UPDATED - September 9th, 2019

January 2014, Terrace, BC: (daytime)

1 single large disc shape sat still in the blue sky beside a hill as if it was peering around it with I think 3-4 witnesses .....    moved left slow then right then left and as it moved left it had lit up fully and disappeared

6-Jan-2014, Vancouver, BC: (5:45 pm)

Monday evening (last night) I was going to the garbage and happened to notice the crescent moon as it was a clear and starry night. To the right of the moon was a red-orange circle which I thought was a star, maybe Jupiter. This red-orange circle was a bit big for a star though. This circle of orange-red had on either side of it these strands that fanned out, they were also roughly the same colour. I thought it might be a helicopter because it didn't move as I watched it. As I was in a hurry to go somewhere so I stopped watching for a few seconds and when I looked up again the circle of red-orange was now without the tendrils/strands that were previously coming off the left and right side of the red-orange circle, and, the circle had moved over further to the right  of the Moon or further west,  it had  also gotten smaller in diameter. I began walking towards the garage and I noticed the circle was constricting and within a matter of seconds was gone.

When I returned home later that evening I went  online to see if any  local news had reported a weird sighting. I live roughly in the vicinity of  South Cambie and this past summer some model aviation club had staged a "ufo" over the field at Nat Bailey Stadium during a baseball game. Anyways, there was no news of a ufo sighting over Vancouver that night at all. I'd be interested to hear your response.

15-Jan-2014, Victoria, BC: (9:45 am)

Standing on the front driveway of the BC Legislature, we observed a yellow light towards the north over the city. The light was traveling south towards us. As it approached, it appeared to slow its speed. It went over the inner harbor and over us. It appeared to be a ball of fire about the size of a small airplane, and there was no sound. The object continued south over the parliament building and climbed higher in the sky. At that point, it accelerated its speed as it climbed and very quickly became a small dot and disappeared. It was about 1000 feet above us.

Unfortunately, we did not get a picture.

15-Jan-2014, Pitt Lake, BC: (10 pm to 12 pm)

Was returning to a friend's house after a dinner party around 10 pm and I noticed a large flash off in the distance. Now when I say off in the distance I mean probably close to 20/30 kms away. I was in Surrey and could tell that it was coming from behind the mountains near Coquitlam (as it illuminated the outline of said mountain). It looked as though it was just a huge flash (think lightning) that lit up everything in the night sky around it. Now that would be all fine and dandy if it was just the single flash. But I continued to watch the area and within 30 seconds or so we saw another flash, then another, and another. It continued like this at varying intervals.. sometimes as quick as 5 seconds other times within two minutes. My friends all went inside the house as it didn't interest them like it did me (but they did see it.) I convinced my girlfriend to track the source down with me, so we start driving. Tracking it in the sky was easy, just watch the general direction and the entire sky was lighting up. We headed down all the roads we could until we came to an end at Pitt Lake where we couldn't take roads any farther as they had the parking area gated off. It was closer to 11:30 pm now. There were alot of people parked inside so I'm assuming at least some other people must of seen it. Anyways as we got closer the sky was still being illuminated but we could see less of the flash as we were now pretty close to the base of the mountain which it was behind. The intensity of this was like nothing I have seen besides lightning and there was no sound so fireworks were not likely. Also lasting over 2 hours before we finally gave up and headed home, watching the inside of the car light up with each flash coming from behind us. I have some pretty crude video of it happening taken from Surrey so you can see the distance at which I was viewing it from. If anyone knows about what this might of been it would really put my mind at rest.

Some other info. It never moved or changed location, It was always behind the mountain just north of the parking lot at Pitt Lake. The flashes also sort of varied from a white lightning style to a redish/orange fire hue. Intensity varied as well, from just enough to outline the mountain to the whole sky being lit up in that area. If this is not the correct site to post this too as it doesn't exactly pertain to an UFO sighting I will understand. I am really interested to find a solution.

16-Jan-2014, Roosville, BC: (9:00 pm)

We work for the Highways (mainroad east kootenay), while patrolling southbound last night on Hwy #93 near the U.S.A. Border at Roosville, "Marty" who was driving says "WTF is THAT" ? I looked up and saw it as well. It was a very large upside down triangular shaped thing from the lights sort of defining it's shape.

We were a couple of hundred yards (300) away I guess? It was BIG... I think maybe 60-80-100 feet across the top and tapered down to 30-40-50 at the bottom, but again tough on the EXACT distance? It was very low, maybe 100 ft off the ground ahead of us, just above the treeline, stationary, or moving towards us? I couldn't tell by no side to side movement for 7-8 seconds, then just tilted on it's side and moved behind an outcrop of trees on a berm out from an escarpment. We continued down the highway towards it expecting to see it again because it was only 30-45 seconds to get there.... nada, GONE, nothing there.

Marty and I dunno WTF it was? I mean this wasn't a "twinkle" in the distant sky here. It was BIG with defined lights. Nor it seems, can the 2 of us now later, agree on a few things. I remember yellowish lights at bottom moving up to greenish and red/blue at top. Marty says no they were more clear, he doesn't think colored, if at all. I was washing trucks earlier, got grease on my glasses which I cleaned, but maybe I had some residue on them which made the light "prism" ??

No matter, we both saw it. It was big, it was hovering (or moving towards us), it was not an airplane (no airplane THAT low, or slow, in pitch black darkness). Helicopter of some kind? Maybe if it had huge infrastructure to mount light rows? No noise, again THAT low in complete darkness, and the lights didn't have "beams" per se, more just "luminescent" if I am spelling it right. And if it was some kind of tricked up Heli.... where in the heck did it go THAT fast? I mean it would have had to have risen above 200 ft to go over an escarpment behind those trees... which we should have see as we travelled towards it. We almost don't believe what we saw. But we both know we saw it.

We got up the nerve to go into the CBSA Border office at the Roosville crossing around 9:30 pm just after, the field behind the trees where it disappeared is right across the #93 from them.... to ask if they saw anything. I guess we sounded like babbling Idiots. They saw nothing, but weren't looking outside from their lit up building either. They have no surveillance cameras either... so nothing there either.

I am 56 years old, Marty is 37. For my part... being as set in my ways, and "comfortable" with the way things are in the World, and what I accept as "real".... pretty disturbing, and I don't wanna discuss it in future. I'll go with whatever Marty wants to say about this. My name is Bob.

18-Jan-2014, Tsawwassen, BC: (9:17 pm)

My friend and I were driving in my car, coming home to my townhouse and her condo from having dinner up the street in Tsawwassen. I turned into an apartment complex as a short cut to drive my friend home (she lives in our condo complex attached to the town houses, just down the road from this intersection) and as we were driving down the side road, in front of us and up in the sky we saw two amber coloured, floating, seemingly round objects. They were rising gradually and several seconds later, faded in and out slightly, and at different rates as they rose. I got out of the car to take an iphone photo and got one or two shots. Then a neighbour's car drove past us and I pointed up. After the car passed us and went into their underground parkade, the two orbs simply faded out and disappeared. Then about 10 seconds after they disappeared, two MORE came rising up from the left of the horizon (tree tops) at a faster rate shooting to the right, upward on a approximately 60 degree angle! They slowed down their acceleration, then hovered slowly, still slightly accelerating, then eventually also faded away and disappeared! One was always higher than the other. In one photo, if you magnify it, you can see a white glowing disc, with some sort of amber/pink energy coming out of the back of it and just below it at the back another small object separate from. Small, like a smaller ship, cloaked in the pink/amber colour! Beautiful!

23-Jan-2014, Burnaby, BC: (7:10 am)

It was 7:10 am in the morning, it was slightly foggy out and I had just turned down Wayburne drive in Burnaby when I noticed 5 lights in a V formation under the moon. The lower light on the right side was blinking. I did a double take, because I know there are no buildings or mountains over there. I drive this route nearly every day and have never seen any lights there before. At first I thought it was the stars, but when I looked around I realized it was too bright for stars, and these lights were as big, if not bigger than the brightest star in the sky. Then I thought maybe it was planes doing a formation, but none of them were moving.

Keep in mind I was only able to see them for maybe 10 seconds before I had to turn behind trees and park my vehicle. Maybe 15 seconds passed while I parked. I ran back to the road to see if I could figure out what the lights were, but I couldn’t see them anymore. I thought maybe they were just blocked by the trees, so I walked down the road, but I still couldn’t see anything anywhere in the sky. There were no stars out, as the sun was rising. And there was no way they could have just disappeared that quickly from sight. Especially being that large and not moving to begin with.

I’m not sure what those lights were, but I can’t seem to come up with a logical explanation. If anyone else saw these lights, or has any information on what they could be, I’d be very interested in knowing more. 

23-Jan-2014, Surrey, BC:

My upstairs neighbour and I went to the gas station as a late night walk one night and on the way back we noticed a super bright, what we thought was a star.  But after looking a little harder to try and figure out if it was just the space station or not we both saw it with various colors of flashing lights coming from it. We kept our eyes on it the entire walk home and once we were home we stood in the back yard were it was darker and watched this thing for a really long time.

We both were amazed as it seemed to get closer and we were asking each other every time it moved, "did you see that?". Then we started to see there were three more. They were at the south, north, and east points of a compass and they were all blinking brightly. We couldn't take our eyes off them. Then as it got even closer we could see the outline of something that was incredibly huge. The lights that were changing all the time were showing the underside of this thing and we couldn't believe our eyes. It looked like this thing was rolling in every direction as it was looking for something. The lights would change from red to blue to white sometimes purple but we saw a lot of green. After some time it started to move further away, what looked like higher up and I had to follow it so I took off across the street and into the park that was pitch black and when I got into the dark I turned around and my upstairs neighbour had turned around and gone home, but I continued into the dark. I watched it till it got to high for me to see anymore.  But I could see the other three had moved right along with it till I could hardly see them too.

We were so glad that we were together cause we didn't think anyone would believe this story. But the two of us really did see what we were telling people and people were looking up things on the internet to try and explain it but both of us just kept saying, "nope, not like that" or "it was way bigger than that!".

So the next night we went out again but it was too cold for my neighbour to stay outside with me so I put on a big coat and sat on the outside stairs and looked up. It was there again but up really high. I ran in and grabbed my iPad but it couldn't pick it up, it was too far away in the dark. I sat outside with iPad in hand and waited for a really long time to try to catch this thing but after it got really too cold for me I had to come in. But let me tell you, it sure has me watching the skies now. While we were walking back from the gas station we even stopped people on the sidewalk and asked them if they knew what that "thing" might be and because it was flashing blue and red people were suggesting it was the police helicopter. But it was just hovering and there was no noise coming from it. It's something I will never forget. It was incredible.

Keep your eyes to the skies. You never know what you will see

25-Jan-2014, North Vancouver, BC: (about 9:30 - 9:37 pm)

I was leaving my boyfriend's house at approximately 9:30 p.m. on January 25th 2014. His house is located at the top of Fromme mountain in North Vancouver British Columbia. From his house there is amazing view of the city of Vancouver, and Burnaby. As I was leaving I noticed a bright light over the City of Vancouver. It is not uncommon to see planes coming to and from YVR airport, but I knew this was different. The night before we were looking at stars, and noticed a very bright one in the sky. At first I thought that this light might be the same star, but I quickly realized it was not. Normally, planes that are going into the airport are moving quite quickly, but this light was not moving at all. It seemed as though it was flashing every once and awhile. I watched this light for approximately 5 minutes and it did not move at all. I know it was not the same star as the previous night, as it was lower in the sky and much brighter. At 9:35 p.m., I took a picture of this bright light over the city. Soon after, its flashed one more time and then disappeared. I am certain it is not a plane as it did not move for approximately 7 minutes. I know that it was not a star, as it disappeared while I was looking on at it. My pictures are not extremely clear, they are quite dark, but they easily show a very bright light over the city. If you would like, I would be happy to send them to you, along with a comparison of the skyline without it. I was wondering if you got any other reports similar to mine. Thank you.

26-Jan-2014, Roberts Creek, BC: (6:00 am)

Around six am (it was dark) I let my dog out to pee and I saw a bright large object traveling from north to east. It was traveling very fast, faster than the jet I also saw with blinking lights, and jet sounds, going south east to north.  The bright object had no noise and it was closer to me, and lower, than the flight of the plane. The object had no plane lights, it was just incredibly bright. Perhaps the crew of the plane saw it. Also the plane would have left Vancouver vga airport. I live in Roberts Creek, BC, Canada.

29 or 30 or 31-Jan-2014, Halfmoon Bay, BC: (11:00 pm)

I live in Halfmoon Bay, BC area just up from Sargeants Bay Provincial Park. Our house is about 1/2 km from and faces SE to the Malaspina Straight to Nanaimo. We do not have an ocean view but do have a view of the horizon through our trees from about 1/6th the way up the horizon from the ocean through the equatorial to polar north. The Malaspina has been the location of many strange sightings over the decades and I keep an eye out for activities over the straight. Most often it is just low and high level air traffic and sea level marine traffic. You can sometimes see through the trees the mast lights of passing ships. However this night around 11PM I was on the back deck considering some night sky photography when I saw a pulsing orange, yellow and red light directly over the straight and clear to my line of sight through a break in the trees. I assumed it was a helicopter or perhaps an SAR aircraft so I dismissed it in my mind and went back in. I knew it could not be float plane traffic from Nanaimo as they are VFR. I came out again in about 5 minutes and to my surprise the light was still there holding steady. I am a former Air Traffic Controller from the RCAF way, way back so I understand the mechanics of aircraft movement in the sky and this light in no way corresponded to that. It had no characteristics of a flare nor any moving aircraft and it was too high to be a boat mast light (too bright and wrong colours). I watched it for another two or three minutes and then it just popped out of existence. It did not move vertically or laterally. It was there one moment then not. I'm curious if anyone else saw this especially those who live on  the waterfront with unimpeded sight lines.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the sighting report.

I must say, given your credentials, as a witness you are an investigator's dream!

Under normal circumstances and given the date, I would first think of a Chinese Lantern, celebrating the New Year (on the 31st Jan) similar to this:

Chinese Lanterns

However, although the stationary appearance of the object may fit, the colour/illumination change does not quite fit.

