UPDATED - Nov 28, 2015

Jan 1st or 2nd 2009, Summerland, BC: (8:00 pm to 9:15 pm)

I came out of my house into my backyard after I had been told there was a weird star out in the sky in a clearing of clouds away from it in the area it was in & I thought it wasn't nothing but Jupiter when noticed it as a larger star of sort then I realized it move a little bit & I swear I seen what seemed a ''moving star ''as a skeptic would say I'd say ufo of sort , it moved. I watched & watched as it did look more averagely bigger than any as usual it moved & a lighter star dusty-like mini trail hung out the end from eyeball vision it looked a couple millimeters shooting out of it very faintly as if the smallest sparkle trail. I couldn't fully feel the thought of thinking it truly was till I seen what would seem an aura of light jet out the angles of the stars bright white center forming a mini aura of sort against the blackness of the sky where I mistakenly was thinking it perhaps was a satellite streaming in the sky moving every now & then & the jets of light creating a aura around it made it seem faintly almost double the size of Jupiter from earth , after a little bit it would grow out bigger & I focused & focused even test my vision looking at the moon to the side to make sure my eyes weren't going out I could see it get bigger & getting smaller slowly as if blooming in & out its aura where as it was white still but going blue & about the double size . I went inside unsure thinking I seen more blue aura from it & it seemed getting more bigger I could stand at the bottom of my steps & see it from the distance of empress hotel in Victoria to the bay bridge'' past the Johnson'' - a fair distance.

I looked out my window whereas I could see it a little still on the inside my house for it was cold & to test if it was still actually moving inch by inch so slowly really almost unnoticeable , I stepped out again in my back yard lured to my curiosity & saw it even about 3x almost 4x bigger shooting out the star-ish bright light of white which stayed white at first to a blue tip of the rays sort of thing till they expanded bigger & turned emerald greenish & yellow blinking out as if a signal with random colors & white in the middle it looked about half the size compared to the moon, within the aura there patterns as if in the ray shaping what looked to me like a big color changing kaleidoscopic of sort light in the sky no exactly blinking but growing to its size shining out n going smaller I was tripping balls & I went back into my house came back out every 3-4 mins watching if it changed saying to myself if it leaves its one it has to be the light I seen was nothing I haves ever before & it moved as if the impossible even slow just because these lights I had another witness with me & they agree with me we saw one because I thought at first when it moved it was just a satellite & the cold weather was causing cold white jet streams pushing out of it as if surrounding it with a aura of steam coming off at the beginning but this was changing different ways I came out again in those 3-4 minute & it was smaller getting smaller.. I went in & out again another 4-5 mins I couldn't see it no more through my little basement window on a angle before it changed from the white -blue'ish aura beams off it to the yellow following with green creating a kaleidoscope snowflaky pattern turning like a clock 360 degrees clockwise & counter clockwise?? my word is my bond in life I play with no thoughts I went out again another few last times it was the double size of a a planet n shrinking n enlarging faintly the size of a pea in & out again & it was the size of the star again once again in & out & the size was of a sand grain as if I watched it travel it went just like others I swear I have seen at 3am for I am very nocturnal after gazing for about 45 minutes atune my eyes into the deeper space beyond past the majority stars I could stand at the bottom of my stairs & see this in plain view these other times all I have seen is and grain like ones zig zag even 3 crossing across one side of the sky as far as I can see looking up & across to the other as far as I can again in separate distances I am curious if there has ever been sightings alike to mine ? if anyone told me they're story also alike to mine in perspective that would be appreciated in knowledge of seeing what I saw basically a kaleidoscopish snowflaky spinning various colored changing aura emitting out slow -to whoever knows how fast speed moving kinda star of sort or what I really actually think is a straight up ufo the next few days there has been no star even of sort like the peculiar noticeable thing I was called outside to see randomly.

9-Jan-2009, Surrey, BC: (7:00 pm)

Hello, I'm a little freaked out but excited, around 7pm after dinner I went outside to have a smoke and noticed a very very bright star it stuck out because it was the only star I could see, I watched for about 5 minutes then called my husband to come and look {he's a huge skeptic} he was baffled at first he said it was a satellite but went to get the video camera anyway. On full zoom it had red, green, blue aura around it. It also appeared to be spinning and went from a round shape to a cylinder shape and round again it looked as if it was going to split in two. All of a sudden it grew very large it was almost a full circle except the top looked like it had been cut off and a small black hole in the upper left side it had an amazing swirl of colours this lasted for a few minutes then it returned to its original size. We did catch this all on video and would love some feedback. It stayed in place for 40 or so minutes then slowly moved out of view heading west. Thank you.

17-Jan-2009, Grand Forks, BC: (6:30 pm to 10:00 pm)

Weird red and blue and green lights we could see them getting bigger and then smaller and the whole "star" kept moving left and right until about 10:00 p.m. then the "star" returned to the normal white color stars are. What is this? We also took photos and the close-ups are showing some kind of space vehicle or shape shifting "thing".

Thank you and no I am not crazy!

2-Feb-2009, Mission, BC:

I live in the back part of Mission up near the lake fairly high with my father who was 27 years RCMP. We have had several other previous strange sightings in this area but on February 2nd we both witnessed something EXTREMELY strange. It was approx 9pm if I remember correctly and I was doing some stuff out in the garage when a very bright white light to the south caught my eye. It looked like it had just moved there but I wasn't sure. It was very cloudy that night and there was an extremely thick low laying fog that was over Maple Ridge and Mission. From our house since we are quite high up we could see over top of it. The light was sitting about 2-3 miles away and was about the size of a dime if you held your arm straight out in front of you. I went and got my dad and we observed this light which changed from blue to red to yellow and it was quite intense. It also had small flickers that would occasionally come from its bottom, top and sides erratically. My father ran and grabbed his high power binoculars and we both took a look at it. Through the binoculars we could CLEARLY see a typical saucer shaped craft hovering silently. Its center was a dark metallic grey and it had a darker ring around where the source of lights were. Again the occasional flicker almost like electricity would come off the top, bottom and sides. We estimate it was approx 60-70 feet across and approx 20 feet high at its center. It stayed there for over an hour as we watched it. We took some pictures, this is the strange part, when we went to get the film developed the machine couldn't turn them out so they had to refund us with new film. Anyway, we turned our heads for a minute and the object was gone. Three weeks ago my father and I again saw the bright light except we weren't together and we were out on the main road Dewdney Trunk. Neither one of us had access to binoculars this time. This area is quite well known for it apparently after speaking with the neighbours. I'm basically in the Stave Lake area. About two years ago my brother and I also saw some strange lights out here but it was nothing like this. My father and I are both convinced this was a legitimate alien craft.

13-Feb-2009, Langley, BC: (9:30 pm)

I reside just past Williams Park here in Langley, BC. At about 9:30 pm I let my dog out into my back yard, upon returning I gazed upward in the clear night sky to the east where I saw this round glittery object with flickering lights. This object was not moving, initially thinking it was some sort of helicopter. So I grabbed my binoculars and zeroed in on it. I couldn't believe what I saw, here's this bright round object with coloured blinking light on it. These glittering lights constantly changed their shapes within this object. I pondered whether to grab my digital camera and snap a picture, but the object was too far for my camera to capture a decent picture, and also was afraid it may disappear. After a minute or so it started to move to the north ever so slowly were it just vanished up. My heart was pounding with amazement as this was my first glimpse of a UFO. This sighting now confirms my belief that we are not alone. During the following days, I did not hear of any other reported sightings through the radio, paper or media.

So now, if it's a clear sky, I am gazing upwards and hopefully will try to snap a picture if this object returns, with my camera ready.

15-Feb-2009 Surrey, BC: (6:30 pm)

An interesting thing happened in the sky tonight. On my way back home on Hwy 10 nearing 152 street there were 2 very bright red lights that caught my eye in the sky above me and to the left. I thought it was an aircraft. Just as I was watching them a very bright light took off from just ahead of the lights and I mean fast!!! It came on like a bright search light from a helicopter but sped off faster than anything I have ever seen before. It covered 45 degrees of the sky in about 1/2 of a second. It did not fade out but was on and then then off.

I thought it was a meteor at first but there was no flame trail and it was not falling. It took off in a straight line and then vanished or turned off. The car in front of me must have seen it as well because he veered off the road for a moment. The two bright red lights stayed in place as we drove by. Planes have two lights, one red and one green but they flash on and off. This is to show which direction they are flying. This was a very clear night and those lights were not from any aircraft! I continued on but could not look back anymore as I came to the intersection of 152.

15-Feb-2009, Abbotsford/Langley, BC: (10:00 pm to 10:45 pm)

On Lefeuvre Road in Glen Valley just south of River Road. (I don't even know why I went that way, I was supposed to be going to Langley, in the other direction.) I was traveling south when I noticed a strange set of lights in my rearview mirror that I'd never noticed before, very low to the ground. At a glance, it would could have easily been mistaken for a house, that's what I thought it was at first, till I said to myself, "there's no house right there" it's a blueberry field, I pass it every day. I turned right on the next road, watching closely as I was almost at a stop, it seemed to be traveling very slowly too, I stopped completely to get a better look, then as if it knew I was watching, it seemed to blink three times, then all lights where turned off, BUT !! it was still visible in the light of the night. (IT LOOKED LIKE THREE SQUARE WINDOWS IN A ROW, THAT WERE LIT UP FROM THE INSIDE, JUST LIKE WHAT A BEDROOM WINDOW WOULD LOOK LIKE AT NIGHT TIME, LOOKING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN, AND IT WAS JUST ABOVE THE GROUND, IF NOT RIGHT ON IT) I decided then to quickly go around the block to my house to get my cameras and binoculars. I then went back to where it was that I saw this thing , but unfortunately it had already moved on. So then I carried on to where I was going in the first place, to pick up a friend on 216th street, north of 32ND AVE., (facing north) at approximately 10:45 PM as I sat on the side of the road, waiting for my friend to come down his lengthy drive way, when out of the corner of my eye and in the side mirror of my car , I saw an unusually bright light pass by very quickly behind me from my (right to left)-------(east to west) adding that it was also very dark, so a moving light would be very visible. I then turned around as quick as I could but couldn't see any thing more but I knew I had seen something, whatever it was, was no higher than my Jetta and was probably about 30 feet or so away from the rear of my car as it passed by. It wasn't a car, because there isn't a cross street there just fields and farms, on both sides of the road. I then saw my friend at the front of my car, and then we left. Putting what I had seen in the back of my mind, (in the, just another weird thing file ) and didn't bring it up to my friend at all, then about 20 minutes down the road, to my absolute surprise, he said, 'HEY, YA KNOW WHEN YOU WERE SITTING IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE, I SAW THIS REALLY WEIRD LIGHT PASS BEHIND YOU AND DISAPPEAR IN THE FIELD, BEHIND THE NEIGHBOURS BARN, DID YOU NOTICE ANY THING LIKE THAT ?? I at this point had already forgotten about it, and now completely out of the blue he says this. He completely validated that yes I did see some kind of light pass behind me very quickly. what he described to me was the same as what I'd caught a glimpse of. (A VERY BRIGHT, BLUISH-WHITE, ILLUMINATING OR GLOWING, BALL OF LIGHT, MAYBE A LITTLE BIGGER THAN A BASKETBALL). He described what I saw, had what I've also seen several times in the passed over the years in various places around the province , all generally about the same description.

19-Feb-2009, Mission, BC: (6:00 pm)

After returning to the car on a hike at Harrison Lake me and my girlfriend started to drive back to Mission, the sun had just gone down and it was quickly getting dark. My girlfriend had noticed a bright light just above the mountain. I had told her to think nothing of it. As we took a back road into Mission it was pitch black with no cars, my girlfriend noticed the bright light that I told her was a star, but this time she started to wonder why it was so bright, to bright to be a star and too close and too large in our atmosphere.

The big bright light did not flicker like a star or even seem remotely close to a plane. It almost seemed as if it was jumping the mountains following the car. As we arrived home my girlfriend wanted to have a cigarette so we went out on the back deck for a smoke the bright light was still there but at further observation it looked to be making small jerking movements as the light appeared to be getting closer and farther away. After returning inside and eating dinner after we became curious to see is this so-called star or bright light was gone, and it has completely. I went to lock my front gate and even drove down the road a ways to see if I could see it and it wasn't in the sky. Heard about the sighting in broad day light 4 days ago in Texas, LHC has me freaking about black holes who knows what's going on.

UFOBC Responds:

Thank you for your sighting report. I think this one has an easy answer. The drive from Harrison to Mission is basically southwest, so, just as the sun sets, in front of you and a little to the right would be the planet Venus. It is by far the brightest object in the sky. It would not flicker like a star. I have noticed it myself the past couple of weeks. Just as the sun sets it is quite high in the sky, about 40 degrees above the horizon.

If you get this email in time, please look again tonight, in the same direction. Did you have a look last night and see it again? Unfortunately, the rains are coming and tonight might be the last clear night for a while.

I would be interested in hearing back from you.

Dave Pengilly

27-Feb-2009, Surrey, BC: (5:15 to 5:30 pm)

I took my daughter out to the arena to ride her pony yesterday afternoon like we usually do. We set up a light set of jumps for the horse, and she was completing it when I thought I should look up. There was one solid disc (not illuminated) flying south on a north-south heading directly overhead, making no sound. It was underneath some light fair weather cumulus. I watched it go southbound until it was out of sight - it did not accelerate or change altitude, estimated speed 250-350 knots based on the speed of the jet that the fleet described below was following. I asked my daughter if she wanted to stop and co-witness. She said no and kept riding.

