These are some of the latest sightings reported. Again, we appreciate the contributions from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and from Houston UFO Research (HBCC UFO).

11-Jan-2004, Nelson: (8:15 pm)  HBCC UFO

A man, a wife and two teenaged children were travelling in their car, about 8 kilometers south of Nelson, when they noticed a narrow beam of light shining onto a nearby mountain. They could follow the beam of light from where it was illuminating the trees, about half a mile from them, but could not see any object at the source of the light. The woman rolled down the car window, but no sound, such as a helicopter could be heard. After about 30 seconds the light went out.

12-Jan-2004, Nelson: (9:40 pm)  HBCC UFO

A witness observed a brilliant ball of white light traveling slowly and extremely low over the town of Nelson, BC. The object was traveling in an easterly direction and as it got to around the Cedar Street area it broke up into two pieces; one went northward at a very fast rate of speed and the other moved slowly to the southeast. The witness said there appeared to be no type of explosion when it separated; it just seemed to break in half. There was no sound reported when he first noted the light and there was no sound coming from it when it separated. He guessed the whole event happened over a period of 7 or 8 seconds at most.

14-Jan-2004, Griffin Lake: (11:30 pm)

While driving west from Revelstoke B.C. on the Trans-Canada highway near Griffin Lake at around 11:30 pm, I observed a row of red lights in the upper right hand corner of my windshield. There were no other vehicles on the road in that area at that time. The weather was cloudy but not raining and the roads were in good driving condition. I thought it odd that there would be a row of lights up that high and then realized there were no other vehicles on the road. I lost sight of the lights in the windshield for a few moments while concentrating on the road and then I saw the same row of red lights in my rear view mirror. This was not a reflection of my dash board light as they are green in colour. The lights remained for a few moments and then disappeared. I am not sure what it was that I saw but I know that I was the only vehicle on the road so it couldn't be tail lights or marker lights from a car or transport truck.

30-Jan-2004, Richmond: (4:00 am)

My wife was awake at 3:10am to feed our 9 month old son, after which she returned to bed and to sleep.

3:35 am She jerked awake by a rushing noise (like air under pressure), but did not think it was the wind.  She looked out of our bedroom window (looking east) and didn't see anything - the sound stopped as quickly as it had started.

4:00 am She woke again - to see a flickering light in the bedroom, like sheet lightning (no lights had been left on).  She thought it was lightening and waited for the sound of thunder. There was no sound of thunder. Thinking this was weird, she once again looked out the window and saw four lights in a row, stationary at first and then quickly moved away to the east.  They were not in the flightpath and all planes that night were inbound from the east (heading west).  I woke up while she was looking out the window and she seemed to be quite taken by what she was seeing.  I didn't see the lights when I looked out the window, perhaps a minute or so later.  We watched the airplanes all travelling in the opposite direction.

30-Jan-2004, Burnaby: (6:20 pm)

Location: Kensington Avenue and Sprott Street (close to the Hwy #1 Entrance

A triangular object bordered by orange-red, dotted lights (almost like spot lights). The lights only existed on two of the sides, forming an "arrow" shape. It was seen by looking towards East from Kensington Ave, at an ~60 degree angle from ground. The object's appearance was approximately 1cm long from the observation point (within the car). At the time, it was completely dark already, only these lights were observable (no shadow was seen). Just thought it's interesting to let you guys know and see if anyone else noticed this sighting.

30-Jan-2004, Prince George: (9:45 pm) HBCC UFO

A woman and her mother watched a circular ball of red light about one block from home. It was bright and rose up from behind the trees in the neighborhood. It stopped briefly then moved slowly towards the west for a short distance before it came to a complete stop. The red light then dropped down towards the trees, but stopped just short of the tops. Again it rose up rather quickly, then stopped and sat stationary for a few seconds. As it travelled towards the west, it would occasionally make a sharp curve as if it was going around a bend. The object continued in this motion until it was out of their line of sight. The object made no sound.

30/31-Jan-2004, Prince George: (9:00 – 10:00 pm) HBCC UFO

Many Prince George residents reported seeing two bright orange/white lights moving slowly around in the night sky. It was eventually determined that the lights were attached to two parachutists that were sky diving at night.

Early Feb, 2004, West Vancouver: (between 9 and 9:30 pm)

My friend and I were at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver between 9 and 9:30 pm. We were facing north, looking at the mountains and chatting. Then we both saw a large object coming from behind the mountains, and it flew south, silently fast down towards and directly above us. It was perhaps less than 60 feet above us. We looked at its flat bottom as it flew south past us and straight towards the city where it made a fast left-turn towards English Bay. My friend and I looked at each other in amazement.  And we still wonder about what we saw that night.

3-Feb-2004, Houston: (7:26 am)  HBCC UFO

A woman was walking through her home when she noticed a very bright orange object through the kitchen window (it was completely dark outside, the sun had not started to rise). She called to her husband and the two of them watched this round moon-sized object that appeared to be hovering over the pasture behind their kitchen. The object had originally been moving slowly downwards, but then it stopped. At this point the woman grabbed her video camera and started shooting some footage. She then decided to go outside and shoot some more film, but by the time she went out the front door and around to where she should have been able to see the object, it was gone. When she went back in to the kitchen, it was back again! She shot a bit more footage until it seemed to “blink out”.

3-Feb-2004, Chilliwack, BC: (7:00 pm)

We had just finished supper and my stepfather had gone out for the evening. I was downstairs in my basement suite and I stepped outside for a smoke. I’ve always been a star watcher and fascinated with the night sky so as usual I was scanning the skyline with a relaxed state of calm. Almost like as if someone turned on a light switch a bright white light (about the size of Venus) appeared in the western sky. I figured it was just a planet but curiosity got the best of me so I broke out the binoculars and investigated a little closer. Through the eye piece I could see what looked like a "bowl" was placed upside down over the light. I rushed upstairs to get a better look off the back porch. My mother asked me “what’s up?” and I told her. At first she ignored the idea but after seeing my enthusiasm for my observations she grabbed a jacket and joined me on the porch. She also observed through the “binos.” the dome shaped covering of the light. She had just passed me the “binos.” back when we both saw a red "ball" fall from the bottom of the light and take off south. I asked her if she had just seen what I had seen and she replied in the affirmative.

I took my view away from the main ball of light and searched the sky above for any other signs of movement or activity. Almost instantly to the east of the main light there was a small blinking light performing what can only be described as a barrel roll and heading south. The red "ball" that fell from the main light by this time was long gone, however the main light was still there but more intense.

I went inside and phoned the local airport to see what was going on. After describing what I saw the man on the other end of the phone told me there was no air traffic above or near Chilliwack and there was none due in. I asked him if he knew anything about any high altitude air traffic, he told me there should be nothing.

I went back upstairs and returned to the patio. The main light and all other moving lights in the sky were gone. I let the matter lay until now.

I do not drink anymore, and I haven’t for about a year. I am clean of all drugs, and I have 3 years in college working toward a degree in anthropology / archaeology, I’ve served in the armed forces and I was an air-cadet for 6 years. My knowledge of aircraft civilian and military is far from immature. My mother who is now retired but not elderly or confused in any sort of way worked in the Law Courts of New Westminster for 30 some years and is a respected member of the local community.

5-Feb-2004, Kelowna:

We saw to balls of light on a camera screen, bouncing up and down. Very unusual, and interesting. The camera's battery was low and wasn't on record.  But it was something I've only seen on the ufo shows. Balls of light going up and down. I first witnessed it driving from Westbank to Peachland across the lake on top of the mountain 2 dots in the sky going up and down. A lot of other people should have seen this too. My friend is kinda freaked out, and I hope that nothing too bad is going on.

6-Feb-2004, Kelowna: (6:05 pm)

A flashing red light in the sky. I have on film for about 2 minutes, before I lose it. Approximate time 6:05 pm Friday nite.

9-Feb-2004, Kitchener, BC: (9:15 pm) HBCC UFO

A husband and wife were driving from Cranbrook to Creston. As they approached Kitchener, which is just east of Creston, they observed what they estimated to be 8 or 9 basketball-sized bright bluish/green circular balls of light flying dead flat, or horizontally from the west heading eastward. The sighting lasted about 10 seconds before they lost sight of the lights. The lights traveled very slowly and it appeared that some would change position while they flew along.

11-Feb-2004, Langley: (9:32 pm) NUFORC

It was about 9:32 P.M. on the west coast. I had just finished watching Family Guy and looked out my window at this star I had been watching for the past couple of nights. After a few minutes I saw a white light appear beside the star, it began to fall towards the earth. I thought this was kind of strange, but I continued to watch it fall, not wishing to record the event (pictures/movie etc.). I thought of it as a meteorite or something, and relatively cool to watch. The object had then been falling for about a minute, when it began to change. It started turning red, darker and darker and getting larger and larger. At this point I thought it was going to explode because of the heat from entering the atmosphere, this happened for about 30 seconds, at which point I noticed that this was not a meteorite, because it was leaving no trail. I wanted 2 grab my camera but was enthralled to stay and watch, just to see if I was wrong. At this point it turned white again, I knew then I had to grab my camera. I watched for a few more seconds and it began to flash bright red, becoming about 15 times the size every time it did so. I went and grabbed my camcorder, turned it on, no tape, ran back and grabbed a tape, switched the tape and hit record. I could not see anything through my camera, so I ran outside and turned on the “nightshot”. The street light was blocking my “nightshot” from working. I soon figured out if I placed my hand to the side of the camera the light wouldn't hit the lens. All this took about 2 minutes to take place. At this time the light was moving horizontally across the sky as opposed to vertically. I filmed it with some shaky hand work, I then saw a commercial airliner, I decided to film that so there would be some reference as to what airplanes looked like on my camera, when I looked back at the object it had dropped down again and was now flying horizontally behind some trees. I got a few seconds of that and when it disappeared I turned off the camera and watched to see if it returned. It didn't, but it left me with some great footage, and an even better story. And once I get this program on my computer working so I can capture my film I'll send it in.

27-Feb-2004, Decker Lake: (10:30 pm) HBCC UFO

A woman observed an object with a number of blue lights on it above Pauline Mountain. The object slowly moved diagonally towards the mountain, occasionally stopping and moving up and down. She viewed the object for 5 to 10 minutes before it disappeared.

5-20-Mar-2004, Boston Bar, BC: (6:30 pm to 9:00 pm)
March 2004, after the 5th but before the 20th (sorry best I can recall) To the naked eye it just looked like a very bright star with a coloured tinge. What drew my attention to it, was my husband, whom had just come home from work. He had noticed it appear suddenly over the mountain range, then duck back behind it and appear again with incredible speed.

When he got home, (he had been travelling north from Hope to Boston Bar along the Trans Canada Hwy), he excitedly called me out of the house to take a look. I knew immediately it was not a star, it was way too bright, and way too close. We found our binoculars, mind you they are not very good binoculars, but served the purpose to observe this light. It was definitely an object, the shape is hard to define because the bright light may have been distorting it, but it appeared at times to be a diamond shape or triangular. What was really spectacular, was the light show it displayed. It had a series of red lights on one side, and green lights on the other, and they would take turns illuminating. It was incredible, sometimes, one side would light up and then the other, sometimes both sides would light up and they would stay on, and at other times they would almost oscillate. Then it would go quiet and just be a very bright white light. A neighbour stopped by and also observed this.

We watched it for a good hour, until we were just too cold to stand there anymore. I continued to monitor it from inside the house and it was still in the same spot after 9pm. When I went to the office the next day, I mentioned it with some trepidation, and one of the ladies I work with wondered if it could be the Space Station as she had observed that on occasion but not in the same location, nor with the dancing lights.

I considered the possibility, and a couple of weeks late the space station was visible from our back yard. However, it was much different, not the same shape, not the same location and it followed an orbit, which the other thing certainly had not. I would sure be interested to know, if anyone else observed this. Location Specifics: Eastern sky over Coastal Mountains (pretty sure that is the name of the range) Our house faces East, along the TransCanada Hwy. It was hovering south and east over the mountains across the highway.

6-Mar-2004, Kelowna: (11:00 pm) NUFORC

“My friend and I were talking on the phone when he mentioned he was watching an orange "star" outside his front window. I looked out my window and noticed that it was way too bright. All of a sudden it started moving, and looked kind of like a plane. It had at least 3 flashing white lights, and a green/blue light at the back. It also had a dim beam in the back. I watched with binoculars as it moved slower than a plane going up and down, kind of floating. I didn't hear any noise, but the beam in the back was very strange. It was 11:00 at night and the airports are closed. Others should have seen this too.”

7-Mar-2004, Decker Lake: (9:10 pm) HBCC UFO

A witness observed a bright white light and thought at first it might have been an airplane due to the elongated shape. Shortly afterwards it changed into a more round or oval shape and came to a complete stop. As the witness watched the object traveling along over Pauline Mountain it flashed an extremely bright blue light. The object did this a couple of times. At this point the witness was clearly able to see a ring of blue lights which ran horizontally around the center of the object. The woman estimated that there had to be a dozen or more lights. The object slowly moved away until she lost sight of it. Total viewing time was about 25 minutes.

9-Mar-2004, Surrey: (8:16 pm)

Facing south. Solid golden light about 50 degrees above horizon. Slowly moved down to about 15-20 degrees wavering slightly side to side. Moved 90 degrees left (east) behind tall chain link fence of school yard. Color appeared to change between gold and red as the light passed through the links of the fence. Again wavering slightly up and down, using the fence as a reference. Approximately as bright as Jupiter. Total viewing time 1.5 minutes.

9-Mar-2004, Peachland: (11:00 pm)

My friend watched a bright star that was stationary for at least 10 minutes. I called him on the phone and he said look out the window.  I saw a huge orange star, and we both witnessed it moving. It started moving and had flashing green/blue light, and at least 2 white lights going, one on top, and in the back. It looked like a beam of light in the back for sure, only not too bright. It moved in a weird pattern, kinda floating and going up and down. But it masqueraded well like a plane. I watched it with binoculars and it went to the top of the mountain in Peachland, flashing away. Easily others must have seen this.

21-Mar-2004, Surrey, BC: (10:30pm)
Name:            George Belegris
Location:        Surrey, British Columbia Canada, near 164th Ave. and Fraser Hwy.
Duration of Sightings:    35 minutes (combined)
Number of witnesses:    5

Weather Conditions:
On the evening of March 21, 2004 weather conditions were optimum for sky watching. An incredibly clear night with the exception of a few small low lying clouds, but overall the night sky was completely visible with an unlimited ceiling.

Observation 1
On the evening of Friday March 21st, 2004 at 22:30 I was standing out side the front entrance of my townhouse. I noticed that it was an exceptionally clear night. As I walked out my front gate into the main driveway I glanced over to my right. I noticed bright lights shining from behind my neighbours huge trees. I stepped back approximately 30 to 40 feet to clear the tree line when all of a sudden I was then able to see a large bright stationary luminescent object There was absolutely no sound coming from the object at all. It was just suspended motionless with bright lights, which were consistent in color and intensity. A small private plane flew directly underneath the object. At this time I placed the object at an altitude of 5000-6000 feet, and less than ¼ mile west of my position. My best estimate of the size and mass of the object would be roughly about the size of a 5 ton truck.

Realizing I didn’t have any film, I brought out my camera to use its 80-200mm zoom lens to get a closer look. I noticed that the shape of the craft was more rectangular. However the corners were noticeably rounded. I was able to see that the lights were made up of a section of 4 separate bright white lights arranged in a boxed shape configuration. One light in each corner with a thinner luminescent “X” or cross-section running through the center. At one point while looking through the camera, I noticed what appeared to be intense multi colored sparks or short bursts radiating from the opposite end of the object’s white lights. I also noticed that the object had a magnetic pulse and/or energy field surrounding it, which was barely detectable.

I kept observing the object for nearly 8 minutes. During that time it had remained stationary and moved no more than 50 feet horizontally and about 50 feet in altitude from it’s original position. Then around 23:38 hours I could hear the sound of aircraft engines. Something low and loud was approaching but I couldn’t tell from where. Then seconds later I saw this Boeing 747 which just took off from Vancouver Airport, approaching from the west and heading directly into the path of the object and towards myself. I made visual contact just as the 747 passed overhead at 85% engine power and climbing to 7500 feet when all of sudden the plane banked hard left as if to avoid a collision. I consider myself a flight enthusiast and have a good knowledge of both civilian and military aircraft. I have never witnessed a commercial airliner perform such an aggressive banking maneuver before.

Shortly thereafter 4 more people who all live in my townhouse complex spotted the same object. We all kept observing the object for another 6-7 minutes while trying to determine what we were looking at. No one had a clue. Then I noticed that the object’s lights were getting dimmer and dimmer, ever so gradua1ly. Within 1-2 minutes the lights of the object were not visible at all. I pointed my camera at the object’s vicinity and to my amazement it was still there but barely visible.

Observation 2
The other witnesses and I still remained in our original location. Then shortly after 5 minutes I noticed a spot light shining on a small low lying cloud about a ¼ mile away in the opposite direction. The evening was clear with the exception a couple of patches of low-lying cloud. The light was bright and moved across the cloud very slowly and then vanished. After a minute it reappeared on the same cloud. “Where the heck is that light coming from?” said one of the witnesses. We couldn’t see a light beam or light source coming from the ground whatsoever. As the light moved across the cloud I noticed a faint dark sphere shaped object moving in unison with the spotlight. It couldn’t have been any bigger than a car. The object was stationary but seemed to rotate on it’s axis, at the same time the light would move across the cloud as if it was scanning it. “Look, something is moving with the light”. By this time the other witnesses and I were absolutely amazed at what was going on. We kept on observing for another 20-30 seconds, then the light disappeared. We tried to get a visual but couldn’t, because the surrounding cloud was now darker in the night sky.

The evening of March 21st, 2004 will remain one of the most puzzling yet unforgettable nights of my life. I know that what we observed that night was unconventional and unexplainable. A lie detector test would plead no contest, because I know I am telling the truth. For many years I have heard other people’s reports involving unexplained phenomena and UFO sightings, but this first hand encounter has further confirmed my belief in the existence of intelligent life. We are certainly not alone in this universe.

George Belegris
April 17th, 2004

28-Mar-2004, Prince George: (1:26am) (updated)
My friends and I were dropping my brother off and my passenger happened to look out the window. He said to pull over, and I did as quickly as possible. He ran out of the car and I quickly followed to see what it was about. After getting out of the car I saw two fiery orange balls hovering in the sky above us, seemingly floating along. We watched the balls move for approximately a block and a half before one separated down towards the horizon. It was then we quickly got into the car to chase the other one, only to lose it. HBCC UFO Research contacted the witness for these further details: The object never stayed stationary at anytime during the sighting. No sound was heard coming from the objects. Also there was no trail or tail following the two object. An estimation of the altitude of the lights would have placed them at the height the UNBC University was sitting. (so not high at all). Both lights traveled side to side for moments, then split apart. No flames, but the flickering of the lights seemed to be like fire. The objects were moving North-east above Ospika/foothills. There were three witnesses to the sighting. The witness mentioned that he was not aware of any other who saw it at this time.

29-Mar-2004, West Kootenay Region, BC: (2:00 am) HBCCUFO

Full Description of event/sighting: Both of us were awake watching TV when an extremely bright and large object went by the bedroom window. Looked like it was flames (yellow mainly but blindingly bright) but we decided it looked that way as it was passing behind a fir tree outside our window.

It travelled horizontally to the ground and made no sound whatsoever. There was a reported sighting from an a nearby airport. Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Large & bright - probably one.

