UPDATED - February 12th, 2020

16-Jan-2010, Duncan, BC: (3:50 PM)

I was going for my afternoon walk heading north on Somenos Road. I was directly across from the Mount Prevost Middle School when I looked up and ahead of me towards Mt. Provost which is a few kilometers north west of my location. I saw a bright glowing object moving in a south easterly direction perpendicular to Somenos road. I don't know how high it was exactly but when I saw it, the mountain behind it was certainly higher than the object. My first thought was that it was getting late in the afternoon and the logging helicopters were working late. There was no sound coming from the object. The object was moving at a steady speed, and was flashing red and slivery light, looking like it was wobbling a bit. It passed from left to right in front and above me and I estimate that it crossed Somenos Road directly about either Drinkwater or Highway 18, both about a kilometer and two kilometers away. As it passed overhead I realize it was really high up in the sky and looked quite small. I  looked around to see if there were other people around so I could point it out to them but for once there was absolutely no one around! I continued watching its progression until I could barely see it over Maple Bay area. I was thinking that it could have been one of those big mylar birthday balloons because they're metallic and would have flashed in the late day winter sun. However, I have also seen lots of helium balloons in the sky and they usually go up, not  horizontally like this and there was no string or anything that I could see hanging from the bottom. Unfortunately, there's not much more to report. It was odd to say the least. The object did not appear to have any individual lights. It just looked like a metallic blob, high in the sky, flashing random red and silver lights from the entire object and had a somewhat wobbling. I almost feel silly reporting this because in all likelihood it was a balloon...but perhaps someone else saw it as well.

18-Jan-2010, Abbotsford, BC: (7:00 pm)

standing on the balcony of my apartment having a cigarette. balcony faces west. looked up at the sky and made a comment to my girlfriend about the satellite. bright light high up, it was moving away and airplane lights don't shine from the rear, so I assumed it was a satellite. the further it went it started getting dimmer. when it was just about out of sight it immediately did a 90 degree turn to the south and accelerated at a great rate. asked my girlfriend if she saw what it did, but she lost sight of it and turned away. came on this site just to see if anyone else may have seen what I did.

20-Jan-2010, Victoria, BC: (7:50 am)

My son and I saw this jellyfish shaped object in the sky above portage inlet in Victoria BC yesterday Jan 20 2010 @ 7:50AM. The sky was slightly overcast with no or very low wind. the sun was finishing to rise (some red left in the sky). The object seemed about 500 to 700 meters above the ground, moving very slowly direction west. I would like to mention as well that the air around victoria has been bad with lot of eyes infections, sore throat, infected cuts from fields or garden. I have observed a lot of aerial spraying above the clouds. Thanks for the information you share.

1-Mar-2010, Taghum, BC: (3:30 pm)

Well I've heard that UFO sightings have increased recently since the two major quakes in Haiti and Chile. This was apparently a news item on radio and related to me. Although it's been a few years now since I last saw one, my son reported to me that he, his wife and a friend watched one "doing its thing" for about twenty or thirty minutes at about 3:30 PM today, Monday March 1/2010 near Nelson B.C. at Taghum.

When first noticed, it was within rifle range(?) and positioned motionless almost overhead. Cylindrical shaped and shiny chrome in colour, it seemed to exhibit a thinner mid section and wider toward each end. Estimated size was compared to a pickup truck and total length to that of a small single engine aircraft. It remained in view for approximately five minutes, then someone ran for the binoculars and digital camera. Suddenly it rose in altitude and proceeded in a northerly direction, then abruptly stopped, still in view, and remained motionless for a short time, seeming to revolve and display physical changes so as to appear difficult to make sense of or to view distinctly.

After some minutes, it began to move again, this time in a westerly direction and what looked to be gaining in altitude all the time until it was finally lost from sight.

An exciting and profound experience was enjoyed today. An attempt to improve photo resolution in the days to come.

2-Mar-2010, Revelstoke, BC: (9:30 - 10:50 pm)

My friend and I were driving towards Revelstoke, British Columbia when we noticed a very large, very bright white light that was flashing on and off every second directly to our west. We chalked it up to the trees on the side of the highway at the time. We then stopped at the first intersection in town to take a better look and with a completely unobstructed view of the object noticed that it was still flashing in the same manner but was now directly south of us. The light had also become more like an hourglass shaped light. After a couple minutes it stopped flashing, and was just a stationary bright, huge light well above any mountains in the area. We watched it for about 5 minutes until we decided it was time to get back on the road. He took a photo of the object at 9:40 PM but the camera we had didn't have very good picture. We continued on the highway until I saw through a clearing 2 spherical orange lights directly above and below the white light. It didn't click in that these were abnormal until I looked again and they had shifted to a diagonal position from one another and the white light was gone. My friend could see the white light still and said it formed a triangle with the orange lights. We stopped a ways past town and watched the orange lights for about 3 minutes before we decided to turn back around. We stopped on the shoulder of the highway in a place where the trees were sparse and we could see 100% clearly. The bright white light had returned to my view by then and did form a triangle with the 2 orange lights. My friend also noticed a 4th light, also white but spherical like the orange ones that I myself did not notice until he exclaimed that it had disappeared. We were both looking in the exact spot (how I knew where it was going to be beats me) and the light reappeared. By the time it was back again the large hourglass shaped white light had disappeared. While watching the entire scene we watched the orange light that was farther "up" move from its diagonal position to the other one, to a position directly above it. That's when the large white light reappeared even larger than before. It seemed almost stretched into a square shape. We continued to watch for a good 5-10 minutes and both noticed the 2 white lights disappearing and reappearing periodically. The other white light had also grown every time it reappeared. Awestruck we decided to continue on to our destination (Kelowna). Early the next morning we decided we'd go back to see if they were still there. About 1 km to the west a thick fog started, and continued until 1km past town (odd that it would only cover that area, and no where else). Just inside town, near the project Revelstoke signs (no idea what that is by the way, tried to look it up online and got no results) we saw a tractor/trailer unit with 2 large SUV's on it painted military green with no other markings or plates. A little further along in town we saw another tractor/trailer unit carrying similarly painted equipment. It looked to me like 2 VERY large generators and some other assorted things. Past Revelstoke (we were headed home now, along highway 2 in Alberta) we were passed by 3 Chevrolet Tahoes, 2 of which had government markings and H-license plates all moving at about 120 Km/h (in a 90 Km/h zone). All the way along highway 1 eastbound we saw at least 20 $50000+ rental vehicles with plates starting in H-. When we got to highway 2 after airdrie, I counted 18 of the same Chevrolet Tahoes all traveling in packs of 3 moving at about 140 km/h and many with H- plates.

My guess, and this is totally speculation, is that they were headed to Cold Lake to the military base.

6-Mar-2010, Chilliwack, BC: (10:10 pm)

Completely clear night. stars out. Flashing light travelled from west to east. I thought it was a fast moving plane, but it crossed the sky in about 20 seconds. It stopped (no slow down) just stopped. Made a triangular movement south, then travelled back from east to west. Then the light flashing got weaker as it travelled west. Then it was gone. The really odd thing was that as it passed the stars you could not see the stars behind the flashing light, the stars behind the light just faded out. I couldn't see the stars again until it was gone from the sky. I am not saying this was aliens. But if it was a plane the pilot was able to turn his extremely fast moving plane without turning or arching the aircraft in any way. He stopped immediately and went in the other direction in about 3 seconds. It went right to left then left to in angles. It did NOT make any curve. Any plane I have been on has had to turn in a circular fashion to change direction. This did not.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hello C,

Thank you for the interesting sighting report. I have a few questions.

What was the date of this sighting?
Could you clarify what you mean by "Made a triangular movement south"?
When you say that you could not see the stars behind the flashing light, do you mean immediately behind, or even as it got further away?
How many seconds would you estimate the stars remained obscured after the lights went by?

Thanks for your time.

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

It happened last night just after 10 pm. I'm not a star watcher but when I was putting out my dog last night I noticed the white flashing light travelling rapidly from the west. The only reason I even saw it was the speed at which it was moving and the brightness.

It came from the west travelling east then made a sharp sudden direct change to the south west. Then another sharp direction change north west creating a kind of triangular path back to the west. It was really bright but as it headed back west it flickered a few times and was suddenly gone. it did not travel behind anything and was not obscured by clouds it was just gone.

Remember it was a crystal clear night, but The stars seemed to fade out as it passed by them. I could see the stars as it approached them, then as it travelled near them the stars went out (for lack of a better description). I would say they stayed dark for a few seconds after it passed them. Then they faded back in.

I am not saying this was a UFO. I don't really believe in flying saucers. I think if there was something out there capable of interplanetary flight they would show up with flashing lights announcing their presence. If it was a plane, then the pilot was pretty talented changing direction with angles instead of arching the plane.

I don't know what it was, but it definitely raises questions.


8-Mar-2010, Vancouver, BC: (9:10 am)

I was driving to work this morning, heading north on Cambie St. A small object caught me eye in the north east. The weather was clear and sunny with a light breeze blowing from the east.

At first, I thought it was a soaring eagle. It was heading south by southwest at about 1,500 ft in altitude. As it got closer, I realized it wasn't soaring like a typical bird and that it's shape was "disc like". It was grey in colour and it wavered as it moved quickly along right across the path of my car. I slowed down, as did others who saw it as well; luckily, the traffic was light or it could have possibly caused some fender benders. I rolled down my window to get a clearer look. Thinking that it might be a collapsing helium balloon or "floating paper", I looked for details around it (eg. string, rope, brand names, etc.); there were none. The body was solid, opaque and had what looked like three circular "markings". It just kept moving; fluttering in a wave like motion at about the same speed as do the many float planes that travel that same flight pattern. There was no sound from it. It seemed to be heading towards YVR and I wonder if they would be able to pick it up on their radar.

A very curious phenomenon, indeed. I'm sure that many others witnessed it as well.

I would love to know what it really was. It made for an interesting Monday morning drive into work!

20-Mar-2010, Mission, BC: (about 9:00 pm)

4 orange balls quite low in the sky to the west of our restaurant. They slowly went straight up whilst the light was pulsating. as they turned toward the north they got into a formation, like an arrow, and climbed rapidly before they disappeared. this all took about 10 minutes and was witnessed by at least a dozen people from within the restaurant

20-Mar-2010, Mission, BC: (about 9:00 pm)

My daughter's girlfriend texted us at about 9:00 pm on March 20, 2010 saying she and her boyfriend were witnessing 4 orange objects hovering in low formation over Heritage Park in Mission, BC. They were in a vehicle travelling west on Lougheed Hwy just before Stave Lake road. She said they were very low and changed formation from a triangle to a line. Her text said they were "freaked out". We got in the car and drove out to see them, but were too late. However, we decided to drive around and ended up going to Matsqui to a dead end where a dirt road went up into Sumas mountain. There were lights coming from wherever the road went and a green truck parked nearby so we figured it was kids partying and decided to turn around. Then we saw an orange light moving through the sky towards the east. This was not the same orange light - not as bright, but it was moving southward, then it turned and starting coming towards us. I stopped the car to observe and soon we realized it was a jet. So I continued driving thinking it was headed to Abby airport. My daughter continued to watch and felt it was following us because it was coming in our direction. The jet actually flew right over us and went south over the Sumas mountains. It seemed different than a commercial passenger jet, smaller and flew around as if looking for something. Perhaps it came from Chilliwack Airforce Base since it didn't turn towards Abbotsford Airport. Anyways, it was exciting and we wondered if that plane was out searching for the UFOs spotted earlier.

Other Sightings in Area
We have been witnessing these orange lights on a few different occasions over the Matsqui farmlands and over the Hatzic prairies. Now that we are aware of them, we tend to actively seek them out. The first sighting, we saw one bright orange light just hovering over Matsqui (to the right of our car) and it caught our attention because it didn't move and was very bright. It was late - about 1:00 am and no other cars appeared to be on the road. When we got home, we looked towards Hatzic (to the east from our house) and there it was. Either it moved incredibly quickly to follow us or there were 2 objects. (we couldn't see the other one from this location). It actually kind of scared us because we felt like it was watching us. Or so it seemed because as soon as we started watching it, the object started to move back and faded away and was gone.

Since that first time, we have seen them over the Matsqui planes, sometimes, we have seen them towards the west over the Fraser towards Langley and sometimes over the prairies in Hatzic. We have not witnessed the formations. It is always late and on clear nights. They "sit" in the sky and don't move. Anyone looking would think it was a planet or very bright star. Until it starts to move.

Some ideas....
These objects appear over an area where there is a military base. I'm not sure if the military base is occupied, but we've driven out there and it seems pretty quiet. However, it is odd that they stand out in the sky so brightly. Not exactly clandestine. I'm assuming these things are some kind of military drone with remote satellite viewing/hearing that they are testing out at night. From our research online, it does appear there are numerous people who have witnessed them not only here but around the world.

29-Mar-2010, Fort Langley, BC: (00:15 am)

Coming home from work I stopped at the stop sign at Rauliston Crescent and River Road, just east of Fort Langley, facing directly to the north, over the Fraser river with golden ears national park straight ahead in the distance. I was noticing what a nice night it turned out to be, calm and fairly clear except for the odd cloud. I was, as always, stargazing and watching the many planes traveling over the mountains and through the Fraser Valley, a lot of small planes as usual. As I turned right onto river road I noticed a craft that I'd never myself seen before, but I do remember just recently watching some show about encounters and sightings of ufo's, probably Discovery channel, I watch it a lot. Anyway, one of the UFO'S featured on the show as depicted by several police officers in the states among others, was exactly like this one I had just seen. They even showed a computer generated image, based on the witnesses description and Ya !!, this was the same, It came from the golden ears direction heading east toward Chilliwack, I wasn't any higher up than the average small plane that normally flies through this area, traveling at a pretty relaxed speed but was absolutely silent, it was a triangle shape with a single white light at each point and a single red light strobing dead centre on the underbelly. And I have to add that there were three small planes in the same area at the same time within a few miles of each other, (I could hear them...).This wasn't a plane, believe me, they're all over this area and train over the fields behind my house. Well we're surrounded by airports,,,,, as you all well know...LOL

Thanks, Peggy

9-Apr-2010, Nanaimo, BC: (00:18 am)

I am a teacher, and work nights teaching students from over seas. Last night after work at midnight, I took my dogs out for a quick pee before bed. As I was standing in the vacant lot beside my house, I was looking up at three very bright stars, just admiring their beauty, when all of a sudden from out behind a cloud came three lights in a triangular shape, which headed towards the stars that I was looking at. The vehicle moved very quickly and QUIETLY. The night was dead quiet, no cars out, nothing, and I couldn't hear the jet engines like one normally would be able to do on a quiet night. Nor were there any flashing lights like a normal airplane. The lights flew north, and literally disappeared within 3 or 4 seconds from the time I saw it pop out from the clouds. I have never ever in my lifetime seen an airplane move that quickly...or quietly....through the sky.

