These are some of the latest sightings reported. Again, we appreciate the contributions from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and from Houston UFO Research (HBCC UFO).

Mid-January-2006, Fox Lake, Yukon:

Sighting Details: the "ufo" was on the other side of the lake above the tree line, me and a friend of mine were watching the stars and we had our eyes on this one that almost seemed to be staying still.

We also were watching satellites , the one "star" started dipping up and down almost like how a snake would move then left to right and just out of the blue it was gone.....

My family has a cabin located on Fox Lake I've been going there since I was a little guy and knowing the area to be a hot spot it really didn't surprise me.

21-Jan-2006, Cumberland, BC: (2:00 pm)
Note: I do not mind if this is not accepted as I realize that it is not a sighting but rather a time aberration and therefore a very vague event. Nevertheless it may be helpful especially if it correlates with any other report in the area.

A friend of mine and I were walking on the town side of the Hydro Dam hiking trails near Cumberland along the Puntledge River. We decided to walk until we were slightly tired and then turn around and return the same way. We consulted the posted map - there were no alternate trails to take us back another way.

We were enjoying having the trail to ourselves and walking quietly and leisurely. At some point I noticed that there was absolute no life stirring - no crows or ravens, nothing along the river bank, no squirrels - silence. This went on along our walk for at least 45 minutes. We decided to turn around and did so. We got to a place on the return trail and I said, "Did we walk across that wooden slat bridge?" - neither of us remembered doing so.

Then immediately we were back at the entrance. I mean, it seemed to take us about 10 minutes at the most. That left 35 unaccounted for minutes. We went in at 12:30 we came out at 2:00, we paused briefly on the way but everything was wet so we didn't sit or linger too long.

We both looked at each other and asked, "What happened here?" It was then that I realized that the woods were still totally silent and I got a weird feeling. Just that. No visuals, no witnesses, no hard data. Just missing time, an unfamiliar piece of the trail and a time discontinuity.

1-Feb-2006, Nanaimo, BC: (7:30 pm)

As I walked along a paved pathway which follows Newcastle Avenue along the ocean in Nanaimo, I noticed a strange light in the sky that appeared to be hovering in one spot. With nothing better to do, I began to watch it. It sat still for the amount of time it took me to smoke a cigarette. Then, from out of nowhere, another fiery light, exactly the same as the first one, materialized in the sky to the right of the first object.  It, too, sat motionless in the sky. Curiously, I watched them when all of a sudden four more lights the same as the last appeared in the sky. The first two objects began to move in opposite directions and the third one that appeared then ascended into the sky and vanished. The remaining five objects operated independently of each other and all of them moved around the sky; two of them moved a great distance. Then as quickly as they appeared, they began to leave, one after the other. They simply flicked out like a light. I reported this incident to the Nanaimo Daily News and they printed a story about it Feb 8, 2006.  The airport is quoted as saying it must have been a jet heading for Vancouver. A jet that could break into six pieces that all could still fly maybe...

1-Feb-2006, Nanaimo, BC: (8:00 pm) HBCCUFO

On CBC Newsworld today, May 29, 2006, she presented a story about a UFO caught on tape in Saskatchewan recently. When I saw the video on TV, I freaked. In February, here on Vancouver Island, I, as well as friends of mine, saw the exact same thing as what was on the news today. The first time I saw them, I was walking along the ocean shore when I saw a very bright light in the sky that just sort of appeared from out of nowhere. I lit a cigarette and sat down to watch the light.

By the time I finished the smoke another light had materialized from out of nowhere. Now there were two. Then, with no warning these things started to pop up until there were six bright fiery lights in the sky before me. I was as shocked as I was amazed, and it was enough to scare me into a retreat away from the isolation of where I was. These lights not only hovered motionless for several minutes, but also moved independently of each other. The two on the outside edge of the line flew in opposite directions as if to change sides with each other. The one from far left crossed over to take the spot of the one on the far right. One of them also flew vertically up into the sky. One minute it was there, the next it was gone. After some time the others also vanished like a light was switched off. The entire sighting lasted nearly fifteen minutes. Then I started to see these things again at different times. I told some friends of mine what I was seeing, then to the complete surprise of those very friends, when I was at their house visiting them, I went outside to smoke and one appeared. I called the whole family, kids and all, out to see it. When they came out, another light appeared from out of nowhere, now there were two of them.  As they only appeared to be about five miles away, I suggested we jump in my car and try to track them, but my courage was not met by my friends. It was too much for them to handle.

On at least no less than five other occasions, from Feb 1, 2006 when I first saw them to about March 20, 2006, I saw these strange objects. I had almost convinced myself they had to be planes, even though they were bright orange and had no blue or green or red lights like a plane has to identify itself. Besides planes don't remain motionless for minutes at a time then start to fly again. Planes don't elevate vertically either, which my objects did. The only problem with that is I haven't seen one since, so, did planes stop flying since then? If they were planes I would see them all the time. Anyway, I would like to hear back about these sightings of mine, in hopes of connecting with people who share a similar experience. I would sure like some answers about these things.

Thank you to the witness for taking the time with me on the telephone when I called. This is an unusual sighting. Also, I would like to thank Barb Campbell of UFO Saskatchewan for having the witness contact me.

UFOBC Note: To the west Nanaimo does line up with the runways of Vancouver International Airport. My residence is lined up with them as well but to the east. When the planes are landing and taking off to the eastern direction I observe exactly what the witness above has reported so I suspect the witness was watching planes on final approach and taking off. When I have viewed them their headlights are very bright and they appear motionless on their final approach to land for several minutes . When they are taking off they appear to ascend straight up (vertically) quickly and disappear when they switch their headlights off or enter a cloud. Vancouver International Airport can get very busy and I have seen up to 5 lights hovering (on approach to land) and 2 taking off at the same time (ascending vertically). Martin Jasek

9-Feb-2006 to present, Surrey, BC

An object continuously flickering, does not move with the other stars so it can not be a star or planet. At times flashes of red and blue light reflect off of it - although I describe colors they are not, in fact, colors but almost a hue of a color like ????? Very odd. Can only be viewed during dark hours.

11-Feb-2006, Richmond, BC: (6:00 am – 8:00 am)

The bright light appeared in the sky around 6am and was visible till 8am on Saturday Feb. 11th. I grabbed my video camera and filmed the object, which was expanding and contracting, morphing itself, with pink and purple lights appearing on both the left and right side. At one point in the film, it changed it shape from 7/8 of a circle (flat line bottom) to 3/4 of a circle with a definite straight line on the right and half circle on the left.

I filmed from 6:20 am till around 7:10 am and during this time the object moved from what looked to be directly over someone's house to the height of a star, decreasing its size as it moved further away. Near the end of my filming, two small white lights appeared and morphed into the larger light, which was difficult to capture on film, as every time I tried to hit the record button my camera would malfunction! This is the third video I have, the others were taken in 2005 and 2002 in the same proximity and always when we were either approaching or experiencing a full moon.

3-Feb-2006, New Westminster, BC: (6:55 am)

This morning at approx. 6:55 AM I was looking out my window facing south east and I saw an orange object that separated in the middle and where it connected at each end was wide...... Call me crazy but I think it was a UFO..... Out of curiosity I want to know if anyone in the lower mainland may have seen it as well.

