blurred movement, stretch out into an elongated shape that had a softer semi-opaque whitish appearance. It was slightly thicker in the middle than at the ends. Then in a moment it shrank back to its original size and star-like shape, and I watched for a while longer as it moved some more in a back and forth motion. Then the objects disappeared by fading, except for the one below Mars. I believe that a fourth star-like object appeared above the bright yellow one, but I was so intently watching this third one that I was unable to watch the fourth one. The whole observation took about 45 minutes. I estimate that the objects were located at some distance away over Washington State.

I just want to add something with reference to the first multicoloured object just below Mars that appeared stationary upon my previous observations. Last month in June I was on holiday in the Cariboo and I noticed a stationary coloured object exactly like it directly to the north. I observed it for the whole week that I was there, at least on the evenings that it was clear out. At that time I commented to my partner that it looked just like the one at home in Rossland that we had seen previously to the south under Mars. I've been wondering if it was one object in orbit, or more than one object in different places.

15-Jul-2007, David Lake, BC:

Maybe around four years ago my wife and my daughter went camping at Davis Lake near Merritt (i'm sure I can get exact dates and locations if you wantto go that far). My daughter was younger so my wife wasn't drinking but I had a few beers and was just enjoying the evening. Around  2:30 AM I was laying on a picnic table looking up at the sky for falling stars because they were very abundant any time I had camped there in previous years. I then noticed an object far away which seemed to be moving in a linear fashion yet it would dart side to side as though it was avoiding objects then disappeared as though it was going farther away then come back into view and continue on the original path. Next thing I know there's another one and another one doing the exact same thing. I went to the camper and woke my wife who again was stone sober thinking I was just being a drunken idiot but I convinced her to look up at what I was seeing. It blew her away as we watched several more objects maneuver along the same path. Over the next hour the flightpath slowly moved down the horizon due to the rotation of the earth all the while several more objects followed the same path. It occurred to me that none of these objects were coming close to the earth. These objects were passing straight past the earth but all of them were continuing on the exact same flight path. That's why I named it the UFO superhighway. This continued until the rotation of the year Earth caused it to fall past horizon  to a point where it could no longer be seen. Just to be clear they were definitely without a doubt 100% not satellites are anything of that nature... They were moving with intelligent intentions.

If you would like to pick my brain a little further about the incident feel free to contact me again.

Additional Information:

We were camped at a small lake on a cattle ranch (I can't remember the name offhand but I'm sure I would know it to hear it) near Merritt. The turn off for the ranch is about 20 minutes North of Merritt on Highway 5. The lake was called Davis Lake. It was July 15, 2007. The time I don't remember exactly but I would say between midnight and 2 AM.

Hope this helps!  I would appreciate being kept informed if you turn up anything.

28-Jul-2007, Vancouver (Trout Lake), BC: (11 – 11:30 pm)

I was attending the Public Dreams Lantern Festival and was walking around the north side of the lake through a crowd of thousands of people. I happened to look up west and saw an orange glow of an object very high up. Because there was a lot of noise where I was I could not discern if the object was making any sound at all (my gut feeling is no, it wasn’t). The sky was partly cloudy and the object did not appear to be moving. I remarked about the object to the group (of people I was with) but they were concentrating on trying to move through the crowd. I looked up to the right and saw a jet airplane moving west at a lower elevation than the orange-glowing object. I was with a group of six people and was conscious of keeping everybody together. About 5 minutes later the object disappeared behind some clouds and I didn't see it again.

I do not know what this was. It could have been Mars, I'm not sure.


Thank you for the report - very interesting. Which direction were you facing when you saw the object, and how far above the horizon (degrees) was it?


Witness Response:

I was facing west and I would say it was 70 degrees off the horizon. Did anybody else see this object?

June, July & August, 2007, Vancouver, BC: (about 11:00 pm) HBCC UFO

It's been quite a while since I have undertaken consideration of UFOs; the question that has always remained in my head is: are they real or not? I have always been a fan, though, and sought to believe they are real. Just recently, maybe over the past two months, I have been seeing strange things in the night sky, strange moving objects. They look just like shooting stars but without the tails and looking very naked to the eye.

It's strange, though, because it’s not just once in a while; it’s like, maybe, 4-6 times a night that I will see these fluttering about. Just recently, around 11:00 p.m., I was standing on my front porch and saw a very bright large one with two more moving behind it, zipping in the other direction. And shortly after that, in less than maybe, two hours, I went out for a run, recording them into my mind, seeing 10 (I had to stop running to just make sure it wasn't me). Some I have seen seem to disappear and reappear or never seem to come back out of the background of a thin cloud.

