UPDATED - July 24th, 2019

2015, North Vancouver, BC: (late morning)

This sighting was in the late morning of 2015. I was sleeping and awoke to four orbs in the blue sky above my house in North Vancouver. I went outside and started to film it on my iPhone 5. When I review the footage you couldn't see the white orbs. However after slowing the footage down you can easily see 2 orbs shouting down at 3 secs and 23 secs.

So if you want to see the footage watch between 3 and 4 secs and 23 and 24 secs.

I believe this is one of the most important UFO encounters caught on tape....


13-Jan-2015, Vancouver, BC: (7:10 am)

I saw six oval-shaped objects that appeard to drop out of the moon in the southwest sky. Each sped off in a northwest direction. The first appeared red. The second was darker and appeared to have a yelowish trail behind it. The next few appeared as dark ovals, but almost looked more triangular in shape as they sped away to the northwest. The first two ovals appeared to travel along the same line. The next few darker triangular shapes traveled in the same direction, but on slightly different paths.

I honestly don't know what I saw, at first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but I was awake and lucid, outside having a cigarette and staring up towards the moon - there was a break in the fog, and I saw what I've described above!!

14-Jan-2015, Tsawwassen, BC: (7 - 7:30 pm)

As I was driving south along 56 street in Tsawwassen I noticed two small orbs of light directly beside each other in the sky. The orb on the left did a clockwise circle around the orb on the right and at the 9 o'clock mark flew off at a steady speed, blinking every second as it did so. Both lights faded from sight.

20-Jan-2015, Victoria, BC: (6:30 am)

Early 6:30ish this morning I saw a very bright light in the NW sky - roughly above the West Shore of greater Victoria.  It struck me because it wasn't a round star-like light but an elongated one. It looked to my naked eye like it was flashing red and blue lights. It was totally stationary. I grabbed my little opera glasses and was able to zoom in on it. It showed one very bright center light with four dimmer ones, two on each side for five lights altogether. It is  twenty to eight and the light is still there though dimmer because of dawn and light cloud cover - ten minutes ago I could still count five lights.

I would think that the five lights with the center one (Venus perhaps) so bright that the other two on each side were a refraction of the center and caused by light of dawn over the horizon -  or some such explanation.  However, the five lights never wavered even with changing sky dawning and cloud. The lights were steady as a rock for the entire hour that I watched. I didn't have a camera I'm sorry to say, but if you draw five circles along one horizontal line with the center being very, very bright, you will have it.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for the sighting report.

The brightest object you saw would not have been Venus, as it is always close to our sun. If it was visible early in the morning, it would have to be in the southeast sky. However, if you think the objects might have been celestial, there is a simple indicator that you may have noticed. Due to the earth's rotation, celestial objects such as stars and planets would have rotated about 15 degrees in the hour that you watched (rotation roughly centered around Polaris in the northern sky). Objects in the west would have rotated closer to the horizon and objects in the east would have rotated further from the horizon. Did you notice if the lights were closer to the horizon after the hour that you watched?


8-Feb-2015, Invermere, BC: (12:30 am)

Leaving a friends house at 12:30 AM on Feb 08, 2015, I witnessed something I cannot explain and after analyzing and processing it mentally, I can only conclude I saw a UFO. I live in the BC Rockies near Invermere. The night was partly cloudy and weather was mild. As I was walking towards my vehicle I saw a streak of green, at its head appeared to be a cylindrical or flattened oval object. We live in a flight path area between Vancouver and Calgary and I am used to seeing all manner of man made objects passing overhead. This object was travelling at an incredible rate of speed. I have never seen anything so fast before. It emitted a glow of green unlike any green I have seen in nature, almost neon, and due to the speed left a light trail behind it. It was low enough to penetrate the clouds. There was absolutely no sound. No sonic boom. I have seen meteors and it was not like any meteor I have ever seen. At the speed it was travelling I would estimate that its flight over the Rockies from my location to the prairies would have been a matter of a few seconds. It was travelling West to East. Unfortunately the event was over in a blink of an eye so no photo opportunity.

UFO*BC Responds:

From what your description is providing, I would say you guessed correctly what you saw: A green meteor, similar to this one:


Of course, with that being said, there was the 50's Project Twinkle that studied apparent Green Fireballs that were unexplained.


So our guess is as good as yours :)

Great sighting thanks for the report!


15-Feb-2015, Vancouver, BC: (5:55 pm)

At about 5:55 pm on Sunday evening, February 15, 2015, under dark blue sky, sun almost set, 2 friends were visiting my 7th floor high rise on Barclay Street which faces north towards Coal Harbour. One of my friends noticed a strange object floating quite still, just above the roofs of the high-rise apartments across the street. I often see satellites, helicopters, or float planes from the Harbour heading to Victoria and back, but this thing just hovered, no noise, perfectly still. I went and grabbed my binoculars, my pal checked them out first, passed them back to me, and then I passed them to our third friend. We were stunned!!!  What we saw was almost the cliche of a flying saucer, round with a smooth dome rising off the surface at both the top and the bottom, 5 or 6 white, red, and green lights around the diameter of the object, lightly flickering, dull grey, smooth metallic finish over the whole object. We were at first confused if it was quite small and close up or larger and a bit further away, but upon closer inspection it seemed to be really large and maybe a few blocks back, floating over Alberni and Gilford. I went to grab my camera and was trying to get it together, but by the time I located it thru the lens finder, it almost seemed to recognize that it had been spotted and drew back silently, evenly, and without sound. We couldn't see where it went behind the obstructing apartments. We checked the computer, it was 5:59, we were all shocked, couldn't believe it, questioned what else it could possibly be, a drone maybe? But it seemed to be at least about 20 feet in diameter. We were absolutely in disbelief when at 6:05, 5 minutes later, it re-appeared in exactly the same spot, once again I fumbled for my camera, and it vanished backwards within seconds, no sound. We called non-emergency 911 to report it in case anyone else had also reported it, they actually took us very seriously, then I tried the planetarium that evening and on several recent occasions since, but they are very difficult to reach but will try again today.

I do consider myself to have an open mind but I'm a bit of a cynic as well, so let me tell you, I would probably have doubted it if someone else described what I saw, but this was real as day. I had 2 witnesses who also saw it, and we could clearly see it thru the binoculars.  VERY strange...

17-Feb-2015, Abbotsford, BC: (9 pm)

Spotted an orange light heading west in the sky. Appeared for about 15 seconds, stopped twice and then disappeared. Wondering if anyone else saw it?

19-Feb-2015, Tagish Lake, Yukon: (8:15 pm)

3 orange lights going up like a roman candle in slow motion one after the other and then lining up in diagonal straight line. They then stayed in that configuration until one by one disappearing. As I was going back to the house I saw one more that stayed in the same spot and then also disappeared. 815 pm Thursday night  feb19

Has any one else reported this sighting?

21-Feb-2015, Vancouver, BC: (7:20 pm - 7:25 pm)

I was out for a walk around Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver on Saturday evening. I was looking up into the sky since it was clear with a sliver moon off in the western sky. Having studied astronomy at university, and being somewhat familiar with the night sky, I started to scan the sky as I walked east in the park along Cornwall Avenue. I noticed Orion's belt in the southern sky, and then shifted my gaze to the Eastern sky to see what planet I might see in the ecliptic plane. Then I noticed two bright yellowish colored lights in parallel to one another, the one on the left being discerningly brighter than the one on the right. At first I just assumed they were the wing tip lights of an airliner either coming into Vancouver from overseas, or departing, as they sometimes do in that part of the sky. But then I noticed that these lights weren't tracing the kind of trajectory one would expect to see if that were the case. Then one of the lights, the one on the left, looked like it began to 'descend' or come toward me somewhat. That's when it occurred to me that I might not be looking at any airplane. It was simply moving too slow to stay airborne. Then while my focus of attention was on this light, I noticed that from its bottom it spewed what appeared to be a shower of gold-yellow sparklers. After this happened, it then ascended rapidly, and appeared to be getting smaller, and the second light off to the south did so as well, until they disappeared entirely. About a minute later, the light on the right re-appeared for a short time, perhaps half a minute, but then it simply vanished. I wasn't frightened in any way, only fascinated, and sort of wished they came closer so I might get a better look. It's the first time in my life when I can honestly say that I've seen a UFO. And for the record, I had not consumed any alcohol or any other mind altering substance at that time, nor do I generally speaking either.

23-Feb-2015, Langley, BC: (5:45 pm)

My mom, my daughter and I were driving south on 232 street toward 28 avenue and we saw a disc-like object in the sky gliding north, it was in the sky in the west. The object we saw was luminescent, glowing a gold color. I quickly pulled over and snapped some pictures with my I phone and the object moved behind the tree and it was difficult to see after that.

28-Feb-2015, Mission/Silverdale, BC:

I was out on the flats right next to the Fraser river between Mission and Silverdale BC. An airstream/jet stream caught my eye. It was strange because it was dark outside and this seemed unusual. The stream traveled south to north over the Fraser river and went up into the sky at a high angle. I could make out a small red object creating this stream disappearing into the sky. I watched it until it was completely out of view. I then examined the stream itself and noticed 2 90 degree turns in the stream. North to east then quickly back east to north. I knew this was very unusual and grabbed my cellphone and started filming... at least I thought I did. In my excitement I was paused when I thought I was recording. While this was happening I noticed what looked like a large reddish satellite. It was really moving fast traveling east to west. I witnessed this object eject a second very small red object out the back that stayed in place. I witnessed the actual separation I could see ejection. This is when I noticed my camera was on pause not record and I quickly put it to record and gave the camera the run down. As I was leaving about 10 min after the separation event I noticed a lot of planes converging on the area. This may be regular air traffic or not but the whole experience was very strange.

