Thanks to Hans Grasholm for monitoring our UFO hotline
and documenting many of the UFO reports below

14-Jan-2003, Whitehorse: 7:45am
A man was driving to work Tuesday morning and coming down Mountainview Drive. The lights of Whitehorse could be seen in the foreground but a very bright stationary light caught the man's attention up in front of Gray Mountain. He watched it for about 5 seconds, looked at the road in front of him and turned his gaze back to the light on the Mountain. The light was still there. It remained motionless for about a second then it moved in sort of a half circle and then up into the cloud toward the northwest (toward Lake Laberge). "It was gone in a second," the man said. Although he was the only witness that reported the sighting, others should have seen it since traffic was quite heavy at that time. It was still dark with low hanging clouds, no stars, and the outline of Gray Mountain could be seen. The object was a very bright point of light, larger than a star. The duration of the sighting was 5-10 seconds. The distance to Gray Mountain is about 12 km. - documented by Hans Grasholm

15-Jan-2003, North of Pelly Crossing: 8:45 pm
Sue Malcolm and Sarah Baker were driving from Whitehorse to Dawson. They were just a few kilometers north of Pelly Crossing and before Jackfish Lake. The moon was shining through a hole in the clouds from behind them but the sky was overcast in front. No stars could be seen and there were no cars travelling behind them. Uncharacteristically, their large dog jumped from the back seat to the front and sat between the sisters. Suddenly right smack in front of them Sue observed a bright white egg shaped object " it went by at a tremendous speed" east to west just above treetop level. It went by so fast that Sarah missed seeing it. Shortly after, the dog started to look up at the roof of the car as if concerned that something was above them. The dog has never behaved in this manner before and there is no sunroof in the car. Sue placed her hand on the windshield and determined that the object was 5 inches (12.5 cm) at arms length and appeared to travel horizontally at about one third down from the top of the windshield. The blunt end of the object was the part travelling forward. Sue couldn't tell if the tapered end shape was due to the actual shape of the object or due to a blur from its speed. She estimates that the object went across the road about 1000 ft (300m) in front of them. Sue characterized the light coming from the object as "misted" like it had "condensation on the inside". The duration of the sighting was less then 1 or 2 seconds.

21-23?-Jan-2003, Carmacks, YT: (7:30am)
It was early in the morning, first day of school after Christmas break. Well any ways, I was asleep and my mom and sister were up because we were getting ready to go to Whitehorse. I was still sleeping because the dogs were barking at night and keep me awake. At around 7:30am, my uncle came running over excited. I woke up from a crazy knocking on the door, my mom answered and all I heard was “look in the sky!” My mom and sis were saying, “holy what’s that?” I came awake, ran to the front door, still groggy and seeing blurry, yet I looked up and I saw 2 lights. Each were moving away from each other. I was excited ‘cause my uncle always told me UFO stories. I actually am seeing one! Well, when it was gone my uncle told me that it must have been around since 6 o’clock in the morning when the dogs were barking like crazy. He said he finally decided to check it out and look at what they were barking at. To his astonishment the dogs were actually barking at the object. It was weird.

20-Feb-2003, Carcross Cut-off (Mary Lake): 9:15pm
Object: Bright light, about three times larger than a star. Distance unknown. Witnesses spotted the object above them going in a East to West direction, faster than an airplane. It suddenly split into two objects with one continuing in the same direction, the other reversing in the direction it came from. They lost sight of the objects in the trees. The sighting lasted about one and half minutes.

21-Feb-2003, Mayo, Yukon: 3:00am
Witness was letting the dog out when she spotted a light flying above the tree tops, flashing bluish-green and very bright, sometimes like a welding torch. It was going erratic across the trees and seemed to go back and forth over an open space in the forest like it was looking for something. At the same time, another light appeared further away, and the witness decided to get the binoculars out. By then, she thought the first object was further away, and focusing on the other object with the binoculars, she thought she could see a dark shadow, much larger than the light itself. The whole sighting lasted about 25 minutes before she lost sight of both objects disappearing behind the treetops. The witness reported having a strange feeling, like she almost had the impression that "they" knew she was watching.

She reported the sighting to the RCMP, who confirmed the report coming in at 03:25. RCMP had no other reports, and they did not see anything.

Mayo Airport, which is manned at that time, did not see anything, but their windows are facing away from Mayo Town site.

