9-Jan-96 Burnaby

J. P. was looking out the window of her Burnaby home about 8 PM on 9-Jan-96. In the Southeastern sky she saw a very, very bright light, stationary in the sky. The object remained in the same location for about 1/2 an hour, then the next time she looked it was gone. Shortly afterwards she saw a bright flash in the southeast that seemed to come from the ground up. Later in the evening she saw two disc shaped objects, again in the southeastern sky above the area where she had seen the bright flash. The next day she heard on the news that 3 yachts had burned in Point Roberts - no confirmation of boats burning could be obtained.

11-Feb-96 Burnaby

As he was entering the library on Willingdon, near Kingsway, G. J. noticed a black sphere against the puffy white clouds. It seemed about the size of a helicopter, but round and made no noise. At first it was stationary, then it moved slowly up and down. The object was very black, then changed to dark gray, then back to black. When it was black it had a sharp outline, but when it was gray it seemed to be fuzzy. The object got smaller as it receded to the west. At one point a dark gray torpedo-shaped projectile shot out of it horizontally, heading northward. The main object continued to recede westward, moving slowly up and down, until it was lost in the distance. Total viewing time of about 30 minutes.

11-Feb-96 Annacis Island

While patrolling a trucking lot on Annacis Island as a security guard, Mr. C. noticed a flock of seagulls spiraling in the thermals from steam emitted at a nearby plant. The time was about 12:10 PM on a clear Sunday afternoon. One white object seemed to be far above the circling seagulls. Using his binoculars, Mr. C. noticed this object was square, reflective and had a motion like "a rippling sheet of aluminum". It moved slowly to the north with no vapor trail, no lights and no sound. The object was lost from view after about 5 minutes.

25-Feb-96 Vancouver

"Myself and two friends were in an apartment building on Davie Street when we noticed a metallic, reflective object approaching from the west, over English Bay. We then observed it through binoculars from the roof of the apartment building - the weather was sunny and clear. We then headed into the city for better viewing purposes, periodically stopping to take photographs. We noticed that once or twice it appeared to emit a red light(?) from the side, plus project spikes(?). We followed the object as it moved slowly westward, until we ended up in Stanley Park. As it was moving back in a north/westerly direction, towards Grouse Mountain, one of our party noticed a brown, tubular object to the east, over the Sears Tower. We turned to look and try to identify this second object, without success. When we turned our gaze back to the first, disc-shaped object, we found that it had disappeared from sight. We had watched the object as it floated, hovered, and apparently moved in an intelligent manner for a period, in total, of two hours.

Altogether we took eleven photos. Strangely, the last two evening snaps were intended to simply finish the roll, however, to our later surprise, all of our pictures show what we think are anomalous objects, including the two sunset, ocean pictures."

14-Mar-96 East Burnaby (gmc)

I was driving my van along 20th Ave in New Westminster in a westerly direction. After stopping at light on 10th proceeded west.  Noticed reflective object in 12:00 clock position approx. 30 degrees above horizon.  Object was approx. one degree in length and approx. .2 degrees in height. Object was traveling from my right to my left (approx. south).Weather was sunny with some scattered cloud at mid height (approx. 3000 ft). I checked time , was 4:44 P.M. Object was traveling at approximately 7 degrees per second.  Object was meniscus shaped with positive curve on top and negative curve on bottom with rounded ends. There was no sign of wing or tail structure . I could not see any lights or color other than frosted aluminum appearance of entire structure.  After a few seconds the object seemed to considerably increase in speed, diminishing from the one degree length to zero in approx. three seconds.

23-Mar-96 Burnaby

Witness was on top of his brother's apartment watching comet.  He looked up to see three bright white lights moving from North to South.  The objects stayed three abreast, the light on the right was on a steady course while the other two shifted about.  Witness estimated the speed of objects as " six times faster than a jet".  He lost sight as objects went over horizon.  It is interesting to note that just prior to sighting his brother's video camera went dead. Total time of sighting about 15 seconds.

21-April-96 Coquitlam

On an overcast Sunday morning a member of the BC Mountaineering Club was hiking up Eagle Mt. in Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver. He was alerted to a loud humming sound which he likened to the drone of bees. At this time steady flashes of bright light were visible through the overcast sky. He had hiked this spot many times previously and never seen or heard anything like the above. Total time of experience was about one hour.

