UPDATED - September 22nd, 2019

2011/2012, Saanichton, BC:

Hey, my name is John. Back in about 2011 or 2012 when I was teenager I was long boarding home one very late night or early morning down Island View Road. I had my head phones in listening to some music and I noticed out of the corner of my eye to my left a triangle with red or green lights at each point. It was flying very low over some houses and a blue farm house (you may know the one, Firbank Farm). I actually didn't think much of it as some people fly those small helicopters around here (maybe a little odd this late) until it got closer. I figured I should have heard something by that time because it was so close so I took my head phones out and what would you know, it was dead quiet. I stopped and watched it fly towards the ocean and behind the trees that head up the hill towards Island View Beach. I saw it make a hard right turn and I could see the lights peeking through the trees as it went along. It flew very slow and low to the ground but the thing that really had me scratching my head was that it was so close yet made no noise at all. This is the only time I've ever seen something odd like that flying around. I will say however that I am a huge skeptic when it comes to UFO and aliens and things of the "paranormal". I don't believe in that stuff at all. All I can say is this was truly an unidentified flying object.

This happened in Saanichton on Island View Road. I was traveling west and the object was also traveling west parallel to me about 150 meters to 200 meters to my north. It traveled about 500 meters until it was behind the trees at the end of the road before turning south and continuing on until it was out of sight.

2-Jan-2011, Vancouver, BC: (7:05 pm)

I saw an object in the south west sky moving in a forward motion and it looked like it was on fire or some kind of amber flame like color. it then stopped in motion and stayed in one place, it was too high in the sky to be a helicopter . it burned bright for about one minute or so and the light got dimmer and dimmer until it disappeared in the sky in the place it stopped.

2-Jan-2011, Abbotsford, BC: (about 8:30 pm)

On January 2nd, 2011 at approximately 8:30pm Pacific Standard time, I heard my husband yelling for me several times to come out on our back deck (I was in the bathroom at the time and thought there was an emergency or something, he doesn't usually yell like that).

What we both witnessed was an extremely bright orange fireball traveling slowly across the sky, from North to South. I managed to see it too for about 30 seconds, before it arced and was obscured by buildings. It was a brilliant orange fire colour and I asked my husband if he thought it was a small plane that had caught fire. He stated no, as there appeared to be no "tail", it was too round.

The height of it could have been about 2,000 feet but hard to tell. It definitely wasn't a meteor, or space debris entering the earth's atmosphere, which we've seen many times before. It was very silent and moving slowly as though with purpose.

9-Jan-2011, Surrey, BC: (about 6:40 pm)

Driving west on hwy 1, my 2 passengers and I noticed a triangular shaped grouping of deep amber coloured lights on the south side over surrey. We saw about 7-9 of these lights. I continually glanced over at them until we had passed out of view. As I watched, they seemed to move from a triangle shape into a straight line. I, too, noticed a plane fly near these lights. In spite of the low position in sky, I was fairly certain I was not seeing cell towers or any new construction. The lights had an undulating quality rather than flashing or even constant like on a crane. They didn't change colours, either. They were all the same deep amber, unlike the port and starboard lights oh the plane that flew past them. This is the 1st time I've ever seen such unusual lights. I read reports of fireballs visible in skies near us over the same period but, I'm not convinced that's what saw.

9-Jan-2011, Surrey/Langley, BC: (6:58 - 7:05 pm)

I saw multiple orange lights, circular in appearance, they were moving in a westerly direction. What first caught my eye was it almost appeared to look like the big dipper but with orange stars, which seemed odd to me. As I kept looking I noticed they were moving. They kind of formed a line and all headed for a general area in the sky, hung around and then statred to fade away. For the next several minutes a few more kept coming from the east, one came from behind and caught up with another and then moved past. No audible sounds came along with what I saw. Thankfully I ran to the neighbors to get them to come and see... but to my relief they were already watching the event unfold. I just want someone to explain what I saw...until that happens they were U.F.O.s

9-Jan-2011, Langley, BC:

I was on the computer and heard my mum shouting to come outside, thinking it was just something silly. But something in her voice made me think twice. I ran outside to meet 4 other family members (ages ranging from 28 to 54) who witnessed the same thing and none of whom had seen anything like it. We live in the East area of Surrey BC, many people driving on 88th Avenue or Hwy 1 or 176th Street would have seen it - there was a small plane circling as well who could not have missed it....

At first we thought it was flares or something falling out of the sky but to look closer there were three balls of fire in the sky then another bigger one moving much faster from the east, then another and another they were moving very fast and none seemed to be falling, just moving from east to west, no sound and just a smooth movement. It didn't look like a plane on fire it didnt look like anything any of us could explain...

They came from the east, very rapidly and then slowed down at a steady rate, all ten or so turned south at the exactly the same place then slowly faded out...at one point two of them stuck together and kinda moved from side to side. We have video but it's not the best. We are all still trying to explain what we saw but to no avail.

As in response to the posting in Abbotsford and Vancouver on the 2nd of January, it gave me goosebumps - you described it to the T as to what we saw.

Please write in if you saw anything similar.

18-Jan-2011, Mud Bay, BC: (8 pm - 1 am)

Mud bay highway 99 -91 mud bay bog area. Strange aircraft seemed to be about 6 of them coming in from different directions, low flying, no noise maybe 500 - 1000 feet slow moving large. Myself and another witness got one good look at one of them, looked like a bat wing or stealth jet, but eerily quiet, before I say too much more on the matter i would like to find someone who can analize some cell phone video I have,v ery strange, someone else must have seen something, or am i mistaking this for??????/what? Anyone with anymore info please contact me, I'd really like to put these videos uner a microscope so to say.

5-Feb-2011, Naniamo, BC: (3:46 am)

Partly cloudy sky, and still very dark outside. Standing on the porch, feeding the local deer an apple. (Knows it's illegal now. Too bad.) Lives in Country Club area. Was looking North-bound, towards the forest/river area nearby and saw a disc-shaped object in the sky.

Thought I may have been seeing spots, rubbed my eyes more then once and looked again. We usually have a clear view of the stars as long as you face your back towards the other buildings (which we are). Object (at arms length) was about as large as my thumb nail. Assuming it was quite far away. Watched for 10minutes, only looking away twice. Once to rub my eyes, and another because the deer ran off and jumped over the fence. Disc was still there when I looked back, and still "swaying" and flying back and forth within a guessed distance of a mile from where it was. One mile, flying back and forth over whatever it was viewing. It would stop, hover, then sway again.

I've worked on military bases before in Esquimalt and Comox. NO helicopter or plane could do that. I'm very sure. Object looked silver/black, like it might have had a reflection. Chrome maybe?

Mid-February-2011, Campbell River, BC:

I was laying down to go to bed one night. My blinds in my window are the kind that hang down, they don't go side ways. My blinds were halfway open on an angle. As I lay in bed I look through the blinds at the sky as it was turning into night. The first thing I noticed was a sparkling red light still in the sky fairly high up. I sat up because I was interested, so I opened my blinds up fully so I could see everything out the window properly. Upon closer observation I saw that the object had 2 other white lights as well. With the sparkling red light at the top and the 2 white lights below, it appeared to make the shape of a triangle. This object or craft stood still in the sky but it went up and down for some reason. It would come closer out of the sky in a downwards motion and I could make out the lights quite easily, then it would slowly go closer up into the sky in a straight upwards motion. There was no zig zagging, there was no side to side stuff or travel across the sky. It only went up and down. Finally after watching this through my window for about an hour it slowly made it's way up into the sky, i watched it go up and up and up till I could barely see it anymore. Finally I gave up on watching and tried to go to sleep but I left my blinds open to see if it would come back. This was not an airplane. It was a hovering triangle with a big red light and 2 white lights.

23-Feb-2011, Abbotsford, BC: (8:07 pm)

My mom and I were driving west down Marshall Road in Abbotsford, and when we looked out the window to the left we saw a strange object, which appeared to be hovering over the Canada/USA border. When I first glimpsed it I could swear I saw a spotlight coming down from it, which in hindsight makes me wonder if it was border patrol? The object seemed diamond shaped, and seemed fairly high in the sky over near the border, on the left and right corners were 2 solid white lights, in the middle of the side above the right corner was a flashing red light, and on the middle of the side below the right corner was a flashing white light. It stayed stationary for a couple minutes as we drove, then we lost sight of it, unsure if it flew off or disappeared. We discussed it afterward and the only rational thing we could think of would be a stealth bomber patroling the US border, as it was stationary but was definitely in no way a helicopter. I have lived on air force bases and this was no aircraft I have seen before.

25-Feb-2011, 100 Mile House, BC: (8:00 pm)

I would like to report to you what happened  on Friday night February 25/2011
About 8 pm my wife and I went into the hot tub. Now our closest neighbour on one side is 1000 plus feet or more on our north side maybe 2 km or so away. It was completely black outside. No booze or drugs; we are  about 1/2 hour south of 100 Mile house. We were looking at the stars when I noticed a very bright light no sound just this very very bright light traveling east. If you hold your arms up with hands extended above your head at just over 3 feet apart it would have travel maybe 10 to 12 seconds in a horizontal level then it started to go up at a fairly steep incline. In about the same distance  about 3 feet it disappeared out of sight; in about 4 to 6 seconds plus or minus a second or two. We have very little commercial flights where we live. We might see one plane in an hour sometime while in the hot tub. When we do; you can easily hear and see them, flashing lights etc. This object had no sound what so ever. Have you had any other people report this as it was very bright we figure someone else would have seen it also? We cannot get over how bright it was nor could we guess how high it was maybe about the height of a passenger jet or lower. The brightness made it very hard to determine the height.

Additional Witness Information:

I was facing south my wife was facing east. The bright light came from the west and it was about 75 to 80 degrees above the horizon. It was travelling east. We watched it and all the time we were listening for sound and we heard nothing and also looking for any flashing light which there were none. We were both amazed at how fast it went up so steeply maybe 50 degree’s or less. In a few seconds it looked the size of a star and then it was gone.

Like all sightings it happens so fast you have no time to do anything other than watch it and wonder and think, "I wish we had a camera!" and "What the hell is it?"

26-Feb-2011, Port Coquitlam, BC: (7:45 pm)

Upon leaving our house in Port coquitlam we saw around 15 amber lights in the sky moving in a steady formation, as the most southerly lights disappeared, more appeared from the north, we recorded vodeo for around 3 minutes.