The hairs on the back of my neck literally stood up, and I have never felt a spook like that in my life.

I hope I am just going crazy and saw an airplane.

14-Apr-2010, Nanaimo, BC: (8:40 pm)

It was Wednesday evening about 8 40 pm, I was driving towards downtown Nanaimo along a residential street heading SE Sky was clear, moonless, I saw this bright red rectangular glowing light (upright rectangle) at about 75 degrees above me through my windshield. Looked about the size of a car headlight and about as high as a highrise building. It was stationary, above power lines along that particular street (Howard and 3rd street approximately). I pulled over to the sidewalk and sat in my car looking at it through the windshield and within seconds of my pulling over, the light faded and a frisby-sized black disc came out from where the light had been and took off with moderate speed towards SE. I tried to keep it in view but it disappeared. The black disk was visible against the darkening sky

No witnesses that I know of...no noise, I wanted to find out if I was the only witness but did not know how so I had the daily news paper write about my experience but they omitted my email address which I wanted them to print in case anyone else saw it.

May 2010, Lillooet, BC: (8:20 pm)

Hi, this is probably something really simple and I feel silly even asking; However I live in Lillooet and every night my family and I see a light in the sky about 70 degrees up. When looking from Lillooet it's west, northwest and it appears most nights, it could be every night but we don't see it on cloudy nights. It appears to be a star or a planet but we can see a red tint on it, it looks like it doesn't move, yet it is moving towards the earth very slowly. Then as it is just over mount McLean (where the fire was last summer) it picks up speed and travels in a northerly direction. I know it's not a helicopter and also my friends have seen the same light from Kamloops. I have taken a jpeg but my camera is not the best. If you look at the pic, the light is just above the highest part of the mountain slightly to the left. We have been watching it for about 10 nights in a row now and is driving us crazy. It appears around 8:25pm and flies off north around 8:50pm. If you can put us out of are anxiety we would appreciate it. Thanking you, Kevin.

UFO*BC Replies:

Hello Kevin,

We have viewed your photograph closely, and determined that it is almost certainly the planet Venus. The fact that you see it repeatedly night after night, and that your friends in Kamloops see it also, leads us to believe it is an astronomical object. The direction you are looking (directly west) and the time of day coincide exactly with Venus. It would be the brightest object in the sky and one of the first visible as the sun sets. The earth's rotation would have it moving down toward the mountain and slightly north (to the right).

Sorry to give such a cliché'ed answer, but Venus fools a lot of people. Thank you for the report though, and keep us in mind if you see anything else.


 The image has been cropped and darkened slightly. The arrows are roughly pointing to the faint object.

8-May-2010, New Westminster, BC: (between 2 and 3 am)

OK, so me and two other friends were in New Westminster by Royal Columbia at an elementary school park having a smoke. We where standing on the playground when my friend looked up and yelled "HEY! Look!", so his girlfriend and I looked up and we saw a dark red spinning object over Surry, BC.

My friend's house was too far to run to get a video camera, we did not know what to do, so I called 411 for the Vancouver Space Center's number, they where closed... so I left a message describing what we had seen and gave my name and number, I have not gotten a response. I have two other people willing to say what they had seen. if there was a security camera or traffic camera in new west that can see over surrey on the night of may 8th 100% you will see it.

8-May-2010, Surrey, BC: (3:09 pm)

At 3:09pm on a very clear and sunny day, my partner and I were watching a low flying airplane pass by today. Right after, we saw what it looked to be a silver light about 30,000 feet+ in the sky. It was almost sparkling. We got our binoculars and saw a closer shot of it. The shape seemed to be a bit rectangular with a triangular point to it. It had a red light right above it, which did seem to flash or shimmer. The moving object looked like a craft. It was very silver/grayish looking and was moving or more less hovering very slowly from east to south. It could not really be a plane because at that elevation, a com trail would be present. We watched it for 8 minutes when it just vanished.

8-May-2010, Port Moody, BC: (10:20 pm)

Out of the window I saw an object hovering slowly approaching the direction of my apartment. (flying west toward North Burnaby) I went on my patio and I saw a triangular shape with a white middle light and a huge red top light. As it passed i noticed it was flying as a shark fin would look, (on its side) the flight path was wavy, not straight. it went past the tree line and out of sight.

9-May-2010, Abbotsford, BC:

Took this picture of low flying plane in abbots ford on mothers day. Still stumped at what other 2 objects just above are. Any ideas? Thanks.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Shelly,

Did you take the photos from inside a vehicle? The "objects" look to me like reflected highlights on a steering wheel that is reflecting off the windshield. I think if you look at the top corner you can see someone's arm.



Witness Responds:

I'm not sure how to enlarge it as it was taken on my blackberry. I was inside vehicle. Back seat window down. So not sure if reflection possible off window. Stumped.

11-May-2010, Burnaby, BC: (7:15 pm)

I was in the car with my girlfriend on my way to Rona where Edmonds Street and Kingsway Avenue meet up. We were stopped at the red lights and in the distance I could see a small extremely brightly lit circle moving fairly fast. It was moving faster than a plane would look like it was going at that distance. I saw it until we turned left to go into the Rona parking because the building got in the way of my view. I am very convince that it was not a plane.

13-May-2010, Kelowna, BC: (10:20 pm)

I was sitting outside in the hot tub and happened to be looking up at the sky when an Intense explosion of light illuminated the sky for a split second. Immediately following was a satellite looking object where the flash of light had just been, but it moved through the sky erratically like a child scribbling in a doodle book then disappeared altogether.

14-May-2010, Lions Bay, BC: (10:30 pm)

I took my kayak out late Friday with full gear for a little camping trip. I was looking for a little bay my friend told me of just past Brunswick Beach...in the end I ruffed it and had a little cliff side camp going. Later on I was just lying in my tent watching the stars - facing the sunshine coast mountains and I saw a glowing white light move up and over the mountains - it moved so fast there was no way I could have snapped a photo. The light was big too. I thought maybe someone fired a flare or fireworks, but the movement of this object didn't fit that description - it wasn't moving like it was fired - it was moving like it was self propelled, plus the distance it must of traveled was greater than than either two could have gone. I can't come up with an explanation for it. Needless to say, camping by myself that night became a little bit more creepy. I'll be keeping my eye on the sky now.

Mid-May-2010, Naramata, BC:

On a clear mid-May morning I stepped out onto our deck with a coffee and cigarette and immediately noticed an object flying northward, straight, true and reasonably fast, approximately 200 - 300 feet above the middle of Lake Okanagan. More luminescent than shiny, it appeared almost pearly in colour. My first thought was "Gee, it's a little early for flying a remote-control aircraft", then realized there was no sound whatsoever emanating from this object. Then several more appeared moments later, flying in a loose formation, also heading northwards. I grabbed binoculars and watched these things moving up the lake and became seriously spooked. These objects had no wings or tails, made no bird-like undulations, made no sound whatsoever and moved far faster than the flocks of geese or Sandhill cranes that we were quite used to seeing over the lake. My girlfriend described the objects as being almost like the Mercedes emblem without the ring. I know it sounds silly, but that's what she saw. Then they disappeared, leaving us very puzzled and reluctant to share the experience with others. What do you think we saw that morning?

16-May-2010, Cowichan Lake, BC: (9:30 pm)

Hello. I live in Lake Cowichan, BC and would like to write about something I had seen the other night. On May 16, 2010 at 9:30pm I was heading into work downtown Lake Cowichan when I looked up to notice a very bright plane in the sky. The only thing was is that it was very low to the ground and made no sound at all. It had 3 bright lights unlike a plane that has a blinking or colored light(s). It was going extremely slow and it came to a complete stop 2 times then as it was getting quite close the lights went off and it was completely gone. This whole event lasted about 5 minutes.
Any ideas or common sightings?

17-May-2010, Maple Ridge, BC: (10:35 to 10:45 pm)

My fiancé and I have just pulled into our driveway and we live by 228th and Lougheed, we looked towards the east probably over Silverdale maybe Mission it looked really far away but what we saw was a bright orange light that kept getting brighter then going dim, for about 10 minutes it would go straight up then sideways kind of in a zig-zag pattern till finally it dimmed out and disappeared. My fiancé always makes fun of me because I talk about seeing these sightings all the time and he never has but now he believes me!!!

18-May-2010, Penticton, BC:

Hi there. I am an active amateur astronomer from Vancouver. I spend a lot of my time (and money) doing astrophotography so I spend a fair bit of time out in the dark at night and I am quite familiar with sky phenomena, meteors, satellites, iridium flares, comets, planets, etc. I went on a trip with my girlfriend last week up to stay at a cabin on Lake Skaha, in Penticton. One of the reasons we went on this trip was to take my telescope out to dark skies and take some photos and also check out Canada's largest Radio telescope observatory which happened to be a 25 minute drive from where we were staying. On Wednesday, May 19th we drove up to the observatory just to take a look around. It was around 7pm when we arrived at the gates outside the observatory and it was closed for the night so I thought I would walk across the road, up the hill to see if I could get a better look and take a photo of the telescopes in the distance. I have attached two images, one of them is a still frame from a video I took when I stood on the hill and there is clearly nothing shiny or bright in the upper right background of the image. The second shows a photo taken from the same hill and oddly there is a very bright object just over the trees. I didn't even notice it was in the photo until today (May 22nd). It doesn't appear to look much like a sun reflection. What do you think? Back to the story, we left the observatory and decided to drive back to the cabin to grab the telescope and lawn chairs, camera, etc because the sun would be going down in a few hours. We drove back to Penticton and ate dinner then returned back up to the outside gates of the observatory at about 11:00 pm. By then the sky was completely clear and the moon was just setting in the west and the sky was filled with bright stars and the milky way was rising from the east. I was quite excited to see so many stars and went ahead and set up my telescope and took some images of galaxies, and nebula etc. After several hours of star gazing we saw many meteorites, and satellites but something caught my attention in the corner of my eye. Looking westward I happened to see a strange light blue fuzzy round shape quickly fly northward directly above the tree line, and then it swooped down into the trees and disappeared. I said "What was that"?? My girlfriend didn't see it but said "it was probably a meteor or something".. I definitely saw the size and shape of it and it was definitely not a meteor, nor was it high enough up to be a meteor. Then I kept looking west hoping to see a glimpse of it again but I have to admit there was a feeling of unease. It was kinda spooky. The entire time we were up there we did not hear any birds chirping although during the day we had heard a lot. The whole night, the area was silent of birds.. and then suddenly right after I saw this blue object, several birds started chirping. It was an eerie feeling and by that point my girlfriend decided it was time to go so she got in the car and I packed up my stuff then we drove back to Penticton. Here is the other odd thing I am thinking about now is, it really didn't feel like I was up there for 3 hours, (11pm-2am) .. I hope I am not experiencing "missing time" .. that would be scary. Anyways, so I noticed this photo today and it makes me wonder.. what did I see that night?

Let me know what you think, have you seen objects similar in shape to this gold one? Or could this simply be a lens flare and even then, what do you think I saw? Is there any similar sightings in BC?

still frame from a video showing no object

photo taken later showing an object

enlargement of object

24-May-2010, Chilliwack, BC: (11:15 am)

Hi....Today, Sunday May 24th, at approx 11:15 am in Chilliwack, BC... I was in my backyard watching 2 Bald Eagles in the sky, being harassed by 3 smaller birds. As the Eagles flew higher and higher, I noticed from the West, a Bold Black Spherical Object, similar to a Cannon Ball shooting across the sky. It started to fly in an wide "S" maneuver then it disappeared out of my sight over the trees towards a North Eastern direction. In my sight it was about 1/8th of an inch, I watched it for about 5 seconds. I'd estimate it was traveling at least about 200 mph, no sound to be heard. It was totally round...and no it was not a black party balloon! What ever altitude the commercial jets fly into the valley at....this object was about 2/3rds that distance above me.

June 2010, Kelowna, BC: (9:00 pm)

I had heard that the ISS was passing over Kelowna this evening, so my husband and I took a drive to a look-out spot above the Harvest Golf Club in East Kelowna. As we sat in our convertible we saw the ISS come into view and as we both were watching it travel above us we saw a light suddenly come up to it. The light (which was about the same size and brightness as the ISS) moved VERY quickly from one side of the ISS to the other side - then in front - then in back of it and back to one side (as if it was checking out the ISS). Then, as quickly as it had arrived the light took off extremely quickly. 

4-Jun-2010, Pemberton, BC: (10:45 pm)

Saw two bright orange to fire red objects in the sky nothing like I have ever seen they were at a distance and started to get closer as they did they got brighter then the separated as they did they dimmed and vanished. I do have some footage on video and others were out watching this happen. Never thought I would say this, but I saw 2 UFO's.

