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Witnessed: Summer 2000s

(Reported:  20-Nov-2008, Grouse Mountain, BC)

 Sorry, I don't remember what year it was. I was with my ex-bf at Grouse mountain watching shooting stars. As we were watching at those shooting stars, we saw one meteor. It was kind of slower than others, we didn't think too much, and all in a sudden, it turned 90 degree and turned again! and than disappeared!!! We were so surprised and excited, because I don't think meteors can turn, can they? It was clear sky, no airplane flying, no drugs or alcohol in us. We were sober!! Until today, I still believe we saw something phenomenal. Now, when I look at those beautiful stars. I believe one of them is not really a star..

 UFO*BC Replies:

Hello Eve,
Thank you for submitting this sighting. You are correct, meteors do not turn.
Best Wishes
Martin Jasek

Jan-2000, Victoria: (11:00 pm)

Witnesses Brian & Darren were watching two clouds travelling SW - SE towards Victoria when they observed a very large triangular object with a light in each corner. This remained above them for a period of ten minutes. Brian said, "what if the lights went out?" Within one minute they did! Then they saw three "clouds" assemble into a huge saucer that appeared to be concealing something inside. It later took off. Total viewing time three hours. Despite it being very cold with snow on the ground they stood their ground during this time. Darren is a professional photographer and took three pictures.

2-Jan-2000, Steveston: (early am)

A woman was returning to her bedroom after going to the bathroom when she saw a "craft" through her north-facing window. It had rotating perimeter lights and was approaching fast! Suddenly the craft reversed direction and receded from her. She then saw a spiralling cone-shaped light. Total viewing time was only a few seconds. She initially thought it might be a helicopter, but realized there had been no sound.

2-Jan-2000, Mission: (1:15 am)

While travelling from an outside shed back to his trailer home, the witness was amazed to see a silver, saucer-shaped object hovering outside his bedroom window! It was 1 times the length of a panel van and 1 times the height. The craft was stationary with no sound. It had dull white lights circling its perimeter. Through a large vertical window in the craft, the witness could see a man in coveralls looking back at him. The man had a slight grin on his face but did not look in any way unusual. The interior of the craft was pinkish. There was a sudden flash of light and the craft was gone! While returning home from work, the son of the witness said he saw a flash in the sky around 1:30 am.

4-Jan-2000, Mission: (2:30 – 7:30 am)

Four people witnessed "hundreds" of lights moving around in the sky over Ruskin Dam (looking north), including some large red ones that appeared to expand, then split into three.

4-Jan-2000, Mission: (6:30 – 7:15 am) (neighbours of 4 witnesses above)

A man and his cousin watched lights moving around the sky over Ruskin Dam. The cousin was a confirmed skeptic until he saw these lights.

5-Jan-2000, Mission: (6:30 pm)

Three ladies watched several anomalous lights performing erratic movements over the Ruskin Dam. They watched the lights for an extended period of time. Later that evening, around 8:00 pm, one of the women briefly saw a "ball of light" over the distant trees.

7-Jan-2000, Mission: (7:30 pm)

A woman watched a large red ball in the northern sky for about 30 seconds.

13-Jan-2000, Gibsons: (2:00 pm)

A man was driving from Gibsons to Roberts Creek when he spotted a black circular object below the clouds that seemed to be moving at the same speed and direction as he was. The "craft" appeared to be twirling as it proceeded through the sky. He had it in view for about two minutes before it was lost to sight.

15-Jan-2000, Kelowna: (1:53 pm)

Three adults were travelling in their car when they spotted a metallic, reddish disc in the southwestern sky. They stopped the car and watched the object for about two minutes as it travelled northward. There was no noise and no contrail. They estimated that it was about 1 kilometre away and about twice the size of a 747 aircraft.

17-Jan-2000, Burnaby: (11:15 pm)

The witness was outside his basement apartment when he noticed a cigar-shaped object with rotating, flashing red, green, blue and white lights on its perimeter. The object was stationary and a distant throbbing noise (like a stationary diesel train) could be heard. The object was southwest of the witness and possibly located over Deer Lake. He estimated that it was only 5 feet in length. The man gathered another 4 witnesses and they continued to watch the object for another twenty minutes. At the end of that time it "vanished" as if a light switch had been turned off.

20-Jan-2000, Kelowna: (9:50 pm)

Three witnesses watched an orange/yellow object travelling south to north below the clouds. Because it seemed to be "throwing off sparks", they thought it was a plane on fire and phoned 911. They watched for another 5 minutes as the object faded from bright to dim. No noise could be heard.

30-Jan-2000, Mission: (early am)

A man and a woman drove up to Springvale, an elevated position near Rowley Lake, with the intention of video taping strange lights that they had seen on previous nights. For a period of 2 hours they filmed a variety of anomalous lights that varied in size, shape and luminousity. Although the witnesses described vivid reds ("fireballs") and metallic sheens with accompanying brilliant blues, the camcorder recording was much less spectacular. The tape did show unusual lights, but nothing conclusive.

19-Feb-2000, Surrey: (10:15 am)

The witness was a passenger in a car travelling south on Highway 99 to Crescent Beach when he spotted a highly reflective, round object moving at a steady speed in a southeast to northwest direction. The object was at a considerable altitude, but easily seen in the clear blue sky. After 2 minutes of observation, the object suddenly disappeared. The witness assumes that if it had been an aicraft that had turned, thereby eliminating its reflective state, he should at least have been able to see a dark outline in the sky. He could not.

19-Feb-2000, Mission: (11:45 pm)

A man and his wife were travelling east on the Lougheed Highway when the man suddenly spotted a bright "greenish" object moving in a downward motion over Stave Lake(?). He yelled, "Wow! Look at that!". His wife had time to look up and also see it. They reckoned that the viewing time was 2 to 3 seconds. The sky was covered with low cloud.

February/March 2000, Richmond: (11:30 pm)

"Sky was dark, no moon. I went out for a cigarette. I always look at the stars when I am outside. As I was looking, I saw a very dark object, moving from east to west. If I did not have better than 20/20 vision, I would have missed it, as it almost blended in with the black sky. I estimate it to be moving at around 100 kph and at an altitude of about 500 feet. It made no sound, and being a star and airplane buff, it was not an airplane. It had no marker lights, strobes or any lights at all. It seemed to have no landing gear visible, and no exhaust ports or jets. It was very quiet, dark. The shape was like a boomerang as it passed overhead. As it continued away from me, I could just make out a shape from behind. The first thing I thought of when I saw the shape was squashed pearls. If you picture a string of 4 black pearls on a table in a straight line, then you bend the string in the middle so that 2 pearls are on one side of the wing, and 2 pearls down the other side. Then you squish the pearls down until they are oval-shaped."
"Basically, it looked similar to the stealth bomber. It looked like a black boomerang with 4 bumps on it. It was traveling East to West, then right before I lost sight of it behind a building, it did a quick bank to the right and straightened heading North West."
"Immediately after seeing this, I ran upstairs told my wife, and called the media and asked if there were any other reportings. They told me there weren't any reportings, but took my name and number down and said they will contact me if anyone else reports anything."

