Late 1997 or early 1998, New Westminster:

Seven lights in "V" formation over the city of New Westminster. For the full report see "The New Westminster   Boomerang".

1998, Stone Creek:  (10:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

In 1998, two couples were camped at Stone Creek, along the Fraser River, to do some salmon fishing. The campers were approximately 40 kilometers south from Prince George. They lit a nice camp fire to keep warm and talk about the dayís events. It was a beautiful night as the sky was clear and they were able to view the stars above. In the distance to the north they were able to see the sky lit up from the city lights in Prince George. Straight in front of them was the Fraser River and across on the other bank was a tall stretch of trees. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there appeared a "huge" pulsating glowing orange/yellow ball of light!! It was about 100 feet above the tops of the trees and appeared to be swaying slightly. The size and closeness of the object made them quite concerned.  The light stayed in this position for a while and then started moving quickly towards the southwest. It did not shoot high into the night sky, but flew away parallel to the ground. It did light up the area below it. At its closest, the object appeared to be twice as large as a full moon. At no time did they hear any sound coming from the object, although it was quiet enough that they could hear the odd car traveling the highway.

Everyone figured they observed it for a couple of minutes, although the witnesses felt they had watched it for a life time due to the strangeness of it. They were going to check the fishing nets that were set that night, but after seeing this thing, they did not want to go anywhere near the river and went back to the tents. When they all returned home the next day, one of the women called the local Prince George radio station and told them what they had witnessed. No-one else had reported anything that night.

9-Jan-98 Duncan: (10:52 pm)

Three people travelling SW in their car saw a bright orange object in the sky, moving slowly. At first it looked like a blurry star, but bigger. After following it for about 15 minutes they managed to get ahead of it. It then appeared to be rectangular in shape with 3 bright orange steady lights (no flashing or blinking) inside the rectangle and very close together. With the moon shining on the object they estimated it to be only a few kilometers away. The object then started to disintegrate. "Coloured pieces (like welding sparks) started falling off the object, and fell to the ground, pieces at a time - some large and some small... about 8 pieces in all. It took about 1 minute to totally disappear and there was no sound while it fell apart."

18-Jan-98 Vancouver: (9:30 pm)

Three men on their dinner break from work saw at least 5 or 6 bluish white lights high overhead. Between the clouds they could see these bright light dots moving back and forth across the sky. At times they seemed to travel in formation; in singles, pairs and triples. Upon calling the airport, they were told there was nothing on radar except one plane coming in for a landing (easily recognizable). Eventually they were lost from sight, flying over the roof of the house.

28-Feb-98 Hope-Princeton Highway: (midnight)

Somewhere between 11 pm and 1 am on February 28, a lone occupant of a freight truck was travelling south on the Hope-Princeton Highway. Just as he was coming over a rise in the road he happened to glance skyward, and to his amazement, the driver saw a huge black triangle. Wanting to get a better look, the driver pulled his rig over to the side of the road, turned the engine off and got out of his truck. While standing there, the driver noticed the black triangle was moving towards the north and was travelling much slower than a commercial airline. When asked about the size of the object, he said "it looked like it was the size of two football fields". The object had no noticeable lights on its surface and made no noise. The total amount of time spent watching the object was estimated to be about an hour.

Mar-1998, Cranbrook, BC:
Flat black elongated triangle with inset whitish lights near points of triangle. I have seen this in pictures and video in the media or very similar. I was out walking my dog when I looked up as I was studying meteorology at this time. I observed a low cloud ceiling I estimated to be 400 ft with a wind shear as the thick boiling clouds were moving a lot faster than surface wind speed. Thatís when I saw the UFO just breaking through the clouds from above. I observed it for 5-7 seconds and estimate its speed 40 mph it made no sound and became shrouded behind the cloud again. I was not a believer in extraterrestrial craft but although not an expert I have had a life long interest in aviation and aerospace and cannot explain or deny what I witnessed. Also I know that there was an engineering report done on the collapse of the Mckim theatre associated with the sighting in Kimberley in 1999 (UFO*BC Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 3) If thatís of use to you.

16-Mar-98 Surrey: (11:15 pm)

"At about 11:15, I saw a triangular object moving at a really good clip in a s.e. direction. Didn't appear to be at a great altitude, not a sound heard. Definite triangle shape, with 3 (I think) very faint whitish coloured lights in a definite triangle shape. This would not have been noticed had I not been looking up at the precise moment it went by. Hard to imagine any one else seeing this unless they were looking at that part of the sky. I just popped out onto the back steps to look at the stars, and it went whizzing by. Fantastic!" (Steve Adair)

18-Mar-98 Surrey:

(9:50 pm)

At about 9:50 pm, a witness near 100th Avenue and 123rd Street in Surrey was looking northwest, towards Patullo Bridge. He saw a green glowing object going straight down. The object broke apart as it came closer to the ground. (possible meteor)

(9:58 pm)

"Earlier this evening I was visiting in the Patullo Bridge area of Surrey. My boyfriend and I were watching TV and were at a commercial break. He was half asleep and I was eagerly awaiting the beginning of Primetime. My eye caught a bright light out the window which faces the bridge looking towards the Coquitlam area. It was three round bright white lights in the shape of triangle with bluish rims around each.  They were in a stealth bomber like shape where two of the lights are a little wider apart at the bottom.  It was not directly above me but seemed to be tilted slightly so I could see the formation.  It paused for only a second and then shot off to the west and down, leaving a stream of bright light."