10-Jun-2010, Kelowna, BC: (11:15 pm)

My daughter and I were sitting on our back steps at around 11:15 pm on the night of June 10th 2010. I noticed a very large and very bright light moving across the sky from left to right. We continued talking while i continued watching ...the light moved in a slow steady pace till I pointed it out to my daughter she looked and saw it as well, and watched it for a couple minutes as she was in the middle of a sentence she continued talking and I was so intrigued by this light that I continued watching it, when all of a sudden it just disappeared..vanished into thin air...I told my daughter the light just vanished and we searched the sky for 10 minutes watching to see if it would reappear further into it's flight path ..but never did...we searched the entire sky for the light but nothing...there was no noise with this light...no red or blue blinking lights as an aircraft would have. I can only describe it's disappearing as something going into some kind of a stealth mode. It did not shoot off into the sky or anything it just simply was gone as i was watching it. The next night my husband also experienced an odd movement in the sky around the same time in the p.m of the 11th....his sighting was a little different than ours..his object was moving across the sky left to right then made a sharp turn to head in a southerly direction ..his object moved at a medium speed but the lights on it had a pattern blink to them..almost like a strobe light..he called to me to check it out and I confirmed what he saw...again there was no noise at all from this light ..we watched it for about 3 minutes till it got too far away....I'll be checking the skies tonight that's for sure!! KEEP YA POSTED!! Did anyone else in Kelowna, BC see anything either of those two night???

12-Jun-2010, Bear Mountain, Langford, BC: (12:55 pm)

I noticed a flying vehicle in the sky after finishing off some work we had to do to the house we've been building. It was long, smooth and cylindrical (cigar) shaped. Metallic (resembling stainless steel) with no visible markings, windows, doors, wings, or even a means of propulsion. It was completely silent cruising at a consistent direction, altitude and speed. It seemed to be traveling much faster than any planes I've ever seen. I watched it travel from one horizon to the other in a matter of 20 seconds or so. I presume it was not man made. If in fact it is a man made craft then such a vehicle is not public knowledge.

UFO*BC Responds:

That is an interesting sighting. Just a few questions...
1) Which direction was the cylinder travelling?
2) What angle in the sky above the horizon? (eg. 10 degrees, 45 degrees - 90 degrees is straight up)
3) Approximate size of object - compare to a coin held at arms length
4) Did you notice any sort of contrail at all behind the object?
5) Did anyone else observe the object or were you alone at the time?

12-Jun-2010, Mission, BC: (10:30 pm)

Last night, June 12, 2010, there were four of us sitting on my balcony, which sits in the middle of Mission's College Heights area in the East end. I looked up above my roof, northward, and asked what was that? There is no flightplan from YVR in that area, as the planes taking off from Vancouver International cross the south side of our patio, which faces Abbotsford.

The light was orange, like a street lamp colour, with a pulsating red strip of lights above it. The object was very high up. All four of us watched it go from North to South, then it started to turn East, then it sharply turned Northeast, before the red lights disappeared then the orange light disappeared.

It was in the sky for approximately five minutes. There was no sound. Don't know if it produced any considering it was so far away. It was not a plane, that I do know. I have personally seen this yellow light before, about 15 years ago in Abbotsford. I am quick to recall things as I am a former journalist.

I find it interesting that most of the sightings in Mission, here do involve an orangish type orb. You can contact me if needed.

15-Jun-2010, Vancouver, BC: (10:30 am)

On June 15Th around 10:30 AM, I was sitting outside having a cigarette. I notice something black and white floating through the cloudy sky over South Vancouver. At first I thought it may be a bird or some black and white party balloons that got loose. The object was floating westward and I was facing North. It was floating around in a see-saw motion slowly. This object was as black as black could be and it would change to a bright white every 2 seconds. I knew this because I began counting its pattern of change.. 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand. Black then White. Black then White. I became more curious as it stopped dead in its flight and stayed in one spot for a short while, maybe 20-30 seconds, then it went straight back to where I had originally seen it a few minutes before. It had traveled back and in a straight line faster then it had been moving before hand. This object then stayed still for about another 20-30 seconds and its shape had become more defined. It was round like a ball and like I wrote earlier, continued to change from black to white but with more sharper edges and contrast to the grey cloudy skies. I got up out up from my chair and watch it with very closely. Then it flew off quickly in a straight line towards the Vancouver Downtown Area. I could clearly make out its position and started to take some measurements of its position from where I was looking at it. I'm in the South Hill area of South Vancouver at East 49Th and Fraser St. The object was about 30 degrees above the horizon and at my 11 o clock position with me facing North. I went upstairs and told 2 of my house mates about what I was seeing and asked them if they could see the object also. It took a while for me to direct their eyes to where this object was motionless in the skies over Vancouver however they did see it and noticed how it change from Black to White as I had. The object continued to stay in its place for another 3-4 minutes and was highly defined by the dark gray clouds in the background. My house mates did not seemed as interested at its presence as I was. I then went up to the top floor to watch it from my bedroom window but by the time I got there and look this thing had gone away. I did not think too much of this event or really talked about it since it was unidentifiable. However. One of the house mates said he saw this object again, a couple of days later as he was about to get in his car. He said it was blinking black to white just as before and was moving about the sky above him then just vanished.

18-Jun-2010, Coquitlam, BC: (11:30 pm)

I'm typing this at 12:20 am (watching a movie); I went outside on the porch to get some fresh air around 11:30, just sitting in the chair on the patio.

I looked up in the sky and saw a bright light shining; no biggy. Figured it was a planet at first. But then it broke apart into two lights. They sat side by side for a moment. Then they pulled apart from one another, drew close again to form one light, broke apart from one another, formed one light, and so on. This went on for about 1 minute.

I closed my eyes, thinking maybe I'm just tired. I opened my eyes, focused on the trees ahead of me ~ crystal clear. Held up 2 fingers in front of my eyes ~ crystal clear.

When I looked back into the sky, the lights were still there, repeating this pattern. There were no red lights flashing (signifying an airplane); regardless, what lights stand still in the sky, and move inward, outward, inward, outward?

I looked at the trees again, and when I looked back at the sky, the lights formed into one again, and then disappeared. I called Brett out asap, but they were gone. I haven't seen them since.

He says the direction was above Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows...just wondered if you have heard of this yet, or if not, if you do, can you let me know?

I haven't seen anything like this.

20-Jun-2010, Osoyoos, BC: ( between 11 and 12 pm)

On June 20th My girlfriend and I were sitting on Okanagan Lake in Osoyoos, BC between 11 pm and midnight. We were looking up at the sky looking at the stars and counting the Satellite, when I noticed a bright white sphere moving across the sky. It was very close and very large, I couldn't believe how fast it was moving and at a steady speed, I had enough time to say to my girlfriend and in exact words "Look at that white sphere, wow it is moving fast it can't be an airplane, there's no flashing lights. Look how fast it's going and listen, if this was a plane you would here the engines, and listen there's nothing...my god I think we are looking at a UFO!" (this entire time I'm speaking we watched it move across the whole sky with in 30 seconds and close over our heads.) "Wow hunny look it's disappearing right in front of us...wow it's gone just like that."

It was an amazing sight to see. I know it wasn't a plane, a Satellite, (way, way too low), a bird....and there was NO sound at all. I just thought I would share this with you.

25-Jun-2010, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)

On Friday, June 25th at around 8:30pm, I saw about a dozen UFO objects from my balcony overlooking English Bay. I'm used to seeing airplanes and helicopters, so I know these were not conventional aircraft. Also, I know a lot of people must have seen them too, because I saw people on the beach looking up.

Here's what I saw: an object appearing out of the sky, it hovered and moved west past UBC and disappeared, then another appeared, and another. The sky was filling with these objects. They would shine brightly and then become black specs in the sky. However, I believe there was more than one type of craft, because a different type of UFO appeared that leaves a small trail behind it, yet it doesn't move. I saw the shiny UFO move towards this trail and then both disappeared.

The objects were close and one of them resembled a jet, but it didn't share the characteristics of jets ie: Noise, speed, design, etc. These objects kept appearing and disappearing over the ocean. It was like they were travelling inter-dimensionally. What is strange is that I didn't take any pictures or video to prove what I saw. What I did do was stay at my balcony the entire time until they all disappeared. At around 9:00pm, as the sun was setting beautifully over the mountains, a final UFO appeared and moved west. It was bright, colorful.

This experience has prompted me to make sure to take pictures and document this evidence. I believe we may be contacted soon.

Summer 2010, Vancouver, BC:

In the summer of 2010, I was living in downtown Vancouver. I was looking out my open window that faces south when I suddenly saw a strange object glide silently by, almost directly overhead and very low (just above the rooftops of the high-rises around here). It was white and tubular in shape, maybe 3 to 5 feet long, with short fins on the back end and what appeared to be a red stripe going around the back end of it. It looked very much like a missile! It had no lights at all, and was traveling at about 30 mph, heading in a direction that would have crossed where the Raytheon offices are in Richmond (see my other sighting report - Dec 2004). It was a very short observation, and was out of sight almost as soon as I saw it.

I've seen other strange things flying over the downtown area at night, but this one was definitely unique.

Summer 2010, Chilliwack, BC:

Hello - back in the summer of 2010, while driving back home with my mother in the middle of the afternoon on the highway out of Chilliwack, BC, I had the sudden urge to look up out of the sunroof. What i saw were two acorn shaped flying U.F.O's! They had a faded copper colour to them. Like old ships that get exposed to the elements, they also had two blinking lights right in the centre. They looked as if they were more then fifty years old, like the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania incident, or the Nazi bell. They also had three little vents on the bottom. One week after that scary encounter I awoke at about 11:30 a.m and walked out our front door. I was all alone standing on our front porch. The house that we were renting had a large protruding roof that blocked anyone from seeing the sky, but as I stood there a large circular object flew right across our driveway. It had to be about 12 to 15 feet wide and made no noise, but I could hear the air being disturbed around the object. This ceased for a while but then a year or so later, while driving around Vancouver, me and my father were on one street of downtown Vancouver, then one second later we were three miles away, driving around with no memory of where we had just been. A few months later the vehicle we where driving eventually began to have more and more engine problems. Later that year my mother became ill and we moved back home to Princeton, BC and one night while watching TV, as if I was hypnotized, I got out of bed and walked out the front door just as a single white light in the midnight sky, again in the middle of summer, flew right across my eyes, making no noise and followed in close pursuit by a jet. My most recent sighting came last summer (2016) while walking around the trailer park where I live I saw a large flaming object falling out of the sky and two blinking lights, red and blue, moving around quite quickly right after the flaming object had fallen. THANK YOU .

June/July 2010, Hope, BC: (2 - 5 pm)

UFO over hope - photo and video footage. A lot of raw data, someone was able to blow up one picture for me, witnessed by 3 people. I told my family they said it was on the news? I cant find any media on it. Someone could possibly treat the pics better than me?

UFOBC Responds:

Without any more details as to what you saw we cannot say if someone else saw something in or around that day (or matching your object). Would you be able to send us more details about the object and possibly snippets of the footage and a copy of the original photo?


2-Jul-2010, Kennedy Lake, BC: (11:50 pm)

For the Canada Day long weekend my family of four, and nephew, went camping a few km west of Kennedy Lake (about 40 km east of Tofino, BC). Years ago my wife and I had spotted a UFO at Kennedy Lake while joking about one shining a flashlight into the sky. So since we were back in the same area we figured it would be fun try it again. So on the first clear night (2nd of July) once it became dark we started playing around with the red laser pointer and led Mag flashlight. Writing things in the sky and blinking them on and off etc. At 11:50pm directly overhead we saw two bright white lights appear; one traveling South to North the other traveling West to East. They quickly crossed paths then the UFO traveling North either disappeared or traveled out of sight behind the tree cover. I could not tell for sure which. The opening in the trees above our heads was small so it was not in view for more than a second or two. The object traveling West to East we watched travel straight until it was out of sight in the distance (total time was about 2 min 10 sec). It may have slowed down further away but it was difficult to tell. My wife did try and take a video of it with our camera but unfortunately it is not a very good camera for such things and the video looks like a star...nothing like we saw in person. Another interesting note is that after the UFO passed over, my wife went to check the time on her cell phone which was off since there is no cell service where we were camped. She took it out of the purse and it was on and had service. The phone was definitely off previously and it can not be accidentally turned on. She turned it off then back on and there was no service again. Very strange.

Here are my very rough estimates of the UFO:

Approximate Altitude 1000 feet
Approximate speed 1800 km/h
No sound emitted at anytime.
No smoke or contrail.
It was a very bright pure white light, which seemed a bit dimmer in the center. I do not think it was perfectly round but close.

If I held a 1 1/4” diameter object at arms length that would be about the size of the objects directly over head. At 1000' alt I believe that would work out to roughly 500' in dia. These numbers could be off by a fair bit since it is very hard to estimate the size and distance of an object that I do not know what it is.

I am 100% certain this was not a meteorite, satellite, known aircraft...or weather balloon.

Since I am not sure what the International Space Station looks like from Earth I thought I would look it out. NASA's website states that the International space station passed over Port Alberni (100 km east of our position) on Fri Jul 02 11:40 PM for a duration of 4 minutes. Max elevation 71deg APPROACH 16 above WNW DEPARTURE 20 above E

What you'll see:
Assuming the station is in sunlight, it should appear as a bright and fast moving star. The longest the station will remain in view to a ground based observer is 4 minutes. When passing directly overhead, the station zips from horizon to horizon is 240 seconds or less. For most locations, the viewing window will be 120 seconds (or less). The time is close but the Space Station definitely is not what we saw either.

3-Jul-2010, Merritt/Coldwater Interchange, BC:

Camping with friends when my son saw a white light traveling from what appeared to be north to south. A second smaller dimmer light was following it. It looked like a satellite although was very bright and cruising at a pretty good speed. There is mention of satellite's traveling in formation on the net so probably one. A while later it reappeared only was west of us this time. Not related but myself and a friend were observing bright lights appearing in the sky to the west from my porch in Vancouver a couple of days ago. They looked like meteor's only no streak. Our guess is the angle off attack was from the west and they were stuff burning up ... they glowed really bright then went dim.