7-Mar-2000, Burnaby: (11:00 pm)

The witness was outside his residence when a sudden wind came up. As it did so, a large ball of beautiful purple light "appeared" in the sky. No sound accompanied it. The ball appeared to be about 5 feet in diameter. As he watched, another man approached, stopped and joined him in his observations. The light drifted slowly towards Deer Lake (southward) and out of sight. Total viewing time was between 3 and 5 minutes. As soon as the object was lost from sight, the wind stopped!

16-Mar-2000, Corbow Hill (near Duncan):

The witness was at Corbow Hill, south of Duncan on Vancouver Island, when he saw a light travelling south to northwest in the clear night sky. He watched it for 15 to 20 seconds. It was a white light pulsating with varying degrees of intensity. It seemed to be extremely high, but moving too fast for a satellite. Behind the light was a red metallic yellow object. It appeared to be gaining on the light when the light suddenly made a 90 degree turn, leaving a red tail behind it. The trailing object then disappeared. The witness has a private pilot’s license.

23-Mar-2000, Quesnel: (8:05 – 8:23 pm)

The witness, Brad, saw a globe-shaped object with a bright red lower half silently moving north to northwest. It had a red flashing light that reflected off the low cloud cover. He viewed it with his binoculars and estimated that it was about 1 miles away, 800 feet above the ground and travelling about 60 – 70 miles per hour. It was eventually lost to sight in the distance. It was also viewed by his wife and family.

29-Mar-2000, Burnaby: (9:15 – 9:45 pm)

The witness, his wife and mother-in-law were driving home (heading southwest along Canada Way) when they spotted a brilliant white "moon" over Hastings Street (north). This object was surrounded by ten golf-ball-sized yellow lights (on its perimeter?). As they drove home it seemed to follow them. On arriving home they got out of the car to view the object. The witness stated that it was making a noise like a locomotive. The sky was clear with no moon in the sky.

17-Apr-2000, Cranbrook: (11:00 am)

A man and his wife were out shopping and spotted a white object, stationary in the clear sky. Shortly after, a round black "thing" was ejected from the object! This "craft" proceeded to gyrate rapidly about the sky, moving first east to west, then west to south. It completed a full circle in the five minutes the couple watched it before returning to their shopping.

22-Apr-2000, Surrey: (7:45 pm)

Five boys, aged from 11 to 14, were playing soccer at the Cloverdale Elementary School when one of them noticed a disc-shaped object moving across the fairly clear sky in a east to west direction. The object was fairly high and appeared to be white with a black "circle" underneath. The craft had a tilting, bobbing motion as took about 2 minutes to cross their field of vision. It then climbed skyward at the same speed. No sound could be heard from it

24-Apr-2000, Langley: (10:14 pm)

The witness was outside her residence smoking when she spotted 8 lights ("golden orbs") in a rough IV formation. The lights were grouped in a 3-2-3 formation and moved in unison (attached?). They made no noise and were in view approximately 2-3 seconds before zipping off. There were no other witnesses.

28-Apr-2000, Aldergrove: (10:00 pm)

"On April 28th at approximately 10:00pm we were driving down 264th and 16th Avenue in Aldergrove when all of a sudden out of nowhere a bright blue light which was followed by a tail behind it came flying through the sky. It was not a comet or a shooting star because it was below the clouds. It then started to move very fast across the sky, went about 500 feet, then vanished."

4-May-2000, Kamloops: (8:15 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC for this sighting.

"From my porch I saw a triangular formation of 4 lights, 3 on the corners of the triangle and 1 large light in the middle. It hovered around a bit then flew in a circular motion, then it disappeared."

6-May-2000, Kamloops: (9:18 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC for this sighting.

"Sitting on the back porch of my house, when I saw this little light in the sky that was moving around in circles. I was kind of curious, so I pulled out some binoculars. I tried to get a good look at it, but it was moving too much to really get a good look. I was able to see that it was triangular-shaped. Then it started to come closer, and I could see it had a light on each side. It came really close hovering about 100 feet above the ground. It hovered for quite a while. I sat there staring at it with my mouth open. Then all of a sudden, this giant white light in the middle came on, lighting up everything, nearly blinding me. I blinked a couple times, then it was gone."

8-May-2000, Kamloops: (9:05 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC for this sighting.

Three people watched a large triangular object hovering in the mountains about 6 kilometres away. After about 5 minutes it separated into 4 more craft, each triangular with lights on each side and a big one in the middle. After a few minutes they combined into one and shot off into the sky and disappeared.

Mid-May-2000, Vancouver: (11:35 pm)

"I was finishing a half hour jog and came to rest on the steps of an apartment building in the 1600 block of West 11th Avenue to cool off and catch my breath. I was facing north and it was a semi clear night with lots of small clouds. As I was ready to get up and head home I noticed something which I thought was clouds moving above a taller apartment building. I realized what I was looking at was not clouds but a craft of some sorts. I became terrified when I could not identify it, and was able to continue viewing it as it nearly flew above me. It was traveling south (up Pine Street) and low to the ground (1000 feet) no sound, with a smooth fast flight path. As it disappeared from my sight (the apartment buildings blocked my vision from it), an intense fear over came me and I ran very fast to my apartment (near by)."

"I had dismissed the sighting as perhaps a hang-glider. When telling this to friends and family, they say that a hang glider would be unlikely. (what are the likely chances of some one hang gliding or gliding over that area that time of night?) When reading a recent sighting on your site, "2000 - Boomerang-shaped Craft Over North Vancouver" It re-created the experience for me, and every description in that article, along with the date and time is too close for comfort to forget about."

15-May-2000, North Vancouver: (10:50 pm)

Two amateur astronomers were out stargazing on the roof of an apartment building when they spotted a large, dark, boomerang-shaped craft. Seven trianglular shapes could be made out on the bottom of the craft; one in the front and three down each side. The object travelled silently from east to west. Total viewing time was less than 10 seconds. For the full report, click HERE.

18-May-2000, Sorrento: (between 10:30 and 11:00 pm)

A man out walking his dog saw a spherical object about 1 to 2 feet across and 1 to 1 feet high. A band around the middle, about 6 inches high, was glowing orange/red. For the full report click HERE.

19-May-2000, Tatuk Lake, BC: (evening)
My friend and I went camping to Tatuk Lake right after work on the first night of the long weekend. It is at least a couple of hours drive from Prince George to Tatuk Lake, so by the time we got ready and left it was really late when we got there. There were no camping spots left when we got there so we set up our tent right beside the boat-launch. When everything was set up we went into the tent to go to sleep. We laid there for 5 or 10 minutes when there was a loud pulsating sound coming from something moving just above the trees. We were too frightened to look outside until it sounded like it moved off over the lake and when we unzipped the tent the sound was gone. We never saw any lights and it definitely was not a helicopter. It sounded like it was very close and small, like it was moving through the trees. After talking about it for a bit we went to sleep. When we got up in the morning all the camping spots that were full the night before, on the first night of the long weekend were empty.

