These are some of the latest sightings reported. Again, we appreciate the contributions from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and from Houston UFO Research (HBCC UFO).

2005, between Smithers and Prince Rupert, BC:

I was in grade 8 and I was on the volleyball team and we were just coming back from the zone finals in Prince Rupert heading back towards Smithers. I was driving in a van with 2 adults and 5 other boys my age. We were nearing the end of a straight stretch of road when one of the other boys noticed a green light about 1/2 a km to 1 km behind our vehicle. After going around a series of corners we came to another straight stretch and suddenly the object was twenty feet behind our vehicle, about twenty to thirty feet in the air. Everything around our vehicle lit up green and it was very scary because the object followed us for about 3-4 minutes. Suddenly, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.

2-Jan-2005, Langley, BC: (6:30 pm)
The witness along with her husband and son were driving east along Fraser Highway when without warning a large white ball dropped vertically out of the sky in the distance. There was no accompanying flash and as they had the car radio on they were unable to confirm if it made a noise. As their son was in the back of the car he did not witness the event. There were apparently a number of cars ahead of them who she felt must have also seen the same event. When she phoned the airport they provided the UFO*BC phone number (N.B.) Her husband has had a previous multiple sighting of small controlled lights, some years ago. Her inlaws, who live in Surrey, also had a number of UFO sightings over a period of time.

5-Jan-2005, Vancouver, BC: (12:00 – 2:00 pm) HBCC UFO
I was headed out for the bus and noticed the triangular cloud that was slowly moving "against" the wind, it was coming from the NE, heading slowly SE and maintaining it's original shape. At first I saw it from within my home facing due East, but when I got outside it was still there, same shape continuing on a SouthEast course. I live close to the Ocean so most of our winds are from the West, especially where I am situated. While riding the bus I also begin to notice a rectangle shaped cloud (sq shape visible inside it) with a long white line loosely attached to it while it moved slowly as well in the SE direction. These two clouds could have been just that, but within them you could definitely see the sharp line of something that was within the white mist. Over the two hour span I watched these items move slowly, without changing direction or shape.

I have never seen a cloud or clouds period, move against the wind. In this direction it would have taken quite a bit of power to do so, but then they were moving almost slow enough to fall. I'm certain somebody else within the city has noticed this, but on a clear crisp day such as this, there's no doubt someone had to see these. Clear day, cool, little to no clouds other than what I witnessed. I have been observing quite a few aerial anomalies from where I am situated. I live in the Southern part of Vancouver city, up high, 10 minutes from the airport, and fully know the fly times and routes. These were not planes, they were, for all intents and purposes, cloud covers for something that did not want to be seen on a clear day. These two sightings remind me of the big "jellyfish" cloud but triangular and rectangular. I am just puzzled by it. This is my first report, it won't be my last I guess.

6-Jan-2005, Houston, BC: (5:45 am) HBCC UFO
Brian Vike: I talked to a witness who is located just south of the town of Houston, B.C. The person lives just off of Buck Flats Road and at 5:45 a.m. she went out to start their truck early due to the cold weather and her husband heading off to his work place. As the lady walked towards the truck she looked towards the north and saw an extremely bright light, stationary low over the tree-line. The weather conditions at the time were cloudy and snowing.

She jumped into the truck and started it up, then got back out to watch the light in the sky, which she knew looked out of place due to the location of it. It was sitting over the top of a local neighbour’s fields and just above the treetops. At one point the light did seem to shrink in size, or brightness, and disappeared. It wasn't until seconds later that it reappeared looking brighter than before. Eventually the object started to move towards the west where the witness finally lost sight of it. There was no sound reported coming from the object; matter of fact if it had of been an airplane or helicopter she would have certainly heard the sound it was making. The total amount of time the lady was able to view the object was for approximately 10 minutes.

25-Jan-2005, Victoria BC: (12:32 am) NUFORC
Fireballs seen over Vancouver Island. I was out on my south facing deck, having a cigarette. I looked up at Jupiter, only to see due east of Jupiter, in the south-western sky, I watched something that could have been a rocket fire trail heading in a southwest direction away from Victoria. I called out my room mate's boyfriend to see what I was looking at. We both watched two smaller fireballs flash brightly then both fell, one on each side of the craft. To me it looked like when the space shuttle takes off and then drops its solid fuel boosters. The third trail of fire just kept going and faded off into the night sky. I figure it was some form of rocket, but it was after midnight, and an odd time to do any missile testing, and what kind of military craft drops two rockets off, and where could this have taken off from...??? Do YOU know...have any other people seen the same thing? if you could shed a little light on what I may have seen, please let me know. Thanks

28-Jan-2005, Victoria BC: (7:45 am) NUFORC
Bright light disappears with no trace. Driving into work I noticed a bright almost flaming light - thought it was a plane coming headlong. Not really big, but bright. Then I thought it wasn't actually moving and may be a star. I pointed it out to my husband in the passenger seat and my teenage son in the back. Then all of a sudden it disappeared. My husband said it was a plane that turned off its landing light, but I couldn't see anything at all in the sky although the sky wasn't bright, it didn't appear to be overcast. OK - but closer into town and now in morning rush hour traffic, directly ahead of me I noticed the same light appear into view, and I thought a plane was banking and caught sunlight, but again the light disappeared, it was there one second, then gone. Bright blue sky with no trace of any object to be seen - same as before. Further still, a couple of months ago, early one morning, we noticed a bright light travelling along. And while, it may have been an airplane reflecting light, it was quite bright and looked more like a meteor, except that it was definitely in the atmosphere. Strangest airplane sightings in all my years of noticing airplanes! No one will believe this stuff until they land and are on network TV, I guess. (NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)

5-Feb-2005, Coquitlam, BC: (6:40 am) HBCC UFO
On Sat morning, Feb 5th, I was driving home on Lougheed Highway heading West to East when I saw an object in the sky. The morning was perfectly clear and there were no clouds in the sky. I remember it well because the moon was out and that was what I was looking at when I noticed this object. I was rounding a bend just before the Port Mann Bridge when I looked to my right to see the moon but saw something else was there. I thought it was a helicopter at first. It was two round red lights gliding towards the East from West. They were very bright and pulsating, Not alternating like a helicopter or plane, but simultaneously.

The lights were very clear and had NO glare, as you would see when looking at a plane. I watched the two pulsating lights glide towards my left and kept my eye on it while I hit the small underpass by the bridge. As I came out the object had already covered a lot of ground and was heading towards the mountains to the East. It was out of my sight in less then 10 seconds. I found it really intriguing enough to mention to only a few close people who I knew wouldn't doubt me. It really may have been a plane or helicopter but it really didn't look like any that I've seen before. With the Richmond airport near by and Pitt Meadows close as well, I have seen planes and helicopters my whole life. As I said this was different. It moved way too fast and covered way too much ground in 10 seconds to be a conventional craft at least.

5-Feb-2005, Vernon, BC: (9:30 pm)
While travelling eastbound on Buchanan road at approximately 9:30pm on or about Feb 5, 2005, I noticed a large round light hovering above. It was difficult to say how high the object was as there were no contrasting objects to compare it to. The light was completely round and non-transparent. Before I could get a good focus on the object, it took off across the eastern mountain ridge in a matter of seconds. The speed was like that of a comet in the sky, but I have never seen a comet hover close to the earth then take off from a stand still. Another gentleman was with me who witnessed the event.

7-Feb-2005, Vernon, BC: (3:30 pm) HBCC UFO
I was in my favorite coffee shop in downtown Vernon facing east looking toward Silver Star Mountain. I watched as a contrail appeared from the eastern horizon. In front of the contrail was what seemed to be a white vehicle. The sky was bright blue with clouds at high altitude.

The vehicle was not distinct at that distance, but it was clearly ahead of the contrail it was leaving. I watched the contrail stop and the vehicle pick up speed. I followed it and checked it against the background clouds for wings or a familiar shape. I can describe it as a cotton ball illuminated from the inside the size of a pea at arm's length. It passed quickly through the southern sky heading west blending into the clouds and as it flew overhead into a cloud it did not continue on but disappeared in the cloud.

8-Feb-2005, 100 Mile House to Clinton, BC: (6:25 pm) HBCC UFO
Posted: February 8, 2005, 100 Mile House to Clinton, BC: Blue Lights & Missing Time, HBCC UFO
Brian Vike: I talked with a nice lady who wanted to make a report of what she saw. She is living in Clinton, B.C. and drove to 100 mile House for her grandson's third birthday. After her day with her family it was 6:25 p.m. when the lady left to drive back home to Clinton. The woman told me she planned to drive straight through, not stopping along the way. She was approximately 10 miles north of Clinton where the highway elevation is relatively high, when she witnessed a brilliant blue light hovering down in the meadow beside the highway. The light was so bright it lit up the entire area around it.

The woman told me she didn't know what to think at that time and just continued towards home. The witness never got to drive much further when she saw three more blue lights shaped in a V pattern hovering off to the side of the highway and up the bank just ahead of her vehicle. She drove by the lights, baffled at what they might be, and the next thing the lady remembered was pulling into the small community where she resides. When she thought about her experience she realized that she had somehow lost 40 minutes. She could not account for the missing time.

The witness also commented that she felt rather unusual after she arrived home, but never thought a lot about it at that moment.

Two days after witnessing the blue lights she drove back to 100 Mile House and along the way she kept her eyes peeled to see if there was a home, or some other structure that may have caused the lights that she saw. There didn't appear to be anything man made that could have created the lights.

Some days later the woman talked with a fellow who also saw the blue lights around the same location. Then the following week the local newspaper ran an article about blue lights seen by others over 108 Mile.

Now knowing a few others had seen the same lights, she drove around to some of the farms asking the folks if they too, might have been witness to anything at the time and date the lights were observed. The lady had no luck finding anyone else.

12-Feb-2005, North Delta, BC: (5:26 pm)
Graham Conway and his wife were heading out for a dinner engagement. “We were travelling eastward along Nordel Way, Delta when we spotted a very large white shaped disc in the evening sky. The time was 5:26 pm, just getting dusk as we came to a halt at the traffic lights at Scott Road intersection (120th Street). The object (?) was apparently stationary and positioned 10 degrees northeast above what I believe was the top of Burke Mountain in Port Coquitlam. The object was opaque and had the appearance of an early rising "harvest moon" minus the radiance. As the lights changed and we proceeded on our way, a bank of dark clouds slowly moved across the object and it was lost to view. Total viewing time was 5 minutes. When we returned home later that night the new moon was visible in the night sky demonstrating its first quarter.

15-Feb-2005, Maple Ridge, BC: (1:25 pm)
As I was coming out of my kitchen, I looked out my patio window and to my amazement there was a large, ovate shaped object with what appeared to be two (2) "legs" hanging down underneath this object. The height was at least a few hundred meters above me and I was looking N-NW in the sky. I tried to point my web-cam at it with no success. I then went outside, down the elevator into the court yard but by this time it had crossed the sky (left to right) while it must have been rising. I say this because when I got out on the ground to see it again it was so high up that all I could see was a bright shiny light in the sky. While I initially observed the object there seemed to be brilliant, shiny lights (blinding in strength) flicking on and off around the ovate part of the object. While I was looking at it outside, a fellow apartment neighbour came out and saw this object but it was so high up at this point you couldn’t tell exactly what shape it was or anything else about it.

15-Feb-2005, Ruskin, BC: (6:28pm) HBCC UFO
I was driving along the Lougheed Highway just before Ruskin (near Mission, British Columbia). I saw in the sky around 272nd and Lougheed a craft coming towards me that looked like the stealth bomber. It was a V-shape coming towards me with white lights lighting up the entire V about 6 per side (can't remember exactly). Some trees obscured my view temporally and I was looking up to see what I would see once I got closer.

Just before 280th St. and Lougheed I looked out my side window and saw a craft. This triangular shaped object had four huge light panels on the underneath side and I was looking right at the underside of the craft as it hovered over the side of the road.

I was driving still at about 70 km at this point with about six cars behind me. It was dusk. I looked out my side window three times rather quickly and each time the craft was there. I could not pull over because the road at that point is caving in and there is nowhere to pull off safely. When I got past it I looked at my clock. It was 6:28 pm. I looked behind in my rearview mirror but it was gone.

Just had a feeling that it had to be man made (US military) and that the people inside were having a laugh, scaring us.

16-Feb-2005, Victoria, BC: (4:45pm) NUFORC
After concluding a game of golf (Mt. Douglas Golf Course), my brother and I were returning to our car when to the east approximately 30 degrees above the horizon and 10 - 15 km away we witnessed what looked like a plane. It was a typical cylindrical shape flying in a southerly direction towards the Olympic Mountains. Obviously a plane flying along the Straight of Georgia on a path towards Seattle is normal, however the 'plane' was quite low in the sky (approximately 2000m) AND HAD ANOTHER CRAFT VERY CLOSE IN FRONT AND ABOVE THE NOSE OF THE PLANE SEEMINGLY GUIDING IT.

The secondary craft was small...circular and white and it was approximately 50-100 meters in front and above the nose of what I believed to be a plane. For the duration of the event, the secondary craft remained at the same distance from the 'plane' except for a brief moment when the gap seemed to close...this may be due to a quick maneuver to the southeast; however the original distance between the two craft was soon recovered. After observing the craft for a few minutes, the craft were soon too far away to be seen in great detail, so my brother and I drove away.

I am a 23 year old, home on vacation from working for a cruise-line in the Caribbean. I have a criminology degree and policing aspirations. My brother is 25 years old and a banker with a local credit union.

16-Feb-2005, Richmond, BC: (5:50 pm)
Location: corner off of Williams and Railway. I was on my way home from work and just got off the bus. I was in front of my house about to go in when I saw a red light up in the sky fading in and out in a controlled manner. It was going left and right. It did this for a few minutes then went out suddenly, came back around 30 seconds later doing the same thing. I called my sister out to bring her digital camera but when she got out there, the batteries were dead. Then about a minute later it went out again completely and disappeared. I never saw it again. I know this was not a plane because it did not make any noise. Planes, I can hear as they disturb the air, this didn't make any such noise and had only a single red light on it fading in and out.