Additional Information: It was partially overcast, not raining, not real clear and no full moon that I recall. There was no tail or trail that we could see. The object was travelling from West to East. Not good at judging altitudes but lying in the same position on the bed the next day and looking at the fir tree it had gone behind it could not have been much above the treetops travelling parallel to the ground. Judging from the time the object stayed in view, it would have had to be at least a few hundred feet long. Could not tell the texture because of the extreme brilliance. Since this was approx. 2 a.m. we were not looking for aircraft but this could definitely not have been an aircraft and there was no sound. We called the closest neighbour the next day but he said he was sleeping and saw nothing. The object was visible long enough for us both to say at the same time - "Holy crap, what is that?" and then it was out of sight.

30-Mar-2004, south end of Kootenay Lake: (2:59am)
I'm laying on my bed this morning looking out the window in the dark (it would have been almost straight in the direction of the Polaris, only way, way, way below it in the sky ...... when this huge "blob" of brilliant blue-white light went sailing past ... west to east ... only what appeared to be on a collision course with the mountain somewhere above my main landing ... low enough in trajectory that it was visible through an opening between the trees on the hill just north of camp ... and then obscured by other trees further uphill from them. It was also moving at about the same apparent rate of travel as the "slow motion trailers" that we've all seen during meteor showers. Now when I say brilliant, I mean like burning magnesium, and the kind of blue-white that you get from electric arcing. It was so spectacular that I got up, put on my coat, and went outside to see if the mountain was on fire ... or some damn thing, mostly because it seemed so large and so unbelievably close. And no, I didn't eat, snort, swill, crank or inhale anything ...... honest. The time ... precisely 2:59 a.m. mountain standard ... it was the first thing that I checked. So now I'm about ready to turn in, but I'm gonna go out and take another look up the hillside, and if I get abducted or something, will one of you take care of the cat? Seriously though, if you come up with anything on a website ... let me know.

31-Mar-2004, Vancouver, BC: (12:14am) NUFORC
Two crafts were flying side by side giving out a dim light and they appeared like saucers. They flew from east to west and faded away after changing their direction once.

Apr-2004, Terrace, BC: (9:21pm) HBCC UFO
I was sitting, today at 21:21hrs, on my steps looking east when a silvery low flight disk flew right above me. The object was actually silvery but translucent...clear round shape but looked a little "watery". Object was roughly 40-50 meters high and had a diameter of +- 6 - 10 meters. It would be hard to spot but it flew right into my vision.. and disappeared straight west. Very fast speed because I could see it only for 3 - 4 seconds. I was by myself.

4-Apr-2004, Vancouver, BC: (between 12:00am and 1:00am) HBCC UFO
Around Oak/12th Street I saw a blue light (orb) shoot across the sky. First it appeared as one, then another behind it which was the same size. This thing was moving really fast. This all took place in approximately a 1-2 second time frame, really quick. I had two friends with me, but they didn't see anything at all. It was so quick that by the time I saw it and took a moment to understand what I was seeing, then smacked my friend Brett, it was gone. It happened to be my birthday.

4-Apr-2004, New Westminster, BC: (12:00am) HBCC UFO
Number of objects: 2. Shape of objects: cigar shaped. Full Description of event/sighting: I was sitting on my balcony when two objects traveling south to north appeared. They were travelling horizontally and were parallel to each other with bright red fireball heads and long bright yellow tails. They were not very high in the sky and were moving at a steady pace for approximately 2 seconds before they disappeared! There was no sound and the sky that night was clear and cloud-free. The objects traveled in a straight line, staying right beside each other all the way. There were no sparks. I lost sight of them due to the edge of the roof of the building beside me.

7-Apr-2004, New Westminster: (2:00pm)
This sighting took place looking southeast from New Westminster over the Fraser River towards a housing complex in the Surrey/Delta area (southeast of Douglas College). I was heading to Douglas College from my apartment which is one block north of Douglas College. I was heading south and I noticed a large silvery object circular that appeared to be (from my distance) the size of a bright dime in the southeast sky. It was motionless and also soundless although I estimate I was at least a couple (2-3) miles from it.

It also seemed to be reflecting the sun. I entered the college via the front door to use the computers for about ten minutes and when I went back outside the disk or object was no where to be seen. This object was in the sky not attached to any wires or strings that I could see. It was not an advertising balloon or aircraft...it was not a hot air balloon. It seemed from my position that it was not an aircraft-not a helicopter not anything that I am familiar with as it was motionless when first observed.

7-April-2004, Surrey: (9:45 pm) NUFORC
At 9:45 pm tonight (April 7th) I was admiring the beautiful clear starry night after putting my daughter to bed; I was looking westward. Three lights rapidly approached from the West in a triangle formation, at '12 o'clock low'. I watched them closely to make sure that I wasn't looking at birds or something else. I am inferring that the object between the lights was solid and triangular, because when the object banked north, the angular relationship between the lights was consistent with the banking of an aircraft - however this was no ordinary aircraft. It moved completely silently and covered half the horizon that is from Surrey to the North Shore Mountains in about four seconds. I am guessing the altitude (based on watching approaching aircraft in the same airspace at 2000 - 3000 f, and the brightness of the lights of the object relative to the brightness of passing aircraft lights) at within 7000 feet. My gut feeling while watching this thing was that it could not be man-made; I was also admiring the technology that could create something with this kind of performance envelope. Amazing! I continued to watch the sky for about a half an hour afterwards; I noted that the flight path of the object was directly over the approach path to YVR, and that at 21:55 an aircraft approached through the same airspace. I tried to sketch this out on paper, but the sketch doesn't do justice to the way this thing banked and moved.

8-April-2004, Grand Forks, BC: (12:30 am) NUFORC
This sighting took place over the Burrell Creek and Arrow Lake drainages. Two very bright orange diamond shaped UFO's floated across (heading east) the Burrell Creek Valley at 12:30am. As one would go out the other would light up. They were so bright that they lit up the entire valley like a full moon. The light was similar to a HPS light; however the amount of light output was more than I have ever seen. At first we thought that they were flares, but then we soon realized that it was not possible for a flare to burn this bright for this duration. The UFO's headed towards the Arrow Lakes. Only one was lit at this time. As the UFO's got further away we started our snowmobiles. As we revved our sleds the headlights of our sleds pulsed with higher amperage. All of a sudden the other UFO lit up and both of the UFO's started to pulse like our snowmobile lights. The UFO's started to come closer, my partner did not like that and he turned his sled around and we went back to the Pass Creek Cabin.

8-Apr-2004, Burnaby, BC: (shortly after sunset)
It was Thursday April the 8th 2004 and I was standing outside on our apartment balcony facing west and admiring the stars just shortly after sunset and all of a sudden, a meteorite with a flaming tail shot very fast across the sky going south to the north. As it headed north it faded out. This is the first time I have seen a celestial object that large shoot across the sky. I was quite amazed and impressed.

8-Apr-2004, Smithers, BC: (11:20 pm) HBCC UFO
A woman observed from her home a bright pink spherical shaped object surrounded by a dark blue aura. The object sat low, hovering over the Smithers Ski Hill Road until it disappeared at a extreme rate of speed. Before the lady lost sight of it, it was moving very slowly from its hovering position. There was not a sound coming from the object. The witness stated that it was not a plane as she is used to seeing them flying over top of the area all the time since to the Smithers airport is close by. A very important note is that the object was below the rim of the mountains. Also, the object was "not" observed near any of the ski runs.

8-Apr-2004, Vernon, BC: (11:00 pm) HBCC UFO
In the western sky something came in from the south west to the northwest. It came in at about twenty degree angle, was gold with red underneath, left short bright yellow gold trail and slowed down before the horizon. Time was about 3 seconds.

10-April-2004, Langley: (10:15 pm) NUFORC
Crescent shaped object, possibly two, travelling side by side with one bright white light on each side. The objects seen were brown/grey in colour and were rotating in a circular motion while moving in a north-west direction. Seen for about 6-7 seconds, and then vanished.

10-Apr-2004, Williams Lake: (11:10 pm) HBCC UFO
A married couple watched an extremely large bright white light in the southwest portion of the sky. They reported the object as being larger than any planet seen in the night sky and much brighter. The object sat low in the sky over the trees in the distance. As the husband and wife watched the object for a short period of time, it just went up and vanished. They said the object was visible for approximately two minutes. The witnesses mentioned that there was a mountain behind the object so they knew it hadn't dropped down behind the back of it. They did say it was a strange sight.

10-Apr-2004, Williams Lake: (approx. 11:30 pm) HBCC UFO
I took a call from a witness who resides in Williams Lake, B.C. who reported seeing a large orange shaped object sitting stationary at a distance and close to the tops of the trees. The object was visible for approx:1 minutes, it then broke into two orange colored lights and disappeared very quickly. The object was seen in the southwest. No sudden movements were noted, no sound was heard. There were also clear skies that night.

16-Apr-2004, Smithers, BC: (10:30 - 10:45 pm) HBCC UFO
The witness was on her way to work for the graveyard shift. As she traveled around a corner on Harris Road by Harris Auto Wrecking she saw a extremely large bright pink object low in the sky. The lady said she had never seen anything like it in all the years she lived in the area and also wondered if it might have been an airplane coming in for a landing at the Smithers airport. She told me the object had to have been the size of a full moon and on the outer edge of the object the color was a much lighter pink in color. As the woman drove along she said it passed overhead at approx: tree top level and at approx: 100 to 200 feet away from her in distance. As the lady and the object passed one another she slowed her truck down and turned around to watch the object move slowly into the distance and as she watched it finally just blinked out. When the woman continued on her journey, after seeing the strange object, she told me that she was questioning herself, "did I just see that"! Later that evening and at her work place, she and another lady went outside for a coffee break and the witness mentioned having seen something very strange on her way to work. I asked the lady if she thought it might have been a flare or even fireworks someone had maybe set off. The witness said she has never seen a flare or fireworks travel horizontally just over tree top level and for such a long distance. There was no sound noted. The object was reported to be visible for approx: one minute. This same object has been seen twice on two different occasions in the Smithers area.

17 & 18-Apr-2004, Fernie, BC: (9:00pm & 3:30am) HBCC UFO
The case is under investigation. The witnesses did not see a flying object, but the events could have been UFO related.
Witness 1: At 9:00 pm a person sitting alone downstairs in the house of witnesses 3&4 was looking out the window, she saw in the forest, two trees go in opposite directions, as if one went far to the right and the other far to the left. She did not tell anyone of this until Witnesses 3 & 4 told her about their experience, which happened the following morning at 3:30am.

Witness 2: At an undisclosed time of the evening (Apr 17) a neighbor saw what she thought to be flashes out the back, (same direction as other witnesses), she thought Witnesses 3 & 4 were taking pictures at their residence (they were not). She told this to Witnesses 3 & 4 the following morning when they asked her if she had seen anything during that night.

Witnesses 3 & 4: At approximately 3:30 am four of us were sitting downstairs in the house. One of the ladies jumped and said "did you see that?", one of the others said yes and they described that they had seen two trees split, as one going to the far right and one going to the far left, behind the trees that were "splitting" there was a very bright flash of light. About 10 minutes later one of the same two ladies jumped from her seat, started to cry and said "what the heck was that?", the other lady had seen it too. They described what looked like a strobe light effect. The next day we found out about the experiences of the other two witnesses.

Brian Vike’s Comments: I am submitting this sighting because of the fact that it was seen in three different time frames by three different "groups" of people, as well as the impact that it had on the two people that I was with was a very frightened reaction. I am hoping to find out if anyone else saw anything that night. Number of witnesses: 4. UFO*BC Comment: There is a similar case involving trees bending with light present in the Spring 2003 issue of UFO*BC Quarterly.

19-Apr-2004, Richmond: (3:30 am) NUFORC
A formation of lights appeared to the west of the city, almost dim, moving in perfect diamond formation. They were moving south over the water for 4-5 minutes before they shot up into the air extremely fast, disappearing from sight, faster than any man-made craft could be capable of. The "air" around and between the lights was lighter than the surrounding sky, probably being structure of some sort.

21-Apr-2004, Port Clements: (6:05 am) NUFORC
I am not a believer in UFOs, at least I wasn't until this morning. Even now I'm not so sure what to believe! I looked up to early morning sky (pre sunrise) to see a commercial airline jet traveling from southeast to northwest at approximately 6:05 AM. Along the contrail I saw a pinhead speck of bright light moving erratically up and down the port side of the contrail. It darted towards it, then back away from it several times. The light then traveled up and down the one side of the contrail. It followed the contrail back up to the rear of the jet then back down the contrail, again. It then began to dart in and out of the contrail and finally passed through it to the starboard side. It repeated its motions up and down and in and out of the contrail, than passed back through it to the port side. Once again it moved very quickly up to the rear of the jet and then disappeared. I cannot tell you the elevation at which the jet was flying. I'm sure that this can be found out from one of the airports (Vancouver International) air traffic control.

Note: We regularly have commercial jets fly over the Queen Charlotte Islands. Port Clements is at about the center of Graham Island, part of the Queen Chalotte/Haida Gwaii chain of islands that is about 500 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia and about eighty miles out into the Pacific Ocean from the British Columbia mainland. I have never seen anything like this in my life! I know that I saw a pinhead size very bright light moving erratically at a very high altitude. I don't know of anything that would perform in such a fashion at that altitude, either. I hope that I'm not bothering you with this report. I just don't know what to think! It was not a jet/escort jet, I'm sure, at least not flying in the manner that this object flew.

22-Apr-2004, North Vancouver: (9:50 pm) NUFORC.

My friends and I had just stepped out on my balcony to admire the clear sky, when my friend said "what's that?" It was a triangle shaped craft with three faint, yellow or white lights in each corner of the triangle. It was completely silent and moved very quickly across the sky, from the east to the west (roughly). This was way too low, faint, silent and fast to be anything like a plane. None of us had seen anything like it, and the speed and silence are what is really freaking us out.

25-Apr-2004, Kelowna, BC: (1:20am) (HBCCUFO)
I just read the report of a sighting on April 26th in Kelowna (See Below). I saw a similar object on the 25th at 1:20 a.m. I was in Kelowna in a hockey tournament and was in bed in my hotel room. Two team members were also in the room although one was sleeping and the other could not get to the window fast enough to witness the object.

What I saw was a "V" shaped craft as big as a DC-10. It did not have a single light on it, nor did it make any sound. It caught my eye as I was right beside the window in my room. It was so low that the lights from the streets and buildings illuminated the bottom of it. This event lasted approx. 5-6 seconds. As I mentioned it, my other roommate dashed across the room but missed it. I thought for sure that this would have been in the news considering how low it flew. And no I was not drinking; I had two drinks earlier in the evening after our game at 8:00 p.m. What I have written is 100% true.

26-Apr-2004, Kelowna, BC: (9:45 pm) HBCC UFO
A couple were sitting outside of their residence having a cigarette. A women was the first to notice a UFO. The object was visible for approximately 20 to 30 seconds before it left the couple’s line of sight and was certainly a triangular shaped craft. The witness said it was a glowing white in color, no lights were seen on the craft. The man guessed the object was flying at approx: 20,000 feet. Brian Vike’s Comment: Because of how high the craft was and being night time, I wanted to make sure how the witnesses came to be able to view the object. They explained that this was due to the color of it; it was extremely bright, and went on to say you couldn't miss it. There was no aura or glowing light surrounding it, there was no trail or tail following behind.

The witness said he saw no aircraft before or during the sighting, but said right after the object passed by, a helicopter was seen flying at a low level shining it's spotlight down towards the ground.

The craft flew in a straight line towards the northeast over Okanagan Lake. At arms length the witness guessed the object would have been 1 to 2 centimeters in length. No sound was heard. The man said the craft was solid in colour and not just points of light in a triangular shape. The witness also said he tried to contact the Kelowna, B.C. airport tower but they were closed or not answering the telephone. The sky was completely clear.

28-Apr-2004, Vancouver, BC: (4:20 am) HBCC UFO
As I was walking home after work, I was staring up at the sky, as I always do. I always hope to see something more and I did. Tonight I saw 3 different objects all within 5 minutes of one another. The first moved across the sky and looked to be weaving through stars. The next was a object that flashed only a few times and then disappeared. the 3rd was like the first, Just moving across the sky at a fairly good speed. Like, if I held my hands out above my head, stretched out, it would have gone the distance between my two outstretched hands in about 15 seconds. That's it. Take care. you're doing great work Brian! Number of witnesses: 1 Number of objects: 3 Shape of objects: Round, Star Shaped.

28-Apr-2004, Vancouver, BC: (10:45pm) HBCC UFO
This report was gathered in real-time: A call came in from two witnesses who were sitting in their car at English Bay, British Columbia. They reported that they were watching three unusual objects and giving me the description over the phone as they observed them. The witness said she was watching the objects through her binoculars and said the one object was huge and the other two a lot smaller. The large object was circular in shape, bright white and filled with what she described as darker dots. In the center of the object there was nothing, or one would be able to see through it. The object was also rotating and had two smaller objects flying around it. One of the crafts was reported to be triangular in shape and the other again more circular. The triangular craft would move a distance away from the larger object, makes sudden turns and at times they were able to observe the full triangular structure and at other times see if being flat. The smaller circular object would travel around the triangle shaped object and also move around the circumference of the larger object. The witnesses were facing west when observing the three objects and added that whatever these things were, they seemed to be at a good distance from them. The skies were completely clear. The sighting is under investigation.

May-2004, Victoria, BC: (late afternoon) HBCC UFO
It was a Sunday and “I was walking along the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary on my way home from a friends when all a sudden I heard this high pitched humming noise that was "wavy" seeming to go louder and then quieter over and over again. I looked above my head where it was coming from and saw the most shocking thing I have ever seen. Once I saw it, I knew it was not a plane, or any normal flying object. When I saw it, my heart just sank, and I couldn't move. It was flying from the direction of the Common Wealth Recreation Centre to Downtown Victoria and moving at a fast pace. I tried to draw a picture of what I saw (See above). The smaller image of the UFO under the bigger one is about the size it that it appeared when I saw it (due to how high it was in the sky). The color was a grayish-white, like a normal commercial aircraft, with two dark colored (black?) lines going down the side. I'm not sure if the lines were flat against the UFO, or going outwards. They may have been windows? or something dark enough for me to see from where I was. I'd have to say the UFO was about... 500 feet maybe??? I don't know that much about how high things are... but to compare the height to something else, it was about the height that normal, personally owned air planes are flown. It was a clear sky with a few clouds. Ever since that happened, I have been watching the sky nearly every night, because it has made me really interested in UFO's. I know what I saw was real.

0-may-2004-victoria.jpg (9487 bytes)

3-May-2004, Christina Lake, BC: (1:20pm) HBCC UFO
As a couple left their home at Christina Lake the husband spotted two large, bright shapes in the southwestern sky. The two objects appeared to be suspended in the sky, or sitting stationary for approximately 1 minute. Then the two objects eventually started to move as a jet airliner approached their position. One of the objects flew slowly towards the south and the other shot off at a high rate of speed towards the northeast. The witnesses said that the objects were a shiny metal color, no contrail was observed as they traveled from the area. They also pointed out that there was another fellow who was seen looking up in the direction where the objects were.

4-May-2004, Whiterock, BC: (time unknown)
She was looking south towards the U.S. border, enjoying the spectacle of an evening rainbow when she suddenly noticed two orbs that appeared to be moving rapidly in and out of the clouds. Hurrying indoors to grab her camera she returned to the balcony but could now only see one object. She quickly took a photo, but on obtaining the print was unable to find the orb she had so clearly seen. (N.B.) This witness was living in Blairmore,Alberta, when ten years old and saw a craft only 100' away for a period of 15 seconds.

