1-Jan-95 North Vancouver

During the evening of Jan 1, 1995, from the 7th floor of the Lion's Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, Mr. B. saw a huge triangular object dive towards the waters of Howe Sound and then bank sharply upwards and disappear. Total viewing time was only about 5 seconds.

1-Jan-95 Burnaby

EH was looking SE from her Burnaby home at about 7:45 Sunday morning (1-Jan-95) and saw a round dark object. It moved closer until it was larger than her outstretched hand at arm's length. At this point she noticed the birds in the trees around her were "acting up". When she moved to an unscreened window to get a better view, the object reversed direction and slowly moved eastward and upward. It receded until it was a pinpoint, then disappeared at about 8 AM.

8-Feb-95 Chilliwack

At 7:30 AM, "Ed" was looking from the Chilliwack forces base to the northeast sky. He saw a stationary oval, orangish glowing light - as large as two fingers held at arm's length. After watching for 3 to 4 minutes, "Ed" looked away, looked back, and it was gone. Being in the military he was very familiar with normal aircraft.

22-Feb-95 Surrey

Lady traveling west on 64th Avenue near 112th Street, about 5:30 AM on the 22nd of February, saw a green oval light traveling from south to north.

2-Mar-95 Burnaby

A man looking north in the early afternoon, from his kitchen, saw 3 black objects flying in formation. As he walked onto his deck he saw two of the objects continue their easterly direction and the third object slowly get larger as it came towards him. Over the next twenty minutes it continued to move towards him until it was about 45 degrees above the horizon. It then stopped, moved slowly to the east, stopped, moved slowly to the east, past it's original position, and then started moving to the northwest, away from him. At this point the man ran into the house and got his camera. For several minutes he used the zoom lens to get a better view of the object and then took one picture. An enlargement showed the object as triangular and very black. Although the day was sunny and clear, the object did not reflect any light and looked like "a hole in the sky". The enlargement also showed two smaller black objects in the background.

5-Apr-95 Burnaby

A man walking in the daytime, in same general area as 2-Mar-95 sighting, saw three black triangular objects stacked vertically below low cloud cover. They seemed stationary at first but over a ten minute period they moved slowly upwards and disappeared into the clouds.

12-Apr-95 New Westminster

Three people saw 2 bright lights over Queens Park, about 1/4 of a mile away. One object shone beams of light down to the ground. Sighting lasted for 25 minutes.

24-Apr-95 Abbotsford

While relaxing in a hot tub, a man and his son watched a triangular object move across the night sky.

25-Apr-95 Abbotsford

While relaxing in a hot tub, a man, his son and his daughter watched a triangular object move across the night sky.

3-May-95 Abbotsford

While relaxing in a hot tub, a man and his son again watched a triangular object move across the night sky.

7-May-95 Surrey

Two couples traveling on Highway #10, west of Cloverdale, stopped to watch a blue/white light hovering over the field south of the road. After watching for 15 minutes, one of the ladies turned to go back to her vehicle and noticed a bright, football-sized light 10 feet above her camper. She screamed and the light slowly moved up and away. At this point, they all got in their vehicles and drove away. When they got close to the King George Highway (about two miles away) they saw a blue/red light cross the road from left to right.

17-May-95 Surrey

A couple near Bear Creek Park watched a "dinner plate" shaped object hover over Brookside Elementary School between 11 and 11:30 PM. Rotating lights were seen along the rim of the "plate".

19-May-95 Surrey (bo)

At 4:10 PM on a clear sunny day in the Guildford area a man and his wife observed a bright white object slowly moving from the eastern sky to the west.  Object changed shape from small dot to triangle.  Object then took off at rapid speed to SE. Caught on video tape.  Total time of viewing 40 minutes.

28-May-95 Surrey (bo)

Same object as above returns again, this time approximately 2:00 PM.  Caught again on video tape and viewed by 12 witnesses. Total viewing time 10 minutes.

May/June 1995, Victoria: (5:00 pm)

It was late May or June 1995, sunny and around 5 pm and I was in a car driving along Shelbourne Street going North near the University Heights Shopping Centre near Mackenzie Avenue. My daughter was driving and I was in the back seat with my son when my son noticed a bright light up on Mt. Doug. It looked like a big forest fire, but there was no smoke at all. So my daughter drove to a place where we could park and observe it. By the time we got to a side street behind Morning Side townhouses off Laval Avenue we could see that it was not a fire but a very bright stationery light in the air beside the top of the Mountain. It was shaped like an inverted candle light or back of a rocket before take off. It was vertical and just flickered very fast. There was no noise. It seemed like it was about 80 - 100 feet from the trees. So we watched it for a few minutes to see what it would do. It didn't move or fly away. Then I thought we should call somebody like the radio station to see if they knew what it was. So I tried to call CFAX a couple of times but I couldn't get through for some reason so we just left it at that and still don't know what it was.

