Strange Camping Experience

By "K"
August 1995, Sunshine Bay, Arrow Lakes, BC

This has been a big experience, when I write it here it will seem short, as I cannot necessarily describe in words the intense power of this experience, maybe because it happened as a grown woman, with children. It is so crisp in my memory, perhaps there are other reasons which I may discover, as my life goes along.

This experience happened in the Kootenays of BC, Canada, at an area that at that time could only be accessed by an old river bed, that was dry enough in the summer to drive along by 4x4.

We had been camping in that area, known as Sunshine Bay, for two weeks, and as one other person with us had to go back to work, he encouraged us to stay out there for another few days and he would come out and pick us up.

My friend "B" and I were down at the water in the dark with my children looking at the stars, everything was spectacular, 32 km down a lake w/o any outside non-natural sources of light. Sunshine Bay is just that, a very pretty protected bay, and the camping area is about 2500 feet up a sloped stone beach that curves up steeply to a flat ridge where the provincial campsite was.

So the area where we were with the children was on a steeper part of the beach, and actually had old wooden stairs down to the beach.

We were down at the beach and enjoying it, when B grew quiet, he said look at that, and he was staring up at the sky, this open ring of clouds had formed, it was huge and this radiant pink colour, the centre of the ring where we could see the stars, looked sort of distorted, like a heat mirage.

B and I were looking at these light flashes all around the ring, it was incredibly beautiful, like a nebula, and I said that must be sheet lightning, but I have never seen a storm like that. It was very warm outside, and so quiet. Even though the kids were playing a bit and talking, B said "Listen!" So as I listened, I realized I was straining to hear, and there was absolutely NO SOUND [none].

I said there is no sound, he said that's right, but look at the water, the water was crashing pretty good waves into the beach and there was no sound of water, no sound of animals, wind, lightning - not a sound. B said that's right no sound ... I think it's time to go make hot chocolate by the fire, what do you say kids, lets go, and they ran ahead. B actually grabbed my arm and started almost dragging me up the hill, we got to the top and a bit here isn't clear in my memory, because I know we never made hot chocolate, and the kids in my mind were asleep in bed, but were they?

We were camping in this old and very stable canvas army tent, B was upset, and he was tying the windows shut and started using clothespins to reinforce the ties. I kept thinking "why are the kids so quiet?" Because B was upset, his voice was quivery, he kept saying "this isn't natural, something is weird - not natural!"

I started to get really nervous way out there, as B is a great outdoors person, and he is usually so comfortable. We were discussing the lack of sounds, sort of in a prehistorical whisper, when this huge wind, went over us ONCE - WHOOOOOSH, it was so powerful the the tent wavered and snapped back into place (these old tents have iron rod support poles) and then I said, "what the hell was that?" B said, "I don't know, I don't know," so I noticed that it seemed really bright outside all of a sudden, and I thought wow the fire must be roaring (was there a fire?)

So decided to peek out of the tent side window, and there was this very bright light, and still no sound at all. The bright light was way above the tree line, very sharply angled down and following the narrow foot path, moving towards our camping area. I said, "Look, look, at that..look at that light, maybe it's a sailboat," trying to explain away the silence, there were noises outside, our pots banging, people(?) something, B started freaking out and yelling, I was shaking and shivering so hard, I thought I would pee myself.

B kept yelling, "OK, this IS NOT FUNNY!!! There are women and children in here,".  I could see that there were? shapes, something, someone?? B started yelling, "Oh God, Oh God", why were the kids not moving? why didn't they wake up? were they there, on the far side of the tent? I couldn't move, I was so scared, then B went nuts. He took the last of the clothes pins and tried to block all the windows, but while he was moving from one window to the other, I removed them on the small window near me, and I opened it up, and there was a face there, right there!

I said don't worry.. it's just deer, see (but I knew it wasn't deer, I could see that), and the pots and noise near the door got louder, B moved to the corner, and he was yelling, and crying, whimpering "please.. Kate don't open the door..please" but I did, and the last I remember was saying "Look it's raccoons," (but it wasn't), I heard B screaming, why didn't the kids wake up??

The next thing I knew it was at least noon, (where were the children????) I was standing by the fire, which was huge, even though it was at least 34 degrees Celcius, I remember thinking, how did the fire get made, I looked around after a bit, and saw the kids way down by the water's edge.

B was not being himself. He was in the upstairs window of an old partially collapsed log house, with his arm just hanging down. My stomach hurt. I looked down and saw that there was an odd mark, a burn? where my belly button should be (I had an odd thing of my belly button being off to the left a bit). It was a burn, deep too, very painful, about the  size of the pad of my ring finger, and layered in, I just walked over to the cutting board, picked up the knife, and started SCREAMING, SCREAMING, AND SCREAMING! I am NOT a screamer, and this was deep gut screaming. The kids didn't even look up!

B ran up from behind, and grabbed my arms and held me.. are you ok?? Did you cut yourself? Why are you screaming?? I said I  had a dream, and now I have a hole beside my belly button, and it hurts..see. I showed him, he said, "Well I had a dream that some things stuck a needle down my penis and it hurts like shit! So we just looked at each other, never mentioned any of what had happened. I don't know what I looked like, but he looked exhausted, pale even, terrified.

I sort of snapped out of the haze (shock?) and said oh look.. there was a speed boat, speeding towards our spot, because they heard me screaming, I said they probably think I hacked myself with an axe.. go to the beach and wave them an ok, so he did.

The rest of the time I was in a  daze, I did think where were the children??

Two months later I found out I was pregnant, then I had a "dream" the blue light shone on my townhouse window, from the wooded area, I looked out and saw a group of "them" on the alley. I hid in bed.. oh NO the "coyotes" are here, and the next day I wasn't pregnant anymore, no fetus, no bleeding. It had happened before, no one would believe me. B knew, but he said I am NEVER EVER talking about Sunshine Bay.

# Recently, I have been working with a hypnotherapist to recall more details of this experience and others. I will post more soon.