“Don’t shoot, there might be white men in there”
UFO sighting by Billy Blair and cousin Jimmy, near Snag, Yukon September 17-18, 1958

documented by Martin Jasek

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Illustration by Martin Jasek

Billy Blair was born and raised in the Beaver Creek area of the Yukon and has seen many changes as white man’s technology quickly placed its foothold even in this very remote part of the north. As a young boy he recalls the first airplanes flying over and eventually landing. He had no idea what they were at first as he peered from within the bushes at the first one that landed near his village. To him it was an Unidentified Flying Object and it brought similar emotions to someone seeing a disk hovering close by today. 

He also recalls traveling to Dawson City and seeing his first automobile when he arrived. It too frightened him. He was chased into the bush by some youngsters who shot at him with cap guns. Thinking that they were real, he never came out of the forest for two days. During the second world war the Alaska Highway was built and this brought steady traffic through the area. 

On September 17 or 18, 1958 (he recalls the date because it was close to his birthday) he was out hunting for Moose about 8.5km NNW of Snag. Incidentally Snag holds the record for the coldest temperature ever officially measured in North America at -81.4 oF/-63 oC on February 3, 1947. 

He was out with his cousin Jimmy and they were using a whistle made of birch bark to call for Moose as they overlooked a large marshy expense from the edge of a bluff. It was daylight and the sky was clear with no wind.

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