About two minutes later on the same heading there was a fleet of identical objects headed south, it was not packed into one tight formation but was spread out so there were groups of two or three craft in formation. The lead object in the fleet was tailing an airline jet on the same heading by about one mile. The objects made no sound and emitted no light however I did notice a 'fuzzy' aura around them. Based on the size of the aircraft and the fair weather clouds I would estimate that the objects were about 3000 feet altitude and approximately 30 to 50 feet in diameter. I tried counting the craft but lost count at around 8. I was trying to focus on viewing one group, when another group would fly into my field of vision, confusing my counting.

I also noticed cross-traffic, an airline jet crossed overhead higher than the cloud and higher than the fleet at about the same time.

Yesterday was one day when I really wish I had my camera, I could have taken really good pictures, probably could have taken close-ups with my zoom.

The objects were all headed directly south towards the Canada/US border.

March 2009, Saltspring Island, BC:

Dear Sir:  I’m sending you these images that appeared on my bedroom deck one morning back in March of ‘09.  I’m baffled by the imaging in the morning frost, seemingly of a 3 dimensional gas can of the 40’s, but in fact a shaded tromp l’oeil that defies my rational analysis.  I have tried, without success, to explain it in my own mind, and have failed.  It has given me a kind of creepy feeling to know that my little piece of personal deck space has attracted some psychic/cosmic (?) jokester.  I have never seen a ufo, and am skeptical of much that surrounds issue, but am still a rational man, and believe that the empirical evidence is convincing.

Ice formation on deck

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the photos Bud, They do look rather cool (no pun intended).

One thing of note, is that the 3D effect is due to the differences in frost “composition’ – which can also be seen “around” the image where the rest of the ice has melted at different rates. A few things to consider:
What is below the “can”? Is there a concrete support block, or something else that would affect the frost melt in some fashion? Do you perhaps have  BBQ or a planter over the area during the warmer months, as they may leech minerals into the deck material causing a change in the heat absorption.

Either way, it is certainly a great photo, sadly I wouldn’t say it was paranormal (other than being beyond the normal), and likely has a mundane explanation. Thanks!

Richard T

Witness Responds:

Richard;  Thanks for your reply, despite my tortured efforts of presentation.  There is nothing anomalous about the deck—it is cantilevered with no “ghost” canisters, cans or previous occupants of any sort—and I am a keen observer of sun angles re melting frost etc. In any event, I’ll conclude by saying how much I enjoy your web site, which I visit perhaps once a week. UFO’s have been of much interest to me for  a lot of years, and I am NOT a skeptic, but a believer, since the evidence is overwhelming. I just wish that I might see something with my very own eyes before I croak (I’m 78).


3-Mar-2009, New Westminster, BC: (7:42 pm)

I was leaving work tonight (march 3rd 2009) at 7:42pm, from Royal Columbian Hospital, I was driving in the back part of the hospital to cut thru to cross over to Sherbrook Street. While I was driving I noticed in the sky a cluster of lights, white bright lights. I have driven that way before and never noticed anything like that EVER. I cross over Sherbrooke Street, on to Fader Street, I stop my car and get out to get a better look because there was a big tree blocking me. The sky was very clear tonight, I look up and there was a big cluster of lights all close together, I have never seen anything like that in my life!! One of the lights was flying around the cluster, not thru it but around it!! It was awesome!! I was wondering if anyone else witnessed this. Or maybe there is some explanation for this. Please advise. It was amazing!!

5-Mar-2009, Chilliwack, BC: (7:30 to 7:55 pm)

Okay I was checking out Venus at a spot on the outskirts of town and had a coffee to boot. It is bright but not as bright as I saw it on X-mas evening. But the strangest thing. I noticed a couple planes on the horizon as Venus was in frontal view of the car as well after looking at it for a short while, being 730-735 there was a blue light that blipped to the left and above of Venus, in degrees I wouldn't know. after I had mentioned this to my fiancé, whom was sipping on her iced cappuccino we went back to sipping away, the planes on the horizon got closer to town and I was having just putt out my cigarette got back into the car and rolled up the window. then I had noticed a red pulsating light with white lights. A commercial plane 7:40 pm. It came from the west travelled east being Vancouver is west and it flew at a very high altitude. then I had watched it travel until it was east and dimmed out just above the mountains. 7:45 pm. Here's the strange part. four more planes as the same as the first two glowing orange and red were hover towards town, one by one as the last one made it to town I had looked east then made my way to looking overhead. striking me as odd there was a triangular plane two white lights and one blue to the front right side of the plane it made no noise and flickered none it travelled west then made it to the horizon. By this time there was yet another plane or commercial jet and a plane of red and orange coming into over town. I put out my second cigarette and started the car and headed home.

Those red-orange planes were different from the Cessna planes because I saw one foo fightering one pulling up to my block to where I live.

BUT do Cessna planes have a red flickering light on them because this did not seem like an ordinary Cessna plane I saw over head. Don't Cessna or small aircraft have to have flickering lights by law?

Our town has a little airport but at night we usually only see one or two planes an hour I saw7. ODD. anything about the Cessna planes question??

22-Mar-2009, 100 Mile House, BC: (8:42pm)

My buddy and I were just sitting in a hot tub having a beer, I was checking out the stars as they were coming out when I noticed a light moving across the sky. I pointed it out to him just thinking that it was a satellite when all of a sudden it started to glow very bright (like 10 stars) as if it was powering up then it disappeared within the next 3-4 seconds. My buddy got so scared he jumped out of the hot tub and ran inside.

UFO*BC Replies:

Thank you for submitting the report. What you saw looks like it was likely and "Iridium Flare". This is the term given to these group of satellites that regularly brighten up like this. I have seen several myself. Just Google the term and you will find plenty of information and even a U-tube video.

Best Wishes


5-April-2009, Vancouver, BC: (2:45am)

I live around 33rd and Main Street in Vancouver and was at home around this time. I came home late around 2:30am and I woke up my mother around this time. I didn't go out to drink anything and I wasn't fatigued or anything. At the time of 2:45am, my mother looked out the window and pointed out something in the sky with yellow and red lights and a constant flickering of a green light as well. The direction I was looking at was roughly Northwest. The object in question didn't seem to be flying too high.. I'd say.. maybe 7000 ft? My first guess was that it was a helicopter but I was a little skeptical about that because who would be out there at this time? My mom was watching from about 2:35am. She later called it to my attention about 2:40am.. I later viewed it with my binoculars and I couldn't really tell if it had a shape or anything because it was late night. I did notice that it seemed to project some kind of search light underneath insisting that it could be a helicopter but it's behavior made me think otherwise. It was circling for about 20mins total. It's precise turning made me think that it couldn't be an airplane. From my house's point of view to the object.. the distance seemed as though it was past Queen Elizabeth park from my house. I hope I provided enough details to this particular sighting. It did make some buzzing sound but I wasn't sure if it was originating from the object or it could have been just the close by traffic around my house. I lost sight of it around 2:50am because a tree got in the way of my view. Did anybody have something to report tonight as well? I would like to know of further details. Thanks!

UFO*BC Replies:

Although I cannot say for sure, your first thought of a helicopter with a search light may be correct. They are often used when trying to apprehend someone who is running from officers - those spot lights are quite powerful.
I have posted your sighting in the hopes that someone else can confirm what you saw!
Cheers, and thank-you for the report,

Richard T

Hannah Replies: (3-Jun-2009)

That would be a police helicopter they saw around Queen Elizabeth park at 2:30ish to 2:50ish am. They are smaller than other helicopters and the noise they make is higher pitched and not as loud as your average helicopter. They only hold two people in them so they are not very big, they seem like a slightly oversized remote control toy helicopter. One flies it and the other runs the search light.

I am not an expert but I live near 38th and Fraser on the hill with a view towards Queen Elizabeth park. I was watching a helicopter that night during the time frame mentioned earlier over around QE Park.

Sadly, the police have been up very frequently this year in this little helicopter due to the increase in gang violence we are experiencing in Vancouver.

Hope this helps.

17-April-2009, North Vancouver, BC: (12:00 am)

I was asleep woke up went to the bath room looked out my window and it was hovering over the waters of the harbor i woke my parents up and the caught a glimpse of it and it was gone this is the 3rd time this has happened in the passed year the 2 other times the ufo or object was going crazy going away and coming back.

18 & 19-April-2009, West Vancouver, BC: (11-12:30 am)

I received a phone call from a friend of mine who happened to be up on a roof top. He called me because he knows I am always interested in UFOs. At first it sounded like he was describing just a light on the mountain but I decided to head outside to check it out. There are several lights on the mountains put there for ski runs but they are easily recognizable and I know where they are. This was a bit further west where there are no ski runs and there was 3 lights. They were in somewhat of a triangular formation and it each take turns being the brightest. One was a bright red color while the other two were greenish blue. The one red orb would stay in one place while the other 2 smaller orbs would move around every couple minutes but they all stayed within a half kilometer area. With the naked eye they appeared quite faint but I managed to run home and get my camera which has a 20 x zoom on it. I took a few videos and photos of the object. The best photo I took was a 10 second exposure and you can really see two of the objects. They look like they are sitting above the trees??

Anyways I am an amateur astronomer and I am out at night looking at the sky quite often. I am very familiar with the ski run lights on the mountains and these are not a ski run. I would like to upload the photo to your site so you guys can take a look. Thanks.

UFO*BC Replies:

That's a very interesting report and photo. Do you think you could send us a daylight photo of the same view?

Also could you tell us if you see any similar sightings. They could perhaps be connected with the ski operation - I am assuming that this is somewhere on Cypress Mountain? They look like very bright lights. Did they vary in intensity? Were they directional? 

Gord - UFO*BC

Note : Sadly UFO*BC has yet to hear back from the witness.

24-April-2009, Murrayville/Langley, BC: (10:15 am)

I was in Langley in the Murrayville region and not very far from the police station it was on my right side - I was on foot and decided to sit at a bus stop for a moment as I felt something was kind of watching me. Friday was a beautiful day with good visibility and just a flew fluffy clouds. I was looking out North and appearing high in the sky was a [dot] very very high up in the sky - This dot wasn't moving at all. I then watched this stationary dot for about a minute and it just ascended upwards towards space until I couldn't see it anymore. I then continued on foot to the local coffee house and had a latte. I then headed back in the general direction where I had just come from and noticed a vacant field. I decided to place my jacket on the ground and sit there peacefully for a few mins and bask in the spring sun. I was aware of my surroundings including several men working to the right of this field (they were municipal workers) suddenly from my left side of the peripheral vision I saw something very strange. I thought it was a metallic butterfly taking off from the ground or field where I was sat. This highly reflective object was probably no bigger than compact disc in size. It wobbled and had the motion of a jumping butterfly. I would guestimate this object's distance to be 20 meters from me. It moved across the field left to right and also lifting up higher and ascended upwards towards the clouds and beyond. I then took out my cell phone and tried to video cam this (checked video afterward but couldn't see anything on replay due to very poor video quality) Also to verify what I was seeing I then ran over to the municipal workers and asked them to look in the sky way up to see this shimmering object - One guy said yes + the other guy couldn't see this until I gave him my sunglasses. They both saw it thought it was very strange. While speaking with these workers The object disappeared. Several minutes after I saw something odd start to zoom across the sky at high speed and I asked this guy walking towards me if he could see this object moving quickly? He said yes (what is that?) I said, "I'm not sure", but something else I saw prior to this object moving high speed was very very strange in that field over there.

03-May-2009, Mission, BC: (10:30 pm)

My daughter and I were walking our dogs on sixth ave going west and approaching maple street when three orange stars were located in the north east sky they were in a straight line and the two bottom ufo's started to go together they were almost together when they split into a equilateral triangle with the top ufo staying in position then the two bottom ufo's faded out and the top one gradually faded out. This took approximately 5 to 7 minutes.

17-May-2009, Sasquatch Provincial Park (Harrison Hot Springs), BC: (11:30pm)

On May 17th 2009, my girlfriend and I were camping at Sasquatch Provincial Park "Hickes lake" very close to Harrison Hot Springs. It was approximately 11:30-12:00pm, we were sitting around the fire star gazing just before we headed off to bed. When we happened to notice a very bright white light, with blue dimming around it slowly move towards us from the South that appeared to be headed to the North. We first thought it was a airplane, but there was no noise of turbine engines. It was a very clear night, and not a single sound was detected. Then we thought it could of been a satellite, but it was way too close and too low to be any sort of satellite. When the object was directly over us, it was a oval/roundi'sh object. It had approximately 5 very bright white lights that gave off a blue dim separated perfectly apart on the oval frame. It looked as if it was trying to portray a star, and the object did a great job in doing so. The object moved very gracefully and slow as it floated slowly across our paths. When suddenly it changed from a white/blue color to a salmon pink color and slowly started fade away and disappear. I could still see the round objects shadow in the darkness, and I believe it just turned off all of it lights to trick any witnesses. The object disappeared into the treeline from which we couldn't see it anymore. The whole sighting lasted approximately 45 seconds to a minute.
The girlfriend and I didn't speak much of this event until very recently June 7th 2009, when I started reading these forums out of curiosity to see if any sightings matched mine. Sure enough someone else on the board had a "identical" sighting as mine on May 21st, just 4 days after my sighting. I found it too ironic, and I became convinced, so I had to post our experience as well.

