Late January/early February – 98, Whitehorse, Yukon: (10:30 pm)

A man was visiting a friend in the Porter Creek Subdivision. He was trying to relate to his friend a previous sighting he had of a triangular set of lights (See sighting report 16-Nov-96, Whitehorse, Yukon). He was pointing out a constellation of stars to his friend which appeared to be identically spaced as the object he and his wife had seen in 1996. To their great surprise, the constellation started to move in the northwest direction. The object had the same hugeness and soundless quality as the previous sighting. They watched it for 2 to 3 minutes and lost sight of it when it slowly glided into some clouds.

The second witness also noticed a fourth point of light near the back end of the narrow triangle.

First two weeks of-Feb-98, Whitehorse, Yukon: (Sighting #1)

At about 7:50 am a women was driving to work. She was crossing the Robert Campbell bridge across the Yukon River when ahead of her and to the right of Grey Mountain she noticed a bright reflective object. The reflection was white in color and the sky was clear. She observed the object for an estimated 15 to 30 seconds after which she lost sight of it behind Grey Mountain. The object had a slightly elongated shape to the vertical direction.

First two weeks of-Feb-98, Whitehorse, Yukon: (Sighting #2)

A few days later and about the same time as Sighting#1 the same women again travelling to work saw a similar highly reflective object. This time the object was more to the south rather than south-east which would place it over the F.H. Collins High School. She observed the object for 10 seconds and this time it darted across the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The women at first suspected it may be a airplane reflecting the light of the morning sun but she looked for a airplane when the reflection disappeared and there was none. Judging from the size of the reflection, an airplane should have been plainly visible from that distance

March-1998, Whitehorse, Yukon:

A man in the Porter Creek Subdivision was taking his two dogs for a walk in a green belt area when he spotted what appeared to be a satellite (a slowly moving star sized object white in color). The light stopped for 3 or 4 seconds and then continued on its way. Approximately two weeks later he had another sighting in the same area (see report 7-Apr-98).

6-Apr-98, Whitehorse, Yukon: (7:30 PM)

At about 7:30 pm, a women and her two young children were travelling westbound on Falcon Drive in the Logan/Arkell subdivision. Strait ahead and above Mt. McIntyre they saw a white object. They pulled over into a bus stop lane and got out of their vehicle. It was still daylight and there were a few clouds in the sky. They observed the object for about 10 minutes. For most of the time the object moved up and down in the vertical direction. The movement was of an amplitude which was very noticeable. The period of oscillation was about one half a second. At one point the object darted horizontally and disappeared behind a cloud. It then reappeared and continued its vertical oscillations. The daughter who is in grade school drew the object as a vertical oval shape. The son who is much younger had difficulty finding the object in the sky when his mother tried to point it out to him.

Apr-1998, Whitehorse, Yukon: (3:30am)

A woman in Downtown Whitehorse was looking towards the North when she saw a large blue object. It was about 4 to 5 times the size of Hale-Bopp comet which she remembers seeing a year earlier. She observed the blue object for a short time and then it suddenly zoomed up and over a mountain. It glowed a "tremendous blue" and was "definitely round". It was also "wispy, comet like". The woman was unable to describe the color to her satisfaction. "It looked like a jewel. The color was something in between royal blue and turquoise. It was beautiful and almost looked alive".

She was also surprised at the range of her emotional reactions during the event. When she first saw the object while it was stationary, all she thought was "oh, will you look at that, that is really pretty, whatever it is", and when it suddenly zoomed away her mood changed to "what the heck was that? !"

7-Apr-98, Whitehorse, Yukon: (11:30pm)

This sighting became part of a more detailed article "What's behind those Lights in the Sky"

A man in the Porter Creek Subdivision was taking his two dogs for a walk on a secondary road just off the end of Mountain View Drive. He was on cross-country skis and wanted to take in the last few days of ski-able snow for the season. There was a partial moon and therefore only the brighter stars and planets were visible.

He was proceeding along a bend in the road when he spotted a bright light in the distance. He thought it might be a plane since the area is on direct approach to the Whitehorse Airport. Due to some previous sightings he had a few years back, he kept a close eye on the light. It kept coming towards him as if it may be a plane but there was no sound. As it neared it started going up and away from him, "quite fast and quite bright". When its line of travel was perpendicular to him "it went black" and was gone.

He was searching the area of the sky where it disappeared when out of the corner of his eye he caught site of another or the same light coming from the same direction again. The light was taking a similar route but closer to the ground. When the light was almost straight above him and was moving up and away it disappeared once again.

