These are some of the latest sightings reported.

January 2008 or possibly December 2007, Nakusp, BC: (8 pm to 10 pm)

I'm not using my real name. Surprise? I don't talk about these things with others than my own family and some other kooks. But the last few days have made me look into the UFO sites. I've had many sightings. and experiences over the years. Some are very typical- some not! Most of the sightings reported are of lights of various sizes and shapes and colour. I've had those. But this winter, I've had one most unusual.

It was night and the object was dark. No lights. Not even an outline from the bright moonlight. I could see the moonlight outline the clouds. I could see the stars. It was a very pretty night. I had driven home from work- I think. I wasn't drinking or doing dope-which I don't do either.... But I was a bit tired and happy to finally be home. Parked outside my house which is in town and looked up to admire the night...... In one space just west of the moon there was nothing. No moonlight, no stars, no "black" sky. I thought that's weird! Maybe I'm tired or need new glasses-which I do. So I tried to clear my eyes and see thru the "dark", but it looked like something was obstructing my vision like a person's head in the way of a movie. It was strange because it wasn't black or colour of any sort. ... just dark. ... So I thought 'Another UFO!' There are lots here. I tried to get the dimensions and shape. It took up a good portion of the sky so it was below the clouds. If I hold my arms out it would cover 2 hands across. It was oval-rectangle? But then as soon as I started to configure it. It moved and disappeared. I saw the stars and sky again.

Has anyone else seen this dark nighttime sighting?

20-Jan-2008 and continuing - Vancouver, BC: (8 pm to 9 pm)

Looking southeast from Coquitlam. Southeast skies - located above horizon, just below first star levels.

Appears as very slow moving large star or bright planet. Moving approx 2" a minute from alignment to window. Moving Southeast to Southwest. Although not clearly an identifiable UFO shape, this is not a usual sighting in that I have not seen such a bright star moving at eye view speed. Have checked NASA website for Space Station sightings for Pacific NW, but last sighting 18th Jan 2008 at 06:10 am, and for only 2 minutes. This bright star sighting continues for past hour and remains visible. This is happening right now. This may just be a planet or satellite, but thought I would submit it. Never know.

UPDATE: Jan 26th

Well, this sighting continues tonight.  Again at 20:00 hrs in southeast moving west but raising to the north.  I am guessing it must be a planet in rotation.   I do not have a high powered telescope and with binoculars it comes out like bright aircraft light one would see in the distance.
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From UFOBC - Indeed, the description given would indicate Sirius as the light in question.

25-Jan-2008 - Burnaby, BC:

The witness was looking up at the night sky and came across 4 large lights - about a tennis ball at arm's length in size- dancing in the sky. This was later discovered to be the display for a garage show. However the reason the witness called was that much higher than the display lights, was a single bright white/green pulsating light that stayed relatively motionless for about 3 hours. The witness estimates the light was at around 1+ miles in altitude and was elliptical in shape, with a pulsation rate of around 5 seconds between pulses. Strangely, his mother, who also saw this strange light from across town, said that at one point, the light "shot out" another light at a very high rate of speed.

28-Jan-2008 - Kelowna, BC:

Just wondering if you had any recent inquires on UFO sightings, as my father-in-law and I seen one on Monday Night 28-Jan-2008, at about 7:30 pm. We were on our way back from picking up a van that my mother in law had purchased from a dealership in Kelowna. My Girlfriend and mother in law were driving in front of us, when they slowed down near the crest of a hill; my father-in-law was traveling with me. We seen some lights down the highway in front of us, and we thought that it was an accident scene, as the lights looked like police lights, and we thought that was why our traveling companions were slowing down.

As we got closer to the lights we realized that it wasn't on the highway but above the highway. Our next thought was that it was an airplane or helicopter. The object kept hovering about the highway, traveling towards Westbank, I slowed down enough so that I could look out my window. Then I pulled over and got out to take a better look.

The object didn't make any noise like what a Helicopter or an airplane would make, it was completely silent. Looking at the object with Westbank in behind, it (actually Westbank would be behind a mountain) just a general description of the direction that I was looking, I could make out the shape of the object, classic Diamond shape. It had three lights on it, which should be able to be used to determine if anyone else traveling the highway seen it, Red light, a light that changed from Red to Blue, and another red light. The object kept moving, not too fast, maybe about as fast as vehicles were traveling, it followed the highway, and then cut over the mountain towards that mine (Brenda Creek mine??).

I think that the correct answer to the light configuration could determine how many people seen the object. Although, my girlfriend and mother in law, were 3 seconds in front of us, they didn't see the lights. We caught up to them after watching the object disappear, they were waiting for us to make sure we weren't having any vehicle difficulties.

The description of the UFO is actually quite similar to the one posted for 2006, although, the lights were in a row, possibley in the centre, and it appeared to have a triangular bottom.


I couldn't see the wingspan, but I could make out the diamond. even though it has only been a couple of days, I cannot remember what the object looked like when I looked at it's undercarraige. I initially seeing it, and it's description at that point, looking put underneath it, I forget, then pulling over to get another look, is when I get a better description.

February 2008, Kelowna, BC: (about 11:30 pm)

We were out in mckinley landing in the middle of the mountains around 11pm or 12am it was pitch black, we were out shooting off fireworks, and there was some weird bright object in the sky that almost looked like it was staring right at me and my friend it looked like a ball of light with a line beside it like this --O dont know what the hell it was but it sure as hell was not a star, kind of creepy considering we were out it the middle of nowhere (possible abduction attempt?). It was sitting still in the sky then it went far up into the sky diagonally (no way a plane could move that way that silently and fast) almost like it zoomed out. I will not be going out to that spot again, some scary shit.

February 2008, Vernon, BC: (12:00 pm)

I was coming home to Oyama from Vernon late one night and while I was driving up the hill where the dump is i saw 3 big white lights to the left of me hovering above a small mountain. They were in a triangle shape and I couldn't see any shape from what they were coming from they were just really bright and i heard no noise although i had my radio on but as i got to the top of the hill my radio shut off and i still heard no noise then once I got past it more my radio turned on again and i looked back once more and the 3 lights were still just hovering there and then i was down the next hill and couldn't see them anymore and headed home and I haven't seen anything like that since just wanted to know what it could have been.

6-Feb-2008, Vancouver: (8:30 pm)

At 8:30 pm my girlfriend and I were sitting in our living room on the fifth floor of 1234 Happy Street (our suite faces south over False Creek). I happened to be looking out our balcony window, when there was a large round (from my perspective; had the sense it was spherical) green light. The object was enormous and low; probably level with the tenth floor of our building. It's difficult to gauge it's size but it appeared to be over False Creek and from my vantage point it looked to be a few hundred feet in diameter. The centre of the object was brilliantly green and the light defused further from the centre. The bizarre thing was that it didn't diffuse entirely as it radiated, but had a very defined edge. The object appeared, remained for about two seconds, then vanished.

My girlfriend was not looking out the window, but the green light lit our apartment and she also saw something green in the sky in her peripheral vision.

There must be hundreds of witnesses to this event in the Westend and Kitsilano.

Extremely bizarre! I welcome your call to discuss this further, if you'd like.

Best regards.

For the full report, click here.

7-Feb-2008 - Maple Ridge, BC: (between 12:00 - 12:30 am)

My buddy Joel and I (Ryan). We were standing right by 216th and Lougheed highway in maple ridge when we saw two bright flashes of blue about 1 minute apart. The second time it made a sound like "woosh" so we decided to get out of there.

8-Feb-2008, Richmond, BC: (9:59 pm)

We were in the car, heading north when I suddenly saw something in the air as we were approaching the No.2 bridge in Richmond. It was stationary, floating on top of the condos by the water. Then as I thought to myself "What could it be?", it suddenly moved, flying towards the east side. It flew by quite slowly and it was quite large and quite close to the ground. I kept looking for a wing or a tip but it was just a round object with white and red lights around it. It was shaped like a typical "UFO" as portrayed by the media. I immediately asked my husband if he saw what I saw and he said "Yes". Then suddenly in front of our eyes, the object went invisible. I actually saw the object slowly disappearing into mid air as if it had never existed. My husband and I both saw this and were quite amazed/scared.