4-May-2004, Telkwa, BC: (11:30 pm) HBCC UFO
The night of the orange moon, I saw some strange lights happening above the trees near our home. it was 11:30 when they appeared. It was scary because they went all over in and around the tree nursery and left. I am not sure if these are UFO or not, but I can't describe what else they could be. I hope that you could give some insight into what these things could be, if they are not UFOs. Thank you for you attention.

5-May-2004, Vancouver, BC: (10:05 pm) NUFORC
I am not sure exactly what I saw, could very well be a regular airplane. I was staring west from my garage, in the distance (I think 20 degrees, not sure how to gauge) I saw some lights, sort of like an aircraft would have. The way the lights flashed was also odd, but not sure how to describe it and I don't think it matters. The thing that caught my attention was that this craft seemed to be descending. it wasn't moving left/right, or toward or away, but it seemed to be slowly falling to the earth. Eventually, some trees blocked my view and I lost sight. The thing was pretty far away so there’s a good chance it was a plane. If this thing did indeed descend to earth, then it would have landed on some busy roads where people would see it.

6-May-2004, Greenwood, BC: (8:55pm) HBCC UFO
A lady was traveling along highway #3 heading east when she observed a jet black triangular shaped craft which was flying from the east to the west. It was getting toward dark but the object was still easily seen in the sky due to it's dark color which really stood out. She reports that there were no lights on it, or any other type of light source. It traveled on a straight path and also pointed out that she was not able to see any detail on the object even though it seemed to be not that high in altitude. Not a sound was noticed, maybe this was due to her being in her car. The witness told me that she has seen the Stealth aircraft on TV and at an air show in the United States, but she said it wasn't one of these.

8-May-2004, Cranbrook, BC: (9:30pm)
The sky was overcast, but bright. My daughter drew my attention to these objects, but dismissed them as “some” kind of glider. I watched for about 30 seconds until we drove away. The wing like object was thick relative to its length.

8-may-2004-cranbrook.jpg (14734 bytes)

It appeared to be about 100 metres above the ground, probably much lower. I could make out no details between its upper and lower surfaces; but this space seemed to be dark and pulsating. There was no nose or tail as an airplane might have. I can't remember it possessing colour. No lights showed. The black disc or sphere seemed to possess no surface or appearance of texture or depth as would a ball. It appeared to possess a radiance or "liveliness". Both it and the wing like object moved with great steadiness, showing no response to air currents. Both moved slowly, too much so for an airplane to remain airborne. Finally, the black disc or sphere seemed to move along the same curved path as the "wing" but all the while rising until I lost sight of it in the overcast mist. At the last, it rose directly away from me along a straight line, again very steadily. Total, 4 witnesses.

No sound at all came from these objects. The path of the wing like object was more curved than shown here. The sphere or disc followed along the same curved path, all the while rising until I lost sight of it in the overcast haze. I would say the wing was about 20 metres wide, while the disc or sphere was probably 1-2 metres in diameter. Its perfectly round appearance was impressive.

8-May-2004 Telkwa, BC: (11:20-11:30 pm) HBCC UFO
On May 8th, I can remember it clearly because it is my brother's birthday. I saw a bright light suddenly appear through my window. This light seemed a distance away from me. I thought that it was a flare or something but I felt some impact on my trailer when it touched the ground. Initially, I thought that this UFO may have crashed, but the next day, we couldn’t see any sign of a UFO crashing.

8-May-2004, Vancouver, BC: (11:00pm) HBCC UFO
Triangular formation of lights. See Delta, BC sighting on May 10, 2004.

9-May-2004, Delta, BC: (8:00pm) HBCC UFO
On Mother's day I was leaving my Aunt's house to go back to Vancouver, while I was waiting by the car (for my grandmother to leave my aunt's house) with my dad I noticed 3 bright stars, one larger than the other two, forming a perfect triangle. I recognized it off the bat. I had seen the same formation a couple nights before, off my balcony in downtown Vancouver at approx 11:00 pm (although that time, there was 2 triangles, one was much larger and thought it was very low, hovering above the building in front of me). It was weird; I felt some sort of "presence" that made me look up. The triangle was a deep-gray black, slightly different black than the rest of the night sky, and the stars (or lights) were all a whitish hue, 2 the same size with one brighter at the tip. (for both triangles) As we were still waiting for my grandmother to arrive I kept staring at it and it seemed to float a bit to the side, but passed it off as my eyes playing tricks on me. (it was really light out at that hour, still bluish sky) I thought it was weird to see the lights when there was no stars out yet. My aunt escorted my grandma to the car, I pointed out the "stars" to them and my aunt looked stunned and uncomfortable, she even mentioned how she thought it was odd and that it seemed to be moving. We drove away, and I kept watching from the back of the car. When I arrived downtown it was darker, those lights were nowhere to be seen.

11, 12, 13-May-2004, Vancouver: (after 10:00pm)
I have been noticing an object in the sky which is too bright to be a star and too stationary to be a plane. It is so weird. My friend and his parents have also seen this. I was sitting at a park near Joyce SkyTrain station on May 11th, 2004 and we started looking at this object. It was weird. It was kind of stationary, and for the past other two days have been seeing this in the same location. Yesterday however I noticed another one on the opposite side. We thought they might be two huge satellites.... this is so weird. I'm sure it'll be there again tonight. I wish I had a really good telescope. I would love to know what it is. Whatever it is, it’s freaky. UFO*BC Note: This object was very likely the planet Venus. The second object was likely one of the other bright planets, possibly Jupiter since it would had been about 70 degrees to the left of Venus.

13-May-2004, Prince George, BC: (11:15pm) HBCC UFO
A mother and a daughter went out onto a porch to investigate the sounds of a crying cat when the porch light suddenly went out. They observed two moving lights in the sky that eventually crossed paths. The lights disappeared when they crossed. The first light was observed for approximately three minutes and the second light was observed for approximately 1 1/2 minutes before they both vanished. No tail was following behind any of the lights. It was also a clear night.

14-May-2004, North Vancouver, BC: (4:00am – 4:30am) HBCC UFO
I couldn't sleep so I went out on to the patio at approximately 4 AM for a smoke. I looked up and coming from the southwest, I saw two lights that looked light two satellites flying together in tandem. They were moving in a northeast direction, side by side. There was a third one following behind them, which I didn't notice at first. My first reaction was 'wow - I've never seen two satellites side by side like this before' but once I saw the third one, I then began to wonder what this could possibly be. My heart was racing a bit because I really felt like I was seeing something that wasn't from this planet. The third one caught up to the two moving in tandem and then suddenly, one of the front two moved away and the third almost seemed to take its place. By this time, they were way up northeast and soon, they disappeared. They were definitely not meteorites and certainly not a plane of any kind. This was truly strange. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life. The whole sighting only lasted about 30 seconds at the most. HBCC: Did the object/lights change direction ? Witness: The direction of the group of three was northeast - these objects looked like they were on course for the north star, coming from the southwest. The overall direction did not change but there were two objects in 'front' flying tandem with the third trailing behind (almost like a reverse triangle). The third (trailing) object eventually caught up with the front two at which point, one of the front two moved east (while the second of the front two stayed on course), almost as if to let the third (trailing) one 'in'. So I guess I would have to say, yes - they did change direction since that one object did move eastward.

15-May-2004, Summerland, BC: (3:30 am)
E-mail to UFO*BC: I was wondering if anybody else saw the UFO over Okanagan Lake on Saturday morning. If so please email me to let me know I am not going out of my mind. I was at my cousin's house, which is in Summerland, and I was sleeping in their attic bedroom that has a beautiful nighttime view. Anyway I woke up at 3:30 because there was a light shining through the window at the opposite end of the room. I didn't think anything of it but because I was awake I thought I would enjoy the lovely nighttime view. When I looked up in the sky I thought I saw a plane but when I looked again it was a Triangular object with three flashing lights. I thought it was unusual but in my mind I was going to dismiss it as a plane even though it was a farfetched looking one, then all of a sudden this smaller ball of light came out of it and shot straight up! I have to tell you I was really scared. I have always been interested in UFO’s and may have seen one in my youth, but when I saw this I knew it was an absolute reality. Please, once again let me know if anyone else has reported one. Thanks. Further details reported to HBCC UFO: The evening was clear and warm, not sure about the moon though. The UFO was on the horizon facing west. The UFO was stationary. The UFO was Triangular with 2 white flashing lights on each tip. It was (I think) about 1/2 mile away hovering over the Okanagan Lake. I can't judge the size of it very well but it was probably about the size of a football field. I watched for about two minutes, (long enough to make my brain understand that this was the real thing). I was really frightened when I figured out what it was and went racing downstairs and did not want to go near the window. About five minutes later I woke up my cousin and told her, then we went and looked out the window. Nothing was there. I didn't wake her when I first saw it because I didn't want it to freak her out, now I wish I had because she thinks I'm a nutcase. The orb that came out was kind of opalescant and shot straight out of the top of the UFO and went straight up and disappeared. The flashing lights were white and there were 2 of them on each corner.

16-May-2004, Terrace, BC: (11:00pm) HBCC UFO
A resident at the Skeena Valley Trailer Park stepped outside at 11:00 p.m. to view a couple of comets through 10x50 binoculars. Looking up he sees a strange cluster of lights off a bit to the side. When he looked at them through his binoculars, he described the sight as a "flying Christmas tree". Pale yellow light was coming from three rows of square windows running horizontally, one row above the other.

They were also in a vertical line. There wasn't time to count them, but an estimation would have placed more than ten in each row. No wings or body outline could be seen and no sound was heard. From the spacing of the windows the crafts length was estimated to be about twice the size of a 737 Jet.

It was traveling much slower than the usual planes coming and going to the airport. The direction of travel indicated that it had passed over the north side of our airport and went past the north end of Copper Mountain. The estimated altitude was about 1000 feet and it was in view for one minute.

One at the rear of it was a light blue light on the left or port side. On the right or starboard side there was a bright red light. In-between these lights was a dimmer white light. This lighting configuration is different than conventional aircraft. A check with our airport showed that nothing fitting this description had ever landed there.

18-May-2004, Victoria, BC: (10:35pm) HBCC UFO
A man went outside to have a cigarette when he first saw the light/object. At first the man thought it was a satellite. The object was as bright as the planet Venus and heading in a northerly direction traveling from the south on a straight line. As the object moved across the sky another two lights/objects shot out of it, one light heading to the east and the other towards the west. Both of the lights that shot off together went at the exact same time. Also they were not as bright and a lot smaller than the main light. The main light never lost its brightness as it moved across the sky. The witness believes the object he was observing was at a very high altitude. The object was visible to the fellow for approx: 30 to 40 seconds before it finally disappeared. All of the objects were white in color and no tail or trail was seen following behind each of them.

19-May-2004, Trail, BC: (9:52pm) HBCC UFO
I was driving home alone from our local theatre along Highway 3B going south. I was not too far from home when I noticed that a bright light was coming through my passenger window. My car was “lit-up”. I looked out the passenger window to the south and saw a "huge craft", in the shape of a V, hovering very low in the sky. My heart was racing as I tried to explain to myself a scientific reason why it was there. There were three lights on each "wing" of the V. The lights were rotating rapidly

19-may-2004-trail.jpg (25575 bytes)

in circles and creating bright white lights. There seemed to be extremely fast rotating-lights within the lights (like the chasing lights you would see on a Christmas tree) There were no colours at all in these lights. There was also a very bright light on the "nose" of this craft. There did not seem to be a body to this craft, like there is in an airplane where the passengers would sit, but rather just a V. The "nose" of the craft also had a bright light. The lights were beaming upward but the glow was so intense that this is why the light shone in my car. It was not a beam of light but rather a brightness.

This thing was hovering very low and moving very slowly. I am not good with distance but my husband says the way I described it, he would guess approximately 100 metres high.

Keep in mind I was driving. The speed limit was 50 km/hr but I could slow almost to a stop as I had time to look in my rear view mirror and there were no cars behind me. I wanted to pull the car over and take a closer look but this is a main highway and there was a guardrail to my right. I had time to turn my music off - I heard no sound although I did not think to roll my windows down. The size was that of a large plane and it appeared to be gray or silver in colour. I am not sure because the white lights were so intense. There was no colour to any of the lights.

I remember telling myself to pay attention to detail. This is very hard to do when the mind is confused and trying to reason with what the eyes were witnessing. Because I couldn't stop I decided to go a bit above the speed limit and get home as quickly as possible. This sighting was VERY close to where I live so it was a matter of travelling up the road a bit and turning south (right) into my neighbourhood. I got out of my car ran to our deck and looked in the direction of the sighting but saw nothing. This "thing" should have still been in the sky but was nowhere to be seen. It was incredible.
We do live by and the sighting was by a Canadian Armory site.

I did not have any "missing time event". I was so amazed by this sighting though and so confused by it that I had to take a sleeping pill to calm me down to be able to sleep. I had some dreams in regard to what I saw but nothing I would consider out of the ordinary.

I can't think of anything else to tell you. Today I am still rather shaken and trying to apply logic but this thing was so large and hovering so low. I don't know what is capable of doing this. It was hovering above an area where there are quite a few homes so you would think somebody else should have seen it. We live near two airports. The main Castlegar Airport is approximately 30 km north. We also have a local airfield approximately 8 km southeast. I didn't see any other planes or aircraft in our area.

20-May-2004, Hazleton, BC: (5:30am)
Paul was on his way to work with four companions. They were traveling in a vehicle into the bush, when topping a rise they saw a very large silver-coloured cigar shaped craft ,100 ft long, stationary over some nearby trees. They did not stop. The craft was lost to sight as they continued on. Reaching the next rise the craft was no longer to be seen. Up to this point Paul was a hardened skeptic. He no longer is!

20-May-2004, Trail, BC: (10:15pm) HBCC UFO
A fellow called to file a report over something he thought was unusual. He said the weather conditions weren't that great and it was very overcast. The witness poured himself and cup of coffee and went and sat outside. While watching the sky with a limited view he saw in the northeast a dimly lit green light which was just below the cloud cover. It was funny, as he said he rubbed his eyes to make sure what he was observing was really there, plus he ran quickly back into the house to get his glasses. When he came back out there was the same green light and another one following slowly behind approximately 2 to 3 kilometers in distance from the first.

The two green lights were moving very slowly and even though the lights were not extremely bright the witness said he was still able to see the texture of the clouds as the green objects lit up the clouds as they flew along. Also the man noticed that when the objects passed over head his short wave radio started acting up as he was able to hear it. Once the lights had moved from his general area the radio seemed to be fine.

The witness said he was able to view the lights for approximately a couple of minutes, keeping in mind this was a long time to watch this event due to his limited view of the sky. The lights traveled on a straight line not making any unusual maneuvers. There was no sound heard. Also what is interesting is that a few calls had come into the Trail RCMP over the sightings that had taken place on May 19, 2004.

26-May-2004, Mission, BC: (9:47pm)
I was looking out from my bedroom window, which faces North. I saw what at first appeared to be a very large star hanging stationary in the sky to the NW. For a split second I thought it was Venus but it was in the wrong location and slightly larger. I asked my husband, who was also in the room, to come and look at it. Suddenly it began moving, away from us, and in two seconds only had shrunk to the size of a pinprick and vanished.

2-June-2004, Vancouver: (2:00 am) NUFORC
Hi, my name is ((name deleted)) and have noticed weird goings on in the sky within the past week and have figured I have seen an unidentified flying object and the next night on the news I heard that someone had witnessed a UFO and had caught it on video I never really told anyone cause I don’t want people to think I’m crazy. I was working on Wednesday June 2, 2004 .I do security for the buildings that are part of the condo me and my husband own.

I went out on my usual rounds and when I came in my son Jordan told me that aliens were here and that there were weird lights on our balcony, red green striped with weird white round lights kind of swirling he said it was hard to explain.

3-June-2004, Vernon: (5:06 pm) NUFORC
Well I was watching the CHBC news last night around 11:30. Right before the weather they showed some home video of Kalamalka Lake. The video was recording a nice day when from the bottom left, near the lake a small oval ball shot across the lens going up to the top right of the film! It moved very fast. They showed it a few times and close up and they have no idea what it is. So I called into CHBC to ask about getting a copy of this tape and it might cost around $50.00 and that’s if the editor lets the tape go. Thanks. Please email me if you would like more info

3-Jun-2004, Abbottsford B.C. (Near Aldergrove): (1:00am) HBCCC
A white pulsing light traveled from SW to NE in 3 minutes. It traveled in a strait line at a constant rate of speed and would give off a bright flash at it's brightest points, "kind of like a when someone shines a mirror across your eyes". It traveled about 15 degrees the arc of the sky between its brightest points and darkest points and the witness lost sight of it about 20 degrees above the horizon. There was no sound of any kind. The witness felt that this could had been a satellite that was rotating causing reflections of the sun but thought to report it any ways. UFO*BC comment: Witnesses suspicion is probably correct.

3-Jun-2004, Langley, BC: (2:30 am) (HBCCUFO)
Remember when there were the meteor sightings over the Pacific Northwest. It was on all the major news outlets. Well...I saw something that makes me doubt that was only a meteor or the same thing as what was seen over Seattle. I was working security on a construction site. After 2:30am I saw a bright flash in the corner of my eye. When I turned to figure out what it was, I saw a bright orange object only at about 100 feet and across the street and just above the roofline of the houses. It appeared then just blinked out. There was no explosion. A few minutes later I heard rumbling.

4-Jun-2004, Prince George, BC: (4:45pm) HBCC UFO
“My Grandson was outside on his trampoline and he came running into the house to tell me about something up in the sky. So I went out with him to see what he was talking about. It was 4 :45 p.m. and what we saw was like looking at a star in the daytime. I did however, try to look at the object with binoculars. The object looked round and appeared to be pulsating. We watched it for 10-15 minutes and then it was just gone. But before it was gone I saw a quick flash underneath it. It moved so slowly that it appeared motionless. There was no noise and it was very bright.

5-6-Jun-2004, Vernon, BC: (10:30pm – 12:30am) HBCC UFO
Weather conditions were low clouds, foggy and scattered heavy clouds under 8000 ft. At 10:30, just over my building a halogen white flare appeared, pulsed once and vanished. The first flash was so bright it appeared to lighten my close surroundings. At 11:15( approx.) low in the north west sky a few miles away another halogen white globe flared. It was visible for a few seconds, dimmed, then vanished.

At 12:10 am (approx.) about 8000 feet over the airport a white light became visible in the cloud as it descended to just under the cloud. It was close enough to say the size of the light made was bigger than the small planes that fly here. It brightened, then dimmed back to a light the brightness of Jupiter. It started to ascend back into the cloud then vanished. The two were flying very slowly, floating with direction. Through the scattered clouds I could see golden globes heading both north and south at different times.

7-June-2004, New Westminster: (3:40 am) NUFORC
There was a power surge, so I went to reset the alarm clock. I turned on the TV to check the time and the cable was out. About 5-10 minutes later I looked outside, and hovering above the trees, was a set of 3 lights giving off a lavender glow. The object/s were 3 lights in an arc shape. The color was like nothing I'd ever seen in the sky. I watched it for 5 minutes as each light seemed to change shape. Then, each light slowly dissolved with the light on the far left dissolving first, then the light on the far right dissolving next, and the largest middle light dissolving last finally to a pin prick of light and then there was nothing.

7-June-2004, Fort Fraser: (late evening) HBCC UFO
We went camping on my 5 acres out in Fort Fraser on June 7, 2004. My husband and his friend stayed up late stargazing by the campfire. They both said they saw something strange in the sky. It was a light traveling, but then it 'grew wings' 10 times the size of the body, then disappeared. My husband's friend said 'it brought tears to his eyes' as he had never seen anything like that in his life. The next evening I stayed up late by the fire to star gaze as well. We did see a real plane go by (probably to Prince George airport), but we also saw something traveling without the strobe lights. It then went bright, then disappeared amongst the clouds. We did not know what that was....if it was a plane's lower lights or something? It was strange how the whole light got bright like that for a couple of seconds. UFO*BC note: It is possible that what the witnesses saw were Iridium Satellites that get brighter due to their rotating nature that reflects the sun, very brilliantly at times.

