These are some of the latest sightings reported. Again, we appreciate the contributions from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and from Houston UFO Research (HBCC UFO).

1-Jan-2003, Fairfield: (1:00 am)

"Me and 5 other friends saw some weird lights on New Years. We were walking from Fairfield (which is a suburb in Victoria) and heading into town. The time was probably around 1:00am because the New Year had already come and gone. Anyways, I noticed a very bright orange light flying from the west. It seemed to be fairly low and over another suburb called James Bay, moving in sort of Northeasterly direction. It was moving at speed that was kind of fast but not overly so. It did slow down even more so, and kind of disappeared from view. Just before it disappeared I did notice that it had gotten bright again and seemed to be even lower than it was before. Anyways we all agreed that it was very unusual. There was no sound at all from these lights. We kept walking on, and not a minute later one of the other people that was in our group spotted another one (or the same one?) coming from exactly the same direction as the first one. This one displayed something even weirder than the first one. This one actually stopped for a brief second and got bright enough to light up the sky. It then dimmed quite low and continued on in the basic direction as the first. It just looked like a small dim red light after that as it moved to the Northeast. The sky that night had a cloud cover so it wasn't stars or anything. We stopped some people on the street that walked by to get as many people to see these weird thing(s). Hopefully one of those people will make a report as well. We could still see one of these lights in the North sky before we lost sight of it for good. It was a eerie experience for all of us."

7-Jan-2003, Prince George: (6:30 am)

"I was wondering if you could tell me if anyone has reported a UFO sighting on Jan 7, 2003 in the Prince George area. I saw something around 6:30am. It was travelling in West. It was very high and almost looked liked a shooting star except there was no trail and it did not flicker. It wasn't a plane or a helicopter because it was way too high and travelling too fast. I thought it could have been some kind of missile. Then it stopped and shone brightly and I thought I was out of my mind. THEN it started up again and kept going."

"What was that? It's driving me crazy."

18-Jan-2003, Burnaby: (9:30 pm)

At approximately 9:30 - 9:40 pm three witnesses, all members of the same family, were out for an evening walk on Pauls Crescent, in the Montecito area of north-east Burnaby. It was a crisp, clear night, with some streets enshrouded in fog while others were clear. We all admired the beautiful halo around the full moon. All of a sudden a bright comet-like object went sharply from Position 11 to Position 5 in the south-eastern sky. It was intensely green in colour, with red in its tail. We were all stunned. It was incredibly beautiful. It appeared at approximately 45 degrees above the horizon and disappeared close to the city skyline (between the Cariboo Hill and Edmonds areas). It sort of 'burned off' on the approach. By a lucky chance, all the three witnesses at that moment were looking in the same direction, towards New Westminster / Surrey. No sound was heard. I listened to the radio that night but no reports were mentioned.

31-Jan-2003, Ladysmith: (11:27 pm)

I witnessed a red and white orb that appeared to be about 2000 feet above Tent or Kuper islands. It was not stationary but it also was not covering much ground, it was kind of undulating or swaying like a pendulum but erratically from side to side. It did this for about thirty seconds and then seemed to bounce or skip thru the air in a northwesterly direction. It traveled for probably three kilometres at the most. I was walking my dogs at the time and I had to gather them up so I could follow the object as it went behind a stand of trees. When I had reached my new location, I could not find it in the sky. The whole thing took maybe 90 seconds.

I am not a crackpot! I have seen many military exercises with helicopters and jets flying at night. I have seen the American air force warthogs flying slow and low at night, Black Hawk helicopters, Chinooks and many other aircraft. What I saw did not act like any aircraft I have ever seen in my life.

3-Feb-2003, Houston: (8:10 pm)  HBCC UFO

Reported by Brian Vike, Houston

"Today, Friday, February 7, 2003 I was contacted about a sighting which took place here in Houston, B.C. A Canfor employee who runs a track mobile at the saw mill was moving around chip cars on company property. He said he climbed down off the machine he was operating to switch over to another track, when an extremely fast object, or more specifically, three bright, hazy blue/white lights came out of the north and disappeared to the south. The witness said everything happened so fast that he could not make out any type of outline to what he was viewing. The forestry worker said the three lights were in a triangular shape, and held the same shape until he lost sight of it. I asked the witness if he might be able to give me a rough idea of the altitude the lights were at. (I gave him a few examples). In the end he mentioned the lights were not that high above him, but had to be high enough to clear the mountains to the south. (approximately 2500 to 3000 feet)."


4-Feb-2003, Victoria: (1:35 pm)  NUFORC

"Before I went shopping on this shiny day I dropped some garbage in the litter box outside of our apartment building. I met the neighbour and she said she saw some objects in the sky moving very fast and then stand still and then moving again. I looked up the sky and saw nothing. She said that they went behind a cloud. I thought she was crazy because the clouds I saw were like a thin veil.... I joked that we were probably invaded by aliens. She repeated that they were moving very fast. I walked back into the apartment building and went out the other side to walk to the grocery store with my fiancee. I talked about it with her and on Fort street we looked up the sky and there was one of them... a shiny, smoothly moving object, no wings, no bird.... it was really strange. My fiancee saw it as well and couldn't really figure out what the shape was (we saw it for approx 15 secs). I didn't meet my neighbour again today, but I will definitely ask her some questions because she must have seen it for a longer period of time. I also called the police short of the spotting, but they didn't have other callers yet that spotted this event. On the radio there were no reports. On our way back from the grocery store we saw some people (3) with a video camera taping the sky, but if they were taping a telephone pole or the sky wasn't clear to us and we didn't ask because they were on the other side of the busy street. In the direction they were pointing their camera was nothing to see. My fiancee was joking that the Americans were keeping an eye on us. I kept looking on our way back, but didn't see it again, nor did I see my neighbour. (As soon as I have more info I will add that here)."

((NUFORC Note: We will request a report from the fiancee, as well. NUFORC has received a number of reports like this one, in recent months. PD))

9-Feb-2003, New Hazelton: (6:50 pm)

Report by Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO

The witness reports that she was out on her sundeck. It was a beautiful night, and she commented on how nice the Moon looked that evening, which was to her north. She said she turned toward the north and saw a "large" bright light which was moving in her direction at a low altitude. The witness said the light was round in shape, and it seemed to be pulsing white, with a bluish color added to it. There was no sound at all coming from it. She said if it had of been an airplane, she would have heard sound from it due to it being so low. The sighting lasted approx: 10 seconds before it disappeared.

10-Feb-2003, Duncan: (6:00 pm)

Report by Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO

A witness called this evening using the new Toll Free Hotline from Duncan, B.C. to report he was walking his dog in the park when he observed a circular object with what he described as a ring of fire around it. He reported his dog was going completely nuts as this event was going on. I asked the witness approx: how far away was the object to his location, he said maybe 4 to 6 blocks away up in the sky. He also said the ring which surrounded the object would twirl around the main body of it.

The fellow also mentioned there were a number of colors coming from it, such as blue, green, etc..

He also told me it would move up and down, when it got close to the cloud cover it would change to all the different colors, but when it dropped back down at a lower level the color changed to an orange. The chap also said the object seemed to take it's time moving up and down, watching the ring still circling the main body of whatever this was.

The witnesses dog at this time actually took a bite at his owner's foot, as it was frightened of what was going on. The witness was phoning from a friend's home and the dog was still acting up. There was no sound heard from the object. I also asked if he could give me a rough idea of how big this thing was, he replied that it was approx: the size of a dinner plate from the distance of 4 to 6 blocks from his location. The sighting lasted for about 5 minutes, before it disappeared. But while I was still chatting to the fellow on the phone he gave out a loud cry and said there was a bright white streak of light from where the object has been observed. He also said a short trail of some of the colors I mentioned above was coming off it as it disappeared. (If this had anything to do with the object or not, hard to say).

11-Feb-2003, Victoria: (7:58 pm)  NUFORC

"I was taking the dog out for an evening walk...I looked up in the clear night sky to see two very bright yellow lights( approx 3 to 4 times brighter than an airplane light) about .5 to 3/4 of a Km away. Both lights were travelling side by side moving SW from my position at a slow rate of speed (Much slower than a airplane). At approx 19:59 both lights moved in opposite directions (on a parallel plane), one to the South the other to the North, at a high rate of speed. The items moved approx .5 Km apart, stopped for about 15-20 seconds, then returned to their side by side position, slower than the separation, about 1/4 the speed. I then ran inside to get my wife. Upon returning 15-20 seconds later we observed them continue moving slowly in a SW direction for 2 min when they vanished, almost like someone turned off a switch."

12-Feb-2003, Vancouver: (9:02 pm)  NUFORC

"First of all let me say that I am a harsh skeptic of aliens and all that stuff. This experience changed all that."

"I live in downtown vancouver in a highrise on the 16th floor. I was just about to tune on to the simpsons (that's how I know the exact time) when i saw this flying object over the the buildings in front of us. At first I thought that it was just the light of one of the cranes on the construction areas. I knew it couldn't be a plane because first of all planes aren't supposed to be that close to the city and after watching the planes that go around here everyday I've almost memorized their paths. second of all the lights in this craft weren't flickering or blinking or anything they were just constantly beaming a hazy sort of weird whitish/yellowish light. I kept looking at it for a while and thought what the hell could that be could it be a blimp? At first I didn't see the 3 lights on the corners of this triangular craft until it very very slowly and I stress SILENTLY without the smallest sound just hovered towards my building. I mean anything made by man that flys only 500 meters away has to make a sound. by now I had called my brother cause I thought my eyes were fooling me. As the craft got closer we realized that it was no plane but some sort of triangular craft because it passed exactly a couple stories over my building and we were looking at the bottom of the craft and saw it's structure and there was a red light in the middle of it (the stereotypical red light, I know) I was just astonished and ran for my camera I kept searching for the damn thing in my messy house and eventually found it and took one lousy picture which I have no idea on how it will turn out. My brother is my witness and all those who know me know how much of a skeptic and disbeliever I am."

"I then ran downstairs yelling that there's a UFO outside and nobody believed me i ran and saw the craft. suddenly instead of going on it's horizontal path it went vertically straight to the skies and turned into a star and stayed their for a while and then left. Some other people saw this downstairs and they didn't care they said it's no big deal probably some governmental plane. But what would a governmental plane be doing in downtown vancouver?"

12-Feb-2003, South Selkirk: (10:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

Report by Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO

A witness contacted me through the Hotline, telling me she was at her son's home in East South Selkirk. She took the dog outside for a walk and while looking up at the stars the witness noticed a orange colored ball with a short tail. The sighting lasted for approx: 5 to 6 seconds. She went on to say after watching it for about 4 seconds, the one ball broke into two. It was only a second or two after seeing it break up both objects disappeared. The witness was wondering if there may have been any other sightings reported that matched her report. I told her I had not received any at this time, but it was possible that another investigator did receive some data on it.

20-Feb-2003, Smithers: (2:40 am)  HBCC UFO

Report by Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO

I had a witness call from Smithers, B.C. this morning. She mentioned to me that her husband thought she was seeing things, but it sounds like she was certainly witnessing something rather strange. The woman was up with her baby at 2:40 a.m. and has a great view of Hudson Bay Mountain and the ski runs, (which are located in Smithers). Actually the witness sits at the base of the mountain. Her blinds were semi open and allowed her to see a very bright light crossing the mountain, and then coming to a complete stop over one of the largest runs, which is called "Cold Smoke". She went on to say the light was dead center of the run, and wondered if it was just hovering, or "maybe" it had landed. She also reported hearing a clicking sound from the direction of the object. (HBCC UFO Note: My son lived a while back in the very same area as the witness lives now, and I know many sounds bounce off the mountain which allows everyone to hear different noises much clearer). The object moved from east to west before coming to a complete stop over the run. Approx: 5 minutes went by and a train could be heard coming in the distance and the object disappeared. Her words, "turned off". After the train had come and passed, and approx: one hour later, the object once again showed up. She knew the times for certain as she was up with their baby.

After the second time the light showed up, she said "I got frightened and closed the blinds." I asked if she could describe the color of the light to me, she went on to say it was an extremely bright white, with an orangy light coming from the center. The light moved quicker than a helicopter, or any small plane that she knew of. (keep in mind that this light was spotted travelling some distance just below the peaks of the mountain and came to a sudden stop above the ski runs).