I have since looked back at the footage and like I thought you cannot see the Jet stream in the dark but it was visible to the eye.

Reporting in the hope that someone else witnessed this event. It got me to report.

28-Feb-2015, Maple Ridge, BC: (9 pm)

Three bright orange lights in triangle in sky. Called to wife and son to come look and we watched them disappear one after the other. The sighting duration was about 20-30 seconds.

28-Feb-2015, Victoria, BC: (10:30 pm)

My cousin, friend, and I were outside having a smoke just in a complex off of Lampson Street beside Head Street and my cousin looked up at the moon and said, "Look at the UFO!" When my friend and I looked up we saw what looked like a bright orangeish round orb-like flying object and right away from looking at it we knew it wasn't a plane, helicopter or satellite as weve seen them and it was nothing like that. It was going east/southeastern and was traveling faster than I've seen in a while as I have seen them the last year and a half maybe around 10 times and I'd say this one was going far faster then anything human made. After about 3 minutes I ran inside to grab the rest of our friends and all 6 of us watched it in an almost shocked state. I'm just posting this to see if anyone else in the Victoria, BC area saw the same thing. It was 10:30 pm Feb 28 th.

13-Mar-2015, Surrey, BC: (6:45 - 6:50 pm)

I was sitting outside on our deck on the top roof of our condo on a clear Friday night before 7pm in Surrey, BC. I had been outside for about 10 minutes when my husband went inside. For two minutes I sat smoking a cigarette and was looking up to the West at the Pleaides and then a dark object , darker or Blacker than the night sky at dusk with no "obvious lights" except a orange/red dull glow barely visible (as if on top of the craft) went by, no sound, no sonic boom-it traveled south east and quickly moved accross the sky before disappearing. I couldn't believe it when I saw it-I said outloud to my self-"I see you". It was high but how??? its shape was like a flying "V" guitar except longer and narrower. It seem to come out of nowhere and disappear as it crossed the sky past Orion to the brightest star due south and then seemed to vanish. For about 4 seconds I had visability.

I live at the Surrey/Delta border and regularly have jets and planes in various stages of assent and decent and am very familiar with the lights/sounds/streaming smoke/engines etc-this was fairly large with a definite narrowed V shape-no lights (except) a glow (reflection) from the top; no sound at all-still night ; black and moved very quickly, soundlessly before disappearing. Faster than any plane or helicopter-it was obviously something very different. No smoke/no sound -I thought drone perhaps???

14-Mar-2015, Surrey, BC:

My friend and I were sitting in my condo which faces north from Surrey Central looking all the way from Cypress Mountain, all the way east to Golden Ears Provincial park. We both saw a red glowing orb descend from the sky just east of the Coquitlam works yard over top of Port Coquitlam. The event lasted about 10 seconds if that. We lost sight of the UFO as it went out of view behind the northern ridge of Whalley.

31-Mar-2015, Vancouver, BC: (10:30 pm)

There is a light which hovers over Stanley Park every few weeks. If you follow Orion's  right foot and look a little further down and to the right at around 10 - 11pm it's the brightest thing in the sky. It's there quite often - at least a few times a month. It looks like a sparkly star, but it moves around & if you zoom in for a photo, these are a few of the shots I took tonight. The last two photos are zoomed out to see the balconies around my condo so you can get a perspective on it. Am I going crazy or is this something weird?
P.S. Awesome site





UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the email.
Sadly without the original high resolution unedited photos we cannot make any comments on your photos.
However, the likelihood that you are seeing a “UFO” on a regular basis over a major town is practically zero. It is much more likely you are seeing a celestial body (planet or star).

8-Apr-2015, Surrey, BC:

My family and I were walking to Surrey Central skytrain. We saw what looked like a UFO. It was round, unmoving. I got photos and video with my camera phone. Another family walking ahead of us saw and recorded it too. It stayed for about 5 minutes after we noticed it. We looked away for a minute, and it was just gone.

8-Apr-2015, Grand Forks, BC: (11 to 11:30 pm)

We stayed out a little later that night, so when we got home and pulled in to the driveway, we noticed a bright white light flashing on what looked like the mountainside. It had never been there before, and after putting the kid to bed we went back outside to have a better look. This time the light had moved further to the right, but was still flashing at approximately the same height. It appeared as if it had no depth in the air, neither myself, nor my hubby could gauge a distance on it.

Then after a minute of looking at it, it vanished. Immediately following its disappearance there was suddenly a different light that was hopping and vaguely swirling, and at the same time flashing between red, green, and blue. It had risen above the mountains horizon line, and was moving slowly from east to west in the hop-swirl manner, still no distance could be gauged on this thing.

It dimmed a few times, returning to its original colorful brightness, then abruptly vanished. At the same time that we were watching that one, another one appeared to our right just above a gap in the tree line. This one was more subtle, but it was definitely the same kind of thing. Once I was thoroughly spooked and went inside, my hubby noticed a third, and when he came in he mentioned that the stars appeared to be wrong (no recognizable constellations). It was a very clear night, so we should have been able to recognize something. There was a very eerie black patch in the sky that really seemed wrong to me. I felt like we were under some kind of cloak, neither of us could see the moon anywhere (as far as I knew we should have had a rather obvious moon out that night).

Throughout all this, everything was exceptionally quiet and still. More so than normal. Usually you can still hear the trees, nature, the highway... But my god was it quiet!

NOTE: There was a full moon on April 4th, so by April 8th it would still have been very "obvious", but would not have risen above the horizon until well after midnight.

April 2015, Vancouver, BC: (10 pm)

I saw your site and thought you might be able to identify a bright light in the sky that my girlfriend and I are baffled about.  This light appears several times a week due west of English Bay around 10 pm.  It’s height would suggest an airplane, but it doesn’t appear to have any navigation lights and it’s positioning is stationary, sometimes for hours at a time.     We can’t see anything in the day where it was but it is way higher than any surrounding terrain. 

Any thoughts? 


UFO*BC Responds:

That would likely be the planet Venus – nothing fancy I’m afraid.


15-Apr-2015, Williams Lake, BC: (8:40 pm)

It was a clear sky last night with only a few clouds in the distance. My hubby and I were outside looking up at the few stars and planets, when all of a sudden we noticed a steady light come from out of no where. At first we thought it was a satellite but it was going too fast and was not travelling in a completely straight line. We watched it as it went out of view moving sporatically. Then within a minute another bigger object showed up in the exact same spot as the first one, same thing as we watched it go in the same direction. Then within seconds of that one we watched as 3 more appeared,  individually,  and within minutes of each other in the same spot.  Everything was the same about all them..no flashing lights as such, really bright single light and sporatic movement. We watched a total of 5 UFOs come into view at the exact same spot and all go in the same direction.  The second object appeared to be the biggest one. At one point we did see a satellite way up and over above the objects and it was definately slow moving and across the whole sky. We also saw a plane come in as the airport is just over the hill from Pine Valley, with it's flashing lights and noisey engines.  The UFOs were heading in just about the same direction as the airport but more so to the east, they were all silent in nature. It would be very interesting to know if the airport radar picked up something.  All we know is that these were not air planes or any sort of reflection from stars, clouds or satellites.  Last summer we saw a UFO that appeared in the same spot out of no where, it was also a clear evening around 7:30ish but this one was definately upside down tear drop like ones that have been reported and have seen images of it. Wondering if this is a port of entry and where are they going.  Gibraltor copper mine is to the north east, are they going for minerals or what the hey is going on!?  We will continue to watch the sky.

16-Apr-2015, Balfour, BC: (4:15 am)

Early this morning, while looking south above the horizon, I observed what appeared to be a star among other luminaries in an exceptionally clear night sky . After a few seconds, it gradually increased in brightness which lasted briefly and then switched off like a light, whilst emanating consistently fading  residual light. not unlike a wick lantern after the fuel is shut off. This is the first anomalous event I have witnessed so far this year. Last September. I witnessed a green fireball around 3 am on Sept. 23 in the Blackwater area southwest of Vanderhoof. I was outside of my tent taking a whizz, when the whole area lit up brightly, and I turned around and saw the fireball with a trail of sparks coming off its tail. I could actually hear the combustion of it burning whatever constituents it was comprised of. I estimate that it was about 500 feet in altitude and 1000 feet away as a crow flies. It was travelling slowly for something that presumably entered the atmosphere and it did not land or crash, to my knowledge. I lost sight of it and did not hear any sounds after it passed, as I presumed that it was losing altitude and would eventually touch down. On May 29 of 2014 at dusk, I saw a white light travelling north above Chetwynd at an altitude of about 10,000 feet. I thought it to be a plane but there was no sound and no navigation lights blinking as is typical of aircraft. I don't spend too much time skywatching, and feel perplexed by the regularity of these events.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you very much for the reports. I would like to caution you about estimating the elevation of a light in the sky, even one as dramatic as a green fireball. It is quite common for people to see a meteorite and say, "I think it must have crashed just over that hill!" Meanwhile, a few minutes later, somebody 2000 miles away will see the same meteorite and say the same thing,"I think it must have crashed just over that hill!"