21-May-2009, Nanaimo, BC: (9:45 pm)

I went outside of my residence to have a cigarette when I spotted a large light overhead. It was about 10 times the size of any star or planet in the night sky. It was very bright white and had a slight blue halo around the light. It was traveling directly overhead towards Richmond or Delta BC on the mainland. My first thoughts were that it was a very large low flying jet or search helicopter. But, I soon realized that there was no detectable wind to blow away any sound waves and any sound of a jet engine or helicopter just did not exist.

I ran into my house and got my spouse to come outside. By the time we got back outside, the object appeared to be over the Georgia Straight somewhere between Nanaimo and Tsawwassen BC. At that exact time my neighbor came outside to let his dogs out. We asked him if he could see what we are seeing or knew what it could possibly be. With some brief instruction to where the object was he too had no idea of what we were witness to. At that time the object began a slight movement from side to side as it traveled east south-east from Nanaimo.

We continued to watch the bright silent object until it appeared to be above the Tsawwassen ferry terminal or somewhere close to Mt. Baker Washington.

All of a sudden the object began to turn from the white/blue shade to a red shade. It also began to shrink to total invisibility within a span of 5 seconds.

The entire incident lasted approximately 3 minutes. My wife, my neighbor and myself stood totally speechless for at least 30 seconds while our brains collectively tried to rationalize what we just witnessed together. Unable to make any sense of the situation we all somehow just retreated back to our residences with the hair on the back of our necks standing up.

Shortly before 11pm that evening, after repeatedly checking the night sky every 10 minutes, I did go out for another cigarette with my spouse.

Looking east over the city of Vancouver a slight bit toward the north shore, we noticed a pulsing red light moving north. We watched this oddity for several minutes and witnessed it changing speed of travel multiple times. We watched again in awe for at least 5 minutes until it disappeared behind trees in front of our residence.

My spouse and I have no idea what we witnessed in the late evening of May 21st 2009. My neighbor refuses to speak of the event.

21-May-2009, Mission BC: (10:00 pm)

My mother and father both saw 6 bright orange/red lights moving from east to west in Mission, the lights then slowed to a stop and seemed to hover at what appeared about 2000 feet elevation and than started to rapidly move vertically at an incredible fast speed. The total duration of the sighting was about 90 seconds from start to end. When the object reached a high altitude, all the lights went out instantly as if someone turned them off. My father used his binoculars.

UFO*BC Responds (May 23rd 2009):

Thank-you for the sighting report! Can you possibly describe the lights?
Were they all part of the same group/object or individual objects?
Is there a number I may call you in order to talk about this sighting?

        Witness Responds (May 25th 2009):


We noticed that the International Space Station was flying overhead at about the same time and date.
Could it have been a reflection of the light from the ISS then been cast upon a very thin cloud layer?
The ISS was flying West to East that day.
Please let me know.

         UFO*BC Responds (May 26th):

That could be a potential solution - however I have never heard of that happening and I doubt that the light off the ISS would be strong enough to reflect.
I'll ring your father closer to week's end if that is OK?



22-May-2009, Victoria, BC: (10:00 pm)

big round light, very bright, disappeared suddenly...it happened in like 15 seconds....

*X!^* scary man!

22-May-2009, Langley, BC: (10:30 pm)

My Daughter and I were driving in Langley, When my daughter noticed a lot of lights from airplanes and helicopters in the sky, focusing on an object which had two white lights at each end and a bright orange red light in the middle hovering in the sky about 2000 feet. It looked like it was hovering over Surrey/Langley area. We wanted to get a closer look and we proceeded to turn onto the Langley Bypass it disappeared. There were planes and helicopters with bright lights shining their lights toward this object. It just hovered. I have in all my years never seen anything like this and honestly it kinda scared me.

22-May-2009, Maple Ridge/Mission, BC: (10:45 pm)

I was driving east on Dewdney Trunk Road with my son on May 22nd, at approximately 10:45 p.m. As we were approaching the intersection of 248th street, I thought I saw a blur of light streak past me on 248th heading south. I didn't say anything, because I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, as that area is quite dark at nighttime. My son, who was sitting in the front with me, was sipping on his hot chocolate, and as we approached the intersection, he said "OK...what the heck just streaked by us". I was shocked that he saw what I saw. We both saw a streak of light, dimly lit, travelling from north to south, at road level, that went by so fast, that you couldn't see the object. If I had to describe it, it was like a blur, the leading edge was more pointed, but there was no physical shape or object to see as it was a blur of light. When we crossed the intersection, we both looked towards the direction it travelled, but there was nothing....no lights, but just darkness. All there was left was a thin wisp of smoke, and the smoke wasn't puffy, but rather thin and wispy, and the smell was strange too...nothing I have smelled before...it was a light, acidy smell (if that is a smell). I don't know what my son and I saw, but we just wanted to share in the event someone else would have an explanation.

28-May-2009, Vancouver, BC: (11:30 pm)

On Thursday night, May 28, 2009 at about 11:30 pm I was walking home. I was only a block away from my apartment, at Delmont Park on 7th Ave. and Arbutus St. in Vancouver. I was walking along the sidewalk at the edge of the park beside the blackberry bushes, just before the train tracks. I paused to look at the view downtown and I looked up. I saw an object fly by. It came from the southeast going straight northwest. It looked to be a small white round object. It looked like it was not quite spherical, as though it may have had an edge protruding along the sides. It was dark outside and I could not distinctly see the boundaries of the object. At the time, I estimated that it was about 200 yards away from me, up in the air, at approximately a 45 degree angle above in front of me. I thought it was about two feet in diameter. The sky was mostly covered with clouds that were broken up with gaps between them so this obscured the clarity of the object even more. My state of mind was normal. I did not consume any alcohol or drugs. This experience did not have any effect on me. I almost forgot about it.

Two weeks later, when I wrote down this account on June 11th, I went out at noon to the same spot. Holding my thumb up at arm's length, I estimated that the object was almost the width of my thumb. What I'm unsure of is the distance. It may have been about only 200 feet away. It's hard to estimate. The object was completely silent and did not look like a bird. It was a bit faster than a bird, maybe about 35 mph. It looked almost spherical with maybe an edge and birds do not look spherical. It had no lights at all. I just saw it in the reflected city lights. It went in a straight line until it was out of my sight, with buildings blocking my view.

At the time of the unexpected sighting I did not believe that it was a UFO. When I went home and thought about it, I still didn't think it was a genuine UFO, in the sense of it being an alien craft but I felt I had to be open to that possibility since I just couldn't guess what it was. Now, I'm a bit more inclined to think that maybe it was a real UFO but I just don't feel definite about that. I keep wondering what it was?! It did not look dramatic or special but it wasn't a plane- it was silent with no lights and too small and it didn't look like a plane. It was a silent night, my neighbourhood was quiet. If the object made a noise I would have heard it unless it was miles high. If that's so, then it was much bigger than I guessed. The focusing of my eyes made me conclude that it was close to me, not far away. I wish I could figure out what it was. - Brian Ruhe

30-May-2009, Sechelt, BC (Caren Mountain Range): (11:50 pm)

My husband and I were outdoors on our deck looking at the stars on this very clear night. We noticed a much brighter light than the surrounding stars, planets or even the lighthouse at Kunechin Pt. above the Caren Range that was pulsing on and off and not moving. At first we thought it was an aircraft landing light and this is in the direction of YVR. The light flashed 5-6 times stopped and repeated this pattern a few times. We were so busy trying to get the camera and binoculars that we were unable to watch. This light was so bright that it reflected off the Sechelt Inlet making it so much more noticeable and very different from the other stars. What was remarkable was this light did not move up or down or even in a forward or backward motion - it hovered about 500-1000' above the mountain. This lasted about 5-7 minutes and then disappeared.

UFO*BC Replies: 6-Jun-2009)

You may be correct with your first instinct and think it is a landing light - when an aircraft is coming straight towards the observer, the light appears stationary and may seem to 'grow' in intensity. Hopefully someone else can provide another report on this occurrence and shed some light on the sighting.
Richard T

Witness Replies: (6-Jun-2009)

We ruled out aircraft landing light - my husband was a commercial pilot and I have spent many hours observing aircraft as a result. This is why we were intrigued and ruled this out immediately. The duration was too long. It flashed 5-6 times for 3-4 repetitions and it was much too bright for a landing light. We normally watch aircraft and YVR would be the other direction to land assuming left base to final. Besides - there was no sound as we can hear the float planes, helicopter and commercial traffic very distinctly. It did not get brighter - is was steady intensity - but extremely and steadily bright. It was also too small to be a landing light - our thoughts were flare (do not flash) but no change in altitude or direction, iridium flare or weather balloon - but they do not have lights. It was much too bright - too steady and too long duration for an aircraft even if heading directly toward us - besides it was a single light - commercial aircraft have 2-3 landing lights. We will keep an eye out - there are very few people that live here. Thanks.

UFO*BC Replies: (6-Jun-2009)

Thank-you for the quick update. Indeed your husband is therefore highly qualified to rule out a common form of aviation. I look forward to any type of drawing or further information you may be able to provide (altitude, size, intensity, distance etc).
Richard T

June-ish 2009, Mission, BC:

I am sorry for this being rather out of date, but I had no idea that this site existed and did not know where to report something of this nature, without sounding like a "crazy person".

Last year sometime in June, it was between the 3rd or the 7th, as that was the only time my husband worked the night shift, and I cannot be exactly sure on the time. I do know that it was dark enough that I could see stars. We do remember it was a completely clear night (I apologize for being so vague)

I was outside with my son, (14) on my front lawn talking with my next door neighbor, we live in a duplex. Out of habit I looked up as I like to see the stars and my family and I like to try and catch a glimpse of the space station speeding by, (it's a special feeling when we get to see it). We live just off of Hurd and Mc Rae. Directly above us was a very bright object. It was not moving, it looked as though it was hovering. The light was orangey/reddish with a faint purple hue around the object resembling an aura...it's really hard to describe. The object itself was not orange and red, it was the light reflecting off of it? with another slight purple ring around that. I'm not good at this, I apologize. Anyways, I thought I was seeing things so I pointed upwards and told my neighbor to look up. She immediately screamed for her boyfriend to come outside. It was low enough that we knew it wasn't a star, and high enough that there was no way it was the Good Year Blimp...and you can hear the motor of that going by...there was no sound coming from this what-so-ever.

A minute or so later, someone pointed out there was some sort of aircraft coming from East to West quite fast towards it. We couldn't make out the shape as it was too dark and it was also quite bright. It resembled a star. I was thinking it was some kind of government plane coming to check it out when we noticed another one was coming from North to South towards it as well. Both looked identical except the 2nd one seemed a bit smaller, maybe it was higher up? They were almost in formation of an obscure triangle. As they got closer to the object, which seemed to me like 1/2 foot away from it, from where I was looking at. It looked as though there was going to be a collision when the orange and red thing just disappeared. It was just gone...didn't make any sense...how could it do that? My son ran around the back yard, but he couldn't see it anywhere either. The bigger of the two aircraft's continued on course but came to a complete stop and made a sharp direct turn. The smaller one continued on its same course. Now we don't know if they were airplanes, as they were quite fast and didn't have the usual red, white and blue lights blinking on and off. They were just bright lights. They kind of flickered then just faded out in the distance...not as if they continued out of range but as though they just dimmed. We were just standing in awe and couldn't believe what just took place. Still looking upwards searching to see where this thing went to, and see if there was some sort of explanation as to what it possibly could have been...they kept on saying did you see that? Did you see that? Then I saw in the middle of the sky, the object reappeared like someone turned on a light switch. But it was brighter and seemed a bit closer this time. It was still orange and reddish looking but because it was not right above us I could see that the colors were more prominent. I don't know. It hovered there for I'd say about 1/2 a minute then left heading East/South diagonally pretty fast. The whole encounter took about 3 and a bit minutes. I did notice when it left the 2nd time it was kind of shaped like a cal zone, (pizza pop). Round and cut off. By the time this thing ended there were 3 other people on our streets who saw what we saw.

I know this sounds bizarre, and if there was no one there to witness what I saw, I would have gladly checked myself into Mental Health. My neighbor still talks about it and is completely freaked out...I on the other hand look at the sky in a different way.

Also something that happened to my boyfriend (husband) and I, 9 years ago when we first moved out to Mission, just by the old Hatzic Cemetery, just off of Draper Road and Cemetery Avenue, (this is at the bottom of the Abby and kitty corner to the St. Claire's Monastery) we were on our way to the corner store. Now if you are coming down Draper Road, heading south then turn right on Cemetery, then left on Dewdney Trunk Road, (heading South) all it is is trees on either side of you. Literally less than half a block on the right side of the street, (our side) I see out of the corner of my eye, this thing that looked like the shape of a man...I also thought he was carrying a object resembling a briefcase. I looked at him (boyfriend) and he kept on driving and I asked if he saw something, and he said he wasn't going to say anything cause he thought I was going to think he was crazy. I asked him what he saw, and he said he saw a man about his size 5"10, he didn't see "him" carrying anything, but what we both saw was that this thing wasn't solid. It doesn't make any sense, I know, but what I mean by "not solid" is that it was see through like in Predator. You could see the figure but it was watery looking. Now we have been told a few things...
-one was that there is a secret tunnel heading from the monastery to the Abby and maybe there was some kind of monk in a weird robe? And by the time we looked back he went into the tunnel?
-That maybe it was a ghost from the cemetery?

We still to this day have no idea what it was. But still can remember it just like it was yesterday. This also took place in mid day...so it was still bright out.

I would like to point out that we are Christians, are apart of the worship team at our church, have 2 children, do not get heavily intoxicated nor do drugs. We are not in the habit of lying either. All that you have heard is the complete truth. No exaggerations of ANY sort. If any of you have witnessed one or both of these encounters, we would really like to hear your input. Or if you have an explanation of what we have seen, we would gladly appreciate it.