When the witness observed the light the second time, or after the train had long passed, she did not notice the light moving, but it just showed up in exactly the same position it was observed before. The second sighting only lasted a couple of minutes. She reported that her cat, which was also sitting on her bed, perked it's ears up looking in the direction of the window. I asked her an approximate size to the light. She said it may have been half of her thumb nail (held at arm's length) and round in shape.


HBCC UFO Note: After I received the telephone call I called the Smithers Ski Hill in Smithers to ask if any equipment was working on the runs around the time of the witnessed sighting. I was told work was being done on four runs throughout the early morning, and would be continuing throughout this week and over the weekend in the wee hours. This sighting may be the result of grooming equipment working on the ski hill, "but", what puzzles me is that the object was spotted travelling about 3 kilometers along the mountain before it came to a stop. I also just called the witness back to clear up one point about this sighting, and that was, did she see the object before it got close to the ski runs?? She said yes, I observed the light as it traveled over rough terrain, then got to the runs and stopped. So still puzzled at what was seen.

22-Feb-2003, Mill Bay: (10:15 pm)  NUFORC

I was driving home from Victoria on route to Nanaimo that night, when I noticed what I thought was a low flying plane. When looked at it closer, I realized it wasn't an airplane - it was far too big and low to be a plane. It was a lit up flying disk with symmetrical light formations on the bottom of it; the lights seemed to blink upwards as bubbles do in a fish tank or something. The was a bit of farm land to my right as I driving, and the ocean was visible and not far from the highway I was on. The night was incredibly clear, I could see almost every star perfectly. I became so shocked while I was driving that I had to pull over to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. I noticed about 2 other cars pull over behind me and we all got out and just stared at this huge disk hovering over the bay. I was in complete shock and all the hair on my arm went straight up. The disk made an eerie whirring noise that was almost ghostly. The exact location was just after the McDonalds and Tim Hortons Drive through in Mill Bay (just after the malahat drive). I also noticed it was quite windy out. Once I pulled over I realized that it was indeed some sort of UFO. I am quite a skeptical person; therefore, I am still having problems rationalizing this in my head. Thus, I am writing down what happened here.

22-Feb-2003, Kitimat: (10:20 pm)  HBCC UFO

Report by Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Investigator

Two Alcan aluminum smelter employees, while at work, noticed a "large" disk shaped object travelling very slowly over the Douglas Channel. The object was reported being very low off the Channel and rose up to clear the mountains to the north. One of the witnesses I have talked with said the both of them stood completely still with their mouths wide open watching this thing! They said if there had of been any change in direction, meaning towards them, they don't think either of them would have been able to move. Large, very bright white lights were noticed shining on the water, and this is what caught their attention to the craft. Since the object was so low, and casting a bright light onto the water, it lit up a good sized area which made a portion of the object visible to them. No other lights were reported being seen, other than what they saw hitting the water's surface. It made no sudden movements until it gradually gained altitude to climb up over the mountain. The men witnessed this event for approx: 2 minutes. One witness said they both knew for certain that what they were looking at was no normal aircraft that they new of, mainly due to it's size and speed. Plus they never have seen anything shaped like that before. No noise was reported coming from the object.

22-Feb-2003, Terrace/Prince Rupert: (10:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

Report by Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Investigator

A couple driving home from Prince Rupert to Terrace, B.C. and were about 85 kilometers west out of Terrace when they witnessed a huge object travelling north across the Skeena River. (HBCC UFO Note: The Skeena River widens out a lot at this point and can be up to two miles or more across the valley as it heads to the ocean). The object itself was dark in color, or black.

Again what caught the attention of the motorists was the bright lights which were seen on the bottom of the object. Two large, almost rectangular lights could be seen glowing from the bottom of the object. Also they said it moved so very slowly which they found really strange. When I talked with the husband, he said he wanted to pull over to get a better look as he was driving, but his wife was frightened, crying and "insisted" that he keep going and quickly. No noise again was reported coming from the object, but the couple were in their car travelling around Highway #16. It was certainly a disk shaped craft. He also mentioned that there were other vehicles on the road at the time, (not many) and someone else must have seen it. The sighting lasted for approx: a minute and a half at the most from what he told me. I asked the husband roughly how high the object was off the ground as it travelled. He said it was high enough to clear all the mountains in the area. (HBCC UFO Note: On this route from Prince Rupert to Terrace you travel straight through the West Coast Mountain range which is very rugged. I am not sure as to the elevation where this event took place, but it would have to be around 2500 to 3000 feet. I will be checking this out as well. I plan to meet with all of the witnesses just as soon as the weather cooperates.

Anyway, this gives everyone an idea of what just took place, three reports, one coming from Vancouver Island, Kitimat and in between Terrace & Prince Rupert all on the same night. Plus there is not a lot of time difference between each of the sightings. When I meet with these folks I will see if they can draw a rough sketch of what they saw, and of course try to get a lot more detail on these sightings. From Houston, B.C. where I am it is another 3 hour drive to Terrace, B.C., then you head east for approx" another half hour to get to Kitimat, B.C. So a long drive there and back again.

25-Feb-2003, Burnaby: (6:00 pm)

The witness was on the street in Burnaby when he heard a woman up ahead of him say to her husband, "Look at that! Look at that! He also looked up and was astonished to see a long slim-pointed (at each end) cylindrical-shaped object cruising slowly across the
evening sky at he estimates, 20,OOO feet. It was silver in colour, had no apparent wings, engines or tail attachment. Nor did it seem to be emitting any sound. The sky was free from any cloud obstruction and he had it in sight for at the most ten seconds before it was lost to view behind a distant building. The object was heading on a course that would have presumably taken it in the direction of west Vancouver.

27-Feb-2003, Houston: (4:05 am)  HBCC UFO

Report by Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Investigator

I was over at Country Wide Stationary today (March 4, 2003) and a fellow had read the logo on my winter coat. ( HBCC UFO Research) He asked what it was all about, in which I explained what it was I was up to. This man, a logging truck operator left the town of Houston driving up the Morice River Road heading approx: 100 kilometers out across the Reach to pick up a load of logs. He went on to say when he reached the 30 kilometers mark on the Morice River Road, he witnessed "one" bright white light high in the sky heading in his direction. As the light got closer to him, he watched the light split up into two parts, with both pieces flying in different directions. He said one part went west and the other east. What was so amazing was that the two lights shot back up into the sky and disappeared. The sighting lasted approx: 6 to 7 seconds at the most.

He was so surprised and excited at what he just saw, he got on the trucks radio and asked other drivers on the road if anyone had witnessed what he just did. Two other drivers who were in the same area reported back to him that they also witnessed the same thing.

HBCC UFO Note: I have the name of one of the other drivers and will be speaking to him tomorrow to take his report. I was told that a number of logging truck drivers on their early morning hauls have seen a number of strange things in the sky, so I am also looking into these as well.

3-Mar-2003, Houston: (7:55 am) HBCC UFO

Reported by investigator Brian Vike.

Tonight on Friday, March 7, 2003 at approx: 8:30 p.m. I received a telephone call from two local Houston, B.C. residents who wanted to report something very strange they had saw on March 3, 2003 at approx: 7:55 a.m. The two witnesses were at the same location here in town when they made the call to me here at HBCC UFO Research.

The reason why the witnesses decided to tell their story was due to the newspaper articles which ran on the UFO Survey, and myself in our local newspaper this past Wednesday. They also told me they both spent some time trying to make up their minds if they should actually call me over what they saw.

The first thing one of the fellows said to me was, "my buddy and I saw something very weird the other day, and are still questioning ourselves over what we saw". He went on to say there was himself and his friend in his truck travelling along highway #16 just east from Houston, B.C. Since it is getting lighter earlier these days, the fellows witnessed this object in the daylight.

Just before they got to Perow, there is a large farmer's field which runs for a long way, and also runs alongside the highway with a buffer of trees between the field and the highway. His friend was the passenger in the truck and first noticed a large object paralleling them along the highway. The driver looked at the speed they were travelling and said he was doing approx: 50 kilometers an hour. The distance between the witnesses and the object would have been approx: 300 to 400 feet. So they both had a very close up look at it. (keep in mind there were the trees in between the truck and object which did hinder the view at times). Also the field drops down somewhat below the highway, so the forestry workers did not get a good look at the bottom of this craft.

They both described the object as looking like an "Air Stream Trailer", and the size was close to a Greyhound Bus. It was metallic in color, and no other features could be seen on it. No lights, windows, nothing !! The object stayed straight across from their truck as they drove along, as I mentioned above. It paced their vehicle !! The passenger had rolled down the window to see if he was able to hear any sound coming from this object, but none was heard, it was silent. After approx: 3/4 of a kilometer the craft turned slowly away from the highway, wobbled slightly, sped up, wobbled once again and then shot off out of sight very quickly.

HBCC UFO Note: Since the object was so low, and on the other side of the standing trees, I asked if they had observed any movement in the trees. Such as any disturbance which would have moved the trees in anyway. None was noticed. Something else I should add. When the witnesses mentioned that it wobbled, one of the fellows said it was like looking through a heat wave, which gave it a look as if it was slightly wobbling. Also both of the men made comments to one another, saying it was so strange and not a normal aircraft as it had no wings on its body. He also mentioned due to the type of work he is involved with he had made many trips on different aircraft, and what he and his friend saw was "no" aircraft they know of. I am also going out tomorrow to grab some pictures of the area where the sighting took place. I hope to have some drawings and more information after I sit down and chat with the two witnesses over the weekend. There is more to this story to come.

5-Mar-2003, Delta: (12:30 pm)

A young girl was near Pinewood Elementary School in Delta when she saw a black disc-shaped object travelling from North to South. After about 10 seconds, it wobbled slightly, then quickly accelerated out of sight southwards.

5/6-Mar-2003, Vancouver:

"I live next to Clark Park on East Broadway + Clark and for the past two nights have witnessed something which led me to your site in hopes of an explanation."

"My bed is placed under a window which faces west. I am able to view the south western sky when I lay in bed. Two nights ago I was star gazing from bed when I noticed a dime sized point of light moving north through the sky. I pointed it out to my girlfriend/room mate that it could possibly be the ISS or a low orbit satellite. As we continued to watch we noticed the light stop and hover for a few minutes. It then began a bizarre dance of tight spirals and other erratic behavior. It was then after some clouds had moved that we saw a second point of light to the south of the first. It too was moving erratically in very tight circles and other strange paths. When the objects were standing still, I could make out an illumination that was color shifting through the colors of the lower light spectrum ( Yellow, Orange, Red, etc )"

"What I found even stranger was that I noticed a white plane flying by very slowly with no marker lights turned on. I really didn't pay that much attention to it but I began to notice it passing over head multiple times and always on the same path."

"This went on for a few hours and eventually I fell asleep watching. This happened the following night too ( March 6th ) but this time there was no plane. I will watch again tonight pending a clear evening."

7-Mar-2003, Prince Rupert: (7:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

"On Friday March 7/03 @ 7:30 PM me and my daughter (name deleted) were outside ready to leave in the truck when we both looked up and saw this bright white light shoot over towards Mount Hays. Traveling South East for two to three seconds, it just blinks out when it was over Mount Hays, it was the brightest white light that we have ever seen. My daughter told me that she had seen almost the same thing just two weeks ago while with her friend Patricia at 4:30 am, the object they saw wasn't as bright as this one was, it was traveling East, and it too blinked out before it went over out Hays."

7-Mar-2003, Terrace: (10:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

"A yellow-golden ball flew close to the ground over my trailer from South to the North. Very fast and very low (15-20 m) and I could not get (name deleted by HBCC UFO) attention in time. Size is hard to tell but most likely " Basketball"-size."

19-Mar-2003, McKenzie: (4:15 am) HBCC UFO

A logging truck operator was coming back from picking up a load of logs, near the south end of Williston Lake, when he saw a bright flash of white light directly in front of him at a fairly high altitude. The light appeared to be heading in a northwesterly direction. He thought that the object was probably a meteor as he sees a number of them while working in so many darkened hours. What the witness found strange about the sighting was before the light disappeared it changed direction slightly. After this change in its flight path, he said it was gone. Just vanished. The sighting lasted no more than 3 to 4 seconds. At arm's length he said the light may have been the size of a pea. No sound was heard coming from the light, but this would be no surprise anyway due to him being in the cab of his truck, and they can be rather noisy.

23-Mar-2003, Terrace: (7:40 pm)  HBCC UFO

"It went immediately 2 times very bright before speeding up again and continuing towards the NW. The light was greyish-white in color, round and extremely bright. The object moved from the Southwest ( Kitimat ) to Northeast. It also moved very quickly. Before losing track of the object it has slowed significantly down over Thornhill. There were two witnesses to this sighting."