21-Apr-2015, Surrey, BC: (noon)

Me and my family (husband, 2.5 year old son, and 4 month old son) were walking down 100th Ave towards King George Blvd. My husband turned to me and pointed up in the air just on the King George side facing towards 102 and King George, he said "what the hell is that?". I look up and I can see this triangular-shaped object right up near the clouds. It had 3 sides and it looked like it had balls on each point of the triangle. It was shifting it's "balls" and hovering in one spot slowly going upwards. My husband says "it's a kite" I say "that's too big to be a kite" he says "it's a kite" I say "if it's a kite if it were to come down here it would be almost the size of the intersection. That's one big kite" he then says "I've got chills". His realization is that it's too big of an object to be a kite... in the same area is a hellicopter circling the area watching the object. We were wondering why the hellicopter was following it... when we reached the other side of the intersection, it shifted one of the balls and it started to glow a orange greenish light and shot straight up through the clouds.... me and my husband were shocked and in awe. I don't know what else to say... this is my first sighting, and I don't know what it was. .. but this is my story.

23-Apr-2015, Fort Saint James, BC: (2:02 am)

Tube-shaped object with red pulsating light in front (or direction of travel). Yellow to orange underside of craft, yellow light down side. Going from south to north. Twenty minutes observed 2:02am

23-Apr-2015, Vancouver, BC: (10:50 pm)

I was at home and was almost ready for bed. I was playing with my cat Stella and she looked out the window and saw something bright and colorful that was spinning above. I looked and saw it. It was blinking red and white lights with tinges of blue and green. It was spinning and was flying quick across the sky. I am near the airport but I guarantee it wasn't a plane because it would've come closer. Keep your eyes out.

Early May, 2015, Port Renfrew, BC:

It began for me when I was camping alone in the forest near Port Renfrew, British Columbia, Canada in Early May 2015. I have always enjoyed star gazing and love it when I happen to see a satellite or a shooting star, both with very distinctive movements in that they travel in straight lines with no suggestion of intelligent control. They're predictable, in other words.

While standing on a dock in complete darkness I looked up and noticed a very bright 'star' in the sky north of me at about 45 degrees up from the horizon. After only watching it for less than a minute it became brighter as if coming toward me like a completely silent helicopter with a front facing light before it suddenly turned east and travelled at a consistent speed before the light went out.

This incident was a little odd but not jaw dropping and I've seen enough aircraft or helicopters with such lights over the years to explain it away as a turning aircraft I couldn't hear. So I continued to look up and only a matter of minutes later I saw another 'star' that was brighter than most in the western sky. There were no clouds in the sky and from where my camp was located, no sound either.

After watching it for a minute or two, the object suddenly began to slowly rise straight up. I did a bit of a head shake when it started moving, but told myself I must have been mistaken and it was a satellite and had likely been moving the entire time. Then it began to...meander...how else can I describe it? It started to meander up the sky like a bug wandering along on a car windshield. For about a minute or more it moved on purpose in a non-linear manner up the sky before simply disappearing into thin air.

Meteors and other objects entering earth's atmosphere have a clearly defined trajectories as do satellites. Yes, the ISS and satellites disappear behind clouds but they don't go out like a light switch, they don't stay absolutely still in the sky and they definitely don't deviate from the path they are on as if operating with some form of intelligence.

That one made me say 'huh?!' but with no physical evidence or witnesses what can I do, so I chalked it up to a one-time freaky experience. Then, while at work last week, in the end of May 2015 I saw it again, twice in the same Night!!

I was working at night at approximately 10:45 pm and was chatting with a co-worker when I looked up to see a 'star' moving diagonally from South to North across the clear sky. I made an exclamation and began to tell my coworker about the object I had seen while camping earlier in the month, when this object also began to meander in the same manner I had seen before! As I watched the object move in an intelligent way I urged my coworker to get his binoculars which he had in his car. When he did he said it looked like a red snake in the sky. I asked him to give me the binoculars so I could see it but when I reached for them and looked back, the object had simply vanished!

We were both like 'whoa' but didn't say much more about it after it disappeared. But after he had gone I happened to look up in the eastern sky directly opposite to where my coworker and I had seen the moving object to see a similar star-like object meander it's way down the sky, wobbling in the same way all the way below the horizon out of sight.

So for a second time in a month I saw the same type of star-like object meandering in the sky like no movement from any terrestrial aircraft I have ever seen. So I decided to google search terms like 'moving lights in the sky' and 'glowing orb in the sky' and 'moving stars' only to find videos of the exact thing I had seen! Exactly like stars but they move like they are alive.

10-May-2015, Kamloops, BC: (10:30 am)

My wife was having a shower and called me to come see this star like light in the sky through the sky light in the bathroom. When I looked up through the sky light I too saw this brilliant light but now a second light moved into view. I quickly went outside to see better and was amazed to see four lights slowly moving across the sky in sync forming shapes as they moved across the sky. They would be flat in a line then form a triangle then a rectangle then back to flat line. I wanted to record what I was seeing so grabbed our Canon digital camera but could not get an image. At this point my neighbor came over curious to see what I was looking at. My wife, out of the shower, came out as well to see what the lights were. The lights were hard to pick out unless you knew they were there but once pointing them out, my neighbor was shocked. He is a true non believer but stood there mouth agape. Then we saw two more coming in from the southeast, the first four came from the west northwest. This is when we knew this was not natural because when the two joined the other four they formed a large "C" in the sky and remained still for several minutes. We were in awe and my neighbor asked me if it was aliens. I told him to believe what he saw. Not sure how long they stayed there but would guess five minutes and then the two from the southeast went back in the direction they came in a more southerly direction.The four left NNW doing shapes again.

11-May-2015, Hope, BC: (11:10 pm)

Hi. Last night I had taken my friend to the bank and on the way home I noticed something huge towards my right just hovering in one spot with lights all the way around and when I asked my friend what was that she looked and asked the same thing. So I tried to drive around to see if I was able to locate it to get a picture and it was gone. I couldn't see it anywhere in the sky.

16-May-2015, Surrey, BC:


Today, Saturday evening, 16/5/2015, when I was testing a Minolta lens, I saw a flying object. Photographers laughed at me and told me that it's a smudge of my lens or camera sensor dirt. I'm not a new photographer, I can identify which dirt which not. My lens does a bit dirty (bought it used 2 days ago and haven't had a chance to clean it up).

I did some tests, and my camera sensor is fine. I also tested again that lens with another camera and it's fine.

Please take a look at my shots. There are only 2 photos. I uploaded them on Flickr, so public will be able to see/prove them that I didn't do any editing.

Thank you.

Location : Surrey Central, BC, Canada

DSC05634 by Tommy Tursilo on Flickr.

Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo:

19-May-2015, Kelowna, BC:

Hey. Driving home from work, I saw an illuminated cigar-shaped object moving in and out of the lake. It started slowly then got faster and faster untill it shot back into the sky. It looked like the water was gyrating around the illuminated tube. I could see very clearly that it was accompanied by two round orbs that were also following the movements of the Rod-shaped one.

20-May-2015, North Vancouver, BC: (6:30 pm)


Today, May 20th, around 6:30 pm, we were having dinner on our patio and our 4-year-old son was looking up and said, "look at that star in the sky". My wife and I didn't really pay attention, but finally looked up. It took us a bit to pick it out, but finally noticed a bright light, star, something in the sky. It appeared to us that it was fairly high in the sky and it was not a helicopter, as we have heard and seen them many times before over our place. It wasn't a plane/jet as at the time it wasn't moving. Our condo patio is looking North, directly towards Grouse Mountain. We are right down at sea level.

We thought maybe it was a star, but it was sunny, no clouds around and no other stars or anything like it in the sky. Of course we were scrambling to find something to try and get a better look and by the time we could get our JVC 35X zoom cam working, we noticed it was slowly moving east.  We thought maybe a balloon, but again, this thing was not moving when we first noticed it for about 5 or more minutes at all.   Maybe a personal drone flying, but it was pretty bright and seemed fairly high in the sky.

It got to a point we couldn't see it anymore as it had moved east along the north shore.

Attached is a video which I had a hard time to keep it stable, and a challenge to zoom in on it and was going in and out of focus. Again, it looked like a bright star that was just slowing moving east across the sky.

I am not sure if it was really a UFO, just seemed odd, can't figure out what else it might be, drone is my best guess.

21-May-2015, Burnaby, BC: (10:30 pm)

Departing from royal oak sky train in Burnaby(Vancouver) continuing down the hill past Kingsway, the ski hill becomes visible on the mountain to the left (the names elude me). [Grouse Mountain - UFO*BC] It's a relatively cloudless night, but there are a few clouds, one of which appears to be directly over the ski hill. Starting at approximately 22:30 continuing on until at least midnight lightning appears frequently within this one cloud. What's especially strange, aside from the small cloud size and frequency of the bolts (approximately 1-2 a minute), they made absolutely no sound at all and didn't appear to reach the ground. Upon further observation there appeared to be a relatively large object within the cloud glimpsed only when lit by said lightning.

1-Jun-2015, Vancouver, BC: (9:40 am)

On June 1st there was a daylight sighting @9:40 a.m. that looked like a large sausage in the direction of North/Northeast. From the ground it was about 4-5 inches in length, and had little movement like a caterpillar. It was absolutely still with the exception of a bit of undulation. There was no clouds in the sky, and a mild breeze, so it was not a balloon. About 10 seconds later a smaller round craft that was more or less in a gray haze joined up with the sausage Ufo. The sighting lasted about 15-20 seconds, then they both disappeared in a rate of speed unknown, heading towards NE, maybe Allouette Lake area.