Additional Witness Information:

Upon further research, and rewatching our video, it is apparent that we were seeing Chinese lanterns! Sorry for your trouble.

26-Feb-2011, Bralorne/Pioneer, BC:

Throughout the summer/fall of 2010 and now again in mid-February, I have witnessed some form of UFO a minimum of 20 times. I live in a remote area at about 3,700 feet in altitude, and roughly 100 kilometres from a town of any size, so the night skies are fantastic. We do a lot of star gazing.

While lounging in a hot tub with friends, we spotted a white/yellow light moving slowly across the sky. It would travel mostly in a straight line, occasionally wobbling, then disappear (black out) before reaching the horizon. I have read about other, very similar sightings on this site, so am eager to share.

Throughout the summer, typically between 9:00 pm and 1:00 am (sometimes later), we could see these objects nearly every night. One night I watched two of them cross paths, and appear to nearly hit one another. On several nights, there was more than one sighting. The objects made no sound (appeared to be at about 3,000+ feet - guesstimate), and the light appeared to pulse gently. We began to think it may be some kind of drone, as often the next day we could expect heavy aerosol spraying by air tankers. Just two days ago (Feb 26), observed same phenomenon, during a clear (snow free) night. Watched light cross the sky from south to north, and disappear before completing its ascent.

I have witnessed other, more bizarre ufo stuff, but the shear simplicity of these, along with their recurrence, have made for interesting conversation.

Additional Witness Information:

Date: Feb. 26 (most recent sighting)
Time of Day (as exact as possible): 9:20 pm
Location of Witness: Bralorne, B.C. front porch of home
Object apparent Altitude: 3,000 ft?
Object apparent Size (what object held at arm's length would be needed to perfectly cover the object - an aspirin tablet is big enough to cover a full moon if held at arm's length): head of thumbtack
Object apparent Shape: orbital
Direction of Travel: south to north
Speed of Travel: 200-300 hundred miles an hour? It took roughly one minute for it cross the entire sky
Duration of Sighting: one minute
Do you have any photos or video of these objects?: No, but I will get some video. Seems to happen often enough to capture on tape.

28-Feb-2011, Princeton, BC: (7:05 pm)

I was outside with my dogs in the backyard last night about 7pm. I looked up as I always look at the stars at night and I saw a bright light coming steadily across the sky from the west. I watched it for over a minute as it kept getting closer to Princeton. Once it was right above my house I noticed that it was going steadily forward but it jolted side to side and it also made one semi-circle turn right above the house, it remained moving to the East all the while. I called my husband to see as I wanted him to tell me it was just a plane, but he said he wasn't sure what we were looking at. We bothed stayed and watched as the object went over our town and headed towards the mountain to the East as we kept watching all of a sudden the light just shrunk out of sight and disappeared. It couldn't have been a  plane as I have seen way too many of them flying at night, this was truly something I have never ever seen before. The way the object moved when it was close above our house was like no satellite, plane, shooting star meteor I have ever seen before. There was no light trail after it just a solid mass of light going across the sky. There was no sound either.

I am truly in awe of what I saw out there last night.

Additional Witness Information:

Date: February 28, 2011
Time of Day (as exact as possible): 703pm until 710 pm
Location of Witness: Princeton BC
Object apparent Altitude: Approximately the level that small airplanes fly
Object apparent Size (what object held at arm's length would be needed to perfectly cover the object - an aspirin tablet is big enough to cover a full moon if held at arm's length): a push pin head (the pins that are used to hold sewing patterns together)
Object apparent Shape: round
Direction of Travel:  West to South East
Speed of Travel: appeared to be moving about the same speed as an airplane would, with jerking movements form side to side alternating every couple of seconds
Duration of Sighting: 1.5 to 2 minutes
Anything else?: The Light was a golden orange color and it flew in one direction with jerking movements from side to side, it made one circular movement above the town itself and then carried on to the mountain where it appeared to just disappear. It was truly incredible

Late Winter 2011, Nelson, BC: (9-10 pm)

Just after sunset. A deep, resonant noise before it came into view, then silence when it appeared. One bright light, around the size of a streetlight, travelling slowly on a straight path, until it collapsed into a red point and disappeared suddenly. My friend and I were both shaken. 9-10 pm, 2 minutes

12-Mar-2011, Duncan, BC:


April 2011, Chilliwack, BC:

I just sent a message before this saying the dates were july 2010 and april 2011 and I missed the april 2011 one. The first UFO experience I had was certainly a UFO and was the most intriguing, but this month (april) I was driving down a hill in chilliwack and there were rain clouds out and in the distance I seen a huge bright light maybe bluish white but mostly white ball and I literally stopped my car in the middle of the road and stared at it. All of a sudden a small plane appeared out of the light and the light dissapeared as if the plane came out of the light or something. It's possible that the light was just a fog light attached to the plane but this was a seriously big light and the light was triple the size of the plane so i dont think it was a fog light. Also... this month like a week after the light/plane sighting me and my bro were looking into the sky during a very clear night and saw what looked like a star that was moving slowly, then stopping for 2 minutes then moving a different direction, then stopping for a few minutes then moving. It wasnt a helicopter because it was as bright as a star and waaaay too high in the sky to be helicopter, and it looked exactly like a star and it wasnt a satelite becuase satelites dont stop then move different directions then stop then go?

2-Apr-2011, Burnaby, BC: (1:45 am)

Last night before 2 o'clock, I was almost fell asleep, and then I heard a loud helicopter sound or grass cutting machine sound. I didn't take it serious, but it lasted for 5 minutes or so, I don't know. Finally I got up and looked outside from the window, I saw a luminous flying object, in white, cannot tell the shape, but it was flying around in a circle, really low. Can not be a toy, because of its strong light and it was as big as a real helicopter.  I did not know what it is,  an on-duty helicopter? But it was 2 o'clock at night.

14-Apr-2011, Cloverdale, BC: (11:55 pm)

It was around midnight, I think maybe 11:55 p.m. and I went to close my blinds in my bedroom before going to sleep and up in the sky I could see what appeared to be approximately 12 lights side by side (of course they were not too close to me so it looked tiny). At first, the lights did not appear to be in a straight line but within about a minute or so they became a line. The lights did not move location at all, just stood in the same line. I wanted to run and get my camera but I was afraid that by the time I came back, it would be gone. My husband Ryan was sleeping and I woke him up to look. As he was slowing coming, I could see that the lights were starting to disappear one by one. Eventually by the time that he got there, there were only two lights left and then literally before my eyes, I watched the last two disappear. Of course, I was told that I was crazy and to go to bed. I stood there unable to move and frozen and simply cannot get this vision out of my head. Basically, I am hoping to hear back from anyone who may have seen anything? I sure hope so or I truly feel that I could be going out of my mind. Thank you kindly.

22-Apr-2011, Abbotsford, BC: (10:00 pm)

I saw something  in Abbotsford, BC on April 22nd of 2011. We were outside at about 10 pm on a clear evening, I caught movement in the sky and locked in on an object that was traveling from west to east, semi-domed on the forward moving side with flat bottom and kind of a distended triangular shape, the object appeared to be highlighted on the edges, I thought it was catching some of the suns rays over the horizon. It may have been that it had its own lighting. My UFO was travelling west to east and totally silent with no deviation from its flight path. It moved thru about a third of my field of vision in about 5 seconds. I lost its path when it went behind a large tree and saw it again for a brief second on the other side before losing it completely. There's a chance it was traveling in a large arc.

I was searching for some kind of Abbotsford airport radar anomaly listing when I found this site. I found the description of a triangular UFO near Burnaby that was witnessed at about the same time and felt I had to contribute my experience.

22-Apr-2011, Burnaby, BC: (about 10 pm)

My brother, his friend and I were late night fishing on the dock pier of Foreshore Park in Burnaby. It was clear beautiful skies and while waiting for some bites we were looking above at the stars the the airplanes coming in to land at Vancouver Airport. As we were watching the tip of our rods, all 3 of us (brother, friend, and I) saw a VERY quick flash that lasted 2 seconds a massive flash happened right in the skies above us and we saw a triangle like object appear and just take off. It was astounding. If you held both your arms out and made a traingle with both your thumb and index finger, the object was that size. We stood there amazed at what we saw. we seen floating satelites and shooting stars, but nothing of that nature. We were facing South, the object shot from right infront of us and just dissapeared in a flash of white light.

26-Apr-2011, Penticton, BC: (about 10:30 pm)

I'm reporting this rather late as I didn't know this site existed until I saw a program on Discovery channel this morning.

On the night of Apr. 26th I was out, most likely walking home from work or out for one of my usual night walks, I can't be sure; however, on that night at around 10:30 pm I saw a shape in the sky. According to a tweet I made that same night I had thought it was a bird at first because it was large. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but when I looked at it properly I could see it was triangular and on each point there was a pale blue/white light. I thought it might be an airplane, but the lights were so dim that if it had been stationary I might have thought they were simply distant stars. The shape was solid because it blocked out the stars behind it and it moved smoothly from the south, flying over Okanagan lake heading north. I remember being stunned and removing my headphones because in everything you see on UFO's one of the common descriptions is that the objects are quiet. Sure enough, I removed my headphones and heard nothing even though I could still see the object. After I got home I quickly logged on twitter and tweeted the incident.

29-Apr-2011, Ganges, BC: (3:00 pm)

I was cycling at the end of my road (Bittancourt Road) here in Ganges on April 29th and I saw a disc-shaped object above Galiano Island about 1" from my field of vision, as in how large it was, and I do not know but it hovered and then moved side to side and then went up and down and then stayed put, it was definitely not an airplane.

Then 2 weeks later at night my roomate and I saw it and she is very spiritual and said at times they know you might see them and can communicate through the mind to you. So she said if they were real to move left and it did. Same  disc-shaped hovering yet not moving fast at all. Red lights and actually could have been many other white lights around it as well.

No, not a satellite at all. Object and very REAL. I am an educated nurse and do not drink or take drugs and then I saw we have had numerous sightings off Vancouver Island since jan 2011.

29-Apr-2011, Kelowna, BC: (9:30 pm)

My dad called me outside saying to have a look at the space station that was orbiting above us. It was quite distinguishable, but traveling perpendicular to it was a small red light the size of a distant star. It changed direction many times but kept going at a constant pace. I glimpsed away for a second and I guess it dissapeared. My dad didn't get a glimpse of it but I explained it to him and he said that my sighting was similar to his sightings (he used to be an avid astronomer). I found it a coincidence how it appeared at the same time as the ISS, but they were deffinetly both not the same thing.

