The Granisle Fog and Lights

by  Samantha C. (Named Changed for privacy)

I probably have the strangest story to tell. I know that more and more people are going to think that my whole family has lost their mind. Since November, 2007 I have become obsessed with what is happening in our tiny town. I am not sure where to go with it. We have lost a lot of sleep since November of 2007. I am totally shocked at the Texas ufo being such a huge deal when we have had so much more happening here.

On November... I believe 29th of 2007, I was driving home from town. I had my daughter and her boyfriend with me. It was a perfectly clear night between 6:30 pm and 7 pm. Suddenly there was a fog that came up around us in which we all started talking about because it was so odd. Then, a very bright bluish light lit up around us which really startled us. At that very moment a bright white light shot from the sky at low altitude and could have hit the ground in front of us, but not so that we could see. We were very startled, and nervously chatted along the drive. We drove a ways and there were very bright lights that appeared in front of us. It looked as though I might run right into them and I began to come to a stop. It looked as though they zipped sideways and disappeared. When I thought I had passed the spot where this occurred I wanted to turn around and look for the lights but my passengers were too frightened so we continued home. Since this occurred, the whole month of December has been somewhat like a nightmare that won't end. I have made a journal of what has happened and continues to happen. My story is probably too much to believe even for your site. I have video tape and photographs unlike anything I have seen on the internet. I have seen more things going on around our two closed down mines than anyone can believe. I have made many comments on Youtube about what has been happening simply because of some of the idiotic comments people have made about what people are reporting they have seen and it makes me angry that people don't believe them.

So, I wonder if someone hasn't picked up on this and is either checking out what is going on here, or are they actually ufos mistaken for aircraft, or has our military been sent to this area to make people believe that is what I have been seeing because suddenly, just as of this week, we have possibly been having fighter jet type planes in our area. Now I cannot confirm this but I have been told they are being seen, which is totally unheard of in this area. I know the difference and I know what I have seen here almost nightly since November 29th. This includes a craft the size of a football field and much more. I know you are going to find what I have to tell you very crazy, but I swear on my life and on my family it is all true. I definitely don't trust this in the hands of police, (even though two of them witnessed one above our mine a few years ago). Neither do I trust the military or any government official to look into this. In fact I believe they already know. I have not shown my photos or video to anyone and will not send them out over the net. Among others we have excellent clear footage of a saucer carrying below it what looks like a pod type thing or capsule. The capsule has flames. We have had orbs everywhere. I am not going to go on about everything but just when I thought they may have left us, I saw another the night before last hovering over the mine again like a strobe light of red and white. Believe it or not it is true or George Bush is flying around in his "Black Craft" stealing our resources, looking like Mr. Burns of the Simpsons counting his money.

Below are Samantha's Diary Entries

December 9th

Sunday, my husband had to go back to camp and we had a very horrible night. Before my husband left, he mentioned that we should sleep in the living room downstairs and take the dogs with us. We set up camp down there and prepared to watch movies until we fell asleep.

I made myself a bed on the couch and he drug a mattress in on the floor. He sat on the couch by a lamp to draw while we watched tv. I was feeling confident that we wouldn't have to leave for much of anything and began to say as much. I said, "Well, we have our phone, we have our bottled water, we have tissue, we even have our kryptonite!......" When suddenly I was grabbed on my butt!!!! I jumped up screaming. When I settled down enough, I put my thickest blanket over the couch to lie on, because it felt as though it was coming through the crack of the sofa. My son had been going through this already but not as intense of a touch. We put out a video camera, which kept shutting off.

At about 12 pm heading into December 10th, 2007, there was a BANG, BANG, BANG on the door. We almost jumped out of our skin. My son crept to the door with his knife. It was my daughter, who was almost in tears and her b/f. They were hollering and my son yelled for me to come! They told us that they were chased by a UFO and wanted us to go out and see it. They did not want to go with us. They were so upset and said "You have got to be kidding!" Where the sky had been perfectly clear was now fogged!! Like I said these strange fogs just show up, and then leave as fast as they came.

