UPDATED - July 31st, 2020

12-Jan-2020, Ucluelet, BC:

Attached here are 3 pictures, before, the event and after. I notices the strange thing when I was browsing the pictures on my computer. I am attaching the pictures in original state, look above and to the right of the eagle. Picture taken at 11:55 am Ucluelet, BC from the fishermen area, looking up in the sky.  You will see I was rotating following eagle in flight.

It is not a reflection for sure, sun is behind me, no dirty lens either, the dot is not on the shot before and after, it is not the moon I think.


UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the lovely photos.

I think you are talking about:

If that is the case, that is likely to be something very close to the camera, like a bug. If you notice that the object appears translucent and more of a blob than a solid object. That would be due to the focus and telephoto aspect you would need to catch the eagle in flight – the result is that anything closer would be almost invisible.

Perfect example is to try to take a photo of someone on the ice next time you’re at a skating rink. The net that is usually up to protect people in the seats from flying pucks, is all but invisible when zoomed in and appears as a haze rather than an object.

Thanks again for the photos – I would frame those if I were you!

17-Jan-2020, Surrey, BC: (4:45 and 7:30)

Hey, saw a post on your site about strange lights in surrey bc on October 29, 2019.

Saw these same lights Twice on Jan 17th, first time about 4:45pm, then again about 7:30pm. Looks like the poster from oct 29th lives in the same building as i do, about 10 floors below me.

Here's what i saw:

Have a pair of binoculars and whoa, were these weird to see through those!  They are different from one another, and were also different at different times.  Best i can describe: a very bright burning ball of flames with individual lights and outline of craft visible aka didn't look like it was on fire by accident, moreso a fire was part of the appearance. 4:45 pm was yellow/orange flames with bright red flame tips, 7:30 pm was white flames with bright green flame tips.  Shape was somewhat like a crown, one appeared to be rotating.

I'd say each lasted 20 minutes or so, but cant really explain what happened to them as they seemed to go behind a building that's in front of us.

10-Feb-2020, Chilliwack, BC: (6:30 am)

Hello to you, from Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley of BC.

Here i am to share with you two different sightings of the same thing, 3nights(mornings) to a week apart, because i am not understanding what i saw and I'm hoping others can help explain.

So around 530-6 am I'm looking North and see a "moving star" going East. Then another one behind it about an eye's centimeter apart. Then another, counting a total of 5, all spaced the same distance. Then they faded out right before my eyes. The best way to explain this is like a chain or wire with oil drips going down it but instead of up & down it was West to East and quite high in the sky as it appeared to be a star(s) at first. It (they) were at a higher altitude than what a plane flies at for reference.

I was alone the first sighting, but this morning (feb 10,2020) my sister was outside with me. This time it was about an hour or so later than the first sighting & had been right overhead my house where as the first one, was on the other side of my house closer to the Fraser River (about 5-10km from me?) if that makes sense. I told her about the first sighting the morning it happened, and said that it was exactly what I had explained to her the days previous.  She couldn't believe her eyes and was surprised at what she had just seen considering i had just told her about this a few days prior.

So since i have seen this twice now, i decided to report so i can possibly get some answers to what it was or entice others to come forward if they witnessed this oddity too.

Thank you for reading and i look forward to your reply.


UFO*BC Responds:

Hello Jenni,

What you may have seen are the Starlink satellites deployed by Spacex – they look like a chain of lights separated by a distance exactly as you described. There aren't many yet, but they plan to deploy about 120 a month for the next few years.

There is a website where you can enter your location of Chilliwack as I did, and it will tell you the times and dates that the satellites will be visible.




19-Feb-2020, 100 Mile House, BC: (5:30 am)

My wife had just gotten up and I was lying in the dark bedroom and was absently looking out the window when into my field of view at the top of the window frame came a bright light (like an LED car light) little larger than the stars and it was moving in straight line. As I was trying to figure out what I was looking at a second light came into view following the first. When the third came into view I had my face against the window and was calling my wife who got there in time to see the last three disappear behind a tree in our back yard. After they went behind the tree we ran out on to the deck but they were gone behind the next building.

In all I counted twelve traveling in a row about three fingers apart at arms length in a East by South/East direction. It was clear except for a thin band of high clouds which they were above.