3-Jul-2010, Kelowna, BC: (10:10 pm)

My 2 friends and I were standing outside his garage admiring the stars, as it has been overcast lately, we began discussing satellites and started scanning the skies for moving objects. I spotted a really bright, moving object coming from the west headed due east. It was moving much faster than satellites I've seen in the past. When I stared at it for a few seconds I noticed in my peripheral vision a second dimly lit light following a short distance behind. Neither light was blinking, nor was there any color. The object looked to be high enough to be in orbit, but moving at high speed. I have seen the ISS in orbit and this object was at least 1/3 brighter and moving 3 times the speed. It traveled across the sky above us, covering the distance in approx 30 seconds. My friends were saying that the second orb was getting closer to the larger sphere, I didn't see it moving closer, but as it moved past 90 degrees above us, the illusion that the second orb was getting closer to the first was probably caused by orbital curvature and our own POV (point of view). The spacing between the two orbs was as such, you could have fit about 15 of the larger, brighter sphere between the first and second orbs, and it almost seemed that the light coming from the bright sphere was strong enough to almost hide the second smaller sphere. I'm not sure what it was, one object or two? But it was strange in the least.

7-Jul-2010, Kelowna, BC: (10:45 pm)

I sitting at the intersection of Gordon Drive and Dehart Road at around 10:45pm last night (7/7). And as I looked out my window to the west I noticed a bright light approaching from the west heading slightly SE which. This isn't out of the usual as many planes fly into the city from that direction, but this light seemed odd as I couldn't see a single light flashing on any wingtips or the tail. I turned left on Dehart and kept watching as it appeared to be flying above the mountains and I thought at anytime the light would dim as it became perpendicular to my location, but it didn't. It remained the same intensity as it flew by as if it were a ball of light instead of the headlights of an airplane. I thought I'd head up back the mountain to keep watching so I turned left again and started up Lakeshore Road which become Chute Lake Road and then left again at Frost Road. At this point I was heading east and it was moving almost parallel but also slightly south. Then it was if someone turned a dimmer switch and it dimmed over a few seconds until I couldn't perceive it any longer. Right afterwards I could see 3 different planes over the city with their normal markers on and flickering. 2 coming from the west where the ball just came from and another to the north flying west.

Not sure what it was, but it didn't seem high up in space.

10-Jul-2009, Kamloops, BC: (midnight)

Hi, so around the 10th of July in 2009 it was going on 12 am and I looked out my window what has a view of the North Thompson River valley. directly above the valley there were 5 new lights I have never seen before in a line formation. the lights seemed to disappear and reappear in a random order. so I took my video camera and started taping it for about 10 minutes. (sorry I have misplaced my video camera with the video, but I'm looking for it quite extensively) and I know the lights in the valley are to on the side of the valley but theses lights were in right in the middle and I doubt there would be lights that far up. they hovered there i seen them for a good 20 minutes. and then I went to watch tv for 10 minutes I go back to the exact same window and they are gone. they just gone and I kept checking thought the night they never reappeared and to this day I've never seen those lights again. Thanks.

14-Jul-2010, Burnaby, BC: (9:23 pm)

I witnessed a white streak in the west sky over downtown Vancouver from my 17th storey apartment in Burnaby. This was at sunset and at first I thought it was a cloud because it was very large and there was another cloud to the right of it in the sky. The right cloud was just that but the left one started to move. It was very far away and it must be very large because it moved slowly to the left. I took pictures because in the 5 years I have been living here I have never seen anything like this. In one picture I have an airplane in the sky and you can clearly see it is an airplane above the white streak and the white streak is clearly bigger than the airplane. Plus the airplane is black the streak is very white and bright. I have 6 pictures in total and will happily send them to you so u can see them. The white streak slowly moved up and left past the building in front us and I lost sight of it. It never returned and it is strange and unexplained. I am just wondering if u had any other sightings tonight.

Give me a call tomorrow if you want to hear the whole story because I am sure I am not doing it justice by writing what happened. Cheers.

UFO*BC Responds:

From the direction, the time of day and your description, I am quite sure that what you are seeing are actually clouds. Over the years, many people have called about them, and I have seen them myself.

Under the right circumstances, the setting sun will illuminate some clouds with a spectacular bright white light, while others (at different distances and elevations) will be normal looking fluffy white clouds. Sometimes the illuminated clouds will have a red tinge along the edge. Because of the different elevations, they may seem to move independently of the other clouds, commonly moving towards the southwest. As the cloud moved closer, you would lose the reflection of the sun, and it would quickly "fade out". By this time it would also look larger, more cloud-like and diffuse. If the object remained brightly lit as it passed your location - it would be something completely different!

Of course, this is just my best guess. What you saw may be completely different. We would be happy to view your pictures. If they are large images, please just send me just a couple at a time.

Thank you for your report.

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Hi David,

Thanks for getting back to me, I understand what you mean about the clouds moving, but this was something different it was a white streak that stayed the same size. If u zoom in on the picture u can almost make out a trailing of energy. The best thing I can do is send you the pictures. I will do so as soon as I am done work. Probably after 6 or so. I am really curious to see what u think. Thanks and Cheers.


UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the images. I stand by my previous comments, except that they are probably contrail segments, not clouds. I know it is not a very exciting explanation, but one of the UFO*BC Directors, Martin Jasek, has a home in North Delta, with a great view to the west. We have had meetings on his patio and have seen very similar contrail segments before.

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Hey David,

I just saw what you wrote on UFO BC, and I have to disagree with what you think. It was definitely not contrail segments. You should really see the originals. If you close up on the object there are distinct lights on it. I will try to zoom in and send you the pics again. Trust me I have been taking pictures of the sunset from my apartment for 5 years and I have never seen anything like this. Plus my girlfriend also saw this object and we are both in agreement that this was something more.

Also on a side note a buddy of mine who I showed the pictures to saw a video and pictures of UFO activity in China on pretty much the same day that looked exactly the same odject we saw. I don't know if you have seen these pictures or video but it is crazy.


16-Jul-2010, Abbotsford, BC: (1:00 - 1:25 am)

Red, green, white light.. the object has been in one place for a long time for more than half an hour, it is not a plane since a plane was seen moving through the sky while that object did not move at all. We live by the Abbotsford airport and this sighting is not a plane for sure !!

UFO*BC Responds:

From your description I would think what you saw is probably a star. The color of a star can change rapidly and continuously due to atmospheric scintillation. (Refer to this resource: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/why-do-stars-twinkle.html). This effect is also the cause of the changes in brightness of stars. The scintillation of color is more pronounced on stars which are closer to the horizon than those that are more overhead. This is because the atmospheric layer is thicker when looking towards the horizon.

If you have a chance to look at these stars through binoculars, you can sometimes see these colors very clearly as the star moves about due to shaking. This effect is sometimes very noticeable in some photographs or videos of stars when the camera is zoomed in.

Of course, I wasn't there so I do not know for sure that you were looking at a star, but that does seem to be the most likely possibility based on your description.

Thanks for your report.


20-Jul-2010, West Vancouver, BC:

On Tuesday night me and a friend were leaving Whytecliff Park, in West Vancouver, BC, when above we saw what looked like a bright star moving very fast. After gazing at it for a split second it seemed to jump to a location right above the mountains in the distance. It had a saucer shape, was tilted and moving downwards at a 45 degree angle. I could distinguish red, white, and black but it was too fast to describe it any better.

24-Jul-2010, Burnaby, BC: (2:10 to 2:30 pm)

While I either had a moment where I fell asleep or something but at 2:10 this afternoon I spotted something strange while at work. Now I work as a sign holder on the southwest corner of Lougheed Highway and Production Way in North Burnaby. And from that spot I've seen planes, birds and other standard things in the sky. But what I spotted today is something that I would think is a stereotypical sighting. What happened was just over the paint plant on Lougheed Highway at 2:10pm a sliver metallic object just appeared from the southwest. The best I can describe it is when a car at night comes up from a hill and all you see are the headlights. Now when I spotted it, I first assumed it was a plane of some sort. But as it got closer it, looked like either an acorn without the top or a spinning top. Because unlike those things it wasn't the top and bottom that spun it was the center. The way I found that out was as it spun in a clockwise direction, the sun would shine on it and you could tell the center was spinning because it was each panel. Now as I observed it, a train went by and was gone. It was even obscured by trees and it still showed up. But it was just... so bizarre because as I looked at it I felt, curious and in awe. Then when I checked the time, 20 minutes had passed it was 2:30PM. Now I've never had a time when I've stared at something in the sky and its almost as if time did not exist. After a few hours of thought, I either saw a weather balloon or saw a UFO.

24-Jul-2010, Britannia Beach, BC: (6:30 pm)

I was driving north towards Squamish BC, just south of Britannia Beach. In the Eastern sky, just hovering above the mountains, I saw a shiny silver bullet shaped object. It wasn't moving at all, just still. The part of road I was on was not safe to stop on (people driving right behind me) so couldn't pull over to take a photo. Anyone else see this object? It was still clear daylight, about 630pm.

24-Jul-2010, Vancouver Island, BC:

Recently took this picture in the area I live....Vancouver Island....upper island...I have been seeing these objects since early in the year. This picture was taken on July 24. Would really like to know if anyone else has seen anything like this?

27-Jul-2010, Kamloops, BC: (11:30 to 12:00 pm)

high flight of stubby cigar shapes, slightly luminous grayish coloured formation of 7-9 objects travelling from the ne to the sw about 2-4 miles up and travelling fast enough that the visible sky was crossed in 4-6 seconds. The trajectory was flatter than you see a passenger jet make as it goes over and the objects appear to somehow overcome the laws of physics by changing positions rapidly, moving about in the formation seemingly at random from one side of the formation to the other and from the back to the front then staying in that position while travelling at very high (thousands of mph?) speeds. They were close enough I think for a sonic boom but there was none.

29-Jul-2010, Kamloops, BC: (10:00 pm)

My wife and I were up in the Lac Du Bois grasslands area just to the northwest of Kamloops. At around 10 pm, we noticed an object in the north east part of the sky that was flashing blue and red lights. It was moving extremely erratically. It would remain still for a few moments, and then without warning would move about in random directions at an extremely fast rate, much faster and chaotic than any plane could move (I think). It would do zig-zags, circles, move left and right and up and down. We drove home and could still see it from our house, behaving in a similar manner. At around 3AM, my wife witnessed the object suddenly rapidly accelerate straight up, to the point where she could no longer see it. My wife and I are both quite stumped as to what exactly was going on with this thing.

30-Jul-2010, Chilliwack, BC: (00:45 am)

I was walking past central elementary at around 12:45AM to meet a friend, and being that I have seen UFO's before I always look at clear skies. Sure enough I see a bright orb that I thought was a star at first, orange hue, so I stopped and looked further. It proceeded to move slowly down to the right, then changed direction and went up to the left, then straight up, then faded out and disappeared.

Without exaggeration, I've seen this same phenomenon on 5 separate occasions, most with multiple witnesses, over the course of the last 2 years. This might seem strange, but I've always been interested in the idea, and when I saw the first one at random I began to look at the sky more often. If you're ever out for a cigarette, or a walk, and the sky is clear, look up more often and you'll undoubtedly see something like this eventually. They seem to be relatively common.

Anybody else seen these?

July/August 2010, Nanaimo, BC: (late afternoon)

I was outside in the back yard tending the bbq looked up at the sky towards the north and saw a bright orange sphere at about 1000 - 1500 feet. I called the kids and the wife to come look and as I was doing this three more spheres flew into sight coming from the northeast they moved quite slowly and made no sound. They continued on an arc path towards the southeast. They were too large to be balloons and they were not aircraft reflecting the sun. Four of us watched these objects till they went out of view.

It seems to me lots of people are seing bright orange spheres on vancouver island. Is this so?

Thanks Rod

August 2010, New Westminster, BC:

There was a report on December 16 2010 of a whiring sound. I have also experienced this same noise twice over the last year. We had just moved in to our new condo around richmond and East Columbia. My daughter has experienced the same noise and a bright red light. I am waiting for it to happen again to get a better understanding of the noise. I am by the railroad tracks, but it is not the sound of the train or skytrain or ships that go by.

10-Aug-2010, Mission, BC: (1:45 am)

Last night at about 1:45 am I was woken up from a sleep to hear a loud noise sounding like a jet taking off so I got out of bed and looked and there was a very bright light out to the east just passing my house. It was low at first then seemed to stop in the air and then went very quick climbing higher into the sky. It stayed hovering to the east for some time. My husband and I got out the binoculars and when he was looking at it he said something dropped out of it. When I looked you could see something similar but smaller and not as bright. The smaller light came close to the earth and seemed like it was in my front yard. The larger one stayed hovering very high. I called the RCMP and they said they did not have any aircraft in the area and then I did call the Abbotsford news and they said maybe it was from the Airshow. I think not especially at that time of night and it was very bright and it was almost like a cluster of light bulbs. Planes do not hover and helicopters are not quiet, I do know what those look like. It is definitely unexplainable and was not an airplane. We live in Mission and a couple nights before another couple of a friend were sitting on their deck (not drinking) and they saw in the same area something they could not explain either and they said it was like it was hovering but they explained it as having an orange hue and there was also 2 of them. Another friend then shared when she woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago and looked outside there was like a hue in the sky almost like you would see a sepia picture, not clear and a different color. Has anyone else in the Mission area seen anything they cannot explain but know it is not the Airshow etc?

UFO*BC Replies:

Thank you for your sighting report. Sounds mysterious. I have some questions to clarify some details about your sighting:

1. When you saw the first light, what direction was it travelling? What color was the light? When you say the light went up high, what angle was it from the horizon? (the horizon being 0 degrees and straight up being 90 degrees)

2. What color was the second light? When you say it seemed to be in your yard, did the light actually illuminate any or the area or was this simply a perception that it seemed nearby?

We have not had any other reports of this incident, but we often get reports of orange colored lights observed in the Mission and eastern Fraser Valley area. It is possible that some of these are "Chinese lanterns" (which are objects which are lighter than air, illuminated and heated by candles).  However, some of the observations seem to suggest behavior which cannot be accounted for by this explanation.