The story they told was unbelievable. They were watching tv in my daughter's apartment. Now they had been hearing strange things for days, but this was different. There was something making a lot of racket in the attic. They took a flashlight and stacked a chair on top of a trunk in the spare bedroom where the attic door is located. My daughter is too short to get up there safely so her b/f went up alone. He got in and he says he saw a very tall, dark figure that darted away fast as he looked at it. This scared him so bad, that jumped out of the attic not caring if he missed the chair or not. He yelled, "Get out! Get out of the room! Go, Go, Go!" My daughter says, "Why? What's going on?!" He says, I saw something up there! It was fast, it didn't even make a sound! It moved without a sound!"

They were standing outside the bedroom door. It was closed. My daughter says, "I don't want my cat in there B! The attic door is still open." He responded, "Are you kidding me? I am not going back in there ever again!" Finally she convinced him to open the door a crack enough to see the cat, who was sitting under the chair on the trunk staring up at the hole. When called, this kitten always comes. She wouldn't even look at them. It took what seemed many minutes to get her attention and out of there. After closing the door it suddenly started shaking. Someone was on the other side rattling it hard and the kitten darted away, spinning out in the kitchen. There was a hiccup coming from the room with the attic!! They grabbed the kitten and ran out the front door.

While running, my daughter noticed these strange striped clouds just over the apartment building. Her b/f said, "That is strange." She thought he was talking about the clouds but he was talking about the object in the sky with sparkling lights coming toward them. They were running as fast as they could and my daughter kept looking back at it. Her b/f told her not to keep looking back because it was slowing them down. It followed then stopped, and so on. They made it to my house. She said it was round and sparkling but I do not remember the color.

We pulled another mattress into the living room (in basement) and watched a movie. At about 4 am we turned off the tv and were about to sleep when there was what sounded like footsteps crunching in the snow and a huge BANG! like someone hitting the wall. It was either in the house or up against it. We all ran upstairs and searched and saw or heard nothing. Back downstairs and just settling in and the same thing. Crunch, crunch, BANG!!! We went to sleep.

That day, I took the kids over and we looked in the attic. I didn't bring a ladder and I could not pull myself up into it, so the b/f and my daughter got in there. I helped her up. I was tall enough to see in there and there was drywall broken out from the side separating the apartment on the right with my daughters. The insulation had also been disturbed in places you aren't able to step. No activity though that I could see.

They decided to try to sleep there.

December 11th, 2007.

I spoke to my husband on Messenger and told him about the events. He was very upset and wanted us to sleep at my moms up the hill. We didn't want to do that unless it really scared us again. That night, I felt pretty good and had no events at all, except that my son was being touched so often it was upsetting him very badly. Another night for both of us with little or no sleep at all.

The clouds/fog were really getting to me.

Sometime early afternoon I decided, since my son laid down for a nap and seemed to be undisturbed, I would go up to my moms. While sitting for a visit my husband walked in. He was very worried and wanted to find out for himself what was happening. We went home and he had a nap to prepare for an all-nighter.

It was very clear out. You could see all the stars. My daughter and I go for a drive. It is dark now. We go down to the lake We see this fog start up just between us and the road above us. It starts to get eerie and then suddenly an orange light shoots out of the sky into the cloud. We go home to get my husband. When we get there he is standing outside with the dogs looking at the sky. He got a little spooked inside and decided to go out. After he put the dogs in the house, I pick him up and take him down to the lake. We start observing all the strange "stars" and "planets" And the sudden appearance and disappearance of the fogs. My husband kind of dismisses things so we go home.  Later, as my husband is again sleeping on the couch, my son and daughter and I were keeping our eyes open. At about 2 am, my husband was asleep on the couch and my daughter and son call me to the window asking me what the light was above our neighbours roof over the lake. I said, "Let's go see."

