Praying Mantis Accounts - Part III
by Jim G.

Posted February 12, 2006

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Martin Jasek

Review of Part I and II - by Martin Jasek
In August-September, 2003 UFO*BC exchanged a series of communications with Jim G. from a small town on the outskirts of London, UK. (See: Praying Mantis Account Part I). Jim has impressive abilities of recalling a high degree of detail from his encounters as well as depicting them with high quality artwork.

In the article Jim described his first encounter that occurred in April 2001 with a tall Praying Mantis type alien and a shorter hooded and cloaked being who invaded his bedroom and appeared to perform an implant procedure on him (Figure 1, Please see Praying Mantis Account Part I  for the fully detailed artwork and description of events)

a) mantisalien-part3.jpg (13170 bytes)   c) entitylargeart2-part3.jpg (34202 bytes)
b) cloakedentity-part3.jpg (14324 bytes)

Figure 1. Artwork and Graphics by Jim G. a) Praying Mantis Alien. b) &c) Hooded being. Both visited Jim in April 2001.

As well a being very skilled artist and witness with attention to detail Jim also has some experience in audio engineering and was able to reproduce the “clicking sound” that the Praying Mantis alien made.

(As I briefly describe Jim's encounters I feel I am not doing them justice in summarising them. I encourage the reader to go back to the original articles and determine for themselves. When he writes them he is not just writing them, he is reliving them, very convincingly).

Shortly after his first encounter was published Jim started to have more strange experiences on a regular basis (about twice a week but they would stop completely for a month). Typically he would hear the dreaded 'clicking sound', first in his head and then in his bedroom. This was followed by a red glow on his bedroom wall, tall shadowy figures, then he would pass out. He would try his best to maintain consciousness but he rarely could. It appeared that the beings didn't want him to be awake during their visits to him (as he was in Part I). The next day he would wake up exhausted, aching all over and some times with bruises on his body. However, he was eventually successful in maintaining consciousness during several of his encounters. These vivid accounts along with Jim's impressive artwork can be read/viewed at Praying Mantis Account Part II.

His experience of November 10, 2003 described an incident where he was able to break out of the immobilised state. He had a stand-off with a short cloaked being with large red glowing eyes. The being was in a hunched position in the back corridor of his bedroom as Jim contemplated grabbing it. Jim then described what went through his mind in assessing the possible consequences of following through with his plan but the being just "turned and walked INTO and through the wall!".

On December 18, 2003 Jim had another visit from the tall Praying Mantis type being as in the 2001 incident and it too rushed out of the room by going through a wall. Jim gets the impression that he is not supposed to be waking up during these visits, since when he does so it catches the visitors by surprise.

On January 16, 2004 Jim had an encounter with a new type of being that he described as "Short Mantis/Fly-Head Alien" depicted in Figure 2.

a) mantisflyheaddetail-part3.jpg (14426 bytes) b) mantisflyheadatnight-part3.jpg (24454 bytes)

Figure 2. a) Sketch and b) computer graphic by Jim G. of “Mantis Fly-Head Alien” that he encountered on January 16, 2004.

It was about 5 ft 5 inches tall as he made a mental note where its head came up on the wardrobe and he measured it the next day. He was unable to move during this encounter but for the first time there was some communication. It said in an abrupt manner "NOW, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?". He found himself replying "YES", but he felt he didn't understand. The being replied, "GOOD". Jim also stated that the being had a golden badge with a symbol centred on its chest. There was a lot more to this encounter that Jim didn't describe in Part II. He revisits this experience with more details in Part III. It also become apparent to him that the beings were now addressing their "problem" of him waking up during these encounters.

In Part II Jim described a brief encounter with the cloaked being on March 13, 2004 and another encounter with two tall Praying Mantis beings on March 14. He is able to obtain further details about the beings and is able to create a more detailed artwork describing the neck and facial features in Figure 3.

a) mantispencildrawing-part3.jpg (6758 bytes) b) mantis at nightv2-part3.jpg (7067 bytes) c) closeupofmantis-part3.jpg (8547 bytes)

Figure 3a, b, c. Artwork by Jim G. illustrating more details of the praying Mantis entities Jim described in Part II.

In his concluding remarks for Part II Jim mentions: “I reckon I've confused them. I feel they’re confused on why I wake up during certain ‘medical operations’ and on my reaction to the red eyed cloaked being.”

Well, as one may have guessed the experiences were not over for Jim.

February 20, 2005 E-mail from Jim

Hi Martin

Sorry for not responding sooner. So much has happened since my last correspondence, I'm not sure where to begin. All I can say is the posttraumatic stress hits you much later. So I just need/needed time out from thinking about them.

There have been many incidents since my last report, which hopefully I’ll get to tell you about. I'm in a kind of ‘stalemate’ situation with them (the aliens) and I've learned a lot. For an advanced race they make a lot of mistakes, but they are also extremely good at their job.

Writing about them takes a hell of a lot of effort, I'm not sure if that's because of my stress or because of their influence over me via the implant. I think a little of both. Still can't get over how crazy that sounds!

I have taken advice from other peoples suggestions concerning controlling my fear. But I haven't tried the more outlandish ones (e.g. implant zapper).