~ My husband says that the Government does such a crappy job with everything in every day life, so how could they do such an incredible job covering something like this up...and why?

1-June-2009, Mission, BC: (10:50 pm)

We live on Seventh Avenue near the firehall. As my husband was driving home from work at approximately 10:50 pm on Monday, June 1, 2009, he noticed 3 reddish-oranges lights in the sky that looked like stars. They were in a triangular formation. He first noticed them as he was driving through Matsqui and then continued to see them as he drove across the Mission Bridge and all the way as he drove up Murray Street. When he arrived at our home, he called me outside onto our front porch which faces north. My husband pointed up to the sky and said 'What do you think that could be?' There in the sky to the north-east I saw a triangular formation of 3 reddish-orange lights. They were the size of stars. They twinkled like stars. They did not appear to be moving. We watched them together for about a minute, then they started to move apart very slowly, but they stayed in their triangular formation. Then they began to fade out and they all disappeared. From the time that they started moving until the time that they had completely disappeared it was about 20 seconds.

This is not the first time that he has seen similar reddish-orange lights in the sky as he has been driving home from work at approximately the same time of night. The first time that he saw these similar lights was within the last week, but they had already disappeared by the time that he had arrived home.

2-Jun-2009, Mission, BC

We would like to verify the report sent to you on June 2, 2009 in regards to the bright lights seen over Mission on the night of June 1, 2009.  We were preparing for bed when my husband looked out our bedroom window and called me upstairs to see something strange in the sky.  We live just off Cedar street on Egglestone Avenue and were looking south where we also saw three lights in a triangle formation that appeared to be have a very bright center surrounded by brilliant red.  They were literally hovering in the night sky. We ran outside and could not believe what we were seeing!   My husband is quite aware of airplanes and helicopters and their flight patterns as has had a private pilot's licence and is very certain that what we were seeing did not qualify.  I looked at my watch which showed 10:53p.m. as my husband went to get his camera.  During this time an aircraft was going in for a landing heading towards Abbotsford  and we were wondering if the pilot could see these lights as they were so much higher than the aircraft .  At this time the front light began to seperate very slowly and head up higher into space and towards the south as it dimmed into the distance.  We could not catch the lights on film. The other two lights followed suit but kept in formation as they also dimmed and disappeared.  The perception of depth in space by this sight was amazing.  The duration of this scenario took between five to seven minutes but we do not know when these lights first appeared so they could have been there for a longer time.  We are glad that we were not the only people in Mission to see these lights as we needed our own verification as well.  We do not know the identity of the other people who wrote to you about this sighting.

4-June-2009, Burnaby, BC: (4:57 pm)

I was looking out my window in Burnaby this afternoon + noticed what I thought was an either an eagle flying high in the sky sailing along with the wind currents or a balloon which was mostly of two colours. I from what I observed was a light white shade on the upper part and the lower part appeared black. The black colour was on the bottom. This object was floating freely in the air with the air current. It moved from approximately Royal Oak Avenue high in the sky - moving right towards New Westminster. As this primary object floated along for minutes and minutes my attention was distracted to a pulse of light in the sky coming from the direction of Lougheed Mall. I continued to focus in this area of the sky high over the region of Lougheed Mall, and noticed the flicker/pulse for about 10 solid seconds. Then I couldn't see it anymore. I continued to watch the floating black and white type object - again looking somewhat like a cluster of Balloons or a huge Bald Eagle suddenly the pulse object appeared once again high in the sky however, in a different location this time. It moved very very slowly and was at an "extreme altitude" and moved closer over several minutes towards my location in Middlegate area. This object hung around Burnaby for about 20 minutes - I first caught sight of the pulse sphere around 4.57 PM on June 4th 2009 and lost sight of it around 5.20 PM as it was directly over my building. While I was observing the bright sphere object high in the sky I saw an airplane (private type jet fly nearby my locality) and a helicopter had also been hovering over New Westminster.

5-Jun-2009, Kits Beach, BC:

I was looking through my friends face book pictures and came across a photo of her hand at Kits beach, but i noticed right away something pretty odd by her thumb, didn't seem to belong, it was a black orb of some sort, didn't really look like a frisby or a soccer/volley ball, kind of curious to see what you think of it. ill email the photo to your contactus@ufobc.ca ill send you the one off her fb first, I'm going to get the original off her soon hopefully, it will be higher resolution I imagine


UFO*BC Replies

Thank-you for the great photos. If you look closely on the 2nd photo, one can make out the top black part of the object directly behind the end of the log. This is directly in a vertical line with the object. Also, given the timestamp between the two photos, it leads us to believe that it is an object behind throw up in the air and caught mid flight on the first photo, and has fallen back down to earth on the second photo.

Thanks again for the photo - great catch!



9-June-2009, Mission, BC:

Have a video of that sighting over the fraser river that many have posted as seeing the 3 orange lights. Just got around to making it available to view. Was very quickly trying to get the video camera up and going and was still set in night vision (my mistake as the lights were orange). If interested call or email and let me know how to upload the video. I do have a friend in australia that has some awesome vids from his region.


10-Jun-2009, Valemount, BC: (2:00 am)

Just west of Valemount, in a mountain range where there is no road access. I worked the graveyard shift at a local motel, and at night I would sit outside and look at the night sky. As I looked west into a range of mountains, I saw extremely bright lights descending into the mountains, then rising again. This happened several times. It is highly unlikely that it was a helicopter. I called the local helicopter service (Yellowhead Helicopters) to find out if they had a craft in that area, and they said no. There are no roads that go to this remote area, which is why it looked suspicious to me. In the end, what I saw was lights, so I have hesitated until now to report it. Living in these mountains for as long as I have, you get to know where things should or shouldn't be. Very strange to see activity in that area. My first thought was HAARP.  Let me know what you think. Thanks.

10-Jun-2009, Mission, BC: (11:00 pm)
Ok, perfect. I was kinda aimless for a while until I came across your story on the news that I found on the net. I wasn't sure, if anyone, who to contact about this. Anyways, we're from Mission, and we saw some lights in the sky a few days ago. Maybe the 10-11th? It was around 10:45-ish. I was on egglestone street looking into the direction of town when it happened. 2 lights flying caught my attention because they didn't look normal, flying too close to each other. I pointed it out to my girlfriend, and just as I did, 2 more lights flew into sight. They glowed, orange-ish in color. They then arranged into a triangle pattern, then two flew off into the unseen distance, and the other two disapeared, just like that. From when we saw them, to when they all were gone happened in less the 5-7 minutes.
I have 4 witnesses, including myself. Because I ran inside to show others. Now this is where it gets weird, I've seen things like this before. Like two creatures that I couldn't reasonably identify one time a few years back in abbotsford. I had people with me when it happened, as well, and we all got good looks, and a few minutes of sight of these things. It all could be trick of sight or something explainable, and thought maybe you could add some help/input. Anyways, thanks all the same! Cheers!

UFO*BC Replies

Thanks for the report.
Can you provide a bit more information for us:

  • -Description of Object

  • Flight direction

  • Altitude

  • Noise

  • Speed of object

Thank-you kindly,

13-Jun-2009, Langley, BC: (6:00 pm)

My girlfriend and I were traveling west bound on hwy #1 near the Langley exits...to go to the Vancouver Island ferry..lots of traffic so I don't know if there were other reports of this object..at first I saw the object from a distance flying north north east towards us at the speed of a plane and in the same area as local Langley air traffic seen in the area from the Hwy. I first said look here comes a Bi-plane..as it looked from a distance to be a ww2 bi-plane. so... being that traffic was slow we watched as it approached ..we soon realized it was not a bi-plane..it was flying low, silent with the shape of a tear-drop!! more of an x wing configuration, the lower wing being flat..the upper wing was directly above the lower but not horizontal like a bi-plane but maybe at 30-35 degree angle flaring outward from the body toward the tip of the lower wing..all white and the tail..well that was the weird thing about it as it went to a point ..just like a pear drop!!..fat in the front tapering to a point at the rear..smooth and white..no windows, no markings, no jet, no prop, no opening for air intake..we both saw the object very very clear. Clear day no cloud..flew directly over us!! and low..few hundred feet up..the object was about the size of a small engine airplane..but should not at least in my mind been able to fly with the configuration of the wings and body..I have looked at drones and experimental air craft for hours on line and have not seen anything even close..I don't know that it was not something that is new and unknown as of yet..but would love to hear if anyone has info or has witnessed it them selves !! We were driving in a Jeep YJ with the top off and just a bikini top covering the roll bar..as the object went over we immediately looked back to see the craft from behind and could not get a visual of it ..this also we found strange as I can see a bird fly over and never have a problem finding it visually when looking over my shoulder behind the jeep..

UFO*BC Replies (14-June-2009)

That is a very interesting sighting. As I was reading it the first thing that came to mind was it might be a new type of drone as you also speculated. Do you think you can draw a picture of it? That is so weird though that there was no indication of a prop or jet intake or outlet. Very, very bizarre. I know of no drones that do not rely on conventional propulsion except for balloon types that are lighter than air. If possible, can you try to do a couple of drawings, like how you saw the craft in the distance and how it looked as it was flying over you? Did you hear any sound? I guess driving with the top down on the highway you probably had a lot of noise from the wind but I was wondering if you heard anything at all. If you are interested, perhaps a few members of UFO*BC may be able to meet with you and your girlfriend to discuss your sighting in greater depth if this would be of any interest to either of you. Thank you for reporting your sighting. Very interesting!
Gord Heath

Witness Responds (June 15th 2009):

Hi Gord, thank you for getting back to me. I took my time and tried my best to draw what we saw..my girlfriend and I concur ..this is the exact image we saw..to the letter...as you can see it does look like a type of drone or something of that nature..but it made no sound moved in a steady direction with no apparent propulsion?? as you can see by the shape..how could it fly?? with no tail control of any kind??...it is possible that upon looking back ..the type of shape made it disappear..but it did disappear from site immediately after flying over our jeep..and that too does not seem possible...



UFO*BC Replies (15-June-2009)

That is an excellent drawing and I agree that it does not look like any passenger aircraft or any drones I am familiar with. There are some small passenger aircraft which do not have a tail, but instead of a tail, they have two small "canards" (look like wings), out at the front of the fuselage, forward of the main wings. Most of these aircraft have a propeller on the back and the usual cockpit window, which should be visible. So you have me stumped. I would say this remains unidentified. We have had a few "oddball" type sightings of strange craft that people thought might be some sort of human manufactured exotic technology. One recent sighting was a hovering craft with a set of white "searchlights" and a blue conical flame at the back coming out of a jet outlet. However, the witnesses also state the aircraft was totally silent which rules out a conventional jet-turbine powered aircraft. Can you provide a more precise description of your location on Highway #1 - about how far from and what direction from the nearest exit? Also, can you remember the full duration of the sighting and the approximate distance you think the craft travelled in this time period?
We haven't had any other reports but that is quite normal. It is possible the craft was seen by others but none decided to report it to us. It is not that unusual for UFOs to disappear suddenly and I have had that experience before. That really makes you wonder, doesn't it?Thanks,
Gord Heath

Note from Richard T (15-June-2009):

    There were several aircraft in formation over the described time preparing for flying for the Golden Ears bridge grand opening event. However, it must be noted that the object above in no way resembles any of those aircraft.

13-Jun-2009, Boston Bar, BC: (11:00 pm)

A group of 7 camping along the Nahatlatch River BC witnessed UFO sightings on Saturday, June 13th 2009 at approximately 11pm. The weather was very unusual for this area, with multiple lightning and thunder strikes occurring for the past 2 days. The bright orange lights (4 in total) were ascending west of the Nahatlatch River and heading east, reaching an altitude of approximately 2000 meters, flying over the campsite, and later disappearing in and out of the partly cloudy night sky. The speed was solid (about 40-50 kmh), the trajectory of all 4 lights were a constant straight line, and there was absolutely no sound. The lights were solid, not flashing or flickering until they reached the clouds. All 4 lights followed each other from behind the other. The entire incident took about 2 minutes. We have no explanation of what these lights were, but we know what they were not. They were not helicopters (no sound), flares, or balloons (perfect speed and trajectory of all 4 objects).

14-Jun-2009, Vancouver, BC: (1:14 pm)

I was looking out my office window in my town house in Fairview it overlooks false creek north (downtown) when I saw a large blue & white round shape heading towards downtown I thought it was a plane at first by the speed but it was to low from the ground by the time it was over city skylights it just disappeared. It took all of seconds what I saw. I didn't know what to make of it. I gave up smoking dope years ago (lol). I know what I saw, just don't know what it was...

22-Jun-2009, Coquitlam, BC: (2:00 am)

As a little girl, i was sitting in the front room and my mom was screaming and what i saw out the window terrified me and has left me believing of any ufo's and sightings for my whole life, this morning i woke up laying in my bed staring outside the window to what i thought was moving stars, so i cleared my vision and saw a rotating circular grayish white shaped disc hovered in the air with bright greenish-yellow + red lights it was about 59 meters away from my house, it came closer as if it was slicing the air and went away from me, and stopped for exactly 17 minutes just spinning in the air. After the 17 minutes, it rapidly moved towards the highest points in the sky and disappeared. what i saw was not a plane, or a satellite.

Summer 2009, Chilliwack, BC: (10:00 pm)

I was on patrol as a security guard at a site in Sardis BC in 2009. It was a warm summer evening, dark clear sky, around 22:00 hours. I was walking through a parking lot heading north when a bright light in the sky caught my attention. At first I though it was small plane because there were several of them in the sky that evening.

