Late-Dec-98/Early-Jan-99, Vancouver Island: (4:30 pm)

Jim was travelling north on the Island Highway, about 2 miles from Ladysmith, when he saw a strange dull grey object pass across his field of vision. It was travelling from east to west on a downward trajectory. Jim describes it as "tadpole-like", or like a cut-away section of an air foil – thick and rounded at the front and tapering down at the back. He estimates that the object was 50 feet in length, 8 feet thick, and about 350 feet above the ground. Although it was approaching dusk, there was still enough light to see that there were no wings, propellors, landing gear or lights. The object’s trajectory would have caused it to crash into the hillside, but when Jim reached the spot where it had crossed over the highway, there was nothing to be seen. If it had climbed, or banked left or right, it should have re-entered Jim’s filed of vision, but it did not.

Jim has a commercial pilot’s license and is quite familiar with small planes and the runway approaches to the Nanaimo airport, several miles to the North.

1999, Prince George, BC:

Walking at Massey Park track in 1999. Thought I saw light from airport but it just seemed to be moving slower. The light lit up about a quarter of the sky and it had only become dusk. I focused in on the center of the light and it looked like a bullet firing through the sky, way up and at super speed. I watched it for about fifteen seconds and then began to relax and then as my perception widened, I could see there was another one right beside it, going exactly  the same speed. Within about forty seconds they crossed the whole sky lighting large sections as they flew. Reported to local Air Force base who told me they had no radar of anything in the area.

Jan-99, Surrey, BC:

Richard was travelling east on Zero Avenue, near the Pacific Highway (border crossing), when he saw a wedge-shaped aircraft stationary above the power lines. It was "so low", and displaying white flashing lights. It had a jet motor sound, but Richard said he was familiar with Harrier jets and it wasn't as loud as that! He watched it for 2 minutes before it began to slowly move away.

Richard had two other sightings of similar craft this year.

19-Jan-99, Surrey, BC: (1:30 am)

The sixteen-year-old witness had just turned her light off to go to sleep when she heard a noise and felt a presence. After turning the light back on she went to the window and saw a glowing object hovering over the trees to the south. The object projected a light from underneath and it seemed as if a being was passing down the light in a kind of ghostly apparition, appearing and disappearing in the light. She described it as "like dancing shapes coming together to form a being". The being settled as if crouching in a tree, and the glowing object took off very fast. After witnessing this she became very frightened and decided to wake up her parents. Her father got up to take a look, but by then there was nothing to be seen.

19-Jan-99, Prince Rupert, BC: (7:00 pm)

The witness was looking south and observing the Orion constellation when he saw a bright green object fly from east to west. It was about 70 degrees above the horizon, just below Orion’s "belt buckle". The object was circular in shape with no discernible tail. The sky was clear and the sighting only lasted a few seconds.

The object was most likely a fireball – Jerry Tatum, UVIC.

Feb 1999, Langford, BC: (about 1 am) HBCC UFO

Sorry to be fuzzy on the exact date but it was along time ago and after our encounter we came into the house and each drew our rendition of what we saw. I'm in the process of looking for our drawings from that night. The reason we were out in the yard at that hour was it was supposed to be one of the best nights in decades to see meteor showers. We weren't disappointed and had some long colorful shooting stars fill up the sky as we laid on sleeping bags in our backyard (actually on the driveway for the clearest view). My husband was getting frustrated because he kept missing the awesome ones I was seeing because he had been looking the other way. This went on a few times until finally he said tell me exactly where you're looking and I'll look there too. All of a sudden from our far left (east facing direction) we saw a dark shape in the sky. It was a triangle of sorts with a bit of a curve to the shape. Our two drawings did not totally match the outer shape but the body.

What did match was the fact that there were perfectly round holes going across the body of this thing in rows. The object was black but the holes looked even darker in color; it moved quite slowly straight across the sky and made no noise what-so-ever. We both exclaimed, "What the heck is that?" and watched it go across our sight line and disappear behind the roof of the house. We probably watched it for about 10 seconds and were not able to figure out how high it was or how big it was because there was nothing to compare it to. If there had been a sound it might have helped us gauge how high up it was. If it was a toy of some kind it still would have made a sound. We were completely blown away and happy that both of us had seen it because we knew no one would believe it. I called our local observatory the following day hoping others had seen it and there was an explanation but they politely told me to chalk it up to a unique experience. We've never forgotten this and have never seen anything else unusual in our lives, but reading an article on you in our local paper today and seeing the reference to a triangle object made me want to write and share our story. It would sure be nice to know what this thing was. Take care and thanks for letting me share.

14-Feb-99, San Juan Island, Wash: (1:45 am)

"About 1 hour and 15 minutes ago I was working here at my computer which has a whole wall of windows beside it. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a very bright light in the sky. I looked over at it and saw it was very bright and looked unusual. So I grabbed the binoculars I have here for ship watching."

"In looking through my binoculars I could see a triangular shaped thing in the sky, very bright with one side red lights and the other green. It seemed to be just hovering motionlessly. I thought it must be a helicopter but it just never seemed to move. When I took down the binoculars I could see it was quite high in the sky near the off coast island of Chatham. I watched it for about five minutes and it didn't move although sometimes it seemed to change angle or something as the lights got dimmer at times (as though it was being seen side on or something). It then moved down a bit slowly, then stopped, then moved a bit etc. The red and green lights were very bright at times and it was sometimes a distinct triangle shape and other times not clearly shaped (it seemed to move so that I was seeing it from different angles). My husband was asleep so I didn't wake him up..until suddenly this object started moving *very fast* and very erratically..........just squiggles of light streaking and darting about in a very random way and very fast. With that I called my husband and he came downstairs. He came over to the window and I told him what I was still seeing and I said I know of nothing that moved that way and handed him the binoculars. Unfortunately he was totally mistaken about where to look although I told him where (he wasted 2 or more minutes looking into the water!). By the time he got that when I said "I think I might be seeing a UFO" it would be best to look at the bright object in the sky as I said, it had stopped moving. I saw with my naked eye the object was now over the city of Victoria (this was about 1:40 am PST tonight Feb 14). He looked through his binoculars and said yes it was red and green lights but he couldn't make out the shape and it wasn't moving. He watched it for about 5 minutes and then said it was getting fainter. I looked through the binoculars and saw that indeed it was getting faint and it seemed to fade away (into the distance?)."

16-Feb-99, North Vancouver, BC: (10:00 pm)

In the northeast sky, the witness watched a large pink light with a white light to its right that appeared attached. The lights appeared stationary. Although a clear night the two lights seemed to be covered by a veil (emitting vapour?). The objects were lost from view as they dissipated. The witness wondered if this was the bolide as reported on radio and TV.

19-Feb-99, Burnaby, BC: (11:00 pm)

The witness observed a bright blue flash in the overcast northeastern sky. A flourescent blue ball of light was seen in (or above) the clouds for a period of one second. Visually it appeared to be Ľ inch in diameter (at arm’s length).

This was probably a meteor.

22-Feb-99, Vancouver, BC: (7:20 to 7:30 pm)

7 witnesses watched two bright lights in the western sky, flashing a variety of colours. They were stationary and about 25 degrees above the horizon. After 10 minutes the lights disappeared from sight (as cloud covered them?).