2-May-2011, Vernon, BC: (3:00 am)

Sighting occurred May 2th 2011 at 3:00am in the morning. A satelite type orb approached Vernon BC from a southern direction at about 400-500km/h (estimate) then slowed to about 100km/h or less. It was low about 35,000 feet and dropped to about 10,000 feet est or so as it appeared larger heading closer to Vernon core. Once over Vernon it came to a slow speed about 50km/h est and begun to wobble up and down, left to right and judging by the height the object the wobbles would have to be a good distance of movment maybe half a mile to a mile or so in each direction. Had no noise, no landing lights, no navigation lights of any sort but gave off a faint low spectrum of light of red, green, violet, blue and pulsing between them and started pulsing when it was very close to Vernons core. It left Vernon airspace and headed in a northern direction into the monashee mountian range.

5-May-2011, Vernon, BC: (12:00 pm (noon))

Sighting was on May 5th 2011 at 12:00 pm west of Vernon over an area called Head of the Lake, Westside Road. The object was a completely white saucer flat like a dinner plate low altitude 1500-2000 feet estimated with a low speed of 50-100km/h or so heading south. No visible lights, noise or markings saucer was around 20 feet in diameter est. I noticed it had good coverage being all white if you where looking under it. I saw it in more detail from its side as the sun created a shadow on its underside as it banked to the right slightly. It then disappeared into a low cloud mass and never came out. This cloud mass was about 1-2 miles wide very dense and the same height as the saucer.

5-May-2011, Campbell River, BC: (11 pm)

Although not a pilot, I am fond of aviation and aircrafts. I have never seen any aircraft designed or capable of moving such as this, and the mere fact that even in darkness I could make no distinguishable figure is beyond me.

At just before 11:00 pm, a friend of mine who was over stepped outside to have a cigarette. Upon doing so he saw a pair of red lights over the water moving towards the direction of Quadra Island. He called for my wife and I and we stepped outside. As I moved outside I also saw the pair of red lights, they were now travelling in a straight course over Quadra Island and blinking first one after the other as if on opposing ends of an aircraft but then suddenly blinking off beat, sometimes one blinking twice or three times before the other would blink once in response.

As the UFO continued to move towards the southern tip of Quadra I moved down my yard to watch its movement. I live almost directly on the ocean and had a very clear view of it. As it passed over the Cape Mudge Lighthouse the Lighthouse actually turned off momentarily and seemed to be temporarily illuminated from within as if by some back up lighting system. In comparison to the Lighthouse grounds it was flying over top of, this aircraft would have been upwards of 300+ feet in length! As it passed the Lighthouse it began what I can only describe as shrinking in length, the red lights getting closer and closer together. As it did this it began to accelerate drastically in a South Eastern direction out across the ocean. The lights eventually came together into one single blinking red light now moving at easily above Mach 1 and I estimated the size of the aircraft to be between 40 - 50 feet in length now. During this bizarre ordeal the night was absolutely silent, this thing did not make a sound! However, when it passed directly in front of us while it was above Quadra there was a distinct almost electromagnetic hum coursing through the air.

As it disappeared into the distance its blinking red went to a dull throbbing orange and eventually just disappeared. Afterwards there was a dull orange glow stretching for about roughly 10,000 feet across the night sky over top of Quadra Island where the blinking red lights had passed by.

Eventually the glow faded and the Lighthouse came back to life only to now have an intermittent blinking red light inside the light housing accompanying the regular flash of light. A car was seen speeding away from the Lighthouse at some speed on Quadra Island and disappeared towards the inland area of Quadra.

I have no idea what to make of this and had no camera capable of taking a night time photo. I have never seen a conventional aircraft accelerate the way this one did.

13-May-2011, Kamloops, BC: (1:48 am)

My mom and I were driving back from Kamloops, BC, and we were on the Coquihalla road back to our hometown about 20-30 minutes out of Kamloops towards Vancouver. And the moon was on the right hand side of the road, misted over and the glow was mufflen. Mum pointed out how it was darker then usual, and how the moon was in fact misted over, and full. We coninued to drive and maybe 1 minute afterwords, she exclamed "What the ____?!" I only caught a glimpse of the light after it had crashed (or landed?) and vanished behind the trees. The glimpse I saw was almost like a HUGE camera flash, only lighting the ENTIRE night sky, and the moon was still on the right side, so it wasn't like it just shifted sides. This is what my mother saw before I saw what I saw.

Like my daughter said the full moon was high in the night sky, was full but looking a lot like a frosted light bulb giving off very little light in the dark. The darkness seemed to embrace the landscape we were driving through, as the road twists the moon changes position from the left to the right and out my drivers side window as I am always watching for wildlife at night to jump into our cars path. I viewed a bright flash at first I thought it was the moon was shifting again until I saw in to the right of me. I looked directly out the side window and viewed a bright very very brilliant green arc of light. Its trajectory path was a sharp vertical path directly into the surrounding trees to the left of the road, as it decended I noticed it was not only bright green...but also an arc shape. I, at this time said "What the ------??" and my daughter said "I see it. I see it too!!" We both almost stopped the car but realised we were still on the freeway, we discussed it all the way home tring to figure out what we had just seen and what it was and what it definately was not. It did not have a trail or any other type of glow in any other color other than the extreme green. We also expected to hear a crash or ground shake but there was nothing but silence and darkness afterward. We have been looking  online to no avail and decided to report it to you. Can you give us any information on what we saw??

P.S. When this was all happening it made NO sound what so ever. Thanks for reading.

29-May-2011, Terrace, BC: (12:05 am)

I am just sending in a sighting report witnessed by my wife and myself at 12:05 (midnight) tonight. It was not overly spectacular, but it was certainly a UFO. We were driving home from a friend's home in Terrace BC and noticed two very bright orange lights in the sky. We stopped the vehicle, and backed up for a clear view. We sat and watched the lights for a couple minutes before getting out of the truck to follow the lights. The sky was overcast and dark, and there were no mountains in the direction of these lights. They seemed to sit stationary in the sky for a while, but they moved closer and further apart from each other, then they slowly and silently moved sideways, and then one slowly arced around the other one, and then dropped down out of sight. The second light pulsated (went faint, then bright) a few times, then just disappeared. It did not appear to zip off anywhere, it just disappeared. That is it.

4-Jun-2011, Duncan, BC: (midnight)

Well, I have seen and reported other events before on this website but the event I saw last night was one of the most incredible sightings I had in my life. We had some friends over for dinner and as I was clearing the table outside, something made me look up in the sky towards Port Renfrew, BC from our land located off Herd Road in Duncan. Up in the sky hovered a massive shape, bearing 5 or 6 flashing bright lights with different colours. The lights were lighting up in a sequence, some lights were brighter than some others. The object was still far away, on the far left of Mount Provost but way higher. It is hard to describe here but compared to an airplane it looked about 3 or 4 times bigger in size and it moved fast towards Port Renfrew once it got going. As it was hovering, it was stationary for at least 10 minutes before it moved towards Victoria and then back towards Port Renfrew from its original location and from my point of view. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this UFO as it was big and I am sure more people saw it that evening!

26-Jun-2011, Mission, BC: (12:30 am)

While sitting out enjoying a backyard fire under a perfectly clear, star filled summer night, myself and 4 others witnessed what can only be described as a Paranormal Event.

In the early morning hours on June 26th, at about 12:30 AM, we watched what first appeared to be a slow moving aircraft that first appeared coming from the Eastern Fraser Valley, heading due West along a well travelled air route that takes private air-traffic along an East-West corridor from the direction of Hope. B.C., right beside the old monastery over Mission, B.C.

Our house sits high on the hill above Hatzic Bench with a clear, unobstructed view over the Fraser Valley and Coast Mountains.

I was the first to see what looked like a slow moving aircraft coming from the east as it appeared from over our house. However, the lighting of this object was completely different from any air-traffic, or anything else I have ever seen. The light from this object was a soft orange glow, like a fire burning in the sky. We watched as this object continued towards us at about 45 degrees on the horizon.

As the light got ever closer to us, it completely stopped its forward direction of travel as it came overhead, and stated hovering in one general area.  Over the next 2 minutes, we watched this strange light climb, descend, and move sideways over our heads. The stars in the back-ground made its every movement and change of direction easy to see.

Thinking this could only be a Helicopter with some strange light attached, I turned off our music to listen for the engines, as it hovered almost overhead.....but there was absolute silence.

Then it simply vanished, fairly quickly fading out like someone had blown out a candle.

Did you see this too ?

UFO*BC Responds:

Hello Mike,

Thank-you for the report!

As to what you saw, it could be a number of things - in fact we have had similar sightings over your area in the past - however the answer may be mundane: a Chinese lantern. This device is a lantern that uses hot air, similar to a hot air balloon, to achieve lift. The 'power source' is, as you described it, a candle.

Now, with that said, depending on the amount of movement of the light the Chinese candle idea could be easily ruled out.

President, UFO*BC

30-Jun-2011, Sooke, BC: (10:50 pm)

- I saw off in a westerly direction a stationary bright white marble sized light in the distance
- a throbbing red light about 3 times the size of the other light came towards it from a northerly direction and went above the white light
- then the white light seemingly began falling or at least descending straight down and out of sight behind the tree line
- as the red light passed the white light travelling south another white light appeared above (upper atmosphere) where the first white light was
- it seemed to quickly descend on a swooping trajectory in pursuit of the larger red pulsing light
- it happened incredibly fast
- the red light travelled from horizon to horizon in about  20 seconds

5-Jul-2011, Port Albernis, BC: (7:00 pm)

Round disc no lights, in daylight, hovering below the top of the mountain range. then elivated and dropped behind the mountain. I watched for 15-20 sec. Very Shiney. I seen it due to the green background of the trees. I figure 20FT diameter probley less the 10ft thick. I work in aviation and this is no helicopter or plane.

11-Jul-2011, Burnaby, BC: (7:00 - 7:25 pm)

black spot in the sky, looking towards the south, minimal movement, hovering, and jolting up and down, back and forth. staying stationary for several minutes before moving. attempted video camera, camera, phone, nothing willl pick it up.