Thank you for being patient. Talk soon/soonish. Sorry if this email comes across a bit confused but it's late, I just felt I should write to you.

Take care

May 29, 2005 E-mail from Jim

Hi Martin.

Here's the problem with the write up; Over time, I've got a lot of information from the aliens, but I believe so much of it is misinformation, to put it simply, is "crap" and I mean total crap.

I'm sure, it's designed to discredit me; when I write it, I feel stupid knowing people will think this is the ramblings of a madman. To be honest, I reckon the aliens do this often with abductees.

For example, The Aliens showed me clips of black and white 50’s style sci-fi movies. Yeah, I know! I believe the point of this was to manipulate me, you know, if I write it down, I’d sound like a complete moron who has taken cultural influence to another level of his imagination. But it did happen!

Now the question is, do I edit out the crap and only put what I think is ‘true’ information? The trouble with this strategy is I might miss out something important, so I thought maybe the solution might be to write everything down including my thoughts questioning the validity, but then the account comes across as convoluted and boring. I know most people don’t believe any of this anyway, but I do value my credibility, I wouldn’t write anything if I believed nobody would believe it. Tricky, but I'll try my best, might need your help editing it.

Anyway have a good week.

Jim G.

Praying Mantis Accounts - Part III
Jim submitted his third report on June 5, 2005 with the following cautionary note:

Hi Martin

I've finished it and God was it tough to write. I don’t know how you want to edit it, you may want to edit out the swear words, I know it's a low form of communication but I meant every word of it, but maybe we’re better off editing it out to make it more accessible. I’ll be interested in your thoughts concerning the accounts, I think once you've read it you'll understand my predicament. I feel better already. I'll send the artwork and sound files in another email.

Kind regards Jim G.

Introduction by Martin J.
Part of the reason for the delay in publishing this material was the difficulty in trying to represent these bizarre incidents without sacrificing Jim’s credibility. As you have read, Jim anguished over this in the above e-mails. Jim and I both feel that the aliens may be supplying him with some outlandish information that is intended to discredit him. This type of information was apparently given to Jim purposefully since the aliens initiated the communication flow and only after the first incidents where he was able to regain consciousness during his encounters. The reader should perhaps keep in mind that the true information in these articles might be revealed when Jim is able to foil his abductors and catches them off guard. However, we have included some of the likely ‘disinformation’ as well so the reader can appreciate Jim's dilemma.

Introduction by Jim G.

This is difficult. I’m definitely suffering from post traumatic stress disorder due to my experiences with for want of a better word ‘Aliens’. It's way too early for me to write about it but I’ve finished the artwork so thought I’d better at least try. I can’t get the images of the aliens (I have witnessed) out of my head. I'm haunted by these images, there’s not a single day that goes by that I don't think about them. I’ve done thousands of doodles on scraps of paper, like Drefuss in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” I’m obsessed, but this isn’t a film, this is really happening. Once I've completed an accurate depiction of the Aliens, I feel a little bit better. Self imposed paint therapy works, but writing or talking about what’s happened is a different story.

For about a year, I’ve tried, little by little to write it, I mean, I can’t believe what’s happened to me, so how do I expect others to, but that's the culture we’ve created, a culture which enables the Aliens to do exactly what they want to their hapless victims. And no one really knows what they are up to; you certainly won’t get an explanation from them!

It goes without saying that I am scared, really scared; imagine if you woke up to find someone in your bedroom, now imagine that someone is a group of human scientists performing strange medical operations on you, now imagine they’re not humans but Aliens. The fear is indescribable, oh, and then on top of that, imagine that you can’t tell anyone because, you know, they will think you’re completely mad.

After the worst incidents, I decided enough is enough; I’m going to the police! I mean, isn't it their job to protect citizens! But in the cold light of day, I can’t bring myself to do it; to humiliate myself, I know it’ll be a futile gesture. I just want to hide away, to be honest, I don't want to talk to investigators, media, anyone. I prefer to post it to this website because it's based in Canada and also because I trust Martin.

Our scientists and media are way too far behind. By the time they realise this is happening it will be too late. I still prefer the scientific and logical approach, than say, the New-Age way of thinking but it annoys me beyond belief when I read about fantasy prone personalities, unreliable witness testimonies, sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming etc. What about the possibility that it's real? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it's real. I agree that it looks like sci-fi B movie crap but the truth of the matter is, aliens do exist! What do they look like? They look like praying mantises. And can I just point out at this stage, they 'LOOK' like praying mantises they are not really giant insect mantises. Some investigators reason that the mantises can’t exist because insects can only reach a certain size, so therefore do not take seriously reports concerning these horrendous beings.

Anyway, I decided to write about my latest experiences and complete what I left out in previous incidents. I don't expect many of you readers to believe it, but just for the record, this is not a hoax and I hope it will benefit other abductees and serious researchers.

Everything here is from memory alone, reliable memory recall. Not from hypnotherapy, and to be honest I don’t trust hypnotherapy. Some investigators even rate it above waking memory but I believe the chance for imaginary pollution is stronger. Some investigators would reason it can’t be happening because my report is too detailed, but put it this way, if something like this happens to you, you don't forget it. You’ll never be able to forget it, even the minor details.

