UFO Stories from the Yukon Interior - Part I
Changing Colour UFO - Fances Lake, February 1979
UFO Follows Snowmobilers - near Pelly Crossing (about 1985)
"Big Circle in the Sky" - Pelly Crossing, 1982
"Red Liquid Ball" - Pelly Crossing, 1995

By Martin Jasek - posted May 2006

During the summers of 1999 and 2000 I made quite a few trips north of Whitehorse to locate and interview witnesses regarding the Giant UFO sighting that occurred on December 11, 1996. As many of our readers will know this sighting was eventually published as “UFO*BC Special Report #1” consisting of 43 pages and 37 drawings and figures describing what at least 31 people witnessed that winter evening. However, this event was not the only one described to me while on my excursions along the Klondike Highway. I have dug out my notebooks and here is a sampling of others accounts related to me during two visits to the Village of Pelly Crossing.

Frances Lake Sighting, February 1979
On July 24, 1999 while interviewing a witness to the Giant UFO case in her home a relative of hers happened to stop by. “Hey, why don’t you tell Martin about your UFO sighting?”, said the witness to her cousin.

The cousin went on to describe an event that he recalled from his childhood: “It was February, 1979 and my mother and brother and I were parked at a gravel pit where we accessed our trap line. It was close to Frances Lake which is about 86 Miles from Watson Lake towards Ross River. I had just looked left and then to the right and there about 30 feet over the trees was this huge white object the size of four Econoline Vans! It was about the 50 ft away and the glowing light was shining on the snow covered forest below. The light was like that of a pump up lantern, pearly white. Then over the course of the next 45 minutes it slowly changed colours from white to red, to yellow, to purple, and finally to an iridescent blue. The purple colour was the nicest I thought. The heavily snow covered trees also reflected these various colours. It was a beautiful sight.

colourchangingufo.jpg (21726 bytes)
Witness drawing of object that changed colours from white, to red, yellow, purple and iridescent blue, near Frances Lake, February, 1979.

The object was silent the whole time. Although I don’t recall seeing it take off it was dead quiet after it left. My mother and brother were hiding under the blankets in the car, they didn’t want to see it. I opened the door a bit and still heard nothing. It was amazing, how could a hovering object be so still and silent? A sudden tremor from it would have sent the snow down off the trees, it didn’t!”

UFO Follows Snowmobilers, near Pelly Crossing, (about 1985)
On September 2, 2000 I was in the community of Pelly again and was introduced to one of two witnesses who was followed by a flying disk while on snowmobiles. The witness went on to describe the event: “It was about 15 years ago and we were returning from building a cabin. We noticed some lights behind us while we were on our snow machines so we decided to stop. The UFO came up to us and parked right there! It was 60 to 80 metres away and maybe 200 ft long. It was silver metallic with two rows of lights on it. There was no sound, we shut off our snow machines and still didn’t hear anything. After a couple of minutes it just took off! We raced home and my heart was just pumping! We heard later from two women who saw it from the monument (near Pelly River) shoot off into the sky from that direction where we were.”

pellysnowmobileufo.jpg (10450 bytes)
Witness drawing of object that followed him while he was driving a snow mobile outside the Village of Pelly Crossing, Yukon in about 1985.

I asked the witness to hold out his arms to demonstrate how large it appeared in the sky and he held his arms out at 2 1/2 feet apart. My heart would have been pumping too. An approximate year for the sighting is 1985. The two men were returning from building a cabin east of Pelly River. I went with the witness to the Band Office and he located the location of the sighting on a map at N62deg 45.2min, W135deg 47.2min.

Big Circle in the Sky, Pelly Crossing 1982
On September 4, 2000 I was on a return trip from further north and again stopped in Pelly. I was outside the Selkirk Grocery store with one of the Fox Lake Giant UFO witnesses and was introduced to two more people that had witnessed UFOs. One recalled that in 1982 a “big round circle in the sky” appeared. “Lots of people saw it in Pelly, they thought it was the ‘last day’, all the Christians were running around!”

Red Liquid Ball, Pelly Crossing, April, 1995
Another young fellow recalled that in April 1995 he was walking home across the Pelly River Bridge at about 4 or 5 am after a cribbage tournament when out over the river appeared a “a bright red ball with a liquid pattern on it”. He found it mesmerizing. He motioned with his hands to try and explain to me how the pattern flowed and changed. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing so he rubbed his eyes. It was still there. It finally disappeared behind a hill.


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