UPDATED - Jan 11th, 2016

5-Jan-2012, Gabriola Island, BC:

On our way to Gabriola from Nanaimo (by ferry) we noticed what we thought was an aircraft that seemed to be flying slowly towards and over Gabriola Island. It appeared to have a large white light on each side and two flashing coloured lights at the front and back. Because I thought it was a plane I wasn't paying a great deal of attention to it, just idly watching it while I spoke with my friend. But then it suddenly just disappeared. The time was 10:35 pm. We both sat straight up when it disappeared and tried scanning the sky to find it, but it was not in sight.

When the ferry landed we disembarked and starting driving down North Road. We just passed the elementary school when just above us at what appeared to be tree top level we were almost blinded by two white lights and four flashing lights. Whatever the air craft was, it sat there for just a moment and then moved away at a high speed flying south east. We did not hear any noise coming from the craft.

The distance between the white lights was about the width of the road (40-60 feet).

13-Jan-2012, Nanaimo, BC: (7:09 - 7:15 pm)

It was just after 7 in the evening on Friday January 13th. I was at Rutherford Mall with my 2 daughters age 5 and 7. We were sitting outside the theater selling their fundraising bars when I walked about 20 feet away to have a smoke and give the younger one a snack. I looked up at the sky at the stars and when I looked towards the north end I saw this bright orangey/red ball of light. At first I thought it was a plane or helicoptor but then I noticed there was not another light on it and that this seemed like it was just a big ball of light like a flare or ball of fire. I watched it move south across the sky in a straight line and noticed I didnt hear any sound but I kept trying to figure it out so I called to my 7 year old and showed her and at 7:09 we watched it stop and vanish. I started typing it into my phone to remember the time and date when my 7 year old yelled "there is another one". I looked up to the north end again and there was a ball of light just the same as before. I watched it for a few seconds then reached for my phone and put the time in 7:12pm as I did this it had disappeared again so I finished typing and looked around the sky and sure enough from the north appeared another one at 7:15pm. Now all 3 seemed to appear from nowhere and then disappear just as fast not really fading slowly but a bit then it was gone. It was so bright and orange I could not explain it wish I knew if others had seen it too or if someone knew what it was.
I see things in the sky all the time but never like that.

22-Jan-2012, Surrey, BC:

There's been a few different activities in my area and I would like to know whether more people have witnessed these experiences as well besides me and my room mate. We have seen quite alot of action in Surrey and wanted to note a few of them down hoping others have seen similar things related to ufos or supernatural occurances. I have no mental issues to be concerned about and am very curious why things are occuring, especially in our presence. On Jan 22nd and a few days later, we have witnessed a strange ball of light hovering for a long length of time near surrey central mall somewhere around that area. From where we currently reside we can view a great distance from the dining room. It was there where we had seen the large ball of light twice in the same spot then move away. It was not a plane nor a helicopter since they fly over regularly everyday and we know exactly how they sound and how their shape is. This was clearly not a known aircraft that we are familiar with and was very unusual. The last time we spotted it, it was hovering low and my roommate took a picture of it off his cell phone. I tried taking a video recording of it, but when I went to check it there was no place to be found on file. This was very odd because I knew I took the recording. We noticed a helicopter fly by the unknown craft that hovered just below him. I'm cuirous if he saw this as well or if any other aircrafts have. It suddenly went towards the New West area from where it was. The last sighting we had was a couple days ago during dinner. We sat by the dining room window again which was slightly opened that night. I could still view outside and what appeared to be a half moon shaped craft floating by and was very misted or partially invisible but was large and a bright light. My room mate just caught it floating by when I mentioned it, we were both stunnned this occurred to be another sighting. I knew I couldn't have been seeing things and was not imagining this.

If I mention this, I dont want to sound or come across as if Im going nuts or out of my mind which I know I am not, but feel it could be of importance to say something about it because maybe others are able to relate and have had similar dreams too. Over the years I have had several strange dreams unsure why I have had them but know they were very clear and vivid relating to ufo's and the  supernatural.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for reporting these strange sightings. Can you tell me what time of day you saw the ball of light on January the 22nd? Where are you located specifically - you don't have to give me your address if you don't want to, just the nearest intersection. What direction were you looking? Typically the Streets in Surrey are aligned North-South and the Avenues are aligned East-West. Is it possible for you to send us the picture from your cell phone? If possible, please don't re-size it or change it in any way - we would like to see the unaltered original image.

Just to clarify, the dreams you mention at the end of your message are different from the actual sightings you have had, correct?

Waiting to hear from you.

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Yes the dreams I have had are not related, they just appeared spontaeously on different occasions throughout the  years almost as if there is a message given to me, but that's where I'm not clear on and is when I'm about to wake up. I have written them down the best i could. I can still clearly see them as if it really occurred. I don't want to sound like I'm crazy or anything, I just am curious and want to  know why Im having them. According to these sightings my roomate and I  have seen, I'm not sure if anyone else is seeing them at all?  This is towards looking at the West from Guildford, it seemed to appear above and in the West of Surrey central heading towards Richmond. I thought it was New West, my mistake, I do apologise, but to really realise which way it appeared, it is towards Richmond. We are in the mid direction where the planes we watch come and go from the Richmond/ Vancouver airport. We know what helicopters &  planes are, by the sizes of their shapes and sounds, since we watch them occasionally from our dining room and is not often we see strange lights hovering in one place for a long lengths of time with helicopters and planes flying above it.

The time was between 9pm and 11pm, as for a picture , I'm not sure if we can download it onto this computer, but we will give it our best.

Thank you.

4-Feb-2012, North Delta, BC
: (6:50 pm)

My partner and I were crossing the parking lot to reach Pharmasave when both of us noticed a fast moving ball of light going west to east in the sky and then disappear. The object appeared very close in the sky and was incredibly bright.  Meteor? Other? Has anyone else seen the object?

4-Feb-2012, Mission, BC: (8:00 pm)

I was at a friend's home out on the Sumas Prairie one evening, and we went outside to have a smoke and look at the stars. I looked toward Mission area and spotted a large object above two mountain ranges. Above and to the left of the object was the Space Station, to the right and below the object was one of those tall navigational towers for planes. After observing it for a bit, we could make out two spheres, close together, one on top of the other. They were bright, stationary and quite large.  From our view point, it looked to be as big as my hand. We went back outside 2 hours later, and it was gone. We could still pinpoint the Space Station and the navigational tower. So, my question is, what was that?

5-Feb-2012, Surrey, BC: (01:00 am)

I am not sure what I saw, and am seeking verification. I have already determined it was not the International Space Station, satellites, comet, meteor, plane or helicopter. This leaves basically a star (pulsar) or something else.

In the Western sky (from North Surrey, looking towards Tsawwassen direction), I saw what I thought might have been a plane. But in 20 mins, hadn't moved. It was a large light, rotating Green, Red and Yellow.

I did not see it on prior nights, nor since. Curious if anyone else saw anything, or if there is an explanation. Thank you for your time.

PS. Any UFO sightings, in Van area, for Monday night/Tuesday morn? Just curious.

7-Feb-2012, Coquitlam, BC: (8:10 pm)

Me and two of my friends were driving down laval st. when we saw five lights in the western sky. The UFO's were orange and they were glowing. they looked like stars at first but one of the lights shut off, after that happened the other four started drifting closer two each other and they started to flicker out

7-Feb-2012, Prince George, BC: (10:17 pm)

At 10:17pm on Feb 7th 2012, me and two of my female friend were leaving Tim Horton's which is located in downtown Prince George when approaching my vehicle to leave I saw a I saw a bright orange light that reminded me of a flare. It was that bright in intensity. The object was located in the sky in a south / western direction. Looking at it initially I thought it was a planet as it was stationary at first but, it started to move. I pointed it out to my friends who both saw this as well. The object  moved northwest making a array of odd maneuvers before resuming its south/western direction then vanished before our eyes. No idea what it was and I've seen airplanes leave the airport before and nothing compares to this. So I felt I should make a report of it here.

18-Feb-2012, Terrace, BC: (7 - 8 pm)

I was driving down old Lakelse Drive into lower thornhill...when to my left was a green falling orb...........it didn't fall across the sky it fell almost straight down....it was south from me....if anyone was driving from or to Kitimat to Terrace then I'm sure they would have seen it...whole sighting may have lasted 3 seconds.....truely nothing I have seen before..

22-Feb-2012, Langford, BC: (8:30 pm)

Two extremely bright oval objects hovering in the same spot. They were spotted about 2 weeks ago. They were in the same area for two nights, about 2-3 hours each night and then left. They came back tonight. One of the objects is a lot closer to the ground. Currently...it is 10 pm, one is still there. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for these. Not a star. Not a plane. Not a helicopter. Not a satellite. It is hovering. Same appearance as two weeks ago. Are there man-made objects to monitor the earth? If there are..would u kindly reply. thks. Kathy

p.s.  I would say they look like they would be over the Happy Valley Area. Thanks.

26-Feb-2012, Ashcroft, BC: (6:00 pm)

Sitting at at my computer desk which is facing the window. I just happened to glance up out the window and saw two super bright green lights side by side streaking past going an astronomical speed. 1000+ mph at least. If I would have blinked I would have missed it. I immediately jumped out of my chair and ran outside onto my back deck and looked in the general direction where they were heading but there was no sign of them. I heard no noise when those lights streaked past. I estimate the altitude at around 500 to 1000 feet. This sighting happened around dusk so it wasn't totally dark outside. The direction they were heading was toward the town of Cache Creek so that would be north. At first I thought this could be a meteor, but it was traveling straight across the sky not downwards.

26-Feb-2012, Kelowna, BC: (10:00 pm)

I was laying in my bed listening to my i-pod when i kinda saw a bright light outside my window. I thought it was way too bright to be a streetlamp so I looked out my window and saw a bright yellow light about 50 meters away across the street hovering maybe 10-20 meters above the trees. It sat there and hovered for about a minute not moving at all, then the light started to fade into 3 smaller lights, 1 red 2 yellow in a triangle formation and it slowy flew away then just disappeared out of no where. Could this possibly be a UFO? I'm very familiar with the airplanes and helicopter in the area and have never seen a plane hover perfectly still in the air before like that.

Early 2012, Port Coquitlam:

Hey I just heard about this website and thought I would share a picture of a weird picture in the sky I took about a year ago in Port Coquitlam. Can't explain what I saw but I'm a big believer in ufo sightings and definately going to read some of the stories on this site.

Coquitlam 2012

5-Mar-2012, Surrey, BC: (9:10 pm)

I let the dog out in the backyard and noticed over our backyard hedge, bright lights shimmering, in colours of blue red and white. The hedge line makes a great balance line to judge movement and colours that are so vibrant. I have seen this many times before. Anyone else seeing this?