I would like to thank all the people who sent supportive emails. Emotionally, they’ve been a real help with some excellent advice, I now know other people are going through this ordeal.

At present, I’ve found a way of escaping the abductions, simply by spending more time in inner London; although I’m sure it’s not impossible, I think it makes it harder for them to mount an operation in a populated area. Maybe I’m not that important to them to take the risk, but for whatever reason I feel safe in inner London. This alone has allowed me time to finish my report.

Hologram Earth, Mantis Fly-Head Incident.

This is the complete account of what happened to me on January 16th, 2004 (See Part II). I think after reading it you'll understand why I didn't submit it before. I believed it to be too “out there” and would destroy my limited credibility, but now I've changed my mind and think it's important to get everything in the public domain, no matter how bizarre.

It started with me waking up within my dream, (remember, I believed I was dreaming so I'm going to write this in the way I remember the time frame of my thought process). I still, no matter how futile, want to convince skeptics, I know, deep down it’s a waste of time without any scientific proof, but that’s how I think. I guess I'm still trying to convince my former self, my old skeptical self before any of this Alien strangeness manifested in my life.

I woke up, I don't know where I was but I was standing in front of what looked like a 3-D hologram of the Earth. Everything was pitch black apart from this glowing globe. I could only see half the sphere, the top part of the globe; it was about a meter wide with very realistic detail, I could see the major land masses covered with wisps of clouds. It was like looking down from a satellite’s viewpoint. I couldn’t see anything else, like a room or anything, just darkness.

I heard a deep voice from behind me, it was a male voice and in slow English it started to explain how this hologram globe worked, all I had to do was touch a continent or a country and information would appear detailing anything I wanted to know about that place. I didn't feel scared, I felt quite calm but just a little tired, slightly dazed.

I put my hand forward and watched it pass through the clouds. This was incredible. The first country I decided to choose (seeing that it's been in the news so much) was Iraq. All I did was think about it and the globe turned itself until Iraq was below my finger.

As I touched the graphic representation of Iraq it turned bright red and rose up above the neighbouring countries. Immediately without any warning multiple images and data appeared. The images were in rounded boxes of variable sizes, showing detailed information about the country and the recent war (Figure 4).


hologram-iraq.jpg (118926 bytes)
Figure 4. The first country that Jim chose during his holographic earth incident was Iraq.

Now, this is the hard bit to describe, but I could also feel the emotional collective of Iraq and it's people, the pain they've inflicted and the pain they've suffered (I don’t know how to explain it but it was like tapping into some kind of energy field (flow). The voice said “this is the birth place of your civilisation, now look at the state of it”.

I remember thinking, “what does it mean?”

While I was just trying to make sense of it, the globe moved until I was looking at America. I pressed on the USA, and again it went bright red and raised itself and I was hit by a wave of figures and information, so fast I couldn't take it all in. I was shown ‘Sept 11’ and the subsequent decisions to go to war. I was still thinking about Iraq, trying to take it all in. The information/data was coming at me too fast to process. I've replicated some computer images to demonstrate the rate of information flow (Figure 5).

holographicearth.jpg (125525 bytes)

holographicearth2.jpg (122200 bytes)
Figure 5. Jim’s holographic earth incident showing the rate of information flow he received.

I have great difficulty thinking about what I saw next and recalling it fills me with dread.

I was shown a deep underground military base with seven circular levels, connected by a vertical shaft. On the seventh and largest level I was shown a cross section revealing humans working with gray type aliens and large praying mantis type aliens.

a) undergroundbase1.jpg (11722 bytes) b) undergroundbase2.jpg (16043 bytes)

Figure 6. Two of Jim’s depiction of a 7 level underground military base with dotted area showing the area where thousands of aliens were present.

There were literary thousands of aliens; I saw a figure that seemed to imply around 14 000 aliens in this base. So if this is to be believed, not only do aliens exist, but they also seem very well established on Earth. The base was somewhere in a desert.

I laughed to myself, “oh great, so it's true then and I'm now in conspiracy hell.” (Before I didn't really buy that new world order conspiracy stuff) but that's what I was shown. Again, who's going to believe this? (Added note by Jim: After a great deal of thought. I think a lot of what the ‘aliens’ showed me if not all of it was disinformation.)

Significantly, the male voice said, “We have tried to communicate with them, in the past, but they lie to us and try to use us, you kill what you do not understand, you humans are still so un-evolved.”

At this point I tried to argue, “Some of us are trying to evolve but we have to fight the ones that (for want of a better word) ‘aren’t so evolved’, not because we’re cruel but because they want to kill us!” The voice didn't seem interested in having a debate.

With no real pattern of context, I was next shown American corporations, and how they won't stop until they own whatever resources they can lay their hands on.

Again I felt the crimes, the pain and the collective creed and sadness of the culture. Capitalism out of control. (Interestingly I was shown a figure detailing how much energy the average American consumes). The rate of information coming at me was becoming too intense. The voice said to me “time is running out, do you now understand?”