These two lights were probably Venus and Jupiter.

22-Feb-99, Delta, BC: (6:50 – 8:00 pm)

Several witnesses watched two bright white lights in the western sky. Initially they were about 40 degrees above the horizon. After 20 minutes they winked out and a short time later re-appeared in the same location. At about 8 pm they started changing colour to yellow and orange before blinking out again.
These two lights were probably Venus and Jupiter.

2-Mar-99, Surrey, BC: (10:30 pm)

The witness was driving west on #10 Highway when he saw a red light move in a southwest direction over Vancouver and join two two stationary lights; one red and one white. A few moments later the three lights took off vertically into the sky, quickly disappearing. During the viewing period, which lasted approximately five minutes, the witness had pulled off the road and exited his vehicle to enable a more accurate viewing. The sky was clear.

5/6-Mar-99, Kimberley, BC: (10:00 pm – 12:45 am)

At least six witnesses reported seeing a strange object above the town of Kimberley, BC. It was described as diamond shaped with facets like the diamond in a ring. Surrounding the object were brilliant but diffuse coloured lights. On the bottom of the object was an inverted pyramid. One witness reported seeing beams of light coming from the object and shining onto the roof of the elementary school theatre. Several hours later, the theatre roof collapsed, even though it had been renovated in 1996, at a cost of $500,000. One of the witnesses reported seeing a similar, or the same object, several days later.

20-Apr-99, Maple Ridge, BC: (9:15 pm)

On the 20th of April, 1999, we received a call from a man living in Maple Ridge, BC. He was outside barbequing with a female companion and a 3-year-old child, when they saw a small pulsating light approaching. It appeared to be only 2-300 feet above the ground. When the light became stationary, all the lights in Maple Ridge went out! About 10 minutes later they saw a big white flash and then a meteor-like streak heading in a northwestern direction, towards Pitt Lake. At this time a "rushing wind sound" could be heard. All of the city lights then came back on.

A call was placed to BC Hydro on the 21st of April and they confirmed the power failure. They stated that Maple Ridge had a "transmission feed loss into a substation" at 21:15 on the 20th of April, for a period of 11 minutes.

22-Apr-99, Crescent Beach: (10:00 pm)

A man and woman were alerted to a brilliant flash of light in the night sky. The initial outburst was replaced by a circular spinning red light. The object moved out of sight after a 30 second viewing. The witnesses were familiar with planes in the area and their characteristics as well as differentiating satellites.

27-Apr-99, White Rock, BC: (4:30 am)

Debbie was attending to her young son, in his bedroom, when a blast of blue light entered the room through the horizontal blinds. Looking onto the street from another window she was astonished to see a cluster of rectangular lights (8 to 12) beamed onto the road in front of her neighbour's driveway. The lights were stationary and covered an area about 8 feet by 8 feet. She said it was "So quiet, so quiet" and yet she could also sense a really deep hum. After viewing this for about 10 seconds she was so shocked she returned to her son's room. As she did so, a blast of of white light came from the Dogwood Park area, which their house backs onto. Looking into the park, she could see a white light amongst the trees. Her neighbour told her that their dog would not venture into the garden facing Dogwood Park the following day.

27-Apr-99, Crescent Beach:

A man and woman came upon several swirls of grass laid down and woven in an area of high grass. The pattern was about 15 ft in diameter and was very apparent in the otherwise normal grass area.

1-May-99, Richmond, BC: (10:00 pm)

George, Linda and their 11-year-old son were driving south across Oak Street Bridge when Linda called out "What's that?" George looked at where his wife was pointing and observed a square, flat object approaching from the east and "floating" about 1000 - 1500 feet above the ground. It had 8 "flood lights" on the front, white in colour and steady in their illumination. As the car went by the junction of Shell Road, the object passed overhead displaying an underside view of "aluminum sheeting". Normally an aircraft flying this path into Vancouver Airport would provide an intense short period of engine noise as it passed overhead, but this object made no discernible noise and no indication of a power source could be seen.

The craft was observed by all three occupants of the vehicle and was in view about 15-20 seconds. It appeared to be heading towards Steveston Highway instead of the Airport. The estimated speed was 150 mph and although it lacked "depth", it appeared to be the size of a Boeing 737. George, an ex-employee of the Airport, phoned the control tower but was told they had nothing unusual on their radar.

This is the third sighting report UFO*BC has on file about rectangular objects that are very, very thin.

3-May-99, Surrey: (9:30 pm)

Gilan (9) and his ten-year-old sister saw around 30 blue lights surrounding a large blue ball, which they watched for 4 minutes. They couldn't hear any accompanying sound.

7-May-99, White Rock: (9:00 pm)

Johan was driving down Fir Street, in White Rock, when he saw a large yellow / bluey-gray patch of light travelling across the water in an easterly direction. He estimates it was "300 metres in diameter"! The light appeared to be pulsating. He viewed it from his car for about 30 seconds. Johan is an ex-Swedish and US Army member.

7-May-99, Surrey: (10:45 pm)

A boy, while lying in his bed looking out the window to the south, saw a bright white shiny circle move across the sky in a westerly direction. The boy said the object appeared to be the size of a penny at arm's length. Excited, he ran to alert his brother in the next room. Unfortunately by the time the boys looked, the object was gone.

7-May-99, Cloverdale, BC: (11:44 pm)

Laura and a friend were watching television when they saw a large white triangle come down vertically over White Rock. According to Laura, it was the "size of her fist" held at arm's length.

8-May-99, White Rock, BC: (9:30 pm)

A couple and their two children were driving southeast on Highway #99. Upon reaching 152nd Street they saw a large wedge-shaped craft approaching slowly, at a very low altitude. It had a bright white light in the center, a blue light on one side and a red light on the other side. As they watched, a small conventional airplane flew diagonally across its path! The wedge-shaped craft veered south towards White Rock. Total viewing time was at least 4 minutes.

9-May-99, White Rock, BC: (10:30 pm)

Aliza, Sasha and Jennifer were leaving McDonalds, at 152nd Street and 18th Avenue in White Rock, when Sasha spotted a "HUGE" boomerang-shaped object slowly approaching at a very low level. They stopped the car and got out to gaze at it as it passed silently overhead. It had 6-8 broad beamed "headlights" flashing on and off, but not sequentially. The lights were red, green and white. Aliza said it looked like an "image" in the clear night sky. After 7-8 seconds, the object disappeared from view in an instant !?!?

All three young women were strongly effected by what they saw; Sasha was crying; Jennifer shook for the next hour; and Aliza was in a state of shock and slept that night with the lights on.

9-May-99, White Rock, BC: (10:15 pm)

Kevin and a friend were driving south on Highway #99 when they spotted a "stealth" aircraft stationary about 100 feet above the trees. The object displayed 4 headlights. Shortly afterwards they observed a "starburst" in the clear night sky, the colour being orangey-red. When the light display faded away, the craft began to slowly move away. At this point a red and blue flashing light appeared, one at each wing tip. The highway was being re-paved and the object had been above the paving crew. Total viewing time about 3 to 4 minutes.