3-Jun-2000, Whistler
: (00:30 am)

The witness observed an orange ball just over the mountain tops that was going on and off at approximately one second intervals. It was moving on a steady linear course with no erratic movement. The sky was clear, no sound could be detected and the object was in view for one minute. The light was travelling southwest to southeast.

8-Jun-2000, Vancouver: (11:45 am)

The witness, Kevin, spotted in the northern sky a white ball that appeared to be at a considerable height and was moving in an erratic manner (up, down, left, right). It was the size of the tip of his little finger, held at arm’s length. He brought the object to the attention of his neighbour, who confirmed its unusual nature. Kevin turned from the window to try to obtain an additional witness, but when he returned the object was gone. Total viewing time was about 30 seconds.

8-Jun-2000, Kelowna: (10:15 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC for this sighting.

The witness was outside having a smoke, watching for the Northern Lights due to solar flares announced on TV. The witness noticed at 10:15 PM a satellite trekking along in orbit. The witness states, " I watched for about 5 seconds when the small bright light, no brighter than any other object in orbit, flared a very bright, roundish, white light for one brief second. After the flare diminished, I noticed that the object had changed direction by approximately 30 degrees. It was now moving out of orbit and appeared to be going higher. As the object increased its speed in that flash and was moving at a new constant speed. As it was moving on the new direction, it was progressively going from the small bright light (1 - 2 millimeters across) to a smaller and less bright state until it could no longer be seen. I noticed it while facing west, looking upwards at 70 degrees ascension. So far as I know anything we have that 'leaves orbit' requires several seconds of 'burn' before it can reach the speeds needed to totally overcome earth's gravity."

12-Jun-2000, Burnaby: (10:00 pm)

A couple was returning home from Horizons Restaurant on Burnaby Mountain when they felt as if they were being followed. There was nobody behind or in front of their Harley Davidson. Then they were surrounded by "a loud very unearthly kind of electrical sound" that became very loud. It came in three waves that lasted a total of 30 to 40 seconds. They also saw an extremely bright ball of white light travelling at tree height above them. The light was "like a small white sun". The driver geared down to a safe speed to take a good look, but when they turned around both the light and sound were gone.

16-June-2000,Fort St. John: (1:00 am)

A man in the vicinity of 89th Street and 88th Avenue witnessed a “silver-grayish ball” larger than a satellite moving high through the sky. The ball had a “really, really” bright yellow light or glow around it. The size of the glow was about one-fifth the size of the full moon.  There was no tail or debris left behind the object such as one would see behind a meteor. The light dimmed for 3 to 4 seconds and then returned to its initial brightness. It traveled in a straight line and was visible for about 45 seconds. The man was familiar with what satellites looked like. This was different. It was much too large and bright for it to be a satellite. The man found the event “very disturbing, I stopped breathing and could feel the pulse in my hands” he said. He lost sight of the object behind a bank of cloud. The object was viewed against a clear portion of the sky with a starry background.

End of June-2000, Richmond: (2:00 pm)

The witness and a male companion were travelling south along Garden City in Richmond when they spotted a shiny gray disc-shaped object travelling SouthWest. The sky was clear. Initially they thought it was an approaching aircraft but soon changed their minds. It quickly disappeared from sight. They could not attempt to estimate the object's height. It was in view for probably no more than 2-3 seconds.

07-Jul-2000, White Rock BC: (09:30 pm)

This took place about 20-30 minutes before a summer thunderstorm formed in the distance, between Semiahmoo Bay and Birch Bay, Washington State, which we could see from our vantage point over Semiahmoo Bay in White Rock.

Anyways, as my cousin and I watched the storm clouds form during this warm, clear summer evening (I always found this fascinating having studied geography for the longest time), we were having dinner out on the deck, which faces south and overlooks the entire bay and can see the US -- it is only maybe about 10 km away. I knew we were expecting a thunderstorm, just looking at the cloud formations, but not the following:

From what we could see, a part of the horizon lit up a bright sodium orange/yellow colour. (All of this happened within 1-2 seconds)... and a ball of bright orange/yellow shot up out of the bay. It was immediately trailed by a bolt of what looked like a jagged stream of lightning, but it, too was orangey-yellow (the same colour as the ball). It was noiseless, and less than 1 km away. This is not some kind of lightning bolt, I'm sure. From what I know, normal lightning bolts simultaneously strike the surface and attached to the clouds and are typically blue.

This ball and bolt, on the other hand, visibly shot upwards from the bay and into the clouds. It was no red sprite, blue jet, any other type of weather phenomenon that I know of, SCUD missile or distress flare (which have a smooth, trailing stream and not a jagged bolt). Being a government officer at the airport, I know what these look like. Anyways, it was a clear, warm night aside from that storm cloud and many dozens of beachgoers saw it happen and could not explain it either. But it was pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, I could not get a picture, but I hope my thousand words are worth as much as that picture. This lasted only about 2 seconds

11-Jul-2000, Vancouver: (8:30 pm)

A man’s daughter and her friend were lying on a trampoline when they drew his attention to 3 black specks in the evening sky. Through binoculars they were silvery in appearance with an oblong dome on the top from which could be seen bright lights attached (?). The bottoms of the craft were the shapes of perfect stars. The trio continued to watch for a 30-minute period during which time the three objects kept moving back and forth, but stayed together. Finally the objects disappeared behind a wispy pink cloud. Although the observers waited until the cloud moved away, the objects were no longer to be seen. The man kept watching the sky until 11:00 pm when he observed a bright white light descend to the left of Mt. Seymour (west side). He had it in view for only a few seconds.

14-Jul-2000, Delta: (11:00 pm)

A woman and her male companion, (a proclaimed skeptic) watched a "star" flying behind, and slightly above, an airliner coming into Vancouver on its final approach. Finally the object climbed up into the sky and disappeared from sight. Total viewing time 15 minutes.

14-Jul-2000, Surrey: (11:30 pm)

The witness was with two companions travelling west on #1 highway when a bright light was observed moving from northeast to west; it appeared to be crescent-shaped. Allowing for the car's movement, the slowly moving bright white light seemed to stop before moving forward again. It did not display any other lights (i.e.) green or red. It was finally lost from view as it moved in front and past the car. Total viewing time 3-5 minutes.