18-Feb-2008, Mission, BC: (10:00 - 10:30 pm)

I was walking home from the Local Coffee shop after being out with friends and was headed down James St from 7th. I turned to go down an alley i take on the way home and behind some trees about half a mile away a bright light shot 40-50ft in to the air making a jagged cut. At first I believed it was a flare, but it got brighter and started to move towards me. I thought maybe a helicopter but there was no noise, spooked by the event, I walked the long way home standing outside my house finishing the smoke I saw it again this time there were three of the lights that moved into a triangle, they hovered again 40-50ft in the air before starting to spin and grow brighter, then they seemed to explode and scatter into the air.

21-Feb-2008, Delta BC: (12:20 am)

Sitting in a friends car outside of my house, noticed an object flashing red/white/green and was wondering if it was a star or a plane.. but it wasn't moving, watched the object for a while, got out and noticed two other similar objects flashing red/green/white and noticed that all three were in a perfect triangular form in the sky, the bottom left one disappeared behind clouds, and then we noticed another one appeared on the right side of the triangular formation.

UFOBC Writes:

What you are describing sounds a lot like atmospheric aberration or air turbulence - a disturbance in the earth's atmosphere due to heat. This is often caused when a warm day is followed by a cold night as we had the day and night of Feb 20th (and would be visible in the early hours of the 21st as well). The residual heat from the ground heats the cold night air causing it to move upwards, "rippling the air" so to speak. It is most noticeable with objects that are closer to the horizon. This will commonly give the appearance of having objects twinkle with a multitude of colours. A similar effect can be seen on tar road surfaces on hot summer days - the air looks like it is made of water. So it may be you were seeing starlight being affected by this atmospheric trick.

Of course, it could be something else - unfortunately we'll never know.

Thank-you for the report!



March 2008, Fort Nelson/Farmington, BC:

I'm an instructor with the Northern Lights College, I was instructing at the campus in Ft.Nelson. I always arrive early before class starts. I was sitting in my truck at the campus's back parking lot, I called my girlfriend to wish a good morning. After my call, I exited the truck and walk around to the passenger side of the vehicle to grab my laptop and other instructional material. Just then I happen to look into the trees that line the parking lot. In the trees in noticed a few silver orbs, they were just sitting there. Then I noticed that they were in just two or three trees just in front of me. I then realized that there were many orbs, I counted between 18 - 24. At first I thought it was the rising sun shining on ice crystals, but then I realized some of them were partially hidden behind branches. I had lived in the north all my life and have never seen anything like this, I thought they looked like the silver balls you would put on a christmas tree, but these were at least 20 - 24 inches across. There were no other witnesses as it was early. I went inside the campus and set up my classroom, about 20 minutes later I went back outside and I found that the orbs were now gone. After my class, I loaded up my truck and prepared to drive back to the main campus in Dawson creek. I stopped in Farmington and spent the night at my girlfriend's. In the morning, we were sitting at the kitchen table, having our morning coffee, when I told her of my interesting sigthing. I asked her if she had seen anything like that before and she replied that she had not, and teased me a little. We continued our conversation, when she got up from the table and opened the blind on the window in the door to let some natural light into the room, all other window blinds remained closed. She took her seat at the table and we continued talking. Within moments I realized she was no longer listening to me and was looking over my shoulder and staring out the window in the door. With a strange sound to hear voice, she suddenly asked my to look out the window. I was totally spooked, sitting in the trees cross the street were the same orbs. Everthing was the same, my girlfriend became very freaked-out, she had never seen anything like this ever before, she instantly said that they had followed me. That is a distance of about 250 miles along the alaska highway. When she said that it creeped me out. We both had the incredible feeling that we were being watched. Another thing is we went around and opened up the rest of the blinds in the house and  opened the the front door and looked out.The orbs were only in that single grouping of trees. The only place inside the house you could see the orbs was from the door window, it was like they gathered in a location that they would be spotted. It was about 11.00 am, where the day before it happened at 7.40 am. So the angle of the sun was totally different. My girlfriend kept a pretty constant watch on the orbs, then suddenly she noticed that they were gone. I am constantly scanning the trees but have never again had this experince. What I liked about this is I told her before she had spotted the orbs, I still get creeped out thinking I had been followed. If anyone has any explaination as to what it was that we had seen, it would be nice to hear back.


5-March-2008, Westside Rd, Vernon, BC: (11:30 - 12:30 pm)

My older brother phoned my house saying there was a orange/Hyper white ball hovering above our house 1 km south of Newport beach, I ran out side to see if I can see it but all I heard was a whistling noise, our dogs were barking like crazy. So I jumped in my truck heading south and I spotted a orange thing stationary east across the lake Okanagan towards Vernon. So I pulled over to observe it for 5 minutes. The thing went from being orange to being a super hyperwhite/blue light flickered for a couple of seconds then disappeared instantly. I was in awe for what I just saw. I continued south towards Parkers Cove and sat there for about 30 minutes, having no luck I started heading back north toward home. Then out of no where a Hyper white/blue light showed up north towards Armstrong flickered for a couple of minutes in one place then disappeared again for good. The time was about 12:30. My younger brother said he followed it with his car towards Armstrong. He turned his lights off and on at it and it flickered back in a Morse-code kind of way for a minute then it disappeared. We are all trying to make sense of what we just saw. I hope you guys can solve this puzzle. Thanks.

5-March-2008, Westside Rd - Vernon, BC: (11:30 pm)

We were coming home from Kamloops and I noticed a moving light traveling fairly fast in the sky above us. As I was getting ready to turn down the dirt road to our house I stopped to see the light. It seemed as though it was hovering over my in-laws house down the road a bit. I then started to drive down the road and the light started to move and stop as I moved and stopped. It moved lower and lower and followed me down our road. Every time I stopped my vehicle it stopped moving. Our dog came up the driveway barking towards where the light was hovering. I pulled into the carport and tried to phone my husband to come up and get us. There was no answer. I tried phoning 4 times and then a private number phoned me back and there was no one on the other line. We got out of the van and my daughter and son and I all heard a distinct screeching noise and the dogs had all stopped barking. My husband came up to get us and I showed him the light hovering and we all could see it. I felt frightened and wanted to get down to the house fast. I wonder how the light stopped whenever I stopped. This is not the first time I have seen this kind of light. The light was an orange and gold colored light with a type of shadow underneath it. My in-laws that live up the road have also seen this strange lighted object before several times. It seems to come back to this area quite often. This is the first time I felt scared. Has there been any other sightings like this in the Vernon area today?

2-April-2008 ,Chilliwack, BC:

At first I thought it was a star, a really bright star, ( I even made a little wish on it) Then it looked like it was moving a little, but not enough to be a satellite or an airplane. Then I noticed flickering red, blue and white lights. It appeared to be hovering but as I say at a great enough distance to be thought of as a star or a satellite, or a far off plane. I woke my husband up and made him have a look and to be sure that my eyes weren't tricking me and he made the same observations that I did. I never stayed up long enough to watch it to see if it went away.

March/April 2008, Langley, BC:

I have tried to get a video recording of this day-- but gone by the time I got my camera. My daughter and I were in our kitchen doing dishes. In Langley BC. We moved from Richmond BC. Where the airport is near, so we heard tons of planes over the years. In Langley we didn't hear much so when we heard a very loud fast plane flying above we were interested in looking to see what kind of plane it was. Turns out it appeared to be a fighter jet. CHASING a triangular flying object. The (U.F.O) was in front flying very low in circles, and the jet followed every move it made --- the U.F.O, looked just like one I had watched in a movie on TV. with Dan Famus comedian?? anyway. I was speechless. I wish I recorded it but they flew away very very fast. Then never saw either kind of flying objects again.....anybody else see these?? I know what I saw was real...later that night when my husband came home I showed him on the internet the objects we saw flying that day, and he even believes I saw a U.F.O being chased by a fighter jet. I am still creeped out .

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the sighting report. I was wondering if you could remember what direction you were facing, what time of day it may have been, and perhaps when in the year it was? Also, if you could provide us with a drawing of what you saw that day it would be much appreciated.


5-April-2008, Victoria, BC:

I had just left a friend's house when I noticed a very bright light off to the west. It was as bright as any landing light I had ever seen. I called to my friend and he joined me outside. The light traveled west to east at a very slow rate. Thinking it was a helicopter I listened very carefully. There was no sound. There were no navigation lights. There was no flashing white light. The light did not get duller as it moved to the east. A regular landing light has a very distinct pattern and this was not reducing in luminosity at all. I searched for an answer and did not get one. I saw it pass behind a cloud and lost sight of it. I estimate the altitude at 1000 to 2000 meters. I told my friend that it was probably a helicopter but for now it was a UFO. Suddenly there was something else that happened. At a very much higher altitude there appeared another light much like a satellite. It was brighter than any I have ever seen and followed the exact path as the first one and at the same speed. I am convinced that the first one was not a known aircraft and the second one was not a satellite.

