UPDATED - Aug 28th, 2016

2013, Thornhill, BC:

Greetings. My name is Angela and I witnessed an unusual event in the sky a few years back in 2013. I was living in Thornhill, B.C. at the time, the quiet outskirts of Terrace, and was sky watching from my patio. Living in Northern B.C. all my life I have seen some interesting things in the sky, so sky watching has always been a night hobby. Thornhill is fairly remote with little to no light pollution in certain areas.

I saw over the treeline a bright object about 2 times the size of a passing satellite. It was heading left to right in front of the big dipper slowly and silently. It came to a near halt, then off to the far left I saw a second object of the same size heading in the same direction as the first one. It looked like it was trying to catch up to the first object.  When the second object got near to the first, the original object sped off quickly in a checkmark shaped fashion, very quickly then disappeared. The second object continued left to
right faster than before then disappearing as well, fading out rather than the quick exit of the first.

I was left amazed at what I had seen. I feel lucky to have experienced this and thanks to sites like yours it is wonderful to be able to explain this experience to non judgemental ears. I truly appreciate your site. If you have any questions about my experience feel free to email me.

Thanks very much for your time,

11-Jan-2013, Victoria, BC: (8:00 am)

I was driving my kids to school at around 8:00 am. The sky was clear and sunny. We were stopped at a light facing south when we all noticed a very bright and large orange flash in the sky. Immediately after the flash a large black object appeared with three orange lights forming a triangle. The object moved across the horizon from east to west at a high rate of speed, then stopped dead and hovered in place. After hovering for a few seconds the three orange lights seemed to merge together into one huge bright orange ball of light and then vanished with no trace. We where all freaking out and couldn't believe what we had just seen. Anyone else report anything like this from the Island? We can't stop talking about this event.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for the sighting report. As with all sightings we ask if you can fill in any of the following details (although you may have already told us, just for completeness, please re-state your thoughts).

Richard T.

Witness Responds:

Date: January 11, 2013

Time: 8:04 am

Location of Witness: Inside of car facing south at the intersection of Cedar Hill Road and Hillside Avenue.

Object apparent altitude: a few hundred feet roughly

Object apparent size: I would say a quarter at arm's length would easily cover the object

Object apparent shape: We are not sure the exact shape but the orange lights on the bottom did form a triangle

Direction of Travel: East to West

Speed of Travel: a couple hundred miles per hour

Duration of Sighting: Around 15 seconds

Anything else?: It seemed to us after talking about it, and as corny as this sounds, that this object came out of "hyper space" then realized that it was not where it was supposed to be and then jumped out. It all happened very fast.

30-Jan-2013, Vancouver, BC: (9:00 pm) (Maple Street and W. Broadway)

My friend and I were walking to the store, and he saw a light in the sky. He told me to look at it. At first we thought it was just a plane or a satellite, but it had no blinking lights, and it was bright orange. It was moving far too slow to be a plane or a satellite. It was almost a triangular shape, with a circular ring of faint light around it. It moved steady and slowly, almost stopping at times. It changed directions perpendicular to the way it was traveling (from South to West), got very small in a very short amount of time. Almost to the size of a pin. Then all of the sudden it turned into a pitch black circle, the size of the ring around it. From then on, it travelled straight down, until we couldn't see it behind the buildings.

Feb 2013, Duncan, BC:

Not really sure how to explain this. The only reason I still think I actually saw it was because my sister was with me and she saw it too. I don't know exactly what day it was because it was so long ago now, but we saw some kind of UFO in February 2013 between the dates of Feb. 4th and Feb. 9th, or 16th. Either on a Friday or Saturday. It was on the top of the Malahat highway, after the Goldstream marina and before the long straight stretch. We were going northbound back to Duncan, BC. I'm not sure exactly what time either, but it would have been between 12:00 am and 3:00 am. It was my sisters 19th birthday. I offered to DD to take her out in Victoria. It was just the 2 of us. I wasn't paying attention to the time, I was just making sure she was having a good time all night, I didn't care when we left. I can't remember if we stayed until the club closed, we were at Paparazzi. She was awake the whole time. She was drunk, but not wasted. She saw what I saw. As we were driving northbound, we passed where the Goldstream marina was, and as we were driving uphill towards the last bend around the mountain before the long straight stretch, we both saw a huge bright light above and behind the tree line of the mountain, in front of us but on the left side of the highway from where we were going north. I was trying to make sense of it as we got closer and the highway started to go right of the light around the bend of the mountain. The light was visible though the trees, and covered the entire rounded bend of the mountain. As we were driving around the bend, I slowed down to try to see it better, but I was scared to completely stop. I saw what looked like very large panels of bright white light, squares or rectangles of light, but not outlined harshly. The lines were subtle. The light was as bright as a stadium. But the trees were so thick that it was hard to make out any more details than that. I watched some UFO show recently, and it made me think about what I saw. I know we've talked about it a few times before, but I asked my sister about it again, just so I don't feel crazy. But she still remembers. I don't really expect to learn anything from sending in my sighting here. But if anyone out there saw what I saw, what we saw. Or if they have any other explanation. I'd love to hear it.

UFO*BC Replied

Hello XXXX,

Thank-you for the report. I do have a few questions for you.
Other than panels of white light – was there an object of any sort?
Was it moving?
I am trying to picture the event from your description, and always come up with movie light panels.
As there are many TV shows and movies filmed here, do you think that could be a mundane explanation of what you saw?

I am not saying you didn’t see what you saw, quite the contrary – I’m just suggesting perhaps it wasn’t alien, rather a normal mundane explanation. To be honest there isn’t anything in your report that makes me think of UFOs of any type, other than bright lights which are a must for “night shots” for the film industry. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Witness Replied

Hi Richard. What we saw didn't look like those lights. The panels of light weren't separated. It was like a solid ceiling of light, but with large outlines of squares or rectangles, like a large grid. It was only visible through the trees, but not above the trees. I will try to attach a screen shot of Google Earth of the exact spot I'm talking about.

Before I emailed you, I was trying to find out if any event or construction was happening on the malahat during that time. Couldn't find anything close enough to make sense. And I checked Google Earth to look at the area, and the train tracks do go through there, but there's no way anything actually on the tracks would be visible to me as I was driving all the way around the bend. The tracks are basically straight up and over the mountain. After trying to find out info online myself, I looked up UFO sightings in BC. Couldn't really find any sightings that matched mine either. I didn't know what else to try so I figured it couldn't hurt to report the sighting and see if anyone else saw it to. I was pretty freaked out when it happened, so I didn't think to report it then. Just wanted to forget about it. I keep getting reminded of it these days. I realize if you've never driven over the Malahat highway it would be hard to understand the view of the spot I circled. Basically on the right side of the highway is a straight drop down the mountain, you can see down to the ocean. And on the left side goes straight up the mountain.

Feb 2013, Duncan, BC: (Between 12:00am-3am)

That had to be the same lights my friend and I saw! (see previous article) We were driving back to my house. Going East on Boys Rd. That big bright light was South East, towards Cowichan Bay. Which makes sense for what the other person reported for this time of the month and year. My friend and I were just talking about this event a few weeks ago. It was not a helicopter or anything. It was something we never seen before. I came to a complete stop and we were in shock.

7-Mar-2013, Maple Ridge, BC: (about 9:30 pm)

I began to notice a very bright light in the sky as I glanced out the window of my condo. I thought it was a star and just stared at it. Then I began to notice that it was flashing colors. At first I thought it could be an airplane as airplanes are often flying around in and out of Pitt Meadows Airport. I asked my boyfriend Bob and he thought it was interesting too. It wasn't a satellite cause they move. It wasn't an airplane, we even saw an airplane move through the sky and it was different. So I was watching this very bright light in the sky that was flashing colors and it wouldn't move. I watched it for about 20 minutes and no movement. I knew it was still because I was using reference points around the house and outside. Then I went to the bathroom got myself a drink and when I came back it was all the way on the other side of the tree that is right outside my window. Right now it is still sitting still in this new spot as it was when it first caught my eye. Bob's mom said it could be this satellite that India launched and I am really unsure. Just wondering if anyone has noticed the same thing and knows what it is... or has some sort of explanation?

16-Mar-2013, Esquimaly/Victoria, BC: (10:45 pm)

My room-mate came into the house earlier tonight and told me that something strange was flying overhead in the sky. He was very excited, and he dashed through the kitchen and opened the door to the sundeck and stepped outside. I got up from my computer and followed him outside onto the sundeck and looked up into the night sky. There was a fleet of flying craft of some kind up there; bright orange in color.

They looked like a squadron of planes flying together as if they were in some kind of air show. They followed each other but not in a single line but rather in a staggered formation; flying at the same speed together. But it was 10:45pm on a Saturday night, and there wasn't any occasion calling for an air show. I was amazed. I thought they must be American aircraft of some sort, and I stood there next to my room-mate looking up at them in puzzled wonderment. They were totally silent as they flew; no sound of engines or jet noises or anything. Totally silent. And they were pretty darn close to us, too. Not way far up there like distant stars or satellites, more like aircraft simply flying overhead. But they were bright orange in color. No flickering lights, no on and off lights; each one was identical to the others; they were each bright orange flying craft of some kind.

They came from the direction of Port Angeles, Washington. They came from the southwest and were flying almost directly overhead of us, here in the Vic West area of Victoria, BC. They were headed northeast. There were 7 or 8 of them, but that's not counting the ones that my room-mate had already seen fly over before he came into the house to tell me about it. I'm very skeptical of jumping to the conclusion that they were UFO's from outer space, but honestly, I've never seen aircraft that were bright orange like that. And totally silent.

After the last of them had flown over, I went back inside and immediately went online to try to see if anyone else was seeing these things flying over the city. But I couldn't find anything at all. Then I went and turned on the 11 o'clock news, and switched around the different news channels hoping to find something on there about these flying craft in the sky. But nothing. I kept going back outside onto my sundeck to see if there were any more of them, but nothing. I have no idea what they were, and I wish I knew. Were they military craft of some kind? Is there any way I can find out what they were, or if anyone else saw them in the sky on Saturday night? Thanks.

27-Mar-2013, Maple Ridge, BC: (8:45 pm)

My adult daughter came upstairs and said there were 4 or 5 bright orange lights in the sky, all in a line. She said they were moving and then stopped. I saw only two because they were blocked by a tall tree. One disappeared, then the last one, the one at the front, also disappeared. We looked through binoculars and there was no cloud.

30-Mar-2013, Port Coquitlam, BC: (about 8 pm)

I was out on my patio which had a view towards downtown Port Coquitlam there was this light that was hovering over downtown Port Coquitlam. I took some video as this is not the first time this has occurred, I saw the same type of light that hovered a few years ago. I have about a minute then I turned it off.  Then all of a sudden the light went slightly left then right and went behind a tree, I turned my phone back on and the light was gone but I wanted to show that it was just...gone! I have the video I will happily send to someone! 

It was about 8pm and I am sure once I download the video a more precise time will be there.

Early Spring 2013, Garibaldi Highlands, near Squamish, BC: (10 pm)

I impulsively stepped outside one night around 10pm to look at the stars when it had just become dark outside. Almost immediately, one small but bright light came into view overhead as I stood outside my cabin. It stopped suddenly when I noticed that it wasn't a satellite, reversed direction, and then began circling around the area and alternately occasionally switching directions, jolting, or momentarily disappearing and reappearing in a different area. I felt mesmerized. Another light appeared and traced the same patterns in the sky. After another 30 seconds, they appeared to be coming closer or getting brighter, unease overtook me and I ran back inside to grab a camera. When I returned a few seconds later, they were gone. between 9:30-10:30pm 2 minutes

April 2013, Port Alice, BC:

In the past month both my boyfriend and I have seen two UFO's in the sky. The first happened around 11:30 at night, we were inside when I noticed a flashing light in the sky above the mountains. The light would flash faint green, red and yellow. My boyfriend and I observed this strange light in the sky for about 15 minutes, it wasn't moving, but without a warning it disappeared and we haven't seen it since. The second time was around the 24th of April, 2013. My boyfriend and I were on our deck, it was late at night, and I noticed a light moving significantly fast across the sky. Where we live, we don't get much plane activity and we're in a valley so when there is, it echos. From what we could tell the aircraft was flying somewhat low, my boyfriend and I eagerly watched, both confused as to why we couldn't hear it. It crossed the sky and we observed it for about 5 minutes, and then, like the previous encounter, it disappeared. It could be a plane, but why would it turn on and off it's lights? And wouldn't we have been able to hear it?

3-Apr-2013, Surrey. BC: (8:45 pm)

Two triangular objects with 3 white lights on the tips and a red light in the middle that blinked periodically. Was hovering south of 64th and moved very quickly from the south turned over 64th and headed west at a low altitude. White lights were very bright pointing downward. People were looking out the windows at it as we were. Then I looked back out and it was gone. The other remained stationary at the south where the other was and then disappeared shortly after. Many planes were viewed flying around the area for the next 30 minutes. The crafts were visible in our area for about 5 minutes. These were no ordinary planes or helicopters, I saw the one clearly and looked it up and found that many people have viewed that same craft on may 17th.

5-Apr-2013, Errington, BC: (10 pm)

On Friday 5 April 2013 night, after a show at the local hall,  four of us were outside chatting at a nearby house. This was about 10pm.  Well, actually the others were looking at plants in the south front of the house. I was looking due south when I saw in the distance, just over the tree tops -- at an estimated 30 degrees above the horizon -- what appeared to be a large airplane, except that it was going extremely slow, like a copter or blimp speed. It appeared to have the usual red & green lights, but also had blue and white lights, in a clustered, flattish pattern. Absolutely no noise.  Very strange.