11-Mar-2012, Naramata, BC: (8:00 pm)

Two bright lights, one smaller one bigger and they hovered and then they would disappear, then reappear out of nowhere and extremely bright.

11-Mar-2012, Kelowna, BC: (8:30 pm)

As I was driving in a north east dirction toward Kelowna I spotted two lights that were perfectly level with each other and visibly lower than the stars. Just as I was saying to my friend to look, the smaller of the two disappeared, so I at that point pulled over and got out to look. Within a 5 minute span of time it reappeared. I got off the hwy and started driving in the direction of the lights just to notice that they were fading as I got under them a bit .. thats when we noticed that they seemed to have a top and a bottom, the lights were point outward not up or down. I took a picture of them on my cell phone in regular color and one in negative and they are visible in both pictures but with the quality of my phone I can never get pictures of stars.

Then again on the night of the 13th I was standing outside and glanced to the west of Kelowna and the same lights were there but in a different location to each other. I took a few more pictures and at that point I called a friend that I knew had that star label app on her Iphone told her as simple as look outside there are two bright lights that I'd like you to point your phone at .. she spotted them really fast and nothing came up on her phone telling us that there was even anything there!! So obviously they are not stars but somthing else.. either something from our world watching us or possibily something even more curious?? Does anyone else see these lights?? any idea what they are??

23-Mar-2012, Vancouver, BC: (10:00 pm)

One Main Object (orb like, spiraling)
vortex illusion
red, blue, and white balls of light circling the main orb/object
definitive energy radiating and surrounding orb/energy/source - separate from circling balls of light

*too close to be a Satellite  (we're watching for it again tonight to rule in or out)

3-Apr-2012, Surrey, BC:

This is not the first time. But once again there are these strange hovering stars west and south west of my house and the front of my house faces north towards the mountains. You can tell they are not stars because the stars are so far away and its a clear sky tonight. Both of the hovering somethings are there and just very bright. And my house has high air plane traffic and a plane flew by and it was easy to rule out that whatever that was hoving was not man made. It looked like a star but it was in the earth's atmosphere for sure.

7-Apr-2012, Maple Ridge, BC: (00:00 to 00:09)

I was rocking my newborn back and forth while walking in our apartment when I noticed out the window to the balcony an orange light above one of the ski hills on the moutains. I showed my fiance and he thought it was kind of weird. I kept watching it and decided to put our baby down so I could go out and take a look. We went onto our balcony and watched it as my fiance had a smoke. I went inside and grabbed my camera and took a few photos in case it wasn't an airplane. The photos arent very clear because its not a super good camera but clear enough you can see the orb. After we came inside I kept looking out the door at it wanting to see if it would disappear. I must have turned my head for no more than a minute and when I looked back it was gone. I said to my fiance it disappeared and he even came and saw it was gone. I watch the skies all the time and have seen things before. This was definatly some sort of orb! Please get back to me so I can send photos!

9-Apr-2012, Tsawwassen, BC: (8:40 pm)

Heading 275 degrees west, spotted over coordinates 49'0'26 N 123'7'48 W (view from Tsawwassen Terminal, over the Coal Port) at approximately at 8:40 pm. Saw two red parallel blinking lights seemingly parallel to each other, acted almost as 1 object, a rough guess 1 km apart, not moving in a straight line, the tail light appeared to sway from left to right, while front light moved parallel like a cigar almost, but I could not tell if it was two or 1 object. It moved slightly slower than normal planes taking about 15 mins to disappear into horizon from a starting point of about 2 km from me. Let me mention I work here, and see a lot of planes, lights, helicopters, and know the regular flight paths, I have seen a lot of weird lights but none that would have me truly scratching my head, THIS was not on a regular flight path, and moved so oddly that it had two of my non UFO enthusiast co-workers saying wtf. It's the best I could do, I didn't have a good camera on my iPhone 3GS

I took a photo from where I was looking at it from, I added two red dots to kind of give you an idea of what it looked like from where I was. The map picture with red and yellow dot, its my representation of a bird's eye view of how I thought it was moving, the yellow dot represents the "tailing light" (both lights were red) each circle represents kind of a snap shot of how it was moving, the tailing light was swinging side to side and the front one would sometimes swing to the left of it, it always kept equal distance apart, and would look like it was getting closer together with the tail light was passing behind it only to come to the other side and show they were still equal distance apart, if you can imagine how the would look from the ground looking up, not from a bird's eye view.

This is the photo and map: http://imgur.com/a/VEHjI

13-Apr-2012, Coquitlam, BC: (8:05 pm)

I was out my front door April 13 2012 looking south when I saw this object moving silently west to east at a very consistent speed. I live in Coquitlam just above the Lougheed Highway overlooking the construction of the new Port Mann bridge. I could see it was metallic with two domelike shapes on top, a rectangular body with something protruding from the rear. If I had to estimate I would say it was roughly the size of a car and moving at approximately 100km/h based on the cars traveling on the 1 Highway below. I watched it until I could no longer see it because of trees. This picture unfortunately doesn't do it justice. This has been on my mind ever since and would be very interested to know what this object was.

Coquitlam UFO 13-apr-2012

13-Apr-2012, Gibsons, BC: (11:30 pm)

I was walkin back from getting a pop at the pop machine at the marina in lower gibsons. Just as I was walkin into my back yard I notice a very bright light that looks like a star. I stopped to take a better look and noticed it was moving over top of me at a steady pace...i thought it had to be a plane but i couldnt hear anything and it was calm and clear out. I also thought maybe it was a satalitte..but it was too close to the ground. This one has me stumped and freaked out because i wrote a sighting on here in 2010..from lions bay across from where i am now..and they are very similar.

21-Apr-2012, Whiskey Creek, Parksville, BC: (10:45 to 11:00 pm)

On the evening of Saturday, April 21, 2012 my sister and I had gone outside to chat while I had a cigarette. My sister was around the corner of the house when she raised her voice to tell me „hey, come and see this‰.

As I joined her I could see a very large ball of light with a rotating beam of light coming out of the top of it. This ball of light was hovering over Mount Arrowsmith about halfway up the side of the mountain. The ball was so bright as to be illuminating the side of the mountain and the clouds that it was under. Although you could see the ball of light quite clearly with the naked eye I went in to get binoculars for a close view and when I looked throught them at the light, two smaller balls of light detached themselves from the big light and then they split up to wander along the base of the mountain before returning into the big light. After a few minutes the big ball of light faded away and the mountain side was dark. A few minutes later the big ball of light returned out of nowhere and the entire sequence repeated itself and once again after a few minutes, faded to black. The entire event took approximately 15 minutes to play out.

I have no idea whether this was man made (military) or something else. I tried to capture a photo with my ipad 2 but the lights would not appear on the screen when the surrounding house lights did!

April 2012, Mission, BC: (about 10:00 pm)

I live in Mission, in the College Heights area, by Heritage Park and something happened a couple weeks ago that baffled me, and to be honest, freaked the living hell out of me.

First off, before I start, I am not a drinker, nor am I a user of any illegal or "hippy" narcotics. I'm someone with a degree, a family, a good job, a nice home. I live the typical middle-class life. However two weeks ago, what friends of mine and I saw wasn't cool in my books. It started off on a Saturday night, where around 10:00pm on a clear night, we noticed two orange balls of light with a silver rod connecting them flying southeast to northwest. We saw this as we were looking ove towards Chilliwack. And it was moving, without sound or usual standard airplane or airline strobes. 

Then, about 20 minutes later, while we were still chatting about what we saw, something caught our attention. We looked up, and basically my words were, "What the F**K is that?" It was a giant triangle sitting above my house. I'm going to estimate at about 1,000 feet. With the same orange lights connected by silver rods. There were no other lights and no sound. It travelled straight south to north and disappeared in the sky like it was flying through something. There were no clouds in the sky. Nothing! There were about 9 or 10 of these orange lights inside the triangle, as I said before, connected by the silver rods.

27-Apr-2012, Whitehorse, Yukon: (about 11:30 pm)

While driving home I saw some strange lights moving in the near horizon. As I got closer I realized they were hovering not moving over a skidoo dealership, maybe 50 feet above the large dome that covers the dealership.  I pulled over to get a better look. As I drove in to the parking lot, the "aircraft" noticed me and started moving after being stationary for about 10-20 seconds just hovering over the dealership. The lights from the "aircraft" were arranged in a circle(about 8 lights). I rolled the window down and I could hear the "aircraft's" engine. It sounded similar to a plane's engine, however the ship was circular. I couldn't get a clear sight of the ship since the lights were quite bright, but could tell it was a circular body shape. Never seen a plane hover, never seen a circular plane....

1-May-2012, Nanaimo, BC: (10:20 pm)

I was at the parking lot of the central Nanaimo Thrifty Food parking lot. About 10:20 pm I observed a very bright orange, sparkling light in the sky. I cannot tell how far away this light was but it was southeast of my location. At first I thought it was an airplane, or signal tower or flare but the there were no aircraft lights, nor was there any sound.  It was clear that night and I was able to compare what I seeing to other stars and it was much to bright to have been one. This light disappeared /blinked off after about one minute. I expected to see it return so I waited in the paking lot looking in the direction I had seen it. After about 4 minutes this light reappeared. This time I observed moving very slowly in a southeaterly direction. It moved back and forth very slowly for another 3 to 4 minutes. The light then blinked off again. I waited another few moments before deciding to get in the car and leave. I did not see it again.

2-May-2012, Abbotsford, BC: (10:38 pm)

On our way back home from a late night grocery shop at the Bellingham Walmart, me and my sister had just came around the bend on East Badger Road/ State Route 9 heading towards the Sumas border back into Abbotsford. It was fairly dark and I was only going about 50kms/hr and as we passed the parked railroad cars we saw an object fly infront of my car and up past the driverside window. It was about 10 feet away in front us and it almost seemed as if we spooked it as it came up beside us and then zipped off. I honestly am having a hard time describing it as it's like nothing I've ever seen before. There was no wings or defined shape. It was like a bright lit up cloud type blob you can't see thru. It was almost a blurry type texture. Me and my sister were stunned. We didn't know what to do, and we were too scared to get out of the car.

11-May-2012, Courtenay, BC: (00:37)

Looking for other evidence of strange aircraft sightings in Courtenay. There have been weird sightings all over town since 2010 or at least that's when I started asking around and seeing them myself. Are these actual new aircraft or military aircraft or possible ufo's? I do not know the details of what everyone else has seen though I've heard the rumours, but I can describe what I have seen the best I can.