The sausage type UFO was stationary, looking blacker than black, and there was no telling how high it was with nothing to compare it with. I reckon it was, from the ground, up about 2000 feet but like I said  they were, in a completely blue sky, above trees and wire lines. The smaller craft came in from the South East to join the bigger craft. No fusilage, no sound, no lights, just black crafts. I live in SE Van, and see craft regularly but this is a daytimer......I was shocked! Didn't have a camera on me at that time of day.....thanks for listening and I hope that someone else had the opportunity to see this......

2-Jun-2015, Sooke, BC: (9:55 pm)

I was outside my residence having a cigarette and noticed a bright red, large orb like object moving at a very fast speed move across the sky and vanish over some trees. I tried to chalk the sight out of mind and tried to relate it to an extremely fast medical helicopter. After another minute I saw an identical object moving perhaps even faster, an  impossible speed by any man driven craft, follow it directly and vanish into the same trees. I could not convince my mind to make an excuse after that.

4-Jun-2015, Port Coquitlam, BC: (10:30 pm)

I was riding passenger on my boyfriends motorcycle at about 22:30, in a neighborhood, and I looked in the sky and said "look you can see Mars tonight, it's so bright". I then noticed it started moving and asked him to pull over right away. We both looked up and this dark orange odd shaped ball was floating up in the sky and then started moving horizontal across the sky. No flashing lights, just a glow, and at a certain point in the sky the light turned off and you could just see the object floating across the sky. We then continued to drive and then I saw another, we pulled over again and the same thing came out of the sky. We got home 2 mins later, and yet another came out of the sky. All 3 came out of the same area and moved just the same. After 30 mins, no more came out of the sky. But both of us saw all 3 and caught it on camera.

7-Jun-2015, Burnaby, BC: (10 pm)

My girlfriend and I were on top of capital hill in north Burnaby and saw a very low hanging star above downtown Vancouver. From that bright star a slightly smaller but equally bright light emerged from the first star already in the sky. It moved much too fast and silent to be anything man made. Within a matter of minutes it had disappeared across the sky and beyond the mountains well out of our sight. More bright lights appeared before it finished moving across the sky and the moving object maneuvered between all the newly appearing lights then onward until we couldn't see it anymore. Anyone out there who doesn't believe my claim can simply look at the dozens of resembling videos on YouTube for more proof.

13/14-Jun-2015, Cowichan. BC: (about 2 am)

I was sitting on my balcony in North Cowichan, BC when I looked up to look at the stars above my house facing east and saw the brightest "star" I have ever seen. It looked like an airplane lights facing straight at me but the light wasn't moving. I went to open the camera on my phone to take a picture of it and it flew away!!! No sound, no flashing lights, no trail behind it. It flew faster than anything I have ever seen. It flew in a straight line until it was almost out of sight within about 2 seconds and then it flew to the left and then quickly back to the right for a second and disappeared.

The next night I came out and was looking up when I started watching something to my far left field of view I thought was a satellite, but realized it was way too fast and bright to be a satellite. It crossed my entire field of view (almost a 180 degree view) within about 5 seconds. Again there was no sound accompanying this object.
These two bright fast moving lights were unlike anything I have seen in the sky at night and I spend hours upon hours watching the stars. I live near an airport and along helicopter routes to hospitals. I know the sounds that come from regular aircraft and I know even very far away and high up you can hear some sound. These were both close enough to be heard but it was dead silent.

I can't say what I saw, but I can say I have never seen anything like it before in my life.

14-Jun-2015, Cloverdale, BC: (7:30 pm)

My husband was outside this evening playing with our children, when our two year old looked up and said, "look daddy, a star!" It was still daytime and too bright for any stars.  My husband looked up and saw what appeared to be a star, a small white light very high in the sky, and he would have dismissed it as a star if it hadn't moved... much faster than any shooting star possibly could have. He said it shot across the sky a ways, and stopped, sat there for 10 seconds, then shot off again towards the west and disappeared from his view. He's sure it was not a satellite, or any type of known aircraft. He said it seemed to be made of something reflective, and twinkled like a star but much faster, almost like it was spinning...he even got his phone out and used Google sky map to see if it was a satellite, but it wasn't shown on the app at all...can anyone tell us what it was, or if anyone else saw this??

Mid-June-2015, Hudson's Hope, BC:

I went out for smoke, in my front yard are large rolling hill slopes, it was just before dark when the small (appeared to be very high) oval white light sped towards the top of the hill, stopped dead for about 10 seconds when I yelled to my boyfriend to come see it, I turned my head for a split second when I looked back I saw it zoom over the hills out of sight.

I have had several similar experiences in a small town called Clayton, Ontario in the Ottawa valley, white oval lights, one of which I had a witness during the big meteor shower a few years back, he swept it off as a satellite at first, soon after it stopped dead, for a few seconds, then continued to "zigzag" across the sky at amazing speed.

To be honest, its terrifies me to the core, I am glad I'm not alone in my sightings.

19-Jun-2015, Surrey, BC: (9:30 pm)

I got a call from my wife asking me to look out into the sky. As I looked, I could see a ball of fire. In the begining I told my wife it could be a jet, but then it struck me that jets usually leave a trail of white smoke along its path. This one had a small tail and besides it looked like even the tail was in flames, not the smoke type. I had taken a picture on my cellphone, but as you know, cellphones are not good for those kind of pictures unless it is pitch black. So could barely see anything. I tried looking for any reports about it on the news, but have not seen any. I thought if I see something, it is better to keep the world informed. So this is it. Thanks.

27-Jun-2015, Chilliwack, BC: (10 pm)

I caught my first ever sighting tonight. It was 10pm. I was sitting on my balcony and staring up at the stars. I saw what looked to be a star moving. Entranced, I watched as it grew bigger in size, looking like an even bigger star, and then curved in a half circle, moving in a completely different direction and going incredibly fast. I called my husband out just because I know he wouldn’t believe me if I'd told him about it, and he watched, startled as it kept moving, fading away and then suddenly flashing before it disappeared altogether. He said there was no way it was a satellite because of the way it moved around, and there’s no way for it to have been an aircraft because it was going way too fast and the aircrafts here have flashing lights all over.  It was very cool.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

In which direction was it travelling and at what speed (compared to an airplane for example). I am a bit of a loss trying to figure out the object’s flight path – any way you could draw it out for me and perhaps attach it in an email to us?


Witness Responds:

It was travelling from the east over Sardis and then did a 90 degree curve to the north. It was high enough to look like a satellite, but it was moving twice as fast. And then its luminosity kept fading and then flaring, as though it was spinning and catching the fading light of the sun. My husband's an engineer and thought it was a satellite at first, but then realized there was no way it could have been by its behaviour.

29-Jun-2015, Victoria, BC: (9:40 pm)

From downtown Victoria, BC, my wife and I witnessed a white ball of fire on the horizon to the east just to the right of where Jupiter and Venus set 5 min prior. What looked to be a meteor was coming in at an impossible angle and speed. I used binoculars to further inspect the object and it appeared to be a very large spherical ball of white flames and smoke. But the smoke trail behind appeared to be engulfed with flames as well. The ball of fire moved slowly above the crest of hills north of Cowichan Lake at a 15*angle decent from the horizon. We observed this object for nearly 4min (with no debris coming from it once) until it disappeared behind the mountains. I can only guess at it's impact just off the coast of Ucuelet or Tofino.
Really curious if anyone saw this up close!

1-Jul-2015, Port Moody, BC:

I live in Port Moody, BC. Last night was Canada Day and I was sitting on my balcony waiting for the fireworks over the water. Turns out fireworks got canceled for some reason. I had my camera setup and was messing around taking a few photos of Venus and Mars when I seen 3 saucer glowing objects (UFO's) hovering and slowly flying towards me. Here are the photos.....

I believe now..


1-Jul-2015, Surrey, BC: (10:30 pm)

I just want to make sense of the light I saw last night (July 1, 2015 at around 10:30 pm)
We were celebrating Canada Day, in Surrey BC and it was the finale of the night – fireworks display. As everyone of the thousands of people gathered in the park watches, I noticed this bright red light to the right. It just sat there on one spot, then it turned bright green and went back to red. It moved slightly to the left towards the fireworks, sat there some more. It did not blink and was just there. I asked my boyfriend what does he think it is – he said it is a police helicopter. And I would not believe him because I see other lights blinking red and green color and were definitely moving. This one just dead stop. Then I noticed just farther ahead is another bright red light, just sitting there as well.
As soon as the fireworks display finished, this red light/object moved slowly away, forward towards the direction of the other red light. I argued with my boyfriend that it doesn’t look like a chopper but I don’t know what aerial vehicle it would be, that could perfectly hover, sit still and not blink at all. Just one solid red light. I will ask around for videos of the fireworks display, maybe someone may have captured it unknowingly. My cellphone didn’t have enough memory to take more photos/videos so the firework display I had recorded was at least 2 minutes before I noticed the red light. But I’d like to know what these lights could possibly be.  Thank you.

UFO*BC Responds:

More than likely they were Chinese lanterns – they come in all colours and shapes and are always released on Canada day (and other celebrations for that matter).

Thanks for the sighting!


1-Jul-2015, Vancouver, BC: (10:45 pm)

I have a video of a colourful flat circular ufo that I saw downtown last night. It was flat at first when I saw it then it opened up into a ball of colours  it was going in circular motion .. Not sure what else to say. When I got home in Surrey I saw a bright ball of light but I didn't have my camera to catch it in time. The ball of light was extremely bright it looked like a small sized moon I stared at it for a few mins and the light started to dim I got nervous and came inside my house and didn't see what happened next.