21-Feb-2003, Whitehorse (Riverdale), Yukon: 7:00am
Object: Oval shaped, the size of a Loonie at arms length. Lights flashing around the edge of the object in a pale-green-blue-purple color. The witness saw the object out of bedroom window and thinks it came from the direction of the fish ladder and going in a straight line (S-E to N-W) and disappearing over Grey Mountain. She said object was up high enough that it did not have to change direction to clear the top of the mountain. The sighting lasted about 4 minutes. Whitehorse Airport reported that there were no planes in the air at that time.

22-Feb-2003, Whitehorse (Riverdale), Yukon: 7:00am
Repeat of 21 Feb in Whitehorse (Riverdale) sighting by same witness.

23-Feb-2003, Mayo, Yukon: 11:00pm
Witness saw a bright light fly by, stop and hover and then move up and down in the same spot. Witness felt uncomfortable and went in and locked the door. Same witness as Mayo 21 Feb sighting.

24-Feb-2003, Mayo, Yukon: not sure of the time
Repeat of 23-Feb-2003, Mayo, Yukon: 11:00pm by same witness.

25-Feb-2003, Mayo, Yukon: 11:00pm
Repeat of 23-Feb-2003 and 24-Feb-2003, Mayo, Yukon by same witness.

26-Feb-2003 Whitehorse, Yukon: 3:19pm
The witness on Hickory St. in Porter Creek was driving to work and looked at a contrail from a high-flying jet when she spotted a stationary black object above the contrail. She suspected a yellow light coming from the object was the reflection of the sun. The object was very small and actual shape was hard to judge due to reflection coming from the object. She had to watch the traffic on the road, and the object was gone when she looked back at it. She did not see it leave. The total time of sighting was about 45 seconds.

24-Jul-2003 Whitehorse, Yukon: 12:15 am

UFO Sighting by Hans Grasholm of a black object, round or oval shaped, with no lights. The angular size was that of a full Moon (0.5 degrees) and the duration was 1 to 2 seconds.

The object was first seen between two trees about 45 degrees up, traveling very fast behind one tree and disappearing behind another tree, transverse about 20 degrees of the sky. No accompanying sound was heard. It was traveling from N.NW to S.SE in a straight line very fast. "I was sitting on my deck enjoying the nice evening air, about 1 hour 20 minutes after sunset. It was a totally quiet evening, not a breath of air. Due to the darkness, everything was black except the sky, which was light gray and no clouds. Only one star was visible straight up, due to the lightness of the sky. It was just by chance that I spotted the object in the corner of my vision, and I did not really have the chance to focus directly on the object because of the darkness and its speed, but it had no wings (therefore not a bird). I have no idea of its distance or size."

29-Jul-2003 Whitehorse, Yukon: 2:30 pm

Location: south end of Lewes Blvd. and Alsek Rd. in (Riverdale)
A 9-year old girl and her friend observed an oval shaped object that was silver in color. The circumference (edge) of the craft was in an envelop of white flashing light (frequency about 2 Hz), which suddenly changed to red. The object was about the same angular size as a full moon, distance unknown, but the witness thought that the object crashed in the south end of Riverdale Subdivision. She and her mother went out to see if they could find the object. Nothing was found. No crash was heard and no sound came from the craft. Sighting lasted about 5 seconds and she saw the craft travel a fairly large angle of the sky, going north to south. The weather was cloudy with no sun visible.
Witness interviewed by Hans Grasholm.

10-Aug-2003, Whitehorse, Yukon: 2:22 pm

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21-Sep-2003, Whitehorse, Yukon: 11:30 pm

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25-Sep-2003, Whitehorse, Yukon: 8:15 pm - report received Feb 2006

Well I am a (possible) witness to a story in September 2003. I was 12 years old then I'm 14 now. My sister came to visit from BC about 5 or 6 days earlier. My sister, the woman living downstairs, and I went to look at the northern lights and I saw appear out of the northern lights 2 red light crafts. Those 2 red crafts were really small but they were swirling around each other. It was about 8:15 and when they appeared they soon after went behind my house. I ran to the other side and they were gone. I live downtown so I could easily see they were heading towards Mt. Sima. It was Thursday the 25th of September just four days after someone saw UFO's around Whitehorse(Triangle over Whitehorse). Maybe the UFO's were watching the area that week.