27-Feb-2006, Terrace, BC: (4:57 am) NUFORC

It may have been a jet. It came from the SE sky very fast for being so far away. It had red and white blinking lights (I saw 4 to 5 distinct lights). It traveled from east to west for about 10 to 15 seconds and then, what surprised me was the 180 degree turn, within 2 seconds; and in another 10 to 15 seconds disappeared. It may have been a jet, because there was a sound like a jet, but Canada doesn’t have a jet like that.

12-Mar-2006, White Rock, BC: (5:36pm)

The witness Malcolm Corey (age 75) observed a very bright orangey/white ball moving from NNE to SSE in level flight at a steady pace that took it out of sight in a period of 5 minutes. Visually it appeared to be directly above the White Rock and the witness speculated that it either landed on Orcas Island or crashed into the sea in the same vicinity. During this sighting the sky was clear of any clouds and the sun was shining and overall visibility was first rate. (P.S.) This witness has had previous sightings in Ontario over a RCAF base and also at a secure site on Vancouver Island a good few years ago. His 8 previous sightings are described in detail along with drawings in UFO*BC Quarterly - Vol 4, No 2 - Spring 1999.

12-Mar-2006, Vancouver, BC: (9:55 pm) NUFORC

Just coming back from shopping and I noticed two lights in the sky that were the same approximate size as Big Dipper's stars. I called my girlfriend to see it. They were adjacent to the two stars on the big dippers handle and slightly smaller distance apart. they moved in one direction parallel to the handle quite slowly (about the same speed as one might see in a high moving plane). They were too high to have been a plane as well as not hearing any noise associated with them. I work with helicopters quite frequently so am sure it was not a sighting of this nature. As they move in the same direction the first light began to fade as if it was drawing upward and the second followed shortly after. It was a totally clear night and I know that it was not a couple of planes or other objects that I could explain.

20-Mar-2006, Coombs, BC: (8:00 pm )

I'm not sure if this was a sighting but it was something I had never seen before. I was heading to my back door to lock it for the night when a flashing light way off in the sky caught my eye. There were no clouds in the sky and all the stars were bright; however, this one light was different. It almost looked like it was rotating quickly. The lights were very bright and periodically also flashed red, yellow, green and blue. Sometimes there appeared to be a glow around the object. As I was facing south, I knew it couldn't be the North Star so I thought that maybe it could be an airplane. It stayed in one spot for a few minutes then started moving around in all different directions, (like an inflated balloon let go), sometimes slowly and other times rather quickly. I then saw airplane lights going across the sky and realized that this object looked nothing like the airplane lights. A few times it disappeared as if it flew quickly up and away, but would then reappear in a different spot.

I watched this on and off for a few hours before it finally disappeared from my view. Each time I went back to look at it, it was in a different place and still darting around in different directions.

22-Mar-2006, Burnaby, BC: (11:05 pm) NUFORC

My girlfriend and I heard a loud and deep explosion unlike anything you would ever hear on any given night. I thought it must have been a large gas explosion, but according to news reports it wasn’t the case. Here’s the only scoop I got on it so far; maybe it was a UFO? News clipping: Nah. It couldn't have been a meteorite. Could it? Mar, 23 2006 - 2:20 AM BURNABY/CKNW(AM980) - A loud explosion in Burnaby late last night has authorities scratching their heads. About 11:05 the blast rattled windows and awakened neighbours near the Chaffey Burke Elementary School on Abbey Avenue. Police responded with officers and a dog but came up empty handed. All they could find was a small hole in the ground. No damage has been reported and there were no injuries.

2-Apr-2006, Vernon, BC: (9:30 pm) HBCC UFO

I was outside enjoying the clear night and bright sliver moon when I noticed movement from the south sky. It was an orb, under satellite height and moving a little faster than a satellite. It brightened for a second to a white brilliance, then dimmed back to the brightness of a satellite. As I tracked it's direction toward the WNW it accelerated in a straight line appearing to "take off" like a plane on the runway heading away from the atmosphere.

4-Apr-2006, Vancouver, BC: (8:23 pm) NUFORC

My 11 year old son called me outside to show me an unusually bright object in sky. He got out his telescope and was able to determine that it was a triangular object hovering in the sky with red pulsing lights and the blue flashed about every minute. There appeared to be orange light. It stayed in the same position over a tree for about an hour and then gradually moved to the right for around 10 minutes. It stayed in this position and then gradually moved to the right taking about 20 minutes and then it suddenly disappeared.

There were about 4 other craft or object like this in the sky to the right of the above described event, but they were further away. However through the telescope we could see the same flashing lights. This was witnessed by myself, my 11-year-old, my 7-year-old and my neighbour.  ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body, possibly a twinkling star, we suspect. PD))

4-Apr-2006, Richmond, BC: (9:22 pm) NUFORC

Triangular object travelling at very high speed with three lights with no audible sound = UFO?

A very quiet and clear sky night with lots of stars in the sky. I was smoking outside of my house looking up the sky to check out the beautiful sky. I saw a (triangular) object with 3 dim lights travel at a rather high speed from east to west. I live rather close to the airport so I can tell what kind of normal airplane speed looks like up in the sky. What I saw was a high speed UFO with three dim lights travelling at a high speed without any audible sound. I waited for at least for another 10 seconds to see if sound could be heard. There was absolutely no sound. I couldn't really see the shape of the object because it was dark but I certainly saw three dim lights with identical intensity.

5-Apr-2006, Vernon, BC: (4:45 am - 5:45 am) HBCC UFO

I had a restless night, so at 4:30 this morning I was outside watching the Northern Lights when I spotted a globe (orb) very slowly heading east. This orb appeared to be very low in the sky. A short time later there was another globe very slowly flying south. This one appeared to be higher in the sky but also appeared to descend lower as it went south. A short time later there were two in the sky, one going north and the other going south. It looked as though one was flying at a higher altitude when they passed each other, as it was smaller than the one heading south. All the orbs stayed at the brightness of the smaller stars and were moving slowly. Not like the other night when the orb I reported accelerated so fast, leaving no trail, that my eyes crossed following it. I checked the Heavens-Above to make sure that they weren't satellites, and hoping I read the chart right there were no satellites at this time.

11-Apr-2006, Ft. St. John, BC: (4:30 pm)

I was entering a friends house when I looked up and saw this large bright object moving across the sky. It was like a backward "C". It made no sound and moved at an angle to the wind. I managed to get a minute or so of video before it went behind a cloud and never appeared again. It was at approximately. 3500+ ft.

16-Apr-2006, Abbotsford, BC: (8:00 pm) HBCC UFO

I live in Abbotsford near highway #1. I saw a green flare like object in the sky on the evening around April 16, 2006 or so. I was in my room, which faces south, and all of a sudden I notice what looks like a green flare. The curious thing about this flare was unlike most flares that go up and down, this one was traveling west and slightly down.

It looked like it was traveling along highway #1, but it could have been further south. I thought it might be a meteorite except for its green color. It did look like it had a trail on it. In my opinion, it traveled too fast and too far to be a flare. I even called the police department and reported what I had seen. I asked if they had any other calls about this and they said they had not.

18-Apr-2006, Christina Lake, BC: (10:45pm) HBCC UFO

Two couples reported seeing a disk shaped craft skimming over Christina Lake. As the people watched, the object flying at a low altitude, yet dropping downward towards the lake, and raising back up again, back to an attitude of roughly 500 feet above the lake. The object appeared to be internally lit, giving off a soft yellow/white glow. There also was a line of bright blue lights in a Marquee running around in a line in the center of the object. The object wasn't moving at a high rate of speed and everyone watched the event for approx: one minute before they lost sight of it.