Was there any discernable pattern in the colour of the object? What intensity was the light?

What angular degree from the horizon was the object and if you had to estimate at what altitude/distance from you?

I look forward to hearing from you, and again, thanks for contact us.


Witness Responds:

Thanks for the reply. Given the distance to object from my vantage point, the size perspective and the lack of drift or wobble on any axis, in my opinion, it's hard to accept it was anything drifting in the air. I cannot give a size reference as I have no terrain reference to do this. However the object was about the size of a weather balloon viewed  from about 2-3 km distant. There was a moderate breeze but the object was absolutely stationary. There was no flicker. Its dominant colour was red to orange/yellow diffused across the object. From my perspective it seemed to hover closer inshore to the Sunshine Coast side of the Straight. This means that the object had to be at least 30-40 m+ in the air  given the angular mechanics of my location to the Straight. Other sightings of lights I have seen that were boat masts would place them mid channel on the Straight perhaps 5-8kms from the Sunshine Coast side and those mast lights were very small, red and green. I would not be able to see them otherwise. I look down slope at a moderate angle and the focal point of my view is mid-channel. In any event this object acted in a manner inconsistent with any object I have seen in the air. Perhaps its mechanics were more a matter of perspective from my vantage point than actuality.

30-Jan-2014, Vancouver, BC: (7:00 pm)

My parents have a friend who has seen many sightings and he called us today Jan 30 2014 around 7:00 pm that there was something in the sky that was not a star because of the size and the light it was giving off. My dad came home from work and said he too saw it and brought out his binoculars. From what I saw at 12:20 ish it was a bright light that was shooting out light in a perfect star formation. But brighter than any other in the sky. When I looked through the binoculars I saw a structure that was showing light off the side that went red, yellow then green on the outside. It's been in the sky for hours and hasn't moved. I can't get any picture to focus on what the human eye can see. There were also three symmetrical green lights a bit away from it.

Would love to hear any information about this.

4-Feb-2014, Pritchard, BC: (10:38 pm)

At or around 10:38 pm, I was outside looking at the night sky when an object caught my eye. At first I dismissed it as a satellite, but I soon realised it did not seem to be one. I was looking to the South and the object was flying from the East to the West, about 1/4 of the way up off the horizon. The object was brighter than most of the stars in the sky, but not the brightest. (very bright though). It's speed was amazing. It crossed the whole sky from East to West in roughly 20-25 seconds.

I do spend quite a lot of time outside, at night, when the sky is clear looking and learning the constellations; so the night sky is not unfamiliar to me. If this had been a plane, I would of noticed the blinking lights that are associated with planes. As well, regarding the speed at which the object crossed the sky, if it had been a plane the plane would of had to of been relatively close to my position and I would of heard the engine noise.

I have watched and spotted many satellites over the years, but the position and brightness of the object did not correspond to any I have ever seen prior. The path of the object was more of a straight line than a "curve" that would be associated with a satellite traveling at the height above the horizon as stated. It was not the ISS, because of the direction of travel. The ISS travels in the opposite direction.

Thanks for the opportunity to pass this information on. If at all possible could you reply to me with any other sightings in the area or time frame. Thank-You.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the report.

At the speed in question, it is certainly not a celestial object, nor a meteor. So it would need to be some type of object (plane, satellite or other). Was there anything that completely removed all possibility that it was a common satellite? Unfortunately there isn't going to be an easy way to identify what it could have been.

I'll keep digging and try to track down what was in the night sky in your
area during that time. Try poking your head out again tonight (if it isn't too cold) and see if you can see it again (give or take some time).


Witness Responds:

Thank - you Richard for the response to my e-mail.

As for your question regarding it being a satellite... 100% positive.; unfortunately the answer would have to be no. (with a BUT...) From time to time I have been witness to very bright satellites that pass over head; I believe them to be labelled as  "Near Earth Orbits". As I recall during these sightings, the satellites start out dim then as the continue their pass across the night sky they increase in brightness, then as their path continues, they again fade. The sightings of this type of satellite, that I have witnessed usually occur closer to sun set and or sunrise; when they catch the suns rays. As well, these satellites do travel quit fast across the sky; as I am to understand because of their relative low orbit path. The object I witnessed had a constant intensity to it for it's entire journey. All in all, it may have been an satellite, as new ones are added constantly.

Be assured, I will be looking again, and not just because of this incident. There is much to see and witness in the night sky.

Thank-you very much for your time. Keep up the Good work that you are doing. It will pay off in a big way someday.

6-Feb-2014, West Vancouver, BC: (5:15 - 5:30 am)

I live at one of the highest points in the British Properties, West Vancouver. My bedroom window faces south with a grand view of Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver city and the lower mainland. I sleep on my bed facing west. I was asleep on my body's left side, facing the window.

Between 5:15 and 5:30 am, I had woken up to my cat's claws on my back, as he was trembling with fright, hiding next to my back under the blanket. Just half a second after I had woken up, a very bright white light shone outside through my bedroom window. It lit the whole room so bright, that the light was coming through my blanket. I was paralyzed in fear; so was my cat. I kept my eyes closed, but the bright lights went through my eyelids as if they had been open or made transparent.

The object emitting the light was hovering silently outside my window. And it was hovering slowly upwards. The light felt intelligent as if searching or scanning the room. I had this terrible sensation that it was reading me. I laid still in paralysis. After 60 seconds or so, the light turned off, and it was gone in a flash. I felt a strange sensation that the light was emitted from a huge flying object. The object had vague appearances about it.

As soon as whatever it was went away, the cat and I were suddenly 'released' from our paralysis. The cat took off and hid under my bed, and I immediately got out of bed and looked outside the window. I had been awake since then. Couldn't go back to sleep.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report. Very interesting that your cat seemed affected by it as well. Was there any accompanying sound that preceded the light? You mention the light itself was silent, just wondering if there was something beforehand that may have awoken you out of your sleep?

Just a few thoughts:

As you mention your bedroom faces south, that is directly in-line with YVR - could it possibly be an airplane's landing lights that you caught in a holding pattern?

Perhaps a plane circling around to land in Vancouver Harbor (Seaplane)?

Another possible explanation was that of a police helicopter with a searchlight on it.

It would help if we could get a picture from your bedroom window to see exactly what you would see on a 'regular day'

Thanks for the report!

7-Feb-2014, South Surrey, BC: (7:30 pm)

I was outside having a smoke when I saw a strange object hovering well over our pond. At first I thought it was a plane but it was far too close and it was not moving. It had blue and red lights on each side of the strange U shaped cylinder with white lights in the middle. It slowly shifted to the left and got even closer to me. I felt something very strange so I ran inside of my house. As I looked out the window from inside it quickly jolted right and went out of my sight. I have never seen anything like it.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report! How large was this object, and how far from you? Was there any associated sound with the object? Any chance you can draw us a picture for us (and include what you think the relative dimensions were) and send it to us?


10-Feb-2014 and 13-Feb2014, Kelowna, BC:

At 5:45 PM on Feb 10th my wife and I were heading out of the house for dinner and the moon that night was massive and bright; illuminating the snow covered ground in white light. My wife looked up and asked me if that was a plane. Moving ever so slowly towards the moon at an incredible height was a large "round" object projecting an incredibly intense pure white light from its underside. We stood in the freezing cold and watched it move south west across the sky until it stopped and just hovered. I cannot impress enough how high, bright and large this object was. I ran and got our binoculars and there it was, a massive flat rotating disc; colored lights on the underside and brilliant white lights surrounding the disc. We watched as it hovered, moved from side to side and in a split second; lit up with bright intense multicolored  lights and disappeared up and west at a very high rate of speed. On our way to dinner we discussed at length what we had seen; not too sure how to explain it or whether or not we should discuss our sightings with others.

This morning; Feb 13th at about 6 AM my wife once again asked me if what she was looking at was an airplane. I went to our dining room window and just like last Monday; an extremely large white light was moving ever so slowly across the sky in the exact same location as we had seen it before. Judy grabbed our camera, changed to the telephoto lens while I went for the binoculars. This time our sighting lasted for a full hour and (we live in a cul-de-sac)  one at a time our neighbors came out, binoculars in hand as perplexed as we were. A massive structure, surrounded with (alternating) 4 to 8 bright white lights around its circumference with the underside showing hundreds of symmetrical smaller white lights in a balanced and equal pattern. The object went from being a giant white orb to a flat disc; hovering and moving on what would be considered a fixed pivot point. We shot some amazing pictures (still in the camera but I will load them into my PC later tonight). We watched in amazement as a smaller white orb "appeared" out of nowhere and hovered beside the larger object for about 20 minutes. It was now getting late for me as I needed to get ready for work but my wife continued to observe and call out to me the (now 2) objects activity. Over the course of another 1/2 hour; the smaller object seemed to disappear either inside or attached itself to the larger object at which time it slowly started to rise and then with a more rapid rate of ascent, simply disappeared. The added "mystery" to this sighting was its apparent desire to be seen and noticed. This morning the sky was very clear with the exception of a small gathering of gray semi transparent clouds. The object went out of its way to move slowly between the spaces of the aforementioned clouds each and every time it was about to be covered by the clouds. I am still digesting what we saw but am extremely anxious to get the pictures into my PC and see more closely what we have captured.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for your report.

I would certainly love to see any photos you have of the object! How big was it in contrast to the full moon? In the meantime if you cannot get a photo to us right away, could you kindly draw what you saw on both dates?

We would love to speak with your neighbors as well - if you wouldn't mind passing on our contact details to them (website or email) that would be great!.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Talk to you soon,


PS - When emailing the photos, please try to send the original unedited uncompressed files as directly from the camera - that was we can do some work on the images themselves, whereas the data would be lost as soon as it was altered in any way.

PPS - I understand if you do not wish to divulge your address to us, however if you could give us an approximation (for Google maps) as well as the direction you were facing at the time, we can start our analysis.

13-Feb-2014, Kelowna, BC: (5 am)

I was reading the sighting that happened in Kelowna and I too saw that light. I woke up at 5 and went on the deck for a smoke when I saw the bright light. It stayed stationary for over an hour then slowly moved further across the sky. I saw it above east Kelowna. I got my binoculars out it was oval with red. I took some videos on my IPhone and they didn't work out, I phoned my sister and she too saw it. I watched It through my binoculars the whole time. I took still photos with my camera I need to check them. It was so bright I could see the stars around it clearly. As the sun came up the light stayed there I have pictures with no stars in sky and daylight with this light on my phone, hovering by the few grey clouds in th sky. It was so weird I'm glad it wasn't just me who saw it. I watched the sky the next night and it wasn't there. I have never seen a light that bright stay in one spot. I knew if I didn't take pictures no one woud believe me.

13-Feb-2013, West Kelowna, BC: (5:30 to 7 am)

I too saw the exact same description as a previous slighter commented on. I was on my way to the gym early in the morning and up in the sky I saw what I assumed was an airplane. After my 1 hr work out the light was in the same place.  I received a text from my sister that moment and she was asking me if I was seeing what she was.  I pulled over and took a really good look and I swear I saw a large circular disk surrounded by mini white lights.  The little white lights were not as big or bright as the "orb" that seemed to be just below the massive disk.  The brilliant light seemed to be moving a little around the larger disk.  The disk was still there at 7:00 am. It was definitely closer to earth thank star and I also noticed the grey clouds around the disk as the sky was completely clear and I thought it odd.  Didn't report it as it was so huge and no one else seemed to notice it. Then I noticed the report here, thanks I am not imagining things!

14-Feb-2014, Duncan, BC: (11:28 am)

Two very small metallic objects.  1 flew in front of the other. The object in front flew side to side and up one time slowed down almost to a complete stop and then disappeared within seconds the secound object disappeared.  I only observe them for about 20 or 30 seconds.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for the report.

A few questions:

When you say small objects - how big were they? Small relative to what?

You also mentioned flew - where were they flying - direction, speed height?

Any sound associated with them?


15-Feb-2014, Victoria, BC: (about 1:45 am)

2 guys went outside for a smoke after a night of poker. They called us out and we saw 3 orange lights moving slowly through the ski, faded into the clouds after about about 2 minutes. One of the guys got some video on his phone I can get that if needed.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for sending us the report.

Were the lights in any particular formation/pattern? Also which direction were they travelling and how fast (compare it to an airplane, hot air balloon etc). Also how big were the lights? I'd very much like to see the video!


Witness Responds:

Hi Richard,
They formed a triangle pattern moving west mostly, slower then a plane, moved slow at first then sped up. Size would be a guess, had nothing to reference for altitude and distance. Probably a foot or 2 in diameter lights with the triangle maybe 40 feet from point to point. Was lower when we went out, went up into the clouds.

I will forward a copy of the video once I get it from Alex. He is a friend of the guy who was hosting the poker party. I don't know him directly.

19-Feb-2014, South Vancouver, BC: (6:30 pm)

Saw a strange bright reddish/purple light while I was driving home after work tonight.  Got home and onto my balcony as quickly as possible to get a better look.  Took some pictures with my iphone and ipad.  I also got a look at it with binoculars and I just don't know how to even describe it.  All I can say is that it was a huge object, with lights of many colours, but mostly red and sort of purple, blinking and pulsating.  What I saw through my binoculars were lights shooting out from this object in an upward/outward motion, almost like wings, but they were definitely lights.  This isn't a good description, but I really don't know how to describe it.  Did anyone else see it?  It was huge, well under the clouds, very slow moving (I followed it the whole time I drove home, once I got to South Vancouver from downtown) and when I got to my balcony, there was absolutely no sound. Please tell me someone else saw this.  It was amazing!  It was moving east to west in South Vancouver.  It was right above my house!  Somebody else had to have seen this thing.

25-Feb-2014, Surrey, BC: (6:55 pm)

I saw 2 purple reddish blinking lights parallel to each other going north/ northwest similar to what was described by the feb. 20/14 sighting. Luckily I had my glasses on, I saw what looked like a force field that was surrounding the blinking light and it also was going in an upward motion but was constantly around the light. I thought it was a satellite or a plane but it was super high and it kinda did a zig zag and then just disappeared.