8-June-2004, Nanoose Bay: (10:58 pm) NUFORC
We were returning from Nanaimo, driving north to Parksville, B.C. along the highway coming up to Nanoose flats. We saw some flashing lights in the sky, to the left of the highway and assumed it was a plane except we noticed that it was not moving. My husband said "Must be a helicopter." I opened the car window to listen for the sounds of a helicopter and there were none. Then he said "Maybe it is a UFO", and he was serious. We kept watching and it still did not move. After about 5 minutes it began to move until it seemed to be right above our vehicle. It was very high up and it was very large. The very bright lights,3 large ones(white, yellowish, red...I'm not sure if there were other colours) were rotating back and forth so that when it was above our car, I was looking straight up out of the front window of the car and I could see that the bottom of this flying object was completely filled in. Not long like an airplane. At first I thought it was roundish because I think that is what I expected to see but as the lights reflected underneath it looked more triangular. I was so excited and things happened so quickly that I didn't pay as much attention to detail as I wished I had. We stopped the car on the side of the road to take a better look and it then flew away into the direction of Mt Benson. The last I saw of it, it was either hovering over the valley just below Mt. Benson or above the mountain. I couldn't tell by then as we were still driving north on the highway.

8-Jun-2004, Trail, BC: (11:45 pm) HBCC UFO
A husband and wife were traveling east on highway 3B just outside of Trail, British Columbia when they spotted what they first thought was a airplane with it's landing light on coming towards them. As it drew closer to them they thought it was odd due to it being very low in altitude.

Just before they were to pull over to the side of the highway, they noticed another vehicle had stopped and a man was already standing beside his truck watching the same thing. As they pulled over and got out of their vehicle the object dropped lower and seemed to be skimming the tree tops through the valley. It suddenly rose up high enough to clear the top of the mountain, made a 90 degree turn to the north and was gone. No sound was heard. It is reported that what ever it was moved really slow and seemed to pause from time to time as if it was looking for something. At least this was the impression the fellow gave to the couple.

The couple ended up talking with the fellow and he said he had been watching this object for approximately 5 minutes. The witnesses said it was a eerie sight.

8,9,10,11-Jun-2004, Vancouver, BC: (varies ) HBCC UFO
"Hi Brian, Past two days the weather has been fairly clear. I saw more than a dozen of those weird multi-colored strobing stars? I also saw two of those triangle shaped sets of lights almost straight up from my locations. All six lights, were strobing multi colors when I zoomed in on them. Also I saw a number of those lights which look like metallic objects when I zoom in on them.

10:30pm - June 8, I observed what appeared to be a large satellite passing over north to south. It appeared to be about as big as the space station, only was pale yellow instead of the usual white. I had my camera already running and tried to swing it around to point at the "satellite?" But I was too slow, as the light passed over the tower across the street it just faded away.

10:32pm - June 9, About five minutes earlier I aimed my camera at the area of the sky where I saw the "satellite?" yesterday. For some unknown reason, I leaned forward and looked up. Just in time to see a large yellow light flash on just to the south of where my camera was pointed, within seconds it shrank to about the size of a normal star and continued south over my building.

11:17pm - June 10, Soon as it got dark enough, I aimed my camera back at the same area and left it running. Fairly heavy overcast but took a chance it might clear. I was feeding the image through my TV and saw two large bright lights flash on the screen. The duration only a second or two. I ran back the tape and then checked it one frame at a time. The lights lasted about five frames and I noticed that they appeared to be sitting on top of black triangular objects (See graphic). The lower of which appeared to be at about a forty five degree angle as it was quite a bit narrower then the upper one. I tried making a drawing to show you roughly what they looked like. On the tape they were farther apart.

10-jun-2004-vancouver-hbcc.jpg (46512 bytes)

11:30pm – June 11, The same witness as above had his video camera pointed at the sky and noticed that the stars in the frame faded away and came back again. His suspicion was that they were blocked by an unknown object.

13-Jun-2004, Vernon, BC: (11:30pm) HBCC UFO
"I was watching a gold ball crossing the sky 50 degrees from horizon, SSE to NNW and I thought I was watching a satellite. It remained visible as it cruised by the halfway flare point and as I kept track of it, it began to pulse every four seconds until it went out of sight in the north sky. The best comparison I can make is that it pulses to a light the size and brightness of Jupiter.”

15-Jun-2004, Nanaimo, BC: (9:30 pm) NUFORC
So ((name deleted--my wife)) and I head off to Overwaitea at Country Club tonight about 9:20 pm. As I come to the end of Forest and Merrideth, and look up at this weird jet flying way up, with really short dual contrails. We are sitting at the stop sign for 30 seconds staring at this craft, when off to the left from this airplane, we both noticed this shiny bright, very bright ball, was there for 4 or 5 seconds, then disappeared. We both saw this. The ball was not particularly big, but not just a pinprick either. Really cool, I assume it was a reflection, though what was shining off of what up there I can't imagine. It sort of disappeared from the top down.

16-Jun-2004, Vernon, BC: (times vary) HBCC UFO
I have been out every night between the hours of 10:30 pm and 12:30 a.m. watching the skies. I have seen every night a gold globe brighten to white at least once . It appears in different parts of the sky and lately it has been appearing large and white as it comes from the south sky at 3500 feet before it dims. There were three occurrences of brightening last night at low altitudes.

Two in the west, and one in the south. Last night at 11:45 there were four globes (approx 10-15 seconds behind each other) coming from the south and within a short distance ascended to satellite height (except for the last one which went behind a small cloud) and vanished in the same part of the sky marked by the triangle formation above Jupiter. When the last one was out of sight I saw a gold yellow streak about four inches long and as thin as a hair, in the sky heading toward the WNW horizon at 85 degrees or like a plane does as it approaches the horizon looking at it from a distance. The streak lasted less than half a second from appearing to disappearing suggesting that whatever is at the front of it is moving at a phenomenal speed.

I have seen these streaks about five times and all heading down to the horizon. They move so fast that I was at first not sure if I was actually seeing them. I ruled out light reflecting through spider webs, eye lashes and hair in front of my eyes. They seem to move faster than a meteorite!!! as the speed accelerates, and it is less than a half second to catch it.
Just after the streak in the west, a globe came through the cloud and brightened. It was over the airport around 4000 ft. It vanished too. I stayed outside for an hour after, but saw nothing else. I was awake all night, I was so awe struck, contemplating the speed of whatever was in front of that streak, and the chance to see it in conjunction of seeing the globes ascend to "satellite" height. It was phenomenal. Maybe others have seen these streaks and first thought "meteorite,.. but it seems faster"

UFO*BC note: The light streaks are likely meteors. The objects that travel like satellites and suddenly brighten and then dim are likely Iridium satellites that put on a display on a nightly basis anywhere on earth. If you want to see this in your area we suggest you go to this link: http://www.heavens-above.com

16-Jun-2004, Nelson, BC: (11:55pm) HBCC UFO

I had a telephone call from a couple who reside in Nelson, B.C. who witnessed an odd sight. They reported that while traveling north along the Kootenay River on highway 3A they saw what appeared to be an egg -shaped object, which sat stationary over the River. Around the center of it was a broken ring of blue lights. They said there was a good number of these lights, which were very bright and not flashing.

The witnesses guessed the object was at an altitude of about 500 to 600 feet above the river. The husband who was driving wanted to stop to investigate this unusual sight but due to his wife being frightened they kept moving but at a slower pace as he was certainly curious to know what this was. A short distance down the highway his wife looked behind to see if it was still there, but she could not see any thing. They said whatever it was had disappeared or turned out it's lights. The husband estimated that the object was 40 to 50 feet in length at the most. No sound was heard. However, the windows were rolled up in their vehicle and the radio was on. The object had a completely smooth surface to it, or at least the areas they could see clearly.

The husband said he is kicking himself now that he didn't stop to have a good look at the object.

18,19-Jun-2004, Fort St. John, BC: (time varies) (HBCCUFO)
HBCC UFO Research Note: I received an email on August 18, 2004 from a fellow who resides in Fort St. John, British Columbia. In the email was one picture only. There was no report/text to go with the photo. I looked at the photo and wondered what the heck the "thing" was in which the witness caught on film. Today, August 24, 2004 I received a package in the postal mail from the witness. In the parcel there was the same picture that I received from him earlier, a report and a 95mb CD which held a lot of footage of some incredible objects he had taken.

I played the footage and about half way through I was able to see the object he had captured on film and which he sent to me in the email. This object, whatever it might be moved so fast that I had one heck of a time in trying to edit the clip to grab a still of it, again mainly because the object moved so quickly. I also ran the footage again and grabbed a clip, which shows the object flying past the camera, which I have posted to my site. Also I have posted a number of photos of white objects which are flying in all different direction and again the speed in incredible. I will be going through the footage more carefully as there is a lot on it. More footage and pictures will be added as I go through the video.

I telephoned him and we had a nice conversation, and my first question to him was, were there any dandelion or Cottonwood seeds flying around that day that he noticed. He said no. The fellow also said the temperature that day was around 20 degrees C (68 degrees F). There was "no" wind what so ever, he said the air was still that day.

Date: June 18/19, 2004 (images caught over a 2 day period) Time: Day #1 - 8:30 p.m. - Day #2 - 2:30 p.m.

Witness's Report: On June 18th and 19th, 2004 I was filming what I thought were Rods from my friend's backyard. What I saw through the camera at 40X could not be seen with the naked eye. The first day (grey sky), the footage was taken around 8:30 p.m. while on the second day (blue sky) was around 2:30 p.m. The photos and footage I have sent you shows 2 craft and a Rod. The craft appears clearly in one frame only.

ft_st_john_jun19_2004.jpg (30893 bytes)

This is the third sighting I've had and all the objects were travelling along the same path, along the Alaska Highway. I also took more video footage yesterday (August 19, 2004) and it also shows more Rods but nothing clear.

19-Jun-2004, Richmond, BC: (10:30am) HBCC UFO
My wife and I had just cleared the Alex Fraser Bridge and were heading west across the Richmond bypass (Hwy 91). I was just casually watching the planes as they made their approach to Vancouver Airport, Runway 26 Right. I was the passenger so could just relax and enjoy the ride.

I noticed what I first thought was a small plane just to the south of the approach and about half a mile ahead of us. It was heading west also, but to my surprise we were rapidly overtaking it. I pointed it out to my wife but she insisted it was just a plane and I pointed out, “I don't think so, it doesn't have any wings”. The road curved and that put it on the driver's side of the van. By this time it was only about a 1/4 mile or less away. We were only doing about 100 km/hr but rapidly overtook and passed it. I lost sight of it due to the tinting on our back windows and the angle. We would have been at approximately on Hwy 91 at No. 7 Rd. when we passed it. Estimated speed approximately 30 km/hr, appeared to be small, perhaps 20 ft in length, was well below the glide path, estimated height under 1000 ft. There was no engines or noise that I could detect. Appeared to be white on top and darker on the sides and bottom but that could just be shadow. From some angles it just looked like a big paper airplane. Attached is a sketch to give you a rough idea what it looked like.

19-Jun-2004-burnaby-hbcc.jpg (5741 bytes)

For once I had a witness besides myself, though to my wife anything that flies and doesn't have feathers or flap its wings, then its a plane. UFO*BC Note: The couple traveled about 6 to 7 km along Hwy 91 while the object was in sight.

19-Jun-2004, Victoria, BC: (3:00 - 3:05 pm) HBCC UFO
The witness was standing waiting for a city bus when she spotted something unusual flying at a high altitude. The woman pointed the object out to another lady who was also waiting for the bus. As hard as it was to see due to how high it was, the lady felt it was kind of strange looking. What she observed was a slow moving craft traveling from the north to the south and it was high overhead. Whatever it was it had no wings and didn't appear to be a plane or helicopter. As they both watched the object finally flew directly overhead and they still weren't able to say for any certainty what it was. The object appeared as if it was changing shape, but once again it was high up. There was a little red coloring on it and a white glow coming off it. The lady also said that the object "may" have been at the altitude of a jet airliner. She added that no contrail was seen following the object.

After the lady arrived home she called CHEX Television and talked to one of the news people and asked him if anyone had reported seeing this strange object. He said no other calls had come into the newsroom. The following day the lady called the local airport to inquire about what she had seen. The person at the tower told her that they had no calls about the sighting and if the object was that high up they would not have tracked it as the tower only keeps track of the lower airspace. Note: The women reported the sighting to HBCC UFO on June 21 and wondered if it may had been related to the June 19 Richmond sighting.

21-Jun-2004, Houston, BC: (3:29pm) HBCC UFO

Brian Vike, HBCC UFO investigator: "The only reason I am filing the sighting report below is due to receiving confirmation that what I saw on June 21, 2004 was also witnessed by a couple who live just west from Houston, B.C. We have had some extremely hot weather here. Each day, starting in the afternoon we have had lighting and thunder storms roll in. Today the forecast is for the same. On June 21, 2004 at approx: 3:29 p.m. I sat close to the window as I love watching this light show take place (rather not see it due to the fires it causes), but since we have no choice I sit and watch. The forked lighting was just incredible to see. One large thunder cloud which was at a distance away, all white and fluffy as it rose up into the air, gray near the bottom. I observed a black object sitting just outside of the fluffy white cloud. It wasn't a bird that I am sure of. I watched it maybe for 15 seconds before running to grab the binoculars. When I got back it has disappeared. For the brief time I was able to observe the object, it sat stationary "just" outside the cloud. So what it was, I don't know, but the object was certainly strange looking."

On June 23, Brian Vike was approached in a grocery store: "I heard a voice call me. I turned around and found a man and his wife walking towards me. The couple introduced themselves as I did not know them. He had heard that there was a UFO investigator living in Houston and when he saw the HBCC UFO Research logo on my sweatshirt he figured this had to be the guy."

The witnesses said on June 21, 2004 they were outside mending a fence on there property, the fellows wife was constantly looking up at the sky due to them hearing thunder rolling across the sky, plus she was a little nervous. She noticed a large thunder cloud in the distance, in which she could hear claps of thunder coming from, so she had her attention trained onto this large cloud. The lady again looked up at it and saw what appeared to be a disk-shaped object. The woman thought it really odd, so she tapped her husband on the head and at the same time telling him to look. Both stood watching the black colored object. The object looked almost flat, but only once did they see it maneuver/tilt where it was on an angle, which showed the circular shape of it. There were no lights, just the blackened craft. It was too far away from them to hear any sound. The fellows wife said it was really weird because she had just looked at the same cloud not a minute or so before she noticed the black object, and there was nothing there at that time. Both figured they observed it for approximately one minute before it moved into the cloud and disappeared. The couple said they have never seen anything so strange and certainly had not seen an unknown like this before.

21-Jun-2004, Ladysmith, BC: (11:58 pm) NUFORC
Me and a friend were out side and just talking when I looked up to notice a small dot moving along from a north direction. I pointed this out saying "Look at that satellite, book it". Soon after a large plane (looked like a jumbo jet based on wing profile) was coming from north heading in a south direction (probably towards Victoria Airport). The dot suddenly changed its course. So now it was moving in front of the plane, heading south as well at a slightly faster pace. The dot continued to move in front of the plane then suddenly made a sharp 90 degree turn so now it was heading west again.

It proceeded to make several erratic turns, one being another 90 degree turn and second being a wide curve. After doing this and moving its self a good 1/3 of the visible sky (from out point of view) it proceeded to head in a straight line.

After a few seconds of this it started to zig zag back and forth, almost 1 to 2cm from our point of view. It was now heading about south west. It did a couple more small turns but seemed to continue on its new heading.
At this point the dot suddenly moved out of view and was gone. Had it been a plane it would have still been visible. This happened all in about 1 to 2 minutes and was rather astounding.

23-Jun-2004, Mission, BC: (every clear night since May 26, 2004)
Since our sighting on May 26 we naturally looked at the sky more. A few days later I spotted a 'star' that appeared to be pulsating with colour. I got my binoculars and focused on it and was excited to see that this object had lights on it that were flashing blue and red. This is more or less all I could see. I called my husband, John, who has much better eyesight than me. This is what he saw:

"At first I thought it was a plane going to Abbotsford Airport, but after observing this object for a while realized it was not moving. It looked like a police car in the sky. When viewed through binoculars (50x7) I perceived dimly a traditional 'saucer' shape, with lights flashing in sequence in blue, red, white and amber. My wife could not see the white and amber lights. We eventually looked with binoculars around the rest of the sky we could see through the windows and we found more of these things sitting around. Some of them seemed to be above the Mission hills, possibly over the reservoir. As we continued to watch (for at last 2 hours) we saw that they moved. I focused on one and watched as it moved slowly from side to side. At one point it appeared to launch flares or light beams at a depressed angle (15 - 20 degrees) below horizontal. So if the craft were (about) 3000 metres above Stave Lake Dam, then these would come down in the area called Steelhead or south near Silverdale.

We have since observed them every single clear night since. They appear in the sky as the stars become visible. We went into the parking lot one evening and counted 9 in a few minutes, all over the sky. We watch them stay still, move from side to side, emit 'flares', move in and out behind the treeline, dart off, turn out the lights and then appear a lot farther away a second later etc.

We have pointed them out to other people who were naturally extremely excited to see them too. It is my personal opinion that, at least right now, anyone out past 11.00 p.m. on a clear night with binoculars, telescope or video equipment can see and film them clearly and in abundance. They have been visible every single clear night since we first saw one a month ago.

22-Jun-2004, Vancouver, BC: (7:45pm) HBCC UFO
“I was driving on Oak Street heading South, which is the direction of the Vancouver Airport in Richmond, B.C. The sky was clear, still very light out and I noticed this white cigarette-shaped object sort of just hanging in the sky, slow moving. I remember saying to my friend whom I was on my cell phone with at the time that I was looking at a UFO.

It floated around for about a minute before it took off towards the West and then disappeared. I'm positive that this was NOT an airplane, one flew by a few minutes later and there was no comparison, plus the airplane made so much noise while the other flying object was silent. This is not the first time I have seen a UFO but this is the first time I've been 100% sure of what I saw. I get Goosebumps every time I tell people what I saw.

29-Jun-2004 Kelowna, Westbridge and Grand Forks, BC: (2:40 am) HBCC UFO
Calls came in from Kelowna, Westbridge and Grand Forks, British Columbia after a blue colored object was observed traveling in a southeasterly direction through the night sky. All of the witnesses, a total of 5 people who watched the event said the blue colored ball of light was traveling horizontally.

A short tail was seen following behind and a couple of times, sparks could be seen dropping from it. All the folks reported no sound was heard and the sighting lasted only 3 or 4 seconds at the most. As the object continued on the witnesses lost sight of it due to mountains, trees or buildings in the way. Two of the witnesses thought that it wasn't all that high up in altitude. Everyone figured what they saw was a meteor.

29-Jun-2004, Coquitlam, BC: (7:40 pm) NUFORC
A small flashing object was flying over Glen Park. The object was way too far to be a space shuttle or an aircraft. The object compared to a plane was 1/30th of the size. The object moved upwards never downwards. It moved so fast upwards that if we swung for 10 more seconds, the object would go up about a fingers length up in the air from where we were standing. The object was oval and had a flashing light, which had no pattern like on an airplane. It would blink then stop then blink 5-10 times then stop again for about 3 seconds. The object was small and very scary to look at.