Not sure of what I was seeing myself, I attempted to call the others' attention to it -- like, "Do you see those lights?" -- but they were pretty deep into plant talk. The craft went out of view moving right to left, that is west to east, towards Oceanside (Parksville). This episode took maybe no more than 20 seconds.

There was a cloud cover -- it had been drizzling off and on -- probably no higher than about 1500 m. Using a 30 degree angle above the horizon, this indicates that the craft was no more than 3 km away -- down over the Englishman River area.

I made some discreet inquiries but no one has reported seeing anything. I've kept looking up in the night sky, and one can easily tell conventional aircraft by their noise, even the very high flying jets.

I searched on the web, and found a report on the Vike Factor site of a curious sighting exactly one year before in Errington, on 5 April 2012. "This "star" was blinking blue, green, red and white so I assumed it was a jet or a plane or a helicopter up over Errington. I am looking from Parksville. The strange thing is, 20 minutes later and it is still in exactly the same spot, very colorful and clear and obviously not a star. Very strange."

The colors are the same, but they reported no motion, and I'm guessing they heard no noise.  They also report more of a point source of lights, so they may have been quite a ways farther from what they saw than I was from what I saw.  The confirmation posting from the Qualicum Beach folks do report some motion, and also being over the Mt. Arrowsmith area, 25-30 km or so west of Errington and QB.

Estimating the size of the craft,  I would say maybe two full moon diameters, or about 1 degree of arc, maximum.

At a 3 km distance estimate, 1 degree is approximately (1/360) x (2 x 3km) x pi or about 50 meters, tops. BTW, I'm a physicist by training.

Anyway, what I saw was definitely out of the ordinary.  I'm hoping somebody who sees your site will confirm my sighting.

Additional Info:

I just remembered something.  I might add my sighting in April was not the first time I had seen this same red, white, green, and blue pattern of lights. Last winter, must have been in January, I was driving west on Church Rd. near the Wembley Mall. I had just continued on Church Road at its intersection with Humphrey Road  I saw that same pattern of lights, over a field on my left moving at a moderate speed, that I later saw in April, again with no noise. My windows were rolled up, but I slowed & rolled them down to get a better look, but by this time the craft had passed out of sight behind some trees. I was struck by the lack of noise.

When I got home I looked at a map and saw that the Qualicum Beach Airport was only about 4-5 km WNW from where I had the sighting. I just put it down as an small airplane, and that I heard no noise because I may have been upwind, etc.

Still, the memory of the vivid color & brightness of the lights, especially the unusual blue color, has stayed with me.

Please pass my comments in to your other Errington observer, so that he/she knows they are not alone in seeing these light patterns in the area.

15-Apr-2013, Haida Gwaii/Masset, BC: (9:30 pm)

Bright  yellowish light traveling at high rate of speed, traveling northwest, no blinking red or green lights such as are on a plane. No noise from object such as jet noise or helicopter. Appeared to be heading towards Prince Rupert or Vancouver.

15-Apr-2013, Surrey, BC: (9:25 pm to 10:40 pm)

My girlfriend, mom, uncle, grandmother and myself all observed this object in the sky for about an hour. This object didn't really move - it was hovering as three passenger planes flew by at different times. Looking at it through binoculars it looked triangular shaped with a green light in the middle on each corner. There was an orange flashing light, then the whole thing changed to yellow when a plane flew by, then it went back to the same it was before, it had many colors flashing. Also, I have video footage of what I saw, I recorded it until it was not easy to see anymore because it moved down to where the roof of the house next door was blocking our view. My girlfriend and I went went outside after we could not see it from the window anymore for a closer look, unfortunately we did not bring the camera with us. We walked about 50 feet away from the house looking in the sky for it until we gave up. We started to walk away as my girlfriend stopped and spotted it in our direction. I got an uneasy feeling and wanted to go back inside, my girlfriend and I started walking fast toward the house as it started going almost diagonally, more so straight up in the air, as we started walking faster it started coming toward us, that's when I got real uncomfortable and ran back to the house.

25-Apr-2013, Langley, BC: (11 pm)

I just finished a late night work out at my gym and I was walking outside in the parking lot and I happened to notice this red flaming ball in the sky about 700 feet up. It was bright and red like looking at a bright version of mars at night. It was moving from south to North and was the same height and area as a conventional and identifiable aircraft nearby. It slowly moved in proximity of the plane and then disappeared. This was all in about 30 to 40 seconds time span. I was shocked and curious about what it could have been. I took a few more steps in the parking lot and noticed it again, so within 5-7 seconds of when it disappeared. This time it was about a half mile south from the original spot it disappeared. This time it was moving north again but in a delayed zig-zag pattern. I have never seen any aircraft with this capability. After watching it for about 15 seconds it disappeared again into thin air and never reappeared again. It was a mostly clear night with some clouds so I am sure the clouds were not the reason why the object disappeared. I did not have a camera on me at the time so no photo or video were taken. The first appearance seemed to be over the Willowbrook/ Willowby area. The second appearance seemed to be around downtown old Langley.

25-Apr-2013, Big White Ski Resort, Kelowna, BC: (11:30 pm)

My two friends and I were on the balcony watching the full moon rise tonight, and I just felt an energy, like something was going to happen. Then all of a sudden a glowing orb appeared in between two stars, started moving in different directions, slowly moved off then just disappeared. There were at least 4-5 other sightings like this.

Then I saw an almost V-shaped 3 bright white lights flying across the sky, then they stopped and hovered, aligned with what looked like two stars, then changed positions. They looked like they were communicating, changing colour, and it almost looked like the object slowly lowered down behind the mountains vertically.

Late April, 2013, Delta, BC: (00:30 am)

I live on Delsom Crescent in North Delta near the crest of a steep hill and have a 180 degree view of the sky and the north shore mountains. There are also no structures of any kind in front of my home. We can watch aircraft coming and going from Boundary Bay airport, YVR, and the south terminal, so we have a good idea of which lights in the night skies are earth-bound aircraft. This one particular night there were some high cirrus clouds in the sky, with some really clear patches here and there. I noticed in one clear patch what looked like an aircraft, but it was so high I could not be sure. What was strange was what I observed flying around that one craft.  There were 4 or 5 lights flying around this one bigger light like bugs around a light at night. It was like they were swarming the one as they were moving very fast. I only saw this for about 15 to 20 seconds as the whole scene moved under cloud cover not to be seen again.

April/May 2013, North Vancouver, BC:

I have photographed multiple objects hovering over Vancouver/Georgia Straight on almost every clear night since April 18th. They have their own power source, pulsating multicoloured, flattened disc shaped with hexagon windows and maybe a bulbous point on top. I used 15, 30 and 60 second exposures at a 24.2X zoom on a tripod, and various experimental settings with interesting results. I also have video.

I have viewed more than one at once, situated North, SouthWest, West, and East at varied altitudes. They move slowly, like orbiting, but different directions in relation to the stars.

4-May-2013, Coquitlam, BC: (1:30 pm)

This is the 2nd time I've seen this, the first was two years earlier nearby.

This May 4, 2013 at about 1:30 PM, looking up and West towards a visible crescent moon. Moon was at about 15-degrees height over the horizon and almost directly West. We were at Town Centre Park in Coquitlam (near Lafarge Lake).

The crescent moon was visible nearly directly West of us in a completely clear sky, which is why I was looking up in the first place because it's a treat to see it in the middle of the day. We saw a bright "thing", very slightly elongated (up/down, like a tictac) slightly bigger than a visible planet would be. It was much brighter than the moon and did not move quickly at all. In fact, if you did not have the moon / horizon to compare it to, it would have been really hard to see it moving at all.

We sat and watched it for about 15-20 minutes, first as if it was over Port Moody, not directly overhead, but pretty high and from that direction. It then very slowly moved further West and slightly South until it shrank and vanished from sight entirely. It was absolutely not a plane or helicopter. At ground level the wind was moving due East, no idea what direction it was going at that altitude, but I really can't bring myself to think it would have been a balloon. It's brightness, shape and color was consistent the whole time and never made any erratic movements aside from the slow drift.

Sorry, no pics, but it really closely resembles the pic you have on your website on this page: http://www.ufobc.ca/Sightings/recent_v2.htm "Reported 13-Mar-2013 Early 2012, Port Coquitlam"

Anyways, going to keep my eyes peeled up more often now!

5-May-2013, Maple Ridge, BC: (9 pm)


I writing this email while it is fresh in my head.

My family ages are: 64 (nana), 65 (papa driving), 45 (mom) and 7-year-old (daughter). We were travelling west from 240th Street on Dewdney Trunk Road in Maple Ridge at 9 pm on May 5, 2013. All of us saw a bright white light in the sky as high as an airplane and at least 10 miles away. It shot very quickly back and forth and then in an instance was hovering about 50 feet away in a field hovering down and looking like a bat mobile with red, green and blue lights. Then suddenly it seemed to turn on its side and it had red and green lines in the shape of rectangles......really really bright. It actually seemed to stop because we kept driving and could still see it over top beside us. Then it turned back to a white light and slowly hovered low over fields off to the mountain range but could of landed.

None of us have ever seen anything like this in our lives. The light is similar to the lights people see in the sky that are unidentified but what we saw above beside us was very strange! So has anybody else seen what we have seen??

I just read what I wrote it is is just unbelievable, but  I assure you this is what happened. I am looking on the internet and I don't see anything like what we have seen but if i find a picture or story I will email that to you also. Any information on what you think it might be, would be helpful or if anybody else has seen what we saw on or around that date.

Witness adds Comments:

Hi Again,

I think we were victims of a fake ufo laser project! Lol. More and more I think about it and especially the red and green lights that did look like lasers, but the craft part I have no idea how they did it.......oh I hope I am wrong but I am leaning towards this and if I see someone admit to the prank I will email you back or if you hear it was a prank let me know!!!!!

Oh and I saw on the news it is Star Wars anniversary maybe this had to do with it!!! It was amazing!

UFO*BC Responds:

I too think it may have been a laser. Given their $20 cost from overseas, they are becoming more and more popular, and often used for such nefarious reasons. The craft - well that could be anything mundane from a remote controlled toy to the genuine article or anything in between.

And for yesterday, I hope May the 4th was with you.

Take care,

Witness Responds:

Hi Richard,

I just wanted you let you know our mystery is solved! It was a guy who practices for a photo aerial show in Coquitlam. The name of his company is High Above Foto. There is a picture of the craft they call a drone so at night it is was we actually saw and is very colourful, he has no night pics but I can tell it was what I saw. We just happened to drive when he was practicing....lol

Just thought I would let you know. Take Care!

UFO*BC Responds:

Great to hear that you managed to solve the mystery. It is also refreshing seeing a witness that doesn’t jump to conclusions! Very refreshing indeed! Thanks again for the update – if you come across anything else out of the ordinary please let us know as people will undoubtedly have seen the same thing.


10-May-2013, Cedar, BC:

I was out in the Cedar Road area talking to a co-worker when I noticed a red light moving across the sky. The light was not the usual one you see from a plane that blinks a single red light but a red light that rolled around the aircraft from right to left disappearing as it went around the craft.  The aircraft moved across the sky for about 5 minutes then disappeared.

10-May-2013, Nanaimo, BC: (10:15 pm)

I had no idea what to think until I read some other recent sightings on this website.

I was coming back from a function with a colleague in the Departure Bay area of Nanaimo. I had left my car at her place and she drove. She parked her car and headed into the house and I got into my car. As I started the car, or possibly as I reached for my seatbelt, I looked up and to my left saw a number (8 to 12) of orange glowing orbs in the sky. They appeared to be floating and were moving in a sort of semi-circular formation (it seemed loose though, not sharp) from a North-west to easterly direction. I initially thought they were chunks of ember flying through the sky however they floated and were glowing evenly and where / how could there be chunks of ember moving like that and so high up in the sky. In the meantime, I had run to my co-worker's door and told her to come and look. At that point a few of the things had disappeared (behind cloud cover? just into thin air?). Nevertheless, my colleague immediately reacted, similar to me, with shock, confusion, wonder, curiosity. She immediately suggested UFO's.

It was so surreal watching the remaining orange glowing orbs move somewhat slowly through the sky and each just disappear one after the other at relatively the same spot. Again, whether there was cloud cover up in the night sky that further impeded their view is hard to say. Most of the sky was relatively clear and faint stars were visible. A small aircraft was also moving through the sky nearby at the same time as I spotted the 'fleet' / 'flock' of whatever my colleague and I watched for about 4 minutes the other night.

UFO*BC Responds:

Sounds like another sighting of fire lanterns.
They are actually quite common (though I have not yet seen any personally).


Public Responds:

I was reading through the reports and found one in particular that was of interest (Reported 12-May-2013; 10-May-2013, Nanaimo, BC: (10:15 pm)). I too have seen the reported lights at the bottom of Departure Bay. I thought that I'd let you know that when facing the bay (which is sounds like the person was at the time) you can see planes taking off and landing from the Vancouver airport. The lights often appear to be hovering for an extended period of time but are actually planes taking off and landing. Thought that you'd like to know :)

11-May-2013, Squamish, BC: (3:20 am)

We had gone to bed around 11:00 pm and our baby was asleep since 8:00. She sleeps all night so it was weird that she was crying at 1:30am. I got up to see what was wrong and to soothe her. Finally at 2:45am I made it back to our bed where my bf was sound asleep. I fell back asleep but randomly woke up shortly after. I woke up and saw a silver ball floating along the  wall. I had no idea what it was and had no reaction to it at all. Then I guess I somehow fell back asleep and when I woke up it was gone. I know it wasn't a dream because my dreams all take place somewhere out of my room, like a park or school...I have never had one where it takes place in my room EVER.