27-Feb-2014, Victoria, BC:

Hello. I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island and my house has a fair view of the night sky, from south to north facing west. A few nights now, not in a row, I have seen what appears to be a star at first glance however, after closer observation, this star does apperar to have blinking red and blue or green lights. It stays in the same general area but moves in rather a sudden and awkward, slight left to right movements that make u think "is it me. Or is that thing moving?"  It is hovering and has no obvious engine noise. It looks to me that whatever it is, it's either trying very hard as a ET ufo to blend in as a star in our night sky, or someone who is operating it as a drone had a very shakey hand. I cant seem to find what im looking at when searching drones so I was hoping u could help decipher the difference.

Thank you.

UFO*BC Responds:

If it is relatively stationary in the sky, it is probably a star. The flashing colors is quite common and is caused by atmospheric scintillation - which is caused by fluctuations in the density of air in the atmosphere. The movement is probably just the apparent perceived motion that sometimes happens when looking at a star or other stationary object in the night sky.

We get many, many similar reports and the first time I noticed one in the evening sky I also wondered if it was maybe a "hovering craft".


28-Feb-2014, Lone Butte, BC: (00:10 am)

While looking out our kitchen window which faces south I noticed something very bright in the sky which at first I thought was a star. I turned off the light over the dining table to eliminate glare or reflection. My husband had just gone to bed so I asked him if we had any binoculars in the house, he said no, followed by why? I said oh nothing I just wanted to look at something. I went back to the kitchen window and it was still there. We live in a rural area, without street lamps and at this time the sky was cloud free. There are tall spruce trees on the property across the road, about forty feet tall and they are situated about 150 feet from the kitchen window I was looking through. This object was about 6 - 8 inches above these trees,  but in the distance. I could tell that it was rotating, as there were both yellowish gold lights and green lights, and as it spun it was as if the light was thrown to the side of the object which seemed to form rings similiar to the rings of Saturn [ which is the only way I can describe it]. It would throw these rings first with gold to the right, then green to the left, then the colors would reverse.

The object remained in one spot. I do have a small digital camera, but night pictures don't turn out very well, so I didn't bother getting it. I watched it for about 7 minutes, then I decided to go out on the porch and see if I could get a better view. It was still there, so I watched it as it rotated with the two colors for another 5 minutes. Being that it is minus 8 C. tonight and I had hurried out without a coat, I came back inside to continue my watch from the kitchen window. Unfortunately when I got back to the window, it was gone!

I just wondered if anyone else had seen it. The shape? I don't really know, but I would assume it was circular by the half circle rings of light that were thrown as it spun.

28-Feb-2014, Vancouver, BC: (11:30 pm)

I have a video link that I shot with my iPhone. It was really strange. At first, before I started filming, there were 6 lights, moving through the sky in a V formation. Then, one by one, they seemed to move farther away - and disappeared. I kept filming and more joined. Did anyone else see this?  Here's the link: http://youtu.be/y8nd9g2FGnQ

28-Feb-2014, Vancouver, BC: (about 11:30 pm)

A friend and I were walking West along King Edward Avenue, on the North Side heading back to said friend's house we both saw what looked like 3 orange/red orbs above Queen Elizabeth Park.

Initially it seemed two of the orbs were moving and one was stationary above the other two. I would estimate the altitude was no more than 500 meters above Queen Elizabeth Park. As well, I would estimate the position of these objects to be slightly West and North of the Bloedel Floral Conservatory in QE Park when viewed from a map above.

At first we were intrigued and my Friend suggested that they could be lights on a construction crane. However, there are no construction cranes in the park. As well, I did not see any outline of any crane or other structure around or in between the orbs.

We went south along a street to get a closer look at the orbs and we were startled by a dog in somebody's yard that seemed very aggressive towards us. Perhaps it was aware of the orbs too, perhaps not. After walking closer to Nat Bailey Stadium overlooking the northern face of the park, we got a better look at the orbs.

Now only two were left, and they were orange/red or amber orbs of light, with the light being uniformly distributed along the body of the orb. I did not suspect that they were Chinese lanterns, as the light they emitted was uniform and unflickering, and one orb was stationary while the other was moving around it. As well, they made no noise as they hovered above the park.

After viewing the orbs for maybe 6 more minutes, the two orbs gradually shrunk into pinpoints and then disappeared altogether. Very strange indeed.

2-Mar-2014, Mission, BC: (7 pm)

My landlord was driving me home tonight and as we were talking a HUGE flash of amber light appeared over the Fraser River, only a couple hundred feet up. The entire sky lit up but a very clear orb was the source. It must have been at least the width of the river. There was no fore-warning, or any sign of anything after the fact. The weather is rainy, foggy and generally miserable, but when this flashed it was bright as day. This is the second ufo I have seen/reported since December (the first was Dec 11th, scroll up to see). Both were basically along the Fraser River. This was nothing like the first sighting I had - many times bigger. If I were to hold my arm out the object would have been 2x the size of my fist, at a 20-30 degree angle from the ground. There are no air traffic buoyies over that part of the river or any warning lights that could have burnt out. There should have been nothing there at all.

2-Mar-2014, Mission, BC: (7 pm)

I was sitting in my livingroom talking with my husband when I saw the night sky light up like it was daylight. From where my home is up high in the mountain I saw a HUGE STRIP along the horizon (could have been anywhere from the Fraser river as far as Abbotsford) but it was so bright and flashed for only a few seconds and then went back to being the night sky. My husband had his back to the window and the view was just over his shoulder or I would have missed it. I was in amazement and shock trying to describe what I had seen. It wasn't anything small - it looked like a strip of the entire horizon had lit up. I didn't see anything hovering or a UFO but I read that someone else had seen something over the fraser river.  It was so crazy to see the black sky go bright blue for that second. I'm wondering if anyone else saw anything that night.

8-Mar-2014, Sooke, BC: (00:28 am)

This object is in the sky in relatively the same spot on several occasions. Very large bright multi coloured "star" like object which continuously moves slowly up and down or side to side. It emits a greenish light that changes colours quite frequently. I've tried to capture the image on my phone but wasn't really successful. Have to see it to fully understand. I've showed my room mate who was too afraid to be outside after I pointed it out. Not like any star or planet I have ever seen before. Am located by the 17 mile house in Sooke bc and can see the object directly in front of me when I am looking towards Sooke direction in the horizon. Creepy as hell.

18-Mar-2014, Mission, BC: (10:55 pm)

I would like to report a strange orange/amber light in the sky to the north. The light was very bright and appeared to be about 100 feet above the roof tops of 7th Avenue in Mission, BC. I saw it from my back yard on 5th Avenue. The light got brighter and dimmed out until it just vanished without a trace. At first I thought it was a meteor or something and then noticed it didn't appear to be moving. I have reported the same light a few years ago. It was very strange the whole observation lasted about 2 minutes and it went from being very light to gone in the time. I heard no noise or anything that would indicate a plane or helicopter. I would suggest it was not flare as I didn't seem to drop down in an arc or move at all.

I would like to hear some explanation if you have one.

Thank you.

18-Mar-2014, Mission, BC: (10:55 pm)


I would like to report a strange orange/amber light in the sky to the north. The light was very bright and appeared to be about 100 feet above the roof tops of 7th Avenue in Mission, BC. I saw it from my back yard on 5th Avenue. The light got brighter and dimmed out until it just vanished without a trace. At first I thought it was a meteor or something and then noticed it didn't appear to be moving. I have reported the same light a few years ago. It was very strange the whole observation lasted about 2 minutes and it went from being very light to gone in the time. I heard no noise or anything that would indicate a plane or helicopter. I would suggest it was not flare as I didn't seem to drop down in an arc or move at all.

I would like to hear some explanation if you have one.

Thank you.

UFO*BC Responds:

Your observation sounds like a Chinese lantern. Are you not aware of them?
They are paper lanterns that use a candle to heat the internal air making the lantern rise.
The candle also provides illumination. The lanterns will sometimes flicker before they burn out.


These sorts of sightings are quite numerous and we frequently receive similar sightings from areas all over the lower mainland.



21-Mar-2014, Abbotsford, BC: (8:15 pm)

My husband and I were driving home tonight and I noticed some blinking lights up towards the low hills in East Abbotsford. I thought it was strange because of the position as it was just to the left of the red beacon lights for the airplanes. As we continued driving, the object got closer and I got really excited. I could make out a triangular shape with a red, green and white light at each tip.

It was flying low and was about  4" inches across in  diameter.  I knew for sure it was a UFO, when I saw a plane in the background heading towards the airport travelling at a much faster speed. It put everything into perspective as to how slowly the object was travelling and how close it was to the ground. We were home in under a minute and i jumped out of the car to try to get a picture, but it was gone. Darn!!

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report!

Can you provide a bit more details for us, so that we can mentally have a picture of the event?

How high off the ground would you say the object was when you saw it? Also how far part were the lights? You mention 4 inches in diameter - I am having difficulty in understanding the meaning of that size. Do you mean the lights themselves were 4" across, or that there were 4" apart (and thus the object was the size of a bagel)?

The colours you describe are the colour requirements for lights on aircraft:

So, the obvious question: What made you think it couldn't be an aircraft given that you were near an international airport, and around the flight path of known aircraft?

I am of course playing the devil's advocate, but this type of information is essential to paint a clear picture.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


22-Mar-2014, Steveston, BC: (10:40 pm)

My husband was outside of our townhouse walking our dog. My daughter summoned me from upstairs and I could hear my husband calling for me to come quickly. My daughter told me as I was throwing on shoes that they saw 3 red/orange objects coming down from the sky.

When I got on scene these 3 objects had vanished. As my husband was explaining to me what he saw (3 red/orange round objects hovering in a triangle over about a 2 minute period) another red orange object appeared from west to east.

It looked like it was staying in one position for about 1 minute then started to have bright bursts like pulsating pattern. I caught this one on video on my phone and it was 2mins 37 seconds long before it disappeared.

We had never seen flares before but we called it into the police because we were concerned that a vessel might be in distress on the Fraser given our location.

We were patched through to the coast guard I believe (jrcc victoria) whom we spoke with and I also emailed the video along to.

It was a very clear night last night, planes overhead passed us and this object I witnessed was completely different. The operator told us that flares generally only last 45 seconds to 1 minute. Also suggested that it could be Japanese lanterns?

I was emailed back that the sightings were established not to be of a marine emergency but no confirmation if any one else had reported this either.

We later took the dog out to Garry Point and saw nothing further. Went on Google and my husband said that a sighting in 2011 in Colorado that was photographed beared an uncanny resemblance to the 3 reddish orange hovering objects> sent chills right up my spine! They also looked like the one I witnessed!

Stumbled across this site and wanted to post to see if anyone else in Richmond/Ladner area had also seen this last night.


UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you very much for the report.

I know it may be very difficult to answer, but how far apart were the objects to one another, and how high up were they and what sort of speed were they moving (snail's pace or jet liner fast)?

At first glance, as the coast guard seems to have ruled out the use of emergency flares (from a real emergency) it may be something as mundane as a group of Chinese lanterns. As they loose lift (due to the candle burning out) they will start of descend and in their final death throe, give bursts of light as the candle flickers and dies.

Now of course, if the speed and altitude were known, then this could rule out this (rather simple) explanation, but given the large number of such sightings we have from the Richmond/Vancouver area it does lean in that direction. Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Witness Responds:


When my husband was on the phone with "jrcc victoria" the operator asked how many fists from the ground if stacked on top of another. I used my fist and counted 5 because there was still one left when he was on the phone.

Not as high as the airplanes that passed overhead but much higher than surrounding buildings and trees, as well as lamp posts. Bright orange red distinctive colour not of any boat masts/ ships/ lampposts, etc.

Moved slower than a plane. When it came into view it seemed to stop and hover in front of us at a distance. We initially thought it must be right above the Fraser.

We are 2 blocks away from the river.

Then started to move further East, appeared to have a steady glow with a slight pulse. Disappeared after 2 mins 40 seconds. 4 in total.

The first 3 were in a triangle and one slightly moved around according to my husband. No noise at all emitting from them.

At the time I felt no fear but I did feel like it hovered within our view almost intentionally. (I feel very weird admitting that but it's the honest truth). When it appeared to the both of us it was moving at a steady pace from West to East but then stopped. Restarted at a snail's pace before it vanished Eastwardly. We were looking at the object South of us.

The post on your site from Vancouver that has a link on YouTube looked very similar to what we saw if that helps. Height about the same.

Yes it's entirely possible that they are lanterns of some kind, but my husband disagrees.

Thanks for your reply.

31-Mar-2014, Kelowna, BC: (1:30 am)

I VERY saw a bright amber colored, twinkling, star, March 31, 2014  at 1:30 AM. The colors brightened around the edges, so I figured it may be an ember from a fire, though I saw no fires, nor did I smell smoke. We live on a flight path and can tell which direction planes are coming from or going to. This light appeared to be a very bright star, not the same altitude as a plane, higher. It did emit a very small red light every 30 or so seconds. There was no sound, and no other planes in view to compare it to. The light originally stayed put, as if floating in the air when I first I saw it. Thought it was the prettiest star I had ever seen. It passed by slower than a large gliding bird - in no particular hurry, heading up the lake towards Vernon - it did not appear to be going towards the Kelowna airport. Just  curious enough to ask if anyone saw this.  Thank you.

2-Apr-2014, Richmond, BC: (1:19 am)

Driving into my townhouse complex at 1:19 am I saw a bright white light cross in from from right to left. I was facing north so that would make the light moving from east to west in the northern sky. Though lacking clear perspective, I would estimate it's position as being over the airport, vancouver or over the northshore mountains though could have been further away depending upon size.

The light was a solid blue white, probably around 5000 kelvin. It was very distinct against the black cloudless area of sky. While moving east to west, it decended at an angle of about 20 to 30 degrees. The decent was not smooth and appeared to incorporate one or two dips while changing from oval to flat to oval and possibly flat again. IF it were saucer shaped, the best explanation would be that it was banked, then flattened out, then banked again, then possibly flattened again before it left my line of sight. The changes in bank (shape) appeared to co-incide with the dips. The size of the object would be about .1 to .15 inch at arm's length.