My first UFO encounter was when I was probably 13, my first year in high school, staying out late I saw one, well, believed it to have been one. Now I'm 19 and seeing all these. I definitely know that something strange is happening, something strange enough for me to be seeing these zig and zag for the past 2 months, and the fact that others on my street have seen them and still others in the local vicinity, is the weirder part. I wish I had an answer, honestly. Maybe a real war of the worlds is actually happening above us on this tiny rock we call home.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Summer 2007, Armstrong, BC:

I was walking down my street late at night. It was summer, maybe August 2007, and the sky was exceptionally clear. I was admiring the stars when I noticed what I thought was an unusually bright satellite. It was a steady, clear white light about half a centimeter in diameter, and it was making its way across the sky from just behind my left shoulder to my right. I thought it was a satellite because it had an appropriately slow pace, it seemed very high up and didn't have any of the flashing lights that accompany an airplane.  I watched it as it made its way towards the centre of the sky above my head, and right at its apex it stopped dead. I stopped on the side walk and watched it. It stood perfectly still right above me for about ten seconds, then it became slightly larger and brighter, as if it were coming closer to me. Then it slowly moved in a straight line backwards and forwards over my head, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down, never moving more then about a hands breadth at arms length away from its previously stationary position in either direction. It moved backwards and forwards as if observing me for about 45 seconds, and just when I was really becoming uneasy it shot at a slight angle up into the sky and disappeared. I told my boyfriend about it a couple days later and he told me that he and his father had seen the exact same thing at the same time that night.

5-Aug-2007, Port Moody, BC: (10:30 pm)

At the above time, my wife and I were on our deck when we noticed a very bright light moving in a straight line over our townhouse. It took about 5 minutes to travel from south to north. It was absolutely soundless. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

6-Aug-2007, Vancouver, BC: (10:51 pm)

I was sitting on the beach with my boyfriend and I was looking up at Grouse Mountain, when I saw a small light, like a shooting star almost, but it didn't go as fast as a shooting star. Well, like I was saying, it was a bright light falling on top of Grouse Mountain and before it landed it turned light orange or red. And maybe 30 sec after that I saw another light above the mountain but turned off like a light ball.

7-Aug-2007, Prince George, BC: (about 11 pm)

The witness, his wife and her sister were outside enjoying the evening sky when they saw a very large white/amber light, slightly smaller than a full moon. Beside it was a smaller orb about half the size. Suddenly another orb appeared at the other side of the larger one (opposite side to the other small one):

o O o

The three objects were moving about, and were “humming”. Then the formation started to move in a NE direction. It was too fast for an airplane and too slow for a meteor. Then, all of a sudden, there was a massive “crack”, like a thunderclap or a sonic boom. The sky turned an eerie green and the lights sped off in an instant.

The witness thought that it reminded him of “those Arizona lights” – which was clarified as meaning the Phoenix Lights.

12-Aug-2007, Kispiox, BC: by Thom Barker of the Kispiox/Interior News. Date of article – August 29, 2007

Several Kispiox residents may have witnessed a rare phenomenon of nature during the wind and lightning storm that rolled through the area on August 12, 2007.

"We noticed this huge white ball, about five feet around," said Pam Barnes. “It was exuding power like crazy and moving around. I didn't know what it was. I was stunned. I saw it moving over the rooftops and it didn't seem to have any sense of gravity, like a balloon almost."

Then, in a flash it was gone. The whole incident lasted between 10 and 15 seconds, she said.

"It was brighter than the moon," said C.C. Barnes, Pam's four-year old son.

David Jones, a meteorologist with Environment Canada in B.C. said the sighting is consistent with ball lightning. "We get the odd report of ball lightning," he said. "It's a very rare phenomenon, maybe a once in-a-lifetime experience if you're lucky."

Sightings are so rare, in fact that despite nearly 200 years of scientific investigation, researchers are still divided on its exact nature. Last year, two Brazilian researchers conducted an experiment that supports the theory. Using electrodes to shock silica wafers they were able to create orbs of electricity that mimicked the behavior of natural ball lightning.

Side Note: Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research, also contacted Mrs. Barnes and had a great conversation over what they witnessed - an amazing and rare event is right. I will be writing up my own report on this event as well.

13-Aug-2007, Port Coquitlam, BC: (10 – 10:10 pm) HBCC UFO

I was sitting out side having a smoke. Now, I always look up when I am outside at night because of something I saw a few years back and since then I have always wanted to know what is going on up there. I'm looking up and I see a really bright white light go right over my house. It stops and dims almost till I couldn't see it anymore. It now blends in with the stars, as it looks just like one, but it was just moving a second ago. I keep my eyes fixed on its location; it starts to move again and continues in the direction it was going until I couldn't see it again. I am like, “What the heck? Did I just see what I saw?” as I haven't ever seen something as close as that thing was. About 2-3 minutes later I see 2 star-like objects going in the same direction. They don't change in brightness but continue on until I can't see them anymore.

Ok, I have a few questions: I want to know if there were any celestial events that were going on the date of Aug 13/07. Also, I would like to know if there is any phone reporting center located in Vancouver. And, last but not least, I would like to know if there is someone that I could talk to about things that I have been seeing in the night sky so that I can better determine what I am looking at.

Please if you have any info about my questions please help.

Thank you to their witness for their report.

14-Aug-2007, between Clinton & 70 Mile House, BC: (10:20 pm) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian, This is in response to the sightings of a bright light in Maple Ridge. I went out with the dogs last night at approximately 10:20 pm in the rural area between Clinton and 70 Mile House and, while looking at the sky, I noticed a bright light moving in the western sky to the south. My first thought was that it must be a plane but after watching it, I realized it was just one very bright light moving along at a great distance. It then arched to the east, dimmed and disappeared. It was not a meteor or plane for sure.

HBCC UFO Research Note: I e-mailed the witness back and asked if what they may have witnessed was the ISS (International Space Station) flying by; I also added the information from the ISS website. The witness agreed that this is what was seen.