2-Jul-2004, Sicamous, BC: (11:30 pm) NUFORC
Friday night July 2 we were on a citizen's patrol at about 11:30 pm we thought we saw a forest fire on top of the mountain on the north side of Sicamous. We drove around the block a few times to get our directions correct before we phoned it in. Then what we thought was a forest fire turned into a very bright white light, then it turned back to a red light that looked like a forest fire and then back again to a bright white light then lifted up into the sky and disappeared.

10-Jul-2004, Vancouver, BC: (1:40am) (HBCCUFO)
My wife and I, my daughter and her friend went to Cypress lookout point just to see the view. We had our camcorder with us. My wife was taping the kids when I saw a round bright white light over the city and said, "that's not a plane". My wife taped it for as long as it was visible, it went into a cloud burst that was over the city, then it was gone.

Brian Vike: I telephoned the witnesses to see if I was able to gather some more information on this sighting. I talked with both the husband and wife who both observed the object. The object was travelling low and to the west. There were no FAA lights seen when they zoomed in on the object. When the fellow's wife was filming it they observed the object flying into a "cloud burst" as he called it, it disappeared from their sighting upon entering the cloud. There was no trail or tail following behind it. No sound was heard, but this may be due to the distance the object was from the witnesses. The husband figured it was controlled movement and the object did not make any unusual manoeuvres. (UFO*BC note: This sighting is consistent with an aircraft approaching Vancouver Airport over Surrey before turning onto final approach (a common flight path), the navigation lights would have been obscured by the bright landing light).

10-Jul-2004, Osoyoos, BC: (3:00am) (HBCCUFO)
Bolide/Fireball: A friend of mine was on Hwy 3 about two hundred meters (his guess) up the Mountain to the East of Osoyoos, on a Thursday morning, about 3am, on a switchback facing South when the sudden day light illumination immediately faded and revealed an orange streak branching into five, over a small number of km to the West of Osoyoos - probably on the 10th of June (between his recollection of 'the first half of June' and my memory of him telling me 'last week I saw ...' about two weeks ago.

11-Jul-2004, Lake Cowichan, BC: (12:15am) (NUFORC)
I know I'm not crazy, but what we saw, was this very bright light in the sky. When I pointed it out to my 2 friends they suggested it was an airplane, then it got even brighter and was not moving. We then turned a corner, and it must have only been about five seconds not even that, and the light had disappeared.

If it was an airplane it for sure would have been flying towards us, not even five minutes later we were at our location of residence, when I looked up again and saw it flying just about over us. The driver stopped the vehicle. We immediately took the sun roof off, and noticed that it was flying kind of straight and changed its direction almost immediately. Then the driver noticed a second object flying flanked off to the side in a zig-zag manner. Then they both disappeared. This not the first time I saw these objects, I also seen them in Ontario, one I noticed driving from thunder bay to Sioux St. Marie. This one stayed in the same spot for two days, then three more showed up, and that night it was like they did a light dance in the sky then flew away.

12-Jul-2004, Prince George, BC: (11:15pm) (HBCCUFO)
Hello Brian: Just wanted to let you know that once again the electronics in our home have been acting up for the last couple days and guess what? Yes, we saw yet another unexplained light travelling across the night sky. It was the same as the other white light we told you about a couple of months ago.

It was twice the size of our largest visible star, travelling north-east, without sound. Very bright, no red or blue lights with it (not aircraft); we watched it until it just disappeared. We didn't lose it from view because of it moving so far away, it just simply was gone. Watched it for approximately 3-4 min. Time was 11:15 p.m.

It flew from the west, heading northeast. It also travelled in a somewhat straight line, bit of an arc to it. The light was not as high as a satellite. Yes, it stayed the same intensity throughout the time we watched it, and it was very bright. It was just a huge ball of white light. The weather conditions were clear, with a few scattered clouds. Lots of stars out. We couldn't see the moon though; it hadn't come out yet. (UFOBC note: This sighting is consistent with a bright satellite, as it is impossible to estimate the altitude of a light and distinguish from a straight line and a slight curve of travel in the sky)

13-Jul-2004, Vancouver, BC: (1:55am) (HBCCUFO)
I was woken by the dog barking, so I got up to take a look around the yard to see if there was a prowler. I was getting back into bed when I noticed a very bright light in the sky. Since I wear glasses and would not ordinarily be able to see anything in the sky with them removed, I wondered at what I was seeing. I put on my glasses and looked at the sky. I saw a round orb of a soft bright orangey-yellow colour, not unlike the colour of the moon sometimes. It was moving between my home and the north shore mountains, in an east to west direction. There was no sound and there were no lights visible at the back when it moved farther west where I could see the back of it. It stayed round moving towards the ocean. The light never fluctuated it just stayed a glowing colour. This object was way larger than an airplane, but did not appear huge. It was moving steadily and passed out of sight within a minute.

13-Jul-2004, Vancouver, BC: (11:40 pm) NUFORC
At the time of spotting, the star-like object travelled from middle of the sky to the southeast end for two minutes, after which I didn't follow. I talked to Peter within 5 min. He said it is very likely a satellite.

To me it is totally a strange object. First it is not a comet, which has a tail. Secondly, it is not a meteor, which is extremely fast and disappears in seconds. Thirdly, it is not a usual aircraft, which is much much slower. At that moment the possibility of a satellite did not occur to me.

As an individual ignorant of satellites, I still want to report this event, hoping it may be useful for your analysis.

14-Jul-2004, Richmond, BC: (11:00 pm) NUFORC
While I was walking back on my way from Macs, I discovered this fast small light in the sky, heading east. It went faster than an aeroplane and it didn't have any flashes (like an aeroplane would have). The light went red, then white then red and continued its way to the east. After 2 minutes, the light had dimmed and it finally disappeared out of the sky, it WAS NOT a star, and it was moving real fast.

16-Jul-2004, Prince George, BC: (1:00am) (HBCCUFO)
Last night just before 1 a.m. Mom and I went for a little stroll and we saw another light. Just like the one we saw on the 12th but this time it was going from West to East. Again it was not as high as a Satellite; it was white but as it grew distant from us, had appeared to grow orange in colour. It was clear last night with many stars visible.

It travelled in straight line and then it just disappeared as it started to turn orange. It did not look like a fireball or falling star. I did see one falling star last night though, and this light did not behave like that. There were no clouds that it could have gone behind, as there were lots of stars where it disappeared in the sky. Because it is close to New Moon you could see every star up there and nothing would be obscured from our view. Oh, and once again the TV was acting up last night before we had the sighting. Also, the light made no noise and had no other lights on it. There were no red or blue lights, like aircraft. (UFO*BC note: Lights on aircraft are red and green (not blue)).

16-Jul-2004, Whistler Valley, Creekside, over Alpha Lake, BC: (11:30pm)
It was my friend's birthday and a group of 8 friends went for a midnight stroll down the Alpha Lake dock. We looked up at the sky and there was a very bright white egg shaped object going across the sky. It was definitely in our sky and not in space and it made no sound. We watched it fly over us for two minutes and it headed in the direction of Blackcomb Mountain (It travelled from the south (direction of Squamish) to the North or a bit Northeast). Then it disappeared (It did not go past the horizon). A few people commented that it could be a satellite, but I have never seen a satellite look like that before and I have seen many. Everyone that I was with thought it was quite scary and definitely not anything that they had ever seen before.

22 or 23-Jul-2004, North Surrey, BC: (3:21am) (HBCCUFO)
I live in North Surrey, the centre piece of the Surrey Place Mall is the Green Tower built by ICBC and is located on the north side of Old Yale Rd. between King George Hwy. and 134th. St. I have photos of the tower but they are buried at the moment. The blue object I saw at approx. 3:21am flashed into sight at about the east edge of the tower and vanished by the time it reached the western edge. It must have been a very shallow entry. The blue colour was about the same shade as the blue on my TV screen, produced by my VCR and like I told you it was also weird because of the sort of rectangular shape.

25-Jul-2004, Abbottsford, BC: (10:55 pm) NUFORC
I was outside on our balcony watching the sunset. We live high up so we can see the lights of Vancouver, and then I see a light sort of looked like a star really far to the north-east of Vancouver, and I see this light and I figured it was a plane, but it didn't seem to be moving.

When you look at a plane you see a blinking light, but this didn't have any blinking lights. I knew it was facing me by the way the lights were, but suddenly it went through the clouds that were directly behind it. A plane would have had to circle around so within one second I could have seen it again after it came out of the cloud. It was going faster than any plane I've ever seen. It was hard to say what shape it was, but if I had to guess I would say teardrop. It was dark coloured.

25-Jul-2004, Terrace, BC: (11:30 pm) NUFORC
I observed one slow moving bright light at first, triangular in shape. Following this, I saw a second one performing erratic movements, swiftly moving short distances in the sky very quickly. It stayed in the southwestern sky. After about twenty minutes of movement, the red and blue lights came. They were extremely bright. The red light was bright when it hit my eyes. At this point they came closer so they were the brightest lights in the sky. I tried to make contact at this point by shining our flashlight at the moving lights; they seemed to ignore us. About another twenty minutes later, the two lights just stopped. We stared for about another ten minutes and a bright light, about the size of a dime or a penny in the sky flashed twice, one blue, the other red.

The two lights which stopped were now moving again, for about ten minutes they stayed in the same area of the sky, then they went to more of a red and blue for five minutes, the lights suddenly went out.
I have pictures in development.

26-Jul-2004, Terrace, BC: (about 1:00 am)

I'd like to go over a couple of things. I live in Terrace BC.  I saw something back in 2004 and have been always interested to see if anyone else had. This story from 2004 fits exactly.

NOTE: "Read 25-Jul-2004, Terrace, BC" above

The triangle part is the most telling to me. It was the same date, same year and roughly the same time. It would've been closer to 1am and I had just drove my girlfriend home to gossen creek about 10km out of thornhill.  To get home I have to drive to thornhill, take the bridge to terrace and go to the southside. As I was coming into Terrace just before starting to cross the bridge I noticed  a slow moving black object  hovering just over tree level. It had four reddish orange lights on it, one for each corner of the triangle and a slightly bigger reddish orange light in the center of the triangle. It was on the left side of the bridge and slowly moved over the bridge and over down the southside. As I was driving over the bridge I was getting scared, as this subject freaks me out, I began to speed at about 70kms an hour in a 50 km zone. There were about 2 more cars in front of me going my way and a few cars in font of me going into thornhill. The thing about this is I wasn't able to catch anyone because everyone was speeding, meaning I wasn't the only one to see it. Anyways it disappeared over the south side slowly floating away, and me being scared didn't go home I found a friend from mcdonalds to hang out with me until I had calmed down. He suggested we go for a drive and I said sure. We were heading towards kitimat going by the airport when we passed a clearing and we could see a bright white ball hovering over the runway fairly far away. As it was late at night there are no flights coming into our tiny airport and the lights weren't on. Naturally this freaked us out we turned around and came back into town and stayed up till the sun came out. I was wondering, he mentions he has pictures in development. Did you guys ever receive any of them? If so could I see them? Or is it possible to get the senders name and email to ask him some questions myself?

well im just glad to get that out, thank you.

29-Jul-2004, Port Simpson, BC: (3:30 am)
The witness was fishing outside Findlayson when he watched a bright light travelling from West to East. Its movement resembled a wave motion.

30-Jul-2004, Mission, BC: (3:30 am)
I saw a bright light in the sky, north, above the mountains, then out of nowhere there was another white light just below the 1st one. They hovered there for about 3 minutes, then the 2nd light moved to the 1st one for about 1 minute. Then the 2nd one took off really fast; it had red and green lights at the back end of it. It left east into the sky when about 2 minutes later it just disappeared with a huge crashing sound. It was so loud that my husband had thought there was an accident out in front of our house. About 2 minutes later the first white light disappeared too.

Aug-2004, Tofino, BC: (2:00 am)

I have read the report from the fellow Richard who was witness to the "praying mantis" organisms and found some similarities to the sighting and experiences I have had since mid August of this year. I have had many encounters with unexplained phenomena and must explain them one at a time.

I encountered a strange sighting back in 2004 in Tofino BC at about 02:00 in August. This sighting seemed to have started off numerous sightings since then. I was on my boat early one morning about 02:00 and was travelling from Duffin Pass to Templar Channel. When I passed through the gap between Felice Island and the tip of Esowitsa Peninsula, I saw what I thought was the buoy tender for the coast guard HMCS Bartlett. The Bartlett is large, possibly over 150 feet long and well lit 24 hours a day. Sometimes in the evening, the crew will shut the deck lights off but will always leave the top mast light on and there is always a light in the wheelhouse. From my previous experiences at sea, I knew some of the crew aboard Bartlett and had visited them while laying at anchor several times. Believing this to be in fact the Bartlett, I carried a course due WSW from the gap at Felice Island towards Wickanninsh Island. Immediately as I made pursuit, the deck lights went out and there was only a light in the wheelhouse left. My rate of speed was about 24knots with no wind and minimal current. When the wheel house light went out and I noticed there was no mast light, I realized that this wasn't the Bartlett. I stopped and observed the spot where the ship laid for many minutes. I then assumed that I perceived one very small light which could have been the wheelhouse light, and continued pursuit. As I came closer to the spot >1 minute north of the reef beside Wickanninsh Island, the small light rose above the island and dropped around the other side to Father Charles Channel on the exact opposite side of Wick Island. It then ignited in a flash of brilliance that could be seen through the island, and seemed to move off to sea. Terrified, I moved away from the location at full speed back to Tofino Harbour.

There is more that has happened to me since then.

UFO*BC Replies:

Thank-you for the report … very interesting.
I was wondering if you could provide a bit more information.
Namely the size of the “vessel” and perhaps provide a drawing?
Can you estimate a speed return, and I am curious if the vessel had a radar return?

           30-Nov-2008 Steve Replied:

Thank you for your reply.

This sighting is the beginning of many occurrences, but for the time being I will concentrate on this sighting as it was the closest I got to an extremely large vessel..

I assumed that the vessel was the Bartlett. She has a 60' beam and is maybe over 150' long. The vessel was stationary when I first noticed her and as I pursued at about 15 knots, the lights went out rather quickly. As the light faded, I increased my speed top 25 knots heading due W-S-W at 27 knots. When the lights went out totally I stopped and regarded the spot for one to two minutes, noticed a light at what would have been the height of the wheelhouse, about 60 feet above the waterline, when I continued pursuit at top speed. The light then rose up and over Wick Island and bloomed into a very bright light from which could be seen through the trees of wick island.  I will be happy to draw a diagram and get more specific detail as to the size as compared to Bartlett. I have seen and been aboard Bartlett a number iof times. This vessel was Bartlett, then it was a blip of light that elevated over the island and exploded into brilliance. When I realized what this was I left at top speed, 25 -28 knots, depending on conditions which that night were flat.

Any inconsistencies are as a result of the period of time that has passed, some 4 plus years since the sighting, and the details become more clear to me as I recall them.

I will send you the specifics as soon as possible.

3-Dec-2008 Steve Replied:

Dear Richard,

I saw one object last night at about 02:30 in Victoria, BC.  It was a shooting star from directly overhead that slowed then showed blinking lights and carried on a straight path.

I saw another object this evening 26 km from Pt Alberni looking south west on the highway. It rose from the horizon wobbled about moved higher then cloaked and could not be seen. May have left the atmosphere.

Too many sightings. I'm getting a little anxious about all of this.


Aug-2004, Surrey, BC: (1:35 pm)

Location: 156 St. and Fraser Hwy. I was sitting in my back yard in the sun when I saw a perfectly round jet-black object in the south east sky. It was coming directly towards me fairly slowly, south east to north west, no sound and no evidence of wings or rotor blades. When it got closer, I held my fingers up to get a perspective of size and it was the size of my index finger nail. I had no way to determine the exact distance however. A large tree in my yard obscured it for a moment so I got out of my chair and walked about ten paces to keep it in view. In the blink of an eye it disappeared, so I scanned the area very closely. Suddenly due north of me somewhere over the mountains, a brilliant pin-point of light appeared moving rapidly north until it was gone. All this time there was not a sound coming from it. From the time it disappeared until I saw the light in the north, not 5 seconds had passed.

I am in my early eighties and am not a doddering old man. I read extensively and do a fair amount of research. I am familiar with all the writings of Zacharia Sitchen, Erich Von Danniken, Edgar Cayce, and many others, etc. I have lived in Surrey since 1934 except for a stint in the RCAF as Pilot and Air gunner with service overseas in WW2. I am very familiar with aircraft and all manner of flying machines; but, never have I ever seen anything like this. The object had to be perfectly round as it did not change shape as it came closer, i.e. oval, elliptical or saucer shaped. I live under the flight path of many air craft coming and going from YVR with all the accompanying noise, but, this object was silent.

August 2004, Cultus Lake, BC: (afternoon)

A friend and I went swimming; we were sitting at the end of a public dock when my friend alerted me to something in the sky. It took me 30 seconds to actually focus in on what he was seeing. When I finally got sight of it, it looked like a dark sphere. It was at an elevated altitude because it was traveling in and out of some light cloud cover. Its trajectory was like that of a plane, same kind of speed as you would perceive of a passenger liner at cruising speed and altitude. We watched the object for about 20 seconds, then it just suddenly stopped! It hovered in place for a few seconds. We could not hear any sounds and there were no lights of any kind on it. The object then accelerated very quickly in 4 distinct phases, kinda like a vehicle changing gears. In the space of 2 seconds it was so distant it was no longer visible. Oh, its trajectory was north-east till it stopped, then shot back south. It was kinda weird because it had probably just entered Canadian airspace for less than a minute then it shot back across the border to the USA!

Well that’s what happened!

Aug. 2004, Smithers, BC: (around 8:00 pm)
The witness and his girlfriend were driving in Smithers when he saw an anomalous object in the sky. The object was north of town, travelling very slowly, heading east over the McKenzie mountains. The sky was clear at the time, which was near dusk at around 20:00 hours, and there were no other celestial objects in the sky as it was still light out. The object travelled in a straight line with no deviations. It was a large ball-shaped object pulsating in light grey and blue colours and, he said, it was reminiscent of the "yin/yang" symbol. He said there was no noise and he estimates it was about 8 kms away and was about the size of a dime. He turned to his girlfriend and said, "Holy s…, there's my first UFO!" He estimates observing it for 15 - 20 minutes and lost sight of it when he pulled off the road to turn around. There was other traffic on the road at the time so there is a possibility that there were other witnesses. He was working with the B.C. Ministry of forests at the time but has since relocated.

August 2004 or 2005, Sooke Hills, near Victoria, BC:
Sorry, right now I’m not sure of the day or year, but I will ask my sister if she remembers and make sure to get back to you! Well, let me start by telling you that for last two days I have been searching the internet for someone that has reported the same two objects I had seen. I ended up finding a report made by Rodger Gordon Smith (Vol. 10. No. 1). The two objects I saw were in the same place Mr. Rodger Gordon Smith saw his nocturnal aerial lights. I was at a sushi restaurant with my sister and her boyfriend, when I decided to go out for a cigarette; I walked down the road to a parking lot. I was looking across the gorge from a location between Johnston Street Bridge and the Bay Street Bridge. I was staring at a forest fire that was on the Sooke Hills; it was a clear day with no clouds. I believe the fire had just started because there was no smog in the sky; the smoke was going up and to the north. I noticed two thin white oval shaped objects hovering in the sky above and to the east of the fire. I realized these were not helicopters or anything that I had ever seen so I pointed it out to three other people that were near me. They all agreed that these were not helicopters. We watched the objects for about 15 minutes; they started close together and then moved slowly up and away from each other, staying the same shape and size. They kept moving around but every once in a while they would stop, then move again. After about 15 minutes one just vanished into thin air. That’s when I went back to get my sister. By the time my sister and I got back to the parking lot the second object was gone, but the people were still there to confirm what we had witnessed. The people told us the other object vanished like the first one! I’m not sure if it was alien life forms, but I know it was not a helicopter, plane, blimp or balloon because they can’t just vanish into thin air the way these UFOs did! As for the date and time, I’m going to go search the internet for the date of the fire; I will ask my sister as well!