The time in view would amount to about 1.5 - 2.0 seconds max. My line of sight was blocked to the east by other townhouses and the latter part of the decent was also blocked as the object disappeared behind the roofs of other townhouses in the immediate distance.

Did not appear to be a meteorite although I can not rule that out. I have seen several but none like this. It was moving very slow for a meteorite yet much too fast for a plane. I have been in aviation for nearing forty years so I know absolutley it was not an airplane.

2-Apr-2014, Kelowna, BC: (2:30 am)

Two, what appear to be stars, shaped in the former of an anniversary ring, three tiered, with white lights with one, perhaps two red lights in the middle. The bigger one appears to be flight height, the smaller has slowly ascended, and getting harder to see. They appear to be over hwy 97 in Kelowna, just before Glenmore Drive, and after Clement. Never saw shapes like that. They certainly aren't bright enough to notice.  The smaller of the two is nearly out of eyesight.

5-Apr-2014, Roberts Creek, BC: (9:15 pm)

Was a formation of 6-8 lights, appeared above tree line but below overcast clouds. Silent, no sound. Drifted to left slightly then we ran in to tell my husband and they were gone when we ran back 30 seconds later. We both asked each other if we had seen it, I'm not afraid of going out in the dark, I walk my dog each night in it, but tonight was incredible, it WAS something unique!!

9-Apr-2014, Vancouver, BC: (8:45 pm)

I live close to Renfrew sky train at 15th & Slocan. Last night, I decided to walk to the store for a tasty beverage. Upon exiting my back door, I noticed two bright star-like lights in the eastern sky. They immediately caught my attention as it was not dark yet and no other stars were visible, so I thought to myself; 'What the fuck?' (pardon my french.) I stared at them for a second and could not believe my eyes as they started moving in a manner I've never seen a plane or helicopter move. One of them started descending and moving further away, much to my amazement it faded away and vanished before my eyes...WHAT THE FUCK?! I called my roommate to come look, he just missed the vanishing one, but the second one started to slowly ascend, pulsating in brightness in a seemingly random pattern. It found a position and remained stationary. We stared at it for about 10 mins, the thing just pulsating. He went in, I walked slowly to the store staring at the object the whole time. I stopped and stared at it for about 30 mins, by this time the stars were out. The object was almost indistinguishable from the stars, save for the fact that it was slightly brighter and continued pulsating. I noticed the second one (barely visible) was floating around the area, almost scanning, I would say... it would sometimes flash faintly and then fade again.... The whole time I watched these things I had an intense tingly-cold sensation all throughout my body....weird!!! That's pretty much it, I watched the stationary one for over an hour, waiting for it to do something. It didn't. The thing is you would probably never be able to tell the difference between it and a star if you didn't know.

Thanks for listening.

11-Apr-2014, Garden Bay, BC: (about 9 pm)

On the night of April 11 my wife and I decided to have a little backyard fire and watch the stars, even though the moon was almost full you can still see a fair amount. About 9 p.m. I looked up and saw a bright light travelling from S.W. to N.E. It traversed the horizon in about 30+ sec. It was by far the brightest object in the sky other than the moon. It flew directly overhead and I paid special attention to any noise such as a plane would make and it was absolutely quiet. Where we are it is extremely quiet ( no traffic, nothing ) so to hear a plane or a motor of some sort would be easy to hear. Not having something of known size to compare it with, it is hard to say how big it was, but it did just nicely fly over Mt. Daniel which is beside our house and it is about 1500 ft. and if I held out my hand at arms length my thumb nail would just block out the light. Just before it flew over Mt. Daniel we saw another one flying from south to north on an intersecting course with the first one. We observed this one for about 3 sec. before it faded away right before our eyes. There were no clouds present to obscure it, it just faded away as it was traveling. After they were gone I went and got a camera and binoculars just in case they came back. We stayed out for a couple more hours but saw nothing more.
Hope you might have an explanation for this or know of any others seeing this.

12-Apr-2014, Vernon, BC: (about 4:30 pm)

We were in Kal park and a large orange disk shape appeared over the lake.

14-Apr-2014, Sechelt, BC: (about 10 pm)

I've seen many similar strange sightings over the last two years, viewed across the water around Sechelt, BC.  In all instances, the events included orange lights, sometimes in formation, travelling over the Strait of Georgia towards Nanaimo.

This particular sighting on April 14/14 took place between and slightly behind the Trail Islands as viewed from West Sechelt (at approximately a distance of 3km off shore), at around 10pm. 

There were six lights, travelling together in pairs at different altitudes, with the highest being approximately 300m off the water, and the other two pairs just above the water.  All were moving together at the same pace. The foremost pair of lights was white in colour, and one blinking light.  The second pair was also white lights of medium brightness, while the pair at the highest altitude were orange.  While watching the event occur, one of the top orange lights flared up to an extremely bright "fireball", and stayed at this incredible brightness for approximtely 1 minute before dimming down.

Watched these lights as they headed off across the Strait, and then they became dim and/or blinked out and disappeared.

Would love to hear more reports from people in the Sechelt area, as I am sure others have witnessed such events.  I always watch for them now, as it seems during certain times of the year the lights can be seen out on the water sometimes up to 2 times per week, ususally about an hour after dusk through to late evening on clear nights.  I have also seen them originate from behind Davis Bay / Wilson Creek area, as viewed from West Sechelt beaches.  They usually always show up as orange lights that 'flare up' as they move across the Strait or remain stationary at altitudes approximately the same as regular float plane traffic.

24-Apr-2014, Invermere, BC: (4:30 am)

I was outside and the sun wasn't up yet but it's light was beginning to light up the night sky. The stars were still fully visible. As I looked up I saw a bright flash and then a smaller flash. I've seen this before and thought it was an iridium flare satellite. I continued to watch it as the now smaller light travelled across the sky. All of a sudden it did a 45 degree turn! I watched as this object then started to dart across the sky making small deviations in its flight path one of which was a fairly large circle. By now the sun was coming up and the night sky was brightening making it more and more difficult to see the object. Before it became near impossible to view it started doing tight, perfect circles.

Now last night - 3:30am - I went outside again. My theory is that now I know what these objects look like, possibly I may see more. I saw two more small, fast lights making "not" straight line trajectories around the night sky.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen these objects because last night it seemed there were lots of them? I've found that you have to look at a piece of sky clear of any other stars or bright objects and look for tiny specks of light that are moving very quickly. They're hard to see but once you know what to look for there are lots.

29-Apr-2014, Powell River, BC: (9:40 pm)

Large bright light, turquoise in colour, in the northwest sky over the straight adjacent to Powell River. Light hovered, moved from side to side, up and down in speed that was not indicative of civilian aircraft. Lasted about 1 min then descended out of view and not seen again.

Seen by myself and my boyfriend Steve

May 2014, Kelowna, BC:

I was walking the neighborhood around the high school area here in Kelowna I was about to head home when two individuals let me know that they had seen a ufo in the sky and I could still see it if I went into the school field. They stated that there were still other people watching. When I arrived I did not see anything until two minutes later when five large circular white/yellow lights appeared overhead in the east. The lights did not move or anything but stayed stationary and burned a hole in the clouds making a large gap appear. The lights began to move away from me growing brighter and begining to blink and pulsate. They then blinked out and disappeared.

May 2014, Surrey, BC:

A few tears ago I reported what I thought were strange lights, but after a little more investigating, I was satisfied what I saw was simply jets coming into YVR. My point in saying this, is it is easy to be fooled; clouds moving against the dark sky make bright planets appear like they are moving.

Anyhow my curiosity remains. Since then I have seen a lot of stuff I can't explain. One in particular was around the end of may 2014, about 2 am. 2 nights in a row I saw a bright orange light similar to a jet at a distance, but this was closer, guessing 2-3 miles away. A solid light,very bright, no beacons, moving steady from west to east, about 1000-1500 feet in elevation, maybe moving about 150 mph. Rough guessing, as my dad and brother were both pilots, and I flew a lot with them when I was younger. What struck me about these lights is they were stone quiet eerily silent, and they seemed to just float through the sky. I am in the flight path to YVR, and I take note in detail when a plane passes over as to the size, the speed, the noise, the lights, altitude,and there is no mistaking, maybe a china lantern? I somehow doubt it. The frustrating part is all I could see was the light, no structure, although I am sure that there was some. I saw it come towards me from the west, I watched it head east towards Cloverdale, north of 64th, south of Fraser hwy and west of 152 Street. It was high enough to dart in and out of low cloud. I dont take this stuff too lightly and I'm not going to report every thing I see.

That was the 3rd and 4th time I haveseen these things, a single object each time. I know others have seen similar stuff in my neighborhood. That's all for now as this is getting too long.

Thank you for your time.

2-May-2014, Abbotsford, BC: (3:00 am)

I live in the lower fraser valley where on clear nights you can see every star in vivid detail, so I often star gaze in my backyard. I am nessled right in between the two mountains with the abbottsford airport on one side and the flight path comes right overhead over the valley.  On may 2 at about 3:00 am (I checked my clock an hour later) I was standing on my back porch having a smoke, looking toward the ground when I saw a flicker in  my peripheral  high up in the sky (iphone compass says 150deg/SE) It was a 'blinking white light' that appeared to be a light from a plane. I watched it and noticed it wasn't blinking in a pattern, it was like blink 2x, pause pause, blink 3x pause 4x, blink 1x pause 8x... Not like a plane that has a set pattern. ALSO it was stationary and moving in what seemed to be a shape.. It blinked the first time, then the second time it appeared to the left, then the 3rd down, 4th right kind like a small circle or square, not tremendously noticable but enough to get me excited as to what i was seeing. I have a very tall tree in my yard that blocks some sky from my view. The light appeared directly on the left side of the tree. My smoke went out, I looked downward as I reached for my lighter when suddenly a 'pure white fireball' appeared from the right side of the tree (165deg SE) and shot right over the mountain and vanished (SW). the fire ball was about 1/3 the size of the moon (HUGE)!!! I described it to my mom as a giant METEOR!!!  I'm not sure if the fireball came from the first object or not, I was looking down for about 6 seconds when the fireball appeared from the same general spot in the sky.

I wasnt going to post this but I thought I would look on this site to see if anyone else saw this and was surprised to see that somebody from OLIVER had seen something Very similar!!! On the same date but at 9:30 pm, where as my sighting was at 3:00 am!!!!! 2 GIANT METEORS in 1 day? The sighting in OLIVER said they heard sound which I didnt hear, and my sighting had 2 anomalies. WIERD RIGHT!?

2-May-2014, Oliver, BC: (9:30 pm)

I really don't know what it was... at first I thought it was a meteor hitting the atmosphere since that's exactly what it looked like - a streak of light moving incredibly fast through the night sky. I was on my deck star gazing. I live just north of town, and the night sky is filled with stars on a clear night, so I enjoy just looking up at the beautiful view. I have seen "shooting stars" before, and I always get a thrill when I see them, and I had heard that there was some meteor activity lately. This one, though, made a sound. The best I can describe it is like a low vocalization of the letter V (not "veeee" but "vvvvv") for a few seconds. It seemed to be coming from the object, but it was not the sound of something motorized. It was not an insect, bat or bird as it was lit up, and not from reflected light. It was obviously not something hitting the atmosphere as the sound did not come after the sighting, but just behind it, indicating it was fairly close. I would not have deemed it strange except for that sound. It was moving very rapidly from north to south, and was only visible (and audible) for approximately 2 or 3 seconds and was gone. To be honest, it kind of stunned me! I am not adverse to the possibility of "visitors," but I am pretty skeptical of many "sightings" of said extra-terrestrial vehicles. I'm just very curious as to what this was.

8-May-2014, Victoria, BC: (10:30 pm)

In the month of May 2014 I was standing outside of my apartment in Victoria, BC waiting for a cab at approximately 10:30 PM. During my wait on this clear night I was looking up at the various star clusters. My eyes were drawn to one particular group of stars which were bright enough to see quite well even though they were surrounding the area of the sky where the moon was. After staring at this cluster for about a full minute, one of these ‘Stars’ started to move. This object went from being stationary to moving vertically at a consistent rate of speed and a consistent trajectory for about 3 seconds. After which the object started to weave in a narrow slalom (or snake like) pattern. This went on for about another 3 seconds. During this time the object was dimming and re-illuminating with each swerve but at the same time each re-illumination was getting weaker and weaker until the object disappeared all together.

I have been an aviation enthusiast all my life and my brother was an airline pilot for 40 years so I have a better than the ‘average Joe’ understanding of flight characteristics. What I witnessed does not fit the parameters of any aircraft I am familiar with therefore I deem this sighting to be phenomenal in nature.

10-May-2014, Vancouver, BC: (9:45 pm)

I was outside playing volleyball when this big bright light hit the sky it had two front lights and i thought it was a plane until it hovered upwards in a vertical motion i swear it was a ufo

12-May-2014, Armstrong, BC: (8 - 9 pm)

A white star-like light just south of zenith.  I thought it was Saturn or Jupiter but it seemed too bright because it was visible shortly after sunset and the sky was still quite blue. We looked at it at 60x with a good 80mm refractor until some very light cloud cover obscured it. Later it disappeared completely. It looked oval so we thought it was Saturn at first but it looked more like a translucent balloon. It was very close to the ecliptic, probably midway between Mars and Jupiter. It was stationary. Was it some kind of weather balloon?

15-May-2014 Campbell River, BC: (12 pm)

Looking north from deck of house, estimating 20 kms away at an elevation of 7000 feet, possibly over Browns Bay, I observed a bright yellow and white light for 3 minutes, not moving but pulsating. Then the object made a very rapid ascent straight up, leaving a cone trail of yellow light. The end of the tail had yellow sparks which faded out in 4 seconds. Saw no object only light - half the size of a dime. Very weird??