02-June-95 Vancouver (gmc).

I was proceeding east on the Skytrain [Vancouver's elevated transit system] from Granville Street Station, time was approximately 8:45, weather was clear with some clouds. As Skytrain was proceeding east from Main Street Station I was looking at the north shore mountains and the lights on the Grouse Mountain chairlift.  I then noticed a large round light on the western shoulder of Mt. Seymour, approximate altitude would be 1500 feet. Time 9:00 P.M.  The light was pulsing at approximately one cycle per second (it was more of a modulation than a pulse as the light faded and brightened gradually not pulsing as in a strobe). The light had a visible dimension of less than one half degree. The colour was white with a slightly yellowish tinge.  The light started to rise and the faster it rose the faster it pulsed. It rose to approximately 3000 feet from about 1500 feet in a few seconds.  I lost sight of it when the sky train entered the next station. When I could see Seymour mountain again the light was not there.

11-June-95 Vancouver

At about 35 minutes past midnight, a lady in her 4th floor apartment heard a very loud, vibrating hum and her two cats "freaked out". She opened the drapes and saw a long, dark, cylinder shaped object moving slowly north to south. It was above the Burrard Street bridge and was about 3 blocks long! She phoned a friend who arrived in time to see it for a few minutes before it disappeared to the southeast. Total viewing time was about 8 minutes.

11-June-95 Surrey (bo)

Same object is seen for third time.  This time first viewed by children playing in back yard.  Children seemed excited and began yelling "UFO, UFO". Caught on video tape again!  This time moved at extremely high speed.  Viewing time 3 minutes. 2:30 PM.

18-June-95 Surrey (bo)

Bright white light observed again in afternoon sky in Guildford area by same man and neighbourhood witnesses as three previous times.  Approx. 5:00 PM.

Summer 1995, Aston Creek, BC:

This another sighting I had when I first lived out in Aston Creek when I was 13 years old. This one, both my mother and I saw. In my personal history, I have had five different experience with witnessing UFO'S, even though there are no recent sightings, I feel that they should still be reported and I would have done so earlier if I had the means to but I didn't know where to report such things. To start this experience off, a couple days before this night, my mom and I had seen a large odd ball of light flying in a southern direction I think it was and didn't really take much note on it. The next morning on BCTV News, they stated that a large ball of light was sighted down at the coast in the sky. I cant remember if mom said they showed video of this ball of light or what but she told me that she was certain that what she had seen fly by our area was the same thing that was sighted down at the coast about two hours later. If it was, this thing changed its flight path of going southward to westward, I'm not aware of any meteor that can do that which was the conclusion reached on the news I'm pretty sure. A few days later, early in the evening, it had just gotten dark. I was inside the house and my mom came flying in from the porch and told me to get outside and look up into the sky. I remember there was a tree line that I had to look above to see the sky and above that tree line I saw the classic triangle shape craft slowly moving above us. I wish there was a way I could draw this so I could show exactly what I saw.

For about five minutes or so, mom and I watched this thing slowly move above us, and there was absolutely no sound! I mean everything was quiet. The animals, not even the crickets were making a sound, and this thing definitely wasn't producing any engine type sounds. It was a triangle and I remember being able to only see the bottom of this thing because I remember the light formation on it like it was yesterday. I was able to see that it had the three lights at each point of the triangle and one in the centre but I was also able to see faintly that there was dozens of smaller lights the ran along of the outer edges of the triangle that would change colours. I was totally mesmerized by these lights because I remember seeing other peoples reports of seeing a triangle UFO that had the same characteristic lights at each point and the centre light but no one ever mentioned the multi coloured lights that I saw. Mom and I were able to watch this thing until it was beyond the trees and were not able to see it any longer. It would be interesting to know if anybody around the same time saw the same thing in the area. It was very shocking for me to see this UFO at that age and have to say it has left an lasting impression on me and I swear to god that both my mom and I saw this, I'm not making these reports to get attention, I feel that it is important that I do this because not everyone gets to see these things and for some reason, I have had multiple sighting and feel that there is more to this world then just us.

Summer 1995, Merritt, BC:

Back in the early summer of 1995 in Merritt, BC while I was up the Coldwater Road Valley by the intersection with the Coldwater Road and Coquihalla Highway, I was sitting outside on the front porch of my friend's house with my friend having a smoke. Something made me look up and what I saw was a huge black flying triangle which I will describe in more detail later.