"My first thought was a plane had crashed.  I jumped up with a sick feeling in my stomach and got a little closer to the window waiting to see an explosion of light. However, nothing happened.  The time was between 9:57 and 9:59pm."

"I had to share this with someone who might understand.  I have few members in my family who will believe me.  Regardless, I know what I saw and would like to see if there were any others witness to this event."

(10:01 pm)

At 10:01, a man was alerted to a bright white-blue light descending in the South-West sky. Although the object was first observed through his venetian blinds it was bright enough to bring him outside as he was certain he was seeing a plane crash. After being outside 5 minutes and content that he was going to see no more of the prior lightshow he was surprised to observe a orange fireball type light moving much slower than a comet, once again heading South West. It then just "faded out" according to the witness.

28-Mar-98 Vancouver: (10:00 am)

On a Saturday morning, Dan was in the house, near Oak and 17th Avenue, when he heard pigeons screaming outside. Thinking that a cat was after them, he went outside for a look. Going between his house and the neighbour's house, he looked up and noticed a strange object in the sky. It was slowly alternating between black and silver. He ran inside and grabbed the only camera available, a cheap disposable model, and proceeded to take a series of 5 photos. At first he thought the object was moving quickly to different positions, but then realized there were 3 objects, all alternating between black and silver. After about 5 minutes of viewing, all three objects vanished, but momentarily left a strange zig-zag light behind.

29-Mar-98 Ashcroft: (10:25 am)

"On Sunday morning March 29th I was walking on the shore of the Thompson River by Ashcroft about one half km south of the Bonaparte River when I heard a rush of air beside me, and looking over observed what I first thought were jets but realizing they had no wings or tail, assumed they were missiles. They were within 5 - 600 feet of me and were flying side by side continually moving up and down as if trying to maintain a constant distance between them. No sound except for rushing air. Length about 15 to 30 feet. Speed 5 - 600 mph. Observed them for less than 2 seconds. Both of the missiles turned sharply up the Bonaparte River simultaneously as if controlled together. The exact time was 10:25 am Mar. 29 1998. Was this possibly a radar evasion practice or was it an unauthorized use of Canadian air space by the US. I was within 500- 800 ft of these missiles and they were 2 -300 feet above the river. Sighted at 50 degrees 44' 30" N and 121 degrees 15' 30" E. Could be similar to a Tomahawk missile."

18-Apr-98 Kamloops: (7:00 pm)

Three teenage girls observed a silver disc spinning over the hills north of Kamloops. It hovered at about 70 degrees in the sky. The conditions at the time were perfect for viewing. The girls were amazed to then see another object approach and begin to circle the first craft . After about a minute both discs shot off straight up and out of sight.

5-May-1998, Kelowna, BC: (10:00 pm)

I first noticed what appeared to be geese flying north east. There were four maybe five of them occluding the stars and brightened clouds. I pointed and told my friends. Now there were four of us, two men and two women observing this. Then we realized faint lights on the apexes of triangles. As I could not hear engines, I said " I guess that's what ufos are ". They then moved in a northerly direction rather quickly. The whole event took about twenty seconds. We seemed somewhat uncomfortable and called it a night.

5-May-98 Kelowna: (10:05 pm)

Three people watched a dark triangular object travel noiselessly above the shoreline of Okanagan Lake. It was described as flat black with a soft white light emanating from each corner. Total viewing time about 2 minutes.

For a full report and drawings see: "Kelowna UFO Sighting"

20-May-98 Victoria: (6:17 pm)

An United Parcel Service 757 twin cargo jet, travelling at 20,000 feet and south of Victoria, asked Air Traffic Control in Vancouver if there was any traffic in their area. When Vancouver reported in the negative, UPS stated, "We just had a missile pass under us". Air Traffic Control replied with a "Say again." UPS repeated their statement.

1-Jun-98 Vancouver: (1:05 am)

A woman was star-gazing when she noticed a strange triangular formation of stars. She was amazed when the formation changed into a crescent moon shape and started to glow yellow, then descended until it was about the size of a softball held at armís length. She called a friend and the two of them watched the object hover over some power lines about 2 kilometres away. After a while, the object started to move slowly in a northward direction, then seemed to become engulfed by a fast moving cloud formation that also moved towards the north. The object was last seen glowing a bright red/orange inside the clouds.