So we walked down toward the lake and it is as clear as a bell out. Suddenly a fog appears, starting out small and growing and growing until it is like a path from where we came. Then it totally circles us. We couldn't see the light on the lake anymore. I started to get really scared that it is trapping us so we go home and get the truck. After we get back down there and sit for about 2 minutes still in the truck I see it! It is octagon in shape and it is coming down the lake from Smithers direction. It is flying low and had red and green/blue lights all around it. I said, "Oh my God, there it is, there it is!" The kids jump out of the truck and I am freaking for them not to. Then I got out too and it flew over our heads and there is a rumble like a jet very loud. My son starts flicking his lighter at it wanting it to see us! I tell him "Don't!!" It continues on in a straight path and finally the blinking lights couldn't be seen. We are so excited! Mystified! Scared! We get back in the truck because it is cold. The strange fog appears rapidly over the lake. We ask each other if it was a jet or what? Suddenly there is a huge blue flash that lights up the sky and it comes from the direction that we saw the "jet" go. It streaks across the sky a lit up octagon shape at lightning speed and it stops right in front of us across the lake and sits there, now just looking like a star or planet. "Meteorites" are everywhere.

I panic and drive off and the kids are complaining loudly that I am taking them away from this event that is once in a lifetime. I tell them I want their dad and I go to get him!  I wake him up and he mumbles and goes back to sleep. The kids are waiting in the truck, keeping an eye on the light that lumed there. I feel like a heel, but I am terrified at the thought of taking them back there to the unknown, but I do anyway. First I stop at my brothers, wake him up and take him with us back down to the lakeside. We park the same way facing the lake but as far back from it as possible. As we sit there, we start to see them. There are at least four maybe more. There are two hovering on the lake and one comes out from the trees on the other side and goes straight up and hovers there. It moves up and down up and down over a little then up and down. There are more over on the other side glowing through the trees. The fog appears again. Then the one on the left of us which appears to be hovering on the lake and is a long strip of lights with what looked like a search light in the center starts to get too close. My kids are in the back of the truck and I fear for them so I start to drive off. My brother wants me to stop and look for a minute more. I do this and then leave. I dropped my brother off and we went into his place to discuss what we saw. Then I go home and my husband is up. My kids continue to watch out the window and see the one on the lake which we now know was the one that lured us down there to begin with. It is glowing and from that distance you can only see the search light thing. I asked my husband to go and see with me, because I really wanted him to experience what we did. Finally after about half an hour he asks if I want to go. We did. As we were heading down to the lake he saw a very large black shape over the lake and then it faded out. After that he only got to see the one on the lake by the mine and the strange fog that took over the whole area immediately after we got there. We could hear what he thought was the barge starting up. After that we saw no more activity. We drove up to my moms because he thought we could get a better view from her driveway. We sat there for a few minutes when I saw in the sky above the lake what looked like red and green lights flashing. It flew from the Burns Lake side of the lake toward Smithers but not following the lake like I saw the other lower craft. This one was much higher and sounded jetlike. Suddenly the fog got huge and glowing white. It came up so fast and then it began coming toward us. We went home and in the two minutes that took, the fog totally covered our town. My kids were at the kitchen window and had seen a light hovering above the neighbour house behind us. This neighbour stays up all night it seems like we have been. I wonder why?

I am so relieved to get this all down safely. I was just typing the last long paragraph when I realized I had my toe on the power button and it was shutting my pc down. Figures I would lose it all, but luckily I managed to save. I feel like if it isn't written, everything is getting foggy and fading from memory. Strange. As I sit here this morning looking out the kitchen window, the sky is overcast. The mountain across the lake is bright and sunny above it. and a huge pancake cloud above the sunny area as usual. I feel now like the touchy feely stuff going on in our house is like energy. Not of the spiritual kind though. The brand new video camera we got that takes beautiful pictures normally sure did act strange. It wouldn't even allow a shot of the craft, even though it was as big as a house. The shots we got in the house are very odd.