A friend phoned the airport and was told that their radar is set only to 1000 feet and above, and that they had nothing to report at this time.

10-May-99, Burnaby, BC: (10:43 pm)

Sid and Leon were on Burnaby Mountain when they spotted a "massive", long craft below the tops of the trees. It initially appeared to be stationary, then started moving slowly, with no discernible noise. The side facing them (the right side) had a yellow light, a long red light and a blue/green/gray light. They viewed it for 6 to 8 minutes.

Twenty minutes later it returned, with the light configuration in reverse, suggesting it had turned around. Sid said, "I was not a believer before, but I am now!"

12-May-99, Victoria, BC: (8:30 - 9:30 pm)

A man and his wife were at the gazebo in the University of Victoria, a favourite viewing spot for them. They were looking eastward across the Straits of Juan De Fuca, towards Vancouver, when they saw a bright light, the colour of fire, indulge in high speed erratic motions. They watched it for about 8 minutes before it disappeared into the ocean(?) or landed(?). The light was 1/2 the size of a dime held at arm's length.

A few minutes later, another fiery object appeared in the same spot and "danced" around the sky in an identical manner. After about 8 minutes, this object also disappeared in a similar manner. This object appeared to be more of a triangular shape.

A little later, a third yellow/gold object appeared and repeated the antics of the two previous objects. This one was also around for about 8 minutes before disappearing in the same spot.

In January of 1999, the same couple saw a vertical beam of lightning(?) appear from the same location and beam skywards. It was only in view "for a millisecond".

14-May-99, Mud Bay/ Crescent Beach, BC: (8:15 pm)

A man and his wife were walking along Mud Bay when they saw a 30 to 40 foot long "black thing" with an upright "tail/fin" travelling through the water "from marker to marker". It made no sound and left no wake! The man is convinced it was neither a sea lion or whale. It reminded him of Ogopogo!

At 8:30 pm, they were on the road near "1000 Steps" at Crescent Beach when they saw up ahead on the road an orange spot of light about 10 feet in diameter. They could not tell where the source of the light was coming from. It went out as suddenly as it appeared. There was no sound.

15-May-99, Richmond: (9:15 pm)

Two people observed two red objects in the high sky over Richmond. The objects were seen for a two or three minute span. They displayed unusual flight patterns in that they were observed to go from right to left and then reversed the pattern from left to right. They did not maintain a consistent light  as they blinked randomly without sequence for the total sighting time. 

16-May-99, Surrey:

Cody was in bed when he was awoken "by a noise". Looking through his window he saw a round yellow flashing light stationary over the roof of the next door neighbour's house. After watching it for a few minutes he turned over and went back to sleep!

19-May-99, Ladner: (2:30 am)

Jordan was looking out his bedroom window when he viewed a triangular object in the southwest sky. It was moving very slowly to the northwest. It would periodically change position (i.e. - left to right). The lights on the object were flashing in a rotating manner, and there was no sound discernible. Jordan estimates that the craft was at an elevation of 2000 feet. He watched the object until 4:00 am.

21-May-99, Vancouver: (11:00 pm)

Four witnesses in Kitsilano watched a very bright white light, "hard to look at", over the North Shore mountains. Through binoculars it appeared to be moving slowly, emitting beams of light. It had a green halo around it, with a red light below. The total visual effect was very similar to mother of pearl. It seemed to possess a structure and visibly pulsated. After watching the light for about 35 minutes it was eventually lost from sight when it appeared to drop below the power lines.

This light was probably the planet Venus.

22-May-99, Ladner: (9:00 pm)

Jesse (14) was playing hockey when he noticed a slowly moving red light that was flashing in the southern sky. It would periodically stop, fade away, and then re-appear in a different part of the sky. No other lights were visible on or near it. The "object" had no visible structure and did not seem to emit any sound.

A total of 8 people, including adults, observed this light for a total of 3 hours, from 21:00 to 24:00. During this time numerous aircraft flew into Vancouver Airport at a much lower altitude than this object seemed to be. The witnesses concluded that the very length of the observation ruled out helicopters and Cessna-type aircraft, as they felt refueling would have been a major concern.

A police spy plane perhaps?

31-May-99, Surrey: (10:00 pm)

A man and woman, living in Newton, heard the sound of a plane overhead. While trying to locate it, the woman spotted a group of 10 tiny red lights high in the southwest sky. After a short period of time, they zipped off to the north and stopped in a "kite formation". She said that they moved so fast it was hard to keep up with them visually. After another short period of time they returned to the original location and proceeded to form various geometric designs. The lights appeared to be individual and not attached to a structure. They watched these gyrations for 20 minutes before the lights disappeared into the distance. It was their opinion that the objects/lights were in space. They had not seen anything unusual before.

7-June-99, Vancouver: (12:10 pm)

Mike was looking towards the south, watching a plane flying below the clouds, heading west towards the airport. Suddenly, a silver disc-like object dropped out of the clouds into a clear blue patch of sky behind the plane (east of the plane). The object remained stationary while the plane continued westward. After about 5 – 10 seconds, there was a flash of bright light and the object was gone. At arm’s length, the object was smaller than a dime, but still easily discernible as a disc with light glinting off of it. The "flash" looked similar to a ship going into warp drive (Star Trek), but considerably smaller.

22-June-99, Trail: (7:15 pm)

Four witnesses observed a disc-shaped craft flying at a high altitude. The green, blue, red and white lights appeared to be rotating (or the craft was). The sky was clear, the moon was visible and no sound was heard. Total viewing time about 5 minutes.

Jun/Jul-99, Tsawassen: (11:00 pm)

The witness, Ray, was lying down on the lawn watching the sky when he suddenly saw two very bright lights that had a yellowy tinge to them flying parallel to each other. Ray estimated that they were at around 20-30,000 feet up and would have to be very large to be seen at that height. He could hear no accompanying sound. The two objects were flying on a linear course from east to west. Suddenly one object shot sideways at a 45 degree angle then promptly rejoined its partner once more in its original trajectory. The total observation time was between 2-3 seconds!

July-1999, Houston: (HBCC UFO)

A group of snowmobilers on the Telkwa Mountain Range watched a silver/black disc-shaped object hover in the distance. It was hard to make out any details, but it sat and hovered for some time before vanishing completely.

1999, Coquitlam, BC:


I had a daylight mid-day sighting where others saw it too. This was said to be a Russian satellite and appeared in the Province paper the next day. Make no mistake this was nothing worldly. The object was huge and rectangular, not a flying saucer type. It appeared to come down from the atmosphere and travel slowly across the sky. I could only guess how big this object really was as I had crossed the Atlantic on a ship and know how small objects appear on the horizon twenty miles as the eye can see. You could literally see some kind of exhaust trail with asteroids tumbling within it. There also was a smaller looking craft following behind but this too appeared enormous also and shaped like the other object. It was brown in color, no visible windows, no front nose cone or lights as it was around 4:00 pm and very clear blue skies. A bus load of passengers also saw it at the same time as I did walking up Marmont Street in Coquitlam. I had gone to the corner store and was walking back home. It stayed in my vision for 5 minutes before I put my eyes down and started running home. I wanted my daughter to see it too. But by the time I got there only a few minutes away it had lifted up further into the sky and out of our atmosphere. It was truly astounding. The next day many people reported this and it was in the Province newspaper. I kept a copy for many years until it was lost in a move. Please check this out it was probably 19 years ago. That's my sighting and I will never forget it. My name is XXXX XXXX and I was 45 years old  at the time so 1999.

