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During the month of August there was an air pollution study in the lower Fraser valley. Part of this study consisted of two helium filled balloons; one at 29th and Slocan in Burnaby; and one at Poppy School in Langley. These balloons were usually allowed to rise 3 times a day, at sunrise, noon and sunset. We believe that many of the August sightings were a result of people seeing these balloons, especially in early evening.

2-Jan-2001, Vernon BC: (5:10 pm)

The witness was watching TV when she suddenly saw a large bright white light. It was round and encircled by numerous other white lights. The larger white light was in the centre. The object did not seem to be too high; no sound could be detected from it. It also appeared to be stationary. After a period of five minutes the perimeter lights went out and the object began to move away in the direction of Kelowna.

5-Jan-2001, Kelowna BC: (8:00 pm)

The witness and her parents were coming home when they spotted a bright red light in the sky, lemon-shaped and visually the size of a basketball. It was swinging back and forth. They watched it for a period of 5-7 minutes before it slowly climbed into the sky and disappeared from sight. The night sky was clear.

23-Jan-2001, Vancouver BC: (9:00 am)

Natalia and her companion were at 18th & Delta, travelling on a city bus, when they spotted a sliver-coloured cylindrical object in the sky over Burrard Inlet? The sky was clear. The object had a ''falling leaf" motion, as if spiraling downward. It was described as HUGE. The couple, in their fifties, watched it for 2-3 minutes. The witnesses are Russian. The report came from a translator. This is their first UFO sighting.

25-Jan-2001, Surrey BC: (7:00 pm)

The witness and daughter were returning home to Guildford when they noticed a very bright light in the western sky. At that time they were located near the Port Mann Bridge. The light appeared to have a strobe (white) on its right side. Occasionally the "Object" would turn red. Over the next two hours it moved (visually) north a distance of about one yard in the sky. By this time they had between 7-8 additional witnesses. The witness took a digital photo of it using the telephoto lens. They eventually stopped watching it. During the observation period they could see aircraft coming in from the same direction but seemingly above it.

UFO BC: given the time of day and the object's movement, this object was most likely the planet Venus.

27-Jan-2001, Burnaby BC: (9:00 pm)

The witness and two companions observed a pulsating red light apparently circling the city of Vancouver. The flight path of the object would increase in altitude on its prescribed course then drop down again, before recommencing the same "up and down" motions. At one point the pulsating light remained steady for a short period. When an incoming aircraft approached, the object also displayed a green light in unison with the red. After watching for a period of forty minutes the object moved off in a westerly direction towards UBC.

UFO BC: given the flashing lights and flight path, this object was most likely a small plane or helicopter.

29-Jan-2001, Garden Bay BC: (10:00 pm)

The witness, Don, noticed some "star" movement close to the handle of the Little Dipper. The object was flashing red, blue and green lights, zig-zagging backwards and forwards. He signalled it with his flashlight and it appeared to repeat his flashing sequence, (see Richard Haines, "CE-5", Sourcebooks 1998) After a further exchange the object seemed to zoom in much closer. At this point Don decided that was more than he wanted. Therefore he turned off all his lights, including the house lights. This was the start of a series of sightings that continued for a period of five days and was viewed from Mihxal Heights at Garden Bay, on the Sechelt Peninsula.

2-Feb-2001, Garden Bay BC:

The witness, Don, noticed "lightning" flashes through his window. Knowing the sky was clear and hearing no thunder he went outside to investigate. To his surprise he saw a cigar-shaped craft with a blue light at either end hovering over Texada Island. In the immediate vicinity were three smaller red lights darting back and forth, their reflection shining off the tree top on the island. At the end of 1 hours the cigar tilted vertically and left at high speed. During his observation of this craft he could hear a steady humming sound. Unfortunately, he battery on his camera was dead!

3-Feb-2001, White Rock BC: (00:40 am)

The witness saw a big circle of yellow light, the apparent size of a toonie held at arm's length. It was located in the west above Point Roberts(?) about 20 degrees above the horizon. Apparently it was stationary when first viewed, then the object began to shrink in size rapidly, creating the impression that it was moving away from the observer at some speed. He was travelling along Marine Drive from East Beach. The sky was clear and the object remained in view approximately 2 seconds.

6-Feb-2001, Burnaby BC: (9:15 am)

Exactly two weeks previously two Russians, Natalie (53) and Vladimir (62), were travelling by bus when they spotted a "fluttering leaf" like motion UFO over Burrard Inlet? It was a silver-coloured cylinder. This time they were again travelling from Willingdon to Hastings in Burnaby when Natalie spotted a "capsule-shaped object" (her words). This description refers to the medicine type capsules dispensed at the pharmacy. It was located over Lynn Valley, HUGE in size and silver in colour. She and her husband watched it for a period of ten minutes in a perfectly clear sky. Vladimir spent many years in the navy and was trained to measure distance, his estimate was the object was at 15,000 feet. This time the object was much higher and further back than the one seen two weeks previously.

10-Feb-2001, Sechelt BC:

"My partner and I saw a different kind of light in the sky from our home. It was just over Vancouver Island. We brought out our binoculars and watched it. Through the binoculars it looked like a revolving line. With different colors ... the brightest being an iridescent blue. I say it was revolving as there was a red dot coming around in intervals. He watched more that I did and said at times it seemed to be pulling apart and coming back together. He said he saw blue, green, orange, etc."

10-Feb-2001, Roberts Creek BC: (11:00 pm)

Randy saw an unusual light in the northwest part of the sky just north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island at 11pm on 10th February, 2001. He and his partner Maureen watched it through binoculars for approximately two hours. Through the glasses it looked like a "revolving line" with different colours, iridescent blue, with a red dot at intervals. This couple are located in the Flume Beach area of Roberts Creek. They called a friend in Powell River who owns a telescope, but he couldn't see it. They tried taking pictures with a video camera and a digital camera but had little success with the results. They watched the "object" for a period of two hours before finally going to bed. They thought that it might be a planet, although the revolving lights puzzled them.

(Note) Maureen also had a sighting in March 1999 when at 10:05 pm she was driving west bound from Gibsons towards Sechelt when upon entering Roberts Greek the area became darker due to the lack of street lights. Suddenly a bright luminescent blue light streaked past. It lit up the whole sky. "It was gone in the blink of an eye." "It wasn't a shooting star as it travelled too fast and too precisely." In the days to follow a number of black helicopters were seen with tinted windows! Maureen has never seen them either before that time or since. She felt that the blue flash of light was not of this world. She felt it was a really an unbelievable experience.

11-Feb-2001, North Vancouver BC: (8:15 pm)

The witness and his 16 year-old son noticed a bright white light stationary over Georgia Straight, it appeared to be pulsating. Its apparent angle above the horizon was 20 - 25 degrees. As he drove he instructed his son to keep watching the light. Arriving home he grabbed his video camera and proceeded to shoot eight minutes of video footage. Then he put the camera down and went into the house to get his tripod. When he returned the "object" had gone!

15-Feb-2001, Tofino BC: (9:30 pm)

"Travelling the Tofino/Ucluelet Hwy north to Tofino we saw a strange bright white light. We wondered what it was, as it must have over the ocean, or near the coastline. We stopped our truck on the hiway and shut it off, to see if we could hear anything, we did not. This bright light had colored lights radiating out from under the white light, almost looking like a prism, these lights seemed to be moving and changing colors, red, blues and green. It was around 9:30 pm and we watched it for a few minutes. I thought it was creepy and we continued towards Tofino, as we drove we noted it moved fairly quickly in a nw direction. We asked others, but no one else had seen this. Could it have been a ufo??"

UFO BC notes that Venus was in the western sky at that time. It is extremely bright and might appear to change colour due to atmospheric diffraction.

18-Feb-2001, Burnaby BC: (7:05 pm)

The sky was clear with the occasional high, puffy white cloud. The witness was watching a small plane heading west when he sees a bright white light flying in the opposite direction. After passing very close to the plane it continued getting closer to his location. He could see the bright light reflecting off the clouds. After passing silently overhead, the light entered a small cloud and disappeared! About a minute later he saw another plane heading west and another light heading east! The light was fainter than the first one (further away?), but also entered a small cloud and disappeared.

19-Feb-2001, Vancouver BC: (11:34 pm)

The witness was watching TV when she noticed through her living room window a bright light in the night sky that was changing colours from green, blue, red, orange. It appeared to be stationary and was located in the South East. She and a companion watched the light with binoculars for a period of twenty minutes from their balcony. The "object" was lost from view when it gradually diminished in size until it was merely a small speck. The observers had no sense of movement as it left (?) its original position. The sky was quite clear.

25-Feb-2001, Surrey BC: (1:45 am)

The witness was outside when she suddenly noticed a boomerang-shaped object moving from south to north at the same altitude (?) as aircraft leaving Vancouver after having taken off over the sea and circling back across the city (5000?). This large object had a cluster of white lights beneath it. She hastened to explain the cluster effect may have been due to the height at which she was viewing it. Normal red, green or strobe lights commonly seen on incoming or outgoing aircraft were not visible. Nor was there any detectable sound of engines. The total sighting time was ten seconds.It should be noted that the incoming aircraft pattern is to approach from the east or south, then to be vectored west, north and final approach west again. So this flight pattern (S.N.) was highly unusual. She was the only witness. The night sky was clear.

25-Feb-2001, Vernon BC: (6:30 pm)

The witness observed an unusually very bright light in the western sky from her apartment window. At first she thought it was a star, then she discounted that theory as it slowly began to move off in a southerly direction. Her total observation time was 3 - 4 minutes.

1-Mar-2001, Sechelt BC:

Around the 1st March, 2001 Jim and three companions watched some strange lights cavorting over Texada Island for a period of twenty minutes. The lights were white in colour. Then also around the 7th March, 2001 they again saw similar lights in the same location only this time they were orange. Jim stated that he had heard similar accounts from others who live nearby.

In 1999 he and 6 others were out for the day on Thomanby Island when at around 2:30 pm they saw about 80 lights darting around the sky at a very high altitude. They were in view for only a short period of time however. Two of their party were disturbed sufficiently by this demonstration that they packed up and left for home! No sound was discernible.