They report that a slight humming sound which could be heard as the object moved down the lake. The witness I talked to said others had to have witnessed this strange sight.

23-Apr-2006, Coal Harbour, Vancouver
: (8:00 pm)

I was out for a walk on the seawall when I decided to stop and rest on a park bench. As I looked out over Coal Harbour towards downtown Vancouver, I noticed a dark object that was approximately over the downtown core. It didn't look like an aircraft because it was dark and was seeming to be changing its shape as it slowly moved west towards English Bay. My impression was that it looked like one of those parasail type of aircraft that use a parachute instead of a wing, but it seemed pretty strange because all I could see was a dark shape with no evidence of anything suspended beneath it. I watched it for about 10 minutes and it was last seen over English bay still proceeding west. It was mostly crescent shaped and seemed to be floating like a balloon rather than flying like an aircraft. I observed two aircraft flying on an easterly course about a kilometer north of the object, maybe they saw something too.

24-Apr-2006, Kamloops, BC: (1:02 am) HBCC UFO

Triangular Or Boomerang Shaped Object: Hello Brian, last night at 1:02 am my girlfriend and my self saw a triangular or boomerang shaped object fly over our home in Kamloops, British Columbia. The object went from north to south and the sighting lasted maybe thirty seconds. It appeared to be a gray-white with a illuminated edge, it was hard to guess what the altitude would be.

The object was visible for most of what you could call the geodesic dome above us, a constant direction with semi erratic line in it's direction before it just disappeared. It was not a bird, not a plane, nope not a meteor and not a satellite. The only other thing of note is, just before it disappeared there was a small flash, like flipping a coin in the sun. Not like the constant reflection of a satellite, too fast, too close. As far as distance, up about the same as looking at your thumb nail with your arm extended. Pretty close. Thank you Brian, just thought you might have had a similar report. Time 1:02 a.m. and on April 24, 2006.

24-Apr-2006, Terrace, BC
: (7:32 pm)

My wife and I were looking out over the town, watching people come in and out of the skating rink. All of a sudden I said "LOOK" and pointed out the side window. Two bright lights, like Flares going straight across the sky, and disappeared. It lasted about 5 seconds, about twice as high as the arena.

I opened the door and jumped out looked around to see if there is anything else around. I said “Did you see that?” She said, “Yes”. I never seen anything like this before. Weather: Nice sunny day, some clouds moving in. Temp. 13 deg-C.

24-Apr-2006, Terrace, BC: (7:35pm) HBCC UFO

My husband and I were watching our son riding his bike facing south I think. When suddenly we both saw three lightning-blue balls with tails, one large, one in front, and two at the sides that were the same, but smaller.

They moved together, silently through the sky from our right to our left sides. They were fast, but yet slow enough that we both could say do you see that, and look back. Our house was in the way to see if they went anywhere, other than straight across they sky. My husband thought maybe they were fire crackers, until he realized in the same moment that they were silent. Our neighbors trees blocked the view, so when we asked, they had not see them.

What ever it is/was they flew below the clouds and were beautiful. The time was 7:35 pm, I raced in to look in the phone book, thinking there would be a number for me to phone to report my sighting. I would never have told a sole, except for the fact that my husband is a non believer of anything, and even he saw it.

Thank you to the witnesses for the report. As soon as I received the report I picked up the telephone and called the folks. They were very nice and explained in detail as to what they witnessed. I then contacted the Terrace Standard newspaper and hopefully I will be hearing from them tomorrow, plus I also will be making enquiries into this, to see if I can find an explanation for what the people saw.

25-Apr-2006, Grand Forks, BC: (9:05 pm) HBCC UFO

My boyfriend and I only a few moments ago were outside on the patio, when we saw a round white orb moving at extremely high speed from West to East. It was would glow really bright and then it would get really small like it would get close and then fade away.

Within maybe 25 seconds it was already on the other side of the house. It did not fly in a straight pattern, it was waving back and forth. I managed to snap 3 pictures. We are really excited and still in awe, as this is my third sighting.

29-Apr-2006, Chilliwack, BC:

I was walking with my girlfriend through Prospera Centre; it was dark and I could see the stars very well. I saw something that looked like a star from afar. Then I thought it moved. My girlfriend said, “No,” so we continued on. I was sure it was moving, so we both stopped and looked at it. There was no sound at all. It was way bigger than any satellite out there. It was going as fast as a satellite. It was extremely bright and it was an even brightness. It crossed the sky and right after it went over us, we saw a satellite going in almost the opposite direction. The satellite was WAY smaller. Immediately I told my girlfriend that it could be the International Space Station, but why haven’t I seen it before?  It only went straight. It didn't make any sudden changes. It just crossed the sky very fast.

1-May-2006, Langley, BC: (4:15 am)

(See article Langley-Mission sightings)

1-May-2006, Mission, BC: (4:30 am)

(See article Langley-Mission sightings)

1-May-2006, Victoria, BC: (11:35 pm) NUFORC

I was having a smoke at about 11:35 PM and looked in the sky and noticed a very bright light and thought it was a plane. It was not moving for about 5 seconds and then it started to move like a snake upwards. As it got higher, the dimmer it got and then disappeared. It was just a round bright light. Then, on May the 3rd, it happened again. Approximately the same time and place in the sky. This time it was shaped different. More like a triangle with bright lights at each point. Lasted for less than 1 minute and then it was gone.

2-May-2006, Maple Ridge, BC: (4:35 am)

The witness was getting ready for work at 4:15 a.m., when he suddenly noticed a "humungous" bright white light in a southwesterly direction. The light remained constant in its intensity and based upon the altitude of aircraft approaching Vancouver, he estimated it was at 10,000 ft and possibly over the Fraser River. The object continued in an easterly direction before slowly turning south and finally disappearing from view in the direction of White Rock(?). The time was 4.35 am. The witness had gone outside but had heard no accompanying sound; everything was totally silent. The witness phoned "News 11:30" and learned that they had no other reports. They did say a blimp was flying around the city but was not airborne before 7:30 a.m.  The witness reckoned the craft had to be at least 100' across. A call to the Delta police revealed, again, no additional reports of this nature. This witness has had no previous sightings.

2-May-2006, Abbotsford, BC: (5:12 am) NUFORC

My fiancé & I were on our way to work this morning, pulling out into the street outside our condo, driving north. When almost immediately, I noticed an object that looked, to my first thought, like Saturn and it's rings.

I quickly dismissed this as A: the object appeared to be the size of the moon in the morning's sky, and it was far too low and to the north of us (appeared to be over an area following the Fraser River, or the mountains in behind Mission, BC, well to the north of us).  As we stopped at the intersection for a left turn, I watched the object closely as it slowly moved through the sky (moving west to east). Noticing for the first time a single flashing light on the upper ceiling of the object (similar to those found on aircraft). Other than this one flashing light on top, it was illuminated only by the rising sun (which was still blocked by mountains for us at ground level).

Driving along the main road through the city westbound, I kept watch between buildings for it. My fiancé, who I'd pointed the object out to while stopped at the intersection, and I saw it continue slowly eastward. The second time that I got a good look at it, it had lost it's Saturn effect, my guess is that it had been banking towards us at the time, and you could see the ring edge on.

