21-23?-Jan-2003, Carmacks, YT
: (7:30am)

It was early in the morning, first day of school after Christmas break. Well any ways, I was asleep and my mom and sister were up because we were getting ready to go to Whitehorse. I was still sleeping because the dogs were barking at night and keep me awake. At around 7:30am, my uncle came running over excited. I woke up from a crazy knocking on the door, my mom answered and all I heard was “look in the sky!” My mom and sis were saying, “holy what’s that?” I came awake, ran to the front door, still groggy and seeing blurry, yet I looked up and I saw 2 lights. Each were moving away from each other. I was excited ‘cause my uncle always told me UFO stories. I actually am seeing one! Well, when it was gone my uncle told me that it must have been around since 6 o’clock in the morning when the dogs were barking like crazy. He said he finally decided to check it out and look at what they were barking at. To his astonishment the dogs were actually barking at the object. It was weird.

5-Feb-2005, Whitehorse, YT (Mary Lake Subdivision): (9:25pm)
Original report received shortly after sighting: I was watching TV and then decided to check aurora Borealis predictions for father-in-law at about 9:25pm tonight. I came back into living room where I told him that tonight would be a good night to see the green northern lights. I took a peek outside to see if it was actually clear and two quite large VERY ORANGE lights were slowing down and coming towards the house. They seemed side by side and we noticed no other flashing lights or anything. We heard absolutely no sound from the outside as we looked towards the weird lights. They continued to approach the house ( we live in Mary Lake Country Residential Subdivision, 15 minutes outside of Whitehorse Yukon). We went outside of our house and we watched them for maybe 5 minutes as they just seem to hang around slowly moving away. The lights then came really close to each other, then one went up, the other went down, and vice versa. Then the right light slowly appeared to move farther away with the other light following the first light. The lights didn’t go further away but rather straight up. Then one just disappeared completely and the last one just sat there way up in the sky and appeared to have some additional colors flashing. I went upstairs to grab my digital camera but when I ran back downstairs the other one had disappeared.

My heart is still beating fast. I have never seen something so silent, so bright, so close just float by my house. The weather was –30 deg-C, no wind and no clouds. Never had such a weird feeling and as I write this I remember the TV flickered a bit just before I saw these “northern lights”…but they were not the lights I originally looked outside to see. If you hear of others this night please email me.

Additional details: They came from the SW. The first time we saw them they were maybe size the full moon, then when they approached directly at our house they might of gotten about the size of the moon as it normally looks at night. They were way bigger than bright stars as they were maybe about less than to mile away. If I was to estimate I would say they were maybe larger than a plane like the 737’s, like a giant zeppelin type. My wife thinks about the same size, and also my in-laws that were watching at the same time would probably say the same thing

The initial thought was it was a meteor like we had 4 years ago that crashed on Tagish Lake, but then it was traveling way slower and appeared to be having some directional changes. Also, the darkness of our acreage suddenly came relatively bright with these two orange globes, my wife said they had orange tops and bottoms and a red centre (I missed this detail at their closest approach when I went to get the camera).

Feb 8, 2005: I found out today that two contractors were working on Saturday night out at Mary Lake and were with some children outside their house. They were so scared from these orange balls that they decided to get under the house as they thought it was going to land on top of their house. Their house is directly in line of where we saw these brilliant lights from our own house...after it came right above their house it moved slightly away and then went “straight to space”, was their words from what I was told by a 3rd person... Will be speaking with them directly tonight.

Also, I just heard from a friend that a person in the local Shoppers Drugmart was over heard discussing a sighting at same place and time we had ours.

Apr 7, 2005: I spoke to the other family that saw it and it appears they saw pretty much exactly what we saw. They watched it for about 5 minutes, one had some form of red flame or exhaust or something from it, did some weird maneuvers up and down etc etc. There was two of them and one catching up to the other. The objects then went away from them, which was away from us straight up to space with the trailing one disappearing first. Then we figure maybe about later it showed up over at our house and did what we described. Very interesting how the second one they saw disappeared first like what we saw. Regarding the second one (that disappeared first) he thought for sure it was a crashing plane that came directly at their house and then stopped in midair for about five minutes with them doing some weird quick maneuvers. He also said it was about 100 feet above the tree line. It approached from the Whitehorse area did the stuff above their house and then moved towards the highway, which is away from us.

Again, we saw it approach from their area. So it must have gone up to “space” and then back down to our house or the angle they saw was what we were watching, as our view appeared much larger. Also they said they saw some red flame or coloration from the behind and my wife saw red from the center back of it. So, if you look at it in plan view, they might have seen the tail end of what we saw was the front end. He said he could probably of hit it with a shot from a .22 gun from his angle whereas we might have been able to hit it with a very strong slingshot. Plus he mentioned that it seemed smaller, so I am guessing that maybe he did see the tail end of what we saw. Unknown for now, I guess we will never know.



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