2-Mar-2001, Steveston BC: (11:00 pm)

Around 11:00 pm, the witness was looking southwest out of her bedroom window, over the Strait of Juan de Fuca, when she saw a bright stationary object. It was about 45 degrees above the horizon in a mostly clear sky. Directly above the bright light she could see some scattered green lights, also stationary. She fell asleep until about 11:40 and then noticed that the object was still in the same location. The sky was partly cloudy now, but the light "shone through the clouds like a flashlight". She watched for a while longer before going back to sleep.

5-Mar-2001, Sechelt BC: (5:00 am)

The witness got up at 5 a.m. and noticed a very bright "star" that was located over some high voltage transmission lines that run through the mountains near their home. What was more unusual was the fact that "star" was bobbing around, moving back and forth and changing colour, from red, blue, green and orange. He called his wife to come and witness this object. They went out on the deck but could not hear any accompanying sound. The object would shoot away out of sight then return to its original position. They watched it for a total of twenty minutes before it finally left and did not return. They have not had any previous sightings.

6-Mar-2001, Pender Harbour BC: (7-8 pm)

The witness was watching TV when she suddenly saw a large very bright light "drop out of the sky", "larger than a star, smaller than the moon", travelling very fast, from south to north. It was in view for several seconds before disappearing from sight. The witness has a home that looks out over the ocean with an unobstructed view.

8-Mar-2001, Pender Harbour BC: (9:10 pm)

The witness, who lives in a trailer, was watching TV when he suddenly saw a strange light over a tower on Texada Island. His ten-foot window has a horizontal bar that enabled him to determine that the light was stationary. He promptly took his binoculars and telescope and focussed on it. It was apparently disc-shaped, white on the top and red/orange on the bottom, creating visually a "burning effect". It was located in the southwest at 80 degrees elevation and appeared to be about 500 feet above the tower. He has no idea what purpose the tower serves although he did say that it is not new. The light seemed to be pulsating and was visible for a period of seven minutes before suddenly going out "as if it had been switched off".

The witness is very familiar with ocean type distress signals having witnessed them on numerous occasions; he was most emphatic that this bore no resemblance to any of those. He also added that the tower is at the north end of the island. Apparently it is common conversation amongst residents in the Pender Harbour area that strange lights are frequently seen in the area and out over the ocean towards Vancouver Island.

10-Mar-2001, Surrey BC: (just after dark, date approximate)

(vicinity of 128 and 93) "I had gone out to the front of the house to get something from my van. As I walked back I happened to glance up at the heavy clouds hanging overhead. Just then a whitish, yellow glowing disk dropped out of the clouds shot across under the clouds at high speed for about. 1/2 a mile then darted back up. A few seconds later a second disk followed the same path. Both were silent and about the size of the full moon, they glowed but not overly bright, I didn't notice any reflection on the clouds. About 1/2 hour later I was sitting in the house watching TV, when I observed another disk drop out of the clouds heading in northerly direction. Time of sightings was only a matter of a couple of seconds for each of them."

13-Mar-2001, Roberts Creek BC: (11:00 pm)

The witness and a companion were laying in bed around when they viewed through a rectangular skylight directly above the bed a orange ball of light heading from south to north and apparently dropping "sparks" as it moved across their line of vision. The sky was clear and the Big Dipper was also in view through the skylight.

13-Mar-2001, Gibsons BC: (11:50 pm)

Kevin and Marcel were out snow-mobiling in the mountains at when they were astonished to see a large orange ball of light appear out of the south and travel on a flat trajectory in a northerly direction. They first had the idea it may be a Cruise Missile!? and stopped their two machines but could not hear any accompanying sound of either a motor or an expected sonic boom, assuming it may be a meteor. They calculated it was 15 degrees above the horizon and was in view for ONE MINUTE before disappearing from sight

13-Mar-2001, Ladysmith BC: (11:45 pm) Thanks to NUFORC.

"My boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk last Tuesday night (March 13th). It was a clear and starry night with a few scattered clouds and a waning moon. I was stargazing when something caught the corner of my eye. It was round, about 10 feet in diameter, about 3000 feet in altitude. It was glowing orange and yellow and had a little tale behind it about one eighth of its diameter. It flew over us heading east and made no sound at all. I watched it until it got to about the middle of the harbour, about a mile away. It appeared to be getting smaller until it just disappeared, which is strange because you can see airplanes further away than that. The time was approximately 11:45 P.M. and the sighting lasted for about 30 seconds."

17-Mar-2001, Pender Harbour BC: (4:30 am)

The witness was occupying a cabin at Francis Peninsula, (Pender Harbour, Sechelt Peninsula) when she got up early to go to the bathroom. The bedroom has a window looking out onto the ocean and also has a skylight. Once in bed again she suddenly saw a HUGE flash in the sky. She at once thought of a thunderstorm but the sky was clear and no accompanying sound was heard. The cabin looks westward between Texada Island and Pender Harbour. The flash illuminated the surrounding trees. She could also see a small boat on the ocean with its attached red light. Next morning she mentioned to her companions downstairs what she had seen. The lady there replied that she too had seen four similar large flashes in the night sky, but had no idea as to the time that she saw them.

21-Mar-2001, Sooke BC: (6:45 pm)

A female witness and her male companion noticed a very unusual and intense light in the western sky that seemed to be moving from side to side. They called a friend of theirs who came over and the 3 of them watched it for another 15 minutes before it was obscured by a big black cloud. The third witness, Darren, was of the opinion that the object was in the upper atmosphere and at least 100 miles away!

23-Mar-2001, Surrey BC: (9:30 pm)

The witness felt compelled to look up. He was surprised to see 2 white lights travelling from north to south at a fast clip. They came to a halt, then continued to move around the sky in various configurations before suddenly joining up into a single object. Shortly afterwards they again began to separate, but before doing so "spawned" a red ball which zipped off in a northerly direction as the two "parents" zipped off south. It was a clear night and the total observation time was 20 minutes.

Apr-2001, Vancouver BC: (7:00 am)

Two brothers, aged 7 and 9, were getting dressed ready for breakfast when they saw through their bedroom skylight two "brown Idaho potatoes" flit past their view about 3 metres above the window travelling East to West. For ten minutes afterwards Wolfgang complained to his mother he could hear "mumbling conversation" in his head!? There was no noise accompanying the sighting of the "potatoes".  See serial of sightings by same witnesses.

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1-Apr-2001, Surrey BC: (8:42 pm)

The witness and his girl friend were watching TV when they spotted a bright light in the sky that could be seen through the trees. It moved from west to northwest and as it did so the light intensified. Then it went from northwest to south to north and again West in about two seconds! Each time that it had moved the light became brighter. Altogether they observed it for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. The night sky was clear. About fifteen minutes later another light appeared in the same area with a red and white light flashing. They could also hear an engine. This object (plane?) circled in that area for a period of fifteen minutes before taking off in a westerly direction. Was it searching perchance for the previous object?

9-Apr-2001, Salmon Arm BC: (3:30 am)

"It actually happened 2 times, first on April 9/01 around 3:30 am to 3:45 am and then again on April 23/01 around 3:15 am to 3:30 am. They were both at my dad's house. My dad lives out of town on a desolate farm (kinda near Salmon Valley). The first time it happened I was awakened by a noise outside my door (sounded like a movie playing at first (but why would my dad be watching a movie at 3:30 AM). It sounded like faint talking but nothing sounded right. Then to my surprise, a bright light quarter-filled my room (kinda like a car passing by with its brights on). It couldn't have possibly been a vehicle because my window faces the open pasture and forests (no roads or anything). A shadow of my window appeared on the wall but then disappeared along with the light." - Tyler Haiste

10-Apr-2001, Surrey BC: (00:40 am)

The witness' daughter saw a strange orangey red light shining through her bedroom drapes. On closer examination she perceived a red ball in the sky that seemed to be dropping some substance like "molten red wax". It could be seen falling but not landing. At the same time her father about to go to bed after watching the Jay Leno show checked the night sky as was his custom. He too saw the same thing. It was, he thinks, at around 2-3000 feet and moving steadily from west to southeast, in the direction of Guildford. It moved at a smooth pace over nearby Mary Jane Shannon High School. It was visible for a period of 3-4 minutes before disappearing from sight in the direction of Cloverdale. When first seen it was located approximately over 108th and 104th Avenues. The "liquid"(?) was dropped throughout the sighting period.

10-Apr-2001, Surrey BC: (2:40 pm)

The witness, Roy, took his telescope onto the deck of his residence. Looking west towards Bear Creek Park he noticed a very bright object that proceeded to move downwards. Focusing the scope he took three shots. The object remained stationary for between 20 - 30 minutes before "turning out like a light"! This is Roy's third sighting in this area in three months.

20-Apr-2001, Burnaby BC: (10:15 pm)

"I saw a red Orb over Burnaby mountain last night at about 10:15, about the size of my pinky at arm's length. I was just past Hastings and Sperling heading East, it was moving South to North. It was moving slowly at first and then a sudden blurred streak and it was gone. For distance of travel it was about 3 feet, looking through my windshield." - Ray

23-Apr-2001, Salmon Arm BC:

"The next time it happened [see previous sighting on 9-Apr-2001] it was way more intense and frightening! I awoke to the same noise outside my door but this time there was a blue glow. Then the real freaky shit started happening! At first I heard a loud buzzing noise (kind of like a smoke detector) then my body went all tingly and numb as an immense feeling of fear came over me. I couldn't move or speak. Then I saw it: 2 small, shadowy figures were almost dancing around my bed while I was trying to yell or move. I managed to blurt out a small but loud 'gggyyyyo' (a failed attempt to yell 'go away'). After that they disappeared and the same light through my window came and went. This was so dam real, please believe me!!! Weird how both happened at relatively the same time huh? PLEASE reply I am so curious about this whole thing!!!" - Tyler Haiste

25-Apr-2001 Cateren (near Hazelton, BC)
: (12:15 am)

A woman came out of the back door of her house and noticed a red glow of three lines forming a triangle and silently moving (20-30 miles/hr, 32-48 km/hr) above the tree-tops. The UFO was slowly moving away from the back of their yard when the woman decided to run after it, but at the same time she was ready to jump the back fence, she got a scary feeling and ran for the house instead. It was gone by the time she got her husband out of the house to go and help look for it. The sighting lasted about 3 minutes. The triangle appeared to be about 20 ft (6 metres) long and 5 to 6 ft high (1.5 to 1.8 metres). It appeared to be about 300 to 400 metres away and 100 ft (30 metres) off the ground.