I spotted the object a third time while driving, but we had driven far enough westward, and it moving eastward that the sunlight effect wasn't occurring anymore because of the object's position between the sun and ourselves. It looked more like a dark blob in the dawn sky.

Belatedly, about a minute later, I recalled that my fiancé had a camera phone and that I'd been too busy watching the object to even think that we could have taken a picture. I've seen enough planes & jets & blimps in the many years I've lived in the city here, and I've never seen anything remotely like it. It was too slow to be an airliner, nor was it the correct shape.

With the annual air show at the city's airport, I've seen everything from the Avro Vulcan to the Stealth Bomber.

I also rule out being some kind of blimp, as I've seen plenty of those every time the Goodyear blimp has made flybys of the air show. We've also had our fair share of hot air balloons (Remax typically is the one flying around) but they're easy to spot because of the flame providing heat for lift.

I don't know what it was, hence I guess, the reason why they call them unidentified flying objects. But the usual suspects can pretty much be ruled out. Short of it being some funky blimp or hot air balloon, which I've seen both and neither of which appears or behaves like this object did.  But I know I'll be keeping my eyes to the skies more frequently now.

10-May-2006, Langley, BC: (approx. 11 pm) HBCC UFO

I was driving toward an intersection and noticed a light higher than the street lights but not terribly high in the sky (maybe 100 feet). It was motionless and very bright. There was no sound from it. There was not a lot of traffic so I was able to slow down and look at it. The night was clear with no precipitation.

As I watched the light, it turned off, but not like a light simply going off - it kind of enveloped in, towards itself, if that makes any sense. When it was out, there was nothing to see, no other lights. It came on again for a few seconds, then it went out again. I then saw a very small red light traveling very quickly eastward, (I was driving west), and then it was gone.

14-May-2006, Langley, BC: (11:00 pm)

The witness went out to smoke at 11 p.m. and subsequently noticed a brilliant light in the southern sky. Using binoculars, he described the colour as orange-y with a tinge of green. The object was moving around in an erratic manner; "squiggling" was the term he actually used. He estimated that it was at 15,000' and located over the U.S. border. He later called his mother out as a witness and could also hear voices down the street that indicated other people were also out viewing this object.

The witness stayed up until 2:30 a.m., at which point, his eyes became sore. During the interim the object had moved back and forth over an estimated distance of ten miles and had been joined by ten other objects. At this point he was describing the original object as a "mother ship." Up to this particular event he had not believed in UFOs and had no previous sightings.

31-May-2006, Fort St. John, BC: (5:14 pm) HBCC UFO

I was helping a friend with some easy yard work in which I spent most of the time sky watching. At 5:14, while looking to the  south and swinging my sight to the east I saw this object moving toward the west at a good high rate of speed. I grabbed my camera and took one picture. It made no sound and was moving against the wind in the vertical position. My friend was between the fence and some pine trees and he could not get out in time after I called him so he saw nothing.  - Mark Mann

31-May-2006, Fort St. John, BC: (5:14 pm) HBCC UFO

I spoke on the telephone to a fellow who says he saw the very same object another witness observed in Fort St. John, British Columbia. The report for the first witness and photo can be viewed at: *Fort St. Johns, British Columbia Disc First Witness*.  In this report, the gentleman did not even know about the sighting of a disc-shaped craft being seen by another. He believes the object was metallic in color and what caught his attention to the craft was a flash of light which he noted coming off it. He thinks this was most likely caused due to the sun reflecting off the object. As the man watched, he thought he would go and grab his binoculars and when he came back the object was gone. There was only a short bit of time that had elapsed.

Something else worth nothing here is that the fellow reports seeing 9 jet aircraft in the sky earlier that afternoon, all leaving a contrail behind which actually made the sky misty for some time.

June 2006 Westbank, BC: (1 am)

I was watching a movie, paused it and went outside to smoke a Colt. I noticed a light red pink-tinged object in the sky over Okanagan Lake. I grabbed my handy cam and began to film it. The object moved out of frame and I took my eye out of the viewfinder so I could try and find the object in the sky. I did but it was smaller. I began to film again only this time the object moved around in quick sprints and then simply faded out.

I have showed family and friends and they all seem to have mixed opinions on what it could be. But, we all agree that what ever the object is, it definitely needs some kind of scientific explanation.

I heard about your site from a program I watched on the space channel. The program was based on UFO sightings in Kelowna. Some ladies went for a late evening drive and saw a UFO and aliens or something.....I thought if I wasn't the only one from around here spotting UFO's, I might as well e-mail you and tell you about my story and show you the footage I got. Weird thing is I remember the object was the same colour as the object I spotted last June.

My friend and I also saw what we believe was a UFO years ago in Kelowna over Okanagan Lake from the Eldorado development in the mission.

3-Jun-2006, Delta, BC: (6:25 pm)

At 6.25 p.m., in a clear blue sky, I observed a small silvery object high in the sky travelling in a north to southeast direction and moving rather slowly. Initially I thought it was an aircraft (although travelling along an unfamiliar flight corridor), and it appeared to be elongated but without any obvious protrusions. After watching it for approximately two minutes my observation was distracted as a car passed by and when I returned my gaze to the sky the object was no longer visible!

This sighting took place at the corner of 132nd Street and 109 Avenue in Surrey, which is the eastern perimeter of the Surrey Corridor where frequent UFO reports have been reported over an extended period of time. The witness himself had previously seen another UFO in this same area several years ago.

11-Jun-2006, Prince George, BC: (evening) HBCC UFO

Hello Brian.  Last Sunday evening I was talking to my neighbor out in the front yard and noticed a ball of light, moving slowly. I looked up to note it was the size of a golf ball; it looked like a miniature moon and when I pointed up to it to have my neighbor look, it shrunk to the size of a star and blinked.  By the time my neighbor looked it was gone. We, a mother and daughter, live in Prince George.

12-Jun-2006, Terrace, BC: (00:20) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian, hope you are doing great. It seems to be a hot UFO summer up here. The last one I had was today at 00.20 as one craft came out of a north-easterly direction and flew overhead. A few minutes later it did appear to the southeast, came very close and changed it’s colour 8 or 9 times to very intensive white, before flying off to the east.

21-Jun-2006, Nanaimo, BC: (10-11 pm)

The witness observed a huge, very bright light somewhere over Georgia Strait between 10-11 p.m. The light was stationary and no accompanying sound could be detected. During the ten minute sighting the light went from dim to bright and back to dim and so on. No additional lights could be seen during this period. The witness phoned the police who informed him that a search and rescue operation was underway, but provided no further details. No such report was described by the media.

22-Jun-2006, Southeast of Ft. St. John, BC: (5:10 pm) HBCC UFO

At 5:10 p.m., we were southeast of Fort St. John, B.C. on the Alaska Highway when we spotted a large cylindrical object hovering over a field approximately a thousand meters off of the highway. As I know this area to contain only open farmland with trees bordering the boundary lines, it was surprising to watch it hover then descend quickly straight down out of sight.

While still driving, we went in the direction of where it may have landed and took an off-road but were unable to see anything. There are no private runways in this area. Here is a detailed description of the craft: cylindrical, dull grey with an upward protrusion at one end, not a tailfin as on a regular jet. The object was very large, estimated size is 40 meters or 120 feet long. There were no lights or windows to be seen, above or below on the object. No visible color markings, numbers or patterns, just a dull grey color.