11-July-2015, Chilliwack, BC: (10:00 pm - 12:00 pm)

2011 July 15 10:00 pm to midnight Chilliwack mountian 1km past chilliwack lake campground on Chilliwack mountian road. My girlfriend's sister and some of her friends were camping out at the lake for a few days, we were living in Sardis so we had gone up to visit them one one night, we stayed out there till maybe 11pm before driving back into town. When we left that night, driving back towards Chilliwack near thurston meadows we saw a light flash over the top of our car and our car radio went fuzzy for a split second. It was only a split second that we saw the light. Around that time we had seen a lot of army activities in the area. I had witnessed on more than one occasion army personnel on that road and up in those mountains with armoured vehicles and these guys were packing some heavy weapons with them. My girlfriend and I were talking to our friend in Chilliwack the next day, we figured that they were up to something out there, so we decided to go out to the mountain that night. We had posted up alongside the mountain road laying down blankets and looking up. It was a clear night with not a cloud in the sky. We sat there for some time not seeing much a couple of satellites passed by, that was about it.

My friend looked up and spotted the first one, it looked about the size of a star and about the same brightness as an average star, not as big and bright as a satellite. The ball moved north to south then spun around in a circle a couple of times and headed east, it would travel 30-45 degrees across the sky spinning in a couple circles and then take off in a right angle to its last trajectory sometimes speeding up and then slowing down. Then another one of these balls came into view and another one and so on. We counted at least five different balls in the sky at the same time that night and the three of us had watched them fly around the sky for two hours. Mostly flying the same way as the first one, going in one direction then spinning a couple circles and turning at a right angle, but not always the same. I had seen one going across the sky almost like it was a bouncy ball bouncing along an imaginary line in the sky. All of these balls were very high in the sky. They would go fast and then slow down then speed up again, it was almost as if they were playing a game or in battle or something. We were all freaking out saying "What the heck is that? What are those things?" after about two hours they had all disappeared. My friend and I both tried to take pics but I only had my old razor phone and he had his old Nokia flip phone, the balls were too far away to get a pic without a good quality camera. We had returned to the same area the next night with my girlfriends whole family and didn't see anything. I have no explanation for what we saw that night.

15-Jul-2011, West Kelowna, BC: (10:58 pm)

I was sitting outside smoking under my gazebo. It was 10:58 pm. There were a few clouds in the sky, but it was still dark. My mother and sister were inside, I was alone. I saw something fly past the clouds. It was shaped like a saucer, almost like the typical UFO you see on television. It disappeared, then it came back. It almost looked like it had circles on the edges of it. It was so bright and almost had a blue aura around it. It was fast. After that it disappeared and I went back inside.

July 2011, Port Coquitlam, BC:

I was standing on my porch in Port Coquitlam when 2 orange lights caught my eye. They were hovering and moving from side to side and up and down. I'm sorry I forgot to mention I saw these light over the Grouse Mountain ski area from a far distance. There is much more I saw but it seems so unreal.

23-Jul-2011, Nelson, BC: (10:30 pm)

I was driving home turned the corner and in front of me to the west was 6 orange orbs in 2 triangle formations. I immediately shut the truck off in the middle of the street and jumped out watching in disbelief, the 6 orbs were individual because some were shifting around side to side and up and down and the rest still. Then two faded 1 from each triangle just like they cloaked like a digital fade. They were still there but dull. Then 1 came straight down and landed in the trees just below the ridgeline (seeing it in the trees put it into perspective they were about the size of a small house) the 4 in the sky faded  like the first 2 and 1 was still lit up in the trees then slowly faded out as well. I kept watching hoping for more. 10 minutes later a small white light grew into a huge (4 times the size of the orange balls) white light perfectly round like it showed the bottom of a disc like a big bank turn, bright like a spotlight then zipped off to the north.

That day there was a memorial service in the park at noon, there was a fly by 3 planes in triangle formation and 3 helicopters in formation and 1 broke off it was kinda like that. or  maybe the white light was hiding out from the others and took off after the orange lights left. dunno but I was sober and wide awake. a friend of mine confirmed she saw it too. anyone else?  super cool experience and i suspect it will happen again I hope.

Additional Information:

I'm at 1902 feet and the ridgeline of the sighting is at 4000 feet. and the highest light was about 8000 + feet. and they were visible for 3 minutes. There is a cabin on the opposite end of that mountain the light was easily 4 times the size of the cabin. There is also a tower at the top with a beacon and the orange orbs were 100 times bigger and 100 times brighter than the beacon. Also, the last single white light 10 minutes later was a pinpoint and grew into a giant bright orb like it was coming straight and then banked off to the north showing me its underside then stretching into a beam of light just like the millenium falcon jumping to light speed, poof gone! So what do you think, memorial lanterns? Anyway, they would go out and show up in a different place then change directions. Very neat! I wish I had my camera.

Early August 2011, Mission, BC:

My girlfriend and I were at the Stave Lake dam in Ruskin BC early August. Totally clear day, I noticed an object in the sky that appeared to be  hovering and moving very slowly. I pointed it out to my girlfriend and we watched it for ten to fifteen minutes as it  basically drifted across the sky till it was out of sight  beyond the horizon tree line. It seemed like it would get brighter and dimmer sporadically, at times almost disappear then flare up again. It definitely wasn't a helicopter or plane, too high for a balloon. It moved so slowly that until we noticed its position in relation to the horizon you almost couldn't tell that it was moving. After it was gone there were several light aircraft circling the vicinity in the sky where the object had been. Ive never seen anything like it. It appeared possibly  orb shaped but hard to tell as it was high up.

3-Aug-2011, Mission, BC: (1:30 pm)

August 3 around 1:30 pm at Hayward lake park I saw an object in the sky that looked tubular in shape with a hazy whitish look. It went straight with no variation very quickly above us (a few miles) I was lying on my back so it appeared at about 2 o’clock above me, speed I would say was 5 or 6 times faster than any jet, sighting lasted about 12 seconds in total. I would be able to use the end of my pinkie finger to cover up this object. After about 3 seconds of the object travelling in the same direction about 210 degrees SSW to 20 degrees NNE then, suddenly pulled a 45 degree and was literally gone in a blink of an eye traveling 290 degrees WNW.  I honestly didn’t think much of this until we were leaving and my wife heard someone else say “watch out for the aliens”.... tried to catch up to them but they had left already.

Also, one other thing to add about the look of  the object. I saw real airplanes after this sighting which made the object I saw in comparison look like it was almost trying to hide itself in the sky if that makes any sense. It was like a fuzzy whitish blue look tubular like a longer pill shape but fuzzy to look at, which was why it caught my eye to begin with.

The beach was fairly busy that day, about 100 people at least. I was wearing sunglasses when I saw the object, don’t know if that makes a difference. Anyway, I’ve never reported anything like this before. So if someone else has already sent in something similar then I guess this would be helpful.

4-Aug-2011, Adams Lake, Agate/Squamm Bay, BC: (11 pm)

We were star watching and noticed an odd object in the sky northeast over the lake.

It was large in comparison to a stars and coloured so we thought it may be a satellite.

It is hard to imagine saying this, but it was green and appeared to have bottom lobes and rotated. What caught our attention was that it stopped moving and hovered then moved up and back and forth and then started back the way it came. We watched it until we couldn't see it anymorel

Never seen anything like that in our lives. Very odd.

6-Aug-2011, Mission, BC: (around midnight)

I live in west Abbotsford looking north towards Mission. Went out on the back deck for a smoke and noticed in the northeast direction a group of lights 8-10 side by side vertically in the shape of a candy cane. I watched for about 20 sec before calling my wife to have a look. The lights were flashing and were a bright orange, like a signal flare. They continued in the same area but moved to different positions, one would move tight beside each other, one up one down, no rythm to them. Our neighbours were entertaining guests and on their back porch and I motioned to them to see the lights. We all stood there (probably 12 of us) watching them till they disappeared, kinda like they flamed out. Did anyone else see them?

I thought at first they were fireworks or a signal flare but definately not as I studied them. This lasted around 2-3 minutes for sure.

7-Aug-2011, Surrey, BC: (1 pm)

Was gorgeous outside and was out in the yard playing with the dogs and kids and looked up and very faintly there was this white orb looking thing almost like it was trying to blend in with the sky but it was so blue out that the white stood out. Thought maybe sky divers but it never got closer to the ground then thought balloon or lantern but was sooo high and it wasnt getting further away or moving much to any direction (watched it for a good 15 min or so). I started taking pictures hoping if I zoomed in a bit could see what it was but they didn't come out great and was never able to get a better look. After about 10minutes another one a tad bit smaller appeared and then 5 minutes after that it looked like tiny itty bitty ones multiplied from the larger one. They all kinda hovered for a bit and then around the 15-20 min mark they just vanished. I'm rather skeptic on what they were I do have a couple pictures, looking for any reasonable explaination.

8-Aug-2011, Salmo, BC: (12 - 1 am)

I was at a festival in Salmo BC, where I was walking to get some food, when I noticed about eight guys smoking while staring into the night sky. I looked up in the direction they were looking at, and found myself looking upon something that I thought at first was a star or satellite until "it" started to move in ways I have only heard about before. This thing was spherical, as bright as a star and moved in a clockwise fashion until breaking into many other spheres moving in a twisting formation. I asked if they were seeing this too and they were. I said to one of the guys, "I guess fear is the mind killer" and we all agreed it was. I don't have much more to say other than: I have always wanted to witness a "sighting" yet I felt I would be afraid if I did. Now that I have seen something, I can't wait until the next time. Then I'll pay more attention to the details. We have nothing to fear! Thank you for this website. PS I'm not crazy...

