RCMP give Chase – but UFO gone!

Watson Lake, Yukon, August 1994
(Could have been July, +-1 year)

It was a bright sunny afternoon in the Town of Watson Lake. Richard Durocher and a friend of his had pulled out from the parking lot next to the Belvadere Hotel just after having lunch. It was a perfect summer day for a ball game that they had scheduled. It was hot, not a cloud in the sky. As they were about to turn down the service road next to the Alaska Highway, Richard yelled out "look at this, look at this!" ahead of them just over the hill north of town was a silver-metallic "egg shaped" or elliptical object. Was that a plane? Helicopter? "No" his friend thought! It appeared to be suspended in the sky with its long axis to the horizon. "It was very beautiful" unlike anything either had seen. It seemed to be reflecting the sunlight evenly all over; there was no shadow or highlight on the object. The UFO had no tail, wings, or vapor trail. They started to drive east along the access road and at one point rolled the window down and pulled over to listen if any noise was coming from the object, there was none. They continued down the service road. To Richard, it appeared that the object was stationary. To his friend, it appeared that it was moving much like the speed of an aircraft at about 3000 ft elevation. Richard remarked that it had an apparent motion but he thought that it was due to the motion of their vehicle, much like when the moon or sun appears to be moving with you as you are driving. They drove slower than usual observing the object, turned onto the Alaska Highway and continued to drive east. The UFO was still visible when they were driving by the RCMP station and saw three officers out front walking into the building. The two astounded men pulled into the RCMP station and Richard’s friend ran in where 5 or 6 officers were standing. "Come on out, come on out, you got to see this!" he exclaimed. As the men exited the building, Richard remarked that the UFO was no longer visible. The few RCMP officers jumped into a squad car and took off up the highway to try to spot the UFO. It was gone however. The two witnesses gave a description of the incident to the RCMP officers and one of the officers filled out a report.

The witnesses were interviewed separately about 5 years after this incident occurred. Their accounts have basic similarities with some differences. It is understandable that their stories would be slightly different considering the time involved. It is a well-known fact that memories change with time so this does not take away from the legitimacy of their sighting. Here are some additional details:



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