5-Jun-98 Vancouver: (10:05 pm)

A man and his wife were driving home when they observed a gray tubular, vertically aligned object in the night sky. The "vehicle" had a ghostly effect (i.e. mist) surrounding it, and flames being ejected from beneath it. It appeared to be stationary. They estimated the object was possibly 40 feet long at an altitude of 500 feet and 1/4 mile distant. After initially assuming it was a hot air balloon and then rejecting that suggestion and other common sense ideas, they turned onto another road to get a better look at the UFO in its northern location only to discover, to their considerable surprise, that the object was no longer to be seen.

9-June-98, Surrey: (16:08 pm)

The witness was proceeding south along Scott Road (by the Patullo Bridge) when she observed a bright flash in the southwest sky. A short time later she saw a second flash. She pulled over at Grace Road and saw a silver disc that displayed a "sunny glow". It was apparently at tree top level, about ľ mile away and was stationary. It was visually quite large (estimated to be twenty feet in diameter). It suddenly disappeared, like a light switching off. Despite the rush hour, few cars were around! Total viewing time about 2 or 2 Ĺ minutes.

13-June-98, Nakusp: (9:45 pm)

While lounging in the Nakusp Hot Springs pool, the witness and his brother were looking toward the southwest. It was late dusk and only 3 or 4 of the brightest stars were visible in that portion of the sky. They then noticed one of the "stars" was moving! It would move erratically, pause, then move in a different direction. At one point, all 12 to 15 people in the pool were watching it move around. After about 10 minutes, all the people were asked to vacate the pool as it was closing for the night (10:00 pm). The witness went back to his trailer to change while his brother got his binoculars to continue watching the light. About 10:10, the brother came in to say that he had been watching it with binoculars when he suddenly saw two bright flashes, about 2 seconds apart, further to the right (west). After the distraction of the flashes he could no longer locate the moving light. It was a clear night with excellent viewing conditions.

17-Jun-98 North Delta: (1:00 am)

The caller and two friends were out for a late night walk on Tue. the 16th., around 1 to 2 a.m. The three of them observed what he described as 'cloud streaks' quite high in the sky, above the clouds. He couldn't estimate the altitude. Inside of these 'cloud streaks', they saw orange coloured lights. His description was "balls of light rolling around" within these cloud like formations. He maintains that there were 5 in total, 2 'pairs', to-gether, and one some distance away, on it's own. He says that they were basically right overhead, with the fifth one in the eastern sky. The lights were intermittent, and diffused, but individual points of light were observed. The size was described as about the size of a thumb nail at arms length. Total viewing time was about one and a half hours, when they slowly faded out. He described this as a 'plasma discharge', because he felt that this was perhaps a natural phenomenon, and wasn't sure what else to call it.

7-Jul-98, Langley: (10:30 pm)

A boy and his grandmother were going to a neighbours, near 222 Street and 48th Avenue, when the lad noticed a bright white light in the western sky.The light, about the size of a dime at arm's length, was at about thirty degrees or just above the roofline of the nearby houses. Upon observation it was now apparent the light was part of a definite structure, triangular and a "hot orange colour" with the round white light placed at the flat end of the triangle. It moved in a downward fashion to the northwest and came to a halt. Upon reaching the neighbours the woman turned around to see the light one more time before going in. It was at this point that the light simply turned off. The boy had walked the entire distance backwards in orded not to miss a thing. Both said a plane as close as the object appeared to be would have been heard, but there was only silence.

12-July-98, Coquitlam: (12:13 am)

A gentleman who lives in the Blue Ridge area of Coquitlam was out having a cigarette on his sundeck when, upon looking up, saw a bright white light. He described it as "like a searchlight" which was in view for about 10 seconds before it "panned away". At one point it seemed to beam through the thin clouds in an otherwise clear sky. He was surprised there were no visible navigation lights or defined structure. No sound was heard during the sighting and the witness said a plane at the height of the object viewed would have been heard easily. He was well aware of air traffic over Coquitlam and was truly puzzled. He contacted both local papers, the airport, Planetarium and called the Hynek Centre in Chicago before reporting it to UFO*BC.

17-July-98, Kelowna: (10:45 pm)

[At a home in Westbank on the west side of Okanagan lake] "I was looking east into the sky looking for whatever could be seen. I did see two satellites one going east and one going north. I was looking just about straight up, maybe about 75-80 degrees. Then along ways up in the night sky and I mean along ways up a sudden flash of white light lasting about 2-3 seconds. Then about 30-45 seconds later another flash bright white and then it was gone. This flash of light was large in size bright in the middle and going out in a circle."