The following ISS sightings are possible from Monday August 13 to Saturday August 25, 2007. Satellite, Local duration, Max elevation, Approach, Departure.

Date/Time (Minutes) (Degrees) (Deg - Dir) (Deg - Dir)

I bolded the line below which would be for the sighting given above.

ISS Mon Aug 13/10:02 PM 4 55 13 above W 28 above SE
ISS Tue Aug 14/10:24 PM 3 29 10 above W 29 above SSW
ISS Wed Aug 15/09:13 PM 4 56 24 above W 12 above ESE
ISS Wed Aug 15/10:47 PM 1 14 10 above WSW 14 above SW
ISS Thu Aug 16/09:35 PM 4 30 15 above W 16 above SSE
ISS Fri Aug 17/09:57 PM 3 15 10 above WSW 14 above SSW
ISS Sun Aug 19/09:07 PM 4 16 10 above WSW 10 above S

Thank you to the witness for their report, every report is important.

14-Aug-2007, Squamish, BC:

I have a interesting and very convincing UFO photo that I think your organization would like to have a look at. I took the photo while I was up on Brohm's Ridge above Squamish while conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposed project. I never knew it was there until recently when I was re-examining my photos over this last weekend. The Object is definitely saucer shape and it appears over Squamish - Howe Sound. The time of day was around 2:30 PM. The Object is greyish with no lights visible.

This is the original photo I took while up on Brohm's Ridge above Cat Lake Squamish BC Canada. This photo was taken with a Cannon digital camera on August 14, 2007 at approx. 2:00 PM, the day was a partly cloudy and warm. I was facing SW looking out towards the Howe Sound, below is District of Squamish. I used my photo software to zoom in on it and it definitely is a classic saucer shape. I also used my colour curve adjustments to do some filter adjustments and they all show the same saucer shape. I showed a couple of my colleagues at work and they are all convinced that this is a UFO and suggested I report it.
I live and work in the North Vancouver area.

UFOBC Replies:   

Yes, we would very much like to take a look at the photo - would you mind emailing us a copy? Or if you like, send it to our postal address.
Could you also provide a few more details about the sighting? Time, direction of travel, weather conditions, distance/altitude etc?
Thank-you, all the best,

Note: The witness included the above information and the sighting has been updated.

21-Aug-2007, Whitehorse, YT: (1:50 am) HBCC UFO

My friend and I were driving down from a lookout on the road just south of town. We were out trying to see the Northern lights and the stars. We saw a few shooting stars and lots of satellites, etc. As we were driving down the road, I stopped again because I wanted to see if the Northern lights were out. We got out and we were staring upwards, facing almost due north. Then suddenly a very bright white light came through. It was like a perfect circle and was nothing like a shooting star. I doubt it could have been a meteor as there was no tail behind it and, unlike a shooting star, it didn't seem to cross the sky. Instead it grew very bright and seemed like it was almost like it was coming right down on us. Imagine someone shining a light down on you from a deck or patio as you stand underneath then extending their arm down so the light goes closer to you. This was very bright and was moving slowly. It stopped for a bit and seemed to kind of hover, then started moving slowly westward. Then it disappeared the same way as it had come. The light was very white and there was a ring of light around the object, like a halo almost. It appeared, then became increasingly bright to a point where we had to shield our eyes for a second then stayed that way then slowly started moving and, as it kept moving, it disappeared. The whole thing lasted about 20 seconds. I have no idea what it was and if anyone knows of any good, well-documented UFO sites please repost this. I am curious if anyone else saw anything. Cheers.

22-Aug-2007, Nanaimo, BC: (4:30 pm)

See "Sighting in Nanaimo" for full story and 6 photos.

23-Aug-2007, Port Coquitlam, BC: (about 9:25 – 9:35 pm) HBCC UFO

Heading from south to north, a bright light moved across the sky then faded out to nothing. Minutes later the same thing occurred right above my place. The second sighting was a lot shorter, about 10 seconds. It looked like an orb shaped object, but because of the height of the object I couldn't make out really any shape. Did anyone in the Port Coquitlam area see the same thing? At the time there were a lot of sirens going if that helps (maybe there was a fire?)

27-Aug-2007 - Nanaimo, BC:

Hi, I was lookin' into a sightin' I had durin' this past summer and sure enough, came across a report on the very same object I witnessed. It was as stated, Aug. 22, 2007, I was outside, heard a small plane flyin' overhead, lookin'-up I noticed a bright light above and behind a small red plane. It looked pretty much like an extremely bright star, I was standin' with my brother and said somethin' like ''what's that ?''. We both watched it slowly fly by, pulsin' or reflectin' the light, like your other witness said. Only thin' different from the other report is we watched it fly over us and stop off in the distance, hoverin' or just sittin'-up there for must have been a good 1/2 hr to 40 minutes at least. I watched it for a while, then I'd go do whatever it was I was doin', come back an watch it some more, so I wasn't constantly watchin' it. It was a clear blue sky, around 4 pm, don' t even recall seein' any clouds, no mistakin' it ,it was pretty strange to see, we even said to each other,'' ufo ''. I've never seen anything close to it, it looked like a extremely bright star ( bright like you' d see at night ), pulsin' or whatever, it would get really bright, then fade in intensity but still visible. My brother actually figured when it had stopped and was just stationary, he figured it would be over Vancouver. The photos in the other report show the exact same thing we saw, actually, in total, 4 of us saw it. I pointed it out to the 2 guys installin' the carpet, one of the guys said "a plane or satellite'', I reckon just one of those doubters in such things is all. It was interestin' to say the least, and like the other witness wondered, a weather-balloon? Not sittin' in one place! Actually when it was at the just sittin' stage, at one point it had moved to another location not far from it's original sittin' or hoverin' spot, I could tell because of a telephone-pole that was in view. In total I watched it on and off for more than 40 minutes, from first seein' it to when it was gone, which unfortunately I never saw it leave. I guess that's about it. I'd be interested to hear from your other witness who got the photos, maybe see about gettin' copies? Also to simply let him/her know that 4 of us also saw the same thing that afternoon. (As for the passenger plane, I never noticed it, may have been when I wasn't watchin', but that little red plane may have seen it, as it was movin' faster than the ''object'' and would have most likely come up from behind it and below it by quite a bit.)