What surprised me was the speed of the object. It came from the south and was quite high up, no flashing lights like the small Cessna's I was used to seeing, just a steady bright round light. The object came from the south at a very high rate speed, too high a speed for any of our aircraft. Suddenly it just stopped in mid air above the City of Chilliwack, only for a few seconds before it zig zagged towards Hope disappearing from my line of sight.

I was so taken by this object I was upset that I never had a camcorder with me,or at least a good cell phone. There was a lady standing near-by having a cigarette whom I approached. She was as startled as I was. I immediately asked her, "Did you see that". She answered. "Yes". I was relieved that I had a witness but either way it wouldn't have mattered to me because I knew exactly what I saw. I do and always have believed in other life forms. It was just nice to see something different to confirm my own beliefs.

5-Jul-2009, Campbell River, BC: (11:00 pm)

it was sunday july 5. it was about 11:00 pm when i looked out my bathroom window. i looked up towards what is called mercrift village and saw a red kinda green light. i though that it might be a plane because there is the airport just behind us. but all of a sudden it started to move like no plane i have saw could do. it moved back and forth up and down very erratically. there was no way a plane or helicopter could move like that. i called my wife in and she could not believe it too. i wish we had binoculars. we both waited it for about half an hour then out of no were it just disappeared, and right after that we had a major thunder and lighting storm. i don't think that i was ball lightning. i have never herd of red or green ball lighting. hopefully someone else saw that as-well. are ufos associated with thunder storms some times??? thanks...

10-Jul-2009, Kamloops, BC: (midnight)

Hi, so around the 10th of July in 2009 it was going on 12 am and I looked out my window that has a view of the north thompson river valley. Directly above the valley there were 5 new lights I have never seen before in a line formation. The lights seemed to disappear and reappear in a random order. So I took my video camera and started taping it for about 10 mins. (sorry i have misplaced my video camera with the video, but I'm looking for it quite extensively) and I know the lights in the valley are to one the side of the valley but these lights were right in the middle and I doubt there would be lights that far up. They hovered there; I saw them for a good 20 minutes, and then I went to watch tv for 10 minutes. I went back to the exact same window and they were gone. They were just gone and I kept checking through the night - they never reappeared and to this day I've never seen those lights again. Thanks.

11-Jul-2009, Mission, BC: (11:30 pm)

I had been bedding down our horses and came out of the barn to go back to the house at approximately 11:30 pm.

I looked up and saw three bright yellow/orange lights, each surrounded by a ring or halo, forming a triangle with a flat side to the east and a point to the west. The visual angle subtended by each light was large in relation to the background stars, perhaps one sixth that of a full moon. They were separated by several times that visual angle. They were proceeding from west to east a short distance north of our home. I called my brother and his wife to come out. They did so. My sister-in-law brought her camera and obtained one photograph, somewhat blurred by camera shake and atmospheric effects. The eastern most two lights made a turn to the north and proceeded to climb swiftly at about a seventy degree angle through the layer of cirrus cloud high above, the third swinging wide to the east and going faster than the other two as though to join up again. There was no sound. The air below the patchy cloud was clear and many stars were visible, including the constellation Cassiopeia. The total time from first sighting to disappearance was under two minutes.

Upon returning to the house I immediately checked FlightTracker.com, a website that shows the flightpaths of aircraft on the Vancouver Centre radar. Nothing remotely like the three lights appeared there, ruling out any civilian Mode C transponder equipped aircraft.

Both my brother and I have aeronautical backgrounds. We both got our private pilots licenses over 30 years ago. My brother also spent 20 years as an Air Force officer, accumulating several thousand flying hours in military aircraft of many types. My sister-in-law has lived around aircraft for many years. None of us have ever seen anything quite like it. We can rule out conventional aircraft, balloons, parachute flares and other similar objects as they do not behave in the manner we saw.

14-Jul-2009, Nanaimo, BC: (mid-afternoon)

It was my Nephews 1st Birthday in the middle of the afternoon. There were a lot of people in the backyard at the time and no one noticed anything. After looking at the image of the Coastguard Ship I looked at the sky and as you can clearly see, 8 glowing orange dots flying in 2 rectangular formations. Like I said I had not seen them with my naked eye. I had the image looked at by photographers and they could find nothing wrong with the image. I have not tampered with this photo at all. I was hoping you may be able to give me you ideas on what these objects could be.

(NOTE: The witness did not forward an image to us. When we get it we will post it.)

14-Jul-2009, Victoria, BC: (11:20 pm)

Last night I could not sleep so I went onto my patio for a smoke and to water my plants and was star gazing. I noticed that one star (or so I thought was one) was extremely bright that out stood all the rest.

When I looked closer is was moving quick in all different directions. I would best describe it as a ball of pure white light.

Then this other object just appeared and this thing was moving fast! It changed colours. First bright red, then green/blue and lastly bright yellow .

The way it moved around was unreal. Then it took off over my building and the so called "star" zoomed off after it.

Let's just say I was shocked. This all lasted about 3 minutes. I called the Saanich Police right after to see if anyone called in and the receptionist said not at this point. I laid in bed after thinking to myself..."I know what I saw and what I saw was not from this earth"

In a way I feel really lucky. It's a once in a lifetime to see this but then I feel kind of scared because it is literally so close to home.

You always hear stories like this in Mexico or Houston Texas, but Victoria BC ?!?!?! Thank you for taking the time to read.

15-Jul-2009, Vancouver, BC: (10:30 pm)

I have been a sky watcher for many years and have had the privilege of having a few ufo sighting. What I saw in the night sky on July 15-09 was something I have never witnessed before. I was standing outside my door looking up at the sky as I normally do when I was suddenly startled by what seemed to be a small light turning on. It was like someone turned on a star. It only stayed on for about 5 seconds and then it turned off. I stood there, somewhat shocked at this event and within a minute, it happened again. It came on, stayed a few seconds and then turned off. Being that it was very high in the sky, and late at night, I could only guess that it was a stationary object. I stood there for about another five minutes but it did not reoccur. I told my husband of this event when he got home from work and explained it as best I could. Still feeling rather "shocked." The following evening he witnessed the same event. Exactly as I had seen it. He agreed that it did in fact appear to be a stationary object. We have not seen it since although we have witnessed "other" ufo activity in the past few weeks. This particular one was the most unusual sighting I've had and I just had to report it.

19-Jul-09, Yarrow, BC: (1:00 am)

On our way back from Vancouver early yesterday morning, me and my friend took the exit from the freeway at number 3 road, where we drove towards boundary road. As we looked up in the sky just above Yarrow, there was what seemed to be a bright light holding still, almost looked like an extremely bright star at first glance.. but it was too low, way too low and of orangish color... in curiosity we drove closer until we were on the main drag in Yarrow, where we looked up and in our horror we saw directly over the nearby farmers field about 500 feet above ground, a triangular like object. We had very good view of detail due to the lights on the street. It was made of dark, overlapping, panelled metal. It was about 50 feet long from base to tip and at the base it was probably about 25 feet wide. It didn't look very thick maybe like 4 feet. On each corner was a white light and in the centre of the base was a single red light. I had my car turned off and there was barely any noise coming from such a monstrous object... just a slight sound of a jet. We sat parked watching it hover in the same place for about 6-7 minutes, then it quickly glided to the right, and then backwards.. which is impossible for any helicopter or plane. Next it glided upwards a tad then begin moving silently forward. I turned on my car following it as it remained quite low to the ground, but there was no way even going 120 down boundary road I was able to keep up to it. Then it just disappeared. I got video.. but of course it looks like the typical cliché video to be expected with bad quality due to the night time. So when we returned back to go home on promontory, we decided to go to the lookout quickly just to see if we could catch a glimpse again.. and when we looked we saw the one out in yarrow.. but further up in the sky.. one down low just past Ryder Lake near Rosedale.. and two directly above Chilliwack. All disappeared within the hour except for the original one in yarrow. All were hovering and then bopping up and down, doing figure eights and s's in the sky. And like I mentioned earlier above they were a reddish orange star looking object. Neither me or my friend was intoxicated or under ANY influence and I myself would never believe in this sort of occurrence. And I know this sounds very Hollywood, but we both woke up and barely remembered anything, and questioned whether we had both dreamt it. I don't know what to think. Any ideas?

19-Jul-2009, Mission, BC: (10:30 pm)

Hi, this was the second sighting of the same sort that we have seen in the last few months. This was a very bright orange light in the sky. It looked like a flaming/flickering orange ball. It moved very quickly upward, hovered, and eventually faded out. This went on for a few minutes from the time I noticed. We looked through binoculars, what we saw was line through the middle of the shape, with 3 round circles on either side. It looked sort of like cells in a Petri dish through the binoculars. the last was the three orange lights reported back in May. We could hear no sound at all.

19-Jul-2009, Mission, BC: (10:45 pm)

My husband, our 15 year old grandson and I just witnessed another ufo in the sky just behind our house at approximately 10:45 tonight. I looked up and saw another bright red light hovering in the sky and called the other two to be my witnesses. This time my husband used our binoculars and saw that it was very bright in the center with the same brilliant red light encircling it. From our vantage point we could see at least two or three bright  white lights projecting from the top. At the same time we also witnessed a satellite going east by north east at a good clip. As the satellite was coming the red light got smaller and smaller until it disappeared almost as if it was going up back into space. About one minute later a helicopter flew by making the usual sounds. The hovering red light made no sound. We told our grandson about the triangular formation of bright red lights that we saw on June 1 at about the same time. Now, he is a believer and his grandparents aren't "seeing" things! The episode lasted for about 2 to 3 minutes.

20-Jul-2009, Langley, BC: (10:20 pm)

Around 10:20pm my husband and I were sitting outside having a smoke. My husband looked up in the sky and pointed out this fast (like an airplane if not faster, without the noise) glowing orange ball (brighter than a star). At first we thought it was a plane but there was no noise and no flickering red and blue lights. Our neighborhood is very quite and there was not a sound. We watched it race smoothly across the sky following it to the front yard. As it crossed the field in front of our house it just went out. Turned off rather than dimming out. We thought maybe it was a meteor but there was no tail and it moved slower and smoother than a shooting star. Did anyone else see this?

20-Jul-2009, Vancouver, BC: (11:45 pm)

My friend and I were walking along False Creek near the dock when suddenly, I looked upwards between Vega and Arcturus and saw two Very Bright Jupiter Sized 'stars' within a few degrees of one another in the constellation Hercules above Ophiuchus. In less than a minute, both of them diminished in brightness without moving, retreating back into space until they faded completely from view.

23-Jul-2009, Sheridan Lake, BC: (9:25 pm)

It was on a Thursday night, we were all asleep and I originally woke up to go to the bathroom, it was about 3am, as I was about to get up I looked out the window up into the sky and I saw this bright light, that did not look like a regular star, it was a lot brighter and bigger, so as I focused my eyes a bit more (being as I had just woke up) I noticed it was hovering and moving around weirdly, it seemed to be quite far away, and every few seconds I saw little, almost like twinkle lights off to the side of it. So as I laid back down in bed I had a direct view of it through the window, I even woke my husband up to look, and he said it was moving very strangely. So as he went back to bed I continued to watch it, and it would keep going out of view behind a tree then it would drift back again into my view. Well in the morning I told the rest of my friends we were staying with about my encounter. The next night I woke up and it was not there. So that is my ufo story to tell.

UFO*BC Replies

Is there any way you can provide a bit more information for us?

  • Description of Object:

  • Flight direction

  • Altitude

  • Noise

  • Speed of object

Thank-you kindly,


25-Jul-2009, Kamloops, BC: (9:25 pm)

V shaped object during the lightning storm, two of them. ? thought they might of been helicopters with three bright lights. At first they moved as slow as helicopters then one went left , maybe 100 ft off of the train tracks , the other over bachelor hills. Called my wife even though we were not talking over an argument. We researched online, and seen that they have lights on when planes are near by, and to what i recall their was a plane landing at that time. A few minutes later there was nothing. A white ford truck was coming south on Ord Rd., and a red small truck maybe a ford or a Mazda on Singh street. Weird cause I never seen anything like it.

UFO*BC Replies

Thanks for the report.
Can you provide a bit more information for us:

  • -Description of Object

  • Flight direction

  • Altitude

  • Noise

  • Speed of object

Thank-you kindly,

25-Jul-2009, Port McNeill, BC: (10:30 pm)

I live in Port McNeill. BC on the waterfront and have a good view over to Malcolm Island. Over the last few years I have noticed on a regular bases over Malcolm Island what looks like a star but it is flashing red and green? It always seems to be in the same vicinity. Looking threw my binoculars tonight I can see the flashing clearly. Could this be a satellite? I have shown my husband but neither of us know what it is. I have looked on the internet for an explanation but have found nothing. Perhaps you can help.

    UFO*BC Replies

We would like to help you identify this object. Can you help us narrow down its exact location?
Where is it in relationship to other stars/constellations, such as the Big Dipper, Polaris, or Cassiopeia?
As it gets later in the evening, does this object get higher above the horizon, or lower? Does it maintain its relationship to known stars? Or is it always the same height above the horizon?
Malcolm Island is fairly large and covers from Northeast to Northwest. Do you have an idea of the exact direction you are facing? Most maps are aligned to true north and they could help you estimate how many degrees from true north you are looking.
Thanks for contacting us. We are quite interested in determining if this object can be “identified”. As soon as you get back to us we will try to help further.
Dave Pengilly

Depending on where you are looking, it is almost certainly a star. The reason they “flash” like that is due to the amount of atmosphere the starlight passed through. The same way you can see the heat waves come off of the road on a hot day like we have been having, causes the upper atmosphere to also “undulate” and causes what is known as atmospheric aberration – or as I call it the “Christmas light” effect.
This is effect is more pronounced the lower on the horizon the star appears.