15-May-2014, Terrace, BC: (2:30 pm)

At 2:30 PM, with mostly clear skies, myself and my co-worker spotted a stationary white object, which at the angle of observation resembled the shape of a long house-style propane tank, of about 15-25 m. length and 3-5 m. in height, estimating a sight distance of about 1 km and a height of about 300 m. above the Skeena River. The site was about 8 km west of Terrace, BC. We observed it while driving, but lost sight through the trees. Once we were in a position to have another look and take a photo, it was gone (of course...) There were other vehicles traveling just behind us. I would be surprised if none of them saw it.

I was quick to note: 1) the location was too low and too far west to be a scheduled Dash-8 plane out of Terrace. 2) there were no wings (fixed or rotating). 3) There was no tail fin. 4) We observed it for about 15 seconds independently out of two different windows in the vehicle, so it can't be a reflection in the window.

17-May-2014, Parksville, BC: (5:10 pm)

The wife and I  seen something unusual this afternoon as we where sitting in our back yard watching 2 eagles in the sky above our area of housing . We seen this round white cloud looking object moving rapidly across the clear blue area of sky. It looked like a round white cloud, the same color as the patches of white clouds which where scattered across the sky. I  told the wife that it seemed to be a UFO -- as we had seen UFO's before in the Yukon where we lived before. That round cloud object was heading for a large white cloud formation, so I  ran into the house to get my 10 x 50 binoculars before the object went into that cloud formation. When I  came back out of the house the object had already disappeared into that larger white cloud formation. I  then watched the sky for the round object to reappear somewhere on the other side of the larger white cloud formation. At the speed that round object was travelling it should have appeared in a short time, but it did not seem to leave that larger white cloud formation. I  was watching around that cloud formation for that object maybe between 5 to 10 minutes when a large coal black object appeared out of my side of the middle of that white cloud formation for a flash of a second only and then disappeared back into that white cloud formation. I  thought for a second that it might have been one of the 2 eagles we had been watching before, but they where still flying in circles a long way lower than that cloud formation which was high in the sky. I  was definately a big black object which I  mistook as a large black eagle with it's wings stretched out in a gliding flight. That round cloud looking object or the coal black object that came out of the cloud formation for a flash of a secong did not seem to reappear. BUT, then all of a sudden, maybe 10 minutes later this big white jet plane came from a Southern direction and turned to go through that white cloud formation I  had been watching and then continued to fly through the next 2 white cloud formations in a Northern direction, like it was looking for something. The sky all around those white cloud formations was blue, clear sky and that white plane seemed to pick those white cloud formations to fly through. Looking it up on the internet it appears that the white plane was a US Air Force E-4B jet plane of high importance [look it up]. The round cloud like speedin object was a UFO as many people have also seen, I  found out on the internet. I  THINK --- that the E-4B military jet was looking for that round cloud like speeding object [the UFO] and was chasing it. YOU CAN PHONE ME FOR MORE INFO IF NEEDED.----- -Very interesting to me!

31-May-2014, Terrace, BC: (12:30 am)

Observing easterly from Highway 16 near the intersection of Hwy 16 and Hwy 37S by Terrace, BC, myself and my girlfriend both observed an object sporting 3 very bright lights descending into the local golf course vicinity, the lights passing through trees on the intervening hill indicating descent on the east side of the hill.

The event took place at 12:30 am (pitch black night).

This makes two sighting in two weeks.... what the heck is going on?

31-May-2014, Abbotsford, BC: (5:00 am)

This sighting was around May 31, 2014 around 5:00am. I live around McCallum Road not far from the 7/11 store.

I had slept through most of the day so that night I was having trouble sleeping. Around 5am I went out back onto my patio to have a cigarette. In the sky I saw a bright blue light approach from the west. It was gliding through the sky at a medium-fast speed and would zigzag some of the time. It being 5am it was completely silent out and considering it wasn't very high up one would expect a sound if it was a plane, but no there was not. My phone was upstairs in my bedroom so I knew that if I were to get it I would miss it. I followed it down my driveway and as far as I could until it was too far.

It was creepy how silent it was, not to mention the zigzagging maneuvers. This could not have been a plane in my opinion.

31-May-2014, Coquitlam, BC: (about 10:30 pm)

Here’s my story. I apologize for the length, but I figured the more detail the better chance of figuring out what this sighting might be.

I was driving home to Port Coquitlam from North Burnaby, the Capitol hill area on Saturday evening May 31, 2014; it was about 10:15 when I left Burnaby. I was leaving a friend’s house, like I’d done a gazillion times before. This time as I went to my car, parked on the street, I noticed what an exceptionally clear evening it was, absolutely crystal clear. I don’t remember  a night as clear, and it made an impression on me. Later, when I mentioned the strange clarity of the evening to my friend, she mentioned that her husband had noticed the same thing and had commented on the clearness of the evening, as well.

I drove East on Hastings Street over Burnaby mountain (SFU) and down to Broadway, left on Broadway, which turns into Como Lake Road. I took this route because I thought I’d have a nice view of the city as I drove down Burnaby mountain. I drove a few blocks along Como Lake and noticed how light the traffic was. In fact, there was no traffic. I thought that was odd. No traffic on Saturday night 10:30ish on Como Lake Road?

For a few blocks I had the green wave of traffic lights, and then I hit a red light. I was all alone on Como Lake Road, no other traffic, waiting at a red light. While I was sitting at the traffic light I happened to notice a pulsating red light out of the corner of my eye, to my right, which is toward the south. It was sitting on the tree line, at the top.

I work in the area, and I thought it a little odd because I didn’t remember any radio towers in that area (there is one, but it has a blinking white light on it). I paid the pulsing red light no more attention than that.

The traffic light changed and off I went. A moment or two later I noticed that the pulsating red light was moving along the tree line in the same direction I was travelling. I thought it was a helicopter. I assumed it was looking for something because it was so low. At some point I noticed that the pulsating single red light had become three pulsating red lights and that’s when the object really caught my attention.

At some point the object came out from the tree line (from Mundy Park, approximately) and hovered at the end of Como Lake Road and Mariner Way. It seemed to be directly over the fire station on Mariner Way. It had 5ish pulsating red lights in a horizontal position and below the red lights, in a vertical position, were about 6 green lights. Together the red lights and green lights made a half cross formation. Red horizontal and green beneath in a vertical position. At this point I had driven about halfway down Como Lake Road and didn’t understand what I was looking at, and I got a little nervous. I even wondered if I should pull over, but I didn’t. By then there was one other car right beside me, pacing me. I really wanted to look over at the other car and see if they were seeing what I was seeing, but I knew if I took my eyes off that object I might not see it again.

At this point I still can’t make out the shape of the object that is supporting the red and green lights, but it is moving up, slowly floating up above the fire station. I rolled my window down to hear it, thinking I might be able to tell what it was by its sound. I heard no sound. As I drove, somehow the form of the object became discernible. I couldn’t see it very well because the body of the object was flat black or dark grey in colour, like a gun metal black. I really don’t know how I was able to see that and the object was gigantic. When I saw the size of the object, I freaked out. I started searching in my purse for my phone. (never stopped driving)

Then without warning the gigantic object zipped sideways, like a slider switch on a stereo system.  It zipped North toward Coquitlam Center Mall. When I looked over to where it had zipped, I saw a second object in the sky, exactly like the first one that had just zipped over there - Yes, another gigantic object hovering in the area near or over the mall airspace, with lights. The first object zipped back to its original position over the fire hall, zip, zip. Once it was back hovering over the fire hall, the second object, the one over the mall, made exactly the same maneuver, zip, zip (travelling south and then back to its position over the airspace over or near Coquitlam center mall.

I had convinced myself that I was seeing some kind of movie special effects. I actually wondered if a movie was being shot in the area. If that is the case then I’d really like to know. I thought I would see this in the news and newspaper, it was so spectacular, but I haven’t heard any reports.

By now I had reached the end of Como Lake Road and turned right onto Mariner Way headed for Chilko Drive. I decided I would try to follow the object that now appeared to be following the power lines; it stayed low in amongst the treetops. By now I had found my phone and realized that the flying object’s trajectory would make it visible from my house which looks out across Colony Farm. I phoned my husband and said, “Stop whatever you’re doing and look out the bedroom right now. Tell me what you see.” He said, “Red and Green lights?” I screamed, “Yes!” He hung up.

When I got home all I said to my husband was, “I’m not going to say anything. All I want you to do is tell me what your impression of that object was.”  He said, “It was massive.”  I asked him how long he watched it and what it had done. He said that he ran onto the balcony to watch it, described its trajectory then he told me he’d run back in to grab his phone to take a picture and when he came back about 30 seconds later it was gone.

3-Jun-2014, Kelowna, BC: (9:00 pm)

I was sitting out on my front veranda watching the wind, rain, and lightning storm when over the mountains to the west slightly to the north, I noticed a very bright object with a sparkling trail starting from like a funnel shape, but going vertically, and reflecting in the sun that was visible under the storm clouds. It sat stationary for a couple of minutes, then started gradually heading to the northwest. It would have been over but very close to the top of the mountains just past Okanagan lake to the west. I went and got binoculars and watched it, and then thought to get my video camera.  As it gradually moved away, I have over 2 minutes of video, but every time I tried to zoom in, it went out of focus, but to the naked eye was very sharp and visible in the sky.  It was clearly a roundish shape, and glowed as bright as the sun. I had two other people from the house come out and tell me that I was not seeing things, both of them non-believers, but now they were unsure about that. I will try to view the video on my smart tv to see if enlarged, it is any clearer.  The object was probably around 20-25 km's away when first viewed, so may have been quite a large object.

11-Jun-2014, Garden Bay, BC: (11:35 pm)

I recently reported a sighting in the sky above Garden Bay B.C. on April 11 of this year. Last night June 11 my wife and I were outside in the backyard enjoying the fireplace when we saw a light in the sky just like the one we saw exactly two months ago to the day. This time it was travelling from due West to East. The object was about one tenth of the size of the moon and again there was absolutely no noise. As before there was a full moon, but this time there were some clouds in the sky. The object was at the same level as the clouds, as sometimes it would be behind the clouds and then it was in front of them. For comparison, earlier in the night a helicopter few over, the unmistakable sound and the nav. lights made it obvious as to what it was. About 20 min. after the object went out of sight we saw a satellite go by and the appearance was totally different from the object that we saw earlier. Garden Bay is across the Straight of Georgia and just south of CFB Comox and just north Nanoose Bay and the Whiskey Golf Maritime testing range, perhaps that could explain the strange objects in the sky at night, I don't know? As before if anyone has an explanation as to what this could be I would be thank full. In the mean time I will be watching the skies more than ever.

Summer 2014, Abbotsford, BC:

Every clear night in the summer, there is a light in the sky above Abbotsford, BC that shows up after midnight near downtown. It looks like a very large bright star through the naked eye, but if you look at it hard, you can tell there are flickers of green and red, as well as the white light. Through binoculars, you can see a cluster of coloured lights, and an orb that seems to be zig-zagging slightly, but stays in the same location. It is not always in the same spot, but it is always in the same area. It is at a level that is lower than the airplanes fly. It looks like some of the coloured lights detach and fall away from the orb, and others seem to be re-attaching to the orb.

You can see it if you are driving east along South Fraser Way, once you cross Gladwin or Ware, and also from McCallum Road, facing north. Otherwise, you can locate the tree line that runs east and west, slightly north of South Fraser Way, between Ware Street and Five Corners. Look in the general area over the tree line (which is in the direction of the Transfer Station and the Skydiving Landing). It usually stays there until daylight.

Binoculars or a telescope would be best.

UFO*BC Responds:

It most likely IS a star. This is a common phenomena - scintillation - disturbances in the atmosphere cause the colors. I have seen this many times and the effect is even more dramatic when looking through binoculars.

Gord Heath

22-Jun-2014, Castlegar, BC: (afternoon)

My partner was laying on the grass and called me, he directed my attention overhead. We watched an elongated, spherical, 'silver' object pass over us, quite high up. Later I went on Youtube and found that someone in Russia had captured a video of it from an airplane. https://youtu.be/VIwgmg6L4Wo

25-Jun-2014, Squamish, BC: (11 pm)

Can't believe I'm posting this but I know what I saw and I'm wondering if there was anyone else in the Squamish area that saw the same in the northern sky? 

At around 11pm, June 25/14 N/E Squamish I looked out my kitchen window to see this object in the sky. I knew immediately it was not a star/comet or a plane…..as the lights were red/green/white and hovering in one location. It would stay at one spot then would jut up and down, then would quickly flutter from side to side. I have a stabilizing set of binoculars - so it wasn't me shaking or moving around! I watched it with my binoculars for 20 min till it moved north over the mountain top. I really wanted to try and find some explanation of what this object was? Did anyone out there see the same???

29-Jun-2014, Vancouver, BC:

Yesterday,  (June 29th 2014) I was sitting in my car looking into the sky and I noticed 6 small white dots moving in the sky, they were in a kite shape moving very slowly and then after about 5 minutes slowly moved in a V shape.  They were moving extremely slow and were slightly smaller than stars.  I saw this around 4:00 and the sky was completely clear where I was. I know they weren't stars because they were too small and they were moving.  I lost sight of them after I watched them for a few minutes and then they were gone.  I would like an explanation of what I saw if possible, as it is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

7/8/9-July-2014, Kootenay Lake, BC: (10:30 - 11:30 pm)

Multiple events over three nights East shore Kootenay Lake directly across from Kokanee Glacier.  All three nights were warm and dry with either no clouds or a couple small ones. There was no haze, the air is dry so clarity is good.  There was an approximate half moon and it was bright.

First night all three of us were on the lake shore star gazing and looking for satellites to watch.  We started to see satellites pretty frequently almost right away.  Soon my daughter mentioned that she was seeing bright flashes in the sky to the south.  Turning our attention to the south we all started to see them.  This was not lightening, planes, or any satellite (tumbling or geosynchronous)...no flight path pattern was evident. The lights seemed too random, but uniformly bright white and would flash for the same duration.  In each case they would go on and off like a flashbulb.  In all we saw approximately twelve before calling it a night. 