I then pressed Canada to see if I could get any information for BC, Canada. Again readouts appeared. I was shown a fragmented society I could feel the collective culture. I was shown a UFO crash on the northern border with Alaska, northeast of the country. I was shown the Canadian government helping to ship the wreckage and aliens to America, then they were being taken to the under ground base I was shown earlier. I then thought about British Columbia. The voice goes “Why do you want to reveal us? As you can see humans, destroy what they can't understand” (that's when they mentioned your name, one said. “we know all about Martin”) I thought to myself “oh shit it can read my thoughts, this is crazy but it’s still A DREAM right!?!”

I know this sounds all vague but the whole dream only lasted two-three minutes max. I don't think the point of the dream was for me to get information like this, in fact I know it wasn’t, the point was just to show me why I must be quiet.

I thought I must try and get as much information as possible (I was amazed). I thought China could be interesting, again the hologram turned until I could see China.

I quickly pressed on China and was shown how their government perceives itself to be (as the voice described) “Divine”. Which I thought was a strange word to use. The voice behind me continued “They think that is why we are working with them”.

I was shown how they're waiting for the west to fall (on its own accord) and then the Chinese will be the rightful leaders of the world. I was shown that there’s going to be in conflict with the world just for extra food stocks to supply its population. I was shown that they're sitting on huge resources but they’re saving them. I could also feel and see the mega death potential of the nuclear missiles. I could once again feel or ‘tune in’ to the frustration of the people.
I felt depressed at this moment and hoped what I was shown was not true.

I thought of Europe and pressed Spain. I have a Spanish friend so thought any information I could get could be cross-referenced, plus I thought Spain would not be an obvious choice; my knowledge about Spain is limited at best...

Just by thinking about it, the globe hologram moved around from China to Spain. But, as I went to press Spain, my finger missed and I accidentally pressed the sea just off the coast of Spain. Immediately, a circle of rounded squares rose up from the ocean. Each square revealed a picture of an animal. The first box showed a sea bird, kind of like an eagle, the word extinct appeared next to it, this disappeared and I witnessed a sea lion followed by a fish. The words extinct were next to it; all in English.

holographicearthclose-up.jpg (78831 bytes)
Figure 7. Jim was shown a stream of data indicting humans causing an ecological disaster of the oceans.

As the fish was shown I thought about the fishing stocks, and again, at the mere thought about fish, high speed data flashed above the earth depicting (again too fast to read) facts and figures concerning the depleted fish resources. I was shown fishing boats pulling in huge amounts of fish, beginning with the coast of Spain then across the Atlantic sea and finally finishing with the whole world. All different types of countries, fishing the oceans, depleting resources.

The voice behind me spoke in an unemotional matter of fact way, “You see, they won’t stop until there’s nothing left. This is fact”. I weakly replied there must be something that can to be done, I mean, what about international treaties?

I stared at the destruction and the ‘knock on’ effect. Everything’s connected. One bit of the information I definitely recall depicted was Orcas (killer whales) off the coast of Canada starving because of the lack of salmon. (Again this would not be something that I would think of or would be aware of). This was happening all so fast.

I decided to go back to Spain, this time my finger found its target. Straight away, I could feel the collective conscience of the country. Every Living Life form is energy.

I was shown an image of what looked like 16th century Spanish soldiers meeting gray aliens and tall praying mantis looking aliens. The Spanish soldiers without warning pulled out their swords and began hacking the aliens apart. The voice commented on the scene of destruction “You see, you kill what you don’t understand, what you fear you destroy” (I was annoyed by the way the voice kept referring to me as a collective for the whole Human population)

I was then shown images and data which concluded that this incident lead to the rise of the Spanish inquisition. According to the voice many people were killed who were in contact with these so called demons. Again this is not something that I’d normally believe in, so I don't believe it could have come from my sub conscious. Then again maybe I’m wrong, maybe the whole thing was merely a graphic representation of my sub conscious view of the planet.

The voice commanded “It’s time to go. Now do you understand?”

My last image I recall was of the globe pulling away from me and ‘seeing’ energy fields from all the country’s populations pushing against each other in a desire to control the planet, even though it will ultimately destroy it. I tell you, we paint a depressing picture from space.

I woke up.. to a loud buzzing sound...(see earlier description in Part II.. of Jan 16, 2004 plus I've recreated a sound file )

I wrote down the part about the holographic earth in Part II, but I decided to edit it all out because I thought it would come across too unbelievable and I’d lose my credibility. Not that it matters anymore.

The dream ended with the voice saying (commanding)
“Now do you understand?”

The globe faded away and this time I woke up for real.

I found myself wide-awake in my bedroom facing the wall. Everything then all happened at once. First thing I noticed was a loud buzzing sound and felt pressure on the back of my head. I wouldn’t say it hurt exactly but it was extremely uncomfortable.

Again, I heard the loud clicking sound in my head. I really hate that sound. It panned from my right ear to the left. I looked at my arm; it was covered in a bluish-purplish pulsating energy!

I couldn’t move my legs or arms. I found I could just about move my head, then my neck and shoulders.

I used all my effort to turn around to quickly find the source of this energy.

