Large Circular Objects Caught on tape

Summer - 1991
Marpole district of Vancouver

Below is one of 17 UFO sightings reported to us by Brian Reinhardt. If you would like to read his other 16 sighting reports, they are posted throughout the history section by year, or altogether on one page. We felt this is important since part of the UFO puzzle is answering the question: why certain people have so many sightings while others never see anything peculiar in their entire lifetime?
- M. Jasek UFO*BC

1991 - During this year I had a lot of trouble with idiots trying to steal my car, so I set up motion sensor lights and a video camera and had it running 24 hours a day. The camera covered the car and quite a bit of the sky. On Halloween morning as I played back the tape (30 x normal) I noticed two large circular white objects traveling once again west to east, just about sunrise. When I slowed the tape to normal they just appeared to be clouds slowly drifting along. As far as I could tell the sky had been clear all night and these two clouds? appeared to be travelling against the wind. They were approx. 1/2 mile in diameter and appeared perfectly circular. I've seen many clouds and they always change shape as they move, these did not. I kept the tape for several weeks and showed it to anyone who would look, they all said it was interesting but that was about it. I then reused the tape.

Brian Reinhardt
Surrey, BC.