13-Aug-2011, Horne Lake, BC: (2:00 am)

I was on the island to attend a friend's birthday party in Victoria, but another friend I was traveling with grew up in Qualicum Beach, so we stayed there first. Believe it or not, it was my idea because I had heard her stories about seeing UFOs when she was young and wanted to check the place out. We drove up to Horne lake sometime before 2am and when we arrived we had a hard time finding a spot where we could get down to the lakeside in our rental car. Just as we hit a dead end on the small community road, I turned the car around and rolled slowly along (as to not wake up the residents) and I saw what I thought was a very bright star between the trees out my driver's side window, almost directly above us. I stopped and assumed it seemed to be moving because it was so windy, but the light actually did move through the trees. So I backed up the car to get a better view in the opening of someone's driveway overlooking the lake, and sure enough... BAM! a UFO. Now I say UFO because I was unable to identify it. It was bright, moving, warm colored and had no other lights on it. People that claim to see UFOs always say things like "it was 500 feet up", etc. but I don't know how anyone can actually tell that sort of thing when all you are looking at is a bright light. But I CAN tell you this... it was either a huge thing moving very, very, VERY fast, if it was indeed high in the sky; like a plane far enough away not to be heard (all we did hear was wind), OR it was something relatively lower in the sky and definitely NOT a plane, balloon, etc. It moved faster that a satellite would (so I thought maybe space station / meteor / other debris) but it really just glided over us to the mountain on the far side of the lake and then dropped quickly behind it. If it was any of those other things I would assume you'd see it eventually burn out or fade off or gradually disappear behind the mountain. But instead it did this all rather quickly, like a small light aircraft might do, if seen in the day. So how do I know it WASN'T a small light aircraft? Because there was an extremely bright full moon, a clear sky, no prop or jet engine sound, and it was a constant slightly orange ball of light that never changed shape. I probably could have actually seen the silhouette of a plane if it were one, since the sky was THAT bright. So your guess is as good as mine. We stuck it out for at least another hour and drove around looking for more spookiness, but nothing happened. And here's the worst part... I had come prepared with my fast lenses and a night vision camera! Go figure. A UFO shows up, but only when I everything is packed away and we're looking for parking. I would have been a terrible boy scout. But now I have learned... ALWAYS be prepared. =)

14-Aug-2011, Vancouver, BC: (around 11:00 pm)

I live on the 9th floor of an apartment tower over looking English Bay. Tonight I noticed an orange ball/orb in the sky, and when I went to look closer I saw 2 of them. They appeared to be coming closer, and did not look like an airplane. I thought it might be some sort of flare in the sky. I grabbed my binoculars, but all  I saw was an orange glow in a spherical shape. Then I saw a third orange orb. I grabbed my camera, and it took a while to get the settings right. I got 2 photos. The first just shows a spec of orange light in the sky, and in the second photo my hand was obviously moving as there are "squiggles" of orange light that appear. After I took the photos the orbs seemed to move westward and upward and eventually disappeared. I don't know what this was, but it was definitely not an airplane or helicopter.

16-Aug-2011, Maple Ridge, BC: (11:10 pm)

I was leaving my parents house on Ritchie Avenue in Maple Ridge when I looked up and noticed a light very high up in the sky coasting across the sky. I ran inside to grab my mother and sister to show them and as we all came out it was still very noticeable. It was coming from the west going east and I noticed it as it hit the big dipper constellation. It was extremly bright and after a minute it looked like it was getting dimmer and eventually disappeared. The light looked like a very bright star and was right in the sky with the stars so hard to say how far it was up but it was extremly noticeable.

16-Aug-2011, Maple Ridge, BC: (11:20 pm)

My sister was visiting my Mom and I, and when she went outside to leave she called us both outside to see something. She pointed to the sky, and we all saw a clear and bright light moving at medium speed across the sky. It was travelling from West to East, starting around the big dipper. It started out very bright, and as it went along the sky it got dimmer and dimmer and eventually went out all together. My sister told us she's been seeing these lights a lot lately. It was moving too slow to be a shooting star, and it was moving too fast to be a sattelite. It was very strange!

17-Aug-2011, Prince George, BC:

I saw this slow moving flashing white with blue light out my front room window, went outside to observe it. It appeared to be dipping with air turbulence, not a sound, and still going very slowly. I ran in the house, grabbed my camera, it was still there, going slow across the sky, and I captured 26 sec of it. My camera exposure was off, so when I zoomed in on it, you can see an orb shape with this ring that goes around the craft a couple of time.

I also observed a slow moving craft last winter,  just above some trees, shining three large lights and I assumed it was an airplane, going slow, over the trees, at midnight!!, and then I thought it was some huge floodlights on this persons property. It came towards me for maybe half a minute, and then turned and the lights were gone. I realized later that piece of property has no floodlights, there were no standard airplane lights, and it was really close to the tree tops, and again no sound.

20-Aug-2011, North Vancouver, BC: (10 pm)

I live in North Vancouver and they came from the west and travelled east. Bright Red orbs, just sort of floating along. Silently. It took 3 of them 2 minutes to travel across the sky, and then they triangulated, and then they seemed to rise up and fade into nothing one by one. Then 2 more came along. I just did lots of internet searching, and I think they might be meteors. There have been lots of these sightings of these red orbs all over North America. Check out this link.(see below) Go down to the post by Pat and by Bleak Hazard and a bunch of others below them. They all sound exactly the same as what I saw. I think some of the sightings I just read on this UFO*BC page sounds just like them. They can be bright orange, or red, and they sort of just fade away, although it looks like they are rising up. They are burning up.


23-Aug-2011, Burnaby, BC: (10:10 pm)

White ball of light travelling West to East and then curved over South Burnaby and went East towards mountains.  No other sound, very quiet at that time of night.  Object did not have other lights.

27-Aug-2011, Vernon, BC: (9:00 to 9:15 pm)

While standing in the front yard, my wife and I saw a large bright white circular light perhaps about at about 10,000'. It moved slowly in a north easterly direction from Vernon until it seemed to come to a stop, then slowly move side to side then proceeded on its course again quite slowly. It would have passed to the east of Silver Star village. The light then went dim and disappeared. There were no flashing lights that you would see on an aircraft nor was there any sound as it passed overhead.

27-Aug-2011, Vancouver, BC: (10 pm)

Around 10pm August 27/11 5 brilliant orange objects moving very slowly from the south at low altitude. We watched them for abou 5 minutes. 4 of the objects made a slow turn to the southeast the 5th one continued staight for a few more seconds and then made a slow turn to the southeast.

28-Aug-2011, Mission, BC: (9:10 pm)

Thought it was a sattelite moving southeast.Made sudden curved 90 degree turn and accelerated out of sight over the mountains. No sound. Estimate speed in the thousands.

28-Aug-2011, Errington, BC: (just after 9 pm)

Myself and my 13 year old daughter were outside looking at the stars... we live out in the country on the island so its very dark and we can see everything in the sky very clearly at night. We were looking for shooting stars when I noticed a star moving quite fast, at first I just shrugged it off as a satelite, but my daughter noticed another one moving towards the first one. They were far too high to be airplanes and these two stars looked as if they were going to hit each other head on - they then past each other and disappeared. A moment later they appeared in a completely diferent location in the sky and seemed to slow down until eventually coming to a complete stop then one  switched direction  and started to move quickly. Now another star started to move and they passed each other at a seemingly high rate of speed - this was not stars, and I'm pretty sure it wasnt sattelites. I am a student at Vancouver Island University. I am not a crack pot weirdo or drug addict. We really saw this and it was amazing.

30-Aug-2011, Bowen Island, BC: (11:00 to 11:30 pm)

On August 30, 2011, this is what I saw between 11 and 11:30 pm in the northwest area of the sky:

First, what I thought was a really faint star started to move south on a slight angle, moving faster than a plane would and not on a straight path. It didn't move erratically; it wavered slightly. It wasn't blinking and had a faint orange glow. After a short while, it stopped moving south and moved north before disappearing; the path it travelled in was like the letter V.

After about five or 10 minutes had passed, another one appeared in the same spot as the first! This one also looked like a faint star but with no colouring that I could see. It followed the same path south and then disappeared (by this time there were clouds so I couldn't tell if it travelled north again). I saw two more of this type, each within five minutes of the other (four in total), travelling in the same path.
30-Aug-2011, Bowen Island, BC: (11:00 to 11:30 pm)

On August 30, 2011, this is what I saw between 11 and 11:30 pm in the northwest area of the sky:

First, what I thought was a really faint star started to move south on a slight angle, moving faster than a plane would and not on a straight path. It didn't move erratically; it wavered slightly. It wasn't blinking and had a faint orange glow. After a short while, it stopped moving south and moved north before disappearing; the path it travelled in was like the letter V.

After about five or 10 minutes had passed, another one appeared in the same spot as the first! This one also looked like a faint star but with no colouring that I could see. It followed the same path south and then disappeared (by this time there were clouds so I couldn't tell if it travelled north again). I saw two more of this type, each within five minutes of the other (four in total), travelling in the same path.

2-Sep-2011, Port McNeill, BC: (1:05 am)

Well after a night of hanging out with my friends at their apartment, I was walking home (I live just up the road) and I had noticed this particularly bright light up in the night sky. The "Light" in question I had noticed on several occasions and had even joked with a friend that it was a "UFO", this light was rapidly changing colours, from Red, to Blue, then White to Green, then Blue to White then Red to Green, this light was changing much faster than that of a conventional light. After I'd say 3 minutes of me observing it, the object in question suddenly got very bright then just disappeared. There was no trail, nothing! It simply just disappeared, I was so excited that I nearly ran all the way home, this was not the first sighting I've had in the small town of Port McNeill.

4-Sep-2011, Vancouver, BC: (between 3 - 4 am)

This email is not intended to go any further - as I am afraid what people might think of my experience. I feel sort of strange about contacting you. I did not really believe in UFO's until saturday night/sunday morning. It  was the most profound experience I have ever had - and it opened my eyes to new possibilities. I would be happy to write a detailed description of the experience - but I wanted to ask you if you had heard from anyone else who saw this.

It was around 3-4pm. I didn't note the exact time - but I could hear the animals going wild just before I saw a black triangular ufo with red lights on each corner rotating. I live on the 12th floor above Sunset Beach and the UFO was at the same altitude. It came from Stanley Park (where all the animals were making unreal noises) and it was rotating in a vertical position. It stopped - and then two of the lights circled each other and went up to the sky. The third light remained in the the same altitude and hovered over the water towards downtown.

I also saw red lights dancing around a star in the sky. It was distant but it was really clear to me that there was something different going on up there.

I need to find someone who witnessed this event.
This changes everything.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the sighting report. First of all, remember that there is nothing wrong with having a UFO sighting - you have simply seen something that you cannot explain via conventional means - you have had an unexplained or unidentified flying object sighting - hence the terms UFO. It doesn't mean that you believe in little green men, nor any type of alien conspiracy cover-up - simply you saw something that defies conventional explanations - that's all!

We haven't had any other reports, however as with anything, there are often many witnesses, but few ever come forward.

Secondly, as with all sightings we ask if you can fill in any of the following details (although you may have already told us, just for completeness, please re-state your thoughts). [Standard sighting requests not repeated here]

Richard T.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi. I am just posting our latest sightings onto our website, and I would like to include your sighting, as it is very interesting. We would certainly not post your name or email address. As Richard requested, please supply more detailed information. Your initial description contains a few discrepancies. You say that the time was 3-4pm, but you could see stars, so I assume it was 3-4am (early Sunday morning)? You say you saw a "black triangular ufo with red lights in each corner", but then you say "two of the lights circled each other and went up to the sky". Could you still see a black triangular craft after the two lights left, or were there initially just three lights in a triangular formation?