Standing before me in the centre of my bedroom was some kind of humanoid creature with a large mantis/fly looking head. A beam of energy seemed to be coming from the alien to me.

“That’s not supposed to be there, what is that? Why don’t I feel scared?”

“Can I fight it? I can’t move?” “This ain’t no dream!” I felt I had known this being all my life. I also feel and I must point out I felt manipulated into feeling this.

I heard the slow deep voice, the one from the dream, but this time it was in my head, almost over-writing all my other thoughts. It seemed to be communicating telepathically.


“YES” I found myself answering, but I didn’t know why I said this because I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand any of this. I could only surmise that the planet Earth is doomed and that this is inevitable. In fact the word inevitable seems to be a key word.

“GOOD” It replied.

I turned my head back towards the wall and shut my eyes. But I got a good look at this thing. The creature was humanoid and 5 foot 5 inches (165 cm tall). I made a mental note where it’s head came up to on my wardrobe and measured it the next day.

Its head was huge in relation to its body. Its eyes were extremely large, shiny, insect-like and were supported by big sockets. My first impressions were that it looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a fly. This Being did not look like the tall praying mantis beings (I actually looked to see if I could see its arms, to see if they were bent like a praying mantis, but the arms were hidden by a dark black cloak) Again the Being appeared to be surrounded by a bluish purplish energy.

In the centre of it’s cloak was a golden badge. In my original account I wrote that there was definitely a design or symbol on it but I just couldn’t make it out. In fact, I could make it out. It was a snake (Figure 8). I just couldn't believe it, why the hell would an alien use an earth animal as a symbol!? I didn't want to mention this, I was afraid it would discredit my account completely.

aliensymbol.jpg (3546 bytes)
Figure 8. Symbol on golden badge on the chest of the Praying Mantis alien that visited him after the holographic earth incident on January 16, 2004.

I’ve replicated the image of this alien with the correction made to the badge (Figure 9). A snake! What does it mean?

mantisflyheadsnakev2.jpg (23328 bytes)
Figure 9. Symbol on golden badge on the chest of the Praying Mantis alien that visited him after the holographic earth incident on January 16, 2004.

I looked closer at its head; it had two protrusions between the eyes and a mass of protrusions where a mouth would normally be. At the same time another part of my brain was thinking, "What does it eat? What evolutionary path did it take?" It reminded me of a moustache, giving it a vaguely comic look, but trust me; the overall look was one of menace.

I turned my head back towards the wall and shut my eyes. The buzzing sound stopped and I was left extremely tired. I kept thinking about the dream and what did the alien mean “now do you understand?” (Again it sounded like a command not a question) “To keep quiet about them or to notice that the world is in a mess?”

The buzzing sound stopped and I felt extremely tired. I collapsed and lost consciousness.

The main conclusion of the dream seemed to be; humans are destroying the planet, I felt I was shown this not to change anything but I felt I was shown this to keep quiet about the aliens; it is futile to change anything because the aliens have other plans for the Earth.

Incidents since submitting my second report:

The Interrogation

On May the 23, 2004, I woke up, I was standing in the middle of my bedroom. My arms were stretched out by the side of my body.

Again as with most incidents I was unable to move. Everything was fuzzy.

A round edged flat screen of about 6 inches by 6 inches appeared in front of me at eye level. On the screen an image appeared depicting a drawing of a mantis alien.

mantisalien-screen.gif (28784 bytes)

An interrogation followed.

A male voice in perfect English said, “What is This?”
I replied “It's a drawing of a praying Mantis Alien”

I was completely calm and not scared... But, I had absolutely no control of my answer... I was clear and completely honest. Controlled.

Next, another image appeared on the screen, this time it was one of the images of the shorter Mantis/Flyhead I created for my second report.

flyhead-screen.gif (85526 bytes)

The voice goes “what is this?”
I replied “This is an image of a mantis/flyhead alien I saw on the 16th of January 2004!”

Again, I had no control of my answer and answered completely honestly. I felt, I couldn't lie even if I wanted to.

My head then fell to my chest and I passed out.

I felt this was a friendly conversation but definitely an interrogation. I definitely got the impression the “aliens” were not happy with me and just for the record although I didn't see anything, I definitely felt this interrogation was performed by the them.

Buzzing sound incident

The next incident I can recall happened on June 6th, 2004 and is going to be hard to describe.

I woke up... just as a buzzing sound came from the outside of my bedroom window to the inside my room. It felt like a cannon ball of energy. Like a missile shooting through the wall. I've replicated this sound as a ‘wave file’.

I say buzzing sound because I couldn’t move my eyes to see what was generating it. I was lying face down on my bed, my head rested on my right forearm, my left lay by my side. For those of you familiar with first aid, I was in a kind of recovery position.

My eyes were shut but I was completely conscious, I tried to move, but I could only move two fingers on my right arm near my face. I was thinking, “Come on move! I'm awake.. I'm awake so move!”

I couldn’t move anymore of my body. The buzzing sound continued in my room and moved as if it was coming from an object. I was calm, I thought “OK remain calm, this was the best advice you got from other abductees; this is happening and you can’t do anything so remain calm, see if you can learn something.”