25-Mar-2003, Coquitlam: (8:55 pm)  HBCC UFO

The witness had stepped outside to have a cigarette when he noticed this "thing" out of the corner of his eye. Through a clearing in the clouds he saw a very large, black, triangular-shaped object with a point of light on each of the object's tips. It was flying roughly east to west; very fast and totally silent.

The witness believes that the object was just higher in elevation than the surrounding clouds. Checking with the weather channel, he was told that the cloud ceiling was about 11,000 feet. The witness lives in Coquitlam near Burnaby Mountain and believes that the object could have been directly above the 401 Freeway. It was in view for about 3 to 4 seconds.

Investigator Brian Vike of HBCC UFO states that the witness was shocked at the shape and apparent size of the object. He estimates that one could have placed three jumbo jets into the object easily. The gentleman's parting words to Brian were: "It freaked me right out !!"

27-Mar-2003, Langley: (9:10 pm)

Hi guys, I was at my in-laws on Thurs March 27th. They live near 264th and the Fraser River. After having dinner my wife and I went into the hot tub to unwind. The time was between 9-10 pm. The sky was high broken cloud, plenty of stars were easily seen. There is very little ambient light around as the house is located in the country.

While sitting in the tub, I usually search the sky for satellites traveling around. I try to find one and follow it as far as I can. I found one in about 5 minutes. It was traveling south to north, then faded from view.

Then at about 9:10-9:20pm, I noticed 3 lights traveling in a scalene (no sides are equal in length) triangle formation. They appeared as the same brightness satellites are. I brought them to the attention of my wife and she saw them too. I held up my index finger at arm's length to gauge the distance apart and size of the triangle. One light appeared at the top of my finger, and the other two were easily found on the sides of my finger. They were traveling a bit slower than satellites and held their formation. They were traveling south from just west of north. They were headed directly into the spoon of the Little Dipper. After passing through the bottom of the "scoop" part, they turned about 70-90 degrees and went due east. They held their formation. I lost view as they faded. If they had not faded, I might have been able to observe another 3 minutes. A telescope/binoculars would have helped.

I have never seen anything like this in a satellite before, and I'm sure this is not usual.


11-Apr-2003, Houston: (8:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

Report by Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Investigator

A fellow stopped me while I was heading out the door of our local grocery store here in Houston, B.C. today (April 14, 2003). He said to me that he had his first UFO sighting the other night. There were four witnesses to this sighting. On April 11, 2003 at 8:00 p.m., which was a Friday evening 4 witnesses were just west of Houston in an area called the Houston Estates. There are a number of homes in the area. One of the witnesses saw something funny and told everyone else to look.

Looking south towards the Morice River, from the Houston Estates they noticed the strangest set of lights. It was very low in altitude, and sitting above the Morice Valley Road. I was told the only thing which could be seen on it were the three colored lights. The witness said it was as if the object was rotating, as the lights kept changing position. The color of the lights were, yellow, blue and red. The strange thing about this sighting is that I was told that the object was witnessed for approx: 10 minutes. Also if one would picture someone making a drawing of a Christmas Tree, (just a simple sketch) this would have been how this object moved. So starting say from the top of a tree, it zipped down and out to it's left, then moved quickly straight back in. ( say towards the trunk of the tree). Then dropped a bit and continued doing this until in was noted to have dropped a good distance in height. He told me whatever it was moved extremely fast, then would come to a complete stop. Then once again continuing to move at a high rate of speed making the same maneuvers over and over again. The object would have been approx: 2 miles away from the peoples location. Binoculars were brought out so they could get a better look at it, I was told all that could be seen was the lights, no shape or body to the object. The object/lights vanished instantly after the 10 minutes of viewing.

11-Apr-2003, Terrace: (10:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

A man and a woman were burning off the grass from around their garden when she looked up and saw two very bright silvery-white lights. One of the lights was heading to the northeast, towards Kitwanga, and the other in the opposite direction. The "lights" were at a very high level and lasted for only a second or two. She called her boyfriend to look up, but everything happened so quickly he missed seeing the lights.

Mid-April-2003, Houston: (3:15 am)  HBCC UFO

A man was about 70 kilometers south of Houston, on his way to work at the Huckleberry Mine, when he saw a multi-coloured object stationary in the sky. At first he thought it was a bright, twinkling star but then he noticed that it was overcast and no other stars were visible. He watched the light for about five minutes before it "dropped straight down" behind the mountain. He did not hear any sound.

16-Apr-2003, Victoria: (2:40 am)

I've never seen a UFO before.

This morning (at 2:40am, April 16, 2003) I was on the roof deck of my downtown Victoria, B.C. apartment building talking on the phone with a friend in Japan. I was gazing up at the sky to the west, which was partially cloudy; I'd say 80 percent cloud cover, but the clouds were thin enough that the moon shone quite clearly through the clouds. It was a fairly bright night.

As I watched, two lights appeared out of the south and flew north overhead, perhaps a kilometer or so down field to the west. I'd say they were flying over the Navy base in Esquimalt. As they moved northward they appeared to spiral around each other in a corkscrew or double helix-like pattern. The distance between the objects was variable, perhaps 1 degree to 3 degrees, but that's a guess. The pattern was not consistent either, seeming to vary constantly while maintaining a loose double helix. This leads me to believe the objects were separate, not two lights emanating from the same object. Once they were in my northwest field of vision they peeled off to the west and gained altitude. Then they were gone.

The lights made no sound I could hear, which makes me skeptical that they were conventional aircraft (military or otherwise). They traveled very fast. Last year the snowbirds flew over the same area. These objects were moving at least twice as fast if not more. I've also seen F-18 fighter jets go over head fast. These were faster. If they were simply really fast aircraft, I would have heard something as they would have been under serious power. Also, aircraft traveling that fast would likely break up if they tried the pattern these objects were following.

The lights were orangey-red. Because they were above the clouds, I can't say if they had a shape. They appeared very much like the lights in Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of a Third Kind (imagine that), but that could simply be an effect of shining through the clouds.

That's all I can think of to tell you. If you have questions I'd be happy to answer them.

20/24-Apr-2003, Houston: (10:30 pm) HBCC UFO

A woman was just about to close the bedroom curtains, getting ready to retire for the evening, when she saw a tight cluster of lights just sitting stationary, low in the sky. She called her husband over and he too was shocked at what he saw. Grabbing binoculars, they took turns viewing the lights. They believe that the lights were attached to a dark object shaped like the letter “C”. They believed that the object was low to the ground and fairly close to their farm, possibly hovering over Highway #16.

Although they opened the window to check, they could not hear any sound. They watched the stationary object for 20 to 30 minutes before closing the curtains and going to bed. Shortly afterward, the wife did get up and look out the window, but the lights were gone. See image below:

NOTE: Although the couple was not sure of the exact date, researcher Brian Vike believes it may be the same night as the following similar sighting.

21-Apr-2003, Houston: (11:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

The witness was walking home from his brother’s place, along Highway #16. He was gazing up at the stars in the clear night sky when he noticed a large part of the sky in which no stars were visible, only the outline of something huge and dark in colour. This dark object was flying very low over top the tree line, heading east. As he watched it, several rows of lights suddenly came on! This frightened him and he ran the short distance to his home and yelled for his mother to come out and view the craft. Both of them watched the “massive” object slowly fly by. The rows of lights then suddenly went off again. Due to the number of trees around, they soon lost sight of it altogether. Their total viewing time together was only 10 to 12 seconds. No sound was heard. See image below:

24-Apr-2003, Victoria: (10:30 pm)

"Getting ready to go to sleep, my friend's mom comes running upstairs telling us to come outside. We look up and up in the sky, 3 (dots) in the form of a perfect right triangle heading south-east over our house. The top two were about a thumb's length apart and the other one just hung down a little farther, moving in perfect unison. I want to say they were stars because if you look at them for too long it began to get harder to see. But stars don't move in unison and in the shape of a right triangle. Marguerite, Chris, Amelia and myself all saw the same thing. A photo was taken, we're not sure if it will work out, it's an automatic camera, and what we saw was soooo far away, most likely wouldn't show up."

"We're not positive of how long it lasted, we lost vision after about 5 mins because of the speed, about the same speed as a satellite."

26-Apr-2003, North Delta:

“I saw a large missile cruising at about 500 meters above North Delta, BC on Saturday, April 26. I had to pull my car over and turn on news radio to see if we were under attack. It was fast! It went from 500 meters at about 96th Avenue and 112th Street in Delta to several kilometers high and above the pacific in about two minutes. It also had an extremely large blue beam coming from the nose of the object to out in front of it about a quarter mile. I didn’t think laser beams could stop in mid-air like that did (quarter mile).”

27-Apr-2003, Surrey: (10:15 pm)

"Looking out of my bedroom window on a clear night while laying on the bed with curtains drawn, I saw three hazy or blurry, almost faded white lights streak southward. They made no noise and left no trail. They were not common satellites and definitely not ordinary planes. The lights flew in unison but were not in geometric order. Two were in close proximity to each other while one flew slightly southwest of the other two. They seemed to be increasing velocity."

30-Apr-2003, Vancouver: (2:30 am)  NUFORC

"This morning (April 30/03) at approx 2:30am I observed a very peculiar light in the sky. It was to the south and at first was about 40 degrees up. At first glance it looked like a star but it looked to be changing colours from a green/blue to red (similar to a jetliner's lights). At this point I assumed it was a planet. Then I noticed that it was moving in a sporadic fashion (dipping and moving right and left) something I've never seen. I thought I was hallucinating so I woke up my girlfriend who also observed its bizarre movements in the sky. The speed it was moving was tremendous as it dipped and moved left to right. We watched it for about 40 minutes and then it started dimming until it was gone. Oddly enough this is the 2nd time in 3 months that I've seen the exact same thing. The first time I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so the 2nd time I awoke my girlfriend so that I knew I wasn't going crazy."

9-May-2003, Terrace: (10:35 pm) HBCC UFO

A man was walking on his property when he viewed a small, out-of-place object in the cloudless northeastern sky. As the witness watched the light, it began to grow in size, and grew in brightness by the second. Within 5 to 6 seconds the light went from being the approximate size and brightness of a star to about double the size of the moon. The light, or object, was traveling at a very high altitude heading toward the southwest and at this point straight over top of him, still at a high altitude. After the light/object had disappeared from the fellow’s sight, another strange light showed up some 5 minutes later.

10-May-2003, Burnaby: (9:50 pm)

I looked out the window facing north to see a brilliant pink/red glow which I assumed to be a flare or fireworks. It appeared about 30 degrees in the sky and then looked like it was descending. It faded out to a coin size in the sky and then went to the north till it was out of sight. The colour was beige/white in the night sky as it faded away. Could have been a flare. Impossible that others could not have seen this as there was a lot of activity in the area as the evening was warm.

13-May-2003, Terrace: (11:35 pm) HBCC UFO
Three witnesses on Ferry Island watched a number of funny coloured lights (blue/red/yellow/white) traveling in their direction from the north. They could see that the white lights were pulsating very brightly, but the coloured lights were remaining constant. As the object drew closer to their location it seemed as if the lights, in a ring, surrounded a dark solid object which was in the center. From the glow off the lights they noted the dark object in the center was completely round in shape, with this ring of colored lights running around it. The object moved very quickly across the sky heading south. The length of the sighting lasted about 10 seconds before they lost sight of it due to the trees. It traveled in a straight line and up rather high in the sky, but low enough to catch a good look at it. No sound was heard coming from it and no tail was observed.

17-May-2003, Houston: (3:15 am) HBCC UFO

A man was about 70 kilometers south of Houston, on his way to work at the Huckleberry Mine, when he saw a multi-coloured object stationary in the sky. At first he thought it was a bright, twinkling star but then he noticed that it was overcast and no other stars were visible. He watched the light for about five minutes before it "dropped straight down" behind the mountain. He did not hear any sound.

31-May-2003, Houston: (11:00 pm) HBCC UFO

Two witnesses watched a steady bright white light fly rather quickly over the edge of the town of Houston, BC at a low altitude (about 6 thousand feet - one of the witnesses is a pilot himself). The light was heading in an easterly direction. There was no tail seen trailing the object. They also added that the light would have been twice as bright as the planet Venus. The sighting lasted for about 5 to 6 seconds.