There is a military base and airport nearby. There is also a runaway for private planes close by.

Weird Square Thing (helicopter?): Tonight at 12:37 I saw it from my bedroom window, rushed outside to see it, and it was dead silent. This was a very huge (probably bigger than my house) bright flamboyant obvious flashing aircraft and I am sure someone else should have seen it, and Im sure for how close it was it should have woken everyone up in the neighbourhood but there was no sound. Very close to the ground and in the middle of town! Towards where the Comox Estuary and plane runaway is. I assume it was a search and rescue helicopter because it was so big. But it had over 30 sporadic lights, bright red, turquoise and white. It hovered in one spot for awhile, a few times went back and fourth behind the tree lines, and moved in jerky motions, then it began to make giant circles.

I thought it was just a helicopter until it kept making circles, when it would turn and come facing towards me for about 30 seconds each time it turned into a very large perfectly square object (vertical rectangle) that was illuminated with tons of round lights, had a line of smaller lights horizontally through the square, it did this many times. It was the most craziest thing I've ever seen! It looked exactly like a giant lit up billboard with fancy lights floating around in the sky. Or exactly like a new york building with lights all around it. When it hovered in place I thought it was a building and that maybe my eyes were tricking me, but then it continued on flying around! And this is a small town and we also don't have any tall buildings. What did I just see?  It was close enough that I had a perfectly good view. And this was a giant lit up square that was floating around in the sky, however when it turned sideways, the shape was hard to decipher and always different. It made rounds for 10 minutes.

I phoned my parents who live up on Valley View, they have a mansion house that overlooks the whole valley. I woke them up from sleep, I wanted to know if they could see it. Both my mom and dad looked out the window and claimed they could not see a thing and were pretty mad at me though I was pretty excited! I told them to look towards my house, and told them it wasn't up in the sky but that it was lower than the trees, and they still couldn't see it and told me to just take a picture and show it to them in the morning. But by the time I got my camera and went outside, I saw it behind the trees and then it just disappeared. Why it disappeared then is strange. I wonder if it was some type of military experiment and they could hear my phone call haha.

Translucent Orb: Another witnessed event with my mom during the daytime this was August 2010, in the afternoon. I was telling her of other weird aircraft sightings I had seen at night, we were sitting outside on my sun deck at the time. And she was the one who saw it first. We still have no idea what it was, but the only thing comparable to it would be a blimp. It was a clear blue sky, sunny day, and directly overhead my house was suddenly this giant perfectly oval object. It was white in colour, but the weirdest thing about it was that it was completely translucent, like glass and you could see the sky through it. It was just weird, and it hovered there for awhile and then decided to fly away west.

Blue Lights: Now for the strange sightings I saw all throughout the summer last year and that I still see occasionally. Every time it would happen, I would automatically walk outside without thinking as if I knew they were there somehow. It always happened at night, but always at different times. At first it started with me seeing them out my window in my bed where I would just happen to look out the window when they appeared, these beautiful blue blinking lights, sometimes they had random multiple colours blinking in with the blue lights, and then it turned into me automatically walking outside to greet them. It would fill me with this great sense of calm. I began to think it was cool. But the strange thing is, every single night for the entire summer they flew directly above my house. I'm not sure what it is about my house. That would be going south at an angle to the east, to north at an angel to the west. My house is past the train tracks in Courtenay, very near Billmore Park.

These were very strange lights that were much higher than any airplane could fly, and about as small as a star. Very far away. They were also completely silent. The only thing that caught my eye was the bright amazing blue flashing lights I would see, like tiny but intense sparkles. It almost looked like they either darted back and forth and never followed a straight line, but at some point i thought perhaps it could just be a sporadic lighting system. And then they began disappearing for a few seconds and showing up again. I began keeping track of the seconds of their light patterns because they seemed off. For example, they would flash 5 times really fast, then flash really slow, then turn all black, and it was never the same pattern. Sometimes they would go all insane in the sky, do angry little circles, then continue on their way. But I never lost track of them in the sky because even though the line they flew in was never straight and it was jerky, they always were constantly headed north at an angle slightly to the west and seemed to keep on a direct path. Every single time, by the time they got to a certain point north, they would just disappear. At first I thought it was because they just got out of sight line, but it wasn't, they just disappeared or their lights turned off. This happened on a regular basis.

I've seen other weird things in the sky too, but according to these last events with the blue lights, I decided one night to try and "channel" one as it went over my house, sometime last summer. You can take all of this with a grain of salt, because to this day i still have no idea what happened that night, if I just imagined it all or if it was real, it was all very strange. I am not insane though, and this incident scared me completely.

It started out as a stupid thought of "hey i wonder if i can talk to them by thinking words at them" and I really was not taking it seriously, it was just a joke to myself. At this point I was still skeptical, as i still am and thought they might just be a new type of aircraft from this world. But as soon as I thought about it, I was overcome with this gripping fear and this intense sleepiness. In a matter of seconds I was passing out physically and I was scared because I felt it coming on and I did not want to go to sleep. I was not at all tired before this happened. And I do not have medical problems.

I felt dizzy and managed to drag myself to my room, where I collapsed on my bed. As I was passing out I saw this very terrifying being standing at the end of my bed. It was not pleasant because I was scared out of my mind. I can't say it was threatening me at all, I was just scared. All it did was stand there and stare at me. I did not want to fall asleep but I could not help it, and I passed out even though it was in my room with me. I don't remember much about my dream other than I spent the whole dream terrified and lucid and running away from something on some weird space craft, and during the entire dream in which I was lucid I was trying desperately to wake myself up. I experienced the weirdest and most painful physical sensation during that dream and it was not pleasant, but there is no way to describe it. It felt like something was being pulled out of me painfully, something was being ripped out of me. Finally I managed to force myself awake but was gripped with sleep paralysis. I forced myself out of bed, but I was more tired than I have ever been in my entire life, my eyes could not stay open but i was trying desperately with everything i had in me. I went to the kitchen to fix myself a bowl of porridge to try and keep me awake. Put it in the microwave. Sat on the couch waiting because I felt weak. Phoned my mom because I was terrified. And then I began experiencing weird pains. Something sharp began spreading through my entire body, it only lasted for a minute. This may be too much information, but I had to hang up on my mom because I felt the sudden need to void as if someone had slipped me laxatives and I had to run to the washroom. It was really strange. After that I went to get the porridge from the microwave, and all of a sudden I passed out and hit the floor and was out like a light. I don't know how long I was gone for, but I wasn't any more less terrified after that once i regained my consciousness. Nothing weird like that has ever happened since. But i still do see weird things in the sky, but never again am I going to think about talking to them.

So have you heard of any other reports of strange things happening in the skies in Courtenay?

12-May-2012, Port Coquitlam, BC:

I made a quick sketch of my view and location can I attach that??

I do not wish to report a UFO, just clarify a probable misidentification of a satellite maybe? Just was looking for an educated assessment please.

My friend and i were on my balcony facing the mountains around 10 pm last night just chatting taking in the nice night. I was showing him the balcony view as I am selling my place and was showing the perks of the view. From where we were it was a clear night, stars easily visible, we were looking left determining if it was the north star that we could see as it was clearly the brightest and biggest. We tried connecting the constellations when we noticed to the right a star as bright as what we thought was the North star? We were like ok maybe thats the North star but then it was moving. It was just as large and then became smaller as if dimming and moving away..but to me the curious thing was it was moving Up not away? As I first thought it was a sattellite, but it was not moving when we first spotted it, it was stationary...like a star...then it could've been heading East and vanished but it really looked as if it was ascending?

Very curious to get some fedback if you can explain this to me..as i said probably just a sattelite but do they follow that type of pattern? It was very clear and lasted between 19-15 secinds. Thanks for your time.

18-May-2012, Nanaimo, BC:

At first there was one bright white light moving south towards where I was standing. It slowed then began to pulsate slowly then incredibly fast like a strobe light. A second one appeared as if from nowhere, then a third and fourth white light appeared and the first one stopped pulsating. They began flying in formation alongside each other. They eventually formed a diamond shape and all four were then pulsating one after another slowly then fast then slow and all the while moving around the sky in this diamond formation. I ran in the house to wake my family to come have a look. We all came back out and they were still there in the sky but moving farther and farther away. But this is where it got creepy. Out of nowhere a red and blue flickering light appeared and started floating in the direction of our house. It was like nothing I've ever seen, it kept changing directions and the flickering was like the flickering of a fairy's wings or something. Hard to explain. Then a second one of those appeared. We notice that there seemed to be some sort of solid ship or something above one of the red/blue lights but it was dark and hard to make out. My camera was too cheap to get any of it on film although we tried.

2012, Surrey, BC: (2 am)

Was riding my bike home when I looked up into the sky next to the store and saw a ufo that was bigger than at least 5 football fields and was low to the ground where you could see the metal parts of the ufo  and could tell it was real it was slowly hovering over the store then moving away from the store. This happend at exactly 2 am in the morning so no one was around, not even cars.

1-Jun-2012, Prince George, BC: (about 2 - 3 pm)

I was walking home after hanging out with a buddy of mine. When I was coming up to a 4-way stop, I noticed a car crossing my path. In the car a guy was looking out, up in the sky behind me, and he was pretty intent on looking in that direction. When I turned around, what I saw amazed me. I had to stop. It looked like what a Chinook Helicopter would look like. It was green, it had the 2 humps where the propellers would be...but there were no propellers and it made no sound. That and the fact it wasn't flying like a Helicopter does, it spun like a Frisbee...slowly through the sky

I took a photo when I got home, but it was so far away, the quality isn't the best

2-Jun-2012, Vancouver, BC: (11:00 pm)

I was looking out over English Bay from my apartment at approximately 11:00 pm on June 2 when I noticed a glowing red ball which resembled a flare in colour. The ball however was not moving like a flare might (with an arc across the sky), but was stationary above the horizon.  From where I live, I would be facing South east when I was viewing this object.

After a minute or so, the object eventually just sort of faded out of sight. A minute or so after that, another glowing red ball appeared in approximately the same location. This time, I grabbed my camera to start filming it. These balls of light appeared to twinkle but remained steady in the sky. Another 30 seconds passed and then another ball appeared below the one above.  Both of them stayed in the sky together for another 30 seconds or so and then the first one faded out, leaving the lower hovering ball. And then a few seconds after that, another red ball appeared even lower than the second one.

Another 30 seconds or so and then the second ball of light faded out, and then 30 seconds or so later, the last ball of light faded from view.

I stayed at my window for another 30 minutes to see if they would reappear, but none of them did.  I can't explain what they were, but they were certainly fascinating to watch.