3-Jul-2015, Gambier Island, BC: (11 pm)

3 friends and I took a trip to Gambier Island this past weekend. We arrived at about 6.30 and once we set up out camp and had food we headed for the beach to watch the stars. Around 11pm all four of us noticed the starts were becoming visible. 20 minutes or so later we all noticed a distinct change in what we were seeing. There were dozens of stars beginning to flash. One star, over Bowen Island/Keats Island, shone extremely bright. There were six stars surrounding that and another 6 further out from it, as if all in a line radiating from the centre star.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and asked my friends if they were seeing the same thing. Thankfully they were. There was one star in the bottom left that was flashing blue. I asked my friends if they noticed anything that stood out about the outside ring of stars and they all commented on the blue star and the exact location.

We then saw a bright object move towards us, it looked like 2 large orange globes with a small red light flashing above it. It moved silently, very slowly. Once it was almost over head the orange lights disappeared and we heard the sound of a plane. The red flashing light remained.

We all were certain it was not a plane that was coming towards us before it seemed to change into one.

We watched the objects for another hour or so and then another orb moved towards us. This time we all took extra care to try to determine if it was a plane or not. If it was it was like no plane any of us have ever seen. Again as it got almost overhead it made a loud sound like a plane passing overhead and all but the red flashing light went off.

Shortly afterwards the moon rose above the hills to our left and the lights disappeared. We went back down the next night to see but there was nothing to see. We asked around if anyone else saw what we saw but no one we spoke to had been looking over that direction.

We went down the next night

12-Jul-2015, Mission, BC: (6:45 pm)

I live on Birch and have a great view of the mountains which I had missed with all this smoke. Finally I could see clouds today so I was sitting outside with my daughter and neighbor when I thought I saw birds flying so I shifted and stood up. Instead of birds I saw two individual white lights dancing in the clouds above the mountain range across the river left of Mt. Baker. My daughter also saw this which was quite a shock to her as she did not believe in this stuff as it scares her as all she has seen is fear movies...It was really unbelievable yet exhilarating at the same time.

15-Jul-2015, Kamloops, BC:

Think it was a drone. Saw what I first thought to be a hang-glider. Dark shape tumbling in the air, watched it and realized it was a metallic object as the sun would shine off it as it moved. It was not saucer shaped. Why I think it was a drone, it would circle and then tumble and it repeated this tumbling as it came from north kamloops area down valley over south end of kamloops. It was weird to see a metallic shape tumbling upward with no sound. Wish I had a camera. Hope other people saw it as well.

15-Jul-2015, Creston, BC:

I was looking up at the stars  at my house about 10:30 at night, as I often do, and I noticed a particularly bright star in the south east. Then I noticed it was moving at about the speed that a satellite does, fairly quickly. There were no flashing lights like a plane and it was going too fast for a plane. At first I thought it must be a satellite but it was moving in a south- easterly direction and that was odd because I have never seen a satellite move across the sky in that direction here. They are always going east or north east. Then I realized that the object, which was very high  like a satellite, was radiating spikes of light... that is the only way I can describe it. Long spikes of light were sticking out from it in all directions, like the way a star appears to have it's light fragmented, only these were much longer in proportion to the object than on any star. Still I would have passed it off for a satellite but then, after I had followed it's path for about 45 seconds  south-eastward, it suddenly sped up and within  two or three seconds  disappeared, seemingly in to the distance.

17-Jul-2015, Vernon, BC:

I was about to go to bed and a bright orange light caught my eye above Kelowna/ Ellison area. I live across the lake near Fintry and always see planes etc. This was a big bright orange ball that was blinking on and off flying over Ellison towards Vernon. Midnight and clear skies. Not a plane. No red or white lights. Just an orange ball lighting on and off every second.

22-Jul-2015, Nanaimo, BC: (11:00 pm)

I was outside in my backyard and happened to look up at the stars like I normally do, and saw a very bright, fast light moving across the sky, it then made a very very fast semi circle movement, and then just hovered for a few minutes and then I saw another very bright, very fast light also cross the sky, and it was going so fast and darted off so I lost sight with that one. We heard a humming type of sound, almost like an airplane sound in the sky, while this bright light hovered! I was so scared that I ran inside, that's all I seen.

26-Jul-2015, Penticton, BC: (about 10:30 pm)

Walking my dog about 10:30-45pm. On Edmonton Ave, Penticton by the park. I was looking west over towards the West Bench hills, I noticed two (2) very bright white lights in the sky travelling one behind the other. I watched them moving steadily through the night sky, for a couple of minutes;  fascinated,  as they were moving from South to Northwest through the sky at the same pace. The space between them never varied. They were quite high up; they really did seem like satellites moving in tandem, one behind the other, at the same speed. But Suddenly, they sped up and vanished in an instant. If I'd not been tracking them, I'd not have seen them disappear, it was so fast. I've not see satellites do that before, ever. It was very odd. There were no vapor trails, they were very, very bright but they moved so strangely and then so incredibly fast. I don't believe they were jets, or satellites. It was odd. We've had some odd sightings over the western skyline in Penticton lately. This is the first time I've seen two at the same time.

31-Jul-2015, Chilliwack, BC: (10:30 - 11:00 pm)

Chilliwack seems to have a lot of unexplained action in its skies. Just yesterday my husband and I were sitting in our back porch when we saw what seemed to look like a ball of light traveling north towards the mountains. I always keep an open mind and try not to get to ahead of myself but when this ball of light brightened up significantly then completely dimmed out I had to wonder. After it disappeared for 2-5  minutes it came back to bright again. It held for a few seconds then disappeared again. I have no idea what it was!! Definitely fun to see!

31-Jul-2105, North Coquitlam, BC: (11:10 pm)

At approx 23:10 this evening I was on my balcony in North Coquitlam (29th floor) brushing my teeth and having a look around the streets and sky. I face north/east and the full moon was obscured behind some other towers.

I looked straight up for some reason and saw a very bright white light, 6000kelvin, no flicker, or so moving from the west to the east up just slightly north of Coq Center Mall towards Pitt Lake at maybe no more than 5000 feet. It was hard to tell exactly with no reference.

No sound associated, no other light sources.

I grabbed my phones and opened FR 24 & SkyView, both showed no flights/satellites in my area except for a Bombardier GLEX that was heading West near Pitt Lake which might have seen it. No info other than F-CYXX1 (radar).

Now, I've seen tons of satellites and this was not one and this is not my first time witnessing such things in the night sky.

As it got towards Pitt Lake it started to pick up speed at quite the pace. I was watching it in binoculars the whole time until another building got in my way.

At the same time I was noticed other lights in my field of vision of the object, that were solid, and moving like a bird would fly, serpentine like at very high altitudes with the brightness of stars.

Too bad I couldn't just watch them all. The event lasted about 4 minutes.

1-Aug-2015, Lumby, BC: (11 pm)

We were staying in a cabin at Echo Lake Resort sitting on the deck looking at the sky when we watched a white orb move east across the sky then turn around. We spotted two more, one of which stopped and hovered for just over a minute. We have the first one on video. The next night was partly cloudy but we did witness a bright flash of light that lit up the entire sky for a second.  Very unsettling to say the least.

3-Aug-2015, Walhachin, BC: (11:40 pm)

I decided to check to see if the northern lights were out tonite. Went outside and immediately noticed what looked to be two planes traveling from the south west and flying north east into Kamloops (my guess). I thought it was strange that they were so close together but all the sudden the one in behind stopped and started flying in an extremely fast fluid like motion in unexplained patterns. I quickly called for my girlfriend to come out as she could tell it was something serious with the tone in my voice. Together we stood there watching this craft do its dance for over 5 minutes. Very bright yellow, blue and red flashing lights and close enough to see the pulsing of each individual light. My hair was standing on end to witness its high speed erratic/sporatic but smooth flights over a smaller portion of the sky. Near the end it seemed to come closer in our direction and then it simply disappeared. We live on an acreage so nighttime star gazing is truly amazing however what my girlfriend and I witnessed tonite was NOT capable by humans and will be tattooed on our memory banks for ever!

4-Aug-2015, Delta, BC:

One night me and a friend had a sleepover. Just as we were about to head to bed my friend saw a very bright light in the sky. I thought it was an asteroid (it was that bright). My friend thought it was a plane but it was clearly too bright and was hovering silently in the sky. It was pretty clear it wasn't man made. Then we thought a plane was on fire but again it would burst into flames and probably fall out of the sky, but this light seemed stable and white. Then it seemed like it stopped glowing and sped off like a normal plane (still silent). Maybe the UFO shape shifted into a regular airliner to disguise itself? We immediately looked at FlightRadar24.com on my iPad and there was nothing flying close to where we were located.

11-Aug-2015, Aldergrove, BC: (about 10 pm)

Medium size, very bright white light. It traveled east toward Abbotsford. I had just happened to look up at the sky... its was really strange actually, I had my eyes closed, relaxing, and suddenly I just thought to look up at the night sky, and I saw the bright light. As we live in a flight path, I almost dismissed it as a plane... but then I noticed a jet not too far to the left of the light... about a foot distance from my perspective. I could compare the two objects perfectly. I could see the silhouette of the plane, the individual lights flashing on it, and it was all much dimmer than the other object... but the other object was just a solid bright white light... very bright! Its seemed as close to the earth as the plane, and i could see no shapes or blinking... just a solid, round white light, and it moved about as fast as the plane too! It got dimmer as it got further away, and it almost seemed to twinkle a bit in the distance. I cant get over how eerie the whole experience was. My boyfriend saw it too, and agreed it was very strange. Neither of us has even a guess as to what it could have been. No way it was a satellite either, I've seen HUNDREDS of those, large, small, bright, and dim... as far as I know, this was WAY too close to be a satellite.

