UPDATED - March 29th, 2019

20-Jan-2019, Sunshine Coast, BC:

Since likely many of the cameras on the lower coast are aimed at the sky tonight I wonder if anyone saw this. These are photos taken about an hour ago facing NW over the Malaspina at an altitude I would suggest of 3000' and somewhere about mid-point over the strait. These are not flares and they are not aircraft. They were stationary unlike flares and aircraft could not do. They were there, then they were not. I have a lot of experience in "night lights" having been a former cold war era military air traffic controller in the RCAF. The last photo is a cropped close-up having been run through a deconvulsion engine to get better pixel distribution.

UFO*BC Responds:

I was just going to post your very interesting photos on our website and wanted to check a few things. What was your location when you saw those objects? What is ďthe MalaspinaĒ? (I hope that is not a stupid question. I have lived on the west coast for 65 years and I donít know!)

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Hi Dave. I was down at Sargeant Bay Provincial Park along with quite a few others to watch the Blood Moon the other night around 8:20pm. SBPP is on Redrooffs Road in the Sunshine Coast Regional District about 14km north of Sechelt. The Malaspina is that body of water that separates much of the two Sunshine Coasts from Vancouver Island and is generally the northern part of the Strait of Georgia. Its lower end is usually considered to be that region of the lower coast from north of Sechelt past Texada Island up to the upper Sunshine Coast and Powell River - a span of about 100kms. You can also use the term Strait of Georgia for that region we are in and it is more or less subjective as to what term to use. The park enjoys dark skies and is almost directly across the strait SE to Nanaimo, S to Metro Vancouver and W to NW to the Island regions around Qualicum. As you know that is the area of the inside waters that is the weapons testing range. I have the original unaltered images of the sighting that I took. The ones I sent you were run through filters to extract the best image quality I can get on my system and to reduce pixelation. Several others also saw the three lights. Many thought they were aircraft or flares but they did not move like aircraft do nor drift like flares. They remained in constant altitude and position. They did not twinkle or vary in luminosity. They were certainly not astronomical objects either because they were well below the ecliptic. In addition they were almost constant in colour and luminosity then they disappeared after about 10 minutes. I have seen several UAP anomalies in this area over the years especially on clear nights but since our skies are often cloudy this sighting of an anomaly with this clarity is rare. I estimate the height of these anomalies to be 2000' - 3000' at about 14km distance from me. I would suggest that the angle of reference ground to anomaly was about 30 degrees +/-. Hard to tell in the dark without a good clear visual ground reference on the Island. I was a former Air Traffic Controller in days long gone by in the RCAF and was an observer to an anomaly event that transpired over Montreal, The Southern Townships and the New England states over a period of two days if I recollect correctly (long time ago) in which both ground and air staff and aircraft were involved in an extended sighting. The official record we signed referred to the event as fireballs but fireballs do not change altitude or direction. I still have some remaining skill from those days to differentiate between aircraft and astronomical objects and anomalies which were/are UAP events. What is interesting in the close up cropped photo from an enhanced photo of the three lights is the very apparent structure visible along the edges of the anomaly. For me this makes them an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Anyway, let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

27-Jan-2019, Langley, BC: (4:30 pm)

I was sitting on my balcony in Langley, when I spotted a slow moving red light in the sky. It was still too early in the afternoon to see any stars. I thought it may be a planet, but it was definitely moving across the sky in a south westerly direction. The time was 4:30 pm. I called to my husband and he brought out our binoculars and then our telescope to get a better look. The object seemed to be turning from side to side. My husband described it as an open ended life saver shape with bright red lights at either end of the opening.

If it was a ship, it seemed to be trying to get itís bearings. Once it seemed to have done that it quickly moved up into the atmosphere and disappeared. It was shiny and slowly turned on itís axis. We assumed the red lights were engines and the body of the object glinted in the setting sun, making the object look like it was flashing red and white.

We have seen a lot of planes and such in the sky at night, but this object did not continue across the sky as they do, as on a flight path. It was there and then it wasnít.

10-Feb-2019, North Delta, BC:

So this is from yesterday Feb.10 2019. The view is from the bottom of Terrace drive and river road North Delta looking North above New Westminster.

It was 6am and it lasted for about 20 minutes. I had to leave to work so couldn't stay but since I was heading towards Burnaby I kept looking and eventually it disappeared. It was a perfectly clear morning, stars were out. I tried to discern if clouds were obscuring lights on the mountains but there were none and one mountain's lights are in full view.

What I saw - a triangle of lights. One light or two would disappear and reappear. An extra light emerged from one of the lights and moved away and disappeared. The triangle would shrink in size then expand, and I could visually see it rotate on its axis, keeping its shape, one light would disappear behind the light in the foreground and reappear. As if it were spinning. It was most certainly not ski run lights because they were moving. I have never noticed those lights before and I drive down that street all the time, that's why they caught my eye. Haven't looked to see exactly what mountain that lined up with or if it was even over the mountain. There are also no visible cranes on any of the high rise buildings. Let me know what you think.

20-March-2019, Chehalis Campground, BC: (1 am)

On Wednesday March 29th at 1am on the dot, a bright colourful object flew over my tent while camping in Chehalis Recreational Campground. There was no sound and I was far enough away from the road so I know it wasn't a car's lights reflecting off of the trees. The lights on this object were bright and multi colored but by no means blinding. But made my heart stop for a few seconds. It was travelling southwest and I can't tell you how fast but if I was to guess probably around 200 km at a height of around 100 feet. But again just guessing. At first when I saw it for a split second I thought meteor, but then the colourful lights registered and then how low it was and the speed and I just knew it was something else.

Very cool and I love the thought of seeing a ufo. Not the first time I have seen one. But it is the first time reporting one.

Thx for reading.