22-Jun-2006, Vancouver, BC: (9:30 pm)

At 9:30 p.m., the witness and two roommates watched from the 15th floor of their apartment building as a strange "balloon"- type configuration of some unusual darkly- coloured objects moving from north to south at a leisurely pace. The evening sky was clear and they estimated the vertical "string" of objects was possibly six stories high and an altitude of 5000'. During the 25 minutes the observation took place, the extended string quickly bunched together in a ball before once again lengthening to its originally- observed pattern. They estimate this happened possibly a dozen times. The formation was finally lost to sight in the direction of Richmond after initially being seen from downtown Vancouver. This witness had had no previous sightings.

24-Jun-2006, Richmond, BC: (10:30 pm)

The witness noticed a bright stationary object in the southwest sky at 10:30 p.m. He felt it was something unusual and chose to view it through his telescope. He described it as looking like a satellite dish. "Not a star," he said. He took a digital photo and nothing came out! The object was dark in colour and facing north. He watched it until 1:15 a.m. on the 25th June when it suddenly disappeared. The object faced north during the period of observation. The witness called 911 and was given our number. He has had no previous sightings.

25-Jun-2006, Burnaby, BC: (11:30 pm) HBCC UFO

I observed a UFO with green and red lights flashing in the middle of the sky without any movement for 20 minutes. I cannot explain this myself. The object was located in the direction of Surrey, B.C. Note that I saw 3 lights blinking, green, red, and green. As far as I know, this is not an air-traffic signal and even if it is, it's supposed to be 2 lights (green-red) meaning danger.

It was in the middle of the sky. I thought it could be the chromatic abreaction of window glass, so I opened the window and to make sure it is a "real" object that I saw. It was in the sky but I cannot justify the relative altitude because there's nothing to which I can compare it. The object was observed with the naked eye. Note that I do wear glasses, but I have anti-reflective lenses so that the chromatic abreaction is limited. Then, I went to watch soccer replay and after 20 minutes, it was gone.

26-Jun-2006, Prince George, BC: (11:30 pm) HBCC UFO

Hello to you again, Brian, from Prince George.  This time my grandson and I were out in his pool in the backyard at 11:30 p.m. and I was telling him I wished he had seen the light in the sky that I had seen a few weeks back. (My grandson is 13 years old next month). Anyway, I happened to look up while we were in the pool, and there was this light again; my grandson saw it, too. It looked like it was between an airplane height and a star.

I waited to see if it had flashing lights like a plane, or some noise, but it didn't.  It was way too low to be a satellite and it was moving very slowly and in a zigzag motion and appeared to be coming down. We live behind the Parkwood shopping mall and we watched it for about 2 minutes and then it just went out. So I don't know what that was.  It seems when I sense I’m going to see something that's when I see something.

28-Jun-2006, Vernon, BC: (10 – 12 pm) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian. The orbs have been here in Vernon since my last report. However, tonight things are different as the orbs are flying very low, in the small plane lanes, over the airport. Two of the orbs lit up like a flashlight while they slowly flew at a height of no less than 2000 feet.

There is no small plane traffic tonight; there have been a couple of the international flights heading west at their regular times. One orb was visible for a moment flying in the international lane, it dimmed as the plane went by, then it appeared in the same spot so I am guessing it stayed where it was and then it proceeded on.

At a fast glance these orbs can appear to be a small plane spotlight when they are bright, but at a closer look, there are no other lights, no red or green, just one big light that dims and disappears. And there is no sound around these lights.

28-Jun-2006, Kamloops, BC: (11:50 pm)

I hope you can help us here…we encountered something we have never seen before! It was a hot night and we had trouble sleeping. We went on the front porch, to escape the heat. I motioned to my partner; a strange object had caught my eye. It was a bright,  quickly-blinking amber light. It did not appear to be a plane, as the direction was all wrong for planes and it was flying too low and too fast. Just as I got my partner’s attention, the light vanished. As the night was incredibly clear, we continued to look for it. I just wanted to show her how peculiar it was. About 10 seconds elapsed before it appeared again, too far away to be anything terrestrial. It continued in an irregular path (quick, jerky zigzag moves) and the lights started to change colour from amber to blue to white.

 It would vanish for a couple of seconds only to reappear further away in the sky than any plane or satellite could possibly have traveled in that time. There were no clouds, moon or lights to obstruct our view as it then did the most remarkable thing.  (We do not partake in any narcotics; we are intelligent women of sound mind, and we can not fathom how this could occur). The light changed direction by approximately 90 degrees (had been travelling northeast), dropped altitude faster than anything we had ever seen, emitted an extremely bright flash of ALL 3 colors (the lights formed a trapezoid-like shape) and vanished. We were stunned. We checked Heavens Above for any odd objects that could match what we had seen (we found none).  We explored the possibility that what we had seen an actual UFO and then contacted you.

29-Jun-2006, Aldergrove, BC: (9:20 – 9:25 pm)

Around 9:00 p.m., I was bored and since there was nothing on TV, I decided to go outside to train a bit with my bokken (a wooden sword). After about 20 minutes I decided to go check out the sunset like I do everyday. I walked to the end of my driveway (which faces north-northeast) and started looking at the mountains and the small amount of pink clouds above them glowing in the sunlight (I was looking west-northwest). I noticed some sort of needle-shaped object in the sky. At first I thought it might be another cloud over the mountains but it was way too far above the mountains to be with the other ones.  Also, it was almost perfectly vertical, turned slightly to the right. I thought it might be a missile or rocket, once I had focused on it, but there was no smoke trail nor was it moving fast enough to be a rocket.  In fact, if there wasn't a tree off to the left a little, I might not have even known it was moving at all - that’s how slow it was moving.  Every few seconds I'd measure it beside the tree to see how much it had moved. (It was moving upward and slightly to the right).  It was small and needle-shaped and once I focused on it, I could tell it was definitely metal, or, at least, a silver metal colour. After a few minutes of watching it and smiling because I thought it was so cool, I decided to run inside quickly and grab my Grampa's old binoculars, but after about 30 seconds of looking for them but not finding them, I ran back outside, and when I looked in the sky where I had last seen it, the object was gone.

Unfortunately, with nothing behind it or even close to it, I couldn't judge it’s distance from me at all, but it looked like it might have been anywhere from over top the west-northwest mountains to being over top Fort Langley or Maple Ridge.

Every once in a while, when I was watching the object, it almost looked as if there was some type of small wave coming out from the bottom. I don’t mean like a jet or anything, but like a ripple in a pond type of thing.  Honestly, that was the strangest part of it, because it looked like little ripples coming from the bottom of this "thing" every couple of seconds. I really wish I had a camera, but the only one I have is a disposable one, and I didn't think to run inside and grab it.

29-Jun-2006, Burnaby, BC: (11:50 pm)

(I saw) a large light with what looked like a reflection of the light until it merged into one very large light. It took the shape of a large gold chili pepper. It got thinner, then another white light with green flew by and suddenly dropped. The gold light disappeared as well. This light was intense so other people must have seen it too. My children and I were both watching and looked at each other stunned.