Since the light made a closer pass this time he was able to provide interesting details on the manner in which it disappeared. As it passed overhead, he saw the backlit portion of an elliptical edge; it almost looked like a eclipse of the sun but it was elliptical rather than circular. It was as if the object behind the light was invisible. As it moved further up and ahead of him the lighted edge faded to darkness. He estimated the ellipse or light to be about 20ft in diameter, and about 500ft away at its closest approach. The entire sighting lasted about two minutes and the time between when the first light disappeared and when he noticed the second one was about 30 to 45 seconds. At no time was there any sound.

Jun-98, Whitehorse, Yukon: (1:00 pm)

Two men were loading a 45-foot trailer in the Porter Creek Subdivision. There was a clear sky with a few puffy clouds.  One of the men happened the look westward, just over the mountain range where he spotted a silver round object travelling south south-west, very fast!  In about 5 seconds it traveled from the mountain behind Crestview Subdivision to Mt. McIntyre or Mount Sima. The object disappeared behind one of those mountains. The object was about the size of a Boeing 747 Jumbo jet at 30,000 ft and probably travelling at a similar altitude he figured.  It was “perfectly round”  and had well defined edges.  The man who initially saw it yelled to the other to look.  The first witness knew that the second one had to have seen it but to this day the second man resists talking about it.  The distance it covered was way too fast to be a plane.  Although there was some noise around the work area, he didn’t hear any sound coming from the object.

Based on the witness’s description, the object covered 20 to 27 kilometers (12-16 Miles) in about 5 seconds.  This gives a speed range of 4 to 5.4 kilometres per second, about 8,600 to 11,500 miles per hour! No sonic boom was heard.

2-Jul-98, Emerald Lake, Yukon: (9:45 am)

A man with two or three other co-workers was constructing a log house overlooking Emerald Lake. He paused to look up at a mountainside across the highway to see if he could spot any sheep. In a draw or gully running up the mountainside, he noticed an extremely bright reflective object flying around, perhaps 20 feet above the tree tops. As soon as he spotted it, it swooped down the mountainside and zoomed over the workman’s heads. In those few seconds all he could say was "look, look, look" and it was gone. The other men didn’t look up fast enough to see it. It was the size of a softball, highly reflective, almost blinding, and appeared to have a metallic finish.

Understandably, the fact that his buddies didn’t see the object made him upset. What was worse, a few of the guys made fun of him. So much so that a fight almost ensued. The man never had an interest in UFOs prior to this but was pretty much convinced that there was some form of intelligence guiding this object. On his drive home to Whitehorse, he shook his fist out the window up at the sky and yelled "come back here…"

The man spent on hour on the phone relating his story over and over again to Lorraine Bretlyn, a Whitehorse UFO investigator. He was very "keyed up" to say the least.

The lake is just immediately north of the Klondike Highway between Whitehorse and the Village of Carcross and is a frequent tourist stop due to the lakes deep green color. The lake is about a 45 minute drive southwest of Whitehorse. At the time of the sighting there was a tour bus stopped at the viewpoint for Emerald Lake and efforts will be made to contact tour bus companies in the area. Check back at this site if interested in further developments in the case.

18-Jul-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (3:00pm)

A woman in Granger Subdivision was watching several planes take off from Whitehorse Airport in succession. She watched them fly north towards the Lake Laberge area. To the left of the aircraft she noticed a peculiar cigar shaped object that looked different than the aircraft. It seemed to be hovering there. It was difficult to estimate the distance, was it closer or further than the airplanes? She couldn’t tell.

The woman called to her neighbor and asked her to watch the object while she went in to get the binoculars. The neighbor observed a second cigar shaped object appear, just to the right and above the first one. The objects leveled off with each other, which suggested to her that they were together. There appeared to be a slight bulge on top of the second object. They were silvery white in color. Their relative position appeared to be constant and they appeared to be hovering. The first object faded out in a peculiar manner:

" Then the first one started to fade out, and what came to mind was that it was being done digitally, more or less from the outside edges in."

Then the second object faded out in a similar but slightly different fashion:

"It gave me the impression of slipping out of view like a button slipping back out of its button hole. As if there was a buttonhole in a curtain of sky."

About a minute later the first woman came out of the house with the binoculars but both objects were gone. One of the ordinary looking airplanes was still visible.