2-June-2003, Knox Mountain (Kelowna), BC: (12:30 am) HBCC UFO

Hello, my name is (name removed). I just read the news paper article about the ball of fire that was seen heading into the lake a few Mondays ago, and happened to read the part about the 2 Okanagan women who saw those floating orange balls 4 years ago. I was reminded of that event from a TV show I was watching called Canada's Creepiest on Halloween, 2006. They said that 2 women had seen 3 orange balls in the sky that were dancing, and later on, saw an orange ball shoot towards their car.

I was on Knox Mountain camping with a girl friend of mine that same night, and we saw it too. We didn't see the 3 orange balls, but we saw the one that was stationary and then shot off. We had noticed it at around 12:30 ish (?). And we were talking about it to each other for about 7 minutes trying to figure out what it was. It was lower than the horizon (if my memory serves me) and we had no clue what it could have been. So there we are, up on Knox looking at this thing that's hovering over towards the Crawford area, hasn't moved an inch since we spotted it, then all of a sudden bolts to the left and disappears behind the Mt. (we ran back home)

I like to believe in un-identified flying objects, but my friend is very skeptical. That night, I think, has changed her perspective, and has made it crystal clear for me that there is something out there.

I haven't told many people about this out of fear of looking crazy. But when I saw that TV special, then read the article in the paper, I had to tell someone, and now I think I'm telling the right person.

I'm not sure if this helps with anything. or is relevant, but I wanted to let someone know who deals with these types of experiences. Thank you for your time, Brian. If there's anything I can do to help out with figuring out what happened over the lake a few weeks back, please let me know. Sincerely.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, I know the date was in early June 2003 b/c I was graduating that year. We saw the orange ball about 2 weeks before grad b/c my friend, I remember, got bit by a mosquito and her eye was swollen still for grad. Our grad was in the middle of June and we still had exams to go back too. I'd place the incident around June 2nd, 2003. Hope this helps. Is there much UFO activity in the Okanagan? I never get to hear about it if there is. I find this topic fascinating and would be very interested on learning more about it. Thanks for getting back so quick.

2-Jun-2003, Port Moody: (10:13 pm)

“I saw a bright light in the woods with my son as we were going for a walk, then it made a weird noise and shot up into the sky and disappeared. It was scary!”

5-Jun-2003, Houston: (1:30 am) HBCC UFO

A few minutes drive west of Houston, five witnesses watched a huge object move silently and low over the tree line.

Just before 1:30 a.m. the witness woke up as she heard her youngest child get up. As the Mom made her way through their home, she walked by one of the windows and saw a very bright light/object. As she stared at it, she noticed that it was moving very slowly and was of an enormous size. She screamed for her husband to get out of bed, which he did. Because of all the commotion the parents were making, their other two children got up to see what was going on. One of the youngster said, "What is that big flashlight doing in the sky"? The folks who were watching the object said, there had to have been others who saw it, due to its size, brightness and rate of speed. Also they noted they could hear freight liners traveling on the highway at the time of their sighting.

The witnesses described the object as being boomerang in shape with a massive white/yellow glow around it. There were large bright light white lights in the center of the object. They heard not a sound from it, also the dogs took no notice of it. The sighting lasted about 3 minutes and disappeared behind the treeline and towards the southwest.

16-Jun-2003, Vancouver: (11:00 pm)

On June 16th at 11:05 pm I was closing my blinds on my window that faces north. I saw a small single blue light coming from the west going towards the east moving slowly. Just thought it was plane because the altitude was about the same as a small plane. Then it started to move slower and slower almost came to a complete stop. This is when I thought that's strange and took better notice. Then it flashed brightly and changed to the color white, yellowish and turned abruptly going towards the north at a faster speed. The light faded as I lost sight of it over the high buildings.

17-Jun-2003, Langley: (4:00 pm)  NUFORC

Looking to the west from my yard this object was like a floating "garbage can" standing vertically it floated slowly but against the prevailing wind. It was not an overly large object. I would estimate it was about at about 500' and it progressed slowly until out of my sight. It was a dark metallic color made no noise and left no vapor trail.

23-Jun-2003, Burnaby: (1:30 am)

Me and my daughter were camping in the woods not too far from our home and while we were sleeping I was awakened by a light which startled me. I thought it was someone with a flashlight, so, half dazed, I got up out of the tent and realized that there was something around 3-4 hundred feet from us that appeared to be a fire. I went and woke my daughter and brought her with me to investigate. Let me just say that it was not a fire or a flashlight because it rose up above the trees and streaked into the air and disappeared within 5 seconds. It was an orange in color.

We have never told anyone about this until now. We now believe there is something else out there!

24-Jun-2003, Terrace: (10:20 am)  HBCC UFO

A man and his wife were just leaving Terrace on their way to Prince Rupert. They were travelling west on Highway #16, along the Skeena River, when the woman yelled for her husband to look up towards the south. He pulled the vehicle off to the side of the road and they both watched an egg-shaped object hovering over the south side of the river. It appeared to be about the size of a pickup truck, about 1000 feet off the ground and and shiny silver in colour, with no visible seams. One witness commented that, "It looked like an egg!". They watched it for 10 to 15 seconds before it sped off to the south at an incredible rate of speed. They did not hear any sound from it.

30-Jun-2003, Victoria: (11:30 pm)

I was telling a friend about what happened on Monday and he suggested that I report it to a UFO reporting thing. So I did some searching and found you! I've never seen or experienced anything like this before...

On Monday night I was with my boyfriend parked down at Cattle Point here in Victoria, BC. It was about 11:30 pm - 12 am. We were enjoying the evening chatting and looking at the darkened view of the ocean and sky.

There were dark clouds lingering but there were clear patches in the sky. I  was looking up at the sky and I noticed a bright light coming through the clouds and at first I thought it was the moon peeking through. But it quickly got brighter and came right through the clouds and that's when we thought oh "it's an airplane", "maybe a helicopter". It came down through the clouds and then dropped down below the low clouds and it was shinning a bright light onto the water, ah "it's a helicopter" but no! It made absolutely NO sound.

We had the car windows open and you could hear the waves gently lapping on the shore but you couldn't hear a peep coming from this thing in the sky. It had 2 lights both of them were white. No coloured lights were seen. We kept waiting to hear it make some kind of sound...nothing.

I wouldn't say that it was going particularly fast but it did seem to make some sudden dips and surges. We couldn't believe how "it" was able to shine that light down on the water from so high. Is there any inaudible aircraft in existence? Do all aircraft have coloured lights? We were, and still are, scratching our heads. It was weird. No sound.

Sane minded individual.

Summer 2003, Sidney BC: (3-3:30 pm to dusk)

This incident occurred back in the summer of 2003; I can’t remember the exact date but it was on a Sunday, late in the afternoon. My friend, Jason, came back to Vancouver Island for the weekend so I went out to Sidney to hang out and visit. We, Jason, his brother Darren and I, were all cruising around Sidney that day, with Jason driving. Darren was in front passenger seat and I was in the back seat on the passenger side. We were driving by Parklands School where we all went years back and we rounded the corner just by the tennis courts in front of the school when all of a sudden … it looked like a flash of metallic wire is how I can best describe it. It appeared to me as if the power line on the power pole above us had just snapped. It was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced; it was like something just flashed and it appeared it was going to break the windshield. All three of us in the car kind of flinched and we braced ourselves because we thought it was going to hit us. This is where the story gets really freaky and unexplainable. Right after the flash and our bracing ourselves, it was around 3 p.m. and still daylight and then the next thing that I remember, and what Jason and Darren remember, is that we were on the overpass by the ferry terminal approximately half a kilometer down the road and it was dark out. The car’s engine was stalling and we were rolling down the overpass in the same direction of travel that we had been travelling earlier. At this point, it was very strange because it was like none of us could speak; it was the strangest feeling I have ever felt in my life. It was like we were all frozen and speechless and we were trying to figure out and make sense of what had just happened. We saw the flash and the next thing we know, we are about half a km down the road, it is dark and the car is acting all screwed up. Finally, we come to a halt on the overpass and stalled and then Jason just reacted and said, “What the hell just happened?!”

Jul-2003, Denman Island, BC: (11:00 pm)

My friend and I had just set-up camp on the beach at the south eastern tip of Denman Island in what we thought was a secluded area, one kilometre from the campground were we had parked the van. It was a warm evening and overcast. I had just lit a small campfire with driftwood and we were sitting on a log on the beach, (Note: There was a fire ban in effect at the time) when a very bright light appeared in the sky out of nowhere just ahead of us over the water.

The best description is that of a miniature sun, round in shape, orange in colour and very bright. The light was below the cloud cover reflecting on it and shining on the water like the full moon would, its light beaming straight at us. It's size was that of my thumbnail held at arms length. It was stationary. I instantly knew it was not a natural phenomenon nor manmade. Only a supernovae could light up the night sky like that, not even the most powerful man made search light could equal its brilliance.

Jul-2003, Surrey, BC: (9:30 pm)

My two friends and I went to Dogwood Park in South Surrey with my two dogs. We arrived around 7:00 pm and were there for a few hours. As it got dark out, everyone left the park and we stayed behind not realizing that the park closed at 10:00 pm. Around 9:30 pm my friend's husband spotted a bright, solid, oval-shaped yellowish-white light in the southern sky. It was just sitting still in one place with no noise or movement. He said, "If that light suddenly floats away, I'm out of here!" We couldn't figure out what it was.

About 10 minutes later we were sitting on the picnic table and we heard a noise from the west side of the park. At first it sounded like a person screaming, but the sound turned into a very gutteral animal-like howl, and then there was dead silence. For some reason, neither of my dogs responded to the noise, when normally they probably would. We didn't know if there was any relation between the light in the sky and the noise we heard, but we weren't going to stick around and find out.

8-Jul-2003, Nanaimo
: (11:50 pm)  NUFORC

I was out with a friend and we decided to go to Brannen Lake (Nanaimo). We had arrived there at about 11:40pm after just hanging out in the graveyard downtown. across the lake and about 11:50pm I saw an orangey hazy sphere. Im not a UFO expert but I knew this was one for sure. And so I pointed it out to my friend and we both watched this thing and then it slowly shrunk into nothing at all. After that we left and each went home.

10-Jul-2003, Winfield: (11:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

A man was looking up at the sky when he saw what he thought was a "satellite" moving quickly towards the Big Dipper and across it. After passing the constellation, it suddenly changed directions and shot back and up. It then abruptly stopped! The witness was able to capture some of the movements on video. For updates on this case, please visit the HBCC UFO website at:

17-Jul-2003, New Westminster: (12:50 pm)

It was a warm afternoon (26 degrees) with a clear blue sky. I saw a bright white light. It was pinpoint in shape. Similar to looking at a star in the sky at night. Almost the same length as seeing a star at night. It looked like an 'Orb'. No sound.

The Orb traveled very slowly to my left (about 6seconds). Looked like it was going on a angle to the left. Then it seemed to stop for 2 seconds and went right for 3 seconds and then hovered for about 6-8 seconds. Traveled to the right for about 4-5 seconds, then went left again in a straight line. Continued that way until I could not see it anymore, due to my view. Altogether, I had it in my sight for about 5-6 minutes.

I phoned New Westminster police and made a report.

17-Jul-2003, Terrace: (8:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

In a clear evening sky (daylight), the witness saw a silver, round-shaped object traveling at an extremely high rate of speed coming from the west heading east. The sighting took about 4 seconds before it disappeared from his line of sight. He said that it happened so fast he could not get a proper look at it, but because of the speed at which it was travelling, that it was no "darn" aircraft we have. No sound was heard.

17-Jul-2003, Trail: (10:55 pm)  HBCC UFO

Two witnesses watched as two low flying objects passed over top the Trail Smelter. The men reported that the objects slowed at one point, (or looked like they had) then sped back up heading in a southerly direction. The described the objects as being very bright orange in color, with a halo, or haze around each of them. The objects made no sound as they flew by. Both men believed the objects were about the size of a compact car. This sighting lasted for about 4 seconds.

18-Jul-2003, Thornhill: (11:15 pm)

High altitude object, white light, moving from southwest to northeast.

Was talking to my neighbour, Roger, when I spotted the object. Made him aware of the same and used my lighter and asked it to blink.

The object spotted did not respond but another invisible object flashed in white light right after I had finished my request.

First objected continued in northeasterly direction and every time I asked for a blink, 3 times, the invisible object, following the first one, blinked bright for 2-3 seconds.