Sep-2007, Fauquier, BC:

My girlfriend and I were driving to a cabin in Nakusp on HWY#6. It was taking forever to get to the ferry in Fauquier because the roads were so twisty that you couldn’t go much faster than 60kmh. We ran over a skunk, and feeling bad, we kept glancing back. There had been no other cars on the road at all. The only light out there was from our high beams. We finally saw another car’s headlights some distance behind us, which made us feel a bit safer, just in case we hit a deer or had car trouble or something. We were quietly listening to music when I looked up and noticed that above the trees on top of a tall hill to the left there was a perfect ring of lights. My girlfriend was driving and when I pointed it out, we both tried to watch it. It soon vanished from view behind the rock cliff running along side the narrow road. I speculated that it was just a circle of colorless x-mas lights put up on an oddly angled satellite dish, but as we turned the next corner, the ring of lights was right above us and moving over our car (or us under it) now on our right hand side. It was strange because we hadn’t taken any left curves at all, which meant it had to be moving. I only saw it for a moment through the windshield and sunroof before it was lost in the trees on top of the rock face above us. The car behind us also disappeared immediately after we saw the lights. Being late for our destination, and a bit freaked out, we decided not go back to check.

1-Sep-2007, Maple Ridge, BC: (1:00 am – 3:00 am) HBCC UFO

I am a smoker (shame on me) but I will not smoke in the house. I exited my garage door which faces straight east. Immediately I noticed two very bright orange stars just above my neighbor’s deck. This is what they looked like (stars).  At first, I thought perhaps they might be planets or satellites, but I realized there is no way they would be perfectly level. The two orange objects were perfectly level. I watched for a time and held myself against my shed to see if they moved at all and they where steady in the spot. I just (20 minutes ago) went outside to check and see if, by chance, these objects are in the sky again and they are not. I will check again before I go to bed tonight. I go out this door almost nightly and these objects are never there. They might possibly be satellites but they did not move. Did you receive any other reports?

5-Sep-2007, Vancouver, BC:

I was swimming in the sea at Spanish Banks and looked over to the North Shore at the area of Point Atkinson to Horseshoe Bay. Imagine my surprise when I saw a bright shiny something appear in that area of sky, then followed by four other similar shiny somethings. They glowed with a light which seemed to pulsate. They seemed to form a circle with each other which moved slowly over the area. They did not seem to be high in the sky, about as high as helicopters might go. There was no sound, just this light. I stood there transfixed. I had never seen anything like this in my life. It was quite beautiful really. The phenomenon moved slowly away from Horseshoe Bay towards Vancouver Island. Then, quite suddenly, everything disappeared! All the different points of light disappeared simultaneously. I wondered if I had seen a mirage. I am not a UFO aficionado, but this gives me cause to pause.

Did anyone else observe this? Surely there must be some information out there on what happened that day over the Straights of Georgia.

7-Sep-2007, Victoria, BC: (9:30 pm) HBCC UFO

My husband and I were just returning from picking up our daughter from work and we were about five minutes from our home when I spotted a very large bright light which looked like a large dome and had a flat-bottom shape. It could have been 100 feet across in length and very large. I told my husband to slow down and look up and we all believed it to be a UFO. We have no street lights where we live and this object was hovering over the large trees and not moving! When we came up around the corner it was gone, just like that. I felt as though it was watching us coming up the windy road and knew we were watching. It was a very surreal feeling but we all knew what we had just witnessed!

We have also seen many strange sightings in the past six months in the highlands in our previous residence. These UFOs looked very different in that they had either 1 or 2 flashing lights, not like an airplane. These would also just sit hanging in the sky and not move either way and they were way too low to be stars or aircraft since aircraft don't hover!

9-13 Sept-2007, Comox, BC: (12:00 am – 6 am) HBCC UFO

The first night - long boarding late at night (best done late at night due to lack of cars) - there was a bright orange ball of light in the sky, not as big as the moon, but much larger than a star. This was around 4:00 am, when dawn was breaking. To my surprise, there were other similar things higher up in the sky. I started searching the sky carefully to notice there where some of these "things", which changed color constantly from red to blue to white to orange etc. These sightings continued to happen each and every night after, more and more of these strange things in the sky. On one of the last nights we used some binoculars and what we saw of these things on a closer scale was indescribable. I shall continue to watch the sky each night until they are gone.

UFOBC Note: Interview to follow.