Now at the time, I had never heard of such a craft. I always assumed that UFOs were small saucer craft that zipped back and forth with flashing lights, nothing more and that was if they even existed at all. At the time I was not privy to the internet and after the experience never thought about it much as I just had no explanation what-so-ever. That was until I watched UFO Hunters on TV in 2010 and they had an episode on Giant Flying Triangles.  I almost fell out of my chair when I remembered what I had seen and realized that the phenomenon was much more prevalent than I had ever thought! 

What I sat there staring up at 15 years prior  was a massive object. I vividly remember describing it back and forth with my friend as we sat there. It was like looking at the bottom of an iron you would use to iron your clothes. It was not a perfect triangle shape, but the sides were curved a little and the back was straight across. Slightly longer in length than width.  Basically the shape of the bottom of a clothes iron multiplied by several hundred thousand in size. I could only see the bottom and could not tell how thick it was as it was a dark, clear night and only stars lit the sky. (There was no ambient lighting from any nearby cities.) We kept saying to each other "do you see what I'm seeing?" and then we would describe it to each other as if we thought maybe the other person couldn't see it or one of us was going nuts.
The craft had small, faint, dim red lights dotted along the bottom side edges, maybe 20 per side or so. The whole craft seemed to be slightly cloaked. This part is hard to explain. You could see it, but it was kind of faint. It blocked out the stars as it passed between them in my line of sight and that was basically how I could tell the shape, except I could see the outline. It made no noise as it passed over and flew at what I noted to be a very slow speed. If I had to approximate a speed I might say a couple hundred kilometers an hour. I really don't like to estimate the speed because I could be off but it seemed to move slowly through the sky and it didn't seem very high up, maybe 4 to 6 or 7 thousand feet? It could have been lower I don't know, I am a poor judge of altitude and it was dark and I just really couldn't tell. It didn't help that it was, as I mentioned earlier, "slightly cloaked".  It passed over us and we just sat there and stared at it and made comments about it to each other until it went out of sight over the opposite ridge to the west. We watched it for about 10 minutes as it passed over. As the craft flew it came from the east and flew to the west.

I have never seen anything unexplainable in my life before this nor since, despite often gazing up at the night sky while outside. This was a one time UFO experience for me but after watching UFO Hunters and the flying triangle episode I realized that I wasn't going crazy that night and felt compelled to share my story in the event that it helps someone uncover the truth in regards to what these craft are.

18-July-95 Port Coquitlam

In downtown Port Coquitlam, during the day, a woman saw a reflective disc-shaped object traveling quickly from west to east. It seemed to be very high up.

24-July-95 New Westminster

A young man saw a circular object, with running lights made up of large yellowish white squares, flying close to the base of the clouds. It suddenly shot up leaving a hole in the clouds that lasted for several minutes. Completely silent.

11-Aug-95 Kelowna

A couple watched a pulsating red, green and yellowish object in the night sky. It remained stationary for about an hour, shot straight up to a new location for 1/2 an hour and the moved away. At one point they saw what they thought was a satellite move across the sky and enter the object. After advertising in the local paper, another man came forward to verify their story, including the "satellite" entry.

12-Aug-95 Surrey

A young couple were up late (about 1 AM) watching the Perseid meteor shower. They were just about to go inside when the man heard a humming noise and looked up. About 200 feet above them was a large circular object about 50 feet in diameter traveling slowly from east to west. As it was just going over the house they ran around to the backyard and watched it continue westward, disappearing over the treetops and surrounding homes. From below it was round with a purple ring of light halfway from the center to the rim. From the side it was saucer shaped with a rotating ring of lights in the middle. As the couple was very impressed by the sighting, they put on warm clothing and planned to watch the sky all night. At about 2 AM they felt a vibration, heard a humming noise, and all the dogs in the neighbourhood started barking. From the east came the identical object slowly traveling west. This time it was not directly over them but slightly to the north. At about 3:30 the sighting was repeated again, this time further to the north and traveling slightly faster. They estimate the object was in view 45 seconds the first two times and maybe 30 seconds the last time.

12-Aug-95 West Vancouver

A 5 minute video was shot from Cypress Bowl showing a panoramic view of the Lower Mainland. Although nothing was seen at the time, later viewing of the video showed an unidentified flying object three different times. The first time it appears low in the sky near the 2nd Narrows Bridge, the second time higher and to the southwest, and the third time higher again and further to the southwest.