26-Apr-2001, Surrey BC: (11:00 pm)

An object travelled from west to east for approximately 1 minute at an unknown altitude, (estimated to descend from 10,000 to 4-5,000 feet) and stopped abruptly for about 20 seconds before returning to its original path. After approximately 1 minute more it turned to the south in a leisurely manner and proceeded south until out of sight. At all time during its observed travel, it moved in a "shuffling" sort of manner. Its appearance was that of a transparent sphere with 3 yellow lights illuminating the interior. This was definitely not a plane, meteor, planet, gas cloud or anything else I have ever seen before. I still cannot identify it as anything I have seen before.

29-Apr-2001, Surrey BC: (8:50 pm)

The witness, Hayley, and her companion, Mike, were driving along #1 Highway heading back to Whistler. They were close to the 160th Street exit when Hayley spotted a bright light descending below the low clouds and approaching them at what seemed to be a low altitude. She described it very much like a car headlight with no additional lights, (i.e.) flashing strobe, or red and green navigational lights. She could not detect the noise that one would expect from a traffic helicopter for example. At that time the sun was just setting. The light was so intense she felt that it was more like a searchlight beam, but could not understand why a "police helicopter" would do that. After getting Mike to confirm what she was seeing, (he was concentrating on the driving as a large number of cars were on the road) she watched the light/object return into the cloud cover. Total sighting period 45 seconds.

May 2001, Cloverdale, BC: (5 pm)

I was reading your article about the sighting around Vancouver Airport in 2001 of a silver orb sighting hovering in the sky.
I have to relate what myself and passenger saw around that time in about May. I went to a dog show in Cloverdale with my friend's daughter to show my dog. On the way home, about 5 pm, we drove down 64th Avenue from Cloverdale up to King George, in Surrey. As we drove through the flats, farming fields on either side, I noticed a huge silver ball, sat in the ditch.  We were so curious, we stopped to take a look. It was at least the size of a small car. We never went close because I was trying to understand what it might be. Trying to make sense of it, I presumed it was a silver ball that they put on high wire lines for Airplane Safety but when I got home I realized it could not have been that because we don't have any high lines anywhere close to that area.
After getting home, I told everyone I knew that I feel we witnessed an unusual anomalie.

2-May-2001, Hazelton BC: (00:10 am)

The witness let her dog out prior to going to bed at 00:10 am when she suddenly noticed a set of three lights moving through the trees close to her home. Although just above the treetops she estimated that the "object" was 20' long, 5-6' tall, and about 200' away. The fact that the "craft" was apparently not emitting any sound scared her most. Due to that she hurried back into the house and locked the door. Next day she was unable to find any evidence of the visitor's presence in the vicinity. Her dog incidentally showed no reaction to the nearby craft.

(N.B.) A few years ago her "macho" brother who was then 20 years old came dashing into her bedroom one night "bug eyed" telling his sister that a light had entered his room and scanned him. He was unable to move but his body vibrated from his toes to his head. The light, he stated, was red and blue. Only when it was finished with him was he able to escape from the room.

5-May-2001, Surrey BC: (10:38 pm) [Suspected parachute flare]

We were driving in Coquitlam on the Mariner Road hill looking out towards Surrey and saw what looked like a red parachute flare. It stayed bright red for 10 seconds from when we first saw it, then it reduced in luminosity very quickly to just an ember and eventually winked out. I have seen these before around Halloween and am quite sure of what it was. I thought that this might be of some help to you if someone had miss reported a UFO.

7-May-2001, Vancouver BC: (7:00 am)

Two brothers, 7 and 9, saw a large "jelly fish" type object that was bluish-gray in colour. The object appeared to be about 25 feet across and between 25 to 30 feet from the house. They watched it for about 15 seconds. The texture of the "craft" was wobbly like jelly or hair gel.  See serial of sightings by same witnesses.

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10-May-2001, Ladner BC: (5:30 pm)

The witness suddenly noticed in a clear blue sky an elliptical-shaped (?) white object travelling south. He estimated that it was probably at between 3-4000 feet. Its course was a steady one and at arm's length it had the apparent size of a large BB pellet. Following close behind was an airliner that was clearly travelling at a faster rate of speed, also heading south. As the plane caught up to the white object the UFO suddenly made a turn to the left, completing an arc with a radius of approximately 500 feet? This it did three times, each time returning to apparently the same spot. After the third "loop" the object was no longer to be seen! Total viewing time was about one minute.

10-May-2001, Ladner: (5:00 pm)

The witness saw a jet liner rapidly approach 3 - 4 cubes (!) joined together. Both objects were travelling north to south. The "Rubic Cube" suddenly completed 3 loops and headed east. The sky was blue and the witness felt sure that the pilot of the aircraft had to have seen what he saw from the ground. Total sighting was three quarters of a minute.

21-May-2001, Burnaby: (11:55 pm)

Report by witness - originally sent to the Vancouver Flight Service Station (FSS)

"The other night I saw a very bright object apparently falling from the sky. I haven't heard of other sightings of this event and I am very curious as to what it might have been. I felt that I should report it to someone, and because of my pilot background I asked at your FSS. One of the FSS specialists suggested that I EMail in a description to a supervisor who may know where it should be sent if anywhere. A description of this event follows."

"On Monday, May 21, 2001 about 5 minutes to midnight, my daughter Helen and I were driving east along Government Road in Burnaby and getting close to Brighton Avenue (near Costco), when she shouted, "Oh look!". I glanced up about the same time and saw a very large shining bright object hurtling towards the earth. It was about 30 to 40 degrees above the horizon, a little north of Government Road which runs east and west. Maybe it was at a slight angle with the ground. It seemed very large and very close. Helen thought it would hit around Gaglardi Way. To me it just seemed close, but I'd be hard pressed to estimate a distance. It Looked like a meteorite to me with a larger head and a silvery white streak behind it. Later we estimated the streak to be at least 3 inches long when measured by an outstretched hand, or much longer than the diameter of the moon. It was a white silvery colour like the moon only much brighter. I thought it could have been a flare or fireworks of some sort but it seemed to move too fast for that. Towards the end of its travel it flared up red like something burning up and then disappeared. It may have went behind some buildings or just disappeared. The whole event lasted long enough for us to clearly see it and comment on it. Both of us exclaimed, watched a little, and I asked, "What the heck is that?". I estimate the time to have been around 3 to 5 seconds."

"We finished our errand and came home talking about the object. Once at home we called the police who had heard nothing about it. Then I called the Vancouver FSS and the specialist I talked to said that he had been on the roof of the station at 5 to midnight to take his observations and thought he caught sight of a satellite in the vicinity of the Golden Ears but other than that he didn't see the object that I spoke of. He suggested that I may have seen a meteor."

"Helen and I discussed what it may have been. It didn't seem like fireworks or a flare, or an aircraft in trouble. It seemed most like a meteor but much closer and lasting longer than any I have ever seen. And if it was as close and as large as it seemed then it would have caused quite an explosion when it hit the earth. We heard no sounds and there have been no reports so far. There was no news of this in the newspapers in the morning. I called the Sun and CKNW but no one else had reported anything. I called the FSS again, and the specialist I talked to suggested that I write it up and send it to her supervisor."

"I am very surprised that no one else has reported seeing it. If any more reports come in, I would very much appreciate hearing about them. I am sure there is a reasonable explanation and I would like to know what it is."


Early June 2001, Vancouver, BC:

Hi - This is an experience that happened in 2001 that I've pretty much kept to myself. It's quite odd, so I've hesitated telling it over the years. I do not suffer from mental illness, or had anything similar happen before or since. Prior to this, I did not really believe in aliens.

I was about to move and was looking to replace a small area of underlay in the home I was vacating. I looked in the phonebook for carpetting businesses in Vancouver, and jotted down the address of a warehouse, as well. My teenage daughter went along with me as we went to the businesses on the list. It was a warm afternoon in June, and just when I was about to call it quits with no success, decided to try the warehouse on the way home - which was located in an industrial area around W. 5th. I think - can't remember precise location anymore.

When we first entered the storefront, no one was there. There was a long front desk and an open door behind it leading to the warehouse area. After a minute or two of waiting and wondering if anyone was even around, a man came out from the warehouse. He didn't say a word and seemed surprised to see us. I asked if he sold the underlay I was looking for, and he just stood there, shook his head no and stared at us. Then two other people came from the back, another man and a woman. Both did the same - staring at us intently, but not saying a word. I again mentioned what I was there for, but they continued to stare and say nothing.

By this time I was feeling quite uncomfortable by them, when a third man emerged from the back, looking very stern. I told him why I was there, and did he have the underlay I was looking for. He gave me an abrupt "no" and nothing more.  O.k, now I'm getting nervous, as I'm thinking what the hell is going on here, why are these people acting so strange about a simple question about underlay, so I go into a spiel of why I'm there, as I felt like I had either walked in on something, or interrupted something weird going on in their warehouse. The last guy was the only one who spoke to me, basically an angry "no" each time I asked a question. But the odd thing was, each time he spoke to me, the other three would all turn in unison to look at him, then turn back in unison again to look at me when I spoke. I was feeling really spooked by their behavior and actually concerned for our safety, when it got a bit weirder... out of nowhere, I heard an audible voice in my head say "they're aliens".

My mind started racing at that point, trying to make sense of what was happening, not to mention the voice I just heard. I knew I needed to get out of there immediately, even if I didn't quite believe what was happening, but felt like I shouldn't show fear. For some odd reason, I felt like I needed to confront them, so to the first guy, I said in my mind, "I know who you are, and that you know what I'm thinking right now."  At that moment he got a little smirk on his face, which was the first change in his expression I saw. We left immediately.

My daughter was quite shook up and frightened by the experience. She felt very strongly that our safety was somehow at risk, that these people were "not normal"  and that we had walked in on something and should call police.  I didn't tell her about my experience with the audible voice until later. We both felt that they did not act human, and that our presence was unexpected and unwelcome. I believe the third man was their leader or in charge, that they were telepathic and communicating with him each time they turned to him - or at least that's what I sensed. I have no idea who or what the voice was who warned me - very strange experience.

