"A Close-up Light Display at Lake Laberge"
A startling account in the wee hours
December 13, 2000, 3:55 am

by Martin Jasek

A woman had awoken late at night to colorful flashing lights. She was not sure if that is what woke her up, but she was wide-awake instantly. "I had such a clearness of what was going on. It was like I had 12 hours sleep" Normally if she wakes up for any reason she has the habit of checking the time. This was no exception. She had a small digital LCD display clock on the shelf behind her head. To check the time she had to reach over behind her head to grab the clock, press a button to illuminate the digits of the clock. She performed this task without any problem; the time shown on the clock was 3:55 am.

She had been sleeping on her stomach so she rolled over and looked around to see where the flashing lights were coming from. She noticed that there was a great deal of light outside coming through the glass patio doors as well as a medium sized window. Both are on the one side of the bedroom and both face Lake Laberge. Their house sits high on a hill that drops off steeply down to the lake (about 100 feet or 30 metres down). There is no place for a vehicle to park between the house and the tree-covered lakefront. The glass doors and window had horizontal venetian blinds that were tightly closed before she went to bed. It was obvious that light was coming into the room through the closed blinds. What was more startling was that there were two rows of light sources of approximately 12 lights each spanning the entire combined width of the patio doors and window. One row above the other, the first about 3 feet (0.9 metres) and the second about 4 feet (1.2 metres) above the deck level. (See witness' drawing below).

UFO drawing by witness
Drawing by the witness

The lights were white in color and were made up of brilliant rays shining through the venetian blind openings. Although the woman could not see any shape to the lights the diameters of the brilliant area was about 8 to 10 centimetres (3 to 4 inches). There was also plenty of ambient light coming through the entire window area although the interior of their bedroom was only dimly illuminated; it was more brightly lit outside. She could also notice blue and red lights pulsating at random in the entire area surrounding the steady white lights. The strange thing was that the lights were accompanied by musical tones. The tones were in the high frequency range.

"What the heck is going on?" the witness thought. "Did I leave the Christmas tree lights on? Is there a fire? Aurora Borealis? What?" Her husband was lying sound asleep next to her and between her and the lights "*Bill look! Wake up!" she told him, no response. A deep sense of fear came over her. She went to get up and couldn't. Suddenly she fell asleep, "I went to sleep real quick and I remember that the lights were still there when I did; it was like as soon as I tried to get up, I fell asleep".

The next morning the alarm on the LCD clock sounded, the clock read 7:40am. She had set the clock however to go off at 6:40am. Thinking that they had slept in, she got up. However, the other clocks in the house read 6:40am. She did recall the incident very clearly that morning and phoned a UFO investigator (myself) early that day. "I feel really strange about it, unnerved. It gave me the weirdest feeling" she told me. She also mentioned that she had been walking off-kilter, to the side and also had a bad headache since she woke up. The woman's headache lasted for 2 days following the incident. While I was interviewing her on the phone, I asked her to check the time on the clock. "I am scared to look at it" the witness remarked. She did check the clock and it read the correct time of 12:30pm.

On January 1, 2001 I visited the witness. Experiments were conducted using various light sources to try and simulate the lights. A flashlight was tried first. The round shape of the flashlight could be seen through the closed blinds but didn't look like the white lights the woman had witnessed. The actual lights didn't have the round shape; they were more brilliant and were made up of expanding rays of light. The flashlight didn't provide the outdoor ambient light that was present during the sighting. We tried an incandescent light bulb next. The light bulb simulated the outdoor ambient light reasonably well. However, the bulb itself was not visible through the blinds at all.

The witness was also asked how long the incident lasted. Her first response was 3 minutes. Both her and I were surprised at her answer. She then thought more about it: "I woke up, reached for the clock, read the time, looked outside at the lights, tried to wake my husband, got really scared, went to get up, and fell asleep, it must have only been 10 to 15 seconds" she said.

*The name used in this account has been changed.



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