My background consists of 33 years of flying and a lifetime of interest in the UFO phenomenon. I am also an amateur astronomer.

12-April-2008, Chilliwack, BC: (about 8:00 pm)

I'm not sure of the exact time, but I was at home with my 4 children aged 16 through to 6. It was mid evening, so roughly 8pm give or take. Something struck me as unusual. I smoke outside the back door and noticed what looked like a small plane, maybe, relatively high in the sky, but the thing that struck me as unusual was that it was pulsing a red light that covered the shape of the craft, so at that height it was impossible to make out the shape of the craft, but that it came in a straight line to between the tops of two trees the are angled to each other on the back of the property, and then hovered for over 3 minutes, sort of blinking back and forth from one spot to the next, all the while pulsing a red light. It occurred me that planes don't do this. I called my children over, and all of them saw it. My 8 year old started waving at it and saying "We come in peace" and my 12 year old climbed on top of our shed. I wanted them in the house immediately as I had never seen a small airplane behave in this manner, though it had a faint sound that seemed like an airplane, but not like a helicopter. Just in case, I wanted them in the house. Then, the craft flew towards and beyond town. I went out our front door, and the speed and distance covered seemed to match a small airplane, and the faint sound. I still could not make out its shape, only the pulsing red light.

12-April-2008, Abbotsford, BC: (9:45 pm)

My boyfriend and I were heading east bound back home to Chilliwack, when we spotted a bright light in the sky by the mountain. We thought it was strange because the object appeared to be hovering or going rather slowly. The light projection was quite bright as well. As we got closer we noticed it didn't seem to be moving at all and staying in one spot. Also, it was a circular air craft that we had not seen before. At first we thought a helicopter, then realized it couldn't be because of the shape and there were lights all around the object in a circular pattern. If any one else seen it the would be nice to get feedback to clarify what we saw.

15-April-2008, UBC, Vancouver, BC:

UFOBC had 2 separate calls of groups of people seeing a long green light beam coming from the sky down to UBC at around 21:30 hrs on the night of the 15th.

Not to worry, thanks to some snooping by UFOBC and one of our witnesses, it was quickly uncovered that UBC's Centre for Atmospheric Research were doing some laser testing with a high intensity green laser at around 532 nm wavelength.

16-April-2008, Various dates, 2007 to present, New Westminster, BC:

A few times now, usually between 10 pm and 2am, I've seen small, slow moving red/orange lights near the Alex Fraser bridge or possibly Annacis Island. I can see them from our bedroom window. To me, they look like flares from a flare gun. But why is someone shooting flares around there? One light will appear near the horizon, drift very slowly upwards then hang in the air for quite a while. Often another will appear maybe a half mile away, float up, hang there, and sometimes a 3rd. I usually fall back asleep before I see them disappear. I see a lot of lights around there at night, but most of it I figure is from the docks or industrial zones in that area (eg. the VERY BRIGHT light that woke me up at 3am this morning, April 16th... looked like a soccer field light pointed right in our window..5 or 6 squareish BRIGHT lights clustered together. Haven't seen that before!)

30-April-2008, UBC, Vancouver, BC: (about 10 pm)

Six plus people witnessed a green wavy light high up in the south west sky over UBC, April 30 2008 approximately 10pm. Light stayed high in the sky, and seemed to flicker, and shimmer. Looked about the size of a dime from the distance. Thought it could be the moon behind clouds?

UFOBC Replies:   

This is another sighting of UBC's green laser being used for atmospheric research.


Richard UFOBC

5-May-2008, Williams Lake, BC: (4:30 am)

I was driving back from Langley on my way back to Quesnel when on Monday May 5th 2008 at about 4:30am I spotted a large circular object just above the trees the object had lights all around the outside of it almost like them clear Christmas lights I then glanced at the highway in front of me and by the time I looked back to the treetops the object disappeared. this is a true story that I am telling you and I swear by it.

17-May-2008, Chilliwack, BC: (12:30 am)

Hello the other night may 16th around 12-1am me and my friend were celebrating his 22nd birthday after going out and what not we got creative and climbed on top of a school in Chilliwack we were laying on the roof talking about astronomy when I noticed 5 circular lights that formed a triangle moving threw the sky. I pointed it out to my friend and he saw the exact same thing ruling out a hallucination. when it passed out of a thin cloud the lights reflected it off it showing the shape of it to be that of a triangle somewhat like a stealth bomber. but the ends of the "wings" where perfectly squared off. it moved at a steady speed through the sky and i watched it for about 10 seconds when it either went over a thick cloud or the angle changed and u could no longer see it. Due to the height it rules out a commercial plane and I would assume a army plane but why put huge lights under the plane if u want it to be stealth? also to give a idea of the lights they look like pool lights perfect circles almost taking up the whole space of the plane or ufo. If you can identify this as a plane of some sort or have heard of other reports of this sort of thing i would love to know whether I actually may have seen a ufo...please get back to me ASAP

UFOBC Replies:

Hello. Interesting report - there are a few other similar sightings that match your observations - none of which are of known aircraft. Also would you know:
 - Exact direction of travel
 - Speed of travel
 - Possible altitude
 - Where in Chilliwack you were

At least that way we can check with existing flight paths. Any chance you can send up a scanned image of what you saw.

Richard, UFOBC

Reply Back from Witness:

Um, it was traveling east towards Hope and I was on top of A. D. Rundle off Hocking Avenue. I couldn't say exactly how high because it was dark and no backdrop to judge but when I see a 727 fly in the sky the length is about 3mm but the object was about a cm and half (1.5cm) but that's useless without knowing the size close up it would be about the size of a stealth I assume maybe a bit bigger cause I remember seeing one at an air show and speed I couldn't tell because the distance up but moved about the speed of a helicopter maybe a bit faster I watched it for about 8-10 seconds before it disappeared but that wasn't cause distance either the lights were shut of or the angle changed and in that time it moved probably a bit more then a quarter of my field of vision looking straight up.


Here is a very crude picture of what i saw... u get the idea it was black or some dark colour where i shaded and white where the circles are... also, if it makes a difference, there didn't seem to be much glow off the lights like stars where they sparkle just white as if someone poked holes in the sky.

29-May-2008, Vancouver, BC: (12:20 am)

I was walking my dog as usual just after midnight (which would be Thursday morning), we were between 37th and 36th on Balaclava street and as my dog stopped to sniff something I looked up in the sky towards the west, and saw a single very small light the same brightness and size as stars around it in the sky, except it was moving while I was standing still. It moved about as fast as you might expect an airplane to, until it winked out of existence entirely a few seconds later. There were no clouds in the sky, it made no noise and seemed much farther away than an airplane could be. There were also no airplanes in the sky at that time though there often are in that part of the sky as they come in for a landing at YVR.

By the way I've seen the UBC green laser dancing around clouds to the west from Kerrisdale elementary school at 41st and Carnarvon, it freaked me out the first time I saw it but a few seconds later I realized it was a laser. I didn't know it came from UBC until I read your site. I also regularly see the stars that look like they're shining different colors due to atmospheric conditions (just so you know my above sighting was definitely NOT one of those).

UFOBC Replies:   

My first impression is that you were observing one of the Iridium satellites which were visible in the west at that time. If you could give more details it might help. Was the object high overhead, close to the horizon or in between? Saturn and Mars were also visible to the west at that time and would be quite noticeable.

Gavin McLeod


29-Jun-2008, Summerland, BC: (10:00 pm)

Myself my girl friend and brother were sitting out on his deck in Summerland BC. His deck faces east overlooking Okanagan Lake. It was a perfect clear night. My brother and I were looking for satellites for about 15 min before my neck started getting sore. My girlfriend started looking. She pointed one out. South half way up in the night sky and it looked like a star or satellite. My brother and I looked to verify the satellite. We quickly noticed it was moving from where we first saw it to an 11:00 o'clock direction. The weird thing was, that it wasn't by itself. There was a parallel object which again seemed like a sat or star that was moving at the same speed and the same direction, just a bit higher. Who knows what the real distance apart was. It could have been a million miles. But if you picture holding your hand up to the stars they traveled the length of my finger. I could have discounted this as something rational, but when they stopped and started vanishing away from us it really seemed spooky. It was like two stars decided to move a bit then just bug out to outer space.