My neighbour watched all this and referred to his own UFO sighting.

Both objects were followed by a third object 2 minutes later which did not respond to anything!

20-Jul-2003, Castlegar/Pass Creek: (11:00 pm)

My wife and I were sitting on our front porch as we do every night. We were facing west towards the lower Arrow Lake at around 11 pm when we saw a bright light about the size and altitude of a small plane travelling from the west, heading east. It was shaped like an upright cylinder and was far too low to be a satellite but it seemed to travel in a fairly straight line. The brightness of the light never dimmed or blinked. There was no sound like a jet either. We see many planes and satellites each night but have never seen anything like this.

22-Jul-2003, North Vancouver: (2:00 am)

I have seen twice now, late at night around 2 am in the morning, this strange phenomenon that I can not explain. I see an object that I don't recognize as a star from my back garden, that is a white/red/possibly blue coloured shape that moves. I would like to believe it is a star, but it is too bright. Also, I see this star like object only once and awhile, but for sure tonight. There is something strange in the sky over the east side of the mountain that moves irregularly, that can't be a star. And I realize it is not a satellite or space station. It reacts with the sky's atmosphere (glows). It moves and does not stay always stationary. Just thought I would report this for I have reported this to the Police as well on another occasion. Is it possible I am seeing a stationary Helicopter that patrols at odd hours of the night? Has anyone else in the North Vancouver area, seen anything like this lately???

22-Jul-2003, Tsawassen: (3:45 am)

Disc-shaped, flashing red, blue, green and yellow lights over the northeast of Tsawassen ferry terminal. Yes, this is "Joe Mulder". Graham, you know who I am. I am updating my video equipment to zoom out farther. The Tsawassen sighting should have been reported at about 3:45/4:00 am. The object hovered and moved around at a great speed. Yes, I have witnesses as usual. It then took off at great speed to the west towards Vancouver Island. I am going through the 14 hrs of footage to see if they communicate with Morse Code.

23-Jul-2003, Masset: (3:00 pm)

Generally a clear blue sky with the very scattered clouds, noticed object near a cloud it appeared to be stationary and very high, I got a set of binoculars and saw a cigar tube shape, it was white with a red marking at one end. I watched the object for about 10 seconds and then it moved off to the west and out of sight at an amazing speed.

24-Jul-2003, Fort St James: (10:45 pm)  NUFORC

The sighting occurred on the Teardrop logging road north-east of the community. I had stopped to watch a black bear at a rail crossing and after sitting for while I noticed a silver object over the tree tops about 2km down the rail line. At first I passed it off as a star and continued to look for any more wildlife that may come out on the tracks in a different direction. I looked back in the direction where I saw the object but this time it was in a different place so I decided to pay attention to it. As I watched it, it was moving back and forth across the sky and zig-zagging up and down while changing from white to red. It appeared to be getting closer to where I was sitting at the rail crossing. At this point I got a real uneasy feeling and got out of the area as fast as I could. One other thing about the night prior to the sighting was there was a lot of wildlife thrashing around in the bush. I have stopped to watch moose and bears there before but that night it was unusually noisy.

24-Jul-2003, Terrace: (11:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

A man and his wife were watching the traffic travelling along Highway #16 (from the vantage point of their hillside home) when they noticed a large glowing oblong-shaped object moving slowly alongside the highway, heading north. At first they thought that it may have been an aircraft, as it appeared to "pace" some of the vehicles on the road, but realized that it was far too low for an aircraft to be flying at night. Eventually the object made a sudden move, or "jerked" across the highway to the opposite side and came to a stop. As they watched it sitting stationary it seemed to gain in elevation, then shot off towards the west at an incredible speed and was lost to sight. Total viewing time was about 1 minute.

25-Jul-2003, Enderby: (8:30 pm)  NUFORC

"Bright clear blue sky about 8:30 pm, six of us were on the beach at a small lake (Gardom Lake). When I looked up in the sky I commented "what the heck is that?" as a very shiny, bright cylinder shape was stationary high in the sky and then "broke apart", split into two exact same size and cylinder shape and slowly moved apart in the sky. There was no sound, no jet stream, couldn't make out any wings and both pieces now moved at about the exact same speed apart in the sky. All six of us watched these cylinder shapes disappear out of sight in a north/south direction."

"We have watched hundreds of shows on television on different types of airplanes & ufo's etc and can't explain what this could have been. This was shinier & brighter than any jet almost chrome shiny."

26-July-2003, Wasa: (1:20 am)  HBCC UFO

Two men were outside enjoying the night and a cold drink. An object that they earlier thought was just a bright star, started to quickly get bigger and brighter. It appeared to be moving directly towards them when it suddenly veered to the south and flew off at an incredible speed. No sound was heard.

31-Jul-2003, Langley: (1:00 am)

I went outside on at about 1am on July 31st, 2003 to see if I could see some shooting stars etc. There were absolutely no clouds in the sky as it has been so warm and clear lately. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a pulse of light in the SE corner of the sky. When I turned my head in the direction of the light I thought that it was the bright light of a low flying jet plane (but not a sound). Then it pulsed again and the light went from extremely bright and large to something that looked more like the size of a satellite and I realized how high it was and therefore not a jet plane. It moved forward, moving from south to north and slightly toward the west, and it got a bit brighter , but not as bright as the first and second pulse( the first and second pulses were so bright someone had to have seen them - very intense light). I still thought it could be a satellite reflecting off the sun or something...but then it looked like it zigzagged and moved forward with this action for about 2-3 seconds and then it looked like it made a 90 degree turn and then just disappeared...Definitely not something a satellite does( to my knowledge). But it doesn't end there...Being a believer in UFO's but with a hint of...(I need more proof) I thought that I would look again the next night to see if there was a satellite that came back in the same part of the sky. So, Aug. 1st at 1am I did some more star gazing and saw nothing like the night before. I was just about to go into the house and saw something just over my head. I was facing south in my chair and directly above my head I saw a slightly white-orangish light and for a split second thought...oh yes, another satellite as I had seen a few that evening. Then I saw another one beside it, both travelling in tandem, moving from north to south, but not too close together. I watched them for several seconds in awe...then the one on the left veered to the left (out of formation) and then back in line travelling parallel to one another. They were about as intense as a satellite and about the same speed. I heard cars and activity all around me and wondered, "Did anyone else see this amazing sight?". I am just so amazed and excited. This is a great sight, and I am glad I could share my sighting and see that I am not alone in my experience. Two sightings in two nights...I just feel so lucky...as I haven't had a sighting since I was a kid. I would love to know if anyone else saw what I saw as I know it is the time of year for good stargazing and the meteor shower peek is coming up in a week or two.

31-July-2003, Kelowna: (01:30 am)  HBCC UFO

Two women viewed strange green lights in the sky. They had electrical problems with their vehicle and may have had some missing time. For the complete story, click HERE.

31-Jul-2003, Houston: (11:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

The witness had just gotten into bed when, looking out of the bedroom window, she saw an extremely bright white light in the northeastern sky. It was at a low altitude and about the size of her finger nail held at arm's length. It seemed to have a number of white lights running around the outside of it. At first it was travelling in a straight line, but it starting zig-zagging before it disappeared. Total viewing time was about 4 seconds. No sound was heard, even though the window was wide open.

31-Jul-2003, Houston: (11:35 pm)  HBCC UFO

A husband and wife were just finishing up their farm chores when they noticed a bright white light zig-zagging low over the town of Houston. It was heading northeast and was only in view for a few seconds.

Aug-2003, Bridge Lake, BC: (11:30 pm)

I grew up spending summers at our family's secluded cabins on Bridge Lake (located in the "Interlakes" area of the South Cariboo.) All of the kids often spread our sleeping bags out in the field to watch the numerous falling stars/meteor showers that are so common during the end of the summer months. This practice has continued as we became adults and we still sky-watch with our own children. In August of 2003, we were joined by a friend and her 3 boys. The 4 kids were between the ages of 8 and 12. Us parents are in our 40's. We had spent a few lazy days on the water, fishing, boating and relaxing in the warm sun. At approx. 11:30pm on a beautifully clear night we took some sleeping bags and lawn chairs up into he field to watch for satellites, shooting stars and to show the visiting boys what the Milky Way looks like when there are no city lights around. After about a half an hour of enjoying a summertime meteor shower, we all noticed a grouping of 3 lights, bigger than the stars which eventually disappeared.

3-Aug-2003, Kelowna: (7:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

A woman watched a perfectly round silver object slowly cross the daylight sky in an easterly direction. She did not witness a trail or tail or hear any sound from the object. She guessed that it may have been as large as a nickel held at arm's length. After about 2 minutes she lost sight of the object behind some hills.

4-Aug-2003, South Slocan: (11:37 pm)

I was watching my sister on the computer and in the corner of my eye I noticed something. I glanced at the white object in the night sky and since the window was open there was no sound at all, just the hum of the computer. It looked almost as if it were a firework but it couldn't have been for it was around 7,000 ft in the air and traveling at 7,000 kph (really fast). I lost it when it went behind a big birch tree that was in our yard. It looked as if it was traveling Northwest, and if continued in a straight line it would head in between Portland, Oregon, and Olympia, Washington.

To give you an idea where South Slocan, BC is, it is dead center between Nelson BC and Castlegar BC. This is 3 hours north of Spokane Washington.

7-Aug-2003, Sakinaw Lake: (10:15 pm)  HBCC UFO

"My husband and I have a summer home at Sakinaw Lake which is on the Sunshine Coast in BC. One of my favorite things to do at night is to star gaze from the middle of the lake. The sky is so clear there compared to the city. Anyways, on August 7th, I took my star gazing gear (blanket, pillow and flashlight) with me on my peddle boat and, like usual, snuggled down once I got to the middle of the lake. I usually stay out for a couple of hours and watch the shooting stars before peddling back to our home. On this night approximately 10:15 p.m. or so, I spotted what I thought was another shooting star. It streaked across the sky heading southward then stopped. I thought the shooting star might burn out, but it didn't. Instead, the light split into 4 lights which formed a square (1 light in each corner). One of the lights was brighter than the other 3; made me think it might be bigger than the others. It stayed in the square formation for 2 to 5 seconds before it changed forms again. 2 lights stayed in place while the other 2 lights moved slightly away, then stopped."

"The 4 lights together looked like a rectangle and stayed this way for 1 to 2 seconds. Then all of a sudden the 2 lights that moved to form the rectangle shot off northward, like parallel shooting stars, while the other 2 lights only separated slightly and remained stationary. One of the 2 lights that remained was the bright one. I was shocked and couldn't believe what I saw. I stayed there until 1:30 a.m. to see if the other 2 would come back. Then I tried to memorize the location of the 2 remaining lights before heading in, but they looked like stars amongst so many other stars. It was useless, so I peddled back home."

11-Aug-2003, New Westminster: (6:30 pm)

Witness #1: "On August 11, 2003 around 18:30 I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to my daughter. At one point she was looking through the window saying "what's that above the trees?" Next moment she ran outside and I followed her. Looking in the direction she was looking at I could see above the trees a black disk spinning. From where I was I could say its size was of a round big platter. It flipped over and I realized it was flat. The other side was bright red with a silver bright ring around it. I was in shock. I have never seen anything like this before."

Witness #2: "It was the evening of August 11, 2003, around 6:30 pm when I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to my mom. On my right hand side beside my chair I had the big window facing the patio and the back alley of the house. At one moment I had spotted in the corner of my eye something black above the trees on the alley. I ran outside and I saw a black disk about 3 feet in diameter spinning above the trees, hovering towards the East."

"As soon as it cleared the trees, it flipped over and I noticed it was flat. The other side was bright blood red. It had a "staggered" movement while gaining distance away. For a few seconds I was speechless. Finally I called my husband who came on to the patio and after a quick look at the sky, he ran inside to grab the camcorder. He came back and caught it on tape as it was hovering in the sky, still flying in the distance."

For more information, visit:

UFO*BC Report: http://www.ufobc.ca/History/2000/newwest11aug03.htm

HBCC UFO Report and video: http://www3.telus.net/public/wilbur8/reports/bc/new_westminster.html

11-Aug-2003, Surrey: (10:15 pm)

Hi, my name is Richard. I live in Surrey BC, around Scott Road & 92nd Avenue. It was around 10:15 on August 11 when I went out into the back yard to take a look at the sky, which I do on a regular basis, (and in all my years of doing this have never seen anything truly anomalous) when I observed a very bright white light at the very edge of the Eastern sky. At first I thought it was Mars rising but then realised it was too early for that to be happening. I assumed it must be an aircraft coming towards the airport. I live under a fairly heavily used air route, and many aircraft pass almost directly over me on their way to Vancouver International Airport. I also heard the roar of regular aircraft engines. But the light I had been observing was so much brighter than a regular aircraft light.