We do not have any other reports that weekend from the downtown Vancouver region, but possibly your report will prompt other people to email us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Thank you for showing interest in my sighting. My apologies for not replying sooner. I just started my grad studies and I've been really really busy. I moved here from Europe in the beginning of August and I'm still getting used to the am/pm thing as I've always used the 24hr time format. I will be using the 24hr format from now on - to avoid confusion.

Your assumption is right, it was Saturday night/early Sunday morning between 03.00 and 04.00. I was lying in bed looking west over English Bay (my bed is beside the window) when suddenly two red/orange lights appeared in front of the next building - this building blocks the view over false creek a little bit but I still have a really good view to the west and all the way north towards English Bay. The two lights seemed to have a black mass in between them. They appeared quickly and after about 1 or 2 seconds of hovering they moved quickly to the north and disappeared. I freaked out and tried to wake up my wife (unsuccesfully). This was around 03:00.

I went to the kitchen where I sat and looked out the window in the same direction (west). In about 45 minutes (around 04:00, I'm not sure about the exact timing but now I always carry a watch, book and pen and register my sightings as accurately as possible). The lights were in a triangular formation rotating around its central axis. In between the lights there seemed to be a black mass. Like a building almost. I want to make it clear that this was a perfect triangle (each corner 60 degrees). It had really distinct edges and I could see the thickness as well as size. It was clearly a three dimensional object. When the lights broke formation the black mass seemed to disappear. Two of the lights circled each other up to the sky and I could see them circling a "star" (or whatever it was) high in the sky. The third light seemed to take the form of a silver disc. It flew in a straight line at the same height as my location. I'm on the 12th floor. It's slightly up the hill towards Davie Street - just so you have a general idea of my elevation.

I hope this clears things up. I will fill out the sighting form Richard sent me and send it too you as soon as I get the chance. I want to be as precise as possible.

12-Sep-2011, Hope, BC: (around 00:30 - 01:00 am)

We were camping in between Silver Lake and Ross Lake at about the 18km marker on the road. We (3 of us) were sitting around the fire at around 0030 - 0100 when our attention was drawn to three lights that were in a perfect line (size roughly 3/4 of an inch from where we were sitting). The object(s) observed lights were cream coloured it appeared. It was located perfectly between the peaks of two mountains, both of which were perfectly lit by the full or almost full moon. Visibility of both landscape and sky was high due to the phase of the moon and the clear, cloudless sky. However, no definite shape was visible. Within a mere 10 seconds or so of sighting this stationary object, it simply disappeared as though somebody turned off a light switch. We were completely baffled as to what it was. The object(s) sighted sat stationary, ruling out it simply flying behind the mountain. What was odd about the whole encounter is just before seeing the object(s) one person in our party stated a feeling of being watched or taken (the latter of the two being a really odd thing to say). Right after we all agreed on the feeling of being watched and puzzled by the latter half of what was said I saw the object(s) sitting there in the sky.  I wonder if, and urge anybody that saw something similar to report this, there were many people camping Sunday-Monday evening. We couldn't have been the only people to see it.

19-Sep-2011, Tsawwassen, BC: (8 pm)

It was around 8 pm when I saw something that looked like a star but it was larger and flashing different colors. I disregarded it for awhile until it was still there around 10 pm and didnt move... I got my dads binoculars and it wasn't a star... it was silver and round, had red, yellow, and green lights on the outside of the craft. It was floating in mid air. I got my dad to come out and look in the binoculars and he was amazed... it looks like a UFO, we don't know for sure but it had all the components of what a UFO would look like. I had seen about 5 airplanes go by and it definetely was not one of them. I am amazed I saw a UFO it was in fact one. There were about 3 other flashing star-like things in the sky but they were too far to be seen on the binoculars.

I live in Tsawwassen, BC and this is where they were seen.

20-Sep-2011, Annacis Island (Delta), BC: (10:45 am)

Oh yeah I saw the oddest thing around 10:45 when I went out for a smoke. So I'm between the buildings, and a vee of geese flew over. Not uncommon, but as I was still looking up, much higher and not directly over the buildings, I see this silver disk thing pass. Not a plane, no noise. Very silver, but the sun should have been reflecting the top of it, not the bottom. And round. Looked more round than oval or flat. But it might have been the angle. And of course, I'm between the buildings, can't run down to the end, because it would take too long, can't go out the way I came because the next building is in the way. So I dunno.  Heading toward the bridge. Huh.

20-Sep-2011, Burnaby, BC: (10 pm)

I was on my way home from work, walking towards the pathway leading in and out the Central Park, when I for some reason had to look up the sky when I saw an object with red bright flashing lights steadly flying right to left above the trees, there was also a plane flying a distance behind it so I knew it couldn't possibly be a plane...I tried to record it with my camera phone but wouldn't show up on the screen...it kept flying left so I kept maintaining a fast pace to try to see where it was heading next but it disappeared once I came to a corner street beside a high rise building.

23-Sep-2011, Kelowna, BC: (1:05 pm)

While I was at work yesterday I took a couple of photos of one of those high altitude jets flying over with the white contrail behind it. I was using my Canon Rebel XSi with an 18-55mm lens set on automatic with the image stabiliser and autofocus on.

When I downloaded the photos I could see a dark object ahead and above the jet in the photo, very small but you could see it. When you zoom in the object becomes clearer and is obviously a disc shape which is as big if not bigger than the jet itself. Also when you scan to the right at the same height there is a smaller disc shaped craft behind and above the jet flying on an angle.

What are these objects doing here? And why are they flying along with this jet? I also noticed that the jet has no discernable markings of any kind. No numbers no tail markings, nothing! And the pilot had to have been able to see that huge disc in front and above ther is no way any pilot would have missed that and I'm sure these Black ops jets are equipped with all the latest technology and radar equiptment so they had to know these objects were there.
We are being lied to and not in any small way either! They know a lot more than what they are telling the public! It's just too obvious.

The photos I took are the raw images unedited and untouched. I have shown them to a few people and everyone is amazed by what's there. The disc in front is pretty clear and so obviously saucer shaped!

Witness adds photo and more details:

Here is the unedited photo I took yesterday afternoon in the sky above Kelowna, BC. It clearly shows a jet but zoom in a bit and you can also clearly see a large disc-shaped object in front and above the jet as well as a smaller disc shape flying on an angle behind and above the jet at the same altitude as the larger disc out front. Photo was taken around 1 pm yesterday afternoon using a Canon Rebel XSi  digital camera using an 18-55mm lens with image stabilizer and autofocus on. What do you see here? Looks pretty obvious to me!

Kelowna Jet
Original Photo above showing a jet in the centre, with part of its contrail on the right.

Kelowna Photo Zooed In
Enlargement above showing obvious jet near lower centre, with a darker, discshaped oblect in the upper left. Another, smaller greyish object in the upper right.

26-Sep-2011, Kamloops, BC: (early morning)

Early morning meteor witnessed heading east from Kamloops towards Shuswap and Salmon Arm area. The meteor was a brillant blue at start of pass then changed to turquoise green. It was so bright as it descended across the sky it lit up the surrounding mountain range just east of Kamloops. The meteor was visible for about 2-3 seconds before I lost visual due to Mount Paul and Harper mountains proximity to my viewing angle which was from the airport looking east. Very impressive!

29-Sep-2011, Terrace, BC: (00:45 am)

On sept 29 2011 I was out side of my house . Noticed it slightly windy and not raining cloudy and some what clear the stars were out. Despite the weather forecast. I notice to objects bright and traveling at high rate of speed side by side headed from the east to the west parallel to the Skeena River . They both seemed to stop and go still traveling at the high rate speed. One would go forward then wait for the other to catch up and then let go ahead. The last visible bright orbs then changed direction at 90 degrees for few turns they both seem to maneuver some incredible aerial feats swirling then bck to straight parallel lines of formation. Then they were gone out of my site, I actually ran out onto my  lawn in bck yard to catch there amazing abilities in the skies . I never have  seen something so amazing and still am excited about it, and cannot explain it. Sorry no pics just a random chance to see something that is to me somewhat of mystery. The time was around 1245  at night.  sincerly Sam Baca.  I know for sure they were not of this earth and some sorta UFO.

20-Oct-2011, Kelowna, BC: (7:40 pm)

Saw 4 different flying objects within 15 mins, the first went across the sky as no plane could possibly move then disappeared then the second appeared while it was in sight. The third one appeared, then the second vanished, the third went a bit further then disappeared, then the fourth on, which was the brightest one was there all alone i thought it was a close star started slowly at first moving across the sky then it dissipated away. All of them were a different brightness and in different locations in the sky and were definately not planes or sattelites!

28-Oct-2011, Dawson City, YK: (10:30 pm - 10:45 pm)

A school dance was taking place and my son had just called me at 10:30 pm to pick him up. He would have walked home but he noticed a different light in the sky. At first he thought it was a satelite, but it was moving in too many different directions. Once I picked him up, I decided to take a little ride around town, seeing that I had to pick up my ***** at the dance in a half hour. I started to drive towards the Tr'ondek Subdivision, then my son, said "Mom, there's something in the sky, look (pointing it out to me), it's been there since I called you, but I first noticed it at the towers in the hills, around the red lights." It was a perfect circle form, and at first I thought it was a star, until it moved to align above the highway, then it started to pulsate, which then became larger, changed colours, in a form of a gas substance, not changing from green, red, to blue, it was a mist of colours forming around in a cloudy clear colour substance, then the size decreased, disappeared and re-appeared, then it was gone.  We looked at each other, Whoa, what is that? We did not feel scared, but more mesmerized of the object and curious to know if anyone else had seen this in the sky that night too.

29-Oct-2011, Surrey, BC: (10:50 pm)

From my second floor balcony on 102 Avenue in Surrey, I witnessed an octagonal object with alternating green and red lights pretty much due north of my position. The object appeared to be traveling in an eastward direction.  At first I thought the object was a plane or other aircraft however, it stopped and hovered then switched directions of travel, appearing to fly north away from my position. At that point I was a little more suspicious of it and continued to watch it. The craft then appeared to slowly descend in altitude and I then lost sight of the object for a short time.