June 2001, Campbell River: (2:00 pm)

Our family was out at one of the small lakes near Campbell River on an overnight fishing/camping trip. We had been swimming and fishing most of the day but noticed about 2pm in the afternoon that there was a large ball hovering over a nearby mountain. It was a lot larger than the moon or any planets and for a while seemed like it was stationary. Because it sat for so long near the top of the mountain we assumed it was a building or radio tower (we thought it was strange because it was not connected to the ground). It sat motionless until about 5 or 6pm at which point it began to slowly move sideways. Another observer asked me if it was a planet, I said that planets wouldn't move like that. They then asked me if it was the moon, but the moon was clearly visible coming over from the east much higher in the sky. Because it was summer we had a clear view of the moving object which at this point had moved sideways from one mountain peak to the next and then proceeded to move straight.

14-Jun-2001, Vancouver BC: (1:00 am)

The witness was travelling south on Rupert Street when he spotted a rather unusual "star" in the sky. It was very long (vertically) and not blinking like the others in the sky. It was located in the southern part of the sky and gave the appearance of pacing him. Visually it appeared to be above the tops of the buildings. This continued as far as Commercial Street when he pointed it out to another driver who had two other passengers in his car. At the next stop light this driver also confirmed its apparent "pacing" movement. Reaching home at 1:2O am, the witness dashed inside to get his binoculars but on returning outside was unable to see the "star", possibly due to being hidden by nearby trees and buildings. The sky was clear. Total observation time 17 minutes.

18-Jun-2001, Vancouver BC: (1:00 am)

The witness was outside looking up at the skies. "This person was watching the sky in a North/South direction, and saw a kind of cloud that this "thing" was behind. In less time than it took to blink, an intense white light, with an orange and yellow tail, went from North to South instantaneously. It was something that could not travel that fast or be manmade."

19-Jun-2001, Mission BC: (11:30 pm)

"Alrighty, well me and my friend were spending the night out in the tent in my back yard when my friends face all of a sudden went pale and she didn't have any expression. I got kinda scared and said what's wrong then she started screaming and said "Oh my god look out the freekin window!!!". When I looked out I saw what she was talking about and I saw a weird disk shaped object in the sky. It was less then 500 [feet] from ground level. The top half of the object was bigger then the bottom half but they were both round and there was a light bar separating them. The lights were really weird.

There were 4 colors white, red, blue, and green, and the lights went all the way around the object in a wave or a zig-zag pattern. The crafts movements were very odd, the craft would be going kinda slow then they would all of a sudden it would have a burst of speed and then stop in its tracks and hover for a second then it hovered up and then it went flying over Hatzic Bench Hill. The craft made a low almost humming sort of noise. It wasn't very loud but you could tell it was a humming kind of noise. That Is All."

21-Jun-2001, West Vancouver BC: (1:30 am)

"Through a skylight, early this morning I saw a triangular shaped object fly overhead. I could see the full outline of the object, which made no sound whatsoever. The object appeared to be illuminess of a dark red colour. In the centre of the triangle there was a rectangular shaped object with rounded corners which shone a bright white. The configuration of my skylight is rectangular (4'x2') facing east/west. The object flew in an east to west direction. The object flew very slowly, approximately 5 seconds went by before it flew out of my sight. There were no flashing lights (like an airplane). The size of the object was rather large and it flew not that far off the ground, lower than an jet airplane and a little higher than say a Cessna. With an outstretched arm, thumb and index finger touching each other (size of Can $2.00 coin) it would have filled that space."

Thanks to NUFORC for this sighting report.

22-Jun-2001, Squamish BC: (10:25 pm)

"I walked into by bedroom at about 22:25, and out of the corner of my eye saw a red-orange glow. I thought it was Mars and left my room. When I returned, about 5 minutes later, I noticed the glow again. Then I realized that Mars wasn't that big, and didn't sit in that part of the sky at that time. I went to the window and looked south. The glow was actually surrounding three brighter circles (craft approximately size of dime at arm's length). Craft just above mountains. About 20 seconds after I started looking at it, the craft moved slowly upwards (height of two vertical dimes at arm's length), and faded to invisibility. Grabbed binoculars, but nothing was to be seen. No clouds, no craft."

25-Jun-2001, North Vancouver, BC: (10:30 am)

The witness was walking along Georgia Street in North Vancouver when he looked up and saw a large silver disc-shaped craft with what appeared to be a dome on top. It was at about 60 degrees and heading in a westerly direction. It was highly reflective and the clouds above it could be seen upon its surface. The witness stated that it appeared to be five times the size of a 747 aircraft. He had it in view for about 20 seconds before it entered a nearby cloud bank. Although he waited, it was not seen to emerge.

July 2001, Powell Lake, BC: (4 am)

I was on the way to work as a camp cook at Powell Daniels Logging Company. It was low light conditions, pre-dawn. I looked west up the lake and saw a large metal ball shape dull silver in color moving silently north to south. Time in view about 5 seconds  at an estimated elevation of 6000 feet. It crossed over Powell Lake from mountian range to mountian range - no contrail and no lights  seen. Side view appeared to be round at a distance of about 1mile from me. It was not a plane. Weird or what??

July 2001, Vancouver, BC:

This sighting was one that I had in 2001, during the summer around July. I am posting this because I think about it from time to time. I had just left my friends apartment downtown in Vancouver on East Pender and was headed towards Gastown. It was a clear blue sky above me that afternoon. For some reason, I decided to look up and at that exact moment a little white orb flew across the sky: it was not a weather balloon or other craft that I know about: it was so strange that I asked a random person beside me walking down the street to look up. He looked up and saw it as well: he exclaimed "What the hell is that?", I said, "I don't know!" Anyway...that was it just thought I'd post it to see if anyone has seen anything similar and had any input on what sort of alien craft it possibly was. I was sober at the time of this sighting as well.

July 2001, Vancouver, BC: (3:00 am) HBCC UFO

Number of witnesses: 3 Full Description of event/sighting: We were walking along and noticed a spotlight around 40-50m up in the air, no sound just a light. Watched this for half a minute or so until it took off high and southward. It still creeps me out and I finally get to tell it to someone. This was before the new skytrain line was finished being built. Additional Information Below: About 50m from the street hovering over the ravine where the skytrain tracks were being built. The light itself was 2-3 meters long and acted more like a spotlight but seemed to be a clear object behind the light. It headed on an angle up and southward incredibly fast once we got close to it. One witness lives just a few blocks away and I haven't heard from him in a couple days. The girl he was with who also witnessed this light I haven't seen since last year and the number I tried of hers didn't work. This would seem to me a small unmanned craft observing us or recording construction/infrastructure information as it happens. Any time I think of this night I get chills down my spine and a bad taste in my mouth.

July 2001, Houston, BC

A man witnessed an object hovering approximately 500 feet above a transmitting tower on Mount Harry Davis in Houston, BC. This object was emitting sparks off the bottom side, shooting down towards the transmitting tower. This sighting lasted about 25 seconds before completely disappearing before the man's eyes.

1-Jul-2001, Surrey, BC: (9:10 pm)

Just before bed time, a six-year-old girl saw a disc-shaped object just to the west of her Condo window. She told her father that it had hovered for about a minute, all the while shining a light around the area, including towards her parent's property. It disappeared to the west after having moved north, then came back and over to the east. At no time did it make a sound. Further questions from her father revealed that the light revolved downward in a circular pattern.

4-Jul-2001, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 am)

A seven-year-old boy saw a single object that was the shape and colour of an "Idaho potato", travelling from west to east about 2 metres above the rooftop of his house. See serial of sightings by same witness.

6-Jul-2001, Kelowna, BC: (10:00 pm)

"I was just wondering if anyone else reported seeing a very large UFO over the Kelowna skies on Friday, July 6, 2001 about 10:00 p.m.? This one was so obvious, right over the city in plain view, winking away almost as if it didn't care whether it attracted attention. It changed shape from round to triangular (moved?). Other lights (smaller craft?) would fly out from it and move around it (I said "smaller craft" because it looked a little like one would imagine smaller craft going about their business around a mother ship) at irregular intervals. All lights were white (like starlight), i.e. no odd colours. Mars was also supposed to be visible at that time but this was not the reddish glow of the red planet. Planets do not drastically change shape before your eyes. I watched the thing for about 2 minutes then had to get in the car and leave from visiting friends and lost sight of whatever it was. Naturally, it was categorized as a "star" (oddest star I've ever seen, but I'm no astronomer and, as usual, decided to keep my own counsel and not argue about it)."

11-Jul-2001, Vancouver BC: (11:30 pm)

The witness and the building manager were on the roof of his (apartment building) residence when they observed a huge "manta" shaped craft approach from the north travelling slowly south. It stopped over the city for a brief period of time before disappearing from view. Its illumination seemed to be reflections of the light from the city of Vancouver. They were unable to hear any accompanying sound from the craft and estimated its height to be around 1500 feet. The witness said that visually it seemed to be 1 times the size of a city transit bus. They estimated the total observation time to be 2 minutes.

11-Jul-2001, Gibsons BC: (8:30 pm)

The witness watched what she thought looked like a "cruise missile" travelling in a westerly direction at a very fast rate of speed. It then suddenly turned and headed northeast, proceeding to circle Mt. Elphinstone. The witness had the object in view for 3 - 5 minutes. Around 9 pm she heard the sound of small aircraft arriving and also helicopters. It seemed to her they were searching in the vicinity of that mountain. This continued and was still ongoing when she went to bed at 11pm.

12-Jul-2001, Roberts Creek BC: (1:30 am)

The witness watched a large white light over the Straits of Georgia at what he estimated was somewhere between - 1 mile away. It was larger than the mast lights that tugs pulling log booms display. There were no additional navigational lights to be seen, (i.e. red or green). The light was apparently above the surface of the water and the "beam"? directed towards where he was located. The "spotlight" was approximately 4 inches in diameter at arm's length. After a period of ten minutes when "it" seemed to be moving slowly southeast he decided to leave and go on home. Whereas tugboat engines are easily audible at night, on this occasion no propulsion sound was to be heard.