December 12th, 2007 3 a.m

My son was watching tv in the livingroom, and I was finally asleep for about a half an our beside him on the couch. Both dogs were with us, they were very alert  and looked nervous but didn't make a sound. He was trying to wake me. Poking me yelling at me etc.. Finally I awakened after a very long long time. There was a loud hovering sound and someone walking around in the upper floor. The tv picture was going all strange. It was going small and big and small, narrowing on all sides. We were both paralyzed in fear. After about a half hour of listening to the whirring and the creeping around sounds in the house, we got the nerve to go and look around. We found nothing.

About 4 pm. We were sitting in the kitchen and my daughter looked out the patio doors and yelled!  I don't even want to tell you what she saw in the tree that jumped to another tree. 

December 13th, 2007.

In the evening at about dinner time, my daughter called and asked me to drive her down to the restaurant. The night sky was clear as a bell and very starry. I drove over to pick her up .  Both her and her b/f were standing outside pointing up in the sky.  I watched as two crafts were zipping around following each other. Blue and red lights. We watched them as we drove to the restaurant.  After the b/f came out of the restaurant we continued to watch three crafts flying by the moon. I saw a man outside doing something near a shed and I told the b/f to yell at him and tell him to look. The man couldn't hear us so I drove over to him and pointed. He came over and I told him to look at the space ships and he looked and said, "Oh ya, we see them all the time around here."  He also said that he has seen more things than he wanted to at times.  I said "Omg, thank you, then it's not just us."

After we got home I looked above our house and noticed these strange stars above. They were in the shape of an octagon. They were there for about ten minutes and then one at a time they disappeared. The fog started in but only where you would walk.

I was talking to my husband on msn and telling him about the noises in the house and he insisted that I go up to my moms to stay until he could get home the next day. I promised I would. My son came running in. It was about 8pm. He was very upset and told me that he saw a small midget-like thing run across the road in front of him. It was black and ran on 2 legs and had two arms. It ran down the trail to the lake. He was very afraid when he saw it and yelled. He said it was 3.5 maybe 4 feet tall. We went to my moms. Shortly after my brother came up and I took him for a drive to the lake with the headlights out. We could see the light dimming and getting bright across the lake. We sat for maybe 5 minutes when he looked above the truck and saw a saucer shape (black), no lights. We jumped out and it would zip away so fast. Then return and then zip away as soon as you could see it.

At some point after midnite the dogs needed to go outside and one of them took off up to the water tower. He took several pictures outside and especially in the fog there are orb-like things everywhere. The fog would climb around the house and disappear very fast and then return. Very odd. There were many "meteorites".

December 14th, 2007

Pretty uneventful but the sky was very clouded over. Every once in a while in the evening there was a blink or a flash, but that was all besides the poking and bugging in the house.

December 15th, 2007

No major sightings. No mysterious fog. Some minor ufo movement high in the sky above the lake at approx. 3am.(on the 16th)


My daughter heard strange clicking noises outside which seemed to come from the trees on both sides of the road, so she got me and I went out and heard clicking noises as well. My daughter decided to snap some photos.

We looked at the photos taken around the house next door which captured more orbs and one being peering out the window of the empty house. After taking several more photos to rule out a reflection or coincidental whatever, we've all agreed it appears to be authentic and obvious.

December 16th, 2007

We took more pictures of the house next door and even peered into the window in the daylight and have come to the unanimous agreement that the shape of the alien in the photo cannot be explained away by reflections or anything else. There is nothing in the space the shape occupied.

They are out in full force tonight December 16th. starting around 7 pm. We ran out the door, me in my bare feet so didn't even look at the time.  There were 4 smaller ones that we could see very plainly zipping around and up and down and all around and they go VERY fast at times, but They swayed like attached by a string from side to side when the were more stationary. We also saw the big ship (jet sounding) Flew over us and then a while later coming another way and stopped then disappeared then again looked as if it was coming toward us and then disappeared. Very loud. 

OK I was talking to my husband who left this afternoon for camp in Burns Lake and he said that he was followed all the way to Topley by a craft. It flew along side him at quite a distance. Now as he sits in his bunk house there is banging and crashing going on and something on the roof. He is the only one in there as it is Sunday and the rest of the guys don't come till Monday.