10-Sep-2007, Maple Ridge, BC: (10:30 – 11:30 pm) HBCC UFO

I was out with my dogs in the backyard, and originally saw a single blue, sporadically flashing light somewhat to the south. It was moving very slowly at first, heading in a west-southwest direction. It changed speed occasionally. It did not follow a straight line, but wandered. After watching it for a few minutes, I noticed another blue light trailing it. The first light had been a very sharp, distinct light, but the second one was larger and more diffuse. They both continued on a roughly westerly path until they reached approximately a 45° angle from the horizon. Then they tightly turned back around and doubled back to roughly where I saw the first one originally. After watching for about 10 minutes, I called my husband outside to watch. We watched these two blue lights for at least 15-20 minutes as they moved around erratically (but slowly) in a central area of the sky (approx 30-35 degrees south of overhead), and they changed positions in relation to each other. The intensity of the flashes varied from very faint, to very bright, and was not rhythmic.
At approx: 10:45 pm, we saw a much bigger, brighter object move quickly, but erratically, from the east-southeast to almost overhead, where it suddenly changed direction and headed almost straight west. It appeared to have four distinctive bright white lights in a square pattern, much brighter than the blue lights (which were still visible and moving). It stayed in view for approximately five minutes. At the same time, we saw a fourth light, also fast moving, and white, but much smaller, come from the north. Being more fascinated by the larger, bright object, we lost track of this one.

Shortly after the bright white object had disappeared from view, the two blue objects faded quite a bit, and very soon, stopped flashing completely (as far as we could tell). We went inside for a little while to warm up.

After around 15-20 minutes (approx. 11:15 pm), we went back outside and within a few minutes saw a single white flashing light moving around a small area almost directly overhead. This was about the same brightness as the initial blue light and also flashed rhythmically. Its movements continued for a few minutes, and then it faded from view like the blue lights had done earlier.

None of these objects made any discernable noise and they did not resemble the movements of planes, which cross overhead very frequently (we saw and heard four in various parts of the sky while we were out watching the lights). We stayed outside for another ten minutes roughly, but saw no other unusual activity.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

11-Sep-2007, Creston Valley, BC: (about 3:30 am) HBCC UFO

Very similar to another sighting: Maple Ridge, British Columbia Three Glowing White Lights. (The witness is referring to: Maple Ridge, British Columbia Two Blue Lights Moving Erratically: http://www.hbccufo.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2975.)

I noticed the three objects moving northeast across the sky but, unlike the other sighting, they did not stay in a uniform pattern. Two of them were more in front and one sped up and slowed down relative to the other one and they sometimes veered closer then back apart while the one on the rear trailed behind at a distance of about three times the distance of the two in the lead.

I could not estimate an altitude but they traveled across my field of vision, approximately 90°, in less than five minutes. I often watch satellites in the night sky here as the valley is relatively free from the "aurora" commercials being in a very remote place. They could be seen easily and clearly in a very clear sky. These moved much more quickly than satellites usually do and they definitely were independent of each other based on the way they kept changing their positions relative to each other.

I have been watching satellites since the '50's and have watched them over various countries while traveling in North America and Europe. I have never seen anything like this, not even close.
Thank you to the witness for their report.

11-Sep-2007, Victoria, BC: (4:10 pm)

I was sitting on my front lawn reading a book as my baby slept in his car seat. I do this often, putting my boy to sleep by taking him for a drive. The sky was clear. Looking up into the sky, I noticed what I thought was a ball of fluff floating high in the sky.
It seemed to be floating, on a calm wind, moving from SW to NE. After a few seconds it wobbled back and forth erratically as if was caught in some draft of changing wind. All of a sudden, it rapidly took off in a NE direction. (I thought, “Wow, am I seeing things!”). I kept looking around and it happened again! This time it seemed closer. It was very high in the air still but I could see its shape, much like a crescent moon, 1/2 to 1/3 the size. It was dark on one side and light on the other. Again, it was floating with the wind, slowly, when it began to wiggle back and forth rapidly and shot off in a NE direction. In less than 2 seconds it was out of sight.....

If I only saw it once I might say it was nothing but it happened twice! I'm not a bull*****er. It happened so fast I just don't know what to think.

22-23 Sept-2007, Qualicum, BC: (Evening) HBCC UFO

Has anyone else viewed a bright white object in Qualicum this past weekend? (Sept. 22/23 07) This was far brighter than the largest planet, certainly not a satellite or aircraft, (I work on aircraft and am not mistaken) and unlike anything I've ever seen. It constantly flashed like 2 or 3 bright white strobe lights and was larger than a dime at arms reach, and moved very, very slowly from right to left, then slowly dropped in altitude until I lost sight of it behind trees. I saw it for about 3 minutes, long enough to get my son and girlfriend out of bed to look at it.