(N.B.) This witness has experienced many strange happenings in his life of a paranormal nature.

19-Jul-2001, Surrey BC: (11:40 pm)

The witness was on the 18th floor (the roof) of her apartment building when she noticed a triangle of yellowy orange lights approaching from the south travelling in a westerly direction. As the object got nearer she saw that the craft had 4 - 5 of these lights on either side. In the centre was a large red light that was pulsing. As she continued to watch the object turned northwest, and again turned east. She thought the craft may have been at a 1000 feet and was several times larger than a commercial aircraft. There was no detectable sound being emitted from it. As far as she can determine there were no other witnesses. This lady stated that she has seen smaller disc-shaped craft on numerous occasions previously.

(N.B.) It is worth noting that this is the very same building that was included in a report the night the Gulf War ceased. A couple driving north up King George Highway reported observing a triangular-shaped craft cross the highway and pass this very building at the 13th floor level!

21-Jul-2001, Gibsons BC: (2:30 pm)

The witness suddenly heard a loud high-pitched roaring noise, like an aircraft about to take off. She went to some length to explain that they seldom see many planes in that area. The aircraft noise did not approach, it just arrived. Looking up she saw an airliner overhead heading south and in close proximity to it a white glowing ball. In the immediate vicinity of this object was a tan coloured ball that seemed to be orbiting the larger one. They were apparently moving in unison at a slow speed, then hovering, as they moved west they also moved up and down. Then the two objects turned east in the direction of Mt. Elphinstone. The witness and her two children (3 & 7 years of age) watched the two craft for l5 - 2O minutes. A nearby neighbour went into his house to retrieve his telescope, but by the time he returned was unable to locate the object in the sky. She said the object seemed to "shrink" and it was her feeling that the reason being it was climbing higher into the sky. There was no further detectable noise after the initial sounds that had attracted her attention.

22-Jul-2001, Maple Ridge BC:

"We were walking in an industrial park close to my Aunt's house, in the Hammond section of Maple Ridge, when, over one of the buildings, I pointed out a white on top green on the bottom sphere descending in a "falling leaf" pattern. We were facing west and the object appeared to be at least over Coquitlam, maybe farther. The object was slightly larger than Venus on a clear light. It was definitely closer than Garibaldi Mountain."

Summer-2001, Deroche, BC:

Hi, I understand that this information may not be of much use to you, but just for your information... It has been a few years since I have seen any activity in Deroche, which is my home. But late one night in the summer of that year, my boyfriend and I were sitting in his car at the end of the straight stretch on Athey Road as we did quite often. We were talking about something when I looked towards the highway and up in the sky because a bunch of light clusters caught my eye. There were 3-4 groups of multi-colored lights that were constantly changing from one color to another. They looked almost like they were either dancing with each other or fighting. They were swooping and dive bombing one another. At that point I was really scared but a little excited as I have always believed in UFO's, I pointed them out to my extremely skeptic boyfriend who immediately stared at them for a minute or two, kind of dazed. He then said, "those aren't UFO's" and started the car. I asked him why he was starting the car if he didn't think that they were. He then said "Because I'm getting the F*&^ out of here!" It was so strange.

We really liked to hang out at that spot, so another time that we were there, we were looking over the river at Chilliwack when I noticed a glowing light. It was much different than what I just described in the first incident. It was travelling back and forth across the sky but just above Chilliwack at quite a good speed. I didn't really think too much of it until it suddenly dropped and rose back up to it's exact original position with such great speed and velocity that I knew right then that it couldn't be a plane. It did that for quite some time back and forth across the sky and then suddenly jumping down and then back up again, really amazing to see. But the last thing I am going to tell you happened to my extremely skeptical boyfriend who is recently not so skeptical anymore. In that same summer at the Ledgeview Golf Course in Abbottsford, BC see next report

Summer-2001, Abbottsford, BC:

continued from Summer-2001, Deroche, BC My boyfriend, Jamie was golfing with his dad, Del when he looked up at the sky. It was a bit cloudy but generally a nice sunny day. He saw an orange, cigar shaped object that was sitting on a cloud. He said it was silent and motionless and he pointed it out to his dad, who saw it also. They were in the middle of a game of golf so they looked away to see a shot that was just made and when they looked back, they was no sign of it anywhere. It has been years since I have seen anything, but I always have my eyes peeled for anything suspicious in the sky.

Summer-2001, Whistler: (middle of night)

The witness and a friend were camping at the Narin Falls campsite (30 km north of Whistler). They pitched their tent at the edge of the campsite which had less traffic. In the middle of the night the witness awoke to notice what he at first thought were headlights shining on the tent. Upon further observation he concluded that the light was inside the tent and had the aspect of a cylindrical apparition floating in the tent. He described this apparition as being approximately 3 to 4 feet long and approximately 1.5 feet in diameter. The witness sat up to get a better look at the apparition. The witnesses then reached out his hand in attempt to touch the apparition. At this point the apparition shot forward and quickly departed through the tent window. The witness described the apparition as having a shimmering appearance with light intensity varying like Northern Lights, leaves in moonlight or bumble bees of light clustered together.

Aug-2001, Genoa Bay, BC: (evening)
There was about 6 of us at a BBQ down at Genoa Bay Farm. It was just starting to get dark when we noticed a very bright star in the sky above Mt. Tzouhalem. Then after several minutes of observing the "star", we noticed it was slowly moving across the sky. After much debating we all agreed that it was in fact not in the sky or a star at all. It was about 500 meters from us just above the tree line with extremely bright lights shining down into the trees on the top of the cliffs above. The light remained there, slowly moving north for about 20 minutes. It must have covered a distance of about 100 meters in this time. Then suddenly it began travelling upwards at about a 60 degree angle. The rate of its accent into the sky was formidable. The light remained very bright the entire time until it vanished. It did not fade in intensity, it just disappeared like turning off a light switch. We were all amazed and in awe.

August-2001, Houston/Smithers: (HBCC UFO)

A man and his wife watched a very large, glowing-white object east of Telkwa (between Smithers and Houston). They watched the object for about 20 seconds before it disappeared rapidly to the North.

August-2001, Smithers: (HBCC UFO)

A group of people witnessed a multi-coloured object object hover over the Smithers area. After a few seconds, it shot off very quickly.

3-Aug-2001, Coquitlam BC: (4:30 pm)

I was out sun tanning, staring at the sky and in between the clouds I saw a white orb move from west to east at very high speed. There was no noise associated with it at all. The sighting lasted 2 - 3 seconds

7-Aug-2001, Kelowna BC: (11:30 pm)

I observed a disk shaped object hovering silently 500 feet above the treeline on top of Dillworth Mountain in a Southwestern direction. The object had a large red and white ball of light in the center of the disk. The color of the disk appeared black against the night sky. The object produced no sound at all. I did notice that the object turned down the illumination of the red and white ball of light in the center of the disk. It looked like when a dimmer switch is turned down on a light.

(Thanks to NUFORC for this Sighting)

10-Aug-2001, Comox BC: (9:55 pm)

The witness, Brenda, was sky watching in her yard near Kitty Coleman beach when she spotted near the Big Dipper a glowing yellow light the size of a small car that flew into her yard from the west, slowed down, sped up, then flitted to and fro like a humming bird. It hovered over a tree in the back yard and she wondered, "What is that?". "It moved towards me, seemed to snap into overdrive and took off. I could see it in the trees and I ran down my drive towards it, then my yard safety light clicked on and ruined my night vision". She managed to catch a glimpse of the light zipping down the shoreline towards Bates Beach and Cape Lazo.

The University of Victoria Astronomy Department said a woman on Saltspring had sighted a "flashing light" around l0 pm. The University also reported that during clear weather they receive SEVERAL UFO reports DAILY (UFO BC emphasis).

[Note: This report was extracted from the Comox Valley Record 17th August 2001]

10-Aug-2001, Lantzville BC:

"Me and my friend were up camping. It was really clear and pretty out so my friend and I went to the open field near the campground to look at the stars. There were a lot of stars visible and I was looking at a cluster of three in the shape of a triangle. I looked at them for about a minute and then one of them got REALLY bright and started moving around in a very fast zig-zag pattern. It did this for a few minutes and then it just disappeared. This happened 4 times all with different clusters of stars. It was moving too fast to be a plane, and there was a meteor show that night but they don't move in really fast zig-zag patterns across the sky."

12-Aug-2001, Victoria BC: (12:15 am)

6-7 oval shaped objects witnessed traveling over Victoria British Columbia evening sky. I was attending a wedding reception last night at the Princess Mary restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia. At the restaurant on the top floor was an outdoor patio where guests of the wedding would go to smoke and socialize. The group (5 in number) which had gathered on the patio were talking about how beautiful the moon looked coming over the western horizon and we talked about the number of shooting stars which had shown themselves throughout the evening sky. Just as we finished discussing the shooting star, which I had just witnessed, one of the people in the group yelled, "What is that" and pointed above us looking east in the night sky. It was a group of about 6-7 oval shaped objects traveling in a straight-line formation. They didn't seem to be lit up by their own luminescence but since they were traveling over Victoria near the city center it looked as though the city lights lighted them up. The objects appeared to be a grayish in color. It was also hard to tell exactly what altitude the objects were traveling. We couldn't discern any noise coming from the objects throughout the entire sighting. They proceeded to move in a westerly direction until they began to form up into a new formation in an square/rectangular shape and began to ascend into the sky almost directly above the city center. At this point the videographer who had been hired for the wedding was called out on to the patio and we all pointed to the objects in the sky and told him to start taping the event. A few other people who came out on the patio also witnessed the formation and their ascension. The objects continued a slow climb in the square shape formation. As they got smaller we could see their lights flicker and at this point it was hard to make them out. However, we did see some of the objects seemingly streak off into space, but I do clarify at this point they had become faint star -like lights. All of us who witnessed the event just stood there in disbelief but we all had to agree we just saw something unexplainable and it clearly was a UFO sighting. The sighting happened on August 12, 2001 at approximately 12:15 AM to 12:30 AM. The duration seemed to be around 3-4 minutes and the weather was clear. My background is I'm an amateur historian and currently work in the IT industry. The other witnesses: One is a chef One is a student of Computer Programming The Videographer, I don't recall his background The person who first spotted the object has an insurance background The other witness who saw the whole event I do not know personally A few others who came out later during the sighting Come from various backgrounds.