13-July-2008, New Westminster, BC: (11:15 PM)

I was on my balcony just having a look at the night sky. I thought at first I was seeing the lights of an aircraft or satellite. The object I viewed was distant and round. It moved from south to east and was visible without use of a telescope or binoculars.

18-July-2008, Victoria airport in Sydney BC: (10:30 pm)

A yellow light jetting across the sky above the airport, moving or zig-zagging not in a straight line. My whole crew of house movers saw it. Anyone will testify to that.

19-July-2008, Kamloops, BC: (12:35 pm)

Not sure if it was a high tech gadget or what. It was shaped like > heading s/w towards Vancouver and then I had seen a helicopter going towards it and then 2 fast v-shaped gadgets appeared heading back towards where the one came from (east) with now 2 helicopters in its dust. Never to be seen again (loud noise but very low to the ground).

19-July-2008, Jericho Beach (Vancouver Folk Music Festival), BC: (10:35 PM)

An orange point of light appeared in the sky to the NNE; some observers (including a companion of mine) reported seeing the object coming over a copse of trees to the east. In any case, the object brightened quickly, and a look through binoculars confirmed the impression of something losing altitude quickly. It became a visibly round-ish object, glowing like an ember in a fire. It proceeded SSW quite slowly before coming to a complete stop for perhaps half a minute. There were many dozens of witnesses, including an artist on stage who today asked the crowd if they'd seen the object. Through the binoculars I discerned a central point of bright orange light, surrounded by a ring of cherry red, surrounded again by another ring of ember-orange light, and finally surrounded as a whole by a fuzzy reddish light.

There were planes flying overhead, mostly in a landing approach to YVR, coming in from the east. One in particular must have had a very good view of the object. This object most definitely behaved neither like a plane nor a helicopter. There was no sound.

After remaining stationary, the object began an extremely rapid ascent: within seconds, it had disappeared completely from view. A minute or so later it reappeared, very rapidly descending from a great height and becoming much brighter and "rounder" again. After a short time--perhaps 10-15 seconds--it again seemed to go straight up and disappear from view. This sighting was witnessed by dozens of people, perhaps hundreds, and photographed by at least one person with a telephoto lens.

UFO*BC Notes:

We have had other people call our hotline describing this encounter - however they have not left any contact details! So please remember to give us an email or phone number where you can be reached. Thank-you!

21/22/23-July-2008, English Bay, Vancouver, BC (looking towards Gibson area):

We live on the top of the hill in the west end of Vancouver 19th floor off Davie facing west. We witnessed 3 long star looking shapes floating in the sky line about 1 inch in our line of view. They appeared right after sun down. They were in a triangular formation then they moved formation twice. to our shock. ...
I started filming.
They began to do some sort of patrol slowly.
1 even went right over the airport.
I got some great images.

22-July-2008 - UPDATE: Another Sighting Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC:

I first noticed "the light" rising from the NNE direction from over the water - I did not see where it had originated. I was the first in my group to see it. (about 8 of us) I watched it for a few seconds while it continued moving upward. As the festival lanterns had just come out - I thought at first that one of the lanterns had gotten loose and was floating upward - except that it was quite far over the water and did not seem to be floating. The group performing was really good and I don't know what made me look over the water. Everyone was up dancing and completely focused on the entertainment. I was captivated by what I was seeing. I finally let the rest of my group know and we all watched it move over the water. We had a good pair of binoculars and I was amazed to see that the object seemed to change shape from a "dancing flicker of light" to a "cluster of lights" - it seemed to change back and forth. We all watched it ascend at an incredibly rapid rate and disappear. The sky was completely clear and we could follow it upward until it blended with the stars.

A few seconds later - another one appeared - from the same spot - and doing the same thing. This time a plane also appeared and we all commented that the plane was flying really low to be on a commercial flight path - it did not seem to be a huge plane as we could see the bottom of it quite clearly. It seemed to be following the object. There were other planes definitely on a flight path for YVR and we could compare the altitude of these planes with the one that was close to the object. No sound was heard from the two objects. The second object repeated the same path of assent and then shot out of sight. The full moon rose over the trees at almost the instant that the second "object" disappeared adding a very magical end to the sequence of events.

No one in my group had been drinking alcohol or partaking in any "smoking" - two children were part of our group.

23-Jul-2008, near Kamloops, BC:

ONE LATE AFTERNOON ABOUT 630 PM  JULY 23 2008 I NOTICED A BRIGHT IMAGE BY A PLANET! The sun was to the southwest of me. When I looked to the north above the river, maybe 50 feet above the river a black object traveling fast and no sound. It was the size of a small plane travelling west down the river. This object disappeared but looked like it traveled toward this Bright planet. I reported this to some ufo report agents phone number and they called me back. They said it was Venus. Then the gentleman said that was not too important about what I just wrote. I did see this object that I will never forget.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the report. I am not too sure what the black object could have been, but the only planet you could have seen in the western sky, with the Sun still in the sky, would have been the planet Venus.


24-July-2008, Highway 16/Prudhomme Lake, Prince Rupert, BC: (11:20 pm)

We were camping at Prudomme Lake, crisp clear night, lots of stars out, sitting around campfire my wife and 15 yr old daughter were looking for shooting stars, then all of a sudden a bright light appeared on the horizon. It was too low for a satellite, if I held my hand up it appeared to be as large as my thumb nail. As it moved across the sky it looked like an asterisk * really bright in the centre like a head light of a car. by the time me and  Sam (friend) got to the road it was disappearing behind the mountain maybe a 1000 foot high mountain. We could not see any other lights of different colors just bright white. This all lasted for about 30 to 45 seconds. Then, still standing on the road, me and Sam saw a satellite going by but then all of a sudden the light appeared going in the opposite direction i pointed it out to Sam and just at that moment the light vanished like someone shut off a light switch it was dark in the sky again and still no other lights or noise what so ever

*Note from UFOBC - names have been changed.

26-July-2008, Vancouver, BC: (midnight)

A white dot traveled from the area around Telus Science World to over Stanley park in the matter of seconds. There was no sound and the object traveled in a straight line. I've seen shooting stars before and this certainly was not a shooting star. A few members of my family saw it too so I wasn't just seeing things. The night of the sighting was July 26 2008. Please contact me to let me know if there were any similar reports. Thanks.

UFOBC Replies:

Except for the colour, this sounds much like the following sighting, at exactly the same time, of UBC's testing with a green laser light.

26-July-2008, UBC  Vancouver, BC: (midnight)

As we left our underground parking, my husband & I noticed a green light in the sky. Sometimes you can see the headlights from a plane, and it looked a bit like that, but it was green. There were some patchy clouds and it seemed that the green light was showing up on the clouds, so then we thought it was a laser beam from the ground. The light was in a rectangular shape and was shimmering or flashing. Then we noticed that the clouds moved in front of the light, so we knew it was not a laser beam from the ground. After a few minutes, it faded away.
Did anyone else notice this?
Does anyone know what it might have been?

UFOBC Replies:

UBC's Centre for Atmospheric Research were doing some laser testing with a high intensity green laser at around 532 nm wavelength.

27-July-2008, Victoria BC: (1:20 am)

Last night I got back into ETs after watching UFO: the greatest story ever denied, then today, I was freaked out and humorously repeated the word Aliens aliens aliens delusionally till a friend told me to shut up. I saw the new x-files (which is a monster episode not ET related) then walked through the Luminara festival, I ended up on the stoney beach outside of beacon hill park (cook st and dallas rd) After spending some time looking up at the partly clouded sky while laying on the rocks with a friend we saw the following:

1) light that looked like a star
2) light would fade in and out every 20 seconds or so
3) light moved in all directions slowly and when faded almost completely out seemed to race around leaving streaks
4) light was above the clouds
5) light moved around in small patch of sky
6) light seemed to change altitude because it grew and shrank
7) light had glow around it
8) light seemed to part clouds

Spectacular, mesmerizing and synchronistic, ~Z Anyone else see it.