What else could it have been but a UFO?

18-May-2013, Enderby, BC:

ufo over hidden lake

18-May-2013, Quesnel Lake, BC: (10:40 pm)

We were sitting at our campfire, it was a stormy night, heavy cloud, rain but no electricity in the storm cell. We observed across the lake from us, above the mountain a round, bright ball of light sliding above the mountain from right to left (south to north). It stopped in mid air, then dropped towards the trees and did 3 right to left circular turns, stopped again in mid air, a light beam then appeared from it directed at the ground, and then the beam was gone and the ball of light moved upwards from left to right and disappeared. It most definitely was not an aircraft or helicopter for it was to stormy and the movement of this thing was not possible by modern craft. The area in question is quite remote and very rugged. It was awestriking, the movement and speed of it.

24/27/28-May-2013, Vancouver, BC:

I live in the Strathcona area of Vancouver, BC. On May 24 at about 11:30 pm my roommate called me to her room to hear something strange. On one of the tv channels that normally plays nature sounds (she listens to it to fall asleep) the channel cut out and suddenly it sounded like footsteps on a porch or rooftop coming through the tv. Then weird electronic sounds that almost sounded like growling, like something was trying to speak through the sound. Then a weird frequency sound like what you would expect to hear over a radio as if something was flying away. Then it suddenly stopped and everything went back to normal. My roommate is a military communications officer and uses radio frequencies all the time and has never heard anything Iike that in all the years of doing that job. I don't know if it is important to note that I had just sent my roommate a YouTube clip of an alien conspiracy thing. It freaked her out so she turned it off and just then the tv sound went wonky. The timing was very weird. It happened again on May 27th in the evening again. Unfortunately since it happened by surprise I didn't think to grab a camera. I went online to do some research about this phenomenon and no one seems to know what it is. I also saw a light through the trees by my bedroom window that wasn't there before and disappeared pretty quickly. The next night my co-worker was at the park with his dog when he and a few other people at the park with him all heard a sound too strange to describe. The closest description he could give me was a muted sound that did not echo even though everything else did, like a muted sonic boom, and the sound of something falling into a pool of water like a drop sound. Even though there was nothing like that in the area. And the sound seemed to be coming from everywhere all around them. With all these things happening withing a week of each other I am wondering if there has been a rise in ufo sightings or hearings as it were.

25-May-2013, Campbell River, BC: (10:30 pm)

We (4 people) were sitting on the patio of our home when 5 - 7 bright orange/red lights appeared in the southern sky. The lights moved south to north slowly and were of constant brightness until they winked out one by one. The duration was about 3-5 minutes. We discussed what we saw and all agreed that it was strange to say the least and not in the experience of any of us.

About 15 minutes later in the same region of the sky south of us, about a dozen lights appeared again. Their movement and visual was the same as before. This sighting lasted about 10 minutes. Fortunately, this time my wife took a couple pictures.

The next day when we downloaded the images and enlarged them we found that there were many more "lights" picked up by the camera that our eyes did not see.

26-May-2013, The Outback Resort, Vernon, BC: (11:30 pm)

I was in my house watching TV with the wife, and my cat was on my lap for some pets. Out of nowhere my cat jumps up on a ledge close to an outside window and props her fur up and begins to sway her head toward the window as if she is listening to something - she did this for a few seconds. I found this to be weird behavior and knowing that animals are good indicators I got up and went outside on my porch that overlooks a small valley in Vernon, BC. In the southwest direction, possibly above The Outback Resort in Vernon, I saw 3 orange lights in a triangle formation with 2 other separate orange lights with reddish tops heading from the lake toward the triangle. I called for the wife to get a second witness. She came out as the first orange light went up to the triangle formation. The formation began to black out one orange light at a time starting with the closest to me then another one went out as the second orange light approached the triangle. Then all 5 of them blacked out and disappeared. I watched for about 15 minutes and paid close attention to the breaks in the clouds over top of the valley as I suspect there would be something leaving the area that could be witnessed and then saw 3 white lights heading northwest, in my direction, in a lined formation becoming fainter and smaller indicating a possible angled atmospheric trajectory out into the high stratosphere. This orange triangle formation was also witnessed back in December 27 2012 over top of Vernon at about 12:30am. I have been investigating UFO occurrences for over 15 years in my area but this is the second close to home encounter in such a short time period. These specific lights have been observed from Silver Star Mountain resort to Mabel Lake mountain regions for the last 60 years as well as silver elongated craft resembling a cigar or egg shape. I am hoping others will come forward with this recent sighting to build a solid case here as we should all be realizing that these crafts in this area are authentic encounters and should not be afraid to talk about them. In my area I am here for those whom seek some possible answers. Filed May 27 2013 11:02. End of report.

27-May-2013, Vancouver, BC:

I was at work on marine dr by oak st goin to mc donalds to breky. looked towards north saw a short streak of fire no smoke fire streak shortened turned in to fire ball and before it went behind tree line it turned to a hazy black ball it wasn't really fast it was in my sight maybe 50 seconds.

2-Jun-2013, Coquitlam, BC: (11 am)

As I was walking toward the Clark Rd/Como Lake Ave intersection I looked casually to the sky and through my polarized sunglasses saw something out of the ordinary. An oval shaped black object (looking more like a dot as it was high) was flying in a strait trajectory northward (coming from the south). It was maintaining relatively slow speed, coasting just under the clouds. The sky was blue, everything was contrasty and there were white puffy clouds everywhere. While the object approached the area of the sky above me I saw clearly dark metallic glares flashing off of it. I am positive it was not a bird or an aircraft. I doubt it being some sort of balloon too. It slightly changed direction towards the east and then I think it rose into a cloud and I could no longer see it. The whole sighting lasted no more than 5 minutes.

4-Jun-2013, North Vancouver, BC: (11 pm)

Hi I saw your website and thought I would share this with you.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 - I reported this to "As It Happens" and they played it on their program.

At 11 pm, I took the dog out for a last walk.

I should tell you I live on a cul de sac that is an off shoot of a very long dead end street in north Vancouver. This offshoot is a good mile away from any type of busy road, and it was DEAD quiet.

At first I heard a rushing, roaring sound, like wind blowing over a large open jar. Then a sound like two blocks of wood being clacked and popped together. That changed into the sound of metal tinkling together - like someone with a large handful of cultlery that they were passing back and forth, hand to hand. Finally, there was this very spooky low, low sound of some type of trumpet of oboe. Actually it sounded very much like the sound of the machines in Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds.

Each separate sound lasted about 5-10 seconds before a new sound started. This series of sounds repeated in the same order for 4 or 5 rotations. At that point I got very scared and ran into the house.

A friend was out on her deck about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile away (as the crow flies) and said she and her husband were sitting out on their deck before bed at that time and thought they heard what they thought was soft fireworks from the PNE over the water. There were NO fireworks that night.

I have since listened to websites where people have recorded what they call "Gabriel's Horn" - a phenomenon heard around the world at that time (I had never heard of it when I had my experience). And the final sound I heard was a soft version of that.

5-Jun-2013, Babine Lake, BC:

I know it sounds crazy but I have seen an alien in my house. I woke up at 4 am like sat straight up and saw it walking down the hallway like away from us and look like through a door that I always close with a bright light shining against the wall and it disappeared before I woke up my girlfriend woke up and looked right at it she froze it touched her with its hand and said to her without moving its mouth not to follow or look outside or scream or something bad will happen to her and me and our daughter it was a scary morning.

5-Jun-2013, Nanaimo, BC: (11 pm)

Looking towards the eastern sky over Rutherford Hill in Nanaimo was a flashing bluish white light in the sky. It appeared to have two lights, one on top of the other. It looked far enough away that it may have been over the Georgia Straight. It was too far away to get a decent vid of it. The lights were flashing at a constant rate of around 5 times a second or so. It stayed in the same general area of sky for around an hour and a half. It flew in a manner that would be impossible for a plane or helicopter.

I saw a similar craft? a few months ago in the same area except that it was flying in a Northward direction where as with this sighting, the craft was staying in one location. I woke up my wife to show her which was nice because she didn't believe me when I told her about the last one. She was in shock and awe.

7-Jun-2013, Esquimalt Lagoon, BC: (1:17 pm)

I took this picture. It was taken in June at Esquimalt Lagoon, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Approximate GPS coordinates: 48.428795,-123.457966

I have provided all the information I know about the picture  below.

I don’t know what the object is in the sky, right of the sail. I never noticed it until today. I was looking through my photos to post some on Facebook.

Could be nothing, could be interesting. Thanks for the look. If you discover anything, please write me back to fulfill my curiosity.

Esquimalt Lagoon - June 2013

8-Jun-2013, Coquitlam, BC:

This isn't the first time I've seen something strange in the sky near my home in Port Coquitlam. This particular ufo stood out to me for many reasons. First off it looked like a classic flying saucer, second it was flying weird not like a helicopter-plane, and third is that recently I've been experiencing weird dreams involving UFO's. So anyways I was just coming back from the mall coming up David Avenue when something caught my eye near the mountains. At first sight it disappeared behind a cloud then came back out of it the same way it went through the cloud. It kinda stayed in that position for a moment then flew off behind the mountain. I've seen many normal aircrafts flying in the sky but nothing weird like this.

14-Jun-2013, Surrey, BC: (10:30 pm)

Large orange slightly flattened sphere in SSE direction travelling west. No noise, steady shape. Moving slowly, about the size of quarter at arm's length. Appeared to turn south and disappeared. The orange was the colour of a glowing fire. Witnessed by four people. Anybody else saw this please let me know.

15-Jun-2013, Abbotsford, BC: (9:15 am)

At approximately 0915 hours on June, 15, 2013 on a Saturday, at Highstreet Shopping Centre located at 3122 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford, BC, Canada. It was sunny, with cloud patches, and a light breeze, no rain.

I was doing my patrols of the mall (I am a security guard there) when I looked up facing exactly West, I saw a large perfectly spherical object remaining motionless for approx. 1 minute, before starting to move slowly in a diagonal upward direction eventually disappearing into the clouds and out of site completely.

I observed a few KM's beside it a large commercial airliner, that had a perfect shape of a plane, including a jet stream, the UFO was at least 2x bigger then the airplane, I heard no strange sounds, and saw no lights, I only saw the colour of the UFO which seemed to glean a bit in the sun, suggestion it was probably metallic. I tried to think on what else this UFO could have been, It was clearly not any conventional aircraft, like an airplane or helicopter, as it was a perfect circle, or sphere. It was most likely not a hot air balloon since they are usually brightly coloured and don't remain motionless. It couldn't have been skydivers since it was too large and circular, (And the other day I did see a group of skydivers in the other direction from a distance, and it was obvious they were skydivers, you could see the shape of the parachute and even the human outlines).

I knew it wasn't a blimp, since it was circular and not oval, And what about the classic "Weather balloon?" well, It seemed far too large to be a weather balloon, and with the whole 'remaining motionless thing' I just doubt it was a weather balloon.

I did try and take a picture with my phone but I couldn't see it through my phone, because of the brightness directly on my phones camera lens, and in my eyes I couldn't see my phones screen.

Thats my sighting, I am a firm believer in UFO's, aliens, and alot of other paranormal things, and I also try and keep an open mind and find alternative answers before jumping to something out-of-this-world (No pun intended) but this time, I just could not think of any other explanation.

Any opinions on this sighting, or heard of anything similar?

16-Jun-2013, Kamloops, BC: (3:00 pm)

My daughter 15 1/2 and myself  were in riverside park on Father's Day and sat down on a bench near the beach. I was looking  North East towards Mount Paul  and I saw what seemed to be a large bird flapping its wings. It was at least a Km away and as I pointed it out to my daughter she said that can't be a bird it's way too big and it's too far to see a bird like that. I concurred, but that's what it looked like. I said well maybe its a kite. As it undulated once in awhile a bright gold flash would be seen, like a metallic sheen.

Then it sharply climbed to the west about 2000 feet in seconds and I said well that cant be a bird or a kite. It kept this undulating movement. Then it rose again to the south and we got off our benches to watch it . All the while this flapping/undulating figure 8 sort of movement and gold flashes. Then it rose to the west again over Kamloops Lake  so fast that it was at cloud height in seconds and I couldnt keep track of it. My daughter kept saying, there it is , there it is, then I saw 3 black dots  [this would be at at least 15,000 feet ] moving west  at an extreme speed and then they were gone.

24-Jun-2013, Vancouver, BC: (between 9:30 and 10:00 pm)

very intense bright orb about 3-5 feet around. Lasted about 20 seconds. Approached from the north heading south. As it neared the Scotia Bank building it danced all over moving side to side in half kilometer sweeps.  It changed direction with no loss of speed.  It was the colour of a sodium street lamp.

25-Jun-2013, Surrey, BC: (9:30 pm)

I was walking down the 132nd st @ 108 ave at aprox 9:30 PM June 25, 2013 in Surrey BC when I saw lights in the sky. They aligned at about a 45 degree angle from the horizon, they moved together but they also appeared to move separate from one another as well. I have a video here, you can see it for yourself. I used my cell phone so the image is not as clear as I would have liked it. I left before they disappeared so I do not know what I saw. Perhaps you could give me some insight...