Approximately 5-7 min later I noticed a red blinking light appear from the same area. Again I thought this object could be an aircraft, however suddenly, the object gained extreme speed and took off on an upward ascending angle faster than jet speed ans was gone.

3-Nov-2011, Gibsons, BC: (9:45 am)

As I pulled into work a bright light caught my eye. I looked up and there was a silver orb about 10-15 thousand feet over Mount Elphinstone. At first I shrugged it off as nothing, maybe a helicopter or a strange balloon. It wasn't until I noticed that it wasn't moving and that the light coming off of it was pulsing at a consistent rate, that it really peaked my interest.

At that point I was like, what the hell is this thing, and began calling my co-workers over to observe it. As we watched it just sitting up there, we were all trying to come up with ideas to what the object was. We couldn't come up with anything, and just kept watching it sitting there and strobing.

Then after a few minutes, the object began to move. It only traveled in one direction, directly east of where it originally was sitting. It was strange, it kept strobing its very bright light right at us no matter where it was in the sky. It eventually went so far over the coastal mountains past Lions Bay, that we could no longer see the object with the naked eye, but we could still see the stobing light. Then it was just gone, light and all.

I factored in everything I could think of: wind direction, weather, time of day, and the fact that we live under a flying pattern for the Vancouver Airport.  But nothing seemed to make any sense, the object was moving against the wind direction, there were jets flying overhead (and it wasn't one of them), it was clear and sunny so visibility was great, and it moved about 50 kilometers to the east in about 5 minutes. This thing didn't seem to fit in anywhere where there could have been a logical explanation for it.

It didn't have any visible engines, it didn't make any noise (that we could tell). I like to stay pretty open minded about stuff, but I can't sit here and say I saw an alien space craft (although I'm hoping it was!!).  It could have been anything, but one thing for sure is that it was the strangest thing my self or my onlooking co-workers have ever seen in the sky.

7-Nov-2011, Abbotsford, BC: (1:30 am)

Driving home from Vancouver and upon passing through the Abbotsford-Mission Hwy around 1:30 am (heading into Mission) I saw a disc-shaped UFO to the left of me. I had rolled my window down to get some fresh air and in the corner of my eye saw this object. The UFO had zero lights on it no identifying lights like you would see from a plane, helicopter or a lantern. The only reason I think I saw this object was, because it flew over the green house which illuminated the object from below. It perhaps was flying along the low cloud cover we had that night, because I did not see the UFO until it flew into the green houses light. When my girlfriend tried to look it at after it had passed over the freeway, and I presumed it was heading east but when she tried to look out her window she could not see or locate it . Nor could I see it when I pulled the car over....it was gone.

20-Nov-2011, North Vancouver, BC: (2:00 am)

Bright red light that looked like mars, thought it was. We were all drawn to this light...it was like a red star. As soon as it was there, it was gone. I can't explain what we saw, so strange. It was so bright and then it just disappeared. I really want to know if anyone else saw what we saw. The girl that we were with works for an airline and she saw that it was something unusual.

28-Nov-2011, Roberts Creek, BC:

Was a round ball shape which made the horizon purple streaked as it went from east to northwest. It moved slowly and steadily across the sky and the surrounding area turned purple as it went..

30-Nov-2011, Vancouver, BC: (00:01 am)

First I saw a bright orange light hovering across the sky without any noise (usually jets or helicopters I can detect from same distance). I thought that looked odd. I always see planes/helicopters around this area but none as a bright and such a nice orange light. I picked up my 10x50 binoculars and as I suspected that was no plane. It was a glowing sphere.

After the first orange light wasnt visible since it was out of view behind another building, 3 more popped up in a triangular formation coming from the same direction as the original one.

At first all 3 were in a perfect equilateral triangular formation, then one of them began acceleration forming almost a 90 degree angle triangle formation.

All 4 lights never made it across the other side of the buildings view. I took a video with my Canon digicam which turned out terrible because of the low light, but the 3 lights can be somewhat seen.

5-Dec-2011, North Delta, BC: (11:00 pm)

I've been seeing the same group of very bright green & sometimes blue lights. I live in North Delta up on a hill from Burns Bog & I see them while out for a smoke. I just saw them again 5 minutes ago. I tilted my head back all the way to stretch my neck to see this amazing display at 12:00 high just to the south. Whenever I've seen them they're in the same general area.

During the 1st sighting, there were about 6 green'ish objects forming either a rectangle or various other shapes surrounding 1 object in the center. These were REALLY high up, as high as satellites I think (2x  higher than the Moon, Venus or the Big Dipper), yet seemed so close probably from their intense glow. It's strange because though this was Waaaay up, I could see clearly because they became brighter when in motion and maybe light explosions of some sort caused more brightness.

I've seen them 3 times in the last month on perfectly clear nights. I've used binoculars too. That convinced me these were "UFOs". I used the Moon, Venus and even a close star near the light cluster as reference points and the cluster moved randomly with precision like a laser pointer from left to right, up & down quickly. The center one seemed to always start moving 1st, then the surrounding 6 - 10(tonite) lights would move in unison keeping the same distance while surrounding the center light at all times.

I couldn't figure out if the lone central green object was the leader who initiates the movement and has the outside lights follow immediately at an equal distance OR if it was the enemy confined to the rectangle, triangle or circle, so when it started to take off in a direction, the others quickly followed & kept their same shape of confinement each time.

Also, last night I had a similar but quite different sighting. They were moving very slowly compared to the stratospheric lights I just mentioned. Oddly, they were as low as a plane over the Cloverdale / Langley area towards Mount Baker, Wa. The 4 or 5 red lights were equi-distant to each other like a stick moving horizontally back & forth. Never seen aircraft with that kind of lighting & no other lights at the front or back. It dropped like a stone, levelled out then accelerated away and the lights disappeared.

My mind is blown away. I'd bet my house that I saw UFO activity.

12-Dec-2011, Langley, BC: (7:30 - 8:00 pm)

2 or 3 years ago me and my work partner were driving home to Aldergrove after working a long day 12-14 hours. After we got off the freeway at 264th we took the back road into aldergrove which runs parallel to the navy base there. I was half asleep and I assumed my friend was sleeping when there was a sudden dense fog for about 25-30 yards long along the road near 272nd Street and 43rd Avenue. It was mid July and warm so I thought it was odd and then before I could think twice about it a bright blue streak flashed down from left to right over the road in front of us. I thought to myself what the hell and as I was telling myself I was seeing things after working long hours, my friend said in a shaky voice "dude did you just f*cking see that?". Instantly I had shivers thinking about what it was. We both agreed that it was too close and bright to have been a shooting star as it seemed only a couple hundred feet above ground at the lowest point of the arc and it moved way way too fast to be any aircraft. It was just there and shot towards the ground but didnt seem to make it all the way to the ground, then disappeared. We've both seen meteors, shooting stars, satellites, etc and both of us are still adament thats not what we saw. Past couple years we've joked about it and told the story over the campfire but it really freaked us out at the time and so on monday december 12, 2011, we were again driving home from work heading east on highway 1 just about to descend the small hill on the freeway down to the 232nd st exit when we saw the same flash of blue light up and to the right. We agree it looks the same as what we saw a few years ago just we were farther away this time. We can't be certain and are probably clutching at straws but if we were to guess, we'd say it was more or less in the same area over Aldergrove. I should also mention that there was a 3 quarter or so moon and a very slight hazy cloud cover, we looked and we couldnt see many stars and the ones we did see were very faint. Once again, just all of a sudden, a bright streak of blue light that appears and streaks towards the ground and disappears before it reaches it. Could it have been some sort of sound wave or something from the naval communication base (its a skeleton crew manning the base now but is used to communicate with all pacific defence centres for the canadian forces. its remote controlled from CFB esquimalt)? I'm not a firm believer in any paranormal stuff really but it's kind of interesting to think of the possibility that "something" is out there. Anyways get back to me if you have any idea what we might've seen because we definately saw it.

15-Dec-2011, Fort Nelson/Snake River area, BC: (5:30 pm)

Working at a gas plant in the described area, me and a fellow worker were laying on our backs looking at the sky when we both saw what we thought was a shooting star. But then it was too big to be one. And shooting stars do not zig zag and go different speeds. This object appeared through the clouds in the east zipped directly overtop of us, slowed down, then shot in a zig zag direction toward the west. It was pretty bright and high up in the sky.

Nov 2011 - 17-Dec 2011, North Delta, BC:

I have been seeing greenish dots (objects) high in the sky to the south/southwest of North Delta (Vancouver suburb) every night over the past 2 months. First time I saw them, a single object was surrounded like a cluster by approximately 5-10 identical green objects. It looked as though the centre one either controlled the outside ones or it was being contained by them. The reason I say this is because whenever the centre one initiates movement, the surrounding ones would instantly follow the centre one in formation.

These objects appear to be 3-5 times higher than the moon. I'm talking outer space where satellites are. Oddly enough, I can see them on clear AND cloudy nights. I can't see the moon, Venus or the big dipper on cloudy nights, but see them clear as a bell on clear nights. How am I able to see something that high, yet can't see constellations much closer to me? NO IDEA.

Unlike the first time I saw them, they have been moving greater distances & are increasing in numbers. This week I saw more clusters of lights around a centre one. The surrounding lights dim & re-appear once the centre one moves. These things move 100 times faster than a jet, because lately one object will split from the group & race across the sky in a matter of seconds. Planes at 30,00 feet take 10-15 minutes to cross the sky over the Lower Mainland.

These objects move with the precision of a randomly moving laser pointer or waterbugs and a speed just slower than a falling star. They move in every direction; up, down, side to side, and can turn on a dime. They seemed to have multiplied in numbers by about 10 times since my first sighting 2 months ago. They're always in the same part of the sky, whether 6pm or 1am, which is odd because the Earth rotates thousands of miles an hour.

Ironically, meteor showers were to be close to earth this past week, which is when the objects started moving further around and in larger numbers. When I track one on a cloudy night, I'll see them move around and when they pass behind thicker clouds, the clouds illuminate brightly showing their path.

I've reported this to some people but moreover I can't believe these aren't in the news. I think it's time to call the newspapers and tv. I posted here a while ago when I first saw them, but it's not posted here since u haven't updated recently.

All I can say is I know they're NOT human made aircraft, they're visible by the naked eye and all anybody has to do is look straight up to the south/southwest and you'll see the same wild shit I've been seeing. I've been video taping on my digital camera but it hasn't been clear enough to see. Once the sky clears & I tape them, watch for the clips on YouTube.