Please feel free to contact me if you require a further description or you locate the newspaper article . I would love a copy. Can't remember what month it happened but not winter months.

Thank-you, sincerely

3-July-99, Burnaby: (between 8:30 and 9:00 pm)

Alice and a companion were driving south when they observed an extremely bright white light, stationary in the southeastern sky. They pulled their vehicle over and stopped to watch the object. It appeared to be below cloud level. Over the next 5 minutes the light slowly diminished in intensity and finally "vanished". Both witnesses claimed they were familiar with approaching aircraft, and this was not the case.

6-July-99, Surrey: (between 9:00 and 10:30 pm)

A man and his wife noticed two "shadow type" lights circling the sky under the cloud cover. The white, circle-making, lights continued their gyrations for about 1 1/2 hours.

We suspect these lights were spotlights, possibly from the Colossus theatre in Langley.

7-July-99, Surrey: (9:30 pm)

Again, a man and his wife, and their visitors, watched lights circling in the sky. (see 6-July-99)

We suspect these lights were spotlights, possibly from the Colossus theatre in Langley.

8-July-99, Tsawassen: (between 9:50 and 10:35 pm)

A man, his daughter, and his wife were returning from the Tsawassen ferry terminal when they noticed a bright light about "two inches" to the south of Venus (western sky). They watched it briefly before it vanished.

About twenty minutes later, now in Surrey, they spotted two "stars" circling each other in an "S" pattern. The lights were in the southwestern sky. After 25 minutes, they merged and became stationary

12-July-99, Burnaby: (between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm)

A resident of a Seniors Care Home was looking out of her west facing suite when she noticed 3 lights that were moving quickly in an erratic manner. She watched the lights for 5 hours! The same thing happened the next night (13-July). She said: "What's going on, who is doing this?".

We suspect these lights were spotlights, possibly from the Colossus theatre in Langley.

14-July-99, Prince Rupert: (3:45 am)

Frank, while working on the highway, watched a satellite-type light about 15 degrees above the horizon. It was heading south, towards Kitimat, and being pursued (?) by a jet aircraft.

15-July-99, Burnaby: (between 1:30 and 2:00 am)

Tania and her boyfriend were watching TV when they noticed circular blue flashing lights and white rectangular lights projected onto the living room drapes. Their apartment is on the second floor and faces Central Park. They assumed a police car was outside. The boy friend went to the window but could see nothing to account for the light display. It lasted about 30 seconds.

21-July-99, Lower Mainland: (01:00 am)

The witness observed 3 lights, one behind the other, and pulsating. The first light was white and the other two red. They moved towards the ocean, on an E to W flight path. The lights were the size of a star in the handle of the Big Dipper constellation.

This was possibly an airplane heading for the airport.

23-July-99, S. Burnaby: (00:45 - 1:34 am)

Several witnesses observed a small pulsating red light slowly circling the Alex Fraser Bridge. After about 50 minutes it slowly drifted away. The pulsation rate was 46 cycles per minute.

24-July-99, Delta: (11:08 pm)

David was out walking his dog when he observed a big, bright, yellow light travelling NW to SE. As the light crossed his line of vision it began to diminish in size down to a pinhead before completely vanishing from view. The object had been travelling at the speed of a satellite and was in view for 6 or 7 seconds.

This object was most likely a rotating satellite. Further observation probably would have seen this object re-appear, and increase in brightness, further along its flight path.

28-July-99, Langley: (10:00 pm)

The witness, Peter, watched a brilliant white light across the street from where he was sitting on his porch. "It just appeared; as large as a garbage can lid." The light/object moved slowly across the street towards him and out of sight around the house. He followed. It was hovering over a hydro pole. As he watched, the light went out. No noise had been heard emanating from it. Total viewing time was about 90 seconds.

28-July-99, Delta: (10:45 pm)

"On July 28, 1999 I was observing the night sky in Delta where I live. I had seen seven meteors fall and was transfixed on the night sky. I was looking towards the north east at Orion's Belt when suddenly I observed a bright orange flash at approximately 10:45 pm. I continued to observe the night sky and there was nothing in the area of the flash after it was gone. I have never seen anything like this before. At arm's length it appeared to be the size of a golf ball and very bright in intensity. I am curious as to what if anything this could have been and if anyone else saw it."

Sincerely, Marquita Fuller

29-July-99, Saturna Island: (00:30 am)

A couple used 15 power binoculars to watch an object move back and forth/up and down in the northwest sky. It was a bright white light that flashed red, blue and green. After 1/2 an hour, it slowly moved south towards Bellingham. It appeared to be round, very high up, and no noise could be heard. Total viewing time about 1 hour.

One of the witnesses is ex-RCMP and is familiar with aircraft, having worked at the Vancouver Airport.

Summer 1999, Sardis, BC: (between 10:00pm – 11:00pm)

The witness was driving home, and while parking his car in his driveway, he stopped to look up at a clear summer night sky. It was a dark evening, about 1 hour after sunset. The witness saw a pair of circular orange "fire coloured" objects travelling northbound in a single file formation. They were moving quickly, however appeared to be moving like "an unstable boat". a short distance behind the two objects, was a smaller white/blue object that was also following at the same speed, that appeared to be 'pulsating'.

                                                  Orange  --->  O                      ^ North
                                                  Orange  --->  O

                                White/Blue Pulsating  -->  *

The sighting lasted for 20 seconds. Objects went out of sight over the northern horizon.

After speaking to the witness, I am surprised by the similarities of the 10-Dec-2007, Maple Ridge, BC sighting - in description and behaviour. Please note, that the Dec 10th sighting was not published at the time of being contacted by this witness.
-Richard T, UFOBC.

5-Aug-99, Alaska Highway near Stone Mountain Provincial Park, BC: (1:00 am)

A man was traveling from Saskatchewan to his home in Watson Lake, Yukon. He was traveling along the Alaska Highway in northeastern BC and wanted to take a break from the long drive. He pulled into the Stone Mountain Provincial Park driveway, turned around so that his car was facing north and back onto the highway. He fell asleep for about 20 minutes. When he awoke he rolled down the window to his car and lit a cigarette. He looked up at the sky through the open window when suddenly he saw a bright fiery red-orange colored ball moving right to left very quickly (east to west). The object looked close, perhaps 200 to 300 feet (60 to 90 metres) away, and totally silent! He observed it for less than 5 seconds and then it was gone. "I made sure I was awake" the man said, "I hadn't been drinking". "Definitely it was the weirdest sight I ever seen!".
The object was about 3 moon diameters wide and the edges were not well defined. The object left a tail of the same red-orange color, "like the embers of a campfire". It traveled at a constant speed. The sighting woke him up enough that he was able to drive for another hour before pulling over to the side of the road for the night. The campsite nearby was full so there may have been other witnesses.