25-Jun-2013, Surrey, BC: (10:00 pm)

I was on my covered deck looking south at exactly 2200hrs observing a thunderstorm to the south. Then when I looked west, I saw a strange light about 1000m from my house and about 300m in the air. Although I have to say it had no definite shape, it was like a ball of light the size of my thumb from that distance. it would change color rapidly from red to blue to green with a "base" of white in the background. It was mostly hovering but would be shifting left to right and up and down unsteadily. As soon as I saw it, I called my wife outside and we observed it for at least 5 minutes, then it disappeared behind a very tall tree. We took several video clips but being with iphones, it looks very small and 10 miles away! Now I want to say that I was in the Canadian Air Force for 11 years and I'm also a pilot. I can tell the difference between an airplane, a chopper, a weather balloon, a rocket or swamp gaz. This was a run of the mill UFO if I ever saw one (well I did couple of times in the service with other pilots...). The thing about UFO's is we know what they are not, not what they are.

Weather during the sighting: Thunderstorm to the south mostly covered skies with a ceiling of about 3000 feet. Moderate rain with visibility of about 5km then slacked off to light rain with good visibility half way thru the sighting. The skies started clearing up to the west near the end of the sighting.

29-Jun-2013, Kelowna, BC: (11:30 pm)

Light appeared, faded in similar to the way a satellite will appear when the light hits it, but then shortly after disappeared abruptly. Appeared again in trajectory towards east, seemed to fade in and out as if flying through cloud cover, then disappeared almost as if it was a meteorite. Didn't think much of it and dismissed it as a possible meteorite if anything.

Approximately 30 seconds later a very fast aircraft with a bright red light on the rear and a very very bright spotlight on the front of it began flying toward the very spot that the 'meteorite' appeared from. About 5 seconds later another aircraft appeared, also with a rear red light and a very very bright spotlight on the front appeared from the west approaching the other aircraft head on.

At this point I thought 'strange, those two planes are flying directly at each other' and then about no more than 5 seconds later a very bright eruption of light appeared at the exact point of origin from the 'meteorite'. This bright explosion then turned into a burned exit from the atmosphere, quickly becoming a smaller ball of light moving away from the earth. Suddenly the light became a very small dot that continued to move away from the earth, very fast. It faded out to complete darkness.

The two aircraft continued flying toward the point of exit but after almost hovering around that area the lights extinguished (all, including the rear red brights) and the night sky was still again.

Additional Info:

Date: Saturday June 30, 2013

Time of Day: 11:45 pm

Location of Witness: Approximately located above Okanagan Lake (Latitude 49.906797 Longitude -119.510307, N49 54 24 W119 30 37)

Object apparent Altitude: impossible to tell, it was night but it was high up there

Object apparent Size: impossible to tell, it was night

Object apparent Shape: impossible to tell, it was night

Direction of Travel: The first object which appeared first like a meteorite appeared to be travelling in an eastern orbit, entering or burning into the atmosphere.  Then the first huge aircraft with massive spotlight on the front became visible travelling from the east towards the point of origin of the 'meteorite'.  Then the second huge aircraft with massive spotlight on the front became visible travelling from the west heading directly towards the first aircraft, also pointing at the point of origin of the 'meteorite'. Then the very large object that appeared with a large burst of light/flame appeared at the exact point of origin of the 'meteorite' and travelled AWAY from the earth, leaving the atmosphere after approximately 5 - 7 seconds of a massive burn.  Slight direction of north west but clearly moving directly away from the earth, NOT in a normal orbit pattern.

Speed of travel: The first object which I primarily thought was a meteorite was travelling faster than what a normal satellite would appear to be travelling when looking at it directly above from the ground, but it was definitely moving slower than a normal meteorite or what many people refer to as 'shooting stars'.  The two aircraft that appeared within 30 seconds after the 'meteorite' travelling east and disappearing were flying very fast, but within reason of a normal aircraft.  Even though the planes were very high (above 10,000 feet for sure) they were both covering a lot of airspace very quickly, heading directly at the point of origin of the 'meteorite'.  The final object which burst into a burn and exited the earths' orbit was moving at an undistinguishable speed.  The object clearly left the orbit of the earth after about 5-7 seconds because I could clearly see the engine burn disappear into a very small but still bright dot which also then quickly faded away.

Duration of Sighting: From the moment that I first saw the 'meteorite' to the point where the 'object' left the earths' orbit and the two aircraft that were in pursuit gave up and turned off their spotlights, no more than 1 minute had passed.

Anything else: Light appeared, faded in similar to the way a satellite will appear when the light hits it, but then shortly after disappeared abruptly. Appeared again in trajectory towards east, seemed to fade in and out as if flying through cloud cover, then disappeared almost as if it was a meteorite.  Didn't think much of it and dismissed it as a possible meteorite if anything.

Approximately 30 seconds later a very fast aircraft with a bright red light on the rear and a very very bright spotlight on the front of it began flying toward the very spot that the 'meteorite' appeared from. About 5 seconds later another aircraft appeared, also with a rear red light and a very very bright spotlight on the front appeared from the west approaching the other aircraft head on.

At this point I thought 'strange, those two planes are flying directly at each other' and then about no more than 5 seconds later a very bright eruption of light appeared at the exact point of origin from the 'meteorite'.  This bright explosion then turned into a burned exit from the atmosphere, quickly becoming a smaller ball of light moving away from the earth.  Suddenly the light became a very small dot that continued to move away from the earth, very fast.  It faded out to complete darkness.

The two aircraft continued flying toward the point of exit but after almost hovering around that area the lights extinguished (all, including the rear red brights) and the night sky was still again.

30-Jun-2013, Victoria, BC:

I was walking my dogs at about 11:00 pm on June 30th 2013, and all of a sudden 3 lights in the sky appeared mid sky but in a perfect triangle... they got extremely bright and then went out completely -  like turning off a room light.  It was not man made, not a laser nor a satellite.  I am curious if anyone else saw it or reported it.

Additional Info:

Hello Richard.
Thank you for contacting me.  First I would like to say that I had not read the last entry prior to writing mine.  It blew me away because over the years I have never even heard of people seeing what I have seen - or they deny it.  So it was a validation of sorts.

Here are the answers to your questions.

  • Date:  June 30, 2013
  • Time of Day:  At around 11:00 pm
  • Location of Witness:  I was walking South on Amphion Street heading towards Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria, BC.
  • Object apparent Altitude:  I have no idea - it looked to be mid-sky
  • Object apparent Size:  By your definition:  Three moons, i would say between each light
  • Object apparent Shape: Triangle - three dim lights that became very, very bright and then disappeared
  • Direction of Travel:  It seemed it was just hanging there - still.
  • Speed of Travel: n/a
  • Duration of Sighting: Approximately one minute

30-Jun-2013, Mission, BC:

Was reading if anyone had saw what I saw. Looks like a couple from Victoria did. Was sitting by the Fraser River looking south when I saw what I thought was a satellite. Then I noticed the three triangle lights. This one was huge to say the least. This is the second triangle I have now seen and both were different. The one I reported last year had multiple lights. This one looked to be about 10 times the size of the original one I saw.

There were only the three lights, to outline the edges. I noticed they disappeared as an eastbound flight from YVR was approaching. However, even after the lights went out, I could still see the shape. I watched it for about three or four minutes with the lights on.

UFO*BC Resonds:

Hello Dave, and thank-you for the sighting report. Are these the same craft you saw back in May 2012 - or is this a new sighting?

If it is indeed new, as with all sightings we ask if you can fill in any of the following details (although you may have already told us, just for completeness, please re-state your thoughts):


Richard T.

Witness Replies:

Hi there,

The Triangle Craft that I saw a year ago, with two other witnesses on my patio was all lit up on the bottom.  This one was probably 10 times larger than the one I saw a year ago, as well, and it only had the three corner lights.  One on each corner.  Therer was nothing in the middle except pitch black.  I could not see any stars from the night sky in between.  So yes, this is a completely new sighting.

My new sighting happened around 11:15 at night.  I was in Mission, facing south towards Abbotsford.  Altitude is unconfirmed.  If I knew the constellation it was in, I would tell you the name of it.  I know that constellation is huge and this Triangle was taking up almost half of it's space.  So to say how high it was or how close to Earth's surface, I can't answer that.

The craft was moving very slow, in what looked to be a north east trek from the south.  It was on an angle with the highest point of it's shape being like 11:00 if that makes any sense?  It was travelling slowly.  What I do recall is that an airliner from YVR was approaching, and as the airline got closer, the lights dimmed out, with the back one's first before the "point" of it went black.

As for more detail about it's size.  I have a 14 inch computer monitor at work here, that I am typing into, and from an arm's length, this craft was almost double the size.  I've seen eight (what I perceive to be) UFO's, or objects I can't explain, and like I stated earlier, the lit up triangle I saw last year overtop of my house, was nothing in size compared to this one.  This one was like the mother ship of all mother ships.

I viewed this shape for about three to four minutes as it glided through the sky.  What seemed to spook the lights was the airliner flying east.  That's when it went dark.

30-Jun-2013, Victoria, BC: (11:00 pm)

This is to submit an incident report by myself and my wife last night (approximately 11:00 PM, June 30th, 2013) in Victoria BC, Canada.

My family and myself were having a BBQ , then later an open fire pit in our backyard when this incident happened.

My wife and myself were siting facing south when we spotted 3 bright stars (lights possibly, we compared the stars/lights to the brightest planet we saw that night and they were a little bit brighter but not twinkling). The 3 lights were in a triangle with one of the pointed ends facing down towards the earth. Then all 3 lights (in complete unison) started moving slowly towards the sky, they then slowly faded out and disappeared. From where we were sitting, the triangle of lights were in the sky starting at about 25 degrees, then rose to about just under 40 degrees before disappearing. The size of the triangle was approximately the equivalent of at least 5-6 full moons in the night sky (it was fairly large).

This happened at about 11:00PM on June 30th, 2013 and lasted for just under 1 minute.

I have a wife and 2 children and run an Information Technology company here in Victoria. This is the first time in my life that I have seen something that, up to this point, my wife or myself cannot explain.

We are very curious to know what exactly we were looking at last night.

Additional Info:

Date: June 30, 2013

Time of Day: 23:00 (11 pm)

Location of Witness: sitting beside me (my wife)

Object Apparent Altitude: Hard to say but because we're not sure exactly how close it was

Object size: the triangle of lights covered at least 6-7 full moons across and down(so it seemed quite large it the sky, so possible close to us. If it was , it completely silent)

Object apparent Shape: triangle with one point facing downwards towards earth

Direction of Travel: upward, away from earth

Speed of Travel: hard to say because I don't know how far away from us this was

Duration of Sighting: just under 1 minute

Anything else: Well, the bright points of the triangle looked almost exactly the same as the brightest planet out that night (possible Jupiter?) but not blinking.

The triangle looked to be a perfect triangle and all 3 sides (lights/points) rising in complete unison (not one point deviated at all from their position as it rose up) upwards away from earth(towards the sky).

We still cannot explain this at all.

30-Jun-2013, Deka Lake, BC: (11:20 pm)

Myself, husband, 16 year old son, his 18 year old friend and father in-law were all sitting around a campfire on my father in-law's property at Deka Lake, and as I was talking to them I said what the heck is that?? We all saw 3 white lights which looked like stars but were moving in unison in a triangular shape I would say in a diagonal direction across the sky.  They never broke formation and moved slowly for about a minute then they all went extremely bright, then slowly faded and disappeared.  None of us could explain what it was and we have never seen anything like it before!

Summer 2013, Chehalis, BC: (10 pm)

I was driving home around 10:00pm after visiting with my family. It was during the summer months, so the night skies were crystal clear. I was heading north on Sachem Rd and I saw a pure white glowing orb floating /flying slowly towards me.  It was as high as the Douglas Firs and about 3/4 of a soccer field away.  This was very unusual as we are a semi remote community, and it's very quiet around here. I got out of my car and watched it move closer.  There was no noise. By now it was about a 1/2 soccer field away and it flew slowly in a straight line. Suddenly the light just went out, like switch was turned off.  I continued to look in the same spot and there was absolutely nothing there, just blackness and there was no sound at all. It seemed as though "they seen me... see them."  I got scared and jumped in my car and drove home, which is about a 2 minute drive.  I thought it might have been a drone and looked for images and could not see anything that resembled what I saw.  Has anyone else seen anything like this? 
Thank you

1-Jul-2013, Richmond, BC: (3:00 am)

My wife and I were returning to Vancouver after a night of stargazing at Crescent Beach. At approximately 3 am,  heading north on 99 we both saw something very strange indeed. It was far too fast to be an aircraft (even though YVR was nearby) and far too slow to be a meteor and it's angle of descent was very steep (roughly 45° to horizon). My wife just saw it as a light, while my much better eyes saw it as a self laminated structured craft. Total sighting time was around 4 seconds but we both felt this was an intelligently guided craft.

1-Jul-2013, Surrey, BC: (10:40 pm)

Unbelievable! Wiffey and I were on the deck getting relief from the day's heat. Nothing like late evening cool air right? Suddenly Marie went "no way!, Is this a UFO again?" I looked to the east and yes, between the trees, our friend from the 25th june is back! This night though, we have clear weather, a slight breeze. This time I went straight for my camcorder. But the problem is, the camcorder wants to focus on the tree branches, not the UFO. So I jumped in my car and made my way to 108/132 gas station and parked. I got out and from the north sidewalk on 108, there it was! About 300m up, 400m away to the east. I figured I could get under it so I jumped in my car again. But I didn't drive more than 10 sec when the UFO started to cross 108 from north to south slowly. I stopped by the side of the road and saw some people walking along 108. I asked this woman "do you see this?" And she answered "oh my, yes, just like a few nights ago, a UFO" I was amazed but it turns out every single person on the side walk had seen this thing on the 25th of june during the thunderstorm! So I lift my camcorder and... you guessed it! The batteries had died on me. We had forgot to recharge them! Needless to say, I was really pissed off. But it disappeared behind a row of trees south of 108. I have to say, we are wondering what is so "important" in the Surrey area for these things to be showing up like that?