12-Aug-2015, Kelowna, BC: (8:40 pm)

So I was sitting in my boyfriends kitchen while he was eating dinner, and something caught my eye and made me quickly jerk my head to the left to look out the window and I saw a small orange disk shaped light in the distance and it shot directly horizontal across the sky  across the lake..... It was a little cloudy out but other than that it was clear out. I have no idea what else it could be!

14-Aug-2015, Cumberland, BC: (10 - 10:45 pm)

Green light flying in circles very high up in the sky, no noise, appeared to be a triangle at a certain point every time it circled.

17-Aug-2015, White Rock, BC: (about 9:30 pm)

I was in my back yard, I saw a flash of white light in my peripheral vision that was so bright it caused me to turn my head to see what it was. When I turned my head I saw about 6 perfectly circular bright green lights in a row that were set a perfect distance from each other.  Imagine traffic lights together side by side horizontally and every 2nd maybe 3rd one one were all lined up perfectly but all lit up green. It was there for a second and then was gone. I expected it to flash back but it did not return. After discussing it with my fiance, and discounting that it could be fireworks because the lights were too steady and no streaming etc, I can only conclude I saw a UFO. I have always been somewhat of a skeptic, I am open to any other possibilities as to what this could be, but feel I must post this in the event someone else saw the same thing.

18-Aug-2015, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)

I was walking in Vancouver city around 8:30pm when a man stopped me and pointed to something in the sky. We watched this round object suspended in the sky quite closer to the ground than a normal plane would be. It had circular lights around it, two in red and the rest green that were flashing. I then walked away still slightly watching it but it didn't move. Another couple also stopped and watched in amazement. It then decended directly downwards quite fast. I took a photo but you can't see it that well.

18-Aug-2015, Victoria, BC: (8:45 pm)

At 20:45 a large object with white lights caught my attention, it flew across the sky from west to east at a slow rate, the object stopped suddenly and then shot straight up until it disappeared. It was silent, not a drone, plane or helicopter.

19-Aug-2015, Maple Ridge, BC: (12:30 pm)

I was at a gas station on the corner of Lougheed and 226th when I looked up to see a small plane crossing the sky. Following it was a small ball that moved erratically. At first I thought it was just a bird flying around the plane and behind it, then it seemed like it was possibly a balloon being dragged and fluttering. Then it broke off from the plane and seemed to zip around haphazardly (again looked like a balloon). It was not super bright, more of a dull brightness, then it stopped dead and became a bit more bright (now noticeable). Then far to the left and a few degrees up was another ball that was bright and not moving. It simply just appeared out of nowhere. They held their positions for at least 5 seconds then the second ball disappeared and the first one slowly fluttered around across the sky until simply fading out.

26-Aug-2015, Vancouver, BC: (9:45 pm)

I noticed about 8-10 red orbs of varying sizes in the sky over Vancouver, BC from my high-rise balcony (located downtown), by the time I grabbed my camera and wide lens to start filming there were only 3 orbs left which I recorded (shakily! but they were visible) for 2.5 minutes. Each of these looked like a shimmering or twinkling red ball of light.

They lingered, staying quite still, for a few minutes before the largest of the few orbs slowly moved straight up towards the two smaller, higher orbs. The smaller red orbs then faded and were no longer visible, and the largest sat still in the sky for less than a minute before vanishing as well.

A few minutes later there was a single red orb further west that was rising and falling slowly, before dropping and decreasing in size and no longer being visible.

31-Aug-2015, Abbosford, BC: (10:53 pm)

I was driving home on Clayburn Road (East Abbotsford) towards Clayburn Village on Monday August 31st and I saw lights in the sky on my right. My first thought was that it was a plane and it was flying really low. It was a triangle shape with lights at each point. The lights were weird because they were all on and yet they rotated to each point. I pulled over to watch it glide overhead. It seemed to be going really slow. No noise. I would compare the size of it to a small orange. I don't recall the color of the lights  because I was too excited and a little awed too. It was lightly raining and yet it stood out. I wonder if anyone else has reported this.

4-Sep-2015, Coquitlam, BC: (8:48 pm)

Hi, we just got home and looked up in the sky and saw an orange ball. We thought at first we saw a plane but have never seen one with orange lights. Then it just hovered. Then 3 more came up and they formed a V and one at a time they disappeared into the same spot. Then 3 more came to the same spot and did the same thing. We have video of it. It was definitely not planes.

6-Sep-2015, Agassiz, BC: (8 - 8:30 pm)

2 crafts flying just below the clouds, very bright red and orange light on front of crafts, no other lights. Travelling roughly 300 km/hr at about 30 deg north declination. They were travelling parallel to each other, about 1km behind the other. As the first one passed overhead near the Agassiz prison we waited for the sound of the engines but none came. The second craft came through a cloud and it's lights were then off and was a very dark stealth black color underneath, again not a sound. Roughly 20 of us saw them as we sat around a campfire, one person is a retired Air Canada pilot.

12-Sep-2015, Campbell River, BC: (9:05 - 9:15 am)

The morning sky was clear from one side to the other. Not a cloud anywhere except for one funny little cloud over Cape Mudge on Quadra island. I was driving past Discovery Mall when I first noticed it. Small for a cloud but big for anything else in the sky. As I drove to Redden Net I watched and saw that the shape didn't change. I quickly went in to the shop and borrowed binoculars. By this time it had quickly moved further away and closer to the horizon. I passed the binoculars to Bub and he was not able to identify it either. When first spotted I would say it was white but as it disappeared into the distance it became golden yellow which I assume was caused by the relative angle of the sun. The overall shape was like the outline of a tulip. If you were to place the typical flying saucer shape, with a bubble on top, at the bottom, then on both the right and left comming out and up the tail of a comet. There was not the typical space that you would see between a jet and it's vapor trail. Makes me think of an angel with wings raised descending. I could not see any defining form in the vapor but the shape was maintained until it disappeared. Do you have any idea what it was?

20-Sep-2105, Peachland, BC: (about 1:00 am)

I was looking up as I exited my house and a row of curved (boomerang-shaped) LED looking lights which I first thought was a bird because they were dropping and lifting in a gliding sort of way.  But they were on something much bigger than a bird and moving very fast.  I shouted to my daughter to look as I ran across the yard chasing them.  But by the time I got around the tree they were over top of the town of Peachland and then they shot off and disappeared as a unit.  I had seen a V-pattern of golden glowing orbs which I also mistook for geese in the summer of 1979 (Westbank BC) because of the strange beeping noise they made but they also shot off and disappeared rapidly.

20-Sep-2015, Salmon Arm, BC: (3:45 - 4:00 pm)

I am in disbelieve in what I just saw and I didn't know what else to do but come to a Ufo forum. I was at the 9km view spot in fly hills salmon arm overlooking the entire valley, I was there for about 20 minutes, as me and my friend Bailey (also an eye witness) got up to walk back to the truck he spotted a massive white flying object flying at unnatural speeds it was very very far away but it was clearly visible. The object moved across the salmon arm valley and I spotted it a few seconds after him. It headed toward bastion mountain and sped past the tower from what looked like a few feet above the cliff and right next to the tower. There was no way what I saw was any type of man made aircraft or military drone it straight up looked interdimensional and slowed its speed to an almost stop a little farther passed the mountain, me and my friend could not fathom whatsoever what we witnessed besides a UFO.

30-Sep/1-Oct-2015, BC:

I was outside having a smoke on the porch in the backyard. Then I heard two owls hooting, it sounded like they were circling each other, flying around the ceder trees. I try to look around but don't spot them. Later I checked the time and realized 2 hours had passed.

Then I kept thinking something. Don't look down. You won't like what you'll see. DON'T look down! So I think huh, I'm gonna look down. Then I saw a grey alien below the porch. Black eyes, no ears, slits for nose, slit mouth, & very thin. The alien was holding this amber light towards me. I was shocked. No thoughts entered my mind. I couldn't think. We stared at each other for a few seconds. In those few seconds, it immediately lowered it's arm to it's side. What I can't get over is the way it disappeared. There was this sort of cloud and could only see this on it's body. After the cloud covered part of it's body, those parts were becoming transparent, see through. I immediately look up, I don't want to see the alien disappear completely. I start to panic inside my head. I wanted to run in the house and go in my bedroom and hide. But I tried to calm down and instead decided to walk calmly into the house. I rushed in my room and locked the door and hid under the covers. When I tried to go sleep, I heard only one owl outside from my room. Flying around the area of houses.

Months earlier my room mate told me his story how he thinks he was abducted by aliens and they put something under his skin (the incident happened years ago). I don't think they were after me. I think they may have been trying to get at him again. But it's just speculation. Before I saw the alien I always had a secret fear of seeing alien on the stairs and looking at me through the patio door while sitting in the smoke room.

And no one believes me. This happened months before I moved to another town.

1-Oct-2015, Victoria, BC: (9:30 pm)

Picking apples from the tree for a co-worker the next morning, looked up and saw a boomerang shaped object gliding across the skyline - covering up stars, larger than the circumferance of the apple tree, covering multiple stars together, low (a couple hundred feet above the tree line), no noise, no engine, no lights. grey and dark grey metallic triangular shape with curved edges and looked like material almost like ropes on it. actually thought I was watching a hang glider but then it increased in speed and went from a downward to upward motion and disappeared from view.  on the super blood moon 2 days earlier, 10 year old and partner saw a similarly shaped object fly towards the east, gliding, stealth like, increase in speed and disappear, this one with lights.