10-Aug-99, Logan Lake:

A young woman witnessed "groups of stars" that formed and moved like jellyfish. Viewing conditions were ideal. She is familiar with constellations but felt these were more like "life forms". She said there is a copper mine at Logan Lake.

10-Aug-99, Mission: (10:45 pm)

The witness, Ray, was observing the night sky when he saw an object about the size of his thumb nail held at arm's length. It appeared to be over the mountain behind Ruskin Dam, about 2 - 3 miles away. It seemed to have red, white and blue lights revolving around it. He phoned the RCMP and 2 patrol cars arrived with 4 officers. During the two hours of observation, there were a total of 12 friends, relatives and police watching through binoculars. Ray attempted to take pictures with his new camera, but could not get it to function properly. The object was still there when the last witness retired at 00:30.

18-Aug-99, Chilliwack: (8:45 pm)

Two witnesses were travelling west on Highway #1 when they observed a large, intensely bright, orange light travelling from north to south. They estimated the size of the object as 300-400 feet long and 200 feet high! The light acted in a very unusual manner, since it disappeared, re-appeared and jumped from one position to the other, before being lost to sight over the Surrey area. The passenger wished to stop and take a photograph, but the driver concluded that traffic and location were not conducive to that request. Total viewing time was 3-5 minutes.

It is possible that this object was a plane reflecting the light of the setting sun.

20-Aug-99, Surrey: (2:00 am)

A couple stepped outside their home and observed a white light travelling slowly north to south. It came to a halt in the eastern sky. No sound was apparent. The "object" was observed through binoculars for a period of 40 minutes. One of the witnesses said the object appeared to have two large lights with three perimeter lights, and a blue light around the middle. One noted oddity was that the attached(?) lights seemed to circle the larger lights in a propeller-like motion. The object was still in the sky when the couple retired for the evening.

21-Aug-99, Surrey: (12:00 noon)

"About noon, I was on my balcony enjoying the sunny weather and clear cloudless skies when I heard a jet approaching off to the right. We are almost directly beneath a southeastern approach corridor to Vancouver International Airport. I looked up to watch the passing commercial passenger jet, which was heading northwest about a thousand feet or so above. I suddenly noticed a strange "light", which seemed to suddenly zip in front of the jet, before coming to a sudden stop. I thought that the movement seemed very strange, and continued to watch the light, but it did not seem to move, or only moved slightly, as the jet passed by. I believe that the jet was beneath the light when it passed it."
"I rushed inside to get my binoculars, and when I returned, the object was still there. I focussed on it and discovered the object was actually shaped like an orb, although I seem to recall that it looked slightly flattened in the vertical dimension. It had a pronounced metallic lustre. The outer edges had a reddish colour. The brighter, more reflective centre seemed more like a silvery gold colour."
It was hard for me to guess at the height of the object, as I had no real reference point - other than the passing jet. I reasoned to myself that maybe it was a type of balloon, even if its initial movement did not seem to indicate this. The object did not seem to rise, as you would expect from a balloon. It did start to move, in a sort of random manner until it was finally hidden behind a nearby tree and I lost sight of it."
"I probably observed it for a period of about five minutes."

22-Aug-99, Maple Ridge: (7:30 pm)

Greg had been outside watching skydivers with his 7x35 binoculars when he noticed what he thought was a "balloon" in close proximity to the skydiving aircraft. It was very high in the sky and appeared to pulsate from gray to silver. Greg called his wife, Susan, out to view the object. At times it appeared to be highly reflective. It remained relatively stationary for the next 30 minutes. After that the witnesses returned indoors.

22-Aug-99, Surrey: (11:59 pm)

Rocky was looking to the west when he spotted a star(?) that had multi-coloured lights. It was stationary for 4 minutes before starting to move in a northerly direction. It was in view for a total of 12 minutes.

23-Aug-99, Vancouver: (10:30 pm)

The witness was on his way to bed when he spotted some strange lights near the power lines on Grouse Mountain. He was aware that the area had no road. The lights were blue, purple, orange and green, and pulsating. The lights went up, stopped, then down and sideways - far too fast for a helicopter. They appeared to be attached to the perimeter of an object the size of "the roof of a small house". No accompanying noise was evident. He got his binoculars and went out onto his deck. By that time the object had moved to the east side of the mountain. His total viewing time was about 20 minutes.

The witness reported seeing the same, or similar, object on August 25, 26 and 28. His wife also witnessed the object.

25-Aug-99, Burnaby: (10:30 pm)

A woman was out walking her dog when she spotted a triangular configuration of 3 red lights north over the Lougheed Highway, travelling in a westerly direction. She claims to be familiar with conventional aircraft, as her husband is a commercial jet pilot. She was unable to detect any accompanying sound. The lights/object was in view for about 1 minute.

26-Aug-99, Surrey: (9:30 pm)

A woman and her 2 teenage children watched a bright, pulsating white light high in the night sky, travelling from north to east at the speed of a satellite. As they watched, three "sky flashes" caught their attention. This resulted in the object ascending rapidly and fading from view. Total viewing time about 2 1/2 minutes. About 30 minutes later it returned, but travelling in the opposite direction. Viewing time about 2 minutes.

The objects viewed were probably satellites.

Early-Sep-99, Port Alice:

"I recently came across your request for possible sightings of UFO's around Northern Vancouver Island, this came as a surprise after encountering a strange occurrence about 3 weeks ago in the South West sky above Port Alice. While working in my backyard I heard the sound of jet traffic and looked up (as I have been doing for years) to identify the type of A/C and identified it as a 747. However, while watching it I observed another object that at first I thought to be other non-conflicting traffic heading West above the 747 that was cruising at I'd say 30,000 to 35,000 feet. As the craft passed I stayed focused on the other craft to identify it. This object was positively above the 747 when they crossed paths and was stationary. I called over to my girlfriend and she also observed the object. The object was metallic in nature (silver / reflective) and appeared round in appearance but I couldn't gauge its size with no reference other than the 747 that had long passed. At that time I would say it was about the size of the tail section. The weather was unlimited at this time. I watched the object for some 2 - 3 hours on and off and it didn't appear to move at all, although relocating it in the sky was painstaking. Eventually I went on with other things and forgot all about it."

2-Sep-99, Surrey: (4:30 pm)

A man driving south on 152nd Street noticed an object in the southwest sky. It was a round white ball with a tail, sort of like a comet. He watched it for about 10 minutes as it sort of "floated" across the sky. Eventually it just faded away.

6-Sep-99, Surrey: (10:55 pm)

A man watched a stationary, small, red, pulsating light in the northeastern sky for a period of 5 minutes. The sighting so disturbed the witness that he shook for 30-45 minutes!

9-Sep-99, Vancouver: (6:05 am)

A witness saw a brilliant sparkling light "the size of a dime" (held at arm’s length) in the south-southeast sky. During the next 20 minutes it went west to east, then east to west, repeated this pattern, decreased to a pinpoint, and then reverted to its former size. It was finally lost to sight above the trees in the distance.

This "light" was probably the planet Venus.