24-Jul-2000, Vancouver: (7:00 pm)

"Tonight at around 7 pm (it was still daylight outside and sunny) I decided to lie down on my bed and as I was gazing up to the sky out my window I noticed what looked like a star moving. The reason I say star is because if it was night time that is how it would have looked. I thought nothing of it and just thought it was a plane. As I moved my eyes to the right I saw another and they were both moving to the right, but slowly. I realized they weren't planes because there were no other lights and they also slowed down and "hovered" in one spot for quite some time. Then I noticed another one above the two and saw they were in a triangle formation. The three lights then started moving upwards together and then I spotted another one below them, which followed them up into the clouds until they all disappeared from my sight. It was very strange. I had seen satellites in the sky before and planes and helicopters and shooting stars. This however was clearly nothing of the sort."

28-Jul-2000, Maple Ridge: (11:59 pm)

A woman looked out the bedroom window and noticed, above Golden Ears Mountain, what appeared to be a fan set of spotlights shining into the sky coming from behind the mountain. The lights changed intensity but remained in the same position, unlike the Northern lights. In addition, there appeared to be dark streaks that were in front of the mountain. Her husband also briefly witnessed the fan lights at about 12:33 when they both went to bed. At approximately 3:00 she woke up and looked out the window. The fan lights were gone.

29-Jul-2000, Vancouver: (3:30 pm)

The witness and his mother watched a metallic orb travelling through a clear sky at a fast pace when it was suddenly joined by a second similar object; both were travelling in a northeasterly direction. The two observers moved around to the other side of the house to continue watching them but they were no longer in sight! Total viewing time about 15 seconds.

Early August-2000, Burnaby: (1:30 am)

"I was at work on the nightshift in Burnaby and approximately 1:30 am I stepped outside for a cigarette. It was a beautiful clear night, and I observed a satellite heading from the NE almost directly overhead. About 2 minutes later I saw, at a high altitude also, a similar light (no distinct shape) heading NE, but at one point it seemed to flash/expand with a blue circular light, and immediately, and I mean in an instant, veered 90 degrees and headed North and slightly West. It was the pulse-flash of blue colour and the immediate right angle turn that was unexplainable."

August-2000, Central Saanich: (9:00 pm)

Witness saw 3 lights in a triangular formation travelling south towards Victoria. They were solid unblinking yellowy white lights without any tails, brighter than any other lights in the sky. He believes they were individual objects flying in formation. He lost sight of them when they went behind Bear Hill. No sound was heard.

3-Aug-2000, Duncan: (11:00 pm – 1:00 am)

The initial sighting took place at Lake Road where five witnesses, whose ages ranged from 16 to 20, watched two objects moving around the sky in an erratic manner for a period of 30 minutes. These "craft?" were travelling in a geometric pattern at considerable speed. At 11:30 Sam and Kevin took their three companions home. After that they relocated to Sunrise Road for a better view, where they now discovered that more objects had arrived. In all they counted fifteen. These craft were a variety of colours ranging from flashing blue, red, green and orange. The nearest one was oval in shape and had "arms’ radiating from each compass point with a white light attached to each arm. The craft were dancing over Mount Provost and were to be seen in a northwesterly direction. It was a clear night. During the period of this lengthy (1 hrs) observation they also saw ten large vivid flashes of light which were accompanied by the arrival of a meteor-type object that appeared to "land" in the same portion of the sky as these lights. At the same time they felt very deep base type vibrations reverberate through their bodies (sonic impact/concussion?) but, it should be noted, heard no accompanying explosion. When they finally departed at 1:00 the lights were still flying grid patterns in the blink of an eye.

3-Aug-2000, Coquitlam: (00:05 am)

The witness saw a "huge" mass of "sparkling, diamond bright lights" moving slowly towards her house at an estimated height of 100 feet. She was looking south and the "object" was moving in a westerly direction. She could not determine a structure behind the large number of lights that appeared to be in three tiers. She went to get her husband out of bed to also observe this remarkable sight. They watched as it circled slowly behind the house. She dashed into the kitchen to see it slowly disappear behind a nearby apartment building. No noise could be detected from it. No animals in the area were barking. Total viewing 2-3 minutes.

3-Aug-2000, Delta: (7:40 am)

"I was driving west on highway 10, north of the Boundary Bay airport. The sky was absolutely clear with no clouds. I saw a small propeller powered plane, heading west. It was probably getting ready to land or had just taken off from the airport. I suddenly noticed an object in the same part of the sky (from my viewing perspective), as the airplane. At first I thought it was a passenger jet flying at a considerable altitude higher (and further away), than the propeller plane. The more I looked at it, the more I thought that it did not look like a jet, and it appeared to be hanging motionless in the sky (although I was of course, moving west at about 80 km per hour). It was quite light coloured (whitish), but I also thought it had a bit of a silvery look to it. I did not see any winglike features, but the object did not look round or ellipsoid. Plus it did not really seem to have any distinct shadowed area in its underside. I very much wanted to stop to get a better look, but I didn't want to pull over on the narrow highway shoulder, so I drove on to the Delta Community Hall intersection (keeping an eye on the object as best as I safely could while operating my vehicle) and drove north a short distance, where I found a spot to pull over and stop. I got out of my vehicle for a better look, but I could no longer find the object in the sky. I thought it quite odd that it had disappeared so fast, when it had not appeared to be moving when I had observed it just a minute before.

My best estimate of the object position would be that it was probably at least 2000 feet elevation, (and quite possibly a mile or two elevation) and appeared to be situated directly above Boundary Bay, between White Rock and Point Roberts. I would estimate that the object was probably at least five metres across. It was situated in a SSW direction from my viewing position, about 25 to 30 degrees above the horizon.

My estimate on the objects height is partly based on the fact that it had a far away and indistinct look (contour and edges obscured by distance, no sharp outline, colour contrasts or shadow). I probably observed it over a distance of about one half a mile, without it changing significantly in direction, indicating the object was potentially moving in a westerly direction and close by (less than a mile away), or more likely, not moving much in east/west direction and further away (which matches perceived distance perception). A high flying jet, moving directly away from my observing position and increasing in elevation would explain the lack of movement. But this would not account for its fairly sudden disappearance (although the object seemed far away, it did not appear to be moving away at a fast rate). The perceived shape of the object did not match an end view of a jet, although unfortunately, I never had a chance to get a really good look at it."

3-Aug-2000, Lake Cowichan: (11:00 pm – 1:00 am)

"Tonight August 3rd at 11pm to 1am to the direction of Lake Cowichan myself and two other people witnessed reoccurring UFO sightings. At first there was only one that we all saw and it moved in a triangular pattern for about half of an hour moving fast then slow but always in the same triangle shape. The object was dim and then bright all of the sudden and repeated this the entire time. Then we noticed along the horizon just above the tops of the trees one more and then two, until we figure we had seen about twelve or so. It was hard to count because they moved so fast, almost dancing with each other, while some still moved slow and still in a specific pattern. During this time there were numerous shooting stars with a huge bright flash just before you saw the star which felt as if it were pulsing through you from the inside out, almost in segments across the sky. Each shooting star that we saw went in the exact direction and finished in the spot that we had just seen the UFO in. The colours of the UFOs were red, green, blue and orange, most had like a blue/green tracer that followed it. There is no way that these were not UFOs in my mind. I have never seen anything move in such sporadic directions as these did, they could move across our entire field of vision in a split second and then be right back were we first spotted them, just as fast as they had moved away from that very spot."