13-Aug-98, MacKintosh Lodge near Haines Junction, Yukon: (This one is a Hoax)

A UFO investigator in Whitehorse Yukon came across an envelope in his mail slot at his office. The envelope had his name written on it and inside of the envelope was a 8.5" by 11" white piece of paper with a copy of a 4" by 6" photograph printed on it. It appeared to be produced by an ink jet printer. The photograph showed a bare hill with a tall weather or radio tower. Near the top of the tower and slightly to the left, there was an elliptical object reflecting the sun’s light, about a millimeter in diameter on the picture. Hand written underneath the photo was the caption: " Possible UFO sighting near MacKintosh Lodge". Although a hoax was suspected, nobody seemed to come forward over the next several days. Perhaps the person had in fact seen something but was afraid to come forward for fear of ridicule.

With no further leads, the UFO investigator drove out to the site to determine if the tower in fact existed near the said location and if there was anything hanging off the tower which could explain the UFO. The tower did exist and there was nothing hanging off of it.

The owner of the Tower was determined and shown the photo. As it turned out, the owner knew the investigator very well who admitted that one of his temporary employees was involved in using a computer to place the UFO onto a digital scan of a photograph showing an otherwise empty sky. "You weren’t supposed to drive all the way out there, I was going to tell you", he said.

Aug/Sep-98, Alaska Highway between Haines Junction and Whitehorse:

Two people are followed by a bright light along the Alaska Highway between Haines Junction and Whitehorse. (Based on a brief e-mail submission).

16-Aug-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (11:20pm)

A woman in Logan Subdivision saw a group of 4 or 5 lights in a horizontal pattern over the Mt. McIntyre Ski Hill. She observed them for about one minute. They slowly drifted down and disappeared behind a treeline behind the adjacent Arkell Subdivision. Due to other sightings she has had, she was "damn scared" and was up until 3:00 am on her living room couch with a video camera in hand. But the lights didn’t return, at least not that night.

A check with the Whitehorse Control Tower the following day indicated that a Canadian Airlines 737 landed from the north at 11:20 pm. The control tower operator was not aware of any recent UFO reports. "Most control towers get them once in a while", he said.

The woman has watched the 737 come in from the north since the incident and has indicated that the 737 comes in much faster than the lights she had seen. Also, the 737 lights are much smaller, these lights were "big round white lights".

23-Aug-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (10:40pm)

The same woman as the 16-Aug-98 case; this time with her mother and eldest daughter present, see a single white round light over Mt. McIntyre Ski Hill. After watching the light for about 4 minutes, the woman grabbed the video camera and videotaped the light for approximately 45 seconds. The daughter went outside to assess if any sound could be heard, but heard none. The daughter came back into the house to get a better view from the elevated living room window and the three women watched the light disappear behind the treeline. The light appeared to accelerate as it dropped behind the trees. The daughter also saw a red light as the main white light disappeared. The light was travelling from left to right from their vantage point. The witnesses felt that this light was inconsistent in size with normally observed aircraft lights.

A check with the Whitehorse Air Traffic Control Tower indicated that a small single engine plane landed from the north at 10:42 pm. Canadian Airlines 737 landed at 11:35pm.

27-Aug-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (10:00pm)

A man was on his deck at Logan Subdivision when he spotted a perfectly round object half the size of a pencil eraser at arms length. The object was gold-yellowish in color and slowly moving east in a straight line. He was looking almost straight up at the object. The man estimated that the object must have been at a very high altitude, maybe above 30,000 feet. He saw it for 5 to 10 seconds and then it just disappeared.

Sep/Oct-98, Watson Lake, Yukon:

Based on interview conducted Dec 6, 1998 by Lorraine Bretlyn:

I was out walking my dogs about two months ago when something caught my eye. It was a distant moving white light high up in the stars. Star-sized. I thought I was seeing a satellite.

… But it wasn’t flying in a line…

It was zigzagging. Going across the sky at a high speed. Then it stopped, did a one-eighty, an’ shot off in the opposite direction at high speed again and vanished!?

Now this was definitely NOT a satellite.

I only saw it for about ten minutes. But there were lots of people around town who saw it too who watched it for two hours… and saw not one, but two…

Watson Lake residents: it is appears that others in Watson Lake saw these strange lights. If you have any information regarding this event please send us an e-mail:
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A date for this Watson Lake UFO sighting would be most helpful.

6-Sep-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (12:25 am)

Based on an interview by Lorraine Bretlyn:

It’s Saturday night/Sunday morning, twenty-five after midnight, and I’m tellin’ Jeanette UFO stories and BAM! We’re lookin’ at one!!!

We were coming into town from the Army Beach area and I was tellin’ UFO stories. Then all of a sudden there was this big object in the sky! IT WAS BIG! It was on the right of us just up ahead! The whole length of it was lit up along its center. The lights were square windows, built with a black divider where the next window would start. I could see three to five of them on the side I was looking at. The UFO was round and these windows went right out to its edges, so I suppose there could have been more on its other side but it never turned around for me to see.