16-Feb-2005, Vernon, BC: (11:05 pm)
Location: Westside Rd. It was a clear cold night and I was coming home from work, Right before I reached my driveway I noticed what appeared to be a bright orange oval shape with three horizontal super bright white/orange round shapes inside the oval shaped object. The object was approximately 3 km from my house and about 700-800 meters up in the sky. It was stationary for about 20 seconds then bounced down then up really fast, and started moving from a western position to a eastern direction over Okanagan Lake before disappearing behind the trees by our house (seen it for 1 min total). So I raced down my driveway to tell my father what I had just seen. He threw on his shoes and we jumped in my truck and drove down the road where we had a clear view of the surrounding area, and there was nothing to be seen (not even a minute after I had seen it). I sure wish he saw what I had seen, (sigh). I believe this was no plane, because of the movements it was making.

18-Feb-2005, Squamish, BC: (evening)
Traveling from Pemberton to Squamish. I observed two shades of light, one light was darker than the other. The darker light was behind the brighter light. This was something like you would see if a helicopter was descending. In my town I’m used to seeing various aircraft from helicopter to larger planes to small ultra light planes.

When my mother and I were leaving Pemberton, I had noticed this light was coming lower but I didn't think twice about it at the time. It wasn't until some miles closer to Squamish that I had

noticed that the aircraft lights didn't have any engine sound that I usually hear. So I asked my mother if she heard the motor sound from the aircraft that was above us when we where in Pemberton. She never noticed the lights at that time. That’s when she was looking out the front window towards my side (the driver side) that she noticed a light that was very bright for this time of day. Even though you can almost see some stars. This was bright enough for her to mention this to me.

As we came closer to Squamish I had to look quickly at it while I was driving. But I had noticed that the formation of stars behind it was different than the last time I had looked. So as we arrived to a turn-off near Squamish at the cross road to Alice Lake turn-off. I turned down this road to see if it would follow and it disappeared for awhile. But when we came close to home I had noticed that the light was on the opposite side of the valley and I know that stars don't move that fast. I turned down my road and we passed some trees. It was only three trees that were close together, one foot apart. After we passed them, I noticed that the light was gone from the open sky. That was cool and scary! I jokingly mentioned to my mom, that they must be our abductors waiting for us to make it home.

Then I remembered that last week we had noticed my mother’s clothing that we where looking for (a wool sock) was missing. Our house keeper that comes into our house in the morning had found my mother’s sock in the carport. To my recollection we had not gone anywhere that night. We don't know how her sock wound up out there. Now I have my security camera on always for I’ve been a bit worried. - Rick.

22-Feb-2005, Nanaimo, BC: (8:10pm) NUFORC
My friend and I had just got coffee and were walking downtown. We had to wait at the busy streetlights to cross, and while we stood around for the light to change, I looked up in the sky and there was a bright, kind of pill shaped object rising out of the horizon to the north (or so?) and it was getting what seemed very close very quickly.

I know very well what a regular plane looks like flying at night, and it wasn't like that. There were no individual lights or colours; it seemed more like an ambient orange-red-yell-white strip of colour. At first, I thought it was an illuminated blimp, but it was moving what seemed very quickly and I don't think one could have gone so fast. I yelled to my friend, who also saw it and was shocked.

For a moment I felt extremely afraid, because I thought it might be a burning aircraft or meteor headed our way. It got to be about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil, before it stopped and seemed to not move at all for about 10 or 20 seconds. Then, it started moving south (we were facing the east, towards the harbour), much slower than before. It kept moving until it was south and lower in the sky than the moon, about the four o'clock position of the moon. We thought it was immobile again, until we realized that it had moved up a tiny bit, but now was getting very slowly smaller and smaller. My friend yelled something, and I turned to see another one come zooming up exactly where the other had been. It seemed brighter and bigger than the first one, but travelled the exact same path as the former, albeit a bit faster.

The colours were also a little more distinguishable - mostly what looked like overlapping orange and yellow white, with bits of red. it moved across the sky until it was about a thumb's length away from the first one, which now could be mistaken for another star in the sky, were it not for its bright red (almost Mars-like) colour and the fact it was still fading away. Then the second flying thing also began to move up a little, and fade out of site. Soon, the first one had completely vanished, and about two minutes later (we stood and watched the entire event) the last one too became smaller and smaller and more and more red-colored, and it also went out like a tiny red star. Really weird. There were plenty of other people downtown that night, so maybe other people saw it too. I have seen lots of different things in the sky but nothing like that - nothing so bright or large. Or something so big move so quickly, and seemingly low (but it was very difficult to tell just how far away it was).

26-Feb-2005, Vancouver, BC: (7:30 pm) HBCC UFO
HBCC UFO Research Note: After receiving a few reports on the sighting over Vancouver, closer to the Vancouver International Airport I decided to make some telephone calls to see if any others were filing a report to the authorities. I called the Richmond Detachment of the RCMP and they did take one call over the lights observed in the area. I am still looking into the event.

Hi Brian, It is now 11:04 p.m. We have been watching them since about 7:30 p.m. We called the Vancouver Airport, but the girl there, I think she thought I was crazy or something. She totally dismissed me. Told me no one has seen anything.

I just watched them all disappear again. And now there is a lot of cloud cover in that area. But the rest of the sky is totally clear. I got some real close-up footage of the two bright red lights and they seem to be spinning very fast. The footage is amazing. With the naked eye, they look to be staying in one place but with a close-up of the video camera, they were moving around and the ball of light was changing (getting bigger, then smaller, then swirling around and poof!, disappearing and then reappearing in an instant. I can't believe what we have just seen. I called my two best friends over and they watch them till they had to go home and go to bed. We are all awestruck. One of them doesn't believe in UFOs at all. She is very perplexed right now and she has footage with her video camera too.

The cluster also got bigger and smaller again too. First there was 3, then 8, then 15, then 17. All in a manner of seconds. It was really freaky. About 45 - 60 minutes later, they all started disappeared the same way they appeared (a few at a time). Will check back with you soon. They are still gone. It is 11:18 p.m.. Take Care

Hi Brian, They are still there! Two bright red lights spaced a fair distance apart and a cluster of white, orange and red lights together in formation and another three light red lights in a straight line and beside them, a lone light orange off to the side a fair distance but at the same level as all the rest.

They keep disappearing and reappearing. The cluster eventually got smaller and smaller. Then they disappeared. Then the two red lights disappeared about 30 seconds later. Then we looked at the other side and every one of them were gone. Next thing we knew, the sky where they were was covered in what looked like fog. Then the fog disappeared. Still nothing. Waited about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes and the two bright red lights came back but slightly over to the west more and the cluster reappeared as only four.

We've got footage! It's freezing out there and we are so pumped up that it's kind shaky. There is clear footage though too. We are finding another tape because they are still there. And I'm pretty sure were seeing some major amounts of contrails. Well, I will give you a full story later. I'm going back outside to set up a better system for the camera. Talk to you soon!

26-Feb-2005 Langdale, BC: (9:55 am) HBCC UFO
A fellow telephoned me on Sunday, February 27, 2005 to report a sighting of a strange object he witnessed on February 26, 2005 at 9:55 a.m. He was in the parking lot at Langdale, which is the BC Ferry Terminal. He was waiting for his wife to arrive as she was traveling back home from Vancouver, B.C. While standing in the parking lot with his back turned toward the ocean the man glanced up and saw two elongated, shiny silver objects and in the center of the two he was able to see a fuzzy grayish patch.

As he followed the object with his eyes, it made a shape 45 degree turn where the two elongated objects turned into a circular shape thing as he put it. After the turn it quickly became just a point of light and quickly vanished in about two seconds. The altitude of the object was approximately 8,000 feet and no sound was heard what so ever coming from the object.

Thinking at first it might have been an aircraft, he ruled this out due to not seeing a tail or wings on it, or any other features one would see on an normal aircraft. The witness "guessed" it may have been about 70 to 80 feet in length. After the event was over he turned to other people who were there, asking if they happened to see the object, but no others did. It was clear out at the time of the sighting, not a cloud in the sky.

4-Mar-2005, Halfmoon Bay, BC: (12:30 am) NUFORC
Me and my friends just got back from herring fishing at Vancouver island and were coming in to secret cove on the sunshine coast and our radar was on and was picking up all the boats around us and one other thing on the radar but when we tried to identify where the boat was there was nothing there just empty air we watched object for 3 to 4 minutes on radar then it was suddenly gone. We think it might have been an invisible UFO. I have been commercial fishing for 25 years and have seen 2 other UFOs on in Pender Harbour and one in Jarvis Inlet and I am perfectly sane. (NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)

5-Mar-2005, Pitt Lake, BC: (11:00 am)
Moving West to East at approximately 30 thousand feet. Speed appeared above average for a commercial jet. Exact outline of craft could not be determined even though skies were clear and visibility excellent. There was no noise, which could have been due to altitude and wind conditions. Exhaust plume seemed to exhibit pulses rather than the usual smooth contrail but this could also have been due to wind conditions aloft.

What was unusual and something that I have never observed before was in front of the craft rather than behind it. It can best be described as a gray "beam" that was being emitted from the nose of the craft. Picture it as if it was a flashlight beam, but in this case it was gray and not light related. It extended directly in front of the craft for a distance of approximately 50 craft-lengths. The beam widened from a point of origin at the nose of the craft to about the diameter of the wingspan (perhaps less than that) and it ended very sharply with an edge that was at a perfect 90 degrees to the path of flight.

6-Mar-2005, Langley, BC: (9:30 pm) NUFORC
My sister, my mom and I were driving back from my hockey game when through some trees we saw a fireball falling from the sky it was SUPER bright and was going down right into a city very well could have a been a meteor. (NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD)

7-Mar-2005, Victoria, BC: (10:30 am) NUFORC
I went outside to let the dogs out and have a smoke, I always look up at the night sky because I live in a place where there are no lights to blot out the stars. Tonight I noticed a strange coloured "star". Thinking it was Mars I didn't take any notice of it until it started to move erratically almost in a grid like pattern, I stood so that there was a tree trunk covering the light to see if it moved or if it was just my head moving. This thing moved a good 4 inches away from the tree trunk within a few seconds. It's still up there just moving around somewhat like a mosquito over a pond. (NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius or Jupiter? PD)

11-Mar-2005, Nanaimo, BC: (8:55 pm) NUFORC
Not planes satellites or space debris for sure!

Went out onto deck for a smoke and started to star gaze. I noticed one object moving SE in the sky, then one started approaching the first object at a higher rate of speed then a third object flew in from the north and all objects then flew in a formation like a triangle a long triangle flying SE towards Victoria, BC: Bellingham WA area. Probably nearing Spokane Washington in the next 10 to 15 min at this rate of speed if they are still going the same direction. (NUFORC Note: Report is not inconsistent with a sighting of two satellites at different altitude, we observe. PD)

11-Mar-2005, Chilliwack, BC: (10:30- 11:30pm)
My girlfriend and I saw a reddish orange UFO right above our place. The UFO was orange-red (the same as the mission case photos) It moved quickly and did a series of loops following no apparent pattern. I went in to grab the camera and came out and found out that I had no frikin' memory card in it at the time.

When I came out, the object was smaller so I figured the UFO had gained altitude and that's when I saw a weird Jet with red/blue lights quickly flashing. It was in the area the UFO was and I have to assume that he had a real close look. The object got close to the plane in a looping C then sped up so fast I lost sight of it.

I called my dad and to make a long story short, the plane was everywhere varying speed, altitude, etc as it pleased. Then I saw a cigar shaped UFO with its lights off (I could see it by the reflection of the city lights as it apparently flew very low). It flew the whole sky in like 5 seconds, and my dad could focus on it in time. It had weird marks on the end.

My friend was working in island22 that night (Fraser River) and he too saw all the show and his jaw dropped when I told him of my sighting.

Gord Heath, UFOBC asks some questions:

Can you describe the noise made by the jet?
Very loud when going fast. I have been to air shows, and it sounded to me like a fighter perhaps. It wasn’t very loud when going slow. When it was going the fastest, which my dad thinks it almost broke the sound barrier (he's witnessed planes breaking the sound barrier). To me, the sound was reaching be and it was well behind the jet.
Where were the flashing red and blue lights located on the jet?
Since it was nighttime and dark, I had no chance of seeing the shape of the plane. I do get the impression that the lights were on the top of the plane, but I couldn't be sure. All I can say about the lights is that I have never seen lights like that on a jet, I thought that they were on for the purpose to warn other planes in the area kinda the same way a police car does the same to other vehicles.

Were there any other lights on the jet?
Not that I can remember.
With respect to the cigar shaped UFO, do you have an estimate of the angular size of the UFO (compared for example to the size of a dime held at arm's length)?
A Loonie at arm's length in thickness, and about maybe 5 loonies long. It was travelling sideways. There might be more to that UFO that was covered by darkness, since it had no light of it's own. The only reason I saw it is because it crossed my line of sight. And I only had 3 to 5 seconds to see it before disappearing.

What was the wing and tail shape of the jet and what was its approximate size?
I only could see the lights. It seemed to be a fighter yet.

Where is island22 in relation to Chilliwack? Did your friend see the orange red UFO or the cigar shaped UFO? Did your friend see the jet performing maneuvers?
Think of end of Young in Chilliwack. 2-3 kms from 5 corners in downtown Chilliwack. He was on the other side of the Fraser River. My friend saw the red UFO and others, but could only describe the red UFO. He said other things were flying but since he couldn't hear them (due to the noise of trucks), he wasn't able to tell me more.

Have you seen any UFOs previously?
I thought that I had, but it was too far away to tell. So I guess that March11th was my first. My dad had a sighting in the 60's and I am trained myself to remember as much as possible if I ever saw one. So my memory of that night is very vivid still.
Also, I did a search of the net about the red UFO's and I find that the site about the UFO in mission (with pics) of the object are of the same red one I saw (and the island 22 friend also agrees)... If you don't know the site here it is:
Please ask me any questions anytime..., I now walk around with my camera AND with memory in it!!!, Thanks for the reply... I have written to others, but you're the only
one who replied...