When you said that you were awakened by a loud noise sounding like a jet taking off, I immediately thought about the military aircraft which should be arriving for the weekend air show - although it would make more sense for a jet to be landing than taking off.

I also was wondering if this might be some sort of training for firefighting drops by Connair perhaps? Or the Canadian armed forces? Just some ideas. Also is there any possibility that the light which was dropped was a flare? You said it looked like a cluster of light bulbs. Does that mean you could see what seemed like more than one light source? Maybe you could ask your husband if he saw more detail through the binoculars? If either light was from an aircraft, he should have observed a red or blue navigation light unless the other light was so bright that it overpowered the light emitted by the nav lights.

The police helicopters that are used most frequently over the lower mainland have a bright red beacon on the tail rotor plus additional red and blue navigational lights. They also have bright searchlights but these have a narrow focus beam.

There are many helicopters which are powered by jet turbines and these can be quite loud. I have been awoken once by the sound of a Huey helicopter flying over my house in Surrey. It was very loud but it also sounded very much like a helicopter.

Anyways, thanks again for the sighting report. We'll be sure to let you know if we hear of any similar reports in the next few days.


Witness Replies:

Hello Gord,

1. The light was travelling East. The light was white. The angle would have been about 20 - 30 from the horizon.

2. The second light was white like but almost hazed or blurry so not bright. It did not illuminate the yard it seemed like it was close, like 200 feet away but I know it must have been further.

It was no aircraft that I have ever seen, no red or blue lights, just bright. I thought you might think it would have something to do with the Airshow but a plane does not hover back and forth.

My husband said when he was looking thru the binoculars the light that was hovering dropped something round and black from it. Before this neither of us noticed anything beside the large cluster of light and then after my husband said something dropped down there was a light beside it, the one that I said came closer to the house.

I have had many planes over my house before and the RCMP helicopter so I am aware of what the sound is like and this was not it. It was different than a plane and I am sure nothing from the Airshow would be that low and that late at night. The RCMP in Mission said they had no aircraft in the area when I called. After it had passed my house it was low like I said and it was quiet and I heard no other noise after that.

I have flown in airplanes and a helicopter before so I am familiar with the lighting and sounds. I cannot say anything but unexplainable and wish I had a good camera because it does sound crazy !

When looking thru the binoculars it was very bright and at times and I could see clusters of lights together. It was like 3d then it turned sideways and then it became more like one light. With just our eyes it was very bright and you could see it moving back and forth clearly. I cannot explain what it was but I know it was not like anything I have ever seen or experienced before.

One other thing the sky was so clear last night and the stars were beautiful but again this was not a star or aircraft.

Thanks for listening.

UFO*BC Replies:

Thank you very much for your reply. I hope you appreciate that we have to try our best to eliminate all possible conventional explanations.

I find your reports to be unexplainable. I should say that I have seen UFOs myself and I know that not all are explainable.

I hope you understand that all of our questions are specifically asked to try to rule out more conventional explanations. I wish I was there to see this also.

You didn't say why it was that you thought the second object was close by. I do find your comment interesting that it was like 3d then turned sideways.

Please let us know if you see anything more.


I agree that there should be no low traffic from Abbotsford over your house in Mission. Was the sound louder than anything you could remember? Do you ever hear jet takeoffs from Abbotsford?

11-Aug-2010, Mission, BC: (10:00 pm)

I was at home I was in my pool and I looked up at the sky I saw four triangular shaped ships with silver coloured bottoms they made no noise and went over top of my house 600 feet above me then disappeared.

11-Aug-2010, Powell River, BC: (10:40 pm)

My partner and I stargaze every single night in our backyard. This particular night we saw 2 bright lights flying from the West side by side. At first we thought them to be shooting stars but neither of them had a tail. Then we thought they were satellites, but as they flew over us, they starting weaving in and out of each other and behaving in almost a playful manner. It was clear they could move in any which direction they wanted. They made absolutely no noise and disappeared in the East.

14-Aug-2010, Victoria, BC: (2:30 am)

It was 2:30 in the morning, and I had gone out to my porch to have a smoke. I was looking up to a clear sky when I saw three white lights with a blinking light in the middle. I thought that it might be a plane but it was only flying about four hundred feet from me and where I live there are sea planes and they don't fly at that time of night. I tried to wake my wife but she did not wake up. I went back outside just in time to see it fly over my house. I did not get a picture of it but some one in Lake Cowichan wrote that he or she seen the same thing on a different day. Has anyone else on Vancouver island or in BC seen this type of thing before?

15-Aug-2010, Conkle Lake, BC: (10:00 pm)

I was camping at Conkle Lake with my girlfriend this summer, while I was in the tent taking off my contact lenses she started freaking out about this light she was seeing. So i quickly put them back in and went outside. It was gone by the time I was out, but we both stayed up staring at the sky to see if there would be more. Surely enough I saw one when she went to put her pajamas on. So I started freaking out too, and by the time she was back outside it had gone. So we stayed up later and two appeared. The first one she saw without me came from the north horizon and disappeared over the tree line (I won't describe what she described to me). The first one I saw came from the north and was moving quite quickly, faster than any satellite, it wasn't blinking like a plane and was doing short zig-zags at random. It came almost directly above the campsite and then sharply turned west and disappeared over the horizon. That's when I decided that there was no way it could be a satellite. The two we saw together took this same route. There was one leading and the one behind would play catch up, slowing down and speeding up. It was acting very playful. I saw one more before getting too freaked out and going to bed. It took this same south and then west route. They were only lights, about as bright as a dim star. They must have been very far, Conkle Lake has a high elevation and it was very clear out.

15-Aug-2010, Salmon Arm, BC: (11:00 pm)

My friend and I were walking back home from our night-time walk. We were walking up the hill and talking. Then my friend pointed out a light in the sky. At first, we thought it was an air-plane. We were both watching the object. It was extremely bright and blinking, it was a white color with a haze around it. It looked like it was heading in a straight line like a plane. It was moving to the left across the sky, then would stop and hover while blinking. Then the object started to jump up slightly and back down to where it started. The object continued to jump up and back down extremely fast. It continued to head left, still blinking. Then the object jumped back several metres between blinks and started to blink again. Then the object was moving in many directions going forward and up, and down, then hovering. The object went behind the trees for a brief moment then jumped back up into our sight again. It kept moving in various directions. It went up higher and then just vanished. My friend and I walked towards the area the object was; we couldn’t see the object anywhere in the sky. It was a clear night. There weren’t any clouds in the sky. The object was about twice the size of the stars, and much brighter. It was brighter than the street lights.

15-Aug-2010, Vancouver, BC: (about 11:30 pm)

N.E. Corner of W. 42nd & Quebec St, Aug. 2010. Approx. 11:30 pm
The corner of west 42nd ave. & Quebec is very dark and during the warm clear summer nights, the sky is bright.

I always look up, most too spot satellites. And things, and this particular night an object that at first I thought was a plane just stopped for maybe 3 seconds, then continued S.E. for another 5 seconds.

You know how when you hold a plate up and shine a flashlight under it & well you tip the front of the plate upwards the bottom flashes‚ and then turns dark. That's what this object did. Lifted its nose causing its belly to flash off the sun and then disappeared.

Planes don't do that, helicopters don't do that, and satellites don't stop then do that, weather balloons?. No.

16-Aug-2010, Richmond, BC: (4:25 am)

My brother and I saw a sighting near No. 3 Road and Granville. It was a dark clear night and we saw a white circle shape of sighting which was moving slowly in the sky. It suddenly moved fast after few seconds. My brother used his iphone to record that moment.

17-Aug-2010, Vancouver, BC: (around midnight)

It was about 12:00 a.m. [midnight Aug 17/18] and I was on my patio sitting having a cigarette. I looked up and saw an airplane flashing as it went by. Then as I kept looking I noticed a flicking light in the north slightly east. At first I thought it was a star but it would get brighter and change shapes. It would form a straight line with lights and then it would look triangular. I just saw the lights being one color, white. My son said that the colors were turning blue, green and red interchangeably. I believe him because I have horrible vision. Whatever it was it was far away. We sat and watched it for about half an hour. I went inside and came back out and it was still there about an hour later. By 2:23 I went out again and did not see anything. I was thinking maybe it was a satellite but I am not certain what one looks like? It was just very strange considering there were also 2 airplanes flying around.

18-Aug-2010, Pitt Meadows, BC: (10:25 pm)

Walked out back door onto ground level patio. Turned around looked up over house to night sky. At that moment I saw a long blue arc with an undefined orb near the center of it flash what looked like about 80 feet over my house although it was probably more directly over the street out front. Establishing coordinates for it is difficult. This was in a regular flight path for the local airport but this was definitely not a man-made craft or effect. I now know for certain, without ANY doubt, we aren't alone - and furthermore if I'm not mistaken, they're becoming more frequent & bold. No one can convince me that I did not witness what I saw. Whatever they are / it is, it's real. Now I know.

August 2010, Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge, BC: (between 10 pm and 3 am)

Over the past two weeks my brother, a few friends and I have been heading out to different locations away from the city (mostly pitt lake) to try to see some u.f.os. There's a theory that if you take a high powered laser pointer (don't point at planes as it is illegal) and shine it towards the night sky you are able to signal the u.f.o's. and get them to shine back at you. Sure enough the first night that I went out we were all laying on the ground watching the sky and a very bright light (probably as bright as jupiter) pops up in a random place in the sky and is strobing on and off and moving in one direction. At first I was thinking this is just one of those rare satellites which reflect the sun very brightly as it rotates. After watching it a few seconds it very abruptly stopped and changed directions. So when it started it was probably moving from south to north and when it stopped it started moving to the west. It was still strobing (very erratically) and it stopped once again and dimmed to the point where it was a tiny speck still visible and stood in one place for probably 10 seconds and at which point it started moving in a circle until vanishing finally. We saw this about 6 more times that night within two hours. I've gone back and been able to see the same object on about 4 different occasions. The last time there was a family looking at the stars with a telescope when we arrived and we convinced them to stay and watch and sure enough they saw the same thing we did. The trick is to let yourself have an open mind and bring only positive emotion as they are apparently sensitive to feelings. I haven't seen any direct evidence of the laser helping to signal them but if you have one then it doesn't hurt to try. Thanks for reading!

15-Aug-2010, Conkle Lake, BC: (10:00 pm)

I was camping at Conkle Lake with my girlfriend this summer, while I was in the tent taking off my contact lenses she started freaking out about this light she was seeing. So i quickly put them back in and went outside. It was gone by the time I was out, but we both stayed up staring at the sky to see if there would be more. Surely enough I saw one when she went to put her pajamas on. So I started freaking out too, and by the time she was back outside It had gone. So we stayed up later and two appeared. The first one she saw without me came from the north horizon and disappeared over the tree line (I won't describe what she described to me). The first one I saw came from the north and was moving quite quickly, faster than any satellite, it wasn't blinking like a plane and was doing short zig-zags at random. It came almost directly above the campsite and then sharply turned west and disappeared over the horizon. That's when I decided that there was no way it could be a satellite. The two we saw together took this same route. There was one leading and the one behind would play catch up, slowing down and speeding up. It was acting very playful. I saw one more before getting too freaked out and going to bed. It took this same south and then west route. They were only lights, about as bright as a dim star. They must have been very far, Conkle lake has a high elevation and it was very clear out.

15-Aug-2010, Vancouver, BC: (about 11:30 pm)

N.E. Corner of W. 42nd & Quebec St, Aug. 2010. Approx. 11:30 pm
The corner of west 42nd ave. & Quebec is very dark and during the warm clear summer nights, the sky is bright.

I always look up, most too spot satellites. And things, and this particular night an object that at first I thought was a plane just stopped for maybe 3 seconds, then continued S.E. for another 5 seconds.

You know how when you hold a plate up and shine a flashlight under it & well you tip the front of the plate upwards the bottom flashes‚ and then turns dark. That's what this object did. Lifted its nose causing its belly to flash off the sun and then disappeared.

Planes don't do that, helicopters don't do that, and satellites don't stop then do that, weather balloons?. No.

25-Aug-2010, Mission, BC: (10:00 pm)

We just recently moved into our house here in Mission BC. We had a couple of friends over for a bbq that night as well. I went for a walk with my 4 year old daughter - it was a clear, calm, warm dark night. Coming back from the walk we were wallkin back up our driveway and  I looked up into the sky cause I thought I heard an airplane.....

So I looked up and saw a couple of red lights then looked down ...Then I clued in that it wasn't no plane... What I saw was three red lights in a triangular pattern ...So I looked even closer and saw where the two trailing red lights were I saw flat corners ...Then I saw the pattern of it...A Triangle with a red light at each corner with the back two corners snipped off as I would decribe it. It was slowly moving toward Abbotsford and while moving it made this quiet hum...it manuverd around the trees with a quik turn. It was the size of a baseball field and it was so low to the ground that i felt that if i was just 20 feet taller i could touch it.

This was the weirdest thing i ever saw in the sky and the hum and the shape with the lights...While i was in the driveway i was screamin at my friends to look but there is a roof on our deck so i can see them scrambing to look when it was right above their heads ...just if the roof wasnt there they could take a stick and hit the bottom of the craft. My daughter saw it...and i asked her to even draw it for me...it was amazing. My friends saw the lights and the back end of the crafts we all discussed it and realized it was a UFO sighting...Still can get that hum outta my head

27-Aug-2010, Saanichton, BC: (9:30 pm)

At 21:30 pm on the 27th of August 2010 I was saying good bye to a friend outside my house on an almost clear night. I am an amateur astronomer and a pilot so I don't get fooled easily. Suddenly I noticed a bright star just to the west of the Big Dipper's bowl. I though it strange because I could not identify it. I mentioned it to my friend and he confirmed the object. I watched it for about 10 seconds when it suddenly blinked out. It was as bright as Venus in magnitude and it did not move (eliminating a satellite or tumbling object like a booster rocket and an aircraft). About 10 seconds later it (or another?) star object appeared just to the left of the Big Dipper's bowl. It did not move or show any flashing light. It glowed like Venus for about 10 seconds and then blinked out. We discussed the object and I tried to come up with logical explanations. I could not. About 15 minutes later my cousin and I went out to his car to retrieve his phone. I mentioned the object(s) I saw earlier and pointed to the spot in the sky. Suddenly another star appeared just to the left and below Mars which happened to be in the Western sky. It again was as bright as Venus and did not move. It appeared for about another 10 seconds and suddenly blinked out.