I would like to upload the video I took if possible. What I saw in my sighting sounds an awful lot like the person who reported seeing red glowing balls in Nanaimo recently.

25-Jun-2012, Creston, BC: (10:00 pm)

Observed what I first thought was a very bright star until I noticed it was moving (westward) it then seemed to go vertical and disappear into a thin pin of light.  Total observed time about 5 seconds. I live just South of Creston, BC about 2 km North of the US Border.

30-Jun-2012, Pemberton, BC: (10:05 pm)

Just saw something I can't explain. Both my wife and I saw it. Quickly went online to see if anyone else saw the same thing. I found this site. The light appeared over head in the northern sky going east to west.

2-Jul-2012, Vancouver, BC: (00:07 am)

I'm just wondering if you have received any other reports of a UFO sighting in downtown Vancouver.  Myself and a number of friends were on the beach just west of the Burrard St. Bridge on the downtown side and we noticed a glowing red orb that came from the east and moved to west, it travelled over the bridge and then on over to Kits where it floated for a little while and then vanished.  I filmed it on my phone at 12:07 AM lastnight (July 2nd). 

This probably happened about an hour and a half after the fireworks had stopped.

I started filming maybe 30-60 seconds after we first noticed it, I started filming basically when the light disappeared behind the bridge and then reappeared on the other side. 


3-Jul-2012, Sechelt, BC:

These 4 bright orange lights were in the western sky towards Vancouver Island, perhaps over the chuck. We were driving when we first noticed them, there were 3-4, bright enough to be planets. Hard to say how high.

Since this 'sighting' seemed so unusual, we pulled over to the Sechelt waterfront near Mcdonalds.

They were moving, towards us initially, then seemingly away from us, and we observed them for 5 minutes. Quite bright, there was 4, then 3, then 2, finally only one, and as they disappeared fading out, flickering, then gone.

Truly a phenomenon, that seems to have been seen by others, and a search on google, shows some images - "4 bright orange lights".

Any idea what this might have been ????

3-Jul-2012, Creston, BC: (1:00 am)

Woke up at around 1 AM, and remembered that I had left my battery charger on in my shop. Threw on some pants and walked out to my shop. We have no yard lights, but a few solar lights that most had powered out by that time. As I got up to the shop, I noticed two red and white lights heading East. At first I thought airplanes, but they were not on any of the regular flight paths in the area.They were sort of on the same parallel, but were gaining distance between them at the same time. Of course there was no noise, but they were at high altitude. I watched them for a few minutes, and then headed back to the house. I then thought they may have been satellites, but I can't be sure. Just seemed to be on a different direction than the satellites and planes I see normally. Probably nothing special, but I figured I would send it in anyways.

9-Jul-2012, Aldergrove, BC: (2:30 am)

Me and my friends, we believe we have witnessed an alien invasion and attack. We saw several UFO's, the UFO's looked like green and red shooting stars.

9-Jul-2012, Coquitlam, BC: (2:00 am to 2:30 am)

Hello! my name is Martin, and on July 9 around 2:00am - 2:30am, I saw a giant flash of blue/white light enveloping my neighborhood, but let me start from the beginning though. At around that time I was watching "The Walking Dead" on my computer (great show by the way), and when I finished my last episode of the night, I decided to go to sleep and went to my bed. When I go to sleep, I usually stare at my window nearby to help me sleep. So while I was staring at the window to help me sleep, I saw a flash of blue/white light that seemed to envelop my whole neighborhood (or at least what appeared from my window). At first I was startled, but then I convinced myself that maybe it was lightning or something (which was stupid because there were no clouds during that day, it was hot as hell), then after maybe 5-10 minutes, another flash of blue light enveloped my neighborhood, but this time there seemed to be...... a glare..... that appeared in a part of my window. I dont know if that was from a my window reflecting the light weirdly or something. A good example of what the glare looked like is from this video at 1:08


(funny, that this video is also about aliens :)

Afterwards, when the light show was all over, I started hearing what appeared to be "hovering" sounds over my house, like from the movies. I convinced myself that maybe it was the wind..... god was I stupid that night...... lol

I am submiting this form because there seems to be another person in White Rock that seems to have experienced the same thing as I did, "Reported 14-Jul-2012 - 12-Jul-2012, White Rock, BC: (1:33 am)"

11-Jul-2012, Vancouver, BC: (1:35 am)

Red and blue pulsing light over north shore mountains - sat still for some time, then moved away slowly directly north over the mountains.

Very bright, and clearly changed colour between red and blue. Colour seemed in movement also.

Shape of object unclear due to distance but didn't seem symmetrical.

12-Jul-2012, Vancouver, BC: (11:30 pm)

I was using my Yukon night vision monocular and was viewing the night sky dowtown Vancouver at 1130 PM, looking at stars and hoping to snag a satellite, and who knows, a UFO. About 20 mins later I video reordered an object speeding very fast, at first I thought it was a meteor or comet, but it changed direction, then did a 360 spiral, slowed down and began once again to speed up and traveling in the opposite direction - wow! I was able to film only about 5 seconds of it, pixelated. I've seen these type of objects on the web and didn't really beleive until it happened to me. I would be happy to send the original MP4 file for you to view - do you have any idea what this could be? No doubt this object is high up because the lens was focused for the stars.

12-Jul-2012, White Rock, BC: (1:33 am)

My name is Matthew of White Rock/South Surrey, British Columbia, which is a hot spot for UFO activity. After I finished a tae kwon do workout and a few games of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in my parents basement, I came upstairs to the ground floor of my house. I had a quick snack to replenish any lost body weight and sugar and when I was finished, I looked to the right out into the backyard of the house and suddenly saw a bright blue light explode and disappear like a space ship just took off into the sky. I was very frightened at first, but soon realized that what ever it was, it probably wasn't hostile and was probably an observer or scout.

I then turned off all of the lights in the kitchen and walked up to my room, still confused of what I just saw. I eventually made it into my bed and while I was trying to fall asleep I glanced out my window and saw a bright flash of Yellow/White light in the distance through many trees. It seemed to cover a large radius of land, but I could not see all that it covered. After the flash of light occurred I heard what sounded to be a loud rumbling sound in the sky above sort of like thunder, but it was not thunder because it was not raining and it only lasted for a few seconds. It was almost like two space ships had taken off from ground level near my house.

I have no evidence of this on tape but it will always be stuck in my memory. I hope that I experience more events like this one I just described, hopefully a closer encounter.

Mid-July, 2012, Surrey, BC:

2 friends and I (3 total) were in the front yard of our property in Crescent Beach, when the sky was illuminated to the point that my vision (as I was looking in its direction) was almost completely blinded momentarily, and immediately after we heard a large crack down the street. We moved in time to see a large tree branch falling from a tree, and when we walked down the street to investigate it looked as though it had been broken off, as there were no signs of burning that would indicate lightning.
Later on that evening, as my family and I were eating dinner, as I was explaining what we had seen to them, a light illuminated the room and my mom saw the light through the front window. She described it as having originated from between our house on the bluff above the beach, and somewhere over the town proper, approx 100 - 150 feet above the ground. I checked the time, (9:13) in case it happened again, which it did around 10:15, again filling our whole house with light as my father and I were walking down the hall.

This is one of many sightings of strange lights / floating orbs around Crescent Beach, Kwomias Park and the tracks between Crescent and White Rock beaches.

20-Jul-2012, Vancouver, BC: (11:55 PM)

Standing on the SW corner of W. 42nd Ave & Blenheim Street while talking to a neighour, we noticed a bright
light moving across the sky. We thought at first it was a satellite but realized it was moving west to east and not south to north.

The object stopped, then like when you shine a light below a plate and then lift one side up and get a flash from the bottom as it's lit up, it's front end lifted, flashed an disappeared.

21-Jul-2012, Pemberton, BC: (9:45 pm)

Me and 2 friends went fishing all day on BlackWater Lake, north of Pemberton around Birken area. We left the lake around 8h45. Sky was all clear, few cloud but really good visibility. We were driving back heading to Pemberton, about 6 km before Mt Currie I saw a bright light up the sky between two mountains. It was kinda moving slowly and shining. I told my friend who was driving at the time ****Hey look up what is this??****  We got to stare at it for a good 6-7 seconds and then it faded out and gone.....!!!!

It was totally insane, I could feel it in me it was something other than a plane or satellite or star..! Me and my buddy could not believe what happenned. It was crazy.......!! Sighting was today July 21st 2012.

Please comment if you have witness this UFO. It got me curious, I will have a hard time to sleep tonight......!

26-Jul-2012, Vancouver, BC: (about 1 AM) (Kerrisdale area)

It was an overcast night sky. I've noticed 'other things' in the sky up around the Big Dipper when its overcast. What looked like a large 'black shadow' flew past. It was way too big to be a plane.

28-Jul-2012, Wokas Lake, BC: (11:30 pm)

Over the mountains appeared a bright light shining silver to red , red back to silver....it looked like a star at first but then began to rise slowly straight up into the sky....it then dissappeared in to the clouds as it was over cast at that time.  It did not move like a plane nor jet.  This was very eeerie.

August 2012, Port Coquitlam, BC: (9:30 - 10:00 pm)

The sighting were captured on my camcorder and were posted on the following You Tube:

These 2 objects seems to show up every night, around 9:30 & 10 pm, when the sky is relatively clear. They blinked red/white/green or blue lights during early evening and then glow to white during the late night. See description in You Tube videos.

I don't have a good zoom camera to capture their image closely. I hope that your team have better equipment to video them.

The general location where they showed up: 1) above the intersection of Lougheed Hwy and Shaughnessy St. and 2) Lougheed hwy and Pitt River Rd.

Note: These sightings were commented in the local newspaper and simply stated it was a "Japanese lantern"!

August 2012, Jaffrey, BC: (around 10:00 PM)

Dunno what it is, I also don't want to sound like some nutbar? Noticed it first about a week ago. Anyways, much larger than any other star, best guess at least 4 times bigger than any other, and much brighter being waaaay closer, has Red, Green and White/Amber segments in what appears to be a Triangle shape, Red lower right, green lower left and white/amber top, .....then few seconds later Red & Green switch sides but still on bottom. Low in the North Horizon visible just above the Mountains(Lizard Range), best guess/estimate is it's some where over the Bull River Valley ?

All other Stars move East to West over time as the earth rotates, noticed "whatever" had movement last night for first time (never appeared to move before on other nights), but last night it was definately moving West to East albeit very slowly. Thats the best I can do through my Bino's mounted on a garbage can for stability, then looking through and being careful not to touch anything for a clear "'boo at it" ....I am trying to find a telescope for tonight for a better look, Maybe get a photo through it if possible.