2-Oct-2015, Mission, BC: (about 5:00 am)

On the morning of October 2 around 5am my girlfriend and i saw what looked like a big bright light in the night sky. As we watched we saw it change shape and size and change colors and stayed in the same place for a long time. We watched and taped it for quite a while and towards the end we saw another pair of red lights appear beside the origional one and before our eyes we saw the first one begin to blink then an even bigger brighter light seemed to open up as if they were communicating or something.  We have a series of videos ranging from 13 secs to almost 20 mins. You would have to see the video as my description doesn't do this phenomenon justice.  Let us know if this footage  is of some intereste to you. Thanks, Clay.

2-Oct-2015, Vancouver, BC: (8 pm)

I'm very skeptical about sightings like like this. I assume most can be explained and others allow their imaginations to start racing, and while reading through your recent reports, nothing changed that opinion. This was until I read the report posted from Vancouver from the 27th of August, and you know what they say about people who assume.

I ventured outside for a cigarette around 8pm on October 2nd. The rear of the house faces East, to the North East I noticed a red light creeping vertically, it's slow movement and red glow meant one thing to my logic, a firework, it is Halloween month after all. As I watched the "firework" rise and approach its peak, I waited patiently for the bang and barking of dogs, no bang came. Instead, the light became bigger and brighter (about the size of your nail in the sky if you close one eye). At this point I thought "Wow, I wonder who is firing a flare around here". I would have been satisfied with the firework, entertained by the flare, however what happened next has led me to this page and this former skeptics report.

The flaring orb paused instead of arching into its expected descent, and after hanging motionless for a few moments, it began moving horizontally across the sky in a Northern direction. Not quickly, not in a strange or blinking way. Just slow and solid. At that point I knew it was strange, however the boy who cried UFO doesn't appeal to me, so I passed it off as "whatever".

The following morning I decided to do some searching, because I had told my friends "surely there will be something up (online) about it". Reading through the reportings, I cannot deny I was a little disappointed because nobody around BC had described the same things, not even close. Until I read a report from someone who also lives in Vancouver.  It, word for word, described the red orb and horizontal action that I had seen.

3-Oct-2015, Vernon, BC: (10:30 am)

My cousin sent me this picture of the valley in Vernon were they we're hunting his wife took the picture of valley and didn't notice anything When they got home she look at the pictures she took and notices there as 3 lights on the side of a hill top no way to get there by truck or ATV I my self have been to the very same spot so here are pictures that was sent to me my cousin has no photo shop skills. Please let me know how to send u the pictures thanks.


Panorama 2

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the email.

What is the story behind this photo? Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, in this field a picture just doesn’t quite hit the mark. Is there any way to obtain a copy of the original unedited version?


Witness Responds:

Hi Richard, thank for getting back to me, the picture was sent to me by my cousin's wife though message, the panorama photo is the original that was taken by her iPhone that was sent to me. They are in Vernon at the moment , I could have her email you her picture from her phone if that would that be ok.  The event that took place was on Oct 3 at 10:30. They were deer hunting when they stopped to scope the lower valley to see if any deer were in the area, his wife got out to look at the view so she took a picture of the view while my cousin was using his binoculars. They didn't see anything so they moved on, then when got home she looked at her photos and noticed this picture with these weird lights. She called me to tell me about the photos because she knows I'm into this topic of UFO's and asked me what I thought of it. I told her it looks like a UFO that could be powered up and invisible to the human eye but could possibly be caught by a camera. So I wanted to send it to you and see what u think if it.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the background. Sadly what she caught has a much more mundane explanation – it is a lens artifact from the panoramic “stitching” on the iPhone. I have the same thing on mine from time to time, but wanted to make sure that it wasn’t see with the naked eyes first. So sorry to disappoint, but I doubt it is anything alien based, but just a glitchy Apple product.

Thanks again!

4-Oct-2015, Burnaby, BC: (6:00 - 6:15 am)

I was walking my dog and noticed an unusually bright star like image. The object was three times the size of a normal star and was a constant white light. I asked my neighbor what she thought and she was also puzzled by it's appearance. I went inside and retrieved my camera but it was gone when I returned. The light was not directly overhead but about 20 degrees north west of high noon.

15-Oct-2015, Agassiz, BC: (about 5 pm)

Going to Chilliwack to get groceries... was on Mackenzie Road in Agassiz around 5 pm and it was a very sunny day. Out in the farmer's field I spotted a round ball flare going down so I pulled to the side of the road and watched it...came towards me then suddenly a truck pulled beside me and the driver also started watching this flare...then this flare lit up again and flew horizontally south bound. No noise...

24-Oct-2015, Vancouver, BC: (8:56 pm)

Just got out of the car and noticed strange lights in the western skyline (towards UBC  area). I live in East Van. Those lights were moving in a cluster and then started to move towards the south... I lived in the area for over 20 years and I know this is a known flight path for commercial airlines but these lights are different and I can tell.

After a min or 2... the lights were gone...

25-Oct-2015, Burnaby, BC: (6:30 am)

I've kept my eyes on the sky for years in fascination to ever come across UFO's. I've seen many shapes and colours and lights in the sky in parts of Canada and the U.S.

I ended up on YouTube watching "KGB agent record of Aliens" shortly after I finished watching one part I decided to try and sleep. Ended up falling asleep but woke up out of nowhere and decided to go have a smoke on the balcony. I usually look up to the sky's from my balcony and see everything I normally do, the stars, the hundreds of planes that are headed and leaving YVR. But there was something that I've never seen in that position before. I'm familiar with drones and have seen drones all over my area and towards Edmonds...  But this was different. As one person reported about walking her dog and seeing a very big and bright white still light is what I saw but not one, but two. The one on the right was twice the size of the one on the left. I watched them closely and kept records and measurements of if its nearest stars. The earth orbits as everyone knows and I see the stars drift off but these two very bright objects are in the same exact spot as they have been for the half hour I've been watching them. They're not on top. Seen planes fly under them. Above them. No movement or hesitation from the objects. I have videos recorded as well. This is my first time ever posting anything about this or UFO sightings in general. I tend to keep them to myself or to my close friends.

UFO*BC Responds:

From your description, and the time of day, I am quite sure I know what you saw. Before sunrise, Jupiter and Venus can be seen close together in the SouthEast. They would be the two brightest objects in the sky (not counting the moon).


26-Oct-2015, Langley, BC: (6:30 pm)

I was driving home from Langley on 64th Avenue past 160th Street, growing down the stretch of farm land. The clouds behind me were getting dark. There was still a somewhat sunset to the west. The time is 6:30pm as I look in my review mirror and I spot this rectangle shaped object that was a golden color. It looked like this humongous bus moving across the skies heading north. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I had to turn right around and look through my back window to make sure I was really seeing this.

It moved quite rapidly and the it started to vanish from the front to the back.  I saw it vanish in front of my eyes.

I had to tell you asap.

UFO*BC Responds:

Although impossible to say for sure, it is likely that what you say was an airplane catching the last rays of the setting sun as it was approaching either YVR or Abbotsford Airport - hence the golden colour.



5-Nov-2015, Tsawwassen, BC: (about 4:30 pm)

Driving from the ferry at Tsawwassen on the highway I caught sight of what I thought was a firework in the distance, before my view was blocked by traffic.

A few minutes later I was able to see the objects again but they now looked like a sort of flock of birds but not moving in any direction but instead rearranging themselves.

It was around dusk and you would not have been able to see these in the sky if it were not for the light of an industrial area ahead lighting up the sky above it.

The objects reflected the light below which made them stand out from the sky. These kind of reflective properties are not what you would see from a bird.

I was unable to stop and once I passed them was unable to catch sight again in my mirrors.

7-Nov-2015, Bowen Island, BC: (9:00 pm)

This was unbelievable. I live on Bowen Island on the west coast. I was sitting on the couch this evening when, from the corner of my left eye, I saw a bright orange light. I went to the back of the house where the bedroom is located and I saw what looked to me like a plane on fire. It was a bright orange ball of what looked like fire travelling fast across the sky. Then ... it just stopped. A few seconds later it carried on toward the ferry terminal over Snug Cove. Then another one appeared from the same direction, then another and another. Over 15 minutes about 12 of the objects flew over my house or just off to the north. It was unreal, when I realized the first one was not a plane on fire my paranoia kicked in and I immediately thought it was a missile. I felt progressively worse after about 7 of these things because to me one is a sighting but 12 is an invasion. They definitely wanted to be seen, low in the sky and all travelling from the same direction and flying toward West Vancouver like 12 balls of fire. I would be shocked if thousands of people did not witness this. I would be lying if I didn't say that it scared me.

8-Nov-2015, Vancouver, BC: (about 6:00 pm)

I was outside my house on the night of November 8th at around 6:00pm when I looked SouthWest (my position being fairly close to the Oakridge Shopping Center). What struck me first was the sheer intensity of the light that I saw. It appeared as if the light was much closer to me than it was, then within about a 4 second period, the light shrunk smaller and smaller to about the size of a standard star's light, then continued to get smaller and smaller until it just disappeared. It didn't seem to mimic lights from airplanes as it wasn't moving left or right and I've never seen a light shine as bright as it did on any airplane I've ever seen at night.  There were barely any stars in the sky due to some cloud coverage, which only compounded the fact that the light was as bright as it was.

I was trying to deduce afterwards what might have caused it. Might there have been clouds incrementally blocking the light until it was covered completely? Perhaps, however the light didn't seem to flicker, just fade. I'd have thought that cloud passing the light field would give more of an erratic effect on the light.