Gord Heath:
Thanks for the additional information. It is interesting that your friend also saw the same UFO, which you describe as having a similar appearance to the one photographed in Mission in 2000.

It is certainly very unusual to see military fighter jets in this area. Perhaps it was one from Comox. Fighter jets have much louder engines than commercial and civilian aircraft, which are designed to have reduced engine noise. Fighter jets make louder noise when they have their after-burners on. It is VERY unusual for a jet to have flashing red and blue lights. All planes have small red and green navigational lights on the wingtips. These are used to determine the aircraft’s flight direction. Flashing lights are beacons, used to alert other aircraft of your presence. I have seen flashing red and white beacons, but never blue.

The cigar UFO must have been quite large (or very close to you) to have such a large angular size. You mentioned it had strange markings on the end and that city lights were reflected on its surface. Do you remember any other details? What direction was it moving? Was it low in the sky (near the horizon) or did it pass overhead? Gord Heath, UFOBC

I will keep my eyes and ears open. Also I will be drawing pictures of the cigar and the marks that caught my eye. Also, if I ever see a plane like the one I saw (lights) that night I will take a picture of it and sent it over to you.

I noticed on the report site, that on March 12 there were many sightings. I just wonder what was going on around that date that was so UFO important... Maybe one day the governments will tell us how much they know.

I really think many people must have seen the UFO (March 11), since it was on a Friday night. I wrote a letter to the local paper, but they didn’t print it or even replied to me. So I figure that those witnesses have no way of communicating their sightings.

I hope to hear from the best witness that night some day, whom I guess has a lot to say... The pilot. We might have to wait until he retires...

12-Mar-2005, Burnaby, BC: (2:00 - 3:00 pm)
The witness and his wife, located close to Brentwood Shopping Mall, watched a shiny silver object in the eastern sky for a period of ten minutes. The object when viewed through binoculars appeared oblong in shape. It also repeatedly changed to a bright red then DISAPPEARED before again appearing in its original silvery condition. The object appeared to be stationary and was 20 degrees above the horizon.

12-Mar-2005, Whiterock, BC: (3:30 pm)
The witness and her 27 year old son were at Whiterock when she saw a light coloured object travelling at a considerable speed across the sky from west to east. She drew her son’s attention to it immediately but they were unable to discern any structure to the object. They had it in view for about one minute before it was lost to sight in the distance. It seemed to be at a considerable height and they felt was not a conventional type of aircraft. The son also stated that it appeared the object had a red line around it. (N.B.) This lady had had no previous sightings.

12-Mar-2005, West Coast BC, Washington, Oregon: (7:40pm) HBCC UFO
HBCC UFO Note: Hundreds of residents on the West Coast watched a large green fireball hurtle through the night sky on March 12, 2005 at about 7:40 p.m. The meteor was witnessed from Vancouver Island, in the Lower Mainland and as far away as Oregon. HBCC UFO Research is really interested in any footage that folks may have taken of this event, if you did capture the event unfolding would you please send along a clip of what you saw.

12-Mar-2005, Victoria, BC: (7:45 pm) NUFORC
Blue fireball travelling east-west at around 7p.m Pacific Time, possibly a meteor. One blue fireball crossed above my backyard, observed through a large window. My granddaughter yelled out "A shooting star!” and I turned to the window, saying "No, that's just an ...oh my!” I had time to stand up, take a few steps, then it was gone. It was travelling east west in the southern sky. Since I was looking downhill in the dark, it was hard to tell how far away, or how big, it was. (NUFORC Note: Probable dramatic meteor at 19:45 hrs. on this date. We have amended the time above to the correct time of the incident. Please see other reports. PD)

12-Mar-2005, Campbell River, BC: (7:45 pm) NUFORC
Bright green fireball with yellow tail. (NUFORC Note: Probable dramatic meteor at 19:45 hrs. on this date. We have amended the time above to the correct time of the incident. Please see other reports. PD)

12-Mar-2005, Coquitlam, BC: (7:45 pm) NUFORC
Long green bright trail streaking west and low across the sky. Possible meteor. It was approx. 0.5km long.
(NUFORC Note: Probable dramatic meteor at 19:45 hrs. on this date. We have amended the time above to the correct time of the incident. Please see other reports. PD)

12-Mar-2005, Victoria, BC: (7:45 pm) NUFORC
Not sure if this was a UFO or rather larger meteor, but a huge green ball with a fiery tail about 5-6 times the length of the object streaked across the sky, seemingly crashing farther up island on the west coast, or even back in the pacific. I would normally shrug off as a 'shooting start' except its size was quite noteworthy and I have never seen such a green glow before. It was so large, I expected to see a flash or some kind of sonic boom as it blended in with the horizon (but didn't.) I had my 2 sons with me who immediately ran to the window to watch the event. (NUFORC Note: Probable dramatic meteor at 19:45 hrs. on this date. We have amended the time above to the correct time of the incident. Please see other reports. PD)

12-Mar-2005, Vancouver, BC: (7:50 pm)
The witness, located at Fraser & Victoria watched a lime green object with a 30ft (?) tail sail slowly over the top of a nearby neighbour’s roof before (she thought) apparently coming down somewhere between the mainland and Vancouver Island. The lady stressed it was very low and she calculated in sight for ten seconds!

12-Mar-2005, Surrey, BC: (8:00 pm)
Taking a smoke break on her balcony around 8.00pm she observed a yellow/orangy object travelling west to east before going “puff” in the night sky. Also noting another bright object travelling on an intercepting (?) course north to south. The original object viewed was seen for about ten seconds. Sheila noted a pronounced sulfur smell in the night air after this sighting. (N.B.) This lady has had numerous sightings since the age of 16. She was also a member of CSETI.

12-Mar-2005, Vancouver, BC: (8:00 pm)
The witness reported observing from his location at Pacific & Burrard a HUGE object that appeared to be a "large shoe box with a smaller one attached underneath" that was yellow in colour with what looked like flames around it, travelling South West at a slow speed. He estimated he had it in view for a period of about 10-20 seconds.

Note: UFO*BC also had a call from 1130 News Radio (Nicky Upton?) stating they had received numerous calls from Whistler down into Richmond about the same? (see above) object.

14-Mar-2005, Coquitlam, BC: (8:00 pm) NUFORC
I saw a bright object very high in the night sky. It just appeared and the light intensified to about five times larger than the brightest star. After the bright object shot straight out until the light disappeared. It took about five seconds to disappear. It appeared that it accelerated upwards and out of site.
((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of an Iridium satellite. PD))

17-Mar-2005, Terrace, BC: (evening) HBCC UFO
Last night there were two lights floating in the air. After just hovering for maybe 5 minutes after we spotted them they started to dart around, almost as if playing with each other. For about 2 minutes they darted around, then they got closer allowing us to see their triangular shapes. They were mostly just glowing a kind of whitish color, but they gave off a few blue and red flashes.

After they stopped darting around, they stayed stationary for almost an entire minute before darting across the sky. They traveled at an incredible rate of speed. After watching them fly off it didn't take long before we lost sight of the objects. I am starting to think Terrace is a real UFO hot spot. This summer I am going be out every starry night till I get some video footage, but I'm going save up to get a better camera, because mine can't get anything to show up when I film the night sky.

27-Mar-2005, Trail and Warfield, BC: (10:15 pm) HBCC UFO
I took a couple of calls from eyewitnesses who reported seeing some unusual lights in the sky. The lights were first spotted traveling from the northeast and heading to the southwest. The witnesses first saw a bright white light traveling at a low altitude; no sound was heard at all and the light seemed to sway back and forth as it traveled.

A set of red balls of light were then observed a short distance behind the bright white light. (There were) six in total and (they) stretched out across the sky, all traveling in the same direction as the white light. Again not a sound was heard and the red lights were flying at a very low altitude.

All of the witness said they had seen nothing like this before. Another report of the same kind came in from Calgary, Alberta close to the same date.

30-Mar-2005, Vernon, BC: (2:00 pm) HBCC UFO
I was walking downtown today and saw in the east a star-like object hovering under a cloud. This object began to move in a straight line and as it was moving it brightened and then rose up into the cloud it was under.

The object I could clearly see as it was bright white and out of place in the daytime sky, and it was under a darker cloud. I can compare its size to a star in the sky at night. I made sure that it was not a plane with its one headlight on or the sun reflecting off the body of a plane. The object did go vertically into the cloud and it definitely brightened before it did.

1-Apr-2005, Squamish, BC:
Once again I saw a light in the sky over my area (See Feb 18, 2005, Squamish). I thought it was the large aircraft that was flying over but I noticed that the sound of the large aircraft had already passed over my house, going north east. But the light was south east of my house.

I was going out to feed our dogs when I saw the light, and thought it was the large aircraft but noticed that it was below the clouds. It seemed to be moving slowly. I went back in to get my jacket and hat to keep warm because I thought I would be out there for awhile. After getting my jacket I thought of the trajectory of the light would be above my house by counting how long it took to get my jacket, which was 14 seconds. When I arrived outside the back patio, the light was in the same general area. Then I noticed the light started fading out. I thought that maybe it was a very bright star, but no, the light was below the clouds. For how long it was there is unknown. I only counted how long it took to get my jacket and hat. I heard some of our local peace keepers have said that there was a report of a UFO to our RCMP and our peace keeper said he saw it. It was last summer. I won't mention his name until he gives permission to mention it to you. - Rick.

11-Apr-2005, Vancouver, BC: (6:30 am) NUFORC
It was like a bar of bright, white, light high in the sky, slower and larger than an airplane seen very clearly.

14-Apr-2005, Vancouver, BC: (5:00 pm) HBCC UFO
Yesterday I saw a strange phenomenon is the sky. It was 5.00 pm and very bright out. The sky was blue and there were a lot of clouds. My four year old daughter said, “Mom, there is the moon.” (It was a crescent, very small). And she said, “What is that white thing beside it?” I had said, “Oh, clouds sweetheart”. She said, “No, there is something there.”

I looked and saw what appeared to look like a star, a pinprick of light. This was not a plane, it was not a balloon, because one, there was no way a balloon was up that high and two, the movement of the object. The UFO moved right away from the moon, stopped, came back left, stopped again for a few minutes then progressed back to the right again where it then went into a cloud and vanished. I watched this for fifteen to twenty minutes. My daughter saw it as well as my next door neighbor. We could not identify it as a plane, balloon, anything. The possibility of a UFO is all we could come up with. Have you received any other reports such as this? Also it was very bright out and we could see this in the sky looked like a star but weird movements, stops and then gone. I know it wasn't a satellite as I know the movements of one.

17-Apr-2005, Richmond, BC: (am) HBCC UFO
(I) finally have something new to tell you: I have a friend (former neighbor) who is 75 years of age and lives near No. 2 road in Richmond. She lives on the sixth floor and her apartment. faces east. For years I have been telling her about different things I have been seeing and she has always seemed to take it with a grain of salt. She was a teacher in Fiji before moving here to Canada. Her late husband was an English University professor from India, so both were quite well educated.

She told me this morning she was sitting by her phone and glancing out her window when she noticed a large round dark object floating near the clouds. She first thought it looked like a melon but when she looked through her binoculars told me it looked just like a large barrel just floating there. At first she thought it was stationary but as she watched realized it was slowly floating SE towards Mt. Baker. She said, “It was absolutely huge” and the binoculars brought it up really close. But other than it was dark and barrel-shaped, (she) couldn’t tell me much about it.

She said as she watched it, it just seemed to slowly disappear and she didn’t know where it went. I asked her how far away it was when she saw it and she figured maybe over Surrey but she wasn’t sure, just that it looked huge when viewed through the binoculars. I believe she has a pair about 7 X 30. They are those little ones you can put in a purse. She kept saying I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. I told her join the club - now you have seen a UFO.

My wife just came home at 9:30 PM. I mentioned it to her and she told me a blimp or something doing advertising had been floating around South Surrey, but when I questioned her further she stated it was white/blue and she had seen it several days ago. Apparently advertising Bell Telephone or something, so I don't think it had any bearing on what my friend saw this morning.

18-Apr-2005, Langley, BC: (6:15 pm)
While looking at the moon through a small telescope, we noticed a bright star like dot to the right of the moon. We pointed the telescope to it and realized that it wasn't a star at all, and the object was moving very fast. What we saw was a formation of four bright circles forming the shape a triangle. From our perspective the object seemed very far away and we only saw the details after we looked through the telescope. The object traversed half the horizon in less than a minute.

18-Apr-2005, Burnaby, BC: (8:00 pm) HBCC UFO
(I) was watching the news and they had their rooftop camera pointing over towards Burnaby and they mentioned that you could see the Bell blimp. So I rushed to my window and there it was. Just a little round blob to the naked eye, but (it was) quite obviously a blimp when viewed with my binoculars. I phoned my friend in Richmond and asked her if that was what she had seen yesterday morning.

She said it might be but what she had seen was black and this was obviously white and had flashing lights on it. You may get a few calls (regarding) this one as after dark they turned on interior lights then it just glowed like a big pale star floating along. I could plainly see the name BELL all down one side when viewing through my binoculars. Just for the heck of it I turned on KatKam and it is visible in the 20:10 shot in the upper right hand corner. I checked the archives and that is the only shot it is in. But starting at 20:01 there is a small dark object just above the sun.

20:04 – Round white object just above and to the south of the sun
20:05 – Lower still and to the south of the sun
20:06 – Object now north of the sun and over the mountains
20:07 – Possibly two objects now
20:08 – Both moved to the south
20:09 – Both south of the sun
20:10 – Blimp in this shot, one object gone, remaining one looks almost disk-shaped
20:11 – Blimp gone, object over setting sun
20:12 – Sky clear
20:13 – Appears to be (one) object out quite a ways, over the entrance to False Creek
20:15 – Appears to be three objects now, two just over the mountains and one above them on the edge of the dark blue part of the sky.
20:16 – Two dark objects one slightly above the other almost directly above Sunset Beach near the edge of the dark blue sky. (There) maybe two more just to the south of the sunset.
20:30 – Appears to be round white object just over the mountains almost directly in line with the entrance to False Creek.
21:00 – Appears to be two white objects in the top left part of the picture.