8-Oct-2007, Willow Point, Campbell River, BC: (4:28 am – 5 am) HBCC UFO

I went out for a smoke in my backyard, partially under the balcony, at 4:28 a.m. I was just over halfway through my smoke, when the sky went from dark to as light as when there's a full moon. I looked up and there was a large brilliant - brighter than the moon- object in the sky. It zoomed up, getting dimmer as it rose, then disappeared. The light obscured its shape. It looked pretty close to the ground – 500 ft to 1000 ft? – I’m not sure, and it scared the hell out of me - ever since we saw the 150-footer up close I've been scared of them; I wasn't scared of them before that. I ducked under the balcony, reasoned that if they wanted to do anything to me then hiding there wouldn't help, so I went out from under the deck and looked up. I didn't see anything. Whatever it was, it was gone. I finished my smoke, went inside to the front of the house, went out in the front yard area, looked, saw nothing. I went back inside quickly. I was still freaking scared. I checked the time, it was 5:01:30 a.m. I've been seeing UFOs for years, all different kinds of them, from far away to up close, alone, with family, and with friends. This first started in Courtenay in ‘96 or ‘97.
I’ve seen as many as 23 UFOs at a time in the sky. My younger daughter has seen an alien looking into her room, peering around the corner of the door from the hallway. She hid under the bedcovers until she thought it was gone. We've had missing time before, strange marks on our bodies, fluorescent markings and stains seen under UV light that don't wash off, and I've had a visible implant in my left cheekbone and two implants, which, at different times, came out of my mouth. I threw away the first one, after which I thought, "What the hell did I do that for?” I contained an impulse to throw away the second one (it came out of the roof of my mouth). I showed it to my younger daughter but, as it was sitting on my finger tip, it seemingly jerked (only way to explain it). It fell to the floor and, for the life of us, we couldn't find it, and we searched on hands and knees, section by section.

After I saw the UFO this morning I went to bed and had two dreams, and a dream(?) in-between. Full recall is fuzzy now; I should have written them down but this is what I can remember clearly: the first dream was a sex-type dream (I did not view the sex in my dream). There where several groups of people (men?). I was a "breeder"- that was the impression, anyway. I was to have sex with only certain members of a certain group. As I said before, I did not view any sex. Then I had a really weird dream where my eyes where being analyzed. I had to track movement while "things" were staring in my eyes, without moving my head. Whoever they were, they were impressed with the outcome of my eye movements. Like I said, it was strange. The second dream was similar to the first, except my daughter woke me up near the end of it, so it couldn't have been anything nefarious.

I haven't had sex in over two years; I have no interest in it whatsoever. My family is going through a tough time right now: my daughter was sexually abused, the offender pleaded guilty, and we are awaiting sentencing, so, as you can probably understand, sex is the last thing on my mind. However, I haven't had a period in 1 and 2/3 months and my cycle is normally regular. It doesn't skip due to stress. I went through this past year of hell with no cycle changes, and my health is the usual, so the lack of normalcy with my period is unusual and a little unsettling. I haven't been to the doctor yet to get checked out, but if it doesn't show up soon I will have to go. I feel kind of uncomfortable though - what would I say to the doctor? Anyways, that's my report. There’s way more in it about other stuff than what I just saw this morning, so sorry about that. There is more I could talk about and elaborate on, but I'm rambling, and other people want to use this computer. If you want to email me you can and I'll report anything else I see or recall if you are interested in actual experiences/effects beyond sightings.

14-Oct-2007, Vancouver, BC: (12:50 am)

I couldn't sleep so I went to sit in my solarium . I was sitting in the dark looking up at the sky and I saw four big bright round yellow hazy orbs or balls. They were changing formations and moving across the sky very quickly . I opened my window and watched through my binoculars and they moved out of sight quite fast. They did not make any noise. I see a lot of planes go across here but this was not a plane or anything like a plane.


Hello Suzanne,

Thank you for submitting your sighting report so promptly. Your report came to us at 1:17 am. I have a few questions:
How long did you observe the orbs for?
Could you be more specific about which directions they moved in?
Could you specify some of the formations that you saw them form?
Many Thanks.

Martin Jasek, UFOBC


Hi Martin,

I observed the four orbs for about five minutes. They were moving very fast. They came from the east moving erratically towards the west. They started out with the four yellow round orbs in a straight line then they quickly went to where the two middle orbs moved out from the line to the left, so it looked kind of like the shape of a boomerang, then they quickly changed into what looks like the four dots on the number four on a dice. Would you have any idea what this could be? I keep my binoculars on my window sill so I looked through them. The only way I can describe how it looked was it looked like they were doing synchronised dancing. They were a hazy yellowy green colour. There was no sound at all from them.

Thanks Suzanne

16-Oct-2007, Grand Forks, BC: (10:15 pm) HBCC UFO

The witness was closing his living room blinds in their home when he saw a bright circular/round-shaped light in the sky. He thought it looked unusual so he walked out onto the porch. The light was moving side-to-side and to different positions in the sky, still at a very low altitude and at a distance away. It was a cloudy night, no stars were visible and its movements were just so strange that he kept his eyes glued to it. Its brightness was approximately the same as the brightness of the planet Venus and the light kept dimming and coming back brighter again and moving closer to his location. At its closest point, it turned out not to be one single bright light, but a ring of numerous white/blue lights, like a Hula-hoop, as he was able to see the ring shape of the object as it maneuvered around low in the sky. The witness called out for his wife and children to come and watch, but soon after he called out the object just blinked out; he said the sighting lasted for a good 2 minutes or so and it may have been the size of his pickup truck when looking at it at its closest point.

