Hovering Triangle over Whitehorse
September 21-22, 2003

On October 17, 2003 we received an e-mail from a young lady, Lilly, describing a sighting she had almost a month earlier. Her dramatic statement is printed below. Lilly had waited this long since she was sure that someone else would report it. But after hearing nothing in the news media she became frustrated and contacted us with this very detailed account. We too are puzzled why thus far we have not heard from anyone else about this apparently blatant and lengthy (45 minute) over-flight. If you were a witness, please contact us.

UFO investigator Hans Grasholm went to the sighting locations with the witnesses and obtained drawings that have been inserted in the text below. We know you will be intrigued by this one.

Statement of the Night of Sunday, September 21st, 2003

This night was a special one in particular from anything I have ever experienced. I am from the Yukon Territory. I was born here in 1984 and raised in Whitehorse ever since. My family is long from this part of the world. My roots are very deep in the Yukon. Here, sightings in a way are very much a well heard of events. As any one who does live here they would know the extent of the circular and tight knit social presence in Whitehorse. Therefore, everyone has heard and thought of this place as oddly popular with the UFOs.

My sighting began with a calm night. It was on Sunday, September the 21st of 2003.

Feeling restless as we got home my boyfriend and I decided to go for a ride later into the evening. We left at approximately eleven pm. He asked me where I would like to go and I suggested Grey Mountain in Riverdale. We drove without incident to the second lookout point, which is about fifteen to twenty minutes from the bottom of the hill. We parked at the turnpike and decided to enjoy the view.

In the air before we reached this point, I notice an eerie feeling and aura to the air itself. As in the presence of the night was strange and felt somewhat weird. The clouds were low because of the rainy, humid weather. We sat and spoke for fifteen minutes. I am sure of the times because I avidly check my time always. Anyway, this is when my environment warns me of the coming events about my boyfriend's trouble spotting the UFO.

Straight ahead of us in the distance was an obvious red tower light among a mountain on the right from Mt. Sima. My boyfriend is colour blind in one eye pertaining to darker colours. After many instructions to the light, and five minutes, he finally saw the light. This alerted me to the fact that he needed to start wearing contacts or glasses again. His vision has been weak since he was sixteen.

As we decided to go I was surprised by an arrangement of small orange string of lights with subtle blinking. They were directly above the road leading to Robert Service Campground. The highway bends on this turn by clay cliffs. There were two strings of lights connected to one another by way of a craft. I knew this because of the cloudiness. As they passed in the background there was a blackened shape in which the lights were on.

l-triangle-a.jpg (16380 bytes)

l-triangle1.jpg (714436 bytes)

I could then see a flashing point of red light emanating from the top of the craft. It was bigger than the size of my thumb. I pointed to it for my boyfriend because I wondered what the hell it was. It alarmed me a bit that I did not know what it was. It was in a hovering position. Lights were everywhere because of the night-lights of the city. Normal lights were in their normal places but it was out of place. It was above the airport in the distance indicating it was not due to the airport. I gathered this from the fact it was closer and in front of the airport it seemed visibly higher in the air. It was above the road and the bend in the turn of the cliffs.

I asked him what it was as if I was mistaking what I was watching. He could not see it because his sense of direction, eye vision and knowledge of the city are vague. I knew he would have trouble. We were pulling out as this was happening, it was about thirty seconds, and then the treetops started to block the view. I could still see it. Soon, the trees got thicker. Still, later on down the road it had moved somehow, when my vision was obscured, to the right and above the Lambert Street area. It was clearer and I could see a shape of, what I know now as the profile of the backside, a rectangular ship.

I could see the sequence of the lights movement. The first light was bright then the next and so on to the point of a pattern in orange and white.

l-triangle-light-seq.jpg (15383 bytes)

At first I thought it was a typical flying saucer shape but as we were coming around a corner I saw it was a triangular UFO! The light was at the top apex of the triangle. It had more lights in two perfect strings one beside the other on the bottom half. It had made its way towards the High Country Inn area.

l-triangle-b.jpg (9292 bytes)

It was hovering above that part of the city. I was now in shock, adrenaline, and fascination. It was in a straight up triangle position. It seemed large even from where we were on the hill.

l-triangle-c.jpg (12788 bytes)

The lights were still blinking. My boyfriend saw a red light but could not make anything else out; this frustrated me a great deal. It was as plain as day now. All you needed was a good eye for detail, 20/20 vision. Again, it was obscured until another turn.