July 2006, Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm, BC:

I was camping with my parents and we took the motorboat out on the Shuswap around mid-afternoon. We stopped a couple places to let our German Sheppard, Spirit, run around. At one quiet spot my dad was looking at fish in the water while my stepmother wandered up on shore with Spirit. I decided to lie back and nap on a large rock. I had my sunglasses on and dozed for about 5 minutes or so. My Dad said something to me and I opened my eyes. I noticed a small, shiny speck straight in front of me. I tried to shield my eyes from the sun to look at it. I was surprised to see a bright star held fixed in the sky almost right next to the sun. I asked my Dad if you could see stars in the middle of the day. He made the joke that I was hallucinating from heat stroke. I looked away for a moment or two and when I glanced back I couldn’t see the object anymore. That is until I realized it had moved a good distance to the west. I could see it better away from the sun and it just looked like a tiny silver ball. I watched it move steadily toward the tree line, and it appeared a bit larger and softer as it went. Then it finally just moved out of sight behind some distant pine trees. My Dad was never able to see it, but like a satellite at night, you’d almost lose it if you looked away. I’d chalk this object up to being an airplane, if it wasn’t for noticing it sitting dead still in the sky directly above me for a good minute or two when I thought it was just a star or Venus.

1-Jul-2006, North Delta, BC: (5 and 7:30 pm) HBCC UFO

 (Witnesses saw a) single-light, cigar-shaped spacecraft, hovering for a couple hours that was first noticed at 5 pm on July 1, 2006. At 7:30 pm there appeared to be two or three objects in the sky, moving in swift movements, but not really going too far. The object appears silver in colour and one observer thought there may be an antenna dangling below it.

Acceleration seems to be the opposite of any traditional aircraft - the objects seem to be moving slowly at first and then accelerating faster as it started to move! Incredible! It was hovering in the sky for a bit, then moving in an "S" type of pattern straight up. It first appeared in the eastern sky, and then it moved more to the south.

Our house is in the flight path for YVR, we know what planes look like. We had planes to compare it to during the sighting! This was NOT a plane!

1-Jul-2006, Burns Lake, BC: (10:05 pm)

(I) was coming home from the local theatre, heading west at 10:05 pm, looking towards the west in the sky across the lake, and noticed something in the sky to the west of town. It was high in the sky, well above the tree line.  I only had about one minute till I got home and when I got there, I went quickly to the garage to get my spotting scope. When I came out, the object was still there but while (I was) fumbling with my tripod, it disappeared. It was big, shiny-silver in color and appeared to be round-ish. It wasn’t moving, just staying in one place.  I know it wasn’t a plane or a helicopter because I have seen lots of them: the size was much bigger and (there were) no lights from this thing.  The total time of watching this thing was 3 minutes.

31-Jul-2006, Kelowna, BC: (4:15 am)

At 4:15 am, I witnessed a bright white sphere-shaped object with lights coming from the top of it in front of Black Mountain. It hovered in about the same spot but, as it was getting light out, the object started to float up into the sky so by 5:30 it was very high in the sky and looked like a star. It was a very large light and so bright the edges were not clearly defined until I looked at it through the binoculars and could see the shape of it; the lights coming from the top of it looked like a string of lights. I phoned a local TV station to see if anyone had reported a light and the reporter said it was probably Venus, for the light was in the east. I got up early again on August 4 to see if I again would see this bright light (Venus) and to my surprise it was completely black so I believed then it was not Venus. That morning, as I went to collect the paper, I was shocked to see a crop circle had been spotted in Armstrong on July 31 and that the crop circle was in the shape of the light I had seen in front of Black Mountain that July 31 early morning. I would love to hear from someone else that they saw it also that July 31 morning.

UFOBC Comment by Gavin McLeod: On that date at that time and at that place Venus would be hanging very bright just above the eastern horizon. If she observed another object then there should have been two objects.

Summer 2006, Nelson, BC:

Nelson BC - 2006 Kootenay Lake

Laying on the beach with 4 friends at roughly 2am. In silence we all were just staring at the sky when a friend pointed out an anomaly. Everyone got excited and agreed that it was abnormal but I could not see it myself. I looked of course for flashing lights but as I looked down my friend's arm pointing the object out I saw three stars moving together. It was coming over the mountain across the lake but was way in the atmosphere at first. The Stars were somewhat close together and lowering into the atmosphere almost as it were coming from space with a slight rotation to its flight.

Here's where it gets crazy, we were all locked on the object and it took some time to cross the lake (possibly 15 minutes) but time felt as if it slowed down. We then noticed all the stars it flew past we could still see, like it was cloaked and the stars were just dimmed (roughly 40% visible) that it flew over. Now that it entered our atmosphere this thing was huge! Like a mothership! I would have to say at least 2-3 kilometers wide.  It ended up right above us and rotated even faster as it came to a stop. We all ran into the water back to back as we were all freaked out, and I am scared af about aliens. The ship then changed directions and headed down the mountain heading north until we could not keep it in sight, it got so far away. Just when we thought we lost sight of the ship there was a huge white blue comet that shot into the sky. We all ran into our friend's house as a buddy stayed out in disbelief yelling for its return.

Three of us talk about the sighting once in a while and we say "oh yeah!" Almost like we forget it ever happened until one of us brings it up.

Wtf, has anyone else seen triangle transparent motherships in BC?

Summer 2006, Kelowna, BC:

I originally wrote it off as a strange military silent black chopper. At the time I was homeless sleeping on a mountain cliff near the bridge on the west side of the lake. I had no tent only a blanket about the same color as the clay I slept on. I was awoken when there was a big light over me at first. I thought it was the cops or a land owner asking me to move, when I realized it was neither I didn't move. I knew it was above me and thought that if I didn't move it would leave. It stayed for a while hovering above me - can't say how long cause its not like I had a clock up there, but there was a pulsing breeze blowing down on me almost no sound and a big bright light although any light up there is bright. When it flew off it continued along the ridge and the light went of about 200 feet away from my camp once it was past my camp everything was silent again it was gone just gone.

Aug 2006, Victoria, BC: (mid-afternoon)
During my 9th month of pregnancy I was in the back yard doing yoga, so I was in positions in which I was looking at the sky a lot. There were some light clouds, but mainly sunny, not too warm. I saw a silent single white circular light/object move across the sky horizontally directly overhead. I felt peaceful.

4-Aug-2006, Invermere, BC: (Late Evening) HBCC UFO
Interesting, I have not seen anything in the sky, but late in the evening of August 4th I heard and felt an underground explosion. It seemed to be fairly localized to my neighborhood. It freaked me out, but nothing came of it. No alarms, no fire, no smoke. To me, it felt and sounded like it was deep in the ground. It had a very muffled sound to it. Just a thought. What if a UFO did crash and their buddies are looking for them ? Thank you to the person for the information on what he felt and heard. Maybe there was a connection to all the sightings from Invermere and Castlegar BC.

5-Sep-2006, Kelowna, BC: (3:50 - 4:00 am)
See: Triangle UFO Seen Near Kelowna

16-Sep-2006, Castlegar, BC: (evening) HBCC UFO
HBCC UFO Research Note: Last night, Saturday September 16, 2006 my wife answered the telephone and there was a lady who wanted to speak with me over some really unusual things taking place in Castlegar, her home town. One incident took place approximately 42 kilometers outside of Castlegar where they watched what looked like a battle happening above them in the clear night sky. Dark shadows, or craft of something appeared to be doing battle, or something very unusual. One object looked like it may have either hit one of the mountains in the area or at least just above the mountain as the entire valley, mountain, etc lit up like it was daytime. One of the witnesses to this did call the RCMP in Castlegar and also called KBS Radio out of Trail since KBS Radio covers the entire area.