18-Apr-2005, Delta, BC: (9:10 pm)
Sighting, April 18, 2005 – Woman approached us at Delta Family Days June 26
Scott Rd. & 80th – see report with Delta Family Days article.

19-Apr-2005, Vancouver, BC: (12:07 am) NUFORC
Its 12:23 am pacific right now, roughly 15 minutes ago I was backing into my garage, which faces west/south west. While backing in, I saw a green fireball shoot across the sky, westward, it was green and disappeared right away. I thought it was a flare or roman candle at first, but then seconds later I realized there was no way it could have been a roman candle. This thing looked like the typical shooting star you see on TV, it just shot through the sky. Definitely not a Roman candle, it was not a flare either, could have been a meteor, but there was no sonic boom or anything. (NUFORC Note: Possible meteor, we suspect. We reported sighting to meteor trackers in B.C. PD)

21 or 22-Apr-2005, New Westminster, BC: (6:00 am)
Did anybody else report this? I was on my balcony taking pictures of the ducks and then I saw this round thing slowly moving over the Fraser River, headed upstream. It made no sound that I could hear and it briefly reversed direction before continuing on. I only saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared behind a building. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw and I have no idea what it could have been. And I never even believed in them before!

23-Apr-2005, Kelowna, BC: (9:25 pm) NUFORC
We saw a green/blue ball the size of a basketball fall from a low laying cloud, as it fell it burst into smaller balls and then became a big ball again and continued to fall above Okanagan Lake. It was extremely bright, no sound, and fell extremely fast.

23-Apr-2005, Rossland, BC: (11:45 pm) HBCC UFO

Four witnesses report seeing numerous bright blue lights rising and descending over Red Mountain while traveling south towards Rossland, B.C. The witnesses were able to observe five lights, all moving erratically. The lights traveled an estimated one to two miles horizontally then would return to the same location when they were first noticed. Some of the lights would move up and down, traveling a good distance in altitude before returning over top the mountain in a hovering mode.

After approximately 4 to 5 minutes, three of the blue lights just blinked out or vanished and the remaining two moved off towards the west at a quick rate of speed. One of the passengers alerted the driver to what she saw and the driver pulled the car over and everyone watched the event unfold.

24-Apr-2005, West Vancouver: (8:08 pm)
The witness observed a strange aerial object when located at Venables & Clark. It was black in appearance and seemed to be a "rounded triangle," visually the size of an orange. Approaching from the west it suddenly stopped for 30 seconds, moved left two hand widths in a southeasterly direction, stopped, then repeated the same movement. To confirm that he wasn't imagining things, Leonard stopped a cyclist who also looked and said "strange" before moving on. At this point the object began to move upwards until it was no longer in sight. Total observation time was ten minutes. The sky was quite clear of any clouds. He had with him a cheap $15 camera with which he took four pictures; none of them showed the object he had seen so clearly! Leonard phoned 911 and was in touch with them and left a message also with 98 FM radio station. Telus gave him our phone number .

(N.B.) The following day he took some pictures of airborne eagles and found a black disc shaped object on one of the photos. The object "captured" he did not see visually! He has had in years past three out-of-body experiences. About 10 years ago some friends in Dauphin, (an hours drive north of Winnipeg) showed him a twelve-foot circle in a clearing. The two-foot diameter perimeter ring had no grass growing within it, whereas the inside of the ring was normal. This was observed one year later. Soil samples were sent to the University of Manitoba.

27-Apr-2005, Aldergrove, BC: (11:00-12:00pm)
The witness and two other twenty-year-old friends watched three lights, bright green in colour, which arrived from the west and engaged in a game of "chasing" each other across the sky. They completed U turns and loops, then approached each other on a collision course before taking avoidance action at the very last second. This display lasted from 11-12 PM when they finally moved off in an easterly direction. The three young men remained watching the sky for a further ten minutes before moving indoors. During the period of observation the sky was clear and no noise could be detected that might possibly indicate that aircraft were responsible. The witness has had no unusual previous sightings or experiences. Telus information provided our number.

1-May-2005, Surrey, BC: (4:30 am)
150 Ave. and 26th St, South Surrey. The witness awoke 4:30 am and felt compelled to get out of bed and go to the window. To her astonishment she found herself gazing at a huge disc shaped object that had a large bright white light at the front and a blue/green light at the rear. The craft was moving extremely slowly and emitting a "purring sound, much like a cat does." It was travelling NorthEast and was in view for no more than two minutes. The witness looked at the clock when it moved out of sight and the time was 4:39 am. It appeared to be heading in the direction of Langley and Aldergrove.

(N.B.) This lady and her family have had numerous sightings and intruder activity over a lengthy period. Pauline has also experienced these "compulsions" to go to a nearby window and consequently been witness to such objects on previous occasions. The last time it happened she had a missing time experience.

7-May-2005, Vernon, BC: (1:00 am – 3:00 am) HBCC UFO
The star-like objects that brighten to the size of Venus were back in our sky last night. I reported these last year at about the same time. I counted several passes last night, south to Kelowna, east to Lumby, west to over Lake Okanagan, and north toward Armstrong. Every so often one would brighten to the size of Venus and then fade to a small orange color and disappear. They looked like low-flying satellites.

I did see something different this time. I was watching one satellite then it appeared to be two satellites flying, one behind the other. Then a third light appeared between the two others. They were duller but it suggested the edge of something. The front light was the brightness of a satellite and the two following (about one quarter inch between each light) were duller and slowly fading in and out. It suggested something big with under lights lit on the one edge. I also heard the puzzling sound of a muted jet engine. The "suggested "object was on a slow hover fly heading north. I could not tell how high it was, as the lights were small like satellites, but it suggested something big.

11-May-2005, Vernon, BC: (10:00 pm) HBCC UFO
Last night a star-like object appeared low in the western sky and flew east over Vernon downtown. It was no higher than the small planes when they fly out of our airport. This star-like object was flying about the same speed as the small aircraft do. There was no sound when it flew over my home.

I am out every night to see another of these globes. I have sighted one a night since my last report of the bright light. They start as the size of satellites, then increase to a star size and look like moving stars, and then they suddenly burst into a pure white and very bright light. It looks like Venus does in the skies lately.

I will be out tonight and even though the clouds are moving in, the other night one of the star-like objects was at cloud level and brightened before it went into the next cloud.

18-May-2005, Nelson, BC: (Just after midnight) HBCC UFO
The night was very cloudy but there were a number of large clear patches. I was driving south towards Nelson on Highway 3A and noticed in one of the clear patches a triangular shaped craft (lights) sailing slowly along. The object was traveling towards the south west. I thought it was odd looking, so I quickly pulled the truck over to the side of the road and watched.

I saw four lights on it - three amber colored lights showing a triangular shape, or three points of light on each tip - the fourth light, red in color, seemed to be directly in the center. None of the lights were flashing at anytime. I heard no sound as the craft sailed slowly overhead. I was able to watch it for approximately eight seconds before I lost sight of it because the object moved into another cloud bank. It was an eerie sight and to be honest I felt kind of frightened. Whatever it was had to have been huge. I couldn't even begin to guess at its size.

19-May-2005 Westbank, BC (near Kelowna): (10:00 am)
A large black helicopter began to circle the house in which the witness and her boy friend occupy along with two other adult residents. The aircraft was flying at tree top level. No numbers, letters or insignia were displayed on the machine. The windows were darkened glass. After about 4-5 minutes the chopper left heading south towards the U.S. border?

That very morning the witness who has experienced a lifetime of paranormal anomalies awoke to find two lumps, one on her neck, and the other at the back of her head. That afternoon, her mother, drove to a nearby heliport located only three blocks away from her daughter’s residence. "No," they weren't housing such a machine, nor had they seen anything answering that description. "Yes," they had read that they had been seen and reported in the States. The mother has in the past also been "buzzed" in a similar manner by a black helicopter at her own residence in Kelowna, also during daylight hours.

25-May-2005, Sechelt Peninsula, BC: (9:03 pm)
John happened to look out of a westerly facing of his home and suddenly saw a white light that appeared to have a thin bluish "attachment" at its front. Initially he thought it was a meteor except for the fact that it was falling too slowly. It was on a North to SouthWest trajectory and seemed to disappear somewhere over Georgia Straight. The total observation time was possibly around 3 seconds.

27-May-2005, Victoria, BC: (10:00-11:00 pm)
At the beach off of Dallas Rd, I was sitting enjoying the warm evening. I was looking across the straight and southwards. What caught my eye was an orange light appeared abruptly in the sky and quickly faded out. Nothing happened for five minutes or so but then the light started to reappear again. Another orange light started to fade in with the other first one. The thing that was the most intriguing was that these lights were doing maneuvers. They were quite active when they were visible but they would always brighten up and then slowly fade to black, they fade back in. These things would fly back and forth, dip down towards the water then slowly climb back up. They were constantly moving, disappearing and reappearing. Their flight was very smooth but unpredictable, sometimes fast then stopping. I had to leave because I had plans that night but it was still going on when I left. I am going back to the beach tonight and see if they’re there again tonight. I will write back if there was.

28-May-2005, Cranbrook, BC: (12:05 am) NUFORC
For as long as I can remember, my neighbour and I have noticed a large light in the sky North East of our town. It did not twinkle like a star or planet, just stayed in the same spot. My husband was sick, and I came out to the living room to see how he was feeling at 3:00-3:05 am. He was asleep. I sat down to have a cigarette. I looked out the window and saw two small lights (white), with a flashing white light behind them. At first I thought it was a plane. It came up to the light (spot) in the N.E. sky and stopped.

I went outside at that time. I could hear a slow and distant whump....whump....whump. What amazed me was, it took the light that had been in the sky for as long as I could remember away. I came back in and woke my husband, he came outside with me but could not see enough of it to discount it as anything but a plane or helicopter. It had come in from the West and continued in the same straight line.

Last night, May 29th 2005, I stayed up until 3:00am. There is no longer any light in the NorthEast sky. For me it was a UFO. I like to believe that there is life on other planets but this was a little much for me to wrap my brain around.

The object formed an irregular triangle, a total of three lights. I could not see any solid substance within those lights, it was too far away. Until I hear from someone else, I am telling myself that NASA sent something up to retrieve a dead satellite. I hope that the NASA idea is correct because if it's not my other guess is a little too creepy for me to entertain. Were we being observed? I hope someone can help me to understand what I saw.

28-May-2005, Terrace, BC: (12:15 am) HBCC UFO
Tonight I witnessed a white ball of light that flew overhead coming from a southwesterly direction and flying in a northeastern direction. The object, estimated 4000 meters high, did not change its brilliant white appearance. It did not react to any of my visual attempts, via lighter, and continued into the above direction before disappearing behind mountains. The sky was clear, some haze above, but unlimited vision.

25-May-2005, Terrace, BC: (11:15 pm) HBCC UFO
Tonight I was sitting outside my place, with my two dogs, and at 11:15 p.m. I witnessed a white object, same kind you witnessed with us in Kitwanga, flying from westerly direction into an east- northeast direction. It was pretty easy to spot and I would estimate that the object was +- 2000 meters up.

Anyway, I used the often described lighter thing and after 30 seconds the object became very hard to spot, because it decreased its lights considerably to the point that one could only vaguely spot its round shape. I thought this would be the end of my "UFO experience" for the night, but this was not the case. Suddenly there appeared a huge light, again looking in westerly direction, above me. The object, a white disk of brilliant white light, was only in between 50 to 70 meters away from my location. I would estimate its size at +- 20 meters in width. The object remained stationary for 4 to 5 seconds and disappeared on the spot.

28-May-2005, Cranbrook, BC: (3:05 am) HBCC UFO
A triangular-shaped object came in from the west and took something away.

For as long as I can remember, my neighbor and I have noticed a large light in the sky northeast of our town. It did not twinkle like a star or planet, just stayed in the same spot. My husband was sick, and I came out to the living room to see how he was feeling at 3:00-3:05 a.m. He was asleep. I sat down to have a cigarette. I looked out the window and saw two small lights (white), with a flashing white light behind them. At first I thought it was a plane. It came up to the light (spot) in the N.E. sky and stopped.

I went outside at that time. I could hear a slow and distant whump....whump....whump. What amazed me was it took the light that had been in the sky for as long as I could remember away. I came back in and woke my husband. He came outside with me but could not see enough of it to discount it as anything but a plane or helicopter. It had come in from the west and continued in the same straight line.

Last night, May 29th 2005, I stayed up until 3:00am. There is no longer any light in the northeast sky. For me it was a UFO. I like to believe that there is life on other planets but this was a little much for me to wrap my brain around.

The object formed an irregular triangle, a total of three lights. I could not see any solid substance within those lights; it was too far away. Until I hear from someone else, I am telling myself that NASA sent something up to retrieve a dead satellite. I hope that the NASA idea is correct because if it's not my other guess is a little too creepy for me to entertain. Were we being observed? I hope someone can help me to understand what I saw.

Jun-2005, Nanaimo, BC: (10:00 pm) UFO*BC
Many planes fly over my house because we are near the water and the airport but this was no plane or helicopter. At first, all I could hear was a very loud electronic hum - the noise is unexplainable. I had no idea what it was. Lying on my bed, I looked out the window and in the close distance through the trees I clearly saw a fairly large craft moving through the sky at a medium rate of speed. It had a dome and was very bright. It moved E to W past my window. I got up to see where it went and it was gone.

8-Jun-2005, Terrace, BC: (9:20 pm) HBCC UFO
I saw a silvery disk on the 8th of this month at 21:20 pm. I was reading on my porch, facing NW, when I witnessed something out of the corner of my eye and looked up. I could see, at a distance of +- 50 meters, a silvery disk hovering around 40 meters above the ground. The object looked like polished steel because it was reflecting the trees and the area below it like a mirror. The lower half of the object was more “bulgy” (wider) and four rings were clearly visible. The lower right of the disk had some markings or writing on it coloured a light red. It remained stationary for a few seconds and flew off to the south and when I looked for it on the other side of my trailer there was only clear sky.