9-Sep-99, Campbell River: (1:45 pm)

The witness was driving 15 kilometres south of Campbell River Airport when he spotted a turkey vulture in the sky. As he watched it he suddenly saw, higher up, a very fast white circular object crossing the sky. He estimated it might have been at 20,000 feet, or even higher. He had it in view possibly 25 seconds. He phoned the Campbell River Airport, but they were unable to offer any explanations.

12-Sep-99, Maple Ridge: (5:30 pm)

The witness, Greg, was outside in his yard when he saw a bright light, "like a light bulb", floating about 100 feet above a nearby pine tree. When he called to his wife to look at it, the object took off at a high rate of speed. It seemed shiny in appearance as it moved away to the west. Total viewing time was 1 to 2 minutes.

12-Sep-99, Fromme Mountain, North Vancouver: (00:30 am)

Five companions had decided to party on Fromme Mountain (just east of Grouse Mountain). They parked and hiked up for 1-˝ hours to a cabin. They were sitting around with the ghetto blaster playing when two of the members noticed flashes of light in amongst the trees. When they turned off the ghetto blaster, a sound could be heard that resembled a high-pitched generator. One person, Marc, walked away from the group about 20 to 30 feet, until he was underneath the source of the sound, which seemed to be above the 80 foot pine trees. The noise, which had now changed to a distinct pulsing, was so intense that he had to put his hands over his ears. Another companion later said that the noise seemed to send a "wave" through his head. The pulsing sound continued for another 5 -10 seconds, then suddenly stopped. Throughout the experience, nothing was observed that might have caused the noise. The total event lasted about 45 seconds.

The group remained a further hour before descending the mountain path and returning home.

13-Sep-99, Fort Nelson: (11:00 am)

"While travelling from Fort Nelson B.C. to Ft. St. John B.C. we had an unexplained sighting. It was Sept. 13/99, around 11a.m. approximately 100 km. out of Ft. Nelson. It was incredibly clear and sunny!! Just over a bluff we saw a "mirrored ball" that seemed to be rotating, while travelling south. The "ball" seemed to be following the contour of the bluff. Where the edge of the bluff came, the "ball" disappeared. There are NO airports, heli-pads, mines, but there are lots of trees. However the bluff had little vegetation. Of course my wife pulled the "Scully" routine, while I wanted to leave the road to investigate. About a week later we were in our home town of Quesnel, around 1 a.m. while travelling west, we encountered another sight. It was a large orange "diamond" that seemed to also be travelling west. Others in the city also saw it. We were amazed that nobody seemed to report it to any authority, including ourselves."

13-Sep-99, Brewster Lake: (mid-afternoon)

"On this day my wife Rose and I were fishing at a lake named Brewster. This lake is located approximately 40 Km. northwest of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. The sighting was viewed at mid afternoon on clear day, under a bright blue sky, no wind. Rose was the first to notice it and commented to me "Look, what is that?" and pointed towards the object. I was amazed at what we were viewing. It was a very large object silently passing through the sky without any noise at a very fast speed. When first seen, the object was floating through space from about center of the lake and moving in a southeast direction. Its altitude we guessed was 1000 meters, or similar to what a very high flying aircraft such as a Cessna plane would fly. We estimate the time for it to pass from view into the horizon was half a minute. It had attached a very long floating tail and large body, the colors for both silver, similar to satellites as viewed on TV. The shape of the body was conical. The length of the tail we estimate to be 200 meters, the body of cylinder 30 meters long and 10 meters wide.

Really looked like the largest kite we ever seen which would have taken a DC3 to launch it."

13-Sep-99, North Vancouver: (10:00 pm)

A man and his wife again saw anomalous lights on Grouse Mountain, on both the east and west side. The lights were flashing and could easily be seen without binoculars. They observed then for a good 30 minutes. This was the fourth time they have seen these lights. (see 23-Aug-99, North Vancouver)

17-Sep-99, Kamloops: (10:30 pm)

In the northern sky, Mike and 4 friends watched a super bright red light that would dim, disappear, and then re-appear. It stopped. Moved very fast. Completed tight loops. Sometimes a white light could be seen for 10-15 seconds, at which time a jet engine type noise could be heard. This became apparent on one pass over Mike’s home. Also, during the time it was stationary, 5-6 "shooting stars" appeared in close proximity to it. Total observation time was 45 minutes

18-Sep-99, Nanaimo: (9:10 pm) NAV Canada Report

"OL", "Nanaimo BC"
"RB"," Nav Canada"
"DE","A resident of Nanaimo observed an object looking north from the 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock position. @ 45 degree angle sweep across 8 miles east to west at approximately and altitude over 10ô000'. It was whitish with 3 lights in a triangle. There was 1 object and it happened in less than 5 seconds.

19-Sep-99, North Vancouver: (10:36 am) NAV Canada Report

"OL", "North Vancouver BC"
"RB"," Nav Canada"
"DE"," A resident of North Vancouver reported 8-9 objects brightly shining red & blue some with tails extremely high in sky over North Vancouver looking towards Horseshoe Bay. NORAD notified.

23-Sep-99, Sechelt: (around 1:45 am)

The witness, Phillip, was with a group of about 12 friends in the parking lot of a recreation centre in Sechelt when he was astonished to see a huge white ball pass silently overhead at about 1500 to 2000 feet. The night was clear and starlit. The object was in view 3 to 4 seconds and was heading south-southwest. By the time Phillip called out "What’s that?", the object was gone. No one else had seen the object and the one witness suffered much ridicule.

26-Sep-99, Powell River: (3:33 pm)

A woman spotted a strange object approaching from the northeast. She called her husband’s attention to it. He watched it through the living room window and said it looked very much like a Labrador helicopter, minus the rotors, and appeared banana-shaped. He grabbed his camera and began video taping it. The weather was clear and the object was over the water by the wood pulp mill. Going outside seeking greater clarity he noticed the object was emitting no sound and had red, yellow and orange lights underneath. When they first saw the object it was at 2000 feet(?) and came down to around 500 feet. They went into the house for a minute and when they returned the object had gone. Total viewing/filming time was about 8 minutes. Work colleagues have told him they have seen lots of "weird" stuff over Mt.Washington and Comox, where the Canadian Air Force have a base.

30-Sep-99, Vancouver: (5:00 pm)

A man and his friend watched an object like a "glider, minus the wings" high above Grouse and Seymour Mountains. The "craft" was travelling slowly to the west and was viewed for 10 minutes. The witness has flown gliders out of Hope. The sky was clear and viewing conditions very good.

October-99, Mary Island, BC: (8:00 am)

The witness, Maurice, saw a grayish, oval object at about 200 feet, travelling south to east. He estimates it was travelling between 80 and 120 mph. It made no noise. It was slim and appeared to be pulsating. Total viewing time about 6 seconds.

3-Oct-99, Langley: (11:15 pm)

The witness went on to her balcony in Walnut Grove and saw a very "beautiful Christmas ornament" in the sky. It looked like a golf ball with an inverted "V" on top of it. The center was red with green and yellow on either side. The object made no movement for about 3 minutes, then it flew fast towards North Vancouver. No noise was detectable.