We routinely have commercial jets going over here either at thirty five or thirty seven thousand feet depending on direction of travel. At that height their running lights are clearly visible and one can easily discern that they have more than one light.

These moved across the sky easily four or five time faster than commercial jets. There was no discernible sound signature, no vapor trail, no running lights.

The reason this is been posted here is I can come up with no other explanation for what we saw.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report. What you saw is thanks to SpaceX - and they are a string of satellites which orbit in groups. There are only a few hundred in orbit at the moment, but the current plan is to increase that to thousands - so they will become a regular presence in our night sky.


20-Feb-2020, Vancouver, BC: (6:05 am)

My name is Dave and I live in Vancouver. It is now 06:22. About 06:05, 20 Feb.2020 I stepped outside my place for some fresh air. I looked up at a clear sky with the stars still visible with dawn approaching. I noticed at first what appeared to be a Satellite  moving across the sky directly above and moving from West to North East..then another spaced apart moving in the same direction, another all spaced apart very high altitude and counted about 10 in number.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hello Dave,

Thank-you for the report. What you saw is thanks to SpaceX – and they are a string of satellites which orbit in groups. There are only a few hundred in orbit at the moment, but the current plan is to increase that to thousands – so they will become a regular presence in our night sky.


6-Mar-2020, Mill Bay, BC:

I’m not sure what I saw this morning but I can only describe it as 8-10 satellite like lights travelling east over Mill Bay BC towards the USA in perfectly spaced formation: 2 followed by 2 followed by 3 then 2.

Very high altitude which made me think satellite but the formation doesn’t fit what I normally see. Very clear morning and very dark. Could see no contrails produced and no noise whatsoever.

I am familiar with aircraft and see them regularly but this doesn’t fit anything I normally see. My wife also witnessed this.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report,

What you saw is thanks to SpaceX - and they are a string of satellites which orbit in groups. There are only a few hundred in orbit at the moment, but the current plan is to increase that to thousands - so they will become a regular presence in our night sky.


8-Mar-2020, Burnaby, BC:


I was shopping with my roommate going into the Safeway at Kensington Heights Burnaby; we had been at the Buy-Low at Holdom about 40 minutes before and were admiring the moon but didn’t see anything else. After we went to Safeway on Hastings we were walking to the car and it was dark by then. We saw a large white light in the western sky with what looked like a smaller one beneath it. It was really big and did not twinkle so I knew it wasn’t a star. It never moved and we watched it for a good 5+ minutes. I was thinking maybe it was a space station or something. Any idea what this was? We saw it with the naked eye and it was still there when we got to Bainbridge Ave and Lougheed Highway, still bright and not twinkling or moving and that was about 15-20 minutes after leaving Safeway.


UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Fran,

The ISS is only visible for a few minutes. If you were able to see it some 20min after the first sighting, then it was likely a planet. Venus is clearly visible in our night sky (when not raining … which is seldom) this time of year. It appears as a very bright light, second only to the moon.
Here is a link that may help, my vote is Venus.

14-Mar-2020, Qualicum Beach, BC: (10:40 pm)

Good day.

Last night I was witness to a UFO sighting here in Qualicum Beach, BC.

It was about 10:30 pm and my daughter and I where on our outside hotter when all of a sudden we saw the most amazing and longest shooting star we have ever seen, after seeing this, we started talking about UFO’s and my many experiences in Mexico before. After a few minutes she went indoors and I remained in the hotter, just lying down looking at the beautiful night sky full of stars… it was then that I saw a huge triangular shape,  almost transparent, see- through , and it had small triangles within, it must have been  at least 100 meters of the ground and it was slow and steady, I saw it fly above me and then just flew away… I felt mesmerized and amazed, I felt a little bit of fear , but it quickly went away ,and after a few more minutes I came back indoors and told my wife and daughter about the incident.

15-Mar-2020, Alert Bay, BC: (10:00 pm)

Was at home with wife around 10 pm last night. We first saw two lights like shooting stars but steady and stable. Then from the same direction there came a string of equidistant lights maybe 12 or 15 traveling in line formation.

It lasted few minutes.

Location is alert bay bc.

I took a video but it seems to compress and loose quality when I try to share.

UFO*BC Responds:

I believe what you saw were the string of satellites launched by Spacex.

I went to the Heavens Above website and set it for Alert Bay. It does show that the the Spacex satellites would be visible from your location in the W/WNW direction from 8:00 until about 11:30. Is that the direction you were facing?