4-Aug-2000, Pitt Lake: (10:55 pm)

The witness and two companions were occupying a cabin at Pitt Lake when they spotted in the clear night sky a bright white light that suddenly "appeared" without warning. Larger than any star or satellite they had ever seen previously. The light appeared in the southwest and travelled slowly and erratically to the northwest before fading from sight. It did not disappear over the mountain. Total observation time was 2-3 minutes. The "object" appeared to be high in the sky.

5-Aug-2000, Osprey Lake: (11:00 pm)

Bob and seven friends were at Osprey Lake when at 23:00 they saw 4-5 red balls of light that pulsated from red to blue to white. They appeared to be low down in the sky. No noise could be detected. They watched the objects through a telescope until 00:30, a period of 1 hours before finally going indoors. This lake is located near Princeton.

7-Aug-2000, Powell River: (4:30 pm)

A woman was on her sundeck looking westward towards Vancouver Island when she observed a shiny ball-like object that seemed to be reflecting sunlight. The object was at a great altitude and appeared to be in the middle of the strait and was coming towards Powell River at what appeared to be a normal speed for a conventional aircraft. She watched it for about 1 to 2 minutes. At this point it appeared to be directly above Harwood Island, which is about 10 miles from Powell River. She could see it fairly clearly and was sure it was not a normal aircraft. She called for her son to come out and have a look. That was when it stopped, appeared to reverse its course, climbed at an incredible speed and disappeared in a matter of 3 to 5 seconds. It was gone before her son could see it.

9-Aug-2000, Cloverdale: (10:50 pm)

The witness was outside the house when she suddenly saw a large white oval light, "like a neon sign", appear seemingly quite low. The "object" was visually the size of a small car! It was travelling from east to west. It had no accompanying sound and was in view for about 1 1/2 seconds, before disappearing as mysteriously as it had arrived.

10-Aug-2000, Langley: (9:00 pm)

The witness stepped outside her daughter’s apartment in Maple Ridge and was surprised to see a large bright orange circle hanging low in the southern sky, over the nearby Fraser River. It was making no detectable noise. The sky was overcast. After remaining stationary for a period of two minutes it suddenly blinked out.

10-Aug-2000, Burnaby: (11:00 pm)

A woman (31) saw from the bedroom window a very bright flashing light that alternated red and white, at a very low altitude (i.e. below the tops of the nearby trees). The residence is located on Wayburn Drive behind B.C.I.T. and is a very quiet area, but no sound could be heard, such as a helicopter would make. Total viewing time 1 minute.

11-Aug-2000, Vancouver: (1:40 – 2:30 am)

The witness and three companions, whose ages ranged from 17-19, were lying on their backs at a residence close to Central Park watching the sky for the anticipated meteor shower. They observed a "star" that moved left to right then up and down and seemingly in large circles. It travelled from its original southwest position to the west and then east. After watching the object’s antics for a period of at least 45 minutes they then went indoors. It was still in the sky at that time. The colour of the object was white and it did not change colour during the period of observation.

17-Aug-2000, Proctor: (11:30 pm)

The witness was at her computer when she suddenly noticed that her two dogs woke up and wanted to go out (she presumed). Once asleep they usually sleep through the night. On letting them out she saw an object that was stationary and had red, blue and green flickering lights around the top. Calling her partner out they watched the object move up, down, left and right. They were unable to detect any noise. But maybe the dogs had detected a noise? The object was apparently near Proctor ferry and over Kootenay Lake. After twenty minutes it headed off and landed (?) on the nearby mountain top. Its lights went out, came back on and then went out again. The witness added that there have been lots of sightings in Proctor and over Kootenay Lake.

19-Aug-2000, Logan Lake: (11:00 pm)

The two witnesses were in a public campground at Logan Lake, (near Merritt) when they spotted a large "satellite" (?) moving across the sky in an east to west direction. Then it stopped, and for the next hour, whilst hovering, bounced around the sky in an up and down and side to side manner. The object was golden in colour. The two observers went to bed around midnight. At about 01.00 Daryl once again looked out and the light was closer to the horizon. It flashed a strobe on its right side then left after 15 minutes, travelling from northwest to southwest.

21-Aug-2000, Kootenay Lake: (9:30 pm)

The witness spotted a craft hovering over Kootenay Lake, below the mountain tops. It was flashing red, white and blue lights, although not always in that sequence. It was making no noise and was observed for 1 hour. According to the witness reports also came in from Wymar and Salmo observers.

21-Aug-2000, Surrey: (10:50 pm)

The witness was driving her truck along 96th Avenue in Surrey, heading west towards Scott Road, (120th Street) when she suddenly saw a bright light "appear" on her left, travelling quickly at a low altitude (500-1000 feet?). She thought at first that it was a plane about to crash. It was heading south to north and had red and green lights on it. She had it in view for no longer than 20 seconds before it disappeared from view behind some trees. The night sky was perfectly clear. This lady is quite familiar with the normal planes that follow the flight path into Vancouver each and every day.

21-Aug-2000, Shawnigan Lake: (10:52 pm)

"Tonight we saw a spectacular fireball come down over the south Island, seen from Shawnigan Lake BC. The fireball was some distance to the west, over the hills, fairly close to the horizon. It was visible longer than most shooting stars, maybe several seconds, and at a relatively shallow angle of descent, travelling south to north. The centre of the fireball was green, and it left a bright, glowing yellow tail. At one point it flared brightly as if it had partly exploded, and then several pieces briefly glowed yellow as they fell. There was no sound that we could hear. It remained visible from our vantage point until it passed behind some trees. I'm assuming that it was a meteor, and larger than most. If anything reached the ground, I'd guess that it might be roughly somewhere in the vicinity of Cowichan Lake, to the northwest of us."

21-Aug-2000, Sechelt: (11:02 pm)

Driving north along the Gibsons Highway, the witness suddenly saw a green "fireball"/meteor (?) approaching from the south travelling in a northerly direction. She estimated that the object was in view for between 5-7 seconds. It appeared to have a "tail" streaming from it. It seemed to "dissolve" into the distance. A Vancouver radio station reported on the 22nd August that a green fireball had been reported from Port Hardy and North Vancouver.

21-Aug-2000, White Rock: (11:59 pm)

The witness looked out of her window around midnight and saw a bright white diamond-shaped light travelling south to north. She was looking west. As soon as she saw it a car alarm went off across the street! She turned away from the window and next she knew it was 1:00, it seems that she had somehow lost an hour.