Additional Info:

I forgot to mention that my wife and I took I good look at it with 10x50 binoculars. Not a chopper, not an aircraft, not a balloon. just what a UFO is: unidentified. I was under the impression that the object, though having no visible edges, was not perfectly round but slightly "squashed down". All the colors were "electric" like, very sharp. Too bad, like I mentioned, that my videocorder was trying to focus on the tree branches.

To Hector Taylor: Man, we were like a few hundreds of meter apart only on the 25th! I live on Ravine Road!

1-Jul-2013, near McBride, BC: (11:30 pm)

Fraser River Latitude 53º 21' 00" N Longitude: 120º 16' 00"

I am a trained observer with 20 years experience in Govt employ. I have an aviation background and have been either in or around military personnel/vehicles/etc my whole life. I consider myself analytical and fact-orientated. At present I live in a cabin in a rural valley setting in central BC with no nearby ambient light source. As result my view of the night sky is clear and expansive.

On July 01 2013 at approx. 23:30 hrs I was outside facing south. The sky was overcast with heavy cloud cover to the north, east & west.  The ceiling appeared to be less than 2000 feet. There was a break in the clouds directly north (where I was facing) with the occasional twinkle of a star visible in the gap.

I observed two (2) bright white lights flying in what appeared to be consistent formation from west to east break from out of the clouds, fly beneath the ceiling into the clear space and continue on out of view behind the eastern mountains bordering the valley in which I live.  The lights did not twinkle, there was no additional universal commercial aircraft lights and all was silent (all aircraft can be heard when flying overhead due to the natural acoustic of the valley)  the two bright white round lights were followed by an immense "cigar" shaped bright BRIGHT white light (I held up my hand at arms length the two smaller white lights could be hidden from view with an outstretched thumb...the big bright long light could still be viewed on either side of the outstretched thumb)  all was silent. The big long bright light followed the two smaller ones in an eastern trajectory to disappear behind the mountaintop..however where the two smaller simply "flew" over as one would expect an aircraft to do, the big light appeared to "dive" downwards on the other side of the rocky face.

Duration of sighting, maybe 10-20 seconds

It was not the ISS.  It was not a satellite, it was not commercial aircraft, it was not light reflection off geese or other winged animal, it was not "Chinese lanterns" or balloons.  I was sober & awake.

This was not an isolated sighting as I have had a few others over the years.

Thank you, hope this helps.

2-Jul-2013, Vancouver, BC: (5:15 pm)

My children and I were at Playland for the day. My two youngest children were on a ride as my eldest daughter and I waited for them. I was looking up and north toward the North Vancouver mountains when the UFO appeared. It was silvery white (more silver than white) with a domed center and two wings (or what appeared to be wings, they could have circled the whole of the dome but they appeared to me to be coming from the dome on either side). The wings went to a sharp point. It was moving at a very fast speed and made two large circles before totally disappearing from sight. After the first circle was made I nudged my daughter and asked her if she could see it. She looked up and said yes. She only caught the end of the second circle. I think the total time I saw it for was probably not more than 15-20 seconds. It was very powerful and I felt amazed at the ability it had to appear and disappear at such a speed. I was also left with the innate feeling that it is constantly there (and everywhere) and is just behind the veil of what we think we know and see in this reality.

Additional Info:

  • Date: July 2nd, 2013
  • Time of Day (as exact as possible): 5.15pm
  • Location of Witness: Playland, Vancouver
  • Object apparent Altitude: No idea
  • Object apparent Size (what object held at arm's length would be needed to perfectly cover the object - an aspirin tablet is big enough to cover a full moon if held at arm's length): Top of a small nail ???
  • Object apparent Shape: It had a domed central pod with what I saw as two wings that came to a sharp point, but the wings could have been going around the dome so it would be more oval but the sides were definitely pointed.
  • Direction of Travel: It was making circles
  • Speed of Travel: VERY fast
  • Duration of Sighting: 15-20 seconds
  • Anything else?: After it disappeared I thought I saw a glint of it's metallic body two times, slightly to the left and higher than where I had originally spotted it but I am not positive on this part.

6-Jul-2013, Britannia Beach, BC:

Saw this across from Britannia Beach while out on Howe Sound on Saturday night ….  first there were 5 by the time I got the camera out there were 3.

Can provide more details if you are interested. Will be going back for a second look this week.

Alien Invasion? - Britannia Beach

Additional Info:

Okay I am almost a hundred percent certain these are power lines Richard after looking into it further and at the suggestion of a friend.

It's the glass insulators reflecting in the sun  and the tower heads glinting as well.

Sorry for the false alarm - I will double check this week but don't get your hopes up

11-Jul-2013, Sea Island, BC: (10:15 pm)

On July 11, 2013 I was photographing the sunset from Sea Island, BC (behind YVR airport). At the end of the night I took a photo looking north across the Fraser toward the north shore mountains. While reviewing the photos about an hour later, I zoomed into the photo and noticed there were 4 distinct coloured lights darting through the sky. One object closer to the mountain tops, the other three following in a triangular formation. This photo was shot at 1/10 sec, handheld, so it's not razor sharp, but there is no motion blur around any of the city lights, yet the four object are clearly leaving motion trails behind.

I did not see the lights live, only in my photo. It prompted me to google the event and sure enough there is video of this event taken the same night about 10-30 minutes later from a different Vancouver location.

Reported 15-Jul-2013
14-Jul-2013, North Vancouver, BC: (9:30 pm)

My wife and I were setting out on the balcony when we noticed a white bright ball of light.IT was not moving I went and got my binoculars then it moved lower in altitude then to the North West direction.Please let me know if anyone in North Van also seen it.Feel free to contact me if needed.

15-Jul-2013, Esquimalt, BC: (10:00 pm +)

OKAY! So, we were hanging out at the Esquimlat Lagoon.... Me and a buddy were looking at the stars while another friend talked, not paying much attention.

I was sitting on the log watching all the flashing lights on the water out by the city. They looked like they were all doing morse code to be honest. It was a funky pattern. When I was thinking to myself "how come all these people see supposed UFOs and I never do" ... (This has happened a few times before...when id question something ive never experenced and it happened 3 minutes later...legit)

My friend and I quickly saw a BRIGHT GREEN light. MUCH like a meteor/flare. But this was DEFINITELY no flare. If it was a meteor...it found a wormhole. Haha

So this bright green flash....started ROUGHLY 100ft HIGHER then ANY of the tallest buildings in Victoria city of victoria. It appeared OUT OF NO WHERE. It STARTED its "brightness" at 100ft ABOVE all buildings. No planes were in the area. The green flash just APPEARED, then shot 150ft down (roughly) towards the ocean, towards the green dull flashing lights from boats and such. It disapeared completley at about 150ft. If you know what i mean. It went toward the ocean, not into space. It wasnt a flare because it neve went up, and it went out FAST. But it definitly moved.

So all the while this is happening, that really strange rumbling that happens here quite often was going on too. The rumble is a different story....but its pretty insane. Weve already taken out planes, boats and storms as the cause.

After this green light lit up and then went away. About 2 minutes after, i noticed what looked a lot like a new "star/planet" that poped up roughly from the same area as the green flash (mt baker from my location if you understand where it was. It was a dull orange, to a bright red. On and off. Hoovering PERFECTLY about 200ft above the city. Hovering perfect. I showed two other people, they saw it. They too noticed it was NOT there before, and its NOT a star or planet. Its NOT a helicopter because, its so precice, its so late out, it makes no sense why it would be a helicopter, and it had zero flashing lights. after we decided to get going. My husband backed out of the parking spot first. Then my friend and i were about to back up and we both had the urge to stay. We watched the red planet as it went to dull orange again.... And then disappeared. Completley.

Ive had a really anxious feeling. Extreme anxiety when i looked at the beautiful super moon a little while ago. Weird. Just saying, i havent come across any other sights like this while searching.

18-Jul-2013, Errington, BC: (2:00 am)

Over the past several months I have seen several UFOs, unidentifed but not likely to be known helicoper or jets. At first 1 to 3 would often appear near the same location to the north west what looked to be 10-15 km away not very high off of the ground 1000-2000feet or so. They would have green red and blue flashing on a bright white background and usually hover and bobble.

In the past week or so there have some formations and movement of simular objects.

About a week at least 3 or appeared in different parts of the sky. I watched one of them that seemed about 20000 ft stationary when it then moved rapidly about 5 degrees and disappeared. The other 2 stayed around the usual area to the northwest. A few short moments later what appeared to be a close by one larger and more visible suddenly made a rapid straight line motion accross the southern horizon at a lower altitude. It was to the south near the area of Mt. Arrowsmith about 5000 ft 5 -8 km away.  It was travelling silently at a very high rate of speed flashing green blue red and white in a pefectly straight line travelling half of the southern view in 3 to 4 seconds.

On or about the 14th a couple of days later there were two that appear at a higher altitude 20000 ft or more. They flew perfectly paralell to each other one slightly behind the other but separated at some distance from each other while a third remained staionary near the starting point. The two flying paralell covered 45 degrees of the sky in 8 to 10 seconds. This would calculate to a minimum of 2000 miles per second.

Early this morning about 2 am I spotted a red one high up again at least 20000 feet moving line zig zaging or evenly weaving the line. It covered at least 45 degrees in 5 or 6 seconds.

A satelite would be much slower they looked someout slower in movement to a shooting star but did not burn out or have trails.

21-Jul-2013, Smithers, BC: (00:30 am)

After arriving home from photographing a wedding I immediately noticed 3 strange reddish lights flickering and pulsating in the sky to the northwest. Two lights that were low on the horizon were travelling northbound together as the distance between them didn't change; they were travelling quite slow and there was no sound being emitted. The other light that was of the same colour was travelling on a different trajectory much higher in the sky. It passed overhead in a south western direction. I lost sight of the grouping of two and eventually the one I followed with my Phone Video became more faint and harder to see. I did manage to capture 25-30 seconds of these lights. But without a zoom lens and absent landmarks and visible stars its difficult to see the variable speed and direction at which these were travelling. Oh well, I won't complain since I feel lucky to have seen and captured anything at all.

23-Jul-2013, Burnaby, BC: (8:43 pm)

Started off looking like a stationary helicopter with a bright light in the sky. Almost looked like it had a barrier bubble (very faded though). Started to fade away in the exact same spot to look like Venus does, then eventually into a bleaker and bleaker star light before it was completely gone. It flew away outwards really fast. I am 100% sure I saw what I saw, I wouldn't be reporting if I didn't. It disappeared outwards far above SFU mountain.

28-Jul-2013, Langley, BC: (10:40 pm)

On the night of Sunday July 28, 2013 I was laying outside stargazing. After about 15-20 minutes at approximately 10:40 pm 3 lights appeared simultaneously in the sky that were in a triangular formation. They looked like stars at first but continued to get brighter and brighter until they were brighter than any of the stars in they sky. The lights were solid, not blinking or pulsating. They were about 3/4 the way up from the horizon from the south when they first appeared and then started moving in unison northward. That's when I could tell it was a triangular craft and the 3 lights were actually one light on each end point. The shape seemed slightly more wedge-like than  equilateral with it's 2 sides being a little longer than the back. It continued to move slowly until it was almost right above me and then the lights faded out and it was gone. It was also completely silent. All of this lasted about 20 seconds. I would say that if you were trying to gauge the size you could have fit about 6 moons inside it.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for your sighting report. Looks like what you saw was likely the NOSS trio of Navy Satellites:


Here are some YouTube videos of them. You can see that stars in the background are clearly visible within the triangle boundaries.


I have been lucky enough to see them twice myself. They are truly spectacular and do appear as one giant craft until they pass around a brighter star.

Best Wishes


31-Jul-2013, Vancouver, BC: (11:45 am)

July 31st was a clear sunny day in Kerrisdale.  At 1145 hours I was standing at the bus stop on the South side of 41st Avenue and Yew when I happened to glance upwards in the sky over the top of the Scotia Bank building across the street.

I saw two orange spheres floating in the sky which, I calculated, were at a distance of at least several blocks away from where I was situated.  My initial assumption was that they must be balloons and I glanced away.  After I thought about it for several seconds my gaze then returned to the objects and I wondered why balloons would be in that vicinity. I then realized that the spheres did not appear to act balloon-like as they appeared shiny, as if reflecting the sun. The sphere on the left suddenly disappeared while the sphere on the right slowly started moving horizontally to the west. Unfortunately, my bus arrived and I lost sight of the ufo.

This is the first time I have seen such phenomena in the daylight -- how totally unexpected!

1-Aug-2013, Victoria, BC: (9:45 pm)

A very bright orange, fiery looking orb just went sailing past my window. This object was fairly close. I would say less then 100 feet away. I'm on the 7 floor and it was just slightly higher then eye level so I would say about 90 feet off the ground. This fiery looking orb looked to be about 6 feet in diameter and was travelling quite slowly, approximately 30 km an hour southwest almost directly above Croft Street. It went behind a 12 story apartment building and took a sharp turn and continued northwest. I lost sight of it as behind another building as it passed above Irving Park. It was basically silent except I thought that it sounded like it was emiting wind. Not the sound of a motor or a propeller. Just sounded like a blowy windy kinda woosh sound... like wind. That could have been something else though. This event was witnessed by myself, my son and his friend.