Response from gavin McLeod, UFO*BC Director:

"There is a very strong possibility that you were observing one or more of the Iridium network of satellites. Iridium is a very large project whose major investor is Motorola. The program involves launching approximately sixty satellites in low earth orbit. The solar panels are extremely reflective and reflect a narrow beam of light as they move rapidly in their orbits. When they are seen they are described as producing a flash of several seconds in duration. Please refer to this site for information on the Iridium satellites: http://www2.satellite.eu.org/sat/vsohp/iridium.html"

23-July-98, Nanaimo: (8:00 pm) (Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC for this sighting)

"In the evening while playing badminton outside, on object was seen in the sky. It was a definite cigar shape: no wings and sharp corners, just a definite rectangular shape. There was no vapour (or any other) trail. It moved slowly across the twilight sky. It made no sounds. It traveled at a constant, yet slow velocity, in a perfectly straight line north to south. It could not have been a jet: no sound, no wings, no vapour trail, too slow."

26-July-1998, Terrace: (11:30 pm)

"I was camping with three other friends at Red Sand Lake, a campground located 20 km northwest of Terrace. At approximately 11:30 pm, we began observing the sky looking for satellites and shooting stars. Suddenly, we noticed a bright white light moving jaggedly in the sky. It appeared to mildly pulsate with a green and red tint. It did not make any noise and moved in very intricate zigzag-like patterns. It manoeuvred unlike any aircraft I know of. The object hovered predominantly over mountains to the south, causing a faint blue glow over the mountains. The object remained visible for about an half an hour to an hour. During this time, we also saw another similar object in the sky. However, unlike the first object, its movements were concentrated across the entire night sky. It moved jaggedly from west to east at stunning speed for an object at that distance. Again, there was no sound. Both objects eventually disappeared within the hour. At approximately 2:30 am, two star-sized objects were moving side-by-side simultaneously far in the sky. Then they broke the pattern and descended, becoming bright like the two objects we had seen earlier. One streaked the sky and disappeared. The other hovered around for about ten to twenty minutes, travelling in the fast, zigzag manner. It then faded and disappeared quickly."

Aug-98, Sicamous:

My wife and I were walking our dog in the early evening when we  stopped to talk to a neighbour and his son for a few moments. While we were talking I asked him if he believed in UFO's.[he's an R.C.M.P officer]. He asked why and I said to look up into the eastern sky. There were four objects heading  in a south west direction at approximately 15 thousand feet. Since is was a cloudless  evening and the sum had just gone down , these object were very bright. They were like an elongated lozenge shape and a very bright white to silver colour. The were traveling at a very slow pace similar to that of a helicopter but made absolutely no soud at all. We watched them until the dissapeared over the horizon in the direction of Kelowna. We were not able to come up with any logical explanation for this sighting, so we went our separate ways still wondering what we saw.  About 15 minutes later as we were heading home my wife and I were still talking about what we had seen whe I looked into the general direction of where we had seen the objects and at the same time said "wouldn't it be neat to see some more of those UFOs" and there in the sky just slightly further north east of the earlier sighting were more of the same objects heading in the same direction. These also were totally silent and bright white/silver and traveling at a slow speed. Neither my wife or I could say for sure what we had seen but all I know is that they were not any form of conventional aircraft nor were they blimps as they were silent and moving too fast for a blimp. Has anyone else seen any thing of this nature in the Okanagan or any where else for that matter? These sightings were made In Sicamous B.C. and were observed by four adults and a child. Any replies woul be geatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve H.

First week of Aug-98, Surrey looking towards Seymour Mountain:

1998 - In July 26, 1998 we moved to a house in N. Surrey, with a 180 degree view of the north shore. A week later I was watching TV and happened to glance out the window towards Seymour, I noticed what appeared to be the landing light of a plane over Seymour Mtn. I didn't pay much attention but about ten minutes later it was still in the same place, after about 20 minutes it suddenly shrank to nothing and disappeared, I don't know if the light shrank or if it accelerated rapidly away. About a half hour later I looked out the window and it was back again, this time I grabbed my binoculars and watched, it did the same thing again, just shrank to nothing and I still couldn't tell how.

First week of Aug-98, Surrey looking towards north Coquitlam:

1998 - Aug. first week - just after dark, lots of large fluffy clouds, I observed a meteorite come down at about an 85 degree angle, passing between several clouds, looked just like in the movies, appeared to strike the ground near the housing development on the side of the mountain just north of Coquitlam.

2-Aug-98, Prince George: (9:30 pm)

A woman and her friend were sitting on the patio when they saw a strange light in the eastern sky Ė towards the airport. At first they thought it was a bright star but then it began to "hover and dance". The object was glowing bright orange with a white hue and appeared to take on a shape as it slowly moved towards the earth (still dancing). After about 10 minutes it sort of faded into the clouds, but as it did they heard a noise similar to two train cars being linked or perhaps two large trucks hitting.