Anyway, I will be keeping in contact with the lady and I will be writing up this report in full as soon as I can. One more point on this, I was told that the RCMP had been taking calls from other people on many unusual things being seen in the night skies in that area. I should also note as this is very important, at the time of the phone call to me, the lady was watching things happening in the sky at the time of the call to me. She was very excited about what was happening, not to mention she had been crying over the event that took place over the mountain.

21-Sep-2006, Richmond, BC: (7:00 pm) HBCC UFO
Eastbound Over Richmond Towards Mt. Baker Rectangular Shaped Craft. Hi Brian, I just received a phone call from my friend in Richmond, she lives near No. 2 Rd. and Blundell in a sixth floor apartment facing east. She was all excited and told me she had just been talking on the phone when she glanced out her window and saw a large space ship slowly heading east towards Mt. Baker.

I asked her how large was it: Answer- About the same as a Jumbo jet. Shape - Sort of rectangular and covered with lumps or protrusions. Lights - No lights. Colour - Brown Speed - Very slow, she lives just to one side of the approach, YVR. Distance - Wasn't sure as in sky but may still have been over Richmond. Stated definitely not Plane, Blimp or any other aircraft she is familiar with. Object seen approx:. 7:00 PM. Being on the phone she didn't even think to grab her binoculars and get a better look. She called me as soon as she got free, to see if I had seen it but it would have been behind my bldg. She apparently watched it for several minutes

24-Sep-2006, Invermere, BC: (12:00 - 1:00 am) HBCC UFO
Dear Mr. Vike: I was interested to read your story about UFO sightings at Castlegar. My son telephoned me last weekend about a similar experience that same night, outside of Invermere. He and some friends went up in the mountains outside of Invermere, to get a better view of the Aurora Borealis that was happening that night. They reported seeing several dark circular shapes, flying in formations, and performing unusual aerial acrobatics. If you are interested in more details, I will have him contact you.

Additional Information: My dad sent you an email the other day regarding objects I saw

On September 24, 2006 at 12:00-1:00 am, my friends and I went into a highpoint of a field just outside of Invermere, B.C. to watch the aurora borealis over the Rockies. One of us noticed silhouettes of multiple uniformly shaped ovals which at first appeared far away but moved closer towards the town and seemed to make formations. At some points a few would disappear, but then we saw where others seemed to re-appear at a different point in the horizon.

This continued for a good 10 minutes when one of my friends brought out a didgeridoo, one of those native Australian musical instruments and played loudly and pointing right in the direction of the dark shapes (at this point they seemed to be much closer as they were much greater in size). Almost instantly one appeared much closer than the others and was much more circular as you would imagine looking underneath instead of to the side. My friend continued to play, and put on electronic music, when 3 more came above us. There were no lights and we could not make out any details of what it was, just that they were big and round, but more flat when looking from the side, like what I would imagine a silhouette of a flying saucer to look like.

Another thing is we would have never seen them if the northern lights weren't going on as it was for this that we could see the silhouettes in the night sky. When they disappeared they could have very well have been in another point in the sky and we wouldn't have been able to see them. The whole experience lasted about 25 minutes.

24-Sep-2006, Castlegar, BC: (2:00 am) HBCC UFO
Objects Knocks Out Radio Phone. HBCC UFO Research Note: Sunday morning at 2:00 am I awoke to the telephone ringing. I jumped out of bed and answered the phone and talked to a man who was reporting some very unusual things happening "again" in Castlegar, British Columbia and this event was being reported by a different witness. When I was speaking to the man he was calling from his truck on a radio phone. He was explaining what was happening in the sky as it was unfolding, all of a sudden the telephone connection was lost and I had no way of getting him back. I stayed up for a short while hoping the fellow would call again, which he did using a normal phone line.

The static and dropping out while we were talking was terrible. But I did manage to ask if the UFO event was still happening and he said yes. We both wondered if the phone problems were caused by the unknown objects. He stated that while in his truck using the radio phone, all of a sudden the radio phone started to switch channels which he had no control over. I asked if this had ever happened before and he said no.

24-Sep-2006, Surrey, BC: (4:00am) HBCC UFO
Hi Brian, my wife and I have a friend living 3 floors up, directly above us. He has not been feeling to well after coming back from a trip to Europe. He is in his early 70's and a retired Pharmacist and private Pilot.

At approximately 4:00am he was having trouble sleeping so was
just lying in bed looking out the window. He told my wife something long, slender and white and looking like a hockey stick with flames shooting out the back flew past heading west. He is quite agile for his age but it was gone before he could even get out of bed. He said, "he had never seen anything like it in his life". This occurred in North Surrey.

Usually I am awake at that time but for the past few nights have been sleeping until around 6. So I missed the hockey stick and the big green fireball that apparently went over the city around 02:25? about 3 or 4 days ago. I heard about the fireball on Global TV.

24-Sep-2006, North Vancouver, BC: (4:00 pm) HBCC UFO
Capilano Mall, Object Moving In A Erratic Fashion, On Sunday my wife and I were sitting outside the Capilano Mall in North Vancouver about 4:00 pm when we saw something in the sky to the north of us. We could not make out what it was and zooming in with our digital camera did not seem to make it any clearer. It was moving slowly in an erratic fashion as well as blinking in and out like it would disappear and then reappear. It finally just disappeared. I have considered the fact that it may be a Mylar balloon but I don't think it is.

29-Sep-2006, North Surrey, BC: (7:52 pm) HBCC UFO
A Bright White Fireball Or Meteorite Passing over North Surrey heading NNW direction. The sky over the lower mainland was clear at the moment and the temperature felt like it was dropping fast. I was just sitting here at my desk absentmindedly scanning the sky and looking at all the lights when at bright white fireball or meteorite suddenly appeared in the sky lighting up all the immediate area. For a second I thought due to its appearance it might be fireworks as it had a long white tail of fire behind it and was traveling slowly compared to most meteorites though still much faster then satellites or planes. The object itself appeared to be oval in shape and glowed white hot with a sort of white halo all around it. It appeared to burn out approx:. 20 degrees above the horizon. I probably had it in view for two to three seconds.

Brian it was absolutely beautiful, I just hope you were looking up at that time. My camera broke last week and who knows when I will be able to get it fixed. Went to change the tape and the tape refused to go back in. I pulled the tape and looked inside and saw several parts sliding around inside jamming the mechanism. Said parts are now in an envelope until such time as I can get it repaired.

11-Oct-2006, Telkwa, BC: (2:35 pm) HBCC UFO
Tube Or Cigar Shaped Craft. Location of Sighting: Over Smithers transfer station, going towards Hudson Bay Mountain. Full Description of event/sighting: I saw a very bright (shiny/silver) cigar shaped object going towards Hudson Bay Mountain. Still to slow moving and observed for 30 seconds. Or the distance between the hill out side Smithers just past the bridge to the Pentecostal Church. Then it just vanished into thin air. I pondered if it could of been a plane (no wings though). But they do not just disappear into thin air as you look at them.

9-Dec-2006, Chilliwack, BC: (6:11 am) NUFORC
I was driving to Chilliwack down Highway 1. Suddenly the CD that was playing seemed to “slow down” as if the battery was failing, but it didn’t really slow down, it got kind of “warbly”, like when you’re trying to start a car that won't start. Anyways, it is hard to describe but it was like it was “off pitch”. I also felt a kind of shock in my neck; I’m not sure if that is related. I think my car lights dimmed, too, but I’m not 100% sure of that. I thought my battery was having problems which startled me because I was driving 100 km/hr. Then I saw a fast moving dark shape in the sky out in front of my truck. It was flying at an angle. I only saw it for a moment as it crossed my path. At first, I thought it was a helicopter but it was very low and very dark with no lights and moved very silently except it seemed there was a bass-like sound as it went in front of or over the top of my car. Then it was gone and the stereo was back to normal. I couldn’t stop because I was on the highway. So, that’s all I can say. I don’t even know if it was anything out of the ordinary but it was a little chilling.