The last two were a little more significant.  I had seen three in the same place over about five minutes and the fourth I saw in the same place.  At the same time my wife and daughter saw another one directly west of us high in the sky.  I used the binoculars to look at the same point in the sky to the south I had been seeing them and asked my wife and daughter to do the same in case I had to adjust the view.  I had been looking in the spot for about a minute when one of what I thought was a star (since it was stationary and about as bright as a medium bright star) suddenly zipped of at immense speed away and out of view...faster than any satellite I have observed.

We saw one more flash the next night and then three more in quick succession the night after that.  These sightings were more in the west and directly west of us high in the sky. 

I have seen flashes in the night sky on numerous occasions over the years since I like to watch the sky.  I have even seen two before in rapid succession in the same area of sky before, but nothing like this.  In those other instances I was in the Fraser Valley and even though it was clear the light pollution and air pollution affects clarity of viewing.

All this makes me wonder why there are not more reports on this matter.  Has anyone tried a time lapse video to check for anomalies?  Has any Astronomer checked into these?

15-Jul-2014, Botany Valley, BC:

We were camping in Botany Valley which is between Lytton and Lilooet.  We were at Pesultko Lake which is very remote at 4000 feet and nestled between a number of mountains. It was morning with no clouds and very clear. Two adults were sitting at a picnic table in a clearing, one adult was standing by some trees and one adult by the camper under an awning.

At about 8:00-8:30 the silence was interrupted by the roar of what sounded like a jet engine coming from the east travelling at very high speed. We all looked up to see what sounded like a fighter jet at low altitude (400-700 feet), but what three adults saw was a very small jet black object at low altitude with pointy triangular wings. The trajectory looked like it was going to crash into the mountain or across the lake. The part which was so baffling was that the object and sound disappeared immediately above us. The most inexplicable part of the experience is that the sound was so loud and disappeared completely directly above us all and did not complete the expected trajectory. The adults involved a nurse, a doctor, a pilot and psychologist. The pilot works just outside of an airport so is familiar with the sounds and trajectories and flight patterns of aircraft.  He has no ability to explain the incident.

18-July-2014, Aldergrove, BC: (between 9:30 and 11:00)

I was laying on my couch with windows open, lights and tv low. I noticed bright red neon lights that were horizontal to my living room window (it faces east). I didn't even sit up halfway and I said "Holy S***", because I knew that I couldn't understand what I was seeing. The red neon beams were of different lengths. Four to eighty feet long. They attached to a great ball of  immense light it was fuzzy where they joined. My 17-year-old came out from the washroom thinking I had stubbed my toe. When she came down the hall she saw me staring out the window, still not even sitting upright. She had her iphone in hand and I remember her saying I gotta take a picture of this. I then got up and walked to the window to get a better look. The trees across the street were glowing red and the red neon beams came out from all directions. It was hovering out my living room window less than 100 feet away and lower than the telephone pole behind it. The pole has three transformers on it. There was no noise only a vibration like an "ohm" could be felt in waves. I was mesmerized and I couldn't take my eyes off of this light. There seemed to be movement somehow inside the light. The glow of red dimmed as did the brightness. The red neon beams that seemed to be 8inches around had a flat solid end and I watched them retract into the light ball. The light ball was the size of a cube van. It was a windy night with some cloud cover but no rain. It dimmed and shrank until it flashed a dim yellow amber than shrunk. I remember seeing a flash of a silvery metal capusule, then it blinked from the band around the center, moved 20-30 feet east and disappeared in front of us.

The next day it seemed that my memory was showing my mind things that I do not remember happening, such as not even looking at the object out the window but knowing it was there. My daughter never got a picture as she was also too mesmerized. I did canvass neighbors on the following day but couldn't find anyone other than my daughter and I that witnessed.

Within a week later I also saw three large orange lights that were in a triangle formation. They were also east out my window. The lights were also witnessed by my daughter. They blinked out one at a time without moving. They were the size of a dime held at arm's length.

I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Has there been any other sightings around that time? I have also since found out that Corina Saebels had reported missing time and a sighting. We live in the same community and I'm just blocks away from where the film footage of her story was taken. Is this a strange coincidence?

19-Jul-2014, Mount Tzouhalem (near Duncan), BC: (00:15 - 00:25)

Lying on our backs watching the stars I noticed what I initially thought was a satellite. A bright light flared from it fora second, expanding to about 5mm  in diameter. I was slightly stunned by this but managed to make out the object move off in a NE direction at what seemed to be a slow speed but it got smaller and dissapeared making me realise it must have gone away from Earth at a great speed. It happened so fast my girlfriend missed it. I'm not sure what man has managed to build and test up there but it was like something from star wars. I see other similar sightings have been posted from this area. Anyone know what that might have been?

August 2014, Helen Mackenzie Lake, Vancouver Island, BC: (11:00 pm)

There was roughly 10 tent pads (all full) at the Helen Mackenzie Lake. I would say roughly 17+ people in total that were there witnessing the event. We were all up there to watch the Meteor Showers up in the alpine. It was a great show going on, lots of comets with long tails. Then, after I would say an hour and a half through the show (11:00 pm-12:00am),we saw what seemed to be a giant white/orange frosted light bulb floating above the tree tops and  over the lake. It was moving oddly slow and seemed unreal that it was not dropping out of the sky. It was fairly large, DEAD QUIET, no running lights or strobe lights and moved in a wobbly, narrow zig zag pattern in a straight line. This craft, went right over all our heads and continued out of site. There were many others who witnessed this, and I even still have contact info from the people on the tent pad next to us. It was by far the closest and craziest encounter of an unknown object, I have encountered in my life.

On a side note, from the same area, I have a picture of a CLEAR daylight photo of a craft moving very fast. My friend who took it said he did not see it when he took the picture, but noticed it when he transferred it from his small camera to his computer. If there is anyway I can load a photo to this report, I will gladly post it.

I KNOW THEY ARE OUT THERE, I can not say otherwise after that incident.

6-Aug-2014, White Rock, BC: (10:45 pm)

My boyfriend who lives in surrey about 20km away from me called me telling me to look outside cause there was a meteor shower. I went outside to look for meteors, when all of a sudden he said "What is THAT!? Look straight up!" I looked up and saw what looked like a star, moving in spirals, shooting very faint miniature balls of light out of it. Then I saw another one. My boyfriend then got his binoculars and said the balls of light were actually points on a triangle, and since we could both see this thing directly above us from that far away from each other, this thing must have been huge, and quite far up. It was there for a good half hour at least before it took off.

8-Aug-2014, Maple Ridge, BC: (10:40 pm)

I saw a fiery red object with a white centre. It moved slowly from north to west in the sky. I saw a passenger jet at the same time that looked lower than the light. It then came to a full stop and then seemed to move away straight out and fade out. This all took about 1 minute at about 10:40 pm. This not the first time I have seen something like this. I had not been drinking and I don't do drugs. I was just out locking up my car for the night. I was hoping that some one else saw the some thing. I would like to stay anonymous. You can send me an email if this event is real. I am a 52 year old family man.

11-Aug-2014, Campbell River, BC: (11:05 pm)

I had a really weird experience last night that I would like to share.

Last night around 21:05 I was getting ready for bed and I decided to look out my bedroom window. It was almost dusk but still very bright out. A close to full moon rising which was out of sight to me but adding to the brightness.

I was looking west. I saw what I first thought was a plane low in the sky. There is a small airport in that direction so it wasn't out of place. The object was below the low cloud cover but above the tree in my neighbor's yard. I could see a red and a green light, so ok, yes, plane. But the object was not moving at all. Then the outer lights turned so I was looking at both a brilliant red and green light both on the same side. There was no tilt or dip like you would expect from a plane turning. It was a stationary turn. I was looking at what looked like a short soup can with large bright red, green (and white?) lights.

As I was trying to comprehend, the object moved straight down, fast and smooth. Picture a spider dropping down on it's web. I have never seen anything airborne move with that precision before. The object was now about halfway down the neighbor's tree in altitude. It then moved horizontally both north and south. I would lose sight of it behind the tree at some points.

It was so low in the sky. I could clearly see the features. At this point I was moving from scared into terrified. I backed away and started to close all the windows and blinds in my house. This was too close for comfort. I always imagined if I had a sighting, it would be from afar. I texted my husband to come home. I peeked out the window and saw the object was still there. My husband came home quickly, he was just across the street. I made him look out the window. He saw nothing.

I could hardly sleep last night. I have a lot of questions. First, other people had to of seen that. It was so low and very bright. All my other questions are just my imagination running wild with fear. Is there anything that could be an explanation that I'm not thinking of?

16-Aug-2014, Shawnigan Lake, BC: (around 10 pm)

We were sitting on our back deck looking west over Shawnigan Lake. The sky was quite dark, late stage of dusk and there was no moon. Coming from behind the hill on the other side of the lake were two red orbs - they came up and over the hill horizontally aligned then one shifted to be directly beneath the other so that they were perfectly vertically aligned as they moved closer. There was no sound and they stayed stationary in this position for a couple of minutes. There were four bright lights pulsating at the top and the bottom of each and we could tell they were perfect circles. They were both red and glowing. In terms of size, obviously really big since they made the hill across the lake look small. They slowly vanished. Then about 3 minutes later another appeared, a single one this time, to the south on our side of the lake and much closer. It came up over the trees and hovered in place for a couple of minutes before vanishing. They weren't Chinese lanterns as they were much too large and because the maneuvered in a very precise way that the wind couldn't do (plus it was a windless night). They were also able to remain perfectly stationary.

18-Aug-2014, Prince George, BC:

I was looking outside at the sky one night smoking...when I looked up when I saw 2 orbs going at the same speed....and then the 2nd one sped up and and was at least 5 miles ahead of the 1st one.....I though maybe a plane, as Prince George does receive flyovers of cargo jets....but then it shot off..

25-Aug-2014, Campbell River, BC:

I was visiting my dad and mom in Campbell River and was sitting out on their back deck having a smoke when I noticed red and green lights far off in the distance that I assumed was a plane or helicopter. The lights were sitting above a known helicopter launch pad out on the spit across from Quadra Island so I didn't give it a second thought until about 10 minutes had past and it hadn't moved at all, it was hovering in the same place.

My heart began to race as I knew for sure it was not a regular plane or helicopter. I called my dad out and told him to bring the binoculars. We both began watching the red and green lights and taking note of where the moon was to better gage if it was moving at all. An hour later it was clear that the moon had moved but the lights did not, not even an inch. Within that time the lights looked to have burned out several times for about 10-15 seconds at a time only to return again as quickly as they disappeared. My dad and I concluded there was no way a known aircraft to earth could have sustained that position for so long whether for how it was hovering or the fact it would have needed to re-fuel. My father has had a couple sightings in his life the first dating back to the early 60's in the Kootneys and again a few years later in Campbell River of which he snapped a photo of it that time.  It's a grey saucer-like blurb in the photo but was taken in full daylight with a sky of pure blue. There is no explanation for that grey blurb having any earthly business in that clear summer sky.

Both my dad and I believe without a doubt we had just experienced and witnessed an object not part of this earth.

28-Aug-2014, White Rock, BC: (9:20 pm)

Out from the west about 10 degrees to the left and about 10 degrees above the horizon I saw a very bright light in the sky with two smaller objects, one a few degrees to the north and the other a few degrees down towards the horizon. The three objects merged and then within a few seconds disappeared. I was not high on booze or drugs and this was the most strange thing I saw. I do not believe in Ufo's  but this was truly strange.

1-Sep-2014, Delta, BC: (12:25 - 12:28 pm)

I was on my deck relaxing when I noticed in the northwest sky at about a 45 degree angle from the horizon a small stationary white object. I could tell it was stationary as the clouds were slowly moving in one direction in that area of sky but it remained stationary relative to nearby tree tops and branches. The object had blue sky behind it. It was too small for me to discern what it was. I called to my partner and she started watching it too. Total viewing time at this point was approximately one minute.

I went into the house to fetch my camera and tripod. When I came out after about one minute my partner said that she had watched it slowly move to the right (northeast) into an area of cloud making it impossible to see. We kept watching out for it for about another minute. Suddenly a white object appeared from the edge of the white cloud background travelling very fast along a horizontal trajectory. At this point it was about 3 times larger or 3 times closer if it was the same object. It crossed a 30 degree horizontal arc of the sky in about 5 seconds disappearing behind the trees! The direction of travel was to the southwest. At the time I uttered to my partner “what the hell is that?” and managed to snap two photographs. By then it was only about 30 degrees above the horizon. Unfortunately, the camera’s autofocus focused on the tree tips making the object slightly blurry.


Additional Witness Information:

Hi guys,

I think it may had been one of these that I saw and photographed:


I also attached an image. I know engineering companies use these to obtain aerial views of projects. Maybe they were taking shots of the new Highway 17 below our place as the object hovered over it for a while.

Phantom Quadcopter

6-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC: (10:30 PM to 11:45 PM)

We noticed what looked like a star at first but noticed alternating, flickering colours of red and white light. We couldn\'t tell how far the object was away from us as it hovered in the same spot for the better part of 30 minutes before slowly moving to our right and out of view behind a building. We then walked over to the bridge near Crab Park to resume our viewing and watched again for another 20 minutes as it slowly seemed to move away from us but was still visible when we left. It was a clear night so we were able to see other stars for comparison but I was convinced from the beginning that it was neither a star, helicopter, plane, or distortion.

7-Sep-2014, Vernon, BC:

A bit after eight I notice a large bright white light over a mountain top by a cell tower. At first I thought it was a planet, but then I realized that it was flickering. This object contained its own light, not reflecting it off of the clouds. The object then slowly moved upward, then turned off, then turned back on and slowly sunk behind the mountain. It made no sound and didn't have lights like an airplane or helicopter.