28-July-2008 (and previous 2 weeks), Mt. Peter, Kamloops, BC:

We have had many sightings over Mt. Peter from our back yard in Kamloops over the last couple of weeks. It started with my wife taking a picture of a very interesting cloud formation over Mt. Peter. We saw an incredible sight when we looked at the results. We have many clear pictures of circular objects that are nearly identical to other pictures we've seen online from all over the world. (Markings in the same position). Three or Four of the pictures are VERY detailed and clear. When some of the pictures are digitally enhanced they are amazing. We have pictures with as many as four or five circular objects in the frame and in the next frame are in different positions. Some of the pictures are absolutely incredible and we are not quite sure what to do. At first we were skeptical, thinking that they were reflections, illusions or camera anomalies but after comparing them to video and photographs online we were both shocked and a little freaked. We have been able to photograph the objects on several different evenings, including tonight (July 28) which is a cloudy evening and the number of circles above the mountain is astonishing. We have shots from 2 different cameras so we know it's not our camera. We are not entirely sure what these are but they are definitely not lights, reflections or bugs and their perfectly round shape and very obvious markings point toward something not normal. The sheer size of these objects and the fact that they don't show up in every picture convinced us that are not stars or the moon or planets. We showed a couple of the clearer pictures to family members and they were blown away. We would appreciate a reply as soon as possible as these anomalies seem to be increasing in number. We also left you a voice mail. Sorry for the lengthy note, but we wanted to give you a good description. Thanks for your time.

July 2008, Summerland, BC:

It was near the end of July 2008. My nephew and I had ridden our motorcycles down to Rotary Beach to throw ourselves in the water to cool off.

We were laying on the beach looking skyward & perhaps a little east across Lake Okanagan toward Naramata. It was a hot sunny day with some cloudy periods (a blessing at times). It was at this point that I started gazing at the clouds playing that kids game looking for recognizable shapes amongst the clouds as they moved and dissipated.

I then noticed a V shaped object hovering amongst the clouds. The clouds were high and this object looked large in and amongst them as it came in and out of view of the cloud formation I was looking at. At first I thought, 'Oh, there's a triangle or boomerang shape in the clouds'.

The bottom of the boomerang shape was almost the same colour as the sky above it. Almost as though it was trying to cloak itself from view below. But the colour wasn't exact and the outline of the object could be seen very clearly as clouds passed behind and around it. It remained fairly stationary for at least 5 minutes while the clouds kept moving. Then I shifted my gaze to catch my nephew's attention and when I looked up at the sky again it was gone.

4-Aug-2008, Gabriola Island, BC: (around midnight)

My wife and I were sitting on the deck of a house looking out at Georgia Straight in a north west direction towards whisky gulf which I am aware of various military operations, etc. We both saw two small lights about the size and colour of a star move out from behind the Coast Mountains and move westward toward Texada Island at a high rate of speed much faster than a commercial jet. The second of the two objects then flashed a very bright search light but it was more like a flood light than a search or spot light. The 2 objects remained motionless in what we thought was an attempt to camouflage themselves as a constellation right at the very bottom of the big dipper. I have had the privilege of this amazing panorama for at least the past 35 years. I am certain that this was not a helicopter from Comox etc as they made no sound and I have watched military exercises at night from this vantage for many years any ideas?

Update: 14-Aug-08 - UFOBC Asked for a drawing of the event - this was the reply - Richard T.

The plot thickens. I will send you a drawing however it might be a couple days. but what happened was the two objects seemed to take up a holding pattern just above the horizon and below the big dipper and I know there are two stars that are exactly where I'm talking about because I saw them both that night and the next. I believe they positioned themselves this way as to look like stars also there is normally a lot of air traffic in this area and we noted that in the time we watched the objects at least a couple hours we saw no traffic in that area. We also watched the meteors that night very nice show.

10-Aug-2008, Aldergrove, BC: (9:30 pm)

On Sunday the 10th of August at 9:30pm, the witness was outside on her balcony in Aldergrove facing north saw a bright flash of light and a very bright "pinhead sized" white light shoot across the sky. The sighting duration was 4-5 seconds. Although UFOBC's initial interpretation was that of a 'falling star' as this is prime-time for the Pleiades meteor shower which peaked on August 12th, the witness said that it was not like any shooting star she had ever seen as there was no indication of any trail behind the light. The light then simply disappeared. Although this does appear like a normal meteor shower sighting, it does seem to possibly be connected to the report mentioned above on Gabriola Island - although I am still comfortable in stating that it was a normal 'shooting star'. I thought it was worth posting to see anyone else's reaction.

Regards - Richard, UFO*BC

17-Aug-2008, Nanaimo, BC: (1:00 am)

I was on my deck in central Nanaimo at around 1am 'ish when i saw a object hovering around it was fairly low and traveled north to south in the sky before disappearing this is not the first time this year I have seen something
but this is the first time I have reported it.

Update: 18-Aug-2008 - UFOBC has asked for additional information, and has yet to hear back

26-Aug-2008 - Witness replies back with more information

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.
ok well from what I remember it was fairly clear out I do know that the object was flying low it seemed maybe a bit lower than a plane would fly it was not really oval I would say teardrop shaped it had multiple bright lights and that was the first thing that led me to think it was not a plane there was more than 4 lights on it and the shape was not the shape of a plane. Another thing was that I didn't hear it usually when a plane is that close I can hear the rumbling but there was no sound. It soon disappeared without gaining altitude it just quickly dimmed out and was gone.
I hope this is enough for you if I can remember of anymore details I will let you know.

31-Aug-2008, Coquitlam, BC:

A storm front was in my area, I took a number of photos as the clouds were orange and unusual.  I was taking a panorama picture made of 3 shots which I was going to stitch together in Photoshop later.  As I took the second picture I noticed a silver thing in the sky, but couldn't stop to look as I needed to keep the camera moving on a level plane for the panorama I was doing.  I totally forgot about the object within seconds as planes fly over quite regularly but when I remembered 25 minutes later, I looked at the screen on my camera and zoomed in and could not believe what I saw.  I took it on a 7.2 mega pixel camera (compact).  If only I knew I would have got the dslr out!  I have attached 2 images, the original and a zoomed-in-on object picture.  This happened last summer, around August.  I am only sending this now as I just came across your site.


Very interesting photograph. Thank you for submitting it. The fact that you saw the object while you took it is a good thing. Most times people notice things only after they look at the image on their computer screen. In those cases it is much more difficult to rule out insects and birds. Did the object exhibit any unusual behaviour? 

The date stamped on the Photo is August 31, 2008, 7:59PM. Could you please check your camera date and time setting to see if it is set accurately. There may be an hour offset due to daylight savings time in the summer. 

Many Thanks 
Martin Jasek

03-Sept-2008, Coquitlam, BC: (8:00 pm)

I was sitting in my living room watching TV waiting for my cousin to come over when in the corner of my eye over towards Maple Ridge and Golden Ears, I saw this very bright light in the sky, as if someone was taking a mirror and getting direct sunlight on it to shine super bright. So I went up to my window and watched it up above the mountains, figuring it was probably just a plane, but it doubled in size (looked like a star) and slowly deteriorated and vanished. So after watching it, I called my friend who lives 3 houses down to go look outside, and within minutes it popped up over the mountain again. We both figured it was a plane, as did her mother, but it slowly started moving right and higher in the sky, then it vanished again. For a third time, it came up in the same spot as it did the other two times from the mountains, and moved to the left slowly also rising. Then it looked like it was coming closer and closer, and then it got smaller again and vanished. I was thinking also it could have been a flare being set off in the mountains but I really don't know. A fourth time (as she was looking for her binoculars) it popped out of the mountain again, shining bright and its colour dimmed into a dark orange and its shape instead of looking like a star, it was a sphere, and started moving right for about 3 minutes and vanished again, and that was the last I saw of it. Not sure if it could have been a plane, flare, or a helicopter, but I am 100% sure it was not a satellite. It was also 8 in the evening, so it was still fairly light out.

Another sight seeing, is whenever me and my friend are out on our street, we always see this star that blinks red, green and blue, we have seen 2 of them, and several times. We also asked a lot of my brother's friends what they thought it was when we pulled the binoculars out. I am not sure if that is just a star or anything. It does not move, but the way it flashes the colours is amazing. Has anyone else seen any of this in the Lower Mainland, BC area?

UFO*BC Responds:

Interesting sighting report - can you describe the object in any greater detail or perhaps send us a drawing of what it looked like?
Also, your other sighting seems to be just a star - that twinkles due to atmospheric distortion when viewed close to the horizon.