Dec-2006 New Hazleton, BC: (6:15 am) HBCC UFO
Bright Light & Possible UFO Landing ? I was laying in my bed, kind of scared, then calm. I wanted to look up to my window where I saw this bright white clean light, like the sun but it didn't hurt your eyes, and the windows covers were lit up like I never have seen before. The sun couldn't even light it up that bright during the summer. It was like a camera flash that lasted 4 seconds or less before it went away. I had enough time to jump up and look at it, but didn't, due to the fact this is the second time I saw the flash of light by a window. The first time I saw the light flash was in my kitchen window. I was wondering what was going on and who was taking a picture outside.

I then rushed outside to see who was messing around with a camera taking a picture because the window blind lit up. I put my shoes on and ran out the door real quick and this was the most scariest thing I saw. A UFO craft or some kind of light that was red and golden-ish in color by our C band satellite dish outside. It then turned towards me and I was put in some kind of trance, or at least I couldn't move because I was in some kind of state of shock over what I observed. It then lit up more brightly and then zipped off through the tree's here and then into the sky with a tail of goldish dots leaving behind it. One of the most craziest things I've seen in my life. I was shocked when thinking about it when I was lying on my parent’s bed. I felt so shocked that I felt really sad. The more I think about that light I saw, it seems like some kind of dream because it was something I couldn't explain and very unreal for a light that bright and that close, approximately 8 foot steps away from me.

The second time I saw it, my mother also saw it since she had to go to work in the early morning. My mother saw it while she was just getting ready to get up for a shower then the light lit up her white window blinds. She was shocked as was I over this entire event.

I've also have another true story here for you. I've seen a UFO land in the forests around the mountains here. I've joined a forum to tell others what I've saw and they told me to get some UFO reporters to look into the sightings. But I didn't, this UFO landing happened two months before December. I've seen a bright green light go down quick sideways on the clear cut where there's tree's ahead of it. Very cool to see this one. It was landing and soon as it did, the lights went off right at tree line and hit on the ground. It didn't crash, it landed in front of some tree's. I don't know what UFOs would be doing landing there. The time was around 11:34 at night and there was a clear sky.

13-Dec-2006, Campbell River, BC: (1:05 pm) NUFORC
I saw a grey metallic object in the sky, with a metal different from any metal I'd ever seen before. There was a sort of dull sheen to it. It resembled a small airliner; in fact, at first I thought that's what it was. It caught my attention as I drove up a small hill; it was far too low in the sky and travelling very slowly, almost hovering above an urban space. I feared it would crash. The craft was a stream-lined oval shape from the side from which I viewed it. The front was pointed, not a sharp point, but slightly rounded. (I assume it was the front from the direction it was traveling). I don't recall exactly what the back looked like, although I think it was similar to the front; there was no tail. The wings were not the usual shape of a plane; they were a sort of semi-circular shape, they were short and wide and close to the craft. There was no other colour or letters on the craft, no windows, no lights and no noise.

I tried to keep it in my vision, but I couldn't watch the sky constantly since I was driving. The craft was moving, though very slowly, and my view quickly became obstructed by trees. I feared when I reached the corner at the top of the hill, about 1/2 a block, it would have crashed, as no plane could fly so low or slowly and stay in the sky. However, when I got to the corner it was gone and there had been no crash. This all happened within seconds and it took me a few seconds to realize that this was not a usual aircraft. I was quite shaken by the experience and kept watching the sky, wanting to see it again and to know what it was.

I called the local air control center and was told there was no aircraft in the area at the time I saw the craft other than a small plane doing flying practice and a helicopter; both were several miles away from the location I saw the craft.

24-Dec-2006, Sooke BC: (9:30 pm)
My girlfriend called me over to the window where I saw what looked like a bright flare just sort of hanging in the sky. At first I thought that it was one of those flares used by military, search and rescue, etc...you know, the ones that use a parachute of some sort to lengthen the time it takes the flare to hit the ground, giving extended vision of the terrain below. Upon closer inspection of this "flare", and because the light emitted was so brilliant, I could see that there was no parachute attached. After about 5 minutes of watching this light move around in the sky, it just disappeared.

From where we were watching we could see that this light, as much as it would move around, would always return to a nearby water tower. We got in the car and drove over to see if someone had possibly crashed a remote-control plane into the water tower, causing the bright light. There was nobody else around that we could see and soon after we arrived, 20 minutes after the initial sighting, an "aircraft" of some kind just appeared and started dropping these light sources. I say appeared because this "aircraft" was inaudible and didn't approach the area, it just showed up as if it turned on its navigation lights. Again, these lights it dropped just hovered around and seemed to be scouting out this area near our house. We checked the area to see if it was possibly someone playing around but there were no cars or people in sight. Something to think about...

27-Dec-2006, Victoria, BC: (12:05 am) NUFORC
I had just finished watching television and I looked out my window. I saw a light in the sky but I didn't think much of it at first until I saw the light was pulsing, kind of fading in and out, but still maintaining a high light level. I saw the object and when I closed one eye I could see it zigzagging from side to side. I went into the living room to awaken my roommate but he refused to get up and look. From my living room, I saw the UFO on more of a side/rear view and saw the craft moving up, down, and side to side. The object was white but when I concentrated hard on the light, I could see multiple colours. At first it seemed to have been red and blue but over time it changed to other colours as well. I returned to my room and it was still there. I lay in bed and, out of curiosity, watched it zigzag. My lazy eye kicked in and my sight went out of focus. During this I saw the UFO itself. It was a disc-shaped object; I could only see its shape when I wasn’t focused on the lights of the craft. I saw it spinning clockwise with a light shining down on the sky below. It was, I think, a few hundred to a thousand feet away. The object was fairly small but still rather large. I live in the downtown area of Victoria, B.C. and I believe it was above the Inner Harbor/James Bay area.

This was the second UFO I've seen in the same general area within the last 3 weeks. I saw a craft, very similar to this object, and a lot closer, approximately 3 weeks prior to this incident. This UFO was hovering about 400-800 feet away and also had bright lights. It zigzagged back and forth. Within 12 seconds of seeing the craft, it reduced its size to 1/3 of the original size, roughly a grapefruit size. It zigzagged a bit then changed from a grapefruit size to nothing and I watched it to the last second. It took roughly 6 seconds to disappear totally out of sight from the grapefruit size.

27-Dec-2006, Port Alberni, BC: (11:30 pm) HBCC UFO
2 White Glowing Orbs Circling Overhead. Hi Brian, Last night I, and several friends witnessed 2 white glowing orbs circling overhead. This was around 11:30 pm. It was foggy out and it went on for quite a while and no matter where you were they appeared to follow you and remain overhead. They stuck to a circular pattern and they were opposite each other and then one seemed to follow the other getting closer to it until they were circling side by side and then the would separate eventually ending up opposite each other again. I called friends and they also appeared to be just overhead. Shortly after they disappeared the sky cleared right up and you could see the stars.