15 March    STARLINK-1131    3.7    21:30:45    10°    WNW    21:34:56    69°    NNE    21:35:55    48°    ENE
15 March    STARLINK-1156    3.7    21:31:29    10°    WNW    21:35:38    68°    N    21:36:34    49°    ENE
15 March    STARLINK-1190    3.7    21:35:42    10°    WNW    21:39:53    70°    N    21:40:40    54°    ENE
15 March    STARLINK-1148    3.7    21:35:55    10°    WNW    21:40:04    70°    NNE    21:40:49    54°    ENE
15 March    STARLINK-1158    3.6    21:40:50    10°    WNW    21:45:00    72°    NNE    21:45:33    61°    ENE
15 March    FALCON 9 DEB    ?    21:44:33        10°    W            21:45:07    15°    W    21:45:07    15°    W
15 March    FALCON 9 DEB    ?    21:51:04        10°    W            21:51:23    13°    W    21:51:23    13°    W
15 March    STARLINK-1162    4.4    22:20:39    10°    WNW    22:23:48    50°    WNW    22:23:48    50°    WNW
15 March    STARLINK-1170    5.7    22:24:36    10°    WNW    22:25:30    17°    W    22:25:30    17°    W
15 March    STARLINK-1179    5.7    22:24:37    10°    WNW    22:25:33    17°    W    22:25:33    17°    W
15 March    STARLINK-1176    5.7    22:25:19    10°    WNW    22:26:12    17°    W    22:26:12    17°    W
15 March    STARLINK-1132    5.7    22:25:24    10°    WNW    22:26:18    17°    W    22:26:18    17°    W
15 March    STARLINK-1150    5.7    22:25:51    10°    WNW    22:26:43    17°    W    22:26:43    17°    W
15 March    STARLINK-1163    5.8    22:26:22    10°    WNW    22:27:14    17°    W    22:27:14    17°    W
15 March    STARLINK-1157    4.6    22:25:40    10°    WNW    22:28:37    45°    WNW    22:28:37    45°    WNW


16-Mar-2020, Qualicum Beach, BC: (11:30 pm)

Tonight around 11:30pm in Cultus Lake, BC, I was looking up at the sky and noticed a strange bright light with a smaller dimmer light moving around it. It went on for a good 2 minutes and then row after row of the smaller dimmer lights, must've been 50 or more over the course of 20 minutes one after another moving perfectly synced in direction and a slow steady speed, some would stop and dart up and down, but would continue on the exact same path as all the other ones after. Eight other witnesses were with me none of us had ever seen anything like it. It was much too dark to get a video on a cell phone but a friend in Abbotsford, BC managed to get a video of when it all started with the one bright light and the smaller dimmer light moving around it. I am a believer we are not alone in the universe but what is going on is the real question?

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report,

What you likely saw is thanks to SpaceX - and they are a string of satellites which orbit in groups. There are only a few hundred in orbit at the moment, but the current plan is to increase that to thousands - so they will become a regular presence in our night sky.


25-Mar-2020, Vancouver, BC:

I was near Cambie St and Marine Dr in South Vancouver at a park. A couple of friends and I looked up into the night sky and saw what seemed to be 4 satellites going in the same direction and disappearing into a possible cloud that wasn't visible. In the opposite direction we saw 1 that looked similar but had momentarily paused and slightly changed direction. We thought logically they all had to be satellites. When walking away we saw another one but this one seemed to significantly brighter but looked to be taken the same path as the first 4. As we walked towards it the UFO slowed down almost to a complete stop until it started veering into another direction and disappearing into what may have been a cloud that wasn't visible in the night sky. Could you possibly shed some light on this?

UFO*BC Responds:

The group of 4 satellites going in the same direction is thanks to SpaceX - and they are a string of satellites which orbit in groups. There are only a few hundred in orbit at the moment, but the current plan is to increase that to thousands - so they will become a regular presence in our night sky.

The other one – I cannot say … perhaps an aircraft’s landing light? As you know satellites cannot change direction, so if it wasn’t due to some type of optical effect that caused it to appear to move in a non linear fashion, then I cannot say what the 5th object was – there just isn’t enough information I’m afraid. But as mentioned the 4 are certainly SpaceX satellites.

Thanks for the report!