Richard T

UFO*BC Received a reply to their message:

Oh that is fine. It is kind of hard to describe it in detail as it did look very similar to a star, just enlarged (although it was still light out in the evening) and very very bright (as if someone had a knife and was shining the light that reflected off of it into your eye) the fourth time it reappeared, it dimmed and turned into a dark orange ball.  Here is a quick picture I drew up, sorry for the blurry image, but that is the mountain I see from my house, and I hope you understand my steps to it. It is fairly hard to explain. 
And thank you, that does make a little sense about the green and red blinking in the sky, there are a couple out tonight, usually we only see one a night, but so far we have looked at three. So if I can find my digital camera binoculars (a very weird birthday present) I will for sure take a picture and send it over to you.
Thank you for taking the time!


16-Sept-2008, Vancouver, BC: (4:10 am)

I wanted to tell you about a weird thing I saw early this morning.

I was looking out my window (26th story, downtown Vancouver) at 4:10am this morning after I had gotten a few sips of water and noticed a really bright 'star' up in the sky, toward the east (relative to me, it would be in the line from downtown going to Deep Cove). It seemed about as bright as a typical bright star, but about 2 or 3 times larger in area. It looked the most like an airliner with some forward lights or something coincidentally pointed right in my direction to make it appear extra-bright. I watched it for about two minutes and thought it might have been Venus, since it wasn't moving to either side, and if it was moving it was moving in a straight line relative to me.

Then it started moving, going northbound at a good clip. It sort of shocked me at first since I just settled on it being a planet. It flew over Burrard inlet at a medium-high altitude going at quite a fast speed, at least 500 mph or more (maybe twice that). This one had three lights, set up triangularly, red white white (or was it white red red) which were steady-on. No strobing. I couldn't see the outline of the fuselage, it was still night time conditions out. It quickly flew out of sight in the direction of West Vancouver, and didn't return in the next few minutes.

I suppose it could have been a lot of things, civilian or military jet. I didn't see any green light on it, which is FAA standard it seems. But it might have been a UFO. Unfortunately my contacts are one prescription too weak for me right now, so the object was more blurred than it might have otherwise been, and I didn't have any binoculars to look at it through (I would have killed to have one).

I've seen airline planes, float planes, and helicopters over the skies of Vancouver but nothing ever looked or acted like this before. This seemed different. It would be great if someone else saw this same object, from a different vantage point, and could see better what it was and what it was doing.

UFO*BC Responds:

That is very strange. The only thing I can think of is that it was a small civilian aircraft that was moving towards you (westbound) at a slow speed then bank and move northbound - however if your times are correct, that is odd indeed.
I'll put it on our website and see if anyone else has seen anything.
If possible, could you take a photo during the daylight of the view from your window? At least it will allow us to see what it could have been?

Richard T

UFO*BC Received a reply to their message:

I guess with more time and the doubts of you and my friend, I am not sure this a justified UFO report. Here's what I wrote my friend:

Yes first off I found out later that strobing lights are not required but are merely optional, and are turned off at cloud level to prevent pilot vertigo. That takes away one plank of the otherworldly-platform, that it has lights that violate international standards. Although I didn't see a green light, which is mandated, but maybe I missed it.

The only real 'strangeness' to it with a little more time to distance myself from it is the fact that it was unusually bright (but that might have just been the angle), that it seemed stationary in the air (but it might have been flying toward me in a straight line and still appear stationary), and that it flew by downtown and North Vancouver at quite a rapid speed (though it might have been for all I know a normal speed for international flights).

The worst part is at night time, it could be aliens, but without telescopes and video recordings, there's not a hell of a lot evidence that really substantiates that.

I suppose I am a lot more open to their existence than you are. The Roswell and long history of weird events and ancient mysteries raises the possibility to at least being a live option. All the same, what I saw might have been a UFO, but there in the end (even for myself) doesn't seem enough to say it was anything more than a jumbo-jet coming from the East and making a landing run to the international airport.

I am fairly sure it was at least a medium-sized object, it was fairly high but still decently large appearing.  I think it is most likely some passenger jet flight coming in to YVR, making a run over Burrard inlet and then coming in from the Georgia Strait for a landing at Richmond. I think I'd have to have seen it through binoculars or a telescope to really go beyond that. The attached pic shows a daylight view of the area I was looking at (at pre-dawn night). It would be more or less between the two tall near towers in the pic, off in the distance just at the level of the top border of the pic, above the mountains.

Thanks for your assistance though. I do believe in your work. Good luck.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks  for the analysis of your sighting. Although we all like to wish for an "alien craft report" I agree with your analysis being the most probable.
Martin Jasek

29-Sept-2008, Victoria Road, Nanaimo, BC: (12:30 am)

Low level flying 200 feet above apartment building corner of Victoria Road and Farhquar. Shape: Greyish Silver Metallic looking--shaped like a pill box hat. No sound, lights red. green. blue. yellow flashing lights on sides of object Coming from direction south of building and going in a straight line north over the building. My husband observed this object early this morning. He mentioned it to me when I awoke early at 4 am.

UFO*BC Responds:
Any chance your husband could describe the object? Size?
Also, if he could provide a drawing of the object, and maybe a daylight photos of the area, that would be fantastic.
Thanks again,


01-Oct-2008 UFO*BC Received a reply to their message:

It was metallic silver grey pill box shaped object (reference clay pot)

29-Sept-2008, Victoria Road, Nanaimo, BC: (12:30 am)

Low level flying 200 feet above apartment building corner of Victoria Road and Farhquar. Shape: Greyish Silver Metallic looking--shaped like a pill box hat. No sound, lights red. green. blue. yellow flashing lights on sides of object Coming from direction south of building and going in a straight line north over the building. My husband observed this object early this morning. He mentioned it to me when I awoke early at 4 am.

UFO*BC Responds:
Any chance your husband could describe the object? Size?
Also, if he could provide a drawing of the object, and maybe a daylight photos of the area, that would be fantastic.
Thanks again,


01-Oct-2008 UFO*BC Received a reply to their message:

It was metallic silver grey pill box shaped object (reference clay pot)

flying low over the tree (see photo locationat7am)

south to north in a straight line over the building located on Victoria Road, no noise, flashing red, green, yellow and blue lights on the side of object, size in reference from viewer is the same size as the (black car in photo).


Viewer Paul Simon (name changed) has had other sightings, but this one was the closest he has ever seen. Dad Conway would have loved this story because it has been some time before I have had a close encounter/sighting since 1989. We had a sighting earlier in the week on the 29th with two flashing objects heading south from northwest area, Chemainus maybe. Too far to determine the origin of the direction, but viewed from our bedroom window at 4 am on September 29th, determined not flashing lights from airplane because at intermittent times, stationary for a few moments and veering in staggered direction southward. Back to back sightings has made us aware to keep an eye out for more action.

**Paul is a smoker, so he hangs out the window to have his smoke early in the morning. His waking time is around midnight and is awake from early morning time 12 am to 6pm.**

Oct-2008, Oak Bay, BC:

In Oct of 2008 I was living in Oak Bay, BC. I was sitting on my deck contemplating life, as I was at a crossroad in my life. I looked up to the clear sky and to my amazement there was a cloud formation that had formed almost instantly. The relevance to the formation stuck me deeply. I took 3 Photographs of it, as to assure validity. I took personnel solace from this event and carried on with life. I placed this picture on my Desktop as constant reminder of Hope and Unity. In June of 2010 I had to format my PC and lost this picture from my Hard Drive. During the process of downloading it from the original source back to my PC. I noticed something in the picture I had never seen before. After resizing and magnifying the picture, it became clear it was not a Bird, Plane or Balloon and can only be categorized as an UFO. The ramifications of this being intelligent life observing me and manifesting this cloud formation for my benefit, weigh heavily on my thoughts and belief systems. I have not draw to the conclusion that this is what I believe or contrive to, but merely that the timing and possible facts could be consequential.