3-Aug-2013, Terrace, BC: (about 11 pm)

Ok..this is unreal...we were already outside watching some unexplainable lights in the sky this evening when we turned and looked to the sky behind us and this row of yellow and blue lights was crossing the sky right above us. The lights were in a row, up and down formation....2-3 yellow lights at the bottom...then about 4 -5 blue lights in the center followed with another 2-3 yellow lights at the top. It just crossed over us without a sound. My daughter took pictures with her camera as well as a video shot of this...we watched it continue to cross the sky until it was barely visible...the entire viewing of this lasted about 1 hr. The direction it travelled was south to north. When we put the photo's onto the computer and zoomed in..you can see some kind of strange looking static surrounding this light bar. And also...in one photo, you can see what looks like a dome on one side of this light bar with acouple white lights...so, it would appear that if this was a craft, it was flying sideways. This is really friggen cool!! This was in Terrace....and there were other lights we were watching just prior to this...you really need to see these photo's!!

4-Aug-2013, Burnaby, BC:

Working in backyard with neighbour and saw what looked like a balloon and glowing white light almost stationary but floated over time to the east over Surrey area. Two objects first separated by about five miles followed by four more similar looking and acting objects. All floated towards the east. Airshow at Abbottsford was thought to be the reason, but they wee well a distance ( 30 -45 Km maybe east of  the airport. Observed for 10 -15 minutes before they weere too small to see without oculars which we did not have. Managed to catch a few digital photos. Looked like a star in bright sunshine, maybe a balloon, parachute, that's it. Looked better after blowing up the photos.

4-Aug-2013, Burnaby, BC: (4:30 - 5:30 pm)

Object hovering then moving very slow. White in colour round with appendage below, saw a little white light move towards it. Right now it could be over Maple Ridge as I type this. Very strange.

4-Aug-2013, Terrace, BC: (11:00 pm)

Just to verify the previous sighting documented on this, I was responding to an MVA in Rosswood and as I was headed East bound I saw these lights. At first I though it was an airplane banking towards the airport but then it just kept coming, hanging like a telephone pole with a string of lights on it. I took a picture in awe and could hear no noise, I then reluctantly carried on my way to the MVA watching it as long as I could, lust before I turned up the Kalum I took one more picture - 1 orange light with 3 blue and 2 more orange under them.

We don't have anything around here in the form of unusual aircraft, this was really cool. I wish I could have followed it. It was very vivid and curious to say the least.

2 days later I talked to a group camping at the Kalum boat launch and they had seen it also, they commented that it didn't make any sound at all.

4-Aug-2013, Kelowna, BC:

I was driving home from work and stopped for fuel - I was about 2k from my house. It was a beautiful day huge white clouds against a deep blue sky. As I left the store I proceeded to drive home and started taking pictures through the open window of my vehicle on my cell of the clouds. I also took a few shots of the chemtrail storm clouds to the North. It wasn't until I got home to view the photos that I realized I had gotten a photo of an orb or unidentified object in the sky. It appears to be silver and once enlarged on my PC I could make out a sort of vapour trail behind it and two black smaller orbs which seem to be within the craft. I checked online for similar photos and found many which led to investigate others sightings and came across your website.

5-Aug-2013, Saanichton, BC: (10:10 pm)

I was saying good night to my grandson when I noticed a bright light through his window. I mentioned to him it might be Jupiter but I was sure Jupiter was not up at this time. He said it was moving. I looked again and sure enough it was heading north and then turned east. We both went outside to watch as the very bright light that did not dim nor were there any navigation lights or strobe lights continued slowly to the east. There was no sound nor did the light dim at all. I rushed in and grabbed my 7X35 binoculars and watched for another 30 seconds before it went low in the horizon and behind trees. There was no shape except a round light. I estimate it was at about 500 meters. Its shape did not change.

It was a perfectly clear night with no wind and a temperature around 15 degrees and you could see stars all around. It was brighter than any star or planet I have seen.

I have a 40 year background in aviation and know an aircraft when I see one. I am also an amateur astronomer.

UFO*BC Responds:

It could have been the International Space Station (ISS) as it was visible on those dates and around those times.  The ISS will not be visible from the Lower Mainland for the next few weeks but you can monitor when it will be at the following web site.


You need need to specify your location or city.

It is amazing to see and you will be able to ascertain if that is what you saw. Let us know.

Best Wishes

Martin Jasek

5-Aug-2013, Masset, BC: (about 10:30 pm)

I was in the process of closing the curtains, as it was getting dark and almost time for bed. A flashing light to the North caught my eye, it was not a star as it was twinkling different colours. Red, blue, green, and white. I called my wife, and she found the binoculars to get a closer look. She immediately exclaimed "it's a spacecraft!" So I took a look and indeed, it was not a star, it was sort of flat and through the binoculars, it was not blinking, but actually all four colours were visible at once. I found my spotting scope, but could not find the tripod, so I couldn't get a good look at it. Stephanie did manage to find it in the scope, and described it as "arrow shaped" on top. We observed the object for over an hour, as it slowly moved back and forth, and up and down. Had to be up at 6am, for work, so we had to leave it and go to bed.

This is not the first weird object we have seen in the night sky here, earlier this year we observed what we initially thought was a helicopter hovering back and forth in the same area for well over an hour. Another occasion I saw the same thing hovering motionless for nearly 30 minutes, between our house and the nearby DND detachment. On both occasions, the object made absolutely no noise, even though it was less than a mile from our house.

6-Aug-2013, Maple Ridge, BC: (10:53 pm)

I was looking north from 228 Street and noticed a bright solid white light slowly moving downward, I watched the object until trees obscured my view. I ran to get my video camera (mistake for sure) returning less than a minute later and could not see the object. The object was over Golden Ears Park. The sighting lasted 70 seconds or so, it was not a helicopter, plane or any conventional flying machine. Someone else must have seen this amazing event, for the record I met Mr. Conway while working on a  story. He was a gentleman and provided useful data for us. Sorry to hear of his passing.

8-Aug-2013, Mill Lake, Abbotsford, BC: (9:15 pm)

UFO or Stealth Bomber?

The three of us fisherman were still fishing in Mill Lake. We didn't have too much luck. A few crappies were still biting our flies and it was getting too dark to see the indicators now. Time to pack it in soon..

Then it happened: Slow Triangular Bright star was moving across the sky above us from south west to the north east direction. It was so strange because it was really a bright three wing object that glitter silver and it seemed like the wings were all lit bright. Even bright lights on airplanes or jets are sort of dimmed or dark in appearance.

This was shiny and bright and also huge. We've tried to estimate it's size and it's current height.  We think it was about 200 Plus feet from the centre to the tip of the each point.

The strangest part was another smaller object (also bright) in it's tow. This second object was much smaller in size and appeared to be towed too far back. Not sure how far as it looked like a good half kilometer or more behind the Main Three Sided Bright star. Perhaps a some type of a drone?

The timing of this event is also very peculiar. Tomorrow is the beginning of the Abbotsford International Air show. There were a lot of planes flying during the day over the Abbotsford sky. Yet now when we fished, everything seemed quiet and there were not planes flying except for the regular Westjet take offs from the airport which are loud and mostly just low regular take offs. This object was like 5000 feet above us.

This UFO object was very, very high and appeared very quiet and also huge. Hope someone can also post some report on this event. It must have been seen by many people.

UFO over Mill Lake, Abbotsford, BC

8-Aug-2013, Surrey, BC: (10:54 pm)

I was sitting outside  on the patio  facing northeast me and my wife out of nowhere this giant light got my attention, so told my wife this is a UFO. It was 1/4 the size of the moon and was going slow and a second light trailing it must have been 5 times the size of a 747 plane. Took  4 pictures , only 1 came out OK.

10-Aug-2013, Westcoast of BC: (10:50 pm)

I'm not interested in posting my personal details or where I saw the sighting as it might attract unwanted attention. It was a fairly remote location on the westcoast of British Columbia.

The first sighting was seen by myself and 7 others. We were camping and sitting around chatting. I was looking up at the sky and noticed a bright light appear. It was much larger than a star, but was quite close to us. Later we thought it might have been the spacestation, but it was much too low for that. It was lower than some commercial planes we see in the area. It moved directly over us and eventually went out of sight (trees and mountains nearby). When it was moving, it didn't move in a straight line. It often shifted and there was another light (not as bright) that followed (like a tail). We tried to listen for a noise, but it was dead silent. We couldn't see a shape to it.

About 20 minutes later, myself and another were left since the others went to bed. We were talking about it and other things. I then noticed a bright light above the big dipper, but it disappeared nearly as fast as it appeared. I pointed and described where it was to my friend and we continued to look up. It then appeared again about a minute later. It first appeared brightly, then faded to a smaller size, but still visible. It started moving to the right for a few seconds, then it changed directions and flew off to the left at an insane speed. Then it was gone (light faded out).

12-Aug-2013, Port Coquitlam, BC: (10:35 pm)

My dad (I'm 20), my sister, my friend and I were driving home and when we were turning into our complex we noticed 6 red lights in the sky. They were to the west of us and were in a vertical V formation. We knew it was weird because even my dad didn't know what they were and still doesn't. They elevated slowly in synchronization. Maybe they were attached. If they were, the object would be the size of at least a football field. The lights slowly pulsated, never going out or changing colour and after a minute the top three disappeared or went out and a few minuets after that the others were too. There was no sound at all and the sky was completely clear. The lights which slightly looked like orbs were easily 5 times the size of a star in comparison, probably bigger. Please contact me if there is any information on this.

13-Aug-2013, Hope, BC: (11 pm)

On Aug 13, 2013 approx. 11pm I was looking towards Perseus constellation and noticed what appeared to be a satellite but its movement was not smooth.  It hesitated then shot forward, then hesitated and shot forward, etc.  It continued to move like that.  Within 10 minutes I saw 9 other satellites?? moving in the same area but coming from different directions and different speeds.  I found it odd that I saw that much movement in such a short period of time in the same area.  What was it that I saw?  Satellites? Our space craft?  ET space craft?  Any idea's?  Thank you.

Mid-August-2013, East Vancouver, BC:

I had run to a 7-11 on Hastings Street near where I live in east Van with a friend to grab a snack around 12am. I stepped out of the store first, and looked up while I waited. The sky was clear, and I immediately saw three lights, moving together in a serpentine motion, northward in the sky. The lights were distinctively blue-tinged and they left a visible, short light trail behind them. More lights appeared, while others disappeared. Sometimes they flew close together or appeared to join, so it was hard to know how many individual forms there were. I saw up to 6 of the lights at once. When my friend stepped outside, he quickly became aware what my eyes were fixated on and we watched them for about a minute together, standing in the parking lot, before they disappeared entirely. 12am 2 minutes

note: My friend spoke to a co-worker about this incident, and informed me that she was unsettled and said that a relative in Mexico just called her and explained seemingly the same phenomena there less than two weeks ago.

Mid-Aug-2013, East Vancouver, BC:

I was looking at the stars out an open window on the 3rd floor of the house. Gazing out over downtown Vancouver, I suddenly see a bright. bluish flash high over the area of north Van, that moves left in the sky before it disappears. Keeping my eyes on the area, I see the flash appear again, then remain as a blue light, which moves in a quick spiral, before flashing bright again and disappearing. This was less than a week after seeing the lights over east Van on the first occasion. 12-1am 20 seconds.

26-Aug-2013 (roughly), Sheridan Lake, BC:

I wrote a posting on your site about UFO's that we had seen last June in Sheridan Lake, BC. My neice is up there with my parents right now and captured this video of something streaking through the sky at nightfall, in the same location we saw the ufos last year. I wasnt there so I cant speak to the details but this was earlier this week. Please see attached video she shot off her Blackberry 10. This UFO behaves similarily to the ones we saw but is a different color. Has anyone seen anything like this before? You can see at the end it takes a sharp turn.

Aug/Sep 2013, Vancouver, BC: (about 10 pm)

I have been watching this thing flashing lights for weeks now, in the Western sky off Vancouver, Canada.  The first time I saw it, there were three large red lights, then they turned white, then back to red. At first, I thought it was maybe a jet or large plane in distress because it was so low and the lights were huge and bright. But, it didn't move, it just hovered. Then the lights started changing colours from red, to white, to blue, to green, all while sort of pulsating in a string  This first time I noticed it, I thought the shape to be triangular, but now I am not sure. Sometimes it seems triangular and sometimes more round or oval.  But the lights flash and pulsate and on this first occasion, when I thought it was a plane, the white lights flashed on and off quickly several times before pulsating different colours.  On this occasion it was incredibly huge and the lights were really bright.  I have been watching for the past three weeks or so and it is sometimes closer and sometimes farther away, but always different coloured lights flashing or pulsating; green, blue, red, (and I thought sometimes more purple), but always the same. It hovers. I have five minutes of video on my cellphone, from that first night and you can see the different coloured lights and the blinking white lights all while it just hovers. I have been watching it through binoculars and through a small telescope. It is not there every night, but most nights. I think, whatever I am seeing, is really huge in size. As a typical skywatcher, I see things in deep space all the time, but what I have been watching for the past few weeks is right up close and personal in our atmosphere.  I will continue to watch it and try to get more footage, but I do have my 5+ minutes on my cellphone.

Sept-2013, Chief Matthews Bay, BC:

I just went through my photos taken last year on a boat trip from Kitimat to Kemano and on to Chief Mathews Bay in Gardner Canal, British Columbia. The area is very remote and there was nobody around for dozens of miles. I was not aware of the UFO when I took this picture in September 2013. It is only now, in April 2014, that I 'discovered' the UFO in this image. You have to edit the image in a photo editor and zoom in on the object. It is definitely saucer shaped. I would appreciate an expert opinion on this. The coordinates of the sighting are 5°20"17"N 128°07'11"W. I have attached a photo of the UFO and a Google Earth capture of the location. I was looking upriver.

Chief Matthews Bay UFO

Chief Matthews Bay

UFO*BC Responds:

It looks like an out-of-focus bug near the camera.