As it came a little closer I observed there were actually three very bright white lights, two were on either end and one was below to the left of me or the right side of the ship. At this very moment I saw what was a regular aircraft go over to my right side. This was the aircraft that was making the engine noise. It was going at a regular clip (I see many every day and night) however the three very bright lights were attached to a different craft moving noiselessly and much more slowly behind the aircraft. I know this other craft had no audible engine because the regular aircraft had passed over and was now gone from my sight and the engine noise was also gone. What was slowly travelling by me, and I had a bird's eye view, was a very large craft with these three intense white lights (much brighter than any aircraft lights I have ever seen before) gliding across the sky. It had one small red pulsing light on the top and a row of clearly lit amber windows. I still was not sure what I was looking at so I checked to see if it had a regular aircraft tail. It did not. It seemed to just round out the end. I waited a day to tell my roommate, whose computer I am on thusly giving her email address, and she informed me that there had been an airshow the weekend before. So there are two possibilities. One is that I saw a very large dirigible that might have been from the airshow the previous weekend or it was a was a UFO. Now if it is just a balloon I will feel a little silly for even wasting your time. But I was curious as to whether you had received any other reports at about this time and in this vicinity.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Richard: Thank you for the report. We have not received any confirming reports but that is not unusual as most people are looking everywhere else but up.

Based on your description I would say that the object is anomalous. The lighting does not correspond to regulations covering aircraft operating at night. A sketch would be a valuable addition to the report. An exact address would also be useful so I can plot a more accurate track of the object. I would like to post it on our site in the hope of encouraging others to report if they have seen the same object. If possible please compare the object to the size of the full Moon. The Moon has an angular diameter of ½ degree. It is usually impossible to do an accurate estimation of distance and size of an unfamiliar object except for angular estimates. Please estimate angle above the horizon remembering that directly above you would be 90 degrees. If I get your permission to post the sighting I can assure you that you will remain anonymous unless you request otherwise.

Thanks again.

Gavin McLeod
UFO British Columbia

14-Aug-2003, Nelson/Salmo: (11:20 pm)  HBCC UFO

A husband and wife were traveling back home from Salmo to Nelson, driving on Highway #6 alongside the Salmo River. To their right they noticed a round red ball of brilliant light flying at the top of the mountain. The witnesses said it moved very quickly, too fast to be an airplane and hugged the contour of the mountain. No sound was heard, although there was a considerable distance between them and the mountain top. The total time they watched the light was about 6 to 7 seconds.

17-Aug-2003, Vancouver: (11:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

"Last night was spectacular. Looking out from Coal Harbour over Lions Gate Bridge, my wife (who is a skeptic) and I were treated to a fantastic dance by numerous "objects". It was not that the binoculars were unsteady, one object would race in all directions in front of another object which remained steady, so there could be no question about what it was doing. The motions, in all directions, including criss-crossing, were incredibly fast - about as fast as the eye could follow. Total time viewing objects was about 2 minutes."

"We are using 10x50 WA binoculars - it would not be readily seen with the naked eye."

27-Aug-2003, Terrace: (9:20 pm)  HBCC UFO

A man saw an unusual craft followed by a bright white ball of light heading from the southwest to the northeast. Total viewing time was about 4 seconds.

30-Aug-2003, Penticton: (11:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

Two people witnessed a massive bluish coloured ball of light travelling from north to south over Okanagan Lake. In the centre of the ball of light they noticed something dark in colour. The object left a glowing trail behind it that lasted for 10 to 15 minutes.

30-Aug-2003, Vernon: (11:30 pm)  NUFORC

A spectacular flash appeared to the northeast, about 23:30 on 30th August 2003, illuminating East Vernon Hill, lasting several seconds. The light was lemony with a bluish tinge in colour. There was no sound. We (2 middle-aged women) were part of a 'Citizens on Patrol' group formed in the rural area, just north of Vernon to patrol our area for possible fires. Shifts last 2 hours. We had signed up for the 10-12 midnight shift. We live 45 minutes north of Kelowna in the interface between the city of Vernon and crown land. We were near the north end of Hartnell Road, coming down the road when we saw a brilliant flash to the northeast, illuminating the mountain behind. As suddenly as the flash appeared, it disappeared. The energy required to illuminate the mountain (East Vernon Hill) must have been enormous. Neither of us had seen anything like this before. As you can imagine, given the fire danger, we were anxious to find out if this event had fire potential. The sky was clear and cloudless so we discounted lightning...did not see another flash thereafter. Also, there was no sound accompanying the flash. We wondered if it was part of a meteor shower but have no explanation for what we saw.

30-Aug-2003, North Delta: (11:50 pm)

On the way home from a night out with a few friends, I had to make a detour and drop off another friend that we had met at the concert we had been attending. There was no drug or alcohol use throughout the night by anyone and this was witnessed by 3 out of 5 in the car so I do not believe this could be some sort of hallucination. Around 11:50 or 11:55 (I'm sorry I cannot pinpoint the time exactly) p.m. as we were travelling south through North Delta to the West we saw a single bluish-green flash that lit up a great portion of the sky. There was no bad weather to indicate lightning and there was no sound before or after the flash as there generally would be during a thunder and lightning storm. I read a similar sighting on this site that occurred on the same day and much like the witness of that event, at first I thought it could be a meteor shower. However, this flash looked as though it had happened from the ground upwards towards the sky, as though it were a craft taking off from the ground.

I was quite shaken by the event and to this day I still wish to know what it was.

31-Aug-2003, Terrace: (7:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

A man and a woman saw a disc-shaped object sitting stationary just below the clouds. It was dark grey in colour and had 5 or 6 white lights on it. After about 1 minute, the object disappeared. They estimated that the object was about as wide as 1 1/2 thumb widths (held at arm's length.

Sep/Oct-2003, 100 Mile House, BC: (about 10:30 pm)

I was only 15 at the time, I had just recently moved to 100 mile house and was staying home alone one night while my Grandmother and her boyfriend were having a dinner night with some family friends just down the street. It was probably around 10 pm, I cannot quite remember, but my dog had wanted to go outside, he was sitting at the door rather anxiously clawing away to get my attention. I let him out side and he bolted across the yard. It's a large property and he was pretty unfamiliar with the area, I didn't like letting him out at night, so I chased after him. I got about 60 feet down the driveway, just at the crook in road and he had stopped dead in his tracks. I quickly grabbed him and turned to leave, but something had caught my eye to the north west and I paused once I had a good clear view of it. Not 40 feet away was a egg shaped... Thing... It was lit up, but it wasn't emitting any light, nothing but it was lit up. It was yellowish, but swirling with reds and greens inside it. I probably watched it for about 30 seconds.  It was floating about 3 feet off the ground, just in front of the neighbors hay tractor barn. I had at first dismissed it at the tractor light, but the lack of bloom, as it were, made my hair stand on end. I had a strange sense come over me, I wanted to head towards it, but something inside told me to run and next thing I knew I was quickly running into the house. I didn't turn on any lights so I could see clearly out the windows without glare, nothing was there when I looked around. No one believed me when I explained what had happened. I don't blame them haha but I know what I had saw, what I had experienced.

On a separate night, a few family members and I were looking out the window at the glorious night sky, the stars were really out that night and it was awesome, but one "star" had caught my uncle's attention. It had strange lights blinking on it, we thought it could have been a satellite, but quickly realized it hadn't moved an inch and we were watching it for a good 30 mins or so. We tried to report it as a UFO, but failed miserably.

Additonal information supplied by witness on 5-Nov-2010:

The object was oval-shaped and about 3 feet in diameter. From the distance I was standing it would take a small saucer held at arm's length to cover it. The object, or orb, was primarily a dull yellow, but contained inside were swirls of reds and greens. I don't know if this matters at all, but when thinking about that night, without fail, my eyes tear up. I don't know why. I was more excited and curious than scared. Nothing else has that effect on me and I don't understand what it means.

2-Sep-2003, Kelowna: (1:00 am)  HBCC UFO

A man and a woman watched an extremely bright green light alongside one of the local mountains. After a period of time it disappeared. Later that night the woman awoke and looked outside and again saw a bright green light. It was in a different part of the sky and stationary.

2-Sep-2003, Houston: (11:05 pm)  HBCC UFO

An elderly couple living on Bold Road, just off Buck Flats Road reported that they watched a very strange object hovering over top of Pea Cock mountain. They believe that it was round in shape and had lights running around outside the object. They observed it moving along the top of the mountain for about a kilometer before it stopped, then quickly dropped behind the mountain. No sound was heard.

The next night, at about 11:45 p.m., the same object showed up over the mountain, but more towards the south. This time the object did not move in any direction and was observed for about 6 to 8 seconds before it dropped out of sight. Again no sound was heard, and the object, or light coming from it, was extremely bright.

HBCC UFO Note: This was certainly not a star, or Mars. The second date of the sighting the object was a good height off the top ridge of the mountain, and if a star it would have taken sometime to drop down and out of sight. Also I asked the local helicopter businesses to see if they had any flying in the area at the time of this sighting. There was none flying at that time. Everything was shut down before dark.

3-Sep-2003, Barriere: (11:10 pm)  HBCC UFO

Just before entering her home, a lady saw a huge cylinder-shaped craft flying very quickly and low to the ground. It had a large number of bright white lights running down the full length of the object, possibly windows she thought. There were no wings noticed on the craft. No sound was heard and the sighting lasted for about 5 seconds.

Upon entering her home she discovered, from her boyfriend, that their cat had been going "nuts" during the time that the object was passing by.

10-Sep-2003, Barriere: (8:50 pm)  HBCC UFO

A couple were outside tending to their farm animals when they heard a sound coming from the north. They looked up to see a bright white light travelling directly towards them. It passed soundlessly over top over their farm, heading south. The sound that they had heard was still coming from the north, and getting louder. Shortly, two very large military type helicopters appeared, flying low and following the same direction as the light had taken.

26-Sep-2003, Victoria: (3:00 pm) NUFORC

My wife and I were at Albert Head Lagoon, near Victoria enjoying a day on the beach, when my wife pointed out an object in the sky. I saw what appeared to be a grayish blue disk-shaped flying vehicle that rapidly approached us from the ocean and passed over our heads.

I was unable to estimate the size or height of the object due to its fuzzy appearance (it seemed to be indistinct along its edges). There was another aircraft in the sky nearby the flight path of the object; a biplane which was doing some stunt practice at about 4000'. The other aircraft did not seem to change course when the object flew across its flight path, but I'm not sure if that is because it was above or below the biplane.

The object flew over our heads to the left side of us (at about 11:00 high) and looked to me like a grayish fuzzy object that got darker in the middle. My wife said that it had a pattern or markings on it, but I couldn't see anything like that.

There was no sound from the object, and that surprised me as there was little to no noise from the ocean (no wind).

Its flight path was a straight line from the south to the north without any course changes. My wife said that she'd noticed a similar object a few moments before but hadn't mentioned it.

26-Sep-2003, Point Roberts/Tsawassen: (8:45 pm)

A man had taken his dog outside so that it could do its business. While he was waiting he was looking up at the stars. He saw a strange light crossing the sky from west to east, slightly smaller than Mars, but a very bright bluish-white colour. At first he thought it was a satellite, until it started to move from side to side. No sound was heard and no trail behind it. As it moved towards the east it just faded out.

The sighting lasted between 30 and 40 seconds.

26-Sep-2003, Fort Langley: (9:30 pm)

I was sitting alone in the hot tub searching for satellites (again). All house lights were off, and a good clear sky. I was facing north and located the big dipper. I saw a brilliant white flash of light repeated twice. It was just south of the edge of the handle closest to the spoon. It was brighter than any other lights. Kind of like a strobe from a plane but it was erratic in its pulses.

After catching my attention, I trained my eyes on it. It would flash twice and then move about 1 inch at arm's length in the south direction. I counted a time of 10 seconds the first time and then 16 seconds between illuminations. It stayed static for about 1 minute and then I found it about 6 inches further south. It stayed static, illuminated 3 more times with a longer break in between - 40, 76 and 127 seconds. Repeating twice each time.