15-May-96? Surrey

A woman and her companion were traveling west on 88th Avenue in Surrey about 12:30 AM when they saw an object with coloured lights cross the sky at high speed. They immediately thought it was a meteor until it executed a 90 degree turn and sped off. The total time for this sighting was possibly 7 to 8 seconds.

15-June-96 White Rock

Stan was sitting in his garden watching a passenger plane pass overhead on its way to the Vancouver airport. He suddenly saw a dark pointed object cross at a very rapid rate from east to southwest, high above the plane. The object made no discernible noise, seemed to leave a smoke trail, and was gone within 30 seconds.

20-June-96 Prince Rupert

At about 12:12 in the afternoon "Fritz Romer" heard his dog barking, went to his window and saw an object in the sky that he thought was a "sky diver". He realized that it was not a sky diver, but a disc shaped object that was descending. He took 4 (or 5) pictures on his 35 mm camera, then used his camcorder. Apparently a flash (reflection?) of light can be seen on the 1 1/2 minutes of the best filming. The object was estimated to be about 5 kilometers away and about the size of a q-tip held at arm's length. At one point it was seen behind Hydro lines. The "Prince Rupert This Week" published a photo in the 7-July-96 issue.

21-June-96 Black Creek (Vancouver Island)

A couple with two small children were out for a walk. Watching two eagles circling in the sunny sky, they noticed two other objects above them. The other objects were white diamonds, on edge, spinning in a counter clockwise manner. The party observed the UFOs for approximately 15 seconds before they vanished from sight.

24-June-96 Surrey

On June 24 Darren and his girlfriend Vannessa were out for a drive enjoying the warm evening. They were travelling west on 64th at 148st when Vannessa who was in the passenger seat noticed a blue light to the north.  She thought nothing of it until it projected an intense "laser like funnel" to the ground.At that second she yelled "what's that" to Darren who turned to have a look. By this time the object had vanished from sight.The total time of the sighting was about 15 seconds.

NOTE: It is interesting that another report has come to us from within blocks of the sighting above. In that report a man and a woman reported a delta like craft hovering over the trees on their property two nights in a row.

25-June-96 New Westminster

At 6.00 p.m. a man and woman were sitting along side the Fraser River relaxing and watching the boats go by. As the man leaned back he noticed a bright metallic object overhead which he first mistook as a seagull. The two witnesses observed several more objects hanging overhead and moving about in a somewhat confined area (1 mile).The objects, much to the man and woman's surprise would at times "completely vanish" in the clear blue sky. They viewed the objects about 15 minutes before they disappeared for the final time.

28-June-96 Kamloops

At approximately 7PM, I was driving east from Kamloops towards Pinantan Lake. I was accompanied by my son, aged 12, and my nephew, 16 years of age. The sun was going down behind a mountain. At the approximate height a plane would be approaching Kamloops Airport we saw what appeared to be a very bright golden-coloured flying saucer. It was not moving quickly. Realizing that it was not a plane, I stopped the car. We opened the windows, there was no sound. My son and nephew put their heads out of the windows for a better look. We decided that the object only could be a UFO and were all somewhat shaken and, at the same time, fascinated by the experience. As we watched, the object continued travelling west out of sight over the mountain. What more can I say?

05-July-96 Burnaby

Two girls aged 16 & 17 observed a bright light in the sky at around 12:30am. The girls at first thought the light was a star but were surprised to see it approach them and begin to glow very brightly. The object became quite large and yet still no sound was to be heard. It suddenly darted off at a 90 degree angle. The girls then became frightened and hid behind some bushes near their home. At this time they observed the object one more time directly behind them hovering over the trees. The girls then ran to their house telling their mother of their experience. When they came out to look again the object had vanished.

11-July-96 Vancouver/Burnaby

About 11:10 PM, "Cindy" felt compelled to go onto her apartment balcony. From there she saw a yellow glowing light, with a slight tail, traveling fast from south to north towards Grouse Mountain. Its' manner of motion was "similar to jerking an object on a string". She watched the object/light for about one minute in a clear cloudless night sky.

12-July-96 New Westminster

A man and his wife were sitting on their balcony looking south towards the Fraser River. About 11:20 PM they suddenly saw a yellow light cross the sky from northwest to the southeast. The light had a twinkling appearance, seemed to be at a high altitude and was only in view about 5 seconds. Shortly afterwards they saw two other steady brighter lights approach high and fast from the same direction. They were spaced several minutes apart. Fifteen minutes later there was another similar light on a similar path, high, fast and brief.

They don't believe the objects they viewed were meteors as the angle of flight remained horizontal rather than curved towards the earth. Also the objects' colour remained a constant yellow.