30-Aug-2010, Maple Ridge, BC: (8 pm)

My son and I were outside last evening preparing dinner on the BBQ, when we witnessed a very bright white light heading in an Easterly direction. The object was flying relatively slowly and appeared traveling at fairly low altitude. There were no other coloured light beacons as seen on a typical aircraft, and it was completely silent. My home is very near the Golden Ears Provincial Park where we do have frequent air traffic, however, We're confident this wasn't a plane. We watched it for approximately 2 minutes before we lost sight of the object. Shortly after it had passed, a smaller aircraft flew over-head heading West in a parallel flight path, so I'm curious if any pilot(s) had reported a similar sighting last night in the Maple Ridge area. (possibly a pilot from the Pitt Meadows airport)

It's unfortunate we didn't have a camera at the time, however, it was too dark to determine a definitive shape, however, it was the intensity of the white light and the fact that it was completely silent that motivated my son and I to search for posted sightings today.

1-Sep-2010, Tofino, BC: (11:15 pm)

4 of us were sitting around the campfire at our site. My friend and his wife, as well my wife and I.

My wife says, "What is that?". She had seen it come in to the area above the trees. We all look south to see this diamond shape, orange/red thing in the sky above the trees to the south of us. It wasnt a hard diamond shape, rather slightly curved inward sides. Also it wasn't detailed in any way, but a bit hazy. The trees are quite large in this campground, and as we watched this object it was about 4" above the tree line if you held your hand out to look at it, and about an 1.5" in size. We watched it for about a minute, all questioning each other what is it?

At first my wife thought it was a plane on fire coming towards us. We watched it move around in an 8" area if you hold your arms up. It seemed to slightly move around as it moved up and down and side to side slowly, within about an 8" box as you held your hands out. There was no noise. The trees in front of us were about 30' away and about 75' tall at least, so we were looking up not out in a distance. We watched this object float around for about a minute and a half, then appear to take off in a 45 deg angle away from us. We watched it get smaller and smaller, so that's why it appeared to be leaving. I watched hard on the spot as it left and could see it turn to a faint flicker and disappear.

At that point we all looked at each other, "What the hell?". "It wasn't an airplane, it wasn't a satellite, it wasn't a helicopter, it wasn't a flare by the way it moved around up there, it wasn't a balloon, by the way it suddenly disappeared, it wasn't a shooting star because it floated around in 1 spot then took off." We questioned each other with out an answer. At that point my buddy and I said I wonder if our friends saw it that were sitting near their campfire south of us about 150' away. My wife and the other wife stayed back because our son was sleeping in the camper, and me and my friend walked off to see our friends at their site. We got there and asked if they had seen it, they said yes. My cousin  was at the other fire, I asked him what it was. He said he saw it come from the ocean to the west of us and then stop above us, floating around while we watched it. I said what was it? He said someone probably fired it from a ship, probably something you see someone build on you tube or something. He he didn't think it was a flare, rather someone sending something to trick people into the sky. He said maybe a rc plane or helicopter, or a ballon. I said no way, I fly rc planes and know how they move, not to mention the noise. A balloon, i say no way it wouldnt float into the area like that then move back and forth and vibrate like that not to mention the shape and it was glowing orange red. So we all concluded "What the hell whas that?"

Back at camp, my wife had taken a picture with her iphone, crappy camera on it, it was a glowing orange red shape, small in the picture, we zoomed in to the shape on the phone, and it looked like the shape of the letter C. Iphone cameras suck, my eyes are better and that shape was not what we saw, so I consider it a crappy picture.

That's our story, we all still dont know what it was, my cousin is still debunking what we saw as a hoax or something, I believe we saw something, I have never seen before and can't explain it.

Im not a UFO believer, but a skeptic, for how big the universe is, anything is possible. Also who knows, maybe supernatural. Waiting to be proven real one day.

I searched on the net for pictures of ufos that people have seen, and it kinda reminds me of an orb that people say they see, I would put what we saw at about 200 to 300' in the sky, and about an 1 to 1.5" in size if you held your hand out to measure it.


3-Sep-2010, Harrison Hot Springs/Agassiz, BC: (9:15 pm)

Two people, at 9:15pm, observed an orange-ish looking orb streaking across sky from north east to south west, at first thought it was a meteor or comet but had no tail. The orb then started to waver and almost go into a lazy zigzag flight, then made a almost 90 degree turn to the right flying up over Mt. Woodside and into the clouds. Two seconds later the orb came back out of the cloud at us and continued to waver then again turned right and flew away along almost its original path to the south west but not flying in a straight path more of a random flight. As we talked about what we had seen, another co-worker came out to see what we were shouting about, we told him and as we were scanning the skies, the orb came back towards us from the Agassiz area, super fast and wavering again, then as it got right above all of us, it turned right (east) again and flew off over Bear Mountain to the east and was gone. Object moved very fast and produced no sound at all. About an hour later I was watching the stars again at home in Agassiz and I saw the same looking orb streaking across the sky, in a east to west path, doing its lazy zigzag, but still moving very fast and disappeared into the clouds. This was at about 10:30-10:45pm. I observed the orb once more at about 11:30 and it did a long curved path across the sky from a south east to west across the skies. I watched till 1am for it to reappear again but no luck. I am a very interested to know if any one else seen something similar. I am an avid star watcher and have seen many strange things before but nothing quite like this observation, as it happened a few times, in separate areas and was able to track its path and watch it.

3-Sep-2010 to 8-Sep-2010, Mission, BC:

Greenish orb or probe was first seen the night of Sep 03, 2010 around 11:00 pm. Caught on video the next night on Sep 04, 2010 at about 9:04 pm traveling east each time. on Sep 05 also was sighted at 9:00 pm and tried to get it on video as it popped out above the clouds and then vanished. Then 06 an 07 was cloud over and on 08 I spotted it traveling in a south eastern direction as it went behind clouds before getting video cam on it. so I do have videos of the object at my yt channel


4-Sep-2010, Parksville, BC: (9:45 pm)

On the night of Saturday, September 4, which was an extremely clear and cloudless night, a friend and I decided to kick back in a couple of zero gravity chairs on the patio behind another friend's house on the bluff in Parksville to skywatch over the Strait and mainland mountains. There was no moon and the sky was amazing. Over the course of an hour or so we spotted what we assumed were several satellites - high up, not flashing, and moving in a straight line across the sky. Then, around 9:45, a very bright, round white light came across the sky directly above us from south-west to north-east. We couldn't tell the height, but it was much lower than the satellites we'd been seeing. It was not flashing and made no noise that we could hear. At first we just assumed it was something explainable (some sort of plane with a really big round light - even though it wasn't flashing?), except that, as we continued to watch, it simply ... disappeared. There were absolutely no clouds that night and there was nothing it could have flown behind. It didn't dwindle or fade gradually into the distance (it hadn't travelled that far away from us to fade into the distance), it just vanished. Reading here about other similar sightings in BC in the last couple of months I have to think we witnessed the same thing as others have seen. Either way, it was pretty weird.

4-Sep-2010, Langley, BC: (11 pm)

Last evening while observing the southern sky my girlfriend and I observed an object which at first I thought was a twinkling star about 20 degrees above the horizon. I'm an avid sky watcher and private pilot. I'm quite familiar with aircraft as well as what stars should be in the sky. I understand that stars do that when they're close to the horizon. But this was unusually bright for a star (at least magnitude 2) so I took the binoculars to it and saw a round shape with a steady slow pulsating green, blue and and orange color. The object was stationary for at least 2 minutes. We had the binoculars on it almost the entire time until the light dimmed to black and the object vanished right in the field of view. I thought that perhaps it may have been one of these remote control helicopters with bright lights. This object appeared to be at least 1000 feet in the air probably more. The airport is nearby but air traffic is very slow at that time of night and I'll restate that the object was totally stationary. It didn't move at all. And the light went off slowly. Maybe 2 seconds or so to dim completely. They didn't go out abruptly like they would If someone just turned the navigation lights off. The colors too were not totally distinguishable. They were sort of pulsating slowly and mixed together. So that one color was not in the same place all the time. That was actually the only motion this object displayed. I checked the sightings today but didn't see any local reports other than the one in Harrison Hot Springs on the same day. What do you guys think? I look forward to hearing back from you.

5-Sep-2010, Mission, BC: (8:30 pm)

Hi I was dropping my gf home coming back from a dinner (no booze). She got out of the car and was heading in when she said to me here look up. I got out of my car and looked and what I had seen I can't quite identify. At first I thought it was a helium balloon because it was orange and looked like it was drifting upwards but it was dark and I don't think it could have been up that high. Then I thought maybe a meteor on fire but it was large and going up slowly. It then disappeared and I couldn't' relocate it.

The only way I can explain it is something with an engine oddly shaped. I seriously couldn't make it out. The time I got my cell phone out and took a picture it was too high up and looks like a dot. I'm really not sure what it was but it was going up, was orange and my first thought was a helium balloon and not sure why.

5-Sep-2010, Kelowna, BC: (after 11 pm)

Hi my name is David Xxxxxx and 2 weeks ago while on a late night walk with wife and mother we had a UFO pass right over us. We live on a mountain top in Kelowna. We are in a flight path and see many planes every day. This was not an aircraft. It was pitch black no street lights after 11pm. A shooting star shot across the sky right to left. Not that uncommon given our location, very dark. As suddenly as the meteor shot out of sight a massive white light appeared from nowhere to our left at about 3000 feet. It was 1 solid light, at 2500 feet it appeared larger than a street light. We couldn't make out if it was only a light or was attached to a craft. It moved slowly and had no sound. For its size what ever it was attached to should have fallen from the sky as it was moving so slowly. The sky was 100% clear. It traveled in front of us across the sky for about 10 seconds and then simply vanished. It went off as if something closed evenly around the light over 1 second. I can give you the exact date if you would like but I am writing this and my wife is a sleep. I am 45 years old and have traveled by plane many many times, I observe planes every day from my home. This was not an aircraft.

Kind Regards, David Xxxxxx

18-Sep-2010, Pitt Meadows, BC:

Hi there,

I'm in Pitt Meadows, just east of vancouver BC. On sept 18th 2010 we had a mass sighting here. I have over 12 minutes video footage and several still photos. There are over 20 witnesses. We witnessed (over 40 mins) 4 different orange orbs, some in formation, some singles. No discernable fuselage or aircraft body, just a perfect ball of energy. These objects came directly to us and hovered overhead for 5 Mins, before shooting up, and a few mintues later another returned - same flight path - and also hovered above @ 500 feet - this continued for 40 mins!! These were around 500 feet off the ground and in airport airspace.


I got a mysterious call from the airport (1/4 Km away), the voice on the phone saying "let me tell you what you saw" ....

PLEASE PLEASE someone contact me - i have excellent footage, several witnesses + photos from more than one camera source. I'm beginning to think (no offense) that mufon / ufobc are mis-information organizations, as it's been two weeks and no response from either. The police didn't care. The gov't didn't care, the CAF laughed. The newspapers werent interested, nor the local news. These craft were in airport airspace for 40 mins!!! Does anyone take this stuff seriously???

I have some serious footage here folks.


UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Paul

We would certainly be interested.

Can you provide more details? We'll drop you a line tomorrow evening.


PS This is the first time we have heard from you ...

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Paul and Richard,

I also checked my email and cannot find an email from Paul reporting his sighting from Sept. 18th.

We did have a few sighting reports about that time though, for events occuring late August and early September. One from a mountain top in Kelowna and another from the Nanaimo area reporting a basketball sized yellow orb.

Let us know if you get a chance to view the video footage Richard.


30-Sep-2010, Nanaimo, BC: (11:19 pm)

Sitting on my balcony having a cigarette looking at the sky as usual. The past 2 days I had seen weird things so I made sure I paid attention. First night, I only saw a light out of the corner of my eye, it was weird but I shrugged it off. Second night looking in the same spot, I see something fly over my house which I thought was a shooting star so I followed it while wishing on it, it was so quick, slowed down zigged left, right, left then gone, disappeared like nothing. Was NOT a shooting star, too bright and high to be a bat, bird or bug. Then tonight....smoking a cig, looking in the same spot I see 4 red lights in a line (we have planes flying overhead at all times they have 2  flashing red lights and white) this was 4 solid red/orange (holding my arm away from my body it was about an inch which a normal plane is a few cm) it flew 45 degree angle from my roof, the lights stayed in a straight (almost vertical) line till it got further away, they then tilted to horizontal all lights blended flew in an arch then vanished almost faded out like flying farther away. This moved way faster then anything I've seen, there was no noise whatsoever. Even when planes are so far away from my house I can still hear them in the sky. This was silent. Super clear night, not a cloud in the sky. It was so real I couldn't move.

Fall 2010, Ashcroft, BC: (11:00 pm)

Wife and I were taking our evening walk at around 11:00 pm when I noticed a round object coming towards us in the sky. It went over us and headed over the mountains. It was the size of a football field that we could judge from the height it was over us. The center was filled with blueish green lights and the outer surrounding area was illuminated with very bright lights. The amazing thing about this object was that it was very silent. Not a sound came from it as it passed over our heads and continued onward over the mountains. It was an amazing sight to see. We just stood in amazement and watched it go past us. It was definately NO airplane or anything from this day and age. We have seen several UFOs in the skies overhead in this area in the past year .