7-Apr-2020, Aldergrove, BC: (about 10:00 pm)

Last night, April 7,2020 (full moon) I took a photo outside of the moon about 10:00 pm at home near the Aldergrove border crossing. The photo shows another small blue bright circle to lower right of the moon. A friend in Nanaimo had the same blue circle in her photo. I am curious to know what it is.

UFO*BC Responds:

I’m curious, was the blue orb visible to the naked eye when you took the photo?


Witness Responds:

Not really, no.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the reply.

I suspected that it was not visible to the naked eye. What you have there is what is commonly called a lens flare. They are often found when the lens is very small (like in a phone camera) and the light source is very bright (as in the full moon). Here in the Wikipedia entry for it- and they can do a much better job explaining it than I can do 😊
Thanks again for the email!

11-Apr-2020, Surrey, BC: (3:10 am)

On April 11 2020 in South Surrey BC, at 3:10 am I woke up couldn't sleep made my self a coffee, turned on my TV and sat by my window as I do every am, when I noticed a strange light outside, really unusual.

I would like to mention I reside in a RV and have done so for 14 years and in the same lot, so a strange light/glow would really be out of place. I was memorized for a moment, couldn't really explain what it was, at that moment I turned my TV off to attempt a better view through the cedar hedges but I needed more. I had my slippers on so I went outside, climbed my ladder to my roof and stood there in awe. There was a round orange/yellow stationary object  absolutely  no noise then it took off straight up well in the direction of 1:00 o'clock. I stood there for a few more seconds, climbed down, went in, and to remember, I wrote it in my journal. Also used my phone for compass direction, 128 SE from where I saw/ seen it . The night was clear as to be sure it wasn't the moon I saw the moon just off my right shoulder, unusual still can't explain it, was the strangest thing I have seen and yes I should have taken my phone but curiosity got the better of me!

19-Apr-2020, Vancouver, BC: (1:00 am)

Staying at 220 Princess Avenue, 9th floor when I noticed a green and red triangle SHAPE moving east to west in a blink of an eye was gone about 30 mins. Never seen anything like that before..

19-Apr-2020, Chilliwack, BC: (10:30 pm)

Hello there. This sighting happened 10:30pm or so, Sunday April 19th 2020, just outside Chilliwack BC. I had been sitting, watching the sky & flashing a pattern with a flashlight. After a while, I spotted a series of Skylink satellites.. all in an evenly spaced row.. very interesting.. they were a ways south of dead center of the sky & moving west to east from what i could tell.. i was almost looking straight up watching them.. the big dipper was a little off to the left & higher up of where i was looking at the time.. whats really interesting is i then noticed another ‘light’ about the same size as the satelites, but brighter & moving faster.. it was navigating in a curved path from an area on one side of the row of satelites, to an area on the opposite side of them.. like, crossing their path.. this curved trajectory was repeated three times, then the object sped off and became too dim/ small to see. It was like it was being ‘piloted’.. watching it ‘felt’ totally different from the satelites or a plane that passed earlier..  kind of a weird feeling watching this thing!

22-Apr-2020, Ashcroft, BC:

I got it on film..... I came home seen what was 2 long lines side by side in the sky. When it went over stars they would disappear. I thought I never caught it on my cell phone but after some time looking at it I spotted it on the film and so did my nephew. Just outside of Ashcroft. (video attached)

UFO*BC Responds:

Here is an enhanced still from your video, you can see the lights (central strip):

What you’re seeing (and I must say I’m impressed you managed to film them with a smartphone) are the Space X Starlink satellites .. here is another show of them

You can find all the details here:
Thanks for the report!

10-May-2020, Harrison Hot Springs, BC:

Not sure what I witnessed last night ... but definitely scared the hell out of me......something flew by my house 300 to 400 hundred feet off the ground .... it was totally silent ... it had form but was see through! I know weird eh !!! I yelled for my wife, she later said that she believed me .... a lot of activity in the sky last night shortly after the SpaceX Satellite show. I can give you more information if you would like.

UFO*BC Responds:

Yes please, any details as to what you saw would be great. Typical things are time, date, location, direction you were facing, direction of travel of object (if any), size shape of object etc.



17-June-2020, Smither, BC: (3:23 am)

Early this morning I was standing on the back deck of my house between 3:30am - 3:35am June 17, 2020 on Poplar Road in Smithers, BC.

