UFO Photographed in Whitehorse, Yukon

A sighting on September 25, 2002, 8:30pm

The sun was almost set. The sky was totally clear, except for this shape which was white. I watched it from my living room window on 3rd Street, Whitehorse, YT. My first thought was that it was a comet trail, but then I realized it was short. The "V" shape was very defined and white (Figure 1). It was in stillness for about a minute and a half.

whse-sep-25-2002-a.jpg (12120 bytes)
Fig. 1

Then it very slowly and gracefully moved down. My feeling was that I was seeing a very large object. It was then that the one very large very bright and very white light appeared (Figure 2).

whse-sep-25-2002-b.jpg (13444 bytes)
Fig. 2

After the one light appeared the V shape changed position and I could see a string of these exquisite lights (Figure 3).

whse-sep-25-2002-c.jpg (19590 bytes)
Fig. 3

I did not think to count them. The defined white V was still there, I was in awe, I thought and felt it was very beautiful. There were many very large lights. I believe I watched it in this position about another minute and a half. Then it disappeared west. I took 7 photos while this movement took place.

whse-sep-25-2002-0.jpg (27105 bytes)
Fig. 4. Full Frame image of first photo taken in Whitehorse on September 25, 2002. The photo lab was asked to darken the image as much as they could. The first time they developed them the sky was washed out white. Some bright lights can be seen to the right of the curved awning.

whse-sep-25-2002-1.jpg (25498 bytes)
Fig. 5. Magnified portion showing lights (UFO)

whse-sep-25-2002-2.jpg (43319 bytes)
Fig. 6 Since the sky area was overexposed and the UFO consisted of bright lights, the contrast was enhanced to make them more visible.

whse-sep-25-2002-3.jpg (54823 bytes)
Fig. 7. Even a higher magnification. The other 6 photos showed less detail as the object was moving away.

You may want to check out my negative!! I had started to use the remaining film by taking pic's of places in the apartment. Then decided to just rewind and develop. What appeared in a picture totally surprised me to say the least.

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