22-Aug-2000, Proctor: (10:00 pm)

The witness was at work in Proctor when she observed a big white light over Cranbrook that gave off a very large flash. This may have been some sort of signal as shortly afterwards two smaller white lights just "appeared" and moved across the sky to join the larger light. A second witness also saw the flash.

28-Aug-2000, Poison Mountain: (3:00 am)

The above witnesses were prospecting at Poison Mountain, 57 miles north west of Lillooet when they left their small tent trailer to relieve themselves in the nearby bush. They were astonished to see that a large patch of sky was lit up "like daylight". It had the same appearance that one observes at either sunset or sunrise. This was looking in an easterly direction. (What time did the sun begin to rise that day?). Marvin estimates this illumination was at least 100 miles across! All the surrounding stars were very bright, but in addition they spotted what seemed to be 8-10 moving lights. Due to the fact they were only wearing shorts and the temperature was 20 degrees Fahrenheit they only watched for about five minutes before returning to bed, where they continued to shiver for the remainder of the night. No sound accompanied this sighting.

2-Sep-2000, Delta: (00:35 am)

Ralph and his friend were on his deck watching the sky when they first spotted what they assumed was a satellite, very high and moving in a straight line across the sky from North to South. A few seconds later it was joined ("just appeared") by two other similar white, steady, lights. As they proceeded across the sky in parallel lines, the two outside lights kept zig-zagging back and forth, but still maintaining position with the centre "craft?". The total viewing time in a clear sky was about 30 seconds. The objects at no time changed colour and simply moved out of view. No sound was heard.

16-Sep-2000, Nelson: (10:30 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC

A man called to report that he had witnessed a "ball of fire" hovering to the southeast of his position, over the Selkirk Mountains, he estimated. Its apparent size was larger than that of a star, although considerably smaller than the full moon. He reported that he could see yellow, red, and orange flames coming off the edge of it. The flames appeared to die after about 30 seconds, and then the object disappeared from sight. Approximately 30 seconds after the object had disappeared from his sight, he saw a peculiar light streak across the sky. It did not appear to be a meteor, he felt.

20-Sep-2000, Vancouver: (9:29 pm)

At about 9:10 pm, Alexandar noticed a white circling light over the city, from his residence. Around 9:29 it was joined by a similar light and shortly afterwards a third. For the next five minutes these three lights followed each other in a tailing manner - one behind the other. No sound was discernible during the 50 minutes they were visible. After #2 & #3 left, the remaining light morphed into a "fuzzy stick" shaped object. Alexandar stated that the light was easily reflected off the clouds but not to be seen in the open sky! (searchlights?) He has not had any previous UFO experiences in either Russia (his native country) or Canada, only read about them.

27-Sep-2000, Abbotsford: (evening)

A friend and I were sitting down on a bench near Bateman Park, down the road from Clayburn village. We were watching the satellites go by, and we noticed a very small, almost tiny sparking in the sky. Initially we thought it was a plane in distress, but once it swooped down very low and swiftly bolted back up into the sky, we knew it was not a plane. It almost had a glittering effect of blue, red and white. It did not look like the lights of a plane. It was diving down behind the mountains, and bolting back up again. We thought that the only way we would believe what we saw was to call someone. I phoned 104.9 Xfm. The DJ dismissed me as crazy, and went on with the music. In the next few hours after that there was approximately 6 or 7 others that had seen it.

27-Sep-2000, Abbotsford: (9:00 – 9:30 pm)

Greg and Brady were working at a local Pizza outlet when they heard reports on XFM radio that listeners were phoning in regarding a UFO sighting, which some thought was a helicopter. The two boys dashed outside and looking in a westerly direction could clearly see a large red pulsating light located high in the clear night sky. The light appeared to be stationary with no detectable sound. After observing this light/object for a period of about twelve seconds they returned to their pizza work duties. In the boy’s opinion what they were looking at was not a helicopter. Neither of the boys have had a previous UFO sighting.

29-Sep-2000, Quesnel: (9:00 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC

"One object, shape unseen. A group of lights circular in shape (5 in the center 20 outside). Passing from west to east and then east to west. When going west to east it was rotating in a clockwise direction and on returning west was rotating anticlockwise. Above the lower cloud level it was distorted and out of the cloud it was sharp in definition as to the lights. All lights were white but diffused in the clouded area. Slightly north of my location but on its easterly extent it appeared to be almost over the top of my house. This was observed by myself, my wife and one guest leaving and another arriving. At first glance I passed it off as the aurora borealis, but the rotation and rythmic arc was not consistent with this. I tried to make sense of it but the item appeared to be above cloud level and not below it. I tried to think maybe it was a laser light display, but the number of people that may have that equipment in this town I think would be (0) zero. Also it appeared to be above the cloud not under the cloud cover. This was observed for 30 minutes continuously at first, then intermitently there after. Altitude could not be established but it had to be large (over two miles)diameter. I remember from the bible a wheel inside of a wheel and that came to mind. This was on Rosh Hashana according to the local radio station but I am not religous."

2-Oct-2000, Surrey/Delta: (8:45 pm)

The witness and four friends, (1 boy and 3 girls, all 16) were at Scott Road & 90th Avenue when they spotted a blinking red light that acted in an erratic manner. Without any discernible noise it moved up and down, backwards and forwards, first slowly then faster. They phoned XFM Radio at 104.9 who gave them the UFO*BC reporting number. Altogether they watched it for a period of 45 minutes before leaving their observation location. It was still present when they left. The sky was clear.

2-Oct-2000, Delta: (9:00 pm)

A student (15) at Sands Junior Secondary School (Patrick) reported that he had heard the XFM radio report (see previous sighting) and went out to scan the sky. He claims to have observed a boomerang-shaped craft that had a red light on each wing tip. It moved slowly forward, then stopped, then climbed rapidly away. Total viewing time about 1 minute.

3-Oct-2000, Surrey: (2:30 am)

Another student (14) at Sands Junior Secondary School said that he and his cousin witnessed a flashing red light while camping out in their yard in South Surrey, for 15 seconds.

3-Oct-2000, Burnaby: (8:45 – 9:20 pm)

A witness noticed a "bar of flashing lights" in the sky, slightly north of west. It was about the size of a penny held at arm’s length, with the ends brighter than the middle. There also appeared to be a dimmer light slightly above the bar. The lights remained relatively stationary, but slowly dimmed until, after about 40 minutes, they could no longer be seen.

4-Oct-2000, Vancouver: (7:35 am)

Cliff was driving as a passenger along Marine Drive when he spotted a rectangular white "cloud" travelling very fast west to east moving towards the sun, at which point it seemingly vanished. The driver was not able to confirm this observation. Total viewing time 16 seconds.

