My Story

Holy Cross HospitalGord in Louisiana, 2002

My investigation of the Kinross Incident was triggered from a series of events and memory recollections I experienced in 1999 through 2000.

In August 1999, I had a very clear sighting of a UFO in the clear blue sky over Surrey, BC. The UFO zipped over a commercial jet flying into Vancouver's Sea Island Airport. Initially, it was travelling at least ten times faster than the jet and it came to a sudden and abrupt stop in front of the jet.

The sighting triggered an interest in UFOs so I joined UFOBC. While I had this general interest in UFOs, I had this feeling like there was something strange from my childhood involving UFOs.

One day, I was browsing the Internet looking for UFO events from Lake Superior in the 1950s. I typed a query into Google's search engine and one of the links lead to the story about the Kinross Incident. As soon as I read the short account, I had a very strange sense that I had somehow been involved as the pilot in this incident. This sensation was so strong that I telephoned Graham Conway of UFOBC and described my discovery. He suggested that some of my other recollections suggested that there might be something behind my perception of a hidden mystery and suggested I might sometime try hypnotic regression techniques as a means to penetrate the veil which seemed to shroud my recollections.

Over the next several months, I started to write down some of my recollections of events from my childhood. Some of these were just ordinary memories, but others were of incidents which had always puzzled me. As I began this process of recall, I was very mystified as parts of my early life memories seemed to possibly relate back to the Kinross Incident in some very strange ways.

Mysterious Memories

This documents a number of the memories, mostly from the period of my childhood from three years old to eight years old. Some seem to potentially have direct bearing on the pilot who flew the F-89 that was lost over Lake Superior in 1953, just nine months before I was born.

Shaving Soap Jar

The Man in the Moon

The Sleeping Giant


The Red Knight

The Model Planes

The Badges in the Jar

Visiting my Dad After Heart Surgery

The Grand Marais Encounter

Since I was a child, I have had memories of climbing a hill overlooking Lake Superior with a man. I was always tryng to figure out who the man was, since it was not a familiar family friend. In the back of my mind, I always thought this had occured when we were on vacation to a place called Grand Marais.

Beaver Lake

Oliver Lake Vacation

Finding Grand Marais in Atlas

My Memory Recall of the Encounter

Finding the Site

My Grandmother's Michigan Plate

Moncla Memories

Most of these "memories" were triggered from visits to Madison, Kinross and Sault Ste. Marie starting in September 2001.

I am not claiming that these are in fact "real memories". Some people do believe that they can recall real memories from a past life. They may see these memories as providing evidence for belief in reincarnation of their soul into different people at different times in history.

I don't know if any of these are the "real memories of Gene Moncla", but even if they were shown to be at least partly his real memories, I can hypothesize other potential explanations for my "recall" of these events. Perhaps what I am experiencing is just a "sympathetic connection" to some hidden store of past events that can be accessed using some sort of unexplained intuition.

It is also possible that these "memory recalls" are some sort of "false memory" created by some unknown process of internal suggestion.

Most readers who are open to such mysteries, may prefer to look at these "recalled memories" as perhaps being an interesting way to explore the possible life of Gene Moncla, in the weeks and months before and after his participation in the mysterious Kinross Incident.

I don't know if there is any real connection between various childhood memories and the pilot who went missing long ago, but I have to think that it is at least, a pretty weird thing if there is in fact any sort of connection between them.

Gene Moncla and T33

Truax Field

Sherman Terrace Apartment

Life in Madison

John Schmidt Memories

Last Days in Madison

Last Days in the Sault

Cherniack Documentary

In 2006 I was interviewed by David Cherniack for a documentary about my anomalous memories for broadcast on a Canadian Cable TV Channel.

The Moncla Memories