3-Aug-98, Surrey: (2:30 pm)

Ken was a passenger in a car travelling west on Fraser Highway approaching 88th Avenue. He observed a metallic disc-shaped object slowly travelling southeast, and appeared to be over the power lines around 72nd Avenue. It appeared to be the size of a small jet, but had no discernible wings or tail and was travelling so slowly that if it had been a plane "it would have fallen out of the sky". After about 30 seconds he lost sight of it behind some trees. The sky was clear and blue.

3-Aug-98, White Rock: (11:00 pm)

On a lovely clear evening, before retiring for the night, the witness was laying on his deck, staring up at the sky looking for satellites. He noticed two objects travelling from the northeast to the southeast. They were travelling in an offset formation, one object ahead and off to one side of the other object. The objects were a faint orangey-brown colour, slightly translucent ("like a Klingon vessel de-cloaking") and about the size of a pea held at armís length. The witness described the objects as "dove shaped", or like the Foremost milk logo [his description sounded very similar to the famous Kennneth Arnold sighting]. The total viewing time was about 10 seconds and there was no noise.

4-Aug-98, Golden:

"Last night a friend took me out to his place just outside of the town limits. Golden BC. He had been telling me stories about how he had been watching the skies for 2 weeks and keeps seeing these "stars" playing in the sky. I couldn't believe it when I saw what he had been telling me about. These "Stars" begin to move from a standstill position. You can usually pick them out because they have an orangy tinge to them. They move across the sky in either slow curves, zigzaging, or "playing". I did not see any more than one at a time but he claims to have seen multiple playing together in the sky. They move too slow to be shooting stars, to fast to be an airplane or satellite. I'm baffled, can you explain to me what we might be seeing every night?" Ė Cherisse, Golden, BC

Response from UFO*BC Ė Sorry Cherisse, we are just as baffled as you!

4-Aug-1998, Terrace: (9:30 pm)

"I was taking pictures of the Terrace sunset on Kalum Lake Drive, a stretch of road that heads north. It was 9:30 pm. After taking some photographs around the Deep Creek area, I noticed three bright white lights located to the left of the sunset. Excited, I snapped three photographs before the lights shot away and disappeared. I then returned to the main road in my car and noticed a red and white light pattern from the northeast that seemed to move parallel to my vehicle. I grabbed two photos before it faded off in the sky. I returned to town to discuss the incident with my friends who had seen the lights at Red Sand Lake. [see 26-July sighting] During this time, the back of my camera accidentally popped open, briefly exposing the film to light. It is likely that the film was damaged. I will be developing the photographs within the week."

6-Aug-98, Pitt Lake: (11:00 pm)

"At 11:pm, I stepped outside to have a cigarette (I do not smoke in the house) and looked up to see the full moon, all of a sudden an object with rotating light around the edge and dark inner circle with yet another bright light in the centre, came flying out of the light being cast from the Moon. This object flew almost directly overhead at a speed of at least twice that of a fighter jet. It was going south to north, and when it got to a point near Pitt Lake it stopped dead for about 5 seconds, then made a wide zigzag movement before taking off in it's original direction.

I have seen many meteors, planes, satellites and have owned a telescope for years, but I have never seen anything like this before!...It was truly amazing!!!"

Second week of Aug-98, Surrey looking towards UBC:

Aug. second week - sitting on front deck looking west, observed another meteorite plunged down in the vicinity of UBC. see other two sightings by same witness in first and second week in August.

13-Aug-98, Prince George: (10:00 pm)

The observor was on his sun deck with a telescope to look at the stars. He saw a starlike object moving in a westerly direction similar to a satellite. The object was then observed to stop, then move north, then south, then north again, and then headed west at a very great speed. He could discern no size or shape, other than a white star-like appearance.

13-Aug-98, Surrey: (11:30 pm)

The witness was driving west on #1 Highway when he observed a large bright disc of white light "drop out of the sky" and hover over the junction of 176th Street and the Highway, about 600 meters away. The light appeared to be the size of a 747 aircraft! He, and many others pulled off the Highway. Rolling his window down and turning his motor off, he could hear no sound from the object. After about 30 seconds the light took off at a rapid pace into the clear sky. A call to the Surrey RCMP the following day elicited confirmation from others who phoned in.

14-Aug-98, Surrey. BC: (8:45 pm)

After working in Whalley, Jerome and his brother took a bus home to Newton. About 8:45 they got off the bus near the Sunrise poultry factory on King George Highway. As the bus took off they noticed some strange red/orange lights zipping back and forth across the sky, at incredible speeds. Each orangey-red light would spew out a smaller orangey-red light which would zip back and forth in the western sky. After a few minutes, they didn't see any more lights so they started walking home across an open field along the train track. They noticed it was darker than usual because the outdoor lights from the chicken factory were off (power failure?).

About 9:10 PM, as they reached Comber Way, Jerome looked up, and to his amazement, saw an orangey-red saucer with strange red balls coming out of it. The brothers estimated it was about 3000 feet above them and seemed to follow them as they walked along Comber Way. They were pretty nervous. After a few minutes it started to speed up, crossed over Comber Way and headed north towards a forested area. "The craft spewed out two more red balls, then the craft itself slowly disappeared in midair then the little red glowing balls it had just spewed out disappeared."

