A Fast Fly-by by a Small Circular Object

Summer - 1956
Marpole district of Vancouver


Below is one of 17 UFO sightings reported to us by Brian Reinhardt. If you would like to read his other 16 sighting reports, they are posted throughout the history section by year, or altogether on one page. We felt this is important since part of the UFO puzzle is answering the question: why certain people have so many sightings while others never see anything peculiar in their entire lifetime?

- M. Jasek UFO*BC

1956 - This summer I became interested in listening to Short Wave Radio. I was out in my back yard working on an Antenna. Because I was looking up I noticed a small circular craft quickly approaching from the west; it flew almost directly overhead and disappeared to the east. It appeared to be about the same size and colour as a dime would be, held at arm's length. When I first saw it, it was approx. 45 degrees to the west of me. It took approximately 10 seconds to pass out of sight, much faster than any aircraft which I've ever seen. When it disappeared in the east it did not appear to follow the curvature of the earth but just seemed to fly straight off into space. The weather was sunny and clear, it made no sound and left no vapor trail, it appeared to be very high, possibly over 30,000 feet.

Brian Reinhardt
Surrey, BC.


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