7-Sep-2014, Nanaimo, BC: (8:30 pm and 8:40 pm)

My husband and I were sitting on our deck and a bright star like object very bright in colour and way bigger than a star caught my eye it was going across very fast heading towards parksville way we must of watched it for about 45 seconds or so it was not a plane not a shooting star it made no sound and was faster than any plane I've ever seen we were very puzzled than about 10 minutes after that the exactly same object came back towards us from parksville way.like it turned around than made a crazy maneuver shot up turned a sharp left blinked out a couple time and completely vanished after that I was pretty shocked I've seen things in the sky pretty much since I was child but this scared me to say the least. About Two weeks ago we saw a star like object big as well blinking out three times and vanishing. Im curious if anyone else saw this phenomenon at all?? Or has a insight what it could be? Last night wad also very clear night no clouds either.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

What you are describing sounds quite a bit like a military grade jet performing night time maneuvers - only the problem is, as you mentioned, no sound. Could have been at a high enough altitude that you were unable to hear the sound from the craft? From what you are describing, you only saw a light correct? Did you ever see any structure behind the light?

Another option is something called ball lightening - I am not too sure the conditions nor the observation you made fit, but perhaps...


9-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC:

At 1:30am I saw three separate streaks of light that appeared like they came from the ground towards the sky getting brighter and brighter but disappeared before completing the arc across the horizon.
I was on the phone as it was happening and the call I was on got scrambled and made weird noises almost like connecting to the internet with a dial up modem. Gibberish random noises, then the call dropped and I lost connection. That's it.

12-Sep-2014, Lumby, BC: (1:00 pm)

I was driving to Vernon from Lumby with my sister to do some shopping right after we had had lunch. It was around 1 in the afternoon, broad daylight, clear blue skies and suddenly we come around a curve and there is a perfectly round, glowing, white sphere with two cone like chem trails coming from the bottom of it. I said to my sister, what is that in the sky? Is that a jet? WTF is that? She answers with "Pull the car over!!" We jump out and while I'm looking at it my sister says "Look, there are two of them!" She's pointing to the mountain and sure enough just a little higher than the mountain is another one but its farther away and looks kinda like a tiny sun. We grab our cell phones and try to take a picture. Of course then it goes a little behind a tree so then we start jogging down the road to a clearing and take some photos. We got four pictures but by then it was smaller and we can't see the same detail as we did in person.. Its very frustrating!!! I wish I had taken a picture instantly right through the windshield!! but it was such a weird thing, I have never looked for or even thought of seeing something like that in my life! It's Hollywood stuff...not going to the grocery store stuff.

13-Sep-2014, Sooke, BC: (8:15 pm)

location:  Just about 8km before sooke near the beginning of the basin on the hwy.
date:   Sept 13
time:  8:15pm
duration of the sighting:  several seconds
behaviour of the object(s):  falling from sky but strangely....not like a firework or plane
colour of the object(s):  bright brilliant green... almost glowing
shape of the object(s): definitively round like a ball
any souds heard:  none
weather conditions:   clear
and how you lost sight of the object(s):  it went behind some trees...

would love to hear if anyone else saw this things...

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

Last night there was a meteor that was visible to the LowerMainland - and fits your description and time. It has been on the various media outlets throughout the day.

Thanks for the keen eye!!


13-Sep-2014, White Rock, BC:

I didn't actually see it, but my dad did. He told me that he saw five orange lights about 1,000 feet in the air. They were shaped like a stereotypical UFO, and were apparently black or dark grey. They were moving at the pace an airplane would, but moved like a helicopter. He said that he could see everyone in their cars looking up at them and almost crashing, haha. I looked up some keywords of his sighting, and it actually matches this person's description:


13-Sep-2014, Coquitlam, BC: (9:30 pm)

I was working an afternoon shift tonight till 9:00 pm at the cities animal kennel. I have to walk the dogs starting at 8:00 around a short loop just in back until all the dogs are walked. Around 8:15 I noticed a red and green flashing light above the east side of Burke Mountain. (My work has a clear view of Burke Mountain looking north.) I didn't see any thing of the light just thought it was an airplane or something.

After taking a few dogs out to do their business I noticed the light again and just kept walking but as I rounded the kennel facing south I noticed two larger red and green flashing lights and they were in a parallel line staying in one place. This is when the hair on the back of my neck started to stand. I really thought I was starting to see things but after looking at it for a minute I realized it was real. These lights were much larger and brighter than any stars and I had not seen those there earlier in the night. So I rounded back and took another dog and the lights are still there, so I go take another dog and now I only see the light that was on the left and I keep walking south and all of a sudden I see the light zig-zag horizontally but going vertically. Very fast it zig-zagged maybe 7-10 times and then shot to the right of me (west). This is where I started to "shit bricks" I really did not know of what to think of it?

Thats why I posted my story here so i could possibly get an answer!


PS, I was not high or drunk since I was working, drugs are illegal, and I'm not old enough to drink.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Thomas, thanks for your report.

As to what it could have been? Without seeing it ourselves, there is always the looming fact we just do not know. It could have been the lights from a small aircraft doing evening flying and you happened to be seeing it at various angles (coming towards you, away from you, etc) and gave the appearance of a more abrupt flight path than it actually took.

However, I cannot say anything for sure - if you see it again, let us know!


14-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC: (10 pm)

I live in east vacouver - at 10 pm tonight I was walking my dog and noticed a green and red light in the sky at airplane altitude heading south. I though "boy that airplane is going fast!". Then it stopped dead. It stayed still for about five seconds then started moving east at a slower speed. Then it stopped again, hovered for a moment, and then moved north at a high speed, but at a lower altitude so that it disappeared over the mountains. The lights were quite large and bright, so whatever it was would have had to have had a substantial size. Another man on the street saw it too, but shrugged it off as being a drone. This was far too big and high up to be a drone. And it was moving FAST.

15-Sep-2014, Golden, BC: (around 1 am)

I just found your site through a few other links on Youtube otherwise I would have reported this much sooner. I have tried getting information on this and feel it was something ET rather than a ghost / spirit.

I was on a tour with a tour company going through the Rockies in Sep 2014. This was on the night of September 14th which I verified through checking my tour receipt which was 4 days and nights.

I was on a bus tour with all unknown tourists. We were driven to a newly built set of cabins, truly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by old growth forest. No town, no amenities other than the cabins themselves and a shared dining cabin and kitchen. We arrived in the afternoon. I was sharing a cabin with two other women. They were in one bed and I was in another (you pay an upgrade to have one bed to yourself).

I knew the area was new as the cabin had the "new wood" look and other cabins were still being constructed.  I can give the name of the tour company if you need to research exactly where this is.

I add that I had had one glass of wine that night and have never, ever done drugs in my life. We played some team games and had a camp fire going. Around 11pm we went to bed as we were leaving by 9am or thereabouts the next morning. I am a light sleeper anyway and sort of fell asleep before midnight. There was an outside light for each cabin and the curtains were thin so the light shone through into the room, not brightly, but some light.

It was after midnight, maybe 12.30pm or 1am and I vaguely became aware of a clicking sound,  like a mechanical sound, clicking in a pattern. I noticed this more and more, being half-asleep and opened my eyes. As I looked to my right from the bed, I saw a series of swirling mists inside the room. The best way I can describe it is as if there were 3 objects in water spinning around in circles and around each other and leaving a water trail or vapour trail. The mist trail was thick grey but not smokey like an airplane, much denser. But it was grey. At first I thought it was a trick of the light but I could see it redrawing itself and the shapes moving and changing.  As if 3 (or maybe more) high speed objects were leaving a trail behind but I could see no objects, only the trail.

The light shone through the curtain and highlighted this thing or things.  They were redrawing the trail over and over as the three of them seemed to form a circle, and were suspended in the air.  The circle formed was maybe 3 feet in diameter and 3 or 4 feet above the ground. It or they did not move around the room, just rotated on the spot, but as I say, I could not see any object creating this "vapour trail".  The sound did not match the things I saw, as there was nothing solid I could see.

I have no idea what it was, but my gut reaction is it felt like something callibrating, measuring, assessing or trying something out.  This is of course just my own association.

I wanted to be sure I was not dreaming and watched it for a minute or two to confirm I could see the vapour trail continue to move and be redrawn and swirling.  I then wanted to be sure it was not some strange shadow from the ceiling fan and could see too many details in the vapour trail so it did not at all match a shadow.

It was a fairly quiet sound so the other two girls did not wake up.

I got out of bed to the left of my bed.  Behind me was the bathroom light.  The thing did not move when I moved. However, the instant I turned on the bathroom light the thing or things were gone.  I rationalised that I was imagining it all but realised that the sound had stopped too.  I was scared for the rest of the night and barely slept.  I fell asleep maybe at 6am or thereabouts for an hour, that's all.

I have googled "swirling mists with clicking sound" and seen various results. I've had other experiences but this is the first that feels completely non-human.

Would be happy to discuss further as this is bothering me somewhat.  I come from a technical background and embrace both known facts and the fact that there is much we do not know.  Definitely not a hoax, happy to provide drawings, details and more.

15-Sep-2014, Vernon, BC: (8 pm)

This is not a bigfoot or ghost sighting - but a UFO! Near Kin Beach in Vernon, BC. I took my dog for a swim on the Okanagan waters. There was four of us, just playing fetch with the dog until we took interest in these 2 parallel running bright orange lights in the sky. We observed them moving simultaneously in the sky - one on top of the other. And then one turned into this black circular, opaque object looking thing and slowly started to descend. We were all wondering… Is this a sky diver in the night?! Or what the heck! The most bizarre part was when the orange light now slowly started to descend towards the mountain. It hovered at the tree line, came down the mountain and back up again, while moving quite fast. Faster than any human I know!

The orange light slowly hovered back up into the sky and then slowly diminished. Sort of like a flame going out. The other orange light I talked about initially wasn't far behind. It rose up and sort of did the same thing. The light just slowly diminished while in the sky. Weird! I don't know what else it could have been but a UFO. I have a strong feeling it was. I always wanted to spot one! And look at that!

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

A few mundane questions for you:
How high would you say the object was when moving in the sky? At what speed? I am also trying to figure out sizes - you mention a skydiver, so would you think about that size or smaller/bigger? Finally, would you mind drawing us a quick sketch of what you saw? It always helps if we can have a doodle to at least mentally picture the event.

Thank you.


Witness Responds:

Hi Richard,

I am not good with the specifics ha although I'll try.

Mmm from the beach, the two orange lights running parallel with each other were looking a couple inches off the top the mountain ha! So fairly close... Maybe a 150 feet the top one. And the bottom one perhaps like 50 feet?

They were moving slowly... then stopped dead, and the top one turned into a black opaque object of oval shape. How big this was I am not sure... Say the size of a hot tub lol. It was hard to tell from such a distance. This is what we were joking that it was a sky diver in the night. Although it didn't look like that at all - it was a balloon oval shaped thing above a light so... Whatever that looks like!

Then the black object came straight down and we could no longer see it once it hit the tree line. The still light up orange light came straight down moving quite slow and started moving down the mountain, next to treeline it seemed fast to me for any object I would know to move through there. Then came back up after say 30 seconds of browsing and hovered straight up into sky again. And only say 50-100 feet up the light slowly diminished.

Then this other orange light around the same area came moving straight up then at an angle... Fairly slow... And went out just like the other one.

I don't know if that's a total of two orange lights, or three. But very cool!

Hope this helps. Thanks!

20-Sep-2014, Keremeos, BC: Greetings,

Not sure who I'm talking to nor where to report, but you might want to check this video:
Description included in video caption. UFO Keremeos BC 20 sept 2014

A loud humming and buzzing sound woke me up at night in Keremeos, on September 20, 2014. A bright shining light pulsating, changing colors, was flying over the mountain of Columns Park, made of basalt columns. It moved around a while and then hovered for a long time, apparently recharging.

I filmed it for 20 minutes and discovered interesting details when annalyzing the footage frame by frame and enlarged. It has the general shape of a pumpkin, the closest thing I can find to describe it. Some rows of lights can be seen around it. An aura or magnetic shield surrounding the ship kept pulsating with the changing buzzing sound, and could be seen at times as a green grid. Holographic projections appear in the shielding energy field and images, like eyes can be seen at times, as an identification and communication device for the occupants.

After about one hour, the craft started ascending slowly and its lights got dimmer, until it disappeared. More details can be seen in the video. Images are worth 1,000 words.

Thanks for your interest and feedback...

UFO*BC Responds:

At the beginning of your video you give examples of video captures of the full moon and a normal star. Thank you for these. In the "Zoom Out" of the star you can see it as a small point of light. In the "Zoom In" image it shows up as a large pixellated object. With the modest telescope I had in my younger days I quickly realized that a true "optical" enlargement of a star still shows it as a tiny point of light - a little brighter, but still a point of light. The large pixellated star and "ufo" are either out of focus, or "digital" zooms. The "magnetic shield", "rows of lights" and "holographic projections" are just magnified atmospheric fluctuations, clouds, ambient lights and your imagination. You can also see that when zoomed in, the star and the "ufo" are both six-sided. This is an artifact of the camera aperture, and not a true indication of the actual shape of the objects. I have watched the video several times, and see no reason to classify that object as a true ufo.

If you had filmed the object in "Zoom Out" mode, and it had showed unusual movements in relationship to the background stars, trees, mountain, etc, it may have had some interest. Unfortunately, nocturnal lights are usually the weakest of sighting reports at the best of times.


21-Sep-2014, North Vancouver, BC: (9:05 pm)

I was looking out my living room window at the North Shore mountains at 9:05 pm. There was an orange light moving from north to south at about 1000 feet. It caught my eye because of the colour and the fact that there was no blinking nav lights or strobes as would be seen on an aircraft. The bottom of the light looked sharp, the top looked fuzzy (see pic) There was no flickering of the light like a japanese lantern, it was totally stable in intensity. It was moving faster than the planes and helicopters I usually see, taking no more than 10 seconds to travel from beside Grouse Mtn to the point where it suddenly stopped and hovered for about a minute. I grabbed my camera and got one pic before it rose straight up at an amazing speed. As it ascended it got smaller and dimmer quickly until I couldn't see it any more (3-4 seconds). As I watched it disappear I could see a disc shape at what seemed like 10,000 feet moving from east to west. It became visible at the exact spot the orange light disappeared. It was grey and just visible against the night sky. The disc seemed to be travelling at the speed of an airliner at high altitude (500 mph?) It was soon too faint to make out against the night sky. As far as size, it looked to be slightly bigger than a jumbo jet when flying at 30,000 ft.

