The Kinross Incident
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Remaining Questions

While the questions I posed as opening questions are still unanswered, I believe there are other questions or lines of investigation which must be pursued if there is ever to be a solution to the mysteries surrounding the Kinross Incident. These are the key questions as I see them:

What ever happened to Lt. Douglas A. Stuart?

Lt Douglas A. Stuart was the key known witness to the intercept as documented within the USAF report. Since we know he was there, it would be interesting to know what he has to say about what he observed on radar that night. Likewise there are many other GCI controllers and other personnel who would have likely witnessed the intercept on radar that night. We know that at least one person claims he witnessed the merging of the F-89 return with its bogie and this person believes the bogie was a UFO and not the RCAF C-47. Surely there must have been other witnesses to the event who might shed light on this mystery.

What plane parts were found by prospectors near Alona Bay in October, 1968?

I am personally fascinated in the possibility that some parts from the missing F-89 were possibly located in the bush near Alona Bay in 1968. A USAF officer from Kincheloe AFB (formerly Kinross AFB) confirmed that the parts were from a military jet aircraft. Why is it that the Sault Star never reported any identification for the aircraft? Surely the USAF or RCAF should have been able to identify the aircraft. Why is it that Canadian National Defence has no records of this incident? Were the records lost or have they been deliberately "misplaced" in efforts to coverup the real identity of the lost aircraft?

Why would the USAF withhold this information? Either they were unable to establish an identity for the aircraft or they identified the aircraft and realized they could not tell the public about this for some reason. We know that only a few parts were found. A key question of concern might be "Where are the rest of the parts?" If the parts were from the missing F-89, then it is quite possible that the USAF would decide to withhold this information unless this definitively solved the disappearance as just a routine aircraft accident. The USAF might simply see the need to "keep a lid" on a potentially explosive story. How would the press react if the USAF revealed they had found parts from the missing F-89 but couldn't explain where the rest of the plane was and how the parts got there?

What happened to the F-89 wreckage?

Although over 50 years have past since the F-89 was lost over Lake Superior, it is quite likely that the F-89 is out there somewhere. If the plane crashed into Lake Superior, then parts from the plane wreckage would be strewn over the bottom of Lake Superior in the vicinity of the crash site. It should be possible to locate these if there was a desire to prove that the F-89 was not captured by a flying saucer.

Any other scenario suggests the possible involvement of extraterrestrials or paranormal phenomena of some sort. If the F-89 was captured by a flying saucer, it is at least possible that they might have disposed of the F-89, assuming the crew were the targets of the abduction. My reason for assuming that this is most likely is my reasoning that our technology secrets would probably be easy to obtain through reconnaisance and observation by any more advanced civilization.

My guess is that some parts of the F-89 were possibly found in 1968 but that most of the aircraft was possibly placed at another location. My guess is that the location may be the vicinity of Limer, Ontario where the crash was heard or somewhere else in northern Ontario. I am further guessing that the aircraft might not be on land as it would be likely that someone would have stumbled over the wreckage in the past 50 plus years. Perhaps, the wreck is safely tucked away at the bottom of a lake, where anglers and canoeists pass tantalizingly close to the relic of a possible extraterrestrial contact event.

What happened to the missing appendix in the USAF Accident Report?

This missing appendix is a map of the F-89 and purported flight path for the C-47. I am highly suspicious that this appendix was possibly removed as it possibly contains a falsified accounting of the alleged flight of the C-47 which could be challenged by people who were participants and witnesses to the incident. If the missing appendix does not contain false flight paths, why would it be the only document to be lost or withheld from this file?

If Moncla and Wilson were captured by a flying saucer, whatever became of them?

Studying the history of UFO encounters during the early 1950s, I am struck by the feeling that this was apparently a "peak" of UFO activity which apparently subsided during the following decades. This period was dominated by many military aircraft encounters, landings and trace cases suggesting a real unsolved mystery was behind the observations of what appeared to be metallic machines that could hover, accelerate and travel at thousands of miles per hour yet emit little or no sound and show no evidence of normal aerfoil structures or conventional propellants.

Is it possible that Lt. Moncla and Lt. Wilson, were possibly the predessors to modern day abductees like Travis Walton who claim to have been temporarily abducted by extraterrestrials flying in discs and other strange craft? If so, why were they taken and apparently, never returned?