1-Aug-2004, Surrey, BC: (5:00pm)
A man and a companion were driving along 104 St. towards King George Highway when his passenger said "what the #$~%* is that?", looking up through the windshield of the car. Following his gaze, Al was astonished to see a "massive object; the size of an aircraft carrier!" It had a chrome finish and appeared to be emitting rays against a clear blue sky. It was round in shape he thought, but as it moved north-west it became more cigar shaped. The man glanced towards his passenger, looked up again at it, then noticed an airliner approaching in the distance. Looking back at the object he was again astonished to discover that it had vanished! Total observation time 12 seconds, he reckons.

Later on he thought that the craft might well have been merely reflecting sunlight from its metallic (?) surface, rather than emitting beams of light. He estimated the craft was at 10,000 ft. He phoned the R.C.M.P. with the "usual introductions". The operator took his report quite seriously and asked him questions relating to his account.

(N.B.) In 1972 he and 12 companions were playing outdoor hockey in Ottawa when they spotted 3 silver colour craft moving across the sky in a V formation. They were all so freaked out they ran in doors. In 1992 the man was living in Wakefield, (Quebec) when he saw a very bright "star". Next moment it was a ball of light hanging above some nearby trees. Suddenly "it went out", as if turned off. Two months later (1992) he was driving to his cottage (a relatively short journey) when he suddenly found himself totally lost and 100 kilometres from where he intended to be. He somehow had a two-hour period of missing time!? As a small boy he always looked under the bed and in the closet every night before going to bed.

1-Aug to 2-Sep-2004, North Vancouver, BC: (times vary) NUFORC
My wife and I first noticed a revolving light (Red, Green, Blue and White just over Grouse Mountain, in North Vancouver, BC at 1:00 am about August 1, 2004. It was just hovering over the mountain as noted. At first we thought it was a radio tower light as it stayed in one place too long to be a helicopter. However the next day we looked for a tower and realised that there was none plus with the height from the mountaintop (which we positioned via a tree from our apartment) that it was two high.

We face north towards Grouse Mountain, in North Vancouver, and the light was in a slight North East direction. We noted it Fridays and Saturdays for about three weeks. It has since progressed to three ships; for lack of a better word, on a nightly basis. Every night they are in a triangular sector of a great yet equal distance apart One always shines brighter and we assume it is because it is closer to our location.

Two nights ago (August 31, 2004) as we watched the closer set of lights, they shot out three bright white beams of light to the North East.

We usually observe said lights on and off for about three to four hours each night now as they appear early now, usually around 9:00 PM. They do change position after a few hours but as we do not sit outside for the full time we do not see that actual change of position, but the spacing between said lights always seems to be consistent.

Tonight (September 2, 2004) there has been a change as now there are four separate sets of revolving/hovering lights. We can readily see them (the lights) with the naked eye and once we can purchase a telescope we intend to look closer. Due to the distance the lights are from us we can not see any body shape or size that they are obviously attached too.

We have been contemplating contacting the Vancouver Observatory but we are not sure if they will take us seriously. We do not have photos to send as at present we do not have a camera. The only time we cannot observe the lights in question is when the sky is cloud covered. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a twinkling star, but that is a guess. PD))

7/8-Aug-2004, Surrey, BC: (times vary) (HBCCUFO)
Hi Brian, Sat. night I saw that large yellow light appear almost directly above the Surrey Place Tower heading North to South. It was so big I thought for a second it was a landing light but it rapidly faded out and I remembered seeing it before several months back and telling you at that time.

Sunday night, I aimed my camera at that same area and left it running but the big light did not appear. Instead I caught two of those objects which look like strings of beads. The first appeared at approx.: 9:30 pm. headed in SE, direction. Up to that point it was the largest I've ever seen and the most colourful. It consisted of 9 spheres, pink and green in colour. At approx. 10:40 I saw a similar object heading in the opposite direction, NW,

When I freeze framed, I found it to be even larger and more colourful then the first. It consisted off 14 spheres and was in a kind of stretched out W pattern instead of straight like the others I've seen. It had pink, green, tan, brown and two bright yellow spheres in its line up. I've tried putting them onto that same photo I sent you the other day of the Green tower. I did make them quite a bit larger to give you a better idea of what they look like and the colours are correct but I couldn't get the same shade. Just after 10 pm. I was watching a small plane flying towards the tower. It was just approaching the tower on the left when all of a sudden a white object appeared on the right heading for the ground. I thought it was a meteorite but at the last second it made a very sharp right hand turn and flew behind the tower. I didn't see it again so it must have flown directly away from behind the tower.

While playing with the picture I noticed several anomalies that I hadn't noticed before, four in total. This photo is another from the set I took the first week of Jan. 2004. I tried several things to try and make them show up better and the embossing seems to work the best. The one on the upper left is a little harder to see but there is something there and all four appear to be saucer shaped.

surrey_aug7,8_2004.jpg (94015 bytes)

8-Aug-2004, Vancouver, BC: (4:00am)
The witness reported seeing a bright light stationary over the Burrard Inlet at the McGill street entrance at 4 (no further information was left on the hotline)

8-Aug-2004, Blind Bay, BC: (10:00 pm) NUFORC
A stationary object in the northern sky over Shuswap Lake, flashing colours of red, blue & white. I first noticed the object at 10:00 p.m. It is now 10:11 p.m. and the object is still in the same place.

9-Aug-2004, Squamish, BC: (11:00 pm) NUFORC
Object appeared as a chevron shape approx. 30' wide. Its appearance can best be described like that of a single strand of silk illumined by the sun. Imagine a 30' wide strand of silk in the shape of a perfect chevron moving at a constant speed of 25mph from North to South. A second chevron trailed the first in a similar formation to how geese fly.

11-Aug-2004, Barriere, BC: (12:07am) (HBCCUFO)
We were visiting friends and it was after midnight when we were outside in the back yard because it was so hot in the house. Our friends live on property and there are no streetlights, there is nothing.

I know stars twinkle, and planets are very bright depending on the time of year and all that. I also know planes especially at night have those flashing lights on the tail part of the plane. I was looking at the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and the sky in general. I saw a plane in the left part of the sky, and underneath where the plane was, another light was very bright and moving much faster then the airplane. I was glad to have an example of that plane's speed because that other light was not a plane; it was something else, no flashing lights, and just a brighter light going super fast!

I called to my friend and his wife to look at this in the sky, I said "what the heck is that?" my friend and his wife looked up and I pointed to the plane and said "see that, well look slightly below it, what the heck is that thing going really fast!"

"Don't tell me that's a plane because it is nothing like that plane, aircraft normally don't go that speed." My friend, who believes in nothing, actually said he has seen that twice before, going that crazy speed. He said it was a UFO, only because it goes fast then quickly disappears. Also something in me said it wasn't human.

(UFOBC Note: A satellite would have appeared to be travelling much faster than a plane at a far distance)

11-Aug-2004, Langley, BC: (5:50 pm) NUFORC
While travelling south along a local road my wife and I both noticed a cigar-shaped object travelling very quick in an eastern direction. At first glance we both tried to quickly dismiss the object as a small plane (due to a small local airport near by) but soon realised that this was not the case. Being that the object was very low and flying in what seemed to be in a very fluid almost hovering type motion we soon realised that what we were witnessing was not a plane but indeed a UFO.

The whole time we were in view I was trying to dismiss the whole UFO thought and tried my hardest to prove to my self that this was a plane or at least a helicopter. The more I looked the more clear it came to me that this was definitely not any man made object. There were no wings, no rear tail section and there was clearly no rudder.
We continued to follow the object but our visibility was obstructed by trees but just as soon as we thought we had lost sight I saw it one more time and then it was gone.
"Wow what an experience!"

11-Aug-2004, Rossland, BC: (10:00pm) (HBCCUFO)
The witness was previously living at his parent's home, which is located just below one of the local mountains in the Rossland area. The fellow stepped outside and after standing viewing the night sky for approx. five minutes he saw an extremely bright orange falling star. It was coming from a northerly direction. As he observed the quick moving object he thought to himself that this was an amazing spectacle. The man watched the orange glowing ball of light as it disappeared behind the mountain.

Approx. 5 to 10 seconds later after the bright orange object had vanished behind the mountain, the witness observed a number of flickering lights, which appeared out of nowhere. (the area where the flickering lights appeared was exactly where the fellow lost sight of the orange ball of light). The colour of the three lights went from white to red, and it just sat there. The lights did go dimmer at one point but grew in brightness and changed colours again. At times the lights would appear to be bobbing up and down and would move from side to side. As the light moved, the light on one end would dim a bit while the light at the other end grew brighter. At one point in the sighting the witness saw a blue light which he said was flashing on and off.

The day after the sighting took place he decided to go up onto the mountain with his digital camera to see if anything was around, or to see what might have caused the lights, but nothing was there. At this point he was thinking it possibly could have been a vehicle on the road the night before, but after really checking things out he believes it wasn't this.... as the trees, etc would have certainly blocked out any light source coming off the mountain where he had seen the lights. The fellow thinks whatever it was, had to be hovering just above the treetops. The whole event lasted for approx. 5 to 8 minutes.

One other interesting thing to the report was that there were dogs and cats acting up while this event was taking place. It is unknown if there is any connection between the animals and what was seen.

11-Aug-2004, Dawson Creek, BC: (11:00pm) (HBCCUFO)
I am writing to report a sighting. I was visiting my in-laws at their farm near Dawson Creek BC. We decided to sit outside and see if we could see any falling stars. (there was supposed to be a meteor shower that night). After seeing a few, we were ready to go inside when I suddenly saw this strange white light moving across the sky. It was the same shape and size as a typical star, but it was moving incredibly fast.

At first I thought it was another falling star.... but it travelled across the sky without disappearing and it changed its course repeatedly. I pointed it out to my mother in law and she was already looking at it with her mouth wide open. We called for my father in law to see if he could see it and sure enough he could. It then vanished over the horizon. We sat stunned for a minute. Then from the same direction as the first...another one was coming...this one did not change its course. It headed straight for the first one at an even faster speed. No sound could be heard...we believe we saw alien spacecraft.

Additional Information:
The sky was very clear that night. It had not been raining that day. I don't recall seeing the moon that night though.

We watched the entire event (both sightings) for a total of about 8 min...with a 1 or 2 min break between the two. It came from the southwest and headed northeast. It was straight overhead. When I first spotted it moving, it was travelling in a straight course like an airplane, but I could see no flashing lights nor could I hear any sounds.... it also seemed much higher than a typical plane would fly. It than began to swerve back and forth mildly (it looked like it was moving around something, although we couldn't see anything else up there at the time) and then moved down slightly then back up and then continued along it's path.

The second one appeared shortly after and did not swerve. It just followed the other one. The area we were in is quite remote. The nearest airport is about 35 min away by highway driving and there are no other houses that are really close by. I do believe the objects were at high altitude. No trail or other light was visible from these objects. All I can really add is that they both looked exactly like stars ... the same size...a little brighter...but they moved so fast...and they were visible for a long time...we watched them go over the horizon.

11-Aug-2004, Metlakatla, BC: (11:15pm)
We had 2 UFO sightings on this night. My cousin James, his son and I were all outside watching the meteor shower. I told my cousin that I had a strange feeling that something was going to happen in this area towards the North. We watched the sky for some action and boy did we get action. First we saw this dim light slowly zigzagging a short distance to the North. That's when I grabbed my million candle power spot light and flashed it a few times, then it stopped for a few seconds then started zigzagging again. I flashed it again and the same thing happened, it stopped then it never moved for I don't know how long.

Next we saw this light come towards us from the North, about 30 degrees up. It got brighter and brighter as it got closer. I flashed my spotlight on it and it stopped and it started to dim as it returned back in the same direction. Then it shot straight up into the sky. I think I chased it away with my spotlight.

The next day when I went to deliver my fish to my packer (Chemo 4) they told me about the bright light they saw @ 11:15pm. All four of the crewmembers on the Chemo 4 were in Prince Rupert Harbour. They saw this light getting brighter as it was coming down from the north. They then saw it stop and it started to dim and return back to the north and it shot straight up, they were all excited about the sighting and I told them that I think I chased it away with my spot light. So there were seven of us all together that saw the same thing.

12-Aug-2004, Houston, BC: (2:45am) (HBCCUFO)
Brian Vike: I talked with a well-known gentleman in the local shopping mall here in Houston, British Columbia. He had a strange story he wanted to relate to me. He said he was having a hard time sleeping on August 12, 2004, so he got up out of bed at around 2:45 a.m. and wandered out to the kitchen for a drink of water. As he walked down the short hallway he easily saw the kitchen area and other parts of the home were lit up in a bright while light.

Wondering what was causing this he went over to the window and observed an extremely bright white light, which was sitting stationary at the back end of his property. The light was barely above the treetops, with the bottom end of it tucked in behind a clump of trees. What he told me surprised me as the man said the light rounded out the top of a large tree. Meaning that the light seemed to penetrate or remove this portion of the tree. (After the light had disappeared the tree remained intact)

Having been totally surprised at this sight, he called one of his sons who lives on the five acre parcel next to his and woke him up so he could also see what his father was looking at. Both from their separate homes watched the large light hovering in place. The older man went and grabbed his camera and was able to capture a shot of this light/object. (I will be adding the picture very soon).

He said there was not a sound coming from the direction the light was in, actually he said the early morning was very silent. Eventually after a short period of time the light just disappeared, or blinked out.

HBCC UFO Note: Now I know the area well behind the fellows home as at one time I peeled railroad ties for him. I can tell you there is nothing back there but forest. There is one gravel road which leads to the old Equity Silver mine but that is some distance away. The witness said the light was right there just behind the trees.

12 & 15-Aug-2004, Port Coquitlam, BC: (12:00am)
At midnight, a woman and her husband watched a basketball shaped light that glowed like a "neon sign" and appeared to be stationary. They viewed it through binoculars. It appeared be located N.East of them over Burke Mountain. After 3/4 of an hour they went to bed. She was up again at 2 am and stated the light (object?) had moved slightly but was still clearly visible. This time she watched it for ten minutes. (N.B.) In 2002 whilst travelling in Nevada they photographed three lenticular clouds.

15-Aug-2004, Penticton, BC: (11:00 pm) NUFORC
A very bright white light flying east to west at a high rate of speed, then stopped, then took off to the north and seemed to get dim very fast. I never seen any plane move as fast or as bright. ((NUFORC Note: We presume the witness means a date in 2004, although we are not certain. We have amended the date above to indicate 2004. PD))

18-Aug-2004, Kelowna, BC: (2:30 am) NUFORC
At about 2:30 am over Rutland, Kelowna, a triangular UFO was witnessed flying in an Eastward direction. It had six lights on the bottom, 3 yellowish ones in the centre that formed a triangle as well. 1 red one at the top point, and 2 blue ones at the bottom points. It also had 1 white light at the back that was flashing. As it neared the 3 witnesses they could hear a hovering like sound, which no plane could ever make. It wasn't going very fast at all, way too slow for any plane to go. It wasn't very high in the sky either. Again at 3:30 am they witnessed it again but going in the opposite direct (Westward) but it was higher in the sky this time.

18-Aug-2004, Nanaimo, BC: (10:30pm) (NUFORC)
Two others and myself were sitting outdoors when one of my friends pointed out what he thought was a satellite moving across the sky. I did not note the exact time - I believe it was approximately 10:30pm.

I picked out the object and followed its path and it was moving in a straight line. No lights were detected nor were there trails behind it.

Numerous things struck us initially: 1) It was agreed amongst us that it was moving significantly faster than other satellites or shooting stars we have seen.

2) It seemed very low for a satellite. I can not give an estimate of height, but it appeared that the object was almost close enough that we could pick out details of the object, not just a general shape profile.

3) It seemed of reasonable size - potentially due to the low height?? Larger than other satellites I have seen by approximately 4-5 fold.

At approximately a 25° angle, the speed of the object slowed slightly and it moved in a half-circle profile. I would suggest that the radius of the bend took place over 5-10° of the horizon. On completion of the half-circle profile, the object then resumed a straight-line course. It appeared to be on a fairly similar path as to the one it was following prior to the half-circle.

Observers: #1 - 32 year old male. Engineer #2 - 54 year old male. Biologist #3 - 37 year old female. Social worker.

18-Aug-2004, Prince Rupert, BC: (ll:l5pm)
The witness was fishing on a gill-netter at Cleo Bay outside Kitimat when he watched three lights in a V formation travelling from West to East with no detectable noise. "they were like stars", he said. Total observation time from his boat was 5 minutes.
(N.B.) Bob also saw a craft in Coquitlam in 1953 @ 14 years of age.

19-Aug-2004: Vernon, BC: (after midnight) HBCCUFO
Hi Brian: I have been reporting the globes that have been around Vernon since April. I became familiar with their behaviour, and where they would be. There was usually four. Then there was only one after a three-week lapse. I am out every night at the time I have seen their activity, but only this one has appeared once a week since July.

Two weeks ago one stopped over the airport in the clouds and flared three short times. This was different, as I have seen them pulse and flare but not short sharp blasts of light. The globe is all light and my binoculars can't make out anything that could be called a vehicle. When it flares it only increases in size equal to the light it emits. It does not morph into anything or display many lights. It is something covered in light and remains the size of a seed pearl.

Thursday night something really different happened. The sky over the airport had low clouds and heat haze from the ground. I looked to the spot where I have seen them appear over the airport. The globe flared and then really flared to blinding white. The different part is this. If I hadn't been sitting down I would have had to. As it was I was already sitting back in my chair. I felt this light press through me. I did not lose time, or lapse in consciousness or feel fear.

A friend in Salmon Arm witnessed the same thing only she said she nearly fell over and the horses in the field all jumped. She was out at midnight looking for her cat. She said no noise, no explosion just pure white light that went to the back of her head. This is the first time I have felt a light force. A light force. Sounds kind of cool and it was.

19-Aug-2004, Terrace, BC: (12:20am +- 10min) (HBCCUFO)
I witnessed 5 lights, and each light separated into 3 more lights, each all in a horizontal fashion. There were 2 witnesses. The shortest UFO sighting I have ever seen. They were too far away to see any detail. The lights were travelling due west, I was standing on the Southside of Terrace when they flew almost overhead. Additional Information: The sighting only lasted a few seconds on account of them moving so fast. Their colour was almost a florescent white, with a blue tinge to it. They were big enough to see that they weren't stars, but an aircraft can't manoeuvre side to side like that. The number is actually unknown...it started with 5, but then they split off into many other lights flying all parallel to one other. As for the weather, it was a perfectly clear night.

19-Aug-2004, Sooke, BC: (1:20-1:40 am)

See extensive report: UFOs over Sooke Hills, Vancouver Island  - by Roger Smith.

20-Aug-2004, Langley, BC: (10:12 pm) NUFORC
I observed 3 satellites (in appearance and in orbit) travelling from north to south on Tuesday evening at 10:35PM (approx.) for 4 minutes. They were in exact relationship (unmoving except in direction of travel) to each other. I first saw them at about 70 degrees up to the south through binoculars while watching satellites and observed them travel to the horizon. I saw them again on Friday night but a bit earlier with their meeting the horizon at 10:16 PM on the same trajectory. I suspect they are satellites of some kind of experiment but could not find any help on the web. Please inform.
((NUFORC Note: We suspect the witness may have seen the "triplet" of satellites, thought to be part of the U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellite system. PD))

22-Aug-2004, Victoria, BC: (10:00pm) NUFORC
A low flying dark rectangle with one white light at each end travelled horizontally across our field of view over Juan De Fuca straight. Then slowly lifted into the upper atmosphere where the lights became faint and then with a flash and a streak of light it was gone. It was much too bright and white light to be a meteorite and too consistent in movement and path as well. I live near a busy road and could not discern any sound.