I'm 54, old, never seen anything like it, it is unlike any "star" I've ever seen. I'll keep you posted....gonna get a few neighb

4-Aug-2012, Maple Ridge, BC: (between 9:40 and 10:00 PM)

Hi. At about 9:40pm or there about, on aug 4 2012, my two girls were swiming in our above ground pool in the back yard. I was on the couch half asleep when I heard my oldest daghter scream "Daddy Daddy come see this!" I then jumped off the couch and ran to the patio door opened the sceen and ran outside at the same time my oldest daughter pointed to the night sky. To my suprise, there in the sky was a huge red sphere just hovering in place. It had a red orange glow to it and made no noise. It sat in place for about 4 minutes. I ran into the house and called my wife who was upstairs, she came down in time to see this thing dim down and start to move away, slowly at first and then speed away! It moved south-east gaining height at the same time.

7-Aug-2012, Sorrento Bay, BC: (3:34 AM)

Early morning 3:34 am. One large circular bright object and one smaller dim object spotted in the NE sky. They zipped back and forth in the NE sky for about 20 minutes. Then became stationary for another half hour with strobing colored lights and then zipped off Northwards. There has been recent activity for the past couple of days. This event was closer than the other previous nights. I was unable to get any visual confirmation through binoculars or telescope as to what exactly it was that I was watching.

10-Aug-2012, Mission, BC: (9 - 10 PM)

Hello. This is the worst video ever as it was taken from my cell phone. But yesterday we saw this white bright light low flying object ... than today again! We took a video it obviously is horrid. We then saw, about 20 minutes later, another bright light that we said "Hey, maybe its a satellite" but then it flashed a bright light, and then there were two other objects moving aside it....it really creeped us out. I don't think the video is going to work ...:( it won't load, maybe you can tell me how to shrink the video and send it?

11-Aug-2012, New Westminster, BC: (12:50 AM)

I saw a triangle shaped object 6 orange lights, not bright and not blinking. One on each corner and a circle in the middle with a light in the circle. It seemed almost like it was transparent and was pretty large. I noticed it after following a satellite and it came into sight moving faster then a plane. I saw it for about 5 seconds before running inside to get my sister. It was gone when I got back outside in less then 30 seconds.

11-Aug-2012, Sooke, BC: (between 9 and 10 pm)

As I always do late in the evening, I walked into my backyard to look up at the sky for a few minutes and marvel at the stars. It was very clear that night & I was hoping to catch some of the meteor showers that were apparently happening. As I looked north, over my ground level house & over the trees, I immediately noticed a very bright white light moving from left to right of my field of vision, which is roughly southwest to northeast. It was brighter than everything in the sky by a significant amount, and it was moving at about the same speed as an airliner (airliners fly overhead regularly, from east to west). If looking straight ahead is 3'oclock, my head was looking at about between 1 & 2 o'clock. This object was not high in the sky. I have never seen a bright light such as this moving through the sky. Some people have said it could be a meteor, however from my understanding meteors have a trail, resemble a ball of fire, & fall to earth. This was just a bright white light that maintained it's altitude. At arm's length, the size was roughly the size of the hole on an iphone where you stick your headphone jack. There was no sound, and I was able to reference both a small plane in the distance as well as a satellite that I think was moving southeast to northwest. The satellite was MUCH dimmer than this object, and the plane was obvious, noticeable due to it's flashing red light. I am skeptical this could be a satellite as I have seen many satellites at night from my yard, and I have never seen one this bright, or moving in this direction.

At the time I ran inside to get my binoculars. When I came out I am unsure if the object had changed course. When I was recalling the sighting I felt that it was moving west to east, but referencing trees it disappeared off in the distance heading northeast. The duration of the sighting was roughly 20 - 30seconds.

I cannot confirm the following with any certainty and generally do not mention this when I tell people simply because it's not verifiable as looking through binoculars at night is pretty shakey, but when I looked through the binoculars for a brief moment, the object looked to be a shape like this > except the formation was made of 5 square lights, with 1 at the point. 1 or 2 of the lights had a faint pale yellow glow, while the rest were white.

To summarize, the object was very bright, white, moved southwest to northeast silently, left no vapor trail, was brighter and larger than all other sky objects, and travelled at a speed similar to an airliner.

I would be very curious to know if anyone in Sooke or close by witnessed this or if anyone has info regarding what it might have been.

12-Aug-2012, Prince George, BC: (12:01 AM)

Around midnight I was thinking “hey the meteor shower is tomorrow I wonder if I can see anything” so I asked my dog if he needed to go outside. I let him out in the backyard and I looked up and the sky was cloudy, thought "darn, guess I wont see anything" but then I decided to go see if they sky is any clearer in the front and there was some broken clouds thought “cool maybe ill see some!”. Standing there seen some stars in the sky looking around, there is a big tree across the road from me and I see a white light moving at a good clip appeared from above the tree, thought it was a satellite and as normal I end up watching the satellite move across the sky then it just stops thinking “whoa that’s weird!” so I take out my phone to try and video tape it, as soon as I take out my phone it starts shining a bright red and blue and white color. I put my phone to record this and I'm trying to find it on my phone while keeping an eye on the object still sitting in the one spot. I can't find it with my phone so I look back up at it and its still shining the three colors and as I'm looking at it, it just disappears and never came back. I was thinking that, that was pretty odd so I stayed outside for a bit, and above the neighbors house I see two bright stars that caught my eye so I stared at them for a bit and I saw a couple meteor shoot across the sky in that direction. then the two stars disappeared. thinking my eyes are just playing tricks on me I blink hard a couple times and they slowly start shining again but instead of a white color they were blue, then they disappeared again and slowly came back only shining red. so I was like “I need someone to come see this!” so I run inside to tell my mom what I'm seeing so she comes outside and the 2 stars are gone! We stood outside for about 10 mins and never seen them, she went inside and I stayed outside for about 10 more mins and they never came back, there was no cloud cover where I saw them. I don’t know what they were, I don’t know if they are UFO’s but the first one I saw was making no noise what so ever.
I heard about this site a few weeks ago from a video on YouTube and thought you were the people to tell about this sighting.

12-Aug-2012, Salmo, BC: (3:00 am)

This is going to sound a little bit ridiculous at the start but please hear me out. My girlfriend and I were at a music festival called "Shambhala" that takes place in the mountains next to a small town called Salmo, BC. It was early in the morning, around 3 am, and the festival was at it's peak for the evening. There was me, my girlfriend, and our other friend who were hanging out and wandering around together. YES, we had all taken a small amount of mushrooms (This is where you probably want to shrug me off, but please don't). For the record, if you haven't done them before, you can tell the difference between reality and any kind of hallucination.

The three of us crossed the river, a little bit away from all the stages so we could sit on the beach and hang out. We were all leaning up against a log staring at the sky when I noticed something weird above us. I pointed it out and my friend looked towards where I was looking and said "what? that satellite?". I quickly said "that right there is no satellite", that's when I pointed my flashlight in it's direction and turned it on to the thing that looked like it was three orbs that were flashing green/blue/red in a triangle, a whole mess of colors in each orb. As I turned on my flashlight, the object started slowing down until it came to a complete stop. I kept my flashlight on it for about another 30 seconds and then I clicked it off. The three of stood/sat there and stared at this thing as it stayed motionless and I swear was staring right back at us. After about a minute and half it started slowly moving towards the mountains and we were all still trying to decipher what we were seeing... I turned my flashlight back on the object and it stopped again, that's when my girlfriend yelled "what the hell are you doing? turn it off, turn it off". I turned the light of and we paused and stared at this thing and it sat there, staring back at us. After about a minute, it started making it's way to the mountain again, it creeped up the mountain side and went over the horizon, barely. It was like that game you play with a cat, where  you peek over a piece of furniture and you barely make eye contact but you know you can see each other. We could see the top orb, hovering just a little bit over the horizon of the mountain. We stayed and stared at it until it just disappeared. 

This was an extremely vivid experience, the three of us still talk about it to this day and every single time I can't believe that we had actually seen what we did. I've done research to try and find similar sightings, but no luck. We haven't really told many people, mostly in fear of being looked at as a fool, or "Oh, you went to Shambhala and saw a UFO, while you were on mushrooms... right....".

12-Aug-2012, Prince George, BC: (9:40 PM)

At first it appeared to be a star, but noticed that it had velocity moving eastward at a speed of what seemingly might be a high-flying aircraft. The sky was clear, no wind, no noise - none what so ever - no aircraft contrail was sighted either. I have noted in the past that high-flying aircraft typically turn off their taking-off/landing lights once up and away - this ufo stayed highly lit for some time until it disappeared far out into the east. It's brightness could be best described as bright as Venus in the night sky. I thought perhaps it could be a man-made satellite however, this ufo was notably brighter than usual when compared to those satellites drawn from memory. Perhaps it was the International Space Station?

I am thankful for this web-page - to be able to tell my story to someone...

12-Aug-2012, Spence's Bridge, BC: (9:40 pm)

Well, I didn't want to report anything at first because I wasn't able to find out if anything man made flew over head that night.  But the reports out of Prince George were intriguing, particularly the 9:40PM event. We were just heading home from Vancouver on the No. 1 East to Prince Rupert coming out of the Fraser Canyon through Spence's Bridge when we were stopped by a flags person to inform us about an up to 45 minute delay just out side of town.  Figuring 45 minutes was less time to wait than it would take to reroute, we began to look for a payphone to call family and inform them of the delay. While my mother made the phone call on the payphone outside the Baits Motel, I snapped a picture of the sign and the actual hotel because I thought it was a neat little motel in the middle of nowhere (time 9:30pm 12 Aug 2012 as in photo info.). When she finished the phone call we noticed the cricket, just one cricket, sounding like any cricket would on our side of the road. All the other crickets, and I assume there where thousands, sounded frantic; emitting an unnaturally high frequency across the narrow dirt road. That's when I looked up to the the direction we came and saw a very large, very bright, very natural looking blueish-white light pass over our location, mountain-range to mountain-range. We knew about the meteor shower because we were able to witness some of them streak across the sky.  At first I assumed it was a planet, only the intensity of the light, the size being about 5 times the size of Jupiter (as seen with the naked eye) and the fact that it was moving at a pretty good rate directly over our location convinced me it was not. No red or blue lights, just quietly passing by; all we could hear were crickets. As it neared the opposite mountain range we noticed it turn a little to the right from our location before finally disappearing out of sight. Events up to the sighting would not have been more than 10 minutes long, the sighting itself only lasted about a minute, bringing us up to about 9:40 PM when we witnessed it travel eastward. I report 9:30 PM because that's what time is embedded on the photo of the motel. We also witnessed a blinking light that was closer, with red and blueish flashes along side us as we continued along the highway on the opposite side of the river. We did see some meteors from the shower zip by, but they were very small in comparison to the light we saw. I realize there was an airport a few hours out of Spence's Bridge because we stopped at a rest area for a quick sleep, but the light we saw travel over head was too high and too bright to be a plane.  Strange still there was a giant siren like light over a hill at this rest area we were at that some dogs in the distance would bark at every time it flashed over their area.  All in all it was a very strange night on the highway.