The majority of the planes I see at night take a few familiar routes, but this light didn't seem to belong to any I had seen before. This could have been another of nature's trickery fooling the senses, but I was fairly struck by this, not being a virgin star gazer.

It was just strange the way the light was fixated in one position, then to go from very bright to nothing I found most intriguing. I've never left a comment for anything I've seen before, although I've seen a few bizarre things down through the years. I thought i'd message in regardless, in case someone in the Vancouver area also noticed something.

Thank you, and I hope this might be useful to you!

8-Nov-2015, Canoe, BC:

I was standing out on my deck last night looking North East from Salmon Arm and I saw a cluster of 5 lights; blue, green, red, purple and yellow. I instantly assumed it was a plane, but after watching it for about 15 seconds they all raised and formed a perfect circle. They stayed like that for about 45 seconds, then the yellow one moved quite quickly away from the group. The red and purple one paired up as well as the blue and green and followed the yellow one away. I watched them move away for about 15 minutes moving in unison but also spreading out at different distances. They would move extremely fast for short bursts until eventually I couldn't see them anymore.

13-Nov-2015, Ashcroft, BC: (6 - 6:15 am)

Went outside to check on animals before work and saw a series of lights hovering down the valley just above a mountain. These lights were all in a different series flashing. I know the area and it was near a place that is all cliffs so no normal vehicles could make it there to simulate it. Also it moved slowly in the sky. I have never seen this before and I have no explanation.

Witness Update:

After further investigation and days of seeing this I went to the area to find out there were loggers in the area using work lights and the rest were skidders. I am sorry for crappy info we have seen stuff here though but I thought it was a for sure with substancial evidence. I got over excited and am getting bugged a lot by friends and family about it. Sorry to waste your time but I will still always be watching.

19-Nov-2015, Nanaimo, BC:

I was one of those people from outside woodgrove mall that witnessed the 3 ufos. I was with my husband at the parking lot and watched and recorded thru my husband's phone as my iphone was lowbatt. So,we decided to stay there for over 45mins and there were tons of people in the parking lot watching too, asking "What's that?" Some called the police and an officer recorded it too on his cell. Someone asked the policeman and the policeman just said it was a kite. I knew what I saw and have seen them too before and even in my dreams. When i started seeing ufo's I kept telling my husband about it. He said he believes but he wanted to see in his own 2 eyes..then we saw it together, he now believes that indeed ufo is real. I have so many experience..if u wanna ask more...feel free to email me back! Thanks.

19-Nov-2015, Surrey, BC: (5:55 pm)

I went outside to get my clothes from the dryer when I spotted 4 little orbs floating over the treeline from the Vancouver airport area. They ranged from light orange to dark red and made no sound whatsoever. I called my family out to look because I just couldn't believe what I saw. While we were watching, we tried to listen to see if any of these 4 pulsating orange-red lights would make sound, but alas, we were let down.

They seemed to be in some sort of formation, when they appeared over the treeline, they were all evenly spaced out. About a finger length apart with both eyes open. They pulsated and moved slowly, then super fast north-west across the sky. When they got far enough, they completely faded out never to be seen again. We stood out there for probably 7 minutes and at the end when we grew tired of the chilling November weather, nine orbs had passed through the sky and then completely disappeared. Pretty bizarre I must say.

21-Nov-2015, North Vancouver, BC: (5:15 - 6:00 pm)

Howdy I watched a crazy light show over Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver tonight NOV 21 2015.........17:15 till almost 18:00.

I noticed a strange light come from the mountains toward the east looking north. Then it stopped and the light show began. I thought I could see other lights join it to form shapes. It started to flicker and grow in intensity the other lights would make shapes. It started as a triangle with one light each corner with some between the flickered into a larger circle to square and back and forth. The triangle shape being most prominent. I have some video, not the best as it only shows a flickering light. I called a friend and he and his wife watched it too from North Van. I viewed it from Vancouver they got one photo of it. I watched it for over 15 mins then it moved to the west towards Grouse mountain and I lost sight of it. I thought I could see colors but they seemed muted and most white flashes of  intensity as the shapes changed.

I will include my friends contact info for the photo my vid is too big to email have the original and a 236 times zoomed one but only shows a weird flickering light as taken with my cell phone at dusk.......

22-Nov-2015, Nanaimo, BC: (6 pm)

My friend and I were heading into the Avalon movie theatre at Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo BC. We saw 3 blinking lights in a row. The lights appeared to be spaced evenly apart, completely stationary and flashing in unison. I took a short video of the lights. Youtube link here:


We stopped some other people and they thought it was weird as well. We thought at first it could be some antenna on the building, but when we exited the theatre hours later the lights were gone. The lights were bright white and did not move the whole time we watched them.

24-Nov-2015, Nanaimo, BC: (7:30 pm)

A neighbour knocked on our door to see if we had seen the lights; confused we went to the balcony. There was a set of three blinking white lights in a triangular formation, with another two down on the horizon in a sort of diagonal fashion, as if it were a distant tail of the initial three. Not long after, another two blinking lights joined up in the linear fashion.

A half hour after watching these lights blink and wiggle in a hovering manner, they began to straighten out and align.

Now the initial three again are regaining a triangular fashion. A perfect equalateral triangle.  They are clearly independent from one another as they are blinking and hovering on their own paths.

They are still there. The triangle is widening, covering more area. What are these lights ??

UFO*BC Responds:

I did a quick Google search for lights over Nanaimo, and came up with a couple short YouTube clips. Comments from people say that they are lights on a kite. There is even news coverage from a couple of years ago with them interviewing a fellow that flies a kite with lights on it over Nanaimo. Do you think that is what it could be?




24-Nov-2015, Nanaimo, BC: (about 8:00 - 10:00 pm)

Two ufo's coming from opposite direction meeting overhead and flying in unison and then each flying separately doing incredible maneuvers. I have never seen or reported anything until tonight and I am even a little worried about reporting this as I am a commercial driver. Please let me know if you get any other reports and I will give more detail on my sighting also have video although rather grainy as I used my Itouch to film.

24-Nov-2015, Terrace/Kitimat, BC: (11:06 pm)

I was driving home, the sky was pretty clear. I noticed a bright light on my left, I watched it while I was driving. It seemed to hover from my left then to the right. It started turning towards me and it looked like a saucer. I came to a complete stop in my car and grabbed my phone to take pictures. I took one then the saucer turned straight for me then moved to the right of me. I was looking up at it and saw a large centre light and above that a row of colored lights blinking. It was shining like a spotlight on me. I got scared, put my phone down, grabbed my rosary and kept driving without looking back - praying out loud. Minutes later I tried calling my husband but had no service. I finally talked to him at 11:20, about 20 minutes from home. I was afraid of being abducted. I told my husband what I had seen in case I never made it home. I do have 3 pictures, taken with my phone.

26-Nov-2015, Vancouver, BC: (1:45 pm)

We were driving into Vancouver and caught the red light at 12th street and Grandview Hwy, when my husband caught something moving against the North shore Mountains. When he showed the object to me I got my camera out and was able to snap 3 images. The object moved west east and then up. The object appeared solid and was rectangular in shape. Of course we couldn't sit and observe it as the light had changed. We tried to chase it down 12th street for more pictures but the buildings were in the way and I lost sight of it.

29-Nov-2015, Victoria, BC: (11:30 pm)

A Floating light over the city. It appeared to be twinkling. It moved, then moved back, forth, back. Over the course of an hour it had moved south to north very slowly. I Attempted to view it through old binoculars, but they were fuzzy and I could only make out a triangle/tree like shape. Orange, green and white lights. No sound. Oddly there was also no air traffic that night, which is very unusual. I Wanted to view more but had to work in the morning. How long it stayed up there I don't know. It just appeared to float. The police noted they would be testing drones over the next few months however this was very high up in the atmosphere. Additionally I'm not certain the battery life of a drone but this was probably more than 2 hours.

25-Dec-2015, Port Moody, BC: (about 8:30 pm)

We are standing outside when we saw 4 bright orange/red round lights (for lack of a better word) in the sky. They moved very quickly across the sky and then went up and disappeared. Then there were 2 more that came and then 1, and then 2 again all moving very quickly across the sky and going up and disappearing (a total of 10). We took pictures of them and they are very round and did not have any flares on the end. There was no sound whatsoever, only the orange/red circular lights going across the sky.

30-Dec-2015, North Vancouver, BC: (1:30 pm)

Was working in west van, british properties, and saw something coming up from behind grouse mountain, it went up and stopped, hovering above grouse mtn, then started going up again. As i followed it i noticed 4 more flying objects way up in the sky. They looked like stars but it was daytime and they were moving. Started out as a checkmark formation then broke formation, i then focused on on the first ufo watching it flying up towards the other ones. Then noticed more showing up (or maybe they were there but out of sight) with the others higher up. I was in awe while observing this. When the first one got to the height of the others (a total of 8 now) they all started going higher up till i couldnt see them anymore. Somebody else had to hav seen at least the first one. It was farely large and flying/hovering over grouse mountain in broad daylight.

31-Dec-2015, Boundary Bay, BC:

While going to the kitchen I noticed two very bright lights which appeared to be at the northeast end of Mud Bay. While watching them the light on the west moved east past the other light. They appeared to be level with each other. I then left but returned a few minutes later and while watching, the western most light split into two and while the original light remained in the same position it's brightness decreased while the one that split off from it matched the reduced brightness. It headed west still moving at the same apparent altitude. The strangest thing was the original two never came closer, or moved further away, they never went higher or lower and all three maintained the same apparent altitude. Any answers as to what I saw?