(Thanks to NUFORC for this Sighting)

12-Aug-2001, Victoria BC: (12:00 am)

Group of Many Ufos taking formations over nighttime sky.

While going outside for a smoke at a wedding reception, I noticed a bunch of people pointing at the sky. We were having a meteor shower so I thought that's what they were looking at. They told me to "look at the formation" So I did. To my shock there was about 6 or so stars in a hexagonal pattern but the stars were moving like they were doing a show. They were in a semi circle and the circle sort of broke a bit and they one by one started to move farther away and sped off at a high rate of speed. This was in front of at least 5 others with me. Wow. It was wild.

(Thanks to NUFORC for this Sighting)

12-Aug-2001, Langley BC: (9:00 pm)

Her boyfriend was outside having a smoke when he excitedly called her to come and join him. On doing so he pointed to a very bright object in the sky that appeared stationary. It was blue and red with gold on the bottom. They watched it for a period of three hours with binoculars. During this time it moved up and down, from side to side, once descending behind some trees for a short period of time. No noise was detectable from the craft? It was eventually lost from view around midnight as it sank behind some distant trees. The witness claims that she saw it before about a month ago and was equally captivated on that occasion. It was last seen in a southwesterly direction.

14/18-Aug-2001, Burnaby BC: (8:30 pm)

The witness reported that he observed a stationary object over Trout Lake in Burnaby on both the 14th and 18th of August. It was at a very high altitude. He watched it on both occasions for a period of 30 minutes before it moved slowly towards the ground. His wife and some friends also accompanied him. He did not think it was either a hot air balloon or advertising balloon.

16-Aug-2001, Port Alberni BC: (11:59 pm)

Bright white light rose from behind mountain , zig-zagged and then disappeared into space.

My wife, 2 guests and I were sitting outside on our cabin deck (Great central Lake) watching the western sky. When suddenly a very bright white lite object rose from behind the mountain range facing us, zig-zagged and then quickly disappeared into space. This sighting only lasted 3-4 seconds.

(Thanks to NUFORC for this Sighting) .

17/18-Aug-2001: (7:30 pm)

The witness saw a globular object at a high altitude in the sky in a south/southwest position. It remained in the same place for a period of two hours during which time he watched it with binoculars. When it turned it appeared to be cylindrical. Later it moved slowly towards the ground. He stated that it did not appear to carry advertising on it.

19-Aug-2001, Loon Lake Near 20 Mile / Clinton BC: (3:10 am)

While on a Search & Rescue (SAR) Operation, I noticed a large bright star-like object just above the tree line shortly after 03:00 Sunday morning, moving very erratically. I awoke 2 other searchers who were sleeping to gain perspective on the sighting, and after seconds we realised there were actually three objects. All three searchers were seasoned outdoorsmen, one with experience in the Canadian Armed Forces, another with nearly seven years with SAR, the last with 13+ years of logging/bush experience.... none had ever witnessed such an occurrence/object. The object, at first, appeared to be three craft flying in perfect triangular formation above the tree line some distance away (actual unknown and difficult to assess due to nature of flight of objects). The objects made rapid and unbelievable drops in altitude, accelerations and flight patterns ( figure eights, loops, 90 degree turns). Almost immediately, we noticed that one, the lead object, was distinctly brighter than the other two it seemed to pulsate according to the it's altitude in the sky. It was slightly overcast and drizzling at the time, and when cloud cover obscured half of the object and the rest remained in proportion and visible. We believed then that this was actually one very large craft and that dimmer lights, which remained in symmetry with the lead object at all times and changed position according to the bitter object attitude (nose up/nose down), were the trailing outer edges of the craft.

This continued for approx. 20 minutes, and was observed by all 3 Searchers. Later, a wave or distortion of bright light (energy) flowed, for lack of a better term, from one light to another. All 3 Searchers agreed on what they believed that they had seen, and were shaken by this thought. Weather prevented video or photographic images.

19-Aug-2001, Victoria BC: (10:15 pm)

4 points of light not quite as bright as the stars accelerated across the sky in a south east direction in a triangle formation. Disappeared from view before they got to the horizon. Moved too fast for jets, there was no sound. Sighting lasted about 30 seconds.

(Thanks to NUFORC for this Sighting) .

23-Aug-2001, North Vancouver BC: (10:00 pm)

The witness and male friend watched 2 objects, one brighter than the other, over English Bay. One kept getting brighter then becoming dimmer. This has taken place for a period of two weeks! She stated that through binoculars it appeared huge. They had phoned CKNW who informed them they had received other calls.

23-Aug-2001, Comox BC:

"My girlfriend and i were sitting in my car at a beach in Comox B.C. at about 9:30 pm when we noticed two fairly bright orange lights in the distance between the islands of Texada and Hornby. These lights would disappear or sort of fade only to reappear in different areas. sometimes very close to the water, side by side or at one time one ball was very high in the sky while the other was close to the water. There was also what looked like very bright light coming from behind Hornby Island but on the ground. As it got darker there seemed to be a glow in the clouds over the south end of Texada Island as well. We also saw smaller glowing balls flying low to the water at speeds that were astonishing. We also observed strange flashes in the sky that were similar to lightning but were less bright and the flashes themselves were orange and sometimes blue. we watched this happen for over two hours. we saw these lights fly in formation close to the water. After a while these lights sort of moved behind the south end of Texada and out of our view. The glow in the clouds was still there when we decided to leave which was around 11pm"

24-Aug-2001, Burnaby BC: (6:05 pm)

On Friday evening, August 24th 2001, after shopping in Metrotown area of Burnaby British Columbia Canada, my husband and I were heading back in our car to our home of Surrey, B.C. when I looked up in the South West sky, I noticed a object that at first I thought was a blimp. The object was much higher in altitude than a blimp should be. The altitude that this object was at was at least the cruising altitude of a aeroplane. It was bigger in size than a aeroplane by a huge amount. The object was very stationary, and had a reddish rustic tinge of colour to it (there were no obvious trails of smoke, there was no movement from this object, it was just suspended there. I told my my husband look at that up there. Of course, he was driving the car so he had a few seconds here and there to gaze up and look at this object. He said "that's strange what is that"?. I continued to observe the object in the sky, and he continued to drive the car as we were heading back to our home in Surrey, B.C. We turned right onto a main road (called Willingdon Avenue) this road would lead us to the freeway back to our hometown. The journey down "Willingdon Avenue" would probably take us about 7 minutes to get us onto the freeway. I kept my eyes on this object in the sky, as we travelled down Willingdon Avenue. I could see the object the whole time, aside from the occasional tree, in the way. My husband glanced over many times to confirm for himself that it was still there. So, for about the next several minutes, I observed the object sit there in the sky and not move at all. As we now came in sight of the freeway sign to take us Eastbound back to Surrey, I looked behind me to get a fix on the object. It was still stationary for a few more moments. Then the object moved across the sky at an incredible speed towards the North West. I told my husband "oh my god" it's just moved over. He said "where, where"? I asked my husband to pull over and check this out. We were on the left side of the HOV Lane (2 or more person freeway lane) we slowed down and stopped the car. (Not a particularly safe place to stop) but we both wanted to check this object out. I told my husband "look up there" as I had been keeping very close tabs on where the object went. The object now appeared as a dark dot in the sky. The size of the object at this new location (North Western sky) was about the size at the end of a ballpoint pen. The colour of the object now was black and the shape of this object from this distance appeared to be a circle. The object was definitely a lot further away than when originally spotted. My husband and I watched the black dot in the sky on the side the freeway. We were running out of time, as we had an engagement that evening downtown Vancouver, so we left from that location, and headed home. We could not believe what we had seen. My husband said he had never seen an object move with that speed and could not imagine any man made engineered object with propulsion capabilities such as would move a great object of that size at the speed we witnessed. About 1 1/2 hours after we got home to Surrey, my husband and I, had to get back onto the freeway to go to our engagement with family members in downtown Vancouver. I was again the passenger in the car, and we were now travelling West towards downtown Vancouver. I was observant of the skys, and I was talking to my husband about the object the entire journey into Vancouver. We were near the border of Burnaby and Vancouver (but still in Burnaby at this point), I noticed a black object, stationary in the sky again. I said to my husband "honey, If I told you I can see it again right now would you believe me"!??. He said "what"? I told him "pull over again and get a look at this". He then looked up into the sky, it must have been around 7:30 - 7:45 pm and he couldn't believe his eyes. It was the object again, oval shaped and very dark black background, no light or colours eminating from it, just a large oblong/shaped thing in the sky. We watched for a few minutes. Again, we were very pressed for time, so we took off heading for the downtown part of Vancouver. All the way driving into downtown Vancouver , I was fixed on the object which didn't move location for a long time. I observed it for a least 10 minutes more, but after that, it seemed to be getting smaller (probably either moving away (such as going south or it was moving upwards towards the atmosphere), but it definitely was going somewhere. I lost complete sight of the object when we got to the location of 1st and Main Street in Vancouver.

(Thanks to NUFORC for this Sighting ).

26-Aug-2001, Vancouver BC: (9:00 pm)

A woman and her husband watched an object that they assumed to be a fireball cross the sky at a rapid rate. It was white with a tinge of red and appeared to be at a fairly high altitude. They observed it from Burnaby as it travelled from southeast to northwest. It was only in view a matter of seconds

26-Aug-2001, Nanaimo BC: (9:00 pm)

A witness and his friend were driving in the area of South Wellington They were looking east or northeast towards the mainland when he saw a very bright light, "like a falling star," but "too slow to be a meteor." It was white in colour, "like an airplane light," but was descending rapidly, appearing to be heading for the water. There was no sound, no sparks and no tail visible.

The duration was about 5-6 seconds, long enough for him to point it out to his friend and they both watched it as it finished its descent and vanished.

27-Aug-2001, Vancouver BC: (8:00 pm)

The witness spotted a black sphere at a high altitude, stationary and seemingly located over Victoria &33rd. It remained in that location for a period of 40 minutes before moving away in the direction of Mt. Elphinstone (Sechelt Peninsula). When first observed in was in the northeast sky and estimated at between 800-1000 feet in elevation.