26-Aug-2004, North Langley, BC: (1:30-2:30am) (HBCCUFO)
Hello, I live in a North Langley municipality in the Fraser Valley. I developed a bad case of insomnia and over the summer, I started to take late night walks to help relax me (I THOUGHT!). I was only in my second or 3rd night out and I was standing still doing some stargazing and I also like to try and spot the odd satellite moving across the sky.

On this particular night, I was looking virtually straight up when I saw a very bright "star" appear and then disappear! I thought I was maybe just seeing things but I got a very sick/excited type feeling in my stomach and body. It was like I just saw something I couldn't explain and it looked like it was not within our atmosphere.

I went home and couldn't stop thinking about what I just saw. In future walks, I started to take my camera with me but to date, I have not been able to catch anything on it. Then about 3 weeks ago, I was looking straight up again and low and behold, FLASH! Another bright "star" appeared out of nowhere... but this time I swear I saw some kind of trail behind it. It was stationary for about 2 or 3 seconds... then it disappeared and re-appeared (by my perspective) about 3 inches from the last position and this time I know I saw a trail behind it. It made two more appearances at different angles from its last position and then it was gone! The whole episode only took about 15 or 20 seconds and I was just frozen there watching this. I didn't even remember I had a camera and even if I did, I wouldn't have had enough time to capture anything... besides, I couldn't take my eyes off of what I was seeing.

29-Aug-2004: Parksville, BC: (8:00pm) HBCCUFO
I, and others, saw a dark cloud like form move from south to north at a height of +- 700 feet over the ocean between two points of land. My comment to others to attract their attention was" look at the moving cloud!" It was the size of 1/2 a cruise ship and moved rapidly across the horizon. It did not reappear from the island that it disappeared behind. The distance away could not be determined but is estimated to be around 6 miles as the points of land were +- 3 miles. Number of witnesses: 5

1-Sep-2004, Kelowna, BC: (9:30pm)
Looking north, the witness spotted two extremely bright lights over Knox Mountain. The witness lives on the 11th floor of an apartment building therefore providing an extensive view. Locating his binoculars, he discovered that the two lights had a smaller red one in between, with what appeared to be "moving" flashing coloured lights that ran from left to right. As he watched the two very bright white lights increased even more in brightness, shortly followed by the red one. The objects then began to slowly drop in altitude before moving away to the east at an astonishing speed. Indeed so fast that the witness could not hold them in his glasses and had to simply try and follow with his eyes. At this time the sky was clear. Total viewing time was two minutes.

(N.B.) In 1969 his brother was fishing in N.W.Angles (Lake of the Woods, on the Manitoba/Ontario border) when a huge object came to a halt above their heads. They headed home! In 1974 he had a similar sighting to the one described in this principal report. This took place at Lake Winnipeg. In 1975 his wife was driving home one night and was followed for some distance by what she initially thought was either an ambulance or police car as it had flashing red lights. It never passed her. After that she played no more night bingo!

2-Sep-2004, North Vancouver, BC: (8:00 pm) NUFORC

Strong red, blue, green and white strobing lights that can readily be seen with the naked eye.
We (my wife and I) first noticed a revolving light (Red, Green, Blue and White) just over Grouse Mountain, in North Vancouver, BC at 1:00 am about August 1, 2004. It was just hovering over the mountain as noted.

At first we thought it was a radio tower light as it stayed in one place too long to be a helicopter. However the next day we looked for a tower and realized that there was none plus with the height from the mountain top (which we positioned via a tree from our apartment) that it was too high.

We face north towards Grouse Mountain and the light was a slight North East direction. We noted it Fridays and Saturdays for about three weeks. It has since progressed to three “ships”; for lack of a better word; every night they are in a triangular sector of a great yet equal distance apart (based on kilometres about 70 km apart) One always shines brighter and we assume it is closer to our location. Two nights ago as we watched, the closer set of lights shot out three bright beams of light to the North East.

We usually observe said lights on and off for about three to four hours each night now as they appear early now; usually around 9:00 PM. They do change position after a few hours but as we do not sit outside for the full time we do not see that actual change of position, but the spacing between said lights always seems to be consistent.

Tonight (September 2, 2004) there has been a change as now there are four separate sets of revolving/hovering lights. We can readily see them with the naked eye and once we can purchase a telescope we intend to look closer. We have been contemplating contacting the Vancouver Observatory but we are not sure if they will take us seriously.

We do not have photos to send as at present we do not have a camera. The only time we cannot observe the lights in question is when the sky is cloud covered. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a twinkling star, but that is a guess. PD))

7-Sep-2004, Sardis, Chilliwack, BC: (7:30pm)
At approximately 19:30 a bright light appeared that at first was thought to be the Space Station Freedom or other regular space object we are familiar with. The object did not get any brighter but it did get closer. As it came closer it grew in size to approx. the size of a TV Satellite dish. The person watching this object had to go to the front of the house to see it at this size. The observer said that they felt okay about the sighting, not scared of it. When it left the area it shot up into the air at terrific speed and disappeared. There were other aircraft -terrestrial- in the area before and after this sighting and the person could make out the bodies of the 'real' aircraft. The sighting basically was a bright light that got bigger and bigger as it got closer. It is thought the rear of the house is south facing, so the object, possibly, departed to the north. This is not confirmed however.

14-Sep-2004, Surrey, BC: (afternoon)

My roommate and I were going over the Port Mann Bridge heading towards Surrey, when I looked up through the window of the driver’s side and I saw an object flying low and fast northward parallel to the bridge. It had a dark halo in front of it as if it was an electrical discharge. I could not make out the body of it. It was going at an incredible speed with no sound. It was not a plane and it was not a missile. I don't know what it was.

18-Sep-2004, Bella Bella, BC: (3:30am)
The witnesses were travelling on the sea bus from Shearwater to Bella Bella (15 min ride?) when they spotted a bright light zigzagging over Cunningham Island. It appeared to have two other lights attached underneath. The light was so bright that it lit up Mount Vern. The two men watched it for fifteen minutes and were very scared. They stated it was bright, like daylight.

22-Sep-2004, Telkwa, BC: (6:40 am) HBCCUFO

A Telkwa resident called to report an unusual sighting she had while driving on her way to Smithers BC that is approximately a 10 minutes drive. As she was driving along Highway #16 the witness was near the Babine Lake cut off road when the lady saw a bright light coming in a downward motion from the Telkwa Mountain Range heading in her direction. At this point in the sighting the light was reported to be a yellow/white in colour. As the object drew closer it flew across Highway #16 at a low altitude (approximately two or three telephone poles in height).

As the object passed in front of her the witness said the object appeared to be roundish in shape. Again still holding the yellow/white colour, but the bottom of it had a light green glow to it. The lady went on to say she thought what ever this was, was going to crash into the ground. But as it passed by she watched the object rise up and disappear into the cloud cover and it was gone! There was no tail or trail following behind it. The witness was able to view the object for 15 to 20 seconds at the most. Being inside the vehicle there was no sound heard coming for the object. There were two other vehicles following behind the lady. As she slowed she noticed that the other two vehicles had also slowed, so it is a good chance that other folks travelling into Smithers also witnessed the object.

The witness told me that she was shocked to see the thing fly so low and of course not knowing what it was. Also the lady admitted that she was a skeptic until she saw this event unfold in front of her.

22-Sep-2004, Smithers, BC: (6:40am) HBCCUFO

I took a telephone call from a witness who resides approximately 10 miles west of Smithers, BC in the area of Avalon. He stated that he had picked up the Smithers Interior Newspaper on November 17, 2004 and read the article about UFO sightings around the area. When the man read the report for September 22, 2004 (see Telkwa report above) he called to his wife and told her that he had witnessed the very same thing on the same day and at the exact time. The witness keeps a diary and his wife had entered the strange sighting for that day in his book.

The gentleman was sitting in his home having his morning cup of coffee and looking out his picture window. The fellow said he has a great view of the surrounding area and can see for a long way off into the distance. All of a sudden something in the sky caught his attention which he thought it looked odd. As he watched, this elongated/football shaped object moved across the sky travelling slightly in a downward motion. The witness said it took approximately 15 to 20 seconds before he lost sight of it. The man also noted the object was not very high in altitude and seemed to travel over the treetops. The object travelled from the southwest heading northeast. There was no trail or tail following behind the object. The colour of it was reported to be a bluish green. The fellow told me it was really silent in his home as his wife was still in bed and he had no radio or TV on. He heard no sound from the object at all.

The witness felt the object was going to land or hit the Babine Mountains as it had gone into the cloud cover which was hanging very low over the mountain range. He also called the Smithers Airport after the event was over asking them if they had any information on what he had observed. The airport employees didn't know anything about it.

25-Sep-2004, Coquitlam, BC: (8:40 am) HBCCUFO

While driving in a westerly direction on United Way I was looking at the clouds and a rectangular shaped cloud caught my eye, as it was different from all of the others. When I looked at it, it moved as quickly as a plane into a nearby cloud, which was about 8 lengths away. The other clouds did not move like the rectangular cloud, the others were slowly floating. The rectangular cloud definitely was not a plane. Has anyone else witnessed a rectangular fast moving cloud? I did see something similar on another day, don't remember what time of the day it was but do remember seeing a rectangular cloud which was just unusual enough to catch my eye. Very sharply defined edges, I checked it with the binoculars but couldn't see anything other than the unusual shape. It drifted behind some other clouds and vanished. I don't think it was anything; but who knows?

26-Sep-2004, Coquitlam, BC: (10:00 pm) HBCCUFO

On the Saturday night I was looking over towards Coquitlam. I saw a single blue light appear near the Hydro lines which run along Burke Mountain about 1/4 mile east of the gun club. It vanished before I could grab my binoculars and take a look. About five minutes later I saw a streak of yellow light flash from west to east above Burke, possibly a meteorite. Too fast to tell how far away it was.

27-Sep-2004, 100 Mile House, BC: (1:00 pm) NUFORC

White round object quickly moves in, stops and hovers overhead changing direction, then disappears.

Clear day, no clouds visible. Bradley Creek area 100 Mile House, BC. Round white object was witnessed approaching quickly from the west to the east by my father. He brought it to my brother's and my attention, we watched it go slow, stop and basically do an erratic change of direction, resembling say a square, directly overhead. We watched that for about 30 seconds. When I went for my binoculars and came back it was gone. Brother and father said it just vanished. Total time viewed was 2 minutes, maybe slightly longer.

29-Sep-2004, Nanaimo, BC: (4:10pm)

I was driving along 6th street in the Harewood area when I looked up and saw a glider. At least what I thought was a glider. It was metallic, and was in the general shape of a plane but more B52-like. It was moving pretty slowly, and wasn't that high in the air. If it weren't for what happened next, I would've just assumed it to be a glider.

I turned my head away for a brief second, after all I was still driving...and poof, it was gone. That's fine, I probably just lost sight of the area of sky. But my brother was with me, watching the same thing. He never turned his head and he too lost sight of it. No more than 5 seconds later, we spotted it over top of Mt. Benson, which was some distance away. I'm no expert on distance, but I'd say that was at least 3 km in 5 or less seconds. All the while, this thing left no trails.

1-Oct-2004, Fort St. John, BC: (5:30pm) HBCCUFO

Full Description of event/sighting: While washing dishes in the evening I was looking out my window which faces due west. It was a very pleasant evening with only a couple of large clouds to the northwest backlit by the evening sun. There were two jet trails crossing from the northeast to the southwest from two jets that had passed earlier.

This is a regular route for them. I noticed a worm shaped object slowly travelling from southeast to the northwest. It was as brilliant as a welding arc and was travelling in a straight line. I called my husband to come and see this thing. He did and said it looked like a torpedo. It had no wings and was narrower at both ends. There were "sparkles" at the back end of it. We watched it until it passed behind a cloud and we waited for it to emerge following what we believed would be it's trajectory but it never emerged. The sky was otherwise clear and light blue. The whole incident lasted about 3 minutes. Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Torpedo

3-Oct-2004, Victoria, BC: (9:15 am) NUFORC

I was jogging along the Galloping Goose trail when I stopped to let some cyclist pass. While they were passing, I looked up in the sky and the moon was still showing with many of its feature in evidence. Something slightly below the moon in my vision caught my eye; it was the colour of white silver with the shape of a cigar.

At what I assumed to be the front end of the object there were some marking that appeared to be dark ridges or grooves and from where I stood the grooves appeared to encircle that portion of the object. Midway from both ends there was a collar-like portion that extended around the object.

Between the two “collars” there appeared to be “dark port holes” it just hung there in the brilliance of the day. The cyclists approached, so I took my eyes off of the object, their passing took maybe a second, when I looked back the object was nowhere to be seen. The skies were clear, I should have been able to see any conventional aircraft. (NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD)

3-Oct-2004, Merritt, BC: (3:30 pm) NUFORC

At first we thought we were looking at a comet; a bright light with a short tail coming down towards earth very fast, then it stopped and seemed to turn side ways, and looked like a silver disc. It stayed there for awhile and then moved away towards the west. As we were travelling in a car our view became blocked for a moment by trees and when we were past the trees we could no longer see this object. The colour did not change. It remained silver but seemed to shimmer, as it stayed stationary in the sky for a few moments. We probably viewed it for 5 - 10 minutes.

3-Oct-2004, Vernon, BC: (4:00-5:00 pm) HBCCUFO

I was watching the western sky, which had huge clouds on the horizon drifting in a northern direction. The sun was behind these clouds and the light was reflecting over the tops making the clouds greyer on the bottom.

Underneath the biggest cloud were several small clouds about the size and shape of a golf ball at arm’s length. I noticed one cloud in particular as it was moving in the opposite direction to the flow. It was a green-blue luminous bubble encircling the cloud and inside were three dark orbs forming a triangle with one at the top and two on the bottom. It immersed itself in the cloud following behind, which was large, flat, and smooth compared to the fluffy clouds around. The bigger cloud disintegrated faster than its local clouds.

3-Oct-2004, Mission, BC: (9:55 pm) HBCCUFO

Saturday evening the night skies were perfectly clear and without any notable haze or cloud cover. Looking around the skies from my backyard I watch for any falling stars and satellites, like I do often, having to smoke (cigarettes) outside.

The view from my backyard I see a large portion the northern night sky. Last night I did see a single satellite or star fall, I was excited to see this and scanned quickly for any more falling objects. From the south east behind me I saw a cluster of round lights in a V formation, on a straight fast direction going north. It took at least 3.5 seconds to clear from one point in the sky to its disappearing point in the north behind the tree-line of my neighbours. The round lights were in perfect formation of a V, and I am positive that they were separate in flight. I could see stars in the background and in between the lit round objects. The brightness of each of these circular objects was about the density of common porch lights in the distance, though I am certain what I saw was not satellites or falling stars.

6-Oct-2004, Alaska Hwy., BC: (8:00 pm) HBCCUFO

Sighting was about l4 Kilometres east of Mile 98 on the Alaska Highway out of Fort St. John, British Columbia

My son has a farm in a secluded area, with no external power (he has a generator for electricity which was not running at the time). The interior of the house was lit by propane lights and there were no outside lights on. On a clear night my son was sitting out on the deck petting his dog .

He looked down to open a chocolate bar wrapper when the light hitting his glasses made him look up. He yelled “Dad; Dad get out here now there is something in the sky”. I bolted out the door, which probably took me 5 seconds and it was no longer visible. He pointed up in the sky and he said “Dad right up there, where those stars are, there was a big light shining down on me pulsating with different colours, and it was up really high, and it took off across the sky and disappeared.” As he was explaining this to me all of the sudden as we were looking up a light the size of a pinhead appeared and grew and pulsated to a very large size. This all happened in a few seconds. As the other family members bolted out the door it disappeared and took off across the sky. This was l00 times faster than any satellite moving across the sky. The rest of the household saw a moving object leaving the area. I am 66 years old and in all my years of looking up at the skies I have never seen anything like this.

12-Oct-2004, Vancouver, BC: (7:20pm)

The witness was located at 62nd & Argyle and was looking south over the Richmond area, when she suddenly saw a "shooting star" travelling horizontally following the Fraser River in the direction of the airport. Calling out to her family, her three children (6/7/8/) were in time to see it reverse its direction and shoot skyward diagonally. Her husband wasn't in time to observe it. The sky was overcast. Total observation times possibly 30 seconds. This was the witnesses first ever UFO sighting.


20-Oct-2004, Garden Bay, BC: (6:40 am) HBCCUFO

I have an interesting story to tell. Every morning when we wake up we open the patio doors so our cats can go outside (and graze on the grass). My wife comes and tells me one of our cats did not come back and she can't find him, so I get my flashlight and go out to the back yard just as he's coming in. I looked up as an extremely bright star caught my eye.

I realised that it was moving about the same speed as an aircraft, but it was one total sphere of light, although the shape was not distinguishable. It was travelling from South-west to North-east, silently. I had about a 10 second view before it disappeared behind the trees so I ran to the front yard and saw it again for about 4 seconds before it "blinked" out. I saw the object approach and retreat, without any change in its brightness, speed, or flight path. There was absolutely no sound. Elevation at which it travelled was not discernible, but it was below the sporadic cloud cover. You would think that with all my cameras, I would have had one handy enough to grab to snap at least one picture, but unfortunately, that was not the case. Had this object passed during daylight, chances are excellent that no one would have noticed it. I'll try and do better next time...

27-Oct-2004, Vancouver, BC: (5:00 pm) NUFORC

At about 70 to 75 degrees from the south eastern horizon, a white speck that had to be in space, as it appeared the size of a satellite and was moving along from east to west at about a 10 to 15 degree angle. It was moving at the speed of a normal satellite when it stopped and darted away at a 90 degree angle - away from earth.

The object was moving along at a good speed, just like the speed of a satellite, it stopped for about a fraction of a second and bolted away from earth and disappeared.

So essentially, this white object is going along about the speed of a satellite, it was definitely in space, stops briefly and then bolts away from earth. It was really strange. (UFOBC Note: repetitive entries above may be 3 separate witnesses)

8-Nov-2004, Kelowna, BC: 10:55 pm

Both my friend and I were sitting out on my patio and looking up at the clear night sky when we both saw two bright lights travelling faster than we had seen two objects ever fly. They moved from one side of the sky completely across in just a few seconds in a pattern, swerving together then apart, in an "S" shaped pattern, but in perfect unison. “Amazing!”, I'll have to say for our first sighting ever. The observation lasted about 7 seconds and the lights were orb like and white in colour, moving south west. I must admit seeing something like that is pretty cool.

16-Nov-2004, Surrey, BC: (9:00 pm-12:00 pm)

Location: King George and 164th St. A man noticed that between 7:00 and 11:30 pm there were no commercial flights over his neighbourhood. At approximately 9 pm a light show started - multiple objects, 'Nocturnal Lights' (NL's) in patterns. Clouds formed in loosely arrange low patterns around the objects; various patterns of objects were directly above and around his townhouse complex until after midnight.

His brother, who is in his forties, saw the NL's, This brother was a skeptic. He speechless during the observation. The man’s daughters, 17 and 18 years, also saw the NL's.

At 11:30 pm and about 35 to 40 degrees up the man noticed a dark, elongated rectangular craft which appeared to be about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. The object had two lights on either side of the rectangle, one white and one green. The object moved slowly, without sound, in an East-West direction, in the middle of a number of NL's. He was the only witness to the 11:30 sightings.