18-Oct-2007, over Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbour, BC: (5:15 pm) HBCC UFO

I was out on the deck at the front of the ferry to Nanaimo from Gabriola Island on the 5:10 run with my camera and binoculars experimenting taking shots through the binocular eyepiece. I took about ten shots that way, not being able to see whether or not the shots were out of focus. I only discovered this image when I processed the shots and deleted all of them but for this one. I was not aware of any craft when taking the pictures. It is quite unmistakably lens shaped with the sun reflecting from the other side in the late afternoon sunset.

Thank you to the person for their report and photo. Photo is copyrighted to the owner.


21-Oct-2007, between Black Creek and Courtenay, BC: (between 10:15 and 10:30 pm) HBCC UFO

I just drove to Black Creek from Courtenay, B.C. and saw a bright, large orange-yellow "ball" rapidly descending at about a 45 degree angle in the southern sky. Just as I said, "What is that?" it disappeared down into the trees. I don't have a clue what it could be but it was definitely something large and different!

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, thanks for responding. The date was Sunday, October 21st. I saw it while I was driving west on Macaulay Rd. (just off the highway in Black Creek.) It was raining, so no stars/planets were visible. That's why it was so startling! Again the time was between 10:15 and 10:30 P.M. Interesting, eh?

Thank you to the witness for their report. Also if someone else witnessed this sighting, please do write to me here at HBCC UFO Research

26-Oct-2007, Hefley Creek, BC:

We were having a backyard fire after chopping wood all day. Myself, 3 other adults, and 2 children were watching the full moon. To the lower right of her we noticed 2 very bright stars. Nobody could figure out what they were doing there. You see, 3 of us are wiccan and know our stars in relation to the moon. As we talked it over the 2 stars flew away to the east and quickly disappeared. Each of us confirmed what we had just witnessed. UFOs?

Late October 2007, Delta, BC: (8:00 pm)

This sighting happened a while ago. I was driving home from Ladner (which is in the district of Delta, BC) to Tsawwassen. I can't remember the exact date anymore, but I think it was in late October of 2007. It was already dark (it must have been around 8 o'clock or so). I was about half way home when I saw a formation of lights in the distance. They where flying over Boundary Bay from south to north and where flying in a V shape formation...I don't know the altitude, but they where quite high in the sky. At least 10,000 feet. There where about 10 or so craft I could make out. They were just visible as small balls of light...because it was so dark and since they where quite far away, I couldn't make out any shape. After about 10 seconds or so, the road had a turn, so I lost sight of them through the front windshield and trees blocked my view on the side. Anyways, I though it might be interesting to know if other people had the same sighting of the UFO's around that time.

29-Nov-2007 & 11-Dec-2007, Granisle, BC:

Updated added Feb 14th 2008 Please follow link for full sighting report. Click HERE.

29-Nov, 5,7 & 13-Dec-2007, Granisle, BC:
Nov 27 - A friend and I were walking to another friend’s (place), when we looked towards the northeast and saw a faint light swaying back and forth. At first, I thought it was a logging truck across the lake but it was far too high to have been a logging truck; the way it was moving would have been an impossible feat for a logging truck to accomplish. The light blinked and faded away.
Dec 5 - My girlfriend and I were sitting in my living room when I saw what appeared to be the same flashing light, only a couple of miles away from where I had seen it before, just a couple degrees shy of being east. Once again, it swayed back and forth. Now my girlfriend, not being the type of person that believes in this type of phenomenon, was scared. Once again, this object swayed in the sky, but this time rose higher, and, also once again, it was far too high to be a logging truck on the other side of the lake.
Dec 7 -  Something completely different happened - I was walking home from atop the hill where my friend lives, when I heard a low, but far from faint, rumbling sound, somewhat like a generator, but it was far too loud, yet at the same time (too) quiet, to be a generator. Another thing, it was hot this night, and that’s not normal because prior to this night, even earlier that day it had been terribly cold, so it bothered me why it was so warm when I heard this rumbling sound. Anyway, as I made my way down the hill and home, I stopped for a brief second to try and figure out what this sound was.  It got suddenly noticeably louder and then almost as fast as it had gotten loud, faded away and I heard nothing for the rest of the night, except of course what it is I’m reporting in this paragraph: something followed me. As I walked into my driveway I looked beyond the carport into my back yard - behind our property is a small clutch of trees - there was something among them. I don’t know what, but it was there. Out of fear I ran inside and did not stay to see what it was.  From what I saw, it was mid-sized, not tall but not short.  It was no deer or moose or animal of any kind because those animals cannot crouch and peer from the trees in the manner this thing did.  Besides, it was too small.
Dec 13 - A friend of mine, his mother (both of whom say they have had UFO experiences lately and have genuinely been losing sleep over these strange happenings) and I went to the lake to see if we could see anything else.  It was cloudy and overcast, except for one small spot in the sky. We were sitting in a three-seater truck and I was beginning to think we were not going to see anything.  I was sitting in the middle and I put my head back and was looking at what I could see in the sky from the back window. Suddenly, while I was gazing at a star, the star moved and shot across the sky into the clouds.
One more strange thing – I’m not certain if this has anything to do with the past events, but I can get countless eye witnesses to a weird cloud formation that has covered the northern direction of Granisle for 3 weeks.  Now, the same cloud never dissipated until yesterday and even then it was only briefly; it was the first time the cloud had disappeared in 3 weeks, then suddenly, it was back again.  Again, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with all these strange happenings, but you never know.