A friend of Jerome's said he had seen the exact same thing a day earlier.

Third week of Aug-98, North Surrey:

I was lying on the rear deck looking for satellites just after dark, when I saw what appeared to be one tumbling in space and traveling north to south. I took a look through my binoculars and what I had taken to be the sun reflecting from the object turned out to be a large white strobe light with a smaller red light and the rear and a green in the front. I couldn't make out what they were attached to very well but it appeared to be black and cylindrical. I don't know if it was in space or not but it appeared to be very high and traveling about the same speed as the satellites do.

22-Aug-98, Surrey: (3:15 pm)

A woman, and her daughter, were driving in their car when she saw a reflective (metallic?) triangular craft in the southern sky. It was above the clouds (weather office says about 6500 feet) and positioned to the right of the sun. The woman described the object as appearing to have one side "folded in"(?). She took her sunglasses off to get a better look, but the object had disappeared. In the 2 - 3 seconds she had the object in view it appeared to be executing a figure 8 movement.

Sept-1998, Comox Valley: (8 - 9:00 pm)

Two men were in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, when they saw 4-5 "stars" moving around the sky in an erratic manner at the same time ejecting smaller stars that would circle around and then re-enter the "mother ship". This continued for a period of three hours! Some pictures were taken. One witness stated that he would try and obtain copies and send them to UFO*BC. Altogether they counted around 30 lights in the sky.

3-Sep-98, Kamloops: (5:00 pm)

"I was sitting on my balcony. It was just after 5 pm when a circular black object shot across the sky. About two-thirds the way of my view, it stopped momentarily then headed straight up. I watched it get smaller than a speck then it was gone. It made no sound, I could see no visible legs, propeller other than the round circle. Another one shot across the sky and did the same thing. It appeared half the size of the moon."

5-Sep-98, New Westminster: (3:00 pm)

While standing in the backyard at a home near 12th and Edinborough three adults were treated to a most astonishing display. Four bright white orbs were viewed for an estimated 20 -25 minutes in the mostly clear sky that day. The lead object, the size of a 10 cent coin at armís length, was followed by a triangular formation of three smaller orbs, those being half the size of the lead object. The witnessís were amazed at the size of the formation that they said took up a third of the sky and seemed to stand still at times before moving extremely slow as it headed in a northwest direction. The viewers were very surprised that UFO*BC had received no other reports as they said, "there was no way on earth you could have missed this thing".

5-Sep-98, Burnaby: (8:50 pm)

Two women observed a very bright white light in the western sky. It appeared at times to come towards them and then in an instant resume it's original spot in the sky. At its closest distance it was the size of a pencil eraser at arms length and at its farthest like a match head. Both women were astonished by its movements and fluidity. No sound was heard at anytime.

9-Sep-98, Cloverdale: (10:30 pm)

Two teen age boys, Dale and Travis, watched a large white light ("as big as a bus") that split into two, then three, then moved at high speed both vertically and horizontally before forming into one light again. This routine was repeated once more! The light then headed north at high speed (over Grouse Mountain). There was no detectable sound and the duration was about 10 Ė 15 minutes. Five minutes later, two "fighter jets" passed overhead, travelling in the same direction as the UFO. Travis suffered from sore eyes after the observation.

22-Sep-98, Courtenay: (11:30 pm) (Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC for this sighting)

"I was sitting in my car on a beach near the City of Courtenay on the night in question. A streak of light appeared directly in front of my view facing East. The width of the tail seemed larger than an average meteor tail, and had a greenish blue tinge to it. [The greenish object shot across the sky, flying from WEST to EAST, and appeared to fly beyond the horizon.] The head of the source of light seemed to be fuzzy in nature, more like a fireball. The time I have given is only an estimate."

23-Sep-98, Surrey: (9:10 pm)

A woman was observing the night sky when she suddenly saw a green "fireball" appear in the northeast and traverse the sky slowly in a southwest direction. The light disappeared from view as mysteriously as it appeared. There was no accompanying sound and total viewing time was about 5 seconds.

23-Sep-98, Victoria: (9:10 pm)  (Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC for this sighting)

A man and his son saw a bright green fireball streak across the sky in an east to west direction over the Olympic Mountains. The fireball was on a slightly downward course for the duration of time in which the object was visible (5 seconds). It disappeared in what seemed to be mid-air. There were no viewing obstructions as the particular area was flat farm land. There was a long white tail following the object. Approximate size Ė ľ moon.

