A Praying Mantis Account - Part I
by Jim G.

Updated Sept 17, 2003

August 23, 2003

Hi, my name is Jim. I live in a small town on the outskirts of London. Here's an account that happened to me in April 2001. It's taken me this long to deal with it. I promise to you everything that happened is true.

I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning to find a tall praying mantis looking being and a cloaked being by the side of my bed. I thought to myself "What crazy dream is this?" The cloaked being looked at me from beneath its hood, revealing its black skin, which appeared leathery and reflecting light much like a beetles skin. I shut my eyes, thinking this must be a realistic dream! But when I re-opened my eyes, the figures were unfortunately still there.

mantis-alien.jpg (33839 bytes)
Drawing by Jim G. of praying mantis being

mantis-cloakedentity.jpg (13849 bytes)
Drawing by Jim G. of cloaked being

The cloaked figure looked up to the tall praying mantis type, as if it was confused as to what actions it should take next. The praying mantis turned its head towards the hooded one and made a series of high-pitched clicking sounds. I sensed this was the one in command, possibly the other was some kind of security guard. It's at this point I realized, I'm definitely not dreaming, I can hear them. I couldn't move but my brain went into a deep panic. "OH my god what is going on?" "What are they?" I don't want to look too closely at the mantis, so I just glance at it.

All I recall was that it was tall. At least 7 foot, it had to bend its neck because of the height of the ceiling. Its head was pointed with large eyes. Its for-arms were extremely long and moved in a jerky fashion. The cloaked figure was closer, crouching by my bed, so I couldn't tell how tall it was, but I could clearly see that it was wearing some kind of overlapping ridged amour? Including a metallic looking breastplate that had a series of circles on it. Its head was dome-like with emotionless facial features. Its eyes were large and surrounded again by detailed ridges. It acted in a way that reminded me of a robot or insect.

I remember thinking to myself, nobody's going to believe this! A bloody giant sized mantis and medieval-style dressed alien, what the hell is this? Before this incident, although I hadn't see one, I was familiar with the gray types but I had never heard of the praying-mantis types. At this point, the mantis bent its upper body, over my bed and directly above me. In its hand it was holding a long metal object that looked like a needle. A green light shot directly from the needle and into my right eye. Maybe it's a laser, I am not sure, but I do know it felt very painful. I could see all the veins from my eye, the same effect you get when an Optician checks your eyes. I screamed but no noise came out. I then felt something stick into my skull! I'm not sure what because by that time I had my eyes closed. I pretended to sleep and went into deep panic! My mind was racing at a million miles per hour. I heard a great whooshing sound and when I next reopened my eyes thankfully they had gone.

I lay shaking and confused for what seemed like hours and just couldn't return back to sleep. At no time did I feel like they cared about my health or me! They seem to have an insect cold type mentality. I really thought I was going to die. The next day I spent the whole day in bed and felt as if I had been through a major operation. It's very painful to recall and since this incident, I sometimes hear clicking sounds inside my head. I was in shock for a long while afterwards; I can say that this definitely happened, this definitely was real. I have no answers or conclusions but I think it's important to get real life accounts out there.

Thank you. Keep up the good work!


UFO*BC: We sent Jim a response thanking him for sharing his account. A little while later we received another e-mail from him that included the two drawings above, a computer generated graphic of the cloaked entity (see below) as well as a very interesting sound file.

September 2, 2003

I don't feel any pain at this moment, but I can tell when I've been ‘taken’ because the next day I’m completely wasted. Like I've been in a medical operation, I just cannot move or do anything much at all. Dealing with this and being self-employed as you can imagine is no fun at all.

I can't remember anything else from the main encounter other than when I first woke up they were doing something to my legs and that there must have been a light source for me to see so much detail, but from where it was emitting from I can't say, possibly the cloaked figure was holding a staff.

mantis-cloakedentity-art.jpg (106005 bytes)
Computer graphic by Jim G. of cloaked being

I haven't contacted anyone else with similar encounters; to be honest I still feel all this is too soon, just writing about this is quite an effort.