15-Jun-2005, Surrey, BC: (6:23 - 6:29pm)
My daughter and I were on a regular walk, returning from the Strawberry Hill area of Surrey behind the Sikh Temple. My daughter was walking beside me, continuing a long conversation about school, friends, and pets. All of a sudden she said: "I don't know why, but I feel incredibly happy." I said "Great!" We ambled along, and right in behind the Sikh Temple (we were Southbound on the sidewalk), she looked up at the half moon at our 11 o'clock position, and said: "Daddy, what's that beside the moon?" I stopped and looked up. I would not otherwise have looked up had she not prompted me to. I observed a small object that seemed both reflective and light emitting, moving slowly from East to West. My daughter sighted it first beside the moon, and it moved at a steady and fairly slow pace from East to West, flying directly overhead, Westward. It changed it's heading gradually in an arc, changing from approximately 240 to 270, when it faded out in broken contrails to the west. When viewed with the contrail clouds in the background, it seemed to emit a resonance/energy field with a slight but visible distortion resembling an 'aura'.

Weather: Sunny and clear, heavy contrails. Sighting time: 6:23 - 6:29, six minutes duration. Two witnesses, Father and Daughter (I didn't feel comfortable with asking passers-by to witness although some Sikhs wondered what we were looking at but didn't look up. Westerly winds aloft and westerly winds at ground level approx. 10 knots. Object: Circle, small, lit/reflective, seeming to emit energy field when viewed with clouds in background. Similar to 'nocturnal light' but viewed during the day with observations made that could not be made at night. The object flew a flight path directly on top of the YVR approach for commercial aircraft. During the duration of the sighting, no commercial aircraft were in the vicinity. I have ruled out weather balloon, since the altitude was steady (guess between 8-12000 feet underneath high contrail-related cirrostratus), and object was flying into the wind. Object flew directly underneath fairly fresh contrail with winds aloft were blowing to the East. Ground winds were same as winds aloft, Westerly, slower wind at ground level (cloud moving fairly quickly Eastbound).

19-Jun-2005, Creston, BC: (9:40 pm)
The witness observed a bright light travelling in straight line N-S, and fading out. UFO*BC note: Possibly an Iridium satellite which can be very bright, change brightness and fade rapidly due to their large reflective surfaces and rotational motion.

22-Jun-2005, Nanaimo, BC: (12:30 pm)
Location: Terminal Avenue and Stewart Avenue. A friend of mine and I were driving north on the Island Highway, crossing the bridge downtown and he pointed to a long white cylinder in the sky. We watched it move behind a cloud, and then it came into view again for about 10 seconds then went behind a huge cloud bank heading for Vancouver.

It had no wings, or tail, it was moving too slow for a jet, and too fast for a blimp or kite. It looked to be at approximately 1000 ft and appeared very large for it's distance. I estimate it was at least as long as a typical 747 fuselage, probably 1/3 longer.

We both commented afterwards that we noticed not wings, but maybe small white triangles like fins at one end. It almost looked like a missile, but was going WAY too slow for that.

26-Jun-2005, Port Moody, BC: (9:00 pm)
Loco Road, North side of Port Moody. A man and his wife witnessed a small black dot above their location headed from East to West. The object made no sound, travelled slower than an aircraft, and made some random flashes of light. The object was joined from the East by a second object of the same description. The two objects floated from East to West until they were out of sight. The witness contacted YVR ATC (air traffic control), who provided him with our number.

27-28-Jun-2005, South Hazleton, BC: (11:30pm-1:30am)
Debbie West has given us permission to use her full name in the write-up. Nocturnal light flew directly over Debbie's house @ 1130 PM, and stopped mid-air close approximately twenty miles from her home. Witnessed by another friend. Debbie turned on her porch light, the object stayed for two hours. Smaller object detached from larger object @ 1230, both objects appeared to be bright white as viewed through binoculars. The object made no sound, and was white in color. Debbie felt that the object "creeped her out".

Additional background information: Debbie is 40 yrs old, and has had sightings before: When she was 34, she saw a stealth-type object that appeared clear, and flew at treetop level @ 1:00 am close to her home. The object was small, about 20 feet in length, and approximately 100 feet altitude, flew slowly over treetops with no sound. She reports having seen a cylindrical object some time ago which was quite large. She also states that there is a lot of UFO activity in the area, will ask her friend to report an instance where he was followed from Terrace by a UFO.

28-Jun-2005, Terrace, BC: (1:51 pm) HBCC UFO
I was sitting outside listening to music, when I suddenly witnessed a huge white light in a natural break in the tree canopy to the west. Sure enough, the object changed its appearance to white, grayish, and then invisible and flew right into my vision, in a clear sky, within +- 20 seconds.

This happened at least 15 times, truly amazing to watch – I felt like I was back in the 70's and 80's. The brilliant white object, roughly 1 kilometer high in the sky, disappeared over the Telkwa Pass. It was incredible to see how only a thought can trigger a strong reaction with them. The time was between 01:47 to 1:51 am, at my place looking to the south. The sky was clear with a few clouds.

30-Jun-2005, Abbotsford, BC: (12:45 am) HBCC UFO
I can't believe I'm doing this or even if I believe it but here goes. Late last night I was watching TV and decided that it was time for bed which meant one more cigarette. I grabbed my CD player and pack of cigarettes and went out on the patio. While I was sitting out there something caught my eye in the vicinity of the apartment building across the parking lot. It looked like someone had thrown a tinfoil-covered margarine tub over the next building (the object was way bigger than a margarine container but it was the same shape). It was shining and when I looked at it about 2 seconds later it had slowed down and looked like it was gliding. I had headphones on at full blast so I don't know if anyone else was out there at the same time or not. The object went out of my view after almost a minute and I didn't think anything of it. I just finished my cigarette and went inside and that is when the strangest thing happened. When my CD player’s batteries die the CD player lets out a really loud beep telling me the batteries are low. But this time, the player just shut off. I hit play again to see if it had just missed the beep but it wouldn't turn back on at all. The next day I went outside with the same CD player and CD to have a cigarette, forgetting about what had happened, until the CD player started to play perfectly normally and then I remembered the night before. The batteries were almost full and everything worked fine. I honestly don't know what to think of it or if it was anything at all; if someone had thrown a really large container there is no way they could have thrown it over the building and across the parking lot (about 3 car lengths from sidewalk to sidewalk, not to mention the sidewalks themselves and the slope of the roofs). The CD player is fine so I don't know what it could have been. Please let me know.

As far as I can remember, the object was heading from southeast to northwest. It definitely looked as though it was manoeuvring on its own. It wasn't spinning; it was just kind of soaring. I know there was no wind because I was on the top floor balcony and I had no trouble lighting a cigarette so I know it was calm out. I didn't stay long after I saw it; I finished my cigarette and went back inside. It was after midnight so the sun wasn't out; it had set a few hours before. The object looked like it was lit. I know of nothing that would have been illuminating the sides of it and it had the look of being lit from the inside with a dim light, which I didn’t think overly odd at the time. Before I put on my head phones and even after I took them off, I didn't hear anyone speaking or laughing or even a car driving by. My place is right by the highway. I had an odd feeling when I went inside before I turned off the lights was that I was being watched. I didn't pay attention to the cats in the house because one sleeps in the guest bedroom and the one in the master bedroom was under the bed, I'm supposing, because she is usually at the window. Unfortunately, I thought it would be an uneventful smoke break and took out my CD player with me instead of my book; that way I didn't have to have the porch light on and possibly disturb a neighbour.

30-Jun-2005, Victoria, BC: (2:00 am)
Location: French Beach, If you've ever been to French Beach you know it's one of the most beautiful places to go camping. I was there camping with some friends. Eight other people and I went for a hike along the beach, our journey stopped and we hit a cliff. My friend Charlie and I continued jumping over the cliff. It started to get late and we headed back to the camp site but by this time the tide was coming in and all are things we left behind were about to be sucked out to sea. By the time we got to them, they were soaked. I bent down to pick them up when I noticed a light in the sky move. I looked up, Charlie was looking as well and two lights zigzagged rapidly and then left our site of view within 3 seconds over the mountains "did you see that?" Charlie said.

July 2005, Chilliwack, BC:

I just came upon this site, and would definitely like some input on what my now wife, and I saw. We were sitting in my driveway enjoying the cloudless night, on Hiebert street, a dead end street off of first avenue. We were facing towards Sardis, which I believe is to the south, there is a set of train tracks separating us, and a farmers field, the actual farm house would be to the diagonal left of the way we were facing, you can access his house by a long driveway the first on the right hand side off of Prest road when turning off of first avenue. I have been to chicken to go there, and ask him about it, but here goes:

When we were sitting in my driveway the very last house on the right hand side of Hiebert Street, facing what I believe is south, and an incredibly bright light making absolutely no sound about 30- 50 feet wide appeared from the other side of the tracks about 30 feet away. The light was incredibly bright, to the point that all you could see when you looked at it was a round white light something like a light in a pool at night time. It flashed really brightly, and was about 1000 meters in the sky, it flashed again, and was about as high as the highest mountain surrounding Chilliwack, it flashed again and looked almost as high as a star, but it moved around slightly for a second flashed, and it was gone.

Any thoughts on that?

1-Jul-2005, Vernon, BC: (10:40 pm) HBCC UFO
Five of us were out on the Bella Vista hillside south of Vernon watching fireworks when a glowing white object slowly came across the sky. It made no noise and seems like the exact same one witnessed in Merritt, B.C.

It was only about 350 feet off the ground from us so we could make out the shape of a disk. It flew very slowly and stopped at one point where it sort of "jiggled." Then it continued on. The whole sighting lasted about 2 minutes as we talked about it and watched it. We joked that it was here to watch the fireworks as well.

Its size wasn't that big - about 25 feet across. It flew almost directly over us and as it left, we could make out the crescent shape and red lights and blue/green mixed with the white. It flew in basically a straight line from south to north. It definitely wasn't a plane or blimp or anything that I've ever seen flying before. The only time lights on this object ever blinked was right before it disappeared. There was no tail following the UFO. The weather was clear with one or two small clouds. There were no other aircraft observed during or following the sighting.

I asked my two brothers and sister about it and they said they saw more than one UFO. They said they saw five! Now, I can't see very well so I only saw the one UFO but one of my brothers said that he saw it flash green and blue as well as red. I only saw a red flash but I may be wrong.

1-Jul-2005, Victoria, BC: (late evening)
Dusk was approaching and the fireworks were scheduled to start. I noticed a light coming out of the sunset, approach the downtown core, and just stop. There is a weird helicopter, Huey-style, with one side of the helicopter equipped with light panels. It shows up when there are objects "loitering" in the skies. Anyways, it approached the light and started to circle it. Each time it went around, the light pattern changed on the chopper’s panels. There was another smaller light that appeared to be assessing the situation (it seemed “angry” and “defensive” toward the helicopter). I've noticed this light many times over Victoria. Then there are the clouds that appear to be charging up over Port Angeles and “float” over here, ominous and dark...scary, skull-like images “projected” on the full moon, like a scary, evil man. This area is definitely #@%$ed up.

14-Jul-2005, Nanaimo, BC: (3:00 pm), NUFORC
I was sleeping last night when I heard some strange noises in my back yard. I was awoken by them so I looked out my window into my back yard and saw a pulsing light. The light was pulsing and seemed to grow when it pulsed then would go back to its original shape.. I wasn't sure what I was looking at so I went to the sliding door beside my bedroom to get a better look...as soon as I opened the door the light was gone, not knowing what to think and with a weird chill running thought my body I closed the door and locked it.. I went back to my room and weird noises continued and the light started up again.. As soon as I laid in my bed I felt a weird feeling come over me then I was instantly sleeping. When I awoke I had the same feeling and now my bedding was completely flipped upside down and tucked in as if someone came in and arranged my room...then I went out side to check what the light was in the morning and there was no sign

16-Jul-2005, New Westminster: (3:30 pm)
I had just walked in the patio doors from my balcony in downtown, when my oldest son (4yrs) said from out on the balcony “mom, what's that?” as he pointed to the sky. I stepped back out on the patio and looked up in the sky and saw a weather balloon slowly floating up. The sky was totally clear, not a cloud visible. I told him what it was and then noticed one more, then two more floating up in succession. That wasn't what was odd though obviously. I then realized that there were 2 dark objects in close proximity to the highest balloon. I thought they were two birds at first, as they had a dark gray color and a faintly triangular shape but were not exceedingly large, not unlike the size of a large eagle. They were non-reflective unlike the metallic weather foil hanging from each balloon (which was highly visible and low enough for me to discern those details), but did look like a matte finished metal. But they were not birds as no wing flapping occurred and they seemed to be stationary in relation to each other but not attached together by anything noticeable. Then I assumed they were some other floating weather-related object attached to one of the balloons. But what they did was not seemingly appropriate for that since it started to maneuver around the balloons, half-circling and then flying(approaching) the next balloon lower in the sky, and around, etc. I ducked into the house and grabbed my kids' play binoculars (all I could grab on hand!) which were in a toy box next to the patio door. When I popped my head back out, the balloons were still there, higher up in the sky but I could no longer see the doubled object. Any thoughts? New weather technology? Also, this occurred over my head and in an eastern direction near 6th Street. There is Douglas College next door, and the New West Regiment or whatever it is off 6th St that maybe where the balloons came from.

20-Jul-2005, Enderby, BC: (4:00 – 4:30 am) HBCC UFO
First of all, I would never have told this to anyone else besides my wife if I had not read about a sighting in the area happening on the same morning. The article was from The Morning Star, a local (Vernon B.C.) newspaper, page A12 August 12, 2005.