I stayed focused on the area for another 30 minutes, but never saw it again.

27-Sep-2003, Terrace: (10:25 pm) HBCC UFO

“I was sitting outside facing west when a huge saucer, 4 times moon size, materialized out of nowhere right in front of me. I was not looking in any way just listening to music and relaxing after a 10 hour day of splitting firewood. This object of intensive white color did have a saucer shape and the outline was in light red. The object must have been only 35-40 meters away, or even closer, AND it was not sitting still but moving up and down. I got very scared and my heart started pumping like crazy. I am still shaking. The whole scenario lasted for only 15 seconds before the saucer became invisible. There was some heat coming from it and it stank like rotten eggs, a sulphur-like smell but somehow different!!"

"Everything took place just 10 minutes ago. I am still shaking."

28-Sep-2003, Vancouver, BC:

This event happened when I was living near 41st and Fraser in Vancouver. I was sitting at my computer, when out of the corner of my eye I saw bright red light in the sky out of nowhere out of my patio door. At first I thought it was some kids playing with fireworks, but there wasn't any noise, and the light hung in the air for some time. Then it started to look like something like an aircraft. The light got bigger and brighter, and it started to show a white light surrounded by bright red, and it seemed like it was coming towards me. I had about 50 things go through my head; meteor, bomb, aliens, parachuter, plane crash. I got up and opened the balcony door so I could get a better look at it, and then it started to slowly fall straight down until it went behind the trees and I couldn't see it anymore.

This all elapsed over probably 1 or 2 minutes. Now, I saw planes fly by from east to west all the time because I faced south towards the YVR airspace, and this thing appeared. If you have heard of any similar sightings I would love to hear back from you with any info you have. This incident haunts me to this day.

30-Sep-2003, Terrace: (8:52 pm) HBCC UFO

A very low flying disk with a very high speed roughly estimated 40-60 meters high. The round object was of a dim white light and disappeared, I was facing west, +/- 30 degrees to the north from my position. It was visible for a count of 4 seconds only.

1-Aug-2003, Vancouver, BC: (11:00 pm)

I don't know how valid this “sighting” is, but I thought I would post it anyway to see if you think it would've been an anomaly or not. I've described it to other people and they told me it may have been airplanes travelling at a very high altitude, but I don't quite feel that the movement of these objects was consistent with that explanation; they seemed to be travelling too fast in relation to the distance they were from us.

My two friends and I went to the large field at the high school on the corner of Fraser St. and 43rd Ave. in Vancouver with my two dogs around 11:00 pm. I was looking up at the sky, and I saw two very distinct white, small pinpoint lights, one behind the other, at an extremely high altitude travelling at a very high and consistent speed from west to east. They just looked like stars, that's how far away they were, but they were moving at a very rapid pace. This is a large field so I was able to keep them within my view for about 5 minutes as they travelled across the sky above us. They both made a bee-line from the west to the east, and then got too small to see any longer as they carried on towards the east.

Both of my friends just shrugged it off and didn't think anything of it, but I found the objects very interesting. Do you have any ideas around what it could've been that we saw that night? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

UFOBC Note: This could have been the US Navy’s NOSS trio of satellites with the 3rd satellite possibly too dim to be visible.

1-Oct-2003, Castlegar: (8:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

Greetings, Brian. It was suggested to me that I e-mail you to let you know that my family witnessed a strange event on Wednesday night, October 1st, 2003, roughly around 8:30 pm. I also understand others may have seen the same flashing lights. My name is (deleted by HBCC UFO), I live in Ootischenia, just outside of Castlegar, next to the Castlegar Airport.

"It was a clear night, and I was looking to the north sky at the Big Dipper. I caught a glimpse of a flashing red/green and white light moving across the sky towards the west. I thought it was an jet flying towards Vancouver, but then I returned my glance towards the east, above the Kootenay River valley, where the "jet" seemed to appear from, I saw another flashing light. A called my husband to come and see this, and he saw what I saw, then we saw another appear from the east fly over Mount Sentinel and move towards the west. My three children joined us in our observations of the unidentified objects in the night sky. These were not jets! Within a few minutes, there were five of these objects in the sky at one time flying in various directions. Two in particular seemed to meet up with one another and hovered across from one another for about a minute or two, then one flew directly below it, and hovered there for less than a minute, then flew in a north eastern direction towards the back of Mount Sentinel. It flew out of sight, then in about another minute or so, reappeared from the east, (where they all seemed to come from)."

"We watched these objects for about 15 minutes, then they all disappeared behind the mountains in the horizons."

1-Oct-2003, Quesnel: (10:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

A couple of witnesses who were working the late shift at the Quesnel Wal-Mart saw something burning across the sky at a very low altitude. The witnesses said the object was a brilliant red in color and traveled across the sky until they lost sight of it behind the local mountains. The object was heading to the southeast. Both of the witnesses discussed the sighting and figured out what they witnessed was a meteor. One of the men said there were flames coming off from the back end of it. Time observed was about 1 and a half minutes.

1-Oct-2003, Slocan Park: (10:40 pm)  HBCC UFO

"On Wednesday night, October 1, 2003, I was taking a bath. I have a large window over the bathtub facing the Northwest and I like to look at the stars. At approximately 10:40 pm., a glowing white ball dropped from the sky. It did not descend at an angle as meteorites tend to do, nor did it have a green cast. It was absolutely white and it came straight down at very high speed with a white tail of light behind it. It appeared to be fairly close by in that I could see that the object was round. Looking at a map the next day, I determined the exact area my window faces. It seems likely to me that it came down in the Southern half of the Little Slocan Valley, near Valican, unless the object was huge and therefore, further away."

2-Oct-2003, Smithers: (7:15 pm)  HBCC UFO

A man, his wife and kids were travelling home, near Lake Kathlyn, when they saw a huge orange ball with a very short tail high in the sky, heading north. Within two minutes it was lost in the horizon.

3-Oct-2003, Quesnel: (6:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

A woman was washing dishes in the kitchen sink when she looked out the window and noticed an oblong-shaped object in the northwestern sky. The front of it was blunt, with a "tiny" tail behind it which went to a sharp point. She described the color as being white with a glow around it being an off white color. She watched it for about 8 minutes before it disappeared to the northeast. The witness did open the window, but no sound was heard.

3-Oct-2003, Ootischenia (Castlegar): (8:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

It was a clear night, and I was looking to the north sky at the Big Dipper. I caught a glimpse of a flashing red/green and white light moving across the sky towards the west. I thought it was a jet flying towards Vancouver, but then I returned my glance towards the east, above the Kootenay River valley, where the "jet" seemed to appear from, I saw another flashing light. A called my husband to come and see this, and he saw what I saw...then we saw another appear from the east fly over Mount Sentinel and move towards the west. My three children joined us in our observations of the unidentified objects in the night sky. These were not jets! Within a few minutes, there were five of these objects in the sky at one time flying in various directions. Two in particular seemed to meet up with one another and hovered across from one another for about a minute or two, then one flew directly below it, and hovered there for less than a minute, then flew in a north eastern direction towards the back of Mount Sentinel. It flew out of sight, then in about another minute or so, reappeared from the east, (where they all seemed to come from).

We watched these objects for about 15 minutes, then they all disappeared behind the mountains in the horizons.

19-Oct-2003, Telkwa: (12:00 noon)  HBCC UFO

A man and his son were out cutting firewood near Paradise Lake, which is located about 6 kilometers east of Telkwa. As the fellows were loading the truck up with the firewood they cut, the son yelled out to his father to look north and just above the tree tops. A large glowing white globe of light flew very quickly, almost skimming the tree tops. The object was heading toward the Babine Lake area. There was not a sound heard coming from the light, even though the light was maybe 300 feet away from the men when they first witnessed it.

19-Oct-2003, Vancouver: (11:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

Hi, I am reporting seeing a strange big reddish ball of light which appeared to fall from the sky. I live downtown Vancouver on the 25th floor facing North East. The light seemed to be over the airport. At first I thought it was a plane but after watching it, it was much larger than a plane light and was falling vertically. I was waiting for some type of explosion but it just disappeared into the horizon, like it fell off the edge of the Earth so to speak. Weird I saw this happen at about 11:30 PM on October 19/2003. As it appeared to be over the airport I think it must of been much farther as it seemed to vanish just to the right of where Mount Baker is on the horizon.

22-Oct-2003, Houston: (7:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

A woman was driving a number of young girls back from a dance rehearsal in Smithers (a 45 minute drive from Houston). As she drove up Hungry Hill she noticed an extremely bright white object in the sky. It suddenly dropped from a higher elevation to just above the tree tops. It was flat like a dinner plate with a single green light on the bottom of it. It was generally moving in a westerly direction, but at one point it made rapid-paced movements in various directions. No sound was heard even though she believes they were within half a mile of it at their closest.

26-Oct-2003, Telkwa: (2:30 am)  HBCC UFO

A woman had arisen during the night to use the washroom when she looked outside and saw a ball of light with a bright ring around it (like the planet Saturn). It was low in the Bulkley Valley, close to Highway #16. For the brief time that she watched, it was making all kinds of strange maneuvers.

29-Oct-2003, Vancouver: (00:34 am)  NUFORC

Between 12:30am and 12:45am on Oct 29/03 were out side watching the northern lights when on object appeared out of nowhere. First instinct was that it was a satellite, but never saw one move as fast as this object was travelling, more than twice the speed. But what really caught our attention was the way it travelled, we were looking south westwardly and the object came in from the north in an arc like tangent. The object then stops, does a counter clockwise circle [with arms out stretched about the size of one's thumb and index finger would make] then makes a counter clockwise return, pauses slightly, then takes right off out of sight. The object appeared to be white in colour, there was no sound or any other anomalies. The whole event took a matter of seconds, we were all shocked at what had just happened.

31-Oct-2003, Vancouver: (3:00 am)  NUFORC

I just looked out & up at the clear night sky this morning, when even to my surprise, there it was plain as could be, and right out of "Lost in Space - the original". I mean, that's what it looked like to me, lights, red, orange, green, blue, yellow and white. rotating under and around the side, Many more lights than any conventional, night flying, airplanes would have on. Not real bright though, like Christmas tree lights rotating. No sound, eerily silent, AND moving in more of a hover, almost a slight wobble from too low a speed. It had to be enormous in size, I guesstimate, I was 1 - 2 kilometres from it, then it passed behind a building. This would have been visible to anyone outside at 3am, near English bay, Stanley Park area. Its altitude was very low, a few hundred feet I think, over the water at English Bay.

November 2003, Aston Creek, BC: (10 pm)

I was living out in Aston Creek at the time and I remember it was the night that the Leoniod Meteor Shower was to take place. It was around 10pm if my memory serves me correctly and I had went out side to grab something from our vehicle. I just happened to look up into the sky at a North West direction in the sky and saw a large orangey red ball of light in the sky. At first I stupidly thought it was Mars until I remember that Mars doesn't sit in the part of the sky. As I stared at it, it looked like it was moving towards my direction. I thought well, I'm not exactly sure on what I was seeing and decided to go and grab my boyfriend from inside the house and show him this. So we both come back outside and I point out the light in the sky and asked "is it me? or does that look like its moving?" and he verified that yes, it was moving towards us. We both stood there watching this thing slowly get closer to us. It was quite large, I can't really give a good scale for comparison other then if you were to hold a large marble up to the sky, that's about how big it was. It finally got to the point were it was pretty much right above us in the sky when suddenly it released two small red objects from it, which seem to drop away from the object then just disappeared. Then, the object shot upwards into the atmosphere at a break neck speed and all that remained was a small pin point of white light high up in the atmosphere which after a minute, disappeared itself. Both Josh and I were in total shock and awe! I couldn't believe what my eyes had seen. We both proceeded to argue with each other about the nature of how those small red balls were released from the UFO. I thought it looked as if the UFO shot them out in a forward direction. He swears that the red balls were dropped from the bottom of the UFO. Either way, we both say what we say!!

There was absolutely no noise. It was low enough in the sky that if it were emitting any engine sound, we would have heard it. Plus it seemed as if this thing was aware that we were watching it. It was one of the eeriest sights I have ever seen and I swear on my deceased family graves, hell, Ill swear on my own future grave! that this is the truth and this is what I saw. These things are out there and I have gone over in my head thousands of times to try and find a logical explanation for what I say and there is none.

