Response to
"Strange Camping Experience"

About 2 months after we posted "K"s strange experience while camping, we received the following account about another Arrow Lakes incident. This one occurred in May 1977.

I'm responding to the strange camping trip on the Arrow Lakes (Sunshine Bay). There is, and always has been, a great deal of strange activity in the day and night sky. I lived in Fauquier, BC, which is a small town that is built alongside the Arrow lakes.

As a young boy I would lay outside in the summer night and watch the dancing stars in the sky and did not think much of it until one day in May of 1977. It was just past 12 noon and myself, my brother and at least a dozen other kids witnessed a daytime UFO. It was so fast that it was really just a brilliantly shiney object about the size of a VW bug and as was stated in the Sunshine Bay incident, there was silence - no sound whats-so-ever from this object. It was flying about 200 feet above the lake in an eastern direction and then abruptly went straight up and disappeared into the blue sky.

This area in the Kootenays is very volcanic, there are many natural hot springs along the lake and I have often wondered if in some way there is a connection between the UFO activity and the volcanic activity.

I had very strange experiences as a child in this area, between the age of 7 to 12 and without going into great detail I still remember blinding light that terrified me very often at night. The very strange part is often waking up in the morning with my underpants on me in a very strange way. Once I woke in a very contorted way with my head and one arm through one of the leg holes of my underwear and one leg through the other, if you can imagine this it was very weird to say the least. My family believed that I was just having night terrors, but as an adult I believe this not to be the case.

As I said there are very strange things that happen in this area and It was not a shock to come across the Rainbow creek story. It is my hope to do a kayak trip in the summer of 2012, video camera in hand and see if I can find any sort of answers.

In more recent years while in the Arrow lakes, I came across a gentalman of eastern european decent who over a period of several days I noticed writing in a black book. He wrote like a man possesed, his hair and beard gave him a Jesus-like appearance, or rather how Jesus is portayed in pictures. I could not help myself, I had to ask him what he was writing about. He looked me straight in my eyes and said that he was re-writing the bible and that the Arrow Lakes is the vortex of hell, what ever that meant. Perhaps he was a not of proper mind but then agian who am I to say.