Let's hope they're here for good & not evil.

21-Dec-2011, Coquitlam, BC: (10:45 pm)

On the night of December 21, 2011 about 10:45 pm, outside of our home in Coquitlam, my adult daughter was having a cigarette when she looked up at the sky and saw 2 red pulsating lights. The lights moved strangely and would fade and then reappear and quickly became 5 lights which continued to move strangely, unlike any plane or helicopter could do, and yet stayed in the same area of the sky the whole time. After awhile they merged together and faded away until there were only 2 lights left which also continued to dart around until they merged into one and disappeared. My daughter videotaped the spectacle with her camera for about 2 minutes and 15 seconds and we put it on the computer where we can play it in slow-mo and stop and go as we please. I had been in my bed when she called me from outside on her cell phone telling me to come outside quickly. Believe me when I say we are not whackos and neither of us were drinking or smoking anything other than my daughter smoking a cigarette. We have never seen such a sight in the sky before. This was at approximately 10:45 pm. It was NOT the new bridge being built to Surrey as it was not near there and was much higher in the sky. We wondered if anyone else had reported seeing this. If so, please let us know. Or, if there is a plausible explanation for this, we would also be interested in knowing this as well. Thank you.

22-Dec-2011, Kamloops, BC: (5:00 pm)

I went to the store at 5pm and noticed a bright orb-like object in the sky with strobing colors. I pulled over to take a closer look at it. Blue, red, white. Its dimensions seemed to change, or the intensity of the light anyway on certain sides. I live in Westsyde in Kamloops and I was parked on Bank Road right by Coopers, it was towards town. I watched it for about 15 minutes, it moved very slowly, possibly at the same rate as the earth was turning. I took a couple of video but all I had was my Android phone so the quality is very poor and I chose to watch it with my eyes mostly. http://youtube/eqDL_SIDHiE

25-Dec-2011, Cloverdale, BC:

There is an article and photo in the Cloverdale Reporter Newspaper of the unexplained lights in the sky, with possible UFO references. I watched them move across the sky at Christmas time, while driving home. I live near 170th and 60th Avenue. I parked my car, called my kids out to look because they were so pretty. We also watched them burn out. They were quite obviously lanterns. They launched more on New Years Eve, and we watched them too.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the heads up. I'm pretty sure that there have been many, many reports of Chinese lanterns as UFOs. It is my understanding that New Year is a very popular time to launch these lanterns, but they are also can be launched pretty much any time of the year. It is thought that these lanterns do contribute to spikes in reported UFOs for this time of year.

We have had some reports that do suggest others are still mystified by them and are not familiar with the phenomena.

There was actually one video of lanterns posted as "UFOs" that was taken in Surrey last year.



26-Dec-2011, Vancouver, BC: (00:15 am)

Looking out to the south/west, from  commercial drive area, Vancouver. I was looking out of a window that was behind my computer, I saw a blinking light, very similar to a plain flashing light but brighter, but then I saw that there were no other lights, as a plane has a red flashing light and some others, here was only one bright light was was dimming higher and lower in a 6 second phase from one spectrum to the other.

The light stopped dead centre in the middle of the frame of the window that I was looking out, I would guess around 10km away from me. Before it stopped, it moved in a kind of a circular shape, slowly, before stopping at 12:17.

The moment I saw this movement I had a strange feeling come over me. The sky was clear, with vey few streaks of clouds, no clouds, nothing but I could not see any stars. I called my roommate whom would witness this with me, at 12:22, some streaks of clouds could be seen behind.

As we looked the light started to dim, until it looked completely gone, then it would become very bright again after 2 min or so. I tried to take a photo. After 30 min I finally got some shots that gave me an idea of the shape of the object, it was not circular it looked like a pill, capsule-shaped, this was not due to shaking.  

At 1:10 clouds covered the entire sky where there were no clouds before, they seemed to form on the exterior of the city and continue to form into the centre of the city.

The light moved lover in the frame of the window at that time, it seemed that the light was suspended in the air and as Earth was turning it seemed the light moved lower.

26-Dec-2011, Rossland, BC: (2:36 pm)

Dear friends and family..
These pics were taken during a hike at the outskirts of a small town called Rossland in British Columbia, not far from the US border. Pic 1030122 was taken near the end of our hike at 2:36pm on Boxing Day, Dec 26, 2011. My friend (who took the picture) and his two little boys slid down the steep little slope on a GT Snowracer, Autumn n I were gonna slide down n since I didn't have snowpants on, I slid down on my back, so that's me on the left with my legs in the air. After which we continued back to my friends house. No one noticed or heard anything unusual on our hike, even the dogs were undisturbed. We carried on with our day as normal. It wasn't till we sat down a few hours later and looked at the uploaded pics on Chad's laptop that I noticed the strange, yet familiar shaped object at the top of the shot, and yes, it is also on the original, on the camera. I know there are many ways to fake such a thing, so all I can say is, u have my word that neither I, nor my friend, nor anyone else, altered or constructed this photo to fool anyone. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about how or what it might be.

We zoomed in on it and fooled around with the brightness n contrast to try n discern more detail, but we didn't save those changes and otherwise left the picture unaltered. One unfortunate thing that happened is, I somehow lost a little border, at least on the topside when my friend sent these shots to my email, the original has a little more sky space above the object. He's gonna try n send it again from another program or something to try n negate that effect.

Rossland Disc
Above, original photo. Below, enlargement of Disc.
Rossland Disc Zoomed In

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the photos. If you could send us the original photo and not one edited in Photoshop CS5, that would go a long way towards the credibility of the photo. After all the DMC-FX30 is a nice camera and will be able to store the jpeg without needing photoshop to retrieve or edit it.
I am to assume your friend has the silver or black model like the one below?

Richard, UFO*BC

Lumix Camera

Witness Responds:

I dont have the one from camera but the one on my desktop is right off there. It was a work camera that had to be signed back.
See attached.

Rossland Disc 2

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks, but I will still require the originals – no resizing or altering in any way (a direct copy off the data card of the camera – should be a few megabytes in size, not 174KB), without it, other than a nice photos of two dogs in a snowfield I cannot say much else.

Witness Responds:

Is there any way that a deleted photo can be restored from a data card in camera. The camera was one that belonged to my work and had to be returned after Christmas. The photo was deleted off the memory card with all the rest. I have the one I sent you along with the others that got downloaded to my desktop. A friend of mine added Shrink pic to my computer which apparently makes it easier to send photos. My mom has dial up (out in the boonies manitoba) and it took her too long to download pictures we had been sending. Camera was a Panasonic FX30. Card is a SDHC Scandisk 8G. Thanks for your reply.

UFO*BC Responds:

There are some ways to do it, but it isn’t something that can be easily relayed over email. The main problem that I have with the photos is that the original ones were clearly edited with Photoshop, and the second set were sent without any information, and thus clearly edited as well – if only by shrinking them. However from a forensic standpoint, any such alterations means that the photos are useless as “proof” – no difference than saying “well it was changed but not really too much”.

With any claims of a clear UFO daylight picture, they require rigorous scrutiny, and unfortunately if there are no originals, just edited photos … well, I am afraid that one’s word simply isn’t enough. There is far too much hoaxing and fabrication these days, so without originals these must be placed in the ‘tampered’ bin – as they HAVE been, knowing to what extent isn’t possible.

I appreciate the correspondence, and hopefully you do find your deleted photos.

Richard, UFO*BC

28-Dec-2011, Abbotsford, BC: (9:10 pm)

I was driving on the highway with my sister when I saw to my right a bright, white round light with kinda a less bright light around it and it just shot into the sky unlike anything Ive seen before! It travelled a great distant in a second and It just disappeared!!!!! I asked my sister if she saw it but she didn't. Im never going to forget it.

31-Dec-2011, Sechelt, BC: (5:15 pm)

My girlfriend and I were at a beach in West Sechelt on New Years Eve 2011 for an evening walk with our dog.  It was 5:15 pm when we arrived, and the sun had set about 45 minutes earlier so it was not totally dark yet, but rather a deep indigo blue.  As soon as we got there, I surveyed the ocean and the sky, as I always do.  There were no stars visible as there was high cloud cover, and no air traffic in the area that I could see.  I glanced down to where the dog was running along the beach, and looked up again less than 10 seconds later, and halfway between the town of Sechelt and the Trail Islands offshore, above the water had appeared 4 separate, very bright white lights positioned in a perfect line, at an angle of about 65 degrees.  A fifth light was barely visible, positioned just above the last, lowest altitude one.  The three uppermost lights were very bright – brighter than a search light or spot light – but the lowest altitude light was even brighter... brighter and very large, and it had a slight pulsation.  The lights remained completely stationary for about 5 minutes as my girlfriend and I watched.  Then the “highest” light travelled down to the level of the lowest light and began moving across in the direction of Nanaimo.  There was no sound at all.  One by one, each of the lights did the same, descending to the altitude of the bottom light, and then heading across towards Vancouver Island.  The bottom light (the brightest and biggest), became even brighter for a short period, and then finally also moved over to the west.  We lost sight of the lights as they approached Vancouver Island.  The whole event lasted approximately 10-12 minutes.  Of course I have tried to find a reasonable explanation for what we saw, but it was unlike any plane or helicopter activities I have ever seen, and the fact that the lights were positioned at different altitudes and arranged in an absolutely perfect straight line has left me baffled.  I have included a rough illustration of what we saw that night for more clarification.  Perhaps someone else can offer another explanation?

Sechelt 2

Sechelt 3

31-Dec-2011, Cloverdale, BC:

Their is an article and Photo in the Cloverdale Reporter Newspaper of the unexplained lights in the sky, with possible UFO references. I watched them move across the sky at Christmas time, while driving home. I live near 170th and 60th Avenue. I parked my car, called my kids out to look because they were so pretty. We also watched them burn out. They were quite obviously lanterns. They launched more on New Years Eve, and we watched them too.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the heads up. I'm pretty sure that there have been many, many reports of Chinese lanterns as UFOs. It is my understanding that New Year is a very popular time to launch these lanterns, but they are also can be launched pretty much any time of the year. It is thought that these lanterns do contribute to spikes in reported UFOs for this time of year.

We have had some reports that do suggest others are still mystified by them and are not familiar with the phenomena.

There was actually one video of lanterns posted as "UFOs" that was taken in Surrey last year.