14-Feb-2012, Pelly River, Yukon: (9:38 pm) 

Hubby and I were driving back from our cabin on the Campbell Highway. We saw a large light low in the sky, it moved across the sky - it was much too large to be a star. The light was bright orange/yellow with small red lights flashing on the bottom, the red lights were so small, maybe there were 2 of them, one on each side. I thought for a moment it could be headlights of an oncoming car but there was absolutely nobody on the road and when I really focused my eyes I could see where the road ended and the sky began. I double checked to make sure we were not on the bottom of a hill, that this thing really WAS in the sky. It remained in the sky as we kept driving for about 1 minute - we were too afraid to stop. All of a sudden the light just disappeared into the blackness of the night sky.

Further Witness Information:

Further to the last e-mail I sent you, my hubby just came home for cofee break and told me that he hadn't told anyone what happened last night, but his uncle told him that he and his nephew saw the very same thing - lights toward the area of Faro. In reading through some of these other stories about abductions, I have had MANY incidents of waking up in the middle of the night paralyzed and scared, the room very cold, and some kind of voice telling me not to be afraid and to "Just go with it". The voice sounds like something would sound if a record was being played really slowly. Everytime this happened it began with a tingling sensation in my head, and I always think that if only I could move, whatever is happening would just stop. It has happened since I was 9 years old, and seems to happen whenever I move into a new house. It hasnt happened lateley, as I have been pregnant and just had a baby 4 months ago. I always thought it was something very evil and in my mind while it is happening, I just try to start praying hoping it will go away. I always, always try to fight it when it happens, but now, I'm kind of looking forward to it happening again, now that I know it is not an evil being or anything. P.S. I live in Ross River YT and I just read the story about the 17 youth seeing a UFO in the 70s. I asked my mother-in-law about it and (she is a very hard-core Christian) she said it is very possible, and she heard a similar story. She has lived here all her life, and is not the kind of person to believe in stuff like this due to her devoted Christian faith - even she believes in stuff like this.

15-Feb-2012, Whitehorse, YT: (1:30 - 4:00 am)

I was up late writing a paper, at about 1 am I started getting ready for bed. Once in bed, two tiny dots or lights rather than orbs entered my bedroom. I was first alerted to them because my dog who sleeps on my bed was growling, pacing and wouldn't settle in. At first I thought the lights were from car lights or something, but as the night progressed it became clear that that was not the case.

One light hovered in a corner and didn't move, and one was flying around and then would leave or flicker out and then would re-appear. I wasn't terrified or anything but woke up the night before with a deep bruise on my arm, I don't bruise easily and couldn't think of how I could have gotten it in the night? I took a picture of the bruise but the day after I saw the lights so it doesn't look as deep as it did the first day. Anyway, I spoke out loud that they could stay if they weren't here to harm me. I would wake up every now and again to see if they were still there. The one that was hovering and didn't move left or flickered out at about 4 am. They did not come back last night. I'm not afraid of them, nor was I afraid when they were here. I thought maybe they were fairies or something... not that I've believed in fairies since I was a child...

This is not my first sighting, I've seen strange lights twice before; and had one close encounter with an aircraft (though I tend to believe it was a USA aircraft flying undetected on Canadian air space). I live in the McIntyre Subdivision (a First Nation reserve or Village within the City) and believe there are all manor of strange things here... My friend encouraged me to report this... and I feel like I've just divulged all my silly secrets to you, please be gentle with them.

27-Apr-2012, Whitehorse, YT: (11:30 pm)

While driving home I saw some strange lights moving in the near horizon. As I got closer I realized they were hovering not moving over a skidoo dealership (Robyn's Grill/Skidoo Dealership), maybe 50 feet above the large dome that covers the dealership. I pulled over to get a better look. As I drove in to the parking lot, the "aircraft" noticed me and started moving after being stationary for about 10-20 seconds just hovering over the dealership. The lights from the "aircraft" were arranged in a circle (about 8 lights). I rolled the window down and I could hear the "aircraft's" engine. It sounded similar to a plane's engine, however the ship was circular. I couldn't get a clear sight of the ship since the lights were quite bright, but could tell it was a circular body shape. Never seen a plane hover, never seen a circular plane.

Aug 21 - Nov 22, 2012, Whitehorse, YT:

I have been seeing and documenting a UFO over Grey Mountain since Aug 21. I have film & photos of this. It is taken with different cameras and settings so they all look different but what I see with the naked eye looks like exceptionally bright stars that move quickly and are in front of the clouds. My sightings for Grey mountain seem to be at around 5am. Today (Nov 22, 2012) I saw on my way to work in Porter Creek (@ approx 7:30am) more objects in the NW area. There were 3 of them. There was a really bright one with a small one below flashing many colors & to the left there was another starlike object. The first time in Aug that I saw them over Grey mountain I counted 7 objects at varying size (distance?).

I think that these objects are always around but people don't notice them because they seem like stars but when you really look at them they don't act like stars.

Start looking at the sky they are always there. Maybe it is military but why are they watching Whitehorse so closly? 

Please contact me for the film & photos.