Richard is correct. If it is maintaining its relationship to the other stars/constellations, as the earth rotates, it is most likely a star. They can change colours quite dramatically due to atmospheric conditions. I have seen stars shine red, then, a few seconds later, shine bright green, while other surrounding stars seems to remain white. However, if it is not maintaining its relationship to neighbouring stars, then it is something different.

28-Jul-2009, Mission, BC: (10:30 pm)

Last night my husband and I were out on our deck and watched as a red/orange ball of light came across the sky from East to West. We watched it, waiting to realize it was a plane, but as it came across, it seemed to have stopped, and then rose vertically until it disappeared completely. It was a clear night, so no cloud cover. It rose until we could see it no more.

28-Jul-2009, Kamloops, BC: (10:20 pm)

We were out with an astronomy group looking at the moon and looking for stars & planets to appear down at Riverside Park in Kamloops. We were discussing being able to find Jupiter in the E/SE sky, when 4 of us noticed and watched 3 large round diffuse pale orange/yellow-coloured lights traveling through the sky in an easterly direction. At first, they appeared like a group of birds, however it was instantly clear that they weren't. They traveled in an erratic pattern, unlike a plane, and came together, almost touching together, and then separating into a line before flying off into the clouds. The sighting lasted approximately 10 seconds, and none of us could identify it as a plane due to its appearance, behaviour and flight pattern. There was no noise. Did anyone else see them? Wow - how lucky to see them!

18-Aug-2009, Hatzic Lake, BC: (9:30 PM)

I am glad i found your website. ever since I witnessed this incident and viewed the photo afterwards i have wanted to talk to someone about it. The event was witnessed by 5 or 6 people and are all credible witnesses. I was staying at a Hatzic Lake resort with my friends who have a lot there. It was a Friday night around 9:30pm when my friend and I noticed a fiery orange object hanging silent in the air above us. It was between 2000 and 4000 feet up. I used to be a skydiver hence the estimate of height. The object did not emit any noise at all. It just appeared in front of us and looked like a stretched donut laying on it's side with a a stretched black dot in the middle of it. There was a fiery orange colour all around it that was quite intense. It hung there for about 3 minutes moving slightly forward and up a bit. Then it disappeared at a fairly rapid rate sideways to us but going backwards up into the air. It went at approximately a 45 degree angle until it was so far away it appeared as a tiny dot of light and then winked out! About 15 minutes later it all of a sudden appeared suspended in exactly the same spot as it was in before and then repeated its actions, disappearing once again and in the same manner going backwards up in the sky at a rapid speed. It did this 5 times to be exact. Each time more people had come out to witness it and express their amazement. I took a picture on my cell phone not thinking that it would come out but it did! I have just got a new computer and don't have anything in regards to my phone hooked up so I can't send you the picture at this moment. I would really like to talk to someone about this and the photo I took. It has shook myself and many other people up, especially the photo as you can see quite clearly the shape and the colours that surrounded the craft. I would very much like to talk to someone personally if that is possible. Thank you so much!

Yours sincerely
(name withheld)

26-Aug-2009, Surrey, BC: (3:36 am)

This isn't a UFO sighting, but what I can't describe. I'm a Medium living in Surrey BC, and around 140th & 102 Ave Surrey, at 330ish am, I saw in the courtyard (outside) of my apartment building, what I can only describe as a Hairless White 8 foot tall Thing. standing tall, looking like a contortionist, it's arms and legs were out of position, it looked like it was in pain. I can't be sure if it was Physically there or Spiritually there, all I know was that before I got to my building, I felt I was in danger and started praying. then I saw it. (a 10 foot fence and about 40 feet separated it from me, and I ran into my apartment building so fast...

Fall 2009, Fraser Valley, BC:

Plasma type ball of light in tree tops I caught on video using Gen III NV


5-Sep-2009, Chilliwack, BC: (3:00 am)

Strange baton or rod-shaped lighted object flying around the road in front of my home. I noticed it on my surveillance camera just after 3:00 am on Sept.05-2009. Object was caught on my home video camera well until after 6:00 am and even in the daylight. You'll also notice a car nearby turning around with it's headlights on the object briefly which make it stand out even more.

I can't explain this weird phenomenon and could not see it with  the naked eye. You can see me walking around the road for a bit with the object off to the right and after I return inside the object returns out to the road as if it were waiting for me to leave the area. UFO research experts can't explain it, maybe you can. PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST THE SPIDER WEB THING AS THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

After reviewing more of the video when I had company one evening, my nephew noticed the rod circling around near my front door. The weird part was we both observed a miniature rod leave the main one, do a small circle and re-enter the main one again. I haven`t added the new video to You Tube yet but will get around to it soon.

Here is the You Tube link;


10-Sept-2009, New Westminster, BC: (8:32 pm)

I was driving near Wilson St. and looked up. There was a HUGE thing. The wingspan could have been half a kilometer long. I was a bit frightened by it. I pulled over and looked again. It sat stationary for about 20 seconds and then took off. It was so fast, it flew towards the Patullo bridge and stopped again. It made no audible noise. I ran into my friends house and pulled her outside, we monitored this thing for about 5 minutes until it flew off again and pretty much disappeared. I still cannot believe the sheer size of this thing. At first I assumed that it was an Airbus flying low. It is just that it stopped and went so often. It was not a plane, there were other airplanes and this thing was so low. I am not saying little green men or anything but it is definitely flying and unidentified.

12-Sept-2009, Quesnel Forks, BC: (9:30 pm)

After our friends left, my wife and I were still sitting at a camp fire around 9:30. Please note we had one 4 oz. glass of wine so we were drug free. Not sure as to the direction but lets say a very bright light from the west came into our view. At first we thought it was a satellite coming from the west travelling east. We ruled out a plane as there had been no lights that we could see and no sound. As we watched it came over us and it went behind a tree top. Now if you were to extend your arm and hold your hand up in front of your face with fingers drawn together, that would be the size of the tree top. The object or light went behind the tree and didn't come out from behind the tree. I got up and immediately went east about 40 feet and could see nothing in the sky in all directions - it had vanished. Not more than 25 minutes had passed and we had watched a few satellites pass overhead of us when we saw what we thought was another satellite traveling from the south and heading north. All of a sudden it turned and went east! It did not change speed; just continued as if it were a satellite, and about the same speed as a satellite. I made a comment of "Wouldn't it be cool to have a grey walk out of the bush?" and my wife said, "OK. I am going inside." We had other things happening in the sky that night as a group. A satellite traveling overhead flared up in brightness like a slow very bright flash and faded out and then continued on its way north to south. Then it happened again, same thing, but the object was travelling south to north and it did the same flash thing. It proved to be a very interesting evening. My wife and I always watch the sky at night looking and hoping to see what we experienced at our camp sight that night. The light that disappeared was very bright and had a round shape as it was too bright to see any other shape than round.

15-Sept-2009, Abbotsford, BC: (8:30 pm)

Three of us were about to get into my vehicle to go to a movie when we noticed a large, single yellow light in the sky (flying north I believe) At first we thought it was just a plane, then its flight pattern was changing directions too abruptly, in our opinions, to be a plane. After watching a bit longer it disappeared almost when it was directly over us. We stayed out to see if it would reappear into the distance but it did not. Was sorta strange and unlike anything we've seen before.

UFOBC Replies:

Thank you for your sighting report. Just a few questions:

What day did you see the object? (You emailed us on Sep 16)
How long did you watch the object?
How large were the abrupt direction changes? Did the object change speed when it changed direction? Was the yellow colour just slightly off-white or a bright definite yellow?

Dave Pengilly

Witness Replies:

Hey David, it was the night before, so the 15th would have been the sighting date. When the movement changes were witnessed it was a bit further away, however, the angles in the direction change were about 45 degree's in change. It didn't appear to change speed through this whole sighting.
We watched it for about 3-4 minutes before it flat out disappeared. It started in the distance, was probably similar size to a plane light, but when it was closer it was about the size of a quarter if you were to take it in your thumb/index finger and extend your arm out in front of you. As for the colour it was more yellow than white.
This is actually the second sighting my brother and I have seen in this area. I couldn't give you the date of the first one, I remember it being a Friday during October 2007. We were in the process of dropping a friend off, when I was looking out over the flats in Matsqui, when I saw this object falling in an arc shaped pattern, then when it hit what I call the bottom of the arc, it shot across the sky in a straight line probably with in a second. The thing that we all thought was really odd about it, is after it disappeared you could hear dogs and coyotes howling, that one was witnessed by 4 of us. Maybe you could see if there was anything reported in my area around that time of 2007? That'd be awesome, thanks for following up!

17-Sep-2009, Campbell River, BC: (10:00 pm)

Good day,

I'm curious to know if you have heard anyone else from Campbell River, or the surrounding area that witnessed something odd in the sky 09/17?

Here is what I witnessed:

I was in my backyard at approx 10:00 PM on 09/17. I am an amateur astronomer and often find my eyes glued to the sky, even without a telescope. Anyway I was sitting down and looking to the east I believe when I spotted a very slow moving light in the distance moving to the south. Having seen various objects pass overhead (space station, shuttle, satellites) in my life I can usually tell if something is supposed to be there or not. This light was very slow and steady but quite a distance away and I attributed it to a plane of some kind that was travelling in an odd spot. After watching this object for a few minutes I began telling myself it must be a plane. At this point a different object passed directly overhead moving from west to east. This object blinked a very bright white light twice quickly and was gone. Like I wrote previously I enjoy watching for sightings overhead of things that are supposed to be there, but this wasn't. It was far too close to the ground and disappeared far too quickly for it be a man made object in space. It was not an asteroid entering the atmosphere. The way the lights blinked on this object indicated to me that this was not a natural object. It was created. This object was not flying nearly as high as airplanes do, if I had to guess I would say it was probably 1000-5000 feet above. I wish I could give a more accurate distance but it happened so quickly it took my by surprise.

This was the first time in my life that I witnessed something in the sky that actually scared me. After the object above disappeared I quickly turned my attention back to the slow moving object in the distance and it slowly continued on it's path, soon disappearing for good from my line of sight. While I do not feel that these two objects are connected I have to believe that the slow moving "plane" had to have witnessed what I did.

I look forward to hearing if you had any similar sightings that evening because this one left me with a lot of questions. If you would like to know anything further please don't hesitate to ask.

22-Sep-2009, Mission, BC: (3:25 am)

It was pitch dark when I was looking east towards Mission and saw what at first seemed the lights of an airplane, but there were too many lights in a vertical line. There were a lot of reddish-orange lights with some that were white and it seemed quite large for an airplane. The object stopped moving and hung in the sky, then vanished into thin air almost as if it knew that I was watching it.

23-Sep-2009, Sooke, BC: (7:30 pm)

I was sitting on my deck at 7:30 p m, when a very bright light moving from north west to south east caught my eye. It was moving as fast as a jet but there was no noise, and no flashing lights. It seemed to be at the same height as a jet would be. It was not the space station, as it was about to pass over central america at that time.

We have lived under the flight path from Seattle for twenty years, and I have never seen anything like it.

24-Sept-2009, Vancouver, BC: (11:00 pm)

Flying into Vancouver from Saskatoon around 7/8pm sun was beginning to go down around 10 miles out of the airport, I was looking out of the window fairly high up still, and a yellow object around 5 times the size of an American football was traveling below the plane in the opposite direction it left a stream behind it and looked blurry as if I couldn't focus on it properly. it maintained its speed......I firstly couldn't believe it was so close to the plane (less than 100 yards) and thought it must be airport related but we were still a fair way out from the runway and I can not figure out what it was, it was going at a good speed and appeared to have a glow to it. Explanations please! The pilot must have seen it!

UFO*BC Replies:

Thank you for this report. These sightings from an aircraft are relatively rare so it is important to get as many details as possible. Below are some questions I have.
What airline were you flying?

  • What was the flight number?

  • What type of aircraft?

  • Which side of the plane were you on? Where you in front, above, or behind the wing of your aircraft?

  • Did the plane change course or react as a result of the object?

  • Do you recall a landmark when you sighted the object? What area of the lower mainland were you over? or were you over Georgia Strait?

  • What direction did your plane land in at the airport? Did it use the north or south runway?

  • Did anybody else on the aircraft mention seeing it or reacting to it?

Martin Jasek


Witness Responds: (4-Oct-2009)

What was the flight number?

WestJet Flight 689 due to arrive at 6.37pm on 24th Sept, it was actually running early as well so sighting would be at around 6.15pm slightly earlier than originally stated

Which side of the plane were you on?

Were you in front, above, or behind the wing of your aircraft? I was sat on the right hand side of the plane, behind the wing. The plane was not that full I had nobody sitting next to me

Did the plane change course or react as a result of the object?

The plane did not change course or appear to react I guess there wouldn't have been much time to do anything given the speed in which it was all over

Do you recall a landmark when you sighted the object?

What area of the lower mainland were you over? or were you over Georgia Strait? Looking Google map, I believe I was over the Annacis Island area of Vancouver so coming in from the East I think, I don't know which side of the runway was used (north/south?)

Did anybody else on the aircraft mention seeing it or reacting to it?