7-Nov-2003, Coquihalla Hwy: (3:45 pm)

On the 7th November, 2003 at 3.45pm, 20 kilometers east of the Coquihalla toll booth, my wife who was driving drew my attention to an object in the visually the size of a pea, sky to her left. It was a bright, highly reflective ball, and appeared to be metallic. It was located in the north eastern part of the sky and positioned about 45 degrees above the horizon. I continued to watch it for a period of five minutes during which time relative to our position ( a moving car) it appeared to remain stationary. The sky was completely free of any cloud and viewing conditions were perfect. At the end of five minutes the object began to lose its reflective appearance and gradually seemed to fade away without becoming more distant. I would guess its altitude was 10,000 feet. This portion of highway is located between Hope and Merritt.

12-Nov-2003, Kelowna: (11:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

A witness saw a bright green light very low in the sky. It was travelling in a straight line then made a slight change in direction heading north. Total viewing time was about 8 seconds.

13-Nov-2003, Castlegar: (3:00 pm)

I was travelling west on Arrow Lakes Drive, having come from downtown Castlegar. I glanced up and saw a silver object which I thought was a plane. It was situated over the Pulp Mill, more on the Robson side. The sun glinted on it and it looked like a big silver dollar or moon just hovering there. There was no sound which is why I realized it was not a plane, nor did it move. I kept driving slowly and, as I watched, it disappeared (just vanished), then a second later it reappeared, in the same place. I turned the corner onto my road and lost sight of it.

Mid-Nov-2003, Mission, BC: (6:15pm)
I had just returned from work and got out of the car. Heading up to the mailbox I looked up at the stars (it was a perfectly clear night) and was surprised to see a 747 sized black triangle heading SW-NE right over Mission. I wrote it off to the air force, but thinking about it was puzzled as it was cruising along at about 5000 ft but showing no lights at all and making no sound. Having read black triangle reports, I wonder if this is what I saw, although the ones I read reported lights. This was just a large black equilateral triangle that blotted out the stars as it passed silently overhead.

15-Nov-2003, Vernon
: (9:00 pm)  HBCC UFO

A woman was sitting in her living room watching television when something bright caught her attention. She reports seeing a large bright florescent green colored round ball of light traveling horizontally across the sky from the north to southwest. She reports no tail or trail following the object. She observed the object for about 4 to 5 seconds before she lost sight of it. There was a low cloud ceiling that evening and the green object was well below it. No unusual maneuvers or sound were noted. She believes that the object was quite large. With her hand held at arm's length it would be the size of her thumb.

16-Nov-2003, Burns Lake: (7:30 pm)  HBCC UFO

A couple were driving up a hill on Highway #16 (just before Babine Forest Products) when they saw a red ball of light in front of them. It was low in the sky and travelling at an angle downwards, behind the hill they were climbing. As they lost sight of it they noticed that the crest of the hill, the highway and the tops of the trees were all bathed in a reddish glow. They could not see the source of the red glow, but hoped to once they got to the top of the hill. Unfortunately, the red glow suddenly went out just before they reached the top. They slowed down and kept their eyes open but did not see the red ball again.

23-Nov-2003, Langley: (2:30 am)

At about 2:30 am, I awoke and happened to glance at the open window (I was lying in bed). From my pillow, I observed what I thought to be a commercial aircraft light heading downward toward the ground very fast. As I focused more intently, I realized it was not an airliner. I then figured it must be a shooting star. But the "star" abruptly spiraled upwards toward the sky then made some unusual maneuvers. I noticed that there were other stars in the vicinity, but they were smaller and stationary. This one was blue, yellow (maybe green) and sparkling brightly. I kept thinking it was a planet, but it was moving around so much. It hovered for a time, then began to move around - up down, around and poofs/flashes of light appeared to accompany it. I watched it for about 45 minutes as it appeared to play around in the night sky. It was very bright and colourful. At around 3:15, it slowly moved out of sight and then it was gone.

25-Nov-2003, Creston: (9:20 pm)  HBCC UFO

Two men driving from Creston, along Highway 3 heading west towards Fruitvale, saw briefly a number of bluish lights off in the distance, heading east towards their direction at a very low altitude. As they drew closer, the lights seemed to spread out and then, suddenly, all of the blue lights blinked out at once. The two men thought it was rather strange as they had never witnessed anything like this before. The witnesses did not make out any type of shape, or structure as everything took place rather quickly.

The story does not end here! It was not until a short time later that the two men realized that they had travelled about 25 kilometers without any conscious memory of the distance. The driver had blood trickling down from his right nostril. Both men became very cold and thirsty. Later, the driver broke down and was crying uncontrollably. Both men experienced vivid dreams that night. One man remembers being inside an object, or room. Brian Vike of HBCC UFO is investigating this case further. We will provide an update when we can.

Late November 2003, Coquitlam: (4:00 pm)

My mother and I were driving back after doing groceries at the local grocery store. My mother swung onto Westview (in Coquitlam). After a few more seconds of driving, I looked up to see what looked like a brightly radiant object, sort of shaped like a filament. This object was hanging under the cloud line, and was hovering between Coquitlam and New West. After a few more seconds, it vanished. It did not go into the clouds or dissipate. It was not an airplane, a weather balloon, or any form of mundane phenomena. My parent’s eyes were on the road, but she did see it.

6-Dec-2003, Esquimalt: (2:05 am)

I had just come home about 30 minutes ago from dropping my brother-in-law at his place. When I pulled into the parking lot about 2:05 am, I noticed how clear the view to Port Angles was tonight, after the nasty weather we had earlier this evening. I looked up and saw a bright light moving from east to west. I assumed it was the International Space Station doing its usual orbit. I had seen the space station while living in Sydney for six months, and the speed looked about the same. It was flashing some red and blue lights, but in bursts, not at regularly timed intervals. The lights themselves flashed stronger at times. As I was watching, it stopped mid way over Port Angeles. The lights started moving around, then splitting itself like a rubber band. Then it would separate and dart east then down then join up again. I kept blinking my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I watched for over 5 minutes before coming into the apartment building. I went up to the 3rd floor, where I live, and logged onto your website to leave this report.

I just went back down the hall at 02:37 and have come back at 02:42. The light is still there. It is making fast movements upwards. Still very bright and flashing. But nothing like a helicopter. Far too high, and making movements a helicopter couldn't.

8-Dec-2003, Houston: (8:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

A husband and wife were just returning home and as they pulled into their long driveway they saw their two kids standing outside yelling and pointed towards the mountain behind their home. The husband stopped the car quickly and both parents jumped out in fear as they had no idea what was wrong, thinking the worst. They almost immediately noticed a white oval shaped object sitting stationary over the back of their property.

The oval shaped object had a solid ring of blue lights which seemed to be moving around the white colored object. A slight and annoying hum could be heard coming from it. The Mother went over and grabbed the two children and went into the house with them, Dad followed close behind. They thought it would be safer than standing outside as they had no idea what is was they were looking at. Once inside the home, they proceeded to a back bedroom, closed the door behind them as not to allow any light from inside the home to give away where they were (feeling frightened at this time). Through the window they watched the object, still sitting in the exact spot from when they first noted it. The trees which were below it were all lit up in a white light, and for a good distance around the area. After a total of about 4 minutes of watching this unusual craft, it slowly started to move. As it did so the witnesses claimed they could see sparks dropping off the bottom side of it. The sparks were reported to be a white in color. It rose up rather slowly and as it reached the top of the mountain they lost sight of it. The craft did not blink out, they thought it just crossed over the top and maybe moved down the other side. They reported that whatever it was, it was huge.

The husband said it was not a helicopter, no way !! He said they were very close to this thing, and what noise it gave off was minimal, except for the constant humming sound. The husband also said area residents would have been blind not to see this as it was so bright and large in size.

15-Dec-2003, Victoria: (6:30 am)

In both cases I witnessed bright orbs of light, circular in shape.  They were behind a cloud cover early in the morning.  Approximately between 6:30 a.m to 7:00 a.m. (a time when I am out on my apartment balcony). The first incident was a single orb of light that moved at an unusual rapid speed.  It stopped suddenly, and then descended down, out of sight.  Seconds later it ascended upward, made a tight curve and flew off at a rapid speed again.  Time period was approximately 10 seconds. My second sighting in January was similar in nature only there were three bright orbs of light behind the cloud cover.  Two orbs were aligned one in front of the other.  The other orb was higher and dropped down near the level of the other two and all three took off at a speed not known to any aviation I have ever witnessed.  Again, the time frame was approximately ten seconds.  I can only guess because I was shocked and a little frightened at the experience.

18-Dec-2003, Kelowna: (5:30 pm)  NUFORC

A large saucer-shaped object bolted across the sky. It then hovered in mid air and then dove down to the earth's surface (a mountain top) and either hovered or landed (it was impossible to tell because it was so dark). After sitting or hovering on the mountain top for about 2.5 seconds, the "Flying Saucer" disappeared except for an eerie red glow that remained in the same place that the UFO had been. After about 5 seconds the glow also disappeared. I continued to watch for 10 minutes in case anything else unusual happened, But, unfortunately, nothing did.

25-Dec-2003, Vancouver: (6:00 pm)

I was in my garage sitting in my car facing Trout Lake, looking south or south/west. A single white light appeared on the horizon, the altitude would probably be that of a regular plane, I assumed it to be a helicopter. The light seemed to be rising. If it wasn't rising, it was either moving very slowly or it was coming towards me. The light then seemed to be flying north towards the area I was situated, the speed was actually pretty fast, but I'm not an aviation expert so I'm again assuming. As it approached closer, I guess above Trout Lake, it started to veer to the left (the east) and I was able to view the underside of this object. The lights visible were blinking reds, there were either 3 lights arranged in a triangle patter, or there were multiple lights arranged in a triangular pattern. this could all have been present on any regular plane, but the triangular nature was evident. then as the object came closer, it veered slightly again, and was going a north east direction.

26-Dec-2003, Sicamous: (11:30 pm) HBCC UFO

On Boxing Day the dispatcher for the Sicamous, British Columbia RCMP detachment took a call from an excited woman who requested the RCMP come to her home and look into the unusual sights that had been taking place over a period of time. While making the report the witness felt that she wasn't being taken seriously, and that maybe they thought her to be a little crazy. However, about an hour later, when the RCMP officer arrived in her yard, it was a different story. As soon as he saw the object he stood and looked in amazement. He had no idea what it was. The officer left the family’s home and drove towards the mountain where the object was sitting to get a closer and better look. [Brian Vike of HBCC UFO is attempting to contact the officer to confirm this and to get his report.]

As well as watch the events through their binoculars and with their naked eyes, the family also video-taped the object(s). This acorn-shaped, or diamond-shaped, object was, for the most part, moving quickly and erratically around the sky; zig-zagging back and forth. At one point, when it was stationary, it shot out a large red fireball, and then six bright orange lights appeared in the sky around it. Each of the orange lights had another two white lights on them. These white lights shot a beam of light towards the ground. Approximately half an hour later four more of the large acorn/diamond shaped objects showed up and sat either stationary or moved around the sky. The witnesses said the objects appeared to have hundreds of lights on each of them.

Prior to December 26, the husband had seen a similar object up in the mountains near his home. While waiting for his daughter and her cousin to return with the snowmobile, he saw an object in the sky covered in lights. He estimated that it was a mile away and as big as a house. He was so excited and frightened at what he saw that he immediately drove back home, ran into the house and told his wife. He wanted his wife to go back with him to pick up the kids, because he didn’t want to wait alone!

The previous owners of the family’s home also stated that they had seen silver disk-shaped objects flying over and around the mountains behind the house, on many occasions.

27-Dec-2003, Burnaby: (11:00 pm)

Time around 11pm, was looking outside my kitchen window (west) it was a cylindrical object with a light on the bottom,  large object, was not moving quickly, and was hovering over the downtown area......I stood watching it for at least 3 minutes, wondering what it could be?? Travelled from east to west, coming from Second Narrows Bridge going downtown. I was surprised that it was not moving fast, but rather almost at a stand still, and slowly I watched it drift farther and farther west, until I could no longer see it. It was quite fascinating, I was convinced it was not a plane, for the light that surrounded it on the bottom. My husband has also witnessed a sighting in Burnaby as well, near Joyce and Willingdon. He has also described the same object, with a very bright blinking light on the bottom, travelling in the same direction, east to west. This comes as a big surprise for me since I have always dismissed my husband’s story, being a pessimist myself.