I was interested in the Prince George report of that night in hopes of a rough estimate of how far up it could have been, pending it were the same object.  I have been checking this site for reports on this night on a similar event and I thought it was very cool I stumbled across the PG event, so I decided to report what I saw in the Spence's Bridge, BC area.

13-Aug-2012, Sooke, BC:

HI, my name is Jeremy. I had read a sighting that is from the same day of my and my friends sighting. This is the one I read and is very similar.  (Reported 11-Sep-2012. 13-Aug-2012, Langford/Goldstream, BC: (10:25 pm)

It was Aug 13, 2012, I was in Sooke sitting on the beach star gazing with my friend who lives in Sooke, It was very clear and we could see thousands of stars and the milky way was bright. We were at the beach about 20 minutes when both of our heads were facing straight towards the ocean and upward toward sky when to the west we both noticed a huge bright light in the corner of our eyes. Both of us immediately turned our heads west and saw the huge bright explosion of orange light. The radius of the brightness and explosion was a larger radius then the sun or moon. It was about 500-1000 feet in the air, and I judged it to be within 2 miles since the size and brightness of the light and explosions. The brightness lasted only about 5 seconds of bright orange light. Almost like a explosion in the sky. Though what shocked me was that it made no noise at all, 5 seconds after the bright flash in the sky I stared directly at the spot it came from and noticed the orange light was still there hovering in a fixed position not moving. It went from the huge bright explosion to a small orange light that was far brighter then any star, even Sirius. It was about the size and and brightness of 3 or 4 Sirius's put together in one big star, only bright orange. After the bright explosion it dimmed to that size of about 3 or 4 Sirius's. Then about 10 seconds later it started moving in a North Northwestern direction, at what I would gauge was at least Mach 1 or speed of sound but could of been much faster. The orange orb light began to pulse as it moved away toward the north west, It pulsed in a sequence every 2 seconds it would pulse very bright orange and go very dim orange as it was moving very fast away to the north west, Towards what would be Port Renfrew. It took about 3 or 4 minutes to travel out of sight. Pulsing a bright orange light every 2 seconds. It must have pulsed about 100 times before it dissapeared out of sight and distance. It scarred me since I knew this wasnt any type of military jet or civilian, And to have such a massive size explosions without any noise and then move extremely fast without any noise. Also the pulsing and bright orange light is not something our planes use. Not even military. I know it was a ufo of some sort, If was some kind of new technological type of craft from usa it wouldnt be in the middle of nowhere in sooke, And also would not be so stupid as to identify its position so easily with such a bright pulsing light. I also read 2 other reports that others have seen orange and pulsing lights near Sooke. As for the bright explosion I cannot fathom what it could of been doing, It seem to be over a forest west of sooke. Not over any town or inhabited area. It would of been over top of near Kemp Lake. That is the approximate area it was hovering when the huge explosion of light happened then it pulsed the orange light on and off bright to dim as it flew away. Our planes do not have huge strobe pulsing lights. It was in intervals. I watched with my eyes peeled as it flew away. Every 2 to 3 seconds was a bright pulse about the size of 5 Sirius's  Then dim to the size of a Sirius type star. Every 2 or 3 seconds was this strange pulsating as it was going very fast to the northwest. I know it was a ufo and freaked me way out. Since ive never seen one before. And I was so afraid I forced my friend to drive out of sooke away from her home so that no matter what we would be safe. I was taking every precaution to make sure to stay away from the area, That is how afraid I was. It seems someone else seen the exact same orange light the same night besides my friend. And that was the post I had referred to. I am a Buddhist and I would not ever lie. These are true accounts, I vow on my life, My beliefs and the spirits I believe in that this is true.

13-Aug-2012, Langford/Goldstream, BC: (10:25 pm)

I was walking my two dogs at night on my usual path down a dark road near Goldstream campground on Aug. 13, 2012. As I looked into the night sky as I usually do, I witnessed a number of meteorites as it was the tail end of the meteorite shower. But then I noticed a bright, light orange orb, that at first looked like maybe a plane. It came from the Sooke/Leechtown area (northwest) and was travelling east towards mt. finlayson. There was no sound, and just as I questioned the fact that it could be a ufo, it stopped dead in its tracks!! My hair stood up on my back and my eyes started watering, as they are right now!!! it almost seemed like it was listening to my thoughts?? Then it continued moving but in a zig-zag pattern first up then down. It continued zig-zagging in short up and then down spurts, until it disappeared over mt. finlayson heading west towards mt. baker/vancouver area. 5 minutes later when i got home I saw another one, this time from the south shooting north across the sky and way higher in the air, starting low and instantly shooting up into the sky with the stars. It travelled about 4 times the speed of a satellite and stopped straight above me. It stopped in that exact spot doing figure eights for about 5 minutes. I felt as if it was watching me!! so so crazy. It slowly climbed higher, doing figure eights until it was too high to see. This is where my night got weirder. A craft, that appeared to be a stealth bomber came flying over the Olympic mountains from washington, and hovered really really low. It had three lights on it in a triangular shape. Lights were red, green and white. I assumed it was military?? searching for these sightings, but I've recently heard of other people seeing this type of craft? I honestly thought it was a stealth bomber, but it made zero noise now that i think back, and it was creepy low for the area i live in. I went onto youtube and started searching and blogging about my sighting and watching other bc sightings, when my internet went out, after about 5 minutes of youtubing ufo sightings. I intantly thought, "is the government spying on me" lol. I called shaw cable 24 tech line to find out what the frick was up, to only discover that 10,000 internet connections in my area had been lost from sooke to my house!!! The exact area I saw these ufos!!! They had no explanation for this?? the fellow i spoke to was interested in my story which creeped me out even more. about 5 minutes later a loud explosion down the street, which sounded like a transformer over loading???? This was around 1:00 am by now. The next evening there was a similar light at dusk that flew in the exact pattern as my first sighting the night before. This one was very smooth in flight and kept a more steady path. I am so thankful that I found this sight and am able to share my story with people that have experienced similar sightings. I've always believed and often have prayed to see one, and these sightings were my first and have changed me for the better! There was a ctv news story the following day, as a fellow in campbell river and another guy in nanaimo seen similar sightings that night as well!!! Something is happening folks, this is very real! Cheers and thanks for listening!

17-Aug-2012, Vancouver, BC: (8:45 PM)

About eight different flying objects - glowing orange - originating from the North Shore area flew up over English Bay and then disappeared out of sight. There were two fairly close together and the others were one at a time. They did not move like a plane but much slower and the orange glow was unusual - I shot some video footage with my cell phone.

17-Aug-2012, Vancouver, BC: (9:30 - 10:00 PM)

I saw some strange lights over English Bay last at about 9:30-10:00 pm. The lights were bright orange. At about 9:30 pm while watching tv I glanced out my window and saw a 'strange' orange light. It was not a plane. Didn't think much of it until a few seconds later another light appeared, then another, then another. At one point there were 4 lights total. They disappeared, then 5-10 minutes later 2 orange lights appeared. They were not moving fast. They did not hover. There was no reflection on the water. They seemed to just appear then reappear over a time span of 1/2 hour. I tried to take a photo, but the shutter speed on my camera was not set correctly. I got this photo which was taken at aperture 6.3 shutter speed 5 seconds. This light is obviously moving. Also I was hand holding the camera at a shutter speed of 5 seconds which would account for some of the movement.

Between 10-10:30 after the mysterious light show a few planes (or maybe 1 plane circling the area) were above English Bay. I have taken hundreds of photos of fireworks on English Bay even at slow shutter speeds and have never seen a pattern like this? Flare??? Oddly enough when doing a google search of strange lights over English Bay I found this article. Someone else living near the beach saw an orange light over English Bay later last evening at around midnight, and described the light as strange.


Hard to tell from my photo what it was. Anytime I have seen flares go up from boats on English Bay they are usually red in color and cast a huge reflection on the water. There was no reflection at on the water from these lights. Did anyone else see these lights last night??? FYI: I do not use drugs, nor was I drinking last night.

Orange Light Over English Bay

17-Aug-2012, Abbotsford, BC: (9:50 pm)

On the night of August 17, 2012, I was stargazing with my binoculars. I bought one recently. After my first UFO sighting two years ago (16-Oct-2010, Abbotsford, BC: (7:32 pm) I decided it was necessary. It was pleasant night. I saw a couple of airplanes. I was lying on a blanket on our balcony and I successfully located the stars Vega, Deneb and Altair thanks to Stellarium software. The sky was hazy. There was light pollution from the city of Abbotsford so the stars of much smaller magnitude were seen only with binoculars. I spent an hour or so outside, enjoying the night breeze after a hot (33°C) day. I was looking mainly straight up and a bit east. At one time I saw an airplane without the usual green and red lights on the wings. Instead it had two white steady lights on the wings and flashing red in the middle. What kind of plane could be that one? I've seen them before, flying relatively low, fast and can be heard? It was flying from west to east. The time was probably around 9:50 PM, sorry can't tell the exact time!

Not long after 10:05 PM exactly my eyes were attracted by a brilliant white light. It was three times larger than the beautiful Venus, which can be seen on the eastern horizon these days, early in the morning. It moved quickly, comparatively low, maybe the same elevation as the plane I saw, because I had to adjust the binoculars for much closer view than stars. It flew in the same direction - East. I tried to follow the light with binoculars but could not manage to get just a glimpse, so I watched it with my bare eyes for a few more seconds. All sighting lasts 10 seconds. No sound at all. It seems like the light slows down for a couple seconds then faded away long before to disappear of sight by natural way, (I mean the presence of the haze was good enough to hide it at some point).

It looked like an orb, I can't tell the shape of the object, just bright white, steady light. Very beautiful, very brilliant! If I have to objectify its trajectory it passed right between constellations of Cygnus and Cepheus but at lower latitude.

Please, excuse my English; it is not my first language!

Best Regards!