It would have been difficult to see as I was really looking down at the area of Vancouver as I'm not from the area I was trying to figure out where downtown was and it was seen almost directly below the wing, slightly further away so it wasn't really on eye level for anyone just gazing out of the window to see. it left a stream behind it I did look around in the plane immediately to see if anyone else was reacting but nothing

It appeared to be going quite fast, it seemed in comparison to our speed it was faster.

24 or 25-Sep-2009, Nanaimo, BC: (10:00 pm)

I am writing this a year later, but the event is very clear to me.

I live near the sea with a wide sky and sea view, from Texada Island to south of Sechelt across the Strait. I have no curtains on my windows as no one can see in. This evening I was sitting on my couch watching TV. A very bright glowing orange light came by, I thought following the coast line. It wasn't travelling very fast - I thought faster than the sea planes that go by but not very fast, and at about the same height - but of course the sea planes do not look like this.  I wondered and thought about this until about 10 minutes later there were three of the orange lights at about the same height and distance from the coast as the first. They seemed to be in formation, but not that close to one another - one higher, a mid-height one appeared closest to me and a lower one slightly farther away. I had time to run to turn off the light switch so I could see them better, and as I watched they turned east in the general direction of Sechelt directly away from my view, and separated from one another and went upwards into the sky very quickly, and in maybe 3 to 4 seconds were just pinpoints of light and then were gone.

I couldn't see any features, other than the large brilliant orange balls of light.

I have just discovered your interesting website, and at that time (late Sept./early Oct. 2009) there seemed to be similar sightings and thought I would add my bit!

25-Sept-2009, Cranbrook, BC: (11:00 pm)

We were traveling in the SE direction, coming home from getting fast food. We both looked to the horizon at the same time and noticed the "moon". It was a 1/4 shape, very orange, very bright and very HUGE. We thought that maybe this is what a "harvest moon" was. It was sitting directly on the horizon but appeared to be dropping down fast. We continued past our place to see if we could get a different look at it. I just assumed that because of the angle of our driving, the moon was being hidden behind a mountain or building. But as we kept driving, the "moon" kept sinking faster until it disappeared completely from out site. I can't begin to tell you how confused we are at what we saw. Was this some sort of harvest moon?? If not, why was it shaped just like a 1/4 moon? Why did it appear to be so HUGE and so CLOSE sitting on the horizon? Why did it disappear????Please try to answer our questions to ease our minds.

UFO*BC Replies:

I wasn't there so I can't be certain why the moon seemed to set quickly.
I checked with an online moon calculator and it says the moon set in Cranbrook at 11:21 PM. When the moon is near the horizon, it appears to be much larger. I don't know why this is the case but this is a well known observation. Of course a full moon tends to look largest, but even a quarter moon will look larger than normal when it is near the horizon. Apparently, even constellations look larger when they are near the horizon. The orange color is usually from dust or smoke particles in the atmosphere. When the moon is near the horizon, the light from the moon is passing through a great deal more atmosphere than it is when it rises higher in the sky. It is possible that as you were driving the horizon was rising relative to the moon due to changes in your elevation or the surrounding topography. The sun and moon actually rise and set quite quickly when they are right at the horizon. The "harvest moon" is the full moon which is closest to the autumnal equinox. Apparently this year's harvest moon falls on October 4th.

You can check moon rise and set times for Cranbrook at the following link:

Thanks for your interest.

28-Sept-2009, Richmond, BC: (11:21 pm)

I was having a cigarette outside my house looking towards the sky in my neighborhood pointing towards no.6 road then suddenly I saw a flashing bright white light blinking in the sky, I thought I was a star but it was brighter than the others then it started to move towards right at a speed of a plane I would say then as I paid more attention it was moving up then left then right then down (still at the speed of a plane) the UFO has a blinking flash of white light with the body of something that looked triangular, this event lasted 2-3 minutes.

8-Oct-2009, Slocan City, BC: (7:30 pm)

At about 7.30 pm on Tuesday 8th of October 2009 I was gazing up at an extremely clear night sky a few kilometres outside of Slocan City, BC. I noticed something that looked exactly like a non-twinkling star cruising across the sky, roughly north-west to south-east, at a speed similar to that of a normal airplane. Just discernable in the middle of the "star" was a dark dumbbell shape. I very rarely gaze at the night sky so I’m not familiar with what artificial satellites look like, but I presumed that is what it was. I carried on watching it, when it suddenly stopped its straight course and began moving in fast semicircles, like a wriggling snake’s path. It then did two very tight, fast circles, and began erratic movements, full of sharp angles that it took without reducing speed. I ran inside to tell my wife who replied it was cold outside and anyway she was reading a book in bed. I ran outside again just in time to see it do a few more fast, erratic turns then accelerate off and disappear fast either by turning off its light or by distance. I am wondering if any one else saw this UFO, or has some idea of what it might have been.

11-Oct-2009, Maple Ridge, BC: (10:10 pm)

My boyfriend picked me up from my house and we went to the video store on 203d and Dewdney trunk road. As we headed back up Dewdney towards 207th we both noticed this bright orange light in the sky off to our left. We watched it as we turned left onto 207A and stopped the car in the middle of the road and opened the sunroof so we could see it better. It seemed to be extremely low so we opened all the windows and turned the stereo down so we could see if we could hear anything. There were no noises at all and there were no other lights except this bright orange light. It seemed to stop for about a minute then we noticed it started to go straight up into the air and we watched for another minute as it slowly got smaller and then vanished from sight. It did seem to flicker a little bit but the weird thing was how low it was when we first saw it, almost as if it was a helicopter but there were no other lights and absolutely no noise.

11-Oct-2009, Maple Ridge, BC:

My family decided that it would be a good idea to jump in the hot tub after turkey dinner. we all jump in and my cousin points out this orange/red ball in the sky that just seemed to be to bright for a star it was moving vertical up in the air and then just vanished. all of us were talking about it and just a minute later 2 more of these things floated up from behind the trees and just kept moving higher and higher up into the sky. They looked like they were street lights or something like that but they were so bright. And they hovered for a while like they were just sitting there suspended in the sky. Then one started moving higher and stopped again and the other one... it was like it wanted to catch up with it, started floating higher until it got to the other one and they both went up into the sky and then they both vanished as well.

11-Oct-2009, Mission BC: (10:45 pm)

Orange large light first thought was a plane. We thought it was on fire until we realized it wasn't falling and there was no sound. We thought of many explanations non of which made any sense. Plane, star, satellite, rocket even a drone. We heard drones for the Olympics we being tested? I have no evidence of this. Has anyone been aware of this? I don't know what they are? Or if it is a possible answer. It got smaller by the time we called another person outside to see it. It went west at about the same level as an airplane then it went upwards and it slowed and increased speeds dramatically. Then it blinked out slowly fading until it was gone. I think it was about 4 minutes long. Very strange feeling. I was terrified going to bed, and didn't not get a very sound sleep.

Note from UFO*BC:

These seems to be sightings of the same object, which matches the description of a similar object seen for the last year and a half in the area. We are in the midst of investigating these sightings.


16-Oct-2009, Duncan BC: (2:50 am)

I am really at a loss to know what I saw last night and it really bothers me.
It is not there tonight, at least not so far.
I was home alone and got up about 2:50 AM last night to use the washroom.

We live north of Duncan, at the base of Mount Prevost. Pretty dark out here and no one had outside lights on. I opened the bathroom window to see how much it was raining. Upon opening it a light caught my eye. It was off to the right and I had to push my forehead into the window screen to see it at a better angle. I didn't have my glasses on so I went to get them. What I saw was 3 oddly shaped, glowing, green lights, in sort of a trianglar shape.

If I had to guess the distance from our mobile home to the object I would say it was about 35 feet or so. If I had to describe the size of the 3 objects (lights) combined I would have to say they would fit inside a soccer ball or close to that. There was also one round light (would be about the size of a plum) about 8 or so feet away from the 3 lights, and another small light (probably plum-sized as well as it was farther away) in a maple tree about 70 feet from the window. These lights did not move, they were stationary.

I couldn't figure out what they were and after staring at them for a while I went back to bed. I couldn't sleep, thinking about the lights, and got up in about an hour to see if the lights were still there. They were there and it was still raining lightly. Before getting up to work at 6:15 I checked one time. No change. When I finally got up and started getting reading for work I took yet another look. Yup, still there but they appeared a little dimmer than previous. It started raining real hard, it was hitting the roof hard. I took another look out the window and now the lights were at their brightest. It was like the harder it rained the brighter the lights got. I checked 2 more times until it was almost too light to see them but I could make out one light before it was too light. It was about a half hour and then I was leaving for work. I got in my car and drove up the driveway to alongside where the lights were. I saw nothing at all on the ground. No plastic, nothing other than ground. I initially thought maybe my daughter or my partners' son had dropped something out of their cars, but I checked and neither of them had done so.

I keep looking tonight to see if it is still there but so far there has been nothing. I have never seen anything like this and I have been doing some research on the internet about bioluminescence and phosphorescence but I have found nothing that appears to match what I saw. I know what I saw and I am not loosing my mind, although without an explanation I may start to question my sanity :)

Thoughts, Richard? Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

UFO*BC Replies:

From what you describe, it could be a multitude of things. To start off I would rule out the mundane - such as night time LED garden lights - which you have already done.
Now, there are many reports that natural quartz deposits, and various other minerals give off lights if subject to pressures etc. I am not saying that is what you are seeing, but it would fit given your location.
The best thing to do is make a note of when the objects are being seen - time of day etc - and see if they re-appear under similar atmospheric conditions.
Also, PLEASE take a few pictures both in the daylight and at night with them showing.

Keep us updated!

19-Oct-2009, Surrey, BC: (7:20 pm)

On Monday October 19, 2009 at around 19:20 I was driving West on highway 10 between 176 St and 152 St. High over the Newton area of Surrey I saw a large Orange ball moving North West in direction. At first I thought I may be confusing this object with the street lights but the object was a deeper Orange and much brighter. I have witnessed fireballs before but this was moving too slowly to be a shooting star and didn't have a trailing tail. I am positive this was not an aircraft because of the immense brightness of the object and the intense orange color. The elapsed time that I witnessed the object arc through the sky was perhaps 30 - 45 seconds.

24-Oct-2009, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)

I was working an evening shift at the Vancouver Aquarium, when myself and several coworkers noticed a single, very bright orange light hovering in the sky above Stanley Park. At first we thought it was a helicopter, however it was completely silent. Then about one minute later, it was joined by two more identical lights. They appeared to be coming from the north, and across Burrard Inlet. They all hovered above the Park for a minute or two, and then began ascending vertically while their orange lights grew dimmer. As they were ascending, several more began to appear, doing the exact same thing. In all, we probably saw 10-12 of them - all coming from the north at different times, hovering above the park briefly, and then ascending. As each of them ascended, their orange light grew dimmer until it was barely visible, but you could still see the UFOs moving against the night sky. The entire event lasted approximately 15 minutes, and all of us who witnessed it had never seen anything like it. We were completely dumbfounded.

I'm hoping that someone else will also report this sighting - given the time and location, there is a good chance that it may have been witnessed by a number of people.

27-Oct-2009, North Vancouver, BC: (7:50 PM)

I cannot believe I'm actually even writing this, but this was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I was walking out of 7-11 on Chesterfield and 3rd Street in North Vancouver when I noticed a bunch of people on the sidewalk staring upwards, even people in their cars were stopped and looking. So I looked up and saw an orange glowing light which was about twice the size of plane lights (with no other colours, and no flashing) moving slowly across the sky. It was heading across North Vancouver, over West Vancouver (Lions Gate bridge area) and then over English Bay/Stanley Park.

There was no sound. It was moving fairly fast in an arc shaped pattern in the sky. There was a plane very close to where it was traveling and it seemed to be tracking or watching it.

As it moved across English Bay I was still following it and its orange light grew dim and then you could see a dome shaped object where the light had been in a shadow across the sky.

I don't know what it was, but it clearly was something others had never seen because there were even more cars and people staring when I turned around.

27-Oct-2009, North Vancouver, BC: (8:15 PM)

my husband and I came out of 7/11 at chesterfield an 3rd st in north vancouver, we both jumped in van. then i seen this orangy red light at first thought it was a flare or fire works. we watched it came closer an was hovering about 20 or 30 feet by the alley of 7/11. i told my husband i'm going to get some else to see this just as i was going to step out a bunch of people turned corner from 3rd about 8 to 10 people, i told them look what is that. they all were looking an it hovered there for a few minutes then started to shift side to side, the light was very bright, then it started to travel west an go higher in sky really fast an the light started to fade till it disappeared in sky.

we all looked at each other and i asked what was that, none of us could figure out what it was, i said it had to of been a ufo, but everyone was still unsure.

31-Oct-2009, Newton, BC: (6:00 PM)

What I witnessed could be best described as an Aviation Distress Signal Flare. What makes this sighting unique is the fact that it appeared to drop from the sky and travel horizontally. It was still reasonably light outside and there was no indication of the object being shot from the ground and then falling to the earth as one would expect with a distress flare. The object was bright orange and lasted for 30 seconds to 1 minute in duration before burning out. It made no noise but left a visible horizontal dark smoke trail behind it. Being Halloween I suspected someone was having fun shooting aviation flares but again the horizontal travel and the object dropping form the sky before it began its travel is very odd. This was not typical of a flares trajectory if fired from the ground. There was no aircraft in sight. Similar to what I saw around Oct 21.