Now, all of sudden it was above the library area but strangely in a cockeyed position. It looked crooked which was eerie to me.

l-triangle-d.jpg (16093 bytes)

I had the feeling it was observing us, as in the people of Whitehorse. I had a feeling I shouldn't call attention to us by way of talking about it too much with my boyfriend or taking a photo with the camera I had in my purse. All I kept thinking was frequencies. They can read frequencies and waves. Therefore I turned on the radio to what I thought was shielding our minds from a scan of some sort. I had a sensation they would notice and come over towards us.

I could very well see the grayish dark colour of whatever material it was made out of. There was detail but I was frightened at the thought of it all because I could see the very real detail of seamless construction and the lights that were perfectly straight and spaces which had marks between them like windows. It was too far away to consider that though. Clouds were flying by it while I saw, again, it hovering now over to the right. It was around Main Street blinking away! This was a side profile with lights the same. The red light was off now, though. We were getting closer to town. The road is very rapid with twists and hills so that is how I viewed the craft upon descending down the hill. Again, it had moved closer to the Shipyards and it gave me a tilted full triangle view.

l-triangle-e.jpg (14754 bytes)

I could make out lines on the craft, indentations on the material. This was its underside it seemed. The red light was on. I then started going through normal stages of shock. I was talking fast and saying every idea that I thought it might be then quickly dismissed each possible as it was in front of my eyes. A hill blocked our view for about two minutes. In that time I explained to him what I saw. I said he has to see it because it was huge! All of a sudden on a straight stretch, almost as it was proving itself for me and him, it complied by appearing in the starlit sky directly in front of us in a full view of the triangle on its side with the top point towards the city.

l-triangle-f.jpg (38409 bytes)

It was as if it was closer because it was much larger than when it was above the city and we were closer, too. I have placed it about the Yukon River and Hospital area. It was a perfect black triangle. There were slight curvatures on the sides, though. It was dark so I don't expect my account to be directly accurate. The shape of the ship was clear though. The starry sky helped to configure the shape. The lights were still this time; it had stopped flashing and were now white. The red circular light was on with a bright red beam against the sky.

This is the last time I saw it before we got to the Marwell area to go home. It was slowly moving behind the hill with white lights that were very bright and large. It was in the area of the Takhini Subdivision after the Two Mile Hill. The lights were the two straight strings on the bottom end of the triangle. This time the rest of the craft seemed to have melded somehow, like an illusion, into the background of the black sky.

l-triangle-g.jpg (38163 bytes)

Thankfully, my boyfriend saw these moving lights. There was not a sound but a hum in the air. It was low but audible. It had a graceful slow approach to it as we moved it slid behind the hill. This makes me think it was over the neighborhood and thus remarkably visible and low to the ground.

The sighting ranged from eleven thirty p.m. to around twelve fifteen am.

I was progressively becoming frightened as time grew on with the ride. At first, I was panic stricken because it was literally out of this world to myself. It was the one of the most awesome and remarkable things I have ever seen. It has changed my outlook on life and opened my mind more than I ever thought possible. I can honestly say it has changed my perspective and personality. Now, a month later, it has become a wonderful, rare happening, which I feel is special in the fact it does not happen everyday and very few people on scale witness these events. I somehow am gracious for it. Also, it has made me paranoid in the fact I know there are beings cruising around and watching my little hometown. I felt it was for a reason of some kind, anyway. It was truly a strange sight but brilliant.

I know this is a long story but you cannot tell this one without the detail I remember. If you have any questions or anything please let me know. Thank you for reading my account. I hope it's helpful. I am very interested in your reply.

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