24-Sep-98, Vancouver: (9:15 pm)  (Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC for this sighting)

"At approximately 9:00-9:30 pm, I was looking out a south facing window and witnessed a ball of light descending across my field of view from East to West. The light appeared too large, moved at a rate too quickly, and angle too steep for it to be an airplane. It also moved too slowly for it to seem like a shooting star. It did not leave a trail. The path of the object was linear and did not vary, and descended from east to west at an angle of approx. 30 degrees. The light from the object seemed very white. I only witnessed it for a period of less than 5 seconds before my view was obstructed."

25-Sep-98, Lindell Beach: (9:23 pm)  (Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC for this sighting)

A young man was looking out the front room window of his home in the Columbia Valley when he saw a green fireball coming from the south, heading east. It was about a quarter of the size of the full moon. Both ball and tail were green.

28-Sep-98, Vancouver: (7:25 pm) (Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC for this sighting)

"On September 28, 1998 at approx. 7:25 pm I was driving eastward on 2nd Avenue in Vancouver approaching Main Street. From the corner of my eye to the left of the steering wheel I spotted a flash of light. As I focussed I saw a orange fireball descending into the atmosphere or speeding east in the early evening sky. The object was quite large, slightly smaller than the full moon from the city vantage. The centre of the object was orange and it was glowing white/orange. The fireball disappeared at the height of the buildings or treeline. At this time it was early dusk and quite light in the sky. I could only see one bright star visible and was light enough I did not have my headlamps turned on. There was plenty of traffic. This is downtown Vancouver. I had one passenger with me. I asked him if he saw it! He described the same thing I witnessed. He has made a taped statement for me."

3-Oct-98, Whistler: (6:27 pm)

From the Whistler Resort, Paul and James watched a round disc travel from SE to NNE, for a period of five minutes. During this time the object changed directions. It appeared to be silver and metallic and was observed in a clear blue sky.

17-Oct-98, Mission: (11:30 pm)

The witness, Bobby, was travelling in a car when he saw a green fireball at about 30 degrees above the western horizon. Its visual size was about 1/5 to 1/7 the diameter of the moon. Travelling fairly quick, the object was in view approximately 1 Ĺ seconds.

21-Oct-98, Abbotsford: (2:30 am)

Witness saw a bright triangular object in the southern sky. It was flashing green, red, blue and yellow. She watched it for over an hour before it slowly moved eastward out of sight.

21-Oct-98, Burnaby: (7:30 am)

BCTV received a call at 7:30 about a very bright object in the eastern sky. When BCTV staff checked it out they saw a thin bright light about 15 degrees above the horizon. The Vancouver Airport had nothing on radar. The object was in view for about 10 minutes.

21-Oct-98, Vancouver: (7:30 am)

On his way to work, a witness saw a bright metallic object in the eastern sky. It appeared as an airplane fuselage, minus the wings. It was silver in colour at first, then turned bronze (reflecting sun?). The object was about 25 degrees above the horizon and was viewed for about 15 seconds.

22-Oct-98, Abbotsford: (6:45 pm)

"Curious Jay" saw a glowing bright orange object in the eastern sky, about 10 to 20 degrees above the horizon. After a minute it seemed to turn into a saucer shape, then after a few seconds, take off due east. It was about ľ the size of the full moon.

23-Oct-98, Vancouver: (7:30 am)

Witness observed a big white light with a long tail travelling from the southwest to the northeast. The object was the size of a dime held at armís length, with a 3 inch tail. The object disappeared over Grouse Mountain. Total viewing time of about 6 seconds.

23-Oct-98, Coquitlam: (10:15 pm)

Witness was looking out of his window in a westerly direction and noticed a very bright, white light. He estimated it to be about 1 mile away and 2000 feet in altitude. He had his window open but could hear no accompanying sound. After about 20 seconds, the bright white light went out and then he could see 6 lights in a hexagon shape, one light being red. After a surge in brightness, four of the lights went out, leaving only the two front (?) lights. The lights (craft?) moved slowly southwest behind a tree and out of sight. The total viewing time was between 40 and 60 seconds. The sky was overcast.

29-Oct-98, Kelowna: (3:30 am) (Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC for this sighting)

A woman out looking for a lost cat saw a bright white spherical object travelling from the northeast to the southwest. The approximate size was like a match head held at armís length. There was no noise, no tail and no visible trail left behind. It disappeared over the horizon (mountain). The astronomical observatory in Penticton informed her that others had seen the same thing.

7-Nov-98, Abbotsford: (1:00 am)

A mother and daughter noticed a triangular shaped object with flashing red, blue and yellow lights. The pattern of flashing seemed similar to "Morse code". The object was seen in the southern sky for about 1 hour before it moved away. The object appeared to be below the cloud layer.

10-Nov-98, Vancouver: (10:00 pm)

Two women were on an apartment balcony when one of them saw an intense white light stationary in the southern sky. As she gazed at it, the light took off at a high speed in a southeasterly direction. The sky was mostly clear and the sighting lasted only about three seconds. The second lady did not see the light but commented on her companionís awestruck reaction.

