Praying Mantis Accounts - Update April 11, 2008
by Jim G.

Posted April 12, 2008

Introduction - by Martin Jasek
In August-September, 2003 UFO*BC started to exchange a series of communications with Jim G. from a small town on the outskirts of London, UK. These detailed report can be found at the following links
Praying Mantis Account Part I

Praying Mantis Account Part II
Praying Mantis Account Part III

The three reports describe Jim's frequent encounters or visitations from 2001 to 2004. We receive many e-mails asking how Jim has been doing since then and if he has had anything new to report. We are happy to post the following update from Jim.

Update from Jim - April 12, 2008
Fortunately, I have nothing new to report, thank god-in my opinion, living in London, seems to have done the trick and at the moment that's all I care about.

Sometimes I still have to return, back to the original property but mercifully those times are rare. However, as you can imagine, when I do go back, I only sleep with the light on; it really wouldn't bother me, if I never have another experience in my life.

Occasionally, I still have nightmares, waking up screaming, which I feel is a reflection or symptoms of a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

So, I try and put the whole episode from my mind (thank goodness, I documented it at the time). See, just reliving events can, mess up my whole day... I go 'numb' and shutdown, overwhelmed by the sheer scale.

Anyway, I can't even begin to understand the motivation of the aliens, these days I am trying to be more philosophical. Sometimes they were cruel, like the time one fired some form of energy from the hand-held device. Although I concede, could've been a defense mechanism thus necessary from their perspective. And other times, they could be informative/when they really didn't have to be.

Another aspect, which I really can't get over is, just how Sci-fi they are... I know conveying the experience will always be subjective - and people will think, my fear as some how affected my descriptions, but I'm sure, as much as I know myself that I did manage to control my emotions enough, to be objective and concentrate on getting an accurate description.

I promised, myself, I wouldn't give up telling my story, but, as soon as I describe the 'aliens', pray-mantis-like flyhead, using a serpent symbol, you can feel, (and unfortunately completely understandable, given the circumstances), people’s skepticism and cynicism grow. And I find myself in the paradoxical position of conceding that I too would have been skeptical, and understand why people would, yet vigorously maintaining these events took place in objective reality.

Alas, it comes down to evidence, and these guys are too good, wherever they're from, whatever they're up to, one thing is for certain; they want their existence to remain secret.

Anyway I digress, but my point is, I'm utterly amazed how some of the sci-fi culture has got it right, how can the bridge between what is happening and what most people think isn't possible be so? (Apart from the lack of hard evidence). The skeptic will point to culture-influence argument, a criticism often leveled towards abductees. But, I think, one reason might be because some of our sci-fi can/is actually based upon intelligent speculation/prediction. I'm just thinking out aloud, because I collect pictures from the net which best try to convey my experience. Such as this one..( er from a sub-B-movie/comedy, in my opinion ironically called “Evil Aliens”)

I actually wonder whether the filmmakers read my account from the net or similar accounts. Mere speculation I know, but if you didn't believe in alien abductions, and if you're making a comedy/horror about it, I think it's likely that you would research the scenario from accounts from the net.

Jim G.

UFO*BC will attempt to keep our readers informed of any further developments regarding Jim G.

If you have any questions or comments for Jim, you may send an e-mail to:
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and I will pass it onto him. Please mention "Praying Mantis" in you subject line.

Martin Jasek


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