23-July-96 Surrey

About 10:30 AM, G. C. was sitting in the backyard baby-sitting his two grandchildren. He glanced up into the clear blue sky and saw an opaque object drifting from west to east at a high altitude. Although not clearly defined, it seemed to be squarish. It traveled westerly in a straight line for 4 to 5 minutes. As it moved behind some trees on the edge of the property it became highly reflective, as if metallic.

26-July-96 Vancouver

"Cindy" and a friend were sitting on an apartment balcony, looking south into the night sky (about 11 PM) and noticed a wide triangle of yellow/whitish "stars". As they watched, one dropped suddenly, a second went south, and the third left zig-zagging. The total viewing time was between 5 and 10 minutes.

26-July-96 New Westminster

A couple were sitting on their balcony, looking south, when they saw 3 unusual looking bright objects in a vertical formation. After a couple of minutes the objects were gone. Approximate time was 10:45 PM.

8-Aug-96 White Rock

At about 11 PM, a man walking along the beach happened to look up and saw a light moving in the sky. He thought it was a satellite at first, but then noticed there were three small lights in a triangle, about one inch apart if he held his fingers at arm's length. He watched the lights travel from south to northwest over a one minute period.

09-Aug-96 White Rock

At 9pm on the evening of August 9th "Deiter" observed what was at first thought to be a satellite moving from the south to the north. On further observation three lights in a triangular formation could be seen. The lighted object moved at a steady pace and vanished from view after about a minute.

12-Aug-96 Surrey

At about 5 PM, two people were driving east on 64th Avenue in Surrey, near 128th Street. They noticed a silver/metallic barrel shaped object high in the clear blue sky. It was traveling horizontally towards the northeast. They tried to pull out of traffic so they could park and observe it, but it was quickly lost to sight in the haze. It was in view for approximately 30 - 40 seconds.

17-Aug-96 Malcolm Island

A brilliant glowing white object was observed moving from the south to the north in the Johnstone Strait. The light seemed to be below the tree line on neighbouring Broughton Island. It was viewed for about 30 seconds before it vanished in the direction of the Queen Charlotte Islands. The witness had fished and lived in the area for over 50 years and had never seen anything like it.

24-Aug-96 Savary Island

Joni, 10 years old, watched a light move erratically across the northwestern night sky. She watched the light move across the sky, zigzag back, then zigzag across again. It finally zigzagged "upwards" and disappeared like a "light going off". Two other adult witnesses were present.

25-Aug-96 Whistler

A couple were in their car traveling from Vancouver to Whistler, about 4 AM, when they noticed a very bright light in the sky. They at first assumed it was Venus, but soon decided it could not be. It was orangey in colour and moving in small circles. At times the light would go off, and then come on again.

25-Aug-96 Whistler

Four people, returning from a party about 5:30 AM, saw a bright light in the southeastern sky. The light was 6 to 8 times bigger and brighter than Venus, which could be seen also. It would "hover" for 20 minutes, then zoom to one side and at times seemed to spiral closer. One witness said she saw a black dot to one side of the object. Total viewing time was about ninety minutes.

26-Aug-96 Whistler

Rob and a friend were riding their bikes to a party early Monday morning (2 AM). The moon was almost full and the sky was slightly hazy, probably due to forest fires. To the east they noticed a black shape, like a ball of smoke, but more solid looking. It was oval shaped and roughly the size of the moon. They stopped their bikes and watched the object for several minutes - it did not move or dissipate. Later, at the party, they talked to another person who had also seen the black object, but who had also seen a row of lights around the middle.

Late August 1995 or 1996, Lakelse Lake, BC:

So we 5 guys were in my small Izuzu car travelling from Lakelse Lake back to Terrace a bit after dark. It was a dark and gloomy night after a very hot summer, drizzly and nasty. We (I) decided to take the old road back to Terrace because we had beer in the car and the drinking age was then 21, an age that we had not attained. We were traveling at a probably sedate speed of 50MPH on the old road that had originally bypassed a slide that went into the lake a few years before. Basically a straight stretch with a rise to the right  with a power line above it and a bit of a chasm on the left. The power line was a recent addition to eliminate the diesel electric plant in Terrace much prior to the Provincial grid. So then the car lights and all electronics went dead. We were blind. It was pitch black. My buddy in the front passenger seat prospected for Canada by opening his door and we knew we were on the road when we heard the door hitting the side of the road. We were lucky to stop the car an 'runaway lane' just after  the road turned to the left and went down and around. So there we were kinda suprised to be alive but not to be scared shitless. So we got out of the car and may have had a beer (surely a leak) and started to talk about how in the name of God could a brand new battery and a nalternator get trashed in the same instant. Well we knew it had but didn't understand. I had a Zippo lighter and we found enough metal and tools to first short out the battery and second disconnet it and short it out again in the case that the first short faulted because of some other short. No spark. Bugger all. Dead chemical battery. So we put it all together and tried again. No go. What the F? So like all lads before and after us we started to walk down the road we had just come up. After a little bit I (we) noticed red orange lights that appeared to flutter up and down the power pylons. My first thought was fire but retrospectivley I think the flash may have been 60 cycle oscillations. So madness probably prevailed. We ran up the hill to check it out. It worked out pretty well I think. I think I have memory of looking down at something under a power pylon and a line that was humming. To be honest I do not remember anything cohesively from the time we left the road to climb until I was, what do you call it, removed from the scene at about 3 feet above the windfalls. Myfirst thought, and still with me, was I'm gonna break a fuckin leg. Anyway for whatever reason we were all I guess levitated down to the road from where we all walked to the highway. Three hitched to Terrace and two of us walked to the lake. I had not mentioned that the electrical grid was out. But when we were returned to the car some time later the grid was up and the lights and radio were on in the car. The beer was a bit warm though. Jim

15-Sep-96 Surrey

Up to 9 people at a time watched a strange aerial display in the southwestern sky from 9:50 PM to 10:20 PM. A bright white star-like object (flashing blue, green and red) was making fast erratic movements, zigzagging about the sky, between 50 and 80 degrees above the horizon. One witness, Daniel, claimed the other object kept returning to a position between two other dimmer objects. These other objects did not move much, but did seem to get further apart or closer together at times. After half an hour, the object(s) could not be located .

NOTE: A second call was placed to our Hotline # reporting a triangular object, twice the size of a 747, flying around the sky about 9:30 the same evening. Unfortunately, the caller did not leave a name, number or further details.

Late Sep/Early Oct 1996, Clinton/100 Mile House, BC:

My cousin Charles and myself were driving to Quesnel from Westbridge about 1 or 2:00 pm. We were a half hour or so north of Clinton BC when in the distance we noticed a very low flying plane near the highway. We both noted saying "Wow that plane can't be more than 50 feet or so from the ground", but as we approached closer we saw that it was in fact hovering in place and as we passed it by it was no more than 100 feet from the road to our left facing south, and sure enough it was just hovering there over a field. I got a chill up my spine and Charles said the hair in his neck was standing up. I am no expert on airplanes but at the time it reminded me of the plane from the cartoon Tale Spin, it had two propellers one on each wing, along with floater things for water, it was light tan brown in colour, and this was the strangest part, there was no wind pushing the grass around as you would expect. Both Charles and I were struck with a strange petrifying fear and about 6-10 seconds after we passed it by, I told Charles we have to turn around and see WTF that was. Moments later we pulled a U turn and approached it and noticed it flying off to the south. To this day we don't know what type of airplane-craft-thingy it was.

Oct-1996: Eastern shore of Lake Okanagan, a few miles north of Windfield: (around midnight)
It happened near an orchard, at night (around midnight) during the 3rd or 4th week of October. I was heading for my cabin to sleep (all other apple pickers were already in bed). I saw a black/dark sleek triangle, with light spots along its edges, slowly and silently heading south in a straight line. It was maybe 100 m over a ridge of hills at the edge of the orchard, from a few hundred meters away. Speed? About that of a Cessna plane, maybe less, but the speed was even. Reminded me of those triangular UFO's in the X-Files TV program. As a kid, I was fond of plastic airplane models and Iím still familiar with many shapes of planes, including many present-day civilian and military planes, drones and prototypes. Although it was dark outside and probably moonless, what I saw DIDN'T look (nor sound -- absolutely silent!) like a plane. What's funny is that it seemed to use the same air corridor as the one many small planes used every day as they headed for a small airport close to Kelowna, a few miles south of where I was. When I saw it, I thought, "Heck, I don't need that", and headed straight for bed after a few seconds. There was no news about it the next days.

Oct-1996, Langley: (between 8 and 9 pm)

"I have a ufo sighting I would like to report. It was around 1996 in Campbell Rivery Valley Park, Langley B.C., at the entrance closest to the border, like 4th Avenue or something. I am 24 now so I must have been about 19 or 20 back then. It was about 8 or 9 at night in early or late october and me and my friend were both out with flashlights in a farmerís field next to the park, looking for shrooms. *Note we didn't find any - we were straight."