16-Nov-98, Langley: (6:00 am)

The witness saw a huge transparent disc with a clearly defined gold rim slowly approach her apartment building from the west. As it got closer, cloud-like formations could be seen within it. After five minutes the object suddenly vanished! A male companion did not witness the sighting.

16-Nov-98, Abbotsford: (6:30 pm)

The witness was visiting Fishtrap Creek Park in Clearbrook when he saw a slow moving V-shaped object coming from the southwest at about 2000 feet [estimated]. The object made no sound as it crossed the sky in 4 to 5 seconds. A higher flying aircraft approaching Vancouver was in the air at the same time. Two minutes later a reflective object appeared from the east (no lights apparent) and completed a u-turn around the Vancouver bound aircraft, and headed off in a southeasterly direction. The sky was clear.

17-Nov-98, Richmond: (1:15 am)

Heather and Chris were out watching the meteor shower (Leonids) on a clear and starry night when they saw an iridescent orange/red/gold light in the western sky. It made no noise, but was "Really Moving". Chris, who watched it through his spotting scope, saw a boomerang shaped object around the lights. Total viewing time was only about 3 seconds.

17-Nov-98, Richmond: (1:15 am)

Heather and Chris were out watching the meteor shower (Leonids) on a clear and starry night when they saw an iridescent orange/red/gold light in the western sky. It made no noise, but was "Really Moving". Chris, who watched it through his spotting scope, saw a boomerang shaped object around the lights. Total viewing time was only about 3 seconds.

1-Dec-98, Langley: (7:00 pm)

A female witness was sitting in a car outside a mall on Logan Street in Langley, BC. Looking up, she was surprised to see a large [triangular] light formation moving very slowly directly above her. The lights of different colours were blinking in sequence from one side to the other. Although the object was in view a good two minutes, no detectable sound was reported.

13-Dec-98, Langley: (6:27 pm)

Jodi was feeding her two horses when her attention was drawn to a very loud noise coming from the north. Jodi observed a very bright triangular "building", with bright lights, coming from the direction of Golden Ears Park. The object was thick, wide and had big square windows. It looked like the B2 Bomber. She watched it slowly approach for a few seconds then she ran the few short steps to the house. She threw open the door, yelling "Binoculars! Something in the Sky!" When she turned back to watch she discovered, to her astonishment, that the object was now receding in the direction of Abbotsford Airport. It flew into a cloud bank and the whole cloud became illuminated! The total sighting lasted about 2 to 3 minutes. Her mother confirmed hearing the approaching craft, but only witnessed it as it departed in the distance.

Around Xmas, 1998, Langley, BC:

1998-1999 around Christmas time Langley BC (willowbrook mall parking lot) My father and I were just leaving the mall after some Christmas shopping, it was just getting dark out so evening time. My dad had looked up in the sky and said "wow, look at the moon" I looked up and saw a glowing ball in the sky slightly west of our location. I said to my dad "that's not the moon" the ball I'm not sure how far away but it seamed to be pretty high up, started changing colours from a grey blue to green and then orange to red, it was kind of gyrating around kind of wobbling around that one spot in the sky for maybe 20-30 seconds then the orange changed to red, the thing broke up into maybe 7-10 smaller red balls and shot off in pieces to the north so fast it was just a blur. My dad and I both shocked at what we had just seen asked some people in the parking lot if they had seen it and they just sort of looked at us as if we were crazy. The ball/orb looked to be about half the size of what the moon would look like maybe a bit larger. My dad and I were swimming at wc Blair pool in Langley a few days later, my dad was in the steam room talking about what he saw and there was a man there had seen the same thing on the same night, my dad had come calling for me in the pool to come talk with the man. The man from the pool had described the same thing as what we saw that night. I've often wondered what I saw that night trying to make sense of it. I know back in those days China beach night club had a spot light they use to use often, but I have seen that light and I know that what we saw was not a spot light.

24-Dec-98, Williams Lake: (3:40 pm)

Two city workmen saw a very bright object sitting in the sky at about 3:40 pm. The bottom was round like a "light Bulb", but the top had two points. It started moving slowly and after 15 or 20 minutes disappeared behind a hill. At 4:45 pm, a passenger in a car saw a glowing orange object heading west. At the same time, the local radio station, CFFM announced that a listener had reported a strange glowing object in the sky, heading west.

Dec-98, North Surrey looking towards Mount Seymour:

At around Christmas I observed a meteorite plunge to the ground near the ski slope on Seymour Mtn.

31-Jan-98, Burnaby: (11:50 pm)

The witness, Ken, was outside admiring the distinct halo around the moon when he noticed, in the southwest sky, a very bright red light with a white light on top. Shortly afterward he was startled by the sound of engine noise over his left shoulder! He looked up to see an apparently huge object, but with a similar light configuration as the original distant object. The large object moved towards the distant object. When the second craft approached the first one, they both suddenly departed vertically at high speed. Total sighting time was about 5 minutes.