28-Aug-2001, Burnaby BC: (6:00 pm)

The witness was at work when, looking through his office window in a south/southwesterly direction, he saw a "Mexican Hat, but flatter" shaped object about twice the height of the surrounding buildings in its altitude. It was stationary, and black in colour. He called his boss over to see and another female work colleague also confirmed its presence. It remained in the same position for a period of 45 minutes. On his way home that night he estimated that the object was located somewhere between Pender & Boundary. Roy had no idea how it "left" as when he looked up again it was to find that it was no longer in view.

28-Aug-2001, Hwy 91, Richmond BC: (4:07pm)

A woman and her 2 children were traveling eastbound on Highway 91 about 12 kilometers SSE of the Vancouver international airport (YVR). About one kilometer before a right-hand bend in the freeway the woman was observing the incoming aircraft traffic that was on final approach to YVR. The air traffic was on her left and was travelling more or less in the opposite direction and parallel to her direction of travel. There was one aircraft that had just passed her on her left (7 o'clock position) a second aircraft coming up to the 9 o'clock position, and a third aircraft at her 11 o'clock position.

She was looking for a fourth aircraft when she noticed at the 1 o'clock position a white dot. The "dot" was large enough that she could determine that it was in the shape of a distinct white ball. There was no fluttering motion so she surmised that a bird was unlikely. It was moving to her left (north) perfectly horizontal and at a steady rate. Over the span of about 30 seconds, "the dot" (Dot 1) moved from the 1 o'clock to the 12:10 position. When at the 12:10 position she noticed a similar dot (Dot 2) at the 12 o'clock position. Both dots were at the same inclination above the horizon, about the same inclination as the incoming aircraft.

A split second after she observed Dot 2, it accelerated rapidly to the north and disappeared at the 11:30 position, either because it was no longer reflecting light or going too fast for her eyes to follow the object. When Dot 2 started its acceleration, Dot 1 followed Dot 2 with the same acceleration, as if chasing it. It disappeared in the same manner. Dot 1 started its acceleration before Dot 2 disappeared so for a split second both dots were streaking to the north at the same time. Near the point where the dots disappeared, they "did something odd, like a little maneuver, or dip". It happened so fast that the witness could not tell exactly what the maneuver was but it was strange. When the two dots disappeared, the witness thought that she caught a brief glimpse of a 3rd dot that was following the same rapid acceleration in the same vicinity of the sky. Although, this too was difficult to discern as the accelerations were so fast.

The sky was mostly clear blue with a bank of cloud further up the valley that was the background to the air traffic and the UFOs observed. The two children did not observe the UFOs as their vision was obscured in the back seat.

30-Aug-2001, Vancouver BC: (8:00 pm)

The witness and a male friend watched a black rectangular object, at a very high altitude over Burnaby that seemed to move away then come closer. It was in the southeast sky and was finally lost to sight when the sky darkened. It was located below the clouds. Total viewing time at least 30 minutes.

September-2001, Houston/Smithers: (HBCC UFO)

A man driving west towards Smithers from Houston on Highway # 16 around Grouse Mountain watched a white light streak low over the valley below him. He claims the light was white in color and very bright. The UFO sighting lasted only a few seconds.

September-2001, Smithers: (HBCC UFO)

A woman witnessed a bright glowing-white object that shot across the sky, came to a complete stop, and then disappeared up and out of sight.

13-Sep-2001, Ladner BC: (9:00 am)

The witness was on the phone looking out of his window in a westerly direction when he spotted a pure white sphere in the clear blue sky. The object, half the size of a pea at arm's length was moving slowly north. He estimated its height at 10,000 feet. Slowly the object turned (?) and displayed a cigar shape, but still white in colour. Unable to get off the phone he watched it until out of sight for 4 - 5 minutes.

13-Sep-2001, Prince George BC: (11:00 pm)

The witness was preparing for bed and brushing her teeth in the bathroom. She did not have her glasses on. The bathroom window was open. Suddenly she heard an unusual sound, fairly high pitched, short in duration, then something seemed to strike the house. Looking up she was surprised to see a horizontal beam of light, about two feet wide, seemingly running across her field of view looking out their yard towards the trees at the back of the property. The beam of light was an intense cherry red. No further sounds could be heard apart from all the neighbourhood dogs barking. Then the light suddenly went out and darkness returned. The dogs continued to bark for some time afterwards. Despite a careful examination of their property the next day nothing was to be found that would indicate anything out of the ordinary had happened the previous night. From start to finish the total period of time was estimated to be about five seconds.

04-Oct-2001, Victoria BC: (08:48 pm)

Witness saw a Light (Star-like object) making erratic movements.

Thanks to NUFORC for this report

05-Oct-2001, Parksville BC: (07:30 pm)

The witness and six other people saw a Triangular shaped UFO for 90 seconds.

I was driving my girlfriend home one night and as we went around a corner on the highway i noticed a very low flying object. Because we were going around a corner it looked like it was moving, but soon when we reached the straight stretch of the highway i noticed that it was not moving at all. It had 1 blue light on both ends and 2 white lights in the middle giving the appearance that it was thick, both the blue lights flickered. As we got closer to craft the 2 cars in front of us started slowing down rapidly and as we passed directly under it we noticed that it was a perfect isosceles triangle. On the under side i saw one flashing red light and could notice some type of indentation. I got very freaked out and started asking my girlfriend if she just say what i saw. About 100 yards down the highway i decided to pull over and get a better look at the object, but when we stepped out of the car it had disappeared. After i realized that the object didn't make any noise what so ever because both windows in my car were rolled down and my stereo was off. I estimated that it was about 3 or 4 telephone poles high.

If the people that were in front of me are reading this and have a better idea of what it was, i would really like you to email me at Thebig_lamontski@hotmail.com

06-Oct-2001, Mission BC: (12:11 pm)

The witness saw a bright baby blue light about twice the size of a normal bulb.

In the morning I opened my blinds and there was a bright blue light in a car parked outside my house. It was pointed at my house I thought maybe it was a light from something recharging but it seemed to move in the car as the day went on eventually it went away although no one went to the car to turn any thing off. Last night the same blue light was in my neighbors (directly across the street from me) bush for about twenty mins. Then I looked out the window and it was on the basket ball hoop for about half an hour. I am a sane person I have never seen anything before. This is strange... can anyone tell me what this is? Should I be scared or is someone trying to scare me?.

Thanks to NUFORC for this report

15-Oct-2001, Vancouver BC: (03:30 pm)

The witness was out taking photos of Stanley Park, when he came home to view the photos on his computer he noticed a strange object hovering over the buildings in Vancouver's skyline. The object was not noticed while he was taking the pictures.

01-Nov-2001, Vancouver BC: (04:00 am)

Bright morphing star 0 to figure 8 formation above Seattle and 3 brightest object in sky

I was returning dishes to kitchen when i looked outside and saw a extremely bright star to the south it seemed to split vertically into a figure 8 shape it seemed to do this several times as i was watching it i then saw what appeared to be an orange flash from a light. It stayed in the same area of sky for the duration i was watching it it was the brightest object in sky next to moon and mars. Anybody else see that?

Thanks to NUFORC for this report

1-Nov-2001, Victoria, BC: (10:30 pm) HBCC UFO

Whilst eating two tasty Chiclets, glancing outside at the overcast night's sky looking for stars, my eye picked up what at first I thought was a satellite. A bright light, small in size, way, way up in the sky. Although it was overcast, a few stars were visible, along with this moving light that I had discovered. Naturally, my eye watched the star move across the sky directly above me, moving to the right of my apartment building, from west to southeast, but that is an uneducated guess. As I watched, I noticed the light begin to move downwards, off the "natural path", immediately I realized that it couldn't be a satellite, because they tend to circle the Earth, not moving off of their courses. Then it went back in the direction that it had first been traveling, then up, down, then back to the right, then up again.

The object was very bright, very small, and very, very high up in the sky. As I continued to watch, about 10 seconds, the craft continued to move in a strange pattern, but then it "zoomed" away from the planet, or so it seemed. It took off in the opposite direction that it has been traveling in, and at almost turbo speed, went the other way. Now anything that high up, that small and that bright, moving that fast, had to be going pretty fast. I knew what I had seen, and I called my friend immediately to see if he could see it as well. Both of us being very scientific, we love Quantum Physics and the idea of Cydonia being created by intelligent life, so I wanted to see if he could see it as well, but his building was too low to the street to view the same portion of sky. About a week earlier we had seen a documentary about NASA's footage of spacecraft.

So my mind was already willing to accept it as a reality. Please keep in mind that I have 20/20 vision and I know what I saw, it was unlike anything made by humans in this plane of existence, and it was very much real. In fact, about 3 weeks later, I was looking out my window again, and yes indeed, I saw something again. Now the brain only registers what it believes is real, and my mind has expanded its paradigm to include intelligent life as a reality, perhaps even the ground of our being, so my brain is capable of seeing more then the average person, who may be "set in their ways" regarding human experience and the evolution of life. So I think that my mind is much more open to the idea then lets say the average Joe.

16-Nov-2001, Burnaby BC: (04:45 pm)

Today at approx. 4:45pm my girlfriend was driving home from work on Highway 1 westbound just before the Kensington Exit when all of a sudden a very bright light caught her attention. She says that it was 3X the size of a star but really bright, a white light with a slight flicker. As soon as she saw it, it basically shot right down towards the ground then vanished like somebody turned out the light or like it went behind something that wasn't there! I know that the meteor shower is this weekend so I asked her if it could have been a shooting star, but she said that there was no tell-tale streak of material disintegrating, plus it was I would calculate from her description about maybe less than 800 ft. above the ground! She says it wasn't a flare, helicopter or plane (unless they crashed of course) so we don't know what to think. Has anybody else reported this strange light?

By the way, we both have had UFO sightings within the last year both in Burnaby. The one I saw last February did the same thing my girlfriend saw today, which was basically move then vanish. My UFO, a little white light, buzzed a small plane, passed over our townhouse, then flew into a small, puffy white cloud and vanished. Then a minute later I saw it do the same thing again with another plane. Incredible. This is why I officially believe in other-worldly intelligence.