Over the years I have seen many things in the sky including the ISS being chased by the shuttle, comet hale-bopp, helicopters with search lights on and planes of all descriptions. Never have I seen anything that looked or flew the way the orange light did.

UFO Orange Light

21-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC: (9:30 am)

This morning I was looking out the window from the 21st floor of my friend's highrise building. I saw 5 or 6 sparkling objects moving from east to west in tandem. One was ahead and leading the way. They were about 1/10th of the size of an airplane and I know that because 2 or 3 airplanes and/or floatplanes passed by them. As the planes were passing these objects would hide in the clouds and then come out again when the planes would pass. I couldn't believe my eyes. I picked up a binocular and tried to look at them - they appeared as moving objects and were flashing electric rays similar to a thunder storm - from afar they looked like sparkling stars. I noticed them with white and orange flashing lights when they origunally showed up, but the lights then turned into white only.

29-Sep-2014, Kamloops, BC: (6:16 pm)

Strange silver rod shaped object slowly ascending into the sky over Kamloops, BC. It was not a plane. Was very shiny silver colour and bright. Was definitely not an airplane shape. Headed over Kamloops past the highway towards Barriere, BC. I was on the phone to my husband and said the weirdest object in the sky is making a slow pass.

2-Oct-2014, Abbotsford, BC: (9:30 pm)

FYI - lots of "low intensity lighted ball" traffic over Fraser Valley. I'm in Abbotsford and saw the latest last night 930 pm.  Flying northeast to southeast below aircraft about 200 feet. Might want to put some cameras up, hey ya never know.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the tip!
Can you kindly provide a better description of what they look like? Were they following the aircraft, in a similar flightpath?


Witness Responds:

Hi Richard. They seemed about the size of a truck, but from that distance tough to gage the diameter. It was ball-shaped and like a dull lightbulb, almost translucent dull orange. I have had two sightings this summer  and one yesterday. The others were exactly the same except lit up like a spotlight. All were travelling the NE to SE and vis versa. Oh ya No sound.

Not like the Helios or local planes using valley airports. Which I watch avidly from my southern facing porch. NE of Abbotsford International Airport.

I'm not a nut job (although my wife might disagree lol) but have been familiar with aircraft for most of my life growing up in a military family. These were not aircraft in the conventional term. Balls of energy would almost describe it better. Only white and the dull orange colors seen.

:-) I have also seen several light streaks that seem to be parallel to the border. ?

Hope this helps.

14-Oct-2014, Saanich, BC:

While sitting in our hot tub watching for meteorites my girlfriend and I caught sight of a very dark coloured cylindrical object. It was moving quickly and silently at an altitude lower than passenger aircraft fly in this area. This very dark grey object appeared to have 3 evenly spaced sections which were glowing with a very dim yellowish light. As we watched. it flew under a small cloud and continued on it's north south trajectory until it faded from sight in the darkness. I would estimate it's length to be about the size of a commercial passenger plane but the body was larger in diameter. It did not have regulation lights nor did it have any visible appendages such as a tail or wings.

14-Oct-2014, Kamloops, BC: (11:16 pm)

My house is about one-third the way up the valley’s south side overlooking the city of Kamloops. Most summer and fall nights I go out on my balcony for an hour before I retire. My balcony faces north and Polaris is directly in front of me about 50° above the horizon. Because of the city lights I can only see 52 stars from this view. I know every one of them by heart. I count the number of airplanes, satellites, and meteors that I see each night. On this particular night I went out and before I even sat in my chaises lounge I noticed a magnitude -2 to -3 star in the northwest. I immediately thought it was the ISS going over-head but after a second or two I realized it wasn’t moving. There should not be a star of that magnitude at that location and I wondered what it might be. It was approximately where the star 21 CVn should be, (however, I can’t see a star that dim from my balcony) so I thought it might have gone supernova! But that particular star is too small and too close to have gone supernova (a star that close going supernova would be as bright as the sun). Still it could be a star far beyond 21 CVn that had gone supernova so maybe I should report it to the IAU.

While I was mulling over these thoughts the star gave off a faint pulse of light and less than a second later shot off straight north so fast my eyes couldn’t follow it. No propulsion system I know of could accelerate an object so quickly and no inertia cancellation technology that I am aware of could have saved the craft or its occupants from instant destruction. I place this object clearly in the “unidentified” column.

23-Oct-2014, Richmond, BC:

Hi, this is Vivian from Richmond. I think i accidentally captured a picture of UFO on October 23, 2014, at 5:55pm. I wanted to capture a picture of the eclipse. However, when I looked at the picture 2 hours later , I saw a white dot that looked like an UFO. I am looking forward to clarify whether I really captured  UFO.


UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the photo, but what you have caught is known as a ‘Sun Dog’ : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dog
Not a UFO, but certainly a nice shot!


28-Oct-2014, Courtenay, BC:

I didn’t know there was a UFO*BC, or I obviously would have reported this right away. I just found out about UFO*BC from reading a report by somebody online, and that they had contacted this site. This happened five years ago in 2014. It was approximately three days before Halloween. The time was anywhere from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. I was at my computer, and decided to take a break and go outside which by then was dark. I walked outside my door, and right away I noticed this object about 70 feet above the ground, and a 1/3rd the distance down the road from my street corner. The measurement off the ground being roughly close, because the tallest of the fir trees was fifty feet high which the object was sitting motionless and noiselessly in the air twenty feet above the fifty foot fir tree. In the dark it looked like it had curved corners. I could see the outline of cabin looking like an upside down U-shape attached to the rest of the object, like an appendage sticking out. On the right side of the object there was one huge blue light and on the right side of it a huge red light. There was a bit of activity in the sky that night. Small planes were flying in the background, I would estimate 20 miles away. The pilots too, maybe would have seen it, if there were lights on the other side of the object.
I stood there, and thought. Oh a UFO. Then it moved from side to side very quickly, very smoothly, and then up and down, all done with great precision and soundlessly. Then it starting going lower in between the two fir trees and looked like it went back out over the ocean.

31-Oct-2014, Williams Lake, BC: (8 pm)

Just after the fireworks ended about 8 pm my friend and I saw 2 lights that seemed to move together in one spot for about 2 minutes then gradually moved farther away until no longer visible. We were looking southeast from apartment building on Donald Road just above Chevron gas station. The whole event lasted about 3 minutes.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report!

What made you think it was anything out of the ordinary? For instance, could it have been 2 airplanes that appeared to be close by, but in reality were some distance away from one another?


UFO*BC Responds #2:

Given that people were setting off fireworks, it was probably Chinese lanterns.

Just my opinion.


Witness Responds:

It was not Chinese lanterns and it was not airplanes. I haven't seen lights like this before, it was the movement of them and speed with which they disappeared. I know how airplanes look in the sky and how they move. Chinese lanterns would be moving steadily away not staying in one place.

31-Oct-2014, Port Coquitlam, BC: (9:30 pm)

It was Oct 31, 2014 at 9:30 pm. I was looking out my basement window up in the sky, it was perfectly clear out. I was looking to the east, my window only faces east, it's a small window, but looking at a small part of the sky, I saw what I thought was the space station, cause sometimes you can, or I thought was maybe a satellite. Then it became an orange ball of fire! I thought this is weird!!! I'm going to keep watching this. A few more minutes went by then the ball got bigger and brighter orange, then I started thinking.??? Anything that enters our atmosphere from space no matter what it is will burn up or glow an orange hue if the objects make it. For example, the space shuttle will glow orange upon re- entry...etc....so as I watched it. The object got bigger and closer heading west towards me, but way above me. It was in a cloud after the orange went away. I could only turn my head so much before I ran outside to see where it was going. Before I did that I was still inside looking up at this ... It was insane when it came out of the cloud I could see a round disc-shaped ship with one blue and red light under it. I'm like..!!! Holey crap man, what the hell is it!?! I ran outside to see if I could see it before it went away. I went out my basement door, ran into the back yard, stopped and looked up!!! And there it was, gliding with no noise between my house and my neighbor's house. I was thinking how did it do that, and why would it just glide over my house? Why didn't it just keep going west up in the sky???? I could see it plain as day. It was round, black in color, with no lights on. It was about what seemed to be 40 or 50 feet above me. I freekin watched this thing fly or glide right over my head! It was very surreal - right out of the movies. I saw what it looked like, all I could say to myself, "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!" I stood there and watched it for about 15 minutes as it kept going south towards the city of White Rock....it stayed at that lower cruising level, until it went out of sight. It never sped away or just disappeared like most sightings. It must of been about 20 to 30 feet in diameter. Please let me know what you think!

7-Nov-2014, Surrey, BC (Newton area): (11:30 pm)

Witness 1: Triangle with lights on 2 sides. It was a full moon. There was nonoise. About 1/10th the size of the moon. Moved along the cloudline. It was above us for about one and a half minutes, then it went into theclouds and was gone. Because of the shape and that it made no noise, I am sure this was a UFO.

Witness 2: It was november 10 and we saw it just down the street from where I live.It was triangle-shaped and had one line of lights - no sound and moving really slow. We followed it then it up and disappeared behind somehouses. It was not a plane. We have a sunroof and opened it - there was no sound at all.

Mid-Nov-2014, Parksville, BC:

I witnessed two strange consecutive phenomena late one evening (actually, early morning I think).
While sitting on my back patio having a cigarette, I noticed a very bright white light starting to travel across the sky from south to north. There were a number of strange things about this light:
1)  as it traveled across the sky, it maintained a consistent brightness from end to end
2)  it became (somewhat) v-shaped as it traveled.  i.e. the back end widened (like a contrail) as the object moved, without losing brightness or definition.
3)  the edges were (and remained) clean and well-defined
4)  the front was round and of the same brightness and definition as the rest of the trail
5)  continuing the contrail comparison, this thing was about 100 times wider (at least) than your standard jet contrail

I didn't notice it fade away, disappear, whatever; because of the second phenomena that occurred a few minutes later (5 minutes as a guesstimate).

1)  this was a bright, bright yellow light traveling west to east at treetop level. Some of it was behind the treetops, some of it above. The distance of this light from where I was sitting might have been about a city block.
2)  again, consistent brightness and clean, well-defined edges
3)  there was possibly a rumbling noise associated with this light, but that might have been street traffic from the main drag a few blocks away.
4)  here's the really weird thing about this light; it didn't fade.....it dissipated.  Think of the light as being composed a zillion tiny particles. The particles didn't fade away, they randomly extinguished. Kind of a sparkle effect in reverse.

Anyhow, that's what I saw. I've been thinking about it ever since and still have no idea what is I saw.

21-Nov-2014, Vancouver, BC (Yaletown area): (9:45 pm)

From our 17th floor Yaletown apartment, we saw a very bright orange light emerge from tree height at Aquarius Mews and ascended on a steady diagonal path, towards the West of False Creek until we lost sight as it went behind other buildings. It was a rainy and windy night, yet the light was constantly fiery orange, not flicking like a lantern nor flashing like a plane. There seemed to be a white light at the centre, a fuzzy border at the top, and made no apparent sound.

23-Nov-2014, Agassiz, BC:

We live in Agassiz, BC. Looking east out our back window my wife and I saw what we can only consider to be a UFO. Flying low over the foothills of Mount Cheam, just east of Highway 1...a large oval-shaped object with what appeared like headlights spaced apart in a ring around the saucer. It kept slowly moving southward over the Bridal Falls area until it dropped from our view behind some trees. There are people living in that vicinty and some businesses such as the Ranchers' Restaurant and Bridal Falls golf course. It did not look like a plane or helicopter.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the report.

Very interesting sighting! Can you estimate the height of the object along with its size? Perhaps you could guess speed and direction of travel? Other than the obvious, what made you think that this couldn't be something common such as a blimp?

Do you think you could draw us a picture and perhaps email it to us?



29-Nov-2014, Victoria, BC: (8:30 to 9:00 pm)

Five UFOs - blue and red multi that were aligned and moved in perfect unison in the sky at a 90 degree angle - bouncing up and down like they were trying to communicate. Entire neighbourhood watching as they were put there for 30 minutes. Husband got footage.

UFO*BC Responds:

Would it be possible for you to have to the other members of your neighborhood contact us? Please just give them our email address.

Would love to see the footage - and will await your reply before we ask any further questions.


16-Dec-2014, Nanaimo, BC: (5:53 pm)

Around 5:50pm I saw a triangle-shaped aircraft with two bright white lights hovering adjacent to the highway. At first I thought it was a small plane or helicopter until I moved closer to it and then saw it was a triangle. My car passed almost under the craft. There were hundreds of other cars near me so other people must have seen this. I was wondering if anyone else in this area has reported seeing this thing tonight.

24-Dec-2014, Campbell River, BC: (about 6:45 pm)

Strange solid red lights in sky ( I saw 4 before running inside to get husband) moving slowly to the right and east over the ocean. 3 were in a perfect triangular formation the 4th had dropped from view by the time I got my husband outside. Slowly faded from view as they moved east.

24-Dec-2014, Kaslo, BC:

Hello. I was wanting to contact you because I caught a picture of 4 possible UFO's drifting over Kaslo. This photo was taken on my smartphone. I put a filter on the 2nd one to better show you the lights we saw that night.

So the story is, I was sitting at a stop sign with my friend in his truck and as I looked out the passenger window I saw a glare of reddish light. I thought it might have been a street lamp but when I looked for the source I realized it was in the sky. My friend gave out a nervous "woah" as we jumped out of the truck. Heads looking up in the sky I counted 5 UFOs that had a red glow like a lantern yet big and bright. It was easy to pick out in the clear sky that night. As we observed the UFOs they seem to move very slowly almost drifting through the sky. After was seemed like 10 seconds the lights swooped into more of a line to the right of us over the mountain. We stepped back into the truck not actually sure what we saw. I decided it was good old Santa visiting us on Christmas Eve. In all seriousness though has anyone seen lights like red Chinese lanterns in the sky that are definitely UFO?

4 ufo over Kaslo

4 ufos over Kaslo