I just so happened to be wide awake at 3:00 a.m. and decided to take a walk down the country road I live on. I quite enjoy watching the dawn begin to roll in. The time that I saw the object was between 4:00 to 4:30 am. Prior to the moment I saw it, I was thinking that something was observing me. Then at that moment, I saw a bright light at the top right corner of my eye. My first thought was that someone had shot a flare gun, so I looked around, at ground level only at first, to see who shot the flare. Then I looked up, expecting to see the flare, because the light had been shining above me while I searched the ground for whomever. Anyhow, when I looked up, I immediately realized that the object was not a flare; it was quite clear to me, without any confusion, what it was. Because I was so sure of what I was seeing, and also extremely sure that what I was seeing was seeing me, I acted very calmly and casually. I acted like I see them every day and that it was no big deal. I assumed it was the best way to handle the situation; they were staring right at me. This behaviour was also to let whoever was observing me from a bright light above me know I that I am open minded to new ideas and also that I'm not hostile.

It may sound silly but that is actually how I handled myself under pressure. After 10-30 seconds of this thing watching me and me watching it, during which time I became a full-on believer, I waved big and friendly. The object instantly disappeared like it cloaked itself. The reason I say cloak is because I could still feel its presence. The last sentence I do not state as factual; I do agree it is possible that I imagined that I felt the object’s presence after it vanished. I stared up in the sky to see if I could see it "uncloak" or anything. While doing so I saw the object or one like it, start to appear but then it disappeared quickly. It did not get as bright as before.

The shape of the object was like a can of soda, with something almost like a cone-like wide end up on the top. The cone part did not have any light to it - just the can-shaped part.

Now here is the really strange part. I want to write this separately from the statement above which I believe, without any doubt, to be true. As for the next part that I am about to write – well, I don't expect anyone else to believe it. Well, here it is and I am having a hard time letting anyone know. This is that there may have been some telepathy going on between the object and me. There, I said it, and that is all I am going to say about that on the World Wide Web. If anyone cares about that last statement I will tell them more privately, person to person, only by email. And I am sure there are more details to the whole event if anyone needs to know, just ask.

20-Jul-2005, Whistler, BC: (10:25 pm) NUFORC
Saw Bright light heading NW in sky, too fast for satellite, no red flashers as on planes - then the light dimmed to that of a star heading toward handle of the Big Dipper, then the light brightened. Once more, brilliant than any other star in the sky; then dimmed until it totally disappeared before it left the area of the Big Dipper

22-Jul-2005, Gibsons, BC: (4:00 pm) NUFORC
3 of us were sitting on a deck facing north when I looked up and saw this craft at about 5:20 pm pst. We all looked and recognized it was not a plane or anything any of us have ever seen. It was silvery and reflective and saucer shaped and looked to be gliding quickly and with precision in a north east direction. No noise whatsoever emitted from it nor vapour trails.

23-Jul-2005, Prince Rupert, BC: (7:00 pm)
This is the third time I saw UFOs over the same area and spotted them from the same spot. The First one was on June 20,1996.@12:12 P.M. When I took four photos and 2-1/2 minutes of video of the UFO from my living room window, I reported it to UFOBC and other places.

The Second one was on October 25,2004.@ 9:30 A.M. I was just leaving my driveway when I saw this Oval shaped Silver object towards the South East just above Mount Hays, about 15 degrees up, the object was very shiny and it was traveling slowly towards the South East I observed the object for 7 or 8 seconds before it was gone behind Mount Hays. The Third time was on July 23,2005.@ 7:00 P.M. From my driveway I saw this red object in the sky towards the South East @ 15 degrees up over Mount Hays the object was traveling slowly to the North East, towards Mount Oldfield, I asked my cousin Jerry, who was sitting in my truck at the time, to keep track of the object while I was going back and forth to the truck for my cameras and my 7+50 mm binoculars. First I took two pictures of this red UFO with my Sony Cyber-Shot 3.2 Mega Pixels Digital Camera, then I went back to my truck and to get my old Minolta Camera with a 70 to 210 Zoom Lens and I took three more pictures of the craft. Then I went back and got my 7x50 mm binoculars, and when I looked though my binoculars I could see that the object had stopped for a few seconds, and it looked like it was slowly rocking back and forth, then I went back to my truck to grab my digital video Camcorder that’s when we both lost sight of the UFO.I know I made a mistake by grabbing my binoculars instead of my camcorder, at least I could have zoomed it in with my camcorder while it was rocking back and forth and to see where this thing went to. Anyway, when I got my photos developed from my old Minolta Camera, I could see that there where two UFOs in the first photo I took with my old Minolta camera, I did not see this other UFO when I took the three pictures, this other UFO was about 12 degrees above and further North of the other UFO. The other two photos showed just the one UFO in them. The weather was cloudy over Mount Hays that day. The object was about two thousand yards away from us and we had it in view for about seventy five seconds.

25-Jul-2005, Vancouver, BC: (10:30 pm) NUFORC

26-Jul-2005, Coldstream BC: (11:20 pm) NUFORC
I was sitting around a campfire at my in-laws residence when I had a strange feeling. I stood up and looked to the Southeast direction from where I was and noticed a star like light tracking across the sky. I watched the object get brighter and expand then it got smaller and dimmed moving in a horizontal direction. The town of Vernon is around a 10 minute drive in the direction the object was observed. The object moved steadily in a northwest track then vanishing. UFOBC Note: possibly a satellite?

27-Jul-2005, Victoria BC: (8:45 am) NUFORC
It was 8:45 am and I was driving along May street towards Dallas Road. I notice a light directly in front of my vehicle and my first thought was that it was a plane or some kind of air craft. I decided to continue to drive until I reached an area where there was parking along Dallas road. Here there was a much better view of this object that was continuing to fall from the sky. I did notice 5 other men watching the same object I was. The light seemed to be on fire and falling through the sky very quickly.

Soon it was all over and the light vanished into the horizon, sinking into the ocean. That was it. Was it a meteor?

27-Jul-2005, Surrey, BC: (10:40 pm)
I saw a bright white ball of light with a streaking tail just "appear" moving straight across the night sky then within 3 seconds it disappeared. It was just above the trees directly above my head and made no sound at all.

29-Jul-2005, Sidney, BC: (9:00 pm) NUFORC
I heard an extremely loud noise, but didn't see anything. Did not see any object, just heard noise. Sounded like a supersonic jet, but no jet, and no sonic boom. Sounded like sail boat sails flapping in the wind, no wind and no sail boat. Saw large water ripple after sound was gone. Water ripple like wind blowing, but no wind. The patch of water ripple moved perpendicular to the direction of the sound. It went by the boat, from right to left, at very fast pace.

Aug-2005, Galiano Bay, Vancouver Island, BC:
I had been out for a late evening solo kayaking trip in Nootka Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I cook and live at a fishing lodge in the summer. I had not actually seen the moon that evening; however, I noticed its glow as it would have been setting into the Pacific, my view blocked by a small mountain. I was a little disappointed as I had not seen the moon in a few weeks. The stars were all visible at the outset of my excursion. By the time I returned to Galiano Bay, a haze of low cloud had moved in and the stars were no longer visible.

I put the kayak away and went for a pee off the dock, facing north. Something drew me to look over my left shoulder - my first thought was, “Ohh, the moon IS in the sky...” There was a bluish white light glowing through the cloud cover; then it brightened and stayed very bright for 3 seconds, then it faded for 3-4 seconds duration to a light reddish ember-coloured point of light and then it was gone.

The cloud ceiling was about 400 meters; the light was to the south west and, I would guess, to within a range of 2 kilometers.

This was in 2005. During the 2006 season, I saw a similar light on three other occasions in different parts of the night sky. These sightings lasted from 4 to 15 seconds.

1-Aug-2005, Surrey, BC: (10:35 p.m.) NUFORC
I had stepped outside for a cigarette when I noticed a bright light in the north sky. It was changing colours and moving in many different directions. It hovered for about one minute and then moved. It continued to do this for about an hour. It then vanished. About 30 seconds later it was back. I then noticed in the east sky, another light. This one seemed to be bigger and brighter than the other. It hovered and moved just like the other object. Both lights are still in the sky, moving about as I write this. It is now 12:46 am on August 2nd.

3-Aug-2005, Port Alberni, BC: (6:00 pm) NUFORC
As our family was driving down Great Central lake in our pleasure boat at approximately 30 miles an hour I noticed the compass start spinning rapidly doing 360's from clockwise to counter-clockwise and back again. all of a sudden the boat started missing and ((cutting)) out right away I thought UFO laughingly and we were all looking up in the sky that was perfectly clear, there were no clouds and saw nothing. We carried on up the lake and the boat ran worse but the compass started working normally again. So we turned around to head back to our cabin, where the compass first started acting up. It started acting up again then it smartened up as we left that area. We barely got the boat back to our cabin (it is severe electronic problems in the engine). this is approximately 2 days after a sighting in Port Alberni. Pretty bizarre eh?

6-Aug-2005, Coquitlam, BC: (7:00 pm) HBCC UFO
The Six O’clock News had just finished when I decided to scan the mountains, just to check for smoke or anything unusual. Looking about halfway between Burke Mt. and Heritage Mt., I noticed a brief shiny flash. Usually these flashes turn out to be birds or small planes but I waited to see if it would appear again and I was soon rewarded with another brief flash. I switched to my bigger binoculars as they are mounted on a stand and are much more stable. I quickly located the object again and it appeared to be a Mylar balloon, shiny on one side and dark on the other. The only problem with this was Mylar balloons are rarely over about 24 inches in diameter and for this thing to be visible it must have been more like 20 or more feet in diameter. I set my camera up and aimed it that way just to see if I could see it any better. I continued to track it for more than five minutes. It was moving much slower than a small plane and appeared to be stopping to check out each and every ravine or gully on the ridge just to the north of Burke Mtn. It slowly drifted out into the V-shaped gap between the large peak to the north of Burke Mtn. and the ridge. Mylar balloons generally climb pretty fast depending on the wind. This object flew or floated pretty well horizontally for the entire five minutes at approximately 3500 ft. and then appeared to make a right angle turn before vanishing. It appeared to be shaped like a rectangle or square pillow, but appeared to be tumbling like a balloon. Its size is unknown; just looking at that gap and (I guess) it could have been 20 or more yards in diameter, for all I know. I scanned the whole mountain range but saw nothing.

8-Aug-2005, Hills, New Denver, Kootenays, BC: (11:30 pm -12:00 am)
Single light moves silently and quickly across sky. Seems to curve occasionally. 5 mins later 2 more. One follows, then zips in front, and then disappears. They follow same trajectory as 1st, occasionally stopping, occasionally with jerky movement. A small plane flies to the same destination. 10 mins later another single light follows the same path. 2 mins later a huge light explodes in the sky so bright it lights up the darkness like a flashbulb. 4 people saw all these events. One states that the light had a dumb bell shape. Next day two other people who live further up the road confirmed seeing the light at the same time; 6 witnesses in total. The following evening saw another light pass, this seems normal now. If any one else saw this please email me. NOT SHOOTING STARS AND DEFINITELY NOT PLANES!

9-Aug-2005, Burnaby, BC: (2:00 am)
On that night we were sitting on our porch talking (wife, friend and myself). When we noticed a Triangle shaped light in the sky heading west into Vancouver. As strange as it may sound there was no sound that night it was extremely quiet. We could always hear planes fly over but not one sound was coming from the object. It had kind of a green light that it generated from it. It flew very slow towards downtown and faded into the lights of the city. We called the airport, radio and the Observatory with no luck. They all said that there was nothing there or reported. We know what we saw was there and we know that it was not an aircraft. To this day I am sure of what I saw.

9-Aug-2005, Gitanyow, BC: (5:53 pm) NUFORC
I was just driving in my community after work, I noticed a perfect lighting on the totem poles in my community. As a photographer I saw a chance to get some good pictures for my photo collection. Working with kids in my community I changed my focus and started to take pictures of them. I did not see the object myself, my camera captured the UFO in one of the photos I took of the boys in my community. The two shapes that I saw after down loading them in my computer. I still don't believe because I did not see it myself. But it is in the picture I took that day. There were no sounds that day so we never heard any sounds to make us see the UFO.

12-Aug-2005, Richmond, BC: (10:45 pm) HBCC UFO
Three of us were viewing shooting stars from the backyard of a residence in Steveston when, out of the southeast, an oval object appeared. It was a dull yellow and moved slower than a shooting star and quicker than a small airplane.

We saw it for about 7-10 seconds and then it disappeared towards the North Star. It seemed to have a headlight with which it was illuminated. It was distinctly oval and unique. We all agreed at the same time that what we were looking at was a UFO.

13-Aug-2005, Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, BC: (11:00 pm)
14-Aug-2005, mid-sea between Swartz Bay and Tsawassen Ferry Terminals: (9:45 pm)
On 13th August 2005 at approximately 11pm my friend and I were on my north-facing balcony in Kitsilano, Vancouver, star-gazing for the last of the Perseid meteor shower. My friend said to look at a light blinking brightly in the sky - I looked up just in time to see an extremely bright bluish-white light blink once. It did not reappear. My friend said he'd seen it blink 3 times but at irregular intervals before I saw it, moving from east to west. We continued watching for some time but it did not appear anywhere in the night sky.

On 14th August 2005, curious about what we'd seen the night before, we took an upper deck on the BC ferry on the 9pm sailing from Swartz Bay and got out binoculars. It was a clear night, the only clouds were contrails from a few aircraft. We saw plenty of air traffic, then at about 9:45pm in the darkening night sky my friend said to look right up above me where he'd seen a flash of light. Both of us saw an extremely bright bluish-white light right up above us blink once, then again but much fainter, then again but even fainter still, then a final very faint blink all a few, irregular, seconds apart - probably about 5-8 seconds - and not quite in the same spot - as if it were traveling vertically and diagonally extremely fast. It did not reappear in the entire trip. We also were watching for shooting stars (saw 2) and satellites. Two assumed satellites passed approximately from south to north on different trajectories both extremely fast and we watched them pass over towards the horizon. I then saw and pointed to a third assumed satellite moving slower (but still very fast) from south to north. At about mid-way across the night sky suddenly there was an extremely bright flash from the moving object and we both saw this. Now highly intrigued I thought the thing had exploded, but then I saw it still moving on its original course. But this was only for a short distance, I then lost sight of it as it faded. My friend who has excellent eyesight (I have astigmatism) said he could still see it and it had stopped dead close to the star Polaris. Satellites don't stop dead. We looked through binoculars but were unable to steady the image or pick out which 'star' was the one we needed. This was totally unlike the other satellites we had seen. I did consider whether the flash was a satellite panel reflecting sunlight but that doesn't explain what happened next. Remember we had been watching other satellites disappearing way out to the horizon, not mid-sky.