As I was talking to my husband online I received an urgent phone call around 10 pm or so. It was my mom and she says, "Get up here! It is huge!" She heard her dog vomiting outside and as she opened the door to get him, she immediately saw a huge, bright light appear and she called her husband out to see as well. She said "it was as if someone turned on their snowmobile light in the fog."  It lifted up and under it there were a bunch of white glowing smaller balls of light. By the time we (my youngest 17 year old son and my 21 year old daughter) got up there we saw a huge glow above the water tower about the size of a football field. It was hovering up and down. It remained there for a good half hour before it began to glide what seemed to be away from us further into the hills...

Eventually the light, which was now a blue glow in the strategically placed fog and seemed to move farther back up or around the mountain. Finally the fog became a thick black cloud with a perfect glowing white outline. The cloud was lying low, covering only the area where the light was emanating from, and sometimes there appeared to be holes in the cloud straight through to the glow. That went on for about an hour longer but it slowly faded down to a dull blue glow in and the cloud wasn't as black anymore.

My two daughters, youngest son and the b/f decided to walk up to the water tower, much to my dismay. On the way up my oldest daughter and the b/f each witnessed an orb cross their path ahead, then they came across some VERY strange footprints (not human) in the snow, and saw a flash in the woods, at which point she began photographing and making a video of the prints. As they got closer to the water tower, they saw more flashes. They were small flashing points in the darkness between the trees, "like someone flicking a lighter". Then they noticed a steady glowing orb higher in a tree, less than 20 feet away from where they were on the road, probably about 15-20 feet up the tree. At that point they realized that something was there looking straight at them and it was time to go home. On the way down the hill they all smelled a strong pungent rotten egg odour.

When we see these things I wish at the time that there were others around to see it as well. My fear is that I would run up to one of the houses and bang on the door, and drag someone out, only to find the things gone. I would feel so foolish. These things happen so fast and then you are afraid to look away incase you miss something.

I have to mention that when driving down to the lake during a sighting I usually turn out the headlights. My truck allows me to drive without. Today, Dec 16th I didn't have my own truck and was using my son's car which has automatic driving lights and they stay on. I noticed each time I drove down to the lake with the lights on, all the lights and activity halted until we had the car and lights turned off. Sometimes it would be up to 20 min. before the ufo's would resume their "work?" 

December 17th, 2007

As I sit here typing this, it is 2:40 am Monday, December 17th and from my window I can see one of the ufo's between the lodge and the resort at the lake.

My eldest son from Houston, along with his g/f and two other roommates witnessed the ufo's on December 13th flying high near the moon.  Today my son came for a visit. He and one of his roommates along with two others who live in Granisle and Tatchet watched the UFO's across the lake for quite a while this evening around 6 pm. They were really very active. Later, another person from Tatchet and a friend of his watched with us while we witnessed a white streak of light come out of the cloud and as it got close to the ground it split in two like a fork and appeared to land over by the mine. Then from home my family watched them at the lake on and off until 3 am. My husband had an orb in his bathroom.

December 18th, 2007

This morning one of our neighbours came over looking very terrified about the early early morning events he and his mother endured at approximately 3am. He wanted to see the footprints my kids had discovered the other night, so my son and daughter took him and another neighbor up to the water tower.

It was still quite light out, early afternoon. As they walked up the hill and saw where the footprints were two nights before, they seemed to be missing.

In the evening around 5:30-6 pm we got some video of the barge crossing the lake and then one of the ufo's started up almost immediately after the barge landed. It took quite a few minutes but I finally managed to catch it on video. After a while I got the tripod set up and was able to focus in on the light. This ufo did not hover around the mountain side as usual but sat in on spot but it looked as though the camera was being zoomed in and out when in fact no one touched the camera at all. When looking through the telescope you could see that the ball of energy or light had a red saucer around it which you cannot see on the video.

My husband called after 7pm to tell me he did not want to go back to camp as he had a tall black spindly figure standing in his small room by the door at 2 am. He said he was paralyzed in fear.