17-Aug-2012, Cameron Lake, BC: (10:30 pm)

It was a clear night and you could see every star in the sky.  I first noticed a Huge Bright Object in the sky moving very fast.  I asked my husband to look as I was amazed how bright it was.  I thought it was a satellite but then every minute there were other objects but smaller not as bright moving across the sky.  I counted 8 of them. I was amazed.

18-Aug-2012, North Vancouver, BC: (10:00 am)


In searching on the internet to see if anyone mentioned what we saw today, I have come across your site. We have not seen anything that is alarmingly spectactular. It was a small white dot in the morning sky. I first noticed it while lying on my back in a swimming pool a little before 10:00 am. Told my husband about it and neither of us could figure out what it was. It was quite high up but not above a small patch of hazey clouds. This dot just seemed to hover in the same area but occassionally turned about in basically the same postion.  When it did this, with the naked eye, it looked as if it might have three sections - maybe like a triangle but then it went immediately back to looking like only one dot. It was too high to be a hang glider and did not move like an airplane. It hovered for what was probably about fifteen minutes since I spotted it.

I went and got my camera, asking my husband to keep an eye on it. I have a small digital camera so could not zoom in very well. However, I do see the dot in the picture.  Hope you can too although it does not tell really anything. It is to the right of the hazey clouds. This spot was not as high as those clouds for we thought we might lose sight of it when it started slowly moving. Instead it passed in front of the clouds so we could see it the whole time. Once back into the clear blue sky it just kept moving very slowly to the southwest and then all of a sudden we could not see it anymore.

Do you think it might have been a weather balloon?  Not sure what they would look like nor whom we could contact to see if there was one in the sky over the North Shore on Saturday morning, August 18th. Thank you for your time.

August 18 2012

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for the sighting report and the attached picture. Can you tell me roughly what direction you were facing? Where was this spot in relationship to the Sun? And you saw it just before 10 AM?


Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, we saw it before 10:00 am as we were in the swimming pool. I first noticed it in the clear blue sky when floating on my back. Asked my husband what it was. Neither of us knew what it would be and wondered if it was a weather balloon. The sun was to the east of us and this white spot was to the west. We are in the Capilano Road area of North Vancouver and this was not directly overhead but to the west over West Vancouver. That is where we first noticed it, and when it started to move it went very slowly towards the southwest and then disappeared. There were no clouds in that area, only blue sky.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for the additional information. My initial thought was that it was the planet Venus, which can be seen in the daytime, if you know where to look. However, the direction you saw it, and its movement rules out Venus. I tried zooming in but but couldn't obtain more information. It remains an unknown object.

Dave Pengilly

20-Aug-2012, Kelowna, BC: (9:20 pm)

I stepped outside with my dog, looked up at Black Mountain (facing east) and saw a very large round light hovering to the south of the mountain. it was about a quarter the size of a full moon and had a contained white light to it, not a glaring light. it seemed stationary and was large. Within a couple of minutes it took off into the sky in a straight line of light, up and out into outer space within a couple of seconds. I know it sounds crazy, but it was like a ship from star wars in hyper drive...whatever they call it, a dead straight line into space. I can't look into the night sky the same way again.

23-Aug-2012, West Vancouver, BC: (10:45 pm)

Out back with dog and looking up at the stars. As I am in city they are never very plentiful or bright. Notice what I first thought to be a satellite moving from South to North. It seemed to be moving at a slightly faster pace than other satellites I have seen. Just as it passed the star I was using for a referrence I see a flash from it, it then turned sharply towards the east and did a 360 circle and then headed east again and just seemed to disappear.

24-Aug-2012, Vancouver, BC: (8:50 - 9:10 pm)

My husband and I were on the roof of our 27th floor building and my husband first spotted this thing coming up from what looked like Kits beach. He said the way it came up from the beach was so werid. He said to me, "Hey, look at this thing. What do you think it is?" Then it started moving towards us and the way it hovered and the colouring and shape were like nothing either one of us had seen before. There was no sound and it would come really close to us and then suddenly disappear. It either went in a direction that we couldn't see the lights or it just disappeared.

At one point it hovered downtown for a while and then suddenly, there it was again. The lights were almost translucent and white with red. The shape changed as it moved towards us and at one point, it looked like it was stopped right above us and it looked like a sliver and then it disappeared again.

The last sighting of it was the best. It was moving straight towards us. It stopped for what seemed like minutes. It was mezmorizing. It was definitely something we'd never seen before.

It definitley wasn't an airplane or a helicopter because first of all, it wasn't on any flight path and there was no sound coming from it. It was so close to us (200 ft off the ground) that it was almost spooky.

26-Aug-2012, White Rock, BC: (8:30 - 9:00 pm)

We were walking home on the boardwalk when I noticed the bright orange lights of an aircraft and said to my brother-in-law, what is that?  He said it was a helicopter and I said helicopters don't fly at that altitude normally over White Rock.  Besides it was silent and there were no flashing lights or underlights and this was one solid sphere-like object.  Then we noticed another one coming in a straight line at the same high altitude, then another one spaced 1-2 kms apart (hard to judge exact distance).  We stopped and begain talking to a couple who were also looking at the strange spectacle.  They said they had counted 10 of them.  The gentleman said he had observed the same sighting over a lake at Terrace, BC.  It was if they were floating and there was no noise.  It looked like they disappeared into the cloud cover as the lights faded.  Just when we thought they had all passed, another final one came along.  It was surreal.

31-Aug-2012, East Vancouver, BC: (about midnight)

A boomerang or V shaped object floated above our house, became transparent then completely vanished.

2-Sep-2012, White Rock, BC:

four in a row... orange balls hovering then disappearing we need someone to look into this!

2-Sep-2012, White Rock, BC: (around 10 pm)

Sitting on a deck 2 blocks from the beach a bright orange light appeared in the sky over the ocean, it came towards the shore went over the house then disappeared, a moment later another one appeared in the same place, again it slowly moved over in the same direction and disappeared in the same place, again for a 3rd time, and again on a 4th time, but on the fourth time, it came towards our direction, then changed direction towards point roberts and came lower to the ground. It is all on video on my iphone. There were four of us that witnessed this and can not come up with any other possible thing this may be. It was no plane, helicopter, hot air balloon etc. I do have video, but it doesnt do it justice for what we saw with our own eyes. When I realized that there were reports of the same thing last Sunday on White Rock Pier and it was actually put in the Surrey Now Newspaper as a UFO sighting I was stunned. 

I would like to speak with someone please.

6-Sep-2012, Langley, BC: (11:00 pm)

It was about 11 pm on thursday sept 6 2012. I was driving west down 72 and 200 in langley/surrey. I noticed 3 orange glowing objects, they were in a perfectly straight line with the same amount of spacing between them. In the process of me pulling out my phone to either take a photo or film it they disappered....within a 10 sec time frame. I pulled over to double check and make sure I wasnt seeing things but i noticed no stars,planes or anything that would resemble what I saw and I saw nothing. I'm a firm believer of ufo and all that cuz theres more to life then what we know. I'm not looking for an answer. It just be nice to know I'm not the only one who witnessed it. People been saying I'm crazy but I saw what I saw.

7-Sep-2012, Lake Cowichan, BC: (11:15 pm)

I was with my family camping at pine point campground approx 4 km from Youbou BC. We were staying at campsite #30 which offers a nice view up cowichan lake, looking west. The kids were in their tents so I grabbed a beer and decided to watch the stars as I have done at this location in the past. There is a nice sandy spot against a log. I looked down the lake and I saw what I thought was a star, was about the size of venus in the spring and was rapidly blinking red, blue and green. I first thougt it may be a really bright star or an airplane. There was no wind and it was silent. I watched it for a few minutes then I noticed it was indeed moving. It was moving from side to side and up and down, and appeared to be moving in tight circles or a star/cross pattern. It never moved long distances so I thought my eyes were playing tricks. I looked away for a few mins and looked back and it was indeed moving up and down. I watched it for about 15 minutes, then returned to my fire at the campsite. After about 10 more mins I returned to the beach and it was gone. It was quite high in the sky, possibly over the far end of the lake. Quite strange. Any thoughts?

15-Sep-2012, Vancouver, BC: (8:00 pm)


My name is Cat and my brother - in - law Max and I just saw a U.F.O  - like - 20 minutes ago! I live in Vancouver on 33rd & Nanamio. We KNOW we are not CRAZY as we BOTH saw the same thing TWICE!!!!! The sky was still blue, (dusk), and we were watching the 1st star (in the west) coming out, when all of a sudden my brother-in-law goes ( and I saw it too - as he was saying it ) "What is that  to the right?????" We saw a bright light to the right of the 1st star soooo bright we just stared .... and within seconds it was like someone pulled a plug on a Christmas light - BANG! It was gone!! So anyway, we are like - "OMG did you see THAT??" Then about a maybe a minute later - we saw further to the left of the original - a quick flash - like if you turned a light on & off really fast!!

It is 8:40 as I am reportin this to you, Sept. 16th 2012, so I guess the "happening" would be about 30 to 40 mins. ago. PLEASE let us know if anyone else reported seeing anything O.K?

17-Sep-2012, Burnaby, BC: (9 pm)

Last evening, Sept.17th about 9:00 pm, I was near Pandora and Holman Street in Burnaby chatting to someone in front of his house when a bright oblong-shaped light suddenly appeared as I was looking briefly in a SW direction. The light or object was at about a 30 degree angle moving East to West and heading towards the ground.  Before there was any impact it blinked out.

19-Sep-2012, North Vancouver, BC: (9:05 pm)

On September 19, 2012 I was sitting out on the back porch at 9:05 PM, looking at Grouse Mountain, when a single brilliant white light appeared overhead, heading north. It was flying at approximately 3000 feet, at about 50-60 kph. No strobes were seen. The strange thing is: the moment my eyes began to study the object, it accelerated to bullet speed, and shot off over the mountain, disappearing in the blink of an eye. It almost looked as if it shrunk to a pinpoint in place, as it sped off in a straight line perpendicular to my field of vision. Then there was a very brief flash of white light, far off behind Grouse Mountain. Amazing and beautiful.

29-Sep-2012, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)

Clear evening, sky gazing while taking out trash, looking up and above the North toward N Shore mountains and see 2 dim stars fairly close together and notice one seems to be moving ever so slightly. I gauge the movement by the powerlines in the alley within the same scope of vision. Said star appears to be fading while moving in a perpendicular, upward direction and disappears. Had it been a satellite, it would have been moving from W to E at a fair clip, as I have seen satellites pass in the same  sky/area/direction as the fading star.

Oct-2012, North Vancouver, BC:

I took these pictures in October 2012 for a pilot show (Red Widow) shot on the marina in North Vancouver where I live. I took some picture at the same time, and only on this one we can see a green light. I asked to the Director if it was a device from the show and he told me not, probably a reflect in the clouds. I will be curious to have your point of view. If you need a better quality of course I can provide it.