01-Oct-2008, Parallel Lougheed HWY. Pitt Meadows, BC: (6:12 am)

My boss and I were going to work this a.m. 6:12 and as we headed toward Coquitlam it was completely dark and clear, I noticed what I thought was a plane about 1500 feet up, it had 2 wing lights solid white lights, a single strobing orange light in the center and 2 bright blue random strobing lights under the front. at first I thought it was a plane as we approached but could not recognize the lights as regular aviation lights, orange light look very strange especially its intensity. I kept a clear sight on it, realizing it wasn't moving, then slowly it inched east bound forward,....we were in bumper to bumper traffic creeping slowly so I was able to enjoy watching it. I told my boss to look at it, he thought it was a plane too but it didn't move, then slowly moved forward east bound. it was about 1 block north of the hwy, parallel, he then thought helicopter, but I opened my window and could not hear any noise. why would a chopper be hovering in the dark low just off the Lougheed?,...we see the RCMP chopper all the time, it has a very distinct turbine sound easily heard day or night. this was very strange, silent and the lights were not regular pattern. I hope some else lets you know, without a clear body shape its lights looked like it had wings yet hovered, it was probably the size of a small private jet. anyone in traffic this a.m could easily of watched it, the duration was about 8-9 minutes, .... it was so different and clear with very bright lights it stood out as very different.

01-Oct-2008, Delta, BC: (7:40 pm)
Lighted disk flew from west to east above high broken cirrostratus, stopped directly overhead, then accelerated quickly eastbound. Five second duration. I was out walking in the dark, got scared, and went home.

08-Oct-2008, Langford, BC: (7:20 pm)

At approximately 7:20 pm on October 8, I was driving with two companions heading along Sooke Road towards triangle mountain, we witnessed pretty much exactly what you had reported on Oct 1st, a private jet sized object with wings, flare level bright white lights (non flashing on the wingtips), an orange strobe on the front and what appeared to be many other lights flashing along the bottom portions. It was hovering and lowering around 1500 feet, made a lazy lowering sweep towards the ground, then accelerated smoothly and glided over triangle mountain and out of our view. We were observing the object and following it for 2 - 3 minutes before we lost sight of it. I was sure it wasn't a plane, or other conventional aerodynamic aircraft, the lights were very clear and the silhouette of the craft was sharp and black against the blue-dark sky.

It startled me to see the same craft described recently in your sightings so I thought I would offer my own report. (Report 01-Oct-2008, Parallel Lougheed Hwy, Pitt Meadows, BC: (06:12 am) - Above)

28-Oct-2008, Burnaby, BC: (7:00 am)

Burnaby looking north east at horizon I saw what looked like two distant stars in the horizon before the sunrise. The two "stars" started to move irregularly in zigzag and up/down patterns. Soon after, one of these "stars" picked up speed and moved further northeast until out of sight. The other "star" stayed a while ... I went to the kitchen to get hot water for tea ... came back ... and it was gone. No doubt in my mind it was not a normal sighting. Though it did cross my mind that it was perhaps helicopters ... except that the remaining "star" stayed in one place for so long it could not have been a helicopter.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the sighting report. Can you provide any more information about the sighting for us? Perhaps duration, speed of the lights or anything else you can think of?


29-Oct-2008 UFO*BC Received a reply to their message:

Hi Richard, 
The occurrence took place for approx. 8 minutes.  The speed is difficult to estimate because the "stars" were quite far away--about the distance of a satellite (looked like a satellite too).  It was the movement of these bodies that caught my eye.  They moved forward and back, up and down, side to side and diagonally.  The one to the left of my view moved away from my direction and out of sight.  The other one stopped moving for a while (a long while) then I went in the other room for approx. 45 sec.  and when I came back it was gone--not anywhere in the sky. 
Hope this helps. 
I have seen similar sightings last night.  However we got some cloud cover and now rain....so I'll have to wait until this breaks to see if I can see it again.

27-Oct-2008, Coquitlam, BC
: (2:30 am)

At 2:30am  the morning of October 27th 2008, the witness was driving home and at the intersection of Lougheed and Ioco  noticed a low flying sphere. The sphere was illuminated by a green light from behind. The witness observed the object travel for about 10 seconds at an altitude of roughly 500 feet, at a rate of speed of about 5 times that of his vehicle. The sphere, which made no sound while travelling eastbound. The witness described the sphere as travelling effortlessly, like a "knife going through butter" suddenly sped up and shot off at about 5 times its prior speed - estimated at 2000km/h.


31-Oct-2008, Langley, BC: (8:16 pm)

Watching fireworks at Redwoods Golf Coarse and a gray object that was triangular in shape flew from south to north at a constant speed. It had no lights and was only visible because of the fireworks. What's a slight verification of this is 1 minute afterwards an aircraft flew in with search lights on from a eastern position and then turned north as if to follow the object. Hope someone else saw this too.

UFO*BC Responds:

I too was watching those very fireworks, and saw the police helicopter go after some teenagers lighting fireworks. However I did not see the shape you are speaking about. Could you provide a bit more information as to the size/shape/lights direction of travel speed etc?


03-Nov-2008 UFO*BC Received a reply to their message:

My  Townhouse is Just West of Redwoods about 1Km. So that was my viewing point.  My wife first noticed it and asked me what it was, and asked if it should have lights on if it's a plane.  It was a triangle shape and was grey in colour it had no lights and was traveling at  a constant speed about the same speed a commercial airliner i would guess.  Size is very hard to determine and so is distance but considering the cloud cover that evening it would have had to be fairly low.  Once again there were no lights on it and it could have gone easily unnoticed.  It was at the end of the fireworks show when we saw it,  and after the fireworks had stopped a jet not a helicopter came from the west passed above us threw on a search light (very bright) for only 4 or 5 seconds and then headed north as if to follow after the object.   Hoping someone else might have seen this with so many eyes looking at the sky that night I can't believe it would only be me and my wife that witnessed it.

06-Nov-2008, Aldergrove, BC:

I recently had an unusual occurrence. While driving along on 8th ave heading west with Aldergrove lake park to my left, we (my gal and myself) noticed what we thought was a tower with lights on it in a grouping of trees. Upon reaching the "tower" we noticed that there was no structure underneath it. Thinking that this cannot be right I opened my car door and noticed that it was a craft of some sort just hovering there. It had red and blue lights on either end of it, a spot light with a "u" shaped pattern in it and in the middle of the "u" it had one large light. It looked like it was searching the forested area it was hovering above. The trees were about 50 -60 feet high and the craft was about 15 feet above the trees. It also had an afterburner on it with light blue flames coming from it. After about 2 -3 seconds of us staring at it, it banked to the left and started to move forward. It looked like it was turning around behind me so I took off. The weird thing is that it did all of this completely silently with no disturbance to the trees. I do not know of any craft that we posses that can move so calmly and so silently especially with an afterburner. Every word of this is true. My girlfriend is a sceptic of sceptics and even she saw it and cannot explain it. What are your thoughts.

    UFO*BC Replies:

That appears to be quite the sighting. Would you be able to provide a drawing?
Martin Jasek

Mid-Nov-2008, Whistler, BC: (8:00 pm)

I was standing outside my camper well after sunset and looking up in the night sky. I noticed a light floating across the sky. There were no noises and the light seemed to be relatively slow and did not seem to be high altitude although it appeared to be indicative of a satellite. The light flew right over me and it had a strange resemblance to a stadium light as it simply went out as it was directly overhead. I turned and strained to see it but couldn't. I saw military vehicles on the Sea to Sky highway over the next few days and thought it might have something to do with it but thought it might be in preparation for the 2010 Olympics security instead.

17-Nov-2008, 108 Mile House, BC: (Noon)

My sister and I were driving north from 108 Mile House towards Williams Lake when we both noticed two objects together both white and shiny, approximately each object would have been a foot each in length, spinning, zig zaging, flying vertically across in the sky. It crossed the highway and then disappeared into the trees and we could no longer see it.

18-Nov-2008, Maple Ridge, BC: (6:50 am)

I was driving down lougheed highway just past the haney bypass going towards mission when I noticed lights in the sky. I thought at first it was an airplane but then when I looked again I noticed it was flying very very fast, too fast for an airplane and it had about 6 or 7 clear lights that would flicker one at a time. I saw it fly all the way past planet ice in maple ridge and lost sight of it over the hills as i turned up 240th to go to work.

18-Nov-2008, Surrey, BC: (5:40 pm)

80th Ave and 121a St in Surrey (near Scott Rd.)
Not sure if it was a UFO or just a shooting star, it all happened in a split second. I was sitting on my couch and looking into my son's room and out his window that faces north towards the north shore mountains. I saw a small pin prick of light streak by real fast, like a shooting star would. It moved from east to west. I do not recall seeing a trail, but with the light pollution of the city of Surrey, it's possible it was not visible. I know it was not a plane or helicopter, as it moved much too fast, and within seconds of the sighting, I saw a helicopter with the flashing red and blue lights go by, and then a plane leaving YVR heading east. The object was faster and then faded away within seconds of it streaking by.