The buzzing sound moved closer to me; it was so loud like a lawn mower or a swarm of bees. I then felt ‘something’ prod the right side of my body, just below the armpit, right on a pressure point. It hurt.

In my mind I cried out in pain, no sound came from my mouth. It prodded me again, in exactly the same place, I cried out again, It prodded me a third time! I couldn't move. I thought “Jesus, at least I know why I wake up f…...d-up!”

The buzzing ‘object’ moved from my side to the top of my head. I heard a cracking sound followed by a pressure pain on the top of my skull. There was nothing I could do! I want to cry. Why are they doing this? "Right, OK, so the prods were to check if I’m asleep and now it must be replacing the implant in my head"

“There’s nothing you can do Jim, so remain calm and gather as much information as you can! You didn’t die before, so pray that it’s OK this time, oh God, bastards, f....... bastards !”

The ‘probe’ completed the operation and moved to the left of my head. This was my chance, this time it was within reach of my right hand and more importantly the two fingers I could move. I waited until I estimated the ‘object’ was close enough to my hand and then flicked out my two fingers. My two fingers hit something solid.

I thought, “Take that you f.......s!” As soon as I connected with the “object”, It zoomed away. I say zoomed away but my eyes were still closed but the buzzing sound receded implying an object zooming away through my wall.

It felt like I had touched another hand or pincher, It was cold and like latex, like metal surrounded by rubber. I laughed to myself “Ha ha, you weren't expecting that! Were you? Fight back”.

I assumed the ‘object’ zoomed off because I heard the buzzing sound dissipate at a speed.

I thought about the ET poster of the Human hand touching the Alien’s Hand “I’ve touched an alien not in friendship but in defence!”.

I tried to move but was still unable to. I thought, “What the hell was that about? What are those bastards doing to me, so now you know why you wake up like shit! F..... three times in the f....... ribs, wasn’t once enough? So much for their technology, they have to prod people to see if they’re awake and then crack their skulls. Spiritual beings? Yeah right”

I passed out. I tried to fight it but I couldn't

I woke up later.. it was still fresh in my mind. “God, what the hell was that about? Did that really happen? Yes it did. Damn”, my ribs still hurt. My head still hurt. I passed out.
I woke up the third time. I pushed myself up, turned my head (God this is hard to write about), I saw one of the Mantis Aliens, and it was coming out of the wall above me! I pushed myself up. I saw its face and neck clearly. I tried to communicate! Its long arms moved quickly, I fell down on the bed, it didn’t touch me with its hands, it used some kind of force field, I pushed myself up, I tried to face it, but it would not let me turn my head to face it, I was pushed back on the bed again. I thought “I’m not scared, I can fight this, c’mon, Jim c’mon, break it’s field” I pushed myself up and again was pushed down “it's too strong.. God it's too f...... strong!”

Then, the strangest thing happened (as if any of this isn’t strange). I began to laugh, this was like a slap stick cartoon! This was Keystone Cops! This is pathetic! Who the hell is going to believe this? Who? I don't believe this! What a sight. I collapsed and passed out.

Needless to say, I woke up the next day feeling like utter crap. I am defeated. They are too strong. They will win.

For a few seconds, I got a good look at this thing enabling me to create a realistic image (Figure 10).

mantisfinal22.jpg (18616 bytes)
Figure 10. Jim’s graphic of alien he encountered on June 6, 2004. He was not sure if this was some kind of robot or an alien with a gas mask.

The heads are black, solid, metallic looking, with a small snout. The heads have a skull like appearance, or like a gas mask. On the snout is a red light and a silver metal ring, giving the impression of a down turned mouth, but it’s not, it’s definitely a metallic ring. Their necks are silver, again metallic in appearance. They are either aliens in some kind of armoured space suits, or they are robots. I more inclined to think that they’re robots but I don’t know for sure.

Screen incident

This bizarre and terrifying incident happened on August 22, 2004.

I don’t know where I am, all I know is, I awoke to find myself sitting upright, staring at two monitor screens. They were in a horizontal position next to each other at eye level; the screens were flat, square and with rounded corners, about the size of a 14" TV.

I was in an attentive, dream-like state, staring intensely at the screen on the left side. My eyes were only about five inches from the surface. I know this will sound crazy, but I was watching what appeared to be a 50’s style sci-fi B movie clip of a mantis alien walking, it was black and white, in complete silence.

The monitor to my right showed a black and white image of the cloaked being I witnessed in April 2001.

In a mild hypnotic state, I thought to myself “I don’t remember seeing these films, I must have seen them, and my imagination has replicated it as real manifestations. That would explain all that has happened to you. Yeah, didn’t you once read something about that? Wasn't it called “cultural pollution” or something like that? Wait a minute, you’re not an expert but you know your films, you haven’t seen these films like this, look how badly done they are! They don't look like real films. Wait a minute, something’s not right here, something’s wrong, how come I can think consciously? I’m not dreaming here, I’M NOT DREAMING!"

All hell broke loose; I pulled away from the monitors, two small green creatures were on either side (Figure 11).

creaturesjpeg.jpg (28658 bytes)
Figure 11. Two green ‘humanoid’ creatures in Jim’s bedroom on August 22, 2004.

