The Kinross Incident
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Form 14 - Informal Report

Form 14 - Pg1Form 14 - Page 1

Form 14 - Pg2Form 14 - Page 2

Form 14 - Pg3Form 14 - Page 3

Statement By Lt. Stuart

Stmt. Stuart Pg1Statement by Lt. Stuart - Page 1

Stmt. Stuart Pg2Statement by Lt. Stuart - Page 2

Stmt. Stuart Pg3Statement by Lt. Stuart - Page 3

Statement by Capt. Bridges

Statement by Capt. BridgesStatement by Capt. Bridges

Statement by Lt. Mingenbach

Stmt. MingenbachStatement by Lt. Mingenbach

Statement by Lt. Nordeck

Stmt. NordeckStatement by Lt. Nordeck

Statement by C47 Pilot

Stmt. C47 PilotStatement by C47 Pilot

Maintenance Report and Forms

Maint ReportMaintenance Report

Inspect and Maint RecordAircraft Inspection and Maintenance Record - Part II

T.O. Non-Comp Pg1T.O. Non-Compliance List Page 1

T.O. Non-Comp Pg2T.O. Non-Compliance List Page 2

Tech Report non-Comp CertTechnical Report Non-Compliance Certificate

Report on Pilot Activities

Rep Pilot ActivitiesReport on Pilot Activities