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If you are looking for a specific UFO case from British Columbia, first look in 1 or 2 below:


1. Sightings - This is where we keep the initial reports we receive.

Recently Reported Sightings
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2000 Sightings
1999 Sightings
1998 Sightings
1997 Sightings
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1995 Sightings
Pre-1995 Sightings
Vancouver Flying Saucer Club Reports
DND Reports

2. Historical Cases - This is where we file cases that we had a chance to investigate and/or where considerably more information becomes available about a specific case. Abductions that accompany UFO events can also be found here.

The Early Years

Still haven't found the report you were looking for, try 3 and 4 below:

3.UFO*BC Reports - This is where we put general articles we and others write about UFOs and other phenomenon. Also, reports that describe a persons lifelong history of UFO sightings can be found here.

4. Abductions - This is where abduction reports can be found with or without an accompanying UFO sighting. General articles about the abduction phenomenon can also be found here.

For UFO events that have occurred outside of BC, try 5 and 6:

5. Yukon Reports - this is a link to UFO Yukon Research Society, our sister organization. It is a part of this web site.

6. Beyond Borders - This is where we post cases that are outside of the borders of BC and the Yukon but are too good for us to pass up.

This is a Special Investigation by one of our Directors:
7. The Kinross Incident - Investigated and documented by Gord Heath, this is a sub-web site dedicated to the mysteries surrounding disappearance of an F-89 jet fighter on Nov 23, 1953 over Lake Superior.


Other Stuff

8. Supernatural BC

Animal Mutilations
Native Legends
Crop Circles
Strange Photos

9. Fern Belzil - A cattle mutilation investigator from Alberta has his home page on our site.

10. Coming Events - UFO*BC Sponsored Lectures in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Other.s can request to advertise related events here

11. Radio Shows - Listen to some of the witnesses we brought on to the Jeff Rense Show.

12. About UFO*BC - Learn about who we are and why we are doing this.

13. Links - Some of our favorites

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14. Guestbook