UFOs in Old Crow !

Two Reports from our most Northern Yukon Community

by Martin Jasek

BackgroundMap showing the location of Old Crow

Old Crow is a small community of about 300 people, just above the Arctic Circle and just on the edge of the treeline. A community with no road access to the rest of the world, one can only reach this village by boat in the summer, snow machine in the winter, or plane year-round. It is about 200 km (120 miles) in a straight line from the nearest transportation route, the Dempster Highway.

The community is situated on the bank of the Porcupine River and the majority of its population are members of theVuntut Gwitchin First Nation. Because of their isolation, they lead to a great extent, a sustenance life style. The people of Old Crow are out on the land often, fishing, trapping, snow shoeing and hunting. The region is home to the world famous Porcupine Caribou Heard, some 180,000 animals.

The following two UFO sightings occurred considerable distances away from the Village. Please click on the following two links:

Report#1 - "I Tried Everything, it was like she was Dead"

Report#2 – "Did the UFO turn off my Snowmobile?"

Old Crow on the bank of the Porcupine River.

Old Crow, Yukon, Canada


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