Horrible looking things, they were humanoid, deformed looking, I sensed little intelligence from them, they recoiled back in fear, they looked shocked and terrified of me.

My reactions were fast I knew I had limited time, I deemed them to be of little or no threat! I scanned my position in relation to the room, to my left stood a tall white glowing being.

incident2004v33.jpg (21444 bytes)
Figure 12. The scene in Jim’s bedroom on August 22, 2004 showing 2 screens with images that Jim first viewed, then he became aware Of the two green “humanoid” creatures and then a tall white praying mantis. The beings and creatures were in retreat when Jim became aware of them.

It looked like a praying mantis but not like the other robotic ones, it was walking (floating?) away from me... I was then blasted by a wave of pure fear. Pure fear. I don’t think the fear came from within me but was from the white being; some kind of weapon.

I have never been so scared in my life. I tried to control my emotions remain calm and somehow managed to ride this wave of fear, my main motivation was ‘I had to communicate’, I needed answers. I shouted out “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?” The white being still in the process of moving away, turned its head over it's shoulder and replied in an aggressive manner “BECAUSE YOU KNOW TOO MUCH.”

It did not move it's mouth, communication was telepathic. I shouted back “WHO ARE YOU?”

The creature replied instantly almost before I even finished the sentence, “YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE”

I don’t know who they are. I can only surmise that they’re aliens. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know why they are doing this to me. I passed out.

The sinister white creature was tall, over six feet. It was wearing a cloak with a high collar, glowing white. It's head was triangular in shape, pointing downwards mounted on a longish neck. The eyes were slanted, the mouth, a mere slit. The skin was white with hints of yellow, ancient looking and reminded me of chalky stone (Figure 13).

greymantishead3.jpg (25499 bytes)
Figure 13. The face of the Mantis Alien that Jim witnessed on August 22, 2004 had the texture of “white chalky stone”.

The attitude of this thing was; it despised humans, almost like “He’s woken up, that didn’t work, do I have to explain my actions to a mere human?"

The two small green humanoids were about three feet tall. Their bodies were misshapen; slimy looking with loose skin with bloated bellies. One of the creature’s left arm was longer than it’s right arm. Their heads were skull like with black shiny eyes and two holes for a nose.

I sensed limited intelligence. When I look back at the situation, I feel a deep sense of pity for them.

You know, I think they are human, or more accurately, the horrendous result of an experiment with human DNA. I could be completely wrong, but that’s what my instincts tell me. I think this whole stunt was a basic attempt at brain washing. Again this is the contradictions of the aliens; one minute they're using advanced technology next they’re using simplistic attempts at deceit. At least I now know that they consider my waking up as an accident.

Last incident
This incident took place on October 16th 2004.

I woke up from a deep sleep and thought to myself “There's something in my room”, I drifted back to sleep.

I woke up again “wait a minute! There's something in my room, you've got to wake up!”

Something was moving in my room, I could hear it! I tried to wake up, I couldn't move, my eyes were closed, I couldn’t move!

Now, I’m fully aware of sleep paralysis; where you are unable to move during sleep due to your brain telling certain muscle groups not to react.

I tried in vain to wake up! I cannot emphasize more on how fully conscious I was. I thought “C’mon wake up, wake up, I need to wake up faster!”

Meanwhile the ‘something’ was very close to me. My adrenalin began to kick in; I finally managed to move my mouth. I began crying out but instead only a broken mumble came out, the ‘something’ then hissed at me! And disappeared. It was angry that I had disturbed it’s mission. I heard it move away. Only then was I able to wake up normally. I got up and switched the main light on but there was nothing there; ever since that day, I always sleep with the main light on. I cannot endure anymore.

The sound this ‘Thing’ made was like a cross between a gurgle and a snake hiss. I've replicated it as a sound ‘wave file’ (It’s pretty accurate, if you play at low volume)

I know this sounds like a classic example of sleep paralysis and I know they’re supposed to feel realistic, but I know this was real, especially compared to recent events.


So there you have it, apart from the ‘holographic-earth’ incident all of these have been pretty negative experiences. Some people are convinced these aliens are good and wonderful spiritual beings, this is not true. I believe too many abductees suffer from a form of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’; another alien manipulation. I’m more than ‘gutted’ about this than anyone, I don’t even care what they look like, if they just woke me up and talked to me I wouldn’t mind. But they don’t; instead they perform medical operations on me including cracking my skull open and placing an implant inside my brain. How safe is this to keep doing? I know they don’t care.

They want to remain secret and are engaged in some kind of agenda. This in itself is sinister.

I’ve tried to steer away from theories and just describe what’s happening to me; just to act as a decent witness, but having said that, I personally believe there are many intelligent alien races within our galaxy and that they make up a universal council with certain universal rules. I believe the aliens that are involved in abducting people are amassing information with the sole purpose to prove that the indigenous population of earth (us humans) are destroying the planet. If the Aliens can prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt to the council then they are given the right to invade it. On a personal note, I cannot take anymore encounters with aliens. I’m not partially religious, but each week I say a quiet prayer to myself “Thank God I made it through another week”

Afterward - by Jim G.
I've been on a posting forum mainly consisting of skeptical scientist. I noticed that someone mentioned the Mantis Account in the context of "look at these nutcase believers"

So I'd thought I'd join 'anonymously' and put forward my case.