Tonight my son was very irritated and upset/agitated and took off out the door saying he was going to hitchhike. I followed him in the truck and he told me to leave. I did, and went home and called my daughter. She said she would get her b/f to go look for him. My other daughter and I were talking in the kitchen and after a while I opened the kitchen door to the dining room and saw my son sitting in a chair. He was crying. I tried to talk to him about why he left and he wasn't concerned about that but was about what happened outside. He said he walked down the Granisle hwy to the church and there were cricket sounding noises that got very loud in his head. He saw a very dark tall figure standing by the church. He ran. When he got close to home the noise got very loud in his head until he fell to his knees in so much pain. He was horribly upset, dizzy and somewhat disoriented when I talked to him. He began to get what felt like a migraine and was given some Advil.

The b/f came to the door and I told him that my son was here so he left. My son got very frightened telling me to give the b/f a ride because something could happen to him. The b/f was already running and it was too late so I called my daughter. I told her to call me when he arrived at her place. Several minutes later she called. Then, within half an hour I was taking a shower, very nervous and my other daughter started knocking on the bathroom door telling me to hurry get out. I did and dressed while running out the door. She was on the phone with my other daughter who was telling her that there was something in her bathroom.

She was just telling her b/f about my son's experience when she saw a dark shadow go very quickly down her hall. Then there was a green pulsating light coming from beneath the bathroom door and then a shadow moving. The b/f was getting it on video as she was talking on the phone. There was an odour of rotten eggs in the room and the cat was sniffing the air and then began to go "crazy"

We all jumped in the truck and got over there fast and picked them up.

December 19th, 2007

It is the last week before xmas and I haven't even begun to xmas shop. We have had the tree up for a couple of weeks and all the lights and decorations. It really doesn't seem like xmas at all.

Just before Christmas my brother got some excellent video footage and photographs of what he thought was just a bright light above Babine Lake.  It turned out to be a lot more than that. He shot this footage just outside his door. There is a saucer and something that appears to be a rocket hanging from the saucer. There is a rocket like flame coming from the rocket and there appear to be markings all around the rocket. He got this on his cell phone and we are trying to find ways to upload the images to our computer.  With the three-toed tracks and the alien image in our neighbours window and the ufo above Houston that we got on film, this has got to be the best yet. I can hardly wait to be able to zoom in and see what the markings are, they almost look Egyptian, but who knows.

December 25th
This morning my eldest son who was visiting woke up on the couch very early because of a noise coming from the bathroom. He peered around the corner and saw the bathroom door opening and closing by itself.  He went and closed it and went back to bed.  There is more to this but I will have to ask him to write it down as I don't remember the exact details. I do know that when his sister went to wake him he almost kicked her in the face.

Just before Christmas my brother got some excellent video footage and photographs of what he thought was just a bright light above Babine Lake.  It turned out to be a lot more than that. He shot this footage just outside his door. There is a saucer and something that appears reddish hanging from the saucer.  He also got footage and photos of a capsule like things and there is a rocket like flame coming from the rocket and there appear to be markings all around this thing. He got this on his cell phone and we are trying to find ways to upload the images to our computer.  With the three-toed tracks and the alien image in our neighbours window and the ufo above Houston that we got on film, this has got to be the best yet. I can hardly wait to be able to zoom in and see what the markings are, they almost look Egyptian, but who knows. I video taped the cell phone and then uploaded that onto the computer. Very nice video. I still can't make out the markings but they seem to be geometrical shapes or something.

January 1st 2008
My husband saw 4 lights in the sky in perfect box formation above Burns Lake.  When he got to camp he fell asleep with music on the laptop. It was not hooked up to the internet. He woke up in the night to find a popup on the screen of the laptop that said something like "Act in bizarre & irrational behaviour" he can't remember the exact words but he shut it off and the next thing he remembers is waking up outside in the cold standing in his t-shirt and underwear and boots. He went back in and fell asleep. He did not remember any of this until his alarm went off for work. Everyday more and more this memory is fading into a dreamlike event.