Sep/Oct 2010, Merritt, BC:

This account isn't scary abnormal - just weird.

I was out on my balcony in Merritt B.C. just having a quick smoke with my boyfriend. I was just looking out at stars and saw a super bright triangular shape that hung in the sky. I showed my b/f he was completely indifferent and we counted it as weird. I went out again later it was still there and so I figured that it was satellites.

The next night it has shifted over to the left of the sky, and it began to weird me out - it was so incredibly bright and triangular there is no way it was satellites, which move faster or a plane which would actually move.

By the 3rd night it was gone and I havent seen it since. It has left a permanent "strange feeling" where I very well consider it to be a UFO sighting, there is no other manmade or historical fact to compare it to.

1-Oct-2010, Burnaby, BC: (10:23 pm)

Saw cloud bottoms lit up pale luminous turquiose/green. Both James and I watching, a thin column of cloud (?) bubbling/streaming straight up behind cloud like it was thrusting out of a point in the sky (hard to describe but steaming like a flare?). Turquoise green areas brightened upwards clouds as bottom grew dimmer. Then a sort of search light effect with a ball shape expanding out, contracting fast, a wave of light (strobe-like) from left to right over ball shape, instantly gone. (like a magician waving hand past an object as it 'disappears.')


6-Oct-2010, Sooke, BC: (8:30 pm)


I am 14 years old and I have always been looking out for UFOs when I'm out and about.

Last night I was saying bye to my friend when i looked over my shoulder.

What I believed to be a plane, after watching it for a few seconds i realized it obviously wasn't. What i saw was a orb that was hovering in place, it was changing colors quite rapidly from green to blue, red and white. I ran inside with my friend to get my camera, when I came back outside the object had not moved single bit!

I ended up shooting five short clips of the object before running out of camera battery.

We watched the object for about five to ten minutes before my friend had to go.

After he left I watched it for about five more minutes, it still had not moved from its original place. I gave up and went inside, but I had to go back and check.

I went outside to where i first saw the orb and it was gone, i looked around the sky from different angles. It was gone!

I do have video evidence.


6-Oct-2010, Abbotsford, BC: (midnight)

This is driving us crazy, and I don't know who to ask. Local newspaper leaves the office at 5. We have twice seen a bright light that barely moves far too slow for a plane, far too fast for a star ˆ can take 2-3 hours to work its way out of our view overhead. I watch with good spotting scope and see 3-4 outlying tiny lights (at different distances from main light) that are not visible by naked eye. They never change in relation to main light.

Also, last night we saw at least four different lights that appeared stationery but slightly blinking, unlike a star, and when viewed with the scope there is some red colour visible that you don't see with a star. Abbotsford has an airport - can I call them? Who do I ask for? This is really puzzling.

I am positive about the big, slow-moving light, and don't know how it could be a balloon. But how can it be a UFO, if these things are so common ... and no one seems rattled except me? I'm pissed that I can't shoot pix through my scope.

We've seen the big light creep across the sky on two occasions (coming toward us from US side of valley), and the configuration of "attached," smaller lights was different each time. I suspect we could see these things more often, but we only occasionally notice. Now I am going to look each night.

14-Oct-2010, Nanaimo, BC: (8-8:30 PM)

bright light over port alberni area, east of nanaimo.  Object looked like bright star but then moved slowly towards nanaimo, stopped, then lights flashed colours, then red light appeared to its left which I thought ok its an aircraft, but then red light zoomed off.  Small plane flew close to area but lights went out, then back on after aircraft was farther south.  Moved around that area for about half an hour before I lost sight of it.  Please email me if anyone got a better look at this.

16-Oct-2010, Duncan, BC: (6 - 8 am)

Something weird happened at 6.45-6.50AM. I was enjoying a cup of tea in my living room when I saw a bright red flashing light that looked like an airplane at first coming from Victoria towards Vancouver. It was going much faster than average and it slowed right down above Salt Spring. The flash was always the same but it hovered over Salt Spring for a few seconds and all lights disappeared. A darker spot in the sky appeared like a black smoke. Interestingly, this was at night and yet, this kind of smoky haze replaced the light in that particular spot.

At dawn, the sky was perfectly blue over Salt Spring and something brighter than a cloud in a line shape and that looked like a contrail was located in the same spot where my UFO vanished at 6.50AM. I told my wife but then a thick fog filled the whole sky. Just before 9 AM while waiting for the fog to dissipate, I saw something bright again exactly in the same spot located on the same 45 degree angle looking down on the right. My wife saw it too when she got up out of bed and again it was in the same position as before the fog, which was 8AM. I went to pick up the binoculars and went outside. It was still there. Suddenly, the UFO went down towards the left behind Salt Spring and vanished out of sight slowly where the cloud formation was still lingering at the bottom behind Salt Spring. That was freaky. It looks like this UFO stayed there for more than 2 hours!! Could it still be a contrail despite the length of time and the events occurring around the same place for 2 hours?

16-Oct-2010, Abbotsford, BC: (7:32 pm)

V-shaped UFO (Looking East over Rookie Mountains). Could be meteorite or something else explainable? I really wish to know! Looked like burning and falling.

You can see the photos of the object:


UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for your report. Excellent photographs by the way!

I believe that the V-shape you see is just the quickly dissipating contrail of a plane heading away from you (eastwards). Planes of different size, shape and engine configuration will give you slightly different contrails. The time of day (just before sunrise), the calm weather conditions (minimum dispersion) and the fact that the plane is heading away from you, all contribute to a very dramatic V-shape.

For your information, the mountains east of Abbotsford are the Cascade Mountains.

Dave Pengilly, UFO*BC

Witness Responds: (1-Nov-2010)

Thank you for your response! I am sorry I did not give you more details at the first time, here it is: I still have doubts about contrail segments.

My husband and I live in Abbotsford in apartment with a beautiful view over East (Sumas and Cascade Mountains) and Mount Baker. It was more than a week ago in early morning on 16 Oct, 2010. We woke up early that morning because my husband had planned trip. It was Saturday I was not rushing for work. I made my coffee and like usual sat on the sofa with my laptop, read some news, did a bit of work in my own culinary BlogSpot.

The skies above Abbotsford, British Columbia are common pathways for many airplanes and I’ve seen many of those flying over. Somehow the scenery I observed that morning was rather different than the usual.

At some time I’ve lost internet connection, it should have been around 7:26 AM. I did restart my computer and while waiting for it I looked out of the window. Here is the place I would like to mention that observing the sunrises over the Mountains is my favorite part of the day. I have many nice photos of those sunrises and my camera is always around. At this time I noticed something very bright in the sky. The weather was mostly clear with a few clouds. At first I thought “It is airplane with contrail segments and the light from rising sun gives its brightness to this reflection”.  It was moving very slowly and it was brighter than any other similar reflections. It looked like approaching, almost hovering at one place. I don’t have binoculars and some times I use my camera’s zoom option to see objects closer. I’ve noticed the “V” shaped form and the slow speed of this object. I took 19 photos until the object “dived” behind the rim. This object did not change its shape except it seems like it turns counter clockwise on its axis and looked more like “U” and has a complex trajectory.

Best Regards!

21-Oct-2010, Cowichan, BC: (around 10 pm)

I saw a plane go by i was certain of it. Seconds after the plane passed up in the trees i saw a ufo go at a remarkable speed in the opposite direction of the plane, like it was following this plane and was spotted maybe and went in turbo mode back to me. The distance was hard to see, but it came to a full stop, it appeared as if it opened a portal! It looked like a worm hole or the flash of light you see behind the enterprise at the beginning credits of star trek next generation. The enterprise goes into warp speed sorta near the end of the theme song and picards speech. The star like flash behind the enterprise an she warps. It kind of looked like a flash and star combined. Ok back to this real life thing. The flash/star was in front of the ufo, an oval blue-ish silver type disk shaped one, and it went into it. The portal/star flash closed! Shining an almost camera flash bright, fast yet blue. The UFO was completely gone. I was freaked out, ( to say the least!!) I ran inside shakin, told my wife, she just went in just b4 the incident. Man i wish she stayed outside 5 more minutes. I ran to my dad upstairs (I came in my downstairs door. Ran him to the kitchen door upstairs flung open the door, and pointed the exact spot in the back yard i saw it, and explained it to my dad which i would never do If it wasn't true! I said im fuckin shakin i waited an looked at the stars for 32 odd years as i am 32 now. I finally saw something. Something im sure was real as i was 100% straight, no booze, no drugs, no anything. I have been clean of everything bad for years. I can tell u i am on valium now tho. my father believed me, an said my grandfather saw 3 UFO's on a plane in the 50's ufos circling his plane, i believe commercial flight, my wife finally came around!! i said my god i wish you stayed 5 more mins. She was in a bad mood that night and i made a joke saying hey (anonomous) that is my wife." A ufo!!  haha! " as the plane went by, she stormed in and said shut up ! 2 mins later that ship appeared! (how IRONIC) .

She came around to believe me when she saw my eyes and my scared excitment shaking. How ironic to make a joke of the first plane going by as a ufo to piss her off, due to her fear of ever seeing that sort of thing. (she is afraid of things like ufo's) I said "Hey hun, a ufo", refering to the plane, then i said "No, just a plane. It's blinking, it's obviously a plane." I know the difference between planes, helicopters, and a dam ufo goin home above my tree line. I watched UFO true stories and reports of ufo's following small planes i saw this after seeing what i believe a ufo following a small plane, maybe being spotted by the plane and warped back my way and home. That is the only reason i am reporting this the whole ufo's following small planes and im almost sure that was what it was doing. I hope this makes sense its hard to explain. I wish i could find that plane's pilot and see if he was from nanaimo airport or victoria or somewhere like that. had weird readings if any maybe no more then 3 months ago . hard to guess the time frame. ps i ran into my wife first and said "holy shit i really did see a ufo after my joke she thought i was bullshitting until i ran up to my dad. i am normal , sane and very intelligent - not crazy. i only wish i could find that plane's pilot if he even saw it following him, or had any strange readings if those small planes carry equipment i would suppose it would appear on its radar. i still look at the sky took a bit tho least a week to pop out there and i wouldn't go alone . Now i almost want to see it again and have people as extra proof its always a bonus to one's story if 30 are there!! much easier to prove  then just me for believeablity, but as a father, and a good man i am 100% being truthful thank you if u read this or call me if u live in the duncan or vancouver island area leave a message saying i read your story i wanna talk 250 -510 -0445 ask for scott the answering machine will say acetech computers i own my own company thanks for ur time. oh  look how fast our technology moves , look at every star you see, how do u not know that every star could not  be a potential sun for a whole galaxy of planets maybe ones with the right characteristics of earth,,, covered with life.... maybe a few with ones far older then ours could be one millions of years of technology ahead of ours . Can get here, but we are not able to achieve that yet , portals to enter far far reaches of other galaxys in seconds/hours, maybe in the portal and an hour home for the UFO. unknown to mankind  thanks i know confusing i did my best. if u maybe saw something similar call me or if ur a pilot no later then 4 months id say tops who had weird radar readings above north cowichan duncanish area call, maybe compare notes, not fireworks either i have thought long and hard on this maybe it was a military plane it was following from victoria i think theres a base there . not sure on if they have fighter jets there or planes i know nanaimo has a flight school and a small airport tho.

Scott (now im done}

21-Oct-2010, Pitt Meadows, BC: (11:00 pm)

Bright star outside - I went out to have a puff.  As I'm watching the star do  zig-zags, then stop, then circles and then came to a complete halt.

I own a laser pointer.  I stuck fresh batteries in it, turned it on and projected it into the heavens.  I made the laser go back and forth, back and forth.  Well, it did the same.  This was about 10 minutes ago.  It was following my movements.  The UFO is still sitting there probably waiting for me to do something else.

The planes that fly into YVR are in the path so I have to be careful not to obstruct their view.  I can't believe this is happening - it's not the first time they've hovered over this area - I also have a photo of 2 "ufos" in broad daylight.  They look like a pinprick in the blue sky until you magnify and have a good look.  They look like a pinkish hue.

I'm going back outside  - and I'm abit scared to point the laser up towards them again....see if they'll do circles... OMG

31-Oct-2010, Vancouver, BC: (about 8:25 pm)

There were nine of us - six adults and three kids, we were trick or treating near 13th Avenue and Victoria, Vancouver. We watched an orange light move from east to west at a steady pace. We couldn't guess its altitude. It seemed to have some mass (wasn't just a pinprick light, it was round) and moved too quickly for either a plane or a helicopter. It was also totally silent. At first we thought it might have come from a firework, except that it maintained its course and speed until it was eventually too distant to see. We watched for probably half a minute. It covered a lot of distance in that time. Six rational adults agreed that it was very unusual. We have a picture (not great). We'd LOVE to know if there are other reports.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the sighting report. As with all sightings we ask if you can fill in any of the following details (although you may have already told us, just for completeness, please re-state your thoughts):

  1. Date:
  2. Time of Day (as exact as possible):
  3. Location of Witness:
  4. Object apparent Altitude:
  5. Object apparent Size (what object held at arm's length would be needed to perfectly cover the object - a dime is big enough to cover a full moon if held at arm's length):
  6. Object apparent Shape:
  7. Direction of Travel:
  8. Speed of Travel:
  9. Duration of Sighting:
  10. Anything else?:

Richard T.


Witness Responds:

Hi Richard, answers below --

We're very interested to know if anybody else saw this. We were in a crowd of fairly skeptical adults, and we all agreed that there wasn't an obviousexplanation for what we saw.

Date: October 31, 2010

Time of Day (as exact as possible): 8:20 pm

Location of Witness: NW corner of 13th Ave and Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC

Object apparent Altitude: impossible to say. Either very high, quite big, and moving extremely fast, or low and moving at a pretty impressive clip.