9-Oct-99, Gibsons: (11:00 pm)

A man and a woman saw a red light rapidly approach them from the direction of Sechelt. It was below the tree level and appeared to be only 4 inches in diameter! It stopped about 25 feet away and bobbed up and down. The woman screamed. The man ran to a nearby house. The occupant came out in time to see the light moving away. During the short observation, the woman said she felt "vibrations" in her head.

14-Oct-99, Surrey: (1:03 pm)

The witness was driving south on 156th Street when he observed a shiny cylinder, low in the southeast sky, that changed from brilliant to grey to misty. It then repeated the sequence. He estimated its position as 15 degrees above the horizon. He only watched it for a short time, as his viewing was frequently obstructed by trees lining the road.

14-Oct-99, White Rock: (8:45 pm)

The witness was travelling southeast on Highway 99 when she spotted a "star" in the clear night sky. The object appeared to drop towards her and then became stationary and proceeded to pulsate in a red/blue/white sequence. She pulled her truck off the highway and put on the emergency flashers. She then noticed that the pulsations of the object were in sequence with her flashers. After 5 minutes of watching, the witness proceeded to her home in White Rock. The object seemed to move off and follow her until she finally entered the underground parking. Total viewing time was about 15 minutes.

15-Oct-99, Surrey: (4:00 – 7:30 am)

Ray was in his living room looking east out of the sliding glass door when he spotted a white light that he initially thought was an incoming aircraft. Sometime later he noticed it was still in the east, but slowly moving south. At 4:50 he started filming it with his camcorder, and continued until 7:30 when it was no longer visible through the viewfinder. During the filming period, the light/object appeared to pulsate and change shape, at times resembling a "shield", a "jellyfish" and a "cone". Ray’s wife, Krista, also observed it for much of this time.

15-Oct-99, Vancouver: (11:59 pm)

The witness was looking north towards the mountains when he noticed a "quite large" blue fireball travelling from northwest to southeast. He commented that it was "too low" and perceived it only briefly.

16-Oct-99, Burnaby/Coquitlam: (4:25 am)

The witness was driving a tow truck east on Highway #1, near Willingdon, when he spotted a white light to his left (north). It looked like a "headlight" and seemed to be about 300 feet in elevation and pacing him. After about 5 minutes the object ejected a silver dot and shot out a green "finger" that he viewed for about 4 seconds. When he exited the freeway, just before the Port Mann bridge, the light crossed in front of him so that it was now on his right (south). At this point the object seemed to hide behind a tree and became fainter, as if it was moving away or dematerializing. Total viewing time about 15 minutes.

The driver also noted that just before he first saw the light he also noticed that the surrounding area (Boundary and Grandview) was in a power blackout. BC Hydro confirmed to UFO*BC that the power was out in this area for about 3 hours.

17-Oct-99, Victoria: (7:55 am)

Three people watched a very bright object low in the eastern sky. It was moving very slowly and to the naked eye appeared to be "out of round". Through a 200 mm telephoto camera lens, the object appeared to be "tear drop shaped with two points instead of a rounded head and a pointed trailing end". Although the sky was clear and the object was very bright, it did not appear on any of the 8 pictures taken. After several minutes it disappeared behind a neighbour’s roof. No stars were visible, but the planet Venus was seen higher in the sky to the southeast.

17-Oct-99, Burnaby: (1:30 pm)

"I was playing disc golf at Robert Burnaby park in Burnaby, right near the TCH, when my friend pointed out a relatively low flying jet. Then I noticed a much smaller silver object that seemed to be pacing it on the left side. The object was crystalline in shape, like an oblong hexagon or octagon tube with a pointed and multi-faceted ends, kind of like the end of your average quartz crystal. In a size comparison, if the jet were a foot long, the object would have been about an inch. The jet seemed to veer to the right, away from the flying crystal which seemed to continue more or less straight. I watched it for 10 or 15 seconds trying to point it out to my friend. Then, just as he caught eye of it, it sort of morphed and the next thing we knew, we were seeing it as a perfect silver sphere, and then a couple of moments later we realized that there were two of these spheres reflecting in the bright sunlite. I will attempt to attach a simple drawing of what we saw. There were no lights or other distinctive line."

19-Oct-99, Sechelt: (7:45 am)

Five witnesses observed a whitish glowing object high in the southeast sky, moving slowly to the west. When observed through binoculars, the object appeared to be oblong, wider than it was high. Total viewing time was about 15 minutes.

19-Oct-99, Richmond: (11:45 pm)

The witness was heading north on #7 Road when she saw a bright blue flash over the cranberry fields, about 500 feet away. She saw an object like an upside-down pear (cut in half), blue for 2/3 its length, and yellow and thin at the bottom. She watched it for 15-20 seconds before it began to slowly fade away from the base up. Her acr was not affected in any way. The sky was clear.

20-Oct-99, Sechelt: (3:30 am)

The witness, Louise, watched, with binoculars, a crescent-shaped light for half an hour before finally going to bed. The light was located over Mount Daniel. Her dog acted in a nervous manner. No discernible noise could be detected.

20-Oct-99, Vancouver: (10:40 pm)

A man and a woman observed a large white oval object travelling from east to west above the north shore mountains. At arm’s length it was about 1 ˝ inches long. There was a trail of pink and blue sparks trailing from the larger white light. Total observation was about 5 seconds. The night was clear and there were no detectable sounds.

21-Oct-99, Sechelt: (00:55 am)

A 35-year-old man spotted a huge UFO over southeast Trail Island, at a very low altitude. He banged on his parent’s door and woke them up. They all viewed the dic-like object for about 1 minute before it began to move to the southeast towards Vancouver. They estimated it was 100 feet long, 40 feet high and was about 2 kilometers away. It had red, amber and green lights. The son said it appeared to have a "tail" when he first saw it. His viewing time was about 5 minutes.

22-Oct-99, Sechelt: (2:00 am)

The witness awoke from sleep and looked out his bedroom window to see a big grey saucer in the southwest sky, over the ocean. There was no detectable noise. He has no idea as to what alerted him to the object. He then went back to sleep.

24-Oct-99, Surrey: (10:10 pm)

The witness observed a bright object in the southwest sky, possibly between Tsawassen and White Rock. It was like a white sparkler that "jumped" forwards and backwards. Viewed through binoculars, it appeared diamond-shaped with red, blue and green lights. The witness is accustomed to incoming and outgoing aircraft in this area of the sky, but this was strangely "different". After about 1 ˝ minutes, the object was lost from view as it disappeared behind a tree. No noise was heard.

27-Oct-99, Coquitlam: (8:00 pm)

The witness was travelling east on Lougheed Highway when she noticed a large yellow/orange light seemingly low on the horizon. The sky was clear and it was not the full moon (she checked). Total time of sighting was about 5 minutes.

30-Oct-99, Sechelt: (2:00 am)

The witness, Jean, woke up to find a bright white light swirling into the bedroom. She could not detect any sound associated with the light. It appeared to be coming from the backyard area of her property. She was not able to wake her husband. She watched the light until 3:15, when she got up to fix herself a hot drink. After 35 minutes she returned to find the light had gone. The dog that normally sleeps in the bedroom with them was hiding in the living room.