I swear on my life, prior to these events, I was not a believer in any of this; I absolutely loathe the idea of there being other life out there, but here in this small town I have witnessed things I wish I will never witness again. This is the utmost truth and I hope to get a reply.
Also, the friend I accompanied last night, and his family, have had frequent experiences with seeing these lights and also seeing the same creeping figure move through the trees, as I have.

4-Dec-2007, Victoria, BC: (9:15 pm)

Orange ball descending in a straight line from south to north. No tail, no sound. We are on an east-facing mountain with a drop-off to the ocean of 900', approximately 1/2 mile to the east. The object was visible until it dropped below this horizon. There are more mountains at about 8 miles further to the east but it was not obscured by them. I assume its trajectory was between my location and these mountains, meaning it would have crashed within 8 miles of me into the ocean. There was no sound, no wind, weather, cloud or fog interference.

10-Dec-2007, Maple Ridge, BC: (3:00 pm)

On Monday, 10 December 2007 at 3 p.m., I was walking east on Dewdney Trunk Road when I observed an oval-shaped object, orange/copper in colour, approximately 1000 metres ahead of me. It appeared from the north side of Dewdney Trunk Road, heading southeast. At first I thought it was a balloon; it seemed to zigzag through the air. After I briefly lost sight of it, it reappeared above Dewdney Trunk Road, heading west at a height of approximately 500 feet and a distance of 500+ metres. On the front and centre of the object I could see a blinking light. I now thought it was a helicopter, however, no sound could be heard nor could I see any rotor blades, etc. I glanced over my right shoulder to look at the position of the sun and to see the colour of the sky thinking that the object would be reflecting that colour. When I looked back, the object was high in the sky, 2000-3000 feet maybe, somewhere above McMillan Island. The blinking light was now on the right side of the object which was motionless. It did not move or sway; it was perfectly still. I looked ahead of me to a bus stop hoping someone else was looking at the object (they were not) and when I looked back the object was gone.

*UPDATE* Jan 10th 2008

I had the pleasure of speaking face-to-face with the witness of this case on Jan 3rd 2008, and confirmed many of the details provided in the original report. The witness described the object as "swimming through the air" rather than moving around at harsh angles. Given the object's size of 1cm at arm's length, when the witness believes the object to be at around 1,000m away, we can calculate the object's diameter as 16.6m or 54 feet across. Below you will find my rough calculations.

The great part of this sighting is that the witness was able to re-trace and measure distances to known reference points and able to, in my opinion, come up with some credible distances, key to this type of sighting.

calc.jpg (29923 bytes)

10-Dec-2007, Lake Cowichan, BC: (about 5:20 pm)

While finishing up tarping my boat, I was looking up at the peak of the A-frame I built on the deck to support the tarp. The peak is some 20' off the ground, similar to a house in height. Looking almost due north I noticed what appeared to be a satellite moving across the sky in a NW direction. Immediately, though, I knew it couldn't be, due to a second light tracking parallel. After observing for 15 or 20 seconds, I walked away from the roadway and into a dark area behind my shop. From there, I was able to see better and what I saw astounded me. Although faint, I could make out that there were distinct white lights between the two white lights on the ends. The two end lights were equal in intensity to the surrounding stars, while the lights in-between were washed out. I believe what I was looking at was a trailing view of this object. The distance between the two bright lights was vast, the width of three thumbs held up. The overall shape was a boomerang-like wing but with fewer rakes.

I observed this anomaly for some three minutes. In that time the craft traveled, at best, 30 degrees across the sky before traveling out of sight. With the left light fading first, I believe it turned slightly toward the north. The sky is perfectly clear. I mention that because there was no trail left to see. And no sound whatsoever. I waited a respectable amount of time for any sound to travel my way before walking away. There was nothing, not a peep.

15-Dec-2007, Sunshine Coast, BC: (between 03:00 – 06:00)

I awoke in the night, used the washroom and went back to bed. We can see the Merry Island lighthouse from our bedroom window. I noticed another light behind and to the right of the lighthouse just at the top of Lasqueti Island. It at first appeared to be another lighthouse as there was a large light circling a smaller light. The large light appeared to be attached to the smaller light. The light was not shining out as a lighthouse would. All the lights were bright white. There is no other lighthouse in that direction.

This object was lighting up the sky above it. It appeared to be moving in my direction but then went down behind the island, like a setting sun. All the while the larger light was circling the smaller.

I judge the object to have been between 50 and 100 feet wide (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch). I watched the object for what seemed to be just a few minutes before it disappeared. Once the object disappeared, I noticed a smaller light moving in the direction of Comox. I watched this light for awhile until I determined that it would have been a boat as it was slow moving and staying in the same direction.

I suppose this could have been a military manoeuvre or a search and rescue action. The first object seemed too big for either and the lights were bigger than any helicopter that I have experienced.

Mid-Dec-2007, West Vancouver, BC: (mid afternoon)

It was a clear cold day and as I was working outside I glanced up in the sky and saw a cluster of white lights or perhaps opaque objects that were reflecting the light of the sun. The objects moved uniformly and numbered close to a dozen. They travelled from south east to north west from Vancouver up towards Squamish, possible in a subtle arc. There was no noise and they disappeared from view which makes me conclude they might have been at very high altitude or even outside the stratosphere.

I initially thought these might be military aircraft flying in formation but thought I would submit regardless.