Object apparent Size (what object held at arm's length would be needed to perfectly cover the object - a dime is big enough to cover a full moon if held at arm's length): a small rhinestone

Object apparent Shape: round

Direction of Travel: directly east to west

Speed of Travel: fast enough to appear in the east over rooftops, and disappear into the west (becoming too far away to see) in the space of about 30 seconds

Duration of Sighting: roughly 30 or 40 seconds

Anything else?: It was a very bright orange colour, the light source was constant, and so was its trajectory and speed. If it had fallen or the light had extinguished, I would have thought maybe a lantern, albeit a very bright lantern,  or a piece of firework that somehow moved horizontally for a while. Or perhaps a big meteor (which I've seen before). But it stayed at the same altitude and moved steadily in a straight line the entire time. Eventually it just disappeared into the gloom (there was a lot of smoke from fireworks). It was silent.


2-Nov-2010, Bowen Island, BC:

Back in November of 2010 my mother and I witnessed some very strange lights over our house on Bowen Island in Howe Sound. We are on the west side of the island, so the side facing Keats Island and the Sunshine Coast. We had occasionally seen odd things in the sky at night, but before this experience we always dismissed them as boats or planes. On the night of Nov 2nd I woke up around 4 in the morning to an extremely powerful pulsating beam of light glaring through the blinds into my room. It had a steady rhythm to it of on and off about every two seconds, and was so bright I could have easily read a book by it. My first thought upon waking was that it was a emergency vehicle of some sort like an ambulance or something, but then I was struck by the lack of any noise whatsoever and by the sheer brightness of the light. By this point I was spooked and it took a few good seconds for me to work up the courage to go to the window and look through the blinds. Just as I got up to the window however and pulled up the blinds, the light stopped. The next morning I told my mother all about it. She thought I must have seen either a car or an emergency vehicle of some sort, but she could not explain the lack of any sound. The next night my mother on her way back from the bathroom saw the same light, but this time she saw it directly out her clear window on the neighbors house. She said it was a very bright circular beam of white light that did not blink this time but shine steadily on the neighbors house, then moved on to the next house before disappearing. The beam was coming from above and again it was dead silent. My family are rational, educated people that have seen many things and are not easily spooked (father was in the army, and both my mother and father are avid outdoorsmen). We have spent hours trying to come up with logical explanations, but we are still completely baffled by those very bright silent lights.

Thought I would share this story with everyone else on this great site!

9-Nov-2010, Surrey, BC: (9:30 pm)

Driving west on 64th Avenue (near King George Highway) I noticed a green and red light in my view about 200 yards away. It was raining out and the lights were moving  southeast towards the surrey court house. I stopped the car on 64th Avenue and got out for a look. I stared for a while trying to decide what I was seeing. The lights were like large traffic lights. One green and one red. The red one was flashing like a heart beat. The object slowly flew directly over top of me by about 100 yards and never made a sound. As it passed over top of me I noticed a white light. All three lights formed a triangle. I watched the object fly towards the court house then turned slowly and flew towards Guildford using the 152nd corridor. I mentioned this to my family and my aunt said she saw the same thing 20 yrs previous at the same location. I watched the object for about 10 minutes.

10-Nov-2010, Port Coquitlam, BC: (5:00 am)

My GF and I have seen 3 UFO's on nov 10th 2010 at 5:00am. My girlfriend and I are night hawks - always up. We were on the balcony and both just looking forward. I noticed something in the sky. Just a light flash around. I looked to my gf and said, "Did you see something out there?" She said, "Yes". I put my glasses on, grabbed the binoculars and then another came up. Starts off as a bright looking star moving to the west changing the brightness of the light, then it just leaves earts. You can tell. Very very fast. When I was getting my glasses my GF says she saw another one. She saw three that night, I saw two. Roughly the begining of october we saw something similar. It's not the first time we have seen these ufos.

10-Nov-2010, Langley, BC: (4:00 pm)

I was driving home from work on 56th ave through Langley.  Driving past the highschool and the airport it's normal to see low flying planes coming in for landing.  As a couple of cesna's came in for a landing I noticed a group of fighter jets flying in formation heading north.  I counted 7 of them and thought, gee that's something you don't see everyday.  Then I looked north out on the horizon, there was a bright light in the sky just over the mountains.  It was still light out and the sky was clear blue.  The light looked like a really bright start, but I thought it was weird that I could see a star so clearly in the day time.  I also thought it was weird the jets were flying in a path towards this strange bright light.  As I kept driving, I'd look over occasionally to keep an eye on the light. It stayed there for about 10 minutes, until I was just about to get onto the Hwy #! East on ramp at 264th, which is when I saw the same light streak off and disapear from view.

Just wondering if anyone else saw the same thing as it was a crystal clear day.

UFO*BC Replies:

Thanks for the sighting report.
I was wondering if you could describe the fighter jets in greater detail.
Were these possibly CF-18s?
If they were CF-18s, it would be very unusual I believe to see that many in this area and all together, unless they were possibly practicing for the Remembrance Day Ceremonies flyover. There usually is some sort of a flyover but I can't remember ever seeing CF-18s involved in local Remembrance Day ceremonies.
There are quite often other older propellar driven fighter aircraft involved in the ceremonies such as the World War II era Harvards:
I've seen another model in last years ceremonies, but I can't remember what they were.
Regarding the light:
1) What angle above the horizon? (0 degrees is at horizon, 90 degrees is straight up")
2) Did it seem to remain stationary in sky during the 10 minutes observation?
3) When it streaked off, what direction did it travel? how fast did it travel?
4) What color was the light?
You may receive email from other persons from UFOBC asking clarification on other details.
Gord, UFO*BC

December 2010, Rosedale, BC:

I'd like to share a sighting my wife and I experienced driving through Rosedale BC in December of 2010. I continue to think about it to this day.

"One day, late in the afternoon and approaching dusk during the week before Xmas 2010,  while driving from our home in Chilliwack BC Canada to the feed and hardware store in Rosedale BC. My wife & I witnessed a strange stationary object jutting downward from the bottom of an overcast cloud ceiling (approx 3000 - 4000 ft above ground.), the object pitched at about a 30 degree angle downward from the bottom of the cloud cover. The object was solid black and wedge shaped (triangular). At first I thought it was a strange helicopter but as we drew nearer I slowed and noticed a thin orange flame curling upward near the pointed end of the wedge, twirling like a flamenado. My next thought was that it was a hot air balloon, but I quickly vetoed that as it was a damp, cold, drizzly overcast December day - an unlikely scenario for hot air ballooning. Besides, the flame was orange, not the blue of a propane fire and this looked nothing like a balloon. As we passed under it, I had the impression there may be more of the object hidden in the cloud cover. Less than a minute later we turned into the feed store. Once out of the car I turned to look back at the object, hoping to take a pic with my phone, but it had disappeared. Disappointed it was gone, we entered the store to do our business. About five minutes later, while returning to our car, the drone of an aircraft caught my attention. Approaching fast from the south west, flying just below the cloud cover, there appeared a large, silver, four engine prop plane - by large I mean possibly cargo size. Twice it circled the area where the object been before departing, heading back in the direction from which it came."

I believe we witnessed a small portion of a triangular UFO poking out of the cloud cover. Likely the craft was venting gases under cloud cover so as not to be seen. Unfortunately the burning gases cleared away enough of the cloud that it exposed a portion of the venting arm. Realizing the exposure, the occupants likely rose higher into the cloud or even left while we turned into the feed store. The fact that an aircraft responded to the area shows that others may have seen it as well and called it in or, perhaps, radar had tracked it and a response was sent.

I include a jpeg re-creation I made in Photoshop of the incident. The object was somewhat closer, or perhaps larger than what I have drawn.

1-Dec-2010, Langley, BC: (3:00 am)

There was a blue light in the sky. The shape of the light was almost like a kite, and the longer point was pointing along it's trajectory. It was not a very bright light, and the shape was clearly visible, it seemed like the whole thing was illuminated, but I can't be sure. The sky was dead quiet at the time, and I don't think that it made any noise. It flew over our house, although not directly above, just slightly to the north. It was moving west. It traveled in a straight trajectory, it was not moving irregularly. It can not have been a planet because it was clearly traveling below the clouds. It was quite high up though, and it was about halfway to the horizon when it disappeared in the clouds. I am not entirely certain if it actually did disappear into the clouds, or if the light just turned off though. It seemed to be moving very fast. I saw it from the porch on the south end of the house as it appeared over the edge of the porch roof. It made it from the part of my field of vision at the edge of the roof of the porch to just under halfway of where the horizon would be if there were no other visual obstructions within less than two seconds. It seemed to be flying quite high up, but I'm not certain as it was dark. This would have been at about three in the morning. I have never seen anything like that and I really doubt that it was an aircraft.

Sorry, but I don't feel comfortable giving random websites my phone number, I hope you understand.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to add that it seemed to be moving in a completely straight trajectory and upwards as well, but it wasn't leveling out, it just kept going up.

14-Dec-2010, West Vancouver, BC:


First, please do not publish my name.

A couple of nights ago, I was awakened from a deep sleep by an extremely loud whirring noise - REALLY LOUD - which seemed to be directly above my house. It freaked me out badly.

The volume of the noise may be somewhat like a helicopter might sound like at close-range - only more of a steady whirring noise. I don't know. I haven't really heard a helicopter at close range before but the noise was extremely loud.

My house is in Dundarave, West Vancouver, is under the flight path of small planes, such as seaplanes, heading northwest.

However, those planes are always quite a distance above.

The noise that awoke me was LOUD and sounded close, as though the craft was hovering within 50-100 feet right above my house or even closer, if that is possible.

The event really scared me. I have never experienced anything like that before in my life. I told one friend.

I don't know what time it was. I looked out my bedroom window but couldn't see anything because of the branches of the big tree above my window and it was dark.

Can you tell me please if anyone has experienced this before?

16-Dec-2010, Victoria, BC:

Just having a smoke out my window. I live in James Bay and noticed a new very large star. Got out my binoculars to take a closer look. It did look like a star, but it just very slowly faded away before my eyes. This was over Metchosin/Esquimalt Lagoon area. Weird! Did anyone else see this?

21-Dec-2010, Vancouver, BC:

North West Corner of  41st at Cambie Street, Dec. 21, 2010

The small object heading S.E. paused, and then made sharp turn to the West, paused then it looked as if it went straight up and disappeared.

All four people at the bus stop watched it and asked, "What was that?"

25-Dec-2010, Mission, BC: (7:30 and 9:15 pm)

We went on a little drive to view the Christmas lights in our neighborhood when our daughter pointed out two lights hovering together in the night sky with one being a bit higher  and a bit farther back from the other. I put my arm out and measured the distance between them to be about the width of my palm. At that distance the lights were about the size of a 1/4 carat diamond. These lights were very bright which our son-in-law described as bonfires in the sky. They were to the west of us in the Silverdale area. In less than a second they abruptly turned south and we quickly got out of the car to see more clearly. Just as we did this, the lights stopped in their tracks and got smaller and smaller until they disappeared. 

Later in the night we spotted one of these lights again also over the Silverdale area and hurriedly tried to get out of the car  to see more clearly as the light was simply hovering. Once again it got smaller until it disappeared. We found it to be very strange that the light disappeared again just as we were getting out of the vehicle. As they disappeared they looked like embers glowing in the darkness. We had seen these lights only larger on two occasions in the summer of 2009 which we reported  to UFOBC.

31-Dec-2010, Abbotsford, BC: (11:23 pm)

While driving westward on the night of Dec 31 2010 along highway one, I saw a series of linear multiple lights on something triangular, hovering slowly eastward. When I got nearer, I saw the lights change colour underneath this triangular object. It blocked out the night sky which had some minor light pollution, I clearly saw a solid triangle (I would say a perfect triangle) with numerous lights differing in size and intensity. I was probably mid way between Abbotsford and Langley most likely Cloverdale. As I headed westward the object was on my left and estimated size would be about 5 Boeing 747 arranged together. I was not drinking nor any drugs. I clearly saw the object sadly I was driving and unable to stop. Even if I could've pulled out my iPhone the picture wouldn't show detail. The sight was spectacular, the lights went from whitish to red to light blue, I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing however the idea of UFOs is one that I've always suspected to be credible and most possible. I'm curious if others saw it...reassurance would be great! Thank you.

Additional Witness Information:

Time of Day: 11:20 pm - my clock in my car is 3 minutes fast so it said 11:23 pm
Location of Witness: I was on Hwy1 heading towards Vancouver, I was in the Cloverdale area around 270th street or thereabouts (UFOBC believes he is talking about Aldergrove area)
Object apparent size: at arm's length it would have been 2 fingers wide and by 2 fingers long...sorry...I was driving so it's tough to say exactly
Object apparent Shape: perfect perfect perfect triangle...of this I am 100% certain. My mouth dropped open as I could not believe what I was seeing. It was flying VERY slowly or stationary.  I turned my head and followed it...being New Year's Eve and close enough to midnight there was barely anyone on the road...I slowed the car right down as I was in disbelief of what I saw. It was also unlike other triangular UFO's that I later looked up online...it had what appreared to be many many different sized circular lights of all one colour...the colour on the underside appreared to be a light bluish colour...the lights were also very brilliant and they were not flashing. I would have to estimate that there were manybe about 30 lights varying in size. I could see that the object was solid, I could see the outline of the perfect triangle against the light pollution in the sky.
Direction of Travel: It was heading east
Speed of Travel: Unable to estimate...but I would say it was moving very slowly compared to a typical aircraft...especially if I were to see a typical aircraft flying that low to the ground. I have NEVER seen any aircraft that close to the hwy and that low to the ground.
Duration of Sighting: From the time I first noticed to when I was forced to stop looking back and look ahead...3 minutes. I first noticed what looked like big whitish lights, not blinking and in a perfect line...when I got closer and my perspective changed is when i was in awe at the triangle shape.
Anything else?: It seemed to be quiet...I rolled down my window and there were no other cars around me (thanfully due to time and day of sighting). This is another reason why I believe what I saw was uncommon...a regular aircraft at that distance would make more noise. I live in the city and can hear them overhead from futher away.