Another Green Meteor

Summer 1984
Greater Vancouver area, BC

Below is one of 17 UFO sightings reported to us by Brian Reinhardt. If you would like to read his other 16 sighting reports, they are posted throughout the history section by year, or altogether on one page. We felt this is important since part of the UFO puzzle is answering the question: why certain people have so many sightings while others never see anything peculiar in their entire lifetime?

- M. Jasek UFO*BC

1984 - From 1972 to 1986, I worked as a Security Guard which meant I was outside most nights. During the summer at approx. 04:00 I observed another of those large Green Meteors? pass overhead, once again traveling west to east. Just before it disappeared it appeared to break up into 3 or 4 pieces which shot off in different directions, it did not appear to burn up, but just seemed to shoot off into space.

Brian Reinhardt
Surrey, BC.