I thought I might be able to see a head or a steering wheel, something…

It was so-o-o bright. There was a yellow whitish glow where the lights were - I could hardly take my eyes off the lights and windows. But I could see that its upper portion was shadowy, and I could make out a shadow of a cap on the top. From that distance, if the UFO was fifteen inches across, then this cap was eight. And I thought I saw a smaller cap underneath. The whole thing was a dark, flat, grayish black, and it sat there in the air just above the trees.

I wanted to stop and get out for a better look, but Jeanette wanted to get closer so we drove towards it. It stayed – while we drove for another ten minutes, at which point it left; - from standing, to descending to below the treeline, to gone. We kept driving thinking it had to have landed. And that we should be able to see some lights. But it was gone …?

I just couldn’t get over the coincidence of it all! First, there’s nothing for miles in the air, then in seconds this thing makes itself visible – just as I finish telling a UFO story. Like it had been invisible and listening the whole time!?

There were other people on the road. Maybe somebody else saw it too? At two I reported it to the RCMP, but I only got to leave a message.

The next night I went to the same area … I noticed when I hit that spot that I was seeing a bright light. It was following behind the trees and then it just went away. There was a fog but this thing was bright.

Monday, I called Whitehorse Flight Center; - and again only got to leave a message because of the long weekend. Tuesday I called again and left my work number. They called back, but said they only did flying lessons. I called CKRW that morning too about any similar call-ins. But there was nothing.

6-Sep-98 Tagish, Yukon: (10:00-11:30pm)

A woman was camping near the west end and north side of the Tagish Bridge. To the west she spotted a bright light moving to the north. It would appear to be very bright and then fade, bright and then fade again. She observed it for a few seconds and it appeared to be bigger than a star. The woman figures that it may have been an exceptionally bright satellite.

Note: This sighting description is consistent with that of an Iridium Satellite. These satellites have larger reflective surfaces and when the sun catches them just right, they can produce a bright reflection known as an Iridium Flare. Iridium Flares can be observed on a daily basis. To obtain a listing of the predicted Iridium Flares and other satellites for your area, visit: http://www2.gsoc.dlr.de/scripts/satvis/satvis.asp

October 1998, Pelly Crossing, Yukon: (11:00 am)

See Full Report: "Triangular UFO Sighted During Daylight at the Village of Pelly Crossing"

24-Oct-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (Based on an interview by Lorraine Bretlyn)

Saturday, October 24, 1998 was a great night for me.

First my shift ends, then my friend shows up and helps me clean up after closing, we leave together, and then go out to our favorite lookout spot. It’s the snow removal dump site that looks out over Riverdale up on Grey Mountain Road just before the cemetery.

Wayne is an old friend so we’re comfortable with each other; sometimes we talk and sometimes we don’t.

But that night we sat in the dark telling each other UFO stories, when all of a sudden a light appears over at Mount Sima! Then it starts crossing over our way at just above treetop level.

Wayne said it had to be a vehicle, and I laughed and said it couldn’t be because there were no roads that high that went from there to here.

When it got lined up straight in front of us over a small hill in back of Riverdale it did a slight bob and I knew then what it was. But I wanted to see what Wayne thought without me prompting him, so I didn’t say anything.

This thing was a good-sized round white light.

Then it started to come closer. To the point it lit up our faces, and I was thinking that this time I was ready for it and whatever…

But it didn’t come any closer; just hung in midair over Riverdale.

By then it was obvious even to Wayne that this thing wasn’t on any road up there. Yet, he insisted the light had to be coming from a truck’s headlights. And that the guy must have beefed them up with an aircraft light tacked on the front end of it.

Then the light went out… And I was thinking, "Now what does that mean for us!? or the person whose house it had been hovering over? Beginning a visit? Ending a visit?

And I could tell Wayne wasn’t even buying his own story anymore because he was starting to really look around at every little shadow…

Then this halftone silently coasts by us in the dark with its headlights out, and for a minute I was thinking of my black sedan encounter. Then I realized that "whoever" in the truck, had probably seen what we’d seen, got scared, and was trying to make their retreat back to town without being noticed by this thing.

But Wayne said, "Look, there’s the truck I was talking abut!!!"

And I said, "Wayne! It doesn’t have "any" lights AT ALL. How can it possibly be the same thing!?"

Then I cracked into his stash of ciders and didn’t want to go home until I drank three of them. Even so, I didn’t know how I was going to get to sleep that night!