21-Aug-95 Burnaby

Three people watched a very bright white light in the night sky. It stayed stationary for more than a minute then shot straight up without a sound. It then moved away slowly, looking like a thick-winged military type plane, gray with tiny blinking lights.

31-Aug-95 Vancouver

While two brothers were fishing from their boat they watched a bright , blinking cylindrical object circling high over Vancouver.

Late August 1995 or 1996, Lakelse Lake, BC:

So we 5 guys were in my small Izuzu car travelling from Lakelse Lake back to Terrace a bit after dark. It was a dark and gloomy night after a very hot summer, drizzly and nasty. We (I) decided to take the old road back to Terrace because we had beer in the car and the drinking age was then 21, an age that we had not attained. We were traveling at a probably sedate speed of 50MPH on the old road that had originally bypassed a slide that went into the lake a few years before. Basically a straight stretch with a rise to the right  with a power line above it and a bit of a chasm on the left. The power line was a recent addition to eliminate the diesel electric plant in Terrace much prior to the Provincial grid. So then the car lights and all electronics went dead. We were blind. It was pitch black. My buddy in the front passenger seat prospected for Canada by opening his door and we knew we were on the road when we heard the door hitting the side of the road. We were lucky to stop the car an 'runaway lane' just after  the road turned to the left and went down and around. So there we were kinda suprised to be alive but not to be scared shitless. So we got out of the car and may have had a beer (surely a leak) and started to talk about how in the name of God could a brand new battery and a nalternator get trashed in the same instant. Well we knew it had but didn't understand. I had a Zippo lighter and we found enough metal and tools to first short out the battery and second disconnet it and short it out again in the case that the first short faulted because of some other short. No spark. Bugger all. Dead chemical battery. So we put it all together and tried again. No go. What the F? So like all lads before and after us we started to walk down the road we had just come up. After a little bit I (we) noticed red orange lights that appeared to flutter up and down the power pylons. My first thought was fire but retrospectivley I think the flash may have been 60 cycle oscillations. So madness probably prevailed. We ran up the hill to check it out. It worked out pretty well I think. I think I have memory of looking down at something under a power pylon and a line that was humming. To be honest I do not remember anything cohesively from the time we left the road to climb until I was, what do you call it, removed from the scene at about 3 feet above the windfalls. Myfirst thought, and still with me, was I'm gonna break a fuckin leg. Anyway for whatever reason we were all I guess levitated down to the road from where we all walked to the highway. Three hitched to Terrace and two of us walked to the lake. I had not mentioned that the electrical grid was out. But when we were returned to the car some time later the grid was up and the lights and radio were on in the car. The beer was a bit warm though. Jim

1-Sep-95 North Vancouver

A man and his wife saw a round smoky-white ball traveling from east to west between Burnaby and the North Shore mountains. Sighting was about 10 PM.

1-Sep-95 Maple Ridge

A woman watched a light in the southern sky change colours, shrink to a very small light, then move away very fast. As it moved away to the west it passed a much slower moving plane. Sighting was about 10 PM.

2-Sep-95 Parksville

At 10:10 AM a woman and her husband saw a strange object in the sky traveling from the northwest to the southeast. The object was tear-drop shaped, consisting of a golden globe at the head of a whirling mass of vapour. With binoculars, the golden globe seemed to surround a black triangle and the vapour trail encompassed 3 fiery streams coming out of the back of the triangle. The object was silent and was in view for twelve minutes.

6-Sep-95 Surrey

About 11:30 PM, a woman saw a big blue object, pulsing red, orange and white above. It was hovering over the Port Mann area. She has seen objects there before.

9-Sep-95 Vancouver

In the afternoon, a woman saw a silver object to the northeast of her home. It stayed relatively in one location, doing small circles, before drifting further to the northeast.

10-Sep-95 Burnaby

From his Burnaby apartment, "Rob" saw a pyramid-shaped object over the Scott Road Skytrain Station in Surrey. It was covered in many small bright green lights. He saw it for about 7 seconds before it disappeared over the hill.

10-Sep-95 Surrey

At about 1:30 AM a woman saw a glowing orange ball in the eastern sky over Cloverdale. She saw three blue balls shoot out of the bottom of the orange ball and the orange light went out.

15-Sep-95 North Delta

In the early evening, six people saw a triangular object with white tips and a blue light in the center. It was over 72nd Avenue and 116th Street and slowly moved to the west over Burns Bog

15-Sep-95 Langley

Looking to the south from their fourth floor apartment, a man and his wife saw a small, pulsating red light. They watched it for about 10 minutes as it got fainter and further away.

