Cigar Shaped Craft over Vancouver



Below is one of 17 UFO sightings reported to us by Brian Reinhardt. If you would like to read his other 16 sighting reports, they are posted throughout the history section by year, or altogether on one page. We felt this is important since part of the UFO puzzle is answering the question: why certain people have so many sightings while others never see anything peculiar in their entire lifetime?
- M. Jasek UFO*BC

I didn't see this one but during that summer about six of my friends were sitting out in their back yard. All of a sudden they noticed a large cigar shaped craft coming slowly up from the south. One of them ran into the house and brought out binoculars as well as his mother. They stated that the craft had numerous yellow portholes along both sides. Their mother apparently phoned the Airport and was told that there were no planes in the air at that time, they said that while she was on the phone she could hear fighter planes being scrambled in the back ground. While she was inside the craft slowly turned round and headed back south, they watched until it was out of sight. They ranged in age from approx. 12 to 14.

Brian Reinhardt

Surrey, BC.