"Anyway, the sky that night was clear and I was looking towards Abbotsford way when I noticed an unusual light that looked like a very bright star. I pointed it out to my friend then we went back to shroom hunting. Abought 10 minutes later I looked back up at the star and nearly shit myself. There, right above us, was a huge black triangle. It was so low it must have been just above tree level. It had what looked like christmas lights wrapped around it's perimeter. The weird thing about it was that it didn't make any sound at all, absolutely none. It was moving very slow and it passed over us turning towards Brookswood. We watched it disappear over the trees at the end of the field. It was very creepy, there was a low heavy fog in the field and we thought we were gonna see aliens start walking through the fog so we took off to the car parked on the road and took off. We were both scared and I remember that I had pins and needles all over. We talk abought this incident often. It was so surreal. Again the wierdest thing was that there was absolutely no sound and we probably wouldn't have even seen it if I hadn't looked up."

4-Oct 96 Vancouver: (11:04 pm)

"I was looking at the night sky (11:04 pm) when suddenly the clouds parted revealing a square shaped metallic object about 500 feet above my head. In each corner of the craft was a red and green light. Underneath were rows of 18 to 20 smaller lights (yellow/orange) that illuminated the sequence. The UFO appeared to be flat and ''corrugated'' on the underside. No noise could be detected from it. Then just as suddenly as it appeared ,the clouds closed in and the craft was lost from view. Altogether I believe I observed it for a period of two minutes."

Nov 1996, Mitt Lake, BC:

I thought I'd share this UFO photo with you, since actual convincing photos such as this are quite rare. 
this photo taken looking West across Mitt Lake , maybe 20 miles West of Quesnel BC, shown to me recently by a long time Quesnel resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

Witness related to me he had difficulty gauging how far away he was from the saucer, it hovered stationary for several minutes then would suddenly streak to a new position with unbelievable speed then hover stationary at that position for several minutes, all with no sound what so ever. The saucer hovered and changed position for about 30 minutes after the witness first sighted it, then finally shot with blinding speed out of sight over horizon in a Westerly direction from Mitt Lake. The witness stated his the whole sighting lasted approx. 30 minutes.

I was shown other photos by the witness that were taken in area West of Quesnel previous to this saucer sighting, 1 photo appearing convincingly authentic, showing a fleet of 3 saucers hovering at low altitude at various distances from the witness camera, over a snow covered clearing with trees in background.

Mitt Lake Saucer

1-Nov -96 Richmond:

At about 5:00 pm, George and Alex were walking along a road in Richmond when they saw an oval shaped , whitish-yellow light in the southeastern sky; moving north. At first it was moving in a straight line, about 900 mph (guess). When it got to the northeast sky it started ''zipping around", but did not seem to slow down or bank when making sharp turns. With binoculars,the object appeared to be made up of 4 square shaped lights. Eventually the object moved to the north and was lost to sight . Total viewing time was about 15 to twenty minutes.

14-Nov-96, Vancouver: (4:35 pm)

"As I was approaching the mall near City Hall, at high altitude above me appeared a very bright orange flat disc.  It was rotating horizontally like a slowly wobbling top.  It was just after sunset and there was some dimly pinkish cirro-cumulus clouds (20,000 ft.+) around the disc area.  The disc appeared to be about the size of a pea at arm's length.  It stopped wobbling then I saw a distinct light grey bubble dome on top of it.  I turned my head to look at a very loud and large double-propped military helicopter flying low.  When I looked back toward the ufo, it was gone.  This event lasted about 5 minutes. I often wonder if anyone else witnessed this event."
Roger Franz, Vancouver

14-Nov-96, Whitehorse, Yukon: (9:15-9:30 pm)

A 21 year old man and his wife were walking along a driveway just off the Shallow Bay Road near the south end of Lake Laberge, about 25 kilometres north of Whitehorse. It was a clear cool night, ideal for star gazing. The pair saw a moving point of light which they initially thought was a satellite. They looked up again and saw that there were three white points of light in a triangular pattern moving at a slow sedate pace towards the south-southeast. The lights were solid and not flashing and never changed speed, direction or orientation. The object looked fairly large, was blotting out the stars behind it and left quite the impression on the couple.