January 12th 2008

My husband and I went down to the landing for dinner. On our way back, as we drove by the fisheries we saw a very large glowing light at the end of the Fulton Lake Road. The glow was the same as what we saw above the water tower only it didn't appear to be moving.  We decided to take a drive down to see what it was. It was very dark and kind of eerie driving down it. As we just about reached the end and the light was growing brighter, a coyote came running fast toward the truck. My husband tried to stop but, not in time.  The coyote ran right under the front bumper, obviously scared of something it was running from. It didn't get hurt and took off into the bush.  We parked at the end of the road facing the lake. Trees were covering the area that the glow was coming from. I wanted to go down the trail to see what it was, but at the same time I was a little freaked out. We stayed for about 10 minutes waiting for the light to rise up, and it didn't.  We left the area.

January 13th. 2008

My husband and I drove down to Fulton during the day to see if there were any lights that would have made the huge glow. We walked down the trail and although there were two buildings close to where we parked, there were no lights that we could see. Also, the glow would have been coming from much further down the lake.

January 14th.2008

One of my sons friends told him that he saw a huge glow far back in the trees on his way home from his girlfriends. My son asked him if it was near Fulton and looking a little surprised he said it was. My daughter and I took a drive down to the fisheries this evening and tried to see if there were any lights coming from Fulton. There were none. The glow was no longer there 

January 16th. 2008

Both of my sons were out at night and saw a fleet in the sky above Granisle.

January 17th. 2008

My daughter and I decided to go down to the lake to "star" watch before dark. We wanted to see the sky just as it was turning dark. Between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm. we watched the first stars forming. As we did this we saw a light in the sky moving fast. It flew over us and then did a u-turn and parked itself beside a star. It stayed there for the duration we were watching. This confirmed everything I have been thinking about how the ufo's disguise themselves as stars. Across the lake, as usual we watched as a very large orange looking ball of light came up from behind the trees and pulsed. It rose up and then to the right until it got smaller and looked like a planet. The colors in it are orange, blue, red, white and green. These ones are an every night thing. There are probably 8 or more of these each night surrounding the town.

January 18th 2008

I've missed a few entries unfortunately. Not a whole lot of activity this month so far, but then we really haven't been looking too hard, Other than the fact that almost every night of the week between 5:30 pm and 6pm you can see a ufo cross the sky at very high altitude. These are not satellites for sure.

January 24th 2008

My youngest son and I were driving out of Granisle and he saw a very bright red light above the trees on the left. Less than two minutes later we saw the most beautiful red lights fly across the sky. There were either three different craft or we saw one three times. I didn't get to see the shape but the red was the brightest and deepest I have ever seen. The first one which was the closest to us could very well have been a conventional aircraft except for the fact that we heard no sound and the red was like nothing I had ever seen before. Also it was flying much lower than any jet I had seen in the area before.  Later, I finally witnessed one of the huge "planets" move significantly.

January 25th 2008

At 1:45 am this morning as I looked out our living room window I saw a white light flashing above the big mine area. I called my youngest son to look and he got the binoculars. He said it was like a mother ship. We went out on the deck to look. Sure enough, looking through the binoculars you could see it! There were red and white lights blinking all around it. Red, white, red, white, red, white. It just hovered there at the edge of and above the hill and over the lake.  It is really strange how we watched it for a few minutes got cold and then we both went in the house to carry on with whatever we were doing before that.  I think we have just seen so much lately that it isn't a huge deal anymore.

January 26th, 2008

Low and behold, suddenly it seems we may have some kind of military aircraft flying up and down the lake. I have not personally witnessed this, but was told that at 3am this morning that is what it sounded like. I wonder though if it wasn't what I saw way back in December, that was loud. If they are military jets, what are they doing here all of a sudden? Chasing something?  Maybe trying to make people believe this is what we are seeing? Now where have I heard that before? I am just thankful that we haven't been having a whole lot of the scary stuff happen anymore.


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