As a matter of being clear, since you saw no UFO, there was no UFO. All you have is a "photographic anomaly", and one which on face value is easily explainable as a normal bug or something else like wind blown debris.


2-Sep-2013, Maple Ridge, BC: (about 8:30 pm)

Myself and my girlfriend were sitting at the table finishing up a late dinner. Her son was sitting on the couch watching tv. Something caught the corner of my eye through the open window. We do have a fair amount of small air traffic due to they fly over our place, but this was no small air craft or helicopter. This really orange, purply orb with no beacon or white lights came from the west to the east. We turned off the tv and stuck our heads out the window to hear any noise - nothing at all. It came to a stop - usually aircraft when they turn it looks like they come to a stop and then u can see the lights again but this stopped for about 40-50 sec and then a normal plane came from the north east towards it and it slowly went to the north almost like to avoid distance in between them and then faded off to the north.

5-Sep-2013, Squamish, BC: (8:30 pm)

Standing outside on my back stairs, my friend pointed up to a white light slowly moving silently in the sky heading south. I moved up to the deck to get a better look when within seconds the craft came to a complete stop and made a zigzag pattern that conventional craft could not make. It then headed west behind the tress but not before the single white light turned into bright flashing green and red lights. My roommate was thinking it could have been someone with a radio controlled toy but when it went behind the trees it was rather large. It moved effortless and precisely in its movement.The lights were very bright so I am sure more than just my roommate and I saw the craft.

5/7-Sep-2013, Lillooet, BC:

My partner and myself were in the Lillooet area on these dates. We've been doing some star and sky watching lately and have seen some really unusual things. First one was  around 10:30 on the same day as the Squamish sighting (Sep 5, 2013) and I know we were looking exactly in that direction [south towards Squamish].

We saw the usual satellites, meteorites and so on, then a bright flash, the size of say of a dime or fingernail at arm's length. That was all. Very bright then gone. I thought maybe an exploding star. But it was coincidently on the same day and same direction and a couple hours later than the Squamish one.

Next on Saturday night (Sep 7, 2013) we were more serious and were laying on the trampoline with pillows and blankets. It's a remote location, no light pollution so the sky is very bright and visible. Once again we saw the usual things.  After about maybe 2 hours probably 10.30 - 11, my partner said, "WHATS THAT?", in a north-west /mostly north direction there was this really bright and large white light. I thought rectangular shape maybe what would seem like 3 inches in the sky, quite a long way up. It was about say 75 degrees from horizontal just over this mountian skyline. Was moving from left to right from westerly direction to a somewhat easterly direction, then all of a sudden it changed from this white shape, to a much dimmer narrower but about the same length shape, but seemed to have a few light spots along it. A much more defined shape. It continued to move in that direction and went behind these trees on the hillside which were closer to us. We waited for it to come out from behind the trees, but it didn't happen. It must have changed direction, possibly when it went behind the trees. No noise, no other colors, no jittery movements and we didn't see it again.

Mid-September 2013, Vancouver, BC:

I have captured a UFO over the city of Vancouver that was identified as one that travels thru dimensions! It is in 1Santori's YouTube video called NEW: ALIEN SHIP IDM vs IDDM, our names are Ryan C. Rope and Edward Gerris! We have also capture another inmate of something round and huge blocking out the night sky with what appears to be a red scan, I captured it at night, facing a crescent moon! That morning, my roommate Edward and I awoke only to discover a swollen eye the said he sustained while dreaming of being gun-butted in the eye by a military officer! We also woke up to find identical marks on our upperchest, except his was on the opposite side of mine on relation to how we sleep! We don't know what to make of it and I wish I could send the images I'm speaking of, but, there isn't anyplace so far that I've found on this site that would allow me to send them! If there is a way, could you please direct me to where I can send said images. The Calgary Sun picked up the story and published the image on their Facebook page as with I! I would suggest you check out that video I directed to you until you see the actual images! That's for your time and hope to hear from you soon! Ryan C. & Edward G.

22-Sep-2013, Inland Island Highway, near Spider Lake, BC: (just after 11 pm)

Single bright orange light then a second appeared to the west. We thought they may be flares for a search over spider lake or something near there but realized they were moving above the scattered clouds and actually back lit the lower clouds as they moved slowly across the sky. I thought they were far too high to be useful search lights and much brighter than approaching airliner headlights. They first appeared to be stationary then slowly moved horizontally in a south or south easterly direction and did not appear to descend.

Suddenly the lights went out and were replaced by a series of smaller blue white lights that appeared to dart about. These then blinked out as well, possibly behind clouds that were no longer made visible by the brighter orange lights earlier. The moon was shining to the east back lighting the clouds as well but not nearly as intense or with an orange light. There were lots of cars travelling and we wondered if others filed other reports, or if there was a search or something going on in the area.

Fall 2013, Vancouver, BC: (4:00 - 4:30 pm)

I was driving home after work one day in fall of 2013. This was about 5-6 months ago but I can’t remember the date, except it was a work day (M-F). It was a very clear sunny day, but still very chilly and dry because it was fall, there was not a single cloud as far as the eye can see. I can clearly see the Vancouver Island to the WEST and Mt. Baker to the EAST. Normally if there is any cloud cover or humidity you can’t see that far out, it gets blurry.

I was driving from work (Downtown) to home (Richmond), and as I was crossing the Oak St. bridge heading South at about 60-70Km/h, I noticed a single strange cloud to my EAST at a distance of about 3Km above the Knights St. bridge.  It was a large cloud looking thing but I could clearly tell that it was far away and high above. As I kept looking at this object I remember thinking it’s odd that there is only 1 cloud in the entire Fraser valley and no other. I also thought it was strange shape for a cloud.

  1. It was perfectly round at the top and bottom. Most clouds are flat at the bottom and round at the top. They also are never perfectly oval; they have lumps and different shades of gray.

  2. It was dark gray in the center and lighter gray/silver towards the edge. Normally its dark at the bottom and light at the top where the sun shines on it.

  3. There was no motion, I was moving south and the object stayed relative to my movement.

Up to this point I am still thinking it’s a cloud just a strange one, until something weird happened. On the left side of the object there was a shimmer of reflective light, the kind you see when metal reflects light. The shimmer started at the top left and moved down to bottom left of the object. The light reflected appeared to have the colors of the rainbow with a metallic feel. I knew it could not have been an airplane even though it was directly above the flight path, for these following reasons.

  1. I’ve seen hundreds of airplanes landing EAST to WEST in same direction. The first thing you notice is the front head light, even during the day. This object had no lights.

  2. At the same distance the object was twice the width and three times the height of a mid size (200 passenger) airplane.

  3. At this distance the planes already have the landing gear down and are visible. But NOT this object.

  4. At this distance the wing tips with engines hanging down are visible. But NOT this object.

  5. At this distance any airplane that is landing will be over my head in about 20 seconds. The object did not move at all. It took me about 2 min to drive across the bridge.

At this point I knew I was looking at something strange and had rolled down my window to get ready to take a picture. But I was already towards the end of the bridge, and as I passed couple of trees the object was gone. This happened in less than a second. At this point I knew this can’t be a cloud as I have never seen a cloud dissipate in less than a second. This object was way too big to be any kind of airplane and way to perfectly round to be a cloud. Clouds have different shades and lumps, but this object was very plain looking with only 2 shades of gray, dark on inside, light on outside. Also as far as I know clouds don’t reflect light in the intensity as a solid metal object does.

Below is a mock up that I made to depict what I saw. I also include an image of an actual airplane to show the size and detail comparison between the two. The image is made from a 3rd point of view, so imagine that the car behind the van on the bridge is me looking EAST in same direction. This is not a picture of Oak St. bridge, it’s a similar picture I found on the internet. The smudge on the left side of the object depicts the light glimmer I saw which was very quick.

Oak Street Bridge UFO

23-Oct-2013, Vancouver, BC: (7:30 pm)

My husband, myself and our 2 children were coming back from my mother in law's place and we were walking on Mclean towards Adanac street when we turned up the alley and as we were getting closer to my mother's. My husband noticed a white light just hovering over one of the buildings on the Venables side and he asks me ''honey what is that?" and i said ''a plane i think" but then i did a double take and said ''no way thats not a plane". He said he figured that much already so we stopped and just watched it. Then it started slowly moving straight and the direction was the opposite way we were going. As it was moving we could see the white lights going around the smallest part on the bottom and at first we thought that was the size of it but as it was directly above us you see this black shape moving against the the clear blue night sky. This thing was huge! The whole time it was moving slowly above us I was so scared that all of a sudden a beam of light would just shoot down on us and beam us up like on that old episode of the simpsons lol. Also at first we couldn't see the size of it because it was like it was trying to camouflage itself with the sky but the sky being clear and blue out we could notice there was  a subtle difference in the sky while it was moving and the lights weren't all over it just at the smallest part on the bottom which kind of reminded me of the bottom of blimp and in place of the balloon part there was huge circular disc and there was absolutely no sound at all that was made while it was moving.

27-Oct-2013, Fruitvale, BC: (11 pm - 1 am)

11:00pm: So I was outside one evening having a smoke and watching some videos on my laptop while sitting on my porch. When I saw this object in the night sky fly overhead that appeared round shaped with all of the different lights of different colors around what appeared the outside of this craft. The brightest lights were the 3 on the bottom of this object. It went by in silence and hovered above the mountain. I stood outside for about an hour watching it. Thinking it maybe was some sort of plane, I wanted to see if it would just vanish off into the distance, which it never did. It stopped above the mountain and was there for quite sometime only dimming slightly then revealing a super bright white light that was a lot more noticeable then the rest of the stars. I gauged where it was in the sky from the point I was standing.

1:00am: Out of curiosity I went back outside for another smoke and the bright light that was once in the gauged area was no longer in the same location in the sky. It shifted. Closer towards me this time so it was more apparent this bright light was not a star at all. The distance this object had shifted was something that was so easy to notice. When I look at it, it appears as if it's 2 or 3 stars in one since it's so bright and it doesn't appear round like a single star or light would. I'm not sure what it is.

29-Oct-2013, Surrey, BC:

I not sure the exact day, but sky was blue and it seemed like a fiery orange semi circle, with clouds around it.  We were coming from 222 and 20th ave, and we were on 64th avenue. At first we thought it was an airplane, but it was stationary.  Just wondering if any reports were made about this or what it was.

UFO*BC Responds:

Nothing that is around the date you provided - I assume it was a daylight sighting?
Any further details as to where it was in relation to you, apparent altitude and size?
It could have been something like a sun dog :

Sun Dog

Does that look like it?

Witness Responds:

No, it looked far up and the sky was clear, and myself and husband saw it.  It was not the sun. All I know is that it was huge and looked like fire almost.

31-Oct-2013, Vancouver, BC: (9:15 pm)

Watching fireworks on the corner when I saw this bright white light with a red aura slowly coming towards my direction. Whatever it was started towards my direction. I asked a couple walking their dogs to look up, and when I said that, it turned into a falling star-like thing...flames slowly burning out, but i paid attention then. That bright light zoomed south and outta sight. The second time, around 1030, I walked to the same exact spot that I saw it, and it appeared for a few seconds hovering zig zagging, then poof it was gone.

3-Nov-2013, Abbotsford, BC: (6:10 pm)

Went out into my backyard around 6:10 in the evening (this was just minutes ago btw). In the sky to the south of where I was standing, around Marshall Road, was a bright orange light. It appeared to just be floating there at first, then I realized it was moving slowly. I watched it for about a minute or so, then when I went in to grab my camera and came back out, I only saw the light for another few seconds before it disappeared completely.

Was an odd thing to see.

11-Nov-2013, Penticton, BC: (about 5:00 pm)

I saw a very bright orange object just after dusk. My neighbor was with me. It sat for about five minutes in one spot and appeared to waver in many directions only slightly, like it was being buffeted by the wind - but there was no wind.

After about five minutes, it then vectored south and at a slight up angle and into the clouds, getting dimmer as it went. It was very bright but hazy, with lots of orange and about the size of my pinky nail with arm fully extended. Very unusual.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hello and thank-you for the sighting report. Do you think it could be a Chinese lantern similar to :


As with all sightings we ask if you can fill in any of the following details
(although you may have already told us, just for completeness, please
re-state your thoughts).

Richard T.

Witness Responds:

I have covered everything already, and clearly it could not have been a Chinese lantern because both of us saw the object head south at a high rate of speed.

It could not have been a fading Chinese lantern because we saw it move into the distance, including entering some clouds, then reappearing, then disappearing again into the clouds.

Cloud level at the time was about 2000 feet. When it was sitting in the air for five minutes I think it was at about 1000 feet and maybe a about the same distance from us. It was rather large, because at that distance it was the size of my pinky nail with my arm at full length.

Because of its movement southward after five minutes the only thing I can think of is a radio controlled device by a prankster. Still, it did not look like that, particularly because the orange fire-like visual was so bright and not flickering very much.

UFO*BC Responds:

I bring forward the Chinese lantern option merely to rule out all possibilities – and yes you are correct that it is highly unlikely to be a lantern.

However a remote controlled Quad copter is possible. There are several commercially available ones (AR Drone) that have LED lights on them – but they may quite the noise and at 1000 feet, it would be difficult to control at night… at least I wouldn’t want to risk my high priced gadget at night ;)

Thanks for the details, we’ll posted it on our website (anonymously) and see if anyone else has seen it at the specified date/time.