Initially, the man thought the object might be fairly low in elevation so he shone his flashlight at it to see if he got a reflection, there was none. At arms length the object was the size of two Canadian $2.00 coins. There was no sound emanating from the object. The triangle was an isosceles triangle with angles comprising of approximately 80, 80 and 20 degrees with the narrow end facing the direction of travel.

After observing it for about a minute, the man ran like mad to a neighborís house. "I had to get somebody else to see it" he said. By the time he reached the house the object had disappeared in the distance. The total time that the object was visible was estimated to be about 2 to 3 minutes.

The man called the Control Tower at the Whitehorse International Airport. They didnít see anything visually or on radar and had not received any other reports. Next the man called the RCMP and made a report with the dispatcher. The next day an officer called back for more details and gave the man his Case Number. After listening to the story, the officer said that he would check with the nearest Alaskan airbase but didnít call back to say if he found out anything. As is customary, the RCMP release their reports to the media the following morning (with witnessís permission) and as a result every media outlet in town called the witnesses. The man did an interview with local CKRW and CHON radio stations and the story also appeared in the Nov 15, 1996 Whitehorse Star newspaper. The story may have received some international exposure as well since the Whitehorse Star received a letter to the editor a couple of weeks later regarding a similar sighting in California. The witnesses also reported the sighting to the Alberta UFO Research Association but due to their stringent reporting requirements the association did not officially log their sighting.

The RCMP called the man back continuously for a one month period wanting even more details about the sighting but provided no answers for him in return. They were especially interested in the report filed with AUFORA which he eventually reconstructed as best as he could and passed it on to them.

Overall, the couple was not impressed with how their report was being handled.

They did receive a call from someone from Burma Road, a few kilometres south, who said that she and her husband saw the same thing a year earlier while sitting out in their hot tub. They watched it until it went out of sight going over the horizon.

17-Nov-96 Vancouver:

At about 5:30 pm a woman and her son had just disembarked from the Sky Train (Vancouver's rapid transit) and were walking in an easterly direction when they were caught in a power outage. At that moment they saw a black square object about the size of two cars glide across the park. The woman and her son then proceeded to her daughters apartment about three blocks away. At around 8:00 pm the family sat down to a candlelight chicken dinner as the power in the area was still out. They were alerted to a "whoo-whoo" sound outside; and the power returned. Going to the window to see if they could see a source to the peculiar sound they were able to see a brilliant blue light in the sky, moving about. The young woman and her brother then went outside to view the object better and were astounded to see it come towards them "like it was coming down a hill" . It then hovered above the trees and at this time the woman and boy could see a dark rim around the bright light. It then rose and moved away to the south-west. Total length of viewing was about 20 minutes.

24-Nov-96 Burnaby:

About 9pm, the witness was sitting in his apartment and noticed a light reflecting off the wall. Going to the window looking northeast over Burnaby Lake he could see a very bright stationary white light, at an altitude of 75 to 100 feet over the south side of the lake. Taking his monocular onto the balcony he found that looking at it through the glass provided no discernible features, but the brightness hurt his eye. The light was approximately 1/2 mile away and had no accompanying sound (such as a helicopter would make). He returned inside, periodically checking outside. It remained for one hour, then either left or went out (not observed). The witness resides on the third (top) floor of an apartment building. The weather was cold and cloudy, with light snow.

30-Nov-96 Vancouver:

At around 6:30 PM a young man and woman witnessed a blue "anchor-shaped" object moving at a steady pace from the north moving south. On this particular evening, Vancouver was experiencing strong southerly winds with gusts up to 70 km/h. The object stopped over the pairs heads and proceeded to turn in a clockwise pattern before moving to the south. Total time of viewing 5 minutes. (Note: one of the viewers of this object was the same young woman who experienced a sighting on 17-Nov-96.)

1-Dec-96 Burnaby:

Sitting in my apartment, about 9:30 pm, looking northeast I suddenly saw a brilliant white light located over (near?) Lougheed Mall, about two miles away. Moving to my third floor verandah I estimated the light was 1/8 of an inch at arm's length at an altitude of 1000 to 1500 feet. The light was pulsating. After 2 minutes of observation it shot up vertically to 5000 to 7000 feet, then stopped for a second before making a right angled turn to the south, traveling at twice the speed of a normal aircraft. The total viewing time was 3 minutes. All the while I watched this through my monocular. The night sky was very clear. Not too surprisingly (allowing for the distance away) I heard no accompanying sound. The object displayed no additional lights. When last seen it looked like a very bright star.