10-Oct-2000, Victoria: (7:30 am) - Thanks to NUFORC

"We were working in the middle of a local elementary school field when my partner notices this shiny craft high in the morning sky. It was a shiny glowing silver cylinder. We watched this craft travel on a straight path from horizon to horizon. It only made a jet-like sound when it was overhead for about 10 seconds. The sound started suddenly and ended suddenly. It did not produce a vapor trail. It was on the flight path from Alaska to Bangor Washington. We often see the U.S. fighters traveling this path from base to base to base and they are easy to identify. This cylinder had no identifying marks. Could this be a new Air Forse spy plane? Is it possible to let me know if anybody else knows anything about these cylinders?"

13-Oct-2000, Kelowna: (00:30 am)

"We were sitting outside by the fire place and we heard a loud very low rumbling. I am in a rural area and there is little traffic and even fewer large trucks. I have never heard anything like it before. Regardless, at the time we dismissed it as a truck or something. About twenty minutes later, my friend pointed to the sky and started freaking out and there it was. It appeared to be round I couldn’t say how far away it was or how big it was but it was zigging and zagging moving from west to east. The color was changing from white to blue to red. And we heard the low rumbling sound again once it was past us. Although the rumbling and the colors are indicative of a plane the sound of the rumbling and the motion of the object DEFINITELY were not. I ran to the house to get my girlfriend to come out and see it but by the time we returned my friend had lost it in the horizon and it looked like a star or it disappeared I'm not sure which.

13-Oct-2000, Central Saanich BC: (8:00 pm)

A man and his wife saw 2 lights in the sky travelling west to east at a good rate of speed. No noise was heard and the lights were a steady yellow/white colour. After travelling most of the visible sky, the lead light faded away, then the second light faded away at the same location.

mid-October-2000, North Vancouver: (midnight)

Two amateur astronomers on a rooftop saw a steady bright light travelling from south to north. It then "made an abrupt 90 degree turn . . this happenned very fast and no noise, never breaking its velocity!!!" The object was now headed towards the east and quickly disappeared into the horizon. Total viewing time about 10 seconds.

18-Oct-2000, Vernon: (7:45 pm)

The witness noticed from her balcony window a huge white light with smaller white lights on its perimeter. The sky was black and the object appeared to be stationary. She checked her watch and noted that it then remained in its observed position for a period of three minute before moving off towards Kelowna in a West to South direction.

18-Oct-2000, Vancouver: (8:45 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC

"I was looking at the stars from my deck, and suddenly it looked like a curly orangy garland was floating above my head. Then I realized that if it was a garland, I wouldn't see it (since it was dark already) and even if I did, it would be moving in the wind, whereas the shape of what I saw was completely static. So I suddenly realized that I was seeing some flying object, as it was advancing in the air very steadily (not high speed at all), and it looked like I was seeing the back of the object (nothing else showed). I could follow it for maybe 20 or 30 seconds, and then the orangy glow slowly disappeared as it moved further away towards the East. It was absolutely silent and didn't seem very high in the sky (unless it is a gigantic object). Had I not looked up at that very moment (when the "garland" was vertically above me and the most visible) , I probably wouldn't have noticed the object at all."

18-Oct-2000, Vancouver: (10:45 pm)

The witness, Kate, retired fairly early in the evening. She was awoken by the sound of a huge machine, apparently overhead that was making a surging sound that lasted for seven minutes then stopped, but did not recede! Equally interesting was the fact that apparently all the neighbourhood dogs were barking at something? Kate went outside when the noise again commenced for another five minutes, but was unable to determine where the loud noise was coming from. To her surprise she saw no one else outside either looking up or around. She felt the unexplained noise warranted further investigation. Once again the noise stopped then shortly after recommenced for a final five minutes. Kate originally thought it might be due to a street cleaning machine, but quickly ruled that explanation out due to the seemingly overhead location plus the fact the noise never moved away. During this time the cloud level was low, and it had rained. This lady lives roughly at 30th & Blenheim, in the Dunbar area. Total experience was approximately fifteen minutes.

(N.B.) We had a similar "sky sound" report from a witness at Roberts Creek, Sechelt, in either late September or early October.

21-Oct-2000, Coquitlam: (7:15 am)

The witness was out walking his dog when he noticed a huge bright white light in the western sky. He estimated it was about 4 kilometres away at a possible altitude of 500 metres. No noise was discernible from the object which he claims appeared to be larger than a 747 aircraft. Nor did he notice any unusual reaction from his dog. He noticed an aircraft approaching from the east. The light which he had thought was approaching him suddenly began to head south slowly gaining speed before it disappeared from sight, seemingly gaining altitude as it moved away. The sky was patchy blue with clouds. Total viewing time about two minutes.

21-Oct-2000, Delta: (8:25 am)

The witness was reading his paper when, glancing out of his living room window, he observed a silver ball travelling SE - NW at possibly 20-30,000 feet. It was not on a "normal" flight path and was moving far too quickly for a conventional aircraft. No appendages were visible The sky was blue with a lot of clouds. The object was seen only passing between and above the clouds. Total sighting time 5-10 seconds.

2-Nov-2000, Burnaby: (11:20 pm)

The witness went outside to put the garbage into the bin. He suddenly heard a very loud "locomotive" type sound overhead and felt compelled to look up. To his astonishment he perceived a thimble-shaped object with a flat bottom. The object appeared to have a bright top to it as well as orange, red, and yellow lights around its perimeter. The underneath of the craft had a huge bright white light,with a bluey, green neon type) light in the centre. This white light felt warm to Roy, despite the cold night air. During this time period the neighbours dogs were howling. He could also feel the vibration within his body from this "whirry", jet-like noise. The object proceeded to then demonstrate its aerobatic abilities as it moved up and down and back and forth, all within a relatively small area. All this being accomplished at high speed. Visually the the craft was the size of a dinner plate and at the approximate height of incoming aircraft. (2000’?) The object suddenly left in the direction of Canada Way, crossing over it. But it left no residual sound. The noise it made accompanied it Roy stated that afterwards he felt thirsty, nauseous, and his hands were "sunburnt?", also his eyes felt "gritty". Prior to departure the object stopped for about 30 seconds. Total observation time was 3-4 minutes.

13-Nov-2000, Whistler: (6:15 pm)

The witness was walking on the golf course when, over Sprout Mountain, he saw a red/orange satellite far away, going up(?) he thought. It continued to glide towards him on a west to east trajectory, minus accompanying sound. It became super, super bright white with a purple tinge. Its height "was that of a plane"(?) turning back to red/orange, then super white again. "It was a million times brighter than a spotlight". It made Reggie squint. The light/object(?) continued to travel down the valley and was lost from view in the distance. Total observation 2 - 3 minutes. The sky was clear.

16-Nov-2000, North Vancouver: (11:10 pm)

The witness was out walking and had arrived at the junction of Rosslyn Blvd. and Mount Seymour Parkway when he was astonished to see a large white circular light pass over head in an east to west direction. Jim estimated the object was at aproximately 500 feet and travelling at about 400 mph. (his calculations). He estimates he had it in view for about 4-5 seconds before it was lost to view behind some trees. No noise could be heard from it. No dogs were barking in the area. Up to that point he had been a skeptic. Suddenly he was converted!

