Thanks to Hans Grasholm for documenting many of the UFO reports below

8-Apr-2002, Watson Lake, Yukon: 6:10 pm
E-mail report Nov 2, 2004: I saw an unidentified flying object near Watson Lake. As I was driving home and rounding a corner about 1 mile from my home, I came upon a silver disc that looked a lot like what we see on TV. It was hovering and moving fast and did not go in a straight line, it moved all over the place. I tried to keep up with it and did not get scared; I was more curious. There was an oncoming vehicle in the other direction but I think they did not see it. I kept up with it a bit but as I we rounding another corner it shot off like a bullet.

Subsequent Interview: Elizabeth was rounding a corner when she saw the UFO flying above treetops on the side of the road. The UFO was going the same direction that she was. It was going all over the place, (see e-mail) but at times it followed the same pattern as a falling leaf, like flipping back and forth except it wasn't falling but going horizontal. As she rounded the next corner she saw the object speed away and out of sight within 2 sec. The shape of the UFO was like an upside down pie plate, silver in colour. The distance to the object was estimated by the witness to be about 0.5 km. The size of the object appeared to be about the size of the full moon. The entire sighting lasted about one minute. The weather was clear and sunny.

22-Mar-2004 Whitehorse
: 8:35pm

The witness who filed the report and friend were walking south on 4th Ave. at Jarvis St. when they saw a bright yellow light, to the south, 35 degrees above the horizon, traveling south very fast and disappearing over the horizon behind the Whitehorse Rapids Dam. They were expecting to hear a rumble thinking it had hit the ground, but no sound was heard. A car stopped beside them and remarked, "Did you see that?" The witness said that the object stayed the same size in the short time they observed it, hence the appearance that it was coming straight down rather than going horizontal. It was going in a straight line N to S, just a light. It acted like a shooting star, but did not look like one (it had no tail). Number of witnesses: 3, Color: Bright yellow light, size as Mars. Duration: 1.5 to 2 seconds. Weather: Clear star-lit night.

30-Oct-2004, Watson Lake, YT: 8:00pm
Two witnesses observed a UFO who's lighting configuration suggested that it may have been cigar-shaped with two rows of three blue lights; with 2 lights in front, 2 in back and 2 lights in the middle. The object was slowly moving forward when suddenly it dashed to the right and back again to continue its slow flight forward for another minute. It then repeated the same movement to the right and back, continuing its slow movement forward. The whole episode lasted about two minutes and the witnesses are not sure if the lights were turned off or the object left too fast to see it leave. Also, the movements to the right were so fast that the lights became blurred and they could not tell if the object was turning.

Nov-2004, Whitehorse, Yukon: (3:00 am - 4:00 am)
Two women were visiting a friend in the hospital when they realised it was getting very late. They had been talking and had lost track how late it was. They were driving home up Two-Mile Hill and made a right onto the Alaska Highway on-ramp when one woman said, “look at the f’n moon!” There was a huge light above the trees. They pulled over and watched this intense white light. “It was moving all over the place.” At one point it shot straight up and got really small. It went behind a cloud for a few seconds but it’s intensity still shone through. One of the women called her boyfriend in Porter Creek on her cell to ask him if he could see it but he couldn’t. They observed the object for about 5 minutes when it just got higher and smaller as it went behind a cloud. At one point a vehicle drove by them but didn’t stop and the person inside did not seem to notice the UFO.

20-Nov-2004, Whitehorse, Yukon: (7:00pm)
A man was heading southbound crossing the Takhini River Bridge on the Klondike Highway when low on the horizon he spotted a very large lightly coloured sphere about one quarter the size of the full moon traveling at a very rapid pace (perhaps 6 times that of a high altitude jet airliner). However, there was no contrail nor tail like a meteor would give off. The object was not exceptionally bright, similar to that of a full moon but whiter (not yellow). At the front of the object, he could make out like a wisp of "steam or friction". The trajectory was horizontal, covered about a 90 degree horizontal angle and lasted about 5 seconds at the end of which it went behind Haeckel Hill. The witness estimated that the size was huge, "if it was 5 to 10 miles away, it would have had to have been a 1000 ft in diameter, even larger if it was further away.



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