18-Nov-2008, Nanaimo, BC: (10:04 pm)

At 10:04 pm I was out on my back deck. Sky is perfectly clear. 2 light orange circular objects appeared traveling in a easterly to westerly direction. Traveling at a high rate of speed. Traveling in a parallel formation. 2 times the came close together and then moved apart. No sound was heard.

19-Nov-2008, Sunshine Coast, BC: (7:00 am)

I want to report a sighting I had yesterday. It was at the Sunshine Coast Langdale ferry terminal between 7 and 7:30 am. The sun was just rising. I was driving down the hill approaching the terminal when a light flash caught my eye. The light was just above the sunrise and was followed by what looked like a quite short contrail. The contrail was pink as were the rest of the clouds but is was a distance apart from the clouds. The light was quite bright and looked something like a helicopter light. I didn't see what the light was connected too, just a little pink cloud shaped like a narrow rectangle. I headed into the terminal. I checked the sky again. I could no longer see the light but the little pink cloud was moving. It flew roughly northeast towards the mountains. It seemed to be moving slowly but covered the area quite quickly. The front end of the 'cloud' was tilted up. It went behind the mountain. I kept checking every once in awhile. I saw the cloud again when it passed a valley between the peaks. It was a little bigger and the front end was now tilted down. It was still pink. It went behind the mountain again. That was the last time I saw it.


Witness Drawing

 Reported on : 20-Nov-2008, Grouse Mountain, BC
Witnessed: Summer 2000’s

Sorry, I don't remember what year it was. I was with my ex-bf at Grouse mountain watching shooting stars. As we were watching at those shooting stars, we saw one meteor. It was kind of slower than others, we didn't think too much, and all in a sudden, it turned 90 degree and turned again! and than disappeared!!! We were so surprised and excited, because I don't think meteors can turn, can they? It was clear sky, no airplane flying, no drugs or alcohol in us. We were sober!! Until today, I still believe we saw something phenomenal. Now, when I look at those beautiful stars. I believe one of them is not really a star..

     UFO*BC Replies:

Thank you for submitting this sighting. You are correct, meteors do not turn.
Best Wishes
Martin Jasek

22 or 23-Nov-2008, Arrow Creek, BC: (9:30 am)

This account was originally reported on the Page 12 Thursday, December 4, 2008 OPINION, CRESTON VALLEY ADVANCE, "Wizard' Fair" Three Big Ones by Sheldon Boyce. The article talks about three current events with the third being the authors own UFO sighting:

"...the Kootenays have had a spate of UFO sightings in the last few years. For the third time, I joined that select group last week, this time a pearl white cylindrical craft was meandering slowly towards the top of Bear Mountain in Arrow Creek, alone and stark in the deep blue morning sky.

Maintaining a steady but low altitude -- at the most, 1,500 feet -- it clearly was moving its 40- or 50-foot length under power at approximately 20 miles per hour. I was able to observe it for 15 seconds. The height and speed lent it the sense of being unconcerned, even defiant. It would have been relatively easy to rationalize or dismiss if it hadn't been the third time in three years I had seen the same craft in three Kootenay locations. The mystery thickens..."

Sheldon Boyce lives in Arrow Creek.

     UFO*BC Inquires:

Hello Sheldon,

My parents who live near Creston alerted me to the Dec 4 article in the Creston Valley Advance. I belong to an organization called UFOBC and am therefore interested in obtaining more details about your recent UFO sighting (text pasted below for your reference). UFOBC is a non-profit group dedicated to making UFO sighting information available to the public. Normally witness names remain confidential but I see that you don't have an issue with that. That's great. I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions.

What is the date and time of day of the sighting?

How did you end up loosing sight of the object?

A narrative (to give some context) of what you were doing before you sighted the object?

Where there other witnesses? (You don't have to name them)

Would you be able to provide a sketch or a drawing of the object? Also another sketch with landmarks and a path trace?


Martin Jasek

Witness Replies:

Hello Mr. Jasek.

Thanks for the inquiry...I’ll try to answer:

The date of the most recent sighting was Nov. 22 or 23rd (sorry I am just not sure) at approximately 9:30 am.

I lost sight of the object when it slowly moved northward over the ridge-top of Bear Mountain----a small local mountain approximately 12-1500 feet above the valley floor. The valley here being a small ( half a mile) straight stretch on the Lakeview Arrow Creek road formed by Goat mountain on the south and Bear mountain on the North with Arrow creek flowing on the south side.

I was actually looking at the remnants of my garden before I was going to drive into Creston. I remember taking note of a mint plant that was still showing some green. I had bent over to look at it as the last leaves were very small. I straightened up and then took a last look at the mountain which I normally do almost as a ritual before leaving. Doing this always gives me a strong impression of “earthiness” which I welcome. Of course I have to look up to take in the mountain and this is when I noticed the craft. There were no witnesses.

Instead of a sketch, I will describe the craft and it’s flight path: the craft gave the impression of being a cylindrical shape but when you looked closer, it resembled the space shuttle flying horizontally as though on a landing approach. It was a pearl white colour moving at a very slow speed meandering slowly in a Northward direction maintaining a steady altitude at approximately 12-1500 ft. It was very close to the top of Bear Mountain as it cruised over it. Note that the sky was clear; there were no ambient sounds in the neighbourhood and the craft was silent. I will also say that it had a slight blurry quality to it and I found myself squinting as I tried to adjust to this quality as I sought more detail while observing it.

Hope this helps, It is what I saw,


28-Nov-2008, S-E of Quadra Island, BC: (5:50 pm)

Large Bright object seen hovering over the water . Object appeared to be getting brighter and brighter it was very very BRIGHT with weird like tentacle lights underneath it. The object then began to sway back and forth slightly and then just disappeared without a trace or sound! very very bizarre sighting!

    UFO*BC Replies:

Thank-you for the report.
Are you able to provide more information? Perhaps direction of travel, speed, altitude, size?.
Any chance you can provide us with a drawing?

30-Nov-2008, Coquitlam, BC: (10:45 pm)

I was walking westbound in the direction of North Road for roughly 20 minutes when I noticed what appeared to be a low flying aircraft or helicopter. The fog was quite thick, but the lights on the "aircraft" were clearly visible. It had roughly 6 red and blue lights, and 4 larger white lights pointed towards an even larger yellow light in the centre of the others. I assumed it was coming from the Vancouver Airport as it was traveling eastbound at quite a steady pace. This is what led me to believe it was a plane, but as I watched it, the lights appeared to turn 90 degrees on a dime, while the aircraft itself did not move. The object left my field of vision behind some trees, but reappeared a few minutes later heading west. I stood at North Road watching it fly west over Burnaby. The object made another quick turn heading north. It maintained the same speed the entire time I watched when it suddenly increased speed. It appeared to make it's way from Burnaby to North Vancouver in mere seconds and then disappeared completely.

I wish I could give more information.

19-Dec-2008, Fort Nelson, BC: (2:00 am)

There was a bluish green object in the north west part of fort nelson at around 2:00 am and was still in the area about 2:30 am. just wondering if anyone else saw it or not. could have been a satellite, not too sure.

25-Dec-2008, Chilliwack, BC: (10:20 pm)

Clouds clear from the recent snow storm of days and days passed. I was having holiday cheer with my folks and good friends. I went out with my fiancé and my step brother to have a cherry PrimeTime cigarillo and he was having a cigarette, I had noticed the sky was cleared at 20:20 (10:20pm) my step brother noticed a satellite from the southish travelling north and I looked as did my fiancé she then then confirmed it to be a satellite as did I. less than a moment later I looked again and stated it was travelling in the opposite direction. CRAZY! and it changed trajectory and did a loop de loop or two as I called over my step-dad and it finished off the loop or two and went the to the direct from which it came.

22:40 the sky was almost cloud covered the sky and @ 11:25 an hour later there's no more snow falling but a cloud cover. the total duration of this sighting was a mere 25 to 40 seconds but suredly it was a sight for the virgin eyes to behold.

Well 35 minutes to X-mas, Merry Christmas this year.. my eyes to the sky for next year and years to come.