At around midnight the man went to bed - his room was electrified - he sensed a presence. He stated that his hair was actually physically standing on end, that it felt like his hair was being grabbed at the ends; after this happened, he states that he felt a 'spider-web' sensation on his skin, and that he sensed a presence like a fly buzzing around him.

24-Nov-2004 Houston, BC: (6:15 pm) HBCCUFO

Brian Vike: On the evening of November 24, 2004, starting at 6:15 p.m. the sky came alive with numerous objects being witness over the small town of Houston, British Columbia. It was an exciting night to say the least as it has been very quiet in the Pacific-Northwest of BC during 2004 compared with 2002 and 2003 when north-western BC was almost the UFO capital of Canada due to the large amount of reported UFO sightings.

On Wednesday night things changed quickly. A close friend of ours had just dropped in for a visit when the telephone rang; I went and answered it. There was an excited lady on the other end who was about to start off the evening's chain of events. She and her husband were outside their home, which is located at the west end of town. She reported they both watched an extremely bright, fast moving light travelling over head from the west heading towards the east over the top of Mount Harry Davis. They both were surprised at how fast the object travelled and both of them not hearing a sound coming from it. Also as the light moved across the sky it was seen dropping in altitude and then rising back up again and it did this over and over as it flew. The couple reported it to be travelling much faster than a low flying aircraft, but not as fast as a meteor. There was no tail or trail following behind the object as it moved through the night sky. The colour was reported to be white, red and orange and due to the brilliance of the object no structure could be seen. Also due to a very still night the smoke from burning fire places and wood stoves at their location hampered seeing details on the object.

As the bright object almost reached a point where the couple would have lost sight of it in the eastern sky, two other extremely bright lights sat stationary. As the original object was about to disappear the two other lights began to move at a high rate of speed moving in opposite direction and vanishing within seconds. Both of the witness stood stunned at what they just saw and told me they had never seen anything like it before.

24-Nov-2004 Houston, BC: (7:20 pm) HBCCUFO

Brian Vike: Another phone call came in and the witnesses said at 7:20 p.m. they watched a craft with 5 lights on it fly southwest from the micro wave tower on top Mount Harry Davis and over the top of their home just off Highway #16 here in Houston, BC. Whatever the object was, it travelled at a high rate of speed not making a sound. The witnesses stressed the craft moved so fast they hadn't a chance to see any detail on it other than the lights.

24-Nov-2004 Houston, BC: (7:40 pm) HBCCUFO

Brian Vike: Seeing there were the two reports that had just come in, I decided to dress warmly and go outside to watch the sky for myself. After about 15 minutes had passed and not seeing anything, plus the outside temperatures were not warm at all, I came back in and sat down in the living room with my wife and close friend. We had turned off some of the lights in our home and left the TV on as we sat chatting. The front room curtains were opened wide, which gives me an excellent view of Mount Harry Davis.

As we all sat discussing and wondering what the reported objects might have been, I gave out a loud yell and ran to the living room window, followed by my wife and friend. There flying low over the mountain was a large, bright orange light which was dropping in altitude rapidly. As we all watched, the object seemed to change direction slightly and was easily viewed following the top contour of the mountain. (One reason we were able to see the outline of the mountain was due to the moon being so bright and lighting up all the surrounding areas). Eventually the object dropped down behind the mountain towards the northeast and disappeared. I am very comfortable saying that what we saw at this time was not an aircraft. What ever it was has the three of us baffled.

24-Nov-2004 Houston, BC: (7:50 pm) HBCCUFO

Brian Vike: With so much happening this evening we all watched the skies just in case something else might take place. I would pace the floor back and forth, running to the telephone to inform some of my close friends as to what was happening in the area. Some of my friends went outside to watch, just in case they were able to see something and to have them report back if they had.

I came back to the living room window and looked out, off to the right of the Micro Wave Tower on Mount Harry Davis I was able to see a bright white ray, or beam of light which shone upwards. I wasn't able to see what was causing this ray of light as the source of it was coming up from behind the mountain. I personally know that there are no roads behind the mountain, just trees, some lakes, etc. Also keeping in mind the mountain has a fair bit of snow on it now and the temperatures at the time of all the sightings was down to minus 8 Celsius. With these conditions, it is highly unlikely anyone would have been in the area behind the mountain playing around.

Upon seeing the ray of light, I began walking through the living room and was heading outside to be able to view this better, rather than through a window. As I got to the kitchen the telephone rang and I went and answered it. Both my wife and friend were watching the ray of light, which all of a sudden vanished.

24-Nov-2004 Houston, BC: (8:00 pm) HBCCUFO

Brian Vike: As I sat here taking on the telephone I suddenly heard my wife and friend give out a yell. I immediately hung up the phone and ran out to see what they were going on about. Just ten minutes after the ray of light went out, or disappeared and now on the left side of the Micro Wave Tower on Mount Harry Davis a large, bright white light was observed shooting skyward from the back side of the mountain. My wife and friend said the light shot up in what appeared to be bursts and eventually disappeared. The light went to a high altitude before it was gone. I asked if they were able to see any kind of smoke trail following the light, and none was to be seen.

This pretty much was the end of the night's excitement as I sat in the dark for a few hours watching the mountain.

HBCC UFO Research Note: In past years, in 2002 and 2003 a large number of strange objects had been witnessed by Houston residents. Many of these sightings taking place over Mount Harry Davis. From Triangles, Boomerang shaped craft, to lights zig zagging and some hovering over the microwave tower, emitting sparks. One interesting event took place at the base of the mountain and was witnessed by an entire family. Report pasted below to give an example of the strange things being seen over this mountain here in Houston, BC.

Sample report Below:

Houston, British Columbia. Frightening Encounter (Sighting of an object hovering above them and then moving up the side of Mount Harry Davis)

Date: December 8, 2003 Time: approx: 8:45 p.m.

I was stopped today in the mall and pulled off to the side. A lady who I know very well wanted to tell me about something she and her husband and two children witnessed on December 8, 2003 at approx.: 8:45 p.m.

Her husband had just picked her up from a friend’s house and they arrived back home shortly after. They pulled into their long driveway only to see the two kids standing outside yelling and pointed towards the mountain behind their home. The husband stopped the car quickly and both parents jumped out in fear, as they had no idea what was wrong, thinking the worst. They almost immediately noticed a white oval shaped object sitting stationary over the back of their property.

A slight and annoying hum could be heard coming from it. The Mother went over and grabbed the two children and went into the house with them, Dad followed close behind. They thought it would be safer than standing outside as they had no idea what is was they were looking at. Once inside the home, they proceeded to a back bedroom, closed the door behind them so as not to allow any light from inside the home to give away where they were. As they were feeling frightened at this time.

But still, curiosity was getting the better of them. So they watched the object, still sitting in the exact spot from where they first noted it. The family told me the trees, which were below it, were all lit up in a white light, and for a good distance around the area. After a total of approximately 4 minutes of watching this unusual craft, it slowly started to move. As it did so the witnesses claimed they could see sparks dropping off the bottom side of it. The sparks were reported to be a white in colour. They told me that there was no quick moment to the object, it just rose up rather slowly and as it reached the top of the mountain this is where they lost sight of it. The craft did not blink out, they thought it just crossed over the top of mountain and maybe moved down the other side. They reported that whatever it was, was huge.

The husband told me it was not a helicopter, “no way !!” he said. “We were very close to this thing, and what noise it gave off was minimal, except for this constant humming sound.” The husband also said area residents would have been blind not to see this, as it was so bright and large in size.

HBCC UFO Note: After I talked with the witness in the mall I made arrangements and did go to visit the whole family earlier today. I sat with all of them for a long period of time and I can say this for certain. I believe they saw something really strange as everyone was still very excited over what they saw that evening. I shall also will be going back tomorrow to look around the area where this object was reported to be hovering.

I also will be doing a live interview with CFBV/BVLD radio this coming Monday and I am hoping that folks in the listening area will come forward to maybe report seeing some of these strange sights that took place on November 24, 2004 here in Houston, BC, I am still investigating the reported sightings.

25-Nov-2004, Between Coquitlam And West Vancouver, BC: (6:00 pm — 12:00 am) HBCCUFO

Last night between the hours of six and midnight I saw what appeared to be small aircraft flying back and forth between Coquitlam and West Vancouver. Trouble is they only had a single large steady white light in the nose and another in the tail, along with as many as six white flashing strobe lights. I checked several times with my binoculars but was unable to make out any coloured lights or wings on these craft.

Their speed and altitude fitted right in with the rest of the air traffic flying along that flight pattern. They may have been helicopters but I can usually spot them right away and they always have the appropriate lights. I checked several other planes and was able to make out the fuselage but not on those. I guess they were just more unknowns like the Yellow egg shaped object, which flew over a few weeks back.

25-Nov-2004, Surrey, BC: (7:00 pm) NUFORC

UFO's in Surrey? I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself! It was a bright light in the sky. It was hovering over the ground not sure how far but pretty high up. Then it slowly disappeared and a blue cloud in the shape of a U appeared where the light was, then it disappeared. Please note that I am writing this on behalf of my 12 year old son, normally I don't believe in these things (having never seen one). What was so convincing is how excited he was along with the youth worker (Ministry of Children and Family Services) I thought the two of them couldn't have possibly seen the same thing, if it was all made up! Just wondering if anyone else perhaps spotted this?

25-Nov-2004, Prince George, BC: (11:45 pm - 11:50 pm) HBCCUFO

Last night I spotted what possibly could be a UFO. I'm not 100 % certain yet what it was, reason being is living here in Prince George you see a lot of aircraft coming and going so I can't say for certain I was not looking at some airplane but I will describe what I saw. I was standing in my living room looking out of my window. I saw an orange object in the distance approaching from the Bulkley Valley region. At first glance I thought it was a plane coming in to land at the local airport, but what was odd about it was as far as I'm aware of I don't think aircraft have big bright orange lights on them. From were I was standing it looked like a big orange ball of light. Anyhow, I watched this light for a matter of 5 minutes and it was hard to judge the height of this craft in the sky, it being night. Plus I had no landmarks to go by. But, what I had thought was a landing was not because it disappeared behind a cloud and I never saw it again. Maybe it was nothing but an aircraft, but it just seemed odd at the time.

28-Nov-2004, Genelle, BC: (10:30 pm, 11:00 pm)

The first observer noticed an unusual, very bright light in the sky above the mountain to the south-east of Genelle (located between Castlegar and Trail). The light made no noise, and hovered above the mountain. It was primarily white, with flashing colours, mostly red and blue, with some orange and green also observed. After this, the first observer went and got a hold of a second person to come and take a look at the object. The second person confirmed the sighting. At this time there is no firm evidence of what it may have been. Unfortunately due to the weather, the sky has been too clouded in to see if it is still there. If it isn't, then the chances of its status as a UFO are greatly increased.

Dec 2004, Richmond, BC:

On a cold winter night in November or December of 2004, I was standing outside my residence on Westminster Hwy. near No. 5 Road in Richmond. I was smoking a cigarette and observing the clear, dark sky to the east. It must have been around midnight or later, and all was quiet in that part of town. From where I stood, I could watch planes come in along the flight path towards Vancouver International Airport from that direction, and I was very familiar with this flight path, which was slightly north of me (about a mile). Over the years I'd seen thousands of planes come in along this flight path at this time of night, and I recognized the green and red lights flashing on their underside as they approached. I could also hear their jets as they came closer and descended for a landing at the nearby airport.

As I was looking at this part of the sky, I suddenly saw a single bright white light appear northeast of me, rising up at a 45 degree angle into the sky on a trajectory that crossed the flight path, moving in a southerly direction. When the object reached a certain point in the sky almost due east of me, its light suddenly went out. The object made no sound, and the fact that it was traveling on a course that was perpendicular to the flight path was very peculiar. It was about 1,000 feet high when it disappeared, but I'm not a good judge of heights, so this might be off. When the light went out, however, it was definitely clear of the flight path.

About two or three weeks later, I was again outside having a cigarette, and it was about the same time of night with the same clear sky, when I saw the same thing again. Both experiences of these objects were identical as described here.

It should be noted that there is a branch office for the Raytheon Corporation at about the spot where these lights seem to have originated from, approximately two or three miles to the northeast from where I was. This branch office is on Bridgeport Road, just east of No. 6 Road. Raytheon is a company that designs missile guidance systems for the US military, and it is claimed by many people to be involved in certain things that are associated with military/alien interactions, so it makes some sense to me that this object would have originated from there. I feel it is still quite peculiar though that they would be sending up any sort of craft late at night from a residential/commercial part of the city, and that these craft were completely silent and turned their one light off after reaching a certain elevation, just beyond the flight path.

2-Dec-2004, Surrey, BC: (7:00 & 9:00 pm) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian, saw what appeared to be the same glowing yellow egg shaped object again yesterday Dec. 2, at approx. 19:00 and again at approx. 21:00. It was heavily overcast at the time and both times the object appeared to rise almost vertically from the area of the Fraser River almost directly north from my position. Object doesn’t leave any trail as it rises and climbs about the speed of a ball of fire from a Roman candle. Both times it climbed right up into the overcast. Approx. 2000 to 3000 ft. before disappearing.

15-Dec-2004, Victoria, BC: (8:10 - 8:47 am)

Location: 400 block of Dundas Street. The witness a marine engineer observed a star like object about 20 degrees above the horizon looking in a south easterly direction, toward Port Townsend. Using 10x50 binoculars and then old safari 18-40x60mm spotting scope he could see a green undulating dot with 6 white lights that were equidistant all contained in a white filament. Within this circle there were many more weaker, white lights. The image reminded him of an "amoeba". At this point the witness was able to alert his neighbour who also arrived with binoculars and was able to confirm the sighting. The object, which was estimated to be at 10,000 feet, seemed to slowly climb between 8:10 am and 8:47 am before slowly disappearing into an approaching bank of cloud. The witness phoned Victoria Observatory who claimed to have neither seen the object nor received any other reports. He also contacted T.V. CH#6 who also had not had any other reports.

15-Dec-2004, Kelowna, BC: (6:00 pm) NUFORC

Object made a change in direction without making a curve and did not slow down during this manoeuvre. I was sitting in my hot tub, which faces kind of North facing Kelowna looking for satellites when I noticed a disc coming in my direction, it was black and round and about 5ft in diameter. It had no lights, made no sound and was travelling at a speed about 100-150 mph at about 200 feet over head. There is an airport that has planes taking off and that come in my direction and I know what they look like, there are also birds that fly around here and I know what they look like, but neither looked like the object I had seen. The only reason I took a second look at this object was because this object took a turn that was maybe a 30 - 40 degree change in direction without slowing down or missing a beat (no curve) . The object seemed to be following Hwy. 97 going south .(NUFORC Note: Date of sighting is approximate. PD).

15-Dec-2004, Surrey, BC: (11:30 pm)

The witness observed an object first thought to be a conventional aircraft displaying white, red & green lights travelling in an easterly direction. Then it came to a halt! Shortly afterwards three helicopters approached the light/object. One came from the northwest, the others from the north and south. They were displaying a white strobing light. Suddenly they all seemed to disappear. After about five minutes the helicopters were suddenly back circling the complex and very low. The witness could see into the choppers through the illuminated windows!? At this point the "aircraft" was now only a "star" in the sky. Total observation time 30 minutes. The witness also stated that later on she experienced poltergeist activity in her home.

18-Dec-2004, Vancouver, BC: (10:20 pm) NUFORC
Silent blue lightning shoots from the sky. It was 10:20 PM the sky was clear, no wind, no rain, just cloudy. I was outside looking up at the south west sky and the moon's light could be seen shining through the clouds. then all of a sudden, it appeared that a streak of lightning struck the earth not too far away (not too close either). I assumed it struck the earth, but there was a small garage obstructing my view of the ground. The flash of light was blue and looked very similar to lightning, it just seemed to go straight down. it didn't look like a perfectly straight line either, it was sort of jagged, similar to what lightning would look like. There was absolutely no sound associated with the blue lightning and the flash was less than 1 second. It didn't illuminate the sky either. it was absolutely not a meteor, comet, shooting star, plane, helicopter, mars, Pluto or Venus.

22-Dec-2004, Vancouver, BC: (4:39 pm) NUFORC
6 cigar shaped objects over Vancouver. This sighting happened during a sunset with partly cloudy sky (low clouds in 6,000 feet level). The first group consisted of 3 cigar shaped objects were flying in and out of the clouds. They seemed to be a little bigger than 747 from that distance. The described objects had same size and same shape (this was proven when the picture of one of the objects was moved on top of the other ones, which completely covered the other ones). These objects were flying near Vancouver International airport and over south Vancouver near UBC. There were two pictures taken one 2 minutes before and another one 2 minutes after the sighting has occurred and in none of these pictures there is any object of that sort visible. The next pair are moving over downtown Vancouver. they are more like the cigar shaped object sighted in Iraq. After close look, there are some curved lines visible around each object. These lines seem to be related to the propulsion system of the objects. these objects were high above the clouds so there was a good chance for them to be above 6,000 feet. This second group was visible from above 6,000 feet, so they should a significant size. All the six objects were clearly in some sort of formation and they were going the opposite way, first trio to the south east and the second trio to the north west. During this sighting, there was no flight show of any kind and the cigar shaped objects were dangerously close to each other flying over a populated area.

22-Dec-2004, Trail, BC: (7:25 pm) HBCC UFO
A couple drove from Vancouver to Trail for Christmas with the fellow's parents. “My girlfriend and I were standing outside of my parents home close to the well's pump house which is approximately 50 feet from the front side of their house. We were waiting for my parents to return from picking up my other family member for the holidays. As I turned around and faced the house, I noticed a brilliant light coming from south but traveling low and slow.

As we watched an object flew over the home and over top of us. We saw two rings of light rotating around an oval shaped craft. The first ring was made up of a blue and yellow, and the second ring - white and reds. The light the object gave off lit up the entire area and it eventually descended out of sight behind the tree line and disappeared. We never saw it again. The craft traveled too slow for it to be an airplane and we heard no sound at all. The object may have been approximately 40-50 feet in diameter and it's altitude was approximately 300 above ground. My girlfriend was squishing my arm as she was so frightened. Needless to say, we had quite the story to tell my parents when they arrived back home."

23-Dec-2004, Nanaimo, BC: (4:40 pm) NUFORC
Do not have much time here, Christmas eve, got to go, but yesterday, my fiancé and I saw about 1000 feet away, above 120 foot tall old fir trees, in a field beside a busy highway, a long shiny silver machineo with a big bevel edge NOT MOVING, with a row of lights, blue ones on both ends. I have not yet phoned this into the Canadian military. I was driving, but could not pull off the highway, found a turnaround, went back and it was gone. I saw an airplane in the area later, a commercial flight which was a plane, and I know very well what an airplane looks like so I could see that it was a plane, and what I saw was awe inspiring. It was the classic space ship out of a movie. I do not drink, take drugs, smoke or drink coffee. I am a rock musician, not looking or thinking about UFOs. I don't read about this stuff or follow Hollywood accounts, but I just did a quick Google search, saw things that are not what I saw, and I don't want to confuse the image that is in my mind, so I am not looking at any pictures for a while. I have no reason on earth to BS about this. I will report this to our local government people and see if any other people on the highway took a decent look, although they were in a 90 km zone and right on my tail, driving quite aggressively, so I could not pull over. Drag that I didn't see it when I was walking, because it took my breath away! But, it is a long straight stretch of highway where people don't really walk, farms outside of town area. Our city has 70,000 people on Vancouver Island on the coast. Great city. Got to go, Email me if this is of any interest. Thank you. Sorry not a better report got to Christmas shop NOW!