Although I do have some very good friends whom I've told and they were initially skeptical but now they do believe me (knowing me not to be a liar or a fantasist), I still feel very much alone and isolated. In my job you have to be quite confident and outgoing. It’s getting tougher and tougher hiding the trauma, and maintaining a ‘got it together’ appearance to the outside world. ‘How are you?’ ‘ Not bad, not bad, oh by the way I’m getting abducted by aliens that look like giant preying mantis!’

The day after the incident in 2001, I did do a word search on ‘mantis-type aliens’ and got nothing. So at first, although I knew it did happen, I really just put it down to a very realistic dream and denied it to myself. Until six months ago while surfing the Net I accidentally came across a drawing of a praying mantis alien holding a needle device. It was exactly what I had seen. I had a panic attack just looking at it; I just couldn't get it out of my head. The artist was J Westwood, it can be seen at alien alley.com. Also on the same site, an artist by the name of Sylvia Rayner has drawn a picture of ‘what the cloaked figure looked like’; it’s called Dark entity.

After a little research I realized that these were well-defined aliens within UFOolgy.If other people were seeing what I’d seen then either it’s a coincidence or it’s really happening! You know, I've had nightmares before but not in my bedroom and I've never felt any lasting trauma from a nightmare.

I came across a website that made it easy to report your experiences; It even had a report form with a scroll bar to choose the different types of aliens including preying mantis type. So I finality decided to write what I had seen and send it around.

Why do I think they chose me? Well, I've had many of what a lot of people would describe as strange experiences while I was a kid, (seeing ufo's, the walls talking to me every birthday) but I think a lot of kids have these things happen? I prefer to concentrate on the things that I can say really happened.

I was 18 yrs old and in the summer of 92 and while working in London, I sneezed and a metal ball fell out of my left nostril! I told my friends ‘wow London's so polluted; I must have breathed in some lead cause a metal ball fell out of my nose! I now suspect it was possibly an implant.

And in the summer of 96, it was a real hot night so I thought I’d climbed out of my bedroom window and on to the roof of my house. I got the strangest feeling of being watched, I looked into the star filled night sky and had the crazy thought of trying to communicate with aliens telepathically, I know how that sounds crazy but I’m sure a lot of people have tried it. It felt right some how. I just sent out feelings of love and that if anyone can pick this up I’d like to communicate. To my utter amazement, way up high, a ball of light appeared. I assumed it to be a satellite until it turned dived and hovered 200 feet above me. I could clearly see it was a ball of light. It made no sound what so ever. I stared in utter amazement. I felt calm and euphoric, completely at one with the world. The ball then just disappeared. I climbed back into my bedroom and fell into a deep sleep.

Since then, I started to have really strange experiences. I'd wake up in the middle of night floating above my bed! Or worse floating in-between my bedroom wall, One time I even floated outside my house and in the distance I could see the ball of light I was getting pulled towards it. I imagined myself surrounded by white light and I flew back to my bed with a thud. I don’t think I was astral projecting, this felt real.

Then these experiences complete stopped. And I mean so much so, that all of this started to become a distant memory! I started to get on with my life.

And then the praying mantis encounter happened.

So I’m really not sure why they choose me, maybe they sensed a spiritual awaken within me or more likely it was just mere opportunity. They just spotted some young fool on a roof of a house and thought ‘he'll do easy pickings’. One thing’s for sure; I really felt no spiritual vibes or energy (if you like) from these beings at all. I just felt like a lab rat.


Jim G

PS. I've attached some drawings I've done, one of the mantis and one of the cloaked entity. And I've made a sound up of the clicks the mantis made, it's roughly accurate. Put it on a loop if you can and play loud.

September 12, 2003
Also I'm a sound engineer by profession so I've replicated the clicking sounds I sometimes hear inside my head. To get the full effect put on a pair of headphones and play quite loud. I only hear this at night and never experience the clicks before the mantis abduction. It is also very similar to the clicking sound the mantis made towards the cloaked entity.
You have my complete permission to use all this on you website, it is all original work.
I just hope it helps other people who are experiencing the same trauma that they're aren't mad and this is really happening.

Thank you for giving me a chance to get my story out there.

Jim G

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