26-Nov-2013, Maple Ridge, BC: (7:08 pm)

My husband and I were walking along 127 Place, facing west when we saw a group of orange lights in the sky, coming from a southerly direction. We kept seeing them until there were eight of them; seven were orange and one was red. We went onto 228th Street and could still see them. One of them crossed in front of, and almost seemed to touch, one of the others, twice. One by one they disappeared until just the front one remained, until it too disappeared from view. They didn't go out of sight - they simply disappeared. A neighbour came out and saw them too and called to her husband to come out and see them. There were no flashing lights to indicate that they were planes; they were just single lights, like orange stars, but much lower obviously. Did anyone else see them?

UFO*BC Responds:

Are you familiar with "Chinese lanterns"? They are paper lanterns that hover and drift with the wind. They rise from the heat generated from a candle, and the candle also causes the illumination.

Here is an example:



Witness Responds:

HI Gord – yes, I’ve seen them before. They could have just been lanterns but, who knows? I have an open mind about things and  will look in our local paper and see if anything is noted there.

Thanks for your help. I love the website. I wrote in once before about some weird lights that we saw and you printed it.

UFO*BC Responds:

When I drove to work this morning I heard on CBC radio news that they launched sky lanterns in Maple Ridge last night at a memorial for the little boy (Riddick Servio) killed by a car. So that would confirm that someone was launching lanterns last night.


Witness Responds:

Hi Gord - thanks for getting back to me. As it turns out, they were indeed chinese lanterns after all. Apparently hundreds of them were released yesterday evening, in a vigil for the little boy who was killed last week, and I guess we saw eight of them. They certainly didn't look like lanterns but they must have been.

Love the site. There's a lot going on up there isn't there?

27-Nov-2013, Prince George, BC: (5:59 to 6:14 pm)

My friend asked if i could give her a ride down to the apartment complex on the Hart Highway in Prince George. I said no problem. After she was done running inside we continued to drive around the parking lot heading in the east direction. I noticed out of the corner of my right eye this blue light I thought it was a star at first. As I continued through the turn I noticed that it was way too low to be a star., and she I then asked my friend if she was seeing this said acknowledged yes. I straightened the car out and we both got out to look. As I got out to look there was a huge redish orange disk shape above the blue light, I began to fumble for my phone as it has a camera. All of a sudden there were about 8 more of this huge circle lights turn on in sequence. I always thought I would run in fear if I ever saw one of these ships, but I was not in fear at all. I was extremely excited to be seeing this. I felt lucky to be able to see this and it was nice I had someone with me to also confirm what I saw. Anyways I began driving as we had been abserving this for about 10 mins approximately. I want to see the shape of this ship, there was no noise coming from it and I noticed that the lights are connected. This object was huge it stretched from by the apartments to right across the highway - a massive structure. As I was driving I had to pay attention to the road and it was cloudy. I couldn't make out if it was in column form or triangle form. I did notice the lights turning off in sequence as we were driving away. I thought for sure this would have made the local paper or that someone would say something as it was a busy time in this part of the Hart Highway. Especially people from the apartment building. So far I have not heard anythying so I thought I would write this down.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

You mentioned several times the object was huge, how big is huge? Can you put a size on the object(s).

Also, you mentioned you went for the camera on your phone - did you or your passenger manage to take any photos of the objects? Barring any photos, could you perhaps draw us a picture of what you saw?



Witness Responds:

Hi Richard,
Yes sorry I left some stuff out, I was just excited to finding your site that night I feel like I have just been holding this story in. Anyway, I figure the size was at least the size of a football field if not bigger?  The first blue light I saw was about the size of a basketball then the lights on the ship I would imagine were about 40 feet in length from what I recall. I was so mad because I usually have my cellphone with me, that night I did not as I wrote above I was fumbling.

My passenger did not take any photos she did not have a phone or camera. I still wonder if a camera or phone would have even helped. I have a few times in my life seen these and I did have a camera, though it was a disposable. They would either not take the picture or the whole roll of film would be unprintable. Those go back to other encounters I have had here in the PG area.

Anyway, back to measurements. I was shocked on how low this craft was. It must have only been 1200 feet in the air. Richard, the hard part I was having at seeing any metals or anything else of that matter was it was very dark, there was a ton of clouds.  But I will not ever forget that it was amazingly huge. I would love for other people to come forward. There were cars and people all over since it was after peoples workday. I thank you for having your site.

I would love to have known about UFO*BC. I would have put all past occurrences on here.  If you would like to chat about them I would be glad to tell you. I have not shared much with many people lol cause you know that look some people give ya when you talk about these kinds of things.

I have a question for you. Have you seen or heard about those strange sounds around the world?  If not let me know and I can send you some very interesting stuff.....   I believe it may tie somewhat into ufos.

Late November, 2013, North Saanich, BC:

I was driving south with my mother to meet up with my step-dad at a restaurant. Before leaving home I noticed a bright light in the sky and as we drove we talked about how unusually bright it was for a star and looked like an artificial light source. Thought it might be an aircraft since Victoria International Airport was right there but the fact that it appeared to be stationary and not coming closer didn't make any sense.

I have seen something similar before in the army when Artillery units had exercises, but there is no exercise area on land near Victoria as far as I am aware of and certainly not between Sidney and Victoria. Later that evening it was gone. If it was just an unusually bright star due to perfect weather conditions then it may have gone below the horizon. I tried taking a picture of it with my phone camera, but it is of course quite bad.

It's not the first time we've seen strange things in the sky. In the summer of 2001. Once at night my mom saw what appeared to be a satellite moving across the sky when we were near Pender Island while on a sailing trip. According to her it suddenly moved around and appearing to make a formation like two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Then moving into the middle of the pattern before "flying off like in Star Trek or something".

A friend and I also saw what appeared to be a satellite moving across the sky a year later, while in Quesnel BC. It did nothing spectacular except that it changed its course by approximately 130 degrees. Twice. So that it ended up going in a completely different direction. I am no expert but as far as I know modern spacecraft can't change their course instantly like that without changing their momentum. I may be wrong.

That is all the UFO related incidents so far in our lives.

4-Dec-2013, Mission, BC: (about 4:30 pm)

My son Patrick and I observed a cylindrical object that was moving extremely slow. At first we thought it was motionless. We picked up the binoculars but the low winter sun reflected off it so brightly we could not determine what it was. It had a weird U shape. It kept drifting west south west, no blinking lights, and the size remained the same even though it was moving away from us. It was lost from our view because of the trees. We kept watching to see if it would emerge on the other side. And it did after about a good ten minutes. Any plane would have disappeared within seconds. It now looked like a / (forward slash) and kept moving until it was lost behind the horizon.

Any ideas?

4-Dec-2013, Duncan, BC: (8:30 pm)

My sister and I were driving to the Walmart just outside of Duncan, when we noticed three red lights in a triangle formation. It appeared that the lower two red lights remained solid, while the upper red light was blinking. It stayed stationary for approximately 50 seconds while we watched it. It then faded away. Wondering if anyone else saw this.

5-Dec-2013, Terrace, BC: (10:15 am)

I turned off the overpass onto Keith, thought the hydro installation on Copper Mountain had maybe launched a weather balloon or something. I couldn't see the object itself, just the tiny "contrail" under it: looked like this " -- a quote mark, slightly thicker and rounded at the top, dwindling to a point at the bottom.

Then it started to move, straight up, then swing to the south. I pulled over at Ford to watch it move westward, and as it did the contrail followed it, so the quote mark was now horizontal instead of vertical.

Then it moved toward Seven Sisters, started to go down, earthwards. The contrail got a wee bit longer and fuzzier. Then I lost sight of it when a tree blocked my view as it went down.

Weird, eh?

Seemed to be about the speed of a helicopter, but way too high up to be a helicopter. Never saw the object itself, just the contrail.

8-Dec-2013, New Westminster, BC: (6:50 pm)

Just saw a streakless light accelerate faster than a jet and disappear into the clouds. It seemed close. And it looked like it disappeared in the sky by going forward into the horizon, not up.

11-Dec-2013, Maple Ridge, BC: (8:50 - 9:00 pm)

It was a cold, overcast night and I was heading westbound on Lougheed Hwy just before 9pm on Wed Dec 11. As I approached Bruces Country market I could see a bright solid light through the trees on my right. I pulled into the markets rear parking lot and began filming. It was a very intense white and blue glimmer. Mostly white light on the top and a thin layer of blue light underneath it. There was no blinking or red to indicate it was an aircraft and there was no noticeable sound. There was light city and traffic noise but nothing at all like a helicopter would make that close. Im sure even a model airplane would make noise at that distance.  It was flying back and forth, back and forth. From my perspective it looked mostly like a straight line but I could see it slowed down a bit as it changed directions indicating it was most likey in a circular or eliptical pattern. For the most part the intensity didnt change much but it did get noticably closer at one point and I was able to make out 6-8 lights in a boomerang pattern. I can't remember whether it was 3 or 4 lights on either side but it was clearly blue on the left and white on the right. at one point it made a rather sudden drop in altitude, not unlike hitting a cold air pocket while flying a small plane. The clouds were solid and pretty low, but this was well below them. It eventually descended out of my line of sight while I was engaging some passers by.

I've always had an interest in ufos and believe I saw some when I was very young, but I have been watching ALOT of youtube videos recently and even as I was seeing this I was wondering if I was just too hyped up about the subject and was in the "I want to believe" frame of mind. I began talking to an elderly couple that was driving out of the parking lot and they did think it was very odd. Thank god. later that night on my way home I decided to drive out to where it looked like it was hovering. I ended up at the Albion Sports complex. Pretty good spot to fly a toy plane or the like but it was just so bright I couldnt imagine what kind of battery one would use on a toy that could make it positively shimmer with such a light.

15-Dec-2013, Abbotsford, BC:

I was letting the cat out on the balcony for fresh air and her grass treat at this time and I was watching the moon over the mountains when I saw it - the UFO was going fast, straight East, passing almost over our building, slightly on the right. I called my husband and ran in to grab my binocular. I quickly looked through the binocular and handed it to my husband, who came out and was talking at the same time on his phone. The object was well visible with the naked eye, very bright, white-green, luminescent light. I left my husband outside with the binocular and grabbed my camera. After a few seconds I was making adjustments on my camera for night pictures and I made 9 of them, but not all were with good quality.

This was the third time we saw this kind of phenomenon/UFO and second time I was able to take a photo of it. The light we saw was neither a small plane nor helicopter, which usually fly at this height and I had photographed previously with my camera under the same conditions. They were clearly distinct. This object was not. The sky was clear, slightly cloudy.  No strong winds. The brighter stars could be seen in the sky. With the binocular and through the display of camera, UFO was looking more like triangular shaped. It went under the closest cloud, because it was flying low and we lost sight of it when it passed through the second cloud. Please see the photos:


23-Dec-2013, Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, BC: (1bout 7 pm)

This is the second encounter of this kind, virtually identical. I was looking off the beach towards the mainland, super clear night, around 7. Been conscious of these beings/ships since this summer, so any time at night I look for signs. When ever I look, I never see anything. I decided to stop and gather my things, and when I looked back the light was there across the water over the mountain. Orange tinted brighter than stars. It waited, and I opened my mind to my amazement it began to rise. For about an hour I spent at the beach watching it dance around, hover, and fly within a threshold above the mountain. This happened a month ago while I was on salt spring, where the orangeish light rose over the mountain horizon and stayed with me until I decided to go inside. This time when I came in, I watched it and it stayed with me. I got inside and used binoculars to look at it perfectly between the trees. It appeared as a white orb with two much smaller lights to the right, almost outlining a form which I could not make out as it blended in with the black sky. I am very curious to talk about this experience with others who might have similar sightings. The light sometimes went from an orange hue to pure white, and was the only light reflecting off of the ocean, brighter than any star or planet.


28-Dec-2013, Burns Lake, BC: (7:00 pm)

My 7 year old son and I were travelling home and we both saw 3 orange bright lights in the sky, they were forming a straight line and then changed formation to a triangle then they hovered around each other and formed a larger triangle and streaked away one at a time. My son and I both saw them clearly.

30-Dec-2013, Chilliwack, BC: (8:00 pm)

I was driving home with my wife and young daughter after having dinner at my mother inlaws house. We were driving south on broadway street and just about to make a turn onto airport road when I looked up through the front windshield of our car and noticed two bright red orange very big lights up in the sky above the airport and highway #1. This was around 8 pm. I asked my wife if she could see them too and she said they were bright and strange looking, as we were driving one of the lights moved downward on a 45 degree angle and stopped, another light appeared directly opposite of that one forming a triangle shape. I told my wife to stop the car and pull over. After my wife pulled over I ran out of the car and into the field by the airport, another light appeared while I was running out into the field and then I stopped to get a better look, after looking at the objects for about 5 seconds out in the field they just all disappeared. I tried to make sense of this by listening for an airplane or a helicopter but there was no sound coming from the objects and there were no aircraft in the sky at this time. I have never in my life seen anything like this and neither has my wife, this was very strange. When I got home I looked online to see if anyone has seen the same thing I'm talking about and there has been other sightings of people describing exactly the same objects we have seen in Chilliwack. Has anyone seen this before?

Additional Witness Information:

The lights that me and my wife saw were about the size of a soup bowl from arm's length, the lights did not flash pulse or seem to emit any kind of glare while looking at them. It was cloudy outside and raining a bit,the lights were under the cloud cover so I would say less than a thousand feet. What alarmed us is when the one light moved down from the other on a 45 degree angle and stopped, then the other two just appeared, then they dissapeared all at the same time like someone flicked off a light switch. It seemed as though when I ran out into the field and stood there to get a better angle on whatever it was, the lights immediately went out all at the same time, this makes me think they were attached or connected to a larger object that I could not see. I have never seen anything like this in my life before - very strange. The date was Dec 30 2013 @ 8:00 PM. Thanks.