31-Oct-99, Sechelt: (7:30 pm)

Three people were on the beach, enjoying a fire when they noticed a light over Pender Harbour (northwest?). It was amber in colour but changed to green, then red. At times it appeared to be sending out rays. It seemed to "hop" right to left, hover, then swoop downward. In between it moved slowly. After about 30 to 40 minutes, it was lost to sight behind some trees. No noise was detectable.

Early-Nov-99, Vancouver: (11:15 pm)

While walking her dog in Norquay Park, the witness saw an object suddenly illuminate itself in the clear night sky. It seemed to possess inner light and shone like chrome for about 3 seconds before switching off. "It looked like an oval hoola hoop with 1/8 missing at the rear." It also seemed to have a vertical tower attached to one side. At arm’s length it was about 3 fingers wide. No noise was detected and the dog was not disturbed.

8-Nov-99, Garden Bay: (3:30 am)

James woke up to find his room illuminated with a bright orange light! Strangely enough, he turned over and went right back to sleep. His room looks out onto Mount Daniel. They don’t live near a highway so it wasn’t a car headlight. There was no accompanying noise.

12-Nov-99, Sechelt: (7:15 pm)

A man and his wife were driving east when they observed a diamond-shaped light in the south-southeast sky. The center was black with 4 clear lights attached. They witnessed the object for about 5 minutes. When the couple completed their shopping they looked, but did not see it again.

20-Nov-99, Sechelt: (7:00 pm)

The witness, Patricia, was driving to a shopping mall when she saw 2 sets of 3 rectangular lights. One set was just above the tree line, with the second set higher in the sky. She does not believe the two sets were attached. The "objects" may have been over Trail Island. Visually, each set of lights was 3 inches wide. They were red, amber and possibly blue, but she is not certain. The lights were steady in their luminosity and not flashing. She did not stop the car and had them in view only a short period.

25-Nov-99, Pemberton: (10:10 pm)

Terry, his wife Stacey, their son Arlen, and a neighbour Diana, were returning from a school function. When they dropped Diana off at her residence, Arlen spotted a red light in the sky and asked, "What’s that?" Then they heard a loud bang, although the sound may not be related to what they saw. As they continued for a further block they saw an orange light in the northwest, moving slowly down the valley. It seemed to stop, then "wander" on again. Its altitude in the fog-laden valley was estimated between 200 and 500 feet. The 3 witnesses got out of the car and turned the engine off but were unable to detect any accompanying noise. They then drove the one further block home, ran inside and got the binoculars, and saw a cluster of 4-6 lights in an "X" formation. They continued watching the object as it rose in height (?) and faded from view. Total viewing time was about 4 minutes.

December 1999-2000? between Prince George & Vancouver, BC: (early afternoon) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian, "Flying Briefcase" is the best description I can give of what I saw high above the mountains of British Columbia. The recent reports of black rectangles that have been sent in by others have brought this episode back to mind. I'm not sure, but think it was likely in December around 1999 or 2000. I could be quite incorrect on the date. I just know it was a while ago.

I was flying south from Prince George to Victoria as a passenger on a regular West Jet flight. We left Prince George in relatively clear sky but as we neared the Coast Mountains the cloud cover below increased. We were flying in sunshine well above the clouds, probably at an altitude of around 30,000 feet.

My seat was near the back of the plane on the right side and I had my face pressed against the window for most of the flight. I was watching for any gaps in the clouds below, so I was looking directly down. We were traveling in a south west direction so the sun was not shining on my side of the plane. That is when I saw the "briefcase" fly past, right below the wing. If it had been much more underneath the plane it would have been out of my line of sight.

I saw it for only a second but the rectangular shape and black color was very definite against the backdrop of white clouds below. Instinctively I turned my head towards the back of the plane where it had disappeared, but of course saw nothing.

My thought progression went something like this. "Oh, someone lost a briefcase. A cargo door must be open", followed by, "Don't be silly, it must have been a very big bird. Lucky we didn't hit it!", and, "I wish we could turn around and take another look".

I sat bemused for a while, acknowledging to myself that I don't think any birds really fly that high and even if they did, I don't know of any that are shaped like a rectangle! I knew it wasn't lost luggage. I've already been on a plane flying out of Prince George that had an open door in the cargo area. Believe me, we noticed!

I don't know if anyone else saw the shape. The pilots might have since we flew right over it, but they certainly weren't going to get on the intercom and say something like, "Wow! Did any of you see that black thing we almost hit? I wonder what it was."

Since that time, I've thought periodically about finding someone who has skills in physics. I certainly don't. I would like to be able to calculate the size of the object. I know it was actually much larger than a briefcase. At the speed we were going, I imagine a briefcase would have been no more than a quick black flash, if that. I feel the shape was quite close to the plane because of the speed as it passed by. I've been in jets when I've looked out to see other large jets going the opposite direction not far below us. They are visible and easily identifiable for a relatively long time.

As far as I know we were about 30,000 feet and traveling around 400 mph. I don't know how high the clouds were but we were well above them. The object was between us and the clouds.

So my physics question is: assuming the object was stationary and within a thousand feet of the plane, at the speed we were going, how big would it need to be to appear to be the size of a briefcase.

Any help on that? Thanks, Brian.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

13-Dec-99, Tsawassen: (8:45 pm)

The witness, Brice, had just left the Tsawassen Ferry terminal and was driving north down the causeway. Upon reaching the new townhouses along the shoreline, a dark metallic object, with no lights and no detectable shape, passed over his truck. It was only about 50 feet above his vehicle, was travelling south to north and was illuminated by the causeway lights. It was in view only a few seconds.

20-Dec-99, Bells Lake: (5:40 pm)

Two witnesses were outside their cabin smoking when they noticed 6 – 10 "stars" through breaks in the clouds. They only saw these lights for a few seconds, but they appeared to be moving. Shortly afterwards, they watched 30 – 40 small lights flying under and over the clouds for a period of 25 minutes. These "objects" were travelling on a south to north path and moving at a steady speed. During this period a "plane" flew between these lights. It looked like a "stretched plate", with a flashing yellow light and an illuminated rear section. The two witnesses could hear engine noises.

The one witness, Joe, is an amateur astronomer and during this sighting used his 6 inch reflective telescope to view the objects. They also used binoculars. While watching the star-like objects they noticed a humming sound.

21-Dec-99, Alaska Highway, BC: (7:00-8:00 pm)

A schoolteacher was driving back to the community of Watson Lake, Yukon after spending the day at the Liard River Hotsprings in northern BC. On board her vehicle were her 3 sons and two additional children. They were nearing the area known as Cranberry Rapids, just before the Village of Fireside, when directly ahead of them they observed a bright green ball of light descending rapidly downward from the 11 O'clock position to the 5 O'clock position. When asked more about the color, the women replied "like the color of lettuce". The object travelled in a straight line and was visible for 1 to 2 seconds. It was difficult to tell if the object hit the ground or if it went behind the horizon. "It was so cool," she added. Four of the six people in the vehicle were looking out the front windshield at the time to notice the light.

27-Dec-99, Aldergrove: (2:00 am)

A woman looked out her window and saw a stationary object in the sky. It had blue and red flashing lights. She watched it for several minutes before returning to bed. The sky was clear and she heard no sound.