23-Sep-95 Burnaby

A young girl and nine others saw a "flashing thingamajiggy going round and round". This round object with a ring of lights was seen southwest of Lougheed Mall at about 8:45 PM.

24-Sep-95 Port Coquitlam

A man out star-gazing with his binoculars about 11:30 PM saw 7 objects flying in formation very high up over the mountains. There were two groupings, one of three objects and one of four, traveling northwest. They made no sound but seemed to have a dull glow about them.

Fall, mid-1990s, Gibsons, BC: (night) HBCC UFO

At the time, Gibsons was still a very quiet place. I was walking home, watching the sky as I often do. The sky was dark blue or black with stars with the occasional puffy cloud, lit from below by the village street lights.

I saw only the front of what appeared to be a low-flying passenger airliner. It was silvery in colour and rounded in shape at the front. From the front backward, as far as I could see, were what appeared to be lighted airplane windows, square-shaped, perhaps 6 in number. I stopped to watch and then it occurred to me that:
a) if a plane was flying that low I should be able to hear engines, but there was no noise and
b) airplane cockpits are not lit up as passenger windows are, nor was there a cockpit bulge.

This "plane", i.e. just the part that I could see, went behind a cloud. I stood and waited for it to emerge on the other side. It was a small cloud. It did not come out the other side.

I heard locally that another woman had reported a UFO at a around the same time.

2/3-Oct-1995, Penticton, BC: (4 am)

I had just finished work and was waiting in the parking lot of  Dennys/Sandman Hotel for my ride. As I sat on the curb I observed the moon as it appearred to be full or almost a full moon. The skies were mostly clear and as the moon was was emerging from behind some wispy clouds into the clear as I watched astonished, the moon closed in from the outside edges. Pardon me if that's hard to understand.. as if  i saw it through an old pirate telescope that swirls closed I have no other way to describe it. I watched it do this about 4-5 times from full moon and then "shrink" to a point of light and competely disappear, and to full again very quickly. My ride showed up just as my astonishment was becoming  disillussioned fear. I was relieved not to be alone. I showed my friend Tom P what was happening and so it continued doing that for another 5-10 minutes on the short ride home. As we both watched. All total, the event lasted about 10-12 minutes and the "moon" shrank and grew(?) about 10 times. I believe now that i saw either a projected image of the moon or  a craft was in front of it with some sort of focusing port at its center.  I dont believe anything I "see" since then.

14-Oct-95 West Vancouver

Six people, traveling back from Cypress Bowl on the Upper Levels Highway, saw a triangular craft with white lights in the corners and a red light in the center. It seemed to pace their vehicles, keeping just in front of them so that they had to crane their necks to see it. When they exited onto the side streets they quickly lost sight of it as it traveled south over the tree tops.

18-Oct-95 Richmond

A couple were out for a walk at Gary Point Park in Steveston about 7:30 PM and noticed a row of tiny twinkling lights in the western sky, about 30 degrees above the horizon. As they watched, the lights resolved into three lights in a row, at a 15 degree angle. The lights seemed to get closer and then went over their heads, without a sound. If the lights had been attached to a single object, it would have been huge, but they could see stars between the lights. The three lights continued in a SE direction towards White Rock and were lost from view in a few minutes. Total sighting lasted maybe 5 minutes.

31-Oct-95 Deep Cove

A group of about 10 people were at the west end of Myrtle Park around 8 PM, waiting for the Halloween fireworks display to start. They watched a big orange ball travel along the mountains towards Deep Cove. When the fireworks started, the orange ball made a right angle turn and came towards the park. Whenever there was a burst of fireworks it seemed to respond by changing shape and brightness. The ball stayed in view for about 15 minutes and got as close as 500 feet.

4-Nov-95 Coquitlam

Several people watched a very bright white light above the northwest mountains from midnight to 1:30 AM. Although it remained in the same position for one and a half hours, when the people went inside for 5 minutes and came back, it was gone.

11-Nov-95 North Vancouver

A couple in North Vancouver, looking south beyond Vancouver, saw two "pairs of lights", one pair dim and one pair very bright. They are used to airplanes circling Vancouver, but these lights remained stationary. Sighting about 5:30 PM (dusk).

11-Nov-95 Surrey

From 11:15 until 11:35, a lady watched two "pairs of lights" in the southern sky, from her 16th floor apartment in Guildford. After 20 minutes she went to bed, but woke up at 3:36 and looked outside. She saw the original sets of lights and a third set lower to the horizon. At 4:17 two of the sets disappeared to the southwest and the other set seemed to "switch off".