Thank you for your time!

Green light

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Philippe,
Given the colour of the light and the reflection pattern, I can comfortably say it is a green coloured laser being fired from the ground up to the cloud cover (notice the dot at the center and the dispersion around into the cloud).

Thank-you for the photo!


1-Oct-2012, New Westminster, BC: (8:58 pm)

I saw an unusual object and light or possibly lights in the sky on Monday October 1st 2012 in the North to North East part of sky and viewed from New Westminster B.C near 6th Street and Royal Avenue.

This rather large object that appeared to have possibly several usually white lights circling or encompasing and accompanying this object at the same time. The light seemed to spin around this dark object rapidly. The object seemed almost like a sillouette in the night sky and if I had to guess the shape I would say more closer in shape to a triangle than a circle or oval. This object (or objects) were miles from New Westminster upwards in the night sky but it caught my eye. Of course, it's hard to discribe something that you cannot gauge against something else that you have never seen before, but the movement of this object put me in absolute awe. Nothing I've ever seen before moved with such agility as this object displayed tonight.

The object simply slid into view very quicky; at first I thought Walmart must have been having a midnight sale with the light that caught my attention this object didn't appear to have flown across the sky it just sort of arrived literally sliding into view. The white light or lights encompassing this object spin rapidly around it while I viewed it. As it flew, it performed (a sliding movement & motion) slight dips bumps jolts leftward then slide right and zoomed away as quickly. It certainly didn't move in a straight line that's for sure. When it took a turn or slide right it headed off towards possibly North Burnaby or Ioco region of the Lower Mainland.

4-Oct-2012, Burnaby, BC: (11:50 am)

It was far up in the distance, it was small, white and oval in shape.  It was very high up in the clear bright blue sky, on a very sunny day.  Not one cloud could be seen. I was just crossing the street at Rumble and Roslyn when I looked up at the sky and saw the ufo and just within a few seconds of sighting it, it just disappeared.

7-Oct-2012, James Bay, Victoria, BC: (1:40 am)

I was just taking a look outside before bed and noticed a large bright red light moving across the sky. It looked odd so I went out to my balcony to watch it. I couldn't hear anything, but it looked pretty high up. The light was constant and never really blinked like a plane would. The light started to fade about 45 seconds later and then it disappeared or at least the light did.

16-Oct-2012, Kin Beach, Comox, BC: (3 - 4 pm)

Went to go out paddleboarding with a friend and saw a strange cobweb like substance. It was covering the paddle and sticking to my hands and hat. It was floating in the air in strange formations that were almost stiff floating slowly everywhere, I looked back at land and they continued on for about 300 m in every direction. It was hard to paddle without it getting stuck all over me. We grabbed some to identify, it was stretchy and cotton like, it balled up when rubbed between my fingers. My roomate and her boyfriend came in from their canoe ride and had noticed the same thing. I decided to google it to make sure it wasn't chem trails and came across angelhair. It describes it perfectly, not to mention the other angel hair sightings were also in mid October. Just want to know if there were any UFO sightings to determine if this was in fact angel hair.

28-Oct-2012, White Rock, BC: (7:30 pm)

Water and  islands blended in the darkness. Southwest of White Rock towards Saturna Island. Quite a distance in that direction, a glowing  orange orb (like a fireball) rose from that area, went up a short distance then continued northeast towards White Rock peninsula. It continued in a crescent shaped path parallel to the water all the while a glowing orb. This sighting must have lasted a minute and a half. It continued northeast when it stopped glowing to become a bright orange ball then went straight up and disappeared in to the clouds.

30-Oct-2012, Terrace, BC: (2 pm)

Outside northwest Community College, looking north, on a clear bright cold day, a companion and I saw two eagles soaring high above, circling, either hunting, or, because they were so very high, enjoying thermalling, gliding. Then I spotted another bird, higher still, white in colour (although my companion later said it was silver).

I said, "Look at that light-coloured one, must be a baby."

It stopped circling, went straight down for a short while, then disappeared.

31-Oct-2012, Dilly Creek, BC:

Outside camp in morning, when sun was up, saw two ufo's hovering above tree line. A helicoptor from qwest came in camp at the same time and was mostly likely at exact same altitude at that time. They continued to drift down the tree line as far as I could see. Others in helicoptor most likely witnessed it as well.

Nov 2012, Mackenzie, BC: (about 8:30 - 9:00 pm)

A co-worker and I, after a day of work, were sitting on our balcony facing North towards Morfee Lake. It was about 8:30 - 9 pm, and we noticed a orange/red light just above the trees, and heading slowly south along the lakes. Not thinking much of it, besides that it was silent, we didn't think about it. It was about 15 mins later, and another rises from the trees, and then another. One floated just about the treeline, but below the top of the mountain south, the other one flew straight upwards, then turned 90 degree's, south, and floated with the other object. The fact that there was no sound, really brought it to our attention.

Nov-2012, Vancouver, BC: (about 11 pm)

I guess I'm what you would call a 'Sky Watcher' and with that said on Nov. 6th, 8th and 9th x 2, 2012, at approximately 11 pm (see map), while watching the sky I've seen a small 'point of light' travelling West at about 30 degrees. It then pauses and makes a 60 degree turn to the South at a speed of approximately 0 to infinity in 3 seconds.

On Nov. 2nd, 2012 at approximately 10:55 pm I saw the same object this time traveling North, pausing and then turn East disappearing at the same speed.

I've witnessed increasing actively in the night sky over Vancouver's West Side IE. Kerrisdale/Dunbar/Southlands and have seen, with others, various unidentifiable objects that are neither Satellites or Aircraft.

Vancouver point of light

3-Nov-2012, Vancouver, BC
: (8:30 pm)

I was coming home from a beer run (lol) in my neighbourhood of hastings sunrise. I live a couple blocks south east of Hastings and Nanaimo. I was walking south down my street, when I thought I had seen a star constellation. It took me about 3 seconds to realize that this was no constellation.

It was 5 red orbs, which were strong enough to shine through the cloud cover. They slowly shifted formation, in seemingly random patterns. I watched this for about ten minutes, trying to take some pictures or videos, but my iphone is just not a suitable camera for this kind of thing. One by one each orb began to disappear, as if they just faded into the clouds. I kept looking for about ten minutes but they did not re-emerge. It seemed that this was occurring above south van or richmond.

This is the second time I have seen something like this, the first being a solo red orb, in the same area of sky as tonights incident. This red orb was earlier in the evening, when the sun was still setting. The light of the orb appeared to be contained, as if it didnt gleam or flicker. It slowly deviated left to right for a while until it suddenly shot up into the sky.

I would really love to know if anyone else has seen anything like this in this area.

19-Nov-2012, Langford, BC: (3:48 am)

This happened on November 19th, 2012 at exactly 3:48 am. I live on top of Bear Mountain in Langford BC. My apartment faces South East (overlooks the golf course). I was lying in bed in the darkness, my windows open a crack (I could hear the rain outside), and my blinds were at an angle so that I could see the outline of the trees outside.

I was staring towards the ceiling and I saw a flash of light from outside. The light filled my entire window. My first thought was that it was lightening. About ten seconds later, there was another flash (at which point I realized it was not, or very unlikely to be lightening), and about five seconds afterwards I heard a very distant "boom" (it was not the familiar crack of thunder that I'm familiar with). The sound wasn't very loud - it seemed to be at a distance, and I doubt I would have heard it had my windows been closed.

I rolled over and stared out the window, waiting to see if it would happen again. About sixty seconds later, there was one more flash, followed by another 'boom' a few seconds afterwards. The flashes were not typical of the lightening that I've seen before. It seemed to be more of a bright flash that sort of dimmed down (much like a flashbulb on an old hollywood type camera).

I'd witnessed these flashes twice before (in the last two months), both times at very early times in the morning, and both times there was only one flash with no sound associated with it. I assumed that I'd seen a rogue lightening flash, but after last night, I'm fairly certain that this was not lightening.

I have no idea what I saw.... and I'm wondering if it was a military practice or something of that sort? Or perhaps it's a type of lightening and thunder that I'm not familiar with? Has anyone else seen anything like this?

20-Nov-2012, North Vancouver, BC: (5 pm)

I've just seen a series of 3 brightly flashing lights from my window, I'm looking what would be south east towards burnaby, these were really bright flashes, like lightening but no sound was heard, and they were too contained to be lightening....very weird, then I saw either a helicopter or small plane lights in that vacinity seemingly circling the area.

6-Dec-2012, Glade, BC: (10:20 pm)

While sitting in our hot tub with a starry sky above us, my mom first noticed over top the mountain range a large odd cluster of lights seeming to be stationary. She then had time to say to me, "What is That?", so I turned to see it as well and it was not moving at first - just sitting there. It was shaped like a large rectangle almost ruler like. Totally covered in lights from one end to the other. Possibly having more then one set of lights, and very bright! It hovered for maybe 40 to 45 seconds then backed up and vanished before it cleared the mountain top. Would love to know if anyone else saw this.

23-Dec-2012, Richmond, BC: (12:45 pm)

I live in Richmond, BC and my view of my townhouse faces West. I am not too far from the direct overhead flight path of the aircraft for Runway 08R/27L (South runway) at YVR. I see aircraft taking off and landing all the time. This afternoon Dec.23, 2012 at 12:45 pm I saw an object moving slowly from East to West. It was slower than any aircraft taking off or landing. It had to be about 4000 to 5000 feet above the airport area. I noticed it as a 777 was taking off. It continued West until it got too far for me to focus any longer.

The colour was black, solid dark black but the cloud cover is a saturated white, bright grey making most objects in the sky a darker colour. However, the object had clear edges, no blurriness. To describe it best would be to look at the picture reported 20-Sep-2012 13-Apr-2012, Coquitlam, BC: (8:05 pm). The shape wasn't saucer like but more taller than wider.

I should say I am an employee at YVR and my aviation knowledge is more than the average person. Having worked at airports and mainly YVR in my career, I have a good sense of where aircraft fly, the speed they fly and judging their distances. The path this object took is not a flight path nor does the helicopter operators fly that route either.

25-Dec-2012, Houston, BC:

It was just after christmas dinner that my cousin and I went outside to have a cigarette, when we looked up at the sky and saw 3 orange lights that made a triangle. The lights were orange and the 3 individual lights never moved. The triangle flew about 2km and then just disappeared from sight into the clouds. It was followed by one more orange light that moved very fast then that light disappeared into the same place as the triangle and then nothing.