5-Feb-2011, Whitehorse, Yukon: (6:50 am)

On my back stoop facing east (towards Mary Lake) with Jazz Air Canada having just passed to the south of me (my right) heading to Vancouver (I am 10 miles from the airport). Dark, no clouds, excellent visibility. A couple of minutes later, again to my right, I saw a very bright white light heading in a south easterly direction - size about a wooden match head - 40 degree elevation - in a flat trajectory, speed moderate (ie not a meteor) and no other lights as an airplane would have and no sound. It travelled the whole of the visible sky becoming somewhat faded as it reached the horizon. Air Canada in the meantime remained visible ie its flashing lights as it reached the horizon. The bright light would have passed to the left of Air Canada with some distance (50 miles??) and seemingly below from my vantage point. The light faded at the horizon before Air Canada did but not significantly so. I suspect the light could be something deorbiting from space. It did not have any of the characteristics of what I would call a "normal" satellite observation.

6-Aug-2011, McLean Lake, Whitehorse, Yukon:  (2 am)

I had noticed what I thought was just a really big bright star earlier on in the night about 1:30am, and didnt think anything of it.  My boyfriend was getting the fire started when he happenned to look up and noticed the bright object in the sky starting to move. It was doing figure 8 movements, moving up and down, sometimes jetting quickly from one area to another. We turned off the music, wondering if it was maybe something we could hear to explain the phenomena, but nothing. We heard people across the lake yelling, "What is that!!????"  It was amazing - we watched it play actively in the sky for 2 - 3 hours. At one point we saw 3 or 4 little red dots below it moving in between each other. As the sun came up, the rest of the stars disappeared and this object just kept glowing brightly. This is my first UFO sighting and i feel lucky to have gotten to experience it!  Was a believer to begin with, but now I can't deny that there are other intelligences than us.

10-Aug-2011, Whitehorse, Yukon: (2 am)

Hey there,

I first noticed something in the sky around 2 am saturday morn Aug 6. Its a bright white light that resembles a star. It moves in circular motions, moves around the sky sometimes at a fast pace and sometimes slow. It does figure 8 like motions. I noticed 3-4 red lights below it for awhile also moving around. Tonight, aug 10th I look in the sky and see it again. Could this be a satellite? A satellite doesnt go left for awhile and decide to turn back and go right does it?  Is it military?  It's kinda freakin me out! Ha Ha - just wanted some feedback maybe? Anything?

I live in whitehorse, YT

My name is K

28-Oct-2011, Dawson City, YT: (between 10:30 and 10:45 pm)

A school dance was taking place and my *** had just called me at 10:30pm to pick him up, he would have walked home but he noticed a different light in the sky, at first he thought it was a satelite, but it was moving in too many different directions.  Once I picked him up, I decided to take a little ride around town, seeing that I had to pick up my ***** at the dance in a half hour.  I started to drive towards the Tr'ondek Subdivision, then my son, said "Mom, there's something in the sky, look (pointing it out to me), it's been there since I called you, but I first noticed it at the towers in the hills, around the red lights."  It's was a perfect circle form, and at first I thought it was a star, until it moved to a line above the highway, then it started to pulsate, which then became larger, changed colours, in a form of a gas substance, not changing from green, red, to blue, it was a mist of colours forming around in a cloudy clear colour substance, then the size decreased, disappeared and re-appeared, then it was gone.  We looked at each other, "Whoa, what is that?" We did not feel scared, but more mesmerized of the object and curious to know if anyone else saw this in the sky that night too.