I was facing towards 127 degrees SE, when the event was noticed and captured from start. When it ended I was roughly facing 103 degrees East.

I couldn’t use my Video option in my phone, it was too dark, however; my photo worked.. and used the PhotoBurst option on iPhone to take a video-like, photo experience. Edited in iMovie to form a video.

This video doesn’t do justice to what was seen by the eyes’. There were several lights flashing/blinking around [about 6],.. and, that black bar is the roof of my home.

Also, in the past month I’ve witnessed several [about 10] UFO sightings above/around my home… no one believed me, so I finally got some proof! Haha-

UFO*BC Responds:

Just wanted to update as to our findings
After looking at air traffic, I came across what I think may be what you saw – at least the timing, location and direction are spot on the money.
For 03:23PST we need 10:23UTC, so

The large plane (right above Houston in the big photo) is en-route to ORD from ANC Boeing 777, flight CAO1055 Would be visible in the sky. The direction SE/E would be correct, and perhaps the lights on the newer 777s may look a bit funky from the ground ..
At 3:20am it was this close:

At the time of the event (3:23), it was here (below) … so it could just be an airplane??

Other than that, I am not too sure what else it could be. As this field is full of unknowns, and we cannot be sure about anything, but I’m reasonably convinced you saw a Boeing 777 that night en-route to Chicago. What do you think?



28-Jun-2020, French Creek, BC: (1:15 pm)

Hi, I live in French creek on Vancouver island. Today I saw 3 what I thought at first to be bright silver balloons flying past me. I couldn’t tell until I saw a friend around the corner seeing what I saw. Sonya’s husband has binocs out and said not balloons. One of them turned upside down at one point. Then a 4th flew right above our heads. It was the same bright silver, round with hollow inside and lights around it. It wasn’t big so maybe 2-3 feet in width. And off it went into the distance. All 4 seemed to go off in different directions. If they were drones, I would think they’d not be allowed because we have an airport nearby. I don’t know much about drones but these did not look like typical drones I’ve ever seen and they didn’t make any noise. I’m very curious. Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone with me to take pic but there are 3 of us that saw the same thing. Any ideas? I don’t know who to report this to. This occurred today approx 1:15 pm.

14-July-2020, Lillooet, BC: (around midnight)

On July 14 2020, myself and 2 other friends were camping near Lillooet, BC. At approximately 12am, we laid down to star gaze. The night sky was clear and black. If you’ve ever been to this area at night, you’ll know that there is nearly zero light pollution. We could see the entire night sky, including the glow of the Milky Way galaxy. As we were looking for constellations, we noticed a couple satellites moving through the sky and saw several shooting stars.

Moments later we all witnessed a strange light moving in the sky. At first glance we believed it to be another satellite. But as we watched the light, we noticed it move in a strange pattern. It moved across the sky, then stopped suddenly. It began to glow like a bright shining star, then dimmed, then moved again in a different direction. It did this a few times. Moving, then glowing, then dimming, and moving again, in a zig-zag pattern. We watched the dim light disappear into the sky.

We wanted to share our story for a possible explanation or if another person may have witness something similar.

15-Jul-2020, Maple Ridge, BC: (11 pm)

I am seeing small visible lights in sky tonight moving around north to south and east to west. I phoned my cousin and pointed them out and he also saw them. Clearly moving around in different directions. Maybe a dozen or so of them all over the sky.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the report. Can you provide some more information as to where you were at the time, and which direction you were facing?

What are the lights doing? Did they just appear? Or did they arrive from a particular direction?


Witness Responds:

In Maple Ridge at around 11pm. I was looking south. Pretty much north of the south horizon. I was star gazing and then I saw one move. Small light. Then another move. Small light. Sometimes they would emit a light or look blinking. One started moving to North towards Whistler and I followed it. Another started moving east. There must've been like half dozen.