Arriving home he phoned Environment Canada, who told him they had received 3 - 4 reports! (same object, same day??) The next day he spoke to David Dodge at the Vancouver Planetarium who stated that he had received two reports of oblong-shaped lights, "probably meteors"!? It was Dodge who gave him the UFO*BC Hotline number to call.

21-Nov-2000, Prince George: (8:30 pm) - Thanks to NUFORC

"At approx. 8:30pm I was standing on my steps having a cigarette and looking up at the stars as it was a beautiful clear night. I noticed a particularly bright star in the horizon and was looking at it with awe, it started moving in an erratic pattern. At first I thought it was a falling star or a dying one. I continued watching it and it started moving toward me. I thought I was seeing things so I closed my eyes for a few seconds, when I opened them I couldn't believe what I was seeing it was a triangular shaped flying device with a very bright light that was sending sparks of light through it, it freaked me out so I ran into the house. I thought I was just seeing things at first and that my imagination was running away with me but my daughter has also seen the object and described it to me without knowing what my experience was."

21-Nov-2000, Prince George: (8:30 pm) Thanks to NUFORC

"At approx. 8:30pm I was standing on my steps having a cigarette and looking up at the stars as it was a beautiful clear night. I noticed a particularly bright star in the horizon and was looking at it with awe, it started moving in a erratic pattern. At first I thought it was a falling star or a dying one. I continued watching it and it started moving toward me I thought I was seeing things so I closed my eyes for a few seconds, when I opened them I couldn't believe what I was seeing it was a triangular shaped flying device with a very bright light that was sending sparks of light through it, it freaked me out so I ran into the house. I thought I was just seeing things at first and that my imagination was running away with me but my daughter has also seen the object and described it to me without knowing what my experience was."

22-Nov-2000, Delta: (8:30 am)

"I was driving west on highway 99, just west of the highway 91 intersection. The time was just after 8:30 AM (the half hour news was playing on the radio). The sky was clear with very light and very high cirrus cloud cover in the southeast direction. I looked out my window and noticed a very distinct, silvery object that I initially thought was an airplane. It had a cylindrical or cigar shaped body. Although the object was distinct, I couldn't detect any wing or tail features in the brief glances I made while trying to keep my eyes on the road and traffic. The object looked like it was at least 1000 feet or so above Boundary Bay (SSW of my position at about 40 degrees above the horizon). It was aligned in approximately a north/south alignment and seemed to be hovering or moving very slowly. There was absolutely no vapor trail. I kept glancing back at it trying to get a better view. On my third or fourth glance, it suddenly disappeared - completely. One moment it was there, the next it had vanished completely. I tried scanning the sky repeatedly and could see nothing but blue sky. Then just as suddenly, it was there again, in about the same part of the sky I had seen it, less than a minute before. Again I got two or three glances at it and just as suddenly as before, it completely vanished. At this point I pulled my vehicle to the shoulder and stopped my truck. I scanned the whole sky and could find no aircraft. I kept waiting and scanning but no object reappeared in the sky."

December 1999-2000? between Prince George & Vancouver, BC: (early afternoon) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian, "Flying Briefcase" is the best description I can give of what I saw high above the mountains of British Columbia. The recent reports of black rectangles that have been sent in by others have brought this episode back to mind. I'm not sure, but think it was likely in December around 1999 or 2000. I could be quite incorrect on the date. I just know it was a while ago.

I was flying south from Prince George to Victoria as a passenger on a regular West Jet flight. We left Prince George in relatively clear sky but as we neared the Coast Mountains the cloud cover below increased. We were flying in sunshine well above the clouds, probably at an altitude of around 30,000 feet.

My seat was near the back of the plane on the right side and I had my face pressed against the window for most of the flight. I was watching for any gaps in the clouds below, so I was looking directly down. We were traveling in a south west direction so the sun was not shining on my side of the plane. That is when I saw the "briefcase" fly past, right below the wing. If it had been much more underneath the plane it would have been out of my line of sight.

I saw it for only a second but the rectangular shape and black color was very definite against the backdrop of white clouds below. Instinctively I turned my head towards the back of the plane where it had disappeared, but of course saw nothing.

My thought progression went something like this. "Oh, someone lost a briefcase. A cargo door must be open", followed by, "Don't be silly, it must have been a very big bird. Lucky we didn't hit it!", and, "I wish we could turn around and take another look".

I sat bemused for a while, acknowledging to myself that I don't think any birds really fly that high and even if they did, I don't know of any that are shaped like a rectangle! I knew it wasn't lost luggage. I've already been on a plane flying out of Prince George that had an open door in the cargo area. Believe me, we noticed!

I don't know if anyone else saw the shape. The pilots might have since we flew right over it, but they certainly weren't going to get on the intercom and say something like, "Wow! Did any of you see that black thing we almost hit? I wonder what it was."

Since that time, I've thought periodically about finding someone who has skills in physics. I certainly don't. I would like to be able to calculate the size of the object. I know it was actually much larger than a briefcase. At the speed we were going, I imagine a briefcase would have been no more than a quick black flash, if that. I feel the shape was quite close to the plane because of the speed as it passed by. I've been in jets when I've looked out to see other large jets going the opposite direction not far below us. They are visible and easily identifiable for a relatively long time.

As far as I know we were about 30,000 feet and traveling around 400 mph. I don't know how high the clouds were but we were well above them. The object was between us and the clouds.

So my physics question is: assuming the object was stationary and within a thousand feet of the plane, at the speed we were going, how big would it need to be to appear to be the size of a briefcase.

Any help on that? Thanks, Brian.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Dec-2000, North Surrey:

I heard there was going to be a meteor shower one night, so I stuck my Video camera outside the window aimed towards the SW. I didn't see any meteorites but did see several planes on approach to the airport. I also picked up some kind of flying object apparently following the Hydro lines up Nordel Way and then making a hard left turn about Scott Road. It almost looks like a flying car but the lights are too large and vertically oblong-shaped. It appears to be about 500 ft. altitude. I thought maybe it was a Helicopter as it was too low for a plane and turned too sharp. I showed the tape to a friend of mine, who is a Commercial Pilot, and he didn't know what it was but says it's not a plane and he was pretty sure it wasn't a Chopper. I misplaced the tape and hope I didn't erase it.

13-Dec-00, Victoria: (8:00 am)

"This morning at 8 am while waiting for my bus to work I spotted an unusual flying black object, oddly shaped with no visible markings and producing no audible sound flying slowly from east to west. The object caught my attention because of it's usual undefined shape and it's oddly rotating movement. It's movement is what caught my eye because it appeared to move like an erratically spinning top when slowed down. The object was a hand's length above the tree tops traveling slowly, then picked up speed and ascended 90 degrees until I could not see it any longer. I have never seen anything like it in my life! The area I saw it was around the Gorge inlet in Victoria, BC."

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