Both of us are in our late-30's, have lived under flight paths to major international airports, are well used to the effects of fireworks, familiar with the appearance of satellites and neither of us have seen lights or moving objects in the sky behaving like this.

17-August -2005, Powell River, BC: (10:05 pm)
I pulled out of my driveway in my car and started on the highway towards town, I was just past where my mailboxes are, and something caught my eye in the sky. I'm not sure what it was, all I know is it freaked me out. It was this very intense large bright green burst of light; it seemed to me that it was too close, too large and too big to be an airliner or anything of the sort. It almost reminded me of a firework, or a flare, but it did not linger, it simply disappeared and was much too bright and too large to be either of those. It traveled down at an angle very fast above the mountain and was gone. I have never seen anything so eerie as this. I'm sure there could be lots of explanations for what this was, but whatever it was, it was sure strange.

20-Aug-2005, Burnaby, BC: (9:00 pm)
21-Aug-2005, Burnaby, BC: (8:30 pm)
Swift moving two objects poured down snake like, criss-crossed and then slowly moved away from each other. Too far to see details but I have never seen anything like that movement which had caught my eye. Thought it was perhaps a helicopter but it didn't look like it. One moved slowly left, the other right. One moving right blocked my sight line behind a tree. One moving left stopped dead in the sky, expanded several times its own size and became a glowing orange orb. Then it returned to its original size and started to move slowly horizontally again. It moved horizontally right so that my sight line was blocked by a tree. Then it moved out from the tree again to roughly the same spot in the sky, and repeated the glowing orb then went behind the tree again. Same thing the next night (minus the introduction) but I only saw it expand once and the shape was not round as previously. Again, second night only one object.

These objects appeared like lights in the sky so it was difficult to say what they were but there were other aircraft in the sky, a plane, a helicopter and I could see them and make out their forms.

These objects were in the southeast. I believe they would have been over Lougheed Hwy. or the Freeway. Don't know what they were. However, I have never seen anything like that before.

20-Aug-2005, Squamish, BC: (9:00 pm)
The witness was sitting outside on her balcony just as it was getting dark. Time 9:00 pm. Suddenly without any warning a VERY LARGE "bar bell" shaped object appeared in the northern sky above the mountaintop and proceeded to fall towards the ground. The object had two white lights attached to a pinky red horizontal bar. It appeared to leave a streak as it descended. Total observation time was possibly three seconds. About two seconds after it "crashed"? there was a bright flash behind the mountain. At no time was any accompanying sound heard. The location of this spectacular sighting is a very quiet spot. (N.B.) This witness has a lengthy history of previous sightings and personal involvement.

22-Aug-2005, Chilliwack, BC: (About 4:30 pm) HBCC UFO
Near the end of the workday on Monday August 22, 2005, about 4:30 p.m., I was loading up a company truck preparing for the next work day. After the truck was loaded, I went to park it at the back of our lot where the company vehicles are stored in our compound. I just happened to look at the back of our building through the windshield as I was parking and noticed what looked like a large orange harvest moon low in the sky, just visible above the roofline of our building. At the time I was startled at the odd sight as it was late August, not late October and late afternoon, not evening. I went about locking up the truck and went to look again at the odd sight and was just as surprised as I was to have seen it in the first place by the fact that it was no longer there. I actually walked to the side of our building for a look so that the building did not obstruct my view in case the “moon” had set lower on the horizon. I could not see it anymore, it did not re-appear and I was not looking at it the moment it disappeared.

25-Aug-2005, Pitt Meadows, BC: (10:30 pm) HBCC UFO
On Thurs, Aug. 25, 2005 at about 10:30 p.m., I saw something moving horizontally through the sky. My bedroom window has a clear view of the Golden Ears Mountains here in Pitt Meadows. I have never before been sure if I've actually believed in this sort of thing before. But this was amazing. They were moving east across the sky. I say “they” because there were two lights, either two somethings or one big something (I was squinting and couldn't remember where I put my binoculars). Every once in a while it would flash a lovely golden light of sorts but that may be because the moon was large and orange that night and I suspect it was reflecting. The movement was erratic: fast, then slower, then it would hover, then it moved diagonally upwards. I heard something in the driveway and ran to the other window to see that it was a cat. By the time I got back to my bedroom window, the object was gone.

26-Aug-2005, between Earl’s Cove and Saltery Bay: (about 9:40 pm) HBCC UFO
This is a sighting from on the ferry between Earl's Cove and Saltery Bay Friday night around 9:40 pm. It was just north of Nelson Island in the Jervis Inlet. So we, John and I, went out on the front deck of the ferry - it was pitch-black. I saw what I thought was a medium-size cloud in the sky or perhaps some high fog. But it started to move and pulsate like the Northern lights. It was white in colour. We decided we were watching some northern lights as I knew there was a magnetic storm that week.

After watching this for a while, about 15 minutes, I got tired of watching and turned away, walking towards the south side of the ferry. Well, there up in the sky was a small round disc moving slowly east; I would say it was around 3 or 4 feet in diameter. It was closely followed by a second one. They were not far from the ship. I had called to John when I spotted the first one and he, too, saw them. These were no birds. There was no light coming from them and they were silent. They were grayish in color. After, we were awestruck by what we had seen. Also, when we went to look back at the northern lights/cloud, it had disappeared. Can you tell me, are there any phenomena connected with northern lights that might produce such a sighting? This was a shocker for me.

UFOINFO: - http://www.ufoinfo.com Official Archives for UFO Roundup, AUFORN Australian UFO Reports and Experiences, UFO + PSI Magazine plus archives of Humanoid Sighting Reports (Albert Rosales), Filer's Files, UFO News UK.

Additional Information gathered by HBCC UFO Research.

It was a clear night. The only cloud we saw was this northern lights-type cloud. I have to tell you what I saw was my first fireball. It was larger than a shooting star and was yellowish in colour. I should have mentioned that before. It came across the northwestern sky south to north. I thought it was unusual because of its colour and that it was a larger size than a shooting star. It was about 10 minutes after that, that John and I saw these objects. They were really close to the ferry, maybe 60 feet away and only 70 feet up in the air. There was no trail or tail. They were silent and had no lights. We saw them for about 15 seconds; they were moving slowly. Nearby, about 40 km away on Vancouver Island is the Comox Air Base. You know, I'm puzzled by these northern lights. I have seen lights many times over the years, mostly back east. But these were so cloud-like and low. I'm not sure if I feel these objects came from the cloud. I do not have a scanner but if you want I can mail you a drawing. Will wonders never cease?

They were almost above us which means they were about twenty feet out from the boat not 50 as I previously stated. But still it must have been 50-60 feet from the water.

28-Aug-2005, Nanaimo, BC: (8:45 pm) HBCC UFO
We live in Nanaimo, B.C. We were travelling northbound on the Island Highway this evening at about 8:45 pm when we witnessed a very bright light coming towards us just to the east and travelling in a southerly direction. I saw it first and thought it was a meteor and I drew my husband's attention to the object.

It did not have a tail. It appeared to be travelling extremely quickly, much faster than an airplane and in a straight line when all of a sudden it veered slightly east and traveled upwards at an angle and disappeared into the clouds. It was almost dark but not quite. We pulled the car quickly over to the side of the highway and stared out the window expecting the object to appear through the cloud cover on the other side but it just disappeared. Have you heard of this from anybody else?? Who should we report this to???

30-Aug-2005, Southern Vancouver Island/Cowichan Valley, BC: (4:00 am)
Please note that I have never posted on a site like this, nor do I read about or get involved with UFOs, etc.

I was born in 1959, and over the years have witnessed many strange things, which I won't go into here.

Early this morning (4:00 am pst) I have seen these before from this location, always around the same time; they never appear in daylight (that I am aware of), always while still dark. This makes the 4th or 5th time since I have been living here they have come. They come from the direction of the river (east of me), with no advance noise (everything else is QUIET....this is a rural area). Then suddenly, I hear a noise LIKE a helicopter, but not a helicopter. the vibrations are too low, and other reasons. Most times I stay in bed because there is a feeling of DREAD that I can not explain. They move slowly past my home, once one of these things seemed to hover or remain in place outside. I was terrorized.

I heard it coming again and decided to see what I could. Here is what I saw:
Moving in an arching or semi-circular motion from behind the trees toward me came this vehicle. Again, very little noise until it is right near you. I again assumed it to be a helicopter because of the ability to fly so low (maybe 200 feet above me), and to hover or move forward very slowly.

It had 2 bright white lights, one in the center below that was very bright and seemed to be searching the area. Also on it were a red and a green light. I still assumed it was a helicopter, though the humming and noise didn't match any helicopter I have ever heard. The same terrible, paralyzing feeling of dread came over me, but I was determined to keep watching. I know whoever was in it could see me, it was very low, and the light shone toward me. My home is lit up at that time of day, naturally they had something to look into.....cops, or whoever.

THEN: it hovered directly across from me (I was at my second floor window), then continued away in an arching motion, headed basically north. SUDDENLY IT TURNED COMPLETELY ONTO IT'S SIDE. This thing was flying completely on its side. the light formations changed and it took off. I am absolutely freaked out.

I am determined to have a camera on hand from now on.
Any other reportings?

7-Sep-2005, Vancouver, BC: (7:04 pm) NUFORC
I went for a jog in the Point Grey area here in Vancouver, very close to the beach, when on my return towards my home, I saw what I thought was a plane, I'm quite observant of the sky. Then I realized that it wasn't a plane. Then I thought it looked like a blimp. A telephone company here in Canada uses one quite frequently here in the Lower Mainland for advertising purposes, but quickly I realized that it was simply too high up in the air for anyone to see it with the writing and logos on it. Then I thought, oh no, here we go again. I watched the object for about 3 minutes maybe a bit longer. It was located in the south sky and the visibility is excellent. Object appeared to be heading towards to USA and climbing higher upwards. Colour white. Solid Object. Moved slowly. Not planes in the sky from where I'm standing. I obviously stopped jogging to gain a better look at this object and I was simply curious if this passing stranger could see this object as well. I asked a stranger "Do you have good eye sight"? and asked her if she could see "that object in the sky". She said yes.

PS. Last night Sept. 6th 2005, as I was walking home from a video store with my boyfriend, we happened to see a bright light in the north sky get bright and then retract very quickly. We couldn't see any traces or trail of anything like a plane in the general vicinity in the sky such as when a plane may be glaring it's front headlights and then turn, this wasn't quite the same. He was about as puzzled as I was. Just thought I'd mention last nights oddity in case anyone else in Vancouver, B.C, or North Vancouver saw this bright light. This light was after night had fallen, I would estimate the time we saw it to be around 9:30 ish PM.

7/8-Sep-2005, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC: (10:00 pm -1:00 am CMT)
We were sitting in the hot springs at Fairmont and across on the Westside Road was this big white light. It jumped around and then split into a bunch of other lights and then would come back together. I thought I saw flashes of red and green, kind of opalescent. Then there was another further south a few kilometers and doing the same thing. It almost looked like light patterns of communication to each other. This went on for a couple of hours.

We kept driving to get home to Nelson and down further south on Highway 95 on the Indian reserve across Columbia Lake there was another one. The light was so bright and reflected on the water. It was also dividing and coming back together but more stationary. Then I saw a bunch of lights all go at same time and outline what looked like a flying saucer. We had been talking about UFOs so it was kind of interesting timing. It felt like gentle, non-invasive contact and I wondered if maybe they were making crop circles?! We didn't have time to go back this morning and check it out. Anymore reports on this? We did notice vehicles in the distance going to check the lights out so others must have noticed.

15-Sep- 2005, Surrey, BC: (2:20 pm)
I saw a large dark cigar shaped object (it looked like a very very large plane with no wings - not blimp-like) flying fairly low to the ground over the 160th street / 104th Ave. intersection beside the #1 highway - approx. 2:20 pm PST on Thursday Sept. 15, 2005. The object was flying in a south southwesterly direction.

I was at a stop light, staring off at nothing in particular and it took me several seconds to realize I was staring at something that didn't fit into any mental "files" - I've never seen anything like this before. (almost felt like being shaken out of a hypnotic trance) Then when I realized what it was I pulled out of the traffic line and tried to follow it but it was already gone.

I then circled back to resume my original path (picking my youngest daughter up from school - my oldest was with me in the car) At 2:35 pm there was black helicopter with white trim circling the area where the 'UFO' had just been. I figured other people had reported the object to the media so I went straight home to do the same. Global TV was extremely rude and hung up on me. The other local "media" told me to not bother calling media or the police and most definitely never say the word "UFO" to anyone. She also said "you would not believe the # of calls about these things - more than you could imagine"....

All in all it's been an enlightening experience all round.

15-Sep-2005, Smithers, BC: (9:41 pm)

I was washing dishes and looking out my kitchen window. I have a 10 acre farm.  Past a few trees (which had lost all their leaves) I have a 3 acre field. Beyond that is my neighbour’s home which is barely visible through the trees at the end of this 3 acre field. It was dark. I looked out the window and noticed a bright white light; it was a small sphere about the size of a baseball. It startled me because of the way it was moving. It was about 6 feet above the ground, moving slowly in one direction - slower than someone would walk. What made me realize it was really unusual is that my field is harrowed, but not plowed. This has left it with huge 2 – 3 foot grooves throughout, making walking smoothly impossible. You have to go up and down, inside and out of the grooves, constantly. It is VERY uneven and difficult to walk on. This light was moving perfectly smoothly. It never deviated up or down, slower or faster. It gave me such an uneasy feeling that I moved away from the window but continued to peak from a corner. The light kept moving slowly across the field for another 15 seconds then just disappeared. There was no sign of it flying away - it was like it just disappeared from my sight. It was very unnerving and I'm still a bit spooked about it. It is now the end of April 2006. I know it's silly but I felt if I mentioned anything about it, it might come back!