17/20-July-2020, Lone Butte, BC: (after 11:55 pm)

Myself and 6 friends were staying at a cabin up in Bridge Lake in Lone Butte Canada from July 17-20 and witnessed lights in the sky of different sizes and brightness and colours every night after 11:55 pm. We saw some divide from one light into three, hover and fly off. At one point two crossed paths hovered and continued in different directions, most of the sightings occurred crossing past the Milky Way or that general viewpoint. From our vantage point it seemed like they were the same size as the stars and very far above us and would cross the entire skyline moving in fast jerky movements, stopping and or shooting off at a fast pace. We managed to capture one on a cell phone, all you can see is a tiny dot moving across the screen and even though there was a full sky of stars the phone camera only shows the light which we though was strange even at the time. Here’s the video we got of a smaller one, we are convinced they were not bugs or satellites. Would love to know if anyone else saw anything that weekend. We enjoyed all the moments and it will remain a magical memory for all of us.

25-July-2020, Surrey, BC: (about 11:25 pm)

I recently just saw a UFO July 25th 2020 around 11:25pm (not sure of the exact time) flying over my house very slowly roughly around these coordinates 49.043544, -122.797045 heading east. At first I thought it was one of the brightest stars but then I quickly realized it was moving. After about 20 seconds of watching it move with no sound a military helicopter (almost positive it was one but remember it was the middle of the night) came flying right towards object lights on and everything. As soon as the chopper got within 3000 meters or less (it was above my house at this point) the object suddenly started moving faster and faster until its light completely faded into the night probably took about 15-20 seconds the light faded in about 5 seconds. The trajectory of the object looked to me as if it left the atmosphere. I have never seen anything move so fast and silently. After the light disappeared the chopper quickly did a u-turn and during this, all the lights on the chopper turned off only with about 1 light on after the whole ordeal. I wish I would have recorded this event but due to the nature of what I was seeing I came to the conclusion I would not have enough time to run inside and come back out because at first I thought it was a plane (it is normal to see planes fly over my house daily). I am contacting you because this is not the first time I have seen an object over my house in my backyard but this is the first time I have seen another aircraft follow one. I also believe I am not the only one who witnessed this event as when I checked google trends shortly after the event there were over 100 google searches in my area on the topic "Ufo sighting bc". I hope this information is of use and if you do ever get any footage from July 25th 2020 in my area could you please forward it to me I cannot be the only one in such a busy area.

28-Jul-2020, Burnaby, BC: (10:15 pm)

I just came across your page while googling UFO in Burnaby because that is what I just witnessed. An object I can't identify.

At approximately 10:15pm this evening I noticed a bright light moving from the north west over my home and over towards the south east over central Burnaby. There was no sound, only one very bright light and no flashing lights like planes have.  After about 30 seconds, the light dimmed and was gone. There are no clouds in the sky and it was moving slowly at first but picked up speed a bit. It was quite high up and the light was brighter than any aircraft I've seen and when it dimmed it was like the battery of a flashlight was dying and it faded quickly. No idea what this was.

29-July-2020, Squamish, BC: (10:20 pm)

We had a bright moon in Squamish, I went out on my balcony to take a photo and realized that what looked like a star, but bigger, was moving to the left. It flew over the Chief and was gone. It didn't have anything flashing and was quiet, it looked to be low but I couldn't really tell as it flew over the mountain.

The photos were taken at 10:21 pm on July 28th/2020 from downtown Squamish, right across from the library.

30-July-2020, Surrey, BC: (10:20 pm)

Tonight (July 30th) at approximately 10:20 PM I was in the neighborhood of chimney heights in surrey bc looking at the sky admiring Jupiter and Saturn so close in the sky when I noticed a moving star that looked like the other recent sightings on the site. It was moving slowly at first till it started to pick up speed as it looked like it was moving farther way till it just disappeared in the middle of the sky like it left earth.

I was approximately 500m from chimney hill elementary school facing south toward Seattle staring at the planets until I noticed the moving star which disappeared to the right of Jupiter. I use an app to track the planets so I'm certain about what I was looking at. Also 2 other people were with me at the time of the sighting.

30-July-2020, Hope, BC: (about 11 pm)

Hope, BC. No picture because moving extremely quick and caught us by surprise. It was a very large oval of lights that almost looked like it was trying to be transparent but one unit appeared to the North above lake of the woods and within a few seconds slid across the sky into behind the mountain. A friend and I were both sitting talking looking in that direction and when it appeared we stopped for a second, both saw and watched, then I said "Did u just see that too?" And my friend said, "Ya, that was fuckin weird." We saw the same thing because she said Pan-shaped lights and I said oval-shaped lights. Pretty much the same time. The size compared to the mountain was the same as the top portion and it very elegantly slid out of site with no sound. Very quickly.