Early November, 2009, Maple Ridge, BC:

I was on my way out for dinner with my father when I noticed an orange light similar to the ones in the report. Usually I'd think nothing of it, but it was rather low in the sky. It struck me as odd and I actually text messaged my friend about it and a couple days later he told me of your site and that there are similar reports. As for location, I was headed west along Dewdney Trunk and roughly 220th. If there is anything else information wise just shoot me an email.

5-Nov-2009, Abbotsford, BC: (2:10 - 2:30 AM)

Hi, I was on the laptop talking with some friends and once in a while, I would take a break in have a quick smoke because I don't smoke inside our home.

I sat down in our front patio and lit a smoke when I was looking up in the sky, I noticed a bright blue light that did not look like a usual star colour, there were some clouds around that area.

I thought to myself, hmmm, might be just a star until it started to move, slowly, upward into the little patch of clouds.

I waited to see if it was just the clouds moving then it appeared again by drifting downwards then slowly back up, I kept a sharp eye on the UFO and just behind the cloud another one popped up beside the one I was watching for a few minutes. They were like beside each other for a while, It was like between 2:10am to 2:30 am, I was starting to get tired so I went up to my room. I wanted to watch in see where they went off to.

I usually watch the sky at night time. When I lived in Mission, I had read what some of Mission's residence had posted at I as well use to watch the orange colour UFOs. [old news]

Well, I wanted to share what I had saw, until then, take care, Jade

13-Nov-2009, Vancouver, BC: (11:15 pm)

At approx 11:15 pm I saw three low flying silent green orbs traveling from east to west at low altitude. They followed the normal flight path that commercial aircraft use to land in Vancouver. I am very familiar with commercial aircraft, however I was not able to identify these objects. The last of the three appeared to be a glowing disc flying through the night sky as if a green halo around the craft itself. Now I am going to speculate and offer my own explanation. Stealth aircrafts have their afterburners turned up so that they are not heard easily from the ground at low altitude. There also might be a green light on the top of the aircraft. As the afterburn of fuel from their engines is directed upwards it might have caused condensation to form thus appearing as a glowing green object from the ground in the cool temperature. I guesstimate the speed at approximately 700-1000 miles per hour yet no sonic boom which is curious indeed. However we know this technology has been worked on for years to what level of success I don’t know. We also know that a condensation halo can be formed around an aircraft at speed depending on atmospheric conditions. I am an amateur astronomer and have been for years but I've never ever seen anything like this before either prior or post military. I don’t want to say that they were extraterrestrials but I really don’t have any explanation for this at all. I always like to error on the side of caution. However, the sight of these objects was really something! One more thought, due to Olympics we know they’ve been flying aircraft over Vancouver city often. But not like these ones I think! Any thoughts? I would like someone to hopefully respond with an objective opinion.

29-Nov-2009, New Westminster, BC: (9:45 - 11:00 PM)

I was returning from our corner store and noticed my son on the front deck looking towards the southwest, way past the Alex Fraser bridge (Delta area). As I came up to him he told me to look at the two large orange glowing balls of light just floating in the air. At first I told him they were landing lights from airplanes, when it dawned on me the colour isn't right, these were bright orange in colour. One ball was slightly lower than the other and to the left. Throughout the time span of over an hour as we watched them through binoculars, they never moved from their stationary position. The one on the left side would fade out until being unnoticeable for about a minute or two, then would suddenly reappear, sometimes to the right of the other and slightly above the remaining light. We only saw two lights at any given time. It could be there were three lights in total but only two would be visible at the same time, one being above the other. One other point is that it appeared as if a light wispy type smoke was rising above them from the left side of the glowing balls of light. Today being the 30th of November, I looked out to the same area to see if any towers would be visible in that area. to the far right is a large electrical tower, however these lights would have been much higher than even that tower, and they certainly were not in the same region as the tower.

29-Nov-2009, Boundary Bay, BC: (10:00 pm)

Around 10 PM last night, Nov. 29th, we noticed first 2 (then 3 then 1 & repeating) bright yellow fireballs or fiery lights in the sky over Boundary Bay. We live on Kwomais Point which is about midway along the coast between White Rock beach and Crescent Beach. The fire balls were above the bay with Point Roberts to the left and Crescent Beach to the right from our viewpoint. The number of fiery balls of light kept changing from one to 2 or 3 to none about every 3 or 4 minutes. Sometimes they looked solid; other times like there were many bulbs of light within the ball. We were using binoculars to see more clearly. We couldn't see anything go up or come down - they just appeared, hovered without moving in one place, and then disappeared, one by one. A little after 11 PM the balls disappeared and we saw what looked like a long flat boat completely lined with one level line of bright white lights, with a break in the lights about 1/4 of the distance from the rear. It was travelling slowly from Left to Right or relatively South to North in the bay. Again Port Roberts would have been to the Left, making the boat travel directly into the dead end of Boundary Bay toward Crescent Beach and Mud Bay. We went to bed and didn't see if the boat returned or left the bay area.

29-Nov-2009, White Rock, BC: (10:53 pm)

There are 2 lights south of white rock right now one a couple hundred feet above the water another just a bit higher, very bright very stationary, but blinking/twinkling slightly. Both lights are illuminated for a period of about five minutes then one goes dark for about two minutes, than they are both on for about 5 minutes then the other goes out, they never seem to move, I've been watching them for about 15 minutes. There also appears to be some smoke around them when the light is on. There are two other witnesses with me, my dad and my brother. I took two photos.

5-Dec-2009, New Westminster, BC: (10:30 PM)

I was sitting in my friends backyard having a hookah sesh with a couple other ppl and I'm sitting facing towards the mountains and the Fraser River, at around 10-10:30 pm I don't remember exactly when I saw this little blue pulsing light, at first I thought it was a plane but then I realized it was not moving and planes don't pulse they flash, but after about 30 seconds from its appearance it started to get brighter until it was about one quarter the size of the moon, it was glowing bright orange and still pulsing. It did this for about fifteen seconds, then it went back to the small blue pulsing light, but it started to move to the left very slowly for about 5 seconds then just disappeared.

12-Nov-2009 to 25-Dec-2009, Mission, BC:

My father and I have seen the orange balls of light again, very large at least 12 times in the past month. Sometimes one by itself and other times in twos or threes. They are the exact description as I gave before. They will usually come from north to south hover over where Dewdney trunk would be for a while then take off at a high rate of speed in different directions.

24-Dec-2009, Yale, BC:

My mother lives in a small town at the base of a mountain. Her house is by a creek that flows into the Fraser river. Approximately three months ago she started seeing red hazy balls that zipped around the mountains. She observed them moving fast, changing colors from red to white, pulsating and  twinkling like stars. After a few weeks they progressed down the mountain, over transports trains and eventually to the creek where my mothers residence is. This is where the story moves to another level beyond our imagination and our worst fears. The red balls were now flying all around my mothers house including the inside of the house.. The balls were so bright my mother and I covered all her windows for her nightly  terror had begun. This is not about a 30 second sighting this is about nightly visits since Christmas Eve. She then observed balls of light leaving her walls leaving intricate design all over her walls, floors and counters. There is a pink ball of light day and night that follows her. I myself have seen the florescent waves and temperature changes in the house. She now lives in total fear as she is becoming convinced that they are monitoring her  and her family. She no longer is in the house and yet the activity has followed her to my house. Myself and husband have both seen the the pulsating red and white lights and  beams from the craft in our yard. My mother describes a small in stature, squared faced, big black eyed  being with a design on the face. She also describes a dog like creature that came from the craft. I myself do not see what she does but the energy trail is there in the form of fluorescence trails. We are at a complete loss of what to do, we have contacted many professional people with no reply. We are frustrated, terrified, exhausted and desperate for help. I know it seems so crazy but this all truth and I'm praying someone will come forward with counsel......

UFO*BC Responds:

We have been in contact with these witnesses and are working together to determine what is being seen and how we can help them. We will keep you posted. -Richard-

24-Dec-2009, Nanaimo, BC: (8:00 PM)

Just after 8 PM on December 24th 2009 while out front smoking (a cigarette) I saw two reddish stars to the right of Orion's Belt. They were twinkling, nearly parallel and stationary in the southern sky. The one on the right was much redder and both were very bright. Was it Mars, I wondered? I'd never seen anything like this before. Then the one on the right moved straight down a few diameters of the moon within a few seconds without varying in brightness. This being impossible, I sprinted to the door and screamed something nuts to my wife like, "There's something wrong with the stars!" and sprinted back down. Total elapsed time maybe 5 seconds. The red one was gone. The remaining one then faded in place and disappeared in a few seconds just as my wife came out.

25-Dec-2009, Nanaimo, BC: (8:29 PM)

Nanaimo couple spots UFOs flying over Mount Benson (includes photo)

Krista Bryce, The Daily News
Published: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nanaimo's Chris Ansell and Kathleen Kirby have crossed Santa Claus off their list as they search for answers after they reported seeing four unidentified flying objects over Mount Benson on Christmas Day.

At 8:29 p.m., while on the deck of Ansell's parents' home on King John Way, the couple saw four orange lights the size of stars zip through the sky from four different directions and come together above the mountain.

Ansell, 35, whipped out his Blackberry to catch the action, while Kirby, 23, grabbed a nearby camera.

A copy of the photo taken by Kathleen Kirby and boyfriend Chris Ansell of what they saw flying over Mount Benson on Christmas Day.

The four "starlike lights did this weird zig-zag thing and then turned into green glowing spheres and then, poof, they disappeared upwards," Ansell said, gesturing frantically with his hands.

In less than 40 seconds it was all over, but Ansell and Kathleen captured three images they hope will eventually lead to an explanation of their mysterious sighting.

"We know it wasn't Santa. He had already come and gone," said Ansell with a laugh, pointing to his mother.

Paul Greenhalgh, president of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society, has a few suspicions about what could have caused the extraordinary light show, though he discounts the possibility they were UFOs.

After examining Ansell's and Kirby's photos, Greenhalgh believes the "stars" are part of the Big Dipper constellation.

The low horizon of the Earth and thicker density of the atmosphere from the angle the stars were seen caused them to change colour from orange to red to blue and green. Greenhalgh also said the satellite Chandra (an X-ray space observatory) was also moving across the sky at the same time as the couple's sighting, as were two iridium satellites.

"If they flared, otherwise known as an iridium flare, this could also add to the equation," added Greenhalgh.

As far as the description of the erratic movements, Greenhalgh has no explanation.

"I have a philosophy about UFO sightings," he said. "The galaxy is 100,000 light years across. If we were able to send a message from our solar system to another solar system on the other side of the galaxy through the galactic core, without it being disrupted with all the radiation there, it would take 65,000 years for us to say hello and an additional 65,000 years for them to reply. It's going to be a very boring conversation."

Greenhalgh has studied and stared into the sky for more than four decades without ever seeing an UFO. Only once in 43 years did he see a flying object he couldn't explain.

But he uncovered the mystery two years later when he discovered the v-shape formation and central bright light he saw had been U.S. Navy satellites that had been tethered together.

Greenhalgh also point out that any aircraft that enters the Earth's atmosphere would definitely be detected by the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

"NORAD can track anything from the size of a ping pong ball and larger," he said.

Ansell and Kirby continue to keep a close eye on the night sky above Mount Benson with the hopes of another sighting.

"I just need an explanation. I don't believe in extraterrestrials or anything like that, but anything is possible," said Ansell.

"We do live in a huge universe and there could be things out there that just want to observe us.

"All we can hope is someone else saw it, too."


27-Dec-2009, Greater Vancouver, BC: (5 pm)


I am using an anonymous email address but I would be happy to speak with someone directly on this issue. I live in the Greater Vancouver area. I am enclosing a photo that I took on Dec 27-09 around 5:00 pm in my backyard of a mystery object. I have not tampered with this photo. I did not see the object until after I downloaded it onto my computer. I have had several unusual experiences both prior and since taking this photo. I am also including enlargements of the object . One has been enhanced with colour and contrast and the other is an infra-red ? image completed by a friend of mine. Please do an analysis and give me your opinion. I have been wondering what on earth (or off ?) this is.

I have many other photos of anomalous objects. I would appreciate your assistance on this. You may contact me through this email account.

Thank you

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for your email.

In order to do proper analysis on your photos, I would need to get a copy of the original file – unedited or uncompressed in any way. Is that possible? If not, there is little that can be done to show it as an object, or a trick (flaw) of the JPEG compression algorithm.


President and Director

Witness Responds:

Hi Richard,

Here is a copy of the original photo, uncropped or changed. As I mentioned, I am a bit of a noob regarding altering photos. I have included the photo prior to this one, the photo in question with the mystery object as well as the photo after in the sequence (#50,51,52) if that would help.

Thanks Maya

UFO*BC Responds:

Hello Maya,

After looking at your photos – my initial investigation indicates that what you are seeing is camera pixilation and artifacts – nothing more.

This is due mainly with longer exposure time, with a flash at a higher ISO rating. In the case of your Canon PowerShot SX110 camera – this is a common occurrence for this style of camera

Although it is a nice unit, the sensor that collects the light for the image is easily tricked by  water or dust suspended in the air – illuminated from with the flash or autofocus. You took these photos (Backyard 51) on 12/27/2009 at 5:44am (according to your camera date and time) – at that time, there would have been considerable dew/moisture in the air – not a good thing for photography.

We often get many such images, although initially perplexing, are easily identifiable once you know what to look for. However I very much appreciate the email and attachments. If you have any further questions, please let me know.



PS for what it is worth, I would HIGHLY recommend you use the Superfine and High quality mode on your camera. I suspect the images themselves have been reduced in size by hotmail – if not (and they are only 1 to 2MB in size) you are not using your camera to its full potential.