Ms. Louise Hardy, Canadian Member of Parliament
speaks at a UFO Conference

October 14, 2000

Louise Hardy

Image courtesy of Treeline Productions

I would like to thank Ms. Louise Hardy for the kind words and her wonderfully supportive opening remarks at the Yukon UFO Conference. A brave move on her part.  A true highlight of the conference! She has contributed greatly in bringing the subject of UFOs to the forefront.

Martin Jasek

Well I'd like to thank Martin Jasek for inviting me and I want you to know how hard he has worked on this.

He's come to my office at different times over the years to let me know what work he was doing, the reports that he was compiling and I was impressed with how serious Martin was and the fact that he has a very scientific background, and he wanted to bring the study of unidentified objects to the forefront and to a more normal area because it does come with stigma, and I know that. I've had a few nudges and winks when I tell people that I'm coming to the UFO Conference.

But I remember being a teenager, and the curiosity we have. I think drive and curiosity are so important because it is about wanting to know what it is that is around us, not just our own lives, not just our own planet. We know that there's a wider world out there and I see this work as people coming together to investigate and study that wider world so I hope everybody enjoys the conference and I hope that you know that you are on the cutting edge here! There's not too many places that have UFO Conferences so congratulations!

Louise Hardy, M.P., Yukon
Whitehorse, Yukon
October 14, 2000



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