16-Nov-2001, Vancouver BC: (04:45 pm)

I saw something myself that was a bright white light that faded away into nothingness, not necessarily exactly as this was described. I thought about it a long time, and I ruled out that since it was flying very slowly, was bright a (relatively) long time, had no tail and moved what looked like perfectly along the horizon, it can't be a meteor or airplane or anything that I could conceive of. It puzzled me for some time, but then I found a possible solution -- that it might be the international space station's highly reflective solar panels, which apparently is the brightest star in the sky. So I thought this was the strongest possibility, and I even went to the nasa site to check visibility, if it might have been in fact the ISS, but unfortunately it only gives you information about future sightings, and not past ones.

I live in Vancouver, and the day I saw it is pretty easy to remember, because I was out late the night enjoying the summer equinox and the late night. It was around 11pm, if I remember correctly, as that when it was getting really dark. The only thing that isn't resolved though, is that on the website, they say that visibility is something like 3 minutes .... way longer than what I saw, which was no longer than 30 seconds or so. Does the length of visibility maybe change with the station's height? Or could it be some other really bright satellite, brighter than all the stars?

17-Nov-2001, Burnaby BC: (08:00 pm)

Small white 'foo fighter' following aircraft, about 20 feet up from the aricraft.. then followed craft till lost sight of object, the sighting lasted for 60 seconds.

18-Nov-2001, Crofton BC: (01:50 am)

Shortly before 2 am, my mother and I were watching the Leonids from our place near the Crofton Pulp Mill (admittedly a poor observing spot due to the light pollution) when I spotted a dimly-illuminated fuzzy patch heading south about 45deg up, to the west. It was comparable in brightness to the Orion Nebula. It was not something that would catch your eye if you weren't looking in its general direction. Indistinct outline, all I can say is it was wider side-to-side than front-to-back. Once I spotted it I pointed it out to my mother and she saw it too. After watching it for a few seconds we lost it in the glare of the streetlights to the south. It was going maybe a little faster than your average plane, and was completely silent. Same color as the stars. This was almost exactly the same thing we saw while watching the Perseids in August sometime in the early 90s, which was heading in the same direction, but more directly overhead. I wonder if we live under the flight path of some sort of top secret stealth aircraft or something. This was probably the first time we had been stargazing since the last time we saw this thing, and I suspect we would see it again if we kept an eye open. Please note it was heading south, across the westward path of the Leonids, and besides that it was going too slow to be a meteor. Do stealth bombers, etc, make any noise?

22-Nov-2001, Revelstoke BC: (06:25 pm)

Blinking, rotating lights above traintrack of Revelstoke city

I just came from work when I saw in the center of Revelstoke above the train track two big lines of different colors of lights above each other. The lights where blinking and the lines where rotating, so they must have been circles. The distance between the lines was about 1 meter. It was dark already and trees where behind the object and very soon it disappeared behind the houses. I run two blocks to stand in the same street (Victoria St.) as the object but couldn't see it anymore. The UFO was at least 4 meters in diameter and moved in searching speed (not too fast) towards the east following the train track for what I could see.

Thanks to NUFORC for this sighting.

25-Nov-2001, Richmond BC: (06:32 pm)

I was with my friend having some food on a park bench at 18:32 pacific time, when all of a sudden two flying objects shot out of nowhere and began whizzing around. They shortly disappeared. I am really sure that what we saw was indeed a UFO There was a blinding fluorescent yellow stream that remained in the sky for a few minutes after they dissappeared with a flash. A jogger came over to ask if we saw the same thing he had.

Thanks to NUFORC for this sighting.

27-Nov-2001, Kitimat BC: (04:20 am)

Two witnesses spotted an "Egg Shaped" object, the sighting lasted for 45 minutes.

01-Dec-2001, Burnaby BC: (12:00 am)

A "Egg Shaped" object flew over head, close to brentwood mall for 2 min it then flashed a bright light and disappeared.

11-Dec-2001, Surrey BC: (08:40 pm)

The daughter of the witness, while visiting her mother, went onto the balcony to have a smoke, No sooner had she gone outside than she excitedly called to her mother, "Come quick, the Talibans are coming to attack!". The mother dashed out in time to see three brilliant white lights moving around the sky in a haphazard fashion. Her daughter urged her to return indoors to get her night vision binoculars. On her return she found that one of the objects had already moved away, but the other two still remained in the northern sky. As she focussed the glasses a second object began to leave, then as an aircraft approached, the third object also moved away. The sky was clear and the total sighting time was approximately two minutes.

11-Dec-2001, Delta BC: (08:45 am)

While changing some xmas bulbs on my garage roofline, i was looking towards the roof and a light caught my eye.

I looked straight up and saw a neon blue circle dart across the sky. South bound.

I am on a flight path in North Delta and looked over to see some airliners coming in towards Vancouver Airport. They fly west bound. The light I saw looked like a neon blue ring type object. It was moving so much faster than any airplane. Almost looking like a shooting star except not falling , but streaking across the sky.

It made no noise and i could not judge how high it was, but it was close enough for me to make it out as a ring formation. and the color was spectacular.

I would be surprised if the incoming planes did not see it .... it was clear out and the path it was on crossed the flight path

25-Dec-2001, Burnaby BC: (07:30 pm)

On December 25th at 7:30 pm I was driving with my wife back from Coquitlam Christmas dinner with family I noticed out the corner of my eye a triangular shaped object. I told my wife to look out the window and she confirmed a triangular craft with white and bluish green lights, hard to tell how high it was just hovering in the northeast sky not that high. We were both looking when we seen a shiny object re-enter from the east, by the way we were travelling from east to west toward Vancouver. We kept the craft in sight for a while then we passed some trees we could still see it between the trees, then lost sight the craft never disappeared we just drove past viewing sight could not stop on hwy. Crafts body was black or stealth could only see triangular formation of lights. Please let me know if any other reports same time same location.

31-Dec.-2001, Victoria BC: (11:20 pm)

My wife and I observed a dark brown/black disk shaped object with a dome of sorts on its top. I did not report this to you yesterday after having seen the object (although I did send an email to the local newspaper asking whether anyone else had seen the object), as I was hesitant to do so since, firstly, we both thought perhaps it was a balloon of some sort, and secondly because I had previously reported a "star-like object making erratic movements" some months ago, and felt that my credibility may have been suspect by making a second report - this one more 'outrageous' than the first.

However, I do want to report this, primarily because I would like to find out whether the object has in fact been positively identified as a balloon, and/or whether anyone else had seen it. As it was travelling due south, it may have been observed by others in Victoria, and in Port Angeles.

In any event this is what I/we saw: I had the day off from work (I work as a paralegal with the B.C. ((deleted/government employee))) and after a night of poor sleep, I thought to get a nap on the living room couch at about 11:15. Unable to fall asleep as planned, I lay on the couch looking out the living room window. Within a few minutes the object came into view and, in relation to a high-rise about 9 stories high about a block from our home, it appeared to be moving somewhat above the high-rise and to its left (east). I generally do not like to speculate on an object's height unless I know how large it is in fact, and cannot say how large this object was. I can say that if one scaled the object down, it was when I first saw it about the size of a twonie (two-dollar coin) held at arms length, in other words quite large.

Admittedly, I was wearing my glasses which are not a precise prescription (I usually wear my contact lenses when out and about - which actually give me slightly better than 20/20 vision). Had the object been much farther away, I would not have seen it well enough even to think it may have been something unusual. However, because of its relatively close proximity, I was able to see what appeared to be a dome on its top and a disk shaped underside that seemed to dip slightly back and forth while moving generally south. Again, it is unfortunate that I was not wearing my contacts, since I believe that it also tipped slightly at an angle forward in a south east direction (imagine holding a pan in front of you and tipping it forward to look at its bottom), revealing its underside, and at that same time swooped a few degrees to the left and back before resuming a straight course south. Like I say I would have gotten a much clearer view had I worn my contacts.

Shortly after seeing it and realizing it was something unusual, I called to my wife Leann (a teacher, off for the Christmas break) who was in another room. She came quickly to the living room. I pointed through the window to the object, and said "what is that?". At the time that she arrived it had moved far enough off and was less than the size of a dime at arms length. She ran for the binoculars, but by the time we got out the front door for a clear look it had disappeared. I asked Leann if she had seen the dome on the top, which she did. She seemed to think it may have been a balloon, and because I was not seeing it as clearly as I might have, I have been inclined to defer to her better eyesight. However, a few things seem to militate against it being a balloon: 1) it was moving very quickly and it was not windy (at least not at ground elevation) 2) it appeared to slow down, almost hover, and then accelerate 3) it moved side to side 4) it was disk shaped and dark - what balloon has these characteristics?

In any event, I am not drawing any conclusions and really only want to find out if I am corroborating other sightings.


Mr. Davenport:

Thanks for the reply. Yes, you may pass on my report and this email to the UFO BC group. Perhaps they are in contact with those parties who would know whether or not a weather balloon was in the sky at the time.

I neglected to mention in my report that later yesterday evening, during a New Year's evening get-together, a fellow mentioned that he and some co-workers had seen the object while taking a break at the time (which he thought was about 11:30 am). They work at ((deleted)), a ((deleted)) operation located approximately a block to the west of where our house is situated (this is an in-city operation - near downtown Victoria). ((name deleted)), the fellow who said he saw the object, said he didn't pay that much attention to it, but indicated that his co-workers were looking at it with some degree of excitement, as they also were not certain what it was. I understand, however, that they decided in the end that it Just have been a balloon. This is, of course, hearsay, and if you'd like I can ask ((name deleted)) to get one or more of his co-workers who saw the object to contact you.

As I mentioned in my HMTL report, it seems to me that there are reasons for thinking that this was not a balloon, but my curiosity has been sufficiently twigged that I would like to find out if any weather balloons were in the sky at the time (it almost certainly wasn't a regular blow-up balloon). If there were, then it seems we could rule out other possibilities. Frankly, I don't know what weather balloons look like - if they are dark/black and disk-shaped and generally move quite rapidly at relatively low altitude, then I suppose that is what this could have been.

Thanks to NUFORC for this report.