23-Sep-2005, Vancouver BC: (11:40 pm) NUFORC
Looking north from Fraser St. & 57th (49 deg 13'06"N 123 deg 05'28"W);I saw (against a clear sky) a patch of light approaching my position. It approached rapidly directly overhead and then continued by heading toward the east end of the Vancouver airport. It flew by so quickly that all I could see was a triangle composed of about 5 or more dim (average star brightness) bluish-white lights around its edge. I saw nothing other than lights. The apparent size was about like a 747 (judged by watching its apparent speed and angle receding toward the airport). There was no sound at all. I estimated its altitude at 1000'. After it flew over the airport approach path it became too dim to see, then a plane (landing) flew a few hundred feet below it 10 seconds later. I think it's important to consider the source of info; so I should point out that I majored in sciences through college, and not prone to fantasy (unless this is my first?).

25-Sep-2005, McBride, BC: (1:30 – 1:45 am) HBCC UFO

A gentleman called me last night to relay a frightening experience he had while traveling home from Calgary to Smithers on Sunday night. He was approximately half an hour out of McBride (Highway 16 east) when the sky on his left side flashed a bright blue, pink, orange and green. The flashes lasted 10 to 15 seconds (per colour) with the colours blending into one another. Several square kilometers of the sky had been lit up. He grabbed his video camera and began filming.

Upon reaching McBride he discovered that the power had gone out. An emergency light appeared to be glowing inside a building he figured was a school. The town was completely desolate without another vehicle or person around. It would be another 2 hours before he would meet up with another vehicle. He was very, very scared. This was the first time he ever experienced such a phenomenon.

At home when he viewed his video camera he discovered that the flashes never appeared on film; the film was only black. He says he had the radio on and that there was no interference and that there weren't any sounds coming from outside either. The witness is known to me and is considered completely reliable. Barb Campbell Interviews Eyewitness to Sighting - Audio clip http://www.hbccufo.org/videos/mcbride_fire_in_sky.mp3

26-Sep-2005, Delta, BC: (12:10 pm)
(Yes that is our very Own Graham Conway himself! – Richard T)
Standing outside Sands S.S. School at 82nd Avenue, the time was 12:10 pm, when I spotted high in the sky a small reflective, silver, (metallic?) object that was slowly moving S. East to N. West. The shiny part that caught my eye appeared every two seconds, so I assumed that it was revolving. At one point I got the impression that it was tubular in shape. I would guess that the height was at least 40,000 feet. After five minutes of observation it began to turn slowly north, visually appearing to be over Burnaby and heading in the direction of Grouse Mountain. When ten minutes had elapsed I had to cease watching it as the object was slowly entering a high level of thin cloud. The temperature was 19 degrees Celsius, with a large expanse of blue sky and a small amount of high level clouds.

October 2005 South of Vanderhoof BC

I had recently bought a farm south of Vanderhoof BC and I was outside doing yard work. I started to walk down my drive way which runs east with my border collie 'pan' when I heard a high pitch whistle-humm unlike any bird or insect ive ever encountered before I turned my head lust in time to see ...... um.... A 6 to 8 inch black disc that looked like a large hockey puck zoom by my head, my dog barked, jumped and snapped at it, my wife said she heard it, it flew close enough I could have grabbed it if I was fast enough. anyway, it flew past me around a slight corner but going up and following the road going east toward the neighbours into the sky. I have searched the net for other encounters or toys to fit the description but I have not seen any thing.

UFO*BC Responds:

I haven't heard of anything like that description that isn't obviously a toy of some sort .. very strange. Could you provide a drawing of the object, with colours and dimensions?

1-Oct-2005, Summerland, BC: (8:00 pm) UFOROM
A family was driving to Kelowna from Penticton and had just reached Summerland when they all saw a group of six white lights moving together as if they were on a large object. It was heading north over the lake, but in a split second, it was suddenly further over the lake and turned 180 degrees so that it was heading south, now with only two or three lights visible. The entire observation took only about ten to fifteen seconds.

8-Oct-2005, Quesnel, BC: (10:00 pm) NUFORC
Me and my ma were coming to our motel from our house...and we were on the road to the motel when I saw 3 huge red lights that were kind of curved (suggesting where they were coming from was a disc shape) really close to a car wash building. It was WAY too close to be a plane and plus planes have blue lights...and then I said Ma what’s that? And she’s like where? And I said those lights, over there… Somehow I knew it wasn't a plane and not a sign or anything, I just kinda knew it was a UFO. Then the 2 outermost red lights disappeared and the middle one remained.

So I tell my mom to park our car in the parking lot already so I can get out and look. .I was about to get out and was looking at the remaining middle light thru the window when it kind of just disappeared suddenly. It was almost exactly 10:00 PM. 2nd sighting, the next night: (also 10:00PM) Same place and time. They looked pretty much the same except I think a bit smaller and some of the lights looked like they were falling? This time when they disappeared. I believe it was more random.

3rd sighting, the next night: Same place, different time. It was 10:30-ish. We were pulling up and there they were. You see them from a distance, but when you get closer, you cant see them anymore, but they don’t vanish because we pulled around the highway and drove back down the road to look at them again and they were still visible from a distance. This time there were about 4 lights I'd say, and they were higher up (so they’re smaller) and still red. When you get closer, the outermost lights disappear first and then the middle ones. I'm pretty sure its a UFO now because I saw it very clearly last night and I have no idea what it could’a been; definitely not a sign because its the same lights but like 10x higher up than the first time I saw them. I saw it VERY clearly, and it looks just like the UFOs you imagine aliens come in.

22-Oct-2005, Chilliwack, BC: (2:25 pm) NUFORC
Had a red and yellow light and left a tail for about 10 seconds. Very quiet. It flew very fast.

27-Oct-2005, Vancouver, BC: (2:20 pm)
The witness happened to look out of his window in the direction of Grouse Mountain at 2:20 pm when he suddenly saw a black sphere with brown underneath cross his line of vision at a fairly rapid rate. He estimated that the object was, he thinks, between 75-100 ft in altitude and in view for possibly three seconds. The sky at the time was sunny and clear. Kevin felt sure that others must have also seen the same thing. It was travelling from S.East to N.West, in his case from right to left. (N.B.) This witness has had previous sightings.

28-Oct-2005, Port Alberni, BC: (6:00 am)
At 6:00 am Wilma went outside and suddenly noticed a very large bright object over Alberni Inlet that appeared to be moving towards her. She instantly screamed for her husband Fred, (who was in bed) to come and join her. Responding to her calls he was amazed to see this HUGE irregularly shaped “egg”, emitting an orangy white light. He was very sure that it wasn’t in any way reflecting the early morning sun. After watching it for two or three minutes he returned indoors. Wilma continued to watch it for a further five minutes until it began to recede into the distance and finally became what looked like a star. During the whole of the observation no sound could be heard, and the sky was clear. Up to the time of the sighting Fred had been a skeptic when people reported UFOs. But in this case he became an instant convert! The object was near a radio mast. (N.B.) In August, 2003 their son Jason (18) was at Paper Mills Dam one afternoon when someone shouted that there was a dull metallic sphere in the sky. He and about two dozen witnesses observed this object for a period of time.

31-Oct-2005, Vernon, BC: (8:15 pm) NUFORC
I spotted a large craft approaching from the east. At first I thought it was a plane. I got up and went to my balcony and watched it. It was moving very slow, almost floating like a blimp. It had lights on it. I counted 7 flashing across ways amber, red and green . It drifted across the city and then turned south heading towards predator ridge. I watched it until it just disappeared slowly over the hills.

Nov-2005?, Victoria, BC: (11-12 pm)
It was late, around 11 or 12 p.m.; I had been on the lower section of the breakwater and had noticed a searchlight type of light above the clouds. This light had stopped moving and had dimmed, but was still faintly visible. I had been watching this for an hour or so when the light increased and started bouncing around between three "clouds", then an orb suddenly lifted out of the clouds and shone the most brilliant, golden fire-like light show ever. It then vanished. There were approximately 30 other witnesses parked or walking along the breakwater at the time this happened. I've been extremely interested in the Juan de Fuca straight for 4 or 5 years now. There is lots of night time sky activity, ALL THE TIME!

1-Nov-2005, Cache Creek, BC: (7:00 pm)
Fast multi-colored strobing lights in the sky. We were on highway 97 on-route to Kamloops from Williams Lake. I cannot recall where exactly, but we saw the strange light just past Lac La Hache. It was moving very fast, displaying rapid acceleration and deceleration in zig zag fashion. Occasionally it would zip through the sky in blink of an eye. The light belonged to definitely neither an airplane nor a helicopter as the strobing lights were blinking way too fast and irregular. It was still seen hovering around the vicinity as our vehicle passed through the area.

2-Nov-2005, Delta, BC: (10:00 am) NUFORC
I was looking out my window as I walked towards my couch and I saw something light up and take off with a sonic kind of noise into the sky, like a thing from Star Wars it went into a kind of light speed.

14-Nov-2005, Richmond, BC: UFO*BC
They look like flashes through the sky - similar but not quite the same as a falling star. I live in an apartment complex in Richmond and my apartment is on the third floor. These quick flashes are at eye level (on the third floor) and are so quick, the first few times I thought I was imagining them. I usually see them in the morning at around 6 - 6:30 am (winter time). They are very similar to what was described in a lecture I went to a few years ago at the Vancouver Planetarium. The woman (can't remember her name, but she'd be in her fifties or young-looking sixties; blond hair) also lived in Richmond, and had some pictures of what she's seen over the years.

1-Dec-2005, Coquitlam, BC, Over Burke Mountain: (8:30-11:20 am) HBCC UFO

Dec. 01 - approximately 08:30 am - Beautiful clear sunny morning, was just looking at all the snow on the mountains when I saw a white streak flash across the south slope of Burke Mountain. Object was moving so fast it was just a blur but there appeared to be a white object about the size of a 737 at the head of the streak. Object was about midway up the side of the Mountain. and flew into a thick cloud which was hanging partly down the mountain. I expected to see it come out the other side but nothing appeared.

11:00 AM. - Mainly sunny still, some overcast and fairly thick layer of clouds along the mountain. tops. I noticed what appeared to be a corkscrew shaped vapor trail suddenly appear descending from the overcast down to near the top of Burke Mountain. It reminded me of that cloud I saw last Jan. which had the UFO at the bottom end of it and grabbed my binoculars but didn’t see anything. But as I was watching the vapor trail suddenly extended itself in a big figure S towards the east. At no time did I see anything thing which might be causing it. It just seemed to materialize all in one piece which extended for miles.

11:20 AM. - Still heavy cloud just touching the mountain tops in places. I was looking at the top of Burke through my binoculars, when all of a sudden a dark object shot out of the cloud and flew a zig zaggy course around the peaks in a westerly direction. Object was moving so fast it was just a dark blur so I have no idea what it actually looked like but must have been about the size of a commercial jet. Pretty sure no human being could have survived making turns that sharp and fast.

5-Dec-2005, Vernon, BC: (4:05 pm) NUFORC
My 2 daughters and I were driving home from school. On the way up the hill to our home, we saw a very bright elongated light in the south southwest sky. It was about 4:05 pm and dusk was falling. The sky was a clear midnight blue and there were very few clouds.

The unknown object was to the right of the moon and a bright planet (I think Venus...). I stopped the car to establish a point of reference and determined that the object did not seem to be moving. It was far in the distance and did not look like anything that I have ever seen before.

We decided to drive down a different road to get another look. As we drove it started to fade away. It eventually became a grey streak in the sky and then completed disappeared. My daughter said “it looks like someone cut a gash in the sky and was shining a light through it.” I agree. It even seemed to seal itself and disappear.

18-Dec-2005, Victoria, BC: (3:30 am) UFO*BC
I went outside at about 3:10 am today (Sunday, Dec. 18, 2005) and lighted a smoke. I had been studying for my final exam and thought I should take a break. When I first went outside, there was a strange silence (maybe because it was 3am). But, I am from Vancouver and you don't really get any silence there. So, as I finished my smoke I just looked up at a red/green flashing light in the sky. At first I thought it was a jet, so I just stood there but after 2-3 minutes when the thing didn’t go anywhere, I started wondering what it was. So, I started walking to get a better look at it. All I saw was a star with a red and green flash. I have never seen a star flash green and red. So, I thought maybe I am just seeing things and I went back into my room and took off my glasses and got my contact lenses on. When I went outside, it was a clear red/green object in the sky. Then I looked on my right and saw the same thing. At this point I got really scared and didn’t know what to do. I think I saw something in the backyard and I ran as fast as I could to my room. I know it is out there right now but I am scared to death right now. I am 20 and I have never been this scared in my entire life. I have no idea what to do right now. It’s been about an hour now since I first saw that red/green flash in the sky. I can't close my eyes..…

26-Dec-2005, Peachland, BC: (9:50 pm) NUFORC

It was about 9:55pm, when my husband called me and the two friends we were visiting outside to see something strange in the sky. It was an unusually bright star, far brighter than any planet we'd seen before. It had a sort of spherical quality, but it shone so brightly that it seemed to have many points. There also seemed to be a blue aura around it, which would sometimes change to pink. As we stared up at the star, it suddenly made a rapid movement at high speed across the sky (south) and stopped. It happened so quickly that we didn't quite believe it at first. A few seconds later it did it again... an extremely rapid movement across the sky (south again) coming to a dead stop. Then it slowly moved to a position lower on the horizon. It became slightly less bright. It was still for a few more moments and then it began to slowly move up and down in random circular motions, almost as if it was floating or dancing. This lasted for about five minutes. Then dark clouds rolled in and obscured our view. The sighting lasted for about ten minutes altogether. The duration of the sighting was 10 minutes.