4-Dec-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (8:15 am)

A woman was on her way to work and was driving south along Hospital Road.  She was about halfway between the Robert Campbell Bridge and the Hospital when something caught her attention.  There was a strange set of lights just over a small hill on the right (east) side of the road. There was one solid light with two alternating blinking lights underneath.  Each light was a fair chunk in size, not a small point source like those on an aircraft. She slowed down and kept on driving and the lights disappeared behind the hill.  She saw the lights for an estimated 5 seconds.   As she kept driving around the end of the hill (about 5 more seconds after the object disappeared) she fully expected to see “whatever it was” from this more open area.  However, the lights were nowhere to be seen.

She pulled into a stall in the hospital parking lot and looked for the lights.  She sat there for about 5 minutes, shocked at what she had seen.  Due to some previous UFO sightings she had, her hands were shaking as she searched for the lights.  After a few minutes, she noticed a small point sized blinking red and white light to the north.  She did feel that this smaller light was probably a plane.

The witness notified us of the sighting that morning and an investigation was conducted.  A check with the Whitehorse Air Control Tower indicated that a scheduled Air North flight departed at 08:20.  The Hawker-Siddeley (HS748,a 44 passenger twin engine transport) took off to the south circled to the left and headed north for Dawson City.  The path of the aircraft would have placed it east of the hospital road as it was heading north.  The next flight from the Whitehorse airport didn't occur until 09:13.  There was no reported helicopter or other aircraft traffic in the area.

To assess if the lights seen were those of the Hawker-Siddeley, the witness and I went out a few days later and watched the aircraft take off to the south, turn east and continue to circle and head north.  The witness and I were standing in the same location where she had her sighting.  The lights of the aircraft had no resemblance to what she had seen a few days before.  The side view of the Hawker-Siddeley displayed two solid red lights (point size). The witness pointed to a street light a hundred or so feet away and said each one of the three lights was the size of one of those streetlights.  If these lights were near the top or past the top of the hill, they must have been a few feet in diameter, too large for aircraft lights.

In the afternoon on the day of the sighting, the witness and I took a short hike to the top of the hill.  On the other side was a dried out pot hole lake (a type of post-glacial formation).  The hole was about a hundred feet deep with moderately steep sides.  The sides were heavily wooded with the bottom center clear.  We walked down to the center of this large naturally formed hole in the ground but didn’t find any landing marks from a helicopter or anything else.  We could not help wonder, what a perfect hiding spot this was.

This women along with her three children has been followed by strange lights in the past (see report 30-March-97).  Was she being singled out again?  We couldn’t help but wonder if this object was hovering in this depression in the ground and popped up into view when the woman drove by and then popped back down into the hole to hide.

20-Dec-98 Lake Laberge, Yukon: (5:50-6:00 pm)

A man and a woman walking on a bluff trial along Lake Laberge near Deep Creek saw a huge white light streak through the sky heading northward. It was cloudy and the object was so bright, they could see it though the clouds. It lit up the entire lake. A few minutes later they heard a loud noise like thunder. They ran to tell a friend about the event who was in a cabin near by. He had also heard the thunderous sound.

At about 5:51 pm, two other witnesses, a woman and her daughter turned onto the Deep Creek Road. All of a sudden the whole sky lit up. "It drowned out my car headlights", she said. They continued to drive an estimated 4 minutes to the Baha’i Centre. As they got out of the car, they heard a very loud thunderous sound. They made a point of looking at their watches when they heard the sound; it was 5:55 pm. The woman called Environment Canada who told her that thunder was unlikely at this time of year. The woman’s sister who was about 7 to 10 minutes behind her on the highway saw a bright flash ahead of her to the North. She didn’t hear the thunderous sound, probably because she was inside an enclosed vehicle with the associated engine noise.

The man who heard the sound from within his cabin called Whitehorse Air Traffic Control. They indicated to him that they had a call from somebody in Porter Creek Subdivision in Whitehorse who saw a bright light heading north towards Lake Laberge at about the same time.

25-Dec-98 Whitehorse, Yukon: (11:00-11:15 pm)

A man, his wife and eldest daughter were driving south on Range Road just past the Yukon College turn-off, when they noticed a huge white light with a tail traveling rapidly downward.  They were looking south and through their front windshield at the object.  The object was 35 to 40 degrees above the horizon and was visible for two seconds. The man noticed a smaller irregular shaped chunk break away from the main object.  The object then appeared to explode or vaporize. The object was about 5 centimeters (two inches) in size at arms length.  Very large indeed when you consider that the moon is about the size of a pea at arms length.  The witnesses thought what they saw was likely a meteor.  White was the only color visible in both the tail and the main body of the object.


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