Thought you might like to read some of the more interesting postings.

After a much heated debate; This is my case.

My position.

I'm a 'skeptical knower'. That's dangerous talk around here!

Let me explain my reasoning;
I believe humankind has been to the moon,
I know it is considered a 'Scientific Fact' that we have been to the moon and that makes me 'believe more' that we've been. However, I do not know it as a 'personal fact' that we've been to the moon. Why, because I personally have not been to the moon or worked in NASA.

I know as a 'personal fact' that aliens exist.
I know for a personal fact they're here and are in contact with the human race.

I've seen one. I've interacted with one. I've made contact with other people who have seen the same type of alien who have also interacted with them and had their accounts privately confirmed to them by military personnel.

So what do I mean by 'personal fact?' I mean, when any other logical possibility has been ruled out to you. You can be subjective and objective with yourself! In fact, when you see one of these mantis type aliens, you try your damn hardest to come up with an objective alternative explanation. Until the alternative is a ridiculous as what you're seeing. (i.e.) "I'm hallucinating, my mind has conjured up a interactive hallucination that moves and interacts with my environment as a solid object and other people are conjuring up the same hallucinations, and sincere sounding military personnel have risked national security and their careers to inform me that my 'hallucinations' are real.". What?

Of course, I cannot prove any of this. I'd just thought I'd explain my reasoning. I'm here to back up the 'skeptical believers' and try and make the skeptics think a little that 'there's a real chance this could be real'. That's all.

I myself, have got some real big questions, I've gotta ask about our conditioned reality. But that doesn't mean I've lost my skeptical side and believe anything someone says regarding aliens, but I will listen with an open mind and especially if it validates my personal facts.

Reply from a scientist.

Fair enough, at least I understand your position a bit better. However, in order to be completely honest with you in return, I have to tell you that I consider your statements to most likely fall into one of these three categories.

1) You're pulling our 'collective' leg, seeing if you can get people to believe this.

2) You believe it to be the truth, but it's actually some type of personal, psychological experience, but it's not objective reality.

3) It is objective reality. You, and certain others, have actually interacted with alien beings, and this reality is being kept as a military secret.

Which of these three is the truth? I haven't a clue. I'd be more inclined to choose option 1 or 2, simply because I know that people have engaged in, or experienced these two options before. Number 3 is something I have no prior knowledge of. If I knew you personally, I could perhaps make a better assessment.

My Reply

Question 1. Good point, I guess you couldn't convince people that you're not pulling their leg. For what's it's worth, I give you my word that I'm not. When you're dealing with a subject of this nature, your word is important as also is 'respecting your contacts anonymity.' Besides if it was a joke/hoax, I fail to see what this would achieve; The joke would surely be on me for spending so much time and effort in fabricating it. But Knowing the human race, I sure there are some sad losers out there who would do something like this. Personally speaking, If I was to make up a hoax I'd make it much more plausible (Praying mantis aliens?) and if it was a joke, I'd make it much more entertaining.

Question 2. (A Toughy). That would be the most logical assessment one could make and I would also add the main reason why people who have this 'experience' keep quiet and remain anonymous.

If it is a psychological disorder, you're dealing with a disorder that includes hallucinations of a constant form (mantis-like) interacting with the subjects environment. (i.e.) "The arm of the mantis entity hit the side of the coffee table. The coffee table shuddered". So as the 'hallucination' hit the table, the table shuddered coincidentally by some other natural cause. Yet this kept happening?! And the subject has physical markings, bruises etc. where the entity made contact with the subject's body, etc..

I would also like to point out that noted psychologists/professors who have looked into this subject come away as 'believers' and conclude that these events did take place in objective reality. Namely, John E Mack professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Professor David Jacobs head of history temple university.

Question 3. Yes I believe so. This is the 'real meat and potatoes' and should be the starting point of the debate. Hypothesis The true cover up of alien contact on Planet Earth. constants- Mantis-like Aliens and the Military know about them. Hard to believe? you betch’a but is it true? I reckon so. - Jim G.

A Similar Account to Jim's Praying Mantis Alien
Here is an account from a different witness in a different country that occurred prior to Jim's encounter. The similarities appear to be more than coincidental. Compiled by Albert Rosales

Humanoid report 1999
Case# 103.
Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: August 1999
Time: late night
A man visiting a friend's house and sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom suddenly woke up feeling very panicky and totally unable to move. Looking towards the front door he saw a huge humanoid figure over 7 ft tall standing by the door. The figure resembled a large "praying mantis" and was wearing something resembling a black and purple cloak. Its skin was dark gray in color. It slowly approached the witness and reached out to him with a large hand with long thin fingers and grabbed his shoulder. At this point the witness lost consciousness and does not recall anything else of the